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Reimagining Work | A Path to Meaning & Joy

2020-01-16 | 🔗

What if your work could make you come alive? What if it could fill you with meaning, purpose, and excitement like you're fully accessing and expressing all parts of yourself and stepping into your fullest potential? Like you're doing the thing you're here to do. We call this state being "sparked." The first step isn't about big, painful or disruptive change. It's about knowing yourself better, discovering your unique imprint for work that makes you come alive - your Sparketype®.

In today's episode, we're taking you deep into the world of the Sparketypes and exploring how to discover yours, then tap it to reimagine and redesign the way you contribute to the world, whether it's the thing you get paid for, the thing you do because you're called to it, the thing you do on the side or some blend, on a quest to get as close as you can, or at least a lot closer than you are now, to this feeling of aliveness.

Also - today is the third and final installment in our 3-episode Good Life Launch Pack. The first one - To Succeed at Anything, Do This (Jan 2 episode) - focused on accomplishing big things. The second - How to Live a Good Life (Jan 9 episode) - well that's kinda self-explanatory. And, today, it's all about sparking your work. Be sure to download them and listen to all three, they work together in a sort of force-multiplier way to help set up this year as your best ever. After this week, we’ll deliver you back into our twice-weekly conversations with awesome humans.


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So when you were a kid and half the time and the freedom to do things, whether it was playing with friends escaping into warheads making, hard or music playing sports running around outside vanishing into the a really any other activity or experience? where time seemed to just kind of vanish. You were fiercely focused, maybe even working diligently, but it kind of felt like it was effortlessly play and you just felt Utterly alive, and in the moment like nothing else existed, never wanted it to end. When was the last time you felt that way and here's another question: what, if your work
The thing you spent most of your waking untold hours doing what that could make. You feel that same way you felt in those moments it sounds like it fantasy right, especially at a time where most people have completely abandoned that possibility and work has become a kind of something that new more just. suffer through or you in door, or You see as something that you have to do, and it gives you certain benefits like ringer expenses and allowing you to do certain things, but you really don't look to it or even expect. Level of true enduring joy, satisfaction, bliss, meaning purpose expression, but what, if it actually didn't have to be that way, Why? If there was a way to re, imagine the way that we can
tribute to the world and maybe earn our living also so that it dropped us into near transcendent state of hyper present for contact joy. Then what if your work could make? You come alive that question it's been kind of a near obsession for much of my adult life and over the last few years, I've gone deep into the good life lab and discovered some things that completely surprised me about the way most of us pursue work. And build our livelihoods. That is both massively destructive tour state of mind and inevitably to our lives, and I also discovered some really powerful spectin answers and antidote. ones. I never saw it coming and truthfully, if you had asked me a decade ago, I would have said weren't possible. In fact, I would probably argued strongly
against. Some of the things have now come to very strongly believe, both through my own experience and through devouring so much wisdom, their among these things is the notion that there is a set of universal imprints, a sort of are a source code level driver of work that makes us come more fully alive. This is something that I would have never actually expect our or bought into, and maybe even argued against, but through a lot of A lot of research, a lot of experimentation. I've come completely full circle. I spent a lot of time of the last chunk of years. Identifying these things actually call. These imprints spark a types. What I ve learned about them and the power they contain to reclaim work is where we're going in today's episode of good life project now
if you haven't, listened to the last two thursday episodes I'll? Let you know that today is the third and final installment. In my three episode call it a sort of a a new year new. You started a path that focuses on accomplishing big things. That was the first one living a good life. That was a second the second one last week and today it's all about reclaiming and re imagining work in a way that allows you to come more fully alive after this week. We will deliver you back To our twice weekly conversation with awesome human beings and if you haven't yet listen to the last to start a pack episodes from those first toothache, Is there be shortened? let them and listen to them after this one. You don't have to do beforehand. You can listen to this name, go back, that's mine three really work together in a sort of force and multiplier way to help
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where to living longer, ted radio, our explores the biggest questions with some of the world's greatest thinkers they will prize challenge and even change. You listen to and purist head radio, our whatever you get your PA guests, okay, so this word work most people read the idea of oh yeah. Fun. Awesome cannot wait to do this thing. This is like, let me think that I wake up in the morning yearning to do a calls me to it. I love it. wish, I could do more of it and in building life around it. That is not the experience that has not association that most of us have with the word were
even though when we were little, we worked fiercely doing things that took tremendous effort and we did love it, and we did you learn to do more than we had to be called by our parents to test him away from it. The question is: why change what changed along the way is a lot of us think that, on the part of work that really repels us is the effort side of it. But I m here to tell you that has nothing to do with it working really hard can be deeply rewarding and even yearned for if it's done in a different way, but right now, when you look at how most people feel about their work, there, What we see is some pretty scary idea, some pretty scary reports from people. We see people saying that their flatline, they are overwhelmed. disengaged, unexcited, there's no sense of meaning or feeling like what you do matter.
No excitement or enthusiasm kind of feel, like you're, you're, capable of so much more, but can't figure out how to access and perform our fullest potential since that work, has become a bit of a grind and, along with that for a lot of people, are reports of anxiety and depression malaysia is complacency, lack of purpose in and a feeling of being stifled that the essence of who you are what you're capable of our kind of being shut down. Sixty six percent of curse are disengaged. A significant percentage of those are actively disengaged, meaning there fiercely hating what they're doing some fifty three ish per cent, or just straight up on her.
