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The hilarious Bob Odenkirk is back on the podcast! He sits down with Chris and Jonah to talk about Mr. Show tanking while on the air, recording his new album Amateur Hour with only a week’s preparation and he reads a couple excerpts from his book A Load of Hooey. He also talks about the Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul, how it changed from the writing to filming and how he thinks people will react to it! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Longer than yours, podcast number, five, eighty nine at midnight going to New York next week, just in time for the huge medical scare scorn on over there be fun back. I'm worried her, I've got record it so she'll be real. Real fine walker around hazmat suits everywhere, but it's gonna be an amazing weaker chosen at midnight, Jeff Ross, already Lang, Jim gaff again, Michael in Black Hannibal verse,
Norton, Abbe, Jacobson, Atlantic Lasers, gorgon upon call bears gonna Papa, and so it's gonna be a good good good. We could shows Covey Central at midnight on at midnight. I want you think of it. I have to say that I probably don't have to do that anymore. This episode is Mr Boden Kirk. Second appearance on the pod cast Bob is promoting a new book, a load of hooey available. Now he also toxin better call saw in this. I don't know if there's a lot of breaking beds, boilers and here by them, but I think we did kind of graze breaking bad a bit also on Kirk's on tour, he's joint book, signings and he's doing comedy around the country and we're gonna put a link to those dates in the description of this hot cast on nervous, dotcom butter.
A dear old friend and a delightful man, Mr Bob Odin, Kirk Number five, eighty nine, the nervous podcast Mean Morningstar COM life Chris, that's good! How would you feel what it will do when there's no might in front of you breathe you mean when they went. I don't disappears goes away I carried around like this, which is not plugged
Just like one of those harmonica thing is obviously is this all the time allocated bedroom with Atocha alive. It's a MR microphone that I can walk by. Apples. Radio now hear it makes me feel as though I can feel what does it say you're, tombstone unplug? Maybe a little microphone run run of it. And then I ll, never diamonds, Mcwhirter still talking still still talking dead. Fucking dead, hang back. Is that the biggest then you ve done because it's kind of Hugh yeah yeah come like there's no question to massive yeah. I mean numbers wise, there's no question! I mean MTV nothing ever came close, which showed that bees and walking dead is gonna, get his unspent Corey. He asked
that is a real Zambians. There must be a zombie areas. Already acute Thou zombies go authority can pretty carry my. My longstanding theory about the walking dead is that if you think about breaking bad as a it's basically all one story, that's that Then you look at the time lines and it actually works out. It works out to that. Breaking bad starts like two thousand seven and basically the timeline Oh seven, oh nine! Think that's right! Around the time of walking dead starts, I think Walt dies someone tries to reengineer the blue math and it creates This sounds zombie thing and that because the universes were connected because the proper gave moral and absorbed in the two are one he opens.
Actual and he's got some crush blue math and an example of evidence factually connected the to show their ancestors or the guys from turn now and small town in well. What is it? I just got Gandia interest yet so that's my theory, so I say universe right: there were things connected cross over. What is it comic books have across all the cross over to mash up I like now, I gotta go for you when you watch walking dead, do take notes. I do not take note I really all you seriously. Don't know I just watch it and then I go. Do the show it's it's. It's a ridiculously is easy job. Do people catch you other or like the others? I would happen man do you forget or you I mean it's. It's only actually think about things like a locker will tell em anything in his, and I watched the fuck you Jonah when I gotta take that again, fuck yourself Jonah. Reading the prompter behind your head. I just
and then I there's like a handful of elements that I go that's interesting or that might connectivity, sir, this I'm curious about this, and then so you have a real conversation but no holy. No one does not the only true right report on talk shows, and so much of it is planned out and scripted Not so much with the new leg like foulon. Does Ferguson Dozen yards Raising found does an early date, all amazing, but the old, the older, the elect the older guy. I think it's like Letterman Conan, it's never done Letterman and every single thing, you're gonna say in the order. You're gonna say, and that makes that would make me way more nervous. Then if they said
gonna go out there and should they should have been a great absolute when they give you any more. Nines learns nerve. So proud of you said this. Could you say this this way and then he's gonna say that you're going to find out what they were doing a scene? We're just doing seem now at this make me comfortable when David crossing I first did Conan. We actually wrote it as a sketch. Conan comes out of bodies applaud, and then they got the script cause they were like what he can say. No, what are you using a but exactly what is going to say and we, like you, but it's a thing out you know Conan laughs, Conan, new resumes hosting and there like new fuck, you not funny. Are you gonna do exactly that? in time, because now was allowed. He actually known as an awful lot sooner. Those contrast loose nebula, which you now. Why not he's great is a great talk, show host and you know
I do understand. I guess I do understand it it it. It seems ridiculous, I think, to us: it's not necessary, but but is tat, monotonous, there's, no bees so sympathetic, but but but of actors on weekends, no that they're gonna be able to like just risk their way through someone I know, but tomorrow you can do it. Talk to anybody and you get him talk. I do I'm talking to people, though somewhat malware. I I just feel like. I think that the weird thing is this: a real talk show host like you, Chris, one of the big challenges you have to be able to talk to anybody, and not a lot of people can't do that, even if there are funny people or clever it's like there's people. I don't give a shit about like I theirs.
