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Mike Rowe on reality of risk amid coronavirus pandemic, new 'Dirty Jobs' series

2020-07-02 | 🔗
TV personality Mike Rowe joins Sean Hannity on 'Hannity.'
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Welcome back to this Hannity special as american workers continue to face economic hardships during the coronavirus, dirty jobs. Host Mark Rowe is exploring the best of what America has to offer in his upcoming special watch. This might grow here with some good news. The great outdoors is right, where we left it im celebrating with a road trip, a dirty jobs, road trip, the band is back together, you are invited to come along its going to be great heads up. Things can get a little messy five dudes in an rv. Are you kidding me?
I like that Guy Sean recently talked with MIKE Rowe getting Americans back to Work MIKE Rowe is with us. I have watched the show I loved deadliest catch. You are the vise over. I wish I had your pipes, the injuries, their risks, 40 foot waves that the fishermen in the grabbers its crazy, the roughest conditions, im amazed at how great Americans are- and I think, during coronavirus. If we stop manufacturing and packers top packing and farmers stop farming and truckers stop barking. New York, wouldve died of the party is over. That was the premise of dirty jobs. From the start, it was to shine a light on people who were keeping the lights on, usually out of sight and out of mind.
Deadliest catch was another page out of that same playbook, early on two thousand and two two thousand and three we began to realize that reality. Tv could actually be used to do something a little more laudable than a lot of what you see today. So these are very modest shows, on the one hand, but theyre also extraordinarily honest. What you said before is probably the most interesting four letter word in the country right now. I refer, of course, to risk risk is always with us. In the age of coronavirus, we suddenly realizing that we have to balance our willingness to assume risk with the business of living and with the business of being safe, but right not at any cost. So the country is having a huge conversation around the reality of risk and into all of that
shows like deadliest, catch and dirty jobs. The profile people who are used to assuming unusual levels of risk, its instructive and its always fun when the headlines catch up to the themes in a show. I have been lucky in that way. Thats been happening to me for the last twenty years. You know, I think back my audience is going to get mad because im going to repeat myself ive said it ive washed dishes. I was a cook in a restaurant. I washed dishes by hand. I was a cook busboy, waiter, bartender, that was all most a decade of my life and then I went to construction for almost a decade and I painted houses, and I hung wallpaper and I did framing and roofing sell off a roof, busted and dislocated my arm. Didnt have any health insurance, but I got a job two weeks later. It is the best thing that ever happened to me and it keeps me grounded
this business of tv. Ive got to be honest, its not as hard as those jobs that I did and nobody said great job. They would say Heres your check get out of here. If you look at it like a ladder- and you believe in some semblance of chronology than the most important rungs on the latter- are the ones closest to the ground. They are the ones that allow you to climb and if you remove those wrongs, if you remove those jobs- and if you take somehow, if you make it arbitrary, then they would never wind up where they get. We have talked about this before I have a foundation called Micro works every year we try and help people who want to learn a skill thats in demand this month. We are giving away a million dollars, we do it every year. It coincides with the road trip on dirty jobs,
to your point, its not for four year degrees, its not for the typical jobs that we view as aspirational, its for plumbers and steamfitters, and pipe fitters and welders, and mechanics its for heating and air conditioning specialists and electricians. If anybody in your audience is interested in hitting the reset button on learning a skill, thats truly in demand, the single best thing ive done is the foundation that evolved out of dirty jobs, its a big part of the reason that I want to reboot that franchise. I agree with you. I think our country needs to see examples. You want to know what makes America great those people, the people, the people that work hard every day they provide the goods and services that we want, need and desire. They give us the standard of living. That is the envy of the world where everybody wants to come here and a lot of those jobs are hard
and they dont get the thanks enough and they all deserve it. I can tell you like the guys in deadliest catch. Please tell all those guys, those captains and crews im the biggest fan. I watch it on a loop, I watch it so much ill tell them. I see them all the time I have to tell you. I saw an interview on your show earlier in the week a guy named Mr Anderson, extraordinary interview. He said I wrote it down, he said I dont want to say things just for saying it. It was a remarkable interview, but that really struck me. I think so many people in our country today are saying things just to hear the sound of their voice, just to win an argument or just to club somebody over the head with a new piece of data. I am doing the best I can to keep my mouth shut by and large, but shine the light of the people. We feature on our programs because theyre the most persuasive in the best case that ive seen for the
undeniable truth that you can still prosper by learning a skill than mastering a trade. We have forgotten that we forgot the fact that risk is not always the enemy risk is part of the reason we are compensated, its part of the reason we are alive. The shows you love, which youve been kind enough to mention, and the shows im involved with.
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