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Work in the north as biogas number four ten, four hundred and ten already good. Lord feels like we just it four hundred and nine. Now it feels like less than forty eight hours ago we put up for the four hundred ninth episode, crazy. I don't know why you kids complain about not having enough content out there. There's plenty of anyone's complaining about us. Is anyone complaining for well listen somewhere, somebody's complaining that that's our someone is complaining that the internet is the world's most powerful complaint engine. But there is also a lot of love on Matthew yeah. I know, but let's say I was in my office ripe and I wanted to share a complaint very short with someone else in my office. I see where you're going for this. I dont know for ready to get to the sponsorship. I like sponsors I know I do too. We ever seem stance that council stop double.
The bombing and stop Marin Bombing the show? Well, Madame I gonna be opening, me at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston on September. Twenty seventh of that is one week from today, while dependent when you listen to this or it could be one week ago. You know what the fuck this alone listening to? Stop dropping w e f references icily there there I like earlier Matt yeah, you are getting something and I really appreciated the attempted yeah. Well, don't worry about it go out and again we have a new sponsor on the notice board. Gas which is igloo. Igloo allows you to share content quickly with built in apps. You can share blogs, counters files, quorums microblog wikis, it's it's an Burnett Service, its collaboration across social media platforms, it's the igloo software people, it is English upwards, easy, drag and drop platform, responsive design, beautiful funds from type kid have fun with its jeered,
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my argument. We gonna go through every number. Just add toolbars like just to get a big worry twenty four dollars. That is a very reasonable prior to our people and collaboration software. Should we have only ever use net click set, it seems more expensive, igloo software Dotcom, slash, nervous thanks, igloo response during is thank you so much. I will you Eliza when you're having twelve people in your office at twenty two dollars, a person really when you think about this episode is Brad Mealy, who is phenomenal, come up, reticent, writer and producer, and I feel it get a first I met. Brad was back in the Super De Luxe days when firm and- and I did a show that the now defunct super deluxe which got absorbed by adults swim. But if you would probably be familiar with red, nearly work like you with a JFK song. He has a show now called China Illinois onto your probably familiar with him from season one of China Illinois because guess what boys into premiers setting 22nd, one thousand one hundred and thirty p dot m. I know I know I know
I can only one episode that night now you get to episodes that night at me, Brad Mealy, Rio does your add, nailing may leave it. I can't believe it I'm glad you can't believe it. I will not shut allows and talk to actual Brad Neely instead of theoretical bread Neely season to a territory. Second, preliminary pm Brad, namely North Burgos, number four, ten hashtag hopeful intra hashtag interim adjusted. Don't do that wages. Hashtag became verbally hashtags up. What has it gonna be verbal? We certainly like a brain search that, you it all. They had the hashtag pick it up, and you know it is left to write a memo about that and get it may be a glue thanks yap without aid. Other people would be free me, you, Jonas
da bad Katy. I miracle and there were still free with amazing. I would certainly goes you and Katy about how to get matter. Does it take to get us a letter that the bulk of an evening meal. Star com, distracted by in this place,
Yes, it's, oh you mean at the store bars where my help keep. The evidence is if you have any form of eighty day. This is about waste accounts, but in other words, if as we could, have you been there even another, I have you ever been upset in protest. The crows ness widows watch We call it widows watch, whereas watch is not a good way of doing it. I, like it railway rolling from canal, know we're not we're on the top of the ship and we're just check it out, see. There's I will now we're on our land were just waiting for her husband to come home, and you know what he's not come and tell us about your husband, her eyes. A very handsome does he look like
ride. Neither does actually that is a sailor beard. It's it's a beard to be jealous of. Yet it's got. It's got on me. I don't know what happened. It's neglect not a decision it, but it, but there it there. There must be some shaping to it, because it is. Good luck. It looks kind of night I kind of nervousness through the mustache off. I don't have a very long mother. That's about all that! I've done well, keep the bearing straight away from my chest here of the earth, but if he asked Right now is of a barrister managers, romantic real skies, but how could you upset that, like this, you ve been waiting should confront your problems? I am from the widows watch now your rest dwelling. You could find him into crows next to you, go out and try to find him with the help of closeness on doing it. Of you, if you prefer, you brought him together again
the Lisbon process. I feel a gay. I think I met you once at the Swingers CAFE and I believe that you are having lunch with Nick Weidenfeld. Annual, proud, Daniel. I'm sorry, you have my Daniel Terrain Ex president. We ve met twice, if my recollection is correct, that time and then once behind all of the crazy stuff at New York. Comecon impasse ok yeah, as one of those things like when we're, when you're sort, when you're sort of going through nailed it. The greater view, said weren't, you just remember, you're, going through the sort of the back scenes have a trail of getting all around the Javert Centre, which is which was not designed to hold as many people at once as New COMECON brings, and so it's where or how much is very Segue Melchior state
go this year. I was going to go this year, but I'm starting a show two weeks after so I'm not sure if I like, if I can, I really want to. I really like your comment. I do I do to theirs. I dont know that's that town seems more equipped for a break out. Out of terrible proportions than anyone who does not at the thought to tear down, but when I was there this last time, I feel it is the worst place to be if we give bombed or outbreak, but New York is like you got tunnels. We got loads and get people out here. Yeah think US indigo wasn't really prepared for any kind of a supernatural disaster of any type of any kind of my eye is sometimes I do like when I'm in haulage look down their seven thousand people there I owe so just one person had like zombie virus or radars over and they just bit the person next them. How long would it take cause? Maybe, like I think, big,
percent of the people would get out, but then there would be a bottleneck in like a soccer riot and then on that never one's got the virus. If someone just yield fire unity- foot, oh yeah, yeah, oh fun, oh yeah, yeah! There's not I mean there are. There are a few ways out, but you can't I need to get in an orderly fashion to to get to get out. I am obviously a fearful person is not concerns, usually feebler smile and in buying things and dressed up like this. In the back of their heads, though I think, and the authorities in the beggar it you're gonna go in and go if she went down what could I grab where could I hide? Where would I be able it would you dive under a table? If what happened? Just is chaos princess more men were that's enough. That's the thing you normally No really when chaos starts, you don't know, You're not gonna, wait around when people running away from something you're, not gonna. Wait around see what it is. Are you will say if you smell fire, not gonna, get under table.
