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After being stripped of the Blow Job Queen title she gave herself, Krystyna is left unsure of many things in life, meanwhile Corinne reveals a prank. On this week's episode of #GuysWeFucked, the girls sit down with comedian, writer, and actor ALYSSA LIMPERIS to talk very inappropriately for a very long time about her very serious eating disorder, the death of her dad, and basically accidentally give out a lot of good tips on how to be a successful anorexic. But seriously you guys, eat. NO, BUT FOR REAL: For help and support for anorexia and bulimia in the U.S., call 1-800-931-2237, a toll-free hotline offered by the National Eating Disorder Association. Want more episodes of #GuysWeFucked in you life? Subscribe to Stitcher Premium using this link --- http://stitcherpremium.com/gwf PRE-ORDER OUR BOOK, FUCKED: Being Sexually Explorative and Self-Confident in a World That's Screwed: http://www.sorryaboutlastnightcomedy.com/book/ TWEET ALYSSA LIMPERIS: twitter.com/alyssalimp Email us: SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com Tweet the ladies: twitter.com/SryAboutLastNyt Tweet Corinne: twitter.com/PhilanthropyGal Tweet Krystyna: twitter.com/KrystynaHutch Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight YouTube: www.youtube.com/sryaboutlastnyt Facebook: www.facebook.com/sorryaboutlastnight LINK TO OUR TEDx Talk "How Much?": youtu.be/M2-K7VkXGXE COME SEE US LIVE: ALL GWF EXPERIENCE TOUR DATES CAN BE FOUND HERE: www.sorryaboutlastnightcomedy.com/tours/ TONIGHT! FRIDAY, JULY 21ST @ 7:30pm GLAMOURPUSS with Krystyna Hutchinson & Wendi Starling ZINC BAR 82 W. 3rd St NYC 21+, tix are $15 TICKET LINK: http://glamourpuss23.brownpapertickets.com **BOSTON** TUESDAY, JULY 25TH - Doors at 6:30pm/Show at 7pm CORINNE FISHER HEADLINING WONDER BAR as part of THUNDERFEST Wonder Bar 186 Harvard Avenue Boston, MA 02134 TIX are $10 TICKET LINK: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/thunderfest-the-party-ft-corinne-fisher-chanel-ali-more-tickets-35972516766 **BOSTON** WEDNESDAY, JULY 26TH - Doors at 6:30pm/Show at 7pm CORINNE FISHER @ WONDER BAR as part of THUNDERFEST Wonder Bar 186 Harvard Avenue Boston, MA 02134 TIX are $10 TICKET LINK: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/thunderfest-the-action-ft-chanel-ali-corinne-fisher-more-tickets-35972716363 **PHILLY**2 SHOWS!! FRIDAY, AUGUST 11TH - 8pm & 10pm CORINNE FISHER HEADLINING featuring JAMES MYERS The Victoria Freehouse 10 S. Front Street - Philadelphia, PA 19106 Use code 'ALFRED' for $15 tickets TIX HERE: https://impactflow.com/event/corinne-fisher-featuring-james-myers-3490 **BALTIMORE** SATURDAY, AUGUST 12TH @ 8pm CORINNE FISHER HEADLINING featuring JAMES MYERS JOE SQUARED 33 W North Ave Baltimore, Maryland, MD 21201 Use code 'ALFRED' for $15 tickets TIX HERE: https://impactflow.com/event/corinne-fisher-featuring-james-myers-3473 MUSIC FEATURED THIS WEEK: 1. Nicole Atkins - "A Little Crazy" http://www.nicoleatkins.com/ 2. Lilianna Wilde - "Girls" http://www.liliannawilde.com/ Do you think your music should be featured on an episode of GWF? E-mail Stephen a streaming link to: GWFPodcastMusic@gmail.com

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Welcome to guys we fox eyes, we guys we found Christina Uncurtained were sorry about last night, the anti letters shaming part. I never thought up up up up up up up up up up to you, I I you know I was having a guy sex like desert, yeah preliminary. Yes, I Blue Steven, the other day and it was so easy. Yesterday, yeah, you know when you have sex and you like give up specifically when you give a blow job and you're like dude, that was the best fuck blow job of all. time I deserve no job than I did you like the mind you I did. Actually. I would like this afterwards, you see slammed. I do love you flamed up Jack on ground now cause like. I need that, but I didn't do that, but I like drop the invisible MIKE I actually like after we're done. I we when we like, went to go to sleep. I caught myself.
Doing the brush from a shoulder off to myself railway area with areas I wasn't drug total is over, but I was like do you know when you're in it and you're like a humbug, good like what I want that review and you're like I got it like the best, settle your life and you're like fucking, I too, shrewd that dick industry I always look to him like right leg. I just you're, welcome exactly thank you I'll, be here for I think, Atlanta. Last night I was in the bathroom I was taking off my contacts and I was like I've been rejecting him and he's he's built like shit and go in there and I'm gonna suck his dick and boy. Oh boy, it was a great time yeah. It was so good
hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of guys. We fucked it's the anti split chain me a podcast on Corrine, Christina Sucks, a Blowjobs Hutchinson taken down from my throne. Hey you should I'm sorry untrue tv. It's written by an story, Andrea, savage, true, tvs, upcoming scripted comedy, I'm sorry will feature a host of community actors throughout its four. season. We got Cathy Baker. Nelson Franklin, Judy, Greer Love, her Jason met. Suke, I know, is in love with him. Martin mall he rules Linda Smith, Gary Anthony Williams and Steve. sis, I feel it and read the book. Thank you. Names again now will play recur, that they are all play, recurrent characters on the season. Well, John Raspberry Lizzie, Kaplan, Jamie Denby, Rebecca Henderson, Crawl, Paul Sheer giants William Big men and cool villa sack will all join the show as guest stars, I'm sorry premieres on Wednesday July 12th at ten p dot m Eastern. Your time. Tv itself
fun thing to say. I'm sorry, sorry about last night, I can't see Why? you got. What are you doing tonight if you're in new city, plus tonight, at seven thirty p m at Zinc bar caused by myself. One is darling, you're dead to me yet you're, dumb dumb person and ok okay and then Tuesday July, twenty fifth and Wednesday July, twenty sixth, I'm going to be in Boston for the Thunder fest Thunder fest, I dunno I've said the thunder of just the thunder fest we're really at Really it a bad space. Right now, both shows are at wonder BAR in Boston, both days at seven p. but if you're between, what should I go to go to the tools? They one cause? I'm headlines that which means I'll give more time. Tickets are ten dollars, I think for but really cheap and just gotta. Thunder bar com need dot com for those
and then links into argued in the description. The pod task for all these shows, if you're like, where do I get to tat, sir and in March, on Canada on July or twenty ninth we're going to be in town for guys, we fucked the experience alive, live podcast wording and we are also co hosting to off J. I fell, Stanhope Commie shows you're in a deafening one. A bite tween, all of them for the guys we fucked yeah and the workers has recorded the other parties. scorning that smaller realm us. We just like. We like one on a look good. So if you could, just by It would be super helpful to us and we would appreciate it so much then Philadelphia on Friday August, eleventh at nine pm, I'm gonna be at the Tory, be at the Victoria James tickets with James tickets are fifteen dollars and is Alfred and day.
next day Saturday August 12th time in Baltimore, at nine p, dot m we're, probably changing the location of that show, but it's going to be in Baltimore. So you can buy a ticket and then, as long as you're in Fucking Baltimore you can come. In the Hamptons Sina and my song. She yeah we do. We only get to go to the hamptons if we're invited for a comedy. We get to go over to the hamptons if were invited for a comedy shuffle and there like dont, say my house stated my art but is actually on every show in mine talk at rush Myers at nine p M, but his first so doors are at nine, shows at nine. Thirty definitely get there a little bit early. This is one of the hottest events in the hamptons, so you're definitely come out to that is yeah. I read a like a whole piece on it. I dunno during the week. I don't think there's tons to do in the hamptons, so have a private research and beautiful beautiful and if you know of a private ex party, the Hamptons Dizzy a holler edge, a girl. I would just like to see one I've heard a lot about them.
