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Chris Jericho returns to the podcast to talk about all his favorite tv shows, how he changed his persona in the wrestling world and he came up with the idea for his web series, But I’m Chris Jericho! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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We're gonna. Then Ozma guess number four, forty six this week, it's happening I'm coming and doing stand of comedy in Minneapolis in Chicago on the sixth and seventh respectively of December, and then thirteenth of December. In Seattle, with adorable tiny met Myra, whose shed so many pounds great, he's too Jesse's so adorable. So you should come see him in person and hugged him in person. You could get your arms around him now. He looks good. He looks in great so that Myron I'll be totalling around the country for three dates. Gotta noticed accomplish counter to to get info on that also I will be returning January sixty coming central, then we will be on all next year. Monday prepares they following Colbert at midnight and the title try making use of all the admin account. We still. We still play games and stuff on there that the accounts is still very much active during hiatus as we as we are. Writing the next handful of shows. But super excited me back and thank you so much if you watch the show is it has been a dream
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you'd survive? Ok, you let's you'd survive, but it would be a slightly less interesting existence and felt like newborns anything. It be really inconvenient so staff that com, since we're talking about convenience, will make all of your sending super convenient right. Now is always there is a special offer when use a promo code nervous, it's no risk trial. A hundred and ten dollar bonus offer, which includes digital scale, the fifty five dollars a free postage. Don't wait, go to stamp out comfort. Do anything else: click on the microphone, tapetum, homepage and type and notice that a stamp stock and the promo code noticed. I M very excited about this return. Guess Katy Levine Chris. Jericho is a fuckin delight. I love this guy he's been testing, so many wrestlers that I become friends with are awesome dork, who just to have these tightened bodies, but
see a punk is awesome in Jericho, awesome and Mc Foley was awesome and in a bunch other guys that I tweet back and forth of online or suppress him, and so is that we had that kind of awkward episode, Marilla mentioned on talking then, and I was like shit it's. The next episode is also kind of weird before gonna start dropping out. They'll take one word episode, total view. That was a little weird, but if you do it like two or three times in a row and people like about nipple, the record animalism and so the last time we had in the last time we had kind of weird episode. The next one was a professional resolutely and punk and community Cast member technical Brown. So we have the maintenance, and so the next observer that impression arrests are Christians.
And a community Catherine we're going in and they were so fantastic that I feel like they help save the show so Chris Jericho, I'm so glad that I've become friends this guy. He has only web series called, but I'm Chris Jericho wishes that, but I'm Chris Jericho Dash- and I just I just love chatting with a guy like- is just the he's, a guy that I feel like I we friends with for a long time just like punk. So I am very thankful to have had the flood cas. You know for many reasons, but also mainly for a lot of a new friendships, and I mean so here we go the nerves, bycatch number. Four, forty six with Chris Jericho, important spoiler side. Note we got off on a tangent about breaking bad and Dexter fatalities. So if you haven't seen either, one of those have been
fall war now entering murders, star, calm down to regulations on your other new show. No bank has pretty cool yeah. That's this one here, yeah, what's really fun yeah? What is it like? A game should take things like a big game show so comics come on. We basically portion social media men make fun of it. The game shows a sort of a structure to shit on things, and we haven't. I sort of a word these points. These arbitrary points
it's it's pretty, but it s actually really. For how long have you started a thin film in that has been two weeks I still don't shoot every wish you'd every day and night for forty five and then it goes on that night. I'll go it's pretty much civil life into it. Is it's almost like almost in the show and then we realize that you know do that and I'm glad we didn't just in case we just You know we wanted to have some room to trim out some other way Tunisia comedians in improv and some jokes, well, let's get yander part. Even a couple were the colleagues is that software patents, comics Bianca, yeah eggs, commerce on tv, exactly you lied to me You know that man, you know that goes on live yeah, yeah, yeah you're. The wrestling lives I want the shows wrong with his life. So same timid
sometimes feel like that changes you go or observers in time we were doing something where they went. Before you knew right, so that I'm going to do this and then I'll go or whatever, and then you realize that I can look over to music, you like or do that again? Whatever is and happens. There is a famous time like assignment Saturday main event, it was like the famous wrestling thing in the eighties when mom oh man, savage something happen, Nurse Elizabeth got her she was in the back room and Hogan was come back from forget her he's destroy the CALL Elizabeth, my god- oh my god, oh my god, so they come back he's your case, I'm gonna cry and the like are going and this is all on the air Sea and then his tunnel. Brother tunnel Enron and then his
It was an error that data be hidden and watching it and You know my friends and I would have the arguments about it like. What's that real. It is to you it's like the those, but I feel like now. You know of the people, understand how things work, the fourth walls or down ensure exactly soapy. They promote open about it. But if you like that, at a time where we were wrestlers back, then sort it was a sort of a code of like don't say to the press than let me break them my fourth, while we actually on right now all day see I don't even know why didn't I hi. This is the nervous threats are self interest with her I was almost pulling a hogan on that point I did and like every on brother around brother timber on what have. I think what happened was exemplary. Back in the eightys to indeed see like peel,
kind of might have thought that it wasn't real right, but you kind of id and I remember a few times you actually see anyone. I was watching a match, where a guy said were selected from the top rope. It just happened to say it right in the corner and then went and did that as you see, we saw talk we Santa, but you still never knew for sure You know I remember, I went in these guys called the wild Simone's, and I used to go hang out at the hotel and when a peg, where I up. For the rest is directed to come so council to change their autographs, and there was this they never spoke English. They ate fish, the Show- and I hear that the man is a daily killers aid, Mr Foods, you they are very strong, they don't even the gangway stay, a barbarian or whatever and the gas- all long gone, so I are the small ones these they must seek other wild Samoan and after I got