There are so many I've never watched the walking dead. I'm sure it's great, but I just thought watch, how much tv and yes I mean things that you are able to maintain an interesting people. I do like people, though, and so I think it's I think, would probably happens- you ve done. A talk show for like twenty five years now after nice is the skill ships into probably. How do I fain interest in this? when I done this night after night five years, and then one can get home. You know, like that's a whole different skills as opposed to I'm still Emma. I can't If I'm working regularly and advocate idea, that's his kisses natural to you. I think Jimmy found the same way genuinely seems so wanna die Photography, buddy
would you are wholly something now, not knowing big mistake. Even thinking about what would we just big mistake, talking about it I remember just like we have manifested it. Does you gotta reality now that has been proposing, show all that outside the birthday boys yeah, Thenardier, their gray eyes or aids, or I've always loved. The birthday was, I think, they're doing a great show. I think this show this year's more distinctive than it was last year. More them it's hard to do sketch on television yeah they don't have a hook? Seven. Wait and see how it appears it is very hard to make a mark. Amy humor? it's hilarious and has a hawk the key appeal. Hilarious, great performers and writers, and they have a hawk. They have a reason. Did he said that
the tray reserves on better news on the track. The birthday boys just want to be funny, and their smart and their good writers and their there really likeable dies which is kind of weird, but they need a fire marshal bill. I think that, because of the popularity a sketch period, it so popular right now and and because of their excellence, their quality and their that, if people give them to have the chance to get to know them, though Thou grew, but take towards it, has just really entertaining just really silly and fun and entertaining and well construct. What was more, was the MR show hook. Besides you guys just being funding, there wasn't a hook and it didn't do well back. I didn't do well, I always think of it as it did very wise hip. That did it not. I know it's a terrible. I didn't know that whore blow. We think about is like you know. Kids in the hall. Mister Shaw! Oh no! No! No!
didn't do well it all. I had no idea now. I mean I don't know how he stayed on four four seasons. That's amazing! It was just there was no audience for. I would not like that didn't cause much Troy Miller didn't mean Job of producing that show and making it look as Is he made it without him? show would not be anything like what it was and and. So you know I did just the, but we never got the audience, never did it, but it maybe after this Oh they're, there must have been audience. Definitely has you know, what's keynotes twenty times what was because of dvds and and because of you to move in and because of war the mouth but it's not just wasn't it didn't do well. I think we, might have done well if we stay on a fifth season, but we were
so demoralized. We just couldn't do it, you don't want, the sketches in my book, a load of hooey who yeah I've witches in bookstores right now. What are they doing there waiting for you to fuckin by their stability stories? You address assail works, one of these she was written in the last thing I wrote for Mr Show Happy ending, which Scott See drew z that enable yeah I got here. Did drawings of it because it really is a sketch, and that was written from Mr Shut, but everything else is pretty much Lastly, for five years and stuff I wrote in tween writing tv pilots and move is that no one made in writing. Comedies gadgets, comedy beards is sometimes I'd say: into the new Yorker, but often
I wouldn't, because honestly allotted the pieces are too crude for the new so is it sort of like the cruel shoes? I guess it's kind. Got similar is a cruel shoes and and like without feathers and side effects are already having collection of just a collection of little sketching. Yeah, that's pretty kitchen sink III. And so, if you like Mr show, in both the stuff Danny Comedy than you're gonna love this and if you only know me from breaking bad? Maybe wanna tread lightly that actor from that show I love put out a book or they think it's funny is uneasy. Insulting religion coming from such a wholesome show, like Britain value figure, would have won an amazing ride. That show became a mean it. It was. You know, talk about letting a show Bree.
By giving it a fifth season like you know that you're went from piggy back like a million or two million tops the ferrari, don t. You know maybe better than I, but I thought it was gonna get. The word words. I've heard the story of heard is that that thing was gonna Cancelled after the first season and after the second seat, I never had a big intifada science, but they just kept them on that. They think they saw the quality of it mean that happens. Seinfeld. The network exact seem to think. I think it's good, no one's watching it but come on. I think it's good and were in little field in their case, but in AMC you know, I think, probably just gee. I can't believe those guys if they they said this
good staff, let's just keep making it an arm and then for streaming viewing to come along and for it to build and grow as much as it did. I was crazy, as you point out. I mean it's crazy how it you know quantitatively exploded, I've, never seen a mean. This happens on walking dead, but with an I've seen you haven't, came from breaking bad. The most I've ever seen. Where are you the do when the show was still on, if it was the day after the show aired, is go: hey breaking bad with like darted out, do tell me. I gotta watch it not having to please I'll. Take this as well, because it was so like those little gifts. That gift is not gifts that that Vince would plant yeah where you just could never predict how
gonna check out, but then it was always the most perfect way like I never to predict that, but that's the only way that could work down and then we talked events think you probably have any fine out, and I believe him that he did really know where things will go ahead and that some of those gifts were just puzzles, just puzzles that he had to sort out and then that it did he saw the mile, any guinea came to say rewarding inclusions and journeys is amazing. I mean he worked. Ass. I also know that he is always so quick to give credit to the writers he worked worth and yet one on the show he was always like every I love this mommy's like well, that was done by an elegant named the right has immediately, namely I think that such a such here classy, but I think you know he knows what he did. And so there's no. You know there's no doubt about that.
