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Walk into the notice by guess: number four. Seventy four a milestone happened yesterday at the Superbowl. It was the fourth anniversary of the nervous podcast four years ago, insuperable Sunday, two thousand ten match on and I went to town one thousand started talking in front of a microphone I paid how much money for four years later here we are so thank you so much if you ve been following the whole time or if your new than welcome you have an important, basically robust, back catalogued, go through of your just joining so we will continue to make these, and we certainly certainly appreciate your support, a button
we all have shows it s a sketch. First, on the weekend of them seven and eight hundred pie, cash on facts, seven is sold out, I'm I'm sorry but think of your coming, but then forbade view and alive Sancho Crag, and then we are doing doing our revenge. The nurturing of the Castro Theatre that night, with the cast into an aim and bring the rock that night and then talking dead, comes back FED nine. I haven't seen them new season, a walking dead, but damn we just pot jested Kirkland a couple days ago and apparently ship gets crazy. I mean like crazy, crazy crazier in a very structured way. Scott Temple was doing a flock and amazing job, so I am very much looking forward. you seeing what type of fields we have to sit through on February NICE will join us a walking dead at nine p m and then talking debt at ten p m. Then of course, at midnight Monday for Thursday, Africa, where there is a lot of plugs, I apologize. I would like to thank Sherry's berries for sponsoring this observer notice. Pod cast you're gonna get a forty percent.
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Sitting around your house anymore in your tummy and after that, it's not our business. What happens so? Berries, dotcom, typing nerd This sort of plant gases be J Novak, who is dear old friend of Jonah, mind going back to our open my comedy days in the early, timid, two, thousands and em you know mpg makes a point of departure. Is that it's it's is suggesting that we actually have to have an excuse like passing, to get together to catch up, but it really works and we did get to catch up and be J mean, I'm sure your vanity office or the many project or the fifteen other things that Pga Novak has worked on, that you ve probably very much enjoyed, but he's a super, smart guy and really cool, and we never really talk.
This intimately before so. This was. This was really nice for us. Just on a friend level, he's promoting a book called one more thing stories, another stories which is out tomorrow February forth, so I highly recommend that you pick it up because basically radical writer and- and this is the notice podcast number four. Seventy four without J Novak now me nervous
calm laser work. I buy everything. I say we go strongly calculator, yet it would be very good for both of us equally bad right, I'm team phone here yet remember. I would have to stand in line to get a new phone. You wouldn't stand anymore minutes like that. Very same is the same thing I think ultimately yeah. I think. If took my legs away. I would
I would not notice as quickly as if you took my phone or an hour later. We like we women, lakes, I've never once lost my phone image, I'm always on. If you have no legs but a phone than you could just distract yourself, But if you have legs and no phone, we're gonna do yeah what I didn't know how to tell anybody about Instagram. Having no legs to pass you have all these amazing hashtags and nothing to quitted on no want stunt down coffee. You know no one would get that was in power and I have no legs. Kids, reference yeah exactly that, wouldn't it wouldn't even know legs legs, Welcome to the progress, be J, no barrier. Thank you. Have you done. A lot of part casts before. I would just ask that no I've done a few broker, but not not so many
it's the bland is possible and what is it is long, but not on bananas. Many, if not enough, we that's new and not enough that I'm an expert in Ireland some less than others, yet more than one less than all of em so somewhere in between there, but on the lower she ass of the spectrum. it's very exciting to because we all we're doing open mice at the same time. We know each other many years ago and I I was doing I mean I've started a couple years before you, but you were in the same kind of car we class with Blake Dancing, Jonah ran Morgan Murphy and like just as this new eroding in January groaning, and it was definitely I definitely could tell that there was a movement like it was a movement of young people who had just hit an age
worth like now, I'm gonna go, do stand up and we're gonna go pursue Coveney our surprise to like when I met you guys like Union Dan and organ everybody. That, like goes, I always more because my age too, is a preliminary hunger than us that yeah I like a year to year than you guys, but, like I was still like surprise, I was like the first of may go into. It. Has a budget gunners, it seemed for their public authorities, which mailing all these a bunch of old men here, right and myself, less like us, are you and Dan and the brutal attack on us. They all cool, yeah, it's here. We I had that glow me. I ve ever seen Morgan Mervyn King, who is tat. She was like eighteen, then yeah yeah but I wonder if people that age now are in doing stand in the way that we did? I feel like if I were that age now and I want to do comedy, I be more inclined to try to make and then the Weber have started,
Prof team. I mean he asked her to sit. I really picked a few years later. Yeah I mean there was no other. Was there was no use he be out here. Yeah right there was barely any actual show shows there was Largo and then the Everybody was even around with it when we were gone. That was exciting when the amber sorry, but you I saw you at Largo Chris, so that was sort of before Larga moved to embark yeah, I never got other largo until after kind of already till after giving some backbone to see what we can do can't you in that region of an estimated. As K setting up a fund, for I do
we're according right. Now, yes, I was, and the inaugural aghast occupied ass. I was very excited about the Dan Mintz and Dan leaving Podcast and it was such a dyed naval ever released. It can blame someone Dan Levy. I think, was so confident that this would be great. I thought that's what a great team in the most animated friendly guy and then made a most stride guy about them. Dan, like all perfect- and I was like- and I know them both show- I think they're leaving got overconfident and didn't prepare anything we just sat down. It was like so what's up,
was like an hour in fifteen minutes would derive their talents vans, hard drive like six months ago. It just it just didn't work. There's a lot. I mean we have a time we have released line shows their lives there. Maybe there's a handful shows, don't you think I know what I mean to say them not released some. What sums will soon for TAT Matter tv we notice after dark with the release of the agents? There's some doing any Collins Bravo show next week and they sent me the schedule of you ever done this. I haven't done anything like say you do this and then, when you do that
After show, on the same set with the same people data we did that on talking dead before they made us and our long we were going to half hour version has shown that a fifteen minute web version. So there was an avatar and then we are real time. Does that too, and so a but then once our show it to an hour's like moment all we want to keep our guests here longer we pretty much exhausted everything about our as though we let we let it go, but you it makes a focused unreleased. Oh yes, so in it, when we first started doing live shows we did really police? How long they worse? We would have these like three. Our life shows because we would open the floor to questions and or Clements as we call them, and then when we would just let everyone who wanted to ask itself
for why, what happens? Is the line starts to get shorter because you're getting and then more people start deciding like? I have. The Edison was basically like a never ending story to tell on whether this can, and I have to ask a question so and then so you know What will invariably will happen is that Georgia would get drunk or and then start trying to train wreck the show is. It was like three hours long and they thought of money. When we get these links, we succeeded because we have released the episode if you re, not because I have always done too, like audio issues. Was the audio ok or was it like three hours long and an or how that I'd? Like your aren't, gonna drunkenly, trying to derail upon
that's a good vodka told your address. You think that sarcastically adds an interesting that everything is this sort of dried disdain once what's really fun is when met Myra, get drunk and right to derail and then Jonah just sit back and cracked his tall other. Like done also in character and backdrop, what would you do if you got out of her watch the world bird? Like that? I don't know what you're very common got all my life. I feel that podcast, though, do create honestly I'm sorry, for sustained Folkestone allies. I do have I'm told a lie that people can meetings because you- and I do mean- as they do- creed really, good conversations to the point where, if Pike has never came out, I think everybody did they would be like us, that's fine, theirs. Great, I mean it's like having a cup of coffee