My living room start shaken around I might get undertake, but when you're so you're in a crowd of play, some people to start running in you like the opening of a worthy ideas, whereas I groped I just custar- is grope, just tat thoughts now our backs off Ladys. I might try to get to a higher vantage point there grossness, if you or what does watch too like climbed to the top of a statue or something like one of them. You know like one of the tower the towards that they have or they shoot stuff at the guy might get up there just to see like what's going on to assist situation, cause you're not gonna, get through an angry mob, and your instinct is like I can push my way through and That's the failure point! Yes! Yes, I go. I starting about digging set rat Natalia hath ostrich. I guess I think, like I gotta get inside this earth
That's not good governance at that point making to burial, but I got a problem with my mother. I guess that's what people to realise that ornithologist all realise about all ostriches is that they do have very much liked very domineering mothers, and so there is no. It is trying to get away. It's actually that's the reason why they do she's the worse to be under here That's why I, when I, when I should get really stressed out, I feel like it I take a nap and I call that ostriches like one. Feel like. I have a lot of shit. I have to deal with rain reaction. They may make its eye when there's too much. I just go to sleep. I got origin, I can't do that. I would be my brain we like will none of this stuff's gonna get done. What would you what about one cow. Gas has to take a shit whenever it starts to come out a little bit like now. I gotta go. He says I'm starting to turtle a little bit. It's like the turtle had the idea of children's in it.
just that? One that candidate Weird invites children say that that you could have just said maternal, A little bit like we all would have understood the reference we get it right away. I don't have to undermine and deconstruct the reference there was just now. I'm in a way we would have understood, but back to John, is ass, rejects a creation, What is it in your brain? It like? What what do you think you get out of the map like to set clear thought after you get out of here. It's escape! That's. Why called Western what's escape? Mistakes? Are wasn't that gonna table. When I was a kid I pray remotely was escape from New York. That's how I said it will. Let me ask you a question: if I'm holding a battle, ask how to fish you know I just when I ran into someone directives. Eighty thousand the S games
You have redeemed either you at play, doing DNS server. Now labelling and there was ass It's weird, when your honour, when you oughta pockets, carbon earnest, you can't is some people call. You wants to yeah and someone I ran into is like ever heard me saying that I do it was a mean some governor about math and also why barely grudge, barely passed geometry for the second time, too, almost not graduate Highschool owing Euro in the Near EAST, ragged fuck. That who said there was a girl was lady. Now really here really is That's all I'd. Never I never claimed to be smart. You, while you are smart, you're, smart, just not school keep going, there are fighting the movie
engine nerds refer sorrows expecting dislike a bunch of smart nerds, but they really show that the the classifications, pretty very good as some different types in their heads in Bulgaria, Bugger workers they, basically just it, was like anyone who are sort of like shoved out of the party. The collection like that you know the core losing Gilbert, who really worthy Gilbert, was really the glue. With great that he became president of the trail him house afterwards. I think, but about their broken lemme go on Lamar, but Lamar, just gay yes, but I did that, but in that in that type of would have been socially ostracised by the jocks. So it was. It was a joke accuracy and so that everyone who was pushed out was but yes, the but but but Poindexter for sure, Poindexter Poindexter and I guess he's riser worms her, whereas there is probably the most but your point echo the just really good the vial
just an artistic. Firstly, but do you know the We now areas thing about it is that I think it is that a lot of undiagnosed autism was like all look at these. The net result over their awkward because they dont relate to emotions in the same way they at an end, and those were a lot of my friends when I when I was when I was growing up so it's when you go back and look at what was undiagnosed like. Oh, yes, I think this was actually like. You know the type of Asperger's are or something that occurred within the community. Like the guy from mom guy to american splendor the one that duty free lender played oh yeah? Who was there? He was the parties, do I remember from them somewhat yard? Yet I'm going to see review of the nerves. Yes, a movie about nerds kidding revenge yeah. This is so they were looking like. They were that guy? I know what a nerd method we like he thinking.
Help now we'll get him into a programme, but have you ever seen like a like a good looking person without dissent, I think I ever have you ever seen like a really good luck guy that socially awkward Canada works out of use. This I've never seen. How does a hotchpotch of existing likely did there we're in sensitive areas, affects millions. You know just get your kid vaccinated there is. There is one thing that three quarters of us haven't common at the sable witches super De Luxe Super dollar. Dot Tk Giddy Nolan Ojo. Will you do? Liberia, that's all right. I'm sorry! I didn't live here either ok. Well, your eminence newsman Adele, you we all started a similar logs, which was going to change internet comedy which could have the candidates is a slow burn
It was a slower and yet by most of the people that had stepfather, don't worry whereby people like our body, a damn, Pastern Aqua, sort of the creative, the creative force behind selecting. Oh, I do I mean as much as I like Dan. I I would. They also say that you know my friend, Daniel Weidenfeld was pretty much the only person. Talk to theirs. For as Daniels this much I dare where he was the guy bringing in people I'm just one guy who, as I love Dan I've, seen him a lot and but whenever I was working on that show it was we were together rarely, but I think everybody else worked with Dansellon. I decided it, though, that we want to show you people. There was a few people there that we're like not to the epidemic, when the new. What an allay me your pretty much that's our work has caused them our firm in an iron, and I got you brought you did yes, you ve ever get him in and Daniel Weidenfeld. I met while going to visit Super De Luxe in and Daniel is such a great sweet? Wonderful
guy, I bought he's acts like a little girl, though he text like a little girl who is like five in a second five welcome, never seen a guy kisses brother more than with his brother man. He kisses everybody, but it's just the weirdest. What its with Nick it's fun, it's fun! I watch him kiss a lot. People but we're out in the world? So it's not weird but yet we were all we're the you were. You already have like a viral hit at that point out with George Washington. Well. You know: wizard people well yeah. Those two things were out before Super Alexia, both for some reason, totally couldn t help me out. Look as one wizard people was really illegal. I just did a alternate audio for the head. First Harry Potter, soundtrack, Super illegal Warner. Brothers shut down as before they understood at interact with their fans.
