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Awakening to Your Dream | Dr. Tererai Trent [Best Of]

2020-03-19 | 🔗

Born in a small village with no electricity or running water in Zimbabwe, Dr. Tererai Trent was married in her early teens as was the custom, had four children by age 18 and suffered repeated physical abuse from her husband. She is now an inspiring and dynamic scholar, educator, humanitarian, speaker, author, founder of Tererai International, and an acclaimed voice for women’s empowerment and education. Her book, The Awakened Woman, is a call to action that will awaken hearts, give permission to recapture dreams, and provide the tools to forge a brighter path for all. We explore her powerful journey and ideas in today's Best Of episode.

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My guest doctor terror trend, is an internationally claimed voice for women's empowerment and quality education and inspiring and dynamic scholar, educator humanitarian speaker, author and the founder of terror. I international she has appeared on the upper winfrey, show superbowl sessions cnn spoken at the united nations, so many it places, but it's the story that brought her to this place. That really touched me growing up in rural zimbabwe, terror. I did not have the opportunity to go to school, so she taught herself to read and write her brother schoolbooks, as was the custom in her community. She was married. Very young, had three kids by the time she was eighteen. And as a young mother, without a high school diploma, she met a woman who would profoundly impact her life and
in a belief in a dream of a better life, and that would send her on a journey where she would eventually on multiple degrees and launch a prominent global platform with world leaders, international businesses and audiences, where she advocates for universal access to quality education. This story, and so much more, is detailed in her book. The awakened women- and I am so excited to share this best of episode with you today. I'm Jonathan fields- and this is good life project. it is a I even work where it is creativity, come from. What's the secret to living longer, ted radio, our explores the biggest questions with some of the world's greatest thinkers, they will surprise challenge and even change you listen to and be ours ted radio, our whatever you get your PA guests.
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took it to be spending some time with you this I will If you take a step back in time with you- and you grew up in from what I understand, a small village in zimbabwe. Tell me about life there. You know the the country used to be known is rhodesia, because we were colonized by the by the british in later on now. Today it is way, so I grew up in the northern parts of a country amongst the kory kory people saw its euro village with your heart, seemed no electricity nor running water. Even up to now we we live with no electricity and running water. The Area was known for its did a fly, the disease that ravaged our lives.
Ok, I was in suitable for are human beings to live there, but unfortunately, because of the color no system, our sisters ended up being pushed to leave in those areas, but growing up was very interesting for me, because I grew up with my grandmother, my mother, they nor these women. Down after all, the charles had been done in the evening out, find myself with the other many girls in the village sitting around in open fire. It was during the time of the war the war that liberated my country and when there is, the moon is shining and the gun, Fires are far away. We would find ourselves listening to these great stories around the fire in my grandma them then put my grandmother, my mother always cited story tellers, stories that is remained with me in up to this very day. Despite
the poverty. in the war. I grew up the very roots, cultural setting, it's interesting as you just sort of recounted that to me your eyes were closed for most of that, as if you were back there as you are sharing his ears, he is I am. It takes me big there, because it's a place that I love and I still do But, as I close my mind, I have to say grandmother. to see my mother because they are no longer at year. End I get there. I get that energy from my ancestors and I- and I just appreciate a growing in that kind of wisdom, but was. It was also a tough time for for me and for many women, because many women,
we illiterate living up to now? Many are still illiterate the desire for education was always there, and I remember the very first time that I am realised that. I needed education, so badly was win. This freedom phyto, who was cities fighters came to our community and I remember the men standing up in holding this gun that they called it A key forty, seven whatever and disease holding that guy named he said. Do you know why we, colonized and why the colonial system denies black people education, and I was very young here the ill dazzling
and he said to me kate he's In power too, power is liberate into buried. Generally individuals to have that. me too, I could hear the the women. Only to that end, then. I could also realize that is we in the war must
If the men left the village they had to go and work in sunday joined the freedom of movement and the women who remained their only source of communication with their husbands was the, as that would come to the village, to the women who could not read those letters and my aunt that I talk about in the book. My aunt cheetah should ask me: I was around six or seven years old to accompany it to find area for let us so we would go up north and we I find this young man by the river end. He would read the letter in my aunt somehow she would if someone else to read the letter, she didn't believe that, so we go to a second person and they would read later in my I would still say well, I need it
