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Colman Domingo (Fear the Walking Dead) chats with Chris about being on Fear the Walking Dead, the backstory to his character on the show and how he loves to engage with his fans. They also talk about the play Colman is directing at the Geffen called Barbecue, the importance of living in the moment and not staring at your phone and figuring out he wanted to be an actor!   See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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What would we noticed? Pike s number, eight, twenty five. I want to tell you about some community court board things from the nervous community from people. Just like you comedian, shame. Loss will be going on to the next month for a show called a good trip. It's about comedy. About science, it's about psychedelic, you're still being added, but he's gonna be going all over. The country can find out more info and get ticket links at Shane MOSS. That's Emma! U S! S! Dot, com, Chris Kent from our nervous community. Just got married to his best friend and fellow Nerd LISA Hammer and a shoutout LISA. Not know that Chris wrote in. If their driving somewhere together. Hopefully there then an epoch amounts of pants pooping when she heard this well, you may take back. Hopefully that's not the case, although she was so excited but was able to keep the poop inside belongs until a proper repository can be located. This way,
a very we're direction. Kent hammer nice, job or whose less David you take. I mean. LISA Hammers, pretty red Chris Hammer is great. I mean can't sounds cool shore, but at you guys do hammer can't or can't. Private. I guess he declared, your own special can't hammer character and make a comic book about it. Please please do that as my wedding gift to you please for me also. I want to say that at midnight has and move to eleven thirty. I knows People were upset by this because the show is called at midnight and its at eleven thirty, but we Now it's a winner at midnight about that about that
midnight is now on at one thousand one hundred and thirty on comedy central following a daily show, so this episode is Colman Domingo. Who is a play strand, Victor strand on fear the walking dead who is? character that I immediately loved and common Domingo? I love even more as a person we as we can. Did so hard on this podcast. I adore, this guy debt, to the point that I at the end of the podcast I was like you know. I would you Come on we're heading it. This is a couple days before I got married and he said really of course and he came to my wedding. So thank you. When Domingo, I adore, you he's promoting fear. The walking dead of a nation which is in theatres October, seventh, also his play barbecue. Which he directed is people. Are we playing at the given playhouse September fourteen through October sixteenth, you can find tickets and info,
given playhouse dot, Org slash barbecue spell. De the entire way Ba our BC weee. So please unless it is any area, go check out, support, theatre port, common Domingo and I love you covered obey, go now, here's a nurse, podcast number Twenty five with Mr Cole, Domingo Katy plays or all the thing now entering murders, star com, You know that
my god. I doubt you already yeah fine. I mean it's just its. I think the only stress is really the all of their family coming in making sure the ceding China lineage did the ceding charred and making sure that it is not going to kill that treated this evening journalistic she did a very good job. It's a bit of bigger, there's a lot of people coming, it's a big wedding and she did a really great job of making sure everyone's at a good table. But what did you do Well, we got engaged. She said the higher wedding Plenary said grain she said. I know why you have to worry about this. You can just show up I was like. I want to support that. My name is Christmas, exactly exactly. I guess I should have far but you know I didn't wage rises. Gonna, it's gonna, look good yeah, yeah yeah, it's gonna be amazing in them in their wake
There is great and ethnic terrorists team is making a zombie there. You're gonna be zombie servers there, so I believe it has good relations with its back. I'm excited about it, but it's so good to see what it was great. Hang out with your comecon. You too was it the comecon this year, for you guys was so much different than the previous year. It was yet offers. I was there last year, which was so that's very different. So I was felt like everybody just prepared me for he's so insane and wild, and I do I thought it was a pretty like cause nice. If the guy you sazen some undressed, unlike about some people, just like us, think about writing, it wasn't, like you know, somehow core, crazy, the enemy. So I think that's where I was prepared for, like among people who, like Britain, my clothes offers are right and that it happened.
Very despair, disappointed next year, air, but I think it's you know when the cask came out. Yak strand, we don't really see strand until the latter part of that season and but instantly he's a character that I think just really pops, because he's mysterious buddy seems in charge. He looks amazing yeah and he cannot he doesn't seem thrown by everything. That's that's going on right when you audition for the show. Did they give you a name? ground rather like well just go for that. Today? What did they tell you about? You know Ericsson, divergence said to me: had a phone call with him and he said in his after I already read besides, you read the signs that allow that in it, the guy- and I don't know he seems to be well dressed and he now affluent in some way and then differences are well he's a million and die. He is a self made man and he
He has a daughter named Abigail the I'm possibly like a wife that psych on a boat or something like that. So whatever was was active in their miser thinking, boat Abigail, someone, I love, but there was mystery to it. So I'm just lying like in the moment of displaying. Ok, I've, even when I saw that the same with the neck you know. I had no idea why I'm an ethically ourselves looking at him, even as an agriculture you get low but of a lamp and things on my wife is gonna lap, adenoids Hague by car and bright one You know like this. You know I'm just not. Everything is just in the moment in just really dealing with what this is. Anything frank and I just as we to know each other tools really interesting to watch the way we became soda buddies. You know as actors and his characters yeah and did you you work with them at all, on the evolution of strand or did they did they just tell you like? Well, this is what's gonna happen. You know that
met with you with ever spectral, so they meet with you, the of you to the writers room uniting last August or something I guess after they had some handle on. Ok what they were. They were going I. So, how do you feel about Abigail being? Am I becoming a mass at ok, cool gray, and they talked about you know, complications ever really. You ship things like that, but still at the freight open in a way, I think they also for the also do which is really cool. Is anytime. There's a you know: we have a script reading. I can always give you no thoughts and just say I'm not sure about the does it make sense? The trend is this in or I want to be very clear about where we're going with the archives of the great or so and so David, all David. His team now is very open to them to rewrite and also the call is it tell me what you think about the do. You think it's a good thing if you like the idea that there is the presentation of a same sex couples. It's just incidental, yet that's exactly it's like such a sub plot, it's ninety. By about them not even about that, and I will have these two people, what kind of like hustlers, you know con man and
I also had a unit relationship with they move on, because I think that well then, I blow his mind a gun, because that's what happened? Yes, yes, but no! What? What are you talking about? Just now talking about. Where were you know, you know, but because I think it's either we ve come a long way in entertainment and television, and I know it's still. You know it still not perfect and is still a long way to go, but I think it's nice when the sexuality. Isn't that defining thing yet it's in in the character of a relationship is like, oh there's just happens to be, but their care there their characters their human, and this is the intricacy of their relationship. That has nothing to do exactly I can dignan. I return. We talked about the idea that you know when she comes in He strand in bed with Abigail these again a nursing home, there's! No there's no mention whatsoever in these characters have got to know each other for the past. What you
exercise, and I was then she know something else and that's it, but it's just they just keep moving on. So I think also, I think I love I did the ways trend was set up that he so complicated in he such you know. He keeps surprising people right and then the next thing you know is the about this relationship that he has and it's just like. Ok, that's just one other thing you get to know about it, but does that also make it the defining factor of him now, because you know you know so much more he's he's got a rope, he's he's been horrible. Children scammed able scandal is growing already. Nor is there anything that those are. Those are larger themes that I think these public, even Moura, do you
