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Batman himself, Adam West, sits down with Chris to talk about how he got into the entertainment business, his time acting in Spaghetti Westerns and what led him to being cast as Batman! He also talks about his upbringing on a wheat farm in rural Washington and the release of Batman, the complete series! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Hello, there good human, its interns, podcast number, six, zero, five very excited about this episode, but I will get to that in a second also going to mention going to fund comfortable tour dot com because going to stand a pure and I'd like you to come to it because it sucks reform procedure of evil, but actually people are backing tickets now, which is crazy. It's still relatively new. The people come to see me on purpose, still feels but yet tickets are going fast and I don't mean that in a sales anyway, I'm being super straight with you so go to a wonderful toward that harm. The date start MID January run through, as of now and in more gonna to be added, and hopefully there's a city near you so go there find it check. It out comes here to get ready for the next hour special which all price you play. Here are some time. This episode is very another especial one for me. You cry like this argument.
Special pod gets here, but we have as many as the people that I love to come on this friggin broadcast is avenue times, and if there is unbelievably cool as Adam West, then it's gonna happen and I'm gonna keep saying that their special Adam West is such a coup. Wonderful, human being, and if so, God he was in my life back just for the Batman Series, but just dude and I've met a few times throughout the course of my life, and he has always been awesome and he was fantastic on the surface of the planet. The entire Batman TV series is out on Blu Ray and it comes in a really kickass box toy valuable. They gave me one and he signed it and I am a spoiled jerk, but I am thrilled to tell you that this is the notice by gas number. Six zero. Five with Adam was
No, I mean nearest star com. Who are you what hundreds destroy a stray wandered in off the street noticed that, yes, I I wanted to awesome people in here I was like, I should come in what I want to do now. God is number that's right
what's gonna now I know the humor I loved the show already. What's this great, should we just ended there, because that's a high labour wanna go arriving here to the effect that no and understand your chair rises. Yes, That is clear, and I am sure that your answer some more it's somewhere around the studio notes in the greater rigour. Yes, I want to say that before I left, ok yeah ass, a little ass. I welcome what do you want me to call Chris sure? Thank you very much. What bullshit? I call you, Mr Adam, yet remind Chris Adam, what's happening around our labour hang out anymore, what happened don't have the same crowd.
This. Actually, surprisingly, we do have the exact same grab avoid we have the exact same crowd. You know I've been a fan of yours for how many years the visit by five years? If I did, I would never expect you remember this, but you ago, because I barely remember it in the nineties, back in the nineteen hundreds did a dating show an empty, be called singled out, and you guess start on that show, and I put the picture on Instagram cause in the sketch punch me The face and its it goes, a good punch and- and that was it- that was that was highlight for me that was one of my favorite moments was meeting you for the first time in the ninety orders, I punch you square peace between chicken, the lower jaw Ptolemy look knows: go we're, like audits,
smaller yeah? That was a good those a good. I knock out relies builder. Merely was the ring like the rings. While I have the same ring I've never take the dove since the most recent others, but Adam West, whereas like a gangster like five finger ring, which is all of his fingers, are in euros, and I swear to describe my wedding ring and then you guys we're COMECON this year to note yeah, it's a or Sandy Asia, Europe, an area where is that it's a little five years between the alas, yes to want it wasn't for you why we were the Tina now. What do you want? A comedy? I think it's called out to you want to come up with a really great word, yet they want a lot of per cosplay, which was really good results. So, Zone Gunnar Rosa. How are they
How are the conventions for you still do you still? Are they still fun? Yes, It gives me a chance to get out and made people and shake hands and ever little conversation and stimulate the audience. Because if you don't do that, your career could last about five venice. It's true and yours has lasted longer than five minutes or seems to be working. It is over forty five years in five minutes. What? What? What do you remember? The first COMECON Tech, mention that you want to it was, I think, A little town near Wichita in a rodeo arena in the mud? Naw? That's what- hours history and all I don't, but it could have been. San, Diego, ok,