Now anything do whatever they want and they don't care. But back then they like called me up and said we're gonna cut your fuckin legs, a set of article Javert Lady, but so there was that and then I did that when you George watched in put that on the EU to renovate leg, George Washington teacher go really. I'm gonna cut his legs around. He is now old Warner brothers. It happens to turn into Mr Potter before you know. You understand, while this is why they did it nowhere for National geographic FUCK, you, Mr Potter, early. One law so did so they did they absorb those and put them on separate, elects a menu start. New stuff. Now I just have one George Washington: word and then I foolishly sold the rights to a very very mean person for two hundred fifty dollars that guy my hands. So whenever super deluxe call me up
make one hundred of those with George Washington things as I know it, but I can do some other things. That's what get me started and so did that died. You anything else with us is delayed him. Festival along with other fleeced, monsieur, they must have equally. This guy sounds sick and twisted like what you did their journey. What do you think he would have had a first of all seems like, like an innovation votes of alive being interesting and even cohort deter someone spiky, no, but I think, might minos so am I: but it was totally legal. They get, it doesn't mean you can expect somebody's besides interesting that to bring up old wounds but like- when you sign away that four to innovative allies, your signing away the entire properly
everything now everything about it, while so yeah- and you know I mean I had never worked in anything as cash year at our supplies torn. I may that in my free time you know put it on Youtube when you tube was really young, so a lot People saw an eyes. I wear white whoa this well, I do and A lot of people were lot of vessels recalling oak. We run this as well sure sure sure and a lot of them heads waivers to sign. So this one came and I decided dislike the other, and then there occurred flew away while sluts wrangler right back, where we started three dollars, but he went on to make a bunch of other stuff that became bigger and actually was a good thing for me because probably would have made a bunch of derivative bull shit out of that project. Eliza was strip. I also now jaded awful human welcomed our highly while in customs and one hundred and fifty
as a richer. The you can remember why you did with a do everything. I'd. Probably just The doktor right outta can finally get this looked at. If it's been awhile, I there's a there's a woodpecker living and if not the wound become a part of you at this point- and I don't even know to target without looking at the wandering elements that I always addressed, that we should try to get that wound mayor, describing the plot of crash pathology right, which we bring up once every ready episode, because it's such a weird movie, James Baker, fucks, resent our cats leg wound it's weird scrubber. It was growing burden, you sure it's always when you know it was growing about right it wasn't. It was convert their respective economies. So when you started working for Super Deluxe did
you did they come to you? Or did you pick something to them? No, I had no means. I had no idea about how to pitch or how to get in touch with anybody, I am yet so they just called me up out of the blue and they are getting started and despair. Crank on baby cakes and professor brothers for making shorts you did it until they till they quit so they were forced to pay that the army, we all know they went haywire with with how well they treated their creative people and they boasted about it. A lot to mount a hum like they were giving the rights are the freedom they were great. It was It was a great experience, wherefore I didn't really didn't get notes, adjusted, here's money, just read it out, go make your thing and give it to us and then pay your taxes Jonah.
That was- and I thought I told you- I run into a couple the people that you will accept upwards same thing where they're just like yeah, I got the huge chunk which was the budget year of liking. Like that year, the government did not. I mean you made that money in thought it made two hundred thousand. I did I didn't. I spent all, although all the stuff, all like them, this other similar a made like all that went into like paying people and MIKE making it look good, and I got Peter attention some really good work But what will you do it left we're just so much money to pay for damages and of an end. You got an apparent gas That's why you know what that's like you know. You guys are hanging out with me again during that time. Well, I really admired your work, John, and thank you so much Let me call me: I was at work and you golden cities, No weirdo jumped extra day and
Can we really when we demand the bastard internet? Yes, master the internet, which is essentially like something that should have been an vhf again but yeah I mean there's That's it we're that, like you occasionally run into people civil lux alive, I feel like so many of us had this one really great uncle who died TAT, now. He was so good to us here and then he's dead, so any time we get together like gives me those Christmas, yes or so that's true. Every time we ve had another suppose was that we end up like cut of waxing poetic about it. Well that this spirit of it was really good in it, and it was. It was around that time when all the big companies, because it came out the saint with funnier, die, think zeal in one this left standing, but they all came out around the same time. Sony made one and saw these companies were like hey guys. We should make web content
still exist, but they still, but they still, but about at the time they a lot of them. It was there was that it was the same thing that happens over and over again with the internet, like there was like the dot com bubble, like goes through a bunch of money. At this thing which you know you just you can't throw a lot of money, they were, they were paying as before, Four years ago, Sony was paying David Fusty now, for web show, which are not even in the name of nor have I seen it they're paying of fifteen thousand episode to be in it a while. She is well that doesn't happen anymore No, I'm not even like even college humor like which was the biggest money maker of the o, that world online comedy like now, they ve got cut their staff and half well, it's it's a lot of it and I think, with super to look sort of suffered from the eight that, like a lot of them, suffered from the fact that they assume that, because it's a visual medium that people watch the internet, the same, they watch television, and so they assumed like oh well, just to have
is this destination where people will just go and get all of their poverty? When then call gates gonna buy, adds, manages you know, people just don't watch the internet. Now that's unpredictable how people watch the internet- I still don't understand, but somehow it happened. I mean it It's a centrally. You know it's! It's a crowd sourced platform. Your things get views if people share it and if they don't share it, they don't and you dont know why- how some is gonna get your if you happen to be lucky enough to oh, you know some massive outlet put it on their homepage and you know, then it maybe it disseminates that way, but in general it's all about sharing, which you can't predict Catherine teases com, so the best you can do about it you're. But at this point people are for me, like you know you just you ve made enough stuff at this point.