rest. Him at your age is a strange thing. I think you, you always have to trust the character. The applying in some strange way you get into his mind, said you think I understand this dude in some weird dark way understand his pulse in his heart, and I always try to believe at the ethnic every after each almost believe that your characters out for good right. You not think if you, even if you play the most dastardly human being, you think yeah, but they they're doing it for good reason. Have Europe play a character where it was good for you to find an emotional way into them. No good, I think, usually than idle and only may take those roles that I feel like a buy up. I can't get some sort of idea about an icy victor strand was carried out a bit more afraid of the thought like it's. It's so complex, its exciting, and dark, but I'm not even show you the way he was written in the first episode of Kentucky was a good guy, bad guy, but he's excited about it and in a little terrified of it you know I mean just like How is this can all pan out? I have
I do have some of his aggregate bag. I like on now I feel like is, I feel like at the core of it he's a good guy, but I also feel like we ve only kind of scene in flash back some of the things that he's done that have been less than trustworthy. So I or maybe there. I think it's a weird thing. I think the idea of the world we should decide whether person is a good guy or bad guy. I think, are ready. That's what we're the argument as good think so you can look like Jim Jones. You rank rain, I think Jim Jones. He sought to do good. He was a pastor, etc. So many different horrible things like in a busy killed. So calm and right you know, but then you have let you may have someone like you. I believe someone like you know whether what people want to say about, and I'm not gonna get political but people honest anything about Donald Trump. I think in his heart I think in everyone's hard truly I'd like to believe that people are out to do good, yet people don't wake up and wearing a ring. Their hands go. I'm going on. I want to say some crazy things. I think people they they're trying to govern their life experience and try to do good in the world. Rain
It's all the complications and the things that go in between it that make a person you know, make it a good or bad decisions right right, right and also you know, people in general are it or more complex yesterday? I think so too you're, probably upon the Pollyanna that where I really do believe the people at the at the essence are good and then, through your life experience in the challenge, things it badly. You have the power to be completely horrific I like to believe that all people are good. In almost every day, social media works real hard to have every wake up. One twitter, my yeah, just like other on Facebook, it just the people,
people come out of the woodwork like now. Stop, don't you stop trying to change my opinion, goodness of men. I think these people are like an basements of their parents houses and like them just like seeing how sick and twisting alarmingly they're not. I think they are a people that you yeah, because its such there's so much escapism with it, because you know it really does it really does create this system where it's it's a very interesting, sociological experiment, you go what happens when you beings, don't have to assume any responsibility for their actions. What do people become yeah and you know I do believe that a lot of it is is vapor. I think a lot of its just venting. I think a lot of it's just taking other frustration and inventing at things, and I don't think people I dont, think up a large percentage of people really
in necessarily the doings they suddenly heard in some way, did you want someone to respond to it in some way? Well, I think it's you know everyone wants feel significant in some way and everyone needs attention. Everyone needs to connect and I think it a certain point. It just be like I'm, like the the misbehaving child psychotherapy tension by being good. I'm just gonna wrecked the fucking play design and get attention and you're gonna love me at some point is that you are going to have to deal with me. I'm gonna get attention we at some point, and I also think there's a I think oh conduct, their social media lives in and the news media, and that that the news media uses those you, no fear, tactics and shock tactics, and you know they speak allowed in superfluities of this is the worst thing are. This is the mother and I think, because people now our news feeds on social media. They employ the same tactics, so they know they don't just not like a movie. They fucking hate, yakking not like a movie. They fucking hate, yakking wharves, it's worse than they want to buy,
I could tell you they want, but also with isn't that just symptomatic of, like all of my lot of social media people just money, and we should acknowledge me- I want likes one appeal you'd unworthy I've value, validation, yeah, it's validation and in a sister, It's a very weird way valuable how's, yes, social media how's, your house as to how things change for use since show we know more than you have always been a bit on the private person, but I'd like to noon. I There are things I think people may be interested. I try to be inspirational. I should have some fun, but also just try to keep it a try to keep it I mean Anzio allowed some people want. You want me to respond in some way to some of the ills. That are gone on in the world, and I also I always make a conscious choices. I d I could spawn into sailor. Oh yeah, that this is an issue with razor or politics. Are things like that, but I feel is more productive, actually, for that I use it as a media mama of people. Listening to what I have to say, opera, something the counter
Is that something about love or about right investigating. You know yourself worth of some. I bet you mean, like I say I was go back to a bit of a problem. In that way. I really feel like I just tried, be very conscious of like when I put down to the universe and hopefully something positive tv. I think that's a constructive way to use social media and I think that when. You know, I think, when people tweet things in their minds, they check box like I did some good today as well Did you really are becoming of any they lady March to something that is so they or their? You know you are young. You sit down with the system. Now they just put out a tweet right, railroad, really doing anything really in your car. Basically, I guess that's what I want to know what exactly breathing this, this approach of actually trying to to spread. Positivity ignoring, I really do to do the same thing, and I get a lot of you. Do I follow you. I get a lot of shit forward, especially because you don't like it
fucking dead. I don't, I don't go well. These were my five problems with this episode is like right over there cynicism everywhere. You know it's not about there's no directive from the networks. Are you have to do this like I? Just if you want negativity, Not our define. Rectangle diving, I mean you know like its it happiness. Is such a choice and it takes work yet so through you know, you have to like put it out why I've navigate this approach. I really appreciate this approach. We, What were you always that way or did you have to learn to be that way? I've always been that way actually have. I think I've always been that way. I feel like I've been um, I'm really conscious of like what I plan to the universe, having weathered the choices that my career in the things I do do I'm very conscious of that I feel I could take. It is a responsibility as well man if it comes over the country. They're, my parents, so that it may or why, bramble whenever, but I feel like, I think we can be very conscious but were putting into the universal. Why not right in on? Does not the willy nilly can a person
think that I'm here, whether I'm one I m not on everything I might more than a guy really enjoy and slammed the picture is worth about, of course, or million yes or hundred that's not an economic giant, but I have said what the lifestyle and people like you know: I'm a post, something people. Oh, my god, you drew the comments of my now like ended, where the like, and then some fancy it'll work. You know you're, not responding. Am I I don't know about that. Parliament gave But I can do that here and there, but it's like I can run engaging. Read the comments just now, you'll get a hundred, really nice comments in some someone or to say something in our caps. It's really that's really just makes you feel bad for me that if ever you can only focus on that. One thing: it. Yes, it's bad, but I think you know people always need some sort of a scale or a metric or something because it so difficult to tell if everyday things that you're doing or having any effect, and so I you know- that's obviously wipe
get obsessed with that's up, but it really doesn't. It doesn't really mean any one of the really me exactly the one thing I do. I always respond to kindness compete when someone says something really nice or something bad or I'm Toby. I live like men, no hope of they don't get off some of these requests, but sometimes will all be really nice. Commons happy birthday. Remember that that takes a second sure. Some happy birthday elements innovate now you're gonna get bombarded by. You know that, but you know what I think it's a it's nice. If I can engage in, I have a moment, I'm sitting Marionette Starbucks having coffee I'll, do it. Well, how did you do such an interesting, the such an interesting. One of you for an actor. You know because act, you know acting can be such there's. You noticed this idea of setting out to get up in front of people in and be a performer, and yet you know, I think, a lot of it that there is a lot of attention involved in there's a lot of like I need in others. There are weird needs that you have forgotten
