Amb. O'Brien touts 'courage' and 'skill' of Israel-UAE peace deal 0:03:07 2020-08-13
subscriber only AG Barr says Durham investigation won't interfere with election schedule 0:10:27 2020-08-13
Barr: Violent crime in cities can be handled, we need the will 0:03:47 2020-08-13
Hannity: The radical running mate 0:11:24 2020-08-13
subscriber only Kamala Harris' support for Planned Parenthood under fire after raid on pro-life activist 0:04:51 2020-08-12
subscriber only Pence: Kamala Harris as Biden's VP confirms Democratic Party controlled by radicals 0:10:06 2020-08-12
subscriber only Hannity: Biden and Harris play nice for the cameras 0:11:53 2020-08-12
subscriber only Trump slams media saying 'a Pulitzer Prize is worthless' 0:19:52 2020-08-11
Trump on Kamala Harris: I'm not sure Americans want someone so liberal 0:13:10 2020-08-11
Hannity: Kamala Harris is extreme and far-left 0:12:30 2020-08-11
Lawrence Jones asks New Yorkers about Joe Biden's remarks about Black voters 0:02:04 2020-08-10
subscriber only Sen. Lindsey Graham says the FBI misled the Senate Intel Committee about the Steele dossier in 2018 0:04:16 2020-08-10
subscriber only Hannity: What Joe Biden's America would look like 0:05:06 2020-08-10
How could Biden VP pick impact 2020 race? 0:07:13 2020-08-07
Eric Trump: Joe Biden doesn't have the mental capacity to be president 0:03:20 2020-08-06
subscriber only Hannity: Biden doesn't know what city he's in 0:13:55 2020-08-06
subscriber only Can voters name one of Biden's accomplishments? 0:00:53 2020-08-05
Karl Rove slams conspiracy theory that Trump won't vacate White House 0:07:10 2020-08-05
subscriber only Graham on Yates testimony: It was a bad day for Jim Comey 0:05:41 2020-08-05
subscriber only Hannity: Does Biden have what it takes to be president? 0:10:40 2020-08-05
subscriber only Dr. Siegel on if Biden should take cognitive assessment 0:04:38 2020-08-05
subscriber only Sen. Cruz calls out Democrats for 'facilitating' riots 0:08:09 2020-08-04
subscriber only Condoleeza Rice takes jab at liberals for assuming the black vote 0:03:42 2020-08-04
subscriber only Beirut blast kills at least 70, injures thousands 0:01:09 2020-08-04
Hannity: Democrats worried Biden is too feeble to take on Trump 0:07:17 2020-08-04
subscriber only Biden's mishaps, gaffes fuel advice for him to skip debate against Trump 0:06:49 2020-08-04
subscriber only What do New Yorkers think about the rise in crime in their city? 0:02:20 2020-08-03
Sen. Rubio calls Rep. Bass an 'admirer of the Castro regime' 0:02:34 2020-08-03
subscriber only McEnany: Press does not apologize for inaccurate stories 0:04:40 2020-08-03
Hannity: Democrats float bizarre theory about Trump not leaving office 0:10:10 2020-08-03
Ken Cuccinelli gives 'two enthusiastic thumbs up' to Supreme Court ruling on border wall 0:05:24 2020-07-31
subscriber only Dr. Fauci credits travel ban with saving lives, refuses to specifically blame protests for spreading COVID 0:05:45 2020-07-31
Armed St. Louis homeowner says members of angry mob that besieged his house had guns 0:03:32 2020-07-30
subscriber only Mark Levin says Barack Obama abused the Black community more than any other modern president 0:06:41 2020-07-30
subscriber only Kevin McCarthy says Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer to blame for delays in COVID relief 0:03:29 2020-07-30
subscriber only Dan Bongino, Alderman Raymond Lopez on the anti-police agenda taking over the Democratic Party 0:04:46 2020-07-30
subscriber only Michael Flynn's attorney on latest twist in her client's legal saga: 'Sad day for the rule of law' 0:01:41 2020-07-30
Hannity: Obama politicizes John Lewis' funeral 0:13:54 2020-07-30
Rep. Louie Gohmert speaks to Sean Hannity after testing positive for COVID-19 0:03:58 2020-07-29
subscriber only Hannity: New York City is deteriorating before our very eyes 0:04:48 2020-07-29
Lawrence Jones speaks to New Yorkers about rise in public drug use near Times Square 0:04:58 2020-07-29
subscriber only Veep leak? Joe Biden prepped talking points about Sen. Kamala Harris 0:02:20 2020-07-28
Attorney for Nicholas Sandmann says Brian Stelter showed 'poor judgment' by retweeting post about settlement 0:01:57 2020-07-28
Deep State actors cash in on corruption 0:05:51 2020-07-28
Trey Gowdy wonders where US would be if William Barr had been President Trump's first attorney general 0:05:20 2020-07-28