Parties and is, as a matter of the coroner suit item, is better yeah. So you now he's gone and he's done an amazing job on this show better call saw which we just finished two days ago. You finished it Australia, fish overseas and how to feel amazing- and I can't really besides for legally, not being able to tell you what happened with the threat of prison, I'm just my head. Binning cause. I was in almost have The moment of it so even know what happened we were doing a little like, He D review of the episodes you're like extra dvd and I couldn't remember they were like in this. Episode. When you do this nose like one I do, though I was again tell me again and then I would just sit and think for thirty seconds ago. Ok
Ok, I'm remembering ok, ok, what's the show like a viewer like you, won't do little to stop honestly brand Firstly, it is just I can remember one have why, wouldn't I run into events and with obsessing about it, you didn't tell me anything specific what he just said. He said the show is turn out we more intense than I expected it to that it almost you know it's not that I don't know, I don't was the plan to like sort of make it a little. Lighter urge. The Antwerp generally with is the crazy, quick and mutation Where, initially, there was talk like very early on before any deals were being made, may be, power comedy like literally far in the direction of comedy and in their natures. I think when
got down to writing and really building the show. It very quickly became drama, and then in it's weird, because there is a lot of comedy in it, comedy everywhere. There's hilarious scenarios and situations that they're just the kind of ludicrously funny but they're coming from saw Goodman and yet, in the main it is such intense trauma. It's like I mean forgetting the hours that it took to make, which would you know which white me out. The intensity of the scenes was like a kind of one after the other, it seemed so times, one after the other. Just super super intense people fighting for their I wouldn't say their lives, but everything that they wanted was. Ways of being
question and challenged in, and so these this character, especially, is just really getting crushed. Just getting crushed by everybody in everything around I'm sure it's fun to be the main guy, but I'm sure it's also fundamentally to care Shall I call my Argo. Was such a blast? I mean our pop up to Calgary, go eat a fucking, great learn. My four page scene show up the next day. Have a chat with everybody goes shooters really light likeable during the annual likeable. You now try to nail it walk away, go get another awesome dinner, now in this show was just ass. It was, Like being you know, when you read about professional in a tour de France people, it's like
gonna eat at this hour so that I have the energy to go through alone. And I gotta go to bed right away and get up at four thirty, and I got it this negative eat this food at this time. So my energy stays the same through the day. You know. Measuring food and sleep all week. Cause you know is the weak. Goes you get into night shoot so by Friday, you're shooting from six p m till six am and then Monday's, five thirty and like? How do you do that and still be healthy? And you know you have a seat intense seen on Tuesday than another one on Wednesday night and then another one Friday morning and the site. How do you measure this thing out is constantly like doing that kind of man, was it you there's no way you could have anticipated that you know it. No one did in the first talks about in talking about doing it for I went there,
Very much ensemble thing you know, We were still referring to breaking bad as like the template for it that's what everybody had done most recently so I think everyone was surprised by how focused it was on that character, dense and Peter Vincent Peter Peter Gould, as the co right. And creator of that show and the other writer Tom. She roused from breaking bad Jenny, Hutchison from breaking bad Gordon Smith, who worked in the breaking bad room. And and Bradley Paul. Who is a new writer to the two that mail you You know, none of them knew where I was going. Really, I mean Vincent PETE, I believe them when they say we were finding as we made it so you'll see when you watch the show its gripping its intense. It's got qualities.
Computer right in all their shows and all they just do their focused and serious guys they, but it It's like going off into this place where like, whereas it going it's really he cried. Did you you mean you you must have. With the current situation, where you thought you understood this character coming after me. I knew I knew that whatever we done breaking bad. It's gonna have to grow a lot more no way. You just do that guy that public face of this guy who's changed. His named saw good men and, put this you know, set this dossier surround himself too to be this. You know too, to be there symbol to a certain community there's no way you just guph around with that college show I mean I'm sure some people think you could, but I knew
who's going to be all new layers, all new sides and and that there be allotted to score we will see what it is will see. We dont really now, I'm in Ireland, scenic together, haven't seen a single bit of me in it not a bit because as an actor, you know I don't like thinking as a producer as when I'm acting in a part that that heavy, I just want to think about Am I do a next? Why? What do you care about what I bring to now? How do I play it, and I want to be thinking about? How does it look and how does it fit with the sort of thing is literally the moment. The moment just play the moment and. Yeah, so I haven't seen any of it and I also just didn't want to see it. I just didn't want to have a picture in my head of me doing the character, and it wasn't that hard to do I just told you because I mean everything, so it wasn't hard for me to not go what yet I have to tell them.
Why did I want to see it not going to do that? We get stuff to do work to do. I did I urge to scenes that I'm not in, and they look great one, Wanna Jonathan banks in it than other people. So that's all I have not seen a bit of it. Did you ever? I mean just remember I remember watching you on remember the arrest. I remember watching you any Avis, you, I don't want anything yet we're spit was thinking would impair the personnel. I remember the bitter I remember was it had something to do with my intervention is the first him you're on the broadcast, but it had to do with the talk about history, but not really having. It was always a Abe, Lincoln piece. It was almost like a tiger were kind of one man show were oh was then it will be. My centre. Elinor was still show, but it, but this was it was this. It was a similar premise. Words like you, didn't really have any grass.
