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We have already noticed biogas number three, sixteen host for three, sixteen. If you're crazy football fan and you are also a park ass, fanned the next time you go to a football game. The paint your body and have its say host for three sixteen this this would be the up, so that would justify them I will see where we are and San Francisco Tipp, where we now this happens a lot. Where are we? What day is it? Is it data? Are we in the Northern Hemisphere swords era right now, and we have one more show coming up for US sketch best, which is a great vessel, was so a couple weeks after that and then on the road of a bunch shows coming up. And other cities like Denver in Portland and fairly and and so just go check
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But because we record these in the e building. Formerly the g for building the there were auditions for another show happening like for, like a Hosty show happening right outside where we were to address all these people walk by. So, basically, that's why that's what we call the celebrity turnstile, because it's like Pardo drop by and Dana cool, then our friend Errand Gibson Julian figments, urges all these people whose became is kind of like rotating carousel.
Of our friends. So this was as this was our hosts for with a bonus super super superfine. So here you go to start your weekend or whenever you listen in this the nervous, but I'm private gonna stop justifying it by saying whenever you listen to this, because we all know, we all know that you can listen to this whenever you feel like it again with the over just vacation. I think that's what happens when you start to get older. You just over explain everything. Now I met over explaining, so please join in earnest bycatch number. Three. Sixteen hopeful, goodness with a boot, is
now mean nearest star com, major producers of the nursery show and we're sitting in his glass box here in the building and who wants Bible data. J goals of our meetings does like data urine, Myra you're out, but for five minutes and I Bob I came in. I saw the light was on withdrawal. They would you guys Shootin Scipio shark goes ill and hey I tell you, I saw Kyoto, the shrew disturbing kids. I had a limo driver pull over. I offered to sell em an apple
like the dollar with all this property! I brought from these people and the ban on these people that were illegally interred got a real, cheap land, though gambler rigour in a word that broke shields average entire pollute the home, which Have we learnt our targeted? Where I have been? Have you been there? I was on the second to last Bob Hope Special and we did the promo from his to locally Tom and I have a photo of me at his house giving a written. Doing the rabbit years behind his head or you caught up in that. At that point, Bob was literally like he looked like the guy from Bulimic Angus, aims. Grand mother is like a bloody I disease, just I would describe his mouth, is a more
it was from phantasms. Just give you a little more than a decade after that right now, He died about the tooth. Maybe three, four years after the not a whole decade, he was ninety four and I think he died in and this exercise nor think died a ninety nine beneath his aim at ninety six. Oh he died. He did you know I do now. Let's just me daddy's dead. You know about the doorway. You talk about putting their doing Photoshop, you put your hand on the back of his eyes. I had to put my arm, he didn't know he was an impressive. I just don't think you want to do I just. Can I die? vessels Bob you signed a hundred your contract horses gonna die, I know about you, gotta go so he and I had to put my arm around them and use them to be there in his his his arm felt like
sweater full of light, but if you have ever had ever held a tube cycle of dead goldfish like these, and I literally we et doing this commercial and it was so his eye on the commercial very simple, I say: hi, I'm going to go! Join me in my new best friend here on his comedy special this Thursday on NBC and Bob turns me because the kid didn't used to be my cat, and I do I take up a little boy. Did you These carry no. It was something else but deliver them I'd better, go join me and my new best friend do this Thursday and is going to Special NBC, and he tells me that eighty eight,
used to be my daddy's brain went out of five and we had to do it again by the way that he screwed up, because we gotta do it again about. Why can t read? I guess, I'd better really alert was accused of making a grim peanuts in your mouth. It's crazy thing: it's like you know when you see like a guy who's like seventy in your like that's an old dude Then twenty years goes by any still alive. Now you like old force so long yeah, I n n, you wonder, like because I'm Martin Landau speak Recently- and you wonder, is- is this: he just wake up in the morning as I you gotta be kidding is unbelievable. I mean Bob Hope was old in the fifties. Yeah, like he's an older guy,
but I also people people who were in their forty and fifty in the fifties, seem like seven dear old man out, yet the right so like everyone to us that seems you know like car right, all those guys they were they like set it all there. I can, therefore, is that that is what they just looked like: they, they looked like grandparents, like forty five in the life expectancy, was probably late. Sixties early seven act in the outer they were just where engine out. That's just the weird thing about you know. When people talk about Social Security, social security, keener, a girl, he five and it's supposed to pay for you until you are ass away, the average life
ban when Social Security was initiated. Sixty four one was not designed to float. You feeling you gotta, look at the vague. The first thirty years is not in its desire to support for the laggards. It's it's right now putting money in a wishing. Well at night anyone can come and take. What are you? What are you doing here? There's a little show that testing for some kind of thing I don't know get together and keep it out. O business has lowered yet another rope.
It's ok, I've been shrugging lemonade. All the latter might appear to entertain, but we're going all travel. All that ended its really gonna, be wonderful, won't have a fun venture. Show business is equivalent of pointing to you just hitting. You knows. That seems like a good audience, though they want to come and check out a test that age. No, maybe you get over this did you? Did you not work on a lenoir? I mean the cast Aveline. Why? Yes, exactly what that's done? Well, it's they don't we start doing right, ok, so I mean, but you're not currently working on that now. I know I will start working on that and I believe in June that's exciting, it's very exciting and it was one of those things. Are they a quick story? Frank our bond cooler sky ever yet so we get there and were shooting the scene. Is
an unknown, and I'm nervous my first day in a nervous and I don't screw up- and you know how do I know you do that you their fast and I like? I, never get a note and, like a cool, I didn't get any Newts GSM hidden for sick. I don't know I said that later to rent, a car like yours, very well and then after like the whole thing is, is like I data. Can you ok come over here for a minute no I'm gonna get it like dude. What do you think, like? I thought I was gonna get lawyer. The private rimming enemies. I just walk of going ahead because how cool is the Opel there's this guy ever is that yes, I M excited about that. In the pilot. Its seven pages in the piles, I'm in areas in the pilot and John Birdsall Jeff demand lot of old friends from the war war ended in Neil Mcdonough lot of it's, it's a murderers row of
of actors and murderers, economic, lawgiver statue from the lads, magyars alike, or my back. We both we that's one of the many things we share the door it's good to see that it very subtle mouse, classy, nerdy thing of everything works like it's, not right. There's some plants in front of a kind of data He's got a full lawgiver. I just heard the Baha. I don't wanna be clear, typically full disclosure. I just have a like everybody wages. Where you one thing, you had to give your wife to get that. That was the No doubt, buzz. Ok over was was vote was vetoed, recently came into possession of an ideology to treat me any differently. One of Morton Hacks, original costume design, drawings of the guerrillas.
One of the green jumpsuits room, conquest, Ladys, ten, wow? did put it on and you sweep up wrap it up, and then I spilled some tartars now and then and then your kids came with markers and said: look daddy, related work. You I just did a full Paul Williams was doing it at Largo, and I came out as doctors say ass, you can see this data Gould Tumblr, colleagues have raised? It was because of our good friends. It can be effects. I did the whole Andy Schoenberg had a great day us and we came out. Poor volumes, and that movie has. I know that movie by heart again, that's the wedding ring Sorry, poems, as this giant wad of pipe that he has to spit out when he first comes in.
