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Darren Lynn Bousman (director, Saw II, Repo! The Genetic Opera) chats with Chris about cool horror movie props, introducing his son to video games and he tells a story about getting arrested once. Darren also talks about interactive experiences he creates, how genre films are reviewed and his new movie St. Agatha!

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Welcome to the eighty twenty podcast number nine. Eighty, seven as I said here, in a rain, so LOS Angeles complaining about rain when other parts of the country. Basically you need a can opener, it into your cars because of the sheets of ice. The euro buried under we're, spoiled in LOS Angeles when it comes to whether I admit that and take a very long to live here for you lose any resistance to the elements. So I apologise, but in a way, which is too the foregoing raining again man what I have to wear a light, zip up hoodie in February what the age so sorry about hey if you're gonna be embraced, California next week and fed twenty two and twenty three and performing
Breyer Improv doing for shows their tickets are available at improv. dot, com, Slash Breyer! and then other dates. Biologist we're about next weekend for now so I'll, be there next week, and I now dear listeners turn our attention to the ideas, community Court Board a place for you twenty community to share a thing that you are making I have made or want to make or a friend that you have or a thing that you heard of that you like events it I detected outcome, is the email for that to get your thing mentioned on the purchase of the first one is a friend of mine, a very cool entrepreneurial and super smart lady name, Remy Bricks who has started upon cast while the skin in the game and is elbow on Itunes, so go get it there. That's. Why were you three regroup? I guess I'm gonna guess skin in the game is each week from
beauty, founder Remy Bricks and sit down and discuss entrepreneurship and beauty interview bad asses, and about anything else. She thinks is inspiring, really went to school for interior designed. So she learn everything she knows about growing a business from her mentor and Google you Firstly, she started skin in the game the motivate and inspire listeners that may want to start a business of their own in the future really wants to start a venture capital firm that focuses seed funding for women, owned businesses and she's automation, exactly what gives successful founders their spark, whilst gonna game this primarily on business and beauty Romeo? virgin she plans to have some episodes that are just whatever she's into at any given moment. For example, she has coming interview with a man who survived a shark attack last year to check out skin in the game. all things start ups, business growth and maybe shark attacks fine Remy on Instagram at Frack, F, R, easy k or fresh beauty, dot com. This job ready,
also Santiago Rights, I'm doing a magic shown February, twenty third in downtown Santa Cruz, and my brothers they contact you about. The possibility of my show being talked about on your show mission, accomplished, your brother is right. The shows called in streams and it's an evening of magic and storytelling about my life learning magic from when I was a kid to study with masters in LAS Vegas, We firmly show happening on from twenty three of these Santa Cruz performing arts Centre, information and tickets. Can you at Santiago MAGIC dot com, This episode is daring, in Bosnia in daring was, if you will listen, Podcast since the beginning, Darin was on very early in the run of the podcast daring horrid director he's directed, saw two three four. He also directed repo the genetic opera as a new film out called Saint Agatha, which is in theatres and on demand, now? So it's out there You know it's a Kimberly,
when doing the show for this, like nine years nine friggin years, and in just like that, much of a person's career. These he's made like thirteen with its citizens. not in the nine years, but around around so is really great to have their back on his such a sweet man and a great rector and a collector of stuff and as talk a lot about about collective, in horror and also you know the pair. Sewer into collecting in horror. They got. What aged you expose your kids, which is something Liddy, and I of course, some day will have to be trying to think about, but also You know a lot about following passions and what not so thinks differently. As for coming back on this is the The ten t podcast number nine, eighty seven, and now it is time but we should all the thing I can't even
yeah, we started out how he bought all because I have posters that are like that. Look like cartridges from Then he s system, fear and disease like the areas games, it is only he's only four years old, so earning tasted anything we also have an xbox and Playstation three can tell them everything I'll show those first thing like you can't you can't show him
you Don T with reminder that any like you have to leave with excite bike I now and then and then go and then a week, or go how this just came out? Oh my god, you're gonna build up. This is difficult to go back because we have good feelings these old days because their retro, they know it's ok. and it would have done is, is go back and play them, because my memories are so fond. I have such great memories of like met when a writer. Because we need only played like after ten minute them incarnate over. It is just that same action over and over and over again, yes, but when you were a kid you never seen now, though, there is little, am I steal ever I'm the biggest for me. Is that you're, the first person to be in Pike S studio? Oh my god, I'm didn't you gaffer! Second, because your your taste in art and wallpaper versions, the main Lionheart addresses this fantastic see. This is we were we been recording ever since
midnight rap ways to record them in a bid night which carries out of joy, do and when we rapid that, for, like gushing, you're in a half? Maybe we were doing them at my house and deal fortunate thing about you not coming to my house is you particular so you'll have to come separately see my wife, horror, movie, prompt collection again, which is just strewn all throughout the house, So that's the only thing you're missing by not by not coming there. My wife is in a battle. It literally causing me to sleep in the guest house. Quite a few nights because I refuse to cave on. It is so she the entire house- and I have one room- I have my office and my office is full of, rebellion and ass. We ve had now second gear, got older. All my horse tat was moved into my office. No, my office is like floor to ceiling. Proper, and monsters and in all of this my son is of an age that he should not be scared exists to young now. Is it an aid that he walks any scare? So she was
get rid of all the small stuff, and I have like looked like the very door. All these things- and I know this is the only room of mine and I have in this house now, the daughter and ass. She was my office today and I actually saw the fear in her face and, as I go K mitigation moves over this. No doubt that's how they get used to know, if my told her I'm medium warble pair, because I let my son, maybe watch is there a little to offer him? I want my guided that for me. It made me it was a morbid. see, but I wasn't scared like as a kid. I was not scared of certain things that, if you are just be like, if you direct He saw because it was three right. Dear morphia, you should get a pass illustrate order and I think that these prompted this house, if you did recall the genetic opera, get a pass either as a funny said, one of them so one of the more habits it a small projects, its want, more gross ones, divers, spinal cord, those using repo there was ripped out of a person, tendrils name, just alone it, and so I
these movies in Toronto, and I always had to get the props back over the United States, and I read with repo. I took it as carry on any Fedex, and was wrapped up. Jesus was wrapped up in a bubble. Rapid, remember going through the customs and made me unwrap it and take it out and you have you ever picture disease, three guys holding the spinal look you wouldn't play with, as it were movie its Roma. movie here that I did. What's it called rhetoric about the Meda Raw really by genetic around opera? That's everything. I've stopped when I did then saw to it as a great seen. What is this girl falls in the pit of hypodermic needles and I I knew shooting at this is going to be a cool thing, so I took the dis bags and bags of the hypodermic needles via tens of thousands, and there blindly look rusty and I put him in a partnership and the United States. It took a body.