the same in all eu after I did my my phd, I thought in that you know I did a lot of us, the districts and I thought well, you know when they talk about a trading relations of your data. My aunt was validating the data, but what was painful for me was by the time we go back home to the community. Every jacon jill knew the quantities of those letters it broke. My heart I cried to my mother and I said mother. I don't want anybody. I don't want anyone to read my my letters. because I could listen to these implement details between. The two lovers being discussed openly in my aunt you could see being demeans every time. It it just broke my heart. You know I come from a long line of generations of women. We may
you who had been married very young before they could define their own dreams. I always do But my great grandmother is she: Became the fifth, the wife to my great grandfather. And it was a polygamous relationship, she was very young in may in my view, would go through the same process. Is my mother in Seoul the time I was eighteen myself, I was in mobile phone, One of the children died is an infant I could not produce enough milk, and it took me long time even today about. My dear child, I'd always say I was it mother of three: it wanted
me to talk about that child. I was a child myself and then. Soon, after independence, men from America came to my community Her name is John luck. does she worked for here? Faint additional, but during that time I didn't even know she would for his international, and she found me with several other women sitting in a circle in she asked one question: what are you Dreams- what are you whoops in life. I know idea that is- black woman. I'm supposed to have dreams. I'm supposed to think about my life is nothing more value in kept on asking, and I
in my mouth, and I say down plenty of in education went to his. a b c, which is in graduate, I won't do it must, as I want to give a phd and I had known about these degrees because is gained independence. All of his side in the These foreigners were coming to do research and even it local university from the capital city. They were now aiming to do research and out here the weeds b c. I kill off size masters phd end I could see these women, they did it. And of freedom. Is they talked about these things, and especially the western women? Don't always be wearing spectacles and they always. pulling into the update pick papescent
put him under spectacles and read and remove those spectacles and look at each other, and I thought I want those classes thought. Wearing. Spectacles was a sign of education. So when I told your luck that I need to have Decrees, she look me and she said if you desire dreams, and you will guide. can achieve your dreams and she used the word Go in my language, which is it is achievable, And I just looked at here. You're. Lucky lie dear that he I was expecting my fifty child in I had no high school diploma. How can she just see it is achievable. I fail inspired. I filled
now working in me that another human being can just great into my eyes and see something that I was not seeing, can see beyond my poor fatness. Beyond my oppression in aid into my mother, and I said mother, I met someone who make me believe in dreams, my mother, they did it. I, if you if in? Why did this stranger? He said to you and you achieve Dreams, only are you going to fine, we wise woman, but We are also defined in every life that kid out of you. Generations to come. I had no idea what my mother was saying but I realized in that movement that my mother.
Was handing me inheritance. She wanted me to break this cycle of this vicious cycle of poverty that ran so deep. In my Many do so deep in my family. Let alone. I also realise that my Great grandmother when she was born, she was born. Into this. Certainly, holding this stick, which call the baton, this the baton of poverty they, but, one of appreciation from colonial system. The button a fee literacy. The baton more fairly marriage and she's running with that, but on she ran so fast. She handed over to my grandmother grandmother holds,
the tone of poverty, early marriage. She ran so fast that baton she hands it to my mother, my mother groups that button she runs with that button. And she hands it over to me and I'm running. With that baton ready to hit it over to my own gills, win This room and the stranger comes to me, and I feel, like she said hold on. You have to hand over this pattern. You can't believe in your dreams. So am I told my mother. I think it was music to hit on ice in my mother said to me. today. You have to write down those dreams and buried them. The same way we buried the umbilical cord. I come we call jellia when a child is born. They sleep, thee,
corridor, the umbilical cord they take. the mad old trees in the catches more peace they tie that you may recall could into that piece of cloth and the berry. The contents of the umbilical cord deep down to the soil into the ground, with the belief that window child grows. We go whatever happens in the alive. The ethical code, you always remind them of their birthplace. So my mother said daddy dreams deep down into the ground. Wherever you go despite the abuse in your own life. The beating that you receive from your husband, despite all that, though buried, dreams
always remind you, of their importance. So I wrote down. I want to go to him, recur one I want to have an undergraduate to I wanted the a as three. I want to have a phd for and I was ready to go and bury my dreams. I was happy. I wanted to see those dreams grow in mother said: read, beg your dreams or night in when I did. She said something so profound that. I think in many ways is to my life. She said terrified. I. your dreams will have greater meaning when they tied to the bitter mint feel community
and I'm looking at my mother. What does that giving mean and sheep did the same thing: your dreams. We have greater meaning when the tide. the betterment of your community so I ended up writing my fifth, the dream. With I'm done with my education, I want to They can't improve the lives of women. Gales community, so they don t have to go through what I had gone through and I bet my dreams. It took me Haiti is twice Chief, my Or live animals, which is the equivalent of g d? I didn't live, school big, because at that time, women, generally had no access to education and because of the full range of oppression and all these things during that Your window, like You saying this Happen.
