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Sons of cop, firefighter carry flags onto field at 9/11 game to honor first responders

2020-09-16 | 🔗
High School football players Brady Williams and Jarad Bentley explain what was behind their decision to carry flags to honor 9/11 heroes.
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A story out of Ohio, a story out of Ohio tonight. Look at this. We have two high school football players actually suspended their crime, the terrible deed, carrying flags honoring, our carrying flags honoring, our brave first responders, and they carried a thin line flag. Both players were suspended from athletics as a school denied them permission to carry the flags honoring those heroes who flags honoring those heroes who lost their lives on 9 11, and they reached out for a comment on their stupidity. Didnt hear anything back and Jared Bentley is in green. I
think if I could see properly. First of all, first thank your fathers for what they do nineteen years ago, when all common sense said to go down and get sense, said to go down and get out, those guys went up so whats your reasoning behind so whats your reasoning behind this that night, we didnt run the same way at nineteen years ago, or anything like that. So we forget about what happened and thats. Why I wanted to do it Jared your your answer? Basically, the same as Brady, I wanted to honor the people
that gave their lives nineteen years ago trying to save those people, so my son is going to be twenty two and I have a 19 year old, be twenty two and I have a 19 year old daughter. They told me they would support my decision, whether I did it or not and im happy. I have them they stood behind me were not many kids did at first, so im really glad that they were there. For me, my parents were super supportive and super proud of my
decision, and that is how thats been going on. We took heat from fellow students over this absolutely. I havent had anything sent to me, but I know that I brought the team together before he made this decision, because I wanted to see what everyones opinion on it was and that person would have said and that person would have said it. I wouldnt have done it and they backed me up and thats what led my decision to what I, what led my decision to what I did and came into the locker room and turn the music down got us
all together and we were all for it R8. Now the most important question did you win the game? No, sadly, we did not oh boy while they reversed the decision. Please tell both your parents that America most of America appreciates the risk they put out every day in their jobs, risking their lives to protect and serve their communities, and the first responders stayed in New York City and that some are close around.
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