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Father of Seattle 'CHOP' victim discusses outpouring of support, phone call from President Trump

2020-07-08 | 🔗
Horace Lorenzo Anderson's teenage son was killed at Seattle's Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone.
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You may have seen our gripping and sad interview last week with Horace Lorenzo Anderson SR the Father who told us about the heartbreaking experience he lost his 19 year old son in the summer of love, chopped and Chaz Zone. Now Mr Anderson has received an outpouring of support, including we are told, a phone call from the President President Trump and finally, a meeting with Seattles mayor. He returns tonight to give us an update along with Andre Taylor. Mr Anderson, thank you for being back. Everybody asks me. Nobody called Mr Anderson during this show, as it was going on, the White House, Switchboard called asking for your number. What has happened since a lot of things have happened just because of your show. I believe I wanted to say first of all
want to give my heart out to everyone because of your show. People have been reaching out to the with the most the best around the world, ive gotten cards from around the world people I dont even know reaching out to me saying that youre a great dad and different things. I wish I had a dad, like you things like this. You know its been very overwhelming. How was the presidents call tell us about that kind of like just you know basic? He called and gave his condolences. You know like I said a phone call is like you know. I call you and tell you I love you. I can tell you that its a different thing when somebodys right there embracing you and telling you you love them. You can feel the love im not into politics, so I dont know if the conversation was just conversation, Mr Taylor, what about the mayor Inexcusable, Mr Taylor?
She allowed this to happen. She didnt protect Mr Andersons son. She should have protected the city, the people of her city. I want to go back to the presidents phone because we were both on the phone call. The president was extremely gracious. He called at a perfect time during the funeral services during the funeral services it just lifted Horace up, he was elated screaming. I got a call from the president. I dont want to belittle the power of the presidency or the seat of the presidency. It was very, very special for him and it was very, very special for myself. Whatever your politics, are it doesnt matter? The office is the most powerful office in this world and to be able to receive a phone call from the president. He gets no higher than that. I just want to make sure we covered that. I got a lot of reaction too, and everybody that
I have talked to everyone. Thats written me, everyone I saw over the weekend since their love and prayers to you, and I.
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