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The guys interrogate each other live in Phoenix, Arizona! And Brent Spiner joins the show to talk about deciding between Night Court and Star Trek, cop shows in the 1970's, and the art of doing impressions! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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our little notified gas I'm using will, of course, ally apostrophe out this episode. There's bike has just happened. Last weekend we were asked Phoenix COMECON will map Myra Little John Array, again ally of Austria, and I let me went into two shows at stand up alive. I was a great great great comedy club. Phoenix on Saturday went to want to finish COMECON, which has an extraordinarily awesome amount of cosplay. There I feel, like next year, will have issued a just cause episode there, because the level of cosplay was fantastic, so our guest for this observes Brent Spinner, who would want to go on for a long time and he was there are doing it.
next generation panel with a bunch of other next generation folks and rid of phenomenal died when a phenomenal time. I'd really no bread before you never know how people are gonna, be when you haven't met him before and you pretty much meet them when they come out on stage, but he was great. So here we go, this is theirs plaid guess. It was a number two twelve, with the hilarious, Brent Spinner nor entering minister com.
Those are my people get the red tape Dirty wanted. They want me to talk like this. Is a book in hearing believe I have no knowledge of the misery. Will you ever involved with the Communist Party, the barricade usual never work again, not because but that does not a fan of your work on this subject are really no. No! No governments, right always my client, is to raise not a communist he's a cop. This? Is no one's ever just come out and said it before? Maybe you're, not a communist. My client is a communist still, let him go, let him go how come I really
where in Arizona better American for years now, no one gets the ironic USA, people cheer Board for reels, maybe they're gonna kill, maybe there's a bunch of great actors viable guys we have A phenomenal show ahead for you and we're just gonna get right into it. So would you please welcome to the stage your plans for you, but this is not due to forget it
Were you ever a member of the Communist Party? Not yet both let him go good at this. I'm not gonna find commies more, like Azure Mccarthy exactly, no, the edge of the hearings to recover it is the latter to have you on the public aspirants minor. You know what, as a vegetarian, I'm so happy to be doing a show words, all the ribs you can eat. I feel a bit weird about those chicken wings. I was hoping down back, you know lose complete respect for the cake is I ve never had any for myself, and nor should you you can't take away. What was it ever there and have less? this. Is the guy? It's unbelievable that the whole starting with the external costs is gonna, be it I feel, is calmer Conrad we're not the whole cast by the important
One right com didn't get the invite again How many coins is this, for you but even know oh yeah. This is, were seven thousand two hundred and eighty three always its fresh every time. if not the air, so we're gonna. So we you know we have a list of questions that you ve never been asked before, moving to put those concepts that either of sack. When I tell you I first why I've been a huge fan of yours for a long time. The character of Bob Wheeler on night court and I was a hard core night court ban, but everytime Bob we were came on. I got extra excited all thank you
I. So did. I it was my favorite character on the show, I liked the ball a level mainly above we're, not a huge fan of yours to buy the words now. Is that what you're supposed to say? One thing he's done besides this shell tonight, you know I love this your films. None really in a movies terminator three. I was in. It was the because Bobby there was a character that looked like while he was gonna, be a guess, someone episode but crushed, so heartily episode that you became recurring character. That's exactly what happened! It wasn't just me. There was the woman who played my wife and cheese
forget her now, any o Donnell was a name. She was fantastic and yet we came on four one episode and we did six and we were invited. I think, though, that they were thinking we were coming back as regulars the next year. When I got STAR Trek decided to cut any loose so was between night Gordon STAR, Trek, yeah and out. My court was in its like a year by and I thought this is going nowhere bright so well and also because I had put- see you as a I mean I was. I was young, that I am now visit. So I was lying. Oh he's a comedy guy, but then here is doing this. You know like this very serious, roll it's our track. Was it yeah? Maybe getting. Data was very, very, very serious. I couldn't stand. for too long, because basically I did come from poverty and I wanted to push it in that direction and they allow me to do that fortune
What was your comedy background? I made my folks laugh alot at home, and I yeah I've done a lot of broad. and off broadway and stuff like that and mainly comedy roles- is it's it's. It feels like whenever, like all the starter give us another star, trek ass are generally like the people. Have the theatre backgrounds yeah. What's your dimension to that? I did a pilot for a comedy series before I did start track. We sort of talk about that briefly, backstage that Jim Neighbours was the star while yet was basically your fancy tower yeah go of course. Well, it was basically phone. Towers, but it was set in Hawaii and I was playing the John please part and Jim neighbours was playing. The and well Part B and then well was the star the show it was horrible. We I was, I thought. Well, ok, I'll do
