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David Schwimmer (Friends, Madagascar) talks with Chris about working in the theater, being part of such a huge cultural phenomenon and jobs he had before he made it as an actor. He also talked about not letting his fame as Ross Geller get to his head, how technology is changing the world and his new show Feed The Beast on AMC! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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The road like I don't either those were already in the chamber, which makes me even more if they were, they were not already the chamber it's at midnight, his train I said wars have soil, my brain is taken you to some new and crazy places. They were thrones meet. Music gave a throne, so I gave a throne thugs all I know about hashtag words. Occasionally somebody thinks ominously calculus, Red deep could isn't like you know, it's not gonna win you! The hashtag war. Me, though pop about once one up something. This is a fun
Hoddan nodded at all, because so like match, you really look executives yet dump this is inside me. Does it hurt when they come out every to any other sponsors? Besides the corporal Gaza, where the court? Oh I'm going back to the we're we're theatre in Boston in November who so you can go to if you go to identity that come. That's good news to get good news. If you could, I detained he'd archiving ratings there do a couple shows the Wilbur Abbas in November there you go Gaiety Levine, I so there's they play in Hell. They called for cords and a gun. I met the candidate and I are go where marine than genre bow ease in it. It's at the boot like these in allay and you can find tickets by going to bootleg theatre dot com, but it's all about the remote, its bubble.
Bones early on in New York City and its overall play about the accounts are really call to musical definitely go check it out great. This episode is David Schwimmer he's promoting feed the beast tuesdays at ten p m. The breeze on a channel called M C Amc aims. How'd you like an hour the stern Debian busy. Now we see it as a good, like Bob Dylan, trying to put new o Leary Mamsie, no one's gonna. Listen to that for more than this episode is podcast. Number eight fifteen with Mr David Schwimmer nor in Stockholm,
making seventy eight and I said my really the persuaded her to her the apple like one, the first MAC. You know what will be the original Makin W original Macintosh. That was my first computer right, I'm a little older I don't think by much actually think were in the same ballpark were in this ballpark. I think you might be You might have me by a couple of years, forty, nine and forty four see we're in the same we're in this gentlemen, restraint and reverence and how's it going
I know you are very well known. I went to elementary school. Are you serious fourth grade warning or earlier second, was this in New York or out here? No out here so you cause, you were born in Europe, was born Europe, a group out here and then moved yeah, then Chicago and now in your from you so odd to meet someone. Who's froze locally grown locally sourced organic, LOS Angeles material, it so rare people always migrate or were shipped in, but you you pretty much more or less Angelina pretty much. Although my parents are real new Yorkers, so it was a yeah. I don't know. I had a strange kind of upbringing. Where're you wear it. I I guess because they had like. I think I do
this hybrid accent for work as my Mama's really thick New York Access, my dad doesn't, even though his from Brooklyn. So I think I grew up kind of a much did it a fourth New York stuff on you like you're, not gonna. Forget your router care that we're out. Will you allow me that all my my grandparents were all New York on my aunts and uncles? You know my parents really pursue job opportunities. Here and there, in the late, stay, so we would go back at least twice a year, New York, so just a dinner stand, such with all the relatives and also to see a parent. My mom was big indices, or so we would see in a week would see like six plays six shows in though in a week that we'd be in New York. So what was the theatre this? Because it has the iter. Yet there is there. Are there are theatres here, there's something I trust, but in burning anyone whatever accuse Lesseps Bingley goes a theatre down. Now
I regret to say I don't know I mean I that's in there is we are seen here. Certainly there, Was you know what I was based here more like? I did some little figure out what would be the equivalent of off off off Broadway upright here, but anyway, I am more familiar truthfully with with Chicago see rain and- and I guess growing up- I my parents took me down Broadway, off. Broadway was at your. Their company was in Chicago. Is that when you found it, wasn't you gotta? Let me Chicago such a great cover. I wasn't me in comedy town, but is also a good theatre. Town greater- and art and music and rest. Now I made it is one of the top two culturally it's one of the best cities in the country may ask as it so fucking cold.
