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2020-01-09 | 🔗

What is a good life and how do we live it? In today's special episode, Jonathan Fields debunks the three Good Life Lies, then shares a simple, yet powerful model - the Good Life Buckets - that'll help you begin crafting and living your best life. Not someday, but today. For a much more in-depth look at the Good Life Buckets, along with 10 specific ways to fill each, check out Jonathan's book How to Live a Good Life.

SPECIAL ALERT: This is the second installment in our 3-episode "Good Life Launch Pack." Last Thursday, in our episode entitled "To Succeed at Anything, Do This," we shared a game-changing achievement framework designed to help you accomplish big, meaningful goals, dreams and visions. If you haven't yet listened, check it out once you're done with this episode. We've actually learned that last week's episode did not load properly into many people's podcast apps, so if you didn't see this, be sure to go back into the show's main page and download it.

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A super excited today is the second instalment in our report. Serious to help can kick off the year where it's just me talking this time I know, don't worry if you like that awesome. If you dont, like that, it's real soon enough, and it starts Last week where I introduced something called my success. Scaffolding also quick note. We have and that there was a bit of a glitch in one of the major podcast listening at last week and, for some reason, last week's episode which is entitled to succeed, anything do this it. Download onto certain peoples, devices so for some reason. You are a regular listener and you didn't see, at last week then definitely go back, to our general show page, and you should see it there now and be sure
download on last week's episode again entitled to succeed. anything do this, and that is a framework for action taking its basically the inner and our game of making big Things happen in your life. It's all the missing pieces, then, are rarely sort of brought together in a way which teach you how to not just said a goal, just make a plan but actually do big thanks and create environment and an inner world in a way that allows them to actually happen rather than just dreaming about and watching those dreams, the boy. So if you miss that for sure check it out this week, my focus is on something different in this part to its all about it, deliver good life. I know I am the quote: good life guy. What kind of funny? Because I'm I don't
like I always live a good life and not always happy go lucky are not always the shiny pepe person and not always fully physically great, but the truth is that is one of the big mess about living a good life. And the reality of living. A good life is that you can experience everything and still truly billy a good life wriggling I want you today what that looks I'm gonna share a model with you that I call my three bucket model. You may have heard it before. Even if you have stated, because there's gonna be a lot of new insights spin out there for me of yours. I introduced it for the first time in my last book how to live a good life. Since then, since that book has been in the wild and so many we'll have interrupted and shared stories that are just deeper and different insights than I want to sort of explore with you today and I'm going to take you deeper into the. Some other ideas also something I call the three good life lies, which happened to be really pervasive across
social media and self help land area and arrogant. Reconstructed and talk about what we can actually do to live better lie to live truly good lives, not just some day, but today super excited to dive all of this with you today, ever said, I'm john, fields, and this is good life project- the how does a I even work where it is creativity come from It's the secret to living longer, ted radio, our explores the biggest questions with some of the world's greatest thinkers. They will prize challenge and even change. You listen to and purist head, radio, our whatever you get, your PA the project is supported by the economist, so the world seems to be moving faster than ever climate economics politics, a eyeing
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So the ten percent happier podcast has one guiding philosophy. Happiness is still that you can. it's a! Why not embrace it. It's hosted by dan Harris a journalist who had a panic attack on national television and then set out on this journey of transformation and he's now on a quest to help. Others also achieve peace and happiness, and every week Dan talked to top scientists meditation teachers. Even the odd celebrity in wide ranging conversations that explore topics like productivity, anxiety and psychedelics and relationships. The interviews cover everyone from brene brown to sara burrell us to sam Harris and more. I love learning from his questions and experiences, an incredible guess. Think of listening to ten percent happier as a workout for your mind, find ten percent happier wherever you listen to podcasts. When I actually published my last book how to live a good life, which was the end of two thousand and sixteen now recreated a tool to help.
People can get a feel for how empty or for what I call your good life buckets our think of it. This way, life is about three big areas or buckets. I call these are good life buckets one is vitality. The second is connection. The third is contribute These are just my words. You can overlay, whatever else works for you and just a few minutes. I'm gonna share a lot more about each one of those buckets how they work. Why? I chose them, why they matter and some ideas on how to add a fill them But I also wanted to just bring home. You know what we ve learned through our own research should We can look at all the news and the reports: the academic studies on health disease, mental, honest connection. Purpose meaning work, but we've so seen this in more personal wised way. So over the years, thousands of people have completed a simple tool. We call the good life bucket quiz
we created this and we put it out to the world back the twenty. Sixteen. When we launched the last book, the idea was that we want to create a fast and easy and free tool for people to be able to quickly get a beat on how full or empty there are three different good life buckets so that they could figure out which wants to focus on and what you and then be able to come back to it a couple weeks or months. Maybe even you later and attract any relatively objective way? how the levels are changing, so they can see what's working, what's not working and what I can do. Oh you is that once we actually started to look at the data that was coming in behind the good life bucket question. This is thousands and thousands of people having completed it. You start to see patterns and the patterns that we saw were really alarming. The average score for all three book is not just one, but all three buckets. If you are
Giving it agreed in school would be an f and that not so much an f for fair. Although there the numbers are pretty much what would have scored as an f in yelling academic world, but when we look at that, that's a capital F and, in my mind, that f for flat lined, you know not so bad, but not so good. And one thing that I have learned now through both my own experiment, should be able to sit and learn from so many leading voices and thinkers over so many years now. Here on the jet and also elsewhere, is that a good life is not about living in the gray it's about living in the full bloom in all the colors. The feels the experiences. What tsar binds over the greek called the full catastrophe and I've known this deep down for a long time, but for me
a single moment: a number of years ago was one of the things that really cracked me open to the sense of urgency, of the need to figure out why actually matters and to start doing those things and then for me, that sort of inciting incident was nine. Eleven I'm a new yorker lived in new york for a number of years before and still live here. I can tell you exactly where I was what I was doing. I was you know in my apartment on fifty fifth, and night avenue. I was at home with my Three month old daughter, we had a brand new home, a brand new apartment that we owned. We were married and turn, the tv and saw this happen. Of course. The first thing my mind goes to when I saw it was one kind of a long time. New yorker I wonder if I knew anyone who is in this bill,
