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Welcome. It is delightful hopeful nerves, broadcast episode, number three, forty one! It's done, I'm on the road. Can you tell him got kind of a road voice. I know I can, alas, my voices with a little bit, but that's all I'll, get it back in time in less than twenty four hours. Do these shoves Carolines April's fifty six and seven so? I come out if you're in New York Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows Caroline also cover the notice Youtube. Channel click subscribe. Watch, the notice television show Saturday night. We see a letter occurs plot of supernatural Santa day, boy that there are some pretty heavy rasp. I can't tell if my voice sounds disgusting, or maybe a little
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is there an image, library, vectors icons, infographic templates so go to shudder, stocked outcome. There's no credit card. You! You start your account and begin using shorter stock to help create your next project. Imagine what it could be like save a video selections. You're gonna find him in your clear box. Once you decide to purchase, use the offer couldn't nervous for, and new accounts receive, thirty percent off any package that shutter stock dot com. Thirty percent of new account using Africa noticed for which is different, their Africa itself. Take note. This is a fun hopes, will podcast, you know it's been so hard to. Pin that generate down lately, he's getting married? It he's working on others Van he's been traveling any get sick because he was work and another suffered travel except we actually dig it does it.
There are no one over the other four well, I bank, some hostels, we're gonna, get some hopefuls coming down the pipeline, so not to worry, and if you weren't worried good for you go unnoticed. That gets the number three forty one hosts for goodness with my right, speed voice. It's got Betty Davis nor in Stockholm, about, what do we pay a magical button? You hit well
Now that I plug the zoom into this antiquated compact disc recorder, I just had to select the correct extra MIKE inhabits, as opposed to the interim like him it's a little behind the scenes there in showing the wires honest neurons, you thought of that's my Clement well, here figure it out further the best microphone. I first you gotta Jesse Thorn you gotta talk boy were embarrassed. Wiener targets. MIKE is ready for the mere delightful coach you like a wonderful I saw a wonderful thing that coded my soul like butter driving over here, I was sitting in a light. Segue there is, there is a guy to bring it back. There was a guy in a car next to me, sort of like sir. It was basically one of those power cars really loud, blasting, the radio, just toilet gangs, to look and do not give you know dislike.
Really just ready. They, like he's just basically dropping his cars DEC on the world really loud of noxious, really JANET. Up over. There is no Hamilton I wouldn't have to do that to hammer just absorb everyone's attention. Just by many is near them, yet, despite because he knows yeah yeah, he doesn't need to peacock that way. Actually this guy's obviously compensating for something as this guy's we cocking is because we got it so one sitting there being with horribly annoyed by the skies really loud engine and his fuckin music, and this moment, or too little kids, who probably work in the range of five to seven or eight recrossing and the fucking like eight year old kid this was such a pure emotional reaction. Just looks at the car and just makes this really unhappy sour face and really put their fingers in his ears and just doesn't break I contact with the guys across the street.
Fuckin, music downloads, that, like you always gonna, get the sense of the guy, didn't know how to turn his engine down either. But just then no one else would have gotten like any. One of them is: ok, they didn't like fuck you, you, president just one fucking little kid shaming and a totally anyone. Everyone sparked. As the Vulcan advent, I'm a guy plan, the punk music on the bus and started for regular yeah went there. Mary there. It he's a hippie in there in San Francisco Lookin for Wales and achieve a child shall lead them and ass the child. It did, though, the kid as kid. Thank you for a sort of a last minute noticed her also POD Cassa. You guys came to go with me. I am deeply me Heaven all Yonah drove crosstown or third, let's go daddy. It's good that
you're, not so bad, go back, you'll be horrible, cause, we're recording, but we're recording our stand of cluster special tonight. I'm says I've taken over you and lower Manhattan Island. We won't be you guys will not have to be there half do we just worn. Ask me whenever You are kind of got excited, have an automatic ask to everything side of your house later but you get excited about, I dont remember, was it about the set up it was about having a Wednesday off. And then realizing I could go. There was a show that I really want to go to his bans or plan, and I could go because otherwise they at another. Ah there was his offer.
The shop sold out. Did you treated him get a ticket? I am. I asked whether the bans on their work. What's the band I was to bans actually really must be waves and fiddler, ok and their plan at the logo. You take it just now that our guest worker, the ass ours, though, I can't I guess it was for the few. The tenth call you gotta get tickets, the fiddler than you are trying to call him yeah exactly those I call and showed law, and we have no tickets. Fiddler on the roof. If you pronounce everything wrong, they're playing a whole album something similar. La Valliere. That was one of the comments which, for some of the fiddler S, really spoken fiddler on the roof, and that was me comment about just now on the internet. But what is this internet? You guys keep talking about a wonderful way to sell strangers its aid engine, stop
but isn't that talking about that aspect of the internet? I agree at a good pace. Something no one does not talk about the also lie. I agree I via the internet out. I wasn't. I don't live off the internet Billy. I really feel good like ice. I kind of stopped giving a shit. Don't talk about even argument. Shit, I'm unity, not even a thing. I went into the real world the other day and had food at a restaurant. That was not the internet. What, but it was I gather that the Yelp review that I love it. I went away her theirs. Thing called next door, amateurs of some villages that and and it's it's like a it's like social networking site for your neighborhood, so put in your address, and I like it it's seconds off the neighbourhood. I die lost name of it. Doing a bit next door. What does not? I found next door, I think, is extra village or by just be next order, come by its like it's a social networking site for Europe,
neighbourhood and age. People can post about stuff that's going on, but what it does become is a bunch of rosy, the nosey neighbours and nervous Nellis people just say: there's pan a suspicious car parked on valley link for quite a while there's a lot of nervous. Now I'm nervous Nellie eight for two there's: never knowing no just a ton, that's all, and then the thing is it if I could scarcely because you like, he turns out the clean people have been stealing down, colleagues from back yards and wait for, like like like a positive thing, though I'm sorry, it's like a positive thing, too steel cigar way, guy to be no you're, not you're, not to be aware to have like a basically all those guys. Like you re. A social network. Neighbourhood watch also just paranoia city. It's like what a lot of unanimous paranoia city. What a lot of it is that was like like there's graffiti on Glendale and again now it's a it's a turning neighbourhood gonna happen,
I haven't, got a kid. The need approves them into their gang members that their tough as just like a lot of like you know like it's a lot of stuff. You don't need to know. So it's basically like you can yelp dish, eggs and enable neighborhood logo you're the guy three at the guy three. Forty seven is a cock, yes and agrees. He should really clean off his long. There is the sub ready for LOS Angeles Vienna. Is I gone it quite a bit, but there's always people, let her dislike hey. I was on vine and rare to thirty in the morning and there is a guy that was really weird and when I was up at him, where is he said, and then that guy answers I was on my way to the starboard gurgled sharp. I had hiccup sent a lamp, but an outgoing only these that I was going to a chess match at three o clock in the morning in the front, a Starbucks, the Garriga Algeria, Gower Gulf Chess match. What will they do? You know they remove While the tables from outside is airbags because really tried hard boiled little guy was, there was when the alarm got actually tripped.
