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Kellyanne Conway praises President Trump's handling of COVID crisis, stresses importance of reopening schools

2020-07-17 | 🔗
Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway joins Tammy Bruce with insight on 'Hannity.'
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With that being said, im a believer in masks. I think masks are good sure to react to all of this is counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway Kellyanne. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate it hi Tammy look. This interview is going to be great on Sunday every time the president has a chance to speak his mind. The american people realize how serious he is and what he wants to get done. That conversation in particular is very important because he was talking about Dr Fauci, who flip flopped on the issue of masks. As an example, now ive got the president hes not doing those briefings that he was doing every day, but weve got Dr Fauci with his big spread and in style magazine hes going around kind. Every and perhaps a lack of seriousness are vanity thats impacting him. What do you think of the presidents opinion his voice being able to get out there out there lament more when it comes
to this continuing conversation about the coronavirus? I am a volunteer and ive been very public about, including today the President had a fifty one percent approval rating handling. The pandemic, when he was doing the daily briefings they dont, need to be two hours long with confrontations. Instead of information with a press car that just venerating him and trying to battle him for their own book fees in speaking fees and fame, he can provide information to Americans because nobody does that, quite like President Trump hes already provided what I call the democratization of information through his twitter feed and all the social media platforms he has one hundred and seventy million, or so followers on social media hes cut out the middleman Tammy everybody gets the information from the president. At the same time, stay at home, moms billionaire ceos, the plumber on the job checking his phone, the only people who dont like the fact the president has cut out the middleman is the middleman and thats the media. But I think when the president provides basic information about where we are coronavirus and
look, he and the task force were doing at a reasonable day. When the information was devastating. We had over two thousand deaths per day. We were there, the president was there every slow day. Every weekend he was in the White House with the coronavirus task force. All of that were, there was put forward really now needs to, I believe, be carried through. I want to say this people try to separate president Trump for members of his task force, including Dr Fauci. They are all on the same task force. Dr Fauci is part of the presidents government. Now, as is Dr Redfield, Dr Birx and others, but also our great economist, secretary of Labor and treasuring. Other people are trying to get the economic relief going. This presidents handling of dual financial and medical crisis has been excellent. People dont want to give them credit for a surging ventilator capacity. I see you capacity exercising their domestic production act, working working with democratic governors, hes dont trickle down, so many great things that people dont want to give them credit for, but
the american people see it the american people dont necessarily see it all, because the media covers it up right. They dont talk about those things, its always the panic porn. If you will negativity even the muni deletion of the numbers, we thought polls were many related, but now we have the actual data we are finding out. That was manipulated about the coronavirus, its clear, the president should at least have a voice in making sure that people know exactly what it isnt going on because they appreciate it. But in the midst of that as we, but in the midst of that, as we heard with the presidents answer regarding schools- is that theres also this misinformation about the danger of schools. Europe has open up their schools. Theyve not found a surge pediatricians in the United States are saying you must get children back into this environment. What can we do, and obviously I think the presidents right, but he must take some action to be able to move this forward.
Otherwise, its going to be a lost generation forget about a lost economy. This is going to go on as a problem for twenty years. Its true and you know, was disproportionately hurt by this. Some of our lower income students, those who rely upon school choice, opportunity scholarships charter schools. They dont have the certainty that they are going to have the continuity Tammy. Some of us are pushing for legislation to make sure that if their schools arent open, they can take that money with them and go to another school. So we stop this interruption in their academic schooling, but also in all the services that so many of our school children across the country rely upon. In the first three weeks in March, seventy five million students stopped going to school, nearly one hundred percent of our students werent in school. We saw the digital divide they bear. So many of this kids could not access basic digital assets to let them learn remotely. The statistics are worth repeating that our schools report about one in five child abuse cases its a place where many of our
students get their nutrition, its where they are able to see another adult and tell them something they get their mental health services basic health services. All that is so boring because we cant create a pandemic within a everybody, wants it done safely and securely. Ive talked to school districts and superintendents and board members, and some people are being very creative with solutions that are coming up with to be creative and innovative and get these kids back to school. It wont maybe feel the same. Maybe if fewer assemblies mom and dad cant come in and do reading timer cupcake parties for birthdays, we can be innovative. We are America, we have to get kids back in school and Joe Bidens against school choice, opportunity scholarships standing in the schoolhouse door, traveling kids inside of it cant get a better education, preventing other kids from going in and starting the school year.
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