to- and there was pretty much nobody in the city that left that day, not known at least one person and the net seeing eye hussar within one too was I had actually just signed a six year, ways for floor building, where I was to turn that into a yoga centre. Hopefully the premier yoga community and centre in new york city, which eventually did happen, but in that moment. You know was flitting and thinking who what is going on here, and I realize in fact, after talking to my wife, that we did in fact have a friend who was in one of the highest, for in the firmware almost the entire firm was gone at the end of the day, that friend was married. Had two very young children had no plan
or even there is not even the slightest sense in your mind that you gonna go to work that day and not come home ever and yet, what happened. I remember grey. our daughter, throwing her new with my wife. We drove up to our friend's wife, who is sort of like sitting vigil with friends, and then everyone left eventually it, and it was just us and my wife. And our friend went upstairs to put more neither the younger baby down four for the evening and an eye I went upstairs Looking up the stairs to really good night story to the older kid who was then too half years old, who was just sitting there up in bed tucked in with a story book on his lap and it was my job to read this book. Having no sense of whether he'd ever see him out again. In effect he didn't and dry, home from that was heartbreaking. Upsetting in so many different ways also gave us and of deep gratitude for the things that were still working. All the people, who were still
with me and alive in my life and really push me to quit, scan. The choices that I was making and, at its show, front and centre that we have no guarantees that every day, on some even though the worst Is where we just feel awful pounding headaches and where it is evident that we open our eyes- and we are here to take a breath- is a day it's better than not being able to do that, And- and I felt a sense urgency essential. It is easy to use these days moving forward differently to not dislike them pass, but to emerge. yes them and to. To fully engage with whatever came my way, could the bad just with everything will have I done that? No, of course, not a human being I've had moments in windows and seasons where I've been all in animal, wait and largely checked out. But I keep returning to
in this sense of urgency, which has never left me not to get things done, but b as fully alive as I can, as often as I can, and to question to explore, what does that? Even Mean what are the essential elements of it this became a catalyst for a life of deep exploration into the question of what it means to live a life and also if it became a bit of ie. A long tail inciting incident for what would eventually become good life project the community, there D, so many different events and programmes we ve had over the years and also this podcast, and it lead eventually. To this thing I call the good life buckets. We're gonna go deep into these and just a few moments, but for we get there? I wanna hear one other thing. I've also come to see what I call the three good life lies
and these are so pervasive as me ology. That is so this fact we see them all over our self help land area, especially in social media, for some reason. So let's talk about them for a minute or two, so that we can do a bit of myth. thing maybe build in a bit of forgive as for our own humanity, and the place that we are at this moment in life, and he realized acknowledge that's ok and then be able to die. Into the good life buckets with a lot more clarity and convict. and hopefully, freedom, so that first good life. Why? What is it? Well, it's all about money first good life lie, is that a good life is a rich life rich in terms of money that you need to be wealthy in order to live a good life
This is really interesting because it's sold in a lot of the role of entrepreneurship and small business and busy ops, its soul and a lot of mainstream media, it's sold in a lot of books Movies? Is this sense that once we get extra, or in the bank. We own a house of this size we own in there this number of cars that that is the thing. That's gonna make everything: ok, That is when we know that that were quote their right beyond the fact. That. There is a ton of researchers is completely lie. We know that on a lived level, because if you ve ever said yourself, I need ex dollars in the bank or rwanda by this type of thing Let me do the work and you get it then one of two or both of you things happen, one Get it. You realize really quickly that you get him
momentary hit of glee and then something happens, called habituation basically, it doesnt affect us anymore. After really short window of time, we get a bomb. A momentary happiness and then we habituate back to a different level right, so the money she doesn't make a huge difference that level, and we also very often get to that place in the second thing that happens is all we just need a little more. It's not quite enough keep moving the benchmark little further off do in ourselves that we will feel differently if we just get a little more a little more little more money and in fact we dont here's what we do know: here's what the researchers it tells us about money and a life well lived, and you may have heard But this story, because there's a lot out there saying you know, there's a lot of popular myths yet is trying to sell, and yet I can get really wealthy and that can be a good life researchers
pretty much, not you d search does show that there is a relation, between money unhappiness and there is aid different relationship between money and what is called subjective, well, being or inhuman labour just being satisfied with your life living a good life. So let's talk about both of those and use a myth, busting here One money unhappiness, we do know from the research that if you are really really drug financially. If you do not have enough money on an ongoing basis to take care of your base, survival needs to make sure that you have food on the table for you in a family, a roof over your heads, a comfortable place to be that safe, if you are not able to sir lake satisfy your basic needs for sustenance safety. Then every dollar that you are and they get you closer to. That- does make a really big difference right. It does make a really big difference. An end to deny that is. Is this wrong? What
No, though, is that once you get past that, there is a sort of a wood, diminishing returns that that bell curve, that line between money, unhappiness where it keeps going off for every dollar more. You earned you're gonna, be a dollar more happy or take more happy. It keeps going up in will you hit a certain amount of money and then that curve started go sideways it flat lines. Keep any more money, but actually, what makes you any happier, and what we do know is that this number, what is that magic number? Well, it's different based on different cultures and different countries, the latest I saw, has actually been used on a handle years now, so it's probably ticked up just a slight bit since then, but for the It states that number was a household income about seventy five thousand dollars a year, and that is because Can it ties in roughly with what it takes to just gonna? Be ok with that,
not living hand to mouth and supporting the family and a few design that you're going to work ten hours a week more because you want to make twenty five thousand dollars a year more weather, search shows. Is that may put more money? Your bank account but is not going to affect your happiness in a away. You won't be happier although you will be working more, you love your leavenworth awesome. If he don't love your work, then what gonna be doing is sacrificing time doing things that you may really enjoy more with people he may enjoy more in the name of pudding. Money in the bank that will not make you happier so something to think about their, but eventually The more nuanced relationship here that I almost never see talked about anywhere that is, the relationship between money and life, satisfaction or the sense that yeah life is good, which is now the same by the way has happiness happiness is Jim
a snapshot of the picture in time lay satisfactorily this broad measure of just generally satisfied that the nature of the quality of life is good. It turns out that there is a different relationship in the research here between money and life satisfaction or living life there is a delay, relationship, meaning the more you are generally the more you will say, I'm satisfied with life unlike the money and happiness relationship there, no measured levelling of that relationship. It's not like it goes. And up and up and then just go. flat line, so the more you make it's not going to affect us. Despite your with your life, how could you say your life is actually shows that up until where the cut off of the research was, which was an income of about two hundred fifty thousand dollars. There was erect relationship, it wasn't showing any fall off.