The silent alarm. Starbucks apparently has one I'm sure that every store has won the Zella this exactly like that, just sitting outside with my body, migrant drinkin, drinking coffee, and then I see two cop cars poor and then I'm like that's normal cockers the cops get out, but then they grab the shotgun who and ass like ass, not normal head into the Starbucks them. Did they take you in cause, you gotta sassy mouth in but fuck you with a night sick, known this time. Ok, you can see and watch no, not yet an intense movie I heard was good yeah. I, like I watched it on a plane. Cried again is one that I think is warranted. Ok, I cried you're the campaign to air pressure, must do something for genocide, but it doesn't happen to me too that there there's a thing on and I think they think you know someone. Someone gave us a link to either the page or an episode of this american life or something that's and enriched in some way and
they there was the same phenomenon around that we should tackle the only silencer put more pressure on them. Two said movie and watch that movies at high and low out the tea. I really really low altitude. The opposite has happened, you get bonuses and you have to jerk off too said movies at high altitude. You get sad and sympathetic and increase Hardwicke did a jerk off with the hunters. I actually other boner assistant jerk off. I basically have us and which have boulders airmen yeah. I've made like us like a lot of owners. Fair, fair comment. Bergmann would admit that joke about of them actually have a hand of one hand of there's you never can never Krajina planing, you never go to the bathroom on a plane and even the flights to London didn't get up. Want. Syrian, that's not healthy is now help. It just sit in a small seat for ten and a half hours a small fee. There is now a next to me. It's not
It is true that a law that, along over time, so you won't even pee on the plane, now I'm not going anywhere, but at this point in my life nearly thirty years of this earth. I have not used an airport or are the airplane bathroom. I don't know what they look like and I'm not going to find out. You know they look, save him and multiple movies biggest vacation autonomy by the name to desperately speaking time. Why? I desperately want to fucking pull the tabs on a life also flight plan? A passenger fifty seven, I was born in black you're gonna, pull the labour really do an executive decision, I'm sure there's some. There are not two days. Thanks on a plane seems like you see, many many people that was the best model not that I love together with us and we see things in a plane in New York and we will watch it knows everything we had hoped it would be possible at the best part of the movies that they just I guess they had to fill out. Seen somehow and they wanted to make. It seem like there was rampant neighbour, snake activity, otherwise so just off in the dish
and often this is ones, is the order side business when looking at you, you really missed out of you, did not see the theatre during the seven gentle makes I'm busy I hate we're so excited when it was. They can't thing to be so. I wrote a letter, they Goosey does a blast. It really were really want to see. A limp is has fallen and when you for it this call and fallen. I repeat a as well, I saw a movie title, I think goes on monoplanes, but it's called a talking. Cat widely Do we not watch there right now? I don't ask: how do we not simple? We just Do you want with our last I'll tell you? Why did I right now? I like that. I really like this is like. I would love it if we want a movie and at no point any character, says
Fucking cared not at all. No one says that or that can't you don't actually talk here. The alligator throw me like a criterion movie. There's like a title. That's not ever makes any sense, However, I dont too. This is a movie. That's out! Now or its coming out, I know it's out now: it's available on planes and trains. Velvet but not autumn long automobiles, I gotta find this now. Why attacking Caroline attacks get first way bad as YO on that one. So buried Youtube by talking cat question mark exclamation point: it's like the band terrible, ok yeah. They had a real day. They did not expect to be added it to happen there. Talking out, I put talking and talking dead comes up, ok, no talking cat. Then it was then I don't even know that qualifies the humble rapid across our continued did comes, weight has has
proper. Clearly they mean well, there is a vile rabbit whole such a rabbit, offsets you read help if I can get it If I can, if I can get the network working in this back in building, then I'll pull up attacking cat networking pull up the of attacking cat trailer tell me, was a cat who couldn't about networks are to search for two. Ok, but you know ready vows that the trailer Electricity is to see. If this see, if this works a lot of shot the nature car driver. Your man said to chosen families and says four pause kind furry resettled
play about some good audio. Do we find a birthday one magical cat within their trailers sounds like the post. Neither the trade either the network slow down or the network, refuse to ITALY Malta, because that, like audio that kid yeah it seems like nothing on camera MIKE, I gotta go. There's more Duffy starting there's! No one gets the cats turning into light. What should I do This is only the beginning of a horrible. I guess you made out of action an experience that change their lives forever. That changes there myself, point once again buffering the network until the sun made
what the devil. He would hear you re just across the world, and I talking got way. What does vagabond your cock will be talking cat way. So I just did I just just one of the huge got: the devil Woody thinking. No, you Joe. What are you thinking? I just want the one thing we have, the other thing. No one's ever turned it on me before we go out about giving it to do, Our job Man I fucking totally forgot. I gotta get back there, you sign of the cross roads anymore. Nobody is talking categories of guys says you learn how to play the gets. Our lord, I cow. I need a spreadsheet going to land the shit out better. While devil you got some. We gets a learning to do or its minister I'm sorry. I thought that was your product.
