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Alison Brie stars in Mad Men and Community. She is hilarious, and if there were a drug for delightfulness, certainly it would be synthesized from her DNA. She also prefers shorts to jeans. Also, Chris lost his virginity to a Belinda Carlisle song, Jonah got locked in his building due a faulty garage gate, and in addition to the Dave Matthews Band, Matt also loves Regina Spektor. I think he wants to be their baby. Download the mp3 or visit the iTunes. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Now entering Nerdist dot com in the same a I used to not really be partial to jeans, I preferred shorts what about joints made of jeans somewhere in a majestic both worlds and where two thousand and ten, This recording, ok, sure is, is it selling already were slacks in high school for a little bit 'cause? I wanted. I wanted to be like an uber married, because I got glasses, I was like. Well, that's it! No, it was an island. What about you about the man? Yeah,
there's a lot of things, a lot things changed after Columbine. There is a really excited in college when I could wear a hat in class. If that was like. Oh shit, different had all the time I went to like all boys catholic school. So there were, there were loads of do less requirements. We have like polo shirts and slacks and you need to develop need to tuck in yeah. I hated it 'cause, like I'm sure like. I was like a big kid, so it's just like I just made. If you look so much bigger yeah and also there was the Elko ass flap that weren't, where I was, I always opted for the we had a sweater vest we could wear if we wanted to. I was offered for the sweater vest. Let's make this a little closer, are you hearing everyone? Ok, Matthew, that's fine! No! I these water bottles. We lose the multiple hey! It's a madman. Water bottle circulated deleted. I've gone through all my water bottles and now I'm down to my mad men, water bottle, but I don't exactly now
not to be picky, but that water bottle doesn't look very 60s to me that doesn't they clearly had these in the 60s material. Everything actually looks like that house. It had a little like karabiners, like I put it on my belt loop. That it actually, it actually looks like some kind of a explosive device that they would send over to Charlie late later in the 60s and good totaly well. Our guest today is Alison Brie of the two It shows the comedy hour and and now so web. Let you on community. You can't. Things like these people intuitively. Like did you technically? Did that, like God, damn it sorry, you did say something like that on twitter. You were like web soup, which led to the soup or like the soup, which came out of web soup, and all these people were like that is not
I know. Everyone knows we came from picking on these condescending tweets like actually, there was talk soup in the 90s. Hun like I didn't fucking know that I tried to get Kinnear's job after he left and I couldn't like none more condescending, a term then yeah, it's like a pat on the head should be. They might as well say retard or animal. Instead, oh animal, you trying to compute this complex world around. You filled with ideas, caveman presidents of mine, a gay man lawyer, gay man, lawyer so Alison Brie uh, I'm very thrilled view on web soup, because when you came on attack of the show Kevin interviewed you and you are so god damn funny. Qi would like to think that Kevin had a lot to do with.
I do now really good at generating chemistry with he is he's. He's excellent. He's he's an excellent generating chemistry. However, although his chemistry with me is is pretty astronomical, it's good is there I love connection here in the word. Well, I mean I don't want to I mean I don't know people have fan, people are going to go crazy, but we did. He did propose to me and then he did time that I came back it did you like playing rock band for the rest of the world. It does have a nice. In the words, I hope you like a six thousand dollars gaming cabinets. If you like your job site, is pretty cool. I saw you show me pictures of this. He had this like custom. Kaemingk out I mean like shit be still my heart. That's what did it for me really yeah right there. Water says one of those that he had had a friend make or it's just like. Computer inside of a old cabinet that you can display, like any kind of video game, ever wow, that's a dream that it really is a dream in a dream is going back
the old days when technology was clunky and difficult to move around. I love those days, but you told the great story on attack of the show. Are you said you could use to play in college this game called? Was it knock knock? My butt knock knock. But I haven't get it right. Sorry got first of all, I had planned on telling that story there. It kind of just kind of just came out 'cause we're talking about college, and I guess I've been a little loose lipped about my college days and certain like it will get to that. Is that ever happened there I always you know when I say them in in what I think is a humorous context that I just think everyone is going to get it. The way that I mean it to gotten, but that doesn't always happen,
you. If you were, you were giving the internet entirely too much credit to to recognize subtle, humor and irony. They will take everything you say at face at face value, sorry, but that game I actually did play, which I thought was really funny, because because that because you know you just look at a theater school you, some of these doors that you can use in scenes when you need to like enter into cinema room, or at least like some sort of hogwarts for at doors magic door. You get you get the letter when you're eleven you're, like you're an actor I did, and it brought you by a guy an owl make up sweating beads of sweat over there. Why? yes, if you got a kick out of the game. It's not like. I played it all the time when I did now, I'm I'm a little fuzzy on the details. How did it go? Well? I would. I would like, like pull down my chance to review my butt and then
Then you know I'd make someone I'd like knock on the door and someone would have to answer it would be, like I wouldn't say, knock knock. I'd literally knock on the door twice and then a person would open it and it would just be my butt Because, that's literally all that how it happened in this in this so called gave so much game, as like Enertainment Pre Class, hurting like the teachers not there yet, and I would be like what a great opportunity to show my ass to all my friends, spruce up a Henry Miller before we did chekov how many guys try it and how many of those guys were arrested. You know, no other guys really. Nobody else really participate people love being the person to open the door, but and really you're, not you're, not looking at butt holes you're, just looking at just just sort of general Button ACT like upper crack and cheeks, I say, but I also did a good pregnant stomach so that you could just end.
Like yeah, that's nice, which was awesome, because I wasn't I wasn't like large in college, so it will always looked really cool like pregnant. I guess you don't have the guy that did that with me. We have I guess you don't have to do that, because PETE Campbell Sterile from what I eat cereal that shit, how do you 'cause? We had? We had Jon Hamm on the episode and we had Joel on this episode on another episode. So we've had two of your coast is like an action on that song right now. This is like the last season of losses really everyone's well, I don't questions will be answered today, not really. I was very I what I really want people to understand what you know this. This idea of you doing these two. These two shows that are both really successful. It's like to work in this business is first of all, it's hard enough to get a job. True, then it's hard enough to keep that. Then it's hard enough to make sure that job gets picked up. Then it which
means you know, goes to air. Then it's hard enough to make sure the show stays on the air. Then, on top of that, if you get past all those hurdles, the fact of the show might be gay. It is really incidental, and so the fact that you're on two of the best shows on television and one the company went to drama is remarkable. To me I mean she Chris, when you put it like that, I feel really proud of myself. I mean God, I'm so much better than this podcast away so later washer broke out in the end. I gotta keep it down now so you're working on those two crazy. It's crazy! I do. I do feel really insanely lucky all the time, because it is you're right. It's a total crapshoot and it's not like I'd love to take credit for it like. Oh, yes, I have very my standards and I chose mad men and then I chose community, but that's not we always how it goes. You really just like God. I hope I get it, but get it shit looks like what's near, though, is that, like you get shipment for you as a performer, you get to like do two different types of roles.