direct me to actually get the box where to send letters, weirdest and pictures from the movie to say this is from the movie. So you have some good friend but these are really clever. Serial killers, they came up with this whole ruse. Exactly what sort of the We do know when you're when you're a collector. These are things that you have to. These are just hurdles that you have to jump through committee is ultimately you know. It is for us. The thing like everyone does should like this, but it's really just a handful nowadays is not bury this up. It was, I got older, have started to collect a cold memorabilia, and so I go to and teach doors were you going gonna Ebay, a lot, and I love like old tax like old, secret society a booklet document we D boards old, yes, p, games from, like I urinating too he's thirty things like that. It's a now, I'm sorry collected a mass like this is old, ritualistic, grisly old school. It's it's! I love things back in the day before
its didn't rely on cheap plastic. It was right like you could touch, it knows, weight to it and there was artistry to it in the my whole house is he spoke he had before the time of mass production. mass production kills everything, however I would also argue that, because we have mass produce plastic things, it makes us create and seek out the hand may, as you know, things that are really authentic and were made by you know like yeah, probably world class. There's no, as aside gig were like all make a board game, just pay some bills. Yeah. I as are getting older. Now I just turned forty this year and it's crazy because how my interests have completely shift. My was twenty years ago. I look for it, when in taking and that some so ridiculous, but, like I was on said last year and I was so excited all the casket together we went in taking and it was in any way I can tell you the five best anti places in LOS Angeles right now, like on weakening you. Let you if you look at here you see that model
he will go. Where do you find the stuff I got? I just. I know the right auctions, I know the right dealers, I know the right places and I know you know I also know which places are starting to come over Bryce style too much for something and how to get deals on staff. Will my grandparents past there was a estate deal that my dad did at their house and am I love books at his love old books? I love them. They feel. Where they smell and that there was a huge box and was all my grandparents box, there were all selling them for, like I'm, making this number up like ten cents a book, and I went through a rabbit who is looking ones and days following the Middle school, the graceful to high school, and recently when I was in college. I wasn't that actually reason was fifteen years ago. I would do that some of the stuff I found in there was insane we found that an original copy of Jekyll and Hyde, one of the first prince. Oh, my god, I found a treasure island, one of the first editions ever came out, and it's so cray
a lot of people, throw stuff away thinking. This is John and one hundred and fourteen this. But people like me when you see that I can really get the first edition of something. That's its equivalent of me my Nintendo, when I was six years old that excited well, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who we're talking about how houses get built like how people come in and by like a clap, an old house and then completely my residence. And what that shouldn't be allowed and then what we think kind of landed on was that it was people from Europe we're coming over and to remedy, in twenty. Eight house is brand new data. They have that are hundreds, even a thousand years also happens like he has spoken. This was a car in eighteen, twenty, this- was a copy of a structure in my country that was made in the sixteen hundred airport slots. You haven't, I do what I want with its so, while major problems to your decorations here I'll make, you beg, you beg you, gonna be negative.
the house to the house that the real treasures Lydia's got some she's gotta she's got the away had from a howling she's got some regional gremlins she's gotta she's got the dummy from dead, islands like she's she's she's got some gets about your Dantes. How to direct a grim whence he had all the Kremlin's around I literally kicked out like I don't. You got a lot of work into his house and seen some of the original Grimly sister made Gideon it's hard, not to its like the first time. You ever see him up it in person like your weapon in person and yeah. You immediately inexplicably just start crying. It is like it it something about that. Deep in your molecules of being influenced as a child, the handsomest did, he hasn't seen or the door crystal founded, Roman easing yeah. I mean I am there's no way to describe it. They just fucking have sketched he's just like out. I know just seen in lobbies our people work now
this behind bulletproof glass or my house for my house behind bulletproof glass ugly, but any real not everyone. Here's the words galaxies and knows that isn't gigs out about it. So maybe that's maybe that's. whereas I think so, but if they want two. Just give put it on a loner programme for a while. You know then added misled since I think as a great waited My kids about these days whilst happens agenda? Two thousand. I tried to show history, which is my son dark crystal. He may do about twenty minutes inhabited, which, which is a horrible, is apparent. This shows his kid shares are my number and I can't I can't take this pop patrol and have appeared in all this, and I dont know what it entertained about it, but they do unlimited colours of the sounds or whatever and I'm trying to introduce. Two things I watch was able, who I'm revisiting all these original days, the secretive NAM, the dark crystal Legend, all
movies, which would again with a used I'm going to lessen our crystal a puppet there's, something so much readers it real your its tangible. You could touch it. You can see it right. There right is opposed these really bad cgi. They they gather pudding. Kids cartoons it has got a funny cgi in and of itself is an incredible art and cd artists, like really good ones, are amazing by all feel like you know what many things that our world becoming digital between digital arts and they did the waiter interact digitally in someone's like were creating this virtual world. And it is nice to see you know it is nice to see stuff manifest in the real world, because now Kid shows, I'm sure, are you know me committees of scientists who understand how kids brains think a murder baby, that's better for them, but we have but we had because people didn't think about that stuff it in our school, but the dark crystal you're, not ready for it. I mean it
dark like it's. Not it's there's nothing really comedic about. It is not really funny like there are some fun moments, but it's like it's it's kind of a fucked up movie. Yet is he D Doug? neverending never ending story which another one of those gotta movies it is. Is a child Canada find my love for movies love for fantasy, so it's cool. We watch and we things do they of a child to remind you that just remind you of so much so well when you, when your kids are slightly older, you can maybe take them to a special. ex house and show them how much like teach them the difference between the election. The art of its avail, appreciate I think they'll come or I really do believe me to others for his maladies, terrorism in the guise boisil yeah, so she said it'll be it'll, be fine! That's only learn. I guess I'm lucky them wife and I, like the exact same stuff, So there is no there is no like relegate. I find it sometimes I'm the one who's like I'm, not ready to put all the stuff out, which is very simple.