Father, I always have been Rhin TAT Ye. I take it. This the load up, but apparently well so far, were halfway into where fifty five seconds do a minute. Forty eight long trailer No talking cat where's, the girl said: I love cats. She did The news, a girl, madam, I think I don't get a cat and also the cat me out that basically, what we could tell us of the film was might the people were actually might they just putting micro somewhere like an I found in the house. Over voice is heard in the house somewhere and just sort of picked up their voices in the background YAP. So as this loads up
keep! Ok, but actually there are lots of worth here's. Your mouth moved. Ok, so the Catamount moved the guy who looks like a sort of like if someone put on a cheap, Charles burning costume and now Chris murmured describes a trailer. Listen if I can make that a Youtube, you can see it is now. So I will just take this piece of audio and put it on Youtube where Utitsa sit down now more view. They have ever done. Yes, oh so this guy with weird hair, older fatter guy, oh you can talk. Now, don't make the rules so the cat decked with India in and out of EU rules. They did Fiji, the cats mouth, you hey man, Arabic, the resources on a plane, Pussycat
I can just me I'll nonstop. Suppose you talking now come on May I, like you would say YO was talking to me, Let me look my balls. My per se bows yeah, you got a net. You want some catnip president far who doesn't arrive area. They will. Our real lady miss think you're, gonna, cadmium pussy backing down We know about me, you don't know MA. Am you know, tabby just can't get this to load up properly. Okay,. There's got to be a better way. Now there is spank hatch. Not the internet with others.
Commercial around, and I went on the internet for major commercial for not going on the internet, so we should do with self. So many of our problems. If we just didn't go on the internet course, then people would be able summit. We gotta get this on the internet and then and then just Serbia RSS feed reader remain color. They not Google reader. Do your cave, I'm! Ok! With that, I don't. I was using it for free. The I was using it for I was using it for science news daily. I was using it for MAC. Rumours just go to the website, You know, I'm sure being has a comparable dammit. No? I need really simples indication through Google Raider money just fell in his lap
and so it goes right to the tax man. Are you said that in a very smooth Vashon here, you better believe I did that, That's when I make a moderate amount of money. I safe to make a shit. Antimony have to make a fucked money very true. Seventy or eighty per
It is the way we start on the estate Obama. You mean Satan right. According to the Bible, very history share bibliotech up, I don't really think it looked like is, as we look like a totally that was deliberate. I don't know if I have to say that it was ok go out on a limb. Oh God be careful. We that is kind of could that be racist. I've it could be ride were a lot of reasons, but ever projecting onto what they think the personal ITALY. I guess what didn't help with that began,
The maiden was actually brought about from future. Why tarred up for money and came back in time to get some acting workin, so he he's gonna, be in the next hour way. Just open a library, illegal residence got off the rails, though without I've interested to find out, and I'm sure the internet would have this information immediately machine well, omnivores about TAT machines, but secondly, what like what? Where does the president? Where does a president draw income post office? speeches, personal appearances, appearances, garlic, opening up of a landmark dub in Vegas you. He shows that we get fifty thousand now, if you someone like you know a visa. Or bra. Taboos like not Michael anymore. Yes,
anyway you get to New York islands. Now this is another guises troubles the clever about Aegean islands, very islands, burgers count and island islands burgers yeah. You know you ve got all the places you gotta animal, you go, do you go to the we go to the disease. You gotta Mama Ferko again then, back to Mama, go because it doesn't get bad are still trying to get this guy. Just talking to me as your voices stop network again We got what we wanted: attacking Chad, dinners, ridiculous, a dog and cat. We got what we went over. The cat in the video could not look more uninterested bored. I was at a cat, it is You look more. Was that awesome
verges joke if it is a ninety percent chance, this cat can be deaf or it's just a cat, maybe have run that job I understand of cluster, which is coming out or I'm an artist visa which he is also was also on this. Are we love that run verges? We do we have. We put some really good comics, for they require common on the show yet for it, but not just for the standard cluster also, but for the BBC shoulders down upon every episode now and in the initial, almost every almost every episode, but yeah yet so a ban cow Canadian Paul of Tomkins Natasha Lodge Arrow Roy Scope Hugo Landor, but you already ever, he will in sheer group. How do we go come on we're talking. You're, always
therein lies the cataract, How you doing it, I, like you, take it seriously to all the time, two and a half years It just occurred to me that someone had to write, but I was the best cat boy, so they can write in final draft, the title page, a talking cat. I wonder if doesn't mean, I wonder if somebody I worked final draft wants to make itself throw up so it doesn't. It has emerged that I mean no offense, it hard America. If it did, you wouldn't be a walk. It was easy to be negative. It's easy, be negative. It stronger and harder to be positive about something these people got together and made their dream, which was a talking cap, will be. I don't necessarily understand. The plot device of the cat can only talk why
and the thing? I think that it is also make the rules he doesn't make the rules. I wasn't there dream ass, their moneymakers willing get their vanity browser go on talking down. They really want to talk. I thought I bet I bet it was produced, written directed and carrying out of the voice of the cap. We might like the cat. It's the cat talks, Jonah Cressets, talking cat. There is an internal bay on its a man as the cat voices talking cats. There's an internal bang in another exclamation point could be amazing. Good they could be like do here. Was it good, Google Google has an now. There was the that, like weird you don't I out there like us, like a weird creature like a boy's best friend, yeah as I very similar we're just like shitty, add music, and I get the weird creature that boys, like imaginary friend, and it's like decree
is looking thing you'll ever I know you're time over a cameraman ever. I know There is actually adorable. Compared to this thing I can love Gourbi Pollyanna found that trailer material out of that frailer for that very busy movie where he a dog, takes over his body or a talking here. That's just gharib. You say there s the story of Gary views. I think you're walking Celebrity Apprentice House pending on celebrity apprentice. I donno know no one's watching it. That is in this room to better those getting rating. I hope pens doing well, because I enjoy pen there's, there's a shell and CNBC manacled treasure detectives her boy, a winner. What's it a bath and you if you can get from and I dont know, I have no idea well last Niver instance: do they follow the treasure trail like with
when, when a girl has just a little bit of of of fine hair all the way down to her, that's not good. I think it's more common on a guide. Fine hair going over. There are others that just know some. Some girls have like a like a little soft dounia as more pronounced if it's a guy like a sister asked, but so treasured? I hope we will get this well. Look. There e g, o Oji wide and the movement and come up yet. But The urban dictionary then came up another the the definition of Google make sure we get the government. Ok, we already know it so bees, the asylum. Ok, how bout is it our Google like it's a now or is it an adjective? Let me say here is just as good: ok, ok, a boogie is when is when an obese person