I have noted the open, the ape looks antimony runs up because teacher. You said no, the one we're we're electronically condition to fear you, ok say that your name only they can see that you're a human seas are women that's a story pipe and in the citizens whom we had people deliver story pipe. We frequently had them holding pipe. You realize that ISA whence came in holding legs and giant bypass said, but that govern That is why I should say about, and go do get out of here: good luck with your orders in and then come back and hang of this guy. Well, ok, auditioning! Here's! Here's! What no about additional that's the job. I used to be very a great, like I used to hate it like just chip on my shoulder like make an error, but you realize that is your job. The auditioning no working is the reward you get for doing your job right and if you can
get into that mindset. It's not quince. Sometimes you have to work for free and be judged by people who think you're not tall or enough or whatever, and not exactly yes and with the internet. I would, I would say that Always you have to work for free, but now it's it's it's it is. You know it's this, my brother's a prison guard. How to do. I don't know what is at issue is guidance counselor. I like the idea of anal rape. I mean I don't want to be part of that. I see it in my work. I would like to be mere and guide. I say what it is like: a crew guide assessing allegory near the algerian around it rough He would the idea of a man with their know how wonderfully what a pieces
Wait a minute the doors, not one and ask what care believe brought Affright Dearborn Harvard did thirty idea about the world shows that we now is show so good, but no decrease our wages. Be nice, every God, please? I don't think we done that, sir. And according to yourself right now, I'm not going to go into. I'm not gonna, go to redress the amazed balls issue. Ok up like a two times said in credit, maize, balls and everyone thinks that, like I am this big proponent, amaze balls and I'm not, I was making fun of it at the time. I just met the other day Why does everybody tweet me Joe to being Jonah Boom, No, I don't remember that ever being said, then I guess you cited that yes, I said it on set it on the biggest on an interim? No you're here I was here, but they might have been set out, the other.
Hell inhabited before that? I think with em Jonah Penguin, gentlemen, I dont lingering finds out like a lamentable issue at its helping collected is helping pay for the wedding. I can dig it out another. Did you wait till you're watching your commercials online and hitting the dig button hysteria? there are seven joke, those guys boy can so your words reversal voting. I think about just like, I think about life. A lot I think about now how you could so easily to show people were. You're watching and what you're into their brothers up ones on the package before words. I remember when you would see a scatter, a scene or some like that. On tv or movie and then you go to school the next day, and you tell your friends about it by acting it out and then a guy. Does this? Isn't a guy goes this? It's weird that now you could just like it. You just click it, and then your friends,
is it and there's like no like there's this so passive, it's like it's like you, don't have to watch it. The schedule guy coming. You know little to send you the way become less of a culture of of story, retailers to story. Forwarders yes, it is, whereas the forward via place we're because I wonder like I don't? U every kid who wants to be a performer. Has that push will end up doing it anyway, but like Reno like me. A grown up like tell my friends about sketches enacting an amount, as I told him, and I like it. I also I why, like this, I like I like this process Where did you have that at all? No, I mean it was always a thing I was. I was a big those kids. They would record everything there watching yeah, so I would bring I'd, show people, video tapes like This pragmatic here take this you early internet. I guess I was the internet where I was.
Is that it like a major and minor guy who feels he needs to like maven shares like the maidens. Like I found this crazy thing, you have to see it where he spoke. He get that the maiden gets off here. Or or she gets off on exposing people to the things that they think cool, pianola pacemakers. Essentially, I guess the taxpayer would be media exactly now you can just do that and masse yeah. You don't have the Lord on your Pinterest Bore witness Pinterest exactly what I said, the girl, the other, now close. Now they were Pinterest. There's pictures is actually painters is actually a pretty brilliant idea and Good Chloe's loves the shit out of interest, but basically it's it's just a visual pin board and so rather than like think of it as a social figures, social media, but instead of words and phrases, they're just pictures and videos, but there's something
Tumblr is very much like Tumblr, except that, rather than you know, Tumblr is very, is very singular early in the end, very scrolling, and so Pinterest. Just like you have a whole pin board like I can. All your pins and I can follow mats pins and I have my own pins in it. Just there lay a million rabbit halls. You can go down, and so you know, and how would you gotta say? Ok, let them certain. Finally, I was really I like that gives them less park and I've ok, man, yes, so what you would do as your beer, beer Pinterest Board, would basically have like one of your one of your pins would be guitars yet, and so you do deep doubt you dive into that pen and assist like a factor of pictures and videos about guitars. How do you know what I see so you Leslie. Each pinned thing is a category. It's a category or the entire website of Pinterest. For anything that you,
an online anywhere allergies, and so it just basically is a very visual way to expose you tubes special interests, the youngest life, it's cool, if a guitar that compared to migratory rapidity, your guitar and then people would follow you or they would follow your guitar pins and like they would pin your guitar thing up, and then other PETE, you know, and then you you basically it's it's like a visual series of rights. It holds to go down so Exocet. He like there's a picture of a guitar like. Oh here's, a video of a guy do in a really cool sola like our ground, that one Lorraine right that you could. You could put that in there. I feel, like the entire audience of listening to the three. Now is this annoyed at you and I for not nine interest. Not a lot of people have been a lot of people. I bet most everything as a second like a real bad light. Commercial guys might my impression of interests is that its skewed more toward a female demographic? beginning I dont know if thy impression of interests is truth, pretty good
and don't call me, surely I don't do impressions. Words are. What are you That was just regular. If I don't do improve I'm a doctor, I don't do impression that its Jonah drifted was written fetters Zuckerberg forty years ago, but you know it. It is kind of a cool egg, it sort of it. You will lose a lot of time, you know going up, but I think now you know where people are creating. You know it's, it's funny the idea that your online identity there was that I think there is this older idea like. Oh you have these fake online identities, where it's a picture that might not be. You are younger picture of Europe, but now essentially are our identities. Online are defined by the shit that we love, and so you build this kind of igloo or turtle. Shell based on movies are cat face So whatever it is, that basically say this is who I am. This is my identity? The air in the world are high. I wanna be and
You know it anywhere in a pan, Weren t sure yeah exactly up in interest and- and and so pictures the very visual way for you gonna? Do that? What's the what's the well, if you ll get stickers, Stick trust Are you talking about? The like? You ought to show, and they give you stickers is something. Oh yeah, that's them the em! It's when you vote no called sticker again: gettin gettin stickers, Euro Communism Professional workers batman bad in trap ceiling. What now the milk, as you can check, why check in It is then get up sticker war, like him. I want to know if it's like a real sticker would like a fake sticker. What does it puffy, sticker OZ and scrap metal up?
There's, no everything has its get glue Guess deckers, so close chowder Matthew I'm watching this. I wash the nurse tv show you get that you get the gig loosely than they actually send you a figure they deal. To get an I r l sticker, sorry that Monday, our way more than I thought I would there's always sticker planet you go to planted. It arrived the only thing they keep their farmers market. Opening. Your letter is held other areas, where the way it works out at least there's a place in the farmers market. At the grove, which is a sense, this is not a farmer's market. Is this like it's like a permanent food court it's like, I am your whole in Boston or in Philadelphia over by the train station we get the place of the food. Is that I don't know the name of many ways, one of those poor and open food market with potentially fresh food.