Be at work. Interestingly, in a report on meaning and purpose at work which came out last year and twenty eighteen actually so a little over a year ago, now nine out of ten people said they felt so unfulfilled by their work. that they would take a twenty three percent cut in salary for life in exchange for doing that was actually meaningful to them. That is astonishing. They most view heard liberally give up a quarter of their salary for life if they could show up and know that the work there were doing mattered? That is quite a statement about how we ve come to experience work. The thing is it: she doesn't have to be that way. This is the way there
most of us has sort of built our careers and the way that we have accepted the role of work as an obligation. That is not there to provide us with the nourishment of fulfillment and meaning and joy and purpose and expression. And if we do stumble upon some of those were just like? Well, that was done luck, but it doesn't have to be That way, I mean what, if the way you contributed to the world could be a sword. of not only support but could also make you truly come alive, could fill you with meaning and purpose in flour and excitement and just fully tap your potential. I'm relatively fortunate to drop into that place on a fairly regular way with with that, I built my living not all the time, and there are some really bad days and seasons and months, but but on the whole, you know this has been a big part of the experience
the way that I do my work without a show up and both contribute to the world make name and earn a living when I think about actually one of the most powerful times that I experienced this recently. It was something that I did not too long ago. So I live in new york city and for a really long time I also play guitar really badly by the way he don't probably want to be around when I'm playing, but I have had this lifelong love affair with the full I'm up a guitar, and I am very much a maker. I love to create things to go from idea. The thing is one of the b b, the things that makes me come alive and I have wanted to make a guitar, but never really had the time, and I decided that it was time so and a loser out an almost country pennsylvania about to have three hours outside in new york city and commenced. A buddy mind can come along for the ride
and commits the luther to essentially rework the way that he was both making guitars but also teaching other people to make a horse, and we spent the better part of month, driving out of new york city, leaving all that the buildings and everything behind going to this tiny little town in the middle of farms in amish country pennsylvania. where this letter had a road house that was basically he had purchased. And was slowly converting it over to his living space. And this this restaurant slash bar area. Where used to be, he had come into a guitar building worth workshop aloof. By the way, as you get or builder, and one of his passions wasn't just building it horse, but really he developed a love for teaching the people how to do this, so I went out and spend the better part of a month,
working, thirteen our days starting from raw wood and just with my hands one step at a time painstakingly, building a guitar and acoustic guitar. I was politely beat up by the end of every day. We would literally were new, wake up at and start eight in the morning, and very often we would at nine p m at night, we take maybe a single half an hour. Thirty forty minute break for lunch. Oftentimes were completely forget to take any other breaks and not because we had to but because I became so completely and utterly absorbed in the work that I was doing. It was like working with in our day, with physical labor and time felt, like I had worked an hour at the end of it. My body felt like it had worked thirteen hours. I was completely beat up
but it was this near mystical experience of me working physically harder than I promise we have. Since I was a kid in college, you know working on a construction, crew, building houses, and yet this was the thing I could not get enough of. I was immersed in the process of doing the thing I'm here to do, making something and using my hands, which I love to do. I haven't done literally in this way in this love of intensity for decades, and it filled me with this feeling if exhaustion on one hand and bliss, on the other hand, so here's the interesting thing right. I left with an acoustic guitar that shit, I'm proud of, but from really being honest for what I actually paid the luther for
the opportunity to spend a month driving out to the road turned workshop in pennsylvania to build this thing completely with my own hands could very likely have purchased a beautiful custom guitar that was built exe mentally, better and sounded way more beautiful, but I paid for the opportunity to actually work and make this happen, because it was the expression of something that I just couldn't not do, and it was amazing and fat. Here's a kind of funny full circle thing. The qatar that you here as our music now on the pot cast, is a dear friend of mine, christopher
are playing that very guitar needling one day in the workshop and then ask just deciding that sounds like it needs to be a part of the show. So what do I tell you this cause. This was one of those moments where I really stepped into the essence of who I was I working harder than I have worked in a really long time and it felt like absolute Heaven, and I was really thinking to myself- I'm like man what, if every day, what, if every day, what if my work could feel like this every day, what, if everyone's work, could kind of feel that way every day.
I started to really think also you I've been trying to deconstruct this feeling this feeling of alive. Now that I get from doing things like that for a really long time, and I would ask what is that feeling? Is it purpose? Well, yes, there's a sense of purpose there, but that's only part of it and fat people is such a loaded word. These days has started to really wonder morbid What are the ingredients to this feeling of being alive, that is being generated by work right of way really hard but feeling relatively effort less like it's just coming, because it's the thing I'm here to do of just not wanting to end, because I'm doing it and would in truth, even pay to do it. Just like I did the opportunity to work to make this guitar. I would I realized what distorted deacons
it is that there are actually five key components of this feeling that that I've comfortably go into it and are critically important, so one of them is is flow right and that has been called all sorts of different things over the years. Athletes call it being in the zone or musicians colored it that same thing, flow is a word that was coined by social scientists and psychologists. Mahala. Chick sent me high a number of years ago. Even wrote a book about it. Where he research and found the state where you completely lose his yourself and the experience you lose a sense of time. You become absorbed with thing and you're working something where it's hard, it's challenging, but you have to keep the capabilities to be able to to bring it to fruition. there is a state where it's almost like other worldly. Some people call that bless or in the bliss zone as well. A second
it is meaning is this feeling What you are doing matters right, even if you can't explain why it Joe does, and it's a knowing right at me. add her to you on on a deep intrinsic level? It may have be the sense that it matters more broadly to other people to society, to culture, to the universe, but there is a knowing that what you're doing in this given moment it's meaningful it matters. The third element is this sense of in need, enthusiasm and excitement you wake up in the morning. You dont dread doing it, even though you know we're going to work freely hard you given the morning and you really looking forward to doing it, you yearn to do it, you don't to start, and you have to be pulled away and not want it to end
even when there is a substantial amount of effort that you're putting into it even when it doesn't come easy, you still cannot wait to do more of it. The fourth element is this sense of fully tapped and expressed potential that everything that you have to give every element. Every essence of who you are, is being leverage and brought to bear to its fullest extent, and you feel it there's nothing being left. There is no gap. We know who you are and what you're capable out and what your brain to this particular endeavour and the last element is a broader sense of purpose. This deep sense of purpose, like you're, doing the thing that you're here to do and you're working on it and moving it's moving closer to that state of feeling. That way, and when your work, when you think that you
up in the morning, and you do most days, it integrates all five of those elements. You begin to come alive or what I call you become sparked this feeling that you're doing the thing you're here to do and you're completely lit up the more I thought about it. I started to wonder: You know these to me are the component. So when I talk about the state of feeling alive or sparked- and I look at the work that were doing and how work can make you feel that way. Those are the five components that, in my mind, go into that state and I started to think more broadly. You know well what about everybody out Yet how do people come alive and and rather than sort of like having millions?