Same time. Yeah yeah, it's fantastic, I mean, but I mean my point is like when I auditioned for mad men. It was, I didn't know what the show is going to be like it. Hadn't started airing yet so it was. The script seemed great He wouldn't release anything about it and they were sort of like you know. It might just be this one episode, one episode and then I didn't even hear back from them for a couple of weeks and Matt Weiner told me later that I didn't really get the boards originally well. He said you know they did a whole casting session and then they did a whole nuther casting session 'cause. The director of that episode was like, I don't think, we've and Trudy yet and then a couple weeks. They still haven't found her and Matt Weiner was like: let's bring the tapes back out, as he tells it bring the tapes back out with the people. Who was that free girl
Basically, the second round of girls just failed harder exactly. It was pure luck, but have you been on the show by the way like that, that I stayed on the show introduced sort of you know as such, it is just such a great character, and especially that moment when you go out of town and PETE Fox the girl, so it fucks the nanny next door and then just that weird moment where you realized what happened and you just her character is just like everything is going to be fine. Clearly, Trudy is going to have some sort of Betty Drake Breakdown breakdown. I don't know just making sandwiches at the in the last season, finale which is forever don't fucking, PETE Fuck the sandwiches? I won't leave you or anything, but just don't fuck up, because I could have if you fuck a sandwich made getting pregnant. It's true. They write Trudy, well that she is sort of she well. She really want
is the marriage to work. I think, to her credit, she is a very determined woman and she can be sort of manipulative and trying I think in the first season I felt like oh Trudy, so awesome like she it him into getting this apartment right away like she always gets her way and then, like very quickly learned that that was not. To be based at all, which kind of makes for more endearing. I think, because you know she sticks with him. Even though he's I mean 'cause. You must prove go community that goes on hiatus, you go right into mad men or is there overlapping? There was. You know last season the overlap going into mad men. There is not one, but last season coming out of mad men community started about a month we seldom month left of shooting, for then we started community there. It is. I got that sentence came around. You know I took a couple of. We are waiting, for. It was a good that was in. There was a Kerri Strug style dismount there, but that is the second printers, so yeah,
It was about a month of overlap to say it plainly, and it was awesome because it really felt let you know as an actor. Do you want to be busy and stuff going on and it was kind of cool to go to community in the morning and mad men at night and the community again the next morning and just be like this? Is my life If it's crazy, I needed assistant to manage all my emotions. This is really. It really is such a bizarre. Like I don't know, I don't know how people just don't know how act it's just like. If I did have stand up to to be able to do in those moments when I'm not hosting something I would go for out of my mind, yeah yeah. I do know this summer, it's not because mad men's in production that I get to I get to poppin over there, but it's much less. Now, after be community for eight months of of just nonstop, it's five days a week, it's busy fifteen. Nowadays, you know which is great. We love it. It's we'd love to be there all the time, there's no, where we'd rather be and everybody so so great over there, but then the summer.
Unlike what's great 'cause yeah, thank God. Everything worked out with mad men and I can do season four and that's a fabulous, but you just never know how it's going to go. So there is a lot more down time and yeah. Then then I find myself being like literally like Will some podcast wait just this podcast right? I mean no, I'm just doing every podcast. I could find oh wow, that's about the internet. I'd make a funny reference here, reference to other things and then we can cut it in corona. We bring it back in for pickups for the podcasts and we do something yeah. So what other types of stuff so it's been like so the summer is filled with with like press opportunity. And uh. I don't know to do some show with Danny Pudi, I think at some improv show at uh West W Danny Pootie is. You know I met Danny because he's really good friends, my girlfriend JANET, and so we I mean the dog JANET
ok when Allison came in to my house, my dog Scott obviously came up and started sniffing a business microphone. Jenna was in the kitchen and so just following the food chain of respect. I said this is JANET. But because Allison wasn't looking up, she was looking down at the dog. She goes high, Janet and sort of having a dog with a scene you know, the woman standing in the kitchen, so the door opens the dog comes right out and he was like this is Jeff so we had to Scott anyway so Janik up in about in the Bay well, but this is like when you heard sky you're like oh obviously, Scott is a dogs name, yes, and then I was like got it. All straight was really weird my I used to live when I first got Scott. I lived in West Hollywood and which is, if you don't know, LOS Angeles is the gay gentleman live?
I just I just might do that. Would've been like what does he mean gay gentleman, but they did a weird I just I just I just did space work of me straightening. Might I like I'm? Actually I would do I would do a boat, and I imagine that my neighbors just thought that I had a really fucked up relationship with my gay lover. I'd be like Scott get on the floor, Scott Scott. You can't shit there like it was weird very weird relationship. Well, I don't know they have a fucked up relationship, but it sounds like the other guys pretty well trained. So are you getting? You must be getting offers for movies, and you think that no, no no I've been trying to trying to get into the movie game it's more difficult than you would think these days. I think the movie business. Doesn't they still in this day and age? Don't recognize, tell
vision as things well, I mean. First of all, I have to say that it has been scheduling, is an issue because the shows do go back to back, so it is sort of and there's a bit of negotiating that takes place to to even let me get the ok to do mad men again for season four. So it's sort of like that. You don't want to kind of just rush off and you know to wear right now we're trying to so it so it kind of narrows the field when you're looking at films that are shooting in LA only on this time, and will they let you out to do this and that and then people kinda like no that's pretty fun, though that's that's! That's when you start getting into luxury problems This is not a problem I can share with many people here goes to do this movie, because I'm doing my two hit television shows like this awful. Let's see it was the comedy show you're going to do with any. Well I don't really know. I think it's called Armando. Oh yes,
remind me to show yeah it's sort of like ask at Ucb you do you do a monologue! Ok, good! Oh, that's why you do an improvised monologue, but for the suggestion from the audience any until I've seen Danny do the show and then he was like you should do it with me next time and I said absolutely and then I got an e well from a couple days ago. That was like hey guys, we're going to do this. Improv show in bubble and the way the wording in the emails somehow suggested to me that we it's going to be doing improv sketches, which I've never done before. I think you're allowed to as the host of I think you are, but well you don't have to, but all all all the all the you really required to do is come out of the big bring the show- and you say hello, I'm on so like whoever is Analogist is Armando for the Ios version say that my name is arm yes and then I believe you take a suggestion from the yeah. That's that's all we do in this business. We're just we're just professional liars and then you kind of improvise monologues for like ten minutes.