I never thought. I would be that, but you know I'm terrified that you know, maybe it's better at the beginning of your kids are a little afraid of the stuff. So they don't go. Oh tie, don't touch here. It is delete all from the sole films which so I'd I'd done this now, in a movie, I direct his eye actually loan money to production to buy the products like get them when the things of wet like when we re install three renew that that that, at that point the puppet was a psychotic thing, so I just paid for that. the only ones I am buying it. So I gave the money with a very it all myself, so I take it back with a debt is blocking really. TAT is your pay. Nothing had appointed you're, not in the reproduction to these things. Now no fifty, thousand dollars. You fight of on line the reproduction really good ones and entreaties wonders outrageous. so so what I did Reba when I did saw I just pay for the proper costumes, some of them, the ones that I want to take him back with me. But it, was really bad you today, I want to my office and I
Henrietta hear him he's talking. Eddies he's. I didn't been engaged Opposition I walk in. There was a sight he sat down in Billy's pulled off. the Billy look out of another country- put his finger upstart me because no they told me the rail and, as I did, we gotta things not talking back. I walk into the Billy said imposition, but he was in there. Talking about all, I need to be fair. You are sort of building the Wall in family closet. I am evil mysteries I have theirs, tells us but here we might be a serial killer. One he's a burrito from the side. Look, he doesn't go the same way. They must enter every merchant serial killer. Furthermore, circular in new, I funny funny story. Europe with the research killer, My first Mary I ever saw the truly disturbed and effectively We too young it was it. I saw it with. My brother should be two movies same weekend: Henry Borders,
like Cannibal Holocaust and snapped right real idle to eleven. eleven and it was the one to punch, butts I've always locked around I'll, give a Henry being the first movie that actually strewed with my head. Ironically Michael rubber. Very first friend that I made in LOS Angeles is the best this is great and if I saw it Michael over tools Lastly, I would like the gangs is making happy. I get arrested, I was I was in a way. I don't know. Maybe six months I was working as an assistant rapier on it the very desk and I had a date and I was going on It was my first day delay and you two are suited to the EPA, Maybe I'm on Sunset Boulevard and I'm pulling around brain from the hustler store and I'm going to stop life and I'm about to pick up the girl he's too Wait, I'm trying to change out of this suit and something that's more cool and I'm at the stoplight and I'm changing my and I see the lights go
lies in instalments, engage my clothes. He saw me because I sign so my so my no like two thirds That is not the answer to those who went out and caught. I can see walking behind and I see one protein, my passengers. I want a bunch of my website and is it, put your hands on the wheel. So now you begin, I have I at least to my knees, partial so He had run the wheel and he looks in the day taps go it s, getting a servant, we go and start a corner, Panza assets in Serbia. as you said, that the vehicle we have a car Matthew description, was involved and run and an eye I didn't get a run, so I was like short when I get out the car going to get started. We have your permission to search your vehicle, then and again I'm so young and I didn't know what I was doing and I said sure nothing to hide some say that industry unseen right further Hussar store Friday night and I hear the wool over the radio in a police car. We have something:
something something requested. Another car please and the guy walked out to me gave us when you put your hands behind your back ass it what's going, When I see my trunk of in the trunk is open and the Eu seem pleadings out of my trunk, nor I met at this point I before coming to allay. I wish you d, martial arts and secondary black belt these were the first to be decided, laptop, differ and he's point out my cry. One of these points is none chucks, while there are legal in California may I didn't know that leaning over you may believe they weren't, two thousand and one was given to illegal arrests, arrested for consumers of the deadly weapon. I get bored no drugs and other cities, but in this I'm arrested, I'm booked into L a county jail. this was the Friday and Thanksgiving was at Thursday, while the court was close, obvious
Friday Saturday, Sunday, they're, open Monday and Tuesday. If I didn't get the court date, I would have to go to county, because I would have to wait until the court reopen after so I'm literally openly weeping and a jail cell for being arrested for none checks, the lack of legal rigour I ended up buying ended up getting I end up getting let go on my own recognizance. Basically, I had to sign something if they don't appear in court and I leave. I leave the girl still waiting on that lack for legally days out of it at that, but no speaker against right that data and the first. The first thing I did gotta jails. I drove them. Michael workers, ass, didn't have a lot of friends. go and, unlike is what happened, nobody can manage the story, Michael. If, if you listen, I apologise in advance, I should tell us: I'm sees that is Airstream for this house and seen as Airstream is like you look like hell at times was arrested music. Why we arrested as they none checks, and he looks at me.
It is not just from a gear and he reaches undersea pulled out gonna, because this is a router all else by gun range. I don't think that's a surprising, but I dont like sitting in report the reciprocal in talking about time to be so. Bringing back to Henry your son he's talking Billy to Billy and you it is a coherent, conversation's Billy allowing him to do thing now. Do evil things. Nobody is the one that I have is electronic, and so he works often remote controls, but mode four not on, but that budgets terrifies me. This is the picture of walking too busy for your kid sitting on the ground, with a circular Gimme, that is pre, terrifying, desperately terrifying, but you know listen if it day, good stories were daddy's films, ugly than what's
the harm really in a small child talking to a possessed all remember recently, besides affecting our neighbour, but but it's not like. Annabel its margin, we don't have yeah exactly exactly and also we Billy is just a vessel, for example, exactly it's ok, Although you see Tobin Bell in a behind your house, it again another travelling, so I've done. I've never done every convention until this year, and they do not have saw. Conventions and I could ask you gotTA wanted it was Tobin and shoddy who's. The killer insulted before and cost dismantle or, and they asked me however, that these panels and ask if I bring the doll, it's all over the ship it all. I want to check that all I will take them all with me so I'm on the plane get it all. I know great, but
seconds on the second go around. They stopped me, so I did like two cities back to back and I'm is twenty nine going through the security thing. I send it through it as a huge line of people and that they stop by see if it stops that I can the x Ray Billy and his lady S servant I'd, ask you under the back please and and then I see, once a bit she has opened up. I hear a college The supervisor over there all look out and that all smiling like is that, like it is, so again, on my internet is a picture of all is to say all agents smiling whole notability awful, while terrorist, urging all right I'll bet it's billions from the liberty and you said, As you see that I have had a regional time bandit- oh yeah, the territorial in story, Scylla IDA thing really, my career- that I I just listen celebrities, It was like everyone else. Did you just like us, and so I
started realizing that if I reached out a celebrity one of the ten times that we get through to them in this report, Well, you can tweak somewhere, they could see between the back. You that's all Weird thing when I wrote down celebrities that it made an impact on the innocent before I started making movies- and I know I put our major David, Ledge or Tom waits made. These lists the people and I tried to get to them, I am not getting through to David Lunch and again to Tom Way to Tom waits. I had a long conversation with on the phone was really nice guys in the world. during your last on the phone during your nose that is a fun one gun. I love the comment. I just saw pie. Reverie bridges. Not that out. Yet the pie was insanely tackle them. For me, Aronofsky, IRAN, ASCII in Jersey and New York, knowing that the cuban Domini that many and I got through- and I talked to his grandmother and and ice How'd you get this number, I I'm so sorry was on the phone with therein. Are phone broke up? and usable. Let me give you a cell, and so I was there.
It is true, and I know no, that's right does not like your mother. So I call- and I guess I get him and I guess I dare, and my name is daring how'd you get this number. What he said- something like me when he said something- I was like I'm so sorry, I just saw pie and I had to talk to you you're a huge inspiration and spent like thirty minutes on the phone with me. It was great so I was going to make a film every time I see a movie that I love or is impactful to me. I tried to reach out to the filmmaker I did a marathon right watch, the curriculum box set. I forgot how amazing Brazil was it's like it's such a, insanely fantastic, on spending billions. I wrote this long email and I found an email that somebody accidently forwarded. It was like I it was like, someone did replied onset of a busy at his hands. I wrote this. I wrote this email dietary jellia when I was like a huge fan, earthquake
I just want to let you know your movies- have been made. You want to be director a huge fan, blah blah and I spend it. Literally like a minute later here, didn't mean and tearing helium response back in his life is this down but the genetic operator and holy shit like Ursula that this is happening. As he says, regulations, but you you wouldn't me as myself. My kid watches your movie on repaid. this thing about, and I was like. Oh my god, I was in shock and I was like I'm having a back and forth conversation materially without repo. That's like everyone hated like it was being destroyed by critics it was a great because it is one of the things that you realise, just like us of course, even happened to regulate what course, like I mean freshly he's a guy that you know has like. Make a movie and then it'll be huge. You know like in and people the critics, love it and then we'll make a movie. Then it doesn't do very well. I was ready to in also like everyone,