Oh no, you haven't, you can never lean on rest on our laurels. You know like it's always the next one is always the nice. When you gotta stay and NATO's me can always fail making nuth. As for the internet. Now everybody is so just overwhelmed with content. I man, how do you make something that feels fresh and exciting and fun? That's I'm gonna go kill so she had been thought of that once you know, when you have an idea, it's always best uneven, not like it's almost listened, not search it if needed. Declaratory ounces, plausible deniability yeah, like I mean shared me, us with most of the internet accuser ripping off some guys that did a video in New York and I had a knife ever like would like linked to I like what is a worthy linking school. I had no idea and it It was a similar idea, but just like yoga good thing, I never looked it up
are you going to do it now forming an eye that the serious that we did for tourism and my friend my commanded was a musical. It was like a country PBS like if countries are television had up? Yes, we did all these music videos that were so busy like science and history country, thought and but then we also made around this time your dad's favoured than you ever done, I don't Neither is it, but we made a. We may song, about Abraham, Lincoln and ever was like Moses, like George Washington thing right, and we had seen it that. Finally, what and it's just it's you don't like some things are just in some things are just in the air are something I'm yeah, yeah yeah. Definitely that I'd be. I feel like everybody's watching this aim staff ripe and that's affecting you or you know where people are o this movies out and it's going to
down the chain? These different thoughts that my percolate up? Maybe I'll do this in response or maybe I'll do well, that's done now. So knocking touch this. I don't know it just seems it makes sense to me that I'm surprised there are one hundred of the same movie, just over. No, I already, I guess they area. What you know here what's interesting is that any art is a re expression of something that you experience and in the old days, like pre media bullets, oh you kind of wind and experienced the world, and then you re express setting arson now, but now, when always see as other media people are just re, expressing my over and over their yeah, that's great witches, which is why mash up so popular whites like we're, keep remaking the same purpose of making the same things. You keep me because that's the only input we're getting is
stuff, that of that same media imagines that people love him so much because you know that that little endorphin that you feel like when you see something you recognise or remember, it's like you're getting that three times at the same time three times the amount. In the same moment, you like ha Heath, his great that's where they relate. I would you be found a kind of all these things and this this is the nervous nerdy. So what what? When Super De Luxe folded were you you were able to use that you stolen or your stuff right. They they know it No doubt until three right we had. We had that's right where the three or thing with three or thing shit cause a lot of stuff. They vote How about you and your staff again now now I've we immediately turned it into television, shows a vague
they need to own it s a trainer continued. Does it just takes a lot of super to stop just saw some of it, not all of it just sort of folded into adult swim, transparent and adults. From that come in at someone at Turner was Why do we have these two separate brands when we just What about all that other stuff? All that other continents are they pay for manner, had taken offline taken offline? Should we just put it up somewhere for past that? No take it back to you, but I do a couple guys, like their hard drives, crashed and thereby well I'll just rip off of Let's say in its arose, took off Lawson forever. Honor, you see you, you got mastered internet back right. Yeah yeah I got. I got there all girl back to be mine. I guess also the freeloaders guide and
non existent or you know what I did at the time, but I guess I could talk about a month ago and they will happen, but I I was really got upset at Super LUX, because they would quickly bury things they won't give things hands to breathe. I did this thing where I would rip from super, looks the videos, so it had the watermark on their due to flash drive, rip, flash video rip, and then I would not make a fake Youtube Account and Papa Don, because I was I would always tell Them- is that you should puts on Youtube as well this it will the ads don't work out. That way I said, but you tube at this point is radio. You need its again. If you do this
You can just turn it on and you'll come across a started doing it at the end at the very end of it, and I would like to say, if you just haven't on Youtube people, see the bug and they'll come the though find you they didn't, they agree, and so I would put my videos on Youtube under these fake and on your died and you throw but often aired idea and, if, like in blue, like a guy like you got like ten times the views on there's. No other sites like quickly It lay that want to do with our Kramer, like it just like I did so much better on other places have sought yeah there there there in their available online, but this like it's weird too, because your people tend to look at views war is not a common visa. Exactly have done their sanders like five hundred thousand views that are just got here. Did you like it s happening over to slim, simpler legs.
The weird thing going from the short format we're doing my two or three minute things online to an eleven in a television show on air with the same characters. That was a challenge for someone who had it was animated whose animated actually flowed my earlier. Things were Very animated, they're, just kind of drawings shown in a roll, a row scanning like comic books, but you're only looking at one panel at a time for certain men allotted time. So we went to the area, is a challenge and bringing it up to actual storytelling third person, narrated narration thanks house, it was awful, broke. My brain was terrible to all my friends and family fill out better now. But those are our transition for me with that. I assume: that's not at all what you saw me. What did you think you would be doing? We don't reckon you're working at the arts or what did you think you that you would be doing our stores?
Why you man until I die, I mean us in I dont drawings and as an bands, and always doing that? My whole life and in a little acting things here and there? But though it's weird, this is definitely I'm just riding this very weird. How I'm gonna make certain put it on Youtube and now still kind of doing so for those think of the joy that he's experience and right now, at a time you upload well they relate to have to think about those early days of your two, like oh five or six hours, just sort of this kind of a ghost towns and like it was an imagined was like the early days of film where you could just shoot an apple in fuel. We like them all on you know. It was also the time when you could find everything like already copyrighted shit,
they have now taken down like you could find like me now. If you want to watch a commercial that you saw once in nineteen, eighty three, you could find it there are still a lot of. That too, was I got Delbert Schuman made made a thing called Youtube time machine where you just put in like. If you want to see you what year, what kind of thing be to commercial and old, show our exports and then like press search and like it shows you like you're, all the commercials on Youtube from the year. Nineteen. Eighty, I love when they go. Here's the commercial breaks for Magnum P eyes of timber, twenty fourth, nineteen, eighty two and you're like what narrative. This is narratives. Keep saying that enough. I've had similar conversations with you about all this stuff now is that I find your hath. No, it's ok. Now the whole time that you talk to me when I'm not forever MIKE, I'm just thinking about the bar to enter this is the first time ever really listen to