So the more you are, the more likely were actually say that he lived a good life now, people don't know gently This is, but there is a hypothesis and a lot of it actually points potentially to healthcare, and idea that you are living have the ability to actually have access to a higher level of health care allows you to maintain better life. And dumb and better well, being less illness less disease and that that, Actually, the thing that translates to same more money. I make the more satisfied with my which kind of brings it around to the final thing about the relationship between money and a life well lived, and that is this. When we talk about money happiness I fought lived, it's less about how much you earn and its more about how you spend it, spend it on stock. spending on merchandise, spend it on things and
much less likely to actually do anything meaningful for you spend it on. experiences, though, and on services. Things that actually affect you enemy that move you emotionally. Those are the thing that are actually more likely to make a difference to move the need, also on near b. Services side. This is better healthcare that is lightly. What's behind the the increase? In my satisfaction, trips experiences travel moments, so sperience and services over things that is kind of magic, so the real relationship here, it's not about how much you earn it's about how you spend it so That is them no one of the good deed. Three good life lies is that a good life is a life that is with money, and the lie is that yes
and and no end, and it really did it's what you do with it and that may be much stronger indicator of how it affects both your happiness and your wellbeing. Overtime. own before we move on to the second good life lie, one other really interesting, slash, reared quirk about money and happiness. And that is that much you make in a vacuum is not what really matters is also how much you make in comparison to the was around you really ass research shows that if you making a really solid living, but those around you are making say twenty fibres more than you will be less happy. Then, if you made the ink, that same amount of money. And those around you were making twenty five percent less than you are wired for comparison, love. It hate it
causes a lot of anger and anxiety and anguish, but for most Thus, when we live in the world- and we surround ourselves with other people and very often other people who are sir lucan similar similar parts of the world or places in life. We are constantly comparison machines and this can cause lot of suffering and also underlined who you are status, based happiness. None of which is lasting, but I think it's him Two gesture like note that that one of the ways to instantly get happier is to surround yourself with a different group of people if is ass. Amuse her like in europe realm of possibility. not yet global private aviation leader is known for personalizing. Every detail of your travels, because not yet standard is not just to meet their definition of perfection its.
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notes and user promo code. Good life choose. I herb, because one this matters, okay, so to move on to the second good life, lie that is the second, it can seem we're to you. A good life is a happy life. How could that be a? Why? So? You may have already stressed out that these good life lies are not entirely binary. That why part of it is that there are offered almost always as these absolute statements like, is or isn't with notion, aids of gray. No nuance, which is virtue that anything in the world, so whenever here. The good life is a happy life can question that here's something interesting. I have been now hosting conversations on good life project for many years, sat down,
so many different people from all walks of life from all different countries, all different parts of the world and at the of premature, one of those conversations, I asked the exact same question you all now that you ve been listening. If you been listening for a long time, you have heard it that question is what does it mean to you to live a good life? So what has surprised This may well have been a lot of surprises in there, but one or two things: that actually has surprised me over time is that I can probably count on one hand the number times that somebody has said a good life is a happy life, these are some of the most accomplished. Most engage most alive most joy for people who have survived some of them her things on the planet and are sitting here and say my life is good, some of this what is most accomplish. Scientist academics, researchers see
he owes everybody on the planet right and very few very you! I can't actually remember one off hand right now. We sat here and said happiness, it's all about happiness, because I think we come to learn at a certain point that, Happiness is a little bit weird and its generally, not something that you pursue directly. So here interesting thing about happiness, happy as a general rule, it is a snapshot right. It's measure in any more as a moment in time, not a span or window or a season, and which all of us can access that field. of being happy for a moment, what we know and we know some signs- and we know this because of how people reported it began.
was brutally hard when you try to lock it down and make happiness a persistent state, because that can actually make you pay MR less happy because it is not designed to be a persistent state, becomes a bit of a fuel quest. This is like the athlete right who is training for competition, maybe your weightlifter, whose training for a show maybe you're, playing basketball and and you're you're training for a championship or big game. He be your gymnast or dancer whatever. It may be right, what top level athletes who are able to access or like a level performance. All now is the idea of cycling And that is that you are only in a peak state of performance of readiness, both psychologically and physically and physiologically for a very short window of time, because our bodies in their minds, simply are not
design to sustain those states for law measures of time. We, cycle in and out of them, but we can't just make that the movie of our lives at least most people. We can talk about in just a moment to so when we try and actually say I am to make. As my aspiration every waking moment of my life happy, then the average person or to experience it as impossible, and that leads to a sense of utility which actually leads to a sense of giving up and lead you to become less happy, less happy, so first entering it and say you know what happiness is a snapshot. It's not a movie, and I it will be great have as many moments of happiness as I can, but also cept and understand that that movie we'll be moments that psycho me through all sorts of different feelings, and that that is ok,
and the escalation is not so much to make you perpetually at a hundred percent always up time happy, but simply to do things that will work, to experience as moments often and fully in them when they happen. In fact, What we know is that happiness is not entirely within our control and how much of it is or is not within. Our control is very individualised. We each touchdown with a certain happiness, thermostat or set point, is what the researchers would call it. So part of that set point is controlled by genetics and part of it is controlled by our environs. And her behaviour the way we live our lives. Now. Researchers know won't, speak it We agreed that, somewhere between forty and fifty four,
and if your ability to control or alter your happiness or your happiness set point is genetically controlled to call it fifty fifty sixty forty. What we know is that a big part is controlled by your genes and another big part control by your environment and your behavior. I your actions and your choices in your decisions. So was, I tell us: well that's good news, bad news happiness story when it tells is that we are never entirely at the will of our genes when it comes to happiness right we always have. Significant amount of input into that puzzle. What it all oh tells us is that we are never fully in control of our serve happiness, is that we are have a certain set point that we tend to revert to without exerting energy to move away from it now, first, people that set point is really high. Just land on the planet and genetically your happiness at point is