unique serves surface level expressions. Is there a deeper? Is there a deeper, more universal set of imprints or archetypes, or drivers of war that make you come alive, a sort of a a source code level answer that crosses geography and culture and history, where it it would represent a vast majority of people and also serve as a service, stilled body of knowledge set of of tools. That would help us much more quickly understand how to get to that state in our own. I began to dive into my years of study my experimentation. My own experience working with and teaching thousands of people over the years, everything from conscious career ship entrepreneurship and founder ship to mine from this to meditation to movement,
to every aspect of trying to really dialing had a live. Your best life, I poured over a mountain of academic research, and really reflected on and started deconstruct the years of conversations that I've been able to with so many people who are leading voices and primary researchers, and that began to distil as I kept asking myself when I come up without a broad set of potential imprints archetypes, and I kept asking myself in what's driving that what's driving what strive in that they kept stealing down to a smaller and smaller set. Until finally, we landed at ten archetypes ten universal archetypes source code level, drivers of work that make you come alive, and I call these spark a types, my because there in the hierarchy types, that's
you and unlike sort of a generalised archetype, which very often speak to you about all elements of your personality in your relationships and higher in the world. This is hyper foe as this is different than anything else. This is all about work. These are, all about how you invest and exert effort or work, and how, it makes you feel and how you might be able to build your work around those things. Once I got a place the vast majority, then in twenty eighteen working to develop a tool, a simple tool it. This became the online spark a type assessment to allow anybody to spend a relatively short amount of time answer a set of prompts and then discover turn spark a type
So, rather than you know, having tears wander in the dark and fumbling stumble on spend may be years experimenting, trying to figure it out this. Can really helped short cut the process and a powerful way. At least that was my hope and expertise, and we began to move larger and larger groups a beta testers into the assessment until we found that the results were giving a really strong, really relevant and really robust. and then we released it to the world just about a year ago and in that relatively short period of time, more than three hundred thousand people. Now completed it, generating more than fifteen million data points and the stories and insight and awakenings added been shared over that same window had been kind of breathtaking. Not just from individuals were also hearing from companies and foundation, schools, professors, coach, and leaders who have shared this marketing within their organizations and its
into amazing conversations and connections and awakening and change. People are actually mean on these ideas to help make better decisions, and that is fundamentally what it's about. We also did a face to follow up study That demonstrated a ninety two percent accuracy rate and really strong correlations between doing the work of your spark, a type and those five march of coming alive. That I mentioned above right. So low, meaning, enthusiasm, potential and purpose, and we are ill so early in this journey, but is incredibly exciting. There's a lot more work to do, there's a lot more validation, there's a lot more deeper levels of research that we, tell me to go into the keep, exploring and developing things, and if you ve already taken the spark of type assessment. That's amazing! It's free it's online,
This will be a great refresher and deeper dive into the power of these imprints to both come more fully lie that work and also bear understand those around you, what fills and empties them end They may be drawn deeply to certain tasks and projects and repelled by no matter how much you trying mode made them to do that and for leaders by the way it'll help You understand both had a tap your own spark a type to be about, leader by leading from a place of intrinsic sir of alive and also understand how to build, build better team and the same rules and project in a way that leads people to be. a more intrinsically motivated to do their best work. So, let's dive into these ten different The archetypes I'm gonna share a bit about each and then a few insights,
out how to tat these in order, to come more fully alive in your work, whether that means changing the way you go about your current work, which, by the way is always the preferred way to go, is to understand how to shift either your mindset or make subtle changes in circumstance that lead to a really big shift in the way you experience it or if that doesn't get you where you need to go, then there's the exploration of creating bigger shifts along the way before I dive in. If you are one of those folks who have not yet completed your spark had her assessment, it's simple: you can find it at spark: a type dot com, that's sp, a r, K e t p dot com completed you? Can you do it now or you can come back afterwards and do your when she saw it had this primer, so let's dive into the tent types and I'm gonna share them with you a tree in a very specific,
peter, and I will share a bit more about why and sharing them in this order when I'm done so, the first spark a type is what I call the maven, the maven, the work of the may then all about knowledge acquisition. The maeve wakes up in the morning and all you want to do is learn. You were the happy his person in the world, if you actually just get the opportunity to go and poor yourself into the process of discovery, the process of learning its largely driven by fascination right, so this often operates in one of or sometimes both to different levels. You latch on to particular idea or topic or domain, and you just want devour it. You want to know everything about it. This wisdom may have no obvious.
You know relevance to something outside of it. You may not even be able to explain why you just want to so much more about it. But there is something that is pulling you in to this topic. Or area or feel or domain, and you just cannot get enough of mastering the body of knowledge that is available, but this one particular thing. So that is where the maiden side of things operates in a very serve defined way. The other tens tend to operate, is in a very broadway, which is you just want to learn everything about everything and every one you're. The person who drops into cab- and all you want to do- is learned. The entire life story of your driver you're the person whose chatting up everybody, because you just want to know more about the way humanity and the world work now. Sometimes these two ways to express your. Maybe this exist in this,
given the aim and sometimes not, and that is completely okay but mentally the made in the work of the maiden is knowledge acquisition. You are driven to learn and when you are in the process, when you open up your ability to learn and you remove the obstacles to doing that, you are the happiest person in the world. You reach that, of feeling completely utterly alive. He drop into that flow state lost. You lose a sense of time. There is a sense of meaning, like you're, doing this, because a chess its deeply meaningful to you, even if you can't explain why is you just now? It is your excited, ended duty, ass, dick about it you're fully tapping who you are and how that our sense of yeah. I'm doing what I'm here to do now
when is challenged by anything that gets in the way of learning, and that means, if you don't have total control over the process of discovery, the process of learning, access to information and wisdom and insight that become really frustrating. The maiden also has a unique challenge, which is that a lot of people yeah. This is me, in fact, what I will share is now that we have this giant data saddened growing at lightning speed. We kind of no the representation of the different, the different sparky types across, population, and we know that the maiden is the most represented spark. A type of all ten and one of the challenges is because Much of this is about learning on people ass well. But what do I do with that? Because nobody's going to pay me to just sit there and learn, and one of the things that we have discovered is at the mayor
very often turn this into a living by working some sort of collaborative or team environment where they are the the these sort of um Are they the source of profound wisdom at the table that they can then share and other people will access maman? Also, very often, finally, earn a living doing this by dressing. What we call your shadow spark a type, so here's the thing I went away to tell you this. The teacher to explain in the context of specific market hopes. None of us are just one thing right should their ten different market types and what we see is we're all common station, but we've also seen that, as a general rule, one or two tend to really strongly predominate in god and the strongest one recall your primary spark of hope. That's the work that you feel like you're here to do. Drops you into those those that that state of feeling alive
