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Awesome filmmaker (and guy!) Darren Bousman comes on the show to talk about directing the Saw movies, Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Devil's Carnival, the rise of the horror movie industry and society's addiction to technology! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Hey what can a notice but guess number two. Seventy four lot alive shows coming up having to be doing stand up in a lot of cities like Nashville Chicago, blooming because it does not start December cause November tenth Saturday night on coming central, eleven p M, I believe,
is my first, our alongside of comedy special man droid, please watch it I'll hug, you or I won't have you want me to uneasy? I'm a hug or of again whatever you want, so I'm your private home dancer hunger for money, I'll do pretty much whatever you want me to do with. I think Amazon, Dolokhov Responsiveness have Southerners part gas. We go to this podcast page and click. The Amazon banner and shabby normally would be supported in earnest broadcast. But more importantly, please watch the comedy special pig intrepid bearing and reject the cavity central. This is authorised by gases, daring thousand and who was a great guy, and I can tell you that, because I called him daring Bozeman from us, the podcast and he didn't correct me- didn't correct me and then a kind of came out of the areas like waiting. You correct when he was a guy. You know whatever its fine, really great guy, directed a bunch of films and saw Series two three and four also reap the genetic opera and Asia, really cool guy who sort
who could have made his own path, which think a lot of you who listen to the show, do that or want to do that. So it was it's a good up. So for you to listen to you, so there is no progress. Absurd number, two. Seventy four with daring bows men also make sure and catch the devil's carnival, which is as late as film and looking up on Google, religious and guide he's doing it all him. I'm explaining the whole fucking pod ass right now so shut up. You could just hear it happen organically. I love you
now entering murder. Star com would never use. It is avoided, the dark radio show then after Dark Cinema show where the radio hostess all fell tree and any call up the stories like this fancies. Sexy stories this one time I was in a billiard parlour, I said sexy and then no than they have said, the Baltic because they actually phone starts playing, dared Bozeman has gone its dual. Well, how are you I'm good weaves, especially so
the podcast, Joan Jonah Xanadu, literally just that his arms were largely you just tell me. The word could mean anything he's on heroin. Maybe there's Jonah one second one second ago was like early. Just it's a having been on a minute will start without man. Ok, we're gonna start the podcast now use knows as most worker highlighted there are no jobs, then withdrew the bag with the with the bag. Was that you guys but listen to me urban outfitters, though this is a bag. Now that could be anything We wanted a man can be anything to thanks. Mr imagination, did you not get? Toys is no He's bag and sticks bar sticks, Daddy's high here play with his plate with this activity. Sack to me there, and how are you, sir, I'm doing very well? Thank you. Has it
if out of notify gas, why? I am affair and it s great to be here. I ve never ass standing, but we ve been working on this report. This is you made it? What's your favorite episode of all the episodes evils I got called out. I cast my movie and I didn't know he was before outcast and it was that he was in this lasting a dead he's, a member of Slipknot. Will I actually Poland to the meeting and scarcely was clown and he goes is big. Intimidating did, and he goes so. You're France Slipknot becomes a huge fan and he's like Arthur's awesome soya, which a favorite song As a canoe, your eye celebrate your entire collector guess he goes our IDA. Posted outward managers offers new pulls this like frame picture of the warm puts in front of me if you ve ever seen, Slipknot there's a bunch of guys in it are always Matthews point to me, which one am I and I know I know clue, was inside. It's kind of randomly pointed put that thing in August. This meetings over and walked out of the thing. Joking,
It is growing with me, but it was pretty intimidate time. I thought he was there is like, while nobody work, etc all the kind of bad ass actually to do that if you're, not in Slipknot, here's the thing, Why do you any band and say pointed a base play around like going the ugly one in winter when you're, mad Jonah or I for summaries We have that kind of energy where, if we tried to pull that very like I am never gonna work with that if she could never pull that with one as we I'm sorry never mind will need something. I saw myself babbling like an idiot trying to backtrack. When I realize you really was think they were all laughing at me. The man was laughing at me and I was seriously like sweating like palm just waiting bubbling like an idiot? It was really really terror, so we are talking about free it on Youtube. You gotta new poppy, its aid. This sounds like really going to lose. All horror cried when I talk about
but at a golden doodle which is a cross between a puddle and golden retriever. What kinda yeah I asked my entire immediately wants a picture. I wanted, you ask an entire photo album, prepare, I'm sure. As the we. We took the the get to oh hi. This weekend we have two dogs, and we took a matter is the first time the dog was actually allowed out of the house due to its poor vote. So you can. You can scroll right there now, allowing when you, when you're dog gets Parbleu shots, does it have like a vice helmet now, right body? Let there be no right. Man you must society owes grounding, cannot seedy adorable nets. That is my daughter. S is gonna like Flippin there's, nobody in their authority, you ever have doggedly of pictures. You, like I don't know where it was embarrassing of China's Yosemite
While I was in a meeting- and I opened my laptop and is always that moment of like what was a lasting was looking at you- I was safe. I opened up, but I did start to type in Youtube and you, for you, hardly up short, go to Youporn a lot more than you too. You know just to see if they wish to each teammates five. Would it plan your ipad? I obviously the picture than there's a picture of the door. Holding its vagina in writing. It, the breakthrough, just gingerly spreading the These new about that, oh hi, those then a reply was graves. The first I've been there is one for the first time recently as a guide. This is so close, real ethical ass. It was too, and that was the things in ten minutes. He was here people going gone. Oh hi ago, that's like probably three hours away things in our in ten minutes away from milk white people dying is an hour in ten minutes away going to Santa Monica is our than when I found out. I wonder how the valley to see when I started
about Santa Monica Marilla. I am reminded of Blaine capacities throw away when he starts making references to the cities and on stage local references get your local war. Turned HU thank you for saw, I fuckin Lula. I saw first of all carry always. Is it always always away elsewhere. Always I always said, L was like I always kind of fudged, the last part of it not really no Ellen. Zero held? I knew in Macgregor you in here it was. It was a cool. It was crazy, was out and allay just like a four year? They fired off ever job I've ever had. I worked on exe file. Those fired from I worked on Van Wilder was terror resistant fired? Would you would you The proud I was appear or european
yeah and so like. I was literally going from one p, a job that anti terror read very Red Foresaw. She did not read foresaw what it would have a kind of epic actually thinking back on it. You could have hired her and then fired her day one. I remember the day that I ate. This is like something I think is a cliche, but I was really told this. I was on the set of an wilder and I ve been fired off the three movies before that. They knew that when they hired me like, I beg my way to get in there and they fired me and it was like a tear. It like my attitude or something, and I actually was told the line, does your forth I ve been fired off a major thing. You will never work in Hollywood, again went home and cried myself to sleep in a vodka induced slumber and I just got really angry- and I wrote like the most angry better script that I could write at the time was called the desperate, which was about me being desperate and life, and it was I literally, tried to make most offensive thing. I could possibly right in the horizontal and
we set it out. Everyone rejected there are like this is terrible. This is ridiculous. You will really never work in this way out. Really it's really over that's five area, so I made a fake management company. I made a few. Phone number had and record nothing and I use My friends and agencies to literally create fake, buys on this script that I wrote. Next thing I knew I got a phone call from twas. The picture is saying we want to turn this script and saw two and then a kept me into saw two three and four. Ever directed anything before that really- and I really kind bullshit it my way into that first meeting and the rest of the rest continue to happen after that those kind of crazy, that's great there. I think it's really hard with horror movies surprise people, and in the some of these really were that when you feel like you, really
a half utopia. Rather why? Like one comes along real, I know, but this really does kind of TED, because so hard to find a twists within that John Vienna came out during a thing like that towards the end of the team. Why did you know it has started that that kind of hard core? Whatever was house four thousand corpses? Oh yeah, that was like one of the first like you started to get really raw back. Unlike the zombie, brought it back to being like crazy and in hardware, which was so funny because the you know when when he was making them, who I remember when we were making the movie you universal, really high on it big bay. They double did they not like we, you know he did They can give a lot of money to make it the first time we can't we shot one ending and then he was like well, they wanna they like the movie there, their double in our budget. Just so we can re shoot the last like fifteen minutes, and so we went in and it got way more like the original ending of uptake They were joining of house without groups, as you know, like my character, just gets basically torn apart in a cave like that was a cheap. And then so all the money, if they didn't look like the rest of the.