And then the audience people will be like banana and it would be like. Oh my god, this yes, yes, yes and then, however, you interpret that you can spin you another story and then the the improv actors will come out and off So is that's a blast just that it ASCAP monologues like last weekend yeah and it's a it's a blast because it's like a I get so nerve wracking, because I'm like what, if someone says something- and I just I can't that's why I was even like Morse here because, like I was like what, if they say a word in like it, reminds me of something for my act and then my brains. We try so hard to not to do that. It was like a very hated they hated if your stand up and you go into your act because it doesn't get, doesn't your you don't have to be funny per se just need to give the actors good information. I just details is very important that they can create this stuff, but it was a blast. Bugella truly will do it for ASCAP. He's great, really great. You, like Julio he's, been to my house,
work diligently over these other people. I, like I also like wheat toast because he just listing they moving some dog shit. I'm told I interrupt the guests too much no by one guy. I see also reading things when people direct tweets that you, what would I got like a like a like on on Friday, someone's like I follow at MIKE Miller and my mother and and that nervous, but I'm not gonna, follow at generate. Why I don't care? If you don't follow Joan Array and I was like well that's what they had to put your name in there, so it would come up in your yeah, exactly how he could have just said. My name not do that. No, they want yeah, and I was you know I I tried to belittle draft of a resort and then that it's not worth it. I was the same. I think this will be my covers plants that I sit down. I go.
Are you ever yourself Alice in it's not worth it, but people must be in general, pretty sweet to you, it's true. No, they are. I love my trip because there's so great this morning, I treated something about the american president. Have you seen that movie? Yes, yes, I was sort of like. Is it wrong that I always watch this any time it's on, like I always watch? In fact I was watching this morning just because I have a dvr it for like two weeks ago, and I was like at eight in this morning, like I woke up in the first thing I did this morning was like going to watch the american President moves like that were just like it's just an odd movie that I just like to have on or just like put it on. Whenever I get it on and I was calling doing stuff and and anyway I was sort of like DDT and then I got some your sponsees and everyone was like. I love that movie you're, not weird. Have you ever wanted here? Watch this movie together Circuit Movie right, that's sort of spawned W wing yeah I mean no, I mean Michael Douglas, yes, yes,
I wish I had. I wish they just referred to him. I wish they'd referred to him is skews me american president. American president, I wish they'd refer to his american president in the ice and get it confused with Dave again, because I probably good a good presidential romantic comedy Dave is great. I left a those turn around the same time by the trending movies that doesn't always the one with the Jack Lemmon and they were like a couple they are both running for president again now, both former President bill presidents. Presidents, this is not the same. Damn Aykroyd resented and then there's King Ralph. I really really like MRS Doubtfire, by the way my face great joke in all of the entire. I'm sorry is going to get nerdy for a second now I can't wait to hit my favorite joke in all of the Buffy vampire. The series was there's an episode where their memories get wiped and then they get their memories back at the end and one of the one of the one of the characters this starts be burst out.
I just remembered King Ralph. I never watch that show. I never met you. Should it's great? That's what I hear a lot of people vouch for it. All right here mean I'm patching for some people. That report respects that I'm patching for another freighter, you following Matt and Ally, but not Maine and you're, telling me I'm voting for it Johnny you can catch it if it's on rivalry. So when you know where did you go to college, I went to calories, California instituted it's a great school. I love it. It's kind of a shame that the only you know the only however reference it is like when I'm talking about me running around naked. It's really a shame because it was a really great school. It afforded me a lot of great opportunities to be in wonderful shows. I in Scotland I went abroad have a study abroad program, so I mean I can't say enough great things about. Now it's it's near the six flags right. It is. I remember pick up a girl on a date.
Let's go out there yeah and then did you go to six flags on the date. It was like a night. I didn't know how far it was. I was like. Oh pick you up and we'll so like a it was like. I was nineteen we went to dumb hipster dance club, they would have dance club yeah. It was back when, like a band like the faint started happening and like all sudden, hipsters were able to like dance all sexy and like it was like a club underground. They play last Smith like Sexy and like when I hear the Smiths. I just think danceable yeah cutter up be coma. If upbeat rhythms, that's true, I guess you could the escape sounds like it like a insult to a girl, she's a slow skank. Actually, it sounds like a bandit would have opened for we'll take a long time. The time is slow burn. So when you grew up in southern California, I did
I grew up in South Pasadena. Si Love South Pasadena S, pass very good thing yeah not too far away from Huntington Gardens. One of my favorite places in the World Bank and Gardens is fantastic one of my favorite places in the world. I love it yeah. I like that. And they could use a roller coaster. If it's true, you just walk around and there's a tram around from, like you know the chinese gardens of the japanese garden to the australian forests. I just was a tram cacti. I get, it was capped. I blow your mind this yeah, but look like dick and balls. Somebody got something they like to have like there's a lot of like Harry Cactuses, with like a long one and then two little buddies. It's true I'll confirm this. I do I took a picture in Huntington Gardens of a tree that has roots that are above ground and they look like black dogs. Like I got up, I I'll pull it up on my phone because it is literally the most insane
the link is I mean it's, so I thank God, because I need to see that now, I'm obviously I obviously have the humor of a fifteen year old, so a lot of times will be like sneaker, but that does this was so unforgivable. Edong. Ask that I don't think you couldn't deny it you can't. You can try to deny it and you would be wrong. Scientists think that about this plans, that's right. Scholars have not debated it because of how obvious it is. Then there black belly. But let's talk well, actually only. Let's talk for a second about recent to some recent hubbub, that's been created on the internet, you wrote they uh sexy, semi, autobiographical tale, which who was probably embellish for comedy reasons. Yes, and I'm glad you brought this up Chris Chris Hardwick. I believe that it was sort of taken out of context. I was actually a bit horrified and also slightly flattered that people just kind of picked my story out of this book, and
what kind of I mean when taken out of context. It is a quite graphic to store a little bit of exercise. What is the book in word? That was the thing so it started as a show at Ucb, so it was an upright citizens. Brigade show started by friends of mine. More kindred and Alexander lied, and I think I'm pronouncing her last name was great friends by mortified. No, it was just called worst laid, oh, that's right! Yes, we're sleeping means, true tales of terrible sex and it's it was a series of monologues. Girls and one guy would would do these series of monologues it like the China monologues, but a little more. You know terrifying because they're just about you know terrible sex worst, your worst sex ever and I had guested on the show couple of times and done this as a monologue along. You know a lot of all guest at Amy, Poehler, Janine, Garrafa low. You know they kind of had lots of different buzzy women come in today. I was really flattered to have been asked,
and I thought I had this great story about having sex with my gay friends. It's hilarious so but I'd never really done anything like that before we sat down and like I gotta craft, this into more of a monologue and add an intro and kind of give it contact, otherwise it sort of just like so I had sex with my gay friend ones like the microphone. So Oh, oh! No, you want to give it a little flavor and whatnot, so I did and it always went over well as a model x. Then they adapted into a book and they asked me to be a part of the book and again I was very flattered to be but there's thirty, nine other comedians actresses writers that did it. I was like I'm going to be published in look. This is awesome, not really thinking about what was about to be published, and I totally just- and I also just thought it would absolutely get lost in the shuffle.