seek his autograph. But how am I gonna do tell em like how big Ngos is even naughty. Is a pan like how much of a savage so I walked over to aunt em. Like you, I get the pen like pointing to pay with Sega you sign paper. Aside, Tonto, you sign paper these and like please, you say he looks at me. Go sign, seek asinius fuck off kid and I was like I didn't care that he told me to fuck off. I was just excited and excited. He spoke. English spoke English. I looked around and none of my friends were around so I see in the Loch Ness Monster, Papas head up again with and they go down to teach this. It's England, earthwards right, that's what that's the first ones are. Gonna learn always have created right packages is always this, whereas you first began there
the kind of sorted figuring it out. But I remember when I first started my first experience wrestling was I went as a ring part of the ring crew a growing up and went to They would you these tours of the northern indian reservations and Northern Manitoba are now on as the ring true. So I would travel with some guys, there's a bunch of they can look back now: they're all fat and small really a low level of guys, but to me, as they are tour with threats like an MRI ass. We went to river tin, EL for arms or written Manitoba, and I invited this girl that add a fancy for at a hacker for it to come to the show that come see my show and setting up the reins- and I like that when that was the cool thing and so the first bombed, the guy took the ring broke. Is it really should ring and the whole iron cage and any kind of fell down, so I had to spend
the entire show on my back when my legs upholding the board's up, so that the bring wooden break and remember that watching forbidden in coming to see me under the ring and catholic discuss, but there's a guy in a circle: tat, fish, Charlie and uses big black guy in Canada. The girl, tat, fish, gimmick, fishermen, cage and guy. Whenever and here be my roommate and He was the one who explained to me, the secrets of the rustling world and how you know when you want a match, you really weren't winning. Because you know the promoter was telling you I kind of like it wasn't too, and then you get him nineteen, eighty nine, so there was no internet, there was no. There was no. Really, knowing Z was blowing your mind. Didn't usable amazing, there's like when you, when your parents, you down when you're twelve grace in Santa Claus things all bullshit, yeah you're the ultimate lie
I kind of got that within its and then and then what that was. Ok, fine. So when we have a normal match these someone But when you went to championship, that's really you write that you really winning the championship music. Now wait. What women, as well as their legs, why you mean like what holding one the championship. He really didn't win all the promoter told him too, and that was the bitter pill to swallow. It took me a couple hours of agreement. Some alone times. I really like holy shit. How did the fool me? I felt the biggest loser like how did they get me, but then when I started figures like all. This is all really show businessman kind of move forward from their yet in really affect whether or not people- wrestling and no one knows now what they still watch the job. Just to show you an automatic when we go watch your world war, Z or watch the walking data. You know it's not real right.
It doesn't matter what you when it comes on at seven o clock at night. You get in that world you're watching! Oh my gosh, you know we're talking this week. I'm talking to Rick banished Carroll and what you gonna do with right was a wrong. We spent a whole our talking about these fictional people. It is here that I get paid to do I don't really think how did you get a job right? That's why we're very weird but its entertainment, it's all just part of it or to what exactly that's the thing with wrestling. You know you can remember, there's a guy called Nick Buckling call. It said I could go in the ring and tell everybody the resting, isn't real for thirty minutes and then have a twenty minute imagined at the innovative ones and call me a liar because people are putting aside their going there to be entertained. Like did you and go to watch a movie or whatever may be in get involved, characters in the story lines that are involved with it. You are a great gets, I'm talking to you by the way. You know it's funny like what will have an episode that feels. Oh really, women, really that many episodes are talking there, but I feel, like I don't know we didn't connector it didn't. You know, but without a couple
We're episodes and almost always well always the two times It was followed up by a ressler unless I'm seeing punk and a cast member from it is less about echo round and so that the relevant then episode have never ones like it was on stir, for three days narrows like water, I've earned a marrow amounts in raw around, and I was like everything's gonna be fine. Is next week we gotta wrestle gas member Chris Jericho. We gods and we have Gillian Jacobs and and new, you're gonna be great as your great last time you came on the bad guy yeah, so I felt it was set There was something to the this sort of weird kind of gee that the male immense, never profit. The funny thing about it is as much as people complain about it. It's an episode. They always remember yeah. You ve probably heard more about that up a southern Herod, any other zero. Everybody has to have their magical mystery to our very obvious, to have their kind of bomb episode. But the thing
funny in this. This blue my mind Chris, is that other watching walking debts is first episode always been. I wasn't affair the comic books, but as a friend, zombies likes since I was young and real in depth. Zombies, like you know, Lucia forty million Stipes hypnosis Miss do, but so I'll love the show. Watch the show, and I knew what talking get was nervous. You're, my bud soda. We see you come in, we'll do the cut ends, but I never checked it out. I just did I have other have gone on an end, didn't really watch. I love the concept, but when you announced that I was gonna be on the show at the end of the Manson one, oh yes, I have never had that type of response for anything of data. Coming back the double to be me, b, but tonight show whatever it. This the talk. You get internet today that still getting text after text after texts of attacks, you see that the aims you walking dead or talk here. That's all I'm seeing you can't, even democracies too many people
love this show and obviously tons of people are watching it, and I was telling these guys before. I got that even tweets with texts from random people that I don't hear from you know, they're awfully Phil call def leopard you're the best guest on top had ever thanks for calling for development Charlie bananas from anthrax, like all the other, all these people that my buds but you're talking from time to time, but still com talking him six months and I know our great job in talking tat. Always shit, No, I mean there's that everybody is watching this show well and now I'm gonna be watching every week to because the discussions in the dissertations that you have about the episode was Amazing. Will it really helps? I think you know people to get cranky if they feel like that, person on cause, they're, really trading their time to watch the sure sure and their very invested and walking dead, and it is just a television show our shows just to tell them just watch me, entertainment, but you do get emotionally wrapped up in its when people. Watch our showed a sort of feel like a little bit to come.