The little town does little towns naivety along the Rhine. We call it went, you're viewer from your from while a wallet Washington, never knew for the longest habited think that was a real place. I thought it was just a joke name that Warner Brothers cartoons reference, while abolishing didn t I know and is a used as a reference in scripts for crowd noise, We are well aware of the soul. Do that what you want law alone. You say yes like or scrap the crap yeah. So what happens and while allowing Washington I dont, know really well When I was growing up, not much happened, How does a kid from Wall while the Washington decide we're performer. I want to break into this building at that at that time, that the film the film
This was really kicking into gear, like the real golden age of film is kicking into gear. I came along, I guess, on the very end or cusp, if you're well, of the golden age of tv and how does it? from wall. Awhile well when I was going to college share, I did plays, and then I earned a little money working and radio. I did you know everything swept the floor did the Sunday morning. Religious shows anything could do to you, going and radio and tv? and then I went on to worm Stanford and dead. Did some television and radio and one Nah addition went to the Mai clutching network, four largest kept revolving. Were you contract, anyone that they just the Euro, when a studio where there is put you in stuff
well, I freelance alive, but I was under contract Warner soon for maybe a year and a half and their deal with a b c and all the westerns, because when I went under contract I was doing mostly westerns yet and to look at me, to look for me now, you probably wouldn't think I was a cowboy. I could see a cowboy had on their well. Ok, you you were in a bunch of the did you play holiday in something of dark holiday, maybe three or four times and did the pilot for Dark holiday a. Why was the deadly dentist? He's he's a very articulate. Easy, the killer, but a but a very smart killer. It describes kind of a smart ass killer, yeah, that's not about being a dentist or damage
Dennis Killer yeah he's a dentist killer? I saw the billboard famous yeah, something and so, when you are right, when did you start making the transition over too with a basically just everything. At that time there was we're doing Perry Mason at the time. You were doing all these different television shows. What did you ultimately want to do? What Russia have really done? Your homework convert impress, I ultimately didn't know or wanna do bad man. It happen so many things in this business. I d commercial for nationalism, which our blade kind of a spoof on James Bond, and some of the guys that ABC and twenty six Fox had seen that commercial and I had no idea for maybe a year after I started Batman that I was gas, because of what they saw.
Scottish spoofer James Bond tongue in cheek thing there and Vienna, which Batman later became, which by the way I think I know the commercials are talking about were like Annesley, quick commercials, of course, yet ends so then Batman. I know that they have these competing. They were trying to do different versions of the serious right. There was a liar Wagoner pilot that they shot. That was a little darker and then the dose. Your version was your version right, which was more pop art. Can't be the reason I did. It was incredible script by Lorenzo SIMPLE Junior and he was a gifted in an allotted screenwriter and he said, A man was the best thing I ever road and I believe when I read that pilot script It was so funny so good. I said yes, I have to do this.
I was on my way back to Europe to do more spaghetti westerns and instead I veered off, ended Batman before okay, so just before we get into bad man, I want to hear about the process of making spaghetti western is it like. Is it sort of like Ok, you got one week to shoot this movie. Are there just basically cramming in is pensively as possible in some european town. How did it work? Well, I was part of it, but it was pretty well done the production actually it was a little Tartarus, because them creations. You know we were in Spain and ITALY and some very remote, Sir lots, I was always on a bigger Raby instead riding around the cactus but term. They were good. There were very creative and aim at to be able to do the american western form
in that way, and then too I use a word elevated, but make a term little more interesting in a sense and operatic, unless what the Italians to the best and so, when you're making these movies are you are you really feeling like? Ok, I'm I'm, Definitely a working actor. My everything feels good and comfortable and solidified. Were you ever worried like what, if this ends? What am I gonna go? Do at that point, or did you feel pretty pretty well comfortable at that point, Chris, as an actor, I'm still worse, never know exactly what's happening or what's coming people ask me what Would you like to play if you could do anything you want it and all I can Answer- is whatever extra rights?
