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Republicans eye key voting number to win both Georgia Senate runoffs

2021-01-05 | 🔗
Bill Hemmer monitors returns out of critical Georgia counties as Election Day ballots continue to be counted
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Fox news alert Fox NEWS alert numbers still coming in for the great state of Georgia. We go back to Bill Hemmer at the State Board tonight. New numbers coming in Karls comments to me were interesting about day of voting numbers seem to be a low percentage back and early voting numbers seem to come in earlier. I was listening to that too. The marker here in Georgia seemed to be eight hundred thousand. If you can get eight hundred thousand votes today, you can take both races for Republicans, I think Karl and some others had it higher, maybe nine hundred thousand or one million in talking to Tom price. Earlier today, former congressman from Atlanta town of Roswell, he had it around eight hundred thousand the difference of twenty percent. In the end, that could be substantial for either side Heres, where we are right now, as
of 930 p, DOT M on the EAST coast, you have about thirty one percent of the vote outstanding. This thing is supertight David Perdue, just clocked ahead of Jon Ossoff, the difference, the thirty seven thousand in this race. Let me pop over to the other ticket Heres, Warnock and Loeffler. She has nearly mirrored Perdue Warnock seems to be running slightly ahead of ossoff shes got a lead of fifteen thousand four hundred and eighty four raw votes quickly. Sean. We got a moment here, tell you what im seeing this clocked in a moment ago, Whitfield County still outstanding. The reason I keep going back here is because this is where the president had his rally. Sixty percent of the vote outstanding, not a huge county, but not small thirty out of one hundred and fifty nine pop over here. The reason I watched this is because David Perdue did so well two months ago in this county, hes running around the same clip right now
show you Sean from twenty from two months ago. Was seventy eight point three in the end tonight, hes at that number. Seventy eight point three. With some of the vote still outstanding, this is Floyd County. I find this interesting. Nothing reported Sean. This is Rome. Georgia president, had a huge rally in Floyd County in the town of Rome in the final week of the campaign back in late October early November. Dont know why theyre not reporting but well keep an eye on it and see what happens and whether or not a couple thousand votes here or there add up to a significant difference in both of these races. Let me come now to Cherokee ninety nine percent reported good night for Perdue and Loeffler as well. This is Forsythe County. This is red, trending blue. Over the past six years, I would say: weve got a lot of vote still outstanding. Three slash four still to be counted Perdue with a slight lead.
I will tell you this population centers here in the Middle Atlanta. This is well Fulton. County is at eighty, eight percent numbers reporting a lot faster than we saw sixty days ago. This is Dekalb County heavily populated. There are a lot of democratic votes there, heavy african american population as well. There is a significant amount of this vote that is still outstanding, theyre only clocking in at thirty five percent. So this is going to change the overall state wide picture as we move through the night, but as it stands right now, forty four thousand one question fire away: where are we in terms of the percentage of the vote? Fulton and Dekalb Fulton County right now is reporting. Eighty eight percent Warnock. Seventy five Loeffler twenty four point: eight,
the other ticket at eighty eight point: three percent Ossoff: seventy four and Perdue twenty five thatS Fulton County. You wanted Dekalb as well. Yes, sir, all right! This is Dekalb. This is Cobb County still at thirty five percent. This is Gwinnett County. They have a ways to go at thirty, nine percent lot of votes still out there in the central part of this heavily populated area. I left the state in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. When I came to work on the debut of this channel, and it is a very different state, I can tell you: Cobb County was Newt Gingrich territory back in the day it was. I lived in Roswell. You can tell your friend if its eight hundred thousand, I think, thats an achievable number for day of voting. I bet in my own head at about nine hundred and fifty Robert Kahalee is at eight hundred and fifty.
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