A little bit of like you, know, watercolor discussion, so they can kind of I can live their lives on a wrap up. Some of the open loops of episode left in their head, and, if so when when comes on and doesn't really provide that for them they both bums a map so, when you go, you gave up like literally every tree was best guess ever You should hold the shot, like God, let Bergman things in the episode that I didn't you. One thing about like the celebs, those about everyone, letting girls like. Oh, my god, really was a kind of thought. They, like that shows? So specifically, then do I thought I thought there was almost obvious that kind of felt stupid like pointing it out, but it seemed like a kind of did catch that would allow the people did, but it was too obvious to me to not have the writers have made that there for me right. You know so here we are doing talking dead, tidings retiring, I entirely dead at we. I mean that this wonderful thing about a lot of the shows that are on tv now,
yes, I mean it's getting to the point. There there was too many than the blasphemy the face it once, because I love walking dead and loves of anarchy, loved Dexter. I love breaking bad and also in horror, but that one kind of dropped out of sight, because I was spent too much time with the other ones, and I can't watch two or three shows at once. I have to watch one solving ruby. I voted as I did. They would breaking Bab is another show that you had to process it yeah you couldn't just like swing from one to another, like Tarzan, vine, because this too much stuff on on the show to think about for the next week. Yeah, you know well american horse or I've been watching the third season. Oven. I've been watching coven and it's it's. You know it it's not. It's like. I thought last season was great. Ok, except for there was one story line I mean well, you know it. Outsource boil, because people were haven't watched days into buying on you as your fault, but there is a whole. The story line and I was like
really need any of that, and I was I was, and I love the show. I thought the performances were great. I thought the virus creepy, I loved everything about it. I did feel at the end of last season like me, and they set up all this stuff and then they panting they paid out yet none of it, which I think is just something that you know like when writers are crafting stories like it's really exciting like on them. This weird thing happens and then the audience goes: yeah, ok, I'm with you and then they sort of just. Then they just kind of let it go. Go use, machination to decide what happened like New York it to do that as its while. The breaking van finale so much but come in the season. Is yours or the season is it just now I mean is as much as you know. I love you Paulson and Jessica. Lange is amazing, the wise man. You can listen to your eyes, armies and Angela Bass, it's really great too, but it just the show.
Is, is, is a little sillier? This it's got a little more true blood, then like that sort of dark gothic. What it's tough for them too, though, because they're trying to kind of linking together with the three completely separate seasons, right, yeah, three, seven worlds, but with the same clarity, which is a really isn't even applying different character, vertical idea, but I think that's that's problems ahead with with season two was I knew I was hipped what was going on, but I almost really loves season one. So much almost wanted to see like continuing on in that universe, but they went to separate universe which is fine, but so you said earlier age was wanted to see what you said about, how, breaking bad, didn't we anything to the imagination. And how do you mean? What's the finale, I think he said I mean he, he basically wrapped up every story: gotcha yeah, he wrapped up every single storyline every open Lou when the story he wrapped up there,
Yeah reaches dress, so I feel like that is to be able to do that in a very clear Craftsmen anyway, renounces amidst the rabbit admits the which he, which he did. I think as it is a gift to your fans, because when you're watching a show- and you get invested- you obviously throughout the life of show, but questions pop up in your head- and I think from in most cases you- Events knows because invested your invested and yet also, I think, even a trick of our brain like there are some shows that still weirdly the middle the night I'm like back You know. I guess I just dont last there's one piece of it. Does one piece in my brain birth of just that, just as a human being my brain interpreted interprets. It is a real experience that, though, those things just didn't get wrapped up in the same way that I all I ask for one
what shows and obviously unite or intelligent guys, maybe not in book smarts when it comes to ST smarts and pop culture and stuff, all I ask is just give me something I can believe. I know it's not possible of these. We just don't insult me with me, your plot. Holes are things that are so implausible that I can't even by right. You know, that's that's what I loved about breaking bad that ended. At about the same time as Dexter did now is a huge Dexter fan, but I think Dexter was the tale of two shows it was they show. That was one of the cruellest. Most illusionary. Shocking pieces of of the film that we see and the others show was this completely horrible plot filled piece of shit nothing made sense and they didn't even care. You know why Jason Voorhees came back in in Friday, 13th part four as we need to make them didn't. Try here I mean you know, and I think that the directive,
I've Dexter was an abomination because it was so I'm wondering did they sit down evinced Gilligan sit down and plot out the entire. Last season. Origin wise from beginning to end and no the last seen of breaking bad who's, gonna, be Walter dead, with the cops coming in other store or it was you writing it ass, he went along. I think it was a little of both. I think he knew where They wanted to know with it. I think I think he said that he knew that he wanted it in that way. But obviously you know just the the roads that they took to get there. I think they did figure out and along the way, but I mean it's really hard to introduce. I mean that the recent events, so amazing, is that a lot of shows introduce some crazy thing or some crazy idea. Something really shocking, but you see
the real you see the real artistry behind a show if they can seamlessly justify getting to that gas. And a lot of shows don't do that. They'll just do something crazy, and when I tell you why fire they don't it's all in that its own, the visual, storing right, storm, storytelling and most of em. I just I hated Elio Dexter frown. If you decade, I was up. You know I was Until I thought the giant with policies that I was. That was the why sort of fell off the Dexter Wagon Lubin after that, just like you, like I got caught up watching other thing. No I'll catch up and I'll catch, but so I did not see the Dexter finale, but I would anybody you dear any basis is a big storm common, his sister, dies. Really lame like their medical reason. They shed a heart attack or something really on dexterous heart attack like us. The worst death ever see why out of the front of the hospital with his dead city,
in his arms and takes it across the street into his boat and drive to them. Now this is the hospital. This is a hurricane coming and people are Robert. You can't just walk out of the hospital with a dead body, rattling her like he's carrying out across the threshold, and then he puts her and they drive into the eye of the storm either hurricane. In the idea. He throws the sister into the ocean. File final rest and then drives into the eye of the hurricane. Like you know, Turkey has fine, ok, whatever not great, but I can. I can dig it. End of the show cancers pieces of the floating in the ocean, and there's would flouting the ocean, and you know that Wednesday Medicine Guy forensic doktor dead in hurricane whatever, and then oh, where are we now in a lumberjack camp and his?
start with a really bad lumberjack beard, sawing wood and then going into his wooden, and obviously off work so he swam from Miami to blocking the Seattle or poor land BC or whatever. I think these are a team of writers have to concede had to swim. Sound and some of the Panama Canal is border crossings. This involving capacity will you do. It is, and I think I have did you have you like ballot? Do you get a group of a team of writers who have crafted somebody stories and that's what they come up with. Well, think I think a lot of it probably has to do with oh, that one of the other than one of the things I breaking bad is. It was only five seasons, so no one had a chance yet to get fatigued.
