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More election whistleblowers tell their stories on 'Hannity'

2020-12-03 | 🔗
As new evidence emerges in election integrity fight, Grace Lennon and Evan Shock come forward with what they saw
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Werent allowed to do it, we will have more on these critical cases. First joining us now, Jackie, a Trump campaign volunteer, testified about the mysterious suitcases full of ballots in Georgia to whistle Blowers Georgia to whistle blowers. The testified today good to see you all right, Jackie lets start with you with this video. I want to play it and I want to play it slowly. You did a good job, NARA rating, you are not making this claim alone. There are other people that are. There are other people that are backing up your claim again with sworn affidavits, correct, correct, yes, two witnesses, two republicans for that particular location, yeah, okay, so tell us what we are looking at
observers were asked to leave the room, walk us through what we are looking at here. So what happened? Was our observers? Were there the witnesses and they said things were normal up until about ten twenty, five or Ten30? They say the lady with the blond braids. So you can see who that was. There was a blue apron. She came out and yelled to everyone. We are stopping the counting. We are stopping work. We will see you all in the morning at 830 it, so that meant that all the people left you can see on the video over time within ten minutes that included the republican monitors, who have a right under the Georgia statutes to be present. What happened was four people did not leave, they stayed and from there you see the videos that you showed earlier were slowly, but surely they pulled four suitcases out from under a table. They have been working for about
doors and we believed they would carry those ballots that they brought with the suitcases isnt that what the believe it is thats what it shows on the video we dont have a lot of details and specifics. They came into possession of the video late last night, so we havent had time to actually talk to these people. Ask the obvious questions, but from the looks of it, I can tell you that whenever you eject public, which includes the press and the opposing party or any party monitors, you are acting outside the law all by itself, regardless of whatever else is going on. Whatever else will unfold, this will be part of the presidents that he filed today. The president only has to show that there are illegal ballots or votes or those that are cast in doubt
to overcome the margin of victory. That is his only burden. Certainly, we can believe in this amount of time there are enough votes there to acquit the margin of victory, its obscene, never mind the signature grace. I found your testimony very compelling today. You also you are a young woman and you filed an affidavit under penalty of perjury thats. A little scary tell us what you saw. So I went to vote in person on October 23rd for early voting, and I was told that there was an absentee ballot already out for me, but this was, of course not true. I never requested an absentee ballot. I always vote in person, so I signed an affidavit saying this was not me and I voted in person
after that. My mom called the voter center and they found out that someone requested and submitted in the same day an absentee ballot in my name- and this was also really strange because you cant do that youre supposed to go through the mail and it is supposed to be verified. We always want other people to vote. You are putting in an effort to do this. That cant happen. Let me go to you Ethan, because you are a young person yourself. What happened to you in Michigan questioned mark? How are you treated so first? I would like to say thank you for having me on the show. As a challenger I was an independent, so I wasnt really a republican or a democrat challenger, but from my standpoint it was. I was treated just as badly as
most of the republican challengers. If I got anywhere near a table even further than six feet away, people would come up to me and tell me I needed to back up which I didnt need to. Whenever I would try to challenge, I would get ignored, I would get slandered or I would be threatened to be kicked out. Republican and independent challengers were kicked out. It was kind of frightening to see that percentage of the workers and the supervisors clapping and cheering as people are being kicked out doing their duties, and even when I first arrived, they werent letting challengers in anymore. They were saying this is due to Covid, but it was really scary blocking up windows. There is really nothing to hide, then I dont know why they felt the need to block up the windows. We have a video of that. By the way, can you see anything from six feet away? Did you see anything? No, you cannot its very hard to do your job, especially when they will get mad at you.
They will come up to you and block you, or they will purposely move their arms and their bodies to obstruct your view from seeing the ballots that they are doing Jackie. I want to go back to, and I want to go back to the video that they are showing tonight, and this is again, though, observers are asked to leave the counting continues. How long did it go on for about two hours, so they cleared everyone out around 1030 starting about 1101. You see the suitcases come out and they get right to work, and this continues up until about 100. We know this because republican monitors actually got word from the press that the counting continued after they had left, and so they went back to the arena to confirm that when they got there at 100 in the morning the security guards and other people there said they
just left five minutes ago. We can actually see our monitors coming back to state farm. By the way there are other people signing affidavits that are a green one hundred percent with what you are saying, correct, yeah we have about one hundred affidavits. There was one in the morning, obviously not a lot of people hanging out. They were already kicked out, most of the affidavits, its actually more common, a very common story, yeah. Well, I really appreciate you telling us and the other ninety nine people. I am particularly sorry with what you guys went through you care about your country.
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