Flee Toronto, Canada September twenty first through twenty second, where at just for laughs, Toronto, again links and information. If we're going too fast for you cause you're, not from New Jersey or New York, are in the description of the podcast on Soundcloud and make sure to follow our social media. We post about all our shows there. It's sorry about last night on Instagram S R, why about last and why T on Twitter Christina is Christina Hutch on all social media and I'm fully anthro, media and on Philanthropy Gal bow hey. You got Spotify. If you do we on Spotify K, you ve got a spot of IDA concept pie, cast, find us in the fucked, and then happiness will be Happiness will be yours, so fuck off, oh gosh and hey guys. No movement with movement spelled t they
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is by going to envy M t, dot, com You know movement for how they have revolutionized the watch industry. Now, it's time to check out the sunglasses, join them off and hurried. When will read this next? Add that we have an intern that women in turn, by the way her name is Lauren she's, wonderful! I lawrence you sitting here was right here. This is great, and I say this act is often game since you have to sit here with us, why you know I'm so sorry, girl I asked for it trill whale trail. Can I worry that we can say that or a second? Can we talk Lauren? Sorry we pretty on units on the spot here, but Tonight Lauren EMO. Thus, oh, not once but twice the second time she told us, and I can't even believe that hearer bat
he told me to email you, and you know why, that you, why I? That is why I opened your email subject that I was like this girl is spiritual and hardworking, preventing me spiritual and hard working. preventing me from wanting to work with her, but I not like fucking see, If we meet her she's, not a fuckin nut case, you are not enough case at all. Gerner you're, very nice. There's a lot of feudal our normal person. I've ever met that has gone to a site. I will say right: yeah, you just you look like a little can eagle, add right here who do a varied in railway yeah. Just varied, be a lotta use here. Me. Oh baby, baby. Don't you guys assholes baby baby and lemonade only remake her Arnold Palmer's every day it sounds like we just drowned her in booze and we're trying to take her out before the end to have some night
I have some nonalcoholic fine, we'll get you happy. We talked to young people the way most people talk to web of any age young people the way most people talk to women of any age yeah. We just give it all those all we got our aims on about to read. This add welcome to the to end. It says and don't include this part in that it says to read: suggestively Soma that note suggestion for you it's really on really. Are you Are you ready to experience the pleasures of the flesh, the luxury? he's feel of nuts and arousing sensations from mother nature, its possible with the organic ingredients found wash Astro glide! Oh wait! I,
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Some of the ninety nine percent organic greedy and set bring Astro Glide, oh to life, whether you're, using it as a person. Lubricant or massage oil Astro glides astronauts. Oh the drugs. who reads, feel for that a haunted sex brought your posts, it is warranted. Luxuries, veal and delicious cocoanut sent will help. You experience pure pleasure this. How I M suggestive! experience actual drive for yourself get a free state blood, Astro, glide, dot com, slash peer pressure, that's Astro, glide, dot, com, slash pure pleasure and don't worry the ingredients pure pleasure, Astro, Gli ooh! That was really make fun of it or not. that was really good fun of it or not man. I guess we can't really see what I feel:
I have mad problems with these ad copies. It's more like this. Just like. Let me take it and make it better for you right, yeah that that was painful. To read I gotta, be I gotta be honest. I mean listened to, I gotta be I've gobio segment of how it is only by less than two. So that is why I wanted you guys to hurt, while listening to the I heard while reading at all, though it sounds like a grey product blow it so funny, because with a lot of like sex theme, shows such as the little dog and pony show that we have going on here, like they think it like everything. Everything Did you like Hager out sexy, unlike our raw unjust, like we're just like bully commies eggs, which sexy like gown, is like tripping out of our mouths. While we do that they sound like a bucking all the time, my account
even sit my bundle her they so bad a standing cause our asked as our raw IKEA and even walk right, because there's something up my vagina am I, and some one in another country has a remote control by an when they vibrate it went Is that really that really really speeding through this cause? There's a caliphate? speeding through this cause, there's a California pizza child thought, yes, sittin here, so doing good yeah. we now have updates on things get me to yeah. Are I call that got away? I was looking for EU males to read this another thing we probably should have done before. Recording it's where ya. There is special day, guys. You know when you are fighting with the person you forget. and you just just everything. Yeah all your responsibilities and both adieu and then you're just constantly getting mad at yourself for getting things with any link. When I'm angry, I'm stress our legal look up therapists and it's a tie
You guys it's time. I got to save. I did more now remember that prompted may cuz. I was like who I was like. Oh who you live with, and then I was like I'm not fighting with Alfred, but I do have to say something so. Last week When member when I was like being buried, about that. Will yes or to try to make fun of Lena Dunham, but I ended up not you know. We do not know about Lammy. I may I know that's her dog, not anymore. She said that shit back. Oh you don't know about this. This is like the she hosted about that. Damn dog all day, all night, so she sent the dog back to this
It was sent the dog back to this shelter. I actually could auction the dog off to a person who had a big fan of her and has money. That is also inappropriate. Yeah, that's weird, but so is in the back of you. Although I do know, people have done that, so maybe the dog was terrible, so no, no! No, but after four years she is so. She ran for years that law rescued the dog and then she acts like and the dog has its own fucking Instagram she's fuckin photoshopping landing pad. You know between her and Jack ants and off, like going hard between her and Jack Antonoff likes going hard, and so I was a big thing. She and a bad. She wrote this big, dramatic, Instagram post about how you know wish she could be like no you're, a mom you're, always a fucking yeah. You can't just be like that, like what are you doing? Did she say why she said it like? She had her reasons she was saying like it had aggression problems, but you would know that before four years and every You would know that before for years
at every one of our I'll, though I will say this, and this is in her defence, as has happened in my parents, dog, didn't they didn't the dot the dog, I think the guy from abroad. I have no fucking idea anyway. Zack is their people, and they two years in that is those them best. loving amazing. He started biting stand up. No was weird. He would do this thing where at night, everyone's like it was random, but that he would start growling at my dad like he was going to kill my dad, at and then he would bite his own. He almost bit his hand off my dad's hand, was mangled, turns out, he's had seizures and he's my dad's hand, was mangled, turns out, he's had seizures and he's been on. Seizure medication hasn't had one of those outbursts
gualala she did show up to a sold out. Webster Hall show in leggings and a sweater that I wouldn't wear to bed so and I'm not she's comfortable in her own skin and thrift store. Now, that's not okay or are comfortable. Come to bona own skin and threats to now. That's not ok, COMECON, thousands, Gazer comforter about me and Jane start. It will be wholly areas to start this bit where I bet Alfred had aggression. Problems went over. My men are really upset darted, putting up nine of aggression, bring em that acting and I put, and then they are good, and I put what all these eyes are imposing all these interim videos, but it was late, just literally Alfred, like playing with the toy like a night, dog and then I would
What right does on account, or I would write, no God and then I would write good this seminar, sir. I was like look at him and remember how I try to say that he was like races. I just made up a bunch of oh, my god. There is I I was really invested in light of James Elles. Like all crew was so upset less. When I know I was like ours I got an hour damn as the reason I would cut the bit going longer and to buy secretly told you about it, but I can't do any longer, because obviously my heart hurt all week from everyone. Thinking that Alfred was a good boy and I just couldn't do it any longer. So I and I was like you know why not no joke is worth bad press for my little Alfie he's in a little while baby, and I can't do it because everyone started emailing me about like getting him a you're all therapists, and then I got fuck him at my side. It briefly through their pets. Yet no he's great. He did eat a plastic amber
this week, which was not a real hamburger and then I shall get it out and barf did a piece by piece, but I mean how is this a fund delightful thing? I am keeping Sally Gonna, make sure you put it the collect together. You know he's yeah, so I offered the good boy now becomes. I've is located in no there. I was rendezvous with the comedy art form of parity right right right right. I wish you could communicate in dog to Alford what you did, I feel you be like. Yeah he's occurred, the Hamas baby. I feel, as you say, that having hurtful to anyone out- and I think it would be amused by it- oh yeah kind, o conceal little alfred- is very mischievous, yet awesome, so he would have all he would have really like that, but you
I thought that was just so funny about a leader that a big isn't it because it's been read her dramatic posts and then she also posted this like sketch of Lamby and she's sketch. Yes, she's like this are in that time shouldn't they care the dog drain in it. I don't know she did. This gets me this sketch hangs in my corridor. She, so I still see Lamby every day, eggs real hard for maybe on board with any. I really do likely to data, but I do she knew make. She gets some of a couple things that she does her over the with love on this journey, but I can support him with money. I'm longer support him with love on this journey, but I can support him with money I'm still taking, of him and then believe the rest is, I guess so giving money to him. Could she gave it back to the rescue, which is the proper etiquette? If you have a job and you can no longer take care what it says in the paperwork that you sign, please bring him back to the rescue cause. You don't bring about were killed, shelter by our own, oh yeah, or, of course
a family member who really can take. I know of dogs would never have bitten people times have they had to be brought down a certain rights. You don't worry on about it. Yeah dead, dog, joke career, okay, okay, so anyway, Lena Dunham, yeah sack of Shelter Alfred said pretty olive empire gouty. I know she was issued by he's back in the shelter, but then the then the shelter released a statement that was like girl Didn't have any aggression, Brom no way, yeah baby, you are, but our youth, Christina the shoulder labs back. They clapped back based said they said and it's like I love. I really, I think, Lena Dunham. Does this great work, I think she's a very creative mind.