nor validation or whatever and in in a similar way having what we're talking about so high you. How do you not have all that stuff? You know what I think is because I think I don't I've always been, am I I guess, based cabinet addicted to the craft, I've been craftsmen, and it's all over. The work for man so I'd. Let you I like Chris starting out in the theater, so I'm really who really likes the engagement of liking abandoned in a dark room in a vessel. We had already inability of being in this dark of cars and sharing these stories in Heaven. This engagement wanted with another person, so I'm really interested in that and it might help has been filled. Growth is not so much of that will engage meant you get that when gotta COMECON in Europe, the fans and the friends, so I actually have a problem with like engaging
with people. I have no problem of going out and taking a selfie. If I see five hundred people there might now, I cant do five and to people, but we can do one big one right either Dag yourself throat. I think that is actually important. Actually, that there's you you have to do is just a medium is set up that way. You have to have an engagement right, it's a healthy engagement that have to I want to be so removed. Actually it's like, I have actually had the honour of this is our answer the question, but I had a conversation with some friends were they No specimen honest. I fear the walking dead where it said, there's a lot of attention and I live in New York City and I'm not a person that feels like I want to be with you. No hiding myself. All the time right, I think part of being an artist is also being out there in the world. I don't want to be just being unless you know this, you know in a car or something like that. I like getting the subway, I like seeing people, and you know stepping in
on the strength of a boy you figured? You know the reason I know, but I know what you mean: I'm a real human experience, exactly what have real human experiences and want to. I don't wanna, be shelter from that, and I think that's also that's what beads me as an artist, and so I am act. I actively make sure that I'm still part of society right in showing up being there. That is, if you're isolated than me a guy, can you connect at your cat? I think you can. I think we ve seen certain artists thank you no one day many names, but you see certain artist that may have made a queer off of, like you know their engagement, whether being a comedian and being out there in the streets and with people and of Sunday reach that echelon society and there, Sir removed from it. They can't go to the corner. Storing get those story right from the boy dagger anymore. They have to create this whole other thing and become the other thing that so far away from what they start out to do right and I like the idea of having an engagement, and I got- I constantly wanted an end of it. Do people are on the streets of New York ass? If you
New York's one of those places where, unless you get near the more tourists spot people New York by large, they cut it. Ok, they're just there to go from a pointed up. Be do their job. You know I cannot really. They are until you fear the working day and then they change. Then they went out of restaurants and leave their wiping kid in a while to get a self because they're they're like but her sobs, where they like. I can't believe it just manage, walk down the street right in his Jim clothes you know so their excited, and so the really excited so the you know, I'm that happened to me like once we got back from Mexico and I just walked my usual walk, which is about ten blocks to go to the gym, and I start like twelve times, and I thought well I forgot. You know that ten blocks yeah ten blocks to water,
journalists and a grave at eleven. I let you like away at an L. A black, though, is not really the say regularly block is kind of. If you don't want to much of me, I knew not where I stand alone. I try to stay and neighbourhoods work and walk around right to a whole. Villages simply bear. But and people look at me, I'm crazy like why you walking now I love working right. It's such a night so good yeah to just guy. I twenty bucks, a big deal, it's great, perfect, gags great! Well! Are you guys you're shooting now we know we start shooting again in December. You start should actually have some time up. What are you doing up? We're we're gonna play, you have to remember Avenue, comes, I am throughout. Italy were embarking upon the given right now called barbecue, and it's a dark satire about addiction, family and Hollywood and as in it stars like Francis Fisher and they'll dickie Del Dickie, is in my place and how do I love she just she just wanted to do it.
She, you know, you know, you know the breakdown of the agents in and she I really want to do this play dil. Deke is someone who I think should hands down one of the best actresses in the world, so you know when I was a fan of hers when it's all winter's bone, and I thought who is that who's, inviting all of that. You know what that beautiful character well lived face. You know and So she came to me with me. I want to do this plan and thought you can do whatever you want the directive last July, you direct. What do you do do? Are you conscious to do director? think you can direct her well. Are you like what you just do a? U why our duty as we have, I think you lay the fat, found the framework and the foundation. I think a good rectory legal Framework foundation and in and set your actors free and that way as long as they have you know these places where they can go and give them some great structure, and so I do give her direction and give a direction and the images do you know what it's like? It's all what she's bringing you know, but I ask you ass my access to bring matters to bring everything they can't
table and be a collaborative with me. It's never just like. I have all the ideas church ignore. I aye aye, I'm the kind of director. Little say this, let things I don't know: they together and I think it's healthy, that's what I've always the way. I've always been creating things it's like you have the great with the Spirit of Ike. I feel like. I'm gonna have found out that I know everything. You know that I find out that they have. No idea right you what you should always feel that way if you'll liberating, you feel like a kid you feel, like you know, that, The gods all come and rain down and sprinkle something special on it. Because of that, do what you say what you like about directing play of theatre I've ever had a big mouth and I think about and others have her opinions and ours. I'd really always, but I never, even as an act of narrow. Just looked at me, the micro of being an act of always looked at what exactly was happening
production, so that's what I'm even doing on fear the walking dead, I'm like I'm always looking at the whole. It's always been about one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight in San Francisco, and I was with no more of as an actor director and then I moved to New York, and I was more actor director and then rider as well. So but directing is a muscle. I love Two years because I had slept bringing things together and in my own private life, I throw great parties, and I think that the fact that I think that's what exactly does you bring all the elements of a great body you get get caterer you give good unit performers your great conversation. Listen, he makes them altogether. He makes a magic, but when you're, when you're doing theatre specifically, do you like doing? Do you like doing an original work? Or do you like?
kind of tackling something has been done about the times before and putting your own spin on new work is really exciting, because I think it's at the idea of like the idea of creating something that was never there is interesting to me. You know, like would create a whole new piece of theatre. This peace in particular came from was at the pump, there are New York and I was actually involved in it as an actor and fear the early workshops. As I was able to offset now to see this in sit me, I directorship with this in really help articulate. How can this be done with these actors at this time and and how it is significant, too. You know to what's happening. What we and whether dinner entertainment weathers with our re climate, about race for the same so many things about their ordeal with addiction. So I like to dispel the room either. If anything, I do not my strength of director I for I actually find it privately or what I was talking about, having a much stronger directed than I am an act
I think I think it for me. A goes director writer actor. Oh wow is like that. Thing at that as an active summing. These have been for twenty five years. I know how to access certain things and have a certain tool set. We can figure out these. Are these things pretty and integrate way beyond all Vienna complex way, but as a director is why always pilgrim, starting because you're really always starting from zero? It seems you like every process, gonna be brand new, because the play demands that will you working on a musical or play a new work, a classic work, but it your constantly shifting costly growing because in your actors, in what they bring into the room, your constantly shifting
So that's what I find exciting about it and if you like, my my skill set, is set for that in a way, because I really know how to obtain actors and display and say you're, almost in a strangely become tete, a tete therapists, they are. You ve got to figure out what this actor need, how they can get to the work. Ok, that one is very far ahead in the process of candy to bring this up that year. It's really or set up your painting, your you're, a conducting you're doing many things. I figured my, I think that some people just set that way of Aragon and constantly no well. We all take em hustling working on five or six things at one time. Oh you did your mother tat yet the because that conflict, that's just what my brain works. That's we actually get things done. If someone just tells me aren't. You spoke as on this. Television show right now, I think I'd be a little like you know, Lacson a little lazy, maybe, but if I have to do that- and I have to outlines do on our own, a couple of big plays and pre production of some directing,