I think you know when and also Vince controlled, that show from start to finish, and I think Dexter might have in one of the shows where it should show runner reserved the right eroto it sort of like they have different ideas, but they have to clean them. Whenever happened before and you know is seven seasons is a long time yet for first show it's very hard especially in a show like breaking matter Dexter, where the premise in and of itself is already in flawed here, it's already insane, and so every season you have to create whatever in the Worst thing in the world is for that character and then you have to come back and season two and start over and then elevated again. I don't know how you keep doing that as hard as a really good number cuz it. Just a certain point you, as the autism recycling fuck else, can rally yeah! You know exactly linguistic dexterous case when university. Finds out he's the killer that I find there is a killer. That guy knows the in this area
often it is just too many people like once one some funds at Euro serial killer, you pretty much screwed, you know, well this case there's four five or six. It starts in this too many balls up in the air to keep this rolling, for if it were me, What I would have done is maybe this is a really obvious way to go, but I would have come up with something that would have suggested that actually dab was fucked up needed but doing shit behold time behind school ended and she ended up hunting, Dexter, yeah and basically taking the throne. That's what that's worth would be cool because he looked like like breaking bad, took no prisoner we want when one has got shot this year. That was the case. This moment of the whole series. For me we talked about that. I quote, we said he said Walter, you are so smart, but I'm. Usually I know that they made up their minds with its ten minutes ago. Boom intersect, oh my gosh, but Dexter never did
they never killed Deborah. They had a wounded and die from heart attack, and that's why I love walking deck as you or even some back he's done, he just never know was going to buy it. The monopoly Rick's not going to die and Jackson Gonna die, Dexter, wasn't gonna, die, but anybody else's kind of fair game right, but they weren't Dexter. That's what what once wants to show the serial killer is afraid to take the cyber chances it stop. Working as a chauffeur me yeah, yeah but there's a lot of their sole out a good television out there to watch yeah. It's so that's why you know I sort of like I said I thought I might follow up the Dutch retrain a little bit, but then that's when I hopped over the game, thrones trained yet again as sorted out empire borrowed boardwalk. I fell off after the first season. I loved it and I know a guy. I know it got more intense. I just wanted to see nothing be more of a gangster unless a politician, but I'm sure I'm sure that that happens. I know that that happened. Believe you said. Sometimes you just lose track. You knows
I urge a kind of fallen timber did that with x files and with nip talk like you said that's when you get to seize in Seinfeld was like this to seize and three on. Five of those shows are always the best possessor they really figure of who they are yet and then a kind of sticks around a little bit longer nip and talk got horrible at the end, as did x files expression, Mulder, left sick. Why even have the show anymore. Wouldn't when you guys are gone, you can't replace a guy like that. It's like having joined, Spain or replace Steve crawling office right you just can't. There's no reason to do it, you know, but I think that the three four and five season every season, the better. If we had a list of all the shows that we like from homer kids to now that time frame would be the best work will now this. This is interesting way to kind of dovetail into into wrestling, which is when you know when you ve been in the game for a really long time. How do you keep coming up like? How do you keep coming up?
story lines to keep Iago invested, and when do you owe you know what kind of lay low for a handful of months and then make come back or I'll do this? We can really do that at that's the thing a minute such as such. Hamster wheel. You know your tv Do we see here sometimes twice a week over and over and over organ is never an off season and the time you're really off is when you get hurt. I was forged that I never got hurt. So what I used to do it but always change. My costume changed the color change the style my hair style change. My look Facial hair, jackets, Or the ring audits of train, I was like says gonna some funny, but always kind of consider myself to be the Madonna of wrath funny right, but you know what I'm saying she always reinvented herself right, but still
they true to her. She was a performer, but you know you got the Madonna Hooker look and get the Madonna Jake you're air, give our outlook and get the Medina Virgin LA la LA looked at the end of the electric daddy. It's atm look whatever B, and for me what I did was I also if I started getting mentally burned out, I would just leave which was free. The parties for the first time are left in two thousand and five this one. This is a safe way worthy of gene Simmons. When you hear it, I left in two thousand and five I would just really mentally burned out and if you're not mentally into something anything but except caressing if you're not mentally a thousand percent there, you gonna get hurt can hurt. Somebody else uses to physical of of a type of form of of entertain, enter a form of of occupation to pay attention. You gotta pay attention, you gotta be step ahead and that goes for putting together. Like writing a show. I right, I'm writing the matches that I'm doing, and I have a lot of input into the angles and I'm doing and what I just stop tearing me,
work started to go down attitude: saudi good ass, any time to leave so my contract ended. I told them I am leaving will when you come back, I don't know they ever go back. I don't know so I did it. I came out to allay the sort studying acting and start breaking into this world out. Here When I got out here, I figured out pretty early on that. Just because I was Chris Jericho, internationally acclaimed world famous rustling superstar alot of people out in this town. Didn't really care didn't really know. So I would go in traditions with like ten other guys dress. Just like me, looking just like me, to read the one line from CSI Sheboygan boy. This water assure is called thanking you an episode Not exactly that. Thank you. Next, I beg that's it like, but increased. Are going to get one chance, so I started who came up with this idea like what would have Jericho got blackmail
from rustling and at no other recourse budget start over again and actings lost. Everything. He's got nowhere to go so you have to go into acting, but lotta people don't They might know you from Russia, but you gotta start at the bottom of the baron work you apps like can like this show. I want to be like a Christian. I guess monumentally that kind of ordered in curbing enthusiasm, type, a vibrant tribute isn't came out and what works my friend, it's random, created the show but I'm Chris Jericho and try to sell it pitcher uptown, normally bought it. No new norms into it and about a year and a half ago he called me up and is like due to solve the show and as it would show, is like, but I'm per Jericho, and I said you are still working on it. Yes, so we sold the show and in and made ten six seven minute. What websites for this web series, but I'm Chris Jericho, which,
premium last week on, but I'm preserve at our common duty as the genes and secular. When you called the idea, I told you I warrant, but it fit into what you were saying, and it was just interesting for me. Do like go from the top and in this world to starting completely from scratch, but what it It was also help me fresh in my mind and broaden mine arises, and it made me a better performer to study acting to work with the groundlings due to be rounding for two years and improv side of it and to learn how to commit more to a character and drop into these things. So what I decided in two thousand and seven to come back and I created this whole new character. Completely different from the one I played before? That was Stone Anton sugar from no country for old man, your dams killer, because I was watch Many was so like com and cool, but I'm gonna kill you, because that is the way it is something I can do as I get one