My story. Along with that. You know. I didn't really know how much press they were doing for the book itself and- and you know it a day after was released, it was it was like everywhere on the internet. I was just getting texts from like random guys. I knew from high school like hey, he actually called Donald Glover, just just checking in and was like. Are you in LA and he was like? No but I've been on line, and I heard you're a freaky freaky. Oh no, you know so again I'll say when taking out of context. The story does seem quite graphic, an overwhelming, but but I was a bit dismayed of the fact that people, was this like true sexual confession, especially this one term, where I guess I reference being the quote: unquote: Qu, meaning of population which is now like a headline, a certain websites that, as if as if it's just like
she said totally true like taken at face value, whereas I just thought it was a couple of nifty adjectives that I would have just become the queen of population. First of all, the king has to die and then the queen will take over and then, if you're, a bastard child, that's true so there's there is. There is a line of royalty. I know, but you know my father was. I can't know you just can't you just can't it just can't. Now I'm trying to I'm trying to keep the story out of my dad's arrangements, not delve into sexual sexual royalty change. Your parents don't know about it. Yet my mom knows my mom actually came to my first performance of the show it was hilarious. She understood that it was embellished for comedy, especially I would I can't just enough, especially the intro and terms like that, like it was more just for comedic context, and although the story is true, I'm not trying to cop out of but I thought it was so we thought was so well written about. It is just just in the description of you convince
gay friend to have sex with you, and then and then he he. I think I remember that he kind of disk I had. The experience is slippery or like there was some sort of a weird like like, it was just described in such a way where someone who wouldn't be into that would just kind of point out the app the qualities of the experience you know more. Just the funny thing about the queen of Population term is that that the io is that the whole story is supposed to be about. My lack of experience really the fact that I'm obviously not great at this and that it's like going so terribly wrong the whole time and it did like and there just a number of opportunities for us to kind of just call it quits and B. You know we gave it a good try and I just wouldn't back down like I would not on Tom Petty's. I won't back down in the background, so he put on Madonna's erotica and I'd like to point out that he also did he also plant a red flag in the floor. At the same time, he did it at one point. I suggested that we move the mattress into the closet
so they would feel more comfortable, and I genuinely did not see the irony of this at the time. Genuinely did not realize it until until recalling it later So it's a gorgeous story, and I also think what's interesting, and maybe you can sort of take this as a hey. My career is going pretty well, but it must be sort of weird when you're used to just being able to save. Ever. You want no one says anything you're below the radar and then all of a sudden like why the fuck didn't care about absolutely. That was one of the things that was the the interesting thing about half right. When I said I was a bit flattered. That's where that kid. That was the only thing flattering, but some some of the websites genuinely got where I was coming from and- and there were some flattering thing said about about it being a funny story and and whatnot. But yes, I was very surprised that I was like really out of everybody in the like really they picked. You know story, it seemed odd and then you do that switch flicks on in your head, like I better watch,
I say from now on I better watch how often I described in depth, but I tried, I think, next with gay men. So now I think they're sort of us. I think, there's a meta context, though, which is that maybe people just didn't perceive you is a comic the way that, like if Janine told that story or Amy told that story, and so no, no she's an actress right, you know yeah, so I I don't know maybe doing this. He like Sirius confessional. Yet do you have your and some sort of grizzled publicist was like Ali? You can't buy this kind of press or the thirty six gay stories. I know I told my team and I was like it's all over. What should we do? Then they were like I mean, come on. It's funny. Everybody elemental it's going to blow over, no pun intended. I say that
a story like that could get a young gal of the maxim hot one hundred last year we were away before we start talking about the story. I would like to say, because I felt like the one thing that made me kind of about it. Instantly was like, oh god, in the c, like you know, like I played, you know no button character on the show, and I was I was worried, speed freak but she's she's rude actually kind of makes out with a lot of people, but anyway. My point is that the writers on our show love this story and it was actually referenced before the book came out. 'cause I wrote it. I mean, probably almost a year before the book came out and and it was reference on the show in our std episode that's fantastic yeah through my character. So what are all tied up? Okay, yeah there yeah the two experiences like if it's on the days when you're shooting community and then you're going to shoot mad men. What is the is is, is the is the mat, as a madman said, the kind of mad cap and sort of because it's so such
serious show or is it? Is it very, very heavy? You know everybody on the show is so they can all be very funny, John, I'm obviously hilarious sense of humor Elisabeth MOSS. You know just get him to the Greek and, like everybody, has a great sense of humor, but in Vincent Kaiser who plays my husband is super funny but it always does seem more serious to me only because when I'm there, the majority of the time, I'm not with everyone, is just me and Vinnie doing our our scene, at home. So the best way that I like to describe it is it is by volume, is like when I'm on the community said it's like outrageously loud and nobody shuts up ever it's like being on a playground with while comedy. Dogpile Super rams latest everybody's, always there like in the it's pretty pretty much all there all the time, and everybody is just like one person makes that and then we just run with that bit for the next six
I can imagine like between having like booty and like Donald, oh, my God and Donald Goodwill, get on these tears and we're on the floor. You know, but then we all need to like contribute. It's so fun, but then mad men, each of the scenes quite serious and and this is really nice. So it is it's just it's very quiet. It's very focused and- and there is a there's, a not that there's not a lot of new ones that you want to get on community, but I think we actually get more of it when were joking and finding all these other little things and then kind of flow right into it, whereas on admin, sometimes it's much more subtle and finding that nuances a bit trickier. So it's like a different dance. Do you have. You ever suggested just putting a laugh track under your scenes with Vincent. You know I have, and they just won't do it yet so weird, how do you know what I'm curious to know is how and as a preferred as a performer, do you go into a different head space? I mean not just dubbed the characters are different, but you go into like comedy
verse is, like you know, are you do you to purposely hit different beats in drama mode, or do you just kind of not think about it You know yeah, I guess so I mean I think, it's more about the characters. The characters are so different. So, like Trudy speaks with a certain Stevenson and his voice is different and they walked different and and no it's different mad men. You know with community, we were still finding our groove, even though it's like I've logged many more hours under community we've done three years going into the fourth year on me. So it's easier that there is so well established kind of after three seasons and they write her so well and that sort of thing, whereas on community, it's like you're, finding it she still developing. She still changing. Lieke yeah, just just grows up should be developed all the time, but it does. I did so weird develops all the time. She's. Quite the developer, constantly developing deluge.