I will ask my history, what you were. You were talking about all these facts that were who is Lincoln Bed, which you can watch on Youtube where I, guy who's, like I don't really know much more Lincoln Body- did a one man show in and then its dumb made staff were just yields, a penny and goes through laws weight as its secretariat secretary of the same name, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I remember the bit entirely, but yes, that's, I think. That's the so you know star stand up in a writer. Did you ever see yourself shifting into like you noted work People are perceiving it was like very note, I thought honestly when I and I was when I was doing I can see the main stage with Chris Farley and Jill Tally, an analysis
this time? I thought you know here I'm on stage with these really funny people like Farley in particular right like so funny, And, unlike what I'm not gonna ever compete with that energy, a comedy stage and that wonderfulness on a comedy stage. So It made me think you know I probably belong hid dramas freely, Sousa, remember, standing on stage thinking I belong, Draw my be the funniest guy. In a drum like, like a come complex energy of lake, this guide, what's his motive, you know that in a drama is great and drama. When you look at somebody, go where What are they really after hours is more to it than one I showing me so, but I know pursued it. That's the thing is I thought you'd, I pray belong there, but I, like writing. Sketch com
many and I love performing with David Cross and Chris Farley in these people who are visually are funny. You know and have this just funny energy just right in front of you. You just watch him and I never made the attempt to move into drum. I got lucky that Vince Gill, again in particular, said. I think you do the Essen and Alexander Pain trusted me and a couple other people but I never pursued it. I mean audition for pains movies. He's always had me come in by just never pursued it cause. I like risk viewed meal greeted time. I'm gonna go right, sketch or a load of hooey, which is my book? I'm talkin about my book leaders now, I believe, bookstores now, a load of who we budget do a special to know it in you recorded
thing. Maldonado Chris, you not done stand up, I'm very familiar with this, but I very irregularly, and that makes not a problem. You know what I mean as you are approved say, and yet Riah like real standards. They four sets a night and I've done. I've had periods where I do four sets in a week. But it has been here since that by garlic. Material got all these jokes that I like a lot that are funded, say, but a lot of getting a little old and my wife for probably less three years has been saying: we just make a recording of it. Just so the kids one day can hear what sounded like a stand, and as I can maybe maybe not only my materials up. This part I'll, wait until one
when I should have done. It was what we did that Mr Shoe Show tour last year me David and Brian, and we did stand up every night. I did fifteen minutes David fifteen minutes. I should have done. It then goes. I kind of got up to speed kind of after you know. Twelve shows by day so better CASA was coming. I knew I was gone for five months. I looked at my material and like I can never tell these jokes ever again. That is enough. These poor things have got in there ass their rusty and eaten and dried. Wrung out, and but I thought you know what they're funded ten so I called Matt and the guys from ass to special thing. I said: if can you record media would stand up live a week from today it was a Thursday next Thursday and they go. Yes, we can
and I go if it's not it's horrible were not put it out. They get a agreed agree. Ok, Then, can you get me the youngest stand of comic, whose good, whose funding here and I want to do with him and we're gonna call an amateur our cause. I'm a fucking amateur after thirty years, I'm a fucking amateur cassettes, that's what you are. If you do stand up seven times a year, red you're, an amateur, and so I am after thirty years, an amateur, and so we that we recorded now is a great. It is not great who said you know, but there it is there some funny jokes in there, but here's the best thing about you, guys brow
then war. Dell is the opening comic in he's great and he's got a great energies funded, listen to fund to be with, so he does ten minutes. Forty minutes. Unlike that's fifty minutes with, now an hour, so I came up with this character. I heard this Hitchcock she's the stone roses. Documentary made a stone. No, but I lost all knows all great. You gotta see this an Shane. What's filmmaker bridge for me, she meadows directed it You know she metals, though this is England. Filmy made us great great down maker and he directed his stone roses document are uneasy. Filmmaker. So he's like it's got layers it's like when Scorsese direction, music document- and it starts with this great Hitchcock quote, but Hitchcock speaking COS. Like all this very slowly,
RO create severed c is sub. You dream of make it happen. Sometimes you can't let that happen of times you have a mass, This law is laconic, slow and I said to do that voice. So I did this ten minute. Riff improv of this all british agent talking about comedy. And so at the end of the album men and it's like an extra and maybe it's the best thing on setting up an easily no woman will ever tell jokes Norway.
The surface fact and saw a lady love. We invite the palms and adjust these rules of comedy and so anyway, that's part of it too. So that's my big album, called amateur our that comes out like three. We and is for fans, but that's that I know that you just sort of like made like a throwaway fun cavity project like I don't take it or leave it. Does my it's the only way. I could do it because come on. You're not gonna go when I heard you are: stand up you toward. I do you may not a tour that much anymore, but you did I'm about to do it. I just got up. Little to Roma to go in and you know the difference between show number one in show number twenty of course, and it's a huge difference. Yes and I've, never guy to show twenty my life
You know I could you know come on. I I've been around stand by been around when I was in New York. Doing Saturday night live. I do said the seller. I would do the the improv. And you know obviously, David Cross has very serious about stand up and Lucy K would be around. I was round him and Re Romano. These guys are the real deal and I am not and it's you know, I don't know. What do you do with that information? You not record the album. I think if you have enough, and you think it'll make people laugh you you go ahead quarter and you call an amateur our one against can be whatever you want to be, like you know, like whatever sentiments to Lui, doesn't have to be exactly the same way that you do it lignite and you know it well. You know I was never primarily driven, stand up. It was always sketch for me yet, which is hard
because you need other people for that. Ultimately, right, I guess yeah, it is one of the challenges, but then you have other people. I mean stand up. The hard thing is you alone up there. That's the best. It is gonna, get it right. I, whenever actors go, how do you do stand up here, all alone up there is like yeah, you get to go up there and dick around get laughs and you'd already hurry. You don't have to rely on anything right. You know many. I mean it's easier to say from where you and I set, because we have a person- Now that the audience knows- and they are unwilling to you know, I'd give it give us rope. Hang ourselves in and we use that rope and enjoy it but starting out. It is super challenging right because you don't have a voice and you don't and you really trying to you, want to make people happy. I mean I saw this interview. George Carl and helps if you don't give a shit and precisely
No one gave a shit more than George Carlin. That's why the world pissed him off, but in some ways respects he didn't give a shit holes like if you know, like me. You mean like me, and this is what I think and but it's hard to get to them place you know. Well, yes, it's very hard because there are really Even Lenny Bruce. You know in his book, and I know where it is. I think it's a near the end of that book hero. What's it called how to lose friends and allies. By talking dirtier. Some as you know, I wanted people to like me. I tried to make the audience laugh. I was trying to piss them off. I wasn't trying to walk the room. You know me, standards proud of work in the room right, yeah we'll say that. But I can feel like.