The time addressing was very much like was, it is bad, is hopeful. Let me tell you something rather than what you did at the opposite and just talked really quiet and really sorry for where people in the crowded with I can hear you. I can't hear you, but as it can shut the fuck up in this and then they would have to listen and pay attention to what I was saying and I change so wearing a suit to the ring start using big words before was playing against kind of a rock star. Why? To J happy joking right clothes long hair cut my hair and just completely shifted who I was and became like the most hate he'll in the data, be where people thought it was real. Thought. I really was like this big ass hole, because I learned from acting class in from all the stuff. I did to drop into it and come it when I did that people believe so that help me keep things fresh,
Oh that's really fun really fun to be able to. I mean to a degree you can sort of do that with stand up. You can kind of change your perspective. If you, I think, if you want to, but I never go to that because, eventually go fuck it. It's me, you know it's me here. I'll just talk the way I was tat. Yes, I think that's why I chose stand up instead of you know, early on with comedy of the community will do improper sketch and then I was realized like I just like the abyss later to break the fourth wall and to million turns whenever I feel like it, and now I have to commit to something sure other than just two you yourself and you ve, made a great career being yourself when you play yourself and talking to educate yourself at midnight place of when I do. I really do someone someone asked me if I am a three interview and ask me you know:
about posting and, of course, the same instead of you. I just get to be myself. Yes, I don't have to say someone else's words and I don't have to you know you're some people love sketch because its they feel like it. A little bit of a protection like nerd, unseen, they're playing some other character But I sort of feel like it's. It's a prison really and if its not working you got it is the way out is nothing you can do how much when you when you're in the ring. When you're in no initiating stuff. You know backstage how much is sort of do. Did you, gotta have general ideas like while probably say something approximately like that what I mean. It's kind of similar to what you were saying I mean it's funny gives with with them since, but crescendo came up people like also how do you like acting in a sick I been acting since I was nineteen use, all your playing a character, you're playing a part, have to cause any time you're in front of an audience. Even if your hosting for such a few, shows myself and it's like you still have to be the party host- you have to be the larger them.
On the whole, the show we're gonna make sure you have a good time and be right back and you gotta put on on the other, the character but on a show and gotta make that connection with the audience, and is it to. Their stand, a posting wrestling with them, stage singing fuzzy. You have to connect with the crowd it. If you can do that we'll always be interested in what you have to say and addressing connect with them that if they hate me connect with them. If they love me, it does out of the still going to be interested in what I'm doing, because the cardinal synergies that apathy for any that stuff? me, especially in the early days, it was a lot of improv, you'd, go out there and in just like Improv Comedy just kind of bat back and forth. I give you something you give me something in. When I first started with the groundlings zero, like you know, you so good at improv do have training, and it's not really, but you know back, ten years ago, when I used to work with the rocker Steve Austin after the match was over and the be cameras went off. We would
stay in the ring and do improv with each other just defence of the austrian Iraq would be the good guy and I'd be the bad guy. We just talk about whatever and discuss things when we're Malaysia one time and you just he was insulting me and of course I would give him a little set up. See me keep insult me, seldom insulting me and actually we're you were in Tokyo and to do this thing where he was, he would say another OC likes the rock likes pie. You know this. Japanese people, don't speak English, potatoes, right right around likes pie. I, like I hate pie. What I hate I hate the way it looks. I hate the way it tastes. I hate the way that smells. I would never eat pie. What would you like for sure I, like strudel and, of course that was rocks analogy for I am the disapproval. I love the strudel. I put as much strudel in my mouth is. I can as much as I can, of course, people laughing Iraq's economy and then and then
I guess I seek asylum. Communal comma is at what I them I come. White Her address? Jericho? Are you oh comma, which means? a Japanese and when he used the japanese term, forgave frickin crowds, rocky, and I had a great name in Japan, but the next day the cover of Tokyo sports wrought, pulls Jericho, Oklahoma, like my my My bad ass reputation went down the too busy. All that was improv cause. You just need to have some fun afterwards in just playing these little it's so we ve always kind of had that element. You have to have that element. In rustling like when I start addressing, I was a smaller guy. Five eleven tuner pounds at that There was in the era of the giants you know. So how can I make a name for myself
you haven't what say you to small as a gal, I'm small, but I can have the biggest character biggest personality, acknowledge giant charisma and that's how started working on my career site and we await the reason I was able to make it up to the next. In all these different things. I do because I was always consider myself and entertainer. Not a ressler, look. I was more than that in my mind, because I stood what was like to play that character, play that part to make people believe in what I was doing. Why think it's really important to in any kind of whatever you're going into whatever the field is. I think you know there are two questions that someone should ask themselves number one. You know what do I like? What do I think I'm good at? What do I want to do? What
to me, for that was like five questions I mean no matter. How do I can't question medication question? This is still one question that there are no further comments about, not sure, so you ask yourself all that and then and then once you kind of no, like you know where you re only where you fall in terms of what what you're into then looking at the landscape. What else is out there and going? You know how? How can I use what I have be unite in that field? So you know It would have been much different story if everyone was five. Eleven tuner pound Yes, you know, but you're you're able to look at that. Ok, there's all these giants, I'm a smaller guy. What can I do too in there and be something that's not their rush. While looking at you that's different, you know anything. Someone told me a long time ago. If you want to be, if you want to make it, you gotta do something different and that
Why know when I was a kid? I had two goals I wanted to be in Iraq band and I wanted to be arrested and I never saw them of any reason why, but you might you might. I might as well have told people I wanted to be a sore swaller When I said I wanted to be resolutely Elizabeth S, ok I'll call back, but I just never really saw the reason. Why did you smile? I disagree. You'll, never make it. A music is two events. I disagree so counterfeit my life on both these things now as a result want to start again to a certain level. Question is more acting opportunities, which fits under the wrestling umbrella, cassettes acting and then you know I can read: ragged asked some books, let's also being creative, and I like to rights. Talk about my experiences of radio shows or I never known with the last summer's shows for robot, combat league and never grew up, saying I wanna hostage? fighting robot show Sunday, but it comes up and it's like you said it's not too far off from work.