but then we ve also identify the thing that we call your shadow, sparkly type nation is not sort of like the thing. That's your dark side when we a shadow. In this context we mean it's in the shadow of the primary in the shadow is largely the thing that you do- you're probably pretty good at new problems. Enjoy it also. You may do it for a significant amount of time, but if you're really being honest about it in due it largely at least for most people, you do it largely in service of doing the work of your primary, better. So what we find is that you know when you have a made in primarily driven learn very often it is the shadow spark type that day turn to
that may be more sort of externally service focused that becomes the way that they actually are living if, in fact, it's something that they want to earn a living doing since the blend that gives them the act, ass to do that potential in just a moment. I shall share specific example of that. Maybe also very often show up really early in life, because people just become they dive into sources of knowledge. Whether the internet, whether to books, whether it is whatever may be right, so that is the first sparkling. The maven second is the maker. Now I kind of hinted at this earlier I am a maker. The work of a maker is funding de the process of creation. It is to make ideas manifest. There is nothing that I love,
more there's, nothing that makes me feel more light than when I am given the opportunity or when I create my own opportunity, which I have done for most of my adult life. Now to actually come up with ideas and then make them manifest in the world that has shown up in the form of literally painting out and covers on gene jackets. As a kid I was an artist building building renovating homes, building actual physical structures. I was constantly building stuff, even as a little kid I would go down to the local junkyard in the town that I grew up in. We would throw together parts of bicycles in the back of our old, yellow truck, bring them home an hour without the duct tape and just start taping stuff together. Holding stuff together to make these frank and and then I would write them around the hero had until they inevitably fell. A pardon and left me loaded banged up
I was the happiest kid in the world when I could just make stuff, then almost didn't matter that now has has continued to be a central part of my life and it expanded so not Do I make physical things, but I make companies Part of the reason that I have found it a number of companies over a period of years is because it's the process of creation. It is the maker processing me that I really love about doing that. In fact, when things become kind of stagnant and process, oriented that's when I'm no longer fully alive in the process and we usually bringing people to step in and take over some of those rules. It becomes physical thing, so I've written books again the process of going from idea to thing is what absolutely nurses me experiences ray. We ve created trainings and courses and programmes,
The events we created a an adult summer camp for some four hundred and twenty five or thirty people would come from all over the world. Celebrate for nearly four days together every year it was the process of going from idea to thing right that actually made me feel alive, so makers are all about the process of making stuff of creation. We are challenged similar to the maven, when we can't do that somehow there, obstacles that are put in a way that stop us from doing it. And here's where things get a little bit interesting, and I'm gonna get a share. The third spark a type and I'm gonna share how that actually relates to me. Not yet Global private aviation leader is known for personalizing every detail of your travels, because net, yet standard is not just
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you figure it out. This could be a really simple one. Youth hippy obsessed with crossword puzzles, or it could be a big see, a complex one that takes years or decades to figure out, maybe you're a scientist in the world of medicine. and you ve latched onto trying to figure out a better treatment for a particular disease, R, l, knesset or care sir something right and the thing for you is that you may know well that the outcome of your energies as a sound, in test, may well have profound impact on other people, and you love that that is amazing. That is fantastic right, because that is validation, that what you're doing is truly meaningful, not just to you but to broader society, and that will help potentially millions of people,
But at the same time, if you're being really really really honest, the thing that makes you up in the morning the real, deeper reason tat, doing. It is because, for some reason you have gravitated to this particular problem or question or puzzle, and all you want to do is solving is figured out the more complex her he often the better right. You are not scared by hard questions. You are inspired to two just embrace them and not give up until you figured it out to the site. The test is all about doing that now. Here's where I want to serve reflect back, I shared with you that I'm a maker or makers, my primary spark, a type scientist is my personal shadow sparked a type so we express that by saying I may make our scientists Here's how I know this shows up in my life, because I seen this
so many times. I am in the process of making something like complex as in time and I'm sitting there and I'm and then then, somehow. I hit a moment in time where I had a roadblock an obstacle and there is some puzzle or problem or something that has to be figured out right and it may be part of a much bigger, more complex thing, but right now I just need to figure out one particular thing, so I slip into my scientists mode Ok, what do we need to do to solve this particular problem? Then? As soon as I solve that problem, I figured out an answer as soon as I've if puzzle master sided me has figured out what it needs not to completely solve the saying or go deeper into it or take it to the fullest most fleshed out level, but soon, as I have just enough to allow me to drop back into my maker mode map ashes of creation mode. I abandon
decided me and I just go back into the generative. I make stuff side right through the scientist in me, is in service of doing the work of the maker in me better and that that's the way that it works with me right so that, as the scientists are right now, we ve covered the maven, the maker and the scientists. Next up, we have someone called the essential list so that spark. A type is the essential list, so the essential list work is to create order from chaos to create order for
chaos, so you or the person who looks at things at her disorganized or messy or out of order, and your instinct is too to take those and to step up and to go to work, to create order to create process, to create systems to create organization, from may him now it's interesting is the essential ist very often expresses itself in the public way in the earliest parts of life. Somebody on our team actually is an essential us and also just happens to of lined up her stuffed animals in height and color order from time she was a little kid. That is unusual for an essential as an essential is very often just look
at the world as an opportunity to create order from chaos. Here's what kind of fascinating about essential us and people who are not essential lists that is most people who are not essential list cannot imagine, That essential lists exist because most people, who are this angeles. Very often expert the same work as being the absolute worst thing that they could ever do right. So if you Put somebody in front of a mass amount of data who is not essential. Essences creed- really, beautiful set of spreadsheets or performers like organised in the most linear, logical, essential way, hives fear, sweats or if you do, that, with official room or a place where there is mass disorder and most people who are not essentials. Not even imagine that there are people who wake up in the morning looking at something like this and
you wanna get added they love doing at the coolest thing in the world is the process of creating order from chaos and assent was very often just think that everybody else should be driven by this same thing and struggle on this is one of the challenges of a centralized, often and struggle to work with people who do not exalt order on the same level that they do and that can become a bit of a point of conflict, especially when you're working with other people, so the essential, lest the work of decentralized, is to create order from chaos spoke type number, five, the performer, so the performer you gotta, think. Well, ok, so the performers, a person his on stays, the person who is in the performing arts and affect the work of the performer is to take a moment to experience abroad
knowledge, wisdom, whatever it may be, and to it to make it a demand, strive experience so that there is a level of animation. Energy and understanding around it, so that other people can immediately get it and interact with it more readily. It is to vote a vote understanding, an emotion and animate the particulars experience bit of information wisdom moment, whatever it may be, the very often this does show up, in fact by people entering the performing arts. But the interesting thing is it actually dozen half do and what we ve seen is that the performer is very likely of all ten spark a types it is the most suppressed one. Why would that be or repressed is probably in a more accurate description? Why would that be?