I mean, maybe they really mean that, but I was gonna see that as a cop out right, because I think it's easier, I think it's easier to people, often it is to make them laugh because it you just say things that are offensive or a dollar absurd or Youtube like it's easy to lose people. I think it's a cop out. I think it's like a sort of but man, it's like a spoiled kid like one is going to do. I was gonna, be so I get attention like well yeah, because harder to write, jokes and create an ark and build a world and get piazza people in that it is to be no be like stupid. You know, like that's. That's that's performance! Art, I guess I don't know what it is, but I don't think it's cowardly now. I know what you're saying I agree with that, except I would also say that there is a kind of thing with balls: do that the willingness to do that, like I always like when I'm on stage you stand up when people don't like it, I'm Oh well, I ll leave. I don't need to do this, for my ego undoing
because I like telling jokes anything you know a lot of the standards that we both know are people who, like nano there. You know they they need that and day, and so they got those they ve got this kind of intensity. That's willing to go that too, that length of bar fighting with the up the crowd fight. You know, and I don't have that yeah I don't I mean. Obviously I know that they're not every bits going to land. I just think it's sort of a thing is an interesting choice. To try to do the chase people out of the room on purpose yea. Now, as I do think, people tend to talk about it like I was already going south end I decided to you know, destroy. What was left. It's not You don't really Kaufmann. Who clearly did things like read from the great Gatsby Right and just
intentionally hoping that you know it is keep doing this till everyone's gone. That's that's! How long this bit less red and in Some ways is the purpose of the bet right, but that was really on the way. He did that because he acted insulted the audience being restless right, you ever see it. Red and the minute they would let make annoyed some. He look at them like what I am reading come on then, but then the book and keep reading look up like a man you know like and that that was the funding. We have only part was reacting like you should all be quiet come on in the great Gatsby well, but also I mean I, I think that's funny when you can held the story and sorted tell the highlights of it, but to be their private. Like
like it. I like our three now in any again too. I you knows I I don't have a I'm, not in love with absurdity. I think It can be leaned on easily and you can not be funny and just be weird, and I don't think it's harder to be funny and better to be funny, but I like absurdity, I mean Monty Python, I could be absurd and funny things, and so that's like the perfect mix to me. Because absurdity is like an anarchic fuck. You too structure in the world and that's wonderful, that's one thing comedy exists for right, but I think that, like France, Andy Kaufman thing is a great example of like when people tell the story, you read about it. He read the Greek sb until everyone
left. It lacks the joke. The joke is that he acted in salted when they laugh. He acted her. That's that joke and he was funny. You know he did the joke. He didn't just be a prick. He was clearly supremely hilarious, yes, but there was no more than just I'm gone. To be a weirdo yeah. It was Then why did you ever see their talk? Show we did for public tv where he's really he's like gotta Johnny, Carson Desk, that's like twelve feet in the air and the gas is down here a sitting on a chair guy. That's funny! You just know how. Money. That is, you know, but now I now, if you like that, so you know because he existed. Spawned a whole like now that stuff is kind of commonplace, especially with you know, with the internet of just you know like the absurdity factor and then its and then again
boy, copying the just weird. The sake away. Without the substance of you know, their actual magazines comedy structure. I mean here that I live. I link that human Eric are the craziest, wonderful mix of super funny and super absurd. I don't know how they do it I mean. There's you got special brains, those two guys I think they're, like a great example of intense absurdity. That's really funny too would you ever want to do is get show again, like be honest, gotcha old David and I are talking about doing a reunion shown ex year. Mr Show Union, like maybe on each year trying to make tat happen. Twenty a reunion but with new material. You know sketches though we write for America, no, no new stuff, you know, so we can try to make that happen. I love sketch comedy, I'm a, but this chance
have to do drama is pre wonderful, oh, you have to do that. I am like you can't not do this year is that this is a. This is an amazing opportunity like this is a moment, the union that we have that you have to do this. You right, I mean it's to its special. It's so rare in show business that someone gets to go a totally different direction. And really gets trusted. I'm has really been trusted by it's in Peter other crazy, If that were the tea with it, with a great team like that, and you a new kind of the freedom to make it. As you know, Ever you want it to be, I mean, that's, that's really special. You mean you, you you can you can make sketches and to talk to you, hundred you know that this opportunity is so is so important, and so special and people are super psyched about it. Well, can we talk about my book for cheese,
and are you talking about a load of hooey which is available and bookstores yeah? Do you like my picture? I do like. I do like your picture with that Kirk is stuck under a cat holding someone's wine and is taking a very traditional actors. Having pingaree about the author pictures there either that's one the very end and then there's one of the back does the outlines, the real that's, the real and ok. That's as you answer me out, the back cover the back cover. Is it Is you, in a kind of a micro sort of Babylon Kirk, dug a thirteen foot, long, eight and a half with deep trench in order to get to the vein of we in case in this viruses, you actually digging out to Hawaii yeah in Israel. Griffith park is growth Are you in there's a lotta who we run it, sir,
on the mic, Sweeneys imprint surges, you aren't you a selected reading from the book read some from this book. I wouldn't work, will now read a selection. From a publishing information. For me, my ear, No you the year brigadier this is, What am I a famous quotations? Unabridged the first part The true quotation and the rest is the part that they leave out. If you can dream it, you can do it. Not you I mean me, I was talking to myself. Did you hear me just now forget it that Walt Disney angular red? one more. Those costs are funded, read their short o this one's great famous. Patients unabridged again, the first part, is the true station and then the rest is the part that you ve never heard a fork as they always cut it out. I don't know why