We'll go everywhere in whatever was indoors making across not weigh they're gonna be out of doors to ITALY into this. California, where everyone is outdoors, reigns That's why there's no theatre culture! That is not really like we also need to think about it like- and this is the problem we have in Chicago still say when the weather is great- you're your business hearts as a theatre company. Can I no one wants to be in wars for two o clock matinee on a Saturday right like no one, so it's really bad for business when the weather school. So that is why, in a way, California minutes it's a struggle, announce a struggle. I think here cause the weather's so nice and went to the time- and I think they're so as also summit focused on the entertainment, is a soothing business? That's the thing in yeah! None! This doesn't happen in Chicago. Where you cast a play and then sorry, I got a pilot and rise like you start rehearsing play here. You know then end.
Actors element care. I mean they care to a degree, but not as much as you know as their careers. You know they they'll. Just you know, though, just drop on a dime too for a great gig so the whole get you, then you have to recast or have an under study go on and it's hard to its certainly hard to do Some will say that is a very high level of the understanding. That is the kind of unspoken agreement. If you live in life, you're an actor in LOS Angeles neglect. Yet we can make play. But if I did, I do I'm going to bail same thing. No I'll do the play. Yet again spot CS, I hope I've CSI or shiro vendor in an episode of the flash I gotta go to Canada. I'm sorry, good luck with your play. The main symmetrically permitted
but there's some bread, it just there's so much prestige of the theater, but in a way I think I think people just dont. Really it's got above a bummer. They dont really take it that seriously the goods nets cute right. This is really right. That's your right and I think you're right did you thrown that when you became when friends head, and you are really like a tv guide- you feel like- why have the ex response ability to make sure that I can still be a theatre guy, do yeah for sure, but again, because I was part of a company and they were my closest friends as well. They actually help keep me saying during all that craziness and I would go back as much as I can to do, theatre in Chicago near my breaks from the show you the director act and apply, and that would not would keep me kind of grounded and keep my keep my head level. That's amazing colleagues is that
it's not like call centre have escalated, they have got. You know, I'm familiar with call centres. That was my first job actually before it was out of high school, sold copy mission donor and developer in this place a bid in the summer before college, to make a little extra money, and you had to start at why D get there at six a m, because our first calls were on the EAST coast: either you have pages and pages of Leeds, and you get some didn't get the receptionist at some place or some unit you'd ass, fer like who runs the you know who runs you're, who handles you're supplies, your turner and printers supplies. Your copy machines were held on one. Second, I guess I do
and then you have to like try to call him and seldom and pretend you were there rap her. You know so, hey I'm on my here call about your can and you will know exactly what machine they had. So you tell em colony looks like anymore developer. How do you get that information dude? I don't have it yet, but they had all this. Also- and I was the youngest person there by thirty years- usually Ray I'm. Seventeen ok and day like three months into the job and I'm there are some season prose there and I'm a make. An ok money, but one day I show up the whole place is border. Oh shit, they were raided and shut down. Those like, I guess, I'm out of a good. As of now I was not good at it is really I ok, I guess it was using some acting skills, but I dont know I felt really. I feel really dirty doing it because it was just a straight up. Con
we actually selling that you were actually selling donor there. What Heidi? Ok, no! No! We were selling whether I am that they didn't me rights, of course right. So the whole thing was and pretending to be. Local supplier, or that I was there copy rap. Did you ever see their governments. You ever you just talk like you couldn't legally, you couldn't say it right, but you spoke Azalea. I'm lookin here looks like you're cannon x or fifty needs your short and develop, or I'm gonna send you this. We got a special right now, just keep talking. You know until days. Ok, so, I'm sending this too and I knew the address into the business. I knew all that's alright. Dora, some glad to talk to you about this is on its way should be with you soon. Thank you know of check back in with you. We never check back empty justness con, but in a collective for closer That's why they get braided takes you because it got super. I mean that is less than I don't know, though. Maybe there was something more,
going on that you are unaware of its possible, then sounds know. The whole place was shady, I mean it was it wasn't like. The whole thing was like on a or like near the freeway and Robertson. And I was there I you know, I mean it was dicey, yeah and even then that was back, and yet more days. Yet I was lower cover city back. There was not a nice place, it was that will it was lower. Lower covers winder Moody's came in feed, the beast Fergus, what what a train you never saw was a mere prijedor, yet cover cities dividends we see people are from Iraq and I have no references caught cold cover city used to be uninhabitable. There was what the reserve there was a killer. Bullets are solely. Was there there's another scholar studios and then everything else just like when it's done?