nobody's person, a Jackal AIDS under the folds of their own fat and doesn't find it for a couple of weeks. I googled probably like when these persons shirt is too short. I mean I just like a little like a little bit at Google Songs, like the bottom of girls, boob boobs gonna, who ok winner, gets a protein shake. Let's, which is likely to another round. Another round, but rather I we were so I say Dougie Boogie, it's not a sort of thing. He is when some ones and I'll be theirs? Is obese asked me that rubs together so much that it creates
like a like a giant saddle rash and their wearing really short shorts. Thank you for Charlie Rosing. Make us definitely, and there were no, you your eyes have to be a little will and then- and so it's basically like, like a flock of fat, saddle rash. Ok from wearing shorts shorts on Google It's like the spill over like when you see an obese persons legs, they have no definition of ankles. It's beyond the Cancun. If it's me, I look like a layers yards to devour the foot yeah. Oh, no, I think Boogie is Google's rich hypnotic, that's on la gooey! these are things do he had heard. You're lucky they had almost with a little
but a t J Miller grew. He is the. Are you feeling lucky button? That's the guy nobody that he doesn't want to. Third from what you third floor, you please feel ok right now Vegas you're lucky, actually that the button? actually longer it's. They just cut it off, but Google entire button is the you feel. Are you because I don't feel lucky you feel like I've. Just please right. Click on the good work is an o bees. Kid who make small remarks in place: Everquest twenty. Fourth,
Ex smart remarks. Look at those goodies over there ever gives one about the word Boogie is: is the house shit now? I remember why it feels racists, but it's not really, so you can say it and sort of activate that part of tyres, and I think that it is more about your he's. Gonna go in there, just the other movies, and there I just realized Boogie g o Oji. Why is the name four undermines genoa, one serious Google com Was an Willie Robertson. Magnetic covers these guys right. That's that's boogie size. I believe I'm thinking of good. Be with a white will be you're right, it's good media, which is also the name close to them. Of Monday s cat Gobi, which is but with an I so well. Yours is like a Euro area your hyper lincoln. It today has one we made it into the evolutionary somebody was playing Everquest called somebody gooey, then, added to the dictionary
Would there be Schoeffer Guggenheim but, as is rightly Yoda Boogie, it clearly is like? Is it your new? Are you newbie you're good, we are a goop, is probably something off of that kind. Just the way that, like an open sky, they all the like rhyming slang, and it just has such a further. It's like so far away, the actual were that happened, look at as two thousand and nine gibbey yeah. A fine genuine director will? then Coney bear very rich might well. Did you hear say that you're gonna get it offers I'm dying to find out where the rounds of bony, where these guys you're great. Today, I men were earlier. They grooming and wordplay everybody cold train and the voice of Gibbey. Really here, Jack Dandridge. Isn't it Ingrid Cobblers, Eugene Levy? As Mr Nerd Ollinger? Are you fucking kidding me mister nerve, linger, Northanger was a character from this.
You're robot bitter words earlier nerd linger like he was almost kind of a precursor to Frank, but we can reference. I believe that was still during. I think Frank, was around that's terrible No, that's like one of those little about how drawings of that is not quite right. Fuzzy or the bear our that are now the bear. They add thing about like what the version of our they used in permanent midnight, which is just like horrifying when it shows up in that region, and about am or like a rejected, bear from critic country or donning darker? find the whole room have by the earth
who is that type of singing where they just can barely eke the words out there just by bringing their vote records enough to make em. Plainly audible sat yes, my government has a great and why are you always this variety less money? MIKE from an I did when I open up for isolated fur like women over the world. But then for man, man, there was like a better. I have like a boy and had not come out with a guitar before the ban, and I I like I'm just like playing so quietly. He can't really are even here and like so people are clearly talk. Because it's an opening, I've known, cares and I have to tell people to please keep it down again. Hey. Can you guess, keep it down, sir? I don't play rather they have they. Pierre is lousy could go. I appreciated just gonna play. You ve done in and I keep on trying to play of yours like ok, I came in getting the first on his you guys were shut the fuck up how people from supper here. I really need this. Please, South Africa,
I don't like ready lucky as an audience by NATO's yeah, keep it down as I'm. Ok, I don't know how Another example. I saw, I start sing a song, then Randy starts signal from the audience louder than I am sinking into the appear like I. Can you keep your eyes again guys keep down? This might be ready to act now and talking to you is, I guess I will address reserve and a good time now that whatever they are doing again and unlike he starts playing melodic from the audience, and I don't get it you like my year. Oh you were here, gonna fuck out, I'm so sorry I get a plane, other sovereign guys like. I play together like he comes out with a guitar behind me, life, second along I go get the fuck out of here is worse than those arena where together some similar, unlike he Grass Michael, the goggly guitar, where now and then a prick takes the guitar than he breaks out my back and that this does the bit
and then you guys just leaves data the audience reaction like how like, where the begin on board, did they get em. Got on board. I think during like the second, the second time I kind of like okay, I'm so popular here I need this. This is not cool, is not cool. What you're doing to me, what you doing to me as shit, and here- and there was a those- and I think I called it like fire and whiskey That would be a bad news I can find can't find any of the things that about this movie can read about it too, haven't found her. Ok. Imagine if you had a six foot tall monster
less than a decade ago, I'm activating my imagination? We have as the export imagine if you had a six, but almost we hope you through the rub times when you were eleven William terrified about moving in families new House, he's convinces filled with evil space aliens out to get him in response to his wish. For someone to save him, who becomes to live as a lovable, full size, scraggly orange, very creature, who in fact wait a minute We all look over to Cairo it funny. If you look up our Clark already adopted all creature, those- and I think it s moment now that moment anyway, scraggly orange, very creature, who in fact seems more frightened of the world than willing one of them was the person who is well we're gonna, throw its lines that are living in the two. Have a hair raising that you have everything adventures and learn something about the power of friendship in again that there is even fills we
in this way by bringing Willie and his dad together in a touching and exciting climax emerges their mother, and so there we're coming together for kids, there are few things the moving into a new house and knowing that might arise because this landline poor Willie Matthew Knife from and from the grudge too has both of these things. Beer when his family finds a new place, but luckily Willie has goofy. Lovable live teddy. Bear these two synopsis synopsis. Here's! What I want to do. Some day. I want to get a billion dollars so that I can go and make do be. The sequel, fucking epoch like amazing, special effects at a higher gear. More money like when asked and powers to earth, which one is the one that happens and opens up with the crazy actually seen and Tom Cruise, and I think that was two three.
