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Georgia Senate races too close to call, both parties get good news

2021-01-05 | 🔗
Bill Hemmer joins 'Hannity' with the latest data from the Georgia Senate runoff elections
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Buckle up, we may be in for a long night long morning, maybe beyond here with the latest from Atlanta at the Hannity Big Board. We call it the Hemmer Board Bill Hemmer. Now we see the tightening what shocked me and if you can explain this, it seems to be the opposite returns coming in early than what we saw on election night, in other words Fulton County. Last time I checked was eighty percent in thats, not what happened on November. Third and fourth well, you had a pipe leak or toilet bust or whatever happened two months ago, Sean. You know the state well im going to show you some good NEWS for Republicans im going to show you some Good NEWS for Democrats. Right now were starting to see this tighten few moments ago. We were up one hundred thousand votes. We just got a number of valid drops north of Atlanta up in the County of Cherokee.
This was one percent a moment ago, now close to ninety five percent. This is heavily red for Republicans, which seems to lets pop back out here. See this moment right here Sean. This is the difference between Ossoff and Perdue at the moment, probably ten minutes ago, that was fifty thousand sixty thousand. Let me clear this and show you Warnock hes been running about, I would say, ten thousand to fifteen thousand votes higher than ossoff the entire night, which I think is interesting, well see whether or not that holds so. I will give you come on back in here. At the moment, Perdue has taken a slight edge over ossoff things are going back and forth ill. Take you around the state, show you what im learning some of its anecdotal. Some may mean a lot in the end. Lets start in Atlanta, Fulton County. You mentioned it.
Eighty four percent reporting we knew Democrats would do well in this country theyre doing that right now, with ossoff checking in with close to seventy five percent of the vote number one populated county in the state out of one hundred and fifty nine. This is number two populated thats. Kalb county still have a lot of ways to go. Twenty years ago this was Newt Gingrichs home seat. This is Dekalb heavily populated youre. Only at thirty percent of the vote checking in thus far today round it out. This is Gwinnett. County Democrats would like this news. Thirty three percent reporting and ossoff with a 21 lead now come back to what I just said about Cherokee thats county number, six news clicks in for the red team,
Perdue and Loeffler. This is red. Its trending blue, however David Perdue did very well in Forsythe60 days ago, got a long way to go here. Last night, president was in North Georgia lets check this out. I will tell you, were seeing this real time data so when it pops up on the board Sean youre, seeing it the first time we are. This is Whitfield County, Dalton Georgia, where the big rally was last night, more rural doesnt rank quite as high as some of the other counties. Thirty out of one hundred and fifty nine weve got a ways to go in this county as well. Let me pull out here for a moment. Just a second ago in Savannah Georgia, Chatham County. This has been very slow to report. Now you have a big dump here. Forty percent reporting couple moments ago that was at one percent. We expect this to go. Favor of the Democrats lets just see
ill. Tell you what ill do ill. Take the map. Take you back sixty days ago and show you how Chatham County ran fifty seven point: five for Ossoff Perdue forty today at the moment, youre at sixty eight slash, thirty one. How does that stack up with raw votes here? 31000Ossoff fourteen thousand five hundred for Perdue in the end two months ago, seventy five thousand weve got a ways to go. Several tens of thousands of votes still out here in Chatham County in the southeastern section. I have been waiting on that trying to figure out whats been happening in Savannah. Someone suggested two precincts extended. Their voting that was reported earlier today. Savannahs checking in here I mentioned Republicans, can find some good news on this map Democrats. They can find some good news on this map come down here to Macon Georgia. Some blue votes coming in
at the moment, tuft a tick past 900 on the EAST coast, as were talking Sean look at this number, the difference. Nine hundred and sixty four raw votes are you seeing what im seeing, of course, fifty to fifty unbelievable at the moment? Well, come back. I told everybody all day yesterday leading up to this. My radio show was an hour and a ten minutes. I said probably the votes in this hour and ten minutes will define the winner thats. How close it was.
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