this does pay me and I'll be out here and while we were the show I found out that the two guys who wrote it were Brandon particles roommates in collar. He ran the network, we ran and BC at the time, and I thought, oh, my god, no man can have to do this show and fortunately you can find it where online, probably or on Youtube. It's called spray bury in Paradise. It's really dreadful spray, very lightweight. They changed that they they made it better. Scott Sylvan in Paradise, because his name was Sylvan, spray vary, but it was re very sounds like something we all have to of that sort of like a kids. Interactive Asia accept hotly oddly Jim neighbours only had one only once bribery, but we it was an illustrious cast. It was my obviously and Jim Neighbours and Courtney Cox, and though the girl for the worse,
sixteen video exotic, and that she was at that time? learn towns, Courtney Comics now this was pre Cougar town, no cricketer down in my head and Eddy Eddie. Murphy's uncle in the future? Wasn't just Eddie Murphy and make it wasn't a real bad. That was that it was not. You know, I think they thought at the time anything associated with. it is going through the roof that that was the kind of that outside his uncle and never acted before data. Would it? How did you jump from where were you from your from Texas right taxes, yeah resistant? here you are not alone love for taxes there there is no well at least in Texas. The heat is wet. Yes, that's gonna. Take that she got up this one particular point. What about your head? You go sit there take a pub out. What are you communists?
go sit still they'll go to this. So how did you? How did you get from Houston like what was that what was the journey from Houston too to television. Well, it was a long journey. Actually, I I just got up from the couch. There, no actually, I out when I got out of college, I took a train to New York City. I arrived New Year's eve. Eighty ninety eight exactly and I went to times square. There are thousands of people. It was like an amazing experts, Hence I thought this is gonna, be incredible. I came down with the Hong Kong flew the next day. Oh god, I was sick literally from month without, like Sars. much of the hour, and so anyway I did. interact state of New York. I buy braved it I did for eleven years.
I lived in city and draw the cabin New York City and that you are right, different time. Jonah different. I tell me about this difference, but actually you're mistaken Ireland. And lays down a look around you know what I've been saying years inside every jus there's a black man beating the gotTa Billy crystals case. It worked and came up with Sammy right anyway, so I draw the cabin I did theater and I and I live like a teenager, about eleven years. Then because you don't make any money doing theater and I thought well, I need to actually be an adult Now that I am in mind, sixties, and so I went to California with a play
with little shop of horror and which character I'd like Seymour and I was sensational, of course, and the user and sensational says bread spider of the prince by interpreting The last night of the show a casting agent came. They went Lynde stall mastery over you and he Caspian tooth. in television, and I thought, while this is easy, so I am, of course, does the last two jobs I had for about six years, but I moved out to allay in and started what year was this when you started to Italian, I was in the mid forties. I think it's actually a woman was nigh court on it was eighties, eighty three early eighties. Yet so what was? What was that? What was the sword tv landscape, that, because that was really the eighties, like
sitcoms were submitted, waned a bit now, but in the eighties succumbs working They were excellent, Amida Saturday night I mean at asters here at this convention, arrived was like I had asked her today I was like wow. I Lou grant you isn't by the way, the weirdest thing that ever happened in television. When grant went from the maritime and more sensitive being enshrined was sought. What would have happened if TAT had walked in the programme No, cover that arrive story? Couldn't do like I never understood that either. That was hard for me to apprehend? Why that happened? Really strange, are you guys do go to well this in all its argument, so the bridge furthermore, shows a hugely successful sick com and then and then, as
was her because over the charisma people there were born in the eighties. That's not even a fucking joke, sadly, and and so the her editor. I was- and I know this ship is, I care Lou Grand was marries boss, and then he had a spin off show, but hits you put his spin off show was a single camera drama and then they made all family, followed by the drama, Arches place, Archer Bunker. Has it wasn't funny the bus, but all in vain We was it as a great time in in television and sitcoms drama at that time was pathetic. It was man. Right now I've got the Falcon Christmas. I based my Connor's. I think one and Emmy for Manic Syria swear you is it could figure out who to give one too. There was a lot. This
What about cannon I'll, give it the man that was there, that was the height of all the detective, shows Barnaby Jones in Canada and manage the streets, Rochefort, Ironside, Simon and Simon. Exactly but in seventies. Cop shows, though the fucking best theme song of all. Have television were old and not forget policewoman, today. Concern Dickinson hot. Did you See the did you see the Johnny Carson documentary monoxide re about so good, so I wanted to see it. Tell me what I missed well was. It was really it was in a fucking awesome, but fate, but there was a recurring Angie Dickinson thread right in the show, because as there was in his life in his life and she just open, we would be like we should be fucking problem.