Getting there are there are, there are still a similar is between the two characters. There's there's also like subtle differences like could you do like a true the line and an anti line back to back, and we can hear that the differences. Monkey dance, no, just like it's funny, because we were you put them on recently I was like I was watching a like a dvr ma'am and I turned it off and then like community was on it and it was funny because it was like a scene with you and then like it was like a scene like both like it. I remember just as I was like: oh wow, it's so it's so like just like my new like it's very, very me. Thank you nasco I don't know, and I'm has do it now. You don't have to do it. Do it. I would well I like do that thing that you're going to show hey self aware you're the first
female guest on the podcast. Yes, I I can't believe you didn't bring that up sooner. It's a big deal with that and I never intended to do nineteen episodes of dudes first, the first. Which is what our brains greatest hits. The podcast nineteen episodes on Twitter was like. I'm not gonna, listen to Nerdist Podcast 'cause, I'm not misogyny. I was like that's a big word for Why haven't I know, but, but I honestly like I'm, not misogynistic at all. I mean we have sure you are. We have but it, but I feel like I had. I had asked a handful of people, a handful of female get to do the show, an scheduling, wise, none of them weird to hear you say that soon, as I came in here, you have to do the dishes like we're all drinking Juden feature. There are just some green there's just some grease stains that just cannot be removed by by a man, hand,
it's our callous. Is they won't allow it they won't? They won't allow it I'm out in the fields thinking about sports all day, but you know working on my steel job at the heart of this year, like you were the first girl that was just totally available to do this. I read this story that you wrote on the internet and I was like this girl is up for anything clearly do anything by the way. I just want to say this podcast feels a little slippery and it's can we do it in closet. This is not a quote, the that wasn't this quote it is, I don't know I've done. That's what I read that you said that he thought well, we don't want to grab firm slippery people should buy the book if anything, anything anything away from this called worst laid plans for slate place laid plans. I just wanted to plug it. School they've changed because you get so much, they change it to Alison Brie's case. Gay sex story presents Alison Brie, presents Sexpo, saying
in the closet. On my gosh, I was just in Toronto, we're doing press for community, and I found my favorite new MTV to RON like MTV, Canada show called one girl. Five gays I've heard of that. Well, what is that about? They just sit around and talk about stuff. It's not as exciting as it is also known as the every girl's fantasy. I have five days around or or snow white and seven doors, thing is that dwarves, I think for the canadian Dorf some word. No, none of them are amazing. They all NATO, so there might be some in the next. I don't know why they, literally as it once did minimally. They just hang out, isn't it I think so, but they're kept being ads like the one. I was one Ching, which was airing in the middle of the afternoon, was like not the real one that people are to watch which airs at midnight and it's like ignored like the gritty one. When I talked to someone later while I was still in Toronto and they were like, oh no, no, no, no, oh no girl! It was again.
This is one of the time. No! No, although some of them reached out to me on twitter after I treated them whoa the host, the girl was like you're awesome, they're, very Canada, I flavored chips, which I might yes, they also have chip. Which I got in a gift basket, and it's a peanut wrapped in a Pringle like like surrounded by single, oh wow, so you just eat like they're like round balls like nuts, but come on now which is how I always like to eat my nuts is rapid pregnant? You realize you're gonna get a bunch of tweets from Jews now like Rapmon, Dotson, Pringles, Alison Brie and approval is not triangle shape. Is it a Pringle anymore? That's why I only do have. It does still taste like Pringles, but I think he's
philosophically because they have that they Pacifica shape. How are you supposed to make that that's true? Well, they don't say Pringle bag, they just say chips. So I'm not. This is what you're saying well, I'm categorizing. It wasn't like a lease, It was a sturdy chip, it it it had the Pringle flavor like a gangster Pringle. Did you notice the I did that I see what you did there. I love it's run, such a I'm in a city. I my favorite thing about Toronto. Is they will first of all it's a well planned clean city, yes gorgeous the most amazing at hot dog carts in any city, their subways, which are very clean and safe, have all these hot out cards, and why is that funny? very ugly. Today I fun right hot dogs in the world dogs in eat, hot dogs. Really I don't like to eat. According to the story that I read a long just kidding,
remember that in a super bad where he can't eat anything like that part I'm an asshole. I've never seen super bad. Oh, my god, you should see it. Don't worry! I just there's a there a lot of internet. There are a lot of. I love that movie so charming in a netflix that shit. I like it, you should yeah hi motherly, isn't it yeah? A lot of people are in it just joking, it's a good movie. I imagine if I was Michael Cera, do that kind of slow talking study character that he does sure my dad and Jonah Hill yells alot. You know it's made for them, but It's a good movie too, because it's like. I imagine, though, if I was eighteen and I just graduated from high school- and I saw that movie that summer came out. It would be like a line that would be one of your breakfast club yeah, exactly yeah my practice, because your breakfast club
is my red- would not mind. Breakfast club is actually my breakfast club. That's true. I was in high school and then, sadly to say I think can't hardly wait is my breakfast club. Oh, my gosh share that with you yeah, This came in ninety eight I was like it was. It was sophomore Junior, some of them, that's okay! I I'm, I won't slow you down. I enjoy classes in I summer America, like that, was sort of like yeah american pie with that come out, though ninety the yeah I remember, can hardly in high school. I love them. Three times in like three times in the theater on, just it like a few weeks ago, or it's edited really like weirdly yeah yeah it is I don't for that. Because I'm glad we could share this moment, yeah they don't they cut out the part ago, like MIKE Dexter's, an asshole two million a sketch. I did on attack of the show and it's like what,