front of you, like that, shouldn't influence. Having a conversation, but it does, let's have a cup of coffee. That kind of thing. Let's do a podcast which has led to a sort of a deep heart to heart having a great time. I never get to see you. I've never seen you ages. Now- and I would like you don't know? That's all right, but I know about you decided to talk to you, but I wouldn't We would never to sit down at the table, that's true, but with microphones. It feels like every everything we say later evaluating get some done will also that how about a little turned into our friendship turns into this. We enunciate well like Myspace, respect, shirt, we are positive about things, but
it does activate that performer gene and you, when you see my revolver gonna, makes you leaning his grey like a performer should get together just give everyone a microphone. Have them like the bar at the comedy seller, like that bar upstairs, where the chronic saying I'll just Davidson makes on the table. There won't be any better behaviour. Legitimate citizen Reign was very funny as it was sometimes when they hang out. You want on one and bad and I dont know what to say and I only recently just when I pack ice- two people for hundreds of hours like I should have no problem, so I think I just need to stop pretending and social situations like that. Upon gas. Has it for eyes you to drive conversation, in a way that you do when you just hang out with like, if we, if there were no migrants anywhere to the cap baby like so what's going, is things good yeah? for some reason. That's how my damn instantly retract it has turned out general that IRAN's nuclear email, you know, make sure the greater part
her grey area is in office writer, he is married to reduce Feldman's daughter and He said that when they started dating, This was in his had a real life, but when they started dating you'd like and how's your cat, we're talking about everything that was no cameras era, nobody doing the Irish, so yea Joyce's can reduce erode. Our aim is that the female version of what reduces when I read as varied as a sui generis as far as I know, but you were before met him any sort of talking about how you had two largo yet, but we were, there was a there was a small but kind of robust, open
seen in LOS Angeles, because there was no actual show. There were no. I will show us and so with root cause. There's the knitting factory Vocational. I was finally able to define shelter. Rosita, not OSHA Lula's rang does indeed not a regionally booked. Larga did came over from Pedrosa Petros bar yeah, which is where Vance when I think it was a pattern was the place there's a Patterson, which then became the Gypsy CAFE, which then became the brutal so now that's gone. I now know it. I know you were too little. Did you gotta that Lasher nose out of town house and as such a bummer and the cats in the greater I went to school me like that, but you in the last Lascaux me I haven't business newcomer to doesn't for schoolmate originally make it in that room was really important, but it was. There is definitely a total shifting colony when you guys came along because, even though
yours and Morgan's and dance and none of your were interchangeable, but there was a new wave of like two line: joke yeah mix them had. I do said to line because most one liners are two lines or to the others, and then there's a bunch of right take my Please is a true one liner, yet, but other than that either one sentence is not always that's a very hard won t get the others. No measures have a knock down. The idea was either those the ones that people expect you to have when they come up a gear commuted be funny. They expect to get one centre, they expected, they expect set a punch, latitudes area great. What do you call it? There is actually July so people you could just do the intonation with no words, but it was. There was definitely wish like something had happened and
I mean Zack, had kind of been doing it a little bit Hedberg, but had first and then and then, of course, you know Stephen right, yeah right was probably than the head vampire of that for our generation saw him- you tonight, just walking across third street nicely right doing just walking across two o clock in the morning. I know what you're doing Loggia diamond driving home. guys I live off. Third street you'll be fine, but it was interesting. He's a good site in the night you just like rats. I've got married, but we know that when he did that the so the surreal to the to the cereal too, I'm Joe Guy, he was like it was so different from anything else, Than anyone know he's one lady, Harriet and bigger: what's the word for the source ok yeah, that's good, that's that's a good one, but even his a lot of her.
Well out of his work even just two lines. They were longer. There were longer stories that he would tell that would always just result in some turn. Yeah There is thus very surreal also hard hitting they were that kind of one of the unease like magic tricks. Now, because there is a misdirected, you don't see it coming and then that I hear the ideal over here. So it's your constantly to and jokes scare me, because I don't them well and they really do their sort of like a fifty fifty item like people either gonna get the turn now. Can you can you can't dazzled with additives and then, once you're done like YO its clear everyone knows you're done enough. There not laughing you're, but right now give come prepared. So too, do you guys all did you know each other before you got? I knew Dan Mintz and actually I'd. Never. I Newman College and I never even thought of being a stand up when I met him and he was like it was
meeting, a figure, skater or like meeting someone that you ve never met before when we met a stand of comic. This was on the Harvard Lampoon where he just got in, and everyone was sort of a very introverted, comedy writer who never go on a stage, and there was this kid just got honoured its nanda, so throve anger is breaking the ruined. I was one of those guys sake. Do your acts ass, a joke, any the Santa by magic trick like I was like like I was a frat guided and get it or something, but it will. I loved it Only years later, when- not that many years over fears. I, when I was twenty one and came out to allay and was as a writer and wasn't happy thought I want to do something of my own and if we work and writing second say them. What's child stand up like the end it I was actually, although I was the first
here I sort of brought dam in South Asia as everyone me disguise, brilliant, any with low younger than me, and he moved out later. The me he actually, I wasn't by him because either I can write a Jochen and tell I was sort of that was the guy knew who done it. my dad was friends of a guy named Jonathan CATS, of course doktor cats, and he took me to see him once when I was in a probably like tat, were thirteen and he's a one minor comic. So I guess I thought of stand up more than it actually was. As the one minor accurately to liner thing and then, as I sort of got more into areas it was, it was a little whence it came a little throwback ii and it wasn't the main form a comedy, but I kind of thought it was What was the I mean, I think, outsiders, the myth of herself by the Harvard Lampoon sort of being
psyche ass, the almost like masonic like this year. I wanted I too writers and if I wanted to be on- and you had some- you have some crazy devalue. I like that I am yeah my jacket, just as your time with her remember like them under ten percent level, are really accidents, but just data from early days, lampoon films to like Conan in there and you- and you know like it. What was the Mai, is it like? Super super super serious there in terms of like right, how many it's got a mirror, people pretty serious, an intense or is it or is it what things it has a it is very serious about comedy, but it also flip side has inherited this Harvard WASP B. tradition of really acting like you, don't care at all
Anything real good for carrying the gentlemen sees like that. Ivy league things about seeped into this lampoon a tradition. and so I kind of Europe, the jewish kid from Newton Massachusetts to his editor in chief of his high school paper. You know I was like that. You know, let's make the best you were magazine on days, like others are more issues. This is really about you now, you know you're will bind it we're right. This is really like. The cool thing in a lamp was, like you know, he's never written a pc just gets to fact that, like oh wow, like that's, the guy gets elected president knows I know I can never be as cooler than any. You know a kind of look, how hard he's, not caring right area that was really the land. That was what was cool about it and there was something to learn.