the show and they were and they were, but they never. They never made it as a couple and then they interviewed her today and she was like. We were just never single at the right time I feel about me and map and like energy, Dickinson Carson you guys, but still button. It's my day. I live in this, but Dickens there was actually read in many people's lives. Was she really Jeff tat? While I didn't know that sport backtrack yeah did now they didn't writ? They definitely touched upon the fact that Carson liked Ladys, yes, but I heard that it was like dark womanizing. Do you know you know what I think will he was a d character. You know he was not all lightness. He was a very serious, complicated guy. I did the show once how does it, but he wasn't there Was it host Joan Rivers? I hate it.
To tell you. The house was that my who was a J Leno hang on hang on. Hang on. You really work. I just want to find out what your boots are you going the fact that he did the dilatory blowing the fact that it was I know who was hosting sorry. I you know well then, here whether when I did the show that the other bad part about it was. It was asked and it was on opposite the ask. Not a lot of well side by the lab rat. You play a robot them right. This is crazy about move up without I killed that now. You know what the other guests were Clinton and Jerry Seinfeld O low. This predated sign out the serious, and I it was my first time ever doing anything like this and backstage he was back.
Jesus you're going to enjoy is- and I said how many times have you done Shoney'S- and this is my fifty third and I went why Jerry even at that time. Fifty three time- oh my god so was this- was his J just filling in Virginia there was even a filling up. He was failure and ultimately took over the cheaper it is. It was kind of Zambia, yeah, I got a bad things, but seeing what the Carson show why like was man when I was a kid- and this is like way before you were born the the tonight show from New York. That was an hour and a half long was unbelievable. I stayed up every night to watch. It was incredible. There's a new they just released. A new box said: that's like seventy bucks on Amazon and its fifty six full episodes of a tomato spending. The whole Carson the whole universe, they said
that somebody threw away a lot of the early ones that we are a lot of early. Was they just heavy audio that I remember one a show that they did that Brando was on, was hilarious and he was always Jacques aboard salted heard she walked off the show that used to be a cannibal so insult Georgia Gabor. You would think that still it's difficult. who's gonna go to the invitation joke because I want to hear he was one of those I think was. It was a pen. I think pendule at someone who came in the park has had this idea that that pay who were super magnetic were actually also sociopaths and that's the magnetic and you sort of get that a little bit from Harrison like he seemed a little sociopath. I know I am
Why does my god? That's what a sociopath would say right after I can't even about like that, the numbers that they were throwing around Like you know, twenty five to forty million people watch the tonight show like those numbers are relatively on it. Annabelle. Now totally- and you know you don't really like just- I stayed up every night for the monologue. If I could just see the monologue. I would go to bed because they eat. There were great there. He was hilarious. When what year was at that you did the tonight show what here is what we were doing the series it was probably the second year of the serious, so what was Alec eighty eight or something yet back that idiot videos. Eighty six, eighty seven, eighty seven second years, eighty seven people publicly deep up up up up up up up eighty seven.
That's better next generation, computer dear what month it was. Don't you dare not up up up up, I think they d, be. They didn't, tells her nose March because he said it was the Oscars. Have I got a phone call was hidden right, so nice you guys, it's in your badge, please don't phaser me, sir. As a thing they do around phase we broke, did the polite version of the me. What is it? What does the sergeant audition almost pretty crazy grants? observed that actually probably really know that what was you know the story to do that now now, STAR Trek is such a it. Just such a part of our culture, but at the time was really like. You know it has been signed occasion for a long time it. Of course, you know hugely popular among our demographic, but
What did it mean to you when you heard, like all they're gonna, to be do a new version of STAR Trek meant that I could pay off my bill seriously. I thought. First of all, this is not going to work. You can't do another star trek and I thought well, you know what, if I can do it for a few months, I can pay my bills and then, though, shut the show down because- gotta, be any good and I'll be on my way and are I went in, and I are additional four Juny Lowery who was a casting agent on the show it she said. I think you should come in a river, the producers, so I did having read the script. I thought this data character was sort of interesting. So I went to our decision. and they had originally said to me. I said to you what this guy to be like a machine or like kind of like a person, and they said we wanted to more like a person, and I went right so I I worked on it that way and I'm about to. When the roman audition she came out? She said they changed their minds. They want you to be
more like a machine Are you ready exactly so, I go. I think I'm gonna pass and she's well don't pass and I went well. I can't that I prepared at the other way, and she went back again and came out said: ok, you can do it the way you were doing it. She said: what do you want to have any interest in playing Riker? And I said none So ever smart man Well, they let me our decision and I did about five or six our decisions and then they they gave me the part. I think that what are really very there. She was like did you like a machine like no probably go it load? Captain Today's Europe day, evil robot principle machine, but I think you know that that's what was I loved about data was that you know it's a super like the smartest thing on the ship, but he's a kid at the same time.