I'll, get everything then yeah yeah and do you wanna? Do you want to transition in directing film and television? And I am very interested in- I just became curious in directing television actually I'm just watching the way, the mechanics of like a show like fear, the walking dead works with all this component is exciting. For me, I do have like I'm harnessing all of that and in telling a good story is very fascinating. I've been very open camera work, even even the way in the way of the way of coming to the theater. The way of coming to this art form in many of these are forms work. By doing I didn't have any formal training. I didn't go to his like Juliana in my yard, I learned by working, and so I ve been learning allow even just meet on set with walking dead and even recently this film in which the New York I'm costly, one, In the way and listening I find myself, I'm always like eavesdropping on conversations between the dp and the director and figure there you know my director always notices that I'm always every directive notices uneasy standing right behind like they're, calling him and said
we need common. I said: do I always liked re here, because I'm just fascinate would what's going on You know me once again, never just thinking as an actor and possibly just looking at all the departments. Now it's working now have a fascinating fascination with directing television yet will because with it you you're basically see you know the audience, seeing everything tat to a degree. But when you do from a television you're? Really it's a different type of storytelling right, because you have made your telling the audience what to pay attention to exactly your focusing them yeah any. Even when I go into eighty our sessions, I am finding I'm costly watching will. Why did the editor make the choice to now? Have that dialogue off screen and its focus on that actor here and just trying to get into a mountain additive questions like I'm trying to figure out why that doesn't make sense to me. Why will be cut that way, but it makes sense emotionally to someone else. Someone says this makes sense to tell the story this way, so I
wrecked from a place, an actual place and right from place with a lot of questions right. You don't think that that's why I get involved and in a while writing. What's up after a lot of questions and something I feel it ok, I gotta go to handle on that, but now to say: what's that the new thing, that's interesting, you know, maybe I'm gonna turn out to be a dp or something I have no idea, but you must have a story. That's just sort of faster inside somewhere they deeds to come out, as you actually do right now. I shall do my story that I need that I need to come out is to tell jigs Baldwin story. We about James Bond things while when, as one of the most formidable thinkers writers revolutionaries playwright writer thinker that America's ever produced and dumb. I think he is, is truly. The greatest and and I've inform along time? Maybe I just dumb- I can say because actually just get the I got some
item, an agreement to work on one of his biographies and because I am very interested in I'm telling his story, and I think it should be told our immigration and telling these extraordinary human being stories in a way that is not like cradle to grave in a way that is really just dumb really getting to the essence of the writing about the activism. What do you take a story like might like my Angelo story, I feel like the idea of boiling someone story down. Two hours is just not enough for me raise, I feel like especially with us only platforms MIKE. Why not a TIM part, many serious sure on this extraordinary human beings, life? You know whether you take Mohammed Alleys life in a make. That's that's a enormous life rain wouldn't be interesting to to say, let's not boil down to two and a half hours, that's universe! Let's make this intervention. Because it and I think the will find will find. Although the crossroads of other human beings and their event, you have been a stir
are our political consciousness. Are our social consciousness? You name it. So I think that those things that happy, because we are under no always looking for answers and we always have to go back in the history books to find out who we are today. So I think it's interesting so until stories like that, I want to sell things Baldwin stories wanting to tell stories about Mohammed. I lay on until stories about my age. Scripted stories are like document. Uninstall script is cause now is the perfect time to do a? U know everyone goes not for this. Sixty eight part, many Syria, ten ten episodes yeah. You know you get an amazing cast. Definitely welcome denotes like do in a movie yeah. That's exactly what I want to do exactly someone calling you. I think I think you should be one of them. Although you may get me onset and be like this is why he doesn't plans- and this is why do this, but I think that you're like so, but what I get from your usage always think you such a generous you
being just been in Rome with you here these such a general spirit. I was thinking that translates into edges. Transfers of people just noted that at the core, that's what the very forgiving waded through a preacher appreciate better, but I I I would love to I mean this is the kind of thing where The more you talk about it, the more momentum middle get, and I feel like someone all do it at me like I don't I think you did. This seems completely achievable. I hope so. I think I mean I've been a playwright for years to have written of, had three place published. Four foreplay is published and interested in telling stories and being a storyteller, and so whether that means theatre or film or television and allow time to make, because I haven't said that I wanted to Film doesn't mean it s, not something I'm interested. I just didn't know exactly what the project is, but I think no matter what I'm just really interested in telling stories, and I think that I have always been
I teach at times as well, and I am always inspiring students to not just think about being an actor to think to be a sort of that more agency in your career. To not just sit back, and you say that that's just who you are being an act or maybe a storyteller storyteller, and I really believe that it is. It crosses media you're, not gonna, believe it should be one to abortion. Or would you like to do better my active? I liked it have stories. I don't have me in front of the camera I just like whatever we economic, facilitate I've been a producer eyes, the produce theatre. That's when it first meant a lot of my close friends in San Francisco and US bruising theatres. I can have a five hundred bucks yeah, but, like I spoke at the stories out there, that's a very I think, that's of- and I think that's a very that's very indicative of someone with a strong, theatre background. It's like you do whatever you can do to get the thing made. Yet if you have to pull the rope on the curtain or your say, hacking in it or air working concessions, Leah everyone, you know it's a small team of people, bans together to discuss this
Now don't exactly and is not about being see it's not about all these other things that it. These are the troops. The people call abandoned terms like what they think being a creative or actors I'll. Take people see they c b b that the end result is a record for something. I think that, oh that's what being an actor, as you know, that's part of the work of the actor right, but it's not like. That's not actually why you are putting it into the business community. It's, so I just how do I do love really great club? I mean they're, nice other nice, yet exactly use semi things, but I do think I do think what you're describing is a good quality of a letter which I think is what translates to. And then I think is kind of the underlying one of the underlying things of like what makes up what makes a person magnetic. I think it's you know their engaging because they want to be not because they need to be in order. Luxuriant doesn't mean anyway, doesn't mean he D been in. Nuance! Yes, heave! Everyone needs someone, but he doesn't
doesn't seem like he's gonna do what is going to do and you can you can be along for that or you will have to be there and that's it. I think that's what sort of like compelling about a character or person they don't they don't the thoroughly there's no desperation, they don't need. They don't need you crazy yards. You, you speaking or something you ve made me realize something, because the genesis of even my self tape audition for strand I was that place in my career, to be very honest worth that, like you know, going to do what I'm going to do. I'm going to self tape this this going to be self taped and send it off of my this is what I think about the character. I don't need anything. I don't need anything from If you wanted, if you want to work with me, that's what I'm going to bring I'm going to bring you all these colors and things like that. I'm not going to get these notes from from the cast and purchasing. Oh he's this way on my this is going to be my creation of it. I'm going to leave it at that and either want this or not. It was just one of those moments, and actually that moment was the moment I booked the show.