so hard not to call MIKE Dexter all day. I just like Next one like Dexter, you are a god. You are a role model and his hummingbirds outside the window. I probably shouldn't because our viewers can't see I'll take a picture a moment, not talk and just marvel. Hummingbird gone already. Yeah, it's got heart beating so fast. And even a new home loan. This guy is a memory that I pretty sure I lost my virginity to the song. To some Belinda Carlisle's hung it's not forgivable, I'm so glad we could hear about that right now. That's what that's! What I'm remind me of I lost my hummingbird, a long story, but there windswept sofa? You can imagine. So what do you? What you're, not when you're not acting on the television. What shows do you like? Do you like to watch? Do you like nerds, thirty suffer? Do you do you like? What's nerdy stuff like what did you watch
like Firefly or you know, that is all right with the ones that was Yes, we can show Nathan Fillion, oh yeah. I love that show. Those guys are great there. You go good Tiger Maine. Then they had a movie. She goes to comic con every year. We were just talking about it, but I really would like to go to comic con but, like I said, I would want a reason to go like I want you know, but you don't have our free for Mary Jane. Comic Con is expanded to the point where you could go as part of a community. It doesn't have to be really. I don't I'm not saying that I have to do superhero movie, although I should really pretty awesome. You should be a pretty awesome. You really should She should be the marriage and don't go over to be the new spider man, hello. I really like lever for side to it. It's like I. It was funny when you start to think about it, but then I thought about it for, secondly, like no that's perfect yeah, it would be, so far not really took off. I was really
yeah. It need to see that yeah tell never do right now. They are, Dc. Pierson can be a could be better if you would have just come out wrong wrong. Do you mean horribly? Racist? No DC is the white blonde haired dopey guy? I thought you were talking about Donald, no, no, no, no, but but it really uh. There was a surgeon racism after that kind of took all the internet. I got messages personally treated to me personally, like not Anti Donald, just to me that, like Spiderman is white, not an afro, quoting literally all in caps, and I was like really Dan hi, like after, like responding to people violently that were being racist about it on Twitter. Well to know that uh there's event crossover between nerds and racists, like yeah superheroes white, the way Jesus attended, original superhero brother. He
the original superhero Jake looks like somewhere, like christian evangelist go to Congress sores, you like Superman. Let me about the original. What is the problem? I mean afro american people have black market. Is that not a lot of no? It's not no matter where it is warm. Well, it wasn't. What's that movie right now that there's controversy because they cast white actors to play. Asian roles, that was breakfast at Tiffany's, trying to man racist will. Somebody send me something about that. They were like if it's racist castle Yp in that movie, why isn't it reverse racism to cast a black man is spider man? I was like. Why are you asking me? well leave well alone, yeah alone, don't know it's b. People are weird when people get stuck in their craw about
We have to talk about racism anymore today than they really touch. It look guys. I came here for one reason: let's want to shed some light on. Race is also discussed. Abortion Scientology for racism, so now that we've covered It sounds like a lot of ways. America been bitten by a really racist, radioactive spider makes them think about how movies get edited for tv. I think we talked we touched on before, but, like I'll say it again, my favorite, my favorite edited on line is INDIGO big Lebowski, so saying this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass He says this is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps. I think at that point they were projects like it doesn't. Even matter doesn't matter, it doesn't matter capital area, see what happens
you find a stranger in the Alps. No wait! Stop smashing that what are you talking about? I don't understand my train of logic. Has it when you were in that? Did you come across the stranger taraval chance of movie takes a whole when they it it? Does this the seventies we caught smoking in the band it when they edited for television is a is a quick smoke in the minutes say another thing in the vanities Movie Ali doesn't know smoking the bandit, no smoking in the band. I know it all right. Yeah by name I haven't wait, hang on, do you know who the bandit is Burt Reynolds Burt? I was just tell her. I have a message, that's how information is exchanged. Yet I'm doing this interview, I did appreciate the finger mustache. I've heard it referenced before so. Jackie Gleason swears a lot in the movie. He plays the sheriff and, like everything he's great in it, you some you some mention he swears the whole time and so when they edited for television clearly now his voice, and it was just like you, Scott
Hum, Bum ruined the white it bothers. Let's start like taking like the weird swears we hear alternate like takes and movies and just start using our everyday lives. Like start saying, scum Bum guys a total scumbag dad frank. Scan, the Franken is, but is it that is the that is a nerd that is right from so yeah yeah, and once you do that yeah, you kinda knew them, because I just for something along those lines. Once I was like Frank one of them, so I started what this is for acting stupid. No, that was never once in addition for, like a small part of it, I was like really feels like. No. This is no so bad and I actually tuned in. The show my got caught up in it for a little while you watch to watch heroes for like the first two seasons, I would never get a chance if I hadn't wrote
the boat on it and sometimes I feel like when you don't get into a show right away. Then you need to wait and then later you can rent it on tv. That's. Why did with lost yeah? I was caught up by the end of last, but I didn't watch last until season four and people I was very reluctant and then finally, someone is like just watched watched the first two epic codes and just see where it goes see, takes you baby to me hold up in my room. Two weeks yeah my takes you is to Heaven and that's where the show takes you five seasons assignment in Heaven, purgatory ranch. My girlfriend I like shut up on, like we should watch the first season and then caught up on the like other five seasons and then most of the sixties and, like all the way up
within a month of time like she like her brain, was melting like kind of like the sea, so cool to. Do it like that 'cause you make so many more connections, whereas, like once, I was finally cut up and watching it on tv and waiting week to week I was like huh yeah. It's going to do this every time the show would end up being no again like it like a season like a season finale, and then I always had that experience with mad men run like another. Ten months show that's a like a like everytime admin ends or something but the season finale last season was so phenomenal. It almost could have been a series finale at you have you. Might it's not can is user?