just doesn't understand I'll. He really is sort of like Harpo Marks was in the market marks brothers. You know it's like he was like this this this idiot savant yet, but I still thought the show was gonna be a complete disaster which I actually hoped it was gonna, be at that time COS I don't want to get stuck doing years of the same thing. Sorry about that, as a letter came that now I was one you're on the paramount lot, which is an amazing place to work. It's the most then like a real old time. Moving Mummy Studio and I was walking and that and I met to extort for the first time and he came up and I recognized him from icon lobbyists in those sorts of things that I think this is going to be really good. The best way is that you do it better the merchant and like other guy and is good.
The star of a thing is expecting it to be good, YAP, Pontiac I think this is going to be so interesting and I thought well. This is gonna, be good if he thought I'd just like to remind you that every night Patrick Zaragoza goes of American is like I get. These fuckers fool that every day but it's not me, we're guess. Oh sorry, would you like some capers took a hurricane grab, your better sir? It is amazing that is a flawless bet. You know it is the second greatest impression anyone's ever done about. You know one first ears and I'm not kidding the first greatest impression,
one's ever done. If anyone had ever heard Dave Thomas's Bob Hope. No, yes, oh my god ass. They thought it's on TAT S, really a sensational minors. You're too, about the gods? Wendy's right now, valueless, yeah they're, both dead. It's really easy impression. Now, just availing of Saint Malo, precise, I do actually did he did he do that on a city, did he did a lot on us a and it is it's it's. You can't believe your eyes. Mine is really only second bats. I don't know about the eyes: are yours? Is bad Did you ever? did you ever, did you ever call like Gina Rick Burma as petty stewards? I think data. Could you some more I urge you know. I'm thinking
of retired, don't ask me I'll, say I didn't call you need. I would make an excellent captain. They weren't exact parental, remarkable data, really could make the kinds of decisions that would save a crew of humans. If you think about it, say at data is really makes up for the time when I was nine, and I missed you at the Boston starter Convention, because it was sold out surveys dreams to come. True I would never was on the budget. last year in and he talked about how the first season He was just this crusty like we're here to work and that, basically you guys kind it took him aside. You, like you know this can be fun to
and he said it totally changed his his life. While he was in the first season he was you know he had come from the royal expire compliment and we had a director and one of the early up we were wild, we were. We would not stop clowning until they said the word action and then we would jump into character and we- director who really couldn't handle it, and I put one of our producers rate for a man came down to the Staten said guys. The director has said he. Not come back tomorrow. If you guys are gonna continue to behave like this and we all thought was got a funny and Patrick goes Paul. I am appalled at your behaviour. We never did anything like this at the Royal Shakespeare and he was I. I cannot believe this and I was stifling my
Jonathan was crying, and so we thought- oh, my god, You know passage really serious, oh dear, what it was episode, I don't love, you saw the episode I sure did. Will then you'll remember it is the one where Tosh o ye are perished its goods. and we lost her and on people out there Fortunately, I had already had her I mean, for those of you are familiar with star. Trek of the data is fully functional.