We like these elaborate bone wall and the doktor Satan layer and there was there, was no monsieur. There was much of a doctor Satan in the first version and then all this you know I think that was right around the time the Columbine shooting happened, and so all of Hollywood was like. Films are too violent, and so they they basically said we're. Never gonna really was it from when you guys finished it when actually it was put up outlined, we started. I start is hard. To rob written. It was like ninety nine Rob set. I think I'm gonna write a movie and nobody knows what used to be in it and we shot it in two thousand. And anything come out the two thousand three, because unity got proud that universal while they were going to do anything with it and then finally, he wrestled away through lines. Gate may released it in two thousand three, because I think that that was there was. The thing was like two dozen three in the morning to someone came out and two dozen for five, and in my was six nay after that and then they credit died off like two or three years after that, after, like the last hostile to that kind of Georgia.
The violent vicious movies, but to give the term, though, is a total, of course, Winterbourne Year, which I still don't get way to go. You lie rascal, but with a lot of no, you just say: I liked about that time, though, is that, like you know, in what I like about what you lie, rotten hustlers, its started off like being like this clean? Can I ask: is this a bunch of working hours? Road trip he's gorgeous people are going to end up like the how fucking, just the turn happens, and that's why I also like that I saw just I was like all this is just fucking gross. This reminds me of. Watching with blood. The eminent emulated union committed support to. Yes, our two three and four were the ones that idea, but I was actually hired on, saw what was crazy. So, when I bought when they bought my script, it was gonna, be a tone movie the desperate directly and to make it as the desperate and they just completed. What are our photography and saw one? It was Sunday as it would not come out,
and then they said here. We think this is going to be something we want to turn this into saltier. So I was on, saw two before saw was ever out there and then remember getting the phone call the day aw open and I realized how big it wasn't like any one expected that their attachment to the sequel and blew up, and so all of a sudden I really hit the money for Euro, wasn't be directing some probably straight video movie, and I got a phone call that saw one opens huge and I'm like two months: I'm freaking in a fireman like going to fire me they're gonna, bring in some big S. Direct realized, gonna come into robs zombie going to come in and do this, but they they. Let me stay on, and so let me, but I know, carry though from you know that the sole families is very kind of tight families created. We keep using the same actors, they are coming back, so it was, it was insane quickly. Everything happened, I mean it. It literally. I went from being penniless brought. The classic em in the classical issue of thinking is gonna, move back to Kansas, rose from and go back to format or something
in that phone call came in and it literally within, like a week period of time from having zero dollars? My bank account. I didn't really make much on sought to parliament as Euro as well, but going from doing nothing and getting fired to be an internal film in the movie whom I gotta it was pretty. I was pretty crazy. Awesome is there You know where I think one of the big challenges with the movie like saw as they did all at all, not only I mean, there's the sort of fun partners like you know. What kind of room old bird killing machines. Can we make there's a there's if there's a bit there's a bit you it's kind of science, ie and also this discourse or social experiment of like I'm, a test these people, you know like. That's all, that's fine. Those of it was crazy. We're making aunt from sought. You want, I don't know, but someone from saw two on one of the. We had a check list on the tracks. They all, had to work. There was one of the things we made for ourselves that they actually worked waving to pick them in the movie. Literally everything and saw two three and four really works. The way you see it, so, if a guy's arms twisting it really the machine really work, though,
see it does everything, and so one of the things which you had to be able to build it from home deeper like you had it will go out and buy everything that you see there in it, and I was crazy because on think I saw this is horrible. That makes the solemn by its been my mind, is that too much potter, something better They our money, the pod in money. Mother I smoke, but may I remind you, can click my love, but one of them, I think, was sought. Three there there's a character who twist to death is trap, is he's he's attached to a machine in the machine, turns one it like one clock, rotation and twist them off, and that we did, that it had to stop being gets in it, and it literally was doing that. We had a quickly pull it from the court. Would it that's like a car battery because with really doing I really would have work there was some some close call. You can't
What was it like? Some worst one was in solitude. It was a scene. We throw Shiny Smith into a pit of hypodermic needle yeah yeah shop, so that one was those rhythmic, because, literally we came up with the idea it was. We were gonna just put a bunch of needles and thrown a bathtub like that's, not digital enough. Let's make up so I had thousand needles and a thousand needles doesn't cover a quarter of the bottom, so it ended up. Do we ended up having to hire five or six people for a week's literally taking off the the top of the needle in putting a fiber optic thing and throw it in there. So we're getting ready to shoot the scene, maybe twenty because needles are in there and the proper people accidently kicked in a thing of real needles, Bozman fuck sexual needles. We had production and pull out and talk about finding a needle in a haystack. We literally how to find the six normal needles in these twenty to thirty thousand erotic needles, there was some there's some serious stemmons, freeway
a bit tired. I mean how much damage but six needles really do you find your bonnet lands and gets they just go in your blood near high, but but the challenge you know the challenge with with it with it without a franchise like saw verses. You know, but like a goal a typical horror movies that they're always has to be some sort of which it like a above reveal you don't see coming at a magic trick, and I was glad was hard. That's why I've had it took two to leave on saw so for it became the point that it hurts. It hurt to think about is a magic trick. You're trying to Rick, the audience you're sure rising over here. In the meantime, you try to pull something on them and it got to a point that I saw three and four fan for coming in trying to guess the trick and not pay attention to the move. They were paid attention in the here that I might add on you at you. If you would start seen message boards light up of people getting into the movie and became so as a director, I'm I'm and I'm a masochistic. I would always read the message boards
do this guy got it the guy in the movie right there and I gotta get so aggravating. I don't you know I love the twist. Having some of his, but my fair part was them because a lot of situations in some of his were like the dreams situations and like not renounced very archaeologists, but it was like Because it wasn't a dream because it was real, is what those so I loved him so much that they are just as crazy as something Freddy Would you like it out? Remember the air was apart. Six give them so yeah, but I do have a guy knows it anymore, he's the best. The dream warriors is for drink out. Five. Rather, worse, one right is a six or the by the new directive other together, so that we can all those you'd, like my name or nomes yea. Yes, Sir Joshua those movies I now like he puts a hearing it in later turns into like a boy amplifies everything I just. I just love that I just love that other part where
having his dream warriors were Jennifer Rubens, recovering heroin attic and she just get tiny miles on her arms and then he just fuckin Sticks the growth rate of three, that we wait. That's dream warriors delivery and there is room orders they jump through history, Moriah they jumped to sharpen. They came back on. I think it was the one we west craving came back in about new nightmare noon. I maritime area I was, I was afraid of that I love that it's like it was really scary. I say this, but I didn't love the Jack Euro Hayley. One, as I think you have to Friday, has to be. I think, really has to be a likeable child rating agencies. The problem with rage. He just has to be a little cheeky and cheesy and not like yeah, I'm a serious, a general Hayley, who is definitely one of the best actors. Working today was still just a weird. I think when everyone heard he was gonna be Freddy was