the bearing of my dreams and these with John surrounded me did the realisation that my that allowed me to reflect to my past. in many ways she our working me And when I talk about the boy took about it now, working do men is one who knows the depth a bit crowns noise, they did if your wounds who knows the depth of you cry. and so I knew that I I was sadly- into one- and I was expecting my sixty
out? What was going to happen to these children in that realisation alone? It broke my heart, but with the broken this off my heart, something in me that it rising to realise that I needed to change my life. I needed to hand over a different by torn than the one that I was kitty. One saw when I I give my eye school diploma. I was accepted oklahoma state university, but during time. Also. I started away for some nonprofits because they ve is albania is. We gained away independence, the donor com me too.
Coming in with the empowerment of messages wanting. We meant to be empowered to be educated, so I got these small jobs, but they helped me. I remember my first job was cleaning the flaws off glad. There was this bus company and I used to clean the flaws. The busk they conduct, as in the bus drivers, would through and have their breakfast in the demand out washed the dishes and out clean and its cleaning or new knees with a deadly rag and getting into a little bit for the family. and then later on. Is the insurers we're promoting more we men, I studied doing my their course. Savings clubs gathering women together in saving the little pennies that we head, so that we could access more resources for, government institutions- and I saved every bit of my money.
I'm afraid my husband would find it in out always find someone to keep my money, my sister's, my sister in law and everybody. De around me. I was surrounded by women and I always do about I stand on the shoulders of giants. I stand on the shoulders of other women, and so when I finally, to the to the? U s. I did my and a graduate, Indeed, my masters implant biology just the same branches agriculture in down. I came five children to the? U s it was like I was in international student with no access to scholarship. I used to it three jobs in taking it. the children and job husband, was able To come with the condition that that's the only way I can bring my children because that time,
man, you could not just go to the passport office and apply for passports for your children in get a visa, you needed a passport Andy, he needed to endorse those papers and he had refused and am. I was you done with him, but I could looting action leaving, I children because I knew if I leave the children behind, especially He kills more likely to get married young, so I am, I say fight too. bring him here and unfortunately he continued to be abusive, but thank goodness, the police what team beating me and ended up being asked to go home so I remained to finish, my masters. So what why you're? Here, though you end up alone with Children is in a foreign. turkey is going, school changes
what your family at the same time, it must have been ah incredibly difficult. Each was if you got but You know our daily seemed to stories of inspiration out. Think of the place that I buried my dreams and out in vision those dreams, throbbing in Waiting me to say you need to achieve your dreams that kept me going There was a time we re not of food. I went to the university and I said this is too much. I can't goin. I can't see my own children. We live the trailer house, and we have nothing. Damn the university there was, this guy was the vice presidents of the universal doktor on peer. He took me to historian back to the store,
give me fruits. He said you guys. At the end of the day, at times you his that are going beer didn't festivals. Please please give this woman, so she can feed their children. I remember the manager saying we can't do that in his country. If we give you these for them, You boys end. If anything happens to you after consuming them, you might end up suing less, and I said I have no time to sue anyone, so? Is it? Ok? He is an arrangement that we can make four o clock mixed. will you come here a minute to hinder the fruit and vegetables. We are going to put them in a cardboard box. We place that books near the trash can come pick your cut, but and go home. Will I used to take? Sixteen seventeen eighteen hours. Of course taking care of five children. Ninety percent of the time I was late to that cardboard box
Now we find that would books in the trash can out retrieve. They got what books from the trash can wash the vis. it was in fruits and feed my children and ask myself with my even to complain that my own children there eating from it trash cans, food from a trash. Can we nine, nor the thousands- if not millions, of children in africa, who are living on the streets, eating from dirty trash cans. Who am I and my even to complain that I live in a trailer house? We have no electricity at times. Who am I we don't. You have any air conditioner. Where am I when I know there thousands and hundreds of women. Even here in amerika who live on the streets and at times the leaf in shelter homes,