their stance that process- you know everyone understands that liken you know in knowing knowing what it takes to make a movie indirect a movie, I'm sure Everyone has empathy for, like all of this is a business that you're going into then We all need to support each other, because it's not easy. I find a word with any other jogger community. I don't have any experience. Maybe all the job like this, but the horse I buy a fantasy world are sensible, the one another I was on. I just got back at you in a movie in Bangkok. For a few months, and I was looking at a more just and photographers and add one of them. I saw it did a movie with gave him out years ago, the produced and that either was always very friendly by seven percent. You'll come up with a low, but still it were very good friends. Is always very nice, respectful bananas, email. and so one I've been pre production aid to send an email, and I said he is your eyes of a really
question says: values the average when the Academy award and again the two minutes later. What number can I call you out oh, dear, no called the other funding. Our conversation lesson photographers, what the movie of shooting does it have to do that again, one of the count, reward and he's taking time outdated, called me just talk and I found it. It's been very much There has been very amazing about the people that I watch in respect of the conversations now supported. They are offered help her advice that Gazprom gear motor Rob Zombie that you are right there. That is it. It's it's crazy. They never would have thought of coming out here. Yeah. I really do feel The directors are an end. I own, I don't know all. I know a good percentage of John Right people as well, but I find them all to be super personal. Super nice and I feel like it's, because if you spend a few election went to John there's, probably something
stick about your hearts and so it you're. Obviously, people want to make money, but I feel like it's a group of people that no matter how much they were making or not. They would still be directing films yet, and that makes them part of community and engaged in it. And it's a really nice, it's a really nice thing. I'm I might directive movie did not in the future, so I might be picking your brain Jonathan. Maria. I mean that's all it's pretty much already and I watched in horror movies, lopsided started when they first like my first real region out to a director was robbed zombie, who you icy, know very well. I was having a huge issue and saw too with the raids born I couldn't get it already you can see seventeen seventy again Things were: how does email male over long Kennedy males? I picked it up and I resolved to him again. He walked me through How do you the already? Did it worth it? I got the already
so yeah, it's it's there the nice guys, there's people will, I think, also because it is everything is ultimately this way, but with directing, in particular the learning curve Each time you go through the process. so steep like. I, because you know I've known rob since ninety ninety five since the years before he did corpses and then I was present during that whole process, and I watched him go to learning curve, the first time and in the second time, and then the third time, and it just gets I mean something's giddies. Europe's citizens give something a little complicated, but the in fact that the amount of learning- and I think most people just be like hey-
can save you from any any shred of that. I wish someone told me this. I realize I done under thirteen films. Now it doesn't get easier for me. In fact, of anything it's becoming more difficult than harder that it feels like every movie is known school again. You know it's because it's never. I feel I was In the same position like a direct three saw berries. I was twenty five years old, I'm doing these huge franchise. And I guess my mind, I assume this was making was this? Is it the zone? Happens to movie. It comes in data three months later is in three thousand screens there's commercials on tv, but then you mean MR independent world and that's not the case that was, there was a. There was a wooden. There was a one off thing, When I say making things agree, but my mother's dad's movie, I did say Agatha you real that's not what really works at it. Also, acknowledges that date itself so rapidly. So
fifteen years ago. To do a little. shot it was? It was a process, new added, learn. You say you do. The visual bagshot now attend Energy people are learning stuff, literally in middle school did have more knowledge. green school replacement made a thirteen fourteen votes and so I'm surrounded it. You know, as a director he's going to be the leader and set it wants to know what you're doing I'm seeing these kids have my age that are throwing up but I never heard that are be like Is this an s doing things right, but what would happen like the organic released, but also, I think he you also a sort of the elderly the captain in a sense, so you hire. specialists were better read that things than you are. That's where you hire them. He put his run herself with your only as good as ease renders up with these matters with the best people to make you look good and asked,
I've been very lucky my career, that it had people that make me look a lot better than I really am I to me it sounds really fun. If I, if I do get to do this, and I do it- I mean I'll get to do it. It's just a veto. If I, if I can talk me into thinking that I can do it, but To me, it sounds so fund to just make really specialise. John raw films for me like, rather than trying to make the commercial stop to try to get everyone. For a handful of people that are gonna. Fucking love it. What does his weapon Today's my career on a report, which was I then three saw movies. They they made a ton of money and I could have continued on making studio films making. we're lies, get movies and making whatever, but I will do something that spoke to me as nor does not begin. Something that wasn't safe and I think to meet it. Excited my leg, german tutelage. You look at this,
movies news at what the hell? How do they really was? Well, you like what what is this, but I love that over me. I had to make, but I had to do something that was so bad shut out there, so crazy, so insane a dangerous thing. I was a dangerous now remember I said, I wanna put parasitic the kind of reaction to Ukraine. Are you insane Freebirds old in this, and I was like singing with Sarah Brightman and Paul Sorvino and just said that in bewilderment and people's faces. Those the tiger movies that inspire me, the most is it. This is a complete. What the fuck fact well yeah- and you know when we when Rob, was doing corpses when we talk about this all the time, because I was I'd, do it, I did the tv show a couple days ago, ridiculous. I was a guess, a majority This is an issue and I was wearing a captain, Spalding Shirt and a do from the auditors like looking this morning, and I love that, round, I talked with this all the time he's like that movie just need
percolate overturned is when we made it. Obviously it There were issues it took a happier for came out, but it was not well review, like people not kind about it. This is the price of media era, but people were not kind of. In two thousand three hundred and three whenever came out there, but something about for a time you know being on demand home video whenever it is now become like this cult, iconic classic films in horror. do you really did not feel like that at the time- and it's like you know, sometimes things just need time to Brooklyn three from how as well Is it excited about it? I am again family, I said Robert, he merely the diagnosis deacon out those like when we see that I need to see by saying that it was that it now- and I know, but another reason why there are various movies that review reviewed poorly when they first came out, but over time they find this amazing call audience. I mean my favorite
I'm doing all these kind of weird things: rocky WAR, which is the epitome of that which You know it was. It was a failure and, and fans found in France or the chapel casting doubts still in theatres, what forty years later, the eyes of that experience. I love scene and I M embraced they can make it well. I anything happens like it. It happened. Citizen came. It was you know, my wife's greatgrandfather suppressed it for a while. Because you know it wasn't didn't whatever, but when I read that it wasn't until it started hearing on television like two decades later that people are like. Oh, it turns This is a masterpiece. You know it's like you just don't you just don't know you know. For two decades we think you makes or anything
about our took a few years, but has human waiting twenty years now? Why did we live in a culture now, as it makes it harder? Because, given I started making things was that longer she doesn't for twitter. They were not warriors and Instagram, and all these people that could tear something down so rapidly so quickly and have the access, like you know my car and I was looking up into my cousin, my niece, a nephew. I was up there. Serbia and yesterday, and they also almost have as many followers I believe, your kids ice they have reached now. People have this social reach little demoralising. When you know you you, you worthy spend time to make a piece of art and then rapidly one person, one tweet, it has enough followers. Ten million dollars, fifty million dollars kin can break it down. But that the flip side of that is you dont have a platform. You do a small movie in one person likes it with one million ten million. Fifty million follows out there and then all of a sudden you an audience you did now