you high, say your new default with no effort to just being happy, go lucky, lord! That person for other people in your set point a thermostat, maybe dialed in closer to kind, neutral or me and a bit melancholy right, and if you are that person and your u buy, to the gospel of happiness. It says your job on the planet is to be happy, always happy. All the time that is the day nation of a life where live and your aspiration, should be dad, but your jim Eric said point is more towards Alan kali than you'll perpetually bump up against your own biology in trying to attain a goal of what you're told should be everybody's way of being, that will be it'll be hard for you to sustain and again what that does is not only makes you less happy, but it actually leads to a sense of utility and judging comparison and makes you
he'll. Shame, because now you are not able to achieve what your coat supposed to achieve. If you wanted happy and live a good life. rather than saying you know, what I can the central or am I set. My is because I know where I default when I don't do anything to affected and know that that he's around it and then make a choice. if you're happy with red fall to thank keep on keeping on. If you would love to define to a sort of a higher level, know that you're going to need to exert energy make choices. Take actions that will kind of keep you pursue Finally, above that reversion point that thermostat will you naturally tend towards, and that becomes part of your commitment, your job. Your practice is to do those things and that's all But when you, when you accept this, You move away from that sort of like delusion that everybody should have the same level of happiness, and it should always be a hundred percent all the time up time on, and that gives you a sense of forgiveness. We
I to bring a full circle and unhappiness that there is real That shows that I thing called emo dover it meaning not just explained. Happiness, but experiencing the full spectrum of emotions, including sadness and and stress, and all these other things is a much stronger indicator of a life. Well, I have a flourishing life of a good life. It takes the pressure off You can live in amazing life and also who, through moments, even entire seasons. That may be you with a certain sadness or frustration, unmet expectations. It's all part of the story, you're telling and experiencing the force spectrum of emotions, is actually way more fulfilling in the car It's a at life, then all away so like set pointing to only one particular mode, and we now have research there, That's true, so a little opening and a little forgiveness for people around the idea that a good life is, and always
the life, and you should strive to be constantly super happy all the time, and that is the aspiration. Let's get to the third one. They good life is an easy life. Could that really be a lie? I mean: don't we all kind of want things to be easy, so that the aspiration like get all the obstacles out of the way tat. It is for a lot of us the thing about it is that, if everything, Im easy! This is a little counter intuitive. But if everything came easy, your life would not necessarily be in fact, it would very likely be worse how in the world could that be possible? Has at possible right if everything him he's wouldn't life just be awesome to thing? Is we look it's? will go, get effort. We look at time as the enemy
or we all want the experience of ease as often as possible, but we also need, a certain amount of adversity in life. We need at least some things to not come easily. We need the opportunity to grapple with things to think to fail to come back, her to figure things out, so why is that? Because a good life, is actually in life filled with the experience of growth We know there so much resource that tells us that we are here to grow. We are happier we are more fulfilled where more nourished, we will answer all scales at indicate, a better life when we learning and growing when we are not just dealing as static sideways flat line human beings, no growth equals flat line line is not a life. Well lived right, so
the challenge ourselves, not to the point. of failure or futility, and not all the time, but enough and frequently enough, to require us to dig deeper in the name of figuring out how to move through things that don't come. Italy, and when we do that, we experienced growth and that growth becomes ape found, least satisfying part of the experience of a life where lived without it. We do grow or we do not grow on anywhere near the level, we want a wicket. Yes sure we want the experience of these one b, eventually figure out the things that are challenging us, but this, my idea, the idea of the ultimate aspiration for everybody is that life is just straight up easy, with no barriers, no obstacles. That actually is
I to be more damaging to a good life than enhancing, because it leads to a flat lined existence. At least complacency. It leads to a lack of growth, and jobs so eliminates the incredibly enriching and joyful feeling from having worked really hard at something that didn't go easily and silly, getting at dawn I mean when I write a block. This hard right, rang it is not easy knows. In person does this just me no I'm surrounded by writers. None of us are entirely their right, but the fact that it didn't come easy if I sat here just it was breezy easy, flew out of me every time I did it and I put it to the world, fact that I actually finished it and was proud of it. Done with and put down the world it matter. On the same level to me as the fact that this did not come easy, I grappled with
it change me along the way. The process of doing. This was filled with things that were hard. That made me understand myself in a deeper way. That made me struggle to reorient the way that I see myself in the world and come up with new ideas rate. That process does not happen when everything just comes easy. There is no growth. When that happens, and a good life is a life filled. with growth. So this is why that serve about you? A good life is alive That is easy, where everything is easy and the aspiration just to make everything come as easy, as you can bundle, The thing that I see all the time on social media are like self help platitudes personal development world, which is If it's not easy, it's not right. Now. That is completely and utterly wrong. You want a bunch of stuff to be easy shore. You can make things
as easy and efficient as you can and at the same time, just because some, It is not easy, doesn't mean it's wrong in fact, that the very fact that you have to work hard obstacles drop into your way and that you have Is that you will learn from and overcome them is what makes it worth doing in the first place, bundled with the truth. no matter what you start, even if it starts easy it's really deeply meaningful annex be changing in any meaningful way over time. At some point, it will get hard and if you walk away that simply because it's not easy any more, you will lose the opportunity for profound dip into the world of growth and the chance to live a better, more full conduct engage life. So, let's
get rid of that. A good life is, and always easy life writ the power of acknowledging these three good life lies is that it lets us, forgive our humanity unless at that, except that we can be in or live through moments and windows where their struggle or unease, where hopes and expectations don't match reality. Where were you where we aspire to be, and at the same time we can still access a certain experience of goodness of grace, connection of belonging purpose. Impossibility we can still Zoom the lens out live good lives right. We don't have to buy into this. Forgiving set of lies that we must always be happy that we always aspired to well that we must always like us.
Where did things being easy? This is not what makes life good. Sometimes yes, in a nuanced way. Yes, but forgive the fact that you will move through windows and seasons in moments of your life where that justice, not your reality, but if somebody asks you how you dylan, you can still answer with a straight face. You know what I'm struggling right now, but context of things. There's a lot, that's good! My life there's a lot, I'm grateful for and yeah my life is still pretty good so we ve talked about how, with so much abundance and invention there still so much unease suffering in the world. So few people are living truly good lies. We have talked about the three good lifeline and have hinted at these things. The good life buckets and now it's time to dive into this powerful and real actionable model, so we can start to figure out how to guide our behaviour and really mean into that good luck.
