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Holtz: Medal of Freedom ceremony was a 'breathtaking moment'

2020-12-29 | 🔗
Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz looks back at being honored with the Medal of Freedom on 'Hannity.'
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Trey back to you MIKE, thank you. No earlier this month, President Trump Award at Presidential Medal of freedom to famed college football, coach, Lou Holtz, the president recognized not only has contributions to college football, but his dedication to helping others joining us. Now is the legend himself coach, Lou Holtz, Merry Christmas and happy new year. How are you im all right? It was great to be with you certainly enjoying the show tonight. Well, they could I enjoyed watching that ceremony and I dont want us to get sad, but im going to be honest with you. I really wish your beautiful wife, Beth and im sure in the way she was watching, but I wish he could have been there with you, because I know you feel like she earned that award every bit as much. If not more than you did. I cant say enough positive things about her Trey shes gone to happen. I have no chance,
but receiving the metal was a great honor. Nobody wouldve been more appreciative. I was very proud to receive it. I think President Trump is done some of the great things and for the Democrats and everybody else fighting him along the way, but the metal created does not define my life thats by my friends and my family. As ive often said, life is not the number of breaths you take on much the number of breathtaking moments. You experience up something I will cherish forever coach. This is present such a difficult year for our fellow Americans, but sports has a unique way of creating a bright spot. It is appropriate that we are playing sports in the midst of this. Do you feel that I do that it is kind of a bright spot in this otherwise dreary year that we have had. This is really been a
difficult year, but particularly in college football thereve been hundreds of games, canceled thousands of players, but I do know of any plan- theres, no doubt its a very dreadful disease. I managed to overcome it, particularly for young people. You have to move on, but college football today, its not really college football, its tailgating, the fans, the cheerleaders, the excitement, everything that goes with it. But when you look at this stage, they did one smart thing. David said this year wont count count hes taken half this year will be a plus theres, a lot of pluses coach come. I want to thank you for everything. Youve.
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