Was a threat. Piles only Argovie says three. I really think that that would have been an amazing if they had just taken the third Austin powers just made it Bob Film Fuckin ran mission impossible. You no jokes, amazing if they had like that, but it was true only knows what they try to do with the sector for damage which I watched ass. I watched the five and a half minute. Trade is still the same. I'm going to see I'm gonna the mere that why the premier that when these in it, why our friend what these and predict where we need more she's afraid. Yes, she was almost soup once into the idea. She was like me, your fear friends made for me yeah she's and brought them. I know she knows where nations called she actually said dashed bugger off. We only want to can act that whole fuckin thing. Yeah she's got the guy's oral, but she was good. It was funny because, like that,
what kind of measure we had a weird coefficients. Unladylike closed a really big deal today, I'm down my company just got soldier a billion dollars. I love the celebration seen in reality. I was like the scene or he gets like it's like he makes them. I should like now to get solar panel and yet the whole thing about green technology. I owe you haven't, like I love the sales person who, when he says five thousand dollars in like his legs. Can you do any better and he's like for you, nineteen thousand that's just made a billions every thousand, so what it wanted? Cody do. Guy she's, like did you do? What kind of prep did you do getting ready for poor devil and she's? Like I watched a lot, a bird bid in that light we changed or died over an actress ornithologists. Oh I remember
That was our does if I knew her yeah, that's gonna Chloe's best friends, but that one of their former March twenty eight maybe motion. If there is that. Yes, because I love you, I think that's right here, and I made one of a lot of people now thinkers result if it was extended family, so is like like off our Lamont, whose, like comedy writer guy, but we gave we gave everybody liked ridiculous. Like money, hipster names I wanna buy fair was Professor Montague Children's entertainer poor website I wanna, see, though otherwise show that there is still a lot to show that, ironically, pirate piloted g for into the ground, because it was the only show that they owned able, but they were able to just air became the web soup channel boy, if only you ve got behind web soup, like that, when it was starch, well, then I would inevitably doesn't titanic of shows or know the ban on the titanic of cells or well now, there's gotta
I spoke in there somewhere. Maybe just maybe web soup is the iceberg. She forced the no. No, what's it hasn't, isn't responsible. It's the band. We're not attack of the show, is the heart of the ocean that they throw back or as web soup to areas bits of the show jack. The iceberg that we all hit was probably when Matt Myra, that fears of one part of ice blurred. You ordered the lad was in between there was. There was
like those of a believer Deborah amount of reasons. Do I didn't like it that much, but it was ok. What made me really wanna, given a lamp was just beginning to habitats. Thirty rock gave me the answer was there was something that's that's perfectly in between two poles that just floating in the end only hear me clean, was less than we did a hostile seven years ago, a technically and Grand Rapids Michigan, oh yeah, but one is that there was an flattering: oh shit. I guess the vellum God it was at a church. Yes, you know faith, it's a funny that I really
I really just because of all the catholic operating was still a shabby swearing in a church. I dont know if I'm allowed to die. I said I said stages a God. Damn it s like there was. Some people are, but I heard like a member is Google and that's when your dick turn into a pile of salt, yeah pillar pillar of cell s, pocket better than ever I say a small pile, whereas the pile now, but if you play a little work up to appeal, you didn't get get wet, get my dick were no don't question
just like your girl that eight months pointed salty monk, Dick it's like my dick looked at medusa everywhere, running away from the red is orgy in the world by Dick turned around and see being destroyed and guess what pillar of so my dick I, like others just did that it did not do thing is it was in a dragon voice weights on or was it I dont, remember, look it up. It seems like it would be the end of it in you.
Reference in like that. When you can someone wolves, hey one of our grim knew. No, I'm gonna get you out now diagnosed with which to call again. I don't know any direct, persuade my should know that I love during those where our grammar of its come up conversation is fucking. Funny he's right, silent bids, you RO last Angelo. Can I reminded him of it. The link you He on phrase. Look now. You know you're, not even the funniest Parson Invest Robin S, A cloud exerted brotherly, that's going to describe a nice. It's like a cloud. That's hard enough to keep you afloat, that's too hard to not retained as cloudlike properties.