very often because the work of the performer puts them in front of other people in a way that sometimes cultural, lay peoples. as oh, it's near the front and centre person, it's the ego driven one and culturally your All that a young age, you shouldn't be that person, some entire cultures and societies have phrases for this. He alike in australia. Its tall poppy syndrome don't be a pot tall poppy, but so in families, because there is an association between the work of the performer and the performing arts and then there is an association with most parents between the performing arts and not being here
to ernie sustainable living. That there's fear that often passed down from paris to their kids when they see a tendency towards the work of the performer expressing itself, they believe the only viable outlet for that is the performing arts they freak out that their near their kid. If they go down that route is knock and be able to sustain themselves, and they try and stifle it and say do something else: do it on the side now you may be completely find doing the performing arts side on the side. But the thing is this is incredibly limiting because The work of the performer is incredibly valuable in so many other domains outside the performing arts, outsider, theater and stage and movies and film It is so powerful in the world of business in the context of sales right in the context of business development in the car
except being in a room any time. An idea needs to be animated, illustrated given energy, so that really lands with other people. This can in the form of leader, said it shows up, and you can actually performer in so many different domains outside of the classical performing arts, and it is so to be valued, and what I will tell you from the big data set that we have What we see is that the performer is one of the smallest representations. Population live of all ten sparky types. So if you have this wiring, this internal source code, you're also incredibly unique
and if you step up and figure out how to integrate it into the work that you're doing it can really be a driver of of power and impact and growth, and also you coming more fully alive, but that sometimes means getting over the cultural or familial limitations or constraints that had been the ingrained in you along the way that moves us to the sixth spark a time, the warrior The work of the warrior is to lead to organise and too late, Now the warrior now a lot of people say well, but but whose heard that everybody can become a leader in other, there are there are natural born, led hers and everybody can gain the skills to become a leader in. This is a really good spoke attempt to bring that argument up, because it comes up a lot in the world, the business to and here's what I want to say about that. Yes,
A hundred percent everybody can learn the skills and the abilities to become a much better warrior or leader, but this is not about skills and the bill is everybody can learn the skills or abilities to become better at all ten spark types. What we're talking about here is an internal sort of wiring, regardless of You believe it came from where, for some reason, we are intrinsically drawn to a very particular type of work to effort that fills us with this feeling of being sparked of coming alive, That's what we're talking about so warrior isn't about gaining the skills to be good at it. It's about something internal that makes you want. do it and you have to do it from the earliest days. Also very often shows up in a public way early in life enough. Maybe you were the kid who,
go outside of your door and you're like okay, everybody come on. This is what wrote today we're going on an adventure where you did it in your class or he brought together. Group of but this is about somebody who just somehow loves the process of bringing people together, very often the warrior as the where you are one of those people who are not just leading the outside, but usually you're, one of the the group, but you Take a role which has let's go on this journey together were starting here and we're going to end their and one of the of the other big misnomer is about. The warrior is that you have to do it in a very servant, Masculine energy identified way because allowed times, the elections that we read about her that we hear about have ray national unidentified traits that they embody and
I'll- tell you as is completely and utterly wrong. Many of the greatest warriors. The people who led organize of our times. Do it anyway, entirely, not identify with any sort of gendered type of traits and and and it is in these days in the rug gender identified traits that home notion is kind of being obliterated anyway, but things like you eat regardless weathered their gender identity. Or not, but when you think about a warrior leader being somebody who is aggressive and hard nosed and he'll take out front, nope physically pushing hard and loud. That can be the way that you do the work of the warrior, but it doesn't have to be. You can be quiet. You can be gentle, you can be nuanced, you can be loving. You can be understanding a profound wessner right. You can do it in a way.
which embodies what ever energy comes most naturally to you and be incredibly effective and powerful in doing the work of this particular bucket type. So that brings us to number seven the sage. The work of this age is to teach to share wisdom to transfer knowledge right. So we see the saves not in free. Lee, bundled with the maven as a spark, a toe profile. I have seen many times, I'm somebody who is a maiden primary and a sage, shadow rights or maven sage, and that actually tends to work really really well, because the maiden flowers, knowledge- and that is the
which is really the consuming side. And then the sage turned around and taps that fierce depth of knowledge and teaches it to other people and that siege part, that's rose referencing earlier. The shadow in this particular combination very often, is the one where, if you want to tap your profile to earn a living that's the side that a very often comes from rate, so the sage actually goes out and the deed thing that makes you come alive is to be in front of people. Very often, it's more than one person right, a group of people. And to share what you know in a way that, I wish you to actually see the transfer of knowledge and the light bulbs go on in in Their heads in the minds of the people that you are sharing wisdom with the sage is all about teaching in your most fulfilled when you actually see
that what you have shared has been integrated, understood and that that has been really successful process. So the seeds can be incredibly valuable person in nearly any part of of work and life. One of the challenges of the sage by the way is when you are trying to actually engaged in this process in within a sure or a paradigm our system where there are huge constraints in what you're allowed to do in the level of resources, and we see this very often in school systems were people enter because they have from the time they were young, been in love with the process of teaching, with the actual near the tasks and the tools and the topics they just love it and they ve been doing it in in ways non professionally for their entire lives, because they wake up in the morning and just this is a hamlet, mason come alive and then they enter paradigm. Our system, like the very often a public school system which we have all seen as very often
incredibly under resourced and then constrained by policy that war very strongly the way that a sage actually wants to truly see wisdom, be transferred and embody and learned and ass. We can become a huge point of frustration. That's why we see a lot of people with this particular archetype functioning and bigger systems. I guess, but then eventually starting to do it differently. Arson as work on the site or go into a different context. You can be page in a completely different setting, and do the thing that you want to do with far fewer constraints and we're seeing a fair amount of that these days as people move into different ways to actually embrace their sageness okay. So our eighth spark a type is the advisor the advisor so the work of the advisor is too mentor or coach and
were really nourished, not so much by telling somebody what to do or what in our transferring with them now by organizing groups of people to go from one place to another, but by working like king mentoring, advising in a very, very often hands on intimate way, one person or small group of people along the quest to go through a process right, whether a process, a discovery of processes, accomplishment, whether their building, a company, through school, trying to get better at work, whatever it may be, the advisor, really comes alive. Their work is mentoring, code, advising and a hands on intimate way were used. With somebody or small group. An you work with them alongside them advising them giving them advice given,
inside from the outside. Looking in on how to more effectively move through this process and the relationship that you develop with people over time with this process is a big part of the reward. Jerry: reward tend to be twofold. One is the depth and quality nature of the relationship that you have and all seeing this person or group of people move from starting place to point of completion where they succeed at the process, at the request that you ve been advising them long different or related. All these things are related, of course, differ from a warrior because very often you're the thing that makes you lied about. This. Is your ashy? Not one of these people you're, not within the group, your outside of the group, and it's not about us doing this thing together: about you, mentoring and coaching an event. from the outside and developing that relationship, while you're also very likely doing this with neo
from others along different processes, is about. It is about applying, adapt the wisdom and a process of advising growth or movement or progress. That really makes you come alive, come most fully alive and, of course, the advisor often lands professionally in june, subs, where they're literally call than adviser or a coach or a mentor or of any different a like number of names for this, but but this is the nature of the work. The work that absolutely makes you come alive sometimes I certainly say just kind of stumble upon the get closeness. adviser may up teaching and then they realise that it's not so much the knowledge transfer that makes them come alive, it is the hands on intimate process of mentoring through a process of change or growth, that makes them come alive in a much more intimate way and
ages sometimes will discover the same thing. So these we ve seen. of stories of people discovering that they're doing one. It wasn't quite feeling right once they realized they took the spark a tape assessment realise o. Actually he liked me primaries this other one. It explained everything to them and when they slightly shifted what they were doing, it made a huge difference in the way they experience their work. Okay, we're really close her final to spark subtypes. The ninth spark. A type is advocate kenneth sounds like, or it is what it sounds like. The work of the advocate is to give voice to the voice. Let's now here's the interesting thing about the advocate, most people think about this person, as somebody who advocates on behalf of another individual or group, and what we see is that it's actually much broader that you know so. Yes, you can be the activist right. You can be there
and who says, I see a person or a group of people or community who are disenfranchised and not represented, they don't have a voice. It's not fair. I feel that as an injustice and- and I am here to give ways to the voiceless. As a general rule, the advocate walks around and their constantly seeing opportunity through their seeing their sing opportunities to give voice to the voiceless right. This is Work of the advocate, but here's the slightly more nuanced answer to this, and that is that it doesn't have to be people that you're getting boys too. You can be somebody who champions other beings, animals right, animal rights activist. He can be somebody who is giving voice to tree Yes, you can be someone who's, giving voice to the planet.