And this is the last I we resistance areas bar keep going forty is normally what what? What are you? What are your friend circles they cross over Daniel Weidenfeld, stony, sharp answering? That's that's about the only France has its general, so Adulthood Daniel Deal at adults, swam based also justly kind of on his own eyes, keeping on China Illinois yeah. You know we have it office. It shares a sliding door. I see him pretty much every day and yet workin on China. He also helped to create and ran the forces of our countries. Show that all right, ok, so what's the word,
You say we're COMECON: this year I was yeah, we're promoting the Lucy's channel, annoying this Sunday premiers and what's the comecon it's Sunday security. Second son is eleven thirty that is done in man. I'm controlling your mind. I guess I'm happy you enjoying doing advertising and press work no man, I know when at all over. I feel very uncomfortable talking like this, because I'm used to a devices on the show and that's fine eggins hide behind those people, but I'm I'm I have to own what I'm saying, but it's it's. It's yo a thing, was about words. You know if your hosting I like a stand of show, if your hosting the stand of show you
can't be as weird or subversive if you're, just a guy, that's on the show right! You just have to be there. You know really hafta. You don't have to like sail the stuff you want to say then just also come backed everybody. While the House ass the coda you do, you have to be related. We have to come back and get up and its also weird. If here, if you have the comedy gene that likes likes to be kind of a shit stir it sort of like, like the DEN Harmon thing to or it's like yeah, he just likes to fuck around a lot and then all of a sudden when more people are paying attention and then your words get put under microscope and then pure like how could you say that you like? I know this is just me I just fuck around meaning they now, but then thou the sudden there's a lot at stake. I guess I'm saying you I say a lot of things without thinking. I talk and broken metaphors and people around me have to deal with it. When let that lose out into the EU
verse, I'm afraid someone's gonna start knocking at the door. I agree I have. I have had people that I've really wanted on upon gas and they ve been like look. I would love to do it, but I I cannot promise that I won't say something insane and I've been bird. A lot before it out and so this, and so they won't, you know they won't they won't do it. Said something on radio. Like just sort of you know them. And around or whatever, and they heard some comes out and is everyone's havin fun Alison? What you know the records How do you handle that words? Are you? Are you have your stand back the Yellow House, a bunch of things and also have to talk about the time or when you, when you have to drive you have to it when you have to direct traffic, you just can't you can't be his funny cause. The others know when you're comic, when you're like use very similar what you said when you're com- you can just sort of like this all about jokes right now, but you know, as the person who I think people probably all agree is the least funny on the podcast
get because I'm alive times, I'm doing so much like trafficking, yeah, you're thinking ahead of what like you're, going to have to tell you about what your next question is: re driving conversation and trying to keep everything under time and then you're thinking about where we're gonna go next word want to go and do I want to go up this path, and so you can't you can't just let all this two year when your hosting you have two you have it. You have a task that is weirdly more important than the comedy part, which is. I have to keep this on trying you can't just make like a hot like a real offensive joke and that are not directly to indict just jump back into a nice personal question. People. Are they get sick of you by the fourth time they see real? It's usually the fourth time I've discuss when you gotta just go.
You haven't got I'm usually when you're on a show like a like the improbable that regular there's like nine or ten comics by the fourth time. People like I get it, you know, and you just have to then all of a sudden you're, just a facilitator of only does do like the Eve disembodied voice announced for those companies like stripped. What should we pass them? I really that someone would still have to take the bullet. The comic is also sort of the poison tester. You know like they have to take the floor. They have to like they have to take the bullet to warm up the crowd and it. So it's sort of like that. You know not very many. People like I'm seeing a comedy, show because you're you're more your more function and form you no sir, you you have to take the bullet. You have two wrangle people and you have to tell my turn off their cell phones. You tell him the Tipp their staff. Do you have to do all that? Is
come up next week, but it only gives up its business. Your basically have commercial next week. Latina fraud is made me rephrase will or if it is so that that's why it's as when did you ever? Did you ever do any life performing stuff? Yeah, you know I used to do that thing. Were I talked over the first Harry Potter movie. I used to do that. Live until now? That's gonna wanna brothers shut down, but I would do like all to our two hours and twenty minutes. The funding is now that someone who works at Warner Brothers might hear this and Billy. We should comprise kneeling come in and duty, for like they would actually sanction it. Now when they put out the box set of every Harry Potter Movie, they should have one other commentary tracks just be a yeah, that's, that they're, like oh my reason, to release these very glad, but other than that not not really, and if I did I would I would do intends preparation and not I'm not good at improve
nation are speaking from the heart other related to things like their links of exerting. Like you, don't know really good at making too you're. Being sincere, doesn't really dismayed. Total sense, now you ever do have a big staff. Now you pretty much do everything yeah yeah, we had hundreds of of people can on China was great lot of people who put in a lot of care and time on that we are able to use a writers room for last season, because this new seasons, twenty two minutes. So it's like a proper television, show
So at around his room and huge cas abroad and other voices we have HAWK organ donor show allow and greater wig, among others, for timber so yet Burress Chelsea, already that's right. Yeah, Annabelle, Burress, Chelsea, too big collaborative thing. I've actually really enjoyed being able to lean on the talents of others. Well, you may call leaning out, but I think it's just more like allowing people to do at me like that. Just that's what makes a project good, you give them good riding allow into play around. You know like it's just that's how good things give me I'll boy. I hear you. I love you. I love to see those people at work who just really know what they're doing learn something from do you? Let him do you let them improvise at all or as deserving kind of have to stay out Six, the sooner we do, we do within limits, but we are we always take.
We take the majority of people's all reads if, as long as the the Spirit of the line as there will take that, but we don't you know, under the gun for time, like you're talking about times always concern and improvisation is invitation. Into going long right, rewrite does Jeffrey jabbered, and prevalent in yeah, but in the weirdest way he Is it like internally heal the hill improvise, the in the Spirit of the line, if that makes any sense, he'll Rita, just like on paper, but he will go somewhere totally different there. Intention. One earnestly angrier not wistful her legs to Yale. He likes to curse. Well, what happened? What he did when we were because moderated your panel San Diego coming monsieur and he ran off to go run into someone else's found.