What is more, it is a little bit of a double edged sword, but also it do. You know where consumers, and I say we because I'm not. I don't think this is an excellent thing. I mean like we're. I feel like I'm, I'm just as much weight as everyone else, but were spoiled as consumers, because we can get anything we want whenever we want. However, We want and because our civic needs, can be so distinctly Matt Banks Are you know, reputation, algorithms, whenever it is, if anything that even like one percent off from what we want. To be is like the blocking worse. You know that we were spoils worthwhile. What we were spoiled you about what I was talking to another filmmaking today, which I didn't realize as a filmmaker. That would be such an issue for me, is how movies are marketed, because as a director, I make it so Neither the movie goes to distribution companies, uniform sales company. They put together assets to sell them to be so
you don't like me- the movie thy may and weight or selling. It is not the same thing with either a couple of films that were marketed in a completely different than what the actual movie was sustained. Our state aid is being met. Market is Iraq, is religious, combat actually exactly you'll get moving about you, so I ll give you an example. What happens is is Alex issues. This is great, but if someone told me to take me to a state restaurant, we pull up- and it looks like whatever ritualistic house. I walk it and they could see in front of me. I get angry German. but this is terrible. I, like my appetite this southern. I hated the food. It was not my expectations of what I was looking into. That's right, so I struggle without a lot about a couple of films that I look at the trail the posters and they want to push the saw guy. It's bizarre guy, solar picked a war. image of pain and suffering and pulled up there in the light of the director of solitude. Reinforce brings you a new experiment in terror and, unlike Iraq, opera delayed
people walk aid and lazy Paris thing either they see whenever they get bad. It's not. The film is bad, vacation were not at all like the way that it was told it was gonna be well. That's that's where you know like, I think a way to die. I have this in a way, I think it is really understand. It's like when you to drink something, you think is like a coke and it turns out that there's water in a dispute about it. It's the most disgusting want because Europe, your brain, was telling you about a complex. What is it like? Moses water? Do you wouldn't like this, but you just didn't and its industry with comedy where people people do we seem to understand, that there are like sub genres result comedy, go saying like all negotiate comedy show here and it's you know An you know, whatever you like me, locality in its like in its really wordy comedy. You know that you're not gonna be satisfied, and so some of it is like doing a little
do the work and research and a dynamic sure like is this in the wheel house of stuff that that I would like, or you know or or not like a year and a half off in between a couple of films, and I did this insane crazy things now, my extreme passion is immersive theater, and I felt that I becoming so desensitized by social media and distracted. Likely door decisive where we did so I'm busy, for now I did like seven movies back to back to back those burn out and I needed the news I sort of travelling that I was in New York. I went to sleep in a war, Firstly, when a heated and I personally online, it wasn't a negative thing, but if something like, I think what s always cool, but I just didn't get it. Immediately, there was a comment that said: Are you still in New York marathon? Yes, they said come back tonight and let it show you the real sleep, no more, and it was a girl who were the cosplayer to cosplay three brothers
Reggie the customer signal war. So she takes me back with this, follow me and do what I do is issued me through issue that pushing in places and those on The one wants its own one day. I'd like twelve one onwards, and I want to sleep. Negotiate I feel, like I saw true, are actually saw something that I didn't understand. I went back the next night, the next night and it let me for like a year ago, and it is different immersive experiences all over the world and lay open wanted to doesn't sixty eagle detention experience, which was a year on energy The zone has altered reality game. Add it started with we put up a website, The website was very generic at chronic roads on it and it had been sent quotes I'd really like to disturb individuals quote, but he played around the quote. You'd see bridges and website. If you want to look at the source code,
led to a phone number. I like the bottom of the activities of the air, so only if I'd people found the sorcerer the first week, we how do we hire that a cell phone a burner on them, but at again for twenty four slash? Seven, they were paid to get fit twenty four slash, seven and so the first five people called the message procedure and the person said this down immediately repeated back to me, we give it Mr Warehouse elated repeated that text Saturday till the next person called that we say Saturday, ten thirty addressing we never got. Positron online Reddit get hundreds of people called the sulphur and we too warehouse out. We hired actors and no one knew it was me doing. We every time cast of higher than it was done online with a fake name. They were sent burger cell phone sick taught me: goobers offer a long story short by the end of the first month. We had hundreds, his people and allay doing this thing. At last. It was an entire year, where we would send you all over night at Oliver allay going to alleyways,
Are you really weird they had to be taken? Warehouses then, actually lead to a site, specific threatened. Our fifty thousand square foot, commercial experience It was amazing about it, but I love about it. Was it forced to be present we would you want any of it. We took herself ass. For me, there is no cell phones and we forced you went on The whole situation with strangers, were you ever thought of it and beat it with an actually communicate with them. It was the most creatively amazing thing than ever that of horror. experience your basically giving one experience. It is, and I think there was great about it- is that the house is able to connect with Lloyd because of you, video movie like saying, hi or read, or saw you have ninety minutes, a hundred minutes to try to get him to care about people to give me the shit but was doing while the checking twitter, Instagram and probably watching it on their, they will rise. We add yet so. With this, you somebody's people spent nine months. These characters going to bar drinking with it being a car right.
Eventually going to his warehouse for three hours from other devices enforced away that just registered with me what you just said so for months, people were living as these care. And the experience didn't happen for almost a year here? Yes, insane sleeper bore with all of you. What did your secret more, but you had to spend nine months before going to sleep and more media, the characteristically to know that you have to go to a place too good to do more. You dont like it's over once you leave this, does not this never I share has yet we started to that. Sixty we done every year we gonna do The first was the ticket experience. The second year was the last experiencing if you could walk into Stanley curious eyes wide shots, so we took over this That was a sex party and you had to figure out. There was a call operating sex magic and the like. The shadows of the sex club? You ought to go where you were masquerading ass. It was based on your decisions, will have to deal with two and a half hours long, no to people s
experience and we just finish what we just closely called dear com, which my favorite, it was basically twelve efforts relied each to relay less than two hours. You many groups of ten sentiment. Repression and wake. I completely and seek out you walk in and you were killed. Are you were a politician or european you are drug dealer and for two and a half hours you your own storyline, so yeah, that's incredible: so are you going to do another one? We are working on the next one right now, the Russo brothers that did not even Jazmine Garcia, get partnered with us on the tension, experience brand and taking it to Vegas to do it any casino, so they can,
They say it is not enough to engine and vague. I now walking in hearing the entire like hearing bachelor party. Is people growing video to Vegas a couple of times the last few months? With this? It's bad luck now. My bottom pledges are telling me the reserve, elevated Mister Oliver platform that they were huge supporters. Fancy came, they saw with it. We did at the border with the sun, and I think that you know. where you're you're, like the real artist part of you, is really thriving because I think people are. When we talk about how somebody experiences are not the material experiences ever their digital experiences, and I think people ray, we ass humans, animals crave to feel things in the real world. real experience, real interactions, semivowels all fake, but I just me MIKE interactions in the real world, and I mean this to me. It's not. Surprising that this is,
something that is starting. To scale up and expand cause I'd. People are just desperate to have real world stuff was great ones Jeanne clothes. We did not one of them. I got a phone call from New Patrick Harris's husband about David Deerbrook, David caused me as a K. Don't tell me all I want you to me. pepper's birthday. Can you fuck with them twenty four hours and Ireland, and ass. They are and so basic duty or pretty well now that so we might play my part rochlitz, there's gotta be a lotta. Can I could creators of the thing? put together the game. It was literally the game with twenty four hours. They had no idea, he woke up and there was a man standing in the fire. How should we we tailor it to meals alike? about a bit. Is that all magician? There was the fine track, but he had to do these things for the day. I fear that you did for him was a deal. Pre, scheduled lights, retailers and friends. We thought aware, he's gonna be and we hired about fifty extras
and they all where they are eating when he walks into everyone's eating. Having a fair deal sits down eddies, It is likely that exactly moment they'll get attacks, they all stood up at the exact same type, stared at kneel and pointed to a door the door led to an alleyway died away, instead of going to evaluate the back the alleyway, its huge alleyway in an old tv for the eighties review chesnut, and there was a magician and watching Niels first televised MAGIC act, but there's something great about that is its tangible, something that it did imprints itself on you you're not watching something. You not passively sitting back yard. You're part of area you are the you are the person. That is nearly the story. So I think there is more and more of these rights Yes, what is so. You know people talk about the are into me a hour is much more exactly appeals away. You know like what whether its aim