Seeing this in a really big way unfold right with a lot of people. These days, you can be somebody gives voice in so many different ways and harris. And even more nuanced, take on this. You can be the one who gives voice to a voiceless idea, so there are concepts that you believe, are just profoundly important and nobody is recognising them as important or championing them, and you become the one to advocate for an idea or a solution right. So the advocate does the one he gives voice to the voiceless, and that is sometimes people has sometimes beings, it sometimes much broader things and concepts and that all fall under the work where you feel like you are here to give representation to give voice and very often
this type of work shows up very early in a public way too, because the nature of it is actually to make known what is not known or seen or heard. That brings us to the ten to the tenth sparking type, that is the nurturer, the nurturer, so the work of the nurture, is to give care- and this is maybe the most service oriented one and the most intimate spark a type. You see suffering not unusual for you to feel people's suffering and have no way- and it becomes so so real for you- that you are compelled to relieve it- to give care to others- and you probably felt this from the time that you were young. In fact, many people who identify as impasse probably also identify- or we would say yes you like- I am, I feel
alive when I'm given the opportunity to step into a place where somebody is in need of care of love of tenderness, of ever, maybe to make them feel better to relieve suffering and- and I have the opportunity to then give it now. Of course, one of the big challenges for somebody who is the nurture is that you may end up being so called to give care to others that you take improper care of yourself and you find yourself empty. You find yourself gutted, because you have given all of yourself and not done the work and taken the time to refuel your own, thanks and affect. You may even see that as a selfish pursuit, because they are so many others who are in need of being taken care of and the war. of the nurture. Her very often is too far
and ways to actually make themselves ok to their wells, don't run dry. So that is our ten prototypes maven maker scientist, essential list performer warrior, siege, adviser advocate and nurture, and again just hearing these very basic descriptions you may well have a feeling for which one you are. But if you haven't taken that he online spoke, it had possessed me yet the because she be sure to go and do that it. It's free you'll, get it serve a basic overview is even a little bit more detailed in some ways than what I shared with you or those of share with you. Some more new wants things. here as well from what we ve seen over time and you you will also learn your primary and your shadow spark a type and, as I said, we're all a blend of multiple spoke to us, but in our experience and the data is really confirming this
to really tend to be her dominant drivers and the work you feel most call to that makes come most fully alive, that your primary spark a type and the work that you enjoy puppy skill that but in reality for most people at least help you do the work of your primary better. That is what we call your shadow spark a type now, where do we go from here? What do we do with all this? Well, for a lot of you once you know where's, the kind of instantly start to realize where things have gone right, where things have gone wrong, why you have been complete neatly fulfilled and alive, and things have just worked so much better and you have progressed and fell a me at doing certain things and why you ve been. Can I got it and emptied by differently? simply knowing your spark a type your profile can make a huge difference in both analyzing, surely to pass
decisions and actions that you ve taken and also understanding, to say yes or no to moving forward. We're gonna talk just a touch more about that. I want to talk about two other things and and dumb noble dive into a to look at a quick imitation of something to do so. The first thing is somewhere if the gratification spectrum now I mentioned that a shared all tense prototypes in a particular order, and I did that because all ten are on a spectrum and that is based on whether they are gratified meaning fulfilled satisfied. You feel, like you, are getting what you need to get your fully express your inflow right and they're, based on whether that happens, mostly internally or externally, meaning like weathered and simply because of work that, where the output is internally a feeling that you get
in some way becomes external and affects other people So the maiden was a one I started with, and the reason is because that is the most internally satisfied or gratified of all the spark attacks so meaning could literally cloister themselves in a library for weeks days years and just good, cheap, deep, deep into a topic or world a fascination and devour everything that they can devour and simply the press ass a becoming more knowledgeable more completely immersed in all of the wisdom of that, a particular thing that which is almost entirely in internal experience It's all. You need your completely satisfied if you did literally figure out a way to do that, and just that you would do it right on the other. End of the spectrum is the nurture
the nurtures almost entirely externally gratified so the thing that makes you utterly fulfilled and that is fine and alive is seeing the effect that your work is having on other people see the effect that your work is having on other people feeling the effect that you're working is having the people, knowing that it is in fact making a difference, in the lives of other people, and this is important to know that we serve have this spectrum because we have been told by her a lot of people and seizures. And- and there certainly this, popular wisdom, says in order to do the thing you're here to do. In order to fill a valid purpose in life and come alive, your work
must be in service of something bigger than yourself. That the most important thing that you can do is make your life about serving others, and if it does it will, then your judged as being selfish or self serving or never being able to actually fully cap a sense of purpose or alive nest. Newark just assumed not to be up to where it could be worried code should be. To stand in the place of true meaning and purpose and expression. The thing is for naturally, externally gratified spoke. I'd like to nurture the sage where at all about teaching people devise or where a part of what you're doing is bestowing benefit on other people will yeah. That's true right because that work on a mac lee in
It affects other people and you do get that sense of purpose by seeing how to fetch other people, but news flash on the other end of the spectrum. On the end, were you just do the work, and simply in the world, whether it ever affect another person or not, is fiercely satisfying, then you get judged. You get judged because you're not actually leading with wanting to make a difference in another person's lives. And yes, it is amazing to be able to do so. That makes a difference and other people's eyes that affect others to be a service of something bigger than yourself and, at the same time, very often the work of the spark of types that are on that internally gratified side of the spectrum,
It does affect other people. He was second behind the maven was the maker and very often the maker make stuff because they just loved the process of creation, and that is the primary thing that makes you come alive. And at the same time the things they make often go out into the world and affect other people and then is awesome, but it also, if you're really being honest, not the primary reason, you do it and that's ok, but if you admit that your shunned and that's not up so understanding this and understand your wiring, especially if you're on that internally, satisfied side of the spectrum gives you a bitter forgiveness to say you know on it's. Ok, I can do my work and still now that I've full expressed and alive and have a sense of purpose and meaning
I simply being me so. The second thing I want to speak to is that pretty much every spark a type can be expressed in pretty much every job or history. Once you truly understand what you're imprint is, and then you understand had. Do you work in a manner harnesses so much of what light you up so here's an example: let's eat your doktor, could all ten sport the tough be expressed in the practice of medicine right, because most people would policy will, if you're a doctor a dozen that mean you're, probably a nurturer rake as you want.