I really, I think we need the numbers this great work. I think she was a very creative minds by all. I believe that was it. You gotta, raising a dog but also give our inappropriate for Webster Hall. Not even clever, not even I mean a calm through your hair, how cigar on your hair girl? Now I dont now we got to stop telling her what to do. That's, not feminist, but don't. I don't think I don't think I don't think running a comb through your hair is letting the patriarchy win. Let's just say that comb through your hair is letting the patriarchy when, let's just say that see way? The common from in that statement? I think it's a little extreme think you and your little Nazi feminist army to calm the fog down Mackay now comes up. Our views wash my skin, whom I had up a new EU smell bad, shut up and then other women
Well, he gets a dive into a topic that I've always wanted to dive into and we've not really covered it on the spot. Cause no a topic that I've always wanted to dive into, and we have not really covered it on this package for right. No now are we some go requests and summer time always brings this time. Yeah to my heart
who's that Europe acting it's got. We talk a lot about eating disorders with our necks guess, who's that he she's an actress writers stand a comedian improvised them. She produces bid that contain ass. Seen, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the past lesser Lamb, Perez term. People did see me smooth. Just ask. Do you care were here with a little in Paris and arguing with renounced your last name, correct way how effective? Ok, god I it's weird, because these people, you know following a long time and then you're like a relation, say the letters that followed the first name. Oh yeah, that seems God. I don't know my boyfriend's last night
if he minds the easy ones so that you actually are one of the people that I don't know personally like well, but I do stalk you on Instagram cause the universe and are very cute. Oh stop do yeah we haven't this is nice we get to hang yeah it's going to fit your letter just opened on my couch, it's so nice. It's wide open that we recorded my home where family guy before people come on the guys we fucked podcast and then immediately just feel like that. I feel yeah I like that still does every sometimes they don't leave after their interview. They talk and it's crazy do that with so many people that night he got a way of Christina telling you, though we have a lot of things next year right after we press on that truly I want to hang out with all the people right now, we're generally good we're going to pretend that were your friends for an hour and then we're going to be like no we're friends, we're friends. How are you sorry? We made this about you at all, yet sorry
is, I am so comfortable to share. I didn't like and embroider Asia in that chair yeah. I need it thanks for having me, but I'm going to have to take it. Also thanks for having me, but I'm gonna have to take but also matches your green juice, which I'm drooling over decades. The ok gets elicits terrible eating disorder, and if that get invite, I mean she wanted looking agreements which four letters you know this is like that,
the world is you I girl is. Is this six layer of my? How is me drinking a green juice worse off than I need my fuck himself Cosette and does it also doesn't even tastes good on top of apple, and I put my bottling premium, yeah I'd say: listen if that has. If that has one ounce of app limit on now wait a minute. I was under the impression that was a salary jail badge is apple in that allows humorous approach, taking disorders, caution in every home any longer anything in years pineapple, but that help so because I have an aesthetic it out. The acid like in this damage shit pineapple, really helps with bloating. Ok Ryan, unlike a freer like, if I think, if there's even in sugar and cream. I can't touch it, but then you know I'll have like a Kitkat or something So you mean you can only do all veggie 10k. yeah. I reason that's associated anyway. I really like beat don't want and knows
for reason. That's associate with an even is what are you like gas, someone, I sure, o and well. You know the difference. Doubts that great question, because it's all just like that yeah. I just jump right. I meant to start from the beginning, but let's just go into Bessie S. What this? Yes, some lead on in small talk, we're in order to have a handle these problems. What what is your? What is yours? It's weird. I was interact second college and then I'm technically sort of Enrico I've been in recovery sense, but recoveries stir. Weird word: that's like the rest. You I mean yeah, yeah bed, that's how it feels cause it. When you are now a holler like. I know that people from from alcoholism events over thirty years, but there still you know, thinking about it. It s like a lifelong, not going through the motions of Anorexia. You know it's like, I think, I'd, never identify even when you are not going through the motions of Anorexia, I think I'd never identifies that because I feel too fat
say that I'm interested, if that makes it like, I would never say I'm currently maybe look skinny you guys, but they know I know a lot. I know exactly what you mean that if you want a pursuit of the real world growth magic aid back impulse- I am, I feel rather like. I know tat when you are my guy- well whole job profession, ILO. If this is the first episode where the guest walks out we're fine. With that, I understand tat. Last night you ve! No, no, I mean that's yeah. No, I still that is interesting, Christine about the alcohol
thanks, I think there's not to, but I think how can our brag satellite not rag, met with all you know. It's like a camp choosing to drink that anymore, but with food? It's like well, I'm media there. I can't just I'd love to be like from the left and cut it out. I try out a person does in ITALY, I only real. I mean I e by, but it's a, but for me it's a cupcake with a stomach ache. So to me a cupcake is it doesn't feel delicious to me when I look at it, but then I'm like So to me a cop cake, is it doesn't feel delicious? To me when I look at it and then I'm like and so now I dont increase ways like yeah you ye, you're, one of only people. I know in my life that truly, I would say, doesn't like food yeah
so then I unrhymed on when you talk about no you're, not like this, where this is an intervention Christine again roused me you're, not an hour, they buy just sometimes you you do talk about like I eat so much, and then I do want to stab you. I got it all I do. Is I it's? Christmas of two thousand and fourteen deserved Kristina. Okay, let's move on and I don't feel I don't feel yeah, but I recognize that associated with guilt, though if you eat yeah yeah. So I think I think for me it's not that I have an ambivalent towards food. It's much more! That, like I eat and I yeah it's. The food is kind of always the enemy. It's ok yeah! If I I, I associate a cupcake that will inform maybe two days of eating. I have a hawk if I were to ever eat a whole cupcake that would mess up like a few days. The last time you ate a whole cupcake. I don't. I sadly couldn't take that would mess up like a few days or where the last time you ate a whole competent. I don't. I sadly could
tell her you're, like a are you like a picture of ok and you do not have said habits, are I don't of food? I dumped food? No, I don't have the same relationship we have the same habits but different relationships. Food I dumped food or no, I I don't I just don't care about it. Wow, that's weird this is interesting. That's great. I mean I think you have probably a healthy relation in a way or a year where no, I dont, what's healthy. One's health now are healthy. I don't know. Healthy, my brother being like I forgot to eat you. I can't right. That's thinking about it. I think but never in a in a guilty way. Just like almost like a dog like how can I, I am also thinking about food all the time, but never in in a guilty way. Just like almost like a dog like how can I get more of a yes really like I that there is a long story about how I think I was a dog
if we're not gonna Jerry, why thou she was dying? Nice and I swear Christina record of our economic and with no guy, that's good. They shut myself. Ok anyway, she sits on the floor and walked away, doesn't feel built on Darth wended. This first come up with you to remember yeah. I I was I just want my five, your college reunion and it was really haunting to be back there. What's in the woods, it's in the mountains, like I haven't been since I I graduated and there's something you don't either gotta, someone and there's a song. You don't look like that and then five years later you listen to it and ass kind of floods near yeah. Just so, if it happened in college I was in love with my boyfriend from high school. I was like a summer love and then he broke up with me and I lost my grandpa. It at a time where you felt out of control yeah totally at yeah or a yeah cause I've ever made years. I used to do
to feel and control at a time where you fell out of control, yet totally yeah yeah, because we're majors item? I told us on biogas sometime saw, but I'm talking to you about it, but and I cause. I remember I remember when the therapist told me you just want control MIC, oh good cause. I'm like! I don't think I don't look in the mirror. Because I remember I remember when the therapists told me you just want Control MC, oh good cause, I'm like, I don't think I don't. look in the mirror and go this. Is I don't see a four hundred pound version of myself on a look in the mirror anything, but I did want to control, and that was that downloads satisfying controlled give me exactly. I just remember yeah. It's felt like winning like. I was saying everything in my life. I loved my parents we like moving away from em. Just I didn't find my place that my college- and I just I remember feeling like ok- will fight if I can be skinny, I'm like and winning and Zaire Ass old society does treat women as if that is what the rules
till I get how people feel that way, but anymore you not skinny, or did you only see yourself as not skinny like did you have a different body type than you have now I yeah gush, it's hard. It's all murky cause. I am yeah. I definitely feel I m not sure I don't I'm not really well, anyway, horizontal figured out what he says. Oh right react. You dont want yourself ever ever, I basically once I started to have it used to excessively way my shirt, and then I just got to my resignation is and how it was that the addiction was too like that high of oh, it's a lower numbers. The pound lighter its yes, my would, by short, smaller, and, I would just say, is kind of game, but yeah May I just was getting hospitalized and I was like a passing That's the weird part about being young. Like I just I didn't know. I didn't I thought I was and then I just yet people like the pity me of being young, as you don't know, whenever
young like I just I didn't know I did. I thought I was and then I just yet people like the pity me of being young, as you dont know, and everyone else around me does yeah. Do you have a feeling? I didn't feeling until someone told me, and I looked it up, and I was like oh yeah, we're thing makes sense, and I remember crime can be like ok, actually, never mind. Let's fix. I remember that Davy like what's not do this any. let's fix it on the night. You know it's been what five years and I haven't sexual. How? How do how do you tell does one even begin to start fixing that I mean? How do you, because you are fit but a great. I would think that that's I mean they say that in all these it's the first step is realizing it one self aware of it a great. I would think that that's only they set out an honest, it's the first Sabbath yeah. I I I think if you really want to get better, you can get better and the trick is like really wanting to get better yeah. So what you said that was some hesitation. I think if you really want to get better, you can get better and the trick is like really wanting to get better.