Do any ways which is just working in front? Cameroon and getting the crowd, and the important thing is just to do do what's funny. I oh yeah, I was look at, will ferrets career and- and I believe that everything that guy does he just does during its fun Oh, you don't want to do this movie in spanish find bugging. Do it always need to be our this website? Do these were now Not only do these weird beer, commercial, like he does, he just seems to look at something. Tat looks like Father, yes and, and I think that's the best- that's the best place. You can be a rice with Europe, but you do have to you know you do have to kind of engineer that a little bit need you have to make those choices by the way good call on slash and dinosaurs because he came on the pod Kennedy for twenty five minutes about dinosaurs, he was fucking awesome. Did you tell him that I, as I was kitty man. He was great He is a dinosaur expert. He was great. It's funny because pitching this show about lake monsters,
for the last year and not just block this. So which everyone knows or the ogre pogo, which everyone knows him with Canada. But if you go online Google Lake monsters. You will find one in every. Country in the states was like fifty of them and of course we know like monsters are real, but I want to do, is show kind of based on the people that claim to have seen them. Ok, that's the show. For me sure you know it's not, I don't want to go on the lake and have a sullen armor like I'll, go where it something that does not find a bit for its. I wanna go meet that old man who stood on the banks of the law. When I was eight years old and saw his dog get eaten violate monster. Whenever so it s tone slash about it. It's like you know, and then he starts tell me how late mosses capacity pleasure resource, which I know that gives them a lobbyist must have now so once again Meda conversation on the of whether as possible, that plus a source could live in the banks of the Mississippi River and, if it's possible, to feed them and a
probably the nervous conversation that to you pretty cool deeds of ever had in others is not going to happen. So you're comes, we will go to rebuild pussy exists, noted some cocaine offer ass. Well, yes, slippers, The thing is plausible: that better thyself the message that solar we too. In Australia with fire in February. We did want to shows of loaded whose death Mccain's new bandit guns roses indefinitely. He's totally clean, now changes or life around and he was really hungry and he aid schemes same diet. That idea, which is a caveman diet, and I had a thing of almonds, so they you want some almonds is surely please I'm so hungry than these moments. It gives models I came over to Missus cash, mortals almonds and I guess you're like look at US years ago we would have been sharing pills, beetles and now we're sharing almonds and Jones in over them, as well as their insulted. Are they just the right?
Yea assault about sodium is really about is exaggerated is certain of our area. You don't give a fuck what you put your arrival yet another one and a red one or two blue washed, illustrate Volga NET net. For in my young life, did I ever like look at the ingredients or any of that driving? You might have because you're a favourable political job, but me I didn't it all now, who's hundred seventy countries, a transparent and normal that that councillors from sugar and low carbon sharia. Let me ask you questions here: there's a thing chip Ok. So now, a couple years ago I went to dinner with my friend and his wife, and we had to find a restaurant. Those gluten free. Ok, I never heard of it at the time was only two years ago. Now, it's, big thing gluten free this kid can't. Do it he's gluten free. This girl, like my wife's friends, don't thirty five forty years old, catty gluten, why? Now? After all these,
Yours is suddenly this gluten afflicted us we're not just never mentioned before. I think, and I think, there's a couple things number one. I think food is processed a lot more now than it was, and I think it's one of those things wealth some people. I think some people who are just obsessed with fat dieting think gluten free is like some type of soap for some people, it's not it's not really an issue, but my my managers, Georgia Gluten mutton gluten. My ex girlfriend was two gluten and though the way that she found out was a lot of people were sick alot when they were younger and they didn't know why and discovered that it was this universe gluten yet and wheat and went off it and it completely change their lives of his like with my ex girlfriend, should always kind of feeling oligarchy
pizza whenever she would effort, should be like feel good. My stomach, you know, like my stomach herds, and it got me she would you like it would distend and then, and then the impact of an airline popped out of her and ass. Her she's your end in an intact answer across affirm that paper but alien to space. Wasn t right, I swear our arrogance and so, but what but what she discovered was that when you cut gluten completely out of your diet, like some people can tolerate it, even though it makes them a little sick, but then when she cut it out for a few months, we will have a night. She accidentally ate a tier without thinking she's, like I guess, I'll, probably ok, two hours late. It was like the worst food poisoning you could ever so it's not. I mean it was every individual rights like a semantic and it was not. Nato feel good like it. Real factor, and then so it's you know, I'm sure gluten free website would give you much better information than that, but I think it was a thing it was so I think it's. I think it was
the thing that was undiagnosed prolong Templeton really now they know yak is like a like my buddy will we little sister Amy, the irony, the irony ash we'll settle sister Amy was always sick when she was growing up and they always you know, we goes is a kind of it. Oh, you know, Google, you think again, just thinking that she was a hypochondriac, but in fact she was a lurched gluten in the new. Every new didn't know what it was until they, the kind of identified in people got off gluten anything gluten in it, and then it like within a couple days felt transformed. A lot of very different infinitely better because that was out of their system. Will it's interesting because I was asking us conversational my antibodies issues like eighty she's wisely, very wise, old, lady and she said, No back when she was a kid like all the way up until now, the of World WAR, two that it was the old school. You know, Beaver cleave
mom would make dinner every night fresh vegetables, in the garden. You know meat from the supermarket freshly cut yeah, you know, you'd have everything was fresh and every was cooked every night after the war, because the society started moving quicker, that's only started with the preservatives and tv dinners, heavy dinners and Odin fast food, and is this style of eating- has only been going for the last fifty sixty seventy years right. So maybe, after all this time, you know the human, body is finally starting to revolt against that. But against it, which is funny because I told you, but the diet that doing which is the caveman directives pale. I saw James Hatfield from Metallica Metallic, a third anniversary, and he, like, I thought it was a James, had to look like a much luck. Is what I wanna be, and then it came over as James what the fuck did. You do and he told me he lost tonnes away like in the three months from
caveman. That was the Cayman Islands, all meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, fresh vegetables, fruit only like berries, no citrus things up a knots but almonds and while not snap, peanuts or caches, who those lagoons the low fat etc base. Anything that I can make it forage eggs. You know decisive I'll, give it a trial. He was good enough for James, that's gonna, familiar chamber and then and the funny thing was is like you know. Well, as somebody who I was talking to induce echoes what gauge aims on the cave and divert cave. Mental died before there were thirty June said yeah, because the dinosaurs ate them yeah