Then your town, who gives the others arrogant insularity, aware is the great grab, refers what she's going anywhere anyway. The farmers minded down. Our frontier gives the rosebud butter mountains resentment against Islamic. With that, the fact that there are all these crazy additions in the steel industry to extort means there is a rule having door of great Larry's people that I love you. You know that this is. This is the equivalent of a mid nineties, Grammy's, radio, junket Yassin or midnight Paris this this podcast version equipment and he made money you're really like it when it was a few years ago I mean I mean I hereby usually now my new thing is today. Work in midnight in Paris. References to all conversation
We as we can see that it does not do you. Do you give yourself credit? If you say I have to work midnight of Paris and, conversely, as like that's working it into the conversation, I basically got two points relating to fill. It gives way to give yourself for justifying play this game with anybody else. Everyone hates this guy! Nobody likes. Are you just working in the phrase Minetta, Paris or like stuff parts of the movie here? I've? U have to make it! I've make really sweaty references night I'll, be like oh, that, banana that bananas we are just like the plot. Midnight pair? That's a bit of a strategy for growth and there's gonna be a half a point. The last time I fell asleep in a movie midnight pair Easy use, may really hey guys, it's two o clock and allay
now and then this is the one I haven't. I saw it all right in front of you. He saw no one ever gave the world clock. Have you been having everyone else that this additional data we saw, Arden Aria, ordinary and then I saw four and Rob Cohen without their own burgo, their color going to come in. We have interrupt the shell marathon having our own auditions in here for wipers further forward, the notice back and forth chair. I love it. How do people exit when you're
I'm with them, I don't know you can operate. Lila you're gonna be missing. Something of the addition of IRAN is eleven fifteen. I don't know what happened in other areas is calling the shots down there. I have missed the whole auditioning because I'm in here you don't I'm twenties just like midnight Para, exactly as they bear involuntary last night cause he's my new acting All pertinent information parameters. Note I think, and he was doing a song that for you all for minor, while I feel like I'm like is not drain, come from your hands the whole time, beholding tangerine slices tangerine like an asshole. I notice that the advantages over said in her hand a tuna appeared, so they couldn't be more as you will hear and gives them. When did you start doing close up magic thorough during their? Why burned down the magic castle?
Ok, you got me out of business and then so that they would be like, oh so, confused and then I put an application Well then, I think, because the view, because the charming way that you tell the story there- never gonna, come after you ve been out for amateur it on the part, I oh, how I wonder about like the statue of limitations with talking about crimes on pod cast, because I was civically, but because, while I didn't burn down there, the MAGIC castle, but I do feel a credit card in college and I've talked about it a couple times. Can they come after me? I don't know talked about of many illegal activities that I've accidentally done? We actually, how do you accidentally do illegal things? Why it's Like you, inaction happens and then you just go away.
As you know, the european body, I wrote you with my body. My ribs were cracked with what an interesting definitions have an accident yeah you're right. It was an accident I mean to ruin my body, my accidental list all the life of another human being my hands were sticky due to wash em they stuck in my hands. I had asked at a break up a shiver, Robe Sippar row. It's it's like a bit like war, a chance of worth. These are loaded. You know where they use words like that Who could be next
celebrity revolving door. One way to do it, I repeat: no, we don't have to have a guy that we cannot yet do there was this do erst sake aside a day. People come every measure that will cut another ten different Joey's before the year. We only right now they need a hundred men. I now need a hundred three or we get so I got. This is not a complaint by the way. This is just to get me a vehicle. A mandate, a great review, its like a fucking great reveal you and I got to the bottom, and I was like I'm not going to read the comments because I'm smart, no tweet pay the review of the eighty club. You do not want to go to the comments, my like! No, what do you think that a lot and activity,
there are a lot of people want a punch. My fuckin face, I mean literally like punch my fucking face It is intense you don't. I do so by Iraq. Crisis is there Our common, especially at all levels, are willing to their government to have good ideas that are inevitable, unlike feel weird about like a bad common guidelines and with a look of so when I really like, oh my god, don't know, sub living as though you ok, you got even further, you gotta go, you can set it. Oh, my god! This is great. What a hopeful this is. We gotta start booking the show way. As a guest for gas know, nobody gets or auditioning to be house, it still exists, Jimmy Part o my go running now run along
but one thing your friend said what about common threads on an old, so what I do is, if I, if I ever again seen like like a bad commented, goaded like I'll go to like look for comments, someone I really day like Louis you care and authority like fucked and regularly like I thought this guy, but you gotta you to Managua comments about that like for Loki sometime. You can find that when you are you're just like you like it with another, I also think there were like sixty out of eighty comments are alike. I want a fuckin punch. This shit had in the face of an idea to do. We have
we ve had our gifts and on the show, so we are delegated to show his nose Gillian vagrants bid at every commercial, for everything in a budget movies is hilarious person who have as we married my friend did. Give that's right. I will sell sounds I will. I will sell wherever tax I does a lot more efficiently. Now, thankfully, I was naturally is how the AIDS is. One love that guy I love this guy really. You're pretty husband, yours. They will know I try to go by the funding that there's not enough. Five thousand dig partners, colonel participants then we're? U advantage gigolo aunt, staves band. Can I point out that I didn't drag me in here. I dont care. When her husband does you do you cause? You probably did bring before right, yeah He was an electric snowflake lake.
Doesn't give a shit now. Tell me: ok, good, how are you and your wife? You need to do more push laboratory to tighter church. When are you gonna go right? You don't have to jealous of my my video Ok, I got insurance call my the measure of a maybe better, but I never doped at any minute, just where a tank top, if you're gonna do that, where changes are fucking. Put like a pull over polo sure, why would I got from this looks like going to the Euro lady? What do they call? Those leaves a girl. There were those like AL. You mean like a cuffed like a couple. Here's the problem, Jim here's? The problem is that I am in between sizes. If I were a medium it, my it's like it's too bad at it, like the body fits for us
all which I am a men, small Ladys bid just got wetter in here, but but the sleeve you know I don't know so, I'm I guess I'm sort of in between the great and I compliment. I appreciate that you guys, I presume you're the one who took it negative, you're right I did. I did you look good to you. Gotta get to you. Get a nice jacket on everybody. Looked three different colors of that's a good one. If that happens, I feel I have three of those colors others, Algeria, colors, Jimmy's, a professional podcast or if he doesn't have headphones on, you doesn't matter what he doesn't hear. What you're saying does matter has not been recorded. He doesn't here that's an illicit activities, elephant with you guys today and let's get that guy some headphones next time, I'll. Let you know what
there's a reason there here, so that people can hear them set loud, podcast critique, which every part of Europe, but you know we gave him headphones. He refuses to engage in one of the prerequisites handle magnificent everything about and magnificent. Headphones can really work like air bans or give you really. If you really want the more you What can we winger worry about arena? Striper, YO, Striper Scorpio Deal Striper Vienna living like a little bit better and here again we do other by another.