yeah. So what you said that with some hesitation, so is there a part of you? That's just so wants to be like stupor, thin and like so not get better, so yeah. I think if I didn't an end, I I think it's then I think, the still a big part of it is it's like I to draw gets like a curbing messier over this one thing in your life and it s a. How can you get out of that? That is a tumble spiral of like when you says over something like any anything. Any ice people of Sesar, I mean. Obviously, drugs are an easy one to assess over because there are directing but like when you get your fixated on that, and then you get your brain facets of like I'm not going. scale, remedies Geller, the cupcake or the restaurants that I walked by affects me now, and then you work your way of thinking at reset that I have that when things are going badly or when I have something in my life, that is out of control.
just such a like. It's just at reset that I have their when things are going badly or when I have something in my life. That is out of control that I don't like it's. It's still my coping mechanism to just go back to this. You know I'm, rarely in a really good place in my life and really skinny really in a bad way with my eating disorder. What how little do did you, or do you eat the how how How interacts if we talk? Ok, you and mom is ok. I was mysterious innovative activity by your sour yeah. It I, it just it's hard. Usually what happens? Is I just ice. it's like the elected it. It just it's hard. Usually, what happens if I just ice longer and longer to eat, and then I eventually eat something and usually the differences. How long I've waited that day to eat so my land, Bentley lots, but if I'm, but the more I like, restricting the snacks go away
some food, something that makes no sacks of like nothing, definitely lots, but if I'm, but the more I MIKE restricting the snacks go away. If that makes any meat or abandon the night still happens, and then it just is like the year. The daytime is usually when you and now, when you are kind of what it was at its peak, would you eat all right? So when I was the help. Maybe ah you be thinner. I do doesn't your isn't your metabolism going to speed up if you eat at the top of the Ub Center risen, your metabolism going speed up if you eat at the top of the day and then stop eating at the pal, sometimes I often with your mind, you have you really like it's getting come on it and I wouldn't that be wait. A minute. I ve been on Iraq by nine process back than sugar, while at night the night eyes and counter productive to the goal here or less bite, but with
as a sensitive subjects, though I feel like part of your eeg, like ego had been, you know, whenever for head right, that's kind of what it is like. I don't trust myself to do that. I I wish I could trust myself to eat a big breakfast cause. I know that that's my blizzard, but in my head, I'm like that is there's too much room for error in my day, if I do, if I wake in the morning, I've taken up a lot of calories are a lot of food, and now I still have the whole rest of the how much room for error. In my day, if I do, if I eat anything in the morning, I've taken up a lot of, calories are a lot of food and then now I still have the whole rest of the day that I could get there, and I don't know ways, trust myself, that I will do. What do you think he's gonna happen? What's the fear, the fear greatly that they don't look good, but most of the time it's I'm I'm we're obsessed with, like not bigger, always because we always say that, like you, look great nets sometimes I'm worried about that. I don't look at, but most the time its I'm I'm war obsessed with like not getting a bigger, so
Looking good as much as you're worried about getting fat, have you ever been fat? and Roger was fat years, probably in it. My yet bigger than Obviously there is nothing bad about that, but I'm curious. What you think is would be bad about it, because everyone has their own. It's got come back. And it's like germs. I know. Obviously there is nothing that about a bomb curious. What you think is would be bad about it, as everyone has their own. It's gotta come back to the controlling. It's just something where it's like. It's my euro, Lou up like you suck friend, that is a bad friend. That's the problem with Anorexia, I think, is like it make it tricks you into thinking it's your best friend and so like when you're, really, when I'm having a bad day, it's like it makes me feel like. Oh it's just two of us. I feel like. Oh it's just culture of us, but in theory it's it's bad! It's it's a it's tricking, you into thinking it's a good friend and it's really making you. It makes me worse off like other people in your you know, but in theory it's it's bad
it's a its tricking, you into thinking it's a good friend, that's really making you. It makes me worse off. Ray. So how are the other people in your life? You know, so you have a boyfriend obvious, your very close with your with your mom, like how high What are the I want to say like handle cuz, that's in like a team shity, but like If I woke him, I had someone in my life there was close within. I just saw them not eating like that so consume a yeah. It's My relationship with that person I feel yeah you're, seeing them not. With a with nutrients fishing like it's thinking, yeah, because a bigger right spent. My whole time, like you know, for instance, like this is: is it like Billig? What you read me in the corner, where the with a fishing real would like a thing about. Yeah became the six good right. You may like we're like what my reference smoking like he quit, because I just could. I couldn't watch him. Kill himself anymore, and I just couldn't, handle it, and I was echoed this. How have you have to stop this so like how how do the people in your life, the obviously you're very open with in talking about it, wishes
already, and why we asked you here today is: Yeah me, my boyfriend always says like we're not having kids. If this is like or not marrying, you- and I am in kids- if this is how it isn't it- you have to get better, if not for yourself like for me or fur kids, are further this family, a yeah yeah, and he's my I mean I e he's changed he's help me. lot when the first boyfriend who have talk, you save me, Our eating disorder and it helps him just be like stop you're hungry, I'm not like you, haven't, eaten sit down, we're eating right and in it does that is that helpful, spread of it, takes away a little bit of the power the eating disorders and helps him to speak. Stop your hungry, I'm not like you haven't, eaten sit down were eating right, an denied that is a helpful free. It is, I think, it's it yeah, I'm open to it yeah and I love eating with him, it's a lot Give me to eat with him, then eat alone, which a nice it pretty sure. I would not work out if I didn't have one of those. It is a little bit like that of just like. I think accountability like, maybe
you're right. If I would not work out, if I don't have one of those, it is a little bit like that of just like. I an ability, like maybe help me, try and be accountable for this or your priorities it or its. Even just like. Oh, I eat because you want me to eat and send were eating together more normal, whereas up when I myself, I can let the voice take over a little bit, whereas when I'm like, oh no, he loves me. I love him. We love each other, letting let's get out of that. I dont get ices is, is like you're, evil man, generic friend, that's an asshole totally and when I'm yeah or even when I'm like, if I have a busy day and I have stuff to do it's easier to knock the voice that we had. No, no, no. I need food to like power me. isn't it yeah yeah make. Boy comes at a lot at dark times or a lonely times which swag I do think for anyone with an evening disorder. If you can open up to one person it, it does make a big difference. How does it affect dumb see? You said you were passing out in the beginning.