Yeah. He he said that he crashed the panel for Bob's burgers. I guess what he did were blocked Inga do a panel and he ran in their having seen that is both workers and knocked people. The way you're going to ask questions my mom, because I guess I did and there's a voice and they split it up. I guess that they use the twice things: some that My mom was kind of sincere about a but made it into a big joke Oda through its very great and then came back. I like into our group who, just like, like a flabbergasted like mom, like I can't believe I did, do you think they're mad? Oh, my guy, with the entire day I fucked up I don't think I wanna get their money
Do you work for people who work under your? Do you like being do you like being a boss? I do, I think, that's great to be like have an unequivocal sir of voice, and- and I hate it whenever someone- it's catches me without an answer. So I'm a control freak. I guess that's what I'm trying to say, but whenever from the earliest concept the show was I kind of her something in mind, so I liked being able to have answers for the people who come up and ask about. I also like to be surprised and be able to Yes, I will accept your deviation to hear from the rule it's fun. I like the animals. Well, it's hard for confer if your control free to sometimes control freaks can't delegated they dont or they're. Just like no, not just get this
It's me, you know I don't like they have two fuckin. Do everything themselves, they dont. Let anyone do anything yeah. I do that some. I have to admit, and is bad when I do we, but that was kind of in the earlier stages season, one I think had more that we have a lot of people that I trust- and Meyer their work and know that they can do something that I cant do so that's a load off and I'm lucky to have that we have good good kid on the show. Lotta life still left and you can see it in their eyes only draining MIKE chilean friend, of course, make really worked and season. One of that sum is honour. Mic busters now is ETA uncle Grandpa o cool. There is a good guy, Israel! Do you, when you're doing the panel's do? Do you get a lot of
hi, Emily young animation student. How do I start saying yeah, I'm not a whole lot I used to, but I think early on, I had such terrible answers for them that the word got out not to I simply believe it's easier to be a farmer. But I'm not really an animator animator. You know I do the drawings and design characters and unknown away Anna,
the animation. But I dont have the patience to to learn that technology behind the programmes kind of a pencil draw. Our its validity is right. I took the animation track when I was in college and you could take the classes, but you couldn't matron unless you're in the film department, but I remember that first time they said there are first assignment. Was animated, bouncing ball it just about once and then bounce off a scream and just the amount of fucking work that goes into like at three second ball bouncing across the screen. In trying to figure out like a more drawings with slower than fewer drawings, really go faster and then at the point of impact and in it, and it is the end and then you watch it. You get all excited like here's. My thing interests blank and you're like they took a lot of work. I swear to God that took a lot of. We must like that, though, because you're really in math,
right. Well, isn't that a lot of like just like that, like the amount of like you know like the Vatican distance and have you as the angles and yet is needed, but it is It is. It is an alarming amount of whereby well, if you're, just doing pencil drawings, it's an alarming amount of work to animate the simplest thing. It's it's a definite threshold. I think that cut a lot of you laugh at. I wanna be an animator holy shit. No, then that is how they make stow white. That's like so long! Oh, my god. I mean you, you really do you have to have a real appreciation if you don't appreciate what they did with those Worley like any of the early when they were just fully animating. You know like twenty four frames per second, any the Earl warbles cartoons or Disney, and just how every fucking every sprain was a fucking, a work of art,
and they just did that hundreds of thousands of times and I can find them in many long box- is a comical as poor people. I just think about them, drawing turn those over and over just trying to get the market, the model consistent because there is no such thing as model packs- is just eyeball in those guys. It's have such respect further, especially at a time when it was when the idea of being on the cutting edge of a whole new medium is pretty insane words like while it as and when they had so tropes, but that was available. There were like the idea of an animated movie like they went from zero to insane and a pretty short amount of time, and there was no oh. This is how you do that things like. I guess we, he hath. I guess it works like this.
Like a minutes, no cost like a million dollars back then to make, and they made ten million Jesus Christ and that's the in nineteen thirty, whatever dollars, god dammit all ten million of it and dumped it back into the studio, Amber Rank dismay, the studio, bigger matter. Spend any the money, I'm so just like Jonah Jonas, exactly like Walt Disney here that job, while Disney of Super Deluxe, although he paid his taxes I paid. It's like onto gotta, get them voucher. Where'd you go where you from of markings on what art fortunate, shit, I'm from Memphis. Oh really, I I've been Jos. Kronos again are, I am sure I know Memphis pretty well got my wife's families from Arkansas. I think Arkansas gets a bad rapid. It's a fucking, beautiful state like if you drive through it is just like the mounds and the trees in it.
It's really lovely yeah. I think about it all the time. It's a big part of me. It does get a bad rat because we ve got to emissaries. We have really to have thought we have Billy Bob when they both, behaved a little wildly in the public eye, but at a fun southern conaway as a true and now they emanate really really look after those caught his eye. Be. A group and organs has been a long time in Texas, before I moved out to LOS Angeles, so pine for moving back to the south. All the time are you gonna. Do a Zack, Alfred acquisition by images like by like up like a piece of farm property somewhere and just disappear from people for chunks of time. I would love that to be an option I actually have to lotto tickets and my goddamn, while others to join in the way. I am here where everything is grass on earth so
There are long term within seven forty, that is, I think, about that. Allow words like if there was a way to do something fulfilling creatively, but in the capacity that you want to but being able of wherever you want like. Would you would you sell it and you'd probably moved to Portland. Well, I've really, like Poland, a lot, but I also, I think, there's something to be said for being around the hive of active. Of the thing that you love to be now I'd like to be around to be around you guys into a sort of b I mean like you could go to another city. I spent a lot of time and other cities and their fun for a couple of days than you, like I'm pretty fuckin alone in a leg you, I guess you could go, make new friends, but it's like it still. It helps to kind of
the creatively inspired by the like minded people that you like, but you can find that anyway, specially in a place like parlay any. Oh, you, no kind of colleges, town will even have you'll, find other artists types, and I believe, that's that's a great part of the being in this kind of fuels that do you know you can You know so much about work I'll. Have it you just with kind of like minded? Can he said we're moving everything up the Portland crises of sounds kind of grouchy, though serve at it. Wouldn't when you start to get older, you have less capacity energy to like Can I go start a new friend croup, I'm so glad you said that I would have been so negative this whole time. I was. I was sitting on that thought, but on my American, it's it's it's sort of early because it does. It does take him like when you are young, you don't think of it as an investment of time. You Daniel, Look at all these fun new, exciting hopeful things that might develop out of these new experiences, and these are to get older dislike. You have an economy of energy and, if you you know like it takes energy and work at a certain point to just
go out and make a new friend Griffin, there's a point near life to your like this, a big step. Should I text this guy harsh in and around the world as it allowed its? It's really. It's a weird then deny weird for being like. Let's go see that, like you also have responsibilities, that's like! Oh, they may have responsibilities. Are you or your girlfriend's or wives, gonna get along like a huge? Yes, so it really, I think that's that's part of it is that, yes, you can find a stool, but there is a real, really pay. Attention when you're young to the trial and error nature of of friend grouping. I really like thy our drivers hours at a zero sword like dating in a weird sort away. It's weird too weird thing: it's weird step! You all texting a new potential friend, weird step in my brain. You hang out with someone three
a third time. You know it's like they do something really weird and you're like, and then you have to expand the energy to reassess your feelings away. Like put so much it's a bunch of one hour friendships. Well, I may be able to turn Maybe I mean it, I guess, if you think about it, they are sort of modular relationships, but about I like them because number one you ye. I compare podcast too, like that, like the first phone conversation with you have with someone that you're interested in you, like others, persons really interesting, and so you can get to know each other and you spill alot of personal information, but it's also with people. We know it's also catching up with France when we don't really have now at issue of arrests. So like will perhaps its bit with is probably I mean I just I don't go out a lot. I don't know
social at night. So I pray wouldn't run into you, but in six months, if you come back on the Pacific, I'll be really going to catch up with radegund see what is up to you know it. So it is sort of a sort of a catch. I'd make Jonah them a social one of bee bunch of others, not a question that China is the money. The abbot I'll tell you that, just as in others, that's a weird format society last, as you yourself into work, I throw myself into just having you know fat conversations. Other people. I haven't couple bears by you, but you ve always been sort of them, the the kind, the linchpin of like five different friend groups like everyone's I go. I don't Jonah yeah in them that's, that's a thing. That's happening over and over again now that I just knew something into a marriage. Is that of the other night d, and I tried to have we just wanted to friends over would have liked to her. Friends was one of my friends. My can Paul to come and hang out. Paul just happened to be with another whenever Frenziedly Ojo was a welcome. All till this person- and it MIKE like like, was a hey- I told Sant like it.