A parade of asshole. I love this kind of the rate of growth, but should it be called Hosty hopeful alike? Also Ethel S operate as operators and that you name can we all on the issue. We have to put the ostracism in there for us to say as tourists I asked her aside. This is we should really do a marathon, Joe somewhere. We keep bringing you know. This is but this way giving parliament every day. This is the formula that Myra we find out what shows or our dear
around ten, or we set up a pod cast in the international law to limits of everyone? Others like more rejection for those guys now towards like covenants. Like I don't know you, I know you re, so it so do we want to have them on before they go in or do we want the Post game wrap up? They do want to get the book ended, but we couldn't is just as can be harder to go through a lot of people. There were to write all right. We just gotta before they have. Our hope is that our heads before now or in their heads beforehand- so maybe afterwards I think- maybe afterwards- and we just don't talk about because there has yet we add the rough
I don't think I dont think anyone would really be on board that that plan, that's not us the actors, the production until they get building really. Therefore, I wouldn't go with that. Clearly, reproduction is already up there with us, for, although we just go into that there are, we just have the age for the zoom for any kind of hold. That they're like we're waiting to go in this term or if we just where it like a bracelet that be great. But are we really great so you think back into the microphone back into the microphone? I diagonal you, don't you be powerless nor podcast? That is nice to hear you think it was us or anything was timber somebody else. Timothy. All event is a big just as you know, a fan is is an orphan remember that met Besser Character, Dat fanned! Yes, yes, I mean what I'm also its members the time of Glasgow about him. Standing. Where was like hands, I used to do and
yeah, yeah Thurgood and was just like a hope that every like every other line in his act at the time was just like. I'm gay, I'm game gave and debt fan like it was just like it's like Asian amazing I made, and so I gotta tell you something if you I'm so glad you, but at that point, because this the streams nice seamlessly into one of the points of view. It does not seem most anymore schedule, it you're right you're. There were a couple of critiques. I saw the matter. That's where people like again you're a nerd. What did you just say? You're, a nerd more often are something I'd like it. I really thought like I guess I did say it. Quite. A few tat like I was very declarative about that. An especial is a central theme buds, but it's sort of the difference between You know like one patent perform zadig. He goes Hammond Earner like you just talked about like you know, it is a good point, but what I want. I realized. They made me kind of reflect on how did that set become
what it was and I realized that set is sort of them. There are sort of two sets happening for Mandarin that we're stick together. There was the old set that I was doing up on the road for a few years and then I started to some of that I am in favour of some of the new material which I felt started to get a lot more personal, not bore the should at every one with the process, but I remember that lot of that material came from basically performing for rednecks, like before. People were actually coming to see me on purpose performing for rednecks trying to sort of sea Leslie, getting that material not having a go over and then having them be like when you talkin about in out. So I thought Well, the literally the only way I can context realises for peoples. If I go hey, I have a nerd here or not.
Things I'm about to say it you apply and then it did. It started working in the mainstream rooms a little bit better, and I guess it was just sort of held on from the old thinking when I watch them. When I see when I looked at the mandates, because, like oh yeah, there's that trunk the old said, and then this kind of new stuff is coming through and what's been supermax it on the road is that it's a whole different. It's all different now, because when you perform in LA or New York, you start to build your set based on ten minutes sets yeah it's all these little chunks, it's chunks and then you step back and go. What am I trying to say based on like you would do these ten minutes, fit together is their name and my trying to express something, and so what I've noticed is starting from scratch. Just going up in talking to people is fucking awesome and its much more relaxed. I'm not yelling as much as I said, I'm not blow her voice out because it's all just coming from a very organic place with these there, this comedies
the set is forming from the conversations with the audience and it's been so much fun. Do it this way of night I used to flip out of I haven't: got it an hour with it you in it. Old days and then give the latitude where was more, I felt it was more dependent on the desk gotta to be about the jokes, and now it just feels more about the process and the rotation in the comedy coming out of that the joke Sophia Force, and I'm not I'm not saying like but where's, the hunt in its aim is the much different way like it. It feels really good, but the show the lifestyles have been Superfund so great anyway, I just had to get that off my eyes. I say get that off my chest. Like I'm angry about it- and I'm not- I mean just I wanted to say that therapy just now unable to guide us really high gases area Narrabee
We are your therapy. You are themselves leads we're here for my therapist finalize my argument. You got along a lot better, since the incident, when you know without the one you wanted to see it like. I was afraid that incident would have has been up to the last crass. Let me tell you everything they flew like and took me out real bad. So in the end it was a flu and not a cold yeah. It's just felt like you like the way it started. If start feeling like a cold, we're just gonna head disease and not then it just like it cannot progressed to just like shaking and shells and lick sweats and There was back in there to say your chills Romero multiplier. None are they weren't most were you is controlled?
it was a year was there was really awful? Did you get it now? She was kind of signal about before that, but she didn't get it great issues as early as stronger. It is their fuckin, a fuckin fluids can people on their yeah. It was it was it was it cuz. I had two different like shoots. Two, like one of the harder days like I I got like this. I got another commercial and, like I was like fucking just like waiting for my part and just no like holding pen with the other, like no one line actors and just gonna nobody, polygamy and the like and fell asleep and missed lunch, like. I could really use them food. I fell asleep when I woke up airlines like already packed up all the food. Did you anything like that
question. Does matter anymore, doesn't like other like well he's crazy, don't like migrant women. I passed out name like I started feeling better. How to do today issued shoot on another being commercial. And work in the tide media when fun. Let's awesome beer, but like those on the other, the other one I did was like a cool director and John. As for Mr Show that I'm just great aren't you like, it was awesome yet to see him you stuff and act with him. Is that because great, that's really gone generous as a great story that to tell the public S one time, but I was a member him from doing a young comedian. Special and Joe Pisca was hosting, and they told Joe that John and his two had and impersonation of him and Jos ego at the time didn't enjoy that, and so we totally and his on the spot and bucking it was. It was really comfortable. Many just in judges.
It in front of him and move like others. I, like you, had brutal, I spent Eight hours in the indian Airport, which is on two different days is, is: is a nice airport if you're going to spend time there, but Chloe met me, I was in New York doing something that I flew to Indianapolis did then we're in drab Lymington did the Bob and Tom shown in her very nice guys and so we're meeting our flight response to arrive in our apart from each other, like fifty minutes, apart from each other and in Annapolis, and then as I am landing and as we are when we landed in any nap, was clearly takes me. She was like I'm still in Detroit. You cannot fly direct any apples anymore. Now, there's no direct flight, so shoes countries through Detroit she's, like it's weird, they're, not saying anything it just they just keep pushing the time, but no one saying what's going on in the flight before God, old. No one guy, don't we don't know what's going on? Well, it turns out the connection flight was
and by an airline called Pinnacle Airlines and what they weren't telling anyone is the day she was flying. Pinnacle fire fighting for chapter eleven we had so is like for them for all day they were just like. I don't know the computers or to like it was some sort of crazy like while she was travelling the connecting airline filed chapter eleven years, and so we will be able to get another flight, but she you know she wishes was again it like six p m and I ve waited the airports like eleven, but it was but it's a but it's a nice. Ports, the eyes of selection wasn't was now that reading. I got this book about territory the manager. For the rest, I from four to two thousand and ten or eleven. You say that, like the early eighties, when he was an, ages and light, they call them up to the majors and we had to get the Houston for game, but at the time was the air traffic controllers strike and apparently that strike
ended by Ronald Reagan, firing all the air traffic controllers was that's how they strike ended, really get. How does he get to do that if there s a Also there lay he fired all of them. Well, you phase Jesus Christ while they had to cause no, there weren't planes, you couldn't fuckin fly around the country, but that's like this is like thing: a union that Reagan than the others Reagan like an old man Reagan Oh, my god. I didn't. I didn't know that you all that that that whole arab politics- I was just- I was a kid- and not really paying attention politics sad and know that either and I, when I read that, like wow, that's cool, you fired back. In fact, I can hear me: you contacted Chimp we were going. I mean dad glaringly diving, George George Senior, I haven't done quail there. Wouldn't I thought that was something tat well
that down quietly so young and dump ninety two year was you here. That's right. George George H, George George H Dubbs was was weeping I love that whenever I love any Springfield a great efforts as a grave error, sheer does the George Bush Ray, I think manufacture and then, and then he makes another appearance when. Homer goes to this either I could convey their there. Their building housing for people adds its cause In the event in George George H, dubious senior, and they were not wearing curling into exile and they do We will probably vote plant may do you hook. You hook, you gotta, get us everything. We hear it Did you go about that? It was in here merely moments ago. The receiver
she's, coming back, marched thirtieth, yet sons to anchor out and of the new, the new theory that new in the second half of the series of a doctor who knew Matt really orphan black as another, show that, because going on, they were coming out with a kind of an expanded formats. Yeah you, since you set new like bits, rebuild this Joe Debt, is the receiving really has noted. The result was also dodged. The identity as a little bored through the there was never elbow now is real and not just it is your daddy. It's not your Dr Weir traffic accident or perhaps tales of radioactive me. Your daddy is only a year over the new and you grow up in the last year, because your star man, fence at our man, grows up fast. Like two minutes Faz, maybe a grown up in two minutes. Was it a launch? A flash Babylon was a don't, be a menace.