ok, I could see out of excited- and I was the right there is a bit of, but that's the kind of any reactors aren't shadows the hardest movies to to remain because their such misdoubt growing up waiting, watching movies. I've done a re. May I originally that has nothing to do a remake end. Then it got to the point. The How do we make? It was a popular like it was not a hugely like. I did a movie called mother's day, which, with Rebecca them of Course- and that was a trauma film and it is a fund Roma film, but it's not a movie. The you're gonna get killed or raped over. If you are forgot, frightening, Freddy, is something we broke up with. We live with his did and then see Jack here and by the way are dark shadow last night, that's like it was cool, and then I fell asleep like like an hour in the it be original dark shadows by being at first they had been when I was a kid this video store in Wakefield they had. There was a wall of dark shadows for their release. The soap opera, Maya volumes there are seventy eight volumes,
Videotape, for this is not only a remake. It's like a movie airs and shall arena Vienna, but it's it's. It's the Brady bunch me now I broke my leg where it was. He rejects I've. I only the DVD Box set of dark shouted again ever watched, it is, is it is cheeky No, no, no! No! No! No! It was like a seventy soap opera, but he just have a general hospital, but with, but even vampire like that that the pitch was so I'm sure the pitch was like soap operas are popular Dracula popular? Let's do soap, opera Dracula less I don't know I've Dracula still far below. I would improve its less alone in their girl jackets sharing same cigar of course, and then backing in each other like the inner requiem for a dream. I'm sorry. I took us in every direction to the bottom, yet dark shadows. Originally I mean it like. If someone made you know general hospital but then like of super cheap, the version already realised version of the agenda
I guess that's true arousing Charles is no one will deny that agreement magical the moment, the door for the lady who was a which was a soap opera, Amazon, NBC we're talking about talking about mother, fucking fuck, this soap opera, yes. There was they something's. It was recently. Okay. Now, ten years ago, that years ago I was a big deal under the guide idle body with a fancy had not been there the ivy I gather began talking about. There was the news, unlike parliament, something's. It's like a word poor. I think lady, you had the linen there's like and then there's like long story lines that have nothing to do with which lady yeah ok. Well, I just put in soap opera and I started to write, which I just for waste lady, so Bob, and then I got soap opera with midget, sorry for using that word, that's Google sure and that's and so
its passion. Oh my god I feel like. I just got a piece of food out of my teeth like. I was got it in the past. It would just be like me, I didn't, whenever figure out with that, they know, and we had about it every night at you and I are going to the library but you, but then you, but then you also made repo carcinogenic operas my eyes, I it's crazy when it. When I came out here, I was a huge fan, rocky whore and I loved like those kind of crazy cruelty rock operas and that's a hard thing. Off the ground. I mean it's one thing when you going to say I want to drink a horror. Film, that's easy horror! Films are quantifiable. You can even show formula how to make money, but you walk in and say I want to make a rock opera and oh by the way, Paris Hilton's in it, and whenever it was funny because I wanted to pitch it, I paid after saw two came out. I, when an alliance here this is anything you want to make. What does he want to do and salty was extremely popular, so
I really had a blank slate and I wanna make Iraq. Operand is absolutely not as Iraq. One so saw. Three comes out opened very profited. They said, okay during our serious, whatever you want to make- and I said reboot the genetic opera, they said absolutely not sell for What's going on here is that we made a deal with you. Software bore making this rock opera, and so they allowed me to do. It was crazy it with them. It was like Your mismatch. If I want to do a movie that you just get a scratch, hadn't say what the FUCK Wednesday, the poster you see like Paul survey, no stare bright meant in future Serbia a world renowned like opera star. She was firmly ITALY whenever she was afraid of the opera enmity opera, Christine she's like she is the world, and so you have a song between Sir Simon Peres, seven that should never happened, that that is something I never happened in that. Made a cool. We need of getting a bunch of John reactors built mostly wasn't it. Oh yeah, ogre from skinny propping up any steward had from Buffy was a crazy cast in it.
It failed miserably when we tested the movie and intestate was horrible. We had a test the movie and Chatsworth We know this will affect stern and there was no your first of all, you had to go to Chatsworth, that's yeah! That's that we started off bad, but if you ve ever tested a movie, I mean you know they like that that one audience dictates everything it like what they're gonna score. You add, and so here I had a rock operate had fifty six orange was no talking was only singing. And we had a test it without the music get it so there like a testing them, but there's no music, get it yet and like it's fine, and so we have put scratch tracks are literally that in their wisdom, attainment just like click, click click and then someone could sing with no instrumentation Might I ll affect movie, so we tested let one like it was. It was terrible like an eight. They recruited there, the test green as from the director of salt, two three and four from Bill Mosely The house of a thousand corpses and Texas James ought to bring you new experiment in terror and there's nothing scary about repo at all and so on. We failed miserably. We were, we were basically thrown out and one theater and are too theatres and I
we angry- and I was like- I went in Lyons Gate, nay, said guys: I've made you a lot of money on the sole films Gimme, the movie back. Let me take the movie back and they know that. Luckily I had a really put them in the game in the movie for a month to do what I want to do with it, where I can like to run around, and I literally got in a in a car with that, the writer we started going across, got a forlorn, theatres and next thing we knew lies caught us and said we're getting calls from theatres all across Amerika wanting this thing, because it became a midnight called that more people started to run. That's what you wanted. It is you kind of Go through that. For that to happen, it is amazing that, and you know what, if I could do it again. This is the absolute best thing, because if it were not three thousand screens, it would have gotten rallies due to want it would have. It would have failed miserably. People have laughed at it, but because it came underground and cruelty people to seek it out they to try to find it in it because This thing you went to a midnight on Friday and Saturday, nice people got drunk they dressed up, but by that time the, but by the time the myth of the film has had some time to percolate and people aren't going thinking there, sir,
horror, film and exactly what is like. It's that, it's that it's that gap between their expectation and what it is or musical version of the movie Repo Man River thought it a second. After that, that's a whole other story. That's it at a crazy story. We em out. We will we made Ribeiro, we were finishing it. An repo men was calling our crew too our crew money, to come on their thing. It was weird we had the same sound stage we had. We are on the same sound stage in our report. Genetic opera is based on a stage play that that I directed into doesn't one it was It was before that it was actually made of the canadian ninety nine to do to gaining daring Smith and turn to do it did it is it like they did in coffee houses and was a ten minute opera about a guy who report organs, and so from nineteen eighty nine to let two thousand to two thousand three: they didn't coffee houses, and then I was the first thing I ever did When I got delay. I drifted the state show of it in so you know I didn't
hasn't three ably, but was, and then it went off and did a couple of the showing, including off off Broadway, is the actual state show. So you know we were doing this for ten years and then all of a sudden I find out without was awesome like I would do an organ. We possess no one's done this and then we find out hey sharing your sound stage right. There is another movie called repo men about organ repossession in the future and buying and selling it was. I was crazy thing how many many
repo base things are ever gonna get me. I'm a thing is likely you here, like ripple man, Repo man, repo, the genetic offer, their debts that there's gonna be that's it then we run a gamble on the reaper stuff, but I was crazy because that led me now, I think most of it that made me a filmmaker. I think, repo. I learned a lot during this all films, but to me what I've done we just finished. A movie comes on DVD October. Twenty third called the devil's carnival, which is one of the most excited about it. Some after repo. I had such an amazing experience because, unlike saw where an unsolved, I gotta agony, itinerary from lions, gate and says here is our press day. Here's the screening and that's it, and that literally what I'll do I'll show up the press d. You do junkets new said IRAN tables and he dragged on sunset boulevard. You see poster saying, hey, come see, saw its and theatres October. Whatever with repo there were, no posters were nothing, it was no pr team, it was us, and so we did is we turned the fans and I literally turned my fans. Nice guys help us. We have. No publicity comes.