really want an actor. Does genoa, you cook with over your offered yeah, and so it must have been It must be strange to four so with that fella We admire your working you taking an ex job, you're working taking next job. All the sudden, your next job becomes a thing that sticks with you, for you know four, Forty four forty years is that ever sort, blow you away. When that happened immediately, or did it did you sense when you were making that show this? to be around for for awhile. I ain't a feeling that might be lasting, that have some longevity every year if we all were very carefully the best job we could in every aspect and You know they. They really did a marvellous job with it the costume design
thing from the music to the performances and the settings of the dressing. It was away. Therefore show an I sensed as I went along that we were doing something very funny, and a rather winning for the audience and, as you grew up you'd oppression what was happening, but then you begin to get the last, right, the jokes, because that man was really a comedy yeah for the adults. Even though you we're playing it really straight. What you ve got a really think funny right, a plant very seriously Europe involves Sherlock Holmes or anyone like that, and at the same time you can't think you're funny right, of course, wake up the camera and Vienna that has another place. So what What did you learn?
let me now that you look back and you can and you go I'm never. You never secure up until your next job, like that's in it, but obviously must have. Philosophy or something that kept you going all that time that guy through all those moments. When you didn't know what was going to happen agreed and what was that send the check. No, I think it's started very early with me desire, a drive to do something different to get out and find out what was out there this big world because growing up on a wheat ranch in a small, Town you use your imagination a lot and you're not playing cowboy whatever, and I felt they put me in the movie houses Saturday mornings, and I want
stalled, happier, Roy or any of those things that I could do that and they it like a pretty good life I didn't realize how tough, because you're, only seeing the end product of core s or all of the struggle that it took to get up to that play. Who which brings me back to your question about the spaghetti western and how it felt and it was the same thing- you go in making this is this will be wonderful. I can do something with this and I can make this Lawrence of Arabia and yet You go along. You become slightly disillusioned a bit Joy did or disappointed sometimes more. By moment but Do you realise that the end product may not be exactly what you vision, but process of doing it is very
rewarding, it's like what you do here to be able to talk to pay like myself, and have something in common and open them up. It takes a real talent Chris. Why I'm just curious about people, I'm five passer by people and I everyone because ultimately, on paper, a lot of us perform have similar goals, but the paths that we'll take in the way that they navigate to get there it to me there All the stories are unique and the one thing that thing to be in common with anyone who is achieved? Any measure of success is that they just figure it out. They don't give up. Figure out how to turn failures in to learning. Experiences, and they just you know that just keep moving forward, no matter how bleak it see You said a very well that's about edge and I think
the persistence and luck if it can be with talent desire You know it can bring thanks yeah and any points have so closely identified. You with that care There was a certain point. We, like guys yeah. I did that it was the same. Begging for good example is talking to. The money Python, guys Eric idle and he's looking This was just as brief period of our lives that we were in this, and you know we ve done in more things that were not that you know. I mean at any point, did you want a sort of rebel against the bat or what that's a good way to say Chris Rebellion the bad. I tried that it kind of work and I Many other thanks a lot of terrible movies in this and that in a few good ones, but I came to the conclusion.
Some years ago that, because people love Batman, that they then it made them happy, laugh whatever, tire families. Why my love, Batman and that's what I did I began to love it. And you know to embrace the damned thing yeah and because you know if I can bring that sort of enjoyment to people, that's what an actor export really yeah yeah I am glad that you know that you have, and I know that why you're here is the two hundred and two? The episode box set about men, which is now, which I didn't realize A hundred and as the chosen Leon three years, but you guys I didn't realize this. The first two seasons you're doing to episodes a week on that show or yes because we were on twice a week
we would have allowed, scrap and cut it in the centre with the cliff here, and so in a says. Yes, we were doing one hour, yeah, every week to ten days right, but it was. It was difficult to do with those kind of requirements and then weed that are Batman feature in the summer hiatus period after the first season, and everything began to the kind of blended into one day right and then All I knew for a long time will, of course I mean just so just people doing the math Twenty episodes in three years is basically a forty plus we Schedule a year of shooting, so you're you're, not really you're. Getting a little bit of time off here and there, but you're inhabiting this world. Three straight. You
non? Well, yes, the time off was usually dealing with. The press were have other things right, but you know I am not complaining creative may well knew and I was paid well from my work new and we created the show gone on and on our their specific things that when you think back like: what are your fondest memories of it? I think goin every day and thinking funny things that could be done with the material and the people you re doing the sandwich You know when you funny and you it would appear that you're making funny the challenge, but