That's what happened. That's what happened? That's when men went extinct, they did and they were dinosaurs, though I were they in good shape. They were in such great. They were so delicious, so I stopped suddenly came and within, like you say, within a month, it was like fifteen pounds gone and was now are to draw this stuff like I don't need processed foods that only Bradley once in a while. My super strict, but it's amazing how much maybe it's in my mind because it's been a while, but I feel like a lot cleaner. I feel a lot more limber. Still a better world who do a sort of what they were, calling this low carb diet. Which was which was you know a very similar to what you're right, at least from what I can tell was very similar to what do what you're saying what all sailing I feel a lot better. I think I think there is something to not eating a lot of process, wheat and flower- that I don't know the people that I that do it. They really do say like. I can't tell you how much better I feel,
makes it was I'm a member where'd. You get your carbs, though well, We can call from is theirs natural, sugars and the berries is the fact that and also to in the morning I went and actually research in a bid. The actual technical play diet they suggest that you eat eggs with like bacon in the morning is the bacon fat is equals your carbs threats, that's kind of you can learn alive, rags eggs, but the bacon or the sausage that type of meat. The doubt no Greece here with the fat on it. So uh, that's kind of that, the cornerstone of my day. If I can have a really good breakfast, I'm pretty cools rest than no bread. Do it. Can you eat cottage cheese or is that all of you I mean it's like? I said that I don't stick to it. Like three pounds, gonna lose our always under development. I, but there's no cheese. The affair line is no cheese yeah, but I mean do let me come on we're here. Beings? You have to live sometimes, but where majority of the day I don't eat, any carbs all men at night. If you know one of some piece of my kids or have a cookie or something like that, but it's amazing how
when you win yourself offer that how you don't miss it- and here is another thing- stopped eating fast. Food a couple months ago. We want to or fuzzy we're in Paris had some time before the show walked around, as Hungary could really fighting that look good. Neither time what passed Mcdonald and saw a big posting offer a royal with cheese. Ali to perfection and never had a royal its ease. I always think a general right now. Cheese and aid to have ever have one, so I go in there and ordered on computer by the way, that's how they do their orders and in France, Mcdonald, and I ain't that damn rural cheese and zero extra I had the worst brick of like just this horrible, feeling in my stomach for two days afterwards from eating that thing and as a cow there holdings to share with you, as you heard me why you, because your body adjusts adjusted to the poisons our inner whatever not to Craig. Had I used to drink fifteen to twenty beers a day
exotic your body for going to just, and then I mean eventually will kill you. I beg you fat or yes, what it which it did, but it really Ino might the problem- and I was having with those kinds of diet, is that I was on such a card deficiency that I would get this sort of like flew like symptoms and feel good. Yeah right so that so I just I would do it if I, if I found the cure for that, like what. What do I need to eat? like that? No sometimes you gotta have we got a car, but once in a while and that's when you just have some some bread or some pizza wherever, but the other big thing was the beer, like, I lost a thousand lost three years is that my son, seven birthday Party Drank Bureau Day Chicken nuggets back soon the scale of two thirty and I didn't think that big, but I thought I'm kind of on the on the Precipice- stop drinking beer started working on these new diets and Logan stuff. When I look at the picture myself, three espouse a fat fuck like a lousy fat, but I still like to to
drink you gotta have that's. I switched to straight vodka and ice. That's all I ever drink. And I never get hung Emily ever ever ever because I think it's the sugar and preservatives in liquor, black or dark up dark liquor, You know I've never run and coke or vote an orange juice, Cecily Viking clubs it's the sugars in that that gets. You hung over justly actual vodka has to be high class. Top cabbie smear offer that statistic: the were drinking something s. No bottom Chauvelin s not me, but if you just drank talk, show vodka ice, even though its first strong is, you feel like an alcoholic which it's probably alcohol, drink you'll, never get home as I say that as long as it's ok to be that way, as long as you don't feel examines all right, I guess I don't know. I don't. I think you know if I quit drinking I would have had to have switched off something other than all the beer, because it just the hangar by
You just can't bear mean you don't want to get authorities. Will your bodies not one a process that much fuckin beer and it's hard to like. You know that keeping fifteen said wait as they used to say every beer echoes a sandwich rise by fifteen What is our due to gag will ever be hung over the next day by her, if I twenty sandwiches, Dag would with joy same old jack sandwich times twenty and that's the thing like you said, I mean it's also hard to give up drinking beer because it's a social drink you and I go to the ball game. The ballgame wicked or go to abolishing writing to you and I go to the ball game on five October, but we have an effective and Ghana games. Man on those aims so easily beer. You gotta pull party of drink a little umbrella, shrubbery dockers. You can't really have social straight vodka drinking if you're drinking straight Vayu drinking to get fucked up right. You know you can't go to you know for dinner.
Straight. Vacuous not just really didn't work on a hot summer day. Yes, you can't failure, Bergen, Thermos up with vodka and then just just down each african seconds, that's what I always loved about Palestine, these rap on kiss alive before colleges, outside you always do, cool you off he's a shot. It's a key gimme a shot at the keel. That's very refreshing! You couldn't you wouldn't be refreshed tequila if you frozen and dump it on your face. You there's nothing burns you the moment. You touch a second ever insufficient. As it's your skin and suddenly just get drunk arisen, courier to kill was always the worse for Yan Keziah You I remember from what I do number of it. It's at link with beer,
like a nice, slow glide, you know and then, like I still feel I feel, like I'm executive, both to kill you and if you really think I feel you spoken knock over that jobs there, like you, you all of a sudden you just it's bad and the thing is to think there's another hour. Russell Latin Mexico were two kilos. One thing the nervous, I think I'll, miss scowl, which is dark to Cuba and that shit makes tequila. Look like like an orange. You say you have your tastes like ass, to forge from rivers out, do exactly tastes like ashtray man, number one time. It was with this guy called hawk. Who is world renowned as you know, has been the toughest legit toughest wrestler he's only spoken. Five tradeoff cares about here. He was The examines Simone's and rustling are always great and they're, always big drinkers. I can fuckin drink up a storm and in Mexico
Oh he was was ninety three I was just starting and he was accused of being the WBC at the. Guy that I was devotees you're, Starn, he'd, now left in going to Mexico to work there. So it's gonna be all of him. You know like us who I know the hockey love hug and how to do it every said. So one night we went drinking the Moscow really bad relighting on fire and and drinks that you let him fire, never a good idea. Cougar Raja. It's it's foreshadowing and executors. What's gonna happen to your body, new brain does what you'd be shooting If you ask me, that's a drag the fiery Could garages, which is cockroach in english fur, Jericho, spanish lesson of the day and passed out examined. He was on this aerobics kick you wanted us to go to two hundred pounds, six five, while wild Tonkin resembling target
at seven in the morning after passing out at around six from our broader or don't worry, aerobics now come on Brownlow, a Gulf aerobics, and I get up and like the head is giant is pounding my scholars puke everywhere and I'm looking beyond a cat like he's, got knocked down my door. If I don't go, so we go into the aerobics room and start doing aerobics, and you know you you're sweating out there pure alcohol yoyo held a cup younger my head and drank it and got in its proposed by this one's brightest brown, sweat from the dark liquor. Brown dark liquor and it was so barrier leaving streets across my face like running Alice Cooper, make up by the way people people who are sweating out alcohol do not the ability to smell themselves, because I've been on a couple I live in a place like back from Vegas, where the I am one seat over it just when he would turn to breathe.