This thing, we empower the fans next thing we knew the fans took it over like rocky and they started. You know they started flyer inner cities, they started making bumper stickers and putting on things. I saw how the community basically embraced this movie. That was that the bastard child. So after I finished my last film, I do. I just did, I said make another rock opera, but I want to own it and control it completely. I'm not going to the studio system, so we raised financing completely independently around the city as we cast it completely independently didn't go to any casting recorded, call people. I knew, and we want often shot it, and we made this sixty minute. Weird. Hybrid short film, where we didn't order at the last sixty out on the road for the last sixty some days before Walt Sixty cities, and we turn it into like a traveling sideshow. We brought Kearney with us literally brought an opening act, burlesque dancers, fire eaters, glass eater,
contortionists and we had like live elements when you showed to the theatre the hold you and you're out. Yet you have you had like an opening act when an m c like a corny bark like a gym rose, travellers does exactly what it was and we are so we did this all across Amerika and every night was different, we have someone near we like equity clowns and we, it was a very don't worry at what is an x rated clown? Well, you know what I think you're in there and you access nice, not as calls you think it is going to like a budget scarves out of a job. It's not it's an item of the already hypnotists authority, this all across Amerika and then the same thing. We decided screw it. We did. This was distributed ourselves which have never in a million years, but thought about doing, and it's amazing, because I now first. I never have more controls a filmmaker, an artist that I control the box on a controlled trailers. I control where it goes and how it seen, and in may this kind like really crazy. Outsiders
this is something that has been the most rewarding cool thing that I think I've done in its adding a lot of filmmakers are scared to try. That kind of thing were scared to step outside the system, but the minute you do it, you actually see you can't be successful doing it. The amount of time if we will start doing what is using. That's the main reason that people are just afraid like why dont more people I mean you, you had you had a bit of a resume, go I get out of it and I was added an advantage because I had done the salt films. I had a fan base by think. I think it's scary because it alot of work, the blood of bullshit work. You don't wanna, do like an example where distributing the Dvds ourselves that doesn't sound hardened here. Break it down what that means like. I have to now deal with sag residuals, indeed, yea residuals and asked cap residuals in dealing contract and Ino insurance stuff. That is a filmmaker never to do before so the mountains of paperwork, but which great it is when the whole thing said and done are not giving a distributor twenty five or thirty percent for literally just put in a box out somewhere, like I'm putting the box out, I'm taking back that twenty five and thirty percent. What
The courts have been movies that I've done recently that I look at the trailer when it out there and I want to throw up, unlike who put that trailer, that's horrible, that's not what the movie as in a filmmaker, you can't do anything like your kind of you finish moving, you turn it s like, hopefully get released. I mean something like house. Without an corpses held for years in the guise of the film makers and actors, you can't do anything. You're doesn't using they're waiting for this fuckin movie to come out in your pass. You can't do anything so then, with mother's day, I did mother's day. I turned it and it was three years three years from the day, I turned it in two as ever, really some theatres and its socks because, like you know your friends other genre, but like hey, what's up a mother's day always come out and you wait a year without mothers they always come out and then finally, the third year he, I downloaded your movie on a torrent site out yet and then, finally, three years later it comes out and it just like that sucks. So this was cool about this and devils carnival. Isn't we control everything we control, how it gets out? How quickly gets out there's none of that like politics of,
wait years to do it, so it's been a exhilarating experience. Won't you know, and so much of those those systems its there's this kind. Weird level of I figured out- and I apologize if this anyone's position, who is in the pod cask, as I dont fully blame them. But there is an error. There's a level of middle management. That is just like a fucking road block. For everything that makes it particularly thing done. There always are first line of defence to tell you know about something and if you can get past them somehow usually the person who is really incorrigibly like oh yeah. That's fine does exactly that. There is an entire group of people when you're, making a movie that are, there just say, go fuck yourself. They know you and sometimes the people, the Dante Power and what they do not care what it is, but a janitor or produce for the financing of movie. You gotta like what you're doing I think a lot of these people are bitter or angry because they either at one, artists. They want to make movies, they wanted the actors, and so they want
you doing it and you just get attitude, and I got to a point that I get so fed up would have been told. No I've been told. What's commercial and non commercial, I make weird Rock opera: is there not for everybody they're not we stand at seventy five may. Eighty five percent of the population will hate them, but that doesn't mean that fifteen to twenty five percent or not to support them and spin lots of money to see them I think that to me, I've always been more attracted to that kind of fringe outside of the box that, in its it's been insane because I went from saw, which is a hugely successful commercial horror, films to making we Iraq, restoring Paris Hilton, Compulsory Vienna, which what the fuck is that. But I love that I love. You know what a balance between the two next week I are this week actually have movie opening, must even more from true blood, so I'm getting to play both sides of that both sides of the fence here get into my own Indy, crazy, stuff and then still getting to do movies like that, Stephen lawyer, so it's been has been crazy. I'm Sty still think you ve got to call terror region for something, oh, my god that was
personally now become a dog whilst down it is it was. There was an insane thing on Vienne, Wilder, Ryan Reynolds is one of the nicest deeds at that time. Someone Pierre and I'm I'm so excited to be on said, and he so nice and like it just You know very engaging in them. Basically tarried assistant, my job consisted of the time of either holding a cigarette, our diet, coke can or enemies insane sometimes both. Sometimes this yes, but he never knew my name and was Darrell Devon, Derek in it just got. It has got to get to a point that I would just like my name. Is there and look at me say it say it? you're, not gonna Marty's, where I've seen her so much wanted. It opens theirs. To have only been able to start that conversation leg whose governor was when the exact you were my name's. They say
If they want to hear you hold the cigarette and Diet Kyoto, they say to bring back memories whose views which are at issue is that there was the time that her in Carson Daily word or dating jobs. I was always out here with that. So there was all kinds of drama such interesting couple, because you'll Carson is Carson is such a no, no terror read it all. She might be. There are some people in the Bin. Let me finish then said I know set up there, but that there are some people. You just never know what people are really like until you work for them or are in a relationship with them, and so you know maybe she's the nicest person in the world that abuse it. But I don't know Carson Super supersede guy, and I was always like what an interesting couple the two of them. I don't know, maybe Phoebe addressing for me to go back in and talk to her now now that all this time has passed was wish you really the big big, so they thought she was
me again be that angry, but I've got angry bitter people. I was an angry, better person when I was appear. Maybe LU, LU columns, Lino name Mammy like it just you, you might have activated more of that as you didn't, want to take her shit, but if you had took purse you might not have had the the gumption to be like will fall I was gonna write my own thing. You know what I mean like there is. There is a certain things. That, my my manager, Alex says he's he calls it the fire in the belly. Is that and you know, when you get really a hard on yourself for when you get caught, he was like. Ok, the fire in the valley just make sure your aiming at them. Just make sure you're using it the right way? Yeah we love the times There's a lot of the time that I was fired, though I completely deserved it live on x files is one of my favorite London with terrible is embarrassing, but I'm a Pierre when you're jobs, locking down to set and that's your job-
make sure that no is making noise or not haven't someone wander in the middle of the middle of the frame, and it was the last season of x files when it was Robert Patrick blows Julian Robert and we are down under some underground thing. It was like a tunnel and I my job was the first line of defence that no one stumble from the camera end. With a long night, and I decided to be better to fall asleep. I took a nap like purely on a cot. A homeless dude in his shopping cart. What right, through the frame right through the middle, the shot from Robert Patrick scream, whose locking down there sat horse locking down the sad- and they are one point to me- and I, like asleep in the corner of the play That's an outward! We fired on that when that was maybe maybe that almost mainly alien betrays out. There really is out there and then he shot rubber, Patrick and then his head, his head, just formed around the others. What exe file the movie recently an analog Mohammed, only what happened like it seemed like there was a weird found them off.