When asked by an associate. How long should a man's legs be? Abraham, Lincoln thoughtfully responded long enough to reach the ground. Then another think he added they have to make it up high enough to she's torso as well. Basically, let's go from the base of the stomach to the shoes and the feed should fill the shoes lately dimension. The knees one for each leg should do the trick. That's good enough for me. Frankly, a more interested in his ass and at this a great lawyer was cut off very abridged turns out. They cut becoming a lot of men. Tat quote big cut you know you live in that context. I think you go to WWW oriented whom I recognise, and the first part is the true is the call you ve heard this part. They never include it's the job. That's never started as takes longest to finish,
but that's nothing compared to writing a trilogy that takes fucking forever J R Tokyo. You did say that I believe you did say that the first part, a movie actually did say that even one that he said, here's one from Reed one more those and then oh, here's We're not sure. Did you know that what, with this book I'm gonna do some shows where will act out pieces from and also do some sketches than in the past been tested. I'm gonna go, do Milwaukee Chicago Minneapolis. British Seattle, forded comedy towns in New York, five and SAM
just go the sick and re, and then I made you some bookstores as well: maybe Largo in L, a larger union and we're gonna have friends there too, like Jerry Minor Branco, saying, are going to read from the book. They read some funny stuff on the book on tape: the audio book book on tape, old man, that's a price work on tape, book on from a book on seventy eight is it can I get that Wax. I will one or even more these I've got my favorite one. I can't find it should go to powers in Portland too. If you can, I M doing now, good, that's a bookstore, so it'll just be reading and and then sign it. You know. I got whatever our red one of the other things in the doctors tons of things in the book.
I want to read a long thing. The great gatsby How read a little of his command bob? You wrote the damn thing: Martin Luther King Jr, worse speech: ever I just read the speech, not the preface hello hi. I was not told I would be speaking today about. I guess. Martin Luther king, I'm invited to a church could put two and two together to himself. You can do this, come on, get it through the crowd we stand today, today, all of US black and white. Well, there's not somebody White people here, squinting, maybe I'm in the back, not important. Moving on all of us here today are a great conflagration. What that's not the word,
congregation, not the same thing wipes his brow, who it is hot in here man, it's hot here in the great state of Kentucky whispers to his aid. What's that Alabama City Oak Kate, Mississippi? So why did that guy see Alabama? Yes, you do you guys heard him whatever that's what I get for, asking the peanut gallery to himself. Let it Martin back on track and we stand together. Some of you are sitting I know, but in your heart you are standing. You're standing know it. You don't act we have to stand up sit back down. Please don't listen to me. I mean well, listen to me, but don't do what I tell you to do just of just sit back down.
See I can see, and do your hearts you're happy hopeful heart, some of them hurting all hoping to heal what the heck with the letter age, all of a sudden to himself back of king did on track. Your hearts can see they do. They can see better things. The eyes in your hearts are hopeful hopeful eyes that fly. With wings blind to hatred blind. Retribution blind eyes that fly think about that. Why? Oh boy, that's somethin, isn't it that strange credulity, Let me begin a new. Let us all begin a new me with the talking you with the listening. Can I get a new man, I can't ok par for the course wrap it up, Martin Kay what I'm thinking of is a metaphor, a glow. Is metaphor, like eyes, shining beacon, a profound top notch metaphor
for me, if you will a metaphor for suffering, for sorrow for persecution, but also for redemption for joy for celebration. Wouldn't that be great. Wouldn't it is this my gun? Ok, that's all I got though I have time how bout a q and a no no questions primary its esteem bath- and that was there was his worst speech ever that that one didn't go well, no! It's tough defined in history! So I am glad that you are able to honour their. I welcome my treat to history. Did you What did you have to write anything specifically? Where was I just? I just lost it literally was a pile of stuff and I got its way today. Bag. Is the great writer and publisher, and he said I want to put this out it's fun. How that that's a couple of things were bass we were just cleaning out boxes. You like I got to do some makeup, look more than it really truly was
since an editor in New York, and he said just send me what you ve got of just loose pieces and I will just start collecting them and put out a book one day and I was doing that and then I got a call from beggars and he was like MIKE sent me this stuff. I thought we would wait, maybe two or five more years, but Do you know since Dave liked it so much and made him laugh? I said great. If you want to do it, let's do it and it's it's it's not a lot. The short book will use a short breakthrough. I will argue this: ok, you read it all at once, because it's too much silliness at once. You will start to its like eating nothing but ice cream for a day. That's really we'll get grouse. Yes, sir, You didn't even know it's not the heaviest book. You ever picked up it. It will fill you up in quick, I'm and then you can eat more later. Now you you beat, you You enjoy silliness an idle comedy, but I have always found you to be
kind of a serious person, and I know that most comics are ultimately varies daddy, I writer is now right totally. Absolutely I mean I mean yeah, I mean they mostly serious people. I would sum at some. I think some people have, moreover, a goofy. Energy all the time, and that's not me right right, I mean, but lot, people like me, you know that yeah Harrier, your kids, We like in high school gather their older. Now there I don't wanna talk about too much, but there, older and their able to actually look and see the things I've done now. How will they sense, because for many many years they did not know what I did and I wouldn't let them see. Of course, I still don't really. I dont certainly force it out of my dont show it to, but they know these things and they watch some of them, but most of them friends knew who I was, and it see my work years before they saw any of it
oh really, all years before three four years before they had seen me, do anything their friends had seen stuff but we'd. All at our house, we don't like let our kids watch things that have adult monetary in them. Oh really ere. I wonder if I mean we're not lake religious, really, but you know, but I just wouldn't feel comfortable, especially with the dad saying those words red Like my son asked me for this book yesterday I was like oh eight metres away which in- and I hope you don't mind- you know it's weird- I think totally- I'm unity after all, I am swearing on stage in front of a camera, and yet I think, that's part of a performance. You know. You know, I don't think in real life. You have to speak in that. You know you have to think about. Your audience, and I think my audience has been a hipster fringe.