people on the citizen. The said are all things funny and laughing and having a great time which I attempted to cause, then it works. Yeah and you as the number one name on the call she really kind of yours. Its to set the tone for the set. I try to do that. Really the up the appeal, and sometimes people wondered why. But you know I fooled around practical jokes made people laugh and and and what we have. Pretty good time. Between set ups and time. Differing. This set up will ya. I can imagine your shooting and there's a bunch of guys in Riddler out late, like these massive fight scenes break out in that, and everything is very
Purposely stage as choreographed right, let her dad and you know you could now but started laughing sometimes, and I just get the giggles yet will Gordon, whose real funny Oranges, Meredith, whose amazing in Caesar romero- I mean it's what I, what an amazing group of people truly was, and they all had a sense of humour and then they all were accomplished. People, and they all appreciated the kind of thing we're were doing so they made it bigger than life. Almost our getting head yeah the have em reverting back to, getting here on the head and then reverting back to the ancient Egypt. It yeah it was just so silly. It was wonderful it was. You know
The kid I sort of understood that it was like. I live action cartoon your sword away. There was the perfect hybrid of like this is a comic book television show should look like. Thank you. Yes, that was our intent to pay homage to what DC comics. In that sense- and I think we probably look more, like of the Make works than any other show the scum along yeah, and it was refreshing having you know me you know I watched there was there was Batman stuff in the forties and then the George Reeve Superman, but Superman was always very I mean I was, many kid and has, even though I like, watching the remain show it was so soon yes and heavy handed in so
raw sober man, you know that something is going to take a piss out of that. Vibe was great and I know it. I dont think I understood as a kid that it was I dont think I made the distinction like this is definitely a comedy. I just knew that it activated something in my brain that was different and Corky in fun and funny with necessarily going this is comedy like cuz? It was, but it also it had other elements other than just being a comedy here and they were triggered yeah. You know, but you're right that man wasn't a superhero it's just an ordinary guy, you add vulnerabilities, yeah buddy was superior physical, specimen and mental as well, because he he made himself that way, yeah which encouraged, of course, a lot of other people. Look at you.
Yeah, I'm I'm I'm I'm not about men, though just but you certainly have developed yourself in a way that if people were- watching the fine striking serving their big chair. Looking down on me, yeah just people Tat would be over listening. I have a throne of skulls. I sit in that. You know, not that I want to get to feel like I'm trying to say I'm better than there. I just want them to feel a little uncomfortable so that they open up so it's skulls and then I have to rottweiler on either side. Zau guys come on guys Adams friend. Would you take these guys out? Let em twosome forcemeat, guys gonna. Let me to death the lover, but you know it tat man,
I'm in being the world's greatest detective. Ultimately, yeah he's a guy. You really is just a guy who has had a bone to pick. Bond, a pack, a nuisance, crazy All of it. But then also you know it was almost like em. That betrayal man almost seemed to spot the now we gotta make him really dark for you know when they when they made the movies we gotta give him. You know: oak he's he's real messed up is Canada. Little bit of a sociopath in a way you know cause of everything that happened to him in his life. I think, their approach, probably, from the new gothic Novel- seven, oh, my god, dark yeah. I want Frank, bummer, stuff right and so when they translate that the screen it was an entirely different kind of ball game- you're, gonna, wayward and funding,
Brian and bright and silly and absurd yeah, whereas they, take themselves very seriously and they kill a lot of people with their explosions in fireworks. In a way, never had bloodshed, no wind, I think only once in one episode anyone have a gun. There was a real gum, maybe a water gun, I'm not shirk just a lot of a a lot of a lot of big punching you're big, punching, light the punch. You talk to a terribly sorry for no listen. I was honoured, it was. I was ledge of honour and so do you have you watching tv episodes recently Giver watch them sometimes a yes, yes, I've watched the new re mastered the dvds or blue rise and of are astounding, whither, clarity and beauty of
colors and everything You remember all the episodes are I just no way you can remember all the episodes of you were doing an episode a week for forty weeks a year, so when you're watching, is it I do that my shows forty six years. I don't remember what happened last week on the show. Well, this week. You will this week I will short term memory or storing everything in your short term memory, the and then we gotta stored new stuff. While I did three shows once a one time. No MIKE and I haven't decision to walk behind me, I'd snap, my fingers once twice me. Three times and he would open a page but the weird discuss previously, and I can you make conversation with some one and others? time he whispered the lives of my ear, and you know you stay kind of refreshed that way, but it becomes Various yeah, of course, you're trying to multitask, but do when you're watching these episodes. Is it like watching