The weak movie that wasn't really anyways, lad. Well thing I just after expells one the movie and the net with more than waiting what six seven years yeah I just I just I was just on a more tea. I didn't David, you company was wasn't fourteen. Ninety eight, oh yes, David, a company was just on a plane was coming back, from New York and initiatives. That is on the way they are two countries on plan guys do every day, but but he you know, I mean I eat obvious- David Company I've, I've always give cause, he's a big deal, but fuckin ever one who got on the plane would just could not take their eyes. That guy there they seemed a perfectly nice too. I didn't talk to him, but he was very polite to the staff and he's got a cool he does. He really is a thing, but still like you know, after all these years, he just has this fuckin thing related point occasions
and he began to think it is. I haven't seen my very soon I think yeah yeah California, New Rotterdam nurse. I seen clips about the first couple season and then I think I just got to software was like it's funny. It's cool I like it. I like other on my like all the actors on it naked, but I feel, like I know, what's going to happen in most of the episodes we did a movie that was very similar to that where he was like a writer teat, wrench, United, no Don't you think we're leaving Naples vanities like a guy that wrote a book I was teaching at college and like having sex with a bunch of students, must now in a very similar winded tv reply from at least TB recently replace going. The movies are so many amazing tv shows. I occasionally my house now like it's hard. Now, really hasn't it and he nine with this progress. It has made a start well, you could go farther back and say it started with dream on remind those guns. Exactly where I was gonna have been positive, but with the agreement, I have been his best friend works out of my mind,
the oil Mcgovern say something to him his best friend friend, but between between breaking and Boardwalk empire and homeland and all these Alex Extra Dexter yeah. Oh my god, you got your mad man, you got walking dead, you got again. I was left alone zombies take over the intelligent for talking. Yes, yes, yes, yes, we want already doing talking dead and then there were like we should probably build to show them. How did exist are refunded to do show about a fake zombie shown there, like in the recruitment like that maybe you're right it or am I just don't have an hour of time to watch the show. That's why just get the cliffs notes live like this. I used to tat, I think about this episode. They tell me it's for I fuckin. I man, I fuckin loved, we're coming back, I'm so excited about that show I fucked up at Johannesburg, may read the comically. Read the warning that colleagues I do. I have the first of the first two big volumes venues yeah did at the kind of that time commit I
I've tried to read every comic but those those crazy, because I didn't read the clad when only the classics I had my first comic book Series published, also accept. And, like I started, doing, interviews and people ask me about comics, maybe like dude, I just I gotta read these. I would batten got like watchmen and from Hell and and the walking, now this next thing I knew like I didn't really so they were like from Hell, took me like weeks and weeks to get through and then what, like, I thought that was gonna be an book, and I realized that thing. I know I'm a month. And I'm doing stand man. He also about that. I've got a dynamic, I'm walking dead right now say smile. I just I was three issues behind and something I M not going to any big spoke the way, but something happens in issue. One hundred that is so fucking disturbing that it. It is just that the
You really know Diana level for the tray asked it d, be the this sort of the gunk of what happened. Just sat with me, for how many applicability is how many issues are. There are now a hundred to soothe her until yeah merit. I have those big. I live in what are called the companion. Well, there's a different like levels of collections, there's there's like the trade paper bag and then there's the companion there's like the massive ones. No, don't I guess there's one in between there that has like about three. I mine mine is like it's like honestly, the tuna pay. I mean it's big and I've to vote There must be a compendium idea, as is also hard cover than the ones that, like I, have like three or four issues in em. What your favorite comics area, would it be walking dead, comic book, I'm not as much of a comic nerd as dummy so I mean you know, I've been reading. I've been reading, let a comic slightly, but not I mean I could
No, I mean I have a list of ones that I want to read, but well: I've been enjoying I've enjoyed some of thy enjoyed that we talked about the new forces you yet on a big big, manga industry, red hush, which is that they run dimly did and Jeff low with like every Every Batman villain Superman's I gotta get their lock and key with great hush. Most of you would like coal or what he s with black hole about trials burns. I thank and ensure kids in the seventies, and they cannot hang out in the forest and make Sergei these. Reputation as it yeah, yeah yeah, that's gorgeous, there's a gorgeous book interests need story and then the one, but actually I dont, really read series of comic
a guy. I love like the graphic novel like the one off. Can things like a serious policy is probably one of my favorite things ever since its gorgeous to look at and adjust. The story is really like heart wrenching. I am shameless plug either a kind of serious called abattoir which are more excited it's on is that was actually last year through radical. But it's a talk about darkened macabre, pretty it's pretty cool. It's It is only six, as you said, but it's about a dude opening, the gateway of hell, but it's done in a very realistic kind of thing, which does not like the gate I mean I don't get it did they got right? Here's what I find in the dog Don T here is what I find happens to me. How is that? There is still? No I'm super super super busy with work, and there are so many things to consume on so many different platforms here that I find like my colleagues algae, ok, I'm trying to rival through to catch up on this and are playing at the play. Video games, whether head and the Mcgovern's lamp-
like border land. So I can kind of see you don't like end their shows at around the dvd. Then I gotta get up on the Ipad like there's so much to consume. What happened here? If you go back when I was call. It is thinking about this, and I was in, I think, we're software in college. I got my first computer, no so excited like not I'd. How'd it go. You know I'm talking like it was like a real laptop. Then I can check email on daily before that I would check email every other day or so not like it, is now me within, like a twelve year period of time. I get leave and look at this in a genuine hyper yeah, not only three or four days, the out Jane I once a week I have, I would go to my friends, house and My name is print. It was pretty intense until you know it's it's done they get crazy around the around the palm era like when Palm, when Palm Serve introduced. Like you know there, the other two PDA is unlike the trio's series and like all, I can get email you know, and then the fucking The Iphone revolution is just by use right before ear the trio. Seven. Fifty I think it was a seventh
There are seven hundred seven fifty and I thought amazing, and then I thought I found him like. Why am I holding this break in my hand. You know, like it just happens. Every time a new Iphone comes disgusting, well? You know I picked up. I picked the forests the other day like well. This is really heavy hydraulic Americans live around, but yeah really. You know it's it's you'd. We human beings need to be distracted at all times and it just the the better technology became the more it fed into that. And it's you know the same reasoning. Look at elevator numbers and there in an elevator just to be distract resonant address constantly. We can't stop. The documentary was out like guys here, to transcend the man. The singularity theory about Sickly is, I forget, who the guy's furs yeah? Who technology is gonna be Terminator is basically when it comes down, either by twenty. He gives a year by twenty. Twenty technology will surpass or understanding of it, and it basically that new technology begets
technologies that what we have now was equivalent on? Our cell phone was equivalent of the MIT computer five years ago fright and so new technology it is the engine is by twenty one. He that technology was her, pass, our understanding of it and it will be termed. Basically, it turns Terminator Thea will then they'll be able to make themselves Yang and push themselves forward there I mean I always. I always had this idea that maybe the next stage of human evolution was not necessarily a human one, but something that we made that evolves yeah and then we just sort of become in their crops, are batteries well that nanotechnology! Now it's insane like they were talking about how it started to fight cancer and it's it's. They are showing this whole thing. How now our introducing actual technology into medical and using that it did for cancer and for amputees all that it? What points it gonna stop! Em! If you, if you realize that
how technology is changing last five years from the iphones into the Ipad? What's five years from now, it's scary, it's crazy! Well, I think I think we're sort of I think, but what that, what were the one thing that you have noticed? The last four years is that you know sort of MAC Stout currently on on processor, speed and and flash memory here, like the other at the last few innovations of the Iphone like we're still stuck at sixty four gigs, you know, computer. Sesar. Speeds are still what what are they? Three three two gigahertz does their emails are over claw, and so it's like you know we haven't there was a period of time was like one gigahertz one point I to do a lot. Of course, how many haven't? different, corresponding away. Evan has seven seven guide understand, but that's impotent away that China, because just daisy chaining, a bunch of processors together, and so you know there will be some next great leap in computing weather,
like quantum computing or whether it's some type of linear chip, like the enterprise uses or or or some type of you know like like, but you know like a butt biometrics sort of it. Better by mechanical sort of a thing, or I don't know it's, but there's some. Some great leads some new thing has to. Take hold merely I don't suits the mark. Seven, I mean come on all right come on right, Jarvis Shoot met Myra model, but I think your wife is lovely. What is a mere other favour rock operas, not to me to some other. Well now, but I mean Jesus Christ, superstar Tommy. I fear the the why I love it. We're news from seventy five you're gonna say: Jesus Christ. I can't they go on now these guys to restart nobody. If you watch Tommy, I mean it just eat just to get that. What again that what the fuck factor you have
recovered and beans issues rallied round the floor. I mean it's amazing force that second, one from the Rocky Argos Shock, Shari meant yeah thou, not the not so much, not thought so good, but fucking weird. As she has said, it is used in London Briand upon made our fate of the paradigm event or the parrot. Paul Williams rain. That is that's another, that's another great and in which great about all these and freedom of the press included is that they still have legs today you'll still find midnight screening of your movies in its parents Furthermore, the paradise is not only just a fun weird movie, it's a fucking, weird seventies movie, which is extra weird. If you're the apple, it's called the apple it weird is unique and finally Netflix stream. It is one of the weirdest seventies. I couldn't even begin to tell you what it's about its didn't catch. On another reason: a din beat still where the watch, the apple, the apple. What about? I can't I have no money matters, they forgot about it. I tell you what it's about or another crazy. One
this is sort of like the captain, be part of movies like what are they doing? I hate you, I little you ve, seen it like five or six times what it is. They show everybody and no one can figure out what it is like you just gonna walk away and scratch your head of, like any generosity movement. It is another one, another great. What is called the first New De Musical and, as I say, the first interviews, economic God, that it must be so happy what freaking out about there will be well Cindy Williams, is in them alone, is a lot of people are run Howard's in the movie, he's gonna kill me. I wanted to see me like weird came it's it's dancing, dildo have you, ever seen the prisoner musical notes. It's like, I think I don't know, maybe seventy nine eighty flagrant other serious, any Williams who it surely in the Vernon. Surely isn't it you said, run it and basically this guy, hair, it's a movie studio, that's failing, and so he decides because the Seventys, the sort of like this, this is like the full frontal nudity decade. He decides he's gonna make.