Turning a comedy audience and which I love and I'm totally fine. With than that, minor change. That. And they can handle it, they can hack it yeah, but it's a weird. It's weird with the kids The stage of existence to go crazy a little bit there. You know when we go to sea and its and honestly that's what like breaking bad. You know crazy shit happens. Good cause. That's what I want to watch and I wanna watch people living normal lives on its. I get to see that by not watching tv, do with so also premiers in February and as yet it are you nervous. Better. Do not you know it's weird. I never thought about it until about two weeks ago. Honestly, my life was just. Do this part? Do it? Oh, what do I have to do tomorrow would have to do the next day. What is had seen mean work. How can I do it? Well, that's all I've thought about
every day all day all weekend and only about two weeks before it ended. I'm not kidding you. I went oh they're, gonna show this to people really? It's like you didn't hit me is like wow, well hope it cuts together. Yet is illuminating now, but it wasn't for the run of the process. It was just a that's not what entered into my head is what I needed to think about our worry about, or even conceive of until it nearly the end and then it was like all right yeah. I know it's gonna be seen by people. Are you comfortable with the amount of attention that it's probably gonna, bring. Yeah I'm alright with it. You know we ve done so much shit. You remember guys get none too it too, you're gonna be all right. I mean at a certain point: it's like I,
feel like. I really don't feel like I'll be defined entirely by it. I know I won't find myself entirely by it. I've just done too much other stuff and So it doesn't intimidate me the way a young actor would be intimidated by oh, my god. My whole life is going to be defined by my big role that I just got right and I'd ends and it's not gonna happen. I can't happen yeah you do. Many of those like I just wrote, I spent a year writing stuff that never got made like theirs is too many hours. I guess it doesn't work. Ok as working. Ok! Well, as you know, it's not gonna happen can happen. Viana do it. To me, I mean audience in certain segments. Certainly that will be all they know me from an that's fine, but I just can't think of myself that way. If I tried I care and you wouldn't either because you it's not like you,
stop making sketches knocker. You might do this, Mr Show Special, and even if you don't do the misery special you're still here random shit and put it online or write more books or pop ups air yeah. I mean, I think, that the thing that's great about it is it maybe maybe gives me a perspective to try to do more. Aging stuff. You know I mean it. It was a challenging job and I'm gonna do a second season. So that's happening, you know, so I I'm gonna go. Do that so I'm kind of focused on that, but I don't know, and the other thing is you know me: we lived in the same neighborhood like you know, primarily a dad. That's mostly what I am in the world in remain so
So, let's see how goes I mean I might be? I don't. I don't think you can change how we think about myself, how big it can? Well, that's good, because you'd have no control over all that other stuff. You know I hate on how it's going to be received. You don't know how to tell you about what we're, how people can it no matter? What intention is with something that doesn't mean. That's what people are gonna take away from me in the hardest thing is, can be for people who simply want more breaking bad right and that's not what it is just not its. That, of course, high average show. The emphasis is different. The tone is going to be different, It's the same writers, so they there are things I mean they're great, minors in their serious as hell about to stay as if Syria, they ve ever been about anything they done, but it's not the same shop, now there's gonna be a segment of the audience that are like Wade? I thought it would just be more that
Jesse? I mean people all the time. Writing in one word Jesse and Walter? We going to see what are you zero zero they don't meet him until yeah. So there's that the other side of it is you know there was a social phenomenon that you and I talked with far started. This part it ourselves We find ourselves on ourselves when we started talking about this everything we talked about the social phenomena breaking ban and that can't be repeated vibrate. Bad or any other show right, which is no one talked about streaming viewing. When the show went on the air Four years later, everyone's, like I'm stream, viewed it it was a term that didn't exist in the popular lexicon. Where this shows started, four years later. Everyone used it and everyone had done and was doing it and was excited about red
you know I binge wash binge watch didn't exist as its message term in season. One wrote in season for that's how everybody, millions of people watched and talked about, I mean so that can happen again. It happened and that novelty and that crazy snow all of awareness and experience. It's done so happened, would better call saw or any other show, because it already happened would have fascinating moment of just like so many of the right. I mean you know when you when I right. Look at breaking. I go what an amazing collection of the right writers, the right actors, the right set designers, the right music, but then also the bigger peace was just like the right time exam we with what you're saying hangers watch the next one, Europe its rights, those
Maize in cliffhanger moments. Boom start the next one I mean so built fur Netflix right so built for streaming viewing and people mapping able to await a week to say something here: s my favorite part them ourselves. Like that conversation, you can have with other people watching at a vike speculating in theorizing legates. It would you things can and letting I have with you as a whole to binge watching in earnest. Possible and when you're done in annex yeah exactly I love the culture that happens around a show because of the com. It's like it's. You know no ones conversations about Lugano artist early, The new symphony like acknowledge that, like its tv shows- and it's like you, talk about what's going to happen next and that's like a large part of conversation, casual conversation these days. That's how you like it. So you fill in the time. You know it's a it's too bad. If, if that goes away,