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What were the ages of your children around then we were very young. I had in nineteen year old seventy old fire Yes and almost twelve mines, and there was the oldest boy was almost sixteen here. what was it like because for you credibly, disruptive, but you know in your heart. You know your dream. You know why, Accepted you say This is the journey that I'm on the I'm. I'm intention on the decisions that it making and willing to accept this? strawberry change. I'm curious how your kids, This change to it was hard for the kids. Remember they were going to schools in time. They wanted
It was so nice things we are in america. Records are exposed to a career theory, at least it was hoped they wanted. All that- and I remember my sixteen year old that time his name is today was named by my mother, which means perseverance is though Prepare to say you have to persevere, and I remember my son crying and saying mother. This is just too much for us. Look at the kids mom. We can go back home, it's okay, we can go back home and I would look back at my son and my daughter, and I would say please, can you say we can do this? I want you to carry this trim with me. Please and I would beg and my kids and we are all crying and my son was very sensitive and you'd say: ok, mom. We can do this. We can do this and you know what. this truck was with their buddy list for ass, we
in a different country few of approach, opportunities, compare ourselves with the people We had left home and we knew we were in a better place and I in greece in my children and I had to tell them the stories of the generations of women before me. They hit be grounded in that something beautiful when we tell on children, often vulnerability without burdening them and also by giving them a glimpse of what I wanted them to hold on to that work in always till my my children that. here s, how I am finding myself dreamer, the mischievous
my own destiny. In refusing to lead the past, I know who I am. I define it the rules and norms of my I refuse who's to keep silent about societal expectations. That magna lies women at the expense of their dignity. And I refuse to keep silent. But you know you'd also ask, but why would I do find All those things are you. Great hunger? for a meaningful life. In my life in ours about their two kinds of hungary in our lives. There is the little hunger the little hunger is all, Looking how many clicks today
get on facebook. The little hunger is king for immediate gratification. The little hunger is seeking for fame and celebrity great hunger. The greatest of all hungers is I was stood by my mother, my grandmother. Is hunger for a meaningful life old? italy is human beings. We become tat indispensably, we men, When we lead a life meaning wanted. education. I wanted to hear by a different baton. To my, children, so when I graduated, with my masters, and I realized I couldn't go on with my phd
I needed to take a brick I needed to work inside goods. My first job with his international my feet the trip. Was to go home and I went to the please that I had buried my dreams and I'd dad those dreams up, and I checked. Going to america and graduate masters and I folded that paper andrey buried my dreams, because I could see I still needed to achieve the phd and the the dream that I called a sickly dream. When my mother said it wasn't about my business goes, it was about Those business gangs are connected to the greater good I can bear I enrolled myself at western michigan university and achieved
a phd. Almost Two years from the day I had buried my dreams. found myself walking one today poor dm two received that paper. That now says terrify you. I still hold in many ways I felt like a lawyer who hid clothes hey case. I filled this energy rising in me we give education opportunities to those who are torn down and make no lies by the social use of our time. They came she of their dreams, gave education opportunities to women and gills. I think it is the best investment any country could do anything He could do it now. I have my ph d. You think me happy now
captain thinking about that fifty dream and I kept on saying, dear mother. Why did you make me right that The dream. Why can't I just enjoy this life? Will if thought of an idea when you're, like to the village she used to do it tee no corner which means it is achievable. So I said I'm going to design my tits I'm going to have to know goin on my t shit and it is it report on this. Dishes and I'm going to sail many petitions, enough money go back warm like a giant like in awaken dual men in shawl ever but in the village, and that women can make a difference, I wanted to build schools. I wanted to have women empowered Fortunately, I only sold twenty two sheets and most to my american friends. I was but they did.