When it was like? The sun was yeah. Dad was younger than that sounds right. Yeah likes it just like second rate but Dorothy thing I just off the slave of metaphysical federal judges in really is now or never, so things are distributed using the hood, they don't think that was part of the Friday series. I thought that they apparently frightened the Friday. Then they too I don't give a fuck. Are you talking about? I already? There are black people and both of them, because that kind of race, writer colony already they wouldn't parity, accommodated disparity of excess. Central game where the fuck did back home, Friday Friday. You that part of your brain fry really a big part. I don't I don't write- is still holds out. I don't buy, don't think Friday was necessarily like a farce. The way that
Oh yeah, I was not. I don't know what it was a comedy that there was a comedy, but it wasn't like. Do you just heard your parent and don't be? A menace was like a satire? Yes, and I think Friday was just a comet. Yea. Exactly that's! A sort of the Mayor document was like you know, like is post like in a hurry juice. Without last line, you got the deuce. Now, no man ever I fucking values the juice. I love new Jack City of New York. Chris Rock is gee I gotta have so long, but can judge Nelson was great and that movie an ice. Tea was cool. That movie in gas was at a party and genuine was there, and I cannot if, with a screw off bottle caps like beer caps, I can do it my arm, you don't do that where you gonna, like put it on my form and move it and twisted off with my skin and Let me do that. Generosity is why I gotta,
I, though, the thing I like you gotta make sure that it's just like a ghost twisted. I don't like theirs is like a lot of blood. Trickling imports has referred to, as is now the next time and then he walked out. Sadly bleeding and then there is a freeze frame and don't you forget about me in Latin America about wisdom, I'll, be alone bleeding you know Gruber theirs. Either the landlords are redoing. The kitchen in our house and I had no idea that it so fucking irritating to not have that you're used to having in your house I'll just not there. And then there's bucking guys using your fuckin bathroom during the day and adjust the fucking. It's the worst onto try, work in Berlin and have them to give. But, like I like a thing they did is like they took out the fan in the kitchen and they put recess lighting, you know
the ceiling that way it is now hood, Threerd, stove, now mother, there will be other removed it. So yourselves Clayton, we expose fan. I just assume demand ceiling Van ceiling fan I so like they were this. You invented put recess lighting and the ceiling, and then, as I owe you know, this is an old house, you kind of need a ceiling, fan cuz? It's really hot in here, there's no central air and the guys like no just recessed lighting, and I was like all right, so I tell the landlord they tell him put in the put in a fan and then like put in the old fan between two of the recess lighting. So now the families go in front of through the lights
If I could, I turned it Ostro getting dizzy, trying to fucking to turn off the thing I like. I have got a whole world just wanted to sell out. Like you really think, that's the thing you could to veto. It was funny sometimes with with you know, depending on sometimes when, when people are quickly redoing something they'll just have just like you know, work whoever's like doing sort of the labour, not the contractor budgets that, like the fani I yet sometimes they make really put choice wherever removing purposelike. Why would you just pay the window? shot yeah well! Nor have I bet you did you know about pay words that drives repeated over like we're the doorbell and it's like an ultimate over. The bell is actually in the global unit in state aid over the painted oversight. There's gotta be pathetic, gonna be the sound of adorable.
Arbitrary way, Levin when it's just like it's like it's, it's not our house. We fuckin rent it and we have to deal with other spoken like that. Bullshit, like gas Of course, there might be something like personal problems you guys, but when you When you had a late like when you live somewhere and that's a part of your like that's like our but that zagging our regions and our fuckin living arena that who pretty convenient both averages x x, you think you could put a single report backs of bruising soda, in the fridge. Anything you want to keep cool italian boy has everything else go on, radio. The meltdown does show that our commalena do. What can we do in a pilot for comedy central goal? should that on eight February fifteenth, and so if you want tickets, go to what's this site further They ignore melt away. I think it is not another letter Elaine. I come
can get I get tickets and see us. We get some good comes you gascons. Can we do in it? Are you shooting at Milton brain? We do not they're, fucking, great yeah, like girls, kind of like small cameras, gonna make it like documentaries, don't you think I would know what's going on at my own theater, but I know you know that I know about it. I just didn't know how was gonna be if it was gonna be shot. I sum for some reason in my head. I thought other just taking the aesthetic other meltdown in shooting it on a stage they. That was a thing that came up and we were like. No, we don't want. I like fake it, and so so really non invasive of it's going to be kind of a handheld cameras smaller, like DSL hours in the Kansas, we just roaming around within the audience Sunday School Yak, as I thought I'd, feel intimated of yeah. We wanted, because you know, one of whom else thinks he's like who watches comedy while hovering above the crowd from one side, the theatre to the other right and left like we want to move your man, supermodel watches garmented like yes, so it's it should be firmly Lance bangs owes like, like this great videographer.
You're guy, it did. I get a bunch of different stuff like his these currently doing. A future that show, and so yeah should be fun. Good, we'll see you know the pilot, we'll just do it and walk away, yet a man. That's what did the great thing about a pilot like that? Is that it's not like. I always scripted this thing. We don't know how you gonna play, does show you guys doing for years. Now you have to do, is just do another, one get it just the exact we're gonna do really two in one night and then just like in a film it added together the best bits, and this be done with it, and it's like it's not like. We like there's nothing that really has to change we'll have to like rebuilding. They don't have to change anything. That's good that they're letting you do it in your home space bs, it's like the dynamics of the dynamic of a new room is you never know how that's gonna work. They are starting to show in like a got really popular, there's live, we will go and views gonna move shone like then it would it be the show right, it's gonna, be the shelter of the thing. Think about a comedy rule. Naples is that it
Many room is sort of ETA is, is usually just kind of an accident in the sense that you you know there are some things that you can for predict about. Well, this room could be louder of the bar is right. There but you just and you never exactly know how room is gonna be and some of them work and- of doubt and the meltdown room just works. The just happens to work, you never know, because it there's always a thing as a comic when you walk in your place and you colleagues feel like a stage and are yours. I purple combination, of course, who, with do you have that thing and most times you're completely wrong. You are like years there have been rooms that I've tried to start with a special, doing more open MIKE stuff and, like all the start, a room here and it's like this abuse the bar lordy had the stage is gonna and it just doesn't it work. I work for say like so many elements like neighbourhood parking today that you pick in the week. It's almost like the best rooms are rooms that shouldn't work.