applications or energy stuff, but I also just knowing you know: I've been I've been to I've been to the NEO birth. party thing because we're moving away- and you know it's like this wars and fire readers and aggravates it's up to me. Like I can't think of anything so jealous of meal and David's kid. You get to be able kids like dirt, cheap to grow up in a house of that, much like miss ray and magic in wonder and fantasy like it so so they should just adopt me island. Accuracy, those instagram and watching with, as we like it's, it's crazy
and he said he was growing deals he's such a such kid like he was intended to weaken, but not at a shitty way lay down the best. We call bigos, let's go up and down the twelve hours left to escape robes and like you're done, the shepherd with you it is, it is literally like was high energy. Pushy people aware of your father's look over there jump and like the disease, is endemic in a way that makes again, it makes me feel like a child is while watching him. So I think there is a clear at this point like it'll, be fifty percent doing movies Older people said will be this experimental south. Isn't this theatre this these experiences because, as we I we gotta dinner, we gonna spend this money to buy inexplicable wine. Whatever we're looking for experience for looking to stay, However, we will have something, but imagine instead of watching It will make you James Bond instead of watching saw. I put you itself, but I think that that to me
just exhilarating webpage and set a fifty fifty four forty five, forty five and ten percent, just making sure that your son Henry is saying let around by possessed survive. I am certain that all aid, simply just ten percent Everson, we're just gonna tourist destination. Ten percent. Do it is kind of funny that you're the stuff you do. You have to do with your kids like well, I can't really show you what daddy does for a while, but just know that it is. I do go, do a thing, but I didn't set in its really cute much inward celebrated the sad when I was in Tokyo and thereby would set his last movie insane Agatha, which can be done, and it is his eyes you really big. Did he ask a billion questions It is so cute you so innocent until like he was on set, it was after someone was brutally murdered and that I didn't need for me on his room, daddy, wiser, PETE everywhere, as it were, painted
yeah you know about. I beg it. appreciate that an end. ultimately will probably be born to them or used for peace and a couple years, Henry the real portrait of zero killer in its stead possible. But I doubt it because I think they just get noticed desensitize. Do it an l rebelled against whatever you know, whatever you're do they have. The rebellious teenagers will make me. Well, maybe kids, maybe that everyone then I realized, is that I want to make something like a goonies like thing for what do. I think that some of the best kids movies had a layer of macabre under new goodies, absolutely everything you know like whether it be dark crystal our inner at an end. Older somebody, older kids movies are fucking are dark. Will you walk in the job factory in absolute arc? Absolute them so it here right in the tunnel. Is today's terrified sequence? Yes, so it like that that that, under that understood,
you know what's underneath, theirs is no feeling we're losing out because it so much like the everything so Subjoin specific will. This is specifically forgive. This was an aids I got here, but there was a time when doubts and kids could watch the same stuff in Dublin and both could be satisfied. I had a really intense experience. I was not expecting a hurry loves whenever bigger than we do is we got legal landed here right every right illegally at his great, but we would universal studious, he loves, needs and we live in the richest it. He hasn't. He could only see what he says. The big money is a huge meaning peeking over a party line. You could see it from her house, so he asked if he go to diversity we get you he does all the stuff is Harry part of riding. Relieving there as it does the trail and there's no hydrogen there's no aid restriction, and I haven't been on the tramping years since it gives the tram I'd, never see Fear like I saw the tree and when he saw knowledge, look Godzilla, Japan and even today, which is a year and a half after took over a year later. Why
Take me to see that Gaza can come. Why does able to sinking caught? Why do I feel so bad everywhere the tree over like he was shaking and he was crying and I was like I'll do. Maybe this was really, decision on my part. You just don't know because there is also a reality that exists where he thought it was the greatest thing in the world here I know and that's what I get my housing allies in another and it also now it's projected not like a real donor, milking cohesion, he's, not understand why, in like fifteen year He's gonna, be on a date seeing apply planet of the apes movie and he's gonna just uncontrollably. It is very nice to have you done the Boolooroo blackest. Now It's this! It's great its greatest! Basically, a whore themed broadcast and this guy named Trevor. Does it that we know, and he in a house that is like your come see our house there's a lot of like fun stuff,
but he has actually built Brazilian like a Dunaway, isn't like a normal neighbourhood normal looking, you go inside and immediately. It's like there's always like he's recreated. This Harry Potter rooms in the system, It is a secret bookcase semi if someone is living room and he's got mirrors that that when you walk I like ghosts if anyone is incredible. So nice and it's such a group. I guess there. You know it's a great. It's a really. horror podcasting may I thank you. I think you are going to believe it's got a book about Lydia did it last year, and now they were so sweet and so wonders of great yeah yeah. They would have allowed to talk to you about speed of talking about stuff. Seen Agatha movie movie. Judges outside. Yes, it out today, It was its great apes
love is something subconsciously are dealing with my own kind of shit, my brain, but I keep doing religiously. Did you gonna have told you tonight did not get it is. I did go to college. We did that we didn't have statistics, you did, not as it is now the turn of the writers, Sir Michael's dig it out export. You talked about the horrors that her there are obviously not necessarily what we do with this movie, but it's crazy guy with they buddy. They presented the script. These tormented, Google is Google somewhere thoughts about. And it was basically these horrific stories of his forced adoptions that took place and in sight continents were young. Girls would would come in there in the not convinced that your child is better off, not with you, the loving arms of family, to take care of that they were selling them to their selling them and or they would get donations for donations back to the church right
it's owed, you seem like a really cool intro into a booby like as little love and causing Agatha horror. It's dark and sinister and fucked up it's a fucked up, psychological thriller area with with some gory gory It's a thriller fear not later than that, which is why the issue it already started this more. Nobody, surrogate aids and hate mail from from religious groups about king. You find the topics to do the same, to find other movies device. That's a great there. What do you know what it's like? I you know there are certain types of chile, there's certain reality shows I don't like so I'd still larger watch them to for too
why? Why would I just like you get mad Beavis twenty by the way that we decided to interrupt you, but this is really is really gets under my crop. That's not a real saying, but I just I went with it with yeah. This is really under my crop, but it's like you're not like a very specific John Ruby, like this people are, They don't watch that on the fence about the church year and then go. I was really on the fence before I watch, Maybe, but you know what now am against they'd like the jack you here, this is for us If a guardians people who have the power of mine to separate, like you know what Oh, what's not real. What may happen in the past? What's going like it's? Not it's just you know again you it's, not your you're! Not! Could converting people too took to pick the church, though it it's? It's ridiculous, I believe you know what they're the attacks it it s a good beginning. My people do this. It just breaks. Wanted you to it which made me some more downloads, but
use Google it like a mess. I think it's that about making things up about, trying to to take them church its ended. Its arguments based on religion is a story about a girl. You whore fall here in this house with that's what it is. But yeah. I was unique. What we're I got this movie After I told you bet immersive experience, but I love trying to find new talent. I love. Do people opportunities. In the same way, I was able to reconcile two twenty five and never directed shit, foresaw literally nothing. But someone took a chance on me. leader, actors of attention explorations grownups named occurred, who place either in this what's it say about this? Is that where I met her, she just moved away from Switzerland. She were, so she speaks with German and I know I lie, and so she the idea that inheritance of experience has taught me how to get involved,
these will work and how did it as- and I quote, the success of the two experience to her. The whole idea of tension, experiences you're tryin to find this girl Sabrina Breyer out of a call and returning to a family, It's a she's delete everyone in the reports of insane position like showing the people's houses but all the night too, I would make them given cars with her. She drive you someplace She was such a trooper. Add the strip literally was put into my bad without women. As one of the library users knew that I just don't do what people send me, sir. I just I have a really hard time buying my attention and I, when I got home in the scripture, my bag called Saint Agatha, and I just cracked. It open read the first five pages and it was about this young that you don't have to go to a comment in the late fifties: ITALY that Nobody lives. I would bring my tragic ass with me and so we ended up making a deal.