yes, but about five five year descent, five years by reunion citizens were happy. Ok, so we hold. Are you like, as five years since I got waited so that would be like I was when I was more like a freshman sophomore. So it's actually like eight years eight years, ok, yeah, I'm too, I'm twenty seven! Oh ok! at first, I was I thought I was. There are usually twenty four you weigh Dunkard I filed outside related we're about minority Jesus of you very young guy got yet well, hang you know for months got his works, but how does that factor? Sex drive sex life? That area, does it yeah? It's it's. It's like it definitely used to I used to just I was at a place ride like stripped all pleasure out of my life for sure I never would cause my wouldn't idea, wouldn't get even billions or even by myself. Yet when I was in college, it was just like I was so free and just I don't know it and I'm cranky, but in yeah in in general, it's it's a double edged sword, because if I don't feel great about the
This extra is probably worse. If I'm like, really hungry and just I don't know it and am cranky but India in in general, it's a double edged sword cause. If I don't feel great about my body than a muscle like I was gonna, say: yeah gates it's impossible to have Joyce sex. When you don't enjoy your own body I now can I mean you can Fagin it's easy to fake right. It's some fun other people, other partners would be an asshole to have or you couldn't talk to them about it, imagine who I'm totally myself with is better, because when I was like with yeah who other people other partners would be and ass, all of our you couldn't oxen batteries to want to or met yet, and I never wanted to, and then I never like it with them totally now we took it upon ourselves to joke about God, I will enjoy sack sir yeah yeah, you would be vulnerable prison like tea or fullest extent with them totally now helps, because I know normally it's like a nightmare, but I also date a comedian. I find it helped more helpful than not helpful. Like do you guys are
to joke about it with your they know. Normally it's like a nightmare, but I the data comedian. I find it help more helpful than not helpful like do you guys? Are you able to joke about it with I actually think it's funny. He doesn't cause. You know, I think, like he loves you, he loves me and it's like getting away He really doesn't like that. Actually thought a lot it and I think it's funny. He doesn't because you know, I think likely loves you early loves me and lighted it like you getting away from the topic, only seriousness of it totally and lay like you said it's a guy cigarettes to you were and so for him he'd wants it gone any he's, always like I'm, not gonna entertainments like ammo brand. Ok, I guess- Dad died a couple of years ago and it's kind of the that's top of mind. So I don't think I tried to okay, my mom doesn't she's like I don't give a shit. Can we not talk about that
couple years ago and it's kind of their that's top of mine. So I don't think I tried it hey my mom. Doesn't yeah she's. Ireland should round less sure we talk about. That's why he was alive so before making ammonia college. What was what was that like a get yet it was it was. I was so angry. Sad and I didn't like I want. My parents talked about it. I'd snap and I didn't want it. Then, as you were Hungary, because I know my heart gets so media due to get so me, I oughta women do like allied alot of people do because you're like it's your info levels spike and not by widening it's more than that. I mean like you, have a disease yeah, so you re meaner than motives. Yes, I wasn't me, I was the Minister Vondra yeah I was now I was I was mean I I think it was me as they did you ever closer like something that you did they earn? You said that you, like US
The Bank of England were gaudy. I was just. I was not easy to be around then. I think for while that scared me too I like it when people when parents would like try to make me eat. I would just make me not want to heal even more. It seems to me that things that I've heard about Iraq, how it's handled in like how I've seen it on television or movies when of parents would like try to make me that aspect of make me is like even more seems to me to think that I've heard about erect how is handled in like the housing on television in movies, in terms of like a morbid documentary style, the aspect of it. It is like this competition with yourself or with the with the bad part of yourself with that voice in your head. sounds totally my not always tells me I'm at war with myself and almost like. What's
my winning, or am I when I read that sounds almost like, not that you have schizophrenia, but that seems like almost is like. What's what's the explanation for this other voice, I mean we all, have a voice and set our head, but it's not so loudly, gopher everyone, but sometimes there's periods. I think them. Every person's life right were takes over for like a week. Yeah it's gone yeah you're like now, I do then, maybe I'll just between you guys them god she I I don't know where it comes. It's just a ceiling, almost how a therapist like explained its you like, say you walk into therapy like. When did you start getting good going to thoroughly problem because The eating disorders, because of something else yet started with eating disorder, and then it's it's just always been on and off with people for different things. Ok, yeah an entity again what what's kind of do? You remember the first session or the kind of first things at the therapists told you
yeah cuz I had like. think I wanna be a a therapist just because there were so many bad terrible. I Sworder therapists in college. That really knows free was a clinical youth for free that I had a good. While I had one experiences with ILO. One was Babylon was gay with the one in college was like the favourable ever have the railroad like these people's? That's great, I mean, I think, that's great As we are seeing a j? What do they say like? What are the major bad? I just remind Her being so, like I believe I was so dark and lonely. Just member be like if you had any thinking on those magical food you could think of as I rose to get what you want to eat pancakes waffles? Think of your idea break as their member the twilight, let what she's there do you mind?
This is nothing I'm anorexic back. Do you know they re bay? Did you hear the words that government about yourself so man I left? I went through a series of like probably for five and then I landed on one. Who is amazing and I still keep in touch with her and I she's she wasn't or executed. I think it is very rare and as she was a plaque just believe in yourself exactly the wrong man she's like I get it we're not doing cheese, and that's ok that loud he had got out funny you, member anything, that she said specifically that, like the war within yourself about that's interesting like, but is there anything else? You said that you are like oh fuck, yeah yeah am I it also. It so is all goes in phases you know back, then it was really learning how to eat again. So she was just kind of like a very much a food coach of like how much to eat and what how I could win myself back onto like food here and then my therapist, I'm I'm more comfortable food. I
what to eat. I know about food and so my therapist yeah, I know food and yet now my therapist is much more about emotionally like. Why am I turning to this and it is there we can't get rid of whatever is in me, that's turning to this. Instead, let's find what This is in me. Where else can I turn it to Yegg what other outlets yet harmony? Ok, comedy helps year. Isn't, though, like when you go to therapy or to all day, I think going if there be, as is an attempt to, can delay, gain, control, over how your brain works and your thoughts and kind of that troll right of like this, but it does have its voice in my head and it's it's winning sometimes yeah you're on our us go with that. I had some interaction. Metaphor things really billion, but I lost it. But, like I don't know it's it's actually controlling the way. They think that kind of therapy yeah silent attendance, no no no drew cause. My yeah, it is like a way to be like I have all these thoughts spiralling can be like dump,
yeah it is like a way to be like. I have all these thoughts spiraling can we like dump them, and then as the way they think the fuck. I'm thinking this hell, okay, yeah, wait consensus No, it's true cause my yet is like away to be like I have all these thoughts spiralling. Can we like? Dump them and then yeah you, and something you're out. Why fuck I'm thinking this held? Ok, so wait consensus of the room, the thought them. The voice in your head. It's the same as like. Never on the my had the voice, my head, but the voice. My head is saying the same thing is I'm doing like we're on the signs that were on the same page not have now. Never that's my anxiety, that's that's exactly, but is it for on the same page or oh. No, no, it is. It is an island even say fifty fifty or sixty forty okay. So a more positive and negative, and yes, my my guy, when I've a panic attack and my my evil swear. That literally says like your fuckin media, my right and that I mean and then We think therapy is you know you tried it
anytime, I eat that's different than the voice in my head. You do but there's very active you eating. Is you going against what your head is telling you every time and voice in your head. How often is it say is that I call on board with kind of like the what you're doing here I mean I think, unfortunately anytime, I e that's different than the voice in my yeah I mean most times I mean that's. The only thing I'll get hard on myself is like. I usually think I I'm I the only thing I would say well on things we have always said in your head: whatever I'm doing really yeah, I mean most homes, I mean that's. The only thing I can hardly myself is like. I usually think I'm the only thing I would say well on things we come in or non obsessive compulsive is different, because we analysed so we ve talked about that, but that's obsessive compulsive. Isn't the Mai don't telling a something different. That's my brain thinking of every not it's not no, it's not negative. answer to any question that is posed. So it's like a running through my yellow
when constantly it's just for trying to find every different answer or you're having legged. If it's not now, it's not negative. It's not going against its our aid, like your, but the only thing that some I'll. Get down myself about is lit. Laziness like I always think, I'm being less even I'm pretty much in ever. Gonna save like that right. That's the thing that the only way that you're not being LEO you're, very her worker as you have it sometimes I feel like. I honestly think that low hard on you, I should like never be watching a tv show unless the tv shows something I have to study for something I'm doing bridle necessary, like the railway line that was years ago or less no idea that that that's just ambition almost I think I mean it's- that it doesn't get to the point where, like I mean, I sometimes think that I dont intuit, like I dont like really like having fun. I think it's a waste. I know I do not see only, but that's confuses the age ring, you do I'll find out who I drink, loading them all of America
don't get any work done like that yeah, that's a real problem. I agree. That's why I hate sundays cause. I don't have a voice in your head. Do stuff, I don't see things I'm like. Why is everything fucking closed? Now? It's your voice through your head, saying, you're, lazy, piece of shit, because that's what that's why I can't not do work during a day like I can't waste a whole day. It doesn't say you're a lazy piece of shit. It just says: YO get up. What are you doing like it's? Not it's not so me, I'd love to be able to be friends with Jesus. Why many yeah? It's just it's just like it's just like! Will they say you're a lazy piece of shit. It just says: YO get up. What are you doing like it's? Not it's not so me. I love, let's be honest with you. I would have you we're at once Why me the AIDS is just like it just like you have a lot to do, and you should do it did that. what about my coach but yeah, but sometimes you know you got to get me, I use the merest very tired of knowing my dad that I have this obsession with like we're going to die so soon and so any day we're not doing shit.
