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Kayleigh McEnany on calling out press over lack of questions about surge of violence in America's big cities

2020-07-07 | 🔗
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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White House press White House, press secretary, Kayleigh, Mcenany isnt pulling any punches with the mob and the media. Take a look. I end with this. I was asked twelve questions about the confederate flag. This president focused on action im a little dismayed that I didnt receive one question wrong: the death we got in this country this weekend. It is such a good point. We have hundreds of people shot every weekend. Anyone wants to have a debate about memorials or statues. I am open for debate with anybody. Can we do it while we are simultaneously protecting the life of every american citizen and every city and town in the country, because our kids are now dying at six seven and eight from bullets in their head thats? Exactly right, I went back and counted on. My way here was asked more than twenty four questions about the confederate flag, not one about these children and good on you to show the pictures of these kids.
We need to know their faces know their names lost her life in Atlanta. This is a tragedy. This is happening on american streets because of Democrat Mayors and Democrat governors and their fundamental an interest in getting to the bottom of this is despicable and it just goes to show how out of touch people are here. It was a great idea, pondering everybody races backgrounds, so you have combined over one hundred and twenty five years. Experience stupid enough as a country to elect Biden, Pelosi and Schumer. They didnt do opportunity zones, they didnt do criminal justice, reform or police reform. Historically, black colleges and they didnt, shatter record after record low unemployment for minorities in America, and they had eight years to do it. Why did they do it actions in success or another,
making permanent Hbcus Funding criminal justice reform? But what do Democrats have to on offer? Two children died in autonomous zone, failed cities like Chicago where you saw thirteen killed last weekend. Seventy seven injured, like New York City, where youve had for three weeks and increasing shootings. This is where it has gotten us, and the black community, in particular poverty, crime and the cities and taking President Trump to rescue people from that scenario and give hope and opportunity. I noticed the mob is criticizing the New York Times and others and im thinking that means youre doing a great job. Does it bother you at all? I take it as a badge of honor guess what that means. I am getting to them, pushing their buttons not going to play their game like they play with any Republican who comes to this town. The truth is that this president has done so much for this
country and they dont get enough credit, but we will give credit great job, and I know.
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