the sounds we're, but there was something to learn in terms of style in terms of just spirit of rock and roll or whatever of thy is a real thing like it. I wasn't complete Crazy, too, Meyer and be scared of, want to emulate in some way these kids, who are too to do so, because there is something just sort of romantic and and- stylish about it, if you This is one way to be. Don't use that way, but there is something to learn from it. in terms of being. no there's some compass of of authenticity and style that overlaps with they are taking to it, isn't nothing
will. That said, it was not where I came. I wish I had such a foreign concept, a lot of people to stay a deal you can get by and do nothing and still somehow have some sort of place of respect in whatever feel the desire- and I guess I mean you know: why is it your and Harvard tube? Do it's not the way the world is any more? I think it's the way the world maybe was, unlike the ivy. a few generations ago. Do the rest of this to the rest of the school sort of perceive Who is like the sort of way get to where you like, a team of wizards among mortals at Harvard with it within a very landing in this kind of Haiti, envy in a weird way. The way that's and not in an important way, not on a major scale either. but it was sort of all those obnoxious. Kids, their magazine isn't funny it on a wasn't really funny, although it it had a real. intelligence and intent to it. But again,
I thought like lets. It was entertain everyone who harbour crack them like. That was more my idea, like Tabal areas, and it was more like lit yeah exactly that was where I came from, and it was really much more fun. Let's you know, let's press each other who know the tradition. Let's riff, sir. Nineteen levels on this on this. form until it's almost unrecognizable accepted people no comedy and then it it's brilliant. Well, that's funny to hear you say that, because my assumption is that I feel it that's the that sort of comedy aesthetic that ultimately bled over to the Simpsons, where you kind of this. really kind of became. This show that it is the last several years, a sort of like we dare you to get these academic references, these really like
cure writers are painters wherever, though, just of course you know or the hour you know like or Bart Simpson. You know like dropping like I'm familiar with the works of Pablo Neruda or whatever you think feels very much like you, you're daring, the ammo, those all trying to lose your audience yeah. Those were lampoon writers. Oliver, miles from here from your group too, Danny John went on TAT. Go right later, like there's other like writer, Gaza came out would be Jane Dan to an ongoing and any time, and now Warburton. That's right, yes, and then what what was that other guy does. I don't think I for the Simpsons now I might be wrong my dad. He writes for parks and right now, let's run your for South Park for a time. That's right but those limping has really happened. Was there must have been some balancing influence because they they did why people, the love it and it worked. You know there wasn't that outright It happens where the audience that the Lamb prune had too much of I feel, but it did.
that that you know why don't care rife? You get it or not. I think the dairy you and you took the deadline about who had never quite turned into Dennis Miller. My luck, but never quite got that even now, there's an aspiration all there's an aspiration of intelligence. It's sort of what was the lamp kind of like was it sort of like Delta Housing, a weird kind away like an animal, has kind of little instead of wasting away, we see that there is no one at all, and it was this very fine decadence for people, that would never have access to it if it weren't. For this incredibly specific tradition, I mean people that are applied, with comedy and get into Harvard
there's one building and all of America that is built like a castle, but it s an unlimited budget for alcohol. In parting aware, you can feel like a king and that's what everyone had so it was people to get drunk metaphor found that or that situation, and I did like that. I mean it. You should enjoy that. How lucky you like it such a weird thing to get to enjoy. Well, it was the ultimate sort of like you know, revenge of the Nord Stream yeah. I was growing up like I really wanted a calamity nerdy yet- and I didn't you know, and I, what do you say lay which did not have, which did not have that you know that
was probably the that was probably the experience in my head was a kid. I was like that's what I want. I want to have this thing just stated in paragraph three b, you you know, I wanted you to know. I was fucking items like idea. That would mean a caring before did you notice that was not caring before believe yeah, but I did cared. I think it's two changes every couple years basin Whose- and I think we ve done uncaring phase that I think now the whole culture is kind of more sincerity is called everything, but you worked, you work, immediately when you came out to LOS Angeles. Well, I did it wasn't exactly the Simpson snuck raising complaining, but it was really that's the gap and I had already met you in and Bob was like an obedient asked me out, and we have no time to reign humanitarian, and no one how a party more than Bob Sagoth, who I thought it was a father figure and I still very close them. Why
very but mostly very close. I see him now and then I'm the same way, as you know, are really: where should we did a bug s about it, but our relationships sort of splintered a little bit when I stopped drinking because I wasn't going out with my dear Bob Bob at the time was a party friend in reality he's one of the most A friend yes even feel like he's in your family, one of the most carrying. If you know of my eyes and eminent guy that you feel like you know, the drawing up of a building before you affinity and if you were happy needed to the butter so with that was definitely period where he was going out a lot. I went out every night. You knew where I had never again from Boston. I was not like a queen kid I had never been. I was twenty two I had never been really to a night club and here's guys like this
Tuesday night. We should. I didn't even know that, like certain knights were guile centres, where do people added scanty Canada as I, where we're going to seize, and why would you mean like it was good last night at that point you go to the bottom line I have towards are going to do and tat is a program is like ants where every night wise back then we're knights, who pass the line, have hours, and you were to back then, but I was. I was basically just and that's. Why me I was never gonna God if it wasn't with one or two, I waited a line. That was that was a few years after that was when that was. My career was definitely in the pit of a trench So we were rebuilding. You had come from recognition where you hadn't done stand before your famous. I didn't love at college and I get the apex of railroad through the middle. That was right around the period for me anyway, I mean just in terms of you know like two thousand three
two thousand to two thousand three. That was just like them. That was around the bottom. Like a mean for me about where I was but so is terminated, three ran on the upswing was that we had started and how that was right before I was still the service and so the ethical that open up here for many years, and it wasn't, you know I was really so it's not like. I could have gotten in other places by had been writing Bob's coattails. No, now you were a definite, your ear short selling that fame that you didn't respect very recognised and liked. Wherever he went home run it was, but was it you know I didn't respected other Hollywood respected. And finally, I felt the kept saying no thank you, but but but that's what made me work harder withstand up was like it was really exciting. The sort of feel like I was, I got
start over and I had no problem. You know if you like a lot of guys in my position had been until January. I'm going to do for an open mind like no. I love so I dont are that last stand up and I just want to do it, and this is how you do it. So maybe you were again, you were quite famous. whether or not it was something he you respected or was gonna last for a long time you are quite famous seed, seem to have a very fun life. You were. I noticed you really did care about building up an act that you actually believe in yourself. It's really intelligent, obviously got em. You were willing to struggle through a bit to get it to a certain place and you I I really admire it because he seemed like you could have chosen a much easier path, and now you ve here where you should be built on quality I mean. I sought. Haven't you a pretty you. You always seem to super to be super. Put together. Like you, you always you always looked
great and presentable and and and you're always seem prepared, and you always you know you were on time and yeah. I know that was my. I was embarrassed by that Gaza. That sounded very I mean they drew by war suit, yeah I was shown up to work, but I would rather than cool like wasting away. No, no! No! I I thought the I'm that's funny to hear you say that, because I felt the offices I got, I should We probably take care of myself more there's too much drinking to deal to me, though I remember thinking you were cool of what are you doing because it wasn't like what I was you, Sir, what I saw it even allowing them you're gonna, have to say you like, it was very much as this is my thing. This is what I'm doing you didn't seem to care, whether like is considered one way or the other. It was just your thing. It was definitely on your thing and you seemed comfortable with it in, and you seem confident about it and you seemed committed to it in the material in, and so you know especially when you come into a group of people
performers ermines, like during this right at an earth is good. Is it going to? U when someone comes in and they seem like, they ve got something figured out the ruins like. What is that guy? How did he do that? That's crazy! I really wanted to begin an eye, You know. I start like worked hard. I did my homework type of thing, but I I was of conscious about that showing you now I like them, no cards very sad in I looked at them after I reported on my lesson. They did Alaska serious Overman. I met through Morgan Murphy, and she for years like running like twice a year and should always smilingly with like a lot of affection. Could she met? We? I was Morgan's friend, and she would always say Peter you,