subscriber only Department of Justice spokeswoman Kerri Kupec says Barr hearing was 'lost opportunity' for the American people 0:03:43 2020-07-28
subscriber only Sen. Lindsey Graham on identity of Steele dossier sub-source, FBI's mischaracterization of dossier information 0:04:59 2020-07-27
Rep. Jerry Nadler claims Antifa violence in Portland is a 'myth' 0:01:02 2020-07-27
Lawrence Jones speaks with Chicago residents about gun violence plaguing city 0:03:18 2020-07-27
subscriber only Hannity: Violent unrest plagues America's Democrat-run cities 0:06:53 2020-07-27
Big-city Democrats downplay surging violence 0:11:11 2020-07-24
How far will the media go to smear President Trump and his allies? 0:08:04 2020-07-24
subscriber only Carson on scrapping Obama-era housing rule: We don't need layers of bureaucracy telling Americans how to live 0:06:09 2020-07-24
subscriber only President Trump on athletes kneeling during national anthem, FBI spying on Trump 2016 campaign 0:04:14 2020-07-23
subscriber only President Trump on support for mask-wearing, progress on COVID therapeutics and vaccines, second term agenda 0:09:55 2020-07-23
President Trump on supporting law enforcement, Joe Biden's left-wing manifesto and bizarre gaffes 0:11:13 2020-07-23
subscriber only President Trump on decision to cancel Jacksonville part of GOP convention, lawlessness in liberal cities 0:07:06 2020-07-23
Hannity: The FBI spied on candidate Trump 0:07:40 2020-07-23
subscriber only Sen. John Kennedy: The Chinese Communist Party has become a world co-morbidity 0:03:09 2020-07-22
Sean Hannity announces interview with President Trump 0:00:33 2020-07-22
Geraldo Rivera slams Joe Biden's claim that Trump is first 'racist' president 0:06:32 2020-07-22
Hannity: President Trump takes action as Democratic mayors watch their cities crumble 0:14:55 2020-07-22
subscriber only Hannity: Why CNN won't highlight progress in the fight against COVID 0:08:04 2020-07-21
Kayleigh McEnany on dealing with a hostile press corps, reports of another night of violence in Chicago 0:07:34 2020-07-21
Missouri Gov. Mike Parson says he will pardon armed St. Louis couple who defended their home from protesters 0:06:10 2020-07-20
subscriber only Sen. Lindsey Graham on FBI use of discredited Steele dossier, questions for Sally Yates 0:06:48 2020-07-20
Hannity: Democrats have failed America's cities 0:08:21 2020-07-20
subscriber only Devin Nunes on new revelations about origins of the Russia probe: We want indictments 0:03:30 2020-07-17
Kellyanne Conway praises President Trump's handling of COVID crisis, stresses importance of reopening schools 0:05:46 2020-07-17
subscriber only Hannity: Portland's far-left city leaders reject federal help amid ongoing lawlessness 0:02:59 2020-07-16
subscriber only Rep. Kevin McCarthy on bill to protect American statues, Republican push to restore law and order 0:06:28 2020-07-16
subscriber only Leo Terrell: The Democratic Party left me 0:04:00 2020-07-16
DHS chief Chad Wolf on lawlessness in Portland: It's time that we take a stand 0:04:00 2020-07-16
subscriber only Sen. Lindsey Graham on effort to declassify key FBI memo on Christopher Steele 0:05:12 2020-07-15
Jerry Falwell Jr. joins Hannity to discuss Liberty University's lawsuit against the New York Times 0:04:17 2020-07-15
subscriber only Hannity: Hate, hysteria and the New York Times 0:05:20 2020-07-15
subscriber only Armed St. Louis homeowner says he's the victim of an intimidation campaign 0:02:34 2020-07-14
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott provides update on surge of COVID cases, urges Americans to wear masks 0:04:11 2020-07-14
NYC Police Benevolent Association president blasts city's liberal leaders over spike in crime 0:04:50 2020-07-14
Hannity: The biggest choice election in modern American history 0:10:35 2020-07-14
Roger Stone speaks exclusively to Hannity following President Trump's commutation of his sentence 0:15:43 2020-07-13
subscriber only Lawrence Jones speaks to family of 1-year-old killed in New York City 0:06:55 2020-07-13
Rudy Giuliani slams New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Black Lives Matter organization 0:06:10 2020-07-10
subscriber only Hogan Gidley on President Trump's decision to commute Roger Stone's sentence, Joe Biden's economic agenda 0:03:06 2020-07-10