Like used to be in New York, is a room that shouldn't warrant where two giant pillars middle of the stage that block party the audience and so on are resident Did you go in is part of Jimmy. Oh Jack, as are you doesn't look, is targeting eyes he did. Did you do? The audition process happened. The audition happened. When is this episode air next week? I'm not auditioning. I'm here just visiting people ok is that true, yet I hope gonna go wait, a minute, you haven't. I wanna Paul Paul Riser on Diner where I had another horizon was just to you is that you went to the diner auditions with a buddy and they d cash director light is the cut of his job there, waiting then we resolve the waiting rooms they want to come in and re. And he got I got yeah. That's like there's always that thing we're like you're like there's moments in your life like when you auditioning we're like you're with somebody like. I want you to come and then that's like the ultimate
its idea. I'll go with you not just wait for you know we can go we're. Gonna get food afterwards are just stay in the car, I'm sure there's no shortage of of like stuff star stories were it's like. Oh, my sister was auditioning for this and then the younger sister. Just happened to be there than they cast. The younger sister India shattered the older operating to the fanning yes vote I don't know, and the other one there's a smaller fanning. Thirty thirty. There are fanning Sarah, like nesting, fanning Sally you know what my life like that, what our house has hard cash go and does everyone by younger and sick guys. I got what they call a cough. Ok, my son's had this call for about twenty days. We have a little you doctor. No, we gave just it just a cough whooping cough yeah moves. There's someone just peaked in, they want to know what's happening. Look like another guy gets whereas park yes, go and great,
better than my fees, and we are now the season twelve season, twelve, while and not twelve years, six years. Legislating! Ok, ok, accurate we're about this too seventh year in May. I believe it will be worth seven year was going into our third in and if it's like, oh how that fuck, it happened all of a sudden it. It flies by where you're having fun is natural grid emigrating my brother, that only appreciate now. Listen, I don't have headphones. Our nosed many shows coming up. They all went well. What life shows we can people see when we were next week Oh I'm about to blow me too, but I think this is a that's behind. Just came. I just guys got back from there to couple days ago. It's my tat. Three favoured clubs in the concavity attic amazing. You no name that club right now. I did you know what is this
a comedy attic is going up, opportunities, attic comedy attic yak as it was a body, but it was very much and I I take care they give, and I take full credit that is a fucking great space love it. I don't like you saying space but them another, not, I think a great already room there you every day that space, my mother law talk about theatre. Well, now, let's talk about my daughter, you need to keep our having via, by which my way Ivan Dowager to her a terrific impression of her mother. I burglar motivated Indiana. Had we ate afghan food, two nights in a row like they have amazing international cuisine and blooming in Indiana College tone. It is taking away was film there, my favorite movie of all time twenty, my fair movies is limited by its might I dont Huckleberry make to make this never wanted somebody to talk five. What your first Edward Ray, yeah good day, o alone may Pardo. There's your youth with breaking away in June.
Guy settled out of here, really just number one. Yet gotta be just gotta, be gas carriages, let us try to save re man by saying there's gotta be job I'll be unfair moment. It's either gotta be Ghostbusters, Groundhog, David the book in Burma, removing I'm sure yeah. You know. Now when I was a kid, my world was populated by a by like a half a dozen recurring films which were the jerk caddy Shack, flesh, ghostbusters back to the future real gene yeah. I would rather even for revenge of the nerves and there too, but without but those first six were really like. Moses was hanging out friends or when you to bore you yeah yeah, I would pin those two. My pinterest born you guys the example that I didn't know, your brains are never repeated. I pay my pinterest born, be jaws, high, Fidelity Ghostbusters about your future beyond there as well
when I think of the good. I mean the minority of what my favorite comedy- of time- is fuckin, walk hard, the dewy Cox or not goods. Funny man. Spun movie so funny yeah, because for me it's like I'm pretty and I take it so seriously and jointly Riley's so fucking, but they gets too big. For me, I points I wanted to take it a little bit more seriously. What I like that, because I just like it had just come out of that run of like re yeah. The last say that again what the line, I think, we're gonna Arclight one. I ended up seen only three times and that one part just gets it has a you can't do You can't walk alliance Masker out alarm and that of walking the line. Yes exactly known really- and I don't even know, if that's the thing that people would say
I will show you shouldn't. We challenged some one in the movie with the title of the movie. This isn't an eighty isn't easy. This is a legal email. You This is the EU that we ve ever seen how he pretty eighty three they want more sugar. Yeah belittling really so spin stressed. Is my pen board of a fifty? Old, unmarried Ladys, I loved, who where those ankle pen, how's angle, hose flattened, we should carefully interest, is where I put all
different members of my family are bored and it's different different can Wintrust is where I put the pictures of Steve Wynn. The Father of LAS Vegas interest is where I put pictures of window three point: five, we were as does. Actually I don't do anything without when Winchesters, where I put my favorite scenes from the movie when with keen interest is where I put a bunch of shark hunters and then they get chopped up in half part way through the page. Printers does actually where I believe anything, that's in Nevada. That's not lawsuits clearest as well. Clint, Eastwood, anklet, Howard, any comments, not that any claim. We note for five. I was too focused on coins, but then I just open up to all closely since the excellent black eastward
If you want that to you can't go, there's no homers allowed, but you have other than other Bavaria them over we can live with. Plural, though homers ski interest, interest, sister, skin graphs. I really enjoyed gained ground is different patterns of skin different places, sewn together suit that I will put on. Would you fuck you? I would find me out. I fuck me what's the following: saw the pilot for the following year, we too and I loved it, represent my watch you before him and Bacon did the Pike S. Oh, you did and- and it was one of those shows where I thought I get it- old acts FBI, it's a procedural, ok, ok and then as a source unfold. It's like you, you should
Emily watch the following: the last five minutes or the following, which basically sets up the whole. Syria is so like. Oh fuck, it like it, gets really off. There's a couple parts and, like the show, are just like our work. I've never had a reaction watching network tv show, yeah really really join its dark. It's really fucked up, it's kind of like Netscape science of the lambs. The tv show yeah he's gay like day they talk about. Why put that on my board Kevin Bake interests, who set strict but I like it, and so it is only that words are nearly some cream for those structural grey. I remember everything I did they get it. If remind me of the show its data about, like that, the swedish Danish show the bridge was Kennedy. And breaking away. No, he was not wake you
Well, the calls you analyze. Yet he was not a very He was not breaking aware anyway. What happened busy bigger they find a body on this bridge perfectly severed what are you talking about? I gonna reveal what remains is gonna look who's cod. Back in little body, say you you heard as they breaking away. You had to come back in a year's time and again we first that it would remove. As one of my fears that means- and I thought Kevin Bacon was breaking way, but he was using Quicksilver using Quicksilver and other bicycle move that lifecycle move by cycle movie. You would remove that unicycle, but we know that thing is fantastic. The races really funny at the end Unicycle raises, I know it must be really
But again I had no idea of the latter right yeah. You can help me get up if you add, is like your dying in the has to win the rays to shore, yet the run you recycles yours, hd is inherently a ridiculous out of jail force. They have to save the youth centre. Well done. The banana is called slow silver bar that was not created on their part at all. They would call it that ranking pray verily near where you started Britain's right economic government. Alright, the real those things. Moving really get their neighbour go even further replied about good I've checked came in speaking to pay the rent. Here's! What happened today, gentlemen? What my you do, my my credit reports been hacked. I got em ramshackle, I'm rattled about. I can't get out of my head. They ran my credit report for reasons that are not your business. And I like there could be relevant to the store him. Will you know it's to refinance at rowboat
the refund revised to refine. My house and my credit report dropped one hundred point, so my credit rating and its animals like what that. What that's not possible, of course, is that and then you feel defensive gives you like. I pay my not only do I like, I pay, I pay bills and we would have so often appears something went to a collection agency something that isn't even me. Won't you a collection agency and acknowledge that thing alone drops it by a hundred points. So what why I don't know I haven't. I could you not feel happier Morty minutes ago.