I mean I guess I wish I just I would. I wish they can have a little more fun but anyway, but don't we off. I know what I feel that way, especially since my dad that I have this obsession with like we're. Gonna die so soon, and so any day were not doing anything and leisure yeah like there s a whole different ball game, but yeah yeah. Well, it did he die unexpectedly. He got brain cancer, which is like I didn't know at the time, but it's just very aggressive terminal cancer, so he was super healthy like yet He had similar eating habits. To me, he was very like FED and exercised a lot and didn't need was like a vegetarian before it was a thing was
and he did it with the animal anyone was of a year. He was the first french german guys we should snotty me I mean my aunt was a vegetarian before I knew any one who is doing me, I was a family are always ready to. So it's like a word for the greek youngest food is big. Especial these fish haven't. Did he have an eating this order of any kind of on image? Issues are now that you would have ever said that now by using the guy think I I think I I mean, is it categorized as a mental illness? It is yes in the d d, similar be hereditary.
it's like ugh, I yeah cause. I'm gonna say that that seems like it's her answer and your mom is totally fine with again that's been such a blessing that her whole side of the family is just great, with food they're great with body image, they yeah they and their supportive to you like they don't like it. Have you ever been at a family, dinner and Nate Eaton? Is that weird? Is it awkward? Is everyone like? What's wrong, always learning? You know you learn not to say you learn like tricks, but it'll. Never, look like Do you like they don't like if you ever been family dinner, a naughty eaten.
I just said: wait: what are some of the tricks? Do you mind talking about that or even by the dog? Yes, yes, if I trash yeah, I always carry trash, can yeah it's kind of a little trick of mine. I eat by a dumpster yeah, you literally sitting at the end of the table. Don't open your mouth but you're, not actually putting in your mouth. You put it on the other side of your face into a trash can like. We know what you're doing I know but like like and dude, and does do have moments where people are like. We know what you're doing that would make me angry like that, would make. If someone was onto me, I'd get pissed agreed no agreed, and I don't like people being onto me, and so I yeah I holidays are hard. I usually like exercise a lot before the meal so that I'm hungry and when I'm really hung I would make. If someone was onto me, I get pissed agreed. I don't like people being on to me, and so I
the colonies are hard. I usually like exercise a lot before the meal so that I'm hungry and when I'm really hungry I can eat. I really can't like I can eat like fairly normal personas, The food is good. I'm hanging up place for sure. Where, like like back in the day All it is a sector really plan out exactly what has gonna eat exact and now it's like. No, I know as long as like I, their vegetables there and there's food that I'll eat. I'll be I'll, be fine. So what went on foods that you absolutely will not normal? or what are much time doing, anyway you're fat. Can I give read everything you're saying by your facial expression? Yeah I mean I don't eat me, I'd only dairy! I don t. I mean that's good, I mean well anyway, yeah. I agree and then beyond that. I, like I dearly loved, cannot eat gluten, but I don't make a big fuss over. I am an that's. I would think for a lot of progress since from where you were when
totally disorders, oh yeah, the disorder, I'd just be a it was weird or I would just eat only like cottage cheese and brown stuff. I had a much we annoying. I read this, but the crazy sexy, Yes, oh my god, my friend gave that to me the girl sounds like a child. You waiting diet books. No, ok, ok, ok! To be fair! I shan't Canterville ass. I know where this was a woman who, like she's, very inspiring She cared herself of stomach cancer through dialogue and that the name sounds like trash year than the book, and that will help me learn now obsess almost in. I think, because it was more like these are just like foods that are good. eat bees until your full and then like, yet it it help me a lot to not focus much on the near the exact care Is that as even more disbelief? Listen, your body, trust your body and, if you're eating good foods than you can trust him.
more tardy trust your body when you're eating, like artificial food, foods and our sure I mean I think, that's a great where anymore, you can tell a lot like I mean you know I am a doctor as we establish earlier, but later, when you're not doing well. We I like we did I've been through times, I was not like feeding my body like the right things tat. I was really depress, but, like you can tell by like the tone of skin and, like you dont, like everything, looks like healthy yeah. You know you don't look like you can imagine outwardly when someone slake seeing themselves are starving themselves kind of while at me with a five robbing the Jim and there's the girl. That's the bones: barely skin totally like jazz and its one Sided Magellan Harlem. So I got you right up to eight years. There was that person or I've never seen a man that that, like that, but I have seen women that just there all everytime I like they're, always there there you see them every now and then an york, unlike any nothing.
as in the way people look at people who are obvious, that is not. I don't do that make me like yeah, but like it doesn't like hurt my cites the way. Looking at someone who's a tooth, Does I know willingly with whom I am sure you yeah it my bones and I just wanna gone like you need help like you needed immediately, because something where someone is suffering,
you can see it I know, and then, when you want any means of fat people though, but well, we were ass, offering joining watch my six hundred pound, like all those people, need therapy. So bad gaudy, it's the same thing as is the problem, is the opposite. Taking are you I only them by our heating or you join with it by not eating or yelling with it lay your anchoring her I'm reading hunger by Roxanne Garret now all, but I know I wonder I just wonderful yeah any love her shade. The book has been very, I feel ignorant for not even knowing it before, but just reading. The book is like, oh, my god. So this is a new road. I guess I just mean the idea of obesity, eighty so similar to annex ii. It's like oldish, lame thing. The food is it's no longer about the food, it's it's being used as a vessel for something else, yeah yeah yeah. I mean, I think, I really like almost about like over eating.