a whole new show. It is that wealth no that man had his own little world is able to exist in any kind of plants. Dimension, timezone whatever, but when I see these comes greatly alive again, and it certainly gives me wonderful memories by the way is even just the boxes, I mean, I know it's, it's got other, thousand bits in stocks on it, and then it's got a dose of theirs. Bilbil inside and then so scrapbook scrapbooks and trading cards, and it's it's a really cool. It's a really cool accept, I think they did a great job, Warner's yeah, yeah and avert. Is that after forty years of people asking me that come out yet. Finally,
and we ll get out already plays and you can hit him in the face there we go. Did you did you have a comedy backgrounds? I mean obviously you know when you when you started, Are you kind of just take what is offered to right, but was comedy ever something that you really wanted to pursue. I think all along I wanted to do comedy but found myself always in serious roles, as eating manner, a villain or whatever and when I had to do a chance to do Batman and play that kind. The absurd is comedy I loved it, and then and seemingly I've been doing other comedy work, but I think that is my area of. A best talent yeah, because if you have the timing, and you have a natural way of thinking, funny that It can work well,
I know you're on family guy and you ve done a million cameos and things and simpsons And- and so Obviously always that was obviously always that at work but I love that you ve sort of embraced also kind of the character of Adam less. At the same time, do you does that? Make me it makes sense to you when I say that universal does. I know exactly what you mean because, no, really innovations really about make. Follow myself, and I think if more people did that it be more interesting up there and more civil and promptly funnier yeah, but No, I see nothing wrong with that in mind. Challenge to play yourself. Only in a greatly exaggerated way, right and bringing out certain elements of your personality, but not
being you and ask reworking of giant were, but a challenge. To me it's more of a challenge and playing a character like yourself and in the I do its work. The challenge than playing made up character, of course, because of me character is, you know. One or two dimensions and you sort of figure out like what is that character one hour I do. I can figure that out great How do you know who you are as a person like? How do you know who you are it's a tough, it's a weird thing figure out well and writers think that they can do it. They figured it out. And some of them have gotten very clever set about that. They been marvellous, the things they write for mayor, terrific yeah and what some of the what is on the things that you do like. What do you like to do? like what are what are some of your hobbies I enjoy
I live in a place most of the time surrounded by mountains and you we climb and we fish and jam we read a lot and are always chores to do around the place yeah, because it is a fairly sizeable joint. And always find something always find something to do when I'm home know and reading aloud and thinking about projects. A better upcoming did you know I stay very occupied Watson. Written to you now? That was not important to you when you are starting out think even more and more as spam, family yeah yeah to try to balance family and career is easy in many cases, but I've been a fairly fortune you know. I've had some times I've fallen down, but Sir
I've had a wonderful life for forty years now and his Harrison our six children. And I really feel that that the best thing in the world balance as possible thing you can enjoy the most. Rewarding is family. Did you all I feel that way, or were you very obviously, your career focus to begin with, but did you always think our family is gonna, be the thing that ultimately and tied together did that when that happened, you realize it I was about. I think the former. Think I was driven and pretty career focused, and it took me on a number of years. In our having kids, really a change in a way I felt was the best Indeed, this catharsis. This change happened with me that
were became less important, family, more yeah, and you Kids are they all? Are they all super career driven people, or they pretty laid back well one or two, we're pretty laid back One lives in the jungle in Hawaii allow an Swell bore with the knife and it is an artist, but the others, are very creative, have a pretty good jobs. And they're all off the payroll? Oh wow years, that's kind of That is really nice. So did you get to see them alive? I do yeah today have kids. You have granted I have. I have a little up, young, a grand son it is now seven months. Oh wow yeah that kid I will see tonight,
it's great ass, wonderful! You see families, it is so reward, and you know that I dont have a family, but I gotta take you I mean I have parents will what I wondered. Oh yeah, no, I don't have any kids, but you do have parents, I do have one living parents, but I knew you were part of a family. I was just a dropped on the doorstep of Hollywood and raise by us starlit, none the others right, that's right! No, but I mean inasmuch as I have a relationship to my point, amateurs. I don't that idea of the kids. The family that his sprouted from my loins, I dont understand on how I don't have that I, but I can see it now, thrilling all the sprouting as well-
funny how you said that the spread the ceding in the sprouting the human crops, but I think we all need a little seeding every once in a while. I arson good for the heart occasional sprouting makes one feel alive. It's very important people go, today and sprout yes? If there's one thing you take away or seed or seed a thief when you're when Europe, when you're out and when you're out in your ranch a ranch range pretty much around Y know which came first what the ceiling of the sprouting on the ranch. I think the ceding comes first and then this will our seven cars you must see them, and then you get your sprout. That's right. Then in the spring.