The first New De Musical, and so it's basically up. He wants to make up its kind of brilliant. You want to make a big budget musical porn, and so it's like see these scenes of airline cock, inserts penguin and then people just like dance naked to it. So weary really makes me happy like I one of the things I love, it must always be weird movies. When people come over I'll turn, the sound oftenest weird shit on in the background and a wholly mountains been on numerous Tanya out of a holy man, just as we have just makes, I went away what we watch. I love it's com. I would like to throw that into the habit. Is it let my puppets com? I've, never seen the it's? It's a public born serious yeah heresy, inflated we want to change my library threat ok so years ago, I'm I met them whatever that neither the video store in Brentwood and they had an. But very it wasn't no other when it was like it was like you know, it was like that and you're Bundy and Boil shirt on a final note at all
what it was not like. It was not long ago there was an I'm cool moving earned one. It was just like, like a video store there used to be they were everywhere. You guys and then the ninety nine said been others cover. Let my pop not even the adult seventeen. Seventy six, let my pockets come. Let my purpose come our gold scene, I think, was one of the producers and its basically puppets each other? And I it's so weird? It's so weird! Has this VHF S thing called inflated and the sky that just me weird of movies. Out of like inflatable. Yes, I see that varies yeah it's. How could I not have either? But this is a comedy, though, like like let my pockets com is cheeky. It's like there's a puppet, those like a guy in a house where puppet in a hospital bed- and this chick comes in and she starts blowing him and made its puppet
and so you killed like you, gotta get the pack manner their mouth up and down on the shaft, and then he erupt into a volcano of puppet come which looks like human come. I guess, but not enter a microscope rather felt Adams redirect a deep threat. Oh I'll, wait, you didn't depots what pops up in, his name up and then he'll be, and then she leave the room and he's like who was that in someone goes, that was their head nurse, so it's like it's full of Java, Choky, jokes and poor, and and puppets via there's there's that era of like that fuckin vs air. That I really love and there's this guy follow on Tumblr Vamos Video, and he just like t just get has what he does. He lives in Kansas just goes to like Video stores that are closing air from Kansas do you know of down the street the rest of the fund, for? Did you guys do and it is going to place a place like any just buys supper like everything is like he has just like it's amazing, just like the whole Hawaii NOME scan. All the beaches covers. He gets into
Those that makes gather is that's a mainly. As you know, we really miss Channing Degeneration now, as is totally, were totally spoil now, because there really was something special about that basic hunter. Gather a need to find Dirty or even like member. Like the Red VHF, Tapes are like white ones, This is very gradually and while I was gaps that was goes to daily to sign onto a bulletin board, look at porn rating ride like the height of my mother, I got em in your on dial up, so itself takes like fifteen minutes, inheriting after J Pinkney loading out at the time we did have come in the house. I, like your mom, would pick up the phone here you two area in the morning with that region. Look at a port must lead that on knowledge, has inflatable movies Grandpapa movie. So what is this Jesse S, weird thing this guy made. We are now and it's the most uncomfortable the watch live, one of em he made me put in black face and ecstasy makes them.
Back any language and sell a silly sentiment within foot report, for which I am certain will be used to be one in fact happening in Romania. Fucked up in whenever videos was better and more Saturday night at midnight, yeah just yeah. It's like these move. It makes you have just whether things really is a body that you all eyes how he's been a dialogue on the vigour and weird, I'm pretty sure. I still I'm pretty sure. I still have my puppets come somewhere. I can't find is probably in your storage facility that we should act in Egypt, my purpose, but I do love that things will work in the house, which is something really incapable of Europe seen seller sailor. I'll or sallow yeah. It's it's criterion, but it's one of the hardest movies to get through its eye You know how I did it. I have the cover in my head, the they pretty much anything, but that's a movie that literally it's so disturbing disgusting to me that
It's the only way of acting to watch on password. It's a beautiful fell. I mean it's it based glee about fascism in these kids, they use real kids and they put them through some of the most horrific horrible things and direct was killed by every made it to lowered. I doubt that the harmony is sort of like Larry glaring, IKEA Larry Clark Movie. Well, it's beautifully shot. It's a euro spent at the thing wasted so hard, watches the kids and ate a lot of times there doing kid: violence, its older people plant. They they Avril KIT and dislike it. Does it s seen and where is little, these fascist dinner that are making kids do horrible things for their own sexual gratification at Sea like where they star of the case, and then they show it's been firms that I've seen it, but they show woman putting razor, blades and numb nails into a cat food, and then she makes the kid eat it
Unlike us, another thing they make one of the kid like shit on a fool or any other people asked Edith, there's no cutting and adjust it MA am, and I got my birthday and criteria I think I've heard about as they put it off everyone to watch and killed. Everybody party over party. Over that I didn't, I didn't say, let my puppets com. I brought it to a dog Benson show at the U C B were refers to bring movies. I was there a Europe and used the theme around the NY uses bring clips amended sort out for illegal gloves. Interrupting was love, yeah like Valentine's day, we ve. Had I brought about puppets, come figure ever I'm thinking I this is the you puppet, like the opening see is a woman who fucks her but he's a puppet woman who fucks are puppet dog and she says I don't. I can't I can't do it you you're a dog and says, but I've had my shots and his puppet lipstick Dogcart comes out and they have sex and it's just like felt on felt and it's hilarious and it just like silence, silence.