The beautiful thing about, the good life buckets is you here at once, you remember it for life you can valid, quickly, through your own experience- and it literally tells you where the focus on any given day and what to do to get closer to living your best life, the good life workers do not about fluff reply the tears, but really on the ground, reality living a life of intentional experimentation and action taken, They started with me as a sort of end of one like using the scientific phrase. I was one subject the experiment- over the years I built of companies in the wellness world, and it's my life and my career kind of is a living laboratory and running so many different experiments, many of which, by the way, turned out horribly glad. It happened to me and not you, I've, immersed myself thousands of academic studies and years traveling the world finding embody teachers and sitting down with them to learn so many of them here
on the good life project and had the just incredible opportunity to teach work with thousands and thousands of people and then learned from them, as I saw how they were interacting with ideas over the years and- This is where the sword deceptively simple idea of the good life buckets came from so, let's dive in first the model of a good like buckets. It's really simple, you might even dismiss it because it feels so simple truth. Is it took a lot of work to make it this simple? and the reason is because, if I came up with something more complex, but would remember at one of the things that I have learned over time. Is if nobody remembers it, if it so complicated, even if it works, if he don't hurt once remember, it ended, can't gadget
ever really easily, it's useless, so the good life buckets are deliberately symbol. So, let's start with your vitality bucket, remember said: there are three of these buckets vitality bucket your connection bucket and your contribution bucket. Let's start out with the vote, bucket, so you re telling me bucket, is about optimizing, your state of body and mind. We ve all heard the line. If you don't have your you don't have anything, and we all get that when it comes to physical, pain and illness. You know big news there that that makes a lot of sense, but what's becoming bigger news I think, is at them is no such thing as pain or illness that stops at the body or agnes stress or depression that stops at the brain vi insanity is a feedback loop. It isn't just about your state of body It's about your state of body
and your mind and your life wanting feeds into the other which feeds into the other. So when we talk about you, know, vitality without well. Let's talk about your mom, your body and then what your mind as if their to sober things, this is not just an illusion, it is a delusion and its damaging. It is Emma Jane to actually entertain the notion that we can talk about one. we are talking about- the other- because they are not different- they are two parts of an infinite and perpetual and constant feedback mechanism. So we can t about them. You can go to a different elements of them, but always with the understanding that one affects the other right. So if ice Frank's in my muscles over a period of months. My ink greece and muscle torn and capability, is actually going to feedback My state of mind, my state of confidence myself, my sense of of capable
and esteem and possibility and same thing, if I, suffering with illness or with pain right that is going to feed back, into my mood, my state of anxiety, my stance, a possibility, my my mood and depression late- and this is achieved measurable- the estate- we can actually see how these things will affect. Our endocrinology are nervous systems of the electrical system in our body. So the big thing to understand here, is that I tell the matters is not about the mind is not just about the body it is about both and how they feed back to each other right. So when we think about the vitality, bucket and we think about okay. So the idea here is that I want to fill this bucket and they d with all three buckets is that a good life happens when all three buckets or as full as they can be, and we keep them.
As far as they can be right, so our job becomes assorted perpetually scan your vitality bucket, your connection bucket your contribute, bucket on any given day notice, helpful empty. They are give a little love to the buckets that need some love to try and bring them up. Sir, are all as close to brimming over as they possibly can be. So when we think about your vitality bucket right, what are the things that would help fill that bucket if its feeling a little bit low. So there are a couple of big categories here and guess what, when it comes to this most of us know what these things are, not a matter not doing this event when it comes to all of this Often it's really not a matter of not knowing what to do. Just that, we don't sometimes with honour understand it. But what I found is that the stuff tat we I learned yo from our parents and then their parents, the stuff that the ancient greeks, new and wrote about. You know the stuff
has been around for thousands and thousands of generations as what it works since the matter of us actually doing it. So what goes into feeling that vitality bucket, where I think? First, we look at movement, our bodies were made to move, they ve always been made to move. We evolved through history, as and where we are, and we had the physiology the biology to be able to move, and in fact it is enhanced and revved and kept us? this human life possible when we're moving, which is kind of become a challenge because we now live in a world where we are largely sedentary and We intensely do things to stop that from happening. The average person sets an insane number of hours every single day, just a huge amount. All systems in our body and our minds suffer when that happens. I've seen the news that you know that famous raises certain been bandied about that
That sitting as anti smoking that you know when you don't move your body. Does she much more new wants, then that is not the session, of sitting its being sedentary, our bodies, are designed not to be sedentary their designed to move constantly throughout the day and when we become sedentary all of our system. Begin to malfunction and we become more subject to diseased illness to immediate. cute incidents that will end our lives or greatly diminished the quality of them right, and the answer is to start to move a little bit and on two levels. One embrace whatever form of exercise not just. worked in a laboratory, not as is effective, but actually has some level of intrinsic joy connected to it and for me, people. That means whenever also gauges your mind along the way, not just about repetition and distraction. But what are you actually look? What would you look forward to doing The other thing is think about your workflow think about ray working the way you work in urged
Mobilise your worthwhile I'll, give you an example from my world, their law windows were sometimes. If I interviewing a bunch of people for programmes or on being interviewed then in theory, I would be set either on a phone call on a microphone or, if I'm having meetings with somebody be sitting at a meeting with somebody, and I would just be sedentary that whole time I have completely retooled those experiences so, if you ever get me on a telephone or a call something like that we'll be wearing a headset. It will be if it's or something that is designed to be recorded in them broadcast I'll, be wearing a broadcast quality headset with a ten foot cord so they can move around. I literally pace around in our studio, while on that line, if you if it is at meeting or a conference call, I will be wearing a wireless headset and I will be either walking around my part.
Or I will be outside in the middle of central park, moving the entire time right, because I want to integrate my owned ability to move my body with my workflow If you want to have a meeting with me. If you want to you, know whatever the classic cup of coffee or a lunch meeting, I will almost always designate one point to meet you and meet you up front will grab a cup of something, then we're not gonna sit down we're going to go, walk for twenty minutes, or thirty minutes on our two hours, whatever it is, and if we need to take notes were very likely, gonna do, as audio notes on somebody's note, taking up or your voice memo up on their device, because this is part of my commitment to keep my body moving so think about it on two levels. Right both these relate does nearly time for exercise. But how can, re order: rework your workflow in order to integrate movement into it This also happens, I may weeks or be standing
six or standing stand so that we can go up and down, we can change. I can change my body position, your different, rid seeding arrangements or rocker boards for my feet so constantly kind of switching things around and playing with how'd. You both move, my body, and I quote: exercise way which, for me, I trying to do in a play type way, and also just mobilise my body through changing my workflow throughout the day. And the same thing affect your mind right. So what we know is things like moving abiding when you exercise especially editor of lake levels of intensity that ashley releases, a chemical called bt and f brain derive. No tropic factor in your brain, which has been, grabbed as miracle grow for your brain literally, is one of the things. That is All the neuro genesis or growing new brain cells so would literally on a physiological, level exercise changes your brain in addition,