it. Don't you go into that field because he just want to give care to others. You want to relieve suffering like so shouldn't. Most doctors be nurturers and the answers some, but literally every spargo type can be fully expressed in the field of medicine. So how might a maven be expressed in the field of medicine? Will you could be encyclopedic? You could dive jeep in? to every bit of knowledge around a particular disease or illness or or symptom ology. You could be the person who becomes the absolute go to person right figure out when, when somebody needs to talk to somebody, he knows everything who can bring together knowledge about eight different things to be able to identify where they all cross over you're. The maybe
If you practice medicine, because you love love, love to go deep into the process of learning, what about being a maker and maker can show up in a lot of different ways in the world of medicine right, you could end up on a a an orthopedic or a plastic surgeon and people think well you're you saving people in so many different ways. At the same time, you could be the one who, like the part of the Is that you love more than anything, is the fact that you get to be an artist. You get to be a builder share. Your making something nl your changing and making your physically making something new. You could be somebody who archie makes all sorts of devices and new procedures and expressing the maker side. What about a scientist right? So the work of the scientists is solving problems. Complex puzzles me.
the thing that you love about the practice of medicine is the diagnostic side of things, so that allows you to fiercely express the science it's a new or maybe you're the essential list, and what you're looking for is the most orderly, effective, efficient, fastest way to a particular outcome, and that is the part of figuring. That out is what jazz's you about. The practice of medicine may be your perform, and one of the things that makes you come alive more than anything else is when you're sitting in the room with either other people who are coming up in the practice or patients and you have the ability to actually transfer what's going on, share wisdom inside information in a way that truly animates, the particular idea or love. That to be shared or may be rings it so to life that and actually goes out and changes their behaviour and then changes their health outcome
maybe your warrior, who brings people together within a paradigm and leads, and because you see that something within the field needs change or sage who spends time rounding with all of her young. Actual learning and grow and your favorite part of the profession, is actually teaching them. How to become better. They're doing or an adviser whose working long sighted group of people within the profession, or maybe it's even upation, or a family, to revise them through a process of working towards a better particular outcome right beyond advocate, who looked at so many of the things that need to be changed within madison and you become a voice for that change and then, of course, a nurture who simply loves to work with patients in the intimate hands on way who are suffering and tat your knowledge to help relieve the suffering. So this is just one example of how nearly every spark a type can be expressed.
In a single job or profession, and you can literally go through almost every other one and figure out. Ok. So what is the way that I do? The work of my spark, a type in the thing that I'm here to do ass he reached a point. where it's time to reclaim work and how we define work. The way most of us work. It leaves us somewhere between flat line, disillusioned gutted. If you're lucky may be found pieces of joy, never really understood, was underneath that or had a harness it more consistently to make choices. To do more of what makes you come alive and spark types, whether a really powerful starting point. They give you the power to do just that, and also I feel the need to entirely change jobs or companies or industries to make it happen. I'm actually huge advocate for gentler, west disruptive.
First steps, I hope, when I just showed you in terms of every spark, a type having the ability to be expressed in nearly any job, industry, even organization, like dad shows you that you can actually do so much by simply making small tweets to circumstances. even the lens or the mindset that you bring to what you're doing so sometimes yeah, you do have to blow things up and get a fresh start but that level of change causes a lot of pain for most people. From what I've seen way too many people do premature without ever realizing they can approach what they're already doing anyway, that may well give them what they need without suffering the stress and the pain of a bigger, more disruptive chains, and we All tend to really underestimate how much that is gonna, be so, if you're feeling the compulsion to
Well now I know I've now really understand what what makes me come alive. I need just go out and have ended this is not what I'm doing before you go and try and blow things up realize that may well actually be able to take to keep what you're doing much. in the way. You're doing it start by looking at the thing this front and centre in your world of work today, maybe it's your job, the thing you get paid to do, or maybe something you ve come did you doing, but it's actually not your lady, like being a parent or a caretaker, either way look at the tasks, the topics and the tools that it entails, an ask yourself. Is there a way to do this differently? That will allow me to bring more of the work of my spark a type into what I'm doing. Can I do less of the tasks that don't align and more of them
That do, and if there are things that would help me, do more of the work of my sparked the type, but maybe they don't fall squarely within my job description will what might happen if I actually endeavoured to do more, of those things anyway, even if it's not a thing squarely. You know within what I'm getting paid to do it, standard or shifted wanna do not so much because I want to get paid to do those things were earn more money, but because doing them will help Let the switch that will allow me to come back to life without allowing everything up or going and making a big disruptive change and having to start over again right so started. Thinking about that on the side of the tasks, the things that you actually do break it down a database
are there little things right when I look at the job description, all the things that includes are there things had. I could do seem question about tools. Are their tools trade. I can spend more time working with that would allow me to More fully alive and topics, other topics are areas were fastened since I can deepen into that. Might let me step more fully into the work of my spark. A type many people find that that this morcerf granular step us approach, it allows you to re, imagine to redefine and reclaim a sense of agency and power and expression, and me and potential that you never even knew was hiding in plain view, the whole time yes, attacks initiative, Sometimes it means actually doing more than you signed up to do in the beginning in the name of coming more
really alive on a day to day basis- and that is just the thing that we do right even in jobs, where you cannot change the circumstances and there seems no hope, feeling more alive. Simply knowing your spark a type and shifting your lens or intention can make a big difference in how you experience the same tasks that you're doing there is actually a fascinating study that was done on the support staff. In hospitals have looked at this very question because some people will say and rightfully so look you know, I have a better job and a particular lifestyle, meticulous limitations. I I can't really change What I am doing so every day sounds amazing, but it's just not accessible is not available to me Study was fascinating because a kind of show that that, for most people
you really really really look at it differently. Even if you can't change or circumstance changing lens can allow you to experience and doing things in the slightly nuance different way. Can you will allow you to feel like you're doing the work of your sparked had much more fully so this one particular study looked at the janitorial staff and hospitals, which very often Not look at is the type of job where you feel alive and expressed right, but these they noticed that a certain group of people did have this feeling like they absolutely loved what they were doing. There were fully alive and engage in their work. They couldn't imagine doing something else, but they realize was those people saw their work as being different right. They actually
brain stem cells, not just as being the person who cleans up rooms, are halls or bathrooms, but being a part of a care team that makes the lives of the families and the patients and those around them in some way better. So if you're on nurture and you find yourself in that job right and you look at is my job is to clean. This is awful because completely miss aligned with my spark a type. Well, then you're you're no experience at one way, but if you take a mental reframe, say okay. So what if my job was actually an hour? You'd have to tell anyone this, but I'm going to look at my job as being a part of the care team that makes things better. That gives care that helps to relieve suffering what they found was it re often also those people would make very small almost unconscious changes in the way they were doing it, so they they weren't going about relate the basic tasks of the jobs with there. Also.