May I first of all, first of all, I admire the fact that you are keeping it to get as much of him, because I would be in a fucking heap because I, my credit, use, we very bad and it took years to fix it years because with credit time, if, if old, if everything on report is accurate, time is the only thing that solves it. Most things will drop off after five years, but usually seven they have seven years than it has to drop off, and so insinuatingly of these. These credit reporting agencies are, you know their independent agencies that have just been dubbed themselves. The authority ran credit, the three Trans Union Equifax End and the other one that I can't really with. Nobody should give any creditor no unintended. I promise had so basically tragedy, you say them. Trades union acts and, and then the other one, and so they d best that you can do
immediately call them and go at you know. I have to contest this. This isn't me and they allow you to make a statement on your behalf that keep in mind that Ding is still on there. It's just a bit, as basically just looks like you screaming going. Is it me I know, and so that in a full investigation will have to be launched and now and then, of course, there have to determine it, but it's a process that it's a paper trail, but it sounds like in your he'll, be ok. I don't know. I don't know I don't. I mean I've never had to do this sort of the above. We dig this. I say as a hippie the thing I went to collect. Ninety two dollars? Oh, so to me what pisses me off like? I is all computers. We know that yet but wouldn't couldn't a human being? Look at that and go well. This guy's paid the six thousand dollar bill. Is you really blown off the ninety. Now that's all it's all can now think does not have another. You dollar bill came to my house and I didn't know what it was. I would just pay. I do you have a lad with unquestionably have rendered arms big guy. The person like, like credit, repair, bureaus care
We do anything that you couldn't. Do it's really get it? You have to go to the front of the Federal Trade Commission, which I think is FCC Dot, Gov. Ok, you have to go to the federal trade com, and find out what your rights are, as as a person whose credit has been hacked or such like something that, and then you know, if you can prove that its It's not you than now than they ll pull it off your cut too sure this is what happened. Good bucks years has a credit is from? would video breaking away VHF your lately. Ninety two, ninety two books about work, but he was placed on edge of curious. I would be furious, by building a hazard tide? Will you five see you move them freely? You were gesticulating when you're writing it in that it did. That's it it's a term, but what does that couldn't
right. Mother. What is the term foretell up, we'll watch? Galapagos beg of you will know right now. I've got a wife not an analogy zone analogy letters for demagogues for it's gotta, not a metaphor, my Your time, then it's a figure of speech yeah haven't. There's a word, though, for is it good. As the secretary, because now I would say that the colloquialisms like that. That's that's, that's a part of our like that's a saying automatically coin deny that we met says it goes wrong. I gotta guys. You said it through. I sought him of the elephant tonight. He was in, really you are not part of that episode. Thank you Jimmy. You seem so little of Sesar. Timothy Aleph did a great part of patrol with him for a code. It's on the web browser team covert. I thought I saw I saw his panel on coded and he was really funny he's a if you could see this clip
it's you and I end up shooting nerve guns at each other. S emanates these great, get up companies that do these things with a new. You guys know the years show business and economic right, podcasting, add says the king, so I'm a mocking myself. You they all take the time to do these part of patrols. They all you know they will do it, but tell after like ten minutes stake they want out radon, not Timothy, he loved it like I get the feeling that category for six hours of he and I shooting nerve guns and each other being funny he's an easy just seems like a just and- he's just a girl regular do just like a guy. You can hang out with its like over. You know it's. Our aim is to go to our friend John him, where he's just die, whose job is to be hands and be on television. You have is such a nice guy that I feel like he he'd says yes to so many other stuff,
I know he's gay out as many of us. I feel bad asking to do stuff cause. I'm I'm you know it is a good chance or say yes and I feel like I'm taking advantage of poor guys time. You know any cause he's such a sweetheart about. I am, I about he has to start saying. No, I mean I mean that, because I'd come on I've had after this, I really need to do. They are waiting to me. No, no, no, no you're, just trying to trick me and say yes again, you're good friend, I've got undergoes I'm ruined, so they are not. We are very heartily color. It's nice, nice didn't crimes over across overthrown, Jade part cast in the data gold. Our worry one's gonna Fuckin power a hour, your thing I we allowed is gonna say: do I warn what is it
That leads. I did. I agree that about busy violent Camille about yeah, yeah, real man, banks thank set criteria should be fund, is understanding of comedy showcase. It's gonna be like other YO, it's like any other showcase shows, but like filmed at at the space film, the meltdown yeah luxmore cameras and alive in Gotham. Similarly, I went out the words I like you know like member. Live nothin, whether they they did the calicoes like all kind of younger up incomers, but then they would have like a big name bright and that this can be like a similar thing. Look forward. I don't care to begin. I would get picked up paying interest if gets picked up. I assume that there there, actually would be able to do. You know what I'd I don't do stand up on television, or else I would suggest the beauty. What we wanted to show is like the looseness live comedy that's lost in most of these showcase shows Is you I'd? Look? Do you know it's? I got me, that's what they buy, yeah. I know what the boy but, however, that I just did
For that I was there and I get picked up. I was there, you were part of it. I was I heard about that away. To find out. My dream is gonna, be shattered, guys know you're in good. Thank you referred Ok I'll have my own eyes he's gonna, growing, we're gonna pick it up your pilot, we're gonna, send you to the guy who can get up to date accurate to, but I don't have to do that when you signed a contract says yet will also say that once you sign this, we're drop in your credit rating. That's right, you're noted ninety dollars. Ninety dollars, just the pirates five driving over you, would I wish tat. I can talk to you would being just. I could get rid of it up you. Why? Wouldn't I pay that one yeah? I know, and these out What about your partner I'm going away. I'm anew. Did me no no requested.