We're gonna have Howard on a number of them. How do they I'm someone found? I think, because we reference it on the podcast and now I reference that independence by guess. So I brought this up I was on my feet. I think this old Lee genes add that a bunch of MTV people did not go. Our brothers have nothing to be embarrassed about risk. On the other hand and Laura hunters lower House but the overalls we all were in giants, shapeless, gene, soon. It wasn't even your genes now there's just like us, the g they put you. Then the other religions, and so was mean just send and a couple the ads, because we're dating at the time and and then apartment to F and Odd Ville, which was a show that I enjoy I loved, I know Austin stories and like a road rules cast or something- and it was I remember those wherein all like
seventeen magazines and people, World Boston, robotic Ass, Montana Genesis. Really great ass, it was because I was in Boston. I enjoyed it I'm not about to say that tack and the rest of the real World Hawaii cast were any good. Even though tat was very nice to me, the man and the view that was developed, doesn't they start does when they had one person drink a lot from Morocco. Everyone drags it was. Said the Ngos the finest one. No, actually it started with Dominic and season to LOS Angeles, DOM was the drunk had had in, and it was the irony that most the just made. Was the was the country guy from L must all have you just like just eight cereal nonstop or the
a boy had here. This is the true story story, isn't marrying me a real world in classrooms, books, extremism, cocoa, puffs, relay arrogant uncle. What was that about sector? I think about what the story. Oh, it was just an essay about his vast nation. Real world and talk about whether or not it was truly real, like how it started when he was in college and like he still watches religiously. It's not what I mean it's real to the arbitrary and I like who was the real as many many breaks down to save it, the real world, the first real world, generated the archetype for all of youth. After that point, there was somebody who wanted to be a park. There is somebody. Lapuc was in the first row row he was sms, go out like does activity three or four three, but just in this castle season for that with London season one they know what they were doing there either that it believes in one is new
So what do we regard Eric, Mason Norman, because you're saying season three by season three richest areas correct since research, this area? That was when. The other two railroads had aired and the cultural impact there were. The cast members were aware of it, and so they were to heal roles. They were playing Hell's yeah. Those archetypes became so they related other being Obama Car IP covering covers a carbon copy is yet so it was. Remember when, when just into said that they first because you know some of the more Europeans they didn't like it, suitors Austria, Sharon was Sharon. Tate, British and Neil Forrester was british, whose fuck I'm still friends with thy father loved and Neo got his tongue bit off upon cancer arm, so the but a lot of them hadn't see
the real world, yet they didn't know what it was they didn't know they were supposed to fight, so in general they got along fine, and so they were always called the boring cast. But you know just innocent when they are first saw the episode they fucking. They were floored, because as the show was basically edited in a way where you know they would take a piece of one sentence and merry with a piece of another sentence. It was said months later about nothing that either two sentences were originally referencing legal base we created, and so they went to the producers, never like what the fuck is supposed to be the real or their like. None and now we never said it was real. It's a real. Quality based soap. Opera was the answer that they were given, so they basically they shoot all day and they create storylines in post men's d and characters, and so they were also to frustrate like But did they know that away and Norway Biosensor yes or producer, and so, but there was a time where,
it when we were debating. There is the norm in a bunch of people from the New York cast rented out this house in the Valley Liken Lore Canyon area giant house, and there were like four seasons of real world kids who live there, because they all had this experience together. That no one else really understand that was like, because that was really before everyone was filming everything, and so they all had this experience where they were filmed first, several months, every minute in their blood, everything was sort of manipulating overseas and was six months right. I think so, yes, and so they were all there all kind of this sort of together and communal way to sort to help each other try to figure out, because none of them made any money from it. But so the network made a ton of money and You know you know Mary made a ton of money, but they were just trying to kind of help. Each other get jobs though it was really communal and sweet? So, but it always, I always thought like wow. If, if some kid there's some high school kid just watching this house, if you like,
we got. There's Rachel there's norm, there's money in all the others. You know there's kit, like all these people from different cas in one eye, marriage, and so weird that, like you're, seeing someone like sleeping and then wake up, I realize it's like this. Is fuckin they're just in it? Yes, cameras in his place, them are being feel uncomfortable by them. And it's boring to watch. Remember we went down to the Miami House, we haven't been Miami, and so we up by the Miami House. There are shooting, as our friends obviously Burwell produced the show and with wine in the control room, and it's so fuckin bore There's this can result all in the house and is like maybe someone and go. Gets an orange juice out of the fridge and then walked been nothing happens. Then they just our feet and more boughs, and then it evolved into the Jersey shore. They pretty much like way would have. Everyone was drunken crazy, Jersey, shore, all the time.
Now they all have their own Jersey shores, yeah they got their own jersey shore or not, as the army like there's like him, with the name of the Boston women just watch three minutes after last night. Others of us it is a bus which was shorter waiting. Wicked single thought with that's probably like that, like a dating thing now is to reality, show the foulest single people in Boston. Legged may also suggested. One is just like. Yes here. Ok, I got from the three minutes. I watch that's what I gathered the three minutes. I think its carbon is living in having called golden Aviary, find their stories change. How am I going to three minutes refinements has lately I with my family. I every up, I think it's called says: choose its assets, uses mass that says a mass says. Juices is a signal to the cat, six. The talking here, I am sorry unorthodox- is like the rip off when I trains more. No, no, that's the lifetime. That's a lifetime movie that cat talks is all about. Someone takes her kittens and she's gotta tracking down to
have you ever seen elevating women cats, everything beginners know what it is: a fantastic movie that I highly recommend ok. Why an amazing movie time! Why? Where do you get? We'll watch out these days to ten our flights mad throughout this twenty hours. Not as an alternative loved the movie absolute beginners, the movie beginner Beginners its stars I'm and its Is this bizarre me and my regular you and Macgregor, whose Macgregor were in vain is fine play. I Macgregor There are one which everyone Macgregor and Christopher Christopher Plumber and its basically, it has a lot to me in a plumber radish data, but it was so it's this guy, his dad. You know. Basically it's like I'm dies and unlike has anything to do as an elderly man.