Then I got a phone call: the most memorable phone call of my life, a call from a pro in free and hidden It did one point: five million dollars- How was he even aware of your that point? I'm curious, ah nicholas Christoph. Yes, yes, yes, yes saw she wanted to meet me in town. Gosh cash. I could not believe and then I realized my my grandmother growing up. they were fry me, my subconscious, for sex Yes, and I realize that, if I not taken that tape to believe in that fifty dream and I call it that the dream, the sickly dream, the dream of giving back to others, I dont think opera would have
needed that one point: five million. I dont think she would everything nor about me. so today, we have a live in schools. going mine with more than Those in children, both girls and boys, going through those schools. We have a community library, the schools and the rural areas where poverty is prevalent, but we are managing to educate, boys and girls for sixty years the coup that I had when I was young nor child from that school. Had gone from grade. One too yes What university ignore them? good from grid one drop of goods, if drop of water, to create eight, but today We have students that
in universities, One student mcdonald he's doing a graduate programme in business management? It one of one of the more the beautiful universities in my country, the unit of zimbabwe, despite the ec or make challenges that we are facing, but is there we are student doing medicine in the universe of algeria. We have gills that I excelling it we get more funding, they do If so I sit down and reflect about all these things, and I said I am road tax, in credit to all these things, because I still on the shoulders of many in Also realized tat Need to write a book there, working women red lighting dreams.
And weave my own story with the stories of many other women that I admit in my life Was there so many women at one time, wasteful what in the dreams were forgotten, they were silenced by them need to rise. Islam, seeing the rising off we men is we're weakening of everybody, the silencing of one woman, our silencing we need to reignite the world to believe the power of women. We cannot live in a society where women marginalized. We cannot. in a society where we have even leadership, men, leadership who can say dirty things about women,
and we just watch it. We cannot do that. The healing of this world in the hands of women, we need, recognize that and it's a conversation about women, but not just among women into conversation that I think where we all have to be avoided, conversation, yes and it's not even really just about when is because. it's about empowering women and girls, but at the same time it is about using your language, the greater good exactly because We live in a society where most of the corporation jobs, the big jobs are held by by men, and yet we men, I so smart- saw gifted
resource that we are losing. So when we educate three men were embodying men as well. We become it a whole society. We are put off this planet, the native americans, if taught us one thing you Inclined his to walk in the way of life, we are one thread within it, whatever due to the web, where doing it to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things are connected, our very survival, his men and ass. We men bound to the survival the men and women, in their societies. One of the things I'm always curious about is. moments,
single moments in time where everything changes and on an even more granular level people? in those moments. I've seen so many beautiful, empowered stories of people where There was a single moment were somebody who was meaningful in their life. Yes said yes and everything chairs in and when you ask, become sure there were so many free, but you know what deserve jumped out so clearly to me at the moment where you shared with your mother, instead of saying no tell her. I think, that's not for you. She said yes, he is like. And I always I think, my millisecond, what if this One person who had said now is you know, but Just the understanding that this was the moment of yes, his end, at the moment
Yes, kin, the old emission. My mother, when she's Yes, she realised that, but on that I was talking about you know. All these women that I described in my life. Had been married index. for a cow I was Mother would say into your treated in the book we marry. These young girls and young women and we see we met and we exchanged them with a cow. And we say, is part of our culture? It improve our culture but reality when you re flit these women and girls, that I excuse to fall cows. They still remain in poverty,
next generation comes in and changed for in married young, without education and cycle. Ten years, we have to stop them and so when she said yes to me, it was we need to break the cycle. She saw the potential in me give me my own Working platform. I always say when we some. I am say this person empowered me. I always say nor nobody empowered anyone people create. platforms. Of empowerment saw that we step in
those platforms to empower ourselves, and I think that That's what my mother did to me and many women and men. Straight into my eyes- in so something that I wasn't seen in created that platform This is a platform, a very big platform. We need more of that. Yeah, I think so too. I really do. tell me: what is your life look like now, wow, you know It's it's! It's quite interesting. I at times.
I pinch myself, especially when I get there was a time I got invited to speak at the united nations to give a key knots and have done two of those I had to go to the bathroom ingests. Is this real? I speak Over the world, I get it. Why did speak- and I am asking- is this real- but The thing that comes clear to me is the wet opportunity. If we give others. What's in it. Recognising the EU potential. without judging. Could have done more, we could do for you. In kind because now I feel.