too much yeah yeah! That's. Why don't I don't like the like the idea of Netflix like putting out all the episodes at once his right. You can't talk to anybody. Evanna gone already, it's like you pop the balloon, and you also there's no control over when people are gonna mean at least if it shows on the air there some structure to how people can be watching it. But you know it's like I Georgia's the new black. In a day it took me a month. You know like you, can't you don't know. Where are you? Where are you in the cereal based on legal grounds, is like it's the conversation there it's done as opposed to I know people being at the same spot, the same time right. Experience it. Nearly same way. Right, not allow people talk about it. There like, how was the you, you just literally almost it reduces the thing too I saw it all in today's was a good gets great
What about all the talk about the characters and what happened this week in what they were greatly where it's gone, although it was good that was not as good the next one we re, that's all gone now, it's just. Through good projects, greater, it's a dozen or so this. I got so into that. The simpsons marathon ethics sexes because was like it was in the entire countries watching the same episode at the same time, so that was colleague you see you go and lie ever talk about the same episodes and it's like you know you go everyone had just seen. The same arises as that will now also no kind of those that feeling again right knee yogi. I get that when that is too bad. Well, it all figured self our cause this stuff wool Cha Germany were still in the middle of all this regime. In the middle of how this, works. You know my show better call saw, which is then Gillian. Show that I'm on my ok, This show will play on, I am see in America and Canada and then, within a day it will plan Netflix around the world that Episode
well. It will not be released as a series on Netflix the next day, but in under Australia. You can watch it on Netflix within a day of it playing here. That episode place, that's cool so that their that virtually pretty huge, that's pretty huge news, it's it's and I think I haven't right by the way, I'm not a bit super great on reading contracts attack. So maybe you shouldn't completely trust me, but if I understand correctly, that's what will happen and that's carnage sing a kind of retains what you're Talkin Which is people still only be watching one at a time, but it will get out. There is a positive having to wait for the whole season the play, and then they put all season but not in african American you'll have to watch it on AMC episodes tat ten episodes, ten cool, just as were wrapping it up here,
yet we didn't wrap it up. I find out. What's for dinner, I had beef when I went to. I went to this dinner. Club place, that is where The old Argo used to be now. I've been in there. It's raising its wolf results, gorgeous it's it's a gorgeous inside, but general state. The old stage is still there and when I first walked in the staff was probably sofa. Bored of me going age right there I was gonna. This was here and then, like I was describing to everyone that I didn't know there. The stuff like that. A wall here and people than they would wait outline every Monday night and then John Brown with it, and then it was so. I felt like I felt like it
elderly person like this used to be a park. I know and the dogs but run over there and we deplore in those- and I was there for a party a few weeks ago. I did the same thing, repression. I talk to that's a stage and you'd entered from here here and is at the same piano, yeah. I think so, and you Y know what a great, when Eight room is an amazing thing right. Oh yes, it's a special thing and it's a rare thing. It's hard to engineer and so entirely engineer, magically genetically happens. Yeah that room was crazy? Those Monday night shows were some of the most impact will shows as a performer of first of all. Getting Do them because it was a big deal with all of the it was all people you who were like the opera classmen in my world of you, know you and and Mitch Hedberg
and Paul F, and all these needs try hadn t mean Hopkins yeah, I mean it the amazing group and then being able to perform alongside us people and then to actually like have a goods. In that room without that room was full, would like first of all, Prob, Can't imagine was like the fire code. Is the room was so fuck impact with all the people against the wall on the bar than the tables, but what an inn credible. Norman Luna, yeah cabaret, Luna, yet little powers and insane that's. When I first started watching that's when I first discovered they accordingly alternative comedy scene. I didn't know any I'd watched every comedy special in the eighties and part of the seventies. It's just that energy thing of like when you have rooms like that. You can get the audience on the same page and they're. All you
It's like they're, all right on every second, in their everybody's thinking together and room there aren't is good, which is most rooms you you finish. I thought you finish a rift in the energy flow tat right now. You have started again right, and so that's the thing course. I'm again, I'm an amateur prose We need the room to help them, but they took they took the old Largo size. I guess when he left the old Largo signs, and so there the ceilings in the bathrooms. If you go to the bathroom, it's just at all, sign is the ceiling on a chicken I'll. It's amazing they're just to pee, you biodegradable having me man is, in boxers, better Casal breaks. February, for it yes, weren't. We shall we go
and then and then of course, the amateur our two. Oh, it's ok see you, though, probably their share of the three. My yes, yes,. When you sign off apart ass. Far ass, we say, enjoy burrito at the end of the protest. She's just say: enjoy a Brito. Let's go say it like my Emma, yet they like a gram, enjoy a burrito. Those good girl now leading noticed dot com
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