into the chemistry changes and the electrical changes that will affect they are measurable way. Your mood affect things like anxiety and depression. and that brings us to mindset right, because mindset is the other part of the vitality puzzle right soon to pay attention to our state of mind and the practices that we engage in their beyond in our body, which has a really big effect on our state of mind, would be attention based practice says I have be incredibly valuable and effective in those can be meditation. It can be neuro feedback, it can be different types of means. Even that have been developed now and the idea is its things that laid a train, your brain, to focus your awareness in a particular way and that Ants is both your ability to be present in the things that are good and grateful for the things that are good, but it also rewires your brain to be calmer, to be less reactive and more intense
lee and thoughtfully responsive you experience stress differently, to not respond as much and be able to dissipate the negative effects of it more quickly to be able to not feel quite bad. When things aren't going your way to have a greater sense of equanimity in the face of certainty and high stakes and also can be effective in again certain levels of anxiety and depressed I'm not making any medical claims here. So definitely check with your qualified health care provider. With all of these, but there's fascinating research around all of these things, so minds for me, my my mind's had practised beyond moving my body, which is a big part of it, is also a debt meditation and mindfulness meditation and develop my own approach, which integrates different techniques into it, Breathing exercises which come from from my back found in the world of yoga teaching sunday call proteome, which,
is effectively a way to control your breath as a way to alter the state of your mind and body, and it works really our and there's modern western research that shit who's that actually works in a really effective way. I know that can breathe and one specific way that will rapidly menace, any sort of stress or anxiety response that I have in fact that was my lead into yoga initially, because I was a lawyer and a very past life and freaking out of print daily basis, and it the breathing exercises that allowed me to be my office and a really tough moment in a real adversarial call and somehow find a way back to baseline, okay, so think about that. We of other things, and the other thing that always comes to mind here is food. Food is a real big area of controversy, so I'm not going to tell you what to eat or how to eat, both on a humanitarian level or what good and right for you,
because there is no universal thing that works for everybody, the Maybe if there is a single universal thing for almost everybody, it is that more plans, ten be better? No matter what your approach to eating are so sing. about how you are going to feel your body, and it makes a profound profound deference to other things that I think in a really important to talk about one asleep. We are though, that it sleep, is, is one of the greatest contributors to both positive and negative, vital they both in terms of your physiology year? Psychology makes a tremendous difference. Basic sleep, hygiene can really affect sleep stress affect sleep and its is again. We see the feed make misery here. Right stress affects your stuff. If mind effects your sleep and then it also affects your energy to exercise, exercise, helps diminish the
feelings of stress and anxiety and depression gives you energy right there. Research. That also shows it helps you sleep better. So when start embraces things if you're thinking about you know, I need to sleep. I want to sleep better cameron too. One of the things you may actually look at doing is moving your body It starts to require the cycles in your body to allow you to sleep more effectively and again, there are basic set of sleep hygiene thing that even pretty much find anywhere. If you want to my but last book, however good If there's a section on that weaken can go through the less than say. Ok, there's a basin ways to set up my bedroom, and this is I to do in the hour to two hours before I go to bed that can make a real difference. You add that to better food too, said practices and moving your body, and you create this fully supported. Scaffolding.
that allows your vitality bucket to really start to fill itself on a regular basis, so that your vitality, bucket. From workout playlists to your social media, feed personal the way to go, and personal leads to an affordable price, even better with stay farm, personal price plan, you get the covered, you want at an affordable price. Just for you, a policy that helps cover was most important to you like it, a neighbour state farm is there. I gotta stay form dotcom today to create your state farm personal price plan prices very by state option selected by customer availability and eligibility may vary. Hey it's gelatin I'm good life project. If you are in your thirty to forty is with friends too busy to join you on a vacation, you have to check out flashback. The only group travel brand so low travellers, your age, the
danny with sumo in Japan or basking on a private god and croatia all with people like you, visit flash pack, dot com, slash podcast, you say Two hundred fifty dollars on your booking and offer only avail until July fifteenth Let's talk about that. Second bucket, your connection bucket dairy connection bucket. What do we mean by connection connection is about what happens between you? and those around you tell about what happens between you and yourself so one of the longest running studies of human flourishing known as the grand study look the lives of a group of men over appeared of something like seventy or eighty years and measured almost every aspect of their everywhere there physiological, the biological, their health markers on their relationships, their jobs, their income, everything, and there too,
figure out. How do these people end up being the same out of the lives diverge and one of the factors that really contribute to the flourish? of human beings, at least the people in this study. Yes, I agree that it would be amazing if that the studies replicated not just with men from a certain window of time, but with a broad range of people on. Hopefully that is happening now. Our will happen because I'd love to see that data, but what we do know from the grand study one of the longest running traders of that study pressure. George valiant, was ass. You know of all of the things that you measure of all of the things that you matter that were uniquely indicative of a life well lived about. You is there any. On that really stood out. His his answer was that it was all about relationships is short, and the answer is yes, it was love full stop right. It was the quality of
Loving, connected relationships, didn't necessarily mean partners or spouses, but also friendships, loving friendships. It was about being connected that was the single biggest contributor pershing within this group of people. This idea is, is also replicated and allow different books and research. One of the earliest books in the world of positive psychology by kinder than height, has also been on the pike ass. He introduced that the idea that a good life is about what happened a knew, what he calls the in between people, it's that interrelatedness, that is critically important in our ability to live. Goodbye the reason is because our wiring for socialization is dna deep. Yes, even us from my gently and diverts raising my hand. Here am I love to be asia love to be in a small group of people loved have friends over for dinner. I am Much an insurance as many servants are community now, and
that doesn't mean that I'm antisocial and don't lay people. It just means that I am what my friend susan kane would pass selectively. Social in that I like to be with us. Groups of people in the right way for the writer times are like around certain social now extend that fills me rather than empties me, but even as introverts we. are wired for socialization. We are four relationship, just in our own unique way rate When I talk about the in between, when I try about those relationships. What we're talking about here and on a connection level is friends. Romantic love, attachment, love, nature, something bigger than yourself whether you'd find it a source guide occasion, field whatever it is that sense that europe part of an and in relation to something bigger than you are yourself also self. So when we look at the truly that first one their friends, we know
that this is so critically important, the connection bucket to fill the connection bucket right. We want to look at friendship because friends, they give you a sense of justice, love and except in spite of belonging, we're beer, more resilient, less anxious less fearful when we have friends their shows that if you have a bestia worker likely to seven times more engaged with your job, you in durban in with a greater sense of ease, recover faster from illness, you live longer and you feel better. Life is just better when you ve got friends and you ve got their back and they ve got your back, really fascinating he took a group of people into a room with an effort at f mri which measures your brain ways, what you're doing something and an uncle massively oversimplifying this but you'll get the point and what they did was they told people that they're gonna get a certain pride and then there was a twenty percent chance when they saw something they we're gonna, get electric shock
not enough that it would actually heard them in any way, but it wouldn't be pleasant as described by them. Now. One of two things happened They could either hold the hand of a stranger while this there were going through this, where they could hold a hint of a good friend. What the research found when they were hoping the hand of a stranger soon, they didn't know it all assume got that signal that there were potentially about to get shot. The free yes and uncomfortable- and it was not a happy experience when they were holding the hand of a friend, they were way calmer, more relax and they experienced the shock even when they got it as being much less painful. So simply holding the hand simply knowing that there is somebody physically there with you helps you endure suffering and pain in your life, completely changes the experience of suffering, which, at some point we are all going to go through when we