There- was no Paul backs and you know network and all that all those other hoops did actually should go through. It was one of those moments. Was I o k that either that's what I want or not I haven't. I have. I have always had a little theory about that in how it why why it is that way, and I think it probably is to some ancient biological thing- that if you think you know as a species we have to survive, and so, when you're picking a community where you're picking People to align yourself with two hopefully pass your dna down survive. If something, if someone need something that means they're, not getting something yet, and so they seem desperate. There like logically, maybe they don't have the the right thing survivor to propagate those genes, but someone who, but a aunt you doesn't mean anything. It's like all this,
everything cupboard, yeah, that's probably the safest. Would they know something? I don't know I mean you don't do. That is your drawn to that yeah by on a biological level, your drawn, yet that's it. I think you're, absolutely right. I think you're absolutely right. I think that when we're in that state- and we feel so that we have agency in the world right, people are drawn to that process. Also, the you get the blood suckers as well. They went to suckle the blood they want to take it up, they will take it all, but you know you allow yourself a people who, like you, you know, and I think that's what like strand has with Madison. You know they look like they serve sniffed each other out, and I made a decision Stop yeah, I'm I'm I'm cut it out into a, but I'm really into it, because she's just to ok with everything, oh yeah shall I do not break something almost always held my guess. So let's go get breakfast well, I mean just in dealing with this. There is definitely some dark thing, something fucked up in her because she's just to us
hey with everything- oh yes, I gonna break something all Muslims held my guess. So let's go get some breakfast! Well, I mean just in dealing. You know with the sun whose head such our legs had such horrible addiction problems and she's. She is just at all, like all of the darkness seems so familiar to her that it, you know, like those two character, is just right: yeah ravaging the recognise each other yeah immediately from the from Jump Street, and it's one of the things were there like it's a little. It's it's exciting, it's fun! It's weird and start at the same time in yellow sexy definitely have some kind of connection in, and you know that doesn't even necessarily have to be a romantic connection. Connection, yeah exist. Sexy is great, if not the great too, but there is nothing about just about attraction. That attraction is complicated. Normally and just the idea that, like you know these two people who may think that they have nothing in common but the thrown together at the apocalypse, and it's something
Oh that's something, that's really I'm I'm your attracted to assure you know whatever that is well, I mean it's. You know, I think. Sometimes this idea. Like what makes people alike and not alike. I mean, I think you know their external things that are very accidental, like others person like Sweden, this person legs Jerry, owes there's no differently what, but the underlying thing that makes them pick the one of those things might be identical, yet the underlying their underlying motivations, of the way that they why they make the choices they make or what there you know what drives them. Yet all the other stuff is really just kind of accidental and not enough. They now don't think that really means anything out people only people have to like the same things. Beer you know took to get along or be attracted to one another, but it you know it. It helps in that it helps and long term relationships. I kind of like this. Things have to be alone, we will do it
no, I'm in a relationship. Your interrelate Helen remain together. We aiming at the four eleven year eleven years of what sort of innovation. What is this? you're still- and I remember the first eleven years- they say you can make it through that, what's a key to work to a good, healthy, really over the long term having laughter having laughter, I think being on a ride to watch this person grow and no one you're gonna grow and and how you gonna embarked, evolve and being for the right and I think we have a good time all time, honestly and but just like being along for the ride. This person, gonna change and great, like you're, you're you're, your butt, about two days. Your days into your nuptials, innocent you're gonna be a involve the debts with someone told me before they like
This couples, like seventy years old and, like all you know just now that this person is gonna, go through changes in gonna become something different and you have to also like just extend yourself, my other form of go along for the ride. That person's gonna have different needs today that nothing me, you gotta, keep your own eagle out of it. You are, I do want to grow their want to grow, and but you you're gonna, keep an eagle out of it. Ok, cool and trust. Also, I think honestly, I think I think I'll say with most relations of the web is my thought, but I think are people think and act ass. Their think you have to be. You can't hold any one tight. You can't hold it unlike help, please I hope to God you're. My yemeni ranch full. This whole thing I can get a whole, but you with your hand, open and trust that you know that United may slipped through a little bed in some way. Whatever who knows maybe come back the come back and they go through your hands, they both hands and life goes on. You grow yeah. You know me, you hope the EU together for, of course you know, but you know, but life is life yeah. You know that
I see that I'm giving a labyrinth real, that's life is not well. You know, it's interesting. Is that without this title I don't want anyone to misconstrue my point of this, but it made me think what your thing made me think someone taught settling really amazing to me once they said you know it's not it's about the having not about the key You know when we get so tied to have their own all this stuff forever like. Well, maybe you could just enjoy the time that you have that stuff here and be ready in a moment and having it yeah. I think that's really just a more complicated way of saying be in the moment here, but you know that that being so, that a hard thing for most people to do, because we work ethic which is kind of constantly set up till, I think about the future and think about all the other stuff you're trying to build up a sumptuous thinking. This is what it is today, young. Well, there's no yeah, I mean if you need any. You know. I think I dont know if the world, as any worse than its ever been, were more aware of it now because of because of social media because of the internet, because of how much.
Media impact study, Edwards, immediate ramming indoor heads were seeing all of it in real time. And and it's really crazy and I don't know for any more- I don't offer any worse off than we were before, but the fact that people can't live present and if you need any more evidence like watching people take pictures the whole tire video, though I think, they're not living in the moment, their going woman, I'm capturing this for a future. There, never going to look idle understand that when you see people and they give their less damage that that's what happened COMECON its it and I wanted to tell People- might just be here right, ok and also to know that their cameras gonna get this and you got your access anytime. You want, you have to stand there with your phone watching. You know you ve, recording this its EC, but it's I think we're just so attached to it, but I'm so old school and that way, I think you don't. You know I'm forty six years old, so I'm from a generation like this is still new stuff to make sure I'm still so analog that I'm not really built that way.
You know at a concert or end of year something out my phone onto my now. At the moment. It's gonna be awesome. This is great and its for me who you gonna, show that work is mother of but trust. We we have a three chemicals. Their courageous. It's gonna be popular. But better and better edited than your I've. I've noticed that it gives us an I'm guilty of two eyes. I saw radioactive and I took some video. The radio had cancer, but I, but I know that when I've watched it back, I don't he'll the same as I did when I was there, I, like you, I was there. Oh yeah rubber, that, like I, don't I'm not as connected to it right, it's kind of nice, but you know, but just sort of collecting all these things are. I just I don't know of it they were just deferring are enjoyment to time that were never actually you who is to unless the person dies of courtyard
now. My mother, I live. Maybe it the day it is gonna wanna. So if we want to make the most of my death, but you have no, but I think because as inevitable, but I do think that I'm I did have a. I admit that I took some from a prince concert when the last, when he did the last so you're not lay at the fort neighbour. I happy you haven't yeah my I have. It needs a good look at my while yeah. That was the last moment fucked up, because you never you know. You just don't know. What's going on with people, I mean you know, I'm sure, he's river God princes genius. What where? How could he I mean? What do you like planning instrument is what is one of the greatest performers in never history, perform yeah and look at all these problems, he was having a they didn't know about it. You know because he was human initiative that devastated. Maybe also that's also the thing that we ask we always due to these. No larger than life human beings. I think that we are, I don't know we don't give him a break it to be human and away like, like with Michael Jackson, already used
He and I feel like we ve lost so many people in our generation that are like of our times like the voice of our times right they perform of our times and it is devastating, but each time you find out when you go more into their their private lives. Now you like, they weren't able, which is. Maybe this wives are vigilant about always being in touch with people. These. I think that when you're so far removed and people on a lie to be human anymore, the that I'm sure this pressures to that sure why you know that we that are unimaginable to us right as I think that- and I think that just human contacts, it is very important. I think that these people lax that and you just being able to live unit idea Prince writing his bike around the Piggly part compound or riding around his neighborhood in people's unity. That's the most he could do. I think he was desperately trying to had that normalcy in his life. You know each other.