And one of the times. I was the time my misjudged, you C, B Theatre, the mouse there's always that that the thing that makes those Catholics Croupier is when you just do you have that Ba room tone sound when you watch it is like it. It's and then you see like the green light to the dragon. Do the audio right we're getting up and the fucking tracking button I can make Some fancy ones had removed the dvd of HIV Dvd authorities, someone put it on dvd. It exists somewhere and I am pretty sure that I still Have it and if I haven't, we are more than welcome to burn a copy of it would do so have any of you religious. Do you know what I restored unit of of about fifty eight hundred that capture is that not these are good, maybe things I love the cover of them here, and that is the same thing out of a tracks I kept from my brother and records, but only about fifty, I would say I had about three hundred at one point and then I'd be like I realize I had some more I'm just like I just don't like this movie. I just got to be neat to have.
So apparent down, and then I realized I should probably those are the ones that won't make it to dvd an elm than an did there just sitting there, their just and their number. I, however, I do have to go through my sword unit as well, but I feel like a lot, because I still have a ton of shit that I just take Duff television in the eighties- and so you get the really awesome coming. That harbour lodge an old things. You tables is devoting camera there's a liked. I have. I have all this and let the and you see like I have the commercials turn the living dead and stuff like that. So, along with, like those classic like eighties Budweiser Levi Commercial, responds Mckinsey, goes off, hearted, fuckin, Mackenzie and so few people actually remember that Spuds Mackenzie was the dog of the Mackenzie brothers. Robin straight from the tv regret is that David Thomas, strange brew, spies Mackenzie came from fuckin, strange brewer and no one was that people remember spuds begins
Some of you may remember the Mccain they'll have. I have a spite, that's so crazy, because I just worthy in sorting. I actually have one that might I got for Christmas. It was, I guess, Buzz Mikhail am now. It was like a door stop you put it to keep doors open, but it had like either could Budweiser head on Yeah, that's crazy, Spuds Mackenzie, having common we're both white. You both get started on. Children demand that future, I'm of saints, trivia, meddler factory and they have against the original party, slowed like your case. Wherever like takes up his glasses just got bloodshot eyes so tired party, ass. I what's next free Durham I have on. I have a movie opening. Called the baron's it there is. A monster, took a creature feature with us even more from true blood. It's cool, it's ok, yeah sucker, it's uh! It's about the
there's a devil it. I love creepy, zoology staff and, of course, and have anything to do with Ike possible things that could be out there, but the Jersey double, which is this supposed creature that lives in the pine, whereas of New Jersey, the thirteenth child motherly this woman. Possibly, which had twelve children and the town folk together theirs in the seventeen hundreds and said, if you have any more kids you're banished from the town, so she went into the kitchen, gin and a year later, the townsfolk went to visit, aren't use pregnant with the thirteenth child. Claim that she did. She was she woke up, it was immaculate conception should not have set for the man they banister from the town and she curse. The town and cursor unborn child and said: let the devil, take it if the devil's child, so that the legend is that she gave birth to a child and ate it turned on her killed her killed the other civilians and still lives the pine baron. So I was the legend and which
what about it is deciding that people talk about, starting from the seventeen hundreds going all the way to today from reputable sources from police, firemen, politicians, lawyers, doctors it in theirs. I have all these books to talk about the sightings in there all pretty consistent of what they are and the photographic evidence of it is pretty awesome as well. It is horrible, like kind of malt bat, looking camel it's weird, a tart explain and so this is a story of a Stephen we're taking his family into the woods, camping and he's either going crazy things following them, but I just finished that that's coming out this week, but Eric saves them right because he's good now who's that oh yeah, the Good empires coroner, is going crazy, he's camping, injures, so that's coming out and then we're moving on and doing devils carnival to their first wife. Yet at first the first one that the whole thing we did work and so we can do it again or doing do ever do ever want to make like you do, like kind of sort of being on the
fringe, or do you really do ever want to go back? Go ok, I'll make a hundred and fifty million dollar method being ready to sell out again. In a second I mean, I think, here's the deal is becoming harder, hearted filmmakers to arm it used to be like an even even when I started like five or ten years ago. You did a warm, maybe it was in a thousand screens and amend on three thousand screens the maximum that was, there was pretty standard. Now there such an over, so many, by making movies, you don't have to have millions of dollars anymore. You can have a Cameron and a final cut system and is becoming harder and harder for filmmakers to git distribution and since now, with view d and all this online stop it's. The distribution model is changing until I'm tryin to stay ahead of it. Change with it in doing that. What I love about, what I'm doing now is that I do control my fate, I'm not reliant on a studio, not reliant on someone saying too You know this is commercial. This is not so many keep doing. What I'm doing now? That being said, if they came back
means that heavily? You saw twenty four jigsaw space. You better believe it has been a good ones. Do you know what I really this? Is it? What am I probably biggest failures as director? Is I really wanted to Rebecca Leprechaun serious, because but the leprechaun theories, and IP is amazing, page them serious about actually spend time on it. I had a Powerpoint presentation when I was asked what, recently they were going. We beat the leprechauns. There is no joke about it. Since the beginning of my career, that that's my passion project and this whole idea, leprechaun finds a time machine. It goes back to the old one the cholera gold rush. Are you serious? That's that's perfect. All I got you give or Davis. I will get war with back and I would be a reboot, but it would still, I think, he's great now during the review think lodge in their oh, my god, but so I'm so sorry about this. They actually wrote out this treatment
friend of mine and we had it like he, he shows up in a whorehouse. The first thing is like imagine. The whole thing is that the time is she put him under a bad people are having sexually comes. I get a sick shooter. You have fire fighting the cholera gold rush, so I go and I'm so excited they pitch it. I'm a roomful of executive they're, all stone faced on smile amongst them, and, like I finish the page like has said, there are no one like there's, not a single smuggling, thank you don't you can leave now, woe and then the next that seriously a week later, I see the W w e is doing it with that ressler. I forget his name, the little ressler. I can't think what his name is. I'm sure people it are listening dying. The climb, but they have they. They have ay a ressler who is gonna, be plain below on and is who they're gonna directing it, but they did not like my page about leprechaun back in the old west.