disconnected all of our systems from her mind and body, begin to Beyond the obvious effect of making us unhappy and isolate and alone, it increases the likelihood of anxiety, depression, hostility, meaninglessness, you're, more likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure. Have, promised immune system loneliness is as bad you as smoking fifteen that's a day when you look at the research has been coming out lately and your twice ass, likely you pass younger from lonely less than from obesity You are wired to befriend and belong, and the problem is that the places used to bring us in connection with friends and also give us a sense of belonging, they're, not really doing it all that much anymore or they're, not existing anymore, how of worship, right organ eyes, religion, the thing that people are fleeing faster than any other time in our cyrillic. Modern history. Worse
your sources of friendship and belonging, and now you're becoming less of local organisations and trade groups, leagues clubs, these things of our going away really fast employment. To be a source of friendship and below. and now people are jumping around so quickly and there's so much brandish loyalty is going away and what was is that one in five people are now business lonely and that the age group of forty five to sixty five, are among the loneliness and technology. We can talk about this, I took my technology. On the one hand, really be a south. It meet great opening moved people who are similar to you and start a congress that may lead to a friendship right which
molly took many which may lead to a sense of belonging, and but it very rarely get you to the same place as actual friendships that are developed and sustained and deepened in real life. So not necessarily a thing, but it's not an entire solution and for some the fact that men, the conversations happen without video, and because there a synchronous when their text based people actually, I think, about informing, the responses. Rather than doing it very quickly and being more real and vulnerable, and that strips empathy from the relationship and it stops, from getting deeper, because what we know is that at the heart of all this stuff, at the heart of connect and is vulnerability. Empathy and disclosure, we want to know who people are the real fascinating study done by arthur arid who's out at university, stony working time and she became published
actually in a minor love, column and the new HANS innovation became a book by Mandy lehne and but was based on current research, where he got really curious take relative strangers. Put him in a room for forty five minutes experience introduce into a set of questions, and that leader conversation that would end in a fairly high level of friendship and intimacy, so he created what he called his thirty six questions right and he brought people into the room these thirty six questions were designed to. Slowly, start fairly service level and then asked people to answer. The questions to each other. In a way were used or to reveal a little bit more about yourself more vulnerable and then a little bit more and start a share things that you ve never share with anybody else to a perfect major, because you feel, like you know, and also because it is reciprocal
right. You are never sharing more than what's being shared back to you, and that makes you feel late. There's something real happening here who complete strangers in a man new factor environment reading and responding to pre scripted questions who ended up. In relationships are very often that they described later as being closer to that one person. After this forty five minutes to an hour, then were too many of their closest friends. At the end of this experience, the two different people with a gaze into each other's eyes for four minutes in the outcomes. What kind of mine blowing they report originally closer to their partners than they felt to so many other people, and the researchers have since use these questions to foster closeness from everyone students of different raised to police in their communities, really really powerful. I was asked fascinated by this, and I can want to try it out for a number.
Years we were running retreat with groups in costa rica. What we did was we took those thirty six questions and when thirty six strangers came together, in a foreign country in a different environment, completely otherworldly environment at the end of the day, we divided them into smaller groups and we took the thirty six questions. We segment them and adapted them a bit so that they were more appropriate for the setting and we ask but to go round in the smaller groups. Answer these questions, as is a hundred percent cent anecdotal. What I can tell you is that the level of closeness was dagger ring at the end of these new four or five days together, and I was convinced and it really reinforced. Also that the power of fraud ship and belonging is transformative all about not just shared interest in and similarity
but also a sense of safety and a willingness to be vulnerable and to self disclose in a reciprocal way. There's something to really think about when you're thinking about filling or refilling your connection bucket we eventually serve expand a lot of these ideas. For five years we ran out one of the largest adult summer camps in the world camp g o p, and it was an absolutely stunning experience where, towards the end, your four hundred something people would come together for nearly Four days and in a camp setting and the depth beauty and the grace of those relationships was like. We had never seen before his really really powerful moving experience, and bonds, or that community remain to list day can she is just so critically important to, and life well lived. It starts with friendship, develops into
of belonging and wheels The idea mention of love- you most of us think about love. We think about romantic love and that that sure is meaningful and important and can add to this sense of connection. But friendship, love. You know, friends can love each other, it's a different kind of love, in fact You look at the research. Therefore, types of love commonly identified. One is companion, it love, which is friendship one as romantic love right that is romance. One is compassion. that is a sense of empathy and the desire to relieve suffering and others, and one is attachment which the sense of law, sustained history where we feel like we have shared something, substantial and we feel in some way connected to each other, and these are all meaningful. There, me for ways to go about filling your connection bucket but also mentioned a couple of other things and then nature in there really powerful research shows that when we're disconnected-
nature. We also suffer and we're connect your from nature. It lit led down regulates our nervous system of regulator, system and our happiness and our mood. So we want to be exposed to night environments as often as possible. I've written about that this. This was also hidden in my last big helluva good life in japan. Their forests are designated as children, rin yoko forests, which translates roughly two forest bathing because no, the research that when you actually enter forest on a regular basis, it literally changes the way that you feel about yourself and your Yah jihad, psychology change along with it so think about getting back in touch with nature. This is one of the reasons why a kind of double dip when I have my telephone calls and I were had said, and I go into the middle of the woods in central park. So I get my movement. I get my connection I get my nature. Ok, so that's triple dipping actually right there, so you can kind of yellow
gotta bring them altogether to make. It all worked optimally One of the things that I that I mentioned was this connection to a sense of sunday. Bigger than yourself right doesn't matter, We call it for some, you may call it god for some. You may call at source for some, you may call it some I there, some in sense of something were all connected, but what we do know is that way, you feel, like you, are part of something bigger participating, something bigger in relation to what that something, and those others who are in community with that set of beliefs and experiences. It also, It helps you have the experience of feeling more connected and living a better life, So these things all matter when you're thinking about how to fill your connection bucket when it can be really simple, starter chip to begin to fill a bucket, really really simple, anyone can do this right before the end of the day before you close your eyes today. Take out your phone or a computer,
which everyone's gonna work better for you think about somebody, you actually like an old friend a family member, maybe haven't time in a while, you haven't texted them. You haven't gotten on a call with them and not because anything. It's just life got in the way right an randomly out of the blue, pulled. It came up and send them a text. That is something like. I was just thinking about you. You know it's been awhile. I know we're both just so busy, but you mean a lot to me and I just wanna, let you know, I really appreciate you and I would love to just reconnect for a quick, hello you're on my mind, thanks so much that small thing. multiplied over a series of days that little thing can be really powerful way to begin the process. A filling or refilling your connection bucket, okay, so just your contribution, bucking your promising in herself way.