Father comes out of the closet and then, like ecologists, kind of just at any gets diagnosed with cancer and an issue this like, like really add movie, but it's like it's like it's it's sabots, also very like hopeful and beautiful and amazing, is that it's a really good is a really good movie get him a bigger beginners, Beginners Beginners beginners, I'm not getting through the beginnings. O awakenings think about awakening have good not with one. It's always very generous. It's very hopeful very, like you know, it's like its ends. Well, ok, but there are some moments in it, but it's it's a very it's very great moment, looking end with them all being at the baseball fame to watch tv, women's based Polly. Finally, getting back to this to be my pay used to this used. The other may be still dream. This used to be all the way to deal with, but that the industry
less professor, using this used to be my playground version. This is not Walking around wars that used to be my paragraph, the huge at age I don't mean to try to ensure that it turned into a list because a fucking they Nazis, AIR Many of them, not only to say regarding the Libya, has gotta let due to his voice by another Libya, where you gonna know, let me say that nobody, there all guest knuckle at local level nazis. Nothing. You go back to the Beatles those peoples. Let me say that labels religious govern right with however, the the we always made me sat at the end tellers less Europe, get high. Why damn you? I hope, your palms billion more about friendship, that it was the Duke, ok good,
How could I like the three may go? Chris. We're all have a good time to see you guys get. Finally, yes their own always balmy out at the end, he wanted a league of his own baseball. Oh yeah. We have to go and die war while these girls get to play baseball with that about only around there's. No I'm on the battlefield. Must be real hard to run in a skirt. How about bucket having your buddy on your back, I didn't get shot up on the beach of Normandy and then you gain Agatha, overly only fannicot. There was a long time ago now that fucking Afghanistan Jones is doing ok.
We do not start these breaches of Normandy with your fucking offensiveness violence begets violence is on transit. Bull has no beaches, a lot of them too nine leg that kind of thing that about this progress. You name, I guess I'll show why why why blow it up to visa crews? Two thousand fourteen just announced yeah. Do you like music? Do you hate cruises? Well, guess what that's? What's going? grab your body and jumping Just gonna go nowhere. If you taken crews and two thousand and fourteen you're, a fucking idiot you're gonna get stuck
It'll be ok, let's take a locomotive, we'll have again local man bans play that is kind of a locomotive. It's crazy just take the crazy these. Take it back like you know, a shitty underlines multicultural and unjust, move it along the ocean slowly and ever just shits sweats in this. Modifying container. I would like to take the there is a shit level right of those boats or do they have to have a sort of motion in me. I want to go on the queen, Mary did the crossing. The agreement does do if it isn't the Atlantic. We may be transformed into a robot that will protect I don't like it, but you I'd say I didn't say anything about the larger the nature of that voice? Jonah! It's a ship is a huge Europe is not to have a dainty boy, but it's all so I can have a says. You boys, like it
it says that use it and that's not offensive to man, a man from Massachusetts, a man to choose the mats achieves the mass. This is of Massachusetts Province, tell me about the two is knowing and click very friendly to Trans Atlantic raises several at the moment serve your life is ruined everything anywhere liquor. Danny friendly here's treasure detectives case you're wondering what don't write that death. I just. I just got an idea at this rate is deemed from my mom, but first of all, I'm way better than all of your Christmas What you know what you say about, I favorites my mom. Well I'm better than me by forty two as well. My mom you're, I dont except for me I am going on to your neighbour
network. I want to tell me why you bear understood Jonah. You do turned forty two, this year later, in the year laid much later than Jackie, Robinson Jersey. Much before too later the now my mom who gets like loves to try to figure out technology. Sure around I get this message this subject you will be so proud. Today I googled how to download a printer driver on my Macbook air, my mom small italian lady. How do I even know what a printer driver is? There were a few hurdles now fault? My cannon model wasn't there. So I chose the model just before this one bamboo. I can now scan from this computer, I'm so proud of myself. This will get me through until I get the desktop from you, so good. I'm gonna get my rename act that I'm gonna get my mom K. Another explained here: do, and I am living nothing.
Bans or on this always workers fell. Sound will come to the treasure detective with a strategy areas: bioenergy, like hey, is this real and they find out? How do they know? I have a series of tests, usually cats camps, but, as is its avoid Europe with its avoid, if a boy I'll come back to that, The boy Canada detectives under that they pointed out what I wanna keep going with the blade runner thing. You guys do you think of the laws on the violin and they ask it to what it dreams about is not just national treasures. Are they all treasure detectives and movie? Now he's a treasure there is no new Jones in any agenda? Tredah detective, while he's an archaeologist geologists, Debbie's like trying to find out where the tray, as we can put it in a they call him bologna not drive that lack in the India jobs would get the arc of cover them and bring it to these guys and they autonomous, if it indeed up, I think you know anything about Indiana Jones- was played by River Phoenix. Oh no, I put the emphasis in the wrong word. Isn't it?
Betty and job was rejected by river eggs. Is this a conspiracy there yes, it is not my guiding, my God greatness. We're never gonna get working for some about why we used to call the dog and the end of this year, but my new parkers talking walking flocking dead, there it. Why don't you ask me about a lot? I we're just let it oh that's valid zoo, like sexual relationship, you. Why do you hold it in when it's me up up up up up up up they reach out? I don't think anybody s lap on your chest like a girl. Did you see that I am working so on board? Girls dry, it's a great ok, I'm I'm I'm most of the way through the first season area, and I am so comic jealous of that show like it.
