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Video shows alleged ballot harvesting in Ilhan Omar's district

2020-09-28 | 🔗
Minneapolis police announce investigation; Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe joins 'Hannity' to discuss
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All right breaking the nine to a report that should scare every American at about the integrity of her electoral process and a new video released. Undercover project veritas is laying out evidence of ballot, harvesting fraud, a local race and Congresswoman Omars District in Minnesota. Now what you will see is the apparent scheme where campaign worker is, in fact this is proven: ballots from the elderly and allegedly, we believe in the presumption of innocence on the program committing acts of voter fraud. Fox news is not independently verified to the contents of the video and we will look and let you decide you decide, indistinct andindistinct, it was video, you can see the
video out and about that he had the ballots in his car and talking about. The only way that you can win is with money. They were not his. They were blank whos, filling out the absentee ballots. Where did they pay the money they sign and thats? Where you can pay you and got money? You should not be here period, okay and they took every ballot every ballots, every single ballot they didnt pay for them. We reached out to Congresswoman Omars Office for comment. It was a right wing to campaign and break into nights. The Minneapolis police appointed to
Foxnews dot com say there investigate the alleged scheme, which is one impotent incident, o fraud, they chronicled one hundred and eighty two thousand one hundred and eighty two thousand proven voter fraud, one thousand people convicted New Jersey, one city, councilman and charged with mail in voter fraud schemes. Right here in New York, New York posted a video where a democratic operative performed of voter fraud, ceo and founder of the project VERITAS James Okeefe. Thank you for being with us. Thank you for having me on Sean. My car is full. If hes talking about ballots when you get paid to come out paid after you fill out the ballot, it seems pretty before my eyes. This is incontrovertible evidence. In the first time, weve ever seen the deeds being done on tape.
The media says there is no evidence in the director of the FBI, said theres no evidence of voter fraud and there you have it the state crime you cant have more than three ballots in your possession. In Minnesota and its a federal crime, because hes going around residential buildings in Minneapolis, pressuring people for the ballots and taking them away from the elderly, this is a story that may change thing and its all on tape, and they can no longer deny it now. We know the Minneapolis Police Department is investigating it. As he pointed out, we just got three hundred and four Jamaal Osman, and he has three hundred ballots in my car right now. Numbers dont lie, my car is full. All here are absentee ballots, thats what they are saying on tape. Yeah I mean this is a clearly violation of the law and we reached out to the county attorney in they told us its illegal, but not just the state law, its the federal law,
President Trump, as the: U Dot S attorneys, to investigate Sean. This is a violation of federal law to fill out blank ballots to pay people to vote. This is what the ballot harvesters were on tape and on video saying they were told to look for Ilhan Omar, and this is an open secret in the somali community. In Minneapolis. Nobody told the story because nobody could get access to the community. People felt like they were victims and somebody needed to tell their story. We gave them hidden cameras and we reported all the ballot harvesters saying that they line people up, bring them to the polls and vote for them. This is a systemic thing happening for them and just the one guy in the car with three hundred ballots thats one day this is the first time weve ever seen it before Sean people can see the whole tape for themselves on projectveritas dot com is it people want to look at it, Projectveritas, dot com and, if youre, an insider, its veritas
tips, dot com thats, how we got the hidden camera in the community. I hope the attorney general of the United States is watching and.
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