I know for a little while now and what is it? Gonna, be like a four hour podcast? No, it's not going to be in fat, going to disappoint unrelenting, I'm gonna do a little bit of upon to hear your contribution bucket is the third bucket. It is massively important the contrary, but it is about the way you contribute to the world for most people. We equate that with work now It may be the work that you are paid to do in your be your coat J o b. maybe you're an entrepreneur or founder. You actually are the one in charge. You can find it may be a professional or solo practice on artisan, impotent, they to you or you may work for some large organisation really matter. You may I also find it in your primary foreign country, something that is not a quote jail, be. It is not that you'd get paid for with your parents, maybe you're a caregiver. Maybe that is the thing that deeply and truly nourishing tea on. That is amazing, right. Your contribution bucket,
finding a way to do the work that you do to do something to make your contribution to exert effort in the way It makes you come alive and stay alive. What I found over time, Is it exists at the sweet spot? If you think about it, then diagram of meaning the thing you're doing matters to you, matters. Maybe to someone else of excitement in yes m. You really engaged in this thing of flow, a sense of being, lost in time absorbed like you just started, this thing and you plank day has gone by and it's a u become at nyu, there's no sense of difference between you and it, and you just can't get enough of it. A sense of expressed potential like what you have to offer is being fully tapped and not so fault or ignored, and also more broadly, that this combination of things. Exertion of effort, and what's coming from it is giving
sense of a sense of purpose, and I certainly could capital your l, life purpose capital hope, books. I also don't you know what that means, but a sense of purpose in the way that you're doing it like this for sweet of things when you overlap at that spot, you you like your absolute, we alive. I call the states sport, but you can just call it feeling alive of liveliness is what it's about and it's the intersection of these different contributing elements when you can b to the world at that sweet spot everything changes. right, sometimes like ascetic, said job other time the thing that you do on the side. Sometimes it's a blunt and some It is the effort or the work that you do completely unrelated any we're conversation because it is simply the thing that you cannot do you come must allow. when you do it all. Auctions are valid. All options are okay. The focus of much of my deeper
over last chunk of years has actually in this one domain it has been going much deeper into understanding. This idea contribution bucket of these components of fully sparked work, these components that allow you to feel and come alive in the way that you are contributing to the world and that led to serve a queen where I started you to try and ask you know how do I define that Are there a set of universal imprints for work that makes people across all domains, all geographies, all cultures, live and if so can I met them and that led the a lot a lot of work, which was amazing and we d he'll be down to a set of ten archetypes are imprisoned and I call those spock types and we spend almost the entirety of choice team, building, an assessment tool, an online tool to try and figure out
we actually create a simple, straightforward tool for people to figure out? What is this thing for them? What are your unique imprint or spark a type right, the archetype, the source code level, answer for work that makes you come alive. and we really set to the world at the end last year, and that that it really became my deep dive into understanding and creating tools and ideas and entire body of work that would allow people too much more rapidly and effectively fill their country nation bucket. To find and do or create work that makes them come alive. When we release that it's been about Lou just turn around a year now says that went out into the world over that time. What we have learned with now more than three hundred thousand people having completed the spark, a type ass since it went, live and, having heard now so many stories and case studies had,
relations and and capture just in ankara. the volume of more nuance, insights and realizations at awakenings and had the ability not to analyze more than fifteen million data points from people who have interacted with this is that there is so much opportunity that we don't even see define and do work or makes several shifts in the work that were already doing that will allow us to feel the sense of alive nestor feel sparked in a way that we do even now that we had access to add this, time. This is a much bigger conversation. Introducing you more deeply to the spark it to the ten different types and to how they guide your behavior and how can actually she put them into action in your life. So what I'm gonna do? this is why said little bit of a punt, especially cause we're going can alone on today's episode. But it's perfect because it sets up our third and final one of these services
Kick off the year immersion episode with just me before we deliver you back into our regular twice a week. Conversations is for the next weeks, In file episode of of these, just the j f episodes, I'm going to take you deep into the contribution bucket, with a fierce focus on spark types discovering yours what it actually means. How that It's too the whether that you're to bring us up to the world and fill your contribution, bucket It will be absolutely sure to turn into next week's expanded conversation about the spark. A types had a fine work that makes you feel alive or re. Imagine the work that you already doing to get you a lot. Sir, to that feeling coming full circle on the good life bucket. Remember a good life is a meaningful life of contraband in sparked by something that that poles, you from ahead head, you feel forced to have to do the delay is a life of cheap and
adding friendship and love and expensive connection and belonging. It is a life carried. or by a vital mind and a capable body, but even more good life. Is life of action, a life of awareness, a life of focused attention that moves beyond knowing and is defined, I relentless and repeated doing being and doing none of that is possible without actually taking the first step, So, if you ask me in the end, what is a good life? It's a life that moves beyond The answered into the arena of action taken up. Being alive and in motion and The motion that we're talking about here is first understanding. There are these buckets that really matter vitality. Action and contribution understood
and ask yourself: wake up in the mornings kindly to a quick scan, hey how my buckets feel today, which I feel is really for obviously had the you'll get a quick intuitive head view to get more granular. You can take our good life bucket queers drop the link in the show knows it's free just go and take it takes a couple minutes and it will you a much more specific and granular number that actually tells you for any given day how full or your three good life buckets hearts based on a combination of behaviour and state and then the most important once you actually understand that commit to taking at least a single action every single day that will fill one of, if not all, of your good life buckets when you do that over time, when you turn this into a daily practice, then overtime, all three buckets will start to fill and without you, even realising it, without making any big disruptive changes by this simple practice.
of doing a little something every day to failure. Good life buckets, all parts of your life will start to rise, and then they buy This will start to feel each other and bubble over and fell into the other one and you will notice that things just feel differently. Things feel good and that's where we're I want to be hope you enjoy this. I hope you found it useful super excited to do our final deep down with you into the contribution bucket and the spark a types and how become alive and work in next week's on final, three episodes, and for today I'm jonathan fields, signing off frigate life project.
the thank you so much for listening and thanks also to our fantastic sponsors who help make this show possible. You can check them out in the links we have included in today's show notes and while you're at it, if you've ever asked yourself, what shall I do with my life? We have created a really cool online assessment that will help you discover the source code for the work that you're here to do. You can find it at spark: a type dot com. That's s, p, a r K, e t Y p e dot com, port I clicked the link in the shadows and, of course, if you haven't already done so be sure to click on the subscribe button in your listening app. So you never miss an episode and then share share the love. If there's something that you've heard in this episode, that you would love to turn into a conversation share it with people and have
that conversation, because when ideas become conversations that lead to action, that's when real change takes hold see you next time the.
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