People are more likely to say dear face. I had a boss once who she was naturally thin. Chieftains, hardly a time the extra so busy, but she she I miss you too. We send me she's a man winners when you're thin. You just then build in her eye nor daughter, the same bill, despairing scrawny. You know not scrawny than I am I right by they. People always say to like always interface, that I know people treats overweight people at this too, by its I here all the time when your thin everyone's, I E. you sandwich a good. You doing really shows out anymore hormone, no but other, but I see I or or I think, regular people Who, though, because I would say I wouldn't even when she pointed out to me- I kind of notice like people who were so fit, warlike buff there. like oh, my god, you need to eat like she's like I'm fine out she, She happened just naturally her body was thus our body was maybe choose like people are so much quicker to say out loud to your face in front of
with people like. While you look really, then I know they will cause, as they almost like, considered like a compliment, but hardly ever rob long right, like it's kind of like you know, were you know, asian people are considered the model minority so like it's almost ok to be alike, Asians, greater wrath, even though that stole racist right you know, it's actually kind of in the same in the same family. there's a comic opera. It's almost like just stop talking about our bought like just a general variously average Joe yeah, mention when I'm eating don't talk to me, but for anyone to use line that, though, do fine I it feels good. Always of course he like hearing that I look good, but they all I can hear when I hear that is just like the great. Does that? How do you feel when some says at you here? I think it's it's like it. It is that
I feel good, always of course, like I like hearing that I look good, but they all I can hear when I hear that is just like. Ok, what you gotta, like whatever you're doing like you have to keep on, are now warlike got maybe I wasn't looking good a month ago or like what you know whatever it is. I can never just take a compliment at face value of does. I think I don't feel again in a place where looks like so felt healthy. That makes like that still constantly. Where you have to let you have to be like India or self, and love yourself and be cool end like be nice to yourself. Yes, I think I'm realizing like well for me, body positivity would really be if no man What my body looks like. I felt good about myself makes like that I've got. I value myself because of us set that I did that was funny or bread or because of a
I was a good friend or because whatever it is always a good girlfriend because cut because you are you and yet a gray, I mean it does its. It seems like for you it's like always relying it doesn't need to rely on any outside mengs ever when you feel, though, with I remember One thing that she was in a fairer pushes up. Oh, I see what you drag her. I mean, I hope, by the grave and overseeing the specific Birmingham, but but I thought it was interesting, but I think it was more damaging than helpful when she told me this when I was like for myself to throw up, because I in trying to be sky, I wasn't trying to be skinny, just one control or something, and she said Imagine you being a baby like imagine stop doing it like. Basically that was her approach and I was like sticking their fingers downcast little three o Christina Throat and forcing a bar up the food enzymes. That's would even more longer to me agreed like. Basically that was her. It did like
you didn't help at all either like make jilting me about anything is never growing. get me to fix. Now I want to do it even more longer, because you did that to me: sing me, I think my therapist now so great cause she'll just neither the just believe or like you're, really harming your child yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, Herman, your inner child or just yeah. I think the key to any mistress. At least I'm veering off course from listen to me. Like just tried like giving me something see, making fixing me I what it there yeah now so great it is just listen. won't judge mere. She won't like. Yes, she won't say doing badly arm veering off course from relapsing is recycled, gay. Well, let's like kind, let's see where we can go you what it is they have. This is what it is and let's see what path we wanted dawn and how to have that more calm approach to it, not like, while going to do it again. Like an email, I think you'll x, you we need if they are not going to a long gated agreed made. Its is never helps, and so like. Ok
not like when you're, when you're, straight ahead or when you're feeling anxious does that exist, our bade, the Annex yeah yeah, I would say flares, I would say, flares come with, like any type of. thing that's out of my control of its depression from your way, to wit, way too sad than its a cocaine, let me try to. This is one thing today that will make me feel happy or of clinical depression, and I've never pain meds for it Brad, but going back to my college was like I was so depressed in college. I probably could have used some Madsen College, but now I feel I feel more like it's just.
Oh god, that's really okay, and so I you did your your dare die limited. I did your entire time one year ago or two years, two years in October two years ago. Okay- and I know you mentioned like where were you with with the anorexia at and so you did your dad died. She in between those two things, yeah pretty much the minute I mean my my dad was like my my parents, I was, I was almost probably way too reliant on them. I was so dependent on them. I went home all the time I really hadn't. start to get really bad again or could I know you mention? There was a big correlation between those two things: yeah pretty much the minute I mean a my. My dad was like my my parents. Oh that was almost probably way too reliant on them. I was so depend on them. I went home all the time. I really hadn't built the life for myself, yet New York, I still really attached to them, though time and so to have my immediately it was like. Oh, my mom is a fragile child. may. I I just abler mom, you remembered site
No, my London dials, wonderful, she's, alive she's great, but she If you just sit around with that yeah yeah, just you kind of four immediately it was like. Oh my mom is a fragile child so I guess she needs she needs my help more than I me again have bother her about like a deal that shirt I'm losing my husband, you know so yeah right and pretty much yeah. Right away. I just started old habits living in a move to take care of the ram embryo. My guys, that's a lie. The layman lie. I shoulda on in your on your heart, the lot yeah and brain cancer. Just it was like the ultimate of no control. I mean basically my dad one day could read the next day. Like was like. I don't know why, but I can't read any more or theme of moving arms or leg. It just happened so fast and forget things. he would forget circles somebody of her ways. I feel we gotta. I don't know. What's
I bet em right of a person, but my dad. Never till the last day. He always knew who we were, and he didn't aside from like little questions he would ask over and over mainly at this first, call that he lost control Yoke, so he had his brain and stately in your father. I fuck that right and correct. Especially because I know like he was such a physical person who loves like running and do it cuz you post my pictures about him, yeah I think that was the hardest thing to watch. Just like all this is. This is as much as I would have loved to have my dad for longer. It's like. I didn't. to see him like that was right, Am my dad too, was we put him kind of on a restrictive diet? So I just was like I'm doing it with you. You know it was very. It was like something he was alive. Yeah we did, we did weirdly. I was feeling really nostalgic for those times recently. You know it is just yeah they were
bad, but we're all together in yes, so anyway, now definitely diet, tips and things that I'm kind of unrestricted diet, so I just would like I'm doing it with you. You know it was a very light was like something to do together, but really it was also the interactive sneaking in pretty much like I am, but it was a cause for brain can so. There is a lot of like diet, tips and things that sugar, is like a cancer sugar, something let us know that. So so. That's why I'm obsessed with, like all it's really museums, how're of food, what it can do. My my old remain Alex her mother passed from cancer, but when she really got diagnosed, she went begin. A back gave her so many that Kabir, like it wasn't brain cancer gazettes aggressive it, but it was, but the doctors are like a couple years or a year, or something like that, and she so much longer than that, because our diet, yes, really cool. What food can do.
I I want to beat this. What do you suggest like Anorexia or believe me or some type of eating disorder like? What would you say? Usually people come to eat to me who love someone who is dealing? has anybody ever asked you for advice on hey? I want to beat this. What do you suggest like anorexia or bulimia, or some type of eating disorder like? What would you say biggest step is like the person needs to really want to heal, because yeah you're just not going to no matter what you do. I do think that tough love sometimes is helpful, yeah you're just not going to no matter what you do. I do think that tough love sometimes is helpful and like even if you're not ready it. I hate to flow, but it's so bad. It sucks yeah. So I think we made it and I really do think the biggest step is like the person needs to really want to heal, because you're, just not gonna, no matter what you do. I do think that sometimes is helpful, unlike even if you,
ready. I hate to fall by tomorrow, yeah, so bad it sucks. Yes, I I think I made it lies. I know love those words don't go together, like nice were yeah but you're right Yes, I usually just tell people to like eat that they have some one in their life that they can talk to it. the loneliness and isolation is something that can keep a glider friend best friend, It was just like. I remember one like accused sock when I was like really not I have friends and yeah. That was probably one of my turning points. Like already yeah, I don't need, and that was probably really helpful to hear you needed to hear it and that was probably one of the biggest things that stuck with me was like. Oh, this thinking ahead? Unlike the pardon me that actually matters like my personal friends and yet there was a problem, what am I turning points like all right, yeah? I don't need that was really helpful to hear you needed to hear it versus focusing, I think, focus less on the
right. Yeah we've been together right after my dad died, and then we were friends and on and off before them as well. Okay, a couple of years, yet and how have you been how long you been with your boyfriend? either on and off basically bright it we bend. the rate after my dad died in than we were friends and I'm not before them as well. Ok, a couple years, yet it if you were kind of getting a handle on it. I can't do in a letter. I think you'd do or do I do? Okay, I seems like you guys, are together now, yet mocha would you would come. I know you guys. I was always someone just rose we deal. Would he moved with it? Would you go that step with? No, are you we're gonna getting a handle on? I I I can't do it I in order, I think, I do. I do ok, I think, like you do bomb. I definitely feel like. I have a handle on it, but I haven't yet like picked it up. throw it away, but you gotTA wanting yeah, but that's the handles of receiving a bad