Public can write something on them and she loved that it wasn't true, but she'll. Somehow it figured out. I was the republic. Young republican Comic was really funny like I was a diversity higher rate of what she wanted you to know. That was clear. That was not who I was, but it was like. That's definitely how I felt that him across. Why was I always I was what I did like going then like she would smoke weed, and sometimes I would want two and she'd like stairway and are like use what're you gonna, do I mean I really like the M the early, said Dick. The LA comedy seen that I was in the one thing that I really even though New York company scene has always been much more robust in terms of audience and venues and number of convenience per capita but
But I do believe that dumb, there was something so warm, and I later realizing about the OECD. It's better that you know I do feel competitive with anybody? I thought I was always happy when people are you trying to do, stand up or got better or started succeeding, or you know I mean it. It's a wonder when you, when you All this works. All the sudden on the office was like holy shit, that's fucking or something it yeah. I don't know I felt really good and I wonder if it's I don't know what the difference in the tone was between here and I mean. Maybe it is like that in your too I should say I'm not I'm your comment, but I dont get that I've frontier gonna think newer can take a slight hit right now, because it's so associated with open to citizens that, but there is stuff in the New York seen that I feel that observe: where it is you just were desperate circumstances when you're trying to make it in Europe and are so few jobs. Your lives
very far away it's hard to get anywhere. You doing a lot of shows a night at if you're lucky, but it's just that higher pressure pressure, thing and I feel, like it comes out in committee, suppressed in the comedy a little bit in terms of attitude and anger and awareness of my new circumstances right around you crowd, work and in the moment and all the stuff you get distracted, is all being suppressed in it. There's something very dynamic about it, but in a way. First of all, Europe those things weighing on you as much causes. It's an easier life, and second, I think, because you are aware of- show business all around you doing. Being on tv. That's in people be ass. Others in people's minds is not why they do it, but there is a pause. influence aside From the you know, the sell out a thing which I agree: that's not good if you shouldn't be out there thinking and agents in the crowd, but The idea that you wanted
eventually do something that is, The tonight show and everyone love like eventually, you want entertain everybody, and not just The ten angry people in this tiny bar, but I feel that is more than allay vibe I find the comedy is often more outward focused its distracted by what the comic actually going through that isn't. Mass relate above. and actually think, that's a really good thing, and I just I mean I like Aladdin, it's an underestimated like culture and city. I agree, and I also hope that doesn't sound dumb, but I honestly think it does. I haven't, I honestly think the weather, has something to do with the vibe embedded. Yes sure it's just this the weather is generally, the same most. the energy very, but that's a great point, because people people emphasised at the weather, so good in a way, and that would make you think well generally,
good weather dolls the intensity of everything produced in? Why were? poorly right about. Is it that way? is the same, and when I moved to allay my friend from allay said earlier, Good weather Ella has no, whether right you never focused on the weather in our and some it's fifty and the next day, it's ninety and several days in a row of ninety eight hundred before anyone's like it's been really hot. Like I just didn't tell degree of one day, there was nothing that that extra environmental element is not present. Contend with yeah, and so you know feel like in general The little more company minutes also, you know geographically buildings,
lower and be our spread out. So you don't love the place. People get excited when it rains feeling like rain is one day at rainy places. You take a vacation decided, not big out of her. Why rains? But then you get tired of you. Go to the other side of the island. No red guys needed that research is great, but no one, there's no weather like that makes you just. Doesn't distract union think about more consent like that there a comedy. That's great, like the Mr Show era that was sort of the shadow of which we were all yeah, witnessing a doll Argo seen that is, is the most purely concern, sure ambition comedy that I can think of and the Simpsons too. You know these real super conceptual directions, come out a valet, maybe because you're, not so distracted by the owners, you can really go to an interesting place, well. It is. I am always kind of delighted when the person
your comical fuckin hates allay- I lay secular, and then you know, between January and March liquidity. Earlier Yeah right is not a great thing about. I lay like a very good chance. It like a fucking up pilot, that's cool you weren t shirt belongs, eraser works just about any data here, and so when so, you You would do we set up a couple years and then I dont know I feel it, the story of view becoming involved, the office was didn't, they didn't someone just like saw you with the improv right. Is it wasn't about simply even over punked? I would thank you, others. You see there like you, we auditioning at that point. I was lake in that you know that you have when, like you're, just the comic that, like one agents, is it to another age innocent to accommodate Booker's the too you know
and just everytime. I that's the guy to look out for these days, like that was your eye three men, period of that, you know that period coming again again, being you know that you fear finally good yet just click into good word gets around yeah, but every life there's a guy. I think during that time, Great Warren, yes upside Reiser how did the shows go before said it? Would I mean how we're here, how did his always like opening for? Second yeah, I mean I'd densities, that's with him at the last factory, but it's not my fault a place in the world to prevail, and so was how did they focus some. Your jokes are pretty pretty heavy so how to have yeah factory. Now I think I didn't even now looking back can analyze that phase. My comedy better, why worked when it work? Why didn't want it in but think there was yes, it was very conceptual, but I was so blue
Lee unaware that that would be a problem and I was wearing a suit. You could see the eagerness all over me and I think, became like a character to people like this. Like Sweden, onstage cloning, I went to Omaha and open. Greg worn and they loved me. Oh my god, my college boy like it was a character, and it was just you know. Just me telling jokes: better. Smart guy, ants Delicious, hasn't make a ray of light as those one the admiral traded trident who wants you gonna meet three teach you know and then ass. Like love tiredness. I've actually mentioned your jokes on this by other budget lines were or the one out ever crediting. Youth really fucked a second, but whether when using your first longer bit it was a new Hitler. Yesterday
where can I met, relate to which it turned into a piece in my book. Actually, oh really, others ass. Do you remember that? I remember we need a new, but that is the real well, let's say open now tell the joke explained anyone who every who does notices, but on a this joke. Saget made me cuz. This is like a comics joke, cuz joke it's so dark and pin weird and a little form format. Breaking it's just a chronic would like this Bob when I open form of the house a blues in Vegas errors with something like that he's I can be do that Hitler? I was there and I was doing really well and then arsenic dear for Bob, you know, as I do, the New Heller Jochen just my horse said died. I barely climbed out of that hall, but the joke is on. After all relatively charming, green one liners
I say we need a new Hitler energy supplies and let me explain Hitler. Nothing like the old. I think we can all agree. The old Hitler was a monster evil man I'm talking about a new Hitler. Hitler wants to improve our school, who understands that ordinary Americans need more access now that a new Hitler and then sometimes I would say this is over and it is new. Hitler is a few ideas on what to do about the jewish. I don't see the army hearing about is in Vegas on this stage like a thousand drunk people, and I man, why is he talking of yeah like that, must have been such a weird
to the accusation just issued a bit over scared of the drug people who really I'm law school age, but but but just a hearing the words like Vegas House of Blue and did you say, new Year'S- are not new year wasn't years, but I feel like I was that there were some highly weak Anderson how it was. Basically, it was a lot of elements that would have Put you in a sort of the lowest common denominator environment which I wouldn't at my comedy at that time? I never would have survived, because I was so a product. I do tell people when they say like well. If I want, our comedy and I live in. You know text I do like we're, go to Pherson, develop there then, from their go to a place like Chicago or New York, but don't.
Developing LOS Angeles, because I feel that you can develop a lot of really bad habits in LOS Angeles that don't belong to what being too inside right, yeah street and also playing too much too comics. they have thanked him, the back of the room, because a lot open MIKE's don't happen. and if it like, New York or Chicago just getting like walk in traffic, like people in New York, like a random like real audience. People's walk in their walk in Bio for traffic, but LOS Angeles is very much culture of intent. You have to know where you're going and you have to go there on purpose yet and so its heartily people out, so you are performing more for just comics and when you do that, you are now true sort of darwinian inclination is to survive by writing jokes. There, comics lab at, and Congo Comics LAB, but do not really always air. When you go into mainstream rooms, you got other parts of the country. They don't
the meadow jokes. You know it's like they do. Of course you can lead the mare. If your experience, but ultimately They won't believe whatever like a lot of people, those in that room probably literally by you think there should be a new Hitler because you said those works, and so they they take everything at face value right. So it's, not a room where people are conditioned a common ago. Ok already I'm coming in and knowing that whatever this guy says there is at least one lemme. Irony like you. Can you get a credit? You get an irony credit rights unless we get that everywhere, oh yeah, no lotta merrily stuff was very much. I had a lot of fun doing today. That's why, like realizing, I like that stuff. Like conceptual were you? Did you always feel comfortable or was it? Was it a facade? he'll kill. You always came off very like you came up like you're. Pretty confident, yeah yeah, That was an hour after hour.