Fuck the shit out of her. I think it's probably said that in the state direction, exactly what it says about anyway. She she she was killed in that particular episode where the director threatened the walk off Patrick, had gotten so upset with us, and there was a moment: where to give a eulogy at the top of a hill and he stood at the top of a hill? This was like two days later and he's at the top of the hill and in response to go into a eulogy, went viral hills all Roma, We knew we had him boy and from that point on, he was as bad as the thus, while you ruin shakespearian actor very much so many others, but
indigenous artwork. You also released a couple albums as well. Yes, yes, well, you know, I did my first album we're see as they call them in this country was called. The all yellow eyes is back just a collection of standards. It was about jaundice exile and it was It did ok by the second album I did was called the dreamland and it's a far better cd actually available by the way a website. The real brand spinal not gone, and I realise that the real breadths binder dot com. You know, I guess you can have been inspired our car back, I'm sorry about what exactly you mean. Yes, you can doesn't have Michael doth the website, not the person you are so dreamland with
dreamland as it sort of a story it's a week we think about when we put together, we thought of it as a year, a movie of the mind sort of, but it was myself and this brilliant your name: the mud, mag art, who is young apple sisters, she's she's, a genius? great singers of all time and then, camel. You might remember him pleading voice over guy right. He does a really good Joker one of one of the jokers deaths. You know I did the juggernaut. Yes, I do know that justice right you all love that This is what it says and voice over what the best nothing, nothing like it. It's insane. You know you shop in your own clothes. You don't shave sounds like
Do you have that every day, but you really get to do you get to do things in a voice over with active stuff that you would never get to do and live action was true, but tend to do things in life action. I would never do live action, but yeah does the CD dreamland, it's really a cool, interesting city and I think you'd like most people who ve gotten it have. Complained about it and also endorse your views, are applying spreads minor Finally, let me say this now is that I don't answer the phone ashore at what was the last time, the behold ass, a sort of Gore Majority, because starter got together. What we got together once last year when Patrick was I did my maid surveys and the east. when one of us has been needed so that the latter is
abilities getting offend the king from dragons over, and that means they are It's me, I said no signal. I think Patrick, would really like a funny when he was needed and we all got together for dinner. One night we went out to a restaurant, he and he had a big thing and he paid for every body which was unbelievable and there was thrilling, and then we haven't We will we ve all seen we all see each other all the time, we're all very good friends still, but we hadn't I've been in the same room since the night experience and dumb. He was needed in the rest by the way Hu Jia, you decide to make evil times at night he was neither with no so where we were medieval times and the queen was their trap was needed.
Chicken tender beautiful ceremony exactly eat with your hands everyone, but we did a convention in Calgary about three weeks ago. Right was, and we were all there for the first time. Kind of unbelievable that there was a huge convention. There were about sixty thousand people there can we get a panel all of us together? It would seem to be a hot. Rank or something but Canada. It was great every of its base and galleries argue what what was weird is. There was still a game, go, Patrick was calling your exact first of the forward, Wingfold Local blocked,
we will fight to which a power play another happy, but about was great really exciting and funding and kind of amazing, because it but the reason we were all there was. It was the twenty fifth anniversary of the beginning, our show Goro five year that hurts that's a weird. It's not me, I mean you know the original cast its. I think it's like forty eight years or something like that, since that show started in two years, will be fifty years that there's been some kind of stars red on the air, while these incredible it'll be fifty years? It's George Decay talked Williams.
I do I do. It must be interesting for you that there is obviously the handful of STAR Trek Series, but whenever someone does a star trek of some type, your instantly in this kind of bizarre for tat DE and that that everyone instantly understands. I would imagine what you know, what patrimony I've my family and I went to London at New Year's we were eating in a restaurant with Patrick called the ivy which is in them, raising place. It's a theatre, restaurant that people have been coming to since no coward Bolivia and all those people, and we saw Bennydeck com. batch across the room. That'll get a rib go in other ways. amazing, That is that you just cover batched,
That is undoubtedly the biggest reaction. I've gotten so big data, this Babo didn't know. What's so we saw Bennydeck Cumberland. across the room? He was sitting with Eddie Redmain, I don't have you no radio anyway, Bennydeck saw Patrick and myself any kind over the table. Any said I have to talk to you and Patrick All right call me faces up. He said no, no! I have to talk to you now and if so, what is it s just agreed to do the news track. Movie ran said: what is it going damage my career.