We bring about seven or eight of the main players of the experiences the to experience, we have the quickest around me. I was offered it like December and we should hit at the end of January. Allow so very, very quick turnaround in doing it and it's crazy. Sabrina the ecosystem. Second, language: I've, not bastard English, yet have been here for I note your accident all idea. I know I had no idea that was reversed. Maybe we should also crazy in an excited for her, because She certainly reviews that only I wonder at the very beginning which I was like. Listen there's a huge think, you're going never been before to being the English making leader movie with your name on it and was a. Are you ready for this because that's what we're doing this abattoir telephone line just came out was getting this raked the course critic wise and she was partners if she saw it was like there was a the headliner headline was tearing apart where the actors- I don't, does it you under the thick skin if you're to carry the movie you out to be prepared for this.
Great in the last few days, all their views are. They had, unlike Ellie Times home reporter they're, calling her out by failing to stand up performance by Sweden I'm just so so nice yet gray. Do you have a thick skin like not at I cry myself to every day with the dogmatism I d say I do, but I doubt I think there are. I was actually on a pike yesterday there talking too, I read reviews I'm like to say I don't like to sell care about that. I do I careful say because say because my mom. Is a Google alert on me that I want to know my mom is reading, because my mom is being she's at she's, a big west. woman Rockwell archetype, that's issues, and so I am open to have just called me cried about. Did you read with Deadly dear. So are now so I tried to get help everything, but I wish didn't have to. I wish I it, but I am a masochist. I wouldn't I do.
the older I got. I don't know I've learned how to deal with a negative and I got to laugh at it. There was a There was a review that it came at yesterday to give it stars, and it said it says raises this movie is an abomination of a There is not one nice, they say about it. It was a little five zero of ten than I was like that I retweeted as it is also good for you- do like every be happy at five years ago me what cried but thou eyes retweeted, but it's also like it's who'll, listen if somebody hate something that it made them feel about, should enable maybe there's something there. I just don't know I mean again, you know, like I'm sure, the ones I wouldn't do puts about their care taken yeah, but you know that people attention, for themselves are trying to be as mean as they can't because that's engaging to audiences. It's one thing to say: I didn't like this move
here the reasons why I didn't feel the story made sense. I didn't like this like that. That's fine! It's not an artist cattle criticism is just that. No one wants to be treated like shit and eyed, and it's very hard for people to understand we adjust. It was one Did you like you haven't? You said the guy was a fucking, get laid on firelit, that's not the same dignity as if it were they to personal that affect me. It's like you, wanna critique move. You say you hate it. Fine he's the personal ads, at which I was a problem because it yet, I still remember, reading those legs yet, but I did you have everything you have to be. You're scared. Agree in this industry, the past year, the majority my life or the failure. I feel by Dr Lecter. fire of jobs. I scripts, don't sell. I get is the years working on something while the poor, but then I have a one percent may succeed, I saw to that. I have done their failures. Lay it's all three
and so you spend, as it is a creator. So much of the time he told them, because they that one percent- and so I think that Canada, skin because you have to understand a word now and it all right. What came of those goals we came up with? bunch of people who were much more tell did it myself much better figures, the me they gave up the went home that could deal with the anguish and depression of being said, know when I can buy the screen player hater short feel terrible. I just stuck with it. I got kicked in the balls, you know nine nine times, but that hundred ball was the one that they bear. The costs borne by isolating itself involves laughed flatfish, keep kidding figure, but, but I think important as an important lesson, that's an important lessons: Here too, I am, I was what video about what video about I've been taking piano lessons,
and I was watching a video like a TED talk about a woman who is talking about how she reads: music, like this master, pianist about how she reads: music, and she had the slide show she showed a shoulder a web comic from something called foul language comics, which is w l, foul language, comics, dot com, and it's this it's on Let us is how to be an artist and it's a duck and its debts we believe in magic, be free and then how to be a good artist, work longer harder and be more dedicated than those magical, barefoot, trousers and the doctors aside. So it is, you know like it's the the so you know some years from now they were back. You know, they'll, probably remember that stuff in the stuff that didn't land as well, which is part of the process with all its just, it's all part of the journey.
For me, it is well differ. Red critiques, for is that you, you gotta, look that is it People say the same thing: didn't problem user, something wrong Listen says something I can blown off to people's II Please the inconsistent, then I think that for growth as a filmmaker, because you look it's out of your mind, enable is in I cared about the gimmicks. I cared care about the Gore, the violence in the cool shop Will you see that you see ten reviews? If I can only cares about the core and left characters inside when it's all three? I said: let's focus on the characters, let's, let's put the gimmicks behind within the Caribbean, for the constructive friendship to have exactly, and so I did you gonna look past the name calling and the like Pro in words. They used to say whether nor can I threw down the next will again and I think at the core of it, where a lot of a good. Seventy can really come from like when you separated from the critique. Is that if someone watches a thing and they don't like it if they there's just a lot of like
feel bad, and now I want you to feel bad not the same thing is like that's. Just oh, personally set out to ruin someone you man thing it affected in the way, have every right to have whatever opinion be affected, however, the gonna be affected, but then to turn out to be I'm gonna make you feel bad or either because of that or for attention. I just My hope is that I don't know rate of there was a side. There was just like we're just gonna dig. These are just very clinical, went like flashy review reviews of things you know, which is why I was wearing a sugar. Is a site like this and I dont doves, deafening a red tomato is clear. John Report Review John Movies, meaning there was a review that was slug legally before I came in here still certified fresh I saw him in my freshwater down there. I play down This woman started justly practices review by I hate for that,
why? Why are you wearing it? There is no ideal. Duly really cool thing is, is that you have a counselor, we'll call it twenty four critics. They love what they love or have they review. The work of the EU can do that it is another thing you have some housewife and at worst Christian like do Gooder dislike ILO family, Some of you there's another one that I'll get you run tomatoes, particularly for horror, leading I say all the time is, can be wildly consistent legal sea, like things like a ninety percent and you're, watching your go, what the heart and then other movies turn out to be gems, yeah and their only. You know they get like forty percent, Diego. That's why we're resident sugar insight like us, but just like us, the the bloody disgust angel the February is needed. That are this war side. But if you like, a bigger I would cite the does review all the movies, but if you're going to
worthy? You at least acknowledge that you appreciate the genre right, not give the somewhat hasty genre. You don't get a flat rate right right! Well, you are the past. Maybe it is a wild. I mean I think it might have been in the first year. Maybe two thousand eleven the acts as a right, and it was such a delighted to have you back and I saw appreciate diet I just I love what you're doing and I love you- you have such a good heart, love, how passionate you are about to hearing you talk about Immersive explained the experiences. You ain't until I got here, but you never see this is this. Is this the coffee table worker the first year of the energy to talk about how this fantastic? Thank you so much here. This is great. Neo Leslie rightly a trail, so you get them, that's really cool. Was they give us?
