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You Don't Change The Thing You Love | Guests: Ezra Levant & David Mellor | 7/17/19

2019-07-17 | 🔗
Hour 1  Glenn does not think President Trump is a racist. Racist don't live in NYC and hang out with Jesse Jackson. America's New Democrats are Socialists who want to burn it all down. And the Media is helping ...Malcolm X was right Hour 2 USA Today Poll Insanity with Stu. Racist or Not to be Racist, That is the Question .The Historian who should be ashamed of himself ...Tommy Robinson and Censorship with Rebel Media's Founder Ezra Levant  Hour 3 One Base At Bat A Time with David Mellor. How I Survived PTSD and Found My Field of Dreams. Hit by cars that caused French fry flashbacks. The heroism and compassion of service dogs. The history of the lawnmower revealed. 

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