you can tell us what the show does it. Does it go forward a couple years it is you can tell that I can say about so the like a really well. I was expecting it to be a like a bummer of a the season finale. It was gearing up for that, like everything was kind of going wrong that he was leaving like they haven't done. That really Cooper was the center is a bummer. You mean down jury or house of sadness. Cars. I see both of them phenomenal work on season like when, like things got violent, scary yeah, like I'd, be a really cool, really got in yeah. Everyone on the show is phenomenal. Yeah amazing wholesale comes back. I won't sell to come fan fave, He was great yeah. He was great like great. His episodes were really really amazing. That scene, where he's dancing for his wife, buddy yeah I was just talking with my roommate the other day, just like I was like like she's like oh yeah. It makes me uncomfortable thinking about that scene, Bryan Batt is the
play software he's so talented and he's an amazing singer. We did a show. The mad men live review where the supporting supporting actors, we did it at the El Rey in LA and then we took to Vegas. So we did it to live show, and we also each saying a song from the 60s and he brought the house down. Oh wow, by saying I wore bo a it was fabulous. That's awesome! That is phenomenal. You going to show again, I don't know all right after we did the one in LA and sort of immediately at this was like I mean probably a year and a half ago, maybe longer- and it was great- I mean It's a great crowd. I mean it's like. We did at the end, not a huge venue, so it, like in Vegas. I don't picture Vegas as the as the mad men, demographic. You know uh. It was. We had a packed house, but we only have like one night only. You know what I mean so are mad men fan were there and I think there are a lot of friends of the show there and I think I would go
yeah, it's like it's like, sometimes there's like a night and yeah. But the people who would go like. Is it like older people that want to see these songs being played, or is it fans of the show was probably just a mix right? It's both and also like, I said friends of the show. I have a feeling that a lot of people were like common, never was like pokey, I'm not doing anything else. This Tuesday, because performing in Vegas is a weird, it's just a totally cool, that's gotten good! I'm so glad you had that experience. Most performing experiences in Vegas are dreadful because people go to Vegas in there. Just in this kind of mindset, like it didn't fucking matter. What I do here would happen to use. Daisy are so they just like their fucking douche meters go up to one hundred and twelve on a scale of one hundred and one trace numbers interesting scale, and so you know, if you're not immediately giving them what they want. Yeah, because they feel like everything, should just be brought to their faces and brains. They
just kind get cranky. It was funny. I was in Vegas we're the cast of community. We were all just in Vegas. To see Joel, do stand up at Donald, Open Oprah, yes at the Middle Ebay and Donald Open for him, and you know the crowd. That's going C Joel is like into the soup and although, but it kinda caters younger people, there's older people, you know it's! It's kind of an eclectic mix Mcdonald Open for him. Donald is so hilarious, but a lot of this is come is quite dirty. You know we're still kind of has like a clean cut it, even though he I don't know why I actually I opened for jewel at Mandalay like a year or year and a half ago yeah. I know I know. I know that always kind of audience, so Donald comes out and it was just so fabulous now. Just gotta get so blue is isn't that. How would I was the only as well the younger people you could tell were like so into it, because he's hilarious so and if you're on the ride with Donald you're, you're cracking up and we are going crazy and then there was just like these
This is a line of like old ladies in front of us with their husbands. That was just like silent, yeah farting bit that it has. You know yeah I was pretty fabulous, then went over go that's the kind of comedy they do. Could you have anyone Spiderman? Well, I'm I'm personally went on to Twitter's and I told him that he should not be smoking bad, because Spiderman is white man. Nor does he work blue. He doesn't work. Blue he works. Black is what he does my coat. You don't have a code find one alright, this was a fun improv called elderly, racist, Spiderman comedy. Is that we do it's not really racist nerds who their own people, and they just complain about giving away our show pictures Chris, here's why
Storm should have been white to be Mum, Africa, you don't understand, but her hair was white. Good enough. So what's Where do go after that? Where do you go after that? One? Henry, she brings the races out India Damn race card. Again I haven't done this up. Let's talk about how, like you know you work on community in mad men, I used to work at a funeral home then go to the ice cream store for the two best races or watt and NASCAR. What's known ass cars, the best race we should So at some point we have to talk about it by the way I was kidding. When I see 'cause people sometimes don't understand, I'm not saying that white people in NASCAR the best it was a joke. Clearly yeah. I guess today the racist. I just watched that, let's not today at the racist,
Marx brothers do put black face on in that movie, get off black they're, just hiding out after that large jazz number. We have to talk at some point about how you work the funeral home, but we don't have time to get it. Ok, don't worry about. It will get it right. You don't know we don't talk about. That sounds really really uh be the ones over here. The story at the Adam Savage Podcast when we did alive yeah, which was a great grange and brought down the house good Times, Was it there's a lot of those someday? This is flashback in this bike. I know in in in in news and we're back. Are you going anywhere this summer for fun? I don't think we do for fun. Do you have time to have fun? No not really do you mind that really no 'cause when you're in active, because the work is so fun. I really just really lame like I should have hobbies, but the thing is that this summer has been about wedding planning for me,
a friend of mine just got married two weeks ago and I was made of honor. My sister gets married in two weeks and on the maid of honor. Oh shit like this should be a romantic comedy. Starring me. I think there is a maid of honor. I know I know some dresses voice in there Lopez movie call that was made that no there's a movie with attaching. I see yeah Michelle Monaghan called maid of honor, but not about this topic. This is really more like twenty seven dresses. Yes, I'm gonna have to make my own hybrid movie of it. The other is to dress like do you like. Do you like? Do you like know of? I do my sister. I love it. I love my sister. It's like a job like where you take an blowjob, writes a job. It's a lot, I'm not a wedding z, I'm not a real wedding z girl for my friend. It was you know, I know it was it's fine to get into a nearly. He wanted to be nice for your friend, but but you know, I'm not super weddings, I'm not that girl. That's always been like planning my wedding on my I, like you, know why some girls, I think, really love like like the character in twenty seven.
That could be a real person right. They get really into it. I think you know, and they just think if you wanted. I think if you're a performer, you don't have that thing in your head of. I want one day where everyone pays attention to me. We want that everyday yeah exactly one days now, every day is a fucking wedding day there performer it's true, because you just especially 'cause, I wear a wedding dress every time I wake up word on it. No, it is not in the community back to back, save so much time. You just sleep in it. That's true, all right, all you're going to knockout five minutes real wrinkle in this true, so so anyway, so that's been a lot of my summer have been I've been doing little trips like like Vegas and and then press trips. I don't know it's kind of well, then they measure the community press trips or fun because, like your buds with everyone yeah, it is yeah. We just got back from Toronto and it was. It was really fun it's like vacation, but for forty eight hours do you find that the is cleaner. Doing as well in Canada is doing all my gosh much.
It was so great to be up there and have every like every interview started like how does it feel to be on unbelievably hit? Show, I don't know, have you seen it is? You know we're not the people from glee. I love the glee reference in the a painful episode of community, also the people in the community, one of the best of the television ever yes yeah. One of those shows that started off funny. I remember seeing the teaser trailer for it funny weird, no funny ha ha like I remember, seeing the teaser trailer for it and then, like the show, looks really fucking great and then it just better and better and better, and I'm so thrilled that the network gave it a chance, six zero yeah such a weird process. I mean you talked about earlier that it's like a you know, they're all the steps along the way, and you know booking the pie. It was exciting and then, but even then, I think I we didn't really know how big of a
call Annie character of any would be, and I think even the creators kind of didn't really know where they're going to go with that character, so sort of like ok, I have this little. Supporting role in this show. That seems funny with these cool people we shot the pilot. That was really fun, but it was How is it going to turn out? You know the Russo Brothers Anthony and Joe, who are amazing, directed our pilot and there are producers directs like poo, I mean the majority of our episodes, and anyway then going and watching viewing the pilot with Danny and Yvette Nikes. Everyone else who lived in New York. After did the pilot of the three of us went and screen. I was just like. We were so nervous. 'cause, you don't know how it's going to turn out and afterwards we all sat there for a beat and we were like it's fine do we just think it's funny because we're in it like crazy right, I'm not crazy. It is funny, but it was really exciting and then, along the way, yet to kind of see it progress and the whole time you have your fingers crossed 'cause at any moment. Your watch other shows kind of fall by the wayside, and it's like we're continuing. We
again. We think we are hilarious. So it's hard to know when you're sort of trapped in this bubble doing the show in and were cracking each other up and all that, and then you see the finished product of a lot of these things and like like the paintball episode. That was one of those, especially especially that, because I wasn't actually on set for a lot of that. My character got taken out. Pretty early sadly got the uh the reveal out of the garbage can so it was all worth it. It's true that was. It was a good moment, but you see come together and a lot of the time, I'm just so proud on behalf of the show and the crew and everybody at, and it's always a great feeling to it is an amazing feeling to work on 'cause. It doesn't I'm doing this for a long time. I can't say I've been proud of everything I've worked on. And it is. It is a much different feeling when you kind of walk to work with the chest down there and you're. Not people say what do you go? I'm on this show yeah. I have to go wow. I just you know, put the idea this thing. Sometimes
yeah now some pre, I'm gonna, say you're kind of the Jackal of Hollywood in in that, in the sense of like you, it's kind of like these are two shows knows it's awesome. It's awesome means you're badass these. These two shows where you're just kind of brought in well. Maybe should just do one episode and then bam, you're you're, an integrated cast member like that minus to grow on people- oh my god right and so great yeah. Oh, that's a compliment. This jackal thing I know I'm getting excited about it. No also you're going to start being on this podcast every week. Yes, I just had to do com draw drama internet. That's the other third mask that they've added to the the old Apple computer based Goldman, the classic mankind. Someone make that please someone make the third comedy drama internet.