The there was no pilot I dislike. The pilot episode was like you were. It was just fucking great from the get going to good shell, such a well shell, everything's fucking great, and I love all the second the city references they make in the show. I actually think the show has more in common with Lui than it has the second the sequoia there was because, like the main characters are kind of pathetic why? Other guy, we gotta it's just it's just that it's it's a very kind of real and everything is a very realistic. Authentic portrayal of you know like it's been onto something in New York in early two thousand. You can tell us just Lena's point of view like it's her she's, I'm so jealous over how strong point of view she has like Louis, the added as a distinct the distinct vision it. Oh great, it's good! Second, season, is an as yet forehead as good as the first he's, but it still is an amazing episodes, you guys watch tactic which I will marry it. I haven't even see it did you. I was
first episodes alike at the great. Although tat there s a secular, so's, amazing, at that time yet, but we are aware that we were actually able, as they have accomplished media real quick view that was on you made. A weird recently was about this. You have now we will talk about this, yet Yeah, you made a weird. I did make it wherever three hours and three minute three hours in three minutes, but whose topic before we get to your may. I lost the record my like four minutes. That's like today, Do you like dengue, older Men games data, so happen to you, you and PETE. You talk to peat and then Gretta came up, and then it got awkward yet now we're here to go away mostly it we're, but I gotta go you made an awkward piano acetate by relationships and the ends of relief,
ships laser, don't change. So he asked about lecture I'll. Tell you when I was almost. Did you tell the truth? I that's very it's very fair and balanced presentation, but didn't want to greatest friends posed to comment on this, so that it wasn't that she didn't get to her side of the story, but I think I told a very fair. I stand by everything I said on my part. If I know now, PETE's gotta have gretta, he can go ahead now, I just think that it wasn't. Gonna have no ill feelings towards growth, and I think the relationship was bad. It wasn't that she was better than I was bad if anyone was bad, it was probably me more than her and I think that really the bag. I was a relationship and that's what I said on this used to be you my playground, nibblers list, here lies Yeah,
yeah right, they Agatha narrative, letting them the thumb disposable. What happened The matter is currently sombre sit down. They was on where we think about your t, shirts. You know in the large ass. They start talking about how I have Jonah radio has more tee shirts, then episodes when impaired has recorded that episode. We require that where you did me, first episode what record that, after the first episodes at a time you did it more t, shirts and episodes? No, That's not true, though, that were made. Is that what you know that I do not imagine that was true. What I was to generate eighty shirts. Peat has, I think, sick, Jonah, then what
Georgia, has six or seven you made it weird shirts? Well, anyhow, guess how long that episode of Virgin radio hour and a half his hour flight underlying these, at least seventy shirt face, took enough for us for everybody? I just don't understand why they may for the amount of teachers they haven't. I have two: it was funny to us and also seemed to me, like you had No! No because I because every episode and how he had that's just assure that I made Ok, great! We're on real world cut your confessional man. You know you know, I really don't Now I gotta keep talking about these teachers like it's a big deal. Cartagena.
I wasn't around anybody else, modem on business and then two guys. I know we're talking shit about me, cut to man. He thinks you're time issued about him, but we're just making jokes, but he should go back to the argument now sand t shirt thing. It was just a funny thing as it did when he said: he's got more t, shirts and episodes. My brain was leg. He doesn't allow tee shirts. So that's where that web. I feel like I was cut two extra shouted a house with people skating buying the boardwalk buying rare oral. I mean I don't agenda harry. The way adjusts was just. Lies guys we're right now we're a commercial break does lies Already. I had just the shirt that I thought be funny to put up with your shirt in your pocket. So I'm not sorry. Those are two different things. That's your shirt and that's your past. Sixteen there is a future and others have another shirt.
I guess we don't have a lot of shirts for the nervous Bangladesh is its banana short suspended, make em people buy em they like it so much. I feel certain black everybody. We get plenty places you sold out of the white once the gray once what yeah it's very racist shit, no worry coming soon lots of nervous, tee, shirts, possibly more t shirt than episodes. Maybe six hundred teach the more we have to do is what we need is three hundred and fifty different. Shirts near a great many different color combinations. Can we come up with well many worthy? I don't feel like. We did a great job. This was a firewall or certain gladiator how to best hell yeah. Why are you being so budgetary room, ass, a bestseller keenly
that's right. I have inherited pm feeling you need a five hour energy, but enough no calving was off really nothing can we harbour is somewhat caffeine in a juicy industry is now. I may better see only things you make up on a daily basis, but I bit of them actually or professional liar we all. Yes, we are, I'm not my first, like horrible jokes, what I was trying to do Liners was like a guy's, a just go That's a lie factoring! No, I don't. Where did I lie factory I like that? I don't feel bad about. Not don't worry about it. The greatest Kyle made my corner with the kind of right belongs on board, due in two thousand to in middle school year.
Venus. You tell them. You fuckin feeders shut the fuck up guys they lay off booby. It is neither hogs. I can happen either. He doesn't know enjoy urban Murray.
The audience will never understand what the microphone fell down at aims. Jonah. So Jonah did a rubber we're going all its likeness, we're, having also not unwilling to give everyone miss everyone can things as they are because it doesn't get to live. Our lives will be more human than we are guys out upon gas. No is more important to be people real people, t shirt. Baron must have been targeted. Teacher bird. Yes, I will anyway, by the new generalities heartless just be real people Applause
oh yeah, the point we are three more to do. Not now you sure Nah I gotta go to show I gotta. Go, must stand accompany, show your right, you're too Asia body, whatever their heels, why are you wearing the Brooks? Has it boy. I do when I go my long days couple days. This negative feel very same sex you, but you can't take a break from right. Yeah put armies and more comfortable them they're, not as good support from the ethics, but the Brooks makes a fine work. For example, second data really fucked up and have been that I've been having he'll, probably ask for four years and I'd like to get worse well, when you six foot forward, carries on a t shirt around. Maybe you should pay your shoes with tee shirts
They have areas for many. Many they'll be has way
it seems to be used
yeah, no, What's that now, leaving nervous dot com enjoy. Your worried This is also the nervous progress has brought you buy shudder, stock dot com with over seven hundred thousand highquality video clips shudder stock. Helps you take your create a project to the next level, but thirty percent after new account go to shudder, stock, dot com and use. The offer code noticed for.
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