Have short conversations with people allowing them to feel better and not less alone, right, and we seen this also in a number of different settings. This Job gives you a strong sense of purpose and joy and excitement simply because you realize what makes you come alive and you go about doing it differently and when you start for what this might look like in your own work in your own life really becomes profoundly framing and empowering because it tells you that you may have the ability to come alive without making a lie. Big changes, in a way that you never even imagined you dead, even if you feel really limited and constrain at a given time Can I give you one hundred percent of what you need? Maybe maybe not might you reach a point where you served eat and chains and expanded and crafty what you're doing a little bit differ, and it's still not getting you to a place where you're putting yourself that sort of flat, mind place along yeah
You may end up looking and saying you know, I need to do something bigger and more destructive, but what I would suggest is try and do the more granular adjustments first right, because if you can get what you need without blowing everything up, life will be exponential, easier for you. So I hope you found this all useful what I ve shared hears kind of the tipp of the spark a type iceberg, even though it sounds like it's. You ve done a bit of a deep dive here we have been having so much fun gathering saw many more insight as we work with the spark, a types and cheap into them, and hence rather devouring and finding so many more bits of wisdom and developing more expanded tools. programming around them, some of which we ve been sharing with with individuals at lord or larger organisations to the impact is really it's been beautiful to see You know for me, as a maker scientist, I get to just constantly
being a mode of creation and problem solving, and the fact that my country, the output of my creation and problem solving efforts along with a team of people who are you in there all just creating credible stuff that's going out into the world and making meaning and inspiring conversation in chains and impact, it's pretty some to see, and my intention here is really been to share what I can enough to get. You started to help. You first discover your primary and shadows, archetypes to learn a bit more and to start to take steps, little steps. To reclaim your work and transform it from a source that often empties into something that fuels. That That makes you come alive without overwhelming you with a lot of stuff to do start with simple explorations. The ones I just offered above first start with identifying know your spark, a type think about how that is reflected in the choices in and the actions you ve taken
the past and how it might inform what you say yes or no to moving forward and for some reason you still haven't complete The assessment, by the way just go, do it you can find it at spark, a typed calmer we'll drop a link in the show not seeing just click the link in the show notes as well and start to take those baby steps to explore. How might I be able to re map to re imagining to redefine what Doing in tiny little ways that will allow me to do a little bit more of the work of my spark, a type in my day to day work Even if that's not the way that the original thing that I signed up to do was described, what we see is that when people start to do that, not only do they come more alive, but people around them take note and when people around them take note that actually to show up and changes in relationships and possibility and opportunity, which is amazing to see so no matter but remember, we are not condemned to work
sure there. Maybe elements are worth that are not beautiful or deeply aligned, exe. russia's of her essence, but more than you ever thought possible in what seems ache even the more basis. Core service oriented or what is perceived as mundane jobs. When we understand what sparks us, we can start looking for or finding and creating ways bring more of that more of us more of our essence, more of who we are and what needs to get out through our work and along the way, reclaim that joyful state of feeling alive feelings part so before assign often delivery you back into our regular twice a week, combat nations if you haven't yet and to the first two deep dies from the last two weeks where I go deep into action taking and what I call success. Scaffolding, which is a really powerful framework to support you actually making big things
happen and also how to live a good life. A broad framework, I called the good life buckets then be shortened. let those episodes and give them a lesson as soon as you can, because, together with this particular episode, it's kind of a three pack that can really make a difference in the year that's about to unfold and how you step into a place of agency, an intention amity and action taken. Feel empowered to not just have the year happened to you, but to make the year happen, the way you needed to be and the way you want it to unfold, so excited to be able to share this time with you and it also to hear how all these different things have to get brought to light in the way that you are planning and then I'm acting upon this year to come
really excited. Also did delivery back into all of our awesome conversations. We have such an incredible line up that I cannot wait to share with you. Thank you so much for all the time, and I am really excited to continuing with you as we hadn't twenty twenty and so incredibly grateful for our new listeners so grateful and welcome into our community and for a long time, listeners just also so incredibly grateful and appreciative for you being part of our listening community, think so much I'm Jonathan fields signing off for good life, project Thank you so much for listening and thanks also to our fantastic sponsored who helped make this show possible. You can check them out in the links we have included in today, show notes and while you're at it, if you ve ever ask yourself what should I.
with my life. We have created a really cool online assessment that will help you discover the source code for the work that you're here to do. You can find it add, a spark, a type dot com, that's s, p, a r K, e t, Y p e dot com or just click delay in the shadows and, of course, if you haven't already done so be sure to click on the subscribe button in your listening app. So you never miss an episode and then share share the love. If there's something that you've heard in this episode, that you would love to turn into a conversation, share it with people and have that conversation when ideas become conversations that lead to action. That's when real change takes hold see next time. The.
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