Couldn't do that. You know at all. They were consular being, while some people, I think, or performers, because it can be difficult for them to connect. But, like just you know, I'm not super comfortable at parties. I can provide, can do and a firm ten thousand twenty thousand people. But if I'm in a party with people I just I get it like you, I know you better one on one people I could. I do. Can you find one on one once it starts? You know what once it gets going, but I always feel out of place when I'm at a party I would feel like I don't know I didn't be here is weird. I don't ever remember what to say, I don't know you know, so I think for some people you know, maybe they go into perform. They go into a life like that rare because they like the art, but also it allows them to express, allows them to connect with people. But then you know a guy like Prince Special coming out of the air the he came out of,
she's, so it's so isolating it does Yahoo search seem so isolating yeah, and then we just that, but also we also useful deify them in a way in a way that they can't be him, and I, by no one prince, came to Philadelphia when I was with sixteen of such a huge prince fan. I think I got it no. I was, I was seventeen, this matter, but no matter what I drove my nineteen eighty three shabby chevette. A round after the prince cancer after the love sexy cancer, because if we had made him had me find out where so TAT was, what was I going to do? What are you drove around brands. I've always liked what am I going to ethnic? That's crazy! That's a creative, but that's what the unity they sort of bring out and you as well. But why do we also? But it made me think like in hindsight years later like? Why do we give people that much like we have the week is a lack and ourselves that we deify these people? These just he's an artist like anyone else but see, but something and you that you can't
yeah. That's. The thing is that I think you know we, I think part of our survival is we I mean if we don't believe then stuff, then I think it Well, why? What are we doing yeah and I'm not saying it has to be in armed after only religious? I don't think it has to be religious, just think, but people need hope they need to believe in. Greater too, maybe to inspire them to achieve or to feel like thing anything possible, and so it's probably just you know, like Prince, was a guy. You seem performing Lego yeah. I guess anything is possible tat. I can say that it says no this tiny man who can play every thing and do it thing a section cheap. The Lotos exert a fabulous
that's right, I got exert he's alive. You gotta find tracking down, even if you don't know exactly what it is that you need from the right to choose the matter as if you had tracked down it probably would have been a very disappointing exchange everywhere, away with better that you didn't track and we go stroke now that when you meet certain people like I've had a second gazed, met with many with the Franklin, the which was actually lovely, but the first time I met a red the street added made, I want buyer and she's going into Christy's and I'm just a random Of course I realize it did so crazy. I was just like so like overcome of awe periphery. Frankly, I am says you use fair, hi, all my god. You're amazing instrument might looked at this crazy guy and she ignore me. She looked a mink, walking right. Was I heard? What have you she's bed? Probably you know how, as happens for DEC,
a decade and she d, you know it's just a mode that they go into, but I think, as a fan, the best thing that you can do is Jason. I found my best experience and peoples when I didn't have any expectations for myself yeah. I wasn't I get anything from the person was justly hey. I want to let you know that I think you're amazing yet, and I did that with Catherine O Hara, yet some party, she was there and I would like sorry to bother you might say I think you're amazing have a good night. Rightly know when you aren't. I was like those times when I've, you know like try to hang out and expect something right is never they never goes into people dont know what to give. Yet it's a weird, but you have to do this thing that isn't like you. I think when you think that I always try to turn around when people to stimulate- oh, my god, oh my god, Yo Yo, YO deeply strand. Can I get a self M, I gonna go straight into something like hey: what's your name yeah, that's actually ever really gonna connect!
little baby now or like somebody. I think I was in costume and I was actually you know shooting and I'm sorry! I can soon cosmic man. We really want to sell it now. How about this? How? But it was his younger. Can I give you a heartless less about, unlike other out and talk? What's up is that you will exercise? Let's aided the Intel people do that you know what's your name in the EU. But what are you interested in? What are you doing here? We actually have, Jane to yet that's better than a selfie yeah you and it's what I Photoshop me in any part of its role, pigs forever things about this. COMECON culture is that I think it's a really nice group to have yet The nice community to be a part of, and so you know when people come up to me- there really sweets. I'm totally I love talking. I've told you are you're like a unit became calm candle like I like I just gotta, give like I felt like it was nice. Could you feel like you are, sir?
such a champion of like sort of this. This unit comic book, culture and stuff, like that you're gonna mean and a feeling you you're a great soda representation. I did I I just honestly feel I you know when I was growing up. I was very ashamed of the things that I was into because that sliver of culture was socially ostracised. You know we didn't have the internet, yet you now almost the same, Jeff and so in the eight you know like any sexier, yet twenty seven we for so negative result years about the you know it. So I was. I always felt like the step that I was into was difficult to be very open about, as I didn't, I was democratically ridiculed for it. Chess club or being in the computer lab or whatever was, and so as I go, older. I just never wanted people to feel that way. So that's why I'm part where the parliamentarians, why I'm so inclusive, because
My family moved a lot. I never felt like I fit in and I met attics don't want people to feel like they don't fit in. I want people to feel like you fit in. Whatever your into massive murder, you fit in murder, nerds not welcome, but I really like. I want people to feel like you know, even if I don't fully get what they, thing. Is that you're doing your passionate about it? Yeah, that's good enough, yet you know so it must be must be important. I think that I think this beautiful things me once again as in a great way to keep extending ourselves as human beings yeah, like my nephew, actually showed up. Fourth of July and at tat moment of my thinking at his ease, always been a bit on a french and in an hour now he's been like you know this black goth cared and things like that and he showed up and for the first time he's an add on a straw. Understandably, that is the affair,
Kaliko furry costume on oh yeah. It would have been a very. He would see that worry. I mean it. What was the costume it? Was he caught a gothic August eagerly? He was a wolf kitty, yeah yeah. What is that? That's like a further. It's like! That's that's in the furry family. I'd have to see the cost material. Exactly what it is, but probably some type of a kangaroo me yeah yeah yeah, exactly with his friends. They were all just needs for, and I didn't understand it, but I thought you know. I think that these days and I think with because a social media and is in many ways my there's room for all of that for all everyone who feels a ban on the I was bonafide fine, you know nerd negative away growing up and if you like, I feel like my time has come the goods any different, grooming. Here you know that expression is a really any differently,
like in the eighties, were people would do the mohawks with green, but are not weird to see now at the time people you know. What's up with those people, you know, but it's the same kind of you know it's just it's just that type of above expression and at this time they feel comfortable right, but I think also, that's me. Don't worry me more than in our world. I feel like I liked idea like just showing up on a Tuesday morning in some is dressed like you know, some crazy costume. Why think it's I think of it. It's so much more accepted now than it was, and even though they might be people who go we all know that when you guys doing elsewhere get out here, I saw, by and large as a culture people. You know that is the positive thing internet is done. It is you know it's essentially localised the world. Yeah everything that's yet at the world is a local community now and you can connect with other people and men. There is kind of some for everyone,
and you know now, even if people back into the guy or even in some internet shit, kids do and now I don't get it right. You know, but it's not you. I don't think people herb me no being run off the road, because there are no costume anymore. So it's I think it's a good. I think it is a good time yeah. I do think It certainly think there is a long way to go, but I do believe that there is more tolerance for fringe things now than there was one night when we were growing absolutely, but you know a lot of that is media and anne- and you know what we're talking about before as every time a character like that that all that stuff is incidental. Yes, angry, it's like I could make it like. Other baby has one or more now than become more normalizing everything away. I think that's great happiness way for everyone who, I believe you feel there in the fringes of society you now because of media uniformly. Oh that's not so strange right. What were you into when you said your bona fide narrow, its oriented Europe? We now sent to you now
eating. Why don't you read and write and as in the books now you know I was just until I can. I play you now. I you know I was school newspaper. I you know, I was played violence and terror sacks and dumb. I I you know the Lego, nice huge. The Lego. Yes, I believe, as I was up, but I wasn't like an agreement. The city Philadelphia, and you know you, you were you ain't, a basketball are things like that and that was a mayor or the other didn't accepting of you. Or did you get shit? Why got shit? I was just ass, I was always is not a sort of that is what the quiet geek in the back of the of the classroom register. You know, and I was ridicule of actually getting a great as well sheriff you not new, but people. I was a cheat offer me or so you know, like you know, the idea that you now being smart was
not a good thing to understand. A strange way is not strange, yeah. Think about idea, like being being you know, having an interest in you know, I was always known as the teachers pat to right, because I was really interested in what they had gone on, and you know, I think, that's just. I think that's just a teenage rebellion right. I think if, if it could be the other way, if that felt rebellion, You know, but I think studying is giving into the system in the structure and, if you're rebelling against that, you don't give a shit. That means year you, King Ass, yet example care and yeah. You know certain pointed you realize I go yards of some kind of important exotic. There may be some inwardly outrage innovators over this area. I was really gives my parents, you know I was in stop it. May they put me in situations where I could explore that yeah,