I'm not sure about when you're, while I'm nothing. I wouldn't, while it's a great movie, what's number two number two to be honest: money, real the actual is broken away like that unnecessary? digital, like they got some guy, you guys, dear brainwaves, I've seen more, oh you're, a generation. I feel that you, because you're twenty years younger than me you'd ever think they know that movie. So it's so great that you saw it new related to it because it was so young. That are in your one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine yeah and those guys just graduated high school. I just graduated eighth grade, but I still like tried to put Open. Your hey, I'm not moved shun the little guy idea about american pie button. The thing is that the idea of illicit drug use people could be real. I can't talk now you have to go out back room genius Bobby
Where is this a problem? I'm just a holding up my character on the show is being unnaturally positive, but yet no, but the thing is with that idea like I said when I was in high school and I was getting close to graduating. I was in this. I really shouldn't like film class and they showed it and like I, like. I was the only good part of the entire class was that I got to see this movie and like it's the the elements of that have just guys, years ago, the one guy who should acknowledge this hang out. You need to go, and do like it's like I kind of I've had a feeling that I was gonna become that guy, because, like I didn't feel like, I was gonna, go to college or, like didn't, really have any plan. Outside a high school like its various. Very ursule, yet feeling gas and rigour, vase and emergent made a movie call cemetery Junction which has come to stay there. In our illegally seventies and these kids in a shitty town. That, like just cannot imagine the breakaway guys a few years after that
and they still haven't done anything other still just just drinking and hang around the town and tracing girls and such like that, and it's like, but a very similar thing words like they're, just like I don't know how much longer can do is, but this guy he's so charming just wants to keep hanging out. So I reckon that if you like, I will watch that are less even merchant yeah inserts a and it's like it's a really. It's like a coming of age cut! moving in the same way with action accents. Yet with accents and there's a couple, this thing is obeyed couple those jobs that you're like a like. It's like oak. They make a joke about You know how Elton John it's like this. I hear related man like Elton John, like there's a like a couple of those which, like I dont like this, like you got me there's at the wedding singer and whose ITALY Don't take off that shirt. You gonna break that you're gonna change the band yeah yeah That will ensure a wedding. And it was a ton of those like you guys, gonna be together forever like yes, it's like you, don't need those giving us like a sweet story. You don't need to have those working jokes. I before disease, we had all possibility cemetery junction. Seventeen zero man with
Yes, I think we're gonna go and get out of your hair Bulgaria programme apologists. I went to see breaking. Recently at the Asylum movie Theater her LOS Angeles they planted, they played Dennis Christopher the star was there are doing to unite the guy, who look like back before Beckett. Yes, what sort of and what you had to set up a little bit and world. Cycling weekend of an old movies. Locked bicycles, I dont know if the unicycle film is there, I don't know their values I wrong thing about so afterwards I went. Could I eagerly I did again it it's a movie that in my life, and I don't see that with any ito, hyperbole did, and so I want to. Meat Dennis Christopher and be a stupor stupid fanny get my dvd cover. Autograph buy em. And so I waited align patiently to meet him. While everybody bore him the tears and you can see his celebrity phase celebrities astronomy. The guy is working after a good one, and but you could just see like
did nobody reading the signals of you know we're done talking yet and I felt because it's alright, it's happened all about after my podcast Georgia, where were they, but one guy stays that extra two seconds you like dude, there are other people. I really appreciate all my fans, Charlie so finally migrate. Here's the beautiful spitten its only I walk up and is, as you know, it I literally and I've kid you not got Terry eyed and say hello to woman and I couldn't believe I was choked up and, and and Who do I make it out doing, and I said Jimmie Dale S cheek. I know you you're a comedian. There was a jolly good. Yes, of course you will sketches I'm cold and right the matter now. I went from being super ban to him. Knowing me which people tell me is cool, and then at that point This was really like all right. All right, I get its Zaragoza Jody uncomfortable because it was like. I would from
thank you very much. Thank you for not interrupting. So what that's the deal so anyway, you knew I was which threw me for a look, because I just wanted to be a thing. You're right? I just wanted to be here, but thats catacomb, though I'm told that he probably appreciated that somebody in the business was so move. Again has recognized you and enjoy your work and express that, and so now, a guy that you respected, respects you and that's a nice stories that you're thinking it would Peter Cythera from Chicago on the street. One time I saw you is a daughter coming out of a restaurant and I never never bother celebrities ever, but it was like Peter said terrorism. I gotta say hello to this guy. I gotta have to one other person. Rather than Britain away, your penis deterrent, steep Harry changed. My life, like I got to see a little and I'm walk into the tailor. I've got some slacks too long flax over my arm and they go in your legs. I said I'd, never I never bother. Never, never bother anybody and you could you see a zone of work, but Europe ought to be your battery the
you claim you're not yet so just check my, to move along and he said very kind. He knows very nice nice to meet you and because, what's your name said the moment of Jimmy Jimmy, media yard. I said to you, is what Europe is doing part or yes, I've seen your company sexually dealers, like I jump up and down, and that was also more than when it happened with the illegal workers, its I kind of electors to different worlds, he's sick five years old and a musician and a singer is a different thing, whereas I think the dentist Christopher and I are kind of the same Emily he's as successful and actors. I M is a comic admire, so working it's kind of much more yeah yeah, I kind of arab yeah. I've listened, you gotta know report, duly ones- and I like I want- I was just like its home- I cried Tom that, like more
today thing else. I go re fun, like you say my goddamn french rise. Can I borrow it? Can I bore you with one more please. I met the Boston market on Riverside in Burbank. California is that after the coveney attic those large irreversibly rights and walk out, there's Paul duly, and I was like I gotta. I gotta show that Nepal, duly I gotta, go gotta put my favorite line from breaking away to Paul duly and same dealing. I will choked up. And apparently not good, meaning people, and I said mister- do I just have to take some time? You know it's my favorite movie of all time and the sea. It goes right fund reefer. I get Nano, it's not refund bleaker out. It was what what is it. I said: it's you know it's it's when you shop at the race- and you say you tried Evelyn either the announced that he tried and because unbelievers TAT was my favorite line, the movie. I then I kid you
he may still be there talking to me, appalled duly held me hostage met, who I was having lunch with goes? Would you be? We gotta go because library, that's what I want, but you know what we're gonna do. This current here was blocked by car door. Just hold court brass dial, the area which I enjoy, but it was like Let's get out of this document because it Then parliament running out the rest. Mr Porto you're, Did you dollar bill? We want? No duly did it really did it aren't. Listen, taking part cast caught. My guess is that twelve he was alive dates around. We got there. Sketch vest covered up a sketch Are you gonna be, thirdly, accounting out of town dose of their only thirty Alexander, Graham Watson, in Algeria, and it comes about her? I dont use very quiet
I urge that a morning radio tour this morning, Simon. That might mean that where you going I'm gonNa Tacoma Comedy Club, awhile lovers, emissaries I'll. Have In there and then in the end, the spring I'm doing a bunch of, like you know, helium in Portland in Denver, comedy works and didn't healing the Portland on New Year's Eve, oh, I was in Portland. Somebody told me that, but I did it. I guess that they're like that two days before. That's what they told me I m, but I did not go back to helium on New year's eve, so I apologise, but we're gonna have to apologize second or to the best of New year's Eve chosen, a history of new year's eve. So have really good audiences and they world, and they listened and New Year's eve can be such a crapshoot of bad shows. There were great good good going wrong people operates. Oh we have ten seconds for the city runs out. I will say labour markets, yet what enjoy Rita and I'm gonna check out Allah, Jimmy lorries on Jim Tourist now. Leaving noticed
Are you alright
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