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Ken Cuccinelli gives 'two enthusiastic thumbs up' to Supreme Court ruling on border wall

2020-07-31 | 🔗
The Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote has denied a request to halt construction of President Trump's border wall over environmental concerns; reaction from DHS Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli.
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Its like from from one hundred years ago and amid the surging crime and major cities across the country, the left continues to work towards defunding the police. A new story on Foxnews dot com states that assume to be released. Report will show that almost half of police departments nationwide are getting their budgets cut. In other news about your security, the Trump Administration has just gotten a big win. The Supreme Court has denied a request to halt construction of the border wall joining us now for reaction DHS Acting Deputy Secretary KEN Cuccinelli. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. I would like you to first react to the Supreme Court clearing the way for some two dollars and fifty cents billion of Pentagon allocated funds to be used for the border wall. Two enthusiastic thumbs up
the president has told us, and he has directed his administration to press ahead aggressively, but always within the boundaries of the law, always within the boundaries of the law and the Supreme Court acknowledged today and is left the building of the wall. Continue. We passed two hundred miles more than a month ago. We will pass three hundred miles well before the end of the summer and we will pass four hundred miles not long after that we will certainly get well over four hundred miles by the end of the year. Just as this president promised Supreme Court has kept us free to do it. Customs and border protection and the army corps of engineers are pressing ahead hard to make it happen, and todays win was a big one to make sure we stay on track. For that goal it will, and it will be most helpful. Having been on the border is much as I have. It will be a huge help to the border patrol no doubt about it. I also want to get your reaction to the story that you can read about on Foxnews dot com. This
idea that have a police departments are getting budget cuts in this time and age. Right now, ive got to tell you its going to be devastating to the country and its residents. They are supposed to be protecting the citizenry. You cant just go and cut their budget and not expect to have a consequence. You know thats why police become police officers, they want to do good and protect their communities. Of course you have the every so often bad apple, but theres no professionalprofession on earth have that for purely political reasons, you have left wing governments, city councils, mayors and so forthcoming. These budgets lets be really clear. About whos hurt the most. Where do you need policing the most you needed them most of the poorest communities, the communities a better most crime ridden and they are disproportionately minority. This president is upset about it. He fights that continuously. As you know,
he passed criminal justice reform, its a balance, hes very tough, very tough, on crime. He also knows we need to get it right. He didnt want his predecessor wouldnt, do on on the reform Sid, and now we have all these left wing, local governments that are trying to cut their police departments. We have seen it in New York, we are seeing it all over the country and its bad news for the communities that need it, the most its amazing to me that Democrats, level of government, government employees and more government, except when then they just want chaos, and they are okay with rioting and domestic terrorism thats the way I see it thats. What I see is going on. I need you to comment, give us the latest about Portland, because there was a transition based on what the governor was doing with the state police wheres. The line, one president Trump might step in with the national guard. Is it getting better and will it solve the problem? Well, violence was declining this week and then last night
the state police did what we have been asking them to do for months and that is to show up they didnt show up. They began doing the policing that the Portland police wouldnt do around the courthouse on the federal facilities and lo and behold into months we had our first night without violence last night, and this is, I told you so moment really, but we have still got to get through the weekend. Weekends are always tougher for mayor rioting and violence standpoint. We will see her tonight and tomorrow night go. We are going in the right direction. Part of the reason we were positioned to go on the right direction is because President Trump supported us in advancing officers into Portland to protect that courthouse and protect the federal facilities. And, frankly, I think the state and local governments were just embarrassed that we were holding out the way we were and doing our job and performing our mission were everywhere else in America, even other cities, where the president is at odds with
the mayor, we still cooperated the professional law enforcement level, but not in Portland. Governor Brown is change that it will give her that credit. This is a win win for the President and this administration, Governor Brown and her state police. It makes Portland look pathetic, more pathetic. Be that as it may, they did what we asked took them a long time to do it, but as soon as they did it, it started to work its amazing just how have local law enforcement do their job.
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