don't go on the Boers legos, clearly, death creepy place and then all the food hipsters came in and design hipsters and then others, furniture stores and food, but back then dangerous place, no man's land, no man's land, a wild, was yeah, and did you did you affect? Did you tried different characters like all right, but I was seventeen. My voice had barely brutal. You know had just broken so something I could I didn't. I did what I could, but I had limited rain. You know, but I tried, I would listen to the older guys and you know try to effect. You know whatever they were doing, but no I I just I was not very good at it. I think people with strong performing jeans, don't even to a degree as a performer, you are a salesman and you have to sell a concept or a character to an audience, but that whole like what
gonna take the gay like? I do, I feel like most farmers do not enjoy that, and that is more harshly why you probably go into reforming. Do not have to do that every day. Did you immediately go into another call, sales of a suspect? No, no, I mean I went, then I went to college and then what and with western in my next awaited tables for seven years between Chicago and allay and that's a form of salesmanship universes form of performance. I became ill. I had a character. I guess a waiter I was, this really semi elegant. You know very well spoken professional. I was, I don't know it was. Although in Chicago my first waiting,
job I was at a restaurant called at the Bamako you of course I'd. So I was a roller skating, waiter, it Eddie you had to have characters and you you. You had to be a character you, so I was Romeo. Everyone had the name tat. I was wrong when I had the big pompadour in and we made all our money off tips jumping over people's kids. We do, but we were just jump over people. I think they shut it down. Some kid got caught escaped to the head or something oh yeah. Feeling phobia is actually in today's litigious culture. Is I'm not arable? I now not a good terrible idea, so we stopped doing what there was an addition. Here in allay was that when you are going to the one I worked it out, another was one here, one by the better was won by the Beverly Centre for years and it closed probably, I remember tenure ago, but it was super. It was one of those I worked at the daily grill it Beverly connection. Yes, of course, run across the Beverly. Isn't I go back right, my while that really does go back
it's not there anymore, no, its rights either a phone stored, some but yeah. I know I know that I knew that daily grill. That was me. I can't I can't believe it dad diabetics, as always fascinated by the the agreement that the patrons would have with the staff, which is we're gonna, go, in their kind of progress to treat us like shit. That's really funny wages, Billig slide over sweetheart there was a kind of those agreement when you set fear that you were going to be abused and- and it was a very safe- is Saito masochistic relationship and we had permission to abuse people yet, and that was fun. That made makes me think of that are vital for the pact, so as well as of the near the soup. Nazi guy is now marketing at his own soup and they ve rebranded him. There were banners of it all over the city. Its most genius rebranding like we want to sell soup. How do we get away from Mattie, so they call him soon
Mary, the soup man at Seamen, Seinfeld the soup man areas like stare, there's like an american lag in like every p nevertheless, I let you, let's forget about the nazi part of it and just focus on the suit party believe completely rebranded. Him is the Superman right. It's like the new K K K. Morality, old generation, black people really like me, will just this is really the for the foreground of the selfies are mostly white face. That's our saying that, because we have an inspectorate calf, now the soup former nods
the zoo, the soup. I was just following orders matter that yet another really- and there was a really it was a really fascinating study of how do you know this guy had a moment, and he there was this thing, and everyone knew him. Is this thing, but it was attaches cycles. Are how do you get him away from Seinfeld and get him away from the Nazi party right and it seems like it's way. They did it successful, that's interesting. They were all over the city, as is because, Seinfeld had accepted him. As you know, a jewish comic you have some kind of it was acceptable. Right was palatable because it was a literal natural course was like the we're gonna meet. Even the term in it was it was. It was digestible it the I it's in. I find that what was acceptable on television in the nineties, even if you do so,
you couldn't jokes you couldn't make now that was acceptable in, I would argue in the seventies- is not acceptable to the moment when you watch all in the family, oh yeah what they said on that show yeah? What and the issues they were tackling I'm in the closest at least network television seems to be in the car. Michael show like there are least addressing some issues of relevance with cotton in in comedic in a committed way, but and if you solve the bill, Cosby episode, I did not see the book ass. We re really interesting in oath provocative, but yeah, I'm in the stuff go on and all in the family they can get away with it. Will there that was. You know that Norman Lear Movement was the backlash to the or not a backlash necessarily. But you know all of those are those happy homemaker types