And then to adjust its creeks, and it goes around like that. That was like with a very apparent during the planning of the wedding, which is asleep yet I am by this pressing. We invite this principle by those are you? Are you married yeah, yeah yeah we have real to about my ten year anniversary, wow Jonah earlier I've been with my wife since ninety six holy shit. We ve known each other since we're thirteen wow, but so is pending you know back then I can do and I asked her out and when she was thirteen she totally turned me down, he was fourteen was to say that more time and then, whenever, whenever we re Gary acquainted in college, we started dating, and I was so nice air
Arkansas Arkansas through and through well at adding it's a yet it icicle sweetheart having which is, as you know, I think happens. I wouldn't say that that is all that happens in the south, but it happens. There are much more than it happens here for sure, but because you know there is a I mean I receive many options here. Much like this, the store we were talking about. It's easy to be distracted more people here of August. They think they can get something out of your mind is like it's a different dynamic. Yes, I'm always hugging people, yes, as they can get stuff out of me, constantly just come of your time but I ve never going back to the south. You know it's like there's a period where you go back and a lot of people have married married, Highschool, sweethearts and then your back ten years later is like the marriage like they ve already in other, like they, they ve had the marriage and the twenties and then in the late twenties like early mid thirties, and it's like all the other there's another one, the real one for real this time goes, we ve,
We ve got a good time which we can have been honoured. Adventure moved around the country and she like Ella she's ago premises, Pinions me she's a lot more positive than I am. We just moved Burbank. We we liked ass. Its is kind of a slower tat. We are you're in such resetting lifetime. Everybody knows resetting has so confused, like abler there alone that there's a little enclave of up like town homes and century city later right between their Riviera Country Club, an eye the choice I've had fox, bending over such an interesting things. Yeah I had to be when I first came manner here had to be in marine Adele re in the mornings and then work on the EU side as well. So we just pick something that was central. That actually makes a lot of sat there and then we do stay there. Until we had baby and limit Burbank. Yes century cities, it doesn't really feel like a truism had started
introduction to it, so I reared place various really replace you had to say. I can't even imagine sort of living there for any exemptions. Like an elder, a city like an industrial neighbourhoods and Oliver does any office disregard its an office district that they were like well guess, which put the residences here. It's like those does brave, brave people who moved downtown, for it started turn around because it would shut down at six p m loyally. I was opened. I lived on their during that time. I think century city. Thank you. I think city was like the seventies. Idea of innovative planning? where they were allowed to express our mental prototype world of tomorrow for a future city where it's all of your offices are here and then your tunnels, because if you watch the Jim, if, if, if you watch the jerk when he's at the end, when he's like when he's carrying all the stuff like, I just need this chair, I think he's. I think there are parts where he's going through sentry City or when he goes to meet the guy that gives them the optic grab. Money meets him at an office in centuries
which, in the seventies, I think was like. Oh, it's really likes cutting edge and writers even like. I think it's like a circle: jerks onwards, it by flags onwards like a like they're talking about sentry City, like it's a gets, this new thing, they'd Tony Starks dad leaves and messages and observe it so do get to do it. Thing on the side or you pretty much as all your attention focused on. I know I have a website called crease. Comics were Adieu single panel cartoons. We put up every week day now cut of garden. Ree trying to get back into- drawing things myself that made me laugh, so we ve been put in those I've been trying to get back to doing some videos and the older style as well that try to roll out as the Dick One come on now
I've been sitting on, since I feel that there is something else. I read that you are sitting on two which was it a civil war comedy book, yeah, yeah, printing error, that for about ten years now, it's time fine comedy and that tragedy, But in this lovely now. Those cells from the north don't find it too, many of you think The south was like the death star. Now very funny abusers like while the shoe knife out. Rather eleven years as a threat.
In June. I always heard a little man Besser and there is make it as theirs from Arkansas to business from little rock. Well, we probably have Kinfolk ere. I know that there must be, there must be they did, but I really, I hope I hope people give Arkansas a chance if that cause we drove through. I, we drove manassa live there when I was a kid for a bit, but we drove cross country last year and just drove through all of us and saw to get down to Memphis, and it really is it's just beautiful man. I really dig it. Alot fails a really great to Naples, phenomenal everyone, a favor now the universal Universities Erreth. Basically like it's, I you know not not to say it's like another city, but if I were comparing it, it's like the Austin of Arkansas. So it's you know it's built around the college.