That is a machine is idea rosy. I guess, because they barter going to space and uneven, went back to the hood. They did I'm a connoisseur, leprechaun movies. The hood series are that him back in the hut and let back to the Junta get that through the amazing the rate the integrate the other, whether one's political space, so great is really and there's there's moments where its it becomes aware of itself and therefore just stops being fund for the person watching it. It does have I'm forgetting his name. Now he was the he was in returned. The living dead is the black eye. I m talking about having they do some great cameos from Jennifer Afghanistan too, to ice cube the eyes T, I'm sorry iced tea. They make me happy. I think that that those economies I'd love to make go back something that is you're so ridiculous and over the top, and but if you take it like it's like, if you do the thing and you just take it with the utmost sincerity, that's what makes a good delirious thing is is like you do play it as if it is serious like western drama like that, but as leprechauns
Oh yes, I spent my opening up asked empowers three Uganda, Maybe the woman answered Tom Cruise is playing our entire thou urea, but like the opening is just like over the top and looks like a fucking great action movie, but I wish they had gone a direction with their moving. Yeah doesn't always forget. Is this if, like the way to make a great parity, is to just take very taken seriously treat the genre with respect? am, I can have everyone just be like don't wink Darwin, because then that makes it back in lame know exactly. I think, you're right easier. If you film thing like TAT, would be hilarious and yet exactly anything would be great I what I'm doing next themselves, they can start a campaign for myself and a twitter followers me on this and Facebook. I M followers about how me direct and reboot the leprechaun serious. I'm gonna put all my eggs in that basket. I don't you start that I really should go
owns the let my aunt. I think it's like Landscape Debbie, W Ina, Debutante lions gate when a that once they did not find it funny and neither was off like a reboot, the wish master. That's another one. Some great eighties titles. There really is geared up. You could do and not upset. Everybody knew what you could. I think you do an awesome, candy man Canada have me up only the hottest still like an intimidating him time of young men. Looking like a book, I'm sorry, I don't feel good around you war icons like a bill, mostly he's one of the nicest due to the entire world. Giddy plays like odors these terrifying right already, so nice and friendly tony toddler freaked me out, I myself am. I I climb up. I saw com, on analysing I get a picture with you and he just kept. It was the show use I ended up in, unlike II are so my yeah, you like a short stand on some show. As I was
so was- I saw a man was like. I don't get home that to me. I saw him in a french movie and I was there was weird speak in french Benjamin Roma. I saw him at a weird. Maybe you had more camel and recently called sushi girl. Where tone I leave you here does maybe I've seen the title aids it with a good crazy. Maybe Bertone Todd is a leader. This moving carries it and, like I've always seen them play that, like over the top killer, bad gave it ever too good. In a market, the giver, what's that? Oh my god, that does the suit the suit as of oh yeah I read to me, is that the eighties movies it came out have some of the craziest must awesome, like the gateway to talk it over again as co author is what those moves that oh Papa you know like when people are were that are crucial to excuse me less than times I try to revisit movies. I have such fond memories of, and they I love it's. I I should stop watching us. Maybe go watch Highlander again. Memories of Highlanders, a kid and then I positively
Thank you. I wonder! Do yeah, I think so it doesn't live up said I always feel kids. I love them. Everybody thought again now yeah. It's not has, I remember, being so much more cruel than an end, Albania, but I love that era of There was no because the eightys was really before our culture disguise discovered. Irony. That was sleeping in the eighties, and so everyone would just make like it was the coolest movie ever like that That was really that element like it's that it's that thing that timid Eric are always like trying to capture or capture is just like. Is these bits people who just think that their making the most amazing thing elect their characters. I don't mean timid Eric. I mean the characters that they portray like what they're doing as the most awesome thing ever and and buttoned, but the eighty
People really really really believe that, no matter what the fuck and movie was yeah, it's good time for movies, though, but again I was gonna, I'm going to keep the boxes it s, not watch them again, because I don't wanna have those memories tarnished. If you you, just gotta, go back and we mustn't, we saw giver went back, and why am I gonna haven't getting that movie and in years I'm sure it's not gonna hold out later we remember to be. I just remember. I remember the suit like bursting out of land, the thing it's implanted and then it bursts out then becomes like that. Does the suit the suit, but it had that it had that sort of it. It had had that kind of like my months, like japanese monster. Like the kind you see where the it didn't really look like armor, think is best. Like IRA, but it was all bendy yeah you're up kilograms from outer space, like the Kyoto brothers. That second thing holds the fuck up. That's great! That is a class. Did you really need? where that much
love they fuckin holds the fuck up. You better believe it Johnny Dooit. The work done it well turn you, you ve been superfine guests. Love to have you come back on so diamond? You start, but like fucked up eighty swarm of evil by that time, all watched later puppets come. I probably would you just let them come. I wanna do is calm yeah, so there's icy songs in it, you know that you're not we're gonna make a musical version of another sort of dying. There's no reason that you can. I think that we should know what makers, or rather the songs, Impromptu YAP out, Lucy Geodesic dome PETE, read about the making of the less miserable Our aim is that I have always had a problem with it. Then there were jewelry by its musical net, the other recording the singer
alive, while their shooting them that everyone has a little earpiece and theirs and theirs they have a piano player. Our key were play off to decide that goes along with what they so they set. The pace as singing and so they're doing all the acting and sing the songs, it's it's almost like seeing lame is clear, What movie that boy like was still with fucking crazy centre We try to do that once on of the music in his it's insane. That's really hard. He pulled it off maize together. There's a there's all feature at my darling, Alex Great looks, looks like a really really really good I have had the ways in it and then maybe jack many rather Russell grow Josiana eagerly. I log Warner. Russell Traviata grow, gladiator, no longer of use in Megan Fox, maybe film misuse mean girls, Jennifer's bodies created by the other girls it offers,
I made a fee for it to be an area like in the Fucking Peter. I like it shows her just like belting out this thing: walk crying and you're. Just like holy shit, they fuckin all got it a great you really if, if this model continues to work for you you you know, you could be the sort of like p He Barnum of movies I've just like every fuckin travelling movie, show it's cool. I mean that listen. The thing which is bad ass about it is it's. A lot of work mean literally driving sixty cities, any van that smells like tears and sadness. Horrible Clayton He was being drunk nightly, mean truck, stop you, but it's all because I set my own thing. I set the schedule I set. The theatres is gonna play and unlike there's, no one there and its it's it's no studios, then you have to do this this or that it's cool, but it's gonna work well, but it's worth it because it at the end of the day. You take full responsibility for everything, and yet ass thing of its exceed is because of us, but fails it because,
at least that where you can learn from it, does it if someone else controls your thing and it fails near like fuck, I didn't have a chance to if you control. You thing it fails, you go, I wonder what what can I do better next time, illegal, learn from that no aid. It is that's! That's why I like it it's putting in the fate of the art back in the artists hands. So are you Are you dare Bozeman on Twitter is you're my memories defining its. I think it's there and underscore bows been on twitter bow. I've been Bozeman the hotel, I don't get it totally fine grounds. Oh you like. I should have known, I say ouch I fear and underscore bows men and on Facebook. If, during Linda Housman, I feel like we should re record, the entire party cannot again less listless turning hard, also from ok backtracking on Baghdad. The bag are driven bag. I guess this thereby men are guys who directed the sound movies, the ass thou movies, goddammit and you are so polite to not correct me. Entire time, because people must do that should do you,
all the time I'll in this thing, on a great last comecon story, which is that when my favorite in a horrible things as either COMECON and saw three, is there, but about a barn, heirlooms, drink and sky comes up to make us holy shit, you're darent psychiatric as oh, my god, I'm a huge faint. Can my wife and I think, a picture with you and I. Ok, so I comes over, he goes. Oh, my god, my husband, leisure movies, delay talks about get your postage Oliver's wall like awesome. Is there taken pictures? They call their friends over this and it is there in the director, oh, my god, you're movie. So now I know it is goes out, so they all coming over the taking pictures another by me, shots and life. Shot. Like me, I was alive work with Ellen bursting above and in what way, and then to be less someone told him. That's dare unthinking, dare NEO Nazis all around me now and they're. All by me. Shy talking about reckoning for a dream and fountain and all the others definitely- and I didn't want to say it up when I'm like lady nothing. You say nothing will. If I may the guy's whisper, something to his friend and then you see them all kind of reverse robot out of there
how is it that was an awkward one, because I didn't know I sixty people around me, don't tell them type like you dream be quoted light. There were those who I was. Where's, the maid Marian. They they some gag of made Marian, haven't why's. He couldn't reckoning Frederick. Well, you know, because you don't did it. I like the Erika for a dream, runner repair through design. We and, as we know it was on my today, because I saw a dildo. Why saw I was both? my friend, you know Jack oars company central so where we had lunch and there were two giant delivery trucks that were backed up against each other. Was and and and delivery guy, like literally the like, but open and and delivery guys are thrown back for those like ours requiem for a dream. And he said another like dogs, wholesome laughable, separate though we just made, we may lose made all these dumb ass to ass, trucker, jokes and directly of a dream for
virgin has been, on my mind all day, prove forever back and forth. No, no! That's! That's! No union! Everyone now failure. Gray, one must like devils, carnival dot com, the devil's carnival dot com and that's where they can get their dvd and track and all gets the devil's cauldron. Devils, carnival, dotcom, you're, not just carnival, I was on an orgy ruse lines just like this is like Facebook drop the it'll be sown already heavy metals, audible, the devil. Seven more I'll be back your next time, promoting my pornography puppet. Maybe we will reduce now yeah. This sum excited soaring work. Davis, of course, elbow deep. Thousand for him at any foreign just enjoy your bow Fredo gentlemen guys
that's an easy ass. Those videos well movement, now leading notice. Dot com enjoy your router.
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