so I think a lot of it also comes from being able to recognise what your kids are into enshrined in you know the buyer them there's no parent. My parents were like really interested him. Olive is just a matter. We're not artist at all, but they are very interested in their kids are expressing themselves. I was always I share? I hadda tells him unless the other day I had thought the sneers Adam at Lisp Lever my asses remember axes of the back of her eyes, I didn't speak. A lot, so is very much as someone who just watch the lie solely with such perfect addiction. Is you have now you that's all manufacturers, the people. I was all we love the two strands voice in the way he speaks a read me any bedtime story. It's like come a long way back to thread. Medicines ran about them as you go marathon could imagine
in fact that are everywhere, get them about that, but let's floor and why they have to learn tat. My first strand I think I'll kill. You aren't gonna, kill anybody not without less. Let's move maybe so that that was something that define you that you, or at least you think defined you and You changed that thinking. I think, like may I have a lot of hurdles to overcome. I think you know grub very you know I was there of an inner city home. There was very nuclear and whack robe, with mom stepfather and through siblings, and I think that, but you still we're we're pretty poor before I go my sister's hemming Anglos enemy, aware hiker high top pink brocades yeah, you know I was there on that chain insight and, as after my sister like bow
you do not, even when it comes to me that you are having a Lisbon being shy and things like that, a lot of things you know too like overcome and away- and I think I remember, like you- know- I've been in high school. I just couldn't wait to get college summary that couldn't with your college- and I felt like my life- was gonna change in it did because I really feel like I wanted to be outside of what was the pressures that were put on me, whether just being an african american man in the inner city and wood You you're supposed to be- and I thought I got it is universally over the Temple University and I said I'm hanging around all different sorts of walks of life and people, and things like that and I can redefine myself or I could actually define myself remain as oh. That's when I started an interesting like weathers theatre. Ah, whether was on clothing. The way I express myself I didn't have,
dressed the way. Every unit stay in line with what everyone else was a neighborhood. I can actually be myself and figure out what that was. You know So that was an exciting time. Anything all those things led up to serve. The evolution that we have in mind happened in college and then I move too, and I live in San Francisco after that for ten years and you you can do nothing but become You aren't oh yeah yeah. Yes, absolutely how you know you could be happy, you could be a biker, you could be. You know a thug, whatever you want to be, but it was. You can find a group for that. Yeah. You know so. Yes, I think you know there's this goes like the first world interpretation of the internet is like either that there isn't a chat, room forever, exaggerating value. That's exactly elephants, emphasis go in the nineties in it, but I feel like going to tell people that when I look services gonna stories that have it's like you think I was in the sixties right. It was very but you know politically charged and you know just like live waiting in every single way when it comes to thought more than ever, such a wonderful city, it's by love, SAM's, has got a great place to pray.
I love the former owners who was changed little bit doubled heavy felt its change little, but because of you know the the dot commerce and how the shrill like enveloped San Francisco and serves driven up the of the artist that I am part of like part, the wave of actors moving out, this sort of priced out. Yet we are priced out, so you feel, like you know, it's like a citizen S gotta do better about and how do we keep act? The artists in the city? such are there such the the Socio Economic division in San Francisco is pretty heartbreaking. God year you walk through neighborhoods, you know where there is where the with the real estate is insane and stepping over people sleeping on the street heroin Alex you name it if exit unit, but also its very. When I tell you it's very, very liberal, and also with that comes you know, and the liberal through and through, but of course that does, I think something to my predecessor on pc. I think a little if I could get a little Republican around here,
too much it's over. It's a little too many people laid out on the street. Just you know, die right. You know because they have the right to lay out and straightened derive no act I think we need to take care of them and I have little structure to give a low structure. You know that you're on leaning more towards the metal unsafest, I dont know how to I mean I dont know there obviously is there obviously is a problem I judged it ma am not. I am not an expert the same risk about it. So I don't know how you solve it, but it's not. A huge problem, but I don't know how you give these people the support that they need and respect them. Needlework respect their right, the right to do what it whatever they want, but also give them to help the help you know cause it get because I can't imagine San Francisco is a great. Place to be out on the streets in because it's freezing alot of the year it's it's kind of unbelief Well, I was just there about a year ago and I was doing a workshop of a plan, might have an American Deserve theater which right on market street and of course, that's right where I think you know
Twitter has headquarters yards where you gonna get the all around there and you, then you see this real. I was actually like shocked but you know I live in New York in its it takes a lot to shock me, but I'm just shut where I was stepping over people. I was with me by putting a needle and on the street yet walking by the the unit, lovely people going into the job a twitter and install it this, isn't normal people. This is normal. We ve gotta make even as a senior building you got to figure. How do we take care of this problem here? Right and not just say it's a problem but like how do we included it in the planning of this, whether social services, you I met a job creation. You name I built with some plan that can happen, there's about everyone's economic growth area and also in Edinburgh, the sum rehabilitation that can happen
right if they are interested in it in some way, but the idea of like once it's it's it, but while on six and market street is the most shocking block, I think at America, as I dont you know my concern, isn't there like them. Oh, my gosh, their ruining the real estate, it's more like their people. How do you? How do you help em like? How do you give them the ability to make the choice to get the help that they jack need? Exactly I thought you didn't the and why not crazy? We mean the fixed, the world. You have a virus, everything I don't know was about. I don't live their accounts agendas to also not politics. That was that I don't. I want answers for thing, I'm very disappointed. I know network as and when you come back next time. I will solve all great, but a year but you're working on this play about addiction, and so what is that? What are you? What have you? learned about that well,
I think I know I've experienced people in my life who had addiction problems as well and Looking at the surreal ah worlds, there living in one deal with even people over some that about to me and the repetition of it and try to and try to find the answers like how to break the chain of it, and I think that's also what the magical him the this, but is also a bit of a SEC higher. So it's really secured up in its really like you know, it's happening fast and furious, and it's really actually kind of funny so and also think that, think, also deal with dark material. I'm used to deal with dark material and and really the weak and shine a light on. It is really make people laugh. Their asses off rightly ends. The release Yourselves Z, the absurdity of all of it well- and this is in this play there as they are in intervention that happening that intervention is happening on family member who has the worse addiction everywhere
so they smoke Vade they pop hill. There. You know they drank, but this one is that the combination of all of it and so, but also then it gets cured in turn like what are we believe, how do we view addiction and how do you view addition indifferent? search dealing with it and with a quotation family and deal with it with an african american family units. I think it would dealing with it all race as well. So right, it's really I'm looking at the lens of addiction and the Sailorman at summits. It is in the air. And the surreal qualities around all of it. So I have a lot of experience, dealing with loving people, were in the throes of addiction and is do you think, culturally that do you think we as a society, are less how full two african american families and, moreover the caucasian like we have to get Trevor and therapy. You know right like what it. What are you find? There are the main differences and you I do believe it
There are some strong cultural differences in terms of how we view addiction, Robert O Hara, the playwright, said he actually told the story the other days, and you know it addiction and my we, as you know, I can go home for the holidays and there is an obvious crackhead at the table and then I what what's wrong with the she needs help in its it. She needs help. You we gotta get. You know that she sitting at every sitting link is completely normal, that I will be tried giving help. She doesn't want help, but she still are my royal. Is you deal with the end sort of in this normal way, which is also really is here that I couldn't believe it. What was happening his eye because he believes in a therapy gimme will help but overly. But then what are you? What happens when they don't want it right, you know: do you asked, tries the more these two party of family, so these themes and questions, I think that are running through just how the careful whether after Americans, you now coverage in America, dynamic economy, something we just. These are raising questions on how we deal with the yacht Weatherin, given in the answer
Yet I really don't know additionally, doesn't addiction has no color yeah a right, and you also can't if the person doesn't want it there's. No, I mean you can't it's not gonna stick there, they have to want it and they have to be motivate its into such a strange thing is, I think you know it's not that I've been experiencing So my life, I was a who, but of someone very close to me, who just want the rehab and then within a month. You know each other For them you you can visit them your great great, great great and then find that they are back. You ve caught up again and it's it's a cycle and you, like a remember. You said they said he, you will lose your job. I'm gonna take care of that you know like let's not challenge that Israel your last time, but you have to do it and then, after a while, to make an agreement. I believe I just try to make an agreement, cannot judge anyone and you say: ok, I can still love you and that's what's gonna happen. Sometimes you have to let them let it happen.
