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NYC Police Benevolent Association president blasts city's liberal leaders over spike in crime

2020-07-14 | 🔗
Lawrence Jones interviews New York City Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch.
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Every time you get a false promise of security, you give up your freedoms here with more Fox NEWS, contributor Lawrence Jones Lawrence. I got a lot of reaction. That was a heartbreaking interview. Last night I thought about it all night and all day today, please come. If you talk to that family again, please send our prayers and our love and our support. I dont know how you recovered from that yeah brother. It was a tough interview good evening Sean. Thank you so much for having me yesterday when we brought that heartbreaking interview that the shootings had increased to one hundred and thirty percent based on the information im getting for my sources and the police department shootings have increased to one hundred and sixty one percent. Last night was a bloodbath. Eighteen people were shocked a 17 year old is now dead. I went to EAST Harlem to talk to the residence to get their voice and heres what they had to say. Watch mother. Do you feel safe?
No, no thats. Why ive got my gun license the police, everybody its like its like youre, saying ive got to stand out here. Do you think it was a bad move? I feel bad, they are killing innocent people. Do you feel safe in the community? Not at all they got a billion dollars from the police and it looks like crime is going up right now. Do you feel like thats? The solution I think whats happening right now? Is the people are policing themselves, Sean its, not just the residents of New York that are saying this? The PPA President Pat Lynch says that the blame lies with Bill De Blasio, the mayor of New York. He lives in this house right behind me. He says it was the response to
cutting one dollar billion, as well as getting rid of the Anti crime unit. Take a look at what he had to say. Eighteen people were shot last night. Why? Because the city has given our streets back our city council, our mayors office, the state legislature have handcuffed police officers and given the street back to the criminals. Remember just a few short years ago, the city was out of control. Police officers literally took our street corners back block by block, because our leadership asked us to purely presented the neighborhoods back to the good, hardworking people that were in them. This administration decided thats, not good. They demonize police officers change the rules for its impossible to do our job in the criminals. Take advantage when a criminal hears from City Hall theres going to be a soft touch on crime. They know exactly what that means its a smorgasbord on the streets and we are going to take
advantage of it and they have. We have children being shot on the streets. How terrible can that be a 1 year old was killed a 1 year old on top of a 14 year old, a 15 year old, our aspiring basketball player in the Bronx was going to announce to his mother. What college he chose to go to before he can do that. He was gunned down its happening so often now we are forgetting the tragedies that happen before that. We are waking up in the morning and saying how many last night, its crazy, is the mayor, responsible, question or tell me about him. Cutting a billion dollars from the police department and the impact its going to have on the police department its not just one thing but saying that we are going to take a billion dollars from your budget, because there was a slogan on the sign Adam March and then the mayor says we are going to do it. Defund the police, defund, the police, as a person that has protested in my life, protesting the fairness of police officers and I have even marched. I like it
because you say: defund the police. The definition can mean something to you in something different to me, so they start yelling it. And then you have the cowardice of our city, council and the mayors office, trying to figure out what the protesters want. Theyre not going to stop at a billion dollars. They dont want police officers on our streets. They dont want them. Taking the guns out of perps belts, whats next whats, the next slogan we are going to chase. Is there any hope of taking the city back? You know what I am a guy, who always sees the light at the end of the tunnel, but ill be honest, im having a hard time even seeing the tunnel Sean. He also said in the interview that hes all for getting rid of all the bad apples that are in the police department. He doesnt want them part of the police department by the way that the mayor is handling. It is.
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