we thank you. Derriman Bozeman. Nobody move into this house decided to take better care deeper you're, like the undertaker, yeah, yeah, I'd buy you oh, and when we as we have just one piece, directing advice. Just Gimme, one piece of directing advice would be they someone who told you hear a year, but I wish I knew back You have to believe in whatever your creating more than any other person, and you have to be its biggest advocate, the one fight where the most I have so many people have given me the scraps like ass, not great, but I think the thing may I'm willing to lose my crew over any movie that I do what I say through movie that report the genetic opera. I realise at that point I was everything like I'm street paid out three that whatever, but there was a story that I had to tell so I think that we use not make the first move, your second or third biggest,
Only you can tell you the best person to tell this story, because, if someone next to me to do the same story, that I would I shouldn't do it. So that's that's. That's probably right at the outset, a great piece of it eyes, just about being invested in the thing here and making cause. That's how you make it personal. Will you look at the issue? the recent Agatha lead on this now that it has a year and a half per cent? came out and I was attached to it from the still got scrap until I came out, if not a quick that your turn around three month. It's done some movies take years come out and you have to be willing to champion invite for it into interviews those wherever it is three years and years and years, no one do it outside. If you have to be the biggest champion for the material and he had so. You got it. palliative alone on gas. Thank you so much there they decided. I hope you, the movie, is out to sea others you take on. While I really hope that I, because I'd
haven't appreciation for how hard it is to make things, and so I'm not. I don't watch things the shitty in the sense of like a book like you, you know I got now. I know enough to know like maybe they lost light that day, maybe an accurate and up it's a low budget would be maybe this. Maybe they didn't have the money to do you know so it'll be this thing to see. If the areas where I what I do protect stuff. It's like all, that's why it's hard to dot dot dot. So was I I don't know They could earn. Yes, I guess the end you just listen to the identical, yes, number nine, eighty seven with their online bows when it is time for words, salad, rap and, I think economic sense, a pseudo build up, but there was talking about at the end of the podcast with you know when it comes to directing interests, make sure that your passionate about the things that you are working,
You know and maybe not so much like me. I could primate that work. I mean listen if you are a person who can make anything work, fine, but just kind of zero on that little bit and talk about a talk about passion, passion in and of itself is not gonna fix your life, but it's a good. inasmuch as being able to start a fire isn't going to solve every problem. You have you know in the winter. Yes, you can start a fire, but you gotta keep going. You know you have to figure out how to maintain it. Malicious talk about passion for a second cause, that's the drive and that's the spark and also its it's. The kick in the pants the kind of get you to figure out what it is that you want to do. Maybe you don't even know what you want to do. You know you asked before they wanting to go. I don't know him or something I don't know, and so Let's talk a little bit about exercises that might. Can I help you
some your passion, I mean. I'm a big I'm a big believer in it. If you can see it, you can believe it did. I say that right I just mean look. You have a lot of thoughts and things running around in your head all day, just running around like chickens in a pen, and it can be very difficult when you, find a manage all those two really think clearly, and so you know, if you take the basic principles of the old, kind of getting things done, mentality. It's just get everything out onto paper into the physical world, and so you know, if you dont know mean everyone's passionate about something. If, if, if you to make some kind of a change in your life, you know you need to figure out what it is that you want. You know what you are passionate about. You can that can kind of lead you to ultimately what you one, how to get there and where you're going and stuff so. But if your prisoners like out of
you know I just I don't know. I just want some just experiment with writing. Writing stuff down. You may not solve it. First time, but just sit down. Take fifteen minutes even ten minutes. Five minutes right down things that your pat things that you enjoy right down, things that you, you know you're good at right, don't things you think you might be good at right! Don't things you think you'd want to learn that you might be good at and then just start connecting the lines connecting the dots, because the more specific, the more specific your passion, I, I think the kind of easier it is to envision and the more detail that is the the more likely it is that you'll be able to achieve it, because you'll get a crystal clear picture in your mind of what it is you want, and you know it's I'm, not some other just thinks you can just sit around and think everything
into existence. Yes, you certainly can manifest things by thinking of them in picturing them, but you do have to take some action so unless you know exactly what it is that your passion about you're, not gonna, know what action to take so start connecting dots start writing things that your passion about you know if, if you like baking ends the otter Knowed DE indeed, maybe figure out- is there something that you can do that involves. You know cause that's how you create new things, the world hasn't seen: listen the everyone is legitimately unique. You're you set of experiences. You are a unique site. say: snowflake has inflicted a petition now, but I mean everyone is different and everyone is unique and so the more unique you are the more uniquely you you are the less.
A petition you have with anything else in the world, the more the more you can scooped out that any uniqueness that you, through the experiences that you ve been gifted in life, have have then the more unique of an expression, that's gonna be and the more interested and interesting people they're gonna cut. I think I never thought of doing it. That way, which you know when I mean when I was a kid like, I was really good at copying. Drawings are used to copy the I see no or any one else other who draws I'm sure, that's how they started to. But at a certain point you got a kind of develop your own thing and I think for me one of them since widened. I knew I was really necessarily passionate. Pursuing art is because I just never really had like a really specific. That I needed to say withdrawing or painting and so that to me said like ok. Well, maybe comedies is you know. This is more of.
Correction that I want to go in, but I was experimenting. A new can experiment do and you don't have to get it right, the first time and you don't have to figure out the first, but as long as you're asking the right questions and as long as you're open to try to figure it out and learning, I believe you're on the right path and it will come to you and then once you figure that out, then we can have a all other series, word salad rather like what to do once. You figure it out, but you'll know, because your body will tell you your gut. Is your God knows more than your brain, or at least your gut is more aware of a lot of things that the forefront of your just thought doesn't know, and so, when you start tinkering around with ideas are connecting dots are writing stuff down? You will get like that. Butterfly excitement thing when you're in the area like
had hot cold, cold, cold, cold, hot out cold? I got called hot you. Your body will tell you what you're, what excites you and you'll feel it so just try that just experiment just ask yourself these good questions and write things down, get them out of your head, so the can see them as a third party observer is very difficult to have perspective on yourself when you Your own head doesn't make any sense, but you have to be able to look at yourself in a way to do that is to put as much of yourself on paper so that you have that prospect. so you know I call it an assignment. I don't off its homework, but I just if, if you want more things in life, if you want to manifest more things in life, if you want to try new things in life or tried different directions, this is a great first step at learning. What you are passionate about, so that you can hopefully pursue those passionate things
and and build your your life around them. So I wish you the best. I do believe in you. I really do if it you're listening to this, and this is resonated with you even a little bit. I believe in you because you're asking questions. Your looking for new answers and when you feel- I really believe when you feel the most stuck in life when you feel the most weighed down and you feel the most like no, I just feel uneasy. I think that is similar to right before a butterfly bursts out of the cocoon. I really do feel like that.
It is trying to shake that old that all they density offer that all the thing and burst out with a with a transformation cause you're looking for answers and that I on asleep, you know, like the times that I felt at my life were just maybe, coincidentally, but right before a breakthrough. So if you do feel that way, if you do feel uncomfortable, then then act than I have. I think I may have good news for you. So just stay focused go easy on yourself and- and I wish you all the best- and I appreciate you and have a great week weekend day. I never know what to say here. I literally after all this time. I don't know what to say, because I dont know when you're listening to this. So whenever it is yeah, that's how you sign off
another passionate about endings. That's the problem. Andy scaring complete, enjoy your worried,
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