Confident but also very nervous. I think some people I think, a good way to deal with being nervous were me. I will just talk a lot so then becomes apparent that I'm nervous right, but no, you wouldn't know from the way I did. My act because I never. I was very, not personal was very scripted. It was like. I wrote all these jokes here are all these jokes, so even if I was scared, probably came across like others that really stick into what is came here to say that sort of thing about the short form job in. Oh, you, you don't have. Invest yourself into the environment rather than just gonna, be like war. I'm gonna be here in a movie thrown these out. Yes- and you didn't like this, one here is another one yeah, it's too obvious limitation of can express or anything that person without going to a lot
you're, a grander level of one who is the kind of person who wanted to come say these thanks yeah? That was, though, those markets, because I, like you, I was trying to do shore jokes to real bad at it and the like. Like one time, I descended uptown story because I just ran cause. You got throw these short jokes time. Other thing I just told a story and it got a bigger reaction and had ever done before I got. Maybe that's what that when the process leads you to the direction, you should write. Well, that's the trial, that's a sort of the trial by fire thing where you know all this. you start doing, although Axon wax off moves- and you don't realize like. Oh, I guess that was in here and I couldn't no until I was put in a situation that this is what you know. This is what my body would spit out non stage. I mean somewhere our subconscious brains, who we are, and we don't know who we are. I think, most of the time when the higher levels, but when you're in a crisis, which is the crisis like the one and it just it's like
You got some comes out of your mouth. I gotta go sweat I get a lot of it, You know that the other thing the two line, joking that was very hard for me- is it I dont well off stage like just haven't, go on stage with some ideas and in my mouth some out and then I ll go all that's. It denies the nervous editing It is, but you actually, I'm not that way. Now. the opposite of my where's, my what's in there prompter. That's right! That's why I came here to do something specific and totally makes sense, and we know that you were the newspaper the euro at their for your high school newspaper. Less feels like this is sky there's a deadline. We have to do all this work beforehand and it's very right- and these are the steps and re follow through, and then you put out a newspaper yet to do, were discussed, so you had done Pont. How did you get it then? I want I wrote funny stuff for my newspaper, but yeah I'd have to be on time. Yet there is
much. There was a regimented. There was a straw. You're in a process that you understood behind it, like a newspaper just doesn't happen yeah by its up here, so you done a bit and then, if that is so, then I thought punked would be well. Was famous for for the rest of my life, and I was happy about that. let it be the guy. I told that a friend I was like for the rest of my life and the life I met. That is good, but I was like I always go to get like a free drink it of ours. I didn't realize, like you, you're, very famous them completely forgot an empty shell was the girl there will. I know there was a girl, like one that just blew up where the proxy that I did was Hilary doubt: fats, rattler Duff, I was hurried striving instructor when she was sixteen and I put her, this really was. I just watch the elite over the front Ets. It's a really good prank. Imagine plan the frank, but
and she had no idea for reality. I ran into her like a year ago and she had no idea, but She was sixteen. We, the cistern mom, took her to the driving academy and I was the driving instructor and no one on the road with her, and I I knew all the rules, but also like told her to do all these dangerous. The hinges hand down then I made her, take her rings. Stop the car take off her rings, which, as it were, of reflection, hazard Brandon Johnson was another act and he his job is to pull a behind a start, hawking and, I would say, stay park than he would keep him until I got out of the car, picked a fight with him through, through the added value is car or the basic over then told her to dry ass. She could read and chased ass. We hold over again. I gotta talk to Brandon Brandon through the like down into
Bush and started. Beating me up and in the other guy in his car, came in forest Hilary out of the car carjack the car drove away, and then I told the Hilary that not only to failure driver did she had to pay for the future and to be the good guy, but yeah when that actually happening foolish. like what a life I was so much fun. Those are the biggest that like that season. I think those like the one that was talked about those the one another shows the office to me was an amazing feat, because it So many times has american television tried to adapt a british cellophane show or even try to re adapt a show that Britain collapse and then try to re adapted again
Dear John, not now the coupling coupling accurately laughing off the road assume operate on a show, and so are both that show. So it was it Let me remind you and let us do any coupling reference- the idea that you could taken iconic British, show that emit Many people are gonna, be critical ups and like what you happy originally I mean it's not, but Still managed to create something, which had its own voice and was its own, you what's all year olds was was fuckin remarkable because that Britain, that just that's like one out of a hundred times that actually happened idea and we were. I was very aware of that- I mean it- was considered. The worst show you could be a part of for the fur six months to a year of that process. The coupling with this british, I just been Adele disastrously yet with the same producing team. Also on NBC
and it was really angrily marked that this had been attempted in then this producer and the envious you bought the office even more beloved, show and said they were re making people were so angry. Upset in the British. Really I mean that was really stunning when came out. I mean you, remember one that show came out and I was really unlike and it was really a special jeeringly special show and it was It was like a really bad idea and at that time again that was like the three month period where everyone wanted to know who I was and what I will well. I was taken, a general meeting to be rounded script: seven people in a room, and I had an offer to do- to have a holding the fox, which was like a big offer very for some other place like
of money from raising that kind of like a temporary prior and and this show which hadn't I'd know offer on the office. But and everyone said it was the worst orbit. I met with great energy and he had mapped out for me his the approach. He was gonna taken history of comedy and I, trusted him, even the show it was very like it's easy to forget, it was a very cool and people were like angry? I remember the very bore trying that Timor angry everyone involved. It was people rooting for it to fail validated people that I liked were rooting for it to fail? but I I talked to greater I just saw it. and the first episode was word for word- almost word for word. Seventy percent, the British, it was in some ways a mistake in some ways: it secretly a good thing because it prevented the show from making any major moves before at new wider,
right now I so that may have actually kept it much more stable than it might Ben so that it may actually going in time that might actually been the best decision, even though it was also in many ways. A very bad decision was, firstly because I think a lot of people's perception of the ox was like there, improvising the entire thing like, and I don't know how I don't know how much of a regional office would not really. I said no, but it's a great belt it. You know it felt very improvise like it felt area improvised, and so you know, then you run the risk of people going like you're taken the magic rights accordingly, I need right having this there, so to come on as a as the writer and a performer show is not. That does not normally happen and no India Vision, your eye there are one or the other. It's like oh you're, right right on the show, but to come on you're gonna running the show in you're gonna be on the show to yeah. That was, that was a really interesting yeah. They did was at the play
from the get out was the plan. Gregg saw me at the. You actually saw me at a showcase for something else, and after many of them he said you know I was thinking I would have writer performers. I would try that model because he had been it s. An hour is: actually more common than people. Think when who consider that but just uncommon for someone to be hired for both right by a comic that headlines show is Tippit like Jerry. Seinfeld right was a writer and star on a much bigger level. Larry David is right. You know the other. We see K now Tina Faye. You know that Re Romano goes on and on. That's actually very that just going to be a staff writer- and like an ensemble character for two jobs is unusual but an essential writer performer, so I think he had Greg worrisome nears at Essen. Now he thought ass, a servant.