Call John, play Chelsea Gardner Right led moving right. There Do you guys make anything at the ranch like do is to livestock crops anything what we had. We had hogs and chickens and and grew labels and we have Prison acres of wheat- oh you owe you back to wheat year. Sweet go back to what you know what s and why you said you grew up on a wheat farm. Yes, so now with sweet, oh you mean farm was wheat. I thought you were talking about your new ranch below you know the old farms, ok and now they have Wala. While we mentioned here of wonderful little place and with a gun colleagues were try a timid, Whitman, but Whitman COL. Whitman and while a while Mister West wheat? Yes, what a double use. And my middle name. Yes, yes, but anyway, what happened is that we have a lot of weight and we had prisoners. Your family actually had captain
No way? we're gonna want you to incriminate yourself. Well, I'm gonna tell you something I can ever told any. No. This is a good time to do it uses so the only one I have a great prison Washington State prison debating how you look at it was great about. We chose guy from the outset. We have several hobbies, if a prisoner escaped red set on the porch for their rifles in Vienna it's amazing witches plug away before one waller. His God has gone from week to wine. Our wine and yes, we have fifty one wineries. And the statue about man there said you about. Meanwhile, along ass, it's just incredible. That's fantastic! Yes, you come up some time. I would love to but you're
but your ranch. Now that your current ranch, you don't you do grow anything or do. Is it is it where we are- and I know the yes, we grow up my wife. We have really a great gardens and Herds of Elk oh wow bear. And we had a bobcat a cougar in there the other day and this kind of scary, because you go out in the back. You know want to go out, twilight, early in the morning they get hungry, no is tough on the dogs having to keep the play safe from what the others so many. Animals hanging around salivating and look. It's your dogs and you. Yet what that you know, it must be interesting to find that perfect. Now- and so I want to respect the nature that were in, but I'm
a person- and I don't want to get attacked by a bear. What's so, K like what are the safe boundaries, what was a kind of, Oh Brad emphasise for what's happening in the world. Ok- and Are we getting serious gets here is all tat, because out there in the world where a lot of people salivating and Hungary trying to get out of generous Cresson and we gonna get him for he got to sit on the part of our work and plug it off no bear. I attack you love analogy well. They show together very serious turkey. Data got really dark. Cereals really says the new bat. Is there so tortured. What is it? Do you still want to do? What are you still want,
things that you still want to tackle. I want to get out of here that this Did you never goes the door locks from outside is so word not going anywhere for a while. So cares phone we're gonna form a little community in here the this will keep us aware of the current events going outside the walls, yellow forming a little communities been done before it didn't work out some terrible results, flame and cooling. That's the best Jonestown reference anyone's ever made on the deed. What I want I want to in the last five minutes that I have with you I want to. I want a mine you for wisdom, because you have such a great you're such a great manner and such a such a lovely vibe. That I feel like you know if, if you
Last five minutes could impart as much wisdom to me and our audience about you know, ways to live things to care about you know. Besides, we heard all the family stuff, but data day like let's hear what gets me up in the morning and gives the excited and what You know how do you deal with? How do you deal with strife and when the bare gets on your property and like how do you? How do you get through the day exactly, It is so profound what you said. I knew that I don't know how I can answer, because I don't have that wisdom that comes with age. You does not so much really, then this part of my wisdom, but you don't know anything, that's correct. Ok, I have learned that the Mai, for I know the more. I know I don't know
Isn't it interesting that we go backwards that way throughout our lives? Yes, but I think if I had to impart anything that I felt was, Seemingly import no would be. To be civil yeah, to enjoy life, be civil, be curious. But being nice to one another year. And have a sense of humor about things new. Thing tragic passes. Somehow that's good a good way to think about it, just but Warner's is doing their holy notes that we to wind up no acetate, giving us a little There is giving us a little more time. Did you really Gary more time? Gary said you know guys getting Gary's you're gonna get it here, you're gonna get it.
