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McCloskeys join 'Hannity' to react to indictment

2020-10-06 | 🔗
Mark and Patricia McCloskey join 'Hannity' after grand jury indicts them on gun charges.
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Unfortunately, tonight the unequal system of justice is on full display mark Patricia Mccloskey the couple seen on the now viral video defending their St Louis home from a mob of angry demonstrators in June. If they were the ones indicted today, according to their attorney Al Watkins, they are now facing the charges of unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with evidence with their reaction mark and Patricia Mccloskey. First im, sorry that youre going through this youre, both lawyers and my understanding, is that these protesters didnt they break through an iron gate, ignoring no trespassing sign and didnt. You tell me in a previous interview that you were both threatened verbally and otherwise, not just one. Trespassing sign three, no trespassing signs an iron gate that has been there
since one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight and threatened us with murder, with rape with arson, with burning our hearts. My cows down killing our dog s every possible, where theyre going to put that pistol when they take it away from her. It was a horrifying scene. Just an attempt by this Soros funded prosecutor to intimidate people to warn people out there that, if you stand up for yourself, exercise your second amendment rights, we are going to punish you not the mob, not the criminals, but we are going to punish you law abiding citizens for trying to defend yourselves and your weapons were legal and they were on your property. Is that correct? This is true if a private neighborhood, when they folded down that gate and broke into our neighborhood, every inch of our neighborhood is private property. They walked right past, a sign
three of them private property residents. Only no trespassing broke the gate down and came storming and purity Sean did you see weapons of the of any of the people that were in front of your house or on your property? I saw the one guy pointed to come of pointed magazines that may close enough that I could see that they had shelves in them clicks them at me said you are next, the guy next to him. Also wearing body armor had a sidearm on him and was kept inching closer and its in closer. They were armed, they were dangerous and they were intentionally threatening again these weapons that you have were illegal and they were on your own property. Can you explain the tampering of evidence charge im having a hard time with that one? We have not seen the charging documents and ive been advised by my attorney, not to make any comments, since we dont know what weve allegedly tampered with, and therefore we cant respond in any way we were in court this morning, Sean and at that point we were
told there were no charges, and then this is how wonderful the world works these days, the powers that be the left leaks the information they want before you actually see it. My daughter called me up from out of town to say: I understand you got indicted today got leaked to the press. My understanding is that there were nine protesters originally charged with misdemeanor trespassing, but those charges were all dropped. Only the home owner law, abiding legal gun owner gets charged here is that how America works? Thats? How America works? I mean the bottom line. Is that if you have the gall, if you have the audacity to try to protect yourself to exercise your second amendment rights, thats an unforgivable crime to the left, because youre supposed to have just mindless obedience and youre not supposed to challenge them? Didnt, they tell you which rooms in your house. They were going to take over pointing up at the windows thats, where im going to be
sleeping thats, where im going to be taking my shower thats, where im going to be having my breakfast after we kill you and take your house, I think id call that a threat. I think you have a good case.
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