Let me tell you something: Bennydeck you'll, never work again. after that, I didn't know your bubble and squeak came out of it. And I don't know what that is. They serve it at the eyes could not meet. You know he masonry. He apparently Javier. My damn was being courted, deploy the villain in the New STAR Trek Movie, and Apparently he asked for too much money and with their were haggling and they could and Bennydeck made of LEO on his Iphone and sent it to judge Abrams, and he was cast that we might really you gotta handed that video was episode to of Sherlock sees to it. Wasn't really. Why are you chaired by the way? Can we stop making sure larks like there's like, like wait? First of all, the World CUP, listen to what is saying, stop making the movies and stop trying to make the american verse?
like just make the penitent Cumber rats version I mean like it was just all the sudden at once. I've never seen any of their conversion was very successful, ran for eighty years ago in house I know, but their CBS is trying to make a new sherlock is what I'm talking about. There's too sure looks. That's actually is gonna culture like home I see is gonna start the same terrier. What's your pride way going on it's? What do you think you are? the best knuckle. I've ever had macabre club savior nor shall, I believe, is a respectable. I just mean its wish for a franchise to have like three different version. That's what happened when you're copyright runs out. Does anyone who do whatever they want with? No that's what happens in
out of a region like those on television. I'm doing a series of thinking about the life of Bennydeck combat value added. It has gone up to famous people, Saint inappropriate things at dinner, exactly things that debt that are charming, but I hope that you, a christian bail, have just agreed to do. Batman will ruin my am I going to get all meeting gravelly is vulgar. Tributes. Character knows. Why do I have to do that? I don't understand why you did that Lucius here, oh by the way, I've really I've been enjoying fresh hell that I know you, I'm not actually know you're wearing the shirt, but it it's a It's fun series plant. What do you want to get one of those shirts like a pick one? This is relevant reeling to get one of these shared yells Lugano. Maybe tomorrow will I'm gonna be over the
convention tomorrow, and I have a few of these tee shirts with me. But if you can't make it you can always go to the website fresh hell series, dot com, where you can not only by the t shirts, you can watch the show. Does anybody here scene it I've, seen it Pressure is basically show where you play yourself. I find myself. Something has happened that has ruined your career in your life and it's you try to get that. You play breadths finer I've done that very trendy thing of being a celebrity whose done something appalling, that we call the incident and it is ruined my life and I'm trying desperately to get back to where oh you're playing Michael Richards, exactly works, it totally works, you guys.
Among others. Really. You know I mean there's there's a hint of male Gibson in their well with male gives it its be incidents after, but it it's you know, but those watching those colleagues every bit of fun. It's a really great age. We live in beginning in the eighties. You had that idea for that show unless they television networks as a UK fresh hell. That showed does not see the light of day. That's right! Now you just get to make show with your friends. I brand Palermo and I know whose hilarious re greater advisers, while the r and D Jeff lower than those of corridors areas, but we have a lot of the. We were fortunate to get allow the actors from the gilded do. The show there are absolute. The whole area, Skies sag scope, but ends a wink all we call it the show a sit dredge because, although its
comedy and it's really funny there's a really serious subtext. Do it that's about the time we live in and what happens to people when they get dismissed from there they ve always wanted to be a part of Europe and its about the human spirit of not giving up and trying to come back. When you know you ve hit the very bottom. That's all I really liked about our LISA creatures, the combat that I thought that was like a great tragic that wasn't us as it's not wholly, unlike that, it's sort of the Jack penny show meets extra. Shut up. familiar age thrives exactly jack, penny people forget it were hardly well. Then I'm gonna try to adopt a bennydeck Cumber batch what it comes back. We're on the guild visited. These are words like normal people. Just shut out sports references, but worse has like we're bashing up all these nerd two things.
David tended go if you found it, you know. I think I should play doctor who You sure other are there any produce? You know why not shown. Actually, in all honesty, I think you would make a fucking great master I think you would make a really great you like do I do like didn't you gonna play both you, storyline It is only the behaved thing I want to. I mean the doctrine. The master are two sides of the same Perth. Now You really think about it. Maybe the master is just an extension of doctors consciousness, but at the same time aren't Arthur companions, part of it too. I think they're all part of one percent to eighty five payment method. I think I think the master, the doktor the same person a different time stream, Homelike What, if James Bond of the time Lord, I already said that I just cumber Bathsheba, my Benedict
I use your joke and then I had a higher banesto here for yeah. I can make anything dickie or I can. I can make it ok, they're you do have driven improv. Did you do? improv. I never did improv, I'm a total script guide, but I'm working with a lot of improv guys right now and so on. Floor stew occasionally come up with something brilliant because they do constantly by an unfortunate that I didn't Marianne again now. Hurry up and I was in the show it basically rights the shell fresh hell, and this is really a genius and the scripts are brilliant and the guys who are improv guys, who coming to do it. They just Rowena Obama, occasionally because the scripts are so good as their written. And do you know what this shows is the thing where you go like. I want to make this thing I'll, just put up the money, for it will shoot it and see. If I what's happening right now, I mean I would love to have a sponsor, but that requires numbers
so that's what's your responsibility, because I think if we can get enough numbers and it's getting up there, will you just appetite via the new dies? I'll tell you other friends and NATO, their friends Coney twenty twelve? We could do it, I don't want to do to show more than another twenty or thirty years, but I do love doing it. I M, do enjoy doing it on the web because you get this immediate feedback and it comes from all over the world instantly. Its which really quite wonderful and you guys also cause you never know when someone has been on show for a long time and it like, and their connected to show but people are aware of I'd like I'm always careful like onawandah, that I want to bring up too much STAR trek stuff. You pray here that all the time, but you're very good natured about it and even backstage we're talking about something where you called someone- and you said this aspirants binary. They went data and you're like a man like you know like it's a nice like it's.