The way to do comedy to have a couple writer performers in a mixed to keep it authentic and it was also detailing what are they were seen who end up doing. I too, I wonder because it but NBC gave it a shot. I mean like they really. You know that they allow the show to find its own voice. The average dialogue that take do that. I think it took little episode to people. Often say, and I I let them because it's a compliment their conflicting, but people often say to me- you know one guinea. I know exactly where there had been a second season. You really found your voice, I think they just think, copied all foresees an episode to is completely original the veranda reversing again, and all the rest of forces, and here I mean everything else was completely original, but the pilot was heavily promoted very heavily watch very heavily panned, and I think that
it took a long time to dig out of that whole. If I type people noticed, we had found her voice, it was season two and then you know it it's funny that, coming to the end of the journey of the show you know the showed its desperate people in the beginning were shitty about is, like, Why is it half we're going? Is it like just that feeling of loss here of a thing that you know was, probably just like a little stray dogs, came out, get out an area goddamn where's that little dog I lost them royal rumble kid: the reaction real in Romania, we have played on at midnight we freaks out over the ending of real rumble this year. There is another. Action. Video of him after the last episode of the office, borrowing on his couch about the office spectacular. So you from their root. Did you ever? Did you additional out or did they just sort of sea when go hey? You know, like lakefront,
these bastards really the movies was, you know, did someone I couldn't urging a go. Hey I like you, I showed you want to be in this movie, or did you actually have to go through the process like an actor? I would always have dietician by usually was the castle You had the idea They knew the office we know will be good that that kind of guy you're, so that I will give a guy edition so it's sort of I take the gummy halfway there. Pretty amazing, that's a pretty amazing to go from you know they raising dead part this winter? Do not like that's pretty incredible jump tonight? to those things and you Jesse movie. Now doesn't movies on your about yeah, it's chill eyes any Disney. Maybe a Tom Hanks led Disney. Yes, that's what I did notice DM attempts. part of aid to be parted mythology. Special, like there was things they miss Bankes was a good movie by
there was something extra that it was like everyone from Disney, has sort of it. like part of mythology, you're part of a universe, I'll bet when you I didn't know that when I just thought how cool great movie in your right a Disney movie as this extra like gum- most religious, a different view about dizzily yeah. I think it is that you're in a movie that they could put it a vault and then released later on right. I've, You recall a store history were, I said, was it Scott Ackerman with just was telling me about like Oh really that if there was a people, love making fun. Above all, there was a great tv funhouse. Now but it was a tv funhouse horrors like a fake commercial for like the Disney Ball or its I get.
they. They keep on releasing things at immediately put it and they bring it back for like twice as much money as a really really good alternatives. Animation hesitated. I thought I thought you'd. I thought you'd tell me a story. Every didn't glories bashers those like out in practice, stranger weird, and I think you said you know fine, but I use it you found out. You were sent a trailer with him all day once Jack Light fell, weird talking about it and he was asking about comedy and yet, while I was seeing that didn't make the move a lotta scenes, did they format for hours of narrative and glory So there is a scene which Brad Pitt Nigher both kidnapped in the back of a truck, and there's bags over our heads and we're handcuffed and what kind of having a heart to heart I admin God, but I understand anyway. So are you know better in takes when their adjusting whenever they it's just me, and appeared in the truck
like no one else and down. He is a very polite. I mean anyone who worked with him, we'll tell you he is exceedingly right well mannered friendly person, and so you would ask told me about instead of comedy, told me about the show the office how's, this corral fella, Questions and after well arose and ask him anything seated. I got what you ask him, then I was I. What do I say it like a son alive, I was late, that's exactly ass, I was I was like how some and another not married right so, and I didn't want to car Angela Lena upper Edge, Lena Jolie size, I cows. how's, your girlfriend resort over its literally its weirdly unfair, because there-
that's a very one sided relationship, because, even though you don't know him personally, you know a lot of lie about nine zero about you. Zero nice he's familiar with you, but he doesn't know you're not. You know him way more than he knows you're right yeah. So how do you know what to pick in that instance yeah? I was blank for a while. I think you may remember ass. Like we're, I thought this is my question: where do your kids go? school. When you're travelling back and forth. and then I was like, isn't that gun a kidnap anybody because he's turn now, as you know, the value of rock- and I was just so self conscious that everything all Personal information from Brad Pitt is very valuable points it information right that I have no.
bad intentions about. If I didn't know what task and that was both friendly and harmless yeah, I guess I just sort of tough because there you know he has defence shield that one of the things that I heard about. We know interviewing someone somewhere, I prefer undermine, interviewed Brad Pitt and he said that he'll always take a minute and then who The question, probably his reasoning, was that he thought because you know whenever Brad Pitt, in his mouth and ends up on a new site of some sort of entertainment, so he has to blow. Almost like a chess game, be so careful about everything that comes out of his mouth. So, not so that its not twisted work during this sitting erratic saudi ass, you know that it's just I mean it. It sounds
kind of a bummer existence? I mean like when you strip away other, always got all the money and while the answer ass, only these kids and you don't need to sort of sounds like therein kind of a weird social prison where they can really interact with other human beings in a way that you know where the way the rest of us can we. for most of their lives, yeah. it's been so long now for their Brad Pitt like that, like from some of the on land area, was always John with kids We had to start me, I'm not sure I mean she probably knew so do you. I mean it feels like just like you probably have a nice comfortable amount of recognition. Words like our people nice you, but it's not him receive You know you know you know. People are necessarily there's no problem Nazi really are or is it like that? in one way there's no paparazzi there
No, I'm not that your correct engender the day. I met this exact medium level of fame were known if Katy Perry is at the same restaurant I have, and then I walk out there already air camera. I will take my picture era. Maybe I'll do something stupid man, maybe my deal show up, but they wouldn't Follow me. You know I anything, but I think it's thing about me Yes, I am way out of proportion wreck no way out of order. can I say to my actual level of fame. I was an airport today, from it air today coming backed away, and you know path, thousand people a dozen people shouting my name asking for picture, I'm not famous shares or desires both
see we're finds that ITALY is able to say are really on top their hearts pop culture. Can they are stay where the biggest attack eventually executive? I could not through security, but that's what I had to I d funder cats bag. I just had a bag with the thunder cats logo on the other The only time I ever got recognise t say at airports all over the country, the beggar. There is no girl Thundercats, it was so consistent sources. that's us be fine. If european, that is the game you play I could you see you just needed a yankee, you could cause, you see a million people, speciality access and you'll get special treatment, but I think it too, you know, like no famous, you know like the most famous people in the world will still still have to go through ts. They still have to drag out their shoes, so it's kind of it is
what about an interesting you know like equalizer, yet is it is? It is totally equalizer guys just equalizer just feels like when not working there just consuming media nonstop because they are so their sharp about it. maybe the canopy I've played yes workers, really funny. They are, but those guys get fucked. Oh, my God is yelling listen. My share their beds. their thereby theirs to their bids. Are so fuckin good that when I found it so when we were going through. I think this is an and at midnight, meaning we are actually going through a football thing with a bunch of the players have really really at its weight. That, when has fifty million views began in other gray. So what
you. You were pretty solid work ethic. Do you have a long term plan about what you have an idea of the book coming out? What you're talking about a sector? What is here what do you see like? What do you want to create bill than like? What's your ultimate, I want to create the most amount of most impact for stuff impact. In what way comedy way or no just The matters like I saw I'm sure one offend anybody. I saw waters from inglorious bastard for so exciting. Of course, now have small pardon my saying that that everyone, you don't say but I was very lucky and excited and it was like a dream come true and I want to do more in acting at that time and I like acting by there is a movie that we are watching the hotel on it Mark Wall, in walking Phoenix in
I don't know man what it's like the kind of movie. They plan a bus in Peru. Everything- and I remember thinking man my agent and called and said you're gonna, be you now the drug. Smuggler in the second active. This movie walking Phoenix Mark Wahlberg the guy directed whatever I'd, be. I've been so excited and I thought how these guys stay how do you show up for coverage like it's? Just? How do you just its in your day on camera, unjust mark Wahlberg is talking to you saying like did you get the guns again and then your days over and you never laughed and you never made a decision and then that movie comes out No one even remember the name of it in a couple years in that that Mark Walter, movie or whether the fourth lead.