As a result, you have this really great kind of artistic community in its really they were bringing comics out there, like Howard, Kramer, postmen, and I went out performed at the college like they're. Really there just cooler fables his fucking sporting call tat with great food in its small. And people are nice near music. Seen as low travelling pants, stop in favour as well. It's your love, ants grown up outside of fable. Dealer is like an hour. South enforcement seems a long way to go. Fuck, indeed the Santa Monica from nine, but only that the kid big imagining going to a country that was an hour our way and adventure wherever I couldn't drive an hour as a kid. If I wanted to hear what you could have you had that swedish marine car from James Bond, if I turn around a good driver now, I've never been to Pentonville, which is like the Walmart hub, we're just like it's just arctic. Its organs archive
billionaires like yeah, we're like the Walmart headquarters are so you know like they like centuries. It's like a century city of Arkansas saw the sudden there's just because of family there that data at each one of them has forty billion dollars in Bed Ville Arkansas. Now that's gonna be in interesting excavate like in a few years from now figuring out, those individuals are what this makes. No sense for this around have been the faroes of this area like kings, but no one seemed to think that of them paying armor and covering all these churches Walmart. Perhaps they related here. Do you said you use your wife's pretty positive? Did you feel like you're, a negative person or do Felix? balances you out, I'm not generally negative prayers. I feel like I've, just been pressure and myself that way. If you caught me,
a mood again now about getting mood the Bregenz and if you ask him about anything about him, that's true that won't you don't like it's, not if, if you, if you're, not used to essentially being put under an interrogation light like some people, I I remember, we first started the pod cast and people go. You guys talk about you guys, talk too much. Are you talk about yourselves too much and not enough about the guest? And I will remember there are specific s own. I would have to say, like I'm looking in their eyes, I can tell when people are not really comfortable talking about themselves, because it's up to some people, it's a very weird thing. To do. I mean we ve known probably not to committee if we have to address those of day but to some people to all the suddenness. Just like me me me, they hear themselves and they just get really uncomfortable India. I thought that as a bad move,
the via realise that people are entertained by it and I am in a watching talk, shows a group working David Letterman, unjust, loved watching those people talk about themselves, as I think it explaining myself, as I can really difficult thing do you like this thing, I'm never black and white on somethin, I always like it and hated at the same time. I think don't love it and hated at the same time you just like it, but then the hate or, if you want, where Mcdonald's earth lead I love it I hate say, and that is true of agony, get that double fish in which any time I can make a double facilitation of you, ass, nice Can ever done adversaries no
Well, I guess I noted a heavy stick around midnight start servant a limited breakfast menu, there's something more gratifying. I dont know what it is there something more gratifying about eating Mcdonald's in a small Midwest or southern town. More So then, in LOS angeles- and we are on the road like stopping where there was an air- was too small industrial towns like well, there's Mcdonald and you saw in it it. I dont know why it just tastes better doesn't is better at taste right days right, that's exaggerate. It tastes right, a fuckin cheeseburger and eyes and like a little decaf coffee from Mcdonald's, but here, unless ITALY allay special. What's with the scale of the diamond, when ever I was never in LOS Angeles, go over to go to Mcdonald's right now, but if I'm in the mid well, I would but the drive homes gonna be full of tears. By the radical taco nearby rapid drive? There was full of Morty. So do you think it's on you might move the life and indicate that to Arkansas
one of us to take it. If you know we're just unwarlike Burbank quite a bit, we get a yard and our kid seems really like for pre school. So after years ago, and while I get that secretly tiles, not us getting more my wife, sometimes finds US wrappers and seas. I am twenty days you haven't a revolves again: I've got myself getting late night Delta go on and by that I mean I woke up, and then I went to my car and then either was just a bunch of delta wrappers in my car I don't remember, not only did I drive, health and start mobilise, which you are aware: how do we get there? You it's like six feet away from your close. There is really close, but there was a year with an aura. Then you can sobered sober Jonas gonna start to have to having to hide the wallet and keys from drug Joe.
It has a good idea right, get my sick. That high beats a pediatric here we go. I thought it was there anything else. You want a blogger talk about before we release you back into the mainstream of was animals and give an opinion Wendy's square of her. You can get a indeed acute. There, you can ask for a cuban stack those square borders all the way you ve never been. There is a true that's what I've heard sacred menu items. Are my favorite movie. I write about fuck. Are we doing here? It is. The idea being that when these and installing disorders, rail area, you or on the menu became new. I am and allay gonna kid even yet. It is unfortunate that the food in the south is so fucking good, but at the same time it's just not good for you at all. It's the barbecue place next.
Dad's bowling centres, fucking amazing issue, then jumper is a Memphis. My doesn't Memphis. We lose their jobs for maybe like six months. When I was a kid we just when I went to remember why I just as a kid I was like over an hour and Jonesboro, but but it's just the food in the south is so bad for you. What did so yeah you can get free, catfish out here in any kind of respectable. Why man that's what Firstly, I do. When I go for Christmas, I got clean that plays out with from their coverage. Yo yo. You have a puppet, No man, we're understand is why there not southerners who live on the West Coast. I would imagine, are enough that could sustain a legitimate southern enough. Like pick any barbecue want pick Texas, barbecue or Memphis. Barbecue of blood is really good. Is it there was a blood cells on the brain? It's just.
Whenever used to be, they still have one in Compton, but it is not on the brain ass good for combined. Ok, I remembered that come with me or give it a shot spread yet amend Europe, though you can't jeweller held them, and Europe and a Silver CUP gas that adds at least was a heaven. It could add in the Moscow Mule ten ten tinker must meet jewel upon what action is that I'm curious transfigured now you're? Just you just gotta move in your lives area, Latin hoping she hit our entire talking, but not moving his lips and about the scared is gonna, be travellers brisk our fight, trying to learn, I knew you were gonna like you, I you man did you say attired falcon. My god, I hope he did and that's great in return,
regardless of what are going a red but dropped it. Take this note how for its living momentarily, put the hood back on my head, Stella, anything joy. Burrito. Can we have baby cakes enjoy Bruno enjoy your breeder. What is that, since the thing was at the end of may say that enjoy your room, you ve just delighted Jonah for the rest of the week of great great
so make him do it every morning and annual. But now you put him on the spot with what other people stared at me like that. Now you sort of naive sort of bully emotional yeah? That's why I got a month ago. Just to do that, you don't we didn't want it anything else about ever dig in there like a get to know him as a friend and I'll. Do that Marilla? You don't really, though, he's not even paying attention when you're hanging out has not waited for the their drinks, his dislike Jonas, by giving the kid gotta, they'll, taco and end up in his bed some years ago, it is crucial in my eyes, volatile me about his trips. It's like a verbal slide show I'm really residual is
most patients just done where's the girl now, leading noticed dot com enjoy your router
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