The internet? Typically, the internet is over the network of computers that make the web available. The web is just a series of Apple Jonah. We go sorry by the way I'm at. Can you help me no, never mind? I fix it fix it later. So where can you have that you have this twitter stream at Alison Brie with one hour yeah? What the one l is very confusing and then do you have do you have a web? But do you have a web, I'm working on it? I'm working on it you can do. Is a provider died to the right yeah? I did a funny or die video with rich summer and with Catherine's Houston who's on desperate housewives, like the pesky neighbor that I just take a they can say rich summer awesome, so awesome going to be on the road he's so funny. Oh good, he's a white male, so it'll be well, then he should be Spiderman secret service. Spiderman start
Anyway. No, I don't know when it's going be tough, but it should be up sometime and sometime soon and yeah. You can see me, I don't know when this goes up, but you can see me Ios a Thursday or Wednesday. There's, never mind. I never. Actually. I don't even know when it is so go up. Upright put this up tomorrow or the next day. I read it right like that speedy turnaround, yeah yeah, it doesn't always happen that way name, but it's important not going mad men where we just sit on it forever. That was kind of really upset about. Sorry, just sorry, nice, I think that's a little cranky 'cause Dave, Matthews Band isn't touring in twenty eleven trying to rough years. Older people like messed like big enough to fill the hole in his heart comments on the Nerdist site. Like saying hey, no, I know it's been always been a tradition for us to go. I know how you feel that more of us than just Maine. What are we not going to do for those couple of days now?
Where are you serious? Not robust even answer weekend or something there like the clash, mer. What music do you like? What kind of weekend I Matthews Band, sez, I'm just being supportive, no. I do like that, like I was listening to their bye earlier today. Alright good summertime music. That vampire really is yeah. I have you, I don't know if you heard any of Donald Glover music, his child, to spend big again yeah I'll. Just give you know, I'm not so good and- and I feel like through that- I'm listening to that a lot and listen to a lot of the indie bands that he'll rap over for his I'm just a rapper albums yeah bells and animal collective and grizzly bear- and this is- I lived attribute this to Donald, because I wouldn't have found it on my own
he's really he's got great. Cadence is like the tone of his voice is awesome. It's like it's almost like a fun. Nerdy are like little Wayne at times, yeah just kind of a higher pitch voice when he raps- and it's just, I think, it's great great, great and funny and yeah he's going to pop download going to pop so great, is great, but he also has been on the show is my point: you should have them on the show. Little I'm trying to get him on the meltdown comedy show, let's get it on that too. Let's have him on as spider man in just like a great idea and just have him we'll just talk to him as their partners at the back of a complex or it's perfect. I think that I've been listening. I I just discovered this guy called Jim to, bar. Who is awesome, awesome it's his movies. Music is all kind of 60s pop sounding awesome. I like that. I always appreciate good music record since I'm not very proactive in searching out new music. It has to kind of come to me or I'll, find those people like you, people, like Donald who, who I know that I like their same taste
I always like. I don't know the music I like is kind of out there and I'm like I like it too. I'm here like yeah man, can't get rid of me that stuff in the back of a motorcycle and ride into forever. True well as well broken bells. Just you and me danger mouse well, Alison Brie, you are pull oh and enjoy. I left out the article is going to say a delight, but then I said you are delight words not here as well. From my mouth she's actually d light purple stuff some cola ham, curious. Where is groove, send a lot. A redneck, Mosys Bud light in sunny d me mix those two together, that's good yeah! I terrible Do it now? Alright, afternoon delight to sit on the porch targets for redneck mimosas yep
yeah, I'm glad we both went to Guns First America, America, so I do want to say that, since this will go up in time that Thursday June tenth we're going to be doing our live. Nerdist podcast at large, in LOS Angeles, with special guest Craig Ferguson, all of the online tickets have been sold, but you can still call Largo at three hundred and ten, eight hundred and fifty five three hundred and fifty pay five dollars for waiting, so long extra twenty five dollars. Now. Why would you tell them and try to convince people not to go? Get no they're going to go wake up, I'm gonna go! Do what I have to pay extra count, I've been on you folks get in you, get a mother fucking free ticket. You owe in your face and I have to pay thirty dollars, which would be unfocused. Yeah you do literally paying. For me, this show is better printer show for you guys,
added that I don't. I didn't tell you guys yet, but we just add as musical guest Serra Watkins, who was from in nickel creek yes and walk ins. Family she's awesome, like has one of my favorite cover songs of all time. They do pavements spit on a stranger, so on the best cover songs that ever heard my love. This pavement love my paper. You should do go in three weeks up driving n driving n to go see payment. Oh really, yeah! Yeah, I've never met your Dave Matthews, they never came to Hawaii. Then he goes on. They were old, never been able to see them live What does that have to do with Hawaii want to join a group drums from Jensen Lion? Is they never came to Hawaii? So obviously, because I live in LOS Angeles, can coconut juggling poi hopper over here? They they broke up in ninety nine. I moved out here in two thousand and one sorry, I didn't know you and the rest of the grass skirts go back to Hawaii. Google you down, then next time we hang out is not. This podcast is for contiguous Americans. You, son of a bitch, now Cole
settle down boy. Did you get some more letters university city, thirteen dollars all right now is a brief. Thank you. So much you are correct and you're welcome back anytime. Yes, you just come by and pop on cool as a Curry, JANET Janet, that's what I like to do. Yeah my girlfriend JANET my dogs for JANET Christendom, hang, awesome sounds good. The end. Now leaving Nerdist dot com.
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