Brilliant in young? They remember without was at Benjamin Brow was you know? Who cares was almost every movies like that? And people that's as an actor. Imagine as a director or produce you're, a writer where it's your only project for years now, and then that happens and adjust alma. All movies and tv shows end up having no impact. Really. except for little pieces made some one career, go in a certain direction, or that too, without love during the making of it or you. touched a couple people's lives in an interesting way. Everything is some impact, but pretty. Much have no end this just sat, they made a wrong turn. They were marketed wrong and put so much into what I do. My fear is me something not in for I am willing to do it. You know, as the the
collateral damage of trying hard all the time. Of course, it's gonna happen all of us, but that's what I mean. Impact for like the office was impact for. And the many project which I how bout on sometimes is impact full. It's not at the left. office was- but It is in fact, for people who see it and talk about it, and so I want. whatever it is. I want things that don't go to waste that matter to the people come across it and I want to much of that. As I can. And I mean that as a writer and I loved beans, when I can again have impact again, and I want to be that the drug, smuggling little brother who gets killed in North Amerika. You are I'm not good at that, and I don't anything to its. I want to act, one people that was a cool thing. You did not move in oh yeah, so I think I would have as much impact as I can in as many pray.
Excess. I can, and I may mean that as a writer will that's a good it's a good guy, at least as a writer of a little more control than as an actor with that sort of because it's it's especially now part of the part of the problem is there so much of everything. That's the thing, people! rush by the weight of how much stuff there is out there and let it to you but previously you know nothing but maybe would have been more impact for, can kind of get lost now, just because there's so much stuff yeah, but you know he and pure has impacts that I dont know if their ratings are big and their one of Amelia, thereby I guess, but if they and then I would still cod and actual yeah call if you quality and somehow you're able to ensure that is called, even if I just like you just trust you just trust
the executive for you, just trust, whoever is in charge of getting it on the air making adds whatever for centuries a lot of things now things get lost to me or grey things get lost. I think like tv, crowded there's all these great shows that I haven't seen. No, I haven't seen homeland, I'm sure it's great either right, but that's ok there's specially doesn't mean, is not great or not mattering, I guy it's it's there's so much important stuff that we don't even grants. Yes, I think I think it's good. You have a better word than I am. I think when I think I'm saying the same thing when I say something is sticky. well yeah impact those of the much. Is that a better better? I think that's a better word for it. that has a little more weight to it. But you know dickie is just that thing that just vessels on yeah in today's with uranium. What are you thinking about it after it's over now? I can't wait to see it again,
time with their friends, so it is. It is the same thing when I think of it more like You know our yeah there's one special elements there. You know no matter what it just burrows in you had enough I don't know if that's a certain amount of honesty or authenticity yards, because if that just I mean, It's like with comedy like you could see a comedian whose hilarious, who has really red jokes yeah. But then you cannot remember the guy like I was kind of funny, but then you see someone that really says something that just kind of like did those a bird indeed so little bit yeah I've, even if it's not a high lack permanent ratio in, but that Guy it's just turn right, there's something about you what that elements, but I think it might be a layer of authenticity that people there, someone on a human level yeah I wish people. Would I heard that Her that speech you just gave who are getting into Kommeni, because I think that I think it is about
being personal in a way that is necessarily tagamet your life, but it just being so, we you knowing, can forget it exactly you did it and that is what makes the difference cause I've seen so many acts clutching my sides and, and then you know, the next comic- and I never ask after the show like you know, The comedy magic club, one guy afternoon, kills yeah. You know then, but you don't ask in there and I was Jane Linen Funding that guy would have put those others, sometimes when you're, just as in the radio there's the songs relate this good. This is fine, but than theirs is right. Now, exactly I gotta know this right was a song, but is that yeah yeah? someone you know whenever you like? She's am that's all or like it ends up being my com,
maybe maybe I'll get you like it- is this one I like now, everyone loves the exactly ten serenity and I discovered royals about a month. A yeah now realise that what is happening over there, is it is Lord, the second coming of music it or ignore the Oliver songs that, like others, I have it is not a couples really well produced. It's really good, there's gotta get a synthetic good style can hold about her skin, seventeen better figured out, she's gonna find your husband's meriting at them. Away from the internet has affected a normal asian. I told you, I thought I told you about this, the poor you there's a, I don't. I the party, because I said something because I said something that was jokingly. Misogynistic see them another I won't play back and secondly, the viruses
there is a there's, a Youtube, video that Croatia, we less. I called coffee jerks and it's there. alarming. There was an alarming number of commercials in the fifties and Sixtys where it was a husband, a working husband, and here doting housewife and the housewife, was terrible and making coffee and the husband would be raped her time, after time after time has happened, it was not always the same coffee, commercial. It was just a weird thing that was in the air I guess kind of, like motherhood, compilation or compilation. So you see a lot of parity. No, I gotta see an actual commercials. It's like team in a row of coffee dearly like I'm gonna go get copied the plant. This is terrible and she's like old, John you now, and people had viable greeted plants. Imperative is set for a lot of reasons, madam, but but just like it was just
husband after husband, berating could be cut her way up a cookie color. Why? What? With such a slice of light- God, I'm so glad. I do not live in that America. That sort of weird you know, Finally, some great about their would figure in the air war. Yet adopting wife who knew her play, she knew how to make some fucking Gaddafi, though these one statement. So when did you start writing the book ends the books out February, every fourth becoming until today is going out. This was coming out. because Monday s illness comes up the day before the book. Awesome so tomorrow, jail time to pre, ordered on Amazon is get age, is regular order is regular mail. It I never per year or
Lady reorder seaside accidentally, paralysed slowly forest like all. That is what they thought about. You gotta worry interest on this issue, just protest stuff, you and if you don't think you want it, because it's a nice gift that pays off. We forget about the priority data on grant about five because it had been pushed so many times. I pray, ordered it November. Twelve, too, Thousands two doesn't like rewarded became a while it didn't come until September. Thirteen I beg you say, a new priority like four times, because you gave us all I've done that I've had many copies of being show up on the day that I love you. Came more than one covering Missus Dunn, fire, good yeah. You really need to see whether the Christmas quality version of it back up all copies of legal. Their own came Blu Ray it's a lot of things that have been on Blu Ray the veranda reordering of any re, cavalry
The gaps are stored, we're gonna need a world got broke up. What what's what's the book about in with how law I'd like to know but running process, how long did it take you to write? How many times did you have to go back and take her with it and had was done? It was definitely the most sort of personal creative thing I'd ever done in that I didn't It was sort of the opposite of a lot of things that I was saying about my process. It was not at all deliberate at the beginning, it as for the first time that I could but for me, like kind of justice, something that do it and not knowing what the goal was exactly for a while. I think it was kind of a reaction to having been on the office for so long as a writer, especially where every thought I had was limited and in terms of,
it is a Dwight line. Is a creed line, is Jim to pay, you know if something romantic came into my head Jim Citizen Airmail attempts as this to Jim, but it was never like what a man but then also there was probably have been of things we were like. Oh no one would say. Yes, I guess I'd like a calamity, those in a box of no books that I went through the year before left the office. I had four weeks off and I spent two weeks transcribing. Ah he's pocket book sake for eight years, and I thought that they would have to a screen player something. Instead, I have like four hundred ninety five, like opening shots, these bans original river. Nobody, like you know they were crazy things in their rude if in the office or or like odd lines or some something for someone say to bar that was like
jarring an interesting and interesting concepts, but they didn't they didn't fit together. them all a lot of me. I wrote it takes effort to like take out of it. Nobody can rightly down you, don't know what you can do that you really care about that idea. I care about these. It is, but they didn't really together and so transcribed them, and then now what do? I do? I look like a forty three page single space document of ideas that it had ever been right for anything. that I really cared about and then went back to the office, office ended and then I had all these projects that were on my to do list. That I've been telling my agents and everything all these years as soon as I get time and write this screenplay, I'm right this pilot and Instead, I just started. writing these prose pieces a short story. Some were you know like
more like four lines, and I was like this is done- I'm proud of this and other were you know like a fish? page short story and I just kept working and working on them and finally after two months has started in I M to be born reading them out loud to people, just kind of very, like tenderly, with a lot of fear feeling out what the hell they were and then, when I God, validation, a few of them are ok got and I like, then I went to work and like sturdy, revising the million times inserted, perform them live at the U C B. I started can you see me once a month and reading stories? And that made me at them? really regret, because I never wanted to be standing on stage reading some boring you can't behind the delusion that you are brilliant. Fewer onstage bombing, boring people.