Trump on violence in liberal cities, 'brainwashed' Joe Biden, response to COVID crisis, Supreme Court rulings 0:39:00 2020-07-10
subscriber only Mark Levin says Bernie Sanders is running the Democratic Party, the Roberts Court is a rudderless disaster 0:07:43 2020-07-09
Hannity: Joe Biden is being controlled by radical socialists 0:12:31 2020-07-09
Father of Seattle 'CHOP' victim discusses outpouring of support, phone call from President Trump 0:03:03 2020-07-08
subscriber only Nikki Haley: You don't have to like President Trump, but he gets results and raised Americans' quality of life 0:03:30 2020-07-08
subscriber only New revelations on Ilhan Omar's swampy campaign spending practices 0:01:00 2020-07-08
subscriber only Donald Trump Jr.: The radical left entirely controls Joe Biden and the Democratic Party 0:04:04 2020-07-08
Hannity: Joe Biden takes his marching orders from extreme left 0:09:39 2020-07-08
subscriber only Lawrence Jones investigates violence in Chicago 0:07:53 2020-07-08
Kayleigh McEnany on calling out press over lack of questions about surge of violence in America's big cities 0:03:04 2020-07-07
Hannity: Make no mistake, America's cities are in chaos 0:04:58 2020-07-07
Gov. Ron DeSantis says Florida is prepared for increased spread of coronavirus 0:04:46 2020-07-07
subscriber only Ray Kelly slams Mayor Bill de Blasio: He eviscerated the NYPD 0:02:51 2020-07-07
Hannity: Charlie Daniels will never be forgotten 0:00:48 2020-07-06
St. Louis homeowners recount having to defend themselves as demonstrators approached property 0:03:57 2020-07-06
subscriber only Sen. John Kennedy on Biden's pledge to transform America: The American people will pay a fearsome price 0:02:53 2020-07-06
Mark Meadows: President Trump is the only thing standing between a mob and the American people 0:04:33 2020-07-06
Hannity's history lesson on race relations in America 0:07:20 2020-07-06
subscriber only Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell will reportedly give names 0:06:08 2020-07-03
Rep. Andy Biggs says Trump's critics are trying to sow division with complaints over Mount Rushmore event 0:09:03 2020-07-03
Mike Rowe on reality of risk amid coronavirus pandemic, new 'Dirty Jobs' series 0:07:14 2020-07-02
subscriber only 'Hannity' investigates dangerous consequences of lawlessness as the left embraces defund the police movement 0:10:40 2020-07-02
Father of teen killed in Seattle's 'CHOP' zone speaks out 0:35:29 2020-07-01
Sen. Ted Cruz: Democrats released the crazies in their party 0:05:16 2020-07-01
Lawrence Jones confronted at New York City protest 0:02:24 2020-07-01
Mark Cuban defends Obamacare, blasts President Trump's trade deals, praises Joe Biden for deficit reduction 0:07:01 2020-06-30
subscriber only Hannity on Joe Biden's big day out 0:13:30 2020-06-30
subscriber only Gov. Kristi Noem defends importance of Mount Rushmore, response to coronavirus 0:03:47 2020-06-30
Eric Trump slams Joe Biden's 'zero energy' press conference: The man has no fight in him 0:04:11 2020-06-30
subscriber only Democrats push national mask mandate as solution to coronavirus pandemic 0:02:28 2020-06-29
subscriber only Hannity: Decades of Democratic rule has resulted in disaster for many of America's major cities 0:06:09 2020-06-29
subscriber only Joe Biden's blunders show no signs of slowing down 0:04:58 2020-06-29
Newt Gingrich on importance of 2020 election, new book 0:04:32 2020-06-26
Sen. Joni Ernst on efforts to force cities, states to hold violent agitators accountable 0:06:03 2020-06-26
subscriber only President Trump on Hunter Biden's Ukraine and China ties, whether Joe Biden has the stamina to be president 0:05:18 2020-06-26
Sean Hannity's town hall with President Trump: Part 2 0:16:55 2020-06-25
subscriber only Sean Hannity's town hall with President Trump: Part 1 0:25:32 2020-06-25
President Trump on Joe Biden's latest coronavirus gaffe: It's not a permissible error 0:05:21 2020-06-25
Trump calls Schumer, Pelosi 'bad people' 0:00:29 2020-06-25
President Trump responds to John Bolton 0:00:41 2020-06-25
Trump addresses Biden and Democrat-run cities 0:00:29 2020-06-25
subscriber only Mark Levin says it's time to stand up for civil society, support the police and take the streets back 0:03:42 2020-06-24
subscriber only Sens. Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham on Democrats blocking GOP police reform bill 0:07:11 2020-06-24