I only use it when I have to dinner reservation theatre tickets sergeant spots exact by library really enjoying doing fresh I'll right now, and I I've been doing this mention here out of you ve heard about it, and I ask people who come to the table. Do you watch my show that most people have not even heard of it? It really is. What does it take? I've been tweeting up the butt Have you been doing up the body guy? Do it on the internet? That's not worth it It's got eyes now. You tell me, you didn't get a wifi signal, a mare. What I other people common. I say you did. You watch my web series and they say generally. No, I don't even know you had one.
and I say well, will you watch it now in the Euro zone? I say you promise and they go. Yes, I promise and then I give him a card like this with the web. I promise breads binder, I wouldn't spreading making people accountable for their work further, what their brother, what they take the card and they don't watch it? burn in Hell. I wanted to Brent. We have a few more minutes with you and I wanted to let you know like they able to take a couple questions from the audience. Will let you know let's, let's take just you know, five quick questions from the audience grant. This gentleman here in his hand, went up. Quits isn't going anywhere seriously is like I'm like a dog. They obviously have to be in the front row yeah they do we or do we have a roving microphone. That's about all about. Right here. You just turn up your lips Chris.
so you're gonna wanna hear what is your name? Well, what will? What is your question? Well, actually was more from map in breadth of bread. I loved you take this up later, we'll take a later really embryo anyway, so here we have as yet. Yes, sir, what is Europe seeking hidden about doing? I could do that. No just note what just happened just encumber batch just, let me put it in a building with a little bit. What is what is your name? James thanks James would allow requested Would you rather deal with three hours of make up or three hours in Arizona, heat, fair question,
No, I love the Arizona he. Let me just say this. The Arizona people he's got you workable, RO they are the biggest supporters of fresh. I love the people in Arizona. My guy doesn't re group up you're a wonderful audio bread. This podcast goes national retrogressive regrets binary is come forth. How'd you, the Piper Independence Day. Why how'd you get? How do you get the part for independence day
stay that was a sweet little film? Wasn't somebody's gettin residual? You know what the problem within depends days. It's never! On tv I mean every station every network. Every channel shows it about ten times a day. What is it free beggars and its other, but I love your law though I welcome the earth than any points that no, that was, that read said earlier. He's the buck are ya truthfully. I read the script. My man, at the time of which I have none now or in Asia. For that matter I sent me the script is I think this movie is gonna, be sir,
that you really should look at it, and so I read it- and I saw this part and the part in the script was written as just a regular doktor band I dont every now and then I'm inspired not very often like twice it out. I got this idea. This guy went to Berkeley and took way too much ass, it. And so I went in and I audition actually Dean Devlin who produce the movie. He was thereby himself, and he said you know be honest with you. I just wanted to meet you because I'm a phantom next nation and expect anything here, so I felt really free. To do this dropped, performance and dumb and an eye, and I did it and he filmed it and he said I'll? Let you know any showed it to Rollin Emmerich the directive that afternoon any
it assumes it came on and I went oh wow, he went ok, you're that you have said that they gave him an unequivocal, more questions, whether by them, but sir, may I shake your hand at a very low name and you bring been aren't you my name's Jaeger Here- I don't do that, but I will go on the card I will do the old, William Shatner. There you go, then what is the way observer your hand and rub your fuckin beard, that's your head. You have no idea how many diseases how tat anyone care Has this patient zero through one hundred use that needs it? Ok,
You guys get area which the settlement, because you haven't talked it this matters as had been at Baggily here here, Gentlemen. Thank you for driving here with vegetable oil. Have you ever Overseas, sees what awful requested. That's have I ever worked overseas. Well, when I was in the Marines, during an arm with particular over in other, you are looking for UK or something I got. What else is like UK exactly Australia. I'd like to know whether you have said on top of water. I have worked Oversee Adamo. It depends on what you call work. I have sweated. CS. I know that I worked
with a called out to sea actually, and we work on a boat so that sort of overseas. I was in international waters out now that that totally qualifies. Oh, you got this particular. Seeing the silence you have hash marks honor, he forgets out. I want to stress just how many terrible questions is ass this weekend I absolutely embargo for number eight You might actually love that question because it it it one size fits all. You could ask it's actually has a condition, that's all he can say this year in I'm Sarah. What's your question: what is the name of the serious that you are on with Peter Dink Ledge and was it the other cereal starch products generation? You said that there are two things that inspired you with one of them I said it inspired me or two times your inspired in your life without none of the other one was, but I don't remember.