but you're so very present, an like in fighting end but you're doing the fight, and you haven't like just like. Let it take over here. That's how I feel I feel like I'm still. It's still conscious battle. Or because he doesn't want because it's you know. I think that that is a very fair thing. Yeah shirt and I mean do you even that he says it's just like babies, she's Rebecca like I'm, not bringing kids into the world with your eating habits, the way that they are cause he doesn't want because, as you know, I think that that is a very fair thing. Yeah sure and I mean do even go this far in your head with thinking of like ok, so I can see myself down the road getting no place. Where it's no longer part of my life where I can or do not want to feel I get scared about the part where the baby's gotta come out. That's the only thing that scares me. It's just so weird. It's so a part of me that I can't actually I like. Even just been praying scared, webbing Breyman gaming. I have no not gonna, get me outta here. I get scared about the part I mean I don't know what's going on in my life, but I get scared, but the vote with the baby's gotta come out does scares me
yeah. I heard that you'll be fine, now well drugs anyway, my mom says: when they give you drugs, you can't feel cause. She had one with the drugs and one without the drugs yeah yeah she's anyway airs yeah. That's when you say she felt the giving birth yeah, but her threshold for pain, I gotta stay, is quite a lot higher than your father's eyes, a higher three pain threshold. You know, moms, like it we're we're living alone. Emotional paint were little bitchy. Maybe it's like you, but young, at the younger generations. Get the bitch here. Baby is re, total egg we can't handle. I'm no outward Isidore, honest and talking about now is worth marks, excepting society there's there somewhere in the middle of that is the correct answer. Yet I second to sweep problems under those acting mental. How does nothing on better, but I think, as far as like physical hardware,
We can handle little more fear. Mental is great, as mental health has not been talked about at all, basically for, like a long long time agreed so We're not there's not where's, that mentality of just sucking up and do it doesn't it's not is prevalent in number generations right? yeah. It is like insane. I've been that my job for two years and I'm just like, oh god, I can't believe it. Doing this everyday use. Think of your parents like worked forty years. Why did you do that? But then I do think to myself should have reached a bunch of wine, a little bitches, wiping queen languages. Why little bitch is because we're priority. Maybe we're prioritizing happiness too much, I think so. Then it puts pressure in Ireland as members we fuck Lydia. While I mean but it's just like I. I couldn't disagree more with that and I have a bad sentiment to be passing
I I couldn't disagree more with that and I have a bad sentiment to be passing around because, like we're already kind of lazy, Americans are already late, so much lazier than other countries. I know and like also, but also like, because I think there's other countries where they work like four hours a day and get like double done. But it's like we're just sitting at our desks mindlessly on Facebook. When we could be there for four hours, I'm like I they used to annoy me, I would get all my work done before lunch and then I'm like what am I gonna do for the rest of the day like I should just be able to go home now. Oh, I feel that so much of the hours it should be like this is what you have to get done today and if you can, you can get it done slow or you can get it done fast. Then I can have the rest of my fucking show true, but I think it's it's. The Buddha quote is one probably only helpful if you are really so hard on yourself that you beat yourself up over not working enough and you were in reality. You are working a lot. Second, our trail yeah, but I think it's it's. The Buddha quote is own probably only helpful if you are really so hard on yourself that you be yourself up over not working enough
were in reality. You are working alot ass, it s the best fer to trick other, people so giving obscure, so you can run ahead of them. Other regional, stupid clouds here take this man. I don't share for opting gamma propaganda. That's what I say I am. I see you boot up any comes out with a book here, our fine way. You are no you're, not, I'd some nonsense of a recital anyway boy. So anyone who is listening to us right now, you just fuckin wasted an hour of your good idea. Now you listen to something like asking: while you did it, you fuckin fat, ass with your great and beautiful and
contact when she said Is that a from dealing with depression, even watching my mom like grieving so heavily, I do think like the best cure for anything, is just doing something either for an eating disorder cause. I remember, like I went a week into Hampshire to be like I'm just going to focus on eating. I was like no, that's not what we need without needing that seems like currency. Dealing with depression, even watching my mom, my grieving so heavily. I do think like the best cure, for anything is just doing something even for an eating disorders. Our member, like I, went a weakening Hampshire to be like I'm just gonna focus on eating.
That's not why Lulli and without getting on eating lessons. I currents. Brawny monk, I think, like a nightmare and focus on eating the Holy Yea was terrible, closing. Ok, the thing that you think most about that's now, the only thing you can do your non governmental, your real name. He, I think what like started healing me. Most was just like waitresses every day like a dog, it wasn't a hard job and I mean Vestings Willow ironic. serving saying anything. You'll get fat hat and it was at only got. That's really forgot in retrospect results with a Jew Surrey of all of alien waiters rain. So how yet, but his daughter to business now they re lays great place fell, but I do think just like doing something over and over and having purpose, and it can
Are you out of your head and habits of trick, though? Isn't it getting out your head and stop stop obsessing over the food thing? But it's like the more you say: that's yourself and the more you do things to stop obsessing over food thing. The more you gonna says above a fuckin food tone. I used to do something over and over, like you have beg you had doubts and you ve got to do the same thing over and over, and this is what I can take a hole in the son of the Earth S. I just didn't Dagon dig every day where my little had obtained the guy. You know it's true like well That's while it is anything else, you want to talk about, sat yeah. What about say anything we have time for illegal, another quip or another. Antonio just is there anything else that you won't want people know about Europe, truly fur? I bet you.
A regime fungi, my dad dad had only might media restaurant. I will party got. Is there anyway to redeem myself where you are fond and charming? Thank you, yeah you're, really, for anything, you do a great job with dealing with really sad shit on stage to the point where like when you start promised everyone's. Like everyone, laughing riches of you, that's a real testament, dear still banks. I I yeah, I really enjoy it. I didn't I it's be. I think when it no, I think when my dad was dying, it was so dark. Every day was so miserable and painful view that comedy just popped. Some of my brother was home with me and we laughed harder that year than I've ever real, ever laughed yeah. Just because, like that's awesome, you like I physically needed it in a way that I never had before. I really was like an orgasm. Just like you like it just like
they update, and then it was like the laughter just a release of laughing at something dark. Is the best feeling in the world that we like inviting comedians to come on to talk about? Like quote darker, some Jack's behind their all fucked up the idea of its awesome dull, but it's like weak it. It's so helpful to hear somebody just sit whatever the thing. Is it just a laugh at something that's like yeah. This can be really sad and dark and bleak, but, like you know, there is also of others also humorous parts to a germ, em and so go to a restaurant and no one knows there's a show, and it's like why someone trying to interrupt my dinner when up if a punch line is not good. If I ever contrivance, I could that's not fair subjects like brought the audience down fur for nothing re which I I you guys effort. If the odd Hence people listening there. These shows any Arkwright just like go to arrest
Braun and no, no there's a show yeah. It's like unwise, Sumter and interrupt my dinner, and I am doing one by ambush. I did one way up town. It was my life, never tells you know when they shot. I want you to come to see the show. Now they want to eat, they want to eat they either on a lovely date, and then I would just be like so my dad's in a coma implants lines. Yeddo is desired. Kay? What else? What I say I mean only first: ok, it's a dangerous territory. Yeah! I'm glad I am, I think, I'm further away from it now you gotta see the big SEC. Did you say all I'd? I augur that was that you gotta see that if that, let me run only a diver, yet you ought to see the atlas great. Ok, I love the family. Staff in them will be yeah. That's really! That's really! Wouldn't you hit home for you. I would assume M M cool. She was here. We don't get anything away. Blue eye had prepared a refrigerator, magnet an inspirational fridge magna. What would it say
he'd bids you have just open it up. One is a kind of food is a related. I dont, even think of like the regulator as being the vessel, the keeper of the food Jesus Christ, something open Certainly, she doesn't have to do. She doesn't yeah and also her name's Alyssa yeah, oh gosh, yeah trippy AOL, that's funny what I have in there. I always have like a lot of food cheat sheet okay. Well, I mean that less sustenance, sustenance, more fun, more Alyssa, okay yeah there. I think one thing, and there I always have a common care at like caught o k, bears my mean I am definitely sustenance. It has estimated so calm and pop chips. Pop chips are my half my body mocha.
Well, I mean that last estimate. today when you wake up like put in your mind that it's gonna be the best day, irreverent wagon filtering Amy. gaming debate. Even if I am not against I'm not against this, it's always the approach. Its photographers Maghreb, together, studying it's the year or, like I had a someone who drove me to school and high school like no one, I friends dad's, he would like leave the carving back. Ok guys Today's the last? What's today's date last July. seventeen stray seventeen you'll ever have so make it. One was a big words: where can we find you online? at least a limp ale, Is s a l, a M p on Instagram and twitter?
Islam Peristyle, confer videos and chosen, although only want to promote any gigs whom an upper anything else We want to say I'm doing my solar show a lotta jokes. I dead, Dad zodiacal. He has called jokes what my dead dead, get on board. Now, really it's called no bad days than my dad's, big bang. So yeah, I'm doing that at the privilege. Providence fringe festival am Cinder block vessel. stuff that has been on but we're we're redoing it. It's now called crazy in bed and by being crazy and spending time redoing it. It's now called crazy in bed, and it's about being crazy and spending time in bed. I love double meaning I'm really, I am really looking forward to bring it on I'd love to hear it am, and may I also Paquette call out all this stuff that everyone has been on, but where
where redoing at its now called crazy imbalance, rubbing crazy and spend time, I love double meaning they do so. My thanks for having been guys. We fucked they antis watching me part gas will talk to you. Next can now cause tenant shut out. Now you can think side ABC
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