Jerry Said- you know, I'm feeling generous today. So what are you guys? Go a little bit less got a Scot, I mean we have recorded of this. Yet before we start the hard, this would be the warm up. So my sort of question? valves around like Do you still want to do or you know, looking ahead? What's what do you want to create? What do you want to? What do you want to be a part of. All I really want to do is keep Adieu. The kind of work I've been doing, when I can, if somebody calls and has project that I feel is rushing or interesting, I would love to just cook with that and that's enough. That's fine, because daily alive is pretty full
things to do and think about. Yeah yellow with kids family with their with the responsibilities of maintain property and so on, it's a love for an old user to do but you're spry, like you, you get a lot of stuff done in a day. Well, I am spry spry everywhere is bright everywhere. It's gonna have a right. It is good to have a seat, but yes, spry, but I love They see the agenda seeding sprouting Miss Browning at a spry yeah. Do you sprout anymore leads to more sitting in the ceiling leads to more sprouting is a never ending process which spry and its riches. You have to be very spry to enjoy that process. But it really is, I think, ultimately, the message: the take away. Do you but I love you. I love it. It makes me so happy that you're happy. That's my favorite zig mine, too
I would like to make it happen there I'm very happy good of Amby. Are you Are you a worrier, or do you just not let thing? I'm happy girl, cow, underline sounded and tat was intense happy. What may worried now we're getting a dog my happy all the time with silk I know what you know what that is very important. Sentence that, maybe you didn't realize was very important but telling people that its own hey to be happy. Yes, yes, why not? Because because we it's easy, Brett, it's easy to worry and it's easy to think that we have to worry or were not going to be able to maintain our lives, but I love the simplicity of it's ok to be happy. Yes, I do too, I mean it
Ok to save the blows shore and the music is wonderful. I loved it say blows and listen to that point. I turn to you? I don't want to have the blue snow. I've had the blues. Or of you yes, terrible, no, its not tell not fun at all. No, it's on a happy one. Doing here. I don't know I have a dream gone. I like this is accorded three I feel that this is the third. Is that ok the blues, no one in the joint except me. That's it's working! Dear MR, whether a sad story to tell you have rules that sorry to tell you it is those very well. I have some Burma, I wanna be sad. I don't wanna be sad, I wanna be happy, it's ok to be happy. Yet, unless I am, it is so wonderful to see you and every time that I've ever met you, which is a few times now. You ve been nothing but grace
and warm, and and I know someone particularly in your position could get very tired of shaking hands after all these years, but you you do it with such grace that I really it's it's your kind a role model, I would say not just as bad men, but you as a guy Adam Wester, I think even more of a role model in Batman, thanks I know you mean that, and I really appreciate it good. Thank you will thank you for here, and then it was fun we normally we normally ends the podcast bite. People the message the pod cast is essentially what you said and join the process. We say to people enjoy your burrito, which means enjoy your be enjoy something while you're and having it. So what please sign off the podcast cast for and tell people Adam West style to enjoy their burrito folks, enjoy that burrito.
Because, whatever with amusement, never Nagy rather worse, you good to see him in, the subordinate box even is out now wages this out now, where you go walking up the side. Building It's about ninety eight foot up up up up up up owners even got the what wait really quickly before you go looking at the side of the building the walking, The building gag with it fun to shoot as it seemed like it was, or was it just feel like why it was very tedious, really very tedious, the bill whispered. Sixty degree angle, ok Yet you have to do it over and over, because maybe the wall pop out just were in technical staff but where it was fun, because you never knew really who was behind a Wall yeah so was like it
surprise. I don't wanna know. No, you didn't know Surprise. Her good semi, Davis Jr, for example, yeah thanks Adam, now, leaving noticed dot, com are you all
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