He doesn't know he doesn't know how bad it is like your body is exerted. Exhaust pipe right now, I need to get all the shit out of your body, so you do you did you, you didn't. But you did they aerobics, but the thing was he stopped after about five minutes, but he would me stop and because there is a certain respect level In addressing Isaac, I had to do it like that. I was back, then you respect in the guys that kin ahead of you and now it is really cute Anka's no way, but then it was like I had to keep going and then that motherfucker I'm going for sixty minutes to any Robux, and it was bad, like you said, not only was the the alcohol coming at the system. There are some ass involved. That was happening there and he was laughing so hard, but I eventually passed out from from it and he had to carry me similar to Dexter his sister hospital out of the front door of the gym,
for you in your bed and drove into her yet nevertheless, we have now is a lumberjack in all kinds of Portland who is a crazy samoan tongue and guy. What is if such a crazy beer like this is too crazy, big beard of their, but that's it that's all was back. Then I mean it was the respect level you get into the job and a lot of us training pan back in those days in Japan was very strict in the co I sent by collide the teacher sent by was the sort of about some pie was the teacher Co. I was like the disciple. So whenever you came the job with like target train. There is samoan wrestler our swords assume wrestler, then swarm addressing. So he was very much into that japanese mindset, so he was he was my sympathy and you had to have two, but if you have any respect and any desire to really make it and get respect from your peers. You had to follow along with what they wanted you to do and that was so. There is a lot that Cyprus, stuff man. That sounds like a fun. You know
Well, fine until you heard that the real japanese guys. I remember one time I heard at the adagio they had all the boys stand around in a circle jack off into cup. And then the youngest young boy had a drink. It yeah yeah, but what's the weird part, I didn't. I didn't like the taste of it. Like the ball interesting stuff, Madame in times of change. No back when I started it was kind of like that very very much into the respect of your elders must respect them. Now we don't respect our elders anymore, they're. Just there just Gabby Olds, laundry banks about that, that's how it was kind of in Japan leads. Us is a strange deciding in very loyal, very honourable. Yet have magazines at the strange shop of girl a wearing schoolgirl uniforms pissing on a beach rights,
the very warped endeavoured as well, but the one it's schools they treat their own generation like our ancestors, used to treat them with respect in and asked. Advice and have council with them like, like Indians, like American Indians, do, whereas here they just old laundry bags and shut up Mt. Put him in a symbolic smuggling really should we spread work on that. Little bit America, I think of you, Nothing else from this blog castle got stories to tell they do they learn from you can work perhaps the value after we felt that do they want to Bob Evans for breakfast and they went in. There is an old guy sitting. Next to me, with had on that said, whatever Sedley, indeed, a veteran or something that is something this guy's from world war. Two and as the stories you must have the town you know I'm I myself and he's by means of a minute ago asking some stories
also over six years be sir. I see you have a delay veteran. Had we D day said yes and I'm reading. My paper leave me alone what you learn is don't talk to me. You gotta, lotta wisdom built bite. You I will attack and I haven't had a chance to tell a story to anyway. That would care ex till I came to your blog as well. That was about exactly now dude clock watching one glad you a thank you for making talking dead a great episode television last week that you, BP, bail this out anything to eat. Episodes in real people who had arrived, they showed already where that you're talking to one another show and I get paid for that- won't let it but not too weird
so that the S S appreciate that an end and thanks for doing the bargain, you come anytime, you don't cannot thanks man an x ray, I want more times last summer in trouble for not plugged well disposed to plug languages was about, but I'm Chris Jericho, it's the gonna die, come the webs If that is the funniest thing you ve ever seen, or my name isn't Chris hard work. Your name is that It is true that a pyramid zammit back what does edit that theme and then Europe I am Jericho. I am sharing on Twitter, yes, man absolutely sure Ernest Diana artist, twitter, bran, recognition problems at the start when you first call you of that, I was really I mean why I was. I was basically trying to deny started the website, those religious away.
To make every promote that what's up about the website, so just made sense like all make it all. I think it actually cut down confusion, because I wasn't me because I have at Hardwicke. I just never use right. It was not me going all, but this is my website, like all make everything the same. Name in the pot Jason everything. So people know that it's all part of the same thing and it didn't you know it didn't. It always takes a little bit of time people to go. Ok, I know they will. If you stick with it, they will guide you build it, they will come yeah, that's stupid. Sheep knows Gordon. I thought we don't tell the October with Elizabeth all over again babe,
rob you, you re Router, screwed, awesome to a man as a blast you so much so good to see a man had to see you man any times, always fun. Having conversations we never know where we're going yeah leading noticed dot com, this episode of the Nerdist Podcast is brought to you by stamps dot com go to stamps, dot, com click on the radio microphone at the top of the homepage and type in nervous for one hundred and ten dollars bonus offer, including a digital scale and fifty five dollars of free postage, that's stamps dot com and for the promo code, Nerdist.
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