That. Kept me really really honest with cutting pieces that were no girder. improving pieces that we're good that I wanted to really ride. So would read the stories it at the U C, b, like once a month like an hour and then I need a kind of like again it it was such a new artistic process. For me, I was kind of more of high school editor in chief of the pay, before that, and now I kind of was more of a more like an artist approach, which was very Elgin on the one hand, and then I contracted with like what let's added this further for the on the other hand, so take about a year and I not crazy, because telling someone that you're working on a book of sheep Stories is, like God, it like one of the.
surest, crazy man, the actual motion we are going to work, it's code for you're, never gonna, hear from me again and it really felt like like something you do when you when you and after the event, and not very carefully economic, our microwave that it when I want to Siberia, but how I you know. I am always so thankful that that I have stand up. You know like that it such an open to be able to get up on a stage and work things out there. That's what we did with at midnight. We were at stake, for we got in the air and awaiting your bones, what works and so having having no will to weaken, be cell type. But how do you know with Shell was better than the other ability to get people just stuff yeah. Even if it's not to be a performance peace, but just kind of two workshop, the beads yeah, the audience and gather feedback is like a feeling I feel like we're very
lucky because you can. You can translate that to a of different, exert dreamily lackeys and that I had the ability to I knew who books the U C b. I had done If there are enough that they would book me a show. I'd been on tv, so p, would come and give me the benefit of the doubt and I was or to edit, many times, a story in front of live audience. how many times have you done the best stuff in your stand of thousands that that's gonna be the best stuff the stuff that you're able to two works Like that, I was able to do that with these stories. It was a huge advantage. Your book is almost like your erelong special. It is my airlines special and I turned down and our long from from comedies and choke. As I wasn't, I had one do it, then I was like no that's not this is what I want to do this. actually, ironically into come full circle. The stand of that I was never always of conscious that it wasn't personal enough to meet him. personal part of my stand, backed is
Actually, when I'm reading no cards throwing out the ones that don't while keeping the ones where its own identity of revenue arose. With your head, loving you Erika Mills, and yet our lady yeah and cool enough- and it was a great riches- are resistant to society at the briefcase yeah, thrifty, socio, economic reform and actually I've. I've realise, like I've, tried of experiment with being more personal, onstage time personal stories. It doesnt really work for me think I just love where we, verbal when you're doing man. I am, but I'm also more exposed like to me. That is me, I am someone who writes something and then wants to show you what I have written and cares what you think, and so that actually is the purest me? Is reading these one minors and reacting to end the book to like that? Actually is the vulnerable, honest purist me
The person who wrote these stories that don't actually meant to do with my life, but are so obviously my my most desperate attempt to create something worthwhile well are difficult, ok. I know you just need really hate. What I'm saying things like TAT. I had known what news from just as why didn't I profoundly journalist was to meet up with DNA and we were as I go. It's getting obedience can because, like on Wednesday around for that so he's around. So we could hang out, but it is money that you know and then going back to the beginning, the podcast, you know without these microphones, it's unlikely that not because I do what you are. You dont want Jim, that we would have sat down and had a younger than excuse, but it's the bit, but this is the best conversation that we have ever had. Yes, not again, because I didn't want to have it before, but just because, like you in the truck
but like honourably noticed this morning. I ask him- and this is a reason to get to know you better and, and it's been a complete joy and now. I hope that we can actually, Go hang out without microphones and talk about these guys. Let's go to boost francs and there was no one sees or people talk. You write a guide book, Hollywood guys to regulate the brown derby. The ambassador hotel, there's a place ass from entourage, hangs out at the rows of balancing urchins people that will stand in a museum, but what's a book called one more thing, stories and other stories that comes out every fourth also, and also you have. Most unbelievable ability to. I always know there was a In my brain I was like It's like the no back was a thing where be hanging out, and then you turn around your back on than you were just gone for the rest of the night. You had the ability to vanish in a party
however, I would have you anything you there's like. I would always areas go, others be Jane and which we talk for a minute and then and then see you again for the rest of the night, how I'm going to have it leaving to go to,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I was confusing you with. It was not you would always jerk ready. I was going to say you know, is the master that a year ago we would all be higher growth, a ipod eyes. I don't think so, but Jarrod growed it's been so long since we only as a group. We are sorry that was actually a year ago. It was the one who aviators had shaped like in three days. We have, we ever had shaped Jarrett, Jerry Brodie was I'm so sorry I confused every second, my head. It's match the two of you together now, because you guys, were you really good friends yeah for you stories told you still have to hang out now and then again, like the Sagoth thing, like with great affection, Jarrod cry out they get together unless island, then that's all religions revolving out is that it was. There was during that period of time, work where you and you're really really like hanging out a lot and yet and Jarrett he would just fine vanish and if I would almost be like them, since they run like two doors he's over there. You know out that way, but I'm gonna get. You turn around
What did you go, but let's hear it looking out after the not you know like when you have time. Are you busy now with? I do a bookstore like all of February, which has a short months or that's of it and then eleven, I eleven here see around. So congratulations of Ex man yeah. I appreciate that it's been in a fun with its been fun, now you but feel that something real like if we were going to do what I get to do, it's really silly yeah, but it it's Russia and you have done things you didn't want to do, to see the two thousand seven yeah, it's really great when He will congratulate you on something that you are glad you're doing I've I've, it's really great, I'm! Finally, out of the UN
period where you go about gonna think bottom, you know is I don't know if it's you can appreciate the fame like it just appreciate the work. I appreciate sort of proud of what about you know the stuff. I'm excited elevating paper, it's stupid, oh dumb rearing when he wrote a tanker, my while addressing the rapporteur has done a busy. I was in my car driving back drawback It started forty minutes earlier and as well as to why the I it's the wrong location, as MR crazy idea, though, to go to melt down, because where there are a lot of it, and I know I was sent to melt down not by you guys, I totally I apologize. I gonna kill time forty minutes mountains about that's place for you to be yes, great place
and if you ever want to do, if you want a trout stuff there and you see peace, but whatever than you could have, this totally use the data for what everyone thinks. I enjoy your burrito everyone when you staring it none of us is like an anticipation of wifi is worked out a bit. I thought you about an English rejected gold with extra Zaza, while what an idea that I don't want any of these animals like every day because those me almost getting up. Why one more thing. I want to see what I want to see what Jonas boundaries outbursts disloyal do this, but I guess it is lilies whose wife like how long can it out and want to explore their country as we will lose every yes, my work is more for them either you assholes I did not hear you wait till the fucking Pakistan. What are you afraid it? But what are you afraid
then we'll just keep doing it. Just one sure, gold medals. Just say it's over say things returning in Gruber Nonstop record only if we guys Haiti, those I gotta get out of here now leading noticed. Dot com, you're worried,
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