it did not do so inspired. It went right out of my head. Was they forty billion for massive disguise? Exactly where you know really? I saw that I've ever been in another one can do that I was going to the other. Inspiration was dude where's, my car, which, by the way, I think, is a very fine film. It's my favorite Ashton, culture picture by everyone's gonna favorite, someone's gotta reminds the one where he does brown face. Sarah, he did it you, Sarah, actually them that shows threshold with bitter dank it was Peter Dink, Carlotta GINO. It was that I was a really interesting show and Peter obviously is not doing. I think now I hope rate is he on, you're saying he was really funny. Do Peter Peter was a funny guy and he was like very
aware of who he is. He told me one day says you know I'm sort of the highly bury of dwarf He really is the vessel. We see is also Peter demand. Fuck em right. No, I guess not other gonna one more question for birds and then we're ok. I thought I Ladys had gone first, because what I love about COMECON audiences, it's really easy to see the pale hands in the dark pale hands and does it's my favorite novel, then such a grades, it's my sequel to fifty shades Oh, my god, forgive ok. I've never wrote a fifty shades of gray. I was just is visiting my dad. My stepmother cannot stop talking.
added by stepsister like reading, let her pleasure she just cover batching all over the place and his pleasure at my steps, sister as a mother of three and she starts even worse. If you bring up the book to urge based turns red, she gets embarrassed like someone as someone said. Oh, I guess deleted the character whose last name happens to be gray, what a great novel writing he drive. I drive and outrage like what what model and like the United States by told her what it was like, Oh it's, not the irate! That's what Gray drives right America! What's here was erosion? Did you did you bear you know I did that
in my career. But how did you like working on the guild like bordering on your guilt? You don't know here's your eyes. When you asked me that you're you're very moved me may I I I loved working on a Gilda had what three words I said. You know it was like. bang theory. I got three lines. By the way. That's another thing I would ask you to do. There's a guy owes navies bill, prating he's the producer or billions in Bavaria, please a tweet him and tell him that I need to be back on it. Again it really it's, you should give people used to give people a car that says I've committed to get bill pretty. To put you back your well, listen you, bread was so kind to come to. The plan has literally came from the airport and of his luggage is back in the green room.
Not at all sure. Oh yeah talk authority guard the book and green room. I mean none of his luggage is back, there doesn't make sense, but but you were Super super cool to come from the airport and come do the podcast delighted to be here. I've. I've heard nothing about it ever and nothing to add is that you ever do have Ado with wings. On the ten o clock showed. You have a message for will melt milk. We ask really what the hell happened to the other l I dont know. I mean he's: will will will you just going to start with well known, My love, where we're like this, Mr Ass, they say in some religion and now he's a great guy, we're very close. I love will well
he speaks very highly of you and when I initially only think Brentwood do the park ass, he was like Prince grades. Willie. Are you totally have marked? Sometimes I love your well outside. That may be the third greatest impressive. Lay the gentlemen brands. so much for coming out tonight? You guys we show, we can't really do a signing in between the show, but we can do like hi5 you guys, as you leave just really quickly cuz. They have to turn the room around. We have notice t shirts Jonah also has a, It's a number of his chauvelin with album hello met Mr Magic plain person, hello available as well, no pressure. You know the binding, we're just happy enough that you guys came. Thank you so much for coming, and I will
is it going to be held accountable. I will be there walkin around just chicken shit out, so thank you so much about getting leaving noticed com. this episode of notice. Podcast was brought. You buy, go to my pc access, your home computer files from anyone you can carry your Iphone or Ipad. Does it go to my pc, dot, com, click, the try it free button and enter the promo code noticed.
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