If and when I'm walking I filled the I do. And I talk about. We may need man creating these because of what I call saw wheeler circles these are relationship, is fluid. Its women coming together in recognising the strength of vehicle activeness. Recognising the years- but for that we can for one another. If we can do that for each other, give back. And many have asked me: how do I do Into my great hunger, I Talk about Ask yourself what, pricks, your heart that momentum
goodness we are you feel your heart breaking because of it. since a situation. There too things that happen in your life. In those moments it say there feel overwhelmed and give up what are you, is to bring in new look. the chaos that we are going through in america. I don't live in this country. I now live in zimbabwe and I came Three weeks in and to realize we have hurricanes going on and now we have the shootings in less fergus. In those more of our broken, miss. is emission people are coming together. These are now working in them. So what fix your heart, that, question alone should-
sure that are working in Europe? It is. In the times of our vulnerability? We gain we see that Hunger in us adversities a gift out, not read my life for any other, it strengthened me. It made me realize Is that I'm not victim and part of the solution. Tapping into. hungary is a powerful part of becomes another vetting force the other side. Is. Somehow finding the Bela tee to believe that A different reality is possible, exactly I think, that's where so many of us stumble yeah, because we dawn
either. We don't see it or if we see it, we just look at how we say. How is it impossible in? I think, in my case I was very fortunate because I grew up with these ways We men, surrounded by the always John and practising reach walls ritual, that would ground. Why am I talk about? Reach was all the time I write about. Reach was I Breathe recharge. They give me that ground. It needs to be rooted in who I am entered fine I want to be. Through those rituals it Look at me, many institutions. they have rituals, they have the pointers to their face without faith we perish without hope. We had nothing, we have to be hopeful
When you, When did you actually return to zimbabwe to live? Oh I've been in, zimbabwe now is now eight months here. We did because I want it to see. My my last born a gradual. From high school in going to college, saw she's now in college here in California, in dumb. I have it what does she say she said Oklahoma should gradually she graduated with mechanical engineering decree in another one. She d she's with american university, where she's doing biomedical science is, so I wanted my kids to two weeks I wanted to win my kids need to be able to go back And ass soon ass, my last one graduated, I picked my bags and I said home, we
ay my umbilical cord the I am. Do you feel like they'll at some point return as well or deregulate their more rooted in the united it now you know we all have choices. I tell him kids that we came to the united states. education, opportunities and experiences it's up to you If you want to go back home, I going back home, I leave it to my kids
I always hear some of them saying I want to go home mom, I'm coming the one who is doing biomedical sciences. She says mom. Remember I'm going to be adopted and I said well in my old age. Maybe I can come to your to your hospital and maybe you could take care of me. I don't know, but I I see that I see that I'm not going to force them to say you come home. You know they have, to make their own choices but out love. My children to come back recently my glimpse children because I want to hand over that time can that I had been a long time ago too. My great kids is How does it feel to you, knowing that the baton.
That was passed from generation to generation to generation to you is no longer being. stand to anymore generations in your family and in some, other families. Now that you have had an effect on you know it feels ah great, but they are not guarantees that the baton not retain in The reason why I wrote this book Can of women. reminding women that we need never to be complacent. This is a journey for us. If we want change the world we better by changing ourselves. defining our own narratives. So my children, they know that I told them. I said you might drop the bar.
I always want you to know. I would, so odd, but I wanted to feel guilty about it, because we have to accept mistakes in life? We have to accept things that might have been, but this the seed that he has been planted, will always remain reminding you reminding us We are in a journey. We can't drop this bar. Says we sit here in this beautiful conversation, contain nurses, good life project, so, if I offer out raised here to live a good life. What comes up if you, Ask me to leave a good life. Is that? Can you Ask in different ways. When you think about what it means to children.
on the planet, while his wife mean to what does that look like to eat it, is to feel all to have that dignity, that's life. To realize that I have to say rights, anyone else to realize I have peace here on earth, that's good life and never to fear That's some one is going to press me or or press my neighbour To realize that I can it'd be a force for good? That's good life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
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