Right, you can't you can't get in the way and just to think I can help fix you because you're not think we're all programmed to say. Let me help you. Let me take care of this. Do you need money? What is it doing to help you move out of that neighborhood? What is it, but it's like? No, they have to want to do this stuff drive in and then you can just and then you have to amend this place right now. I'm sort of making a decision do cause it it its painful, no matter what you think Am I standing idly by this person just self destructing or am I letting them just then I have to let them do that. Could I can't get above? I could become that codependent in their because then I'm a part of the problem as well right. So it's a strange strange thing: like you know, and I know that you know I'm I'm I'm never been a person about I've been a person. I think the victim it survived in with many heartbreaks and, and things have gotten in their world without therapy? I thought maybe this is something possibly I should. You know, look at your group to see. How can I support or not support this thing, because we don't know what it what to do
effect, other people around you, exact them in and so yeah. I definitely think they're there. I completely support support that because it is a tough thing to manage on your own, and yet you know people who ve been through. It can be very helpful for that type of group. Counselling are one on one causing, I think, is really really really important. What is your favorite as we're gonna wrapping this? Oh my gosh, there was an hour already coolly shit. We could talk about how we could talk for our. Have we really could they? think there that I completely support support that, because it is a tough thing to manage on your own, and yet you know people who ve been through. It can be very helpful so that type of group counselling are one. I went out Why don't? You should come to the wedding, what that's one one that have come to the wedding? I would love to have you I've been getting really nice added to that, since we have come to your wedding, I appreciate that We could talk about how we could talk for we really could they are you round this weekend. Camera is come to the wedding. What you should come to the wedding, what into the weren't. You should come to the wedding. What that's fine one?
come to the wedding. I would love to have you I've been getting really nice to have. You know that, since we have come to your wedding, I appreciate that It is absolute Saturday evening in the evening authority, great array, somehow about like you. No great causes me didn't its barbaric. You know is a unanimous and I'll bring out is a casual is what its foot well. Ok. So the almost I did a thing where she, you know her family. She comes my family of they were ranchers Bay clean and there's some of em alarm still are, so she wanted to do this a colleague she said that its optional, but it's late, there's like a cowboy formal, optional attire, so You like a suit and boots were united in cities, but actually just take a step back. We have now, I'm like, I never saw it coming either she was like. No, I think we really cool optional, current hack hobbled, some of that view
you, blackball attire cowboy boots when a suit or whenever you don't have to one of our work on a horse that would be fucking incredibly une road or horse into Pasadena. Where the wedding is everyone living there would be a great now. I will definitely I'd love to have its own Ivan becoming friends you only coming from the area. You don't think it's always fun cause you when you, when you're gonna start when you appear its often word events and we do so the attic I like Guy hang out with that. Guy about you are values that, but you know I feel it such a nerd. Am I I can't believe you're, ok, goods, you're, going to the wedding very well done. Are you going to running? Ok so I'd love to hear is weakened, ravenous out, you said you're, so inspired by Baldwin Riah. So what is a quote or something that you ve learned or something to live buyers, something that you want people to know? Oh wow, this
Actually I discovered this Assail Baldwin's from nineteen sixty three he and Richard Abbot on, went to high school together and an they created labour and all the way to the debts, and they created this book of essays with this photography and the book has been out of print for years. And me in my collaborators per Patricia Macgregor. We did if some these essays for this Bowman festival of years ago and the last bit of it just really touch my heart and it went somewhere else and when something like this, I have slept on rooftops an basements and in some ways have been cold and hungry. All my life have felt that no fire, whatever warm me and no arms
I have been, as the song says, beat them scorned, and I know that I will always be, but my god and that darkness, which was a lot of my ancestors in my own state, what a mighty fire burned and that darkness of rape and degradation that fine flying frog and miss the blood through all that terror and in all that helplessness, a living soul moved and refused to die. We really empty oceans with a homemade spoon and tore down mountains with our hands, and if love was in Hong Kong, we learn how to swim. It is a mighty heritage, it is the human heritage and it is all there is to trust, and I learned this dude is sending as it were into the eyes of my father.
Mother. I wondered when I was little how they bore it, for I knew that they had much to bear. It had not yet occurred to me that I would also have much the bear, but they knew it and the unimaginable rigours of a journey help them to prepare me for mine. This is why one must say yes to life and embrace it whether it is found it is found in terrible places. Nevertheless, there it is, and if the father can say yes, Lord, the child can learn that most difficult of words amen for nothing is fixed for ever and forever and wherever it is not fixed, the earth is always shifting. The light is always changing. The sea does not cease to grind down rocks.
Generations do not ceased to be born and we are responsible to them, because we are the only witness, as they have the sea rises. The light fails lovers cling to each other and children cling to us. The moment we cease to hold each other. The moment we break faith with one another. The scene gulfs us and the light goes out common Domingo re. Raising the bar on how we end upon gas will never be able to tap bank equal status. Unifil- and I really hope that you get to make this. I hope you get to make this thing that you want to make that I hope you get to meet you. I feel, like a six. Eight ten part, many series having thou, be extraordinary exerting adjusts. Once again, I think, all in all, I think of leeway.
We're all trying to do. I think what you're trying to do is we're just trying to bring us all together and really just trying to hold a mirror up to each other in this world and make this world a better place and Apollyon away, like I always say, I'm such a pollyanna, but that's my belief and why I try to do what I do well. I hope he will pursue that more. Me, I'm gonna Miss behaved to try to get attention and remember this school and an you should follow common I'd, be he should be inspired. A common and follow the work of James Baldwin ends. Thank you. So much for being here and I'll see you at the wedding as you are the one man you're such a goose so great to have you I'm so glad we got that we finally get this agenda like have abundant overcome. We talked for maybe fifteen minutes and it was like how can you help us put out a fire I'll be back when I put out a fire and I came back there? I was God, oh my god. I was gone for like thirty five minutes trying to solve problems, but we were.
Right we were guy yeah, but it was so good to see you too, and thank you so much for sharing that common Domingo I should say I fear the walking dead is back Sunday Sunday. The twentyth spurs up yeah my wedding, exactly where pre taping attacked I added so we were like You really do working the deaf. Your wedding, like Norway and three, that we take the shy where they are not making me work the day after my wedding, I wanna be going to the honeymoon. A member of a nation opens in October over seven October, seventh, and then people should see or play at the definitely urge opens on September Fourteenth Preview September six and with the aim of the plague is not barbecue barbecue excellent, coming to make. No. Thank you for being here and sharings enjoy burrito everyone now leading noticed. Com
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