right from this from the fifty four zero researchers rose, just that counterculture movement of like now sit seventies are dirty and ready in real, and you know people have bucking problems so and then also run in the eighties and ever was doing coke in Austria. But where is the? Where do you think we're? Where does friends fall into all that Do you think that wears that feel like a decade from ninety four to two thousand and four right? Is that I mean it's it's the 90s. For sure I mean if you look at our in the I love you, look at our hair styles and close hysterical, which really was a thing like it re every season. What are they? Gonna? Look like this what's who's going to wear. What's: right, hairstyles, hairstyles and now looking for you looking back on it, it's hysterical. I mean to think that that was actually that some of us are more like Jen and the ladies were setting trends
I don't think the boys every certainly did, though everyone did have a you know what I'm sure at the time was like yeah. You know this. This, this bore, braided vast, is awesome idea, sweater rests with the v neck and the piping is like this is Does not getting your Chandler does the journey. We have each other as it does now than this. But it is it's a fund time, capsule yeah, I think now, but you know I read this New York magazine article. It came out like a month or two ago saying that friend the because Netflix and the ability to stream the new generation fourteen fifteen year old kids are are really upon free
as you know, they're watching it in, and it's amazing to me that its it's got that staying power today, and it makes me think that will, of course, to limits its it's it's an it. It's a it's a world that they are mystified by a mean that its such an innocent world, the fact that there are six people on a couch- and they actually are talking- I'm serious. I think it's so foreign, because we didn't have social media and texting or anything right. If you watch you know, five fifteen year old sit on a couch today, none of them are talking to each other, nor all on their phones, talk and other people. So I think in some way- some there's a bit of nostalgia or not nostalgia, just fascination with teenagers and outline what, if he's gonna like when that's what it was like, a guy like you would watch like bewitched or or
I let you see right or while black and white that's crazy, how nicely dress they are for dinner yet and we're just gonna, whatever chores they're doing them in their dress, beautifully imperfectly, separate beds, Ricky and Lucy asleep in separate beds. You know what I think that has a lot to do with theirs that big an age gap. Yet I think it was maybe so that Turkey could sneaking dancers from the Copa into the bathroom and not wake up. I think it is probably more along along those lines. This apparently was her dress dressing room, I'm toilers. They hear this. Yet this the broom my dressing room is through that door, and this apparently because the stages, the Isle of Lucy was the original of Lucy Stanch verily at really cool. I keep hoping that obscure, find some lipstick, somewhat sectors like us, the hacking cop of a ghost somewhere in the background, but has it hasn't happened yet? But it is it, but I think also because kids having, but they did, this generation does not sit down and watch television when it airs so they're gonna write.
Through Netflix our shape, our friends and at the core of it. It's still a great show it still six people interacting with problems that people have you know even slightly different clothing. At one point, the show the show really kind of aim. It really was just have sitcom when it started was like us. Com is a six people them, but then it really kind of became its own entity during that happened right away or that happening really quickly, I don't know why I understand it. I think it if you like. I thought at one point: maybe it was because it was hitting a sweet spot in terms of A a generation that was watching it who were growing up as products of divorce or just different kinds of families and and people were defining. I think people word that age were defining and choosing who their family was right because a lot of people
moving out of city or state to go to school or just people just moving around more and not staying at home. So when you move, you start to form you're, you're, new family, your own family and that's by your own choosing, and I think that had a lot to do with it at adjust. It was of the moment where people were starting to define choose for themselves who the family was gonna, be yet and also a time period where, like thirty million people, could watch it, run. That was not a crazy thing. That's right now. Networks like to many people you're? So it's a huge its nose like the audience, everything so splinter cruel right did it feel changing at the time the like immediately immediately immediately. Yes, it was terrified unlikely why I was I was because we were thrust into a kind of
celebrity that I just had never explained. None of us had experience before so I personally din respond well to it at the time I was. I was uncomfortable with it and I didn't like being treated differently then, like I haven't changed, but suddenly people would be treating me completely differently than I was accustomed to and also frankly, with a very strong sense of justice because of my parents and how it was raised. Their both lawyers- and I just felt the where was being treated was not just with just wasn't right, and I were
like the simple they have Goin going to go in for a cup of coffee at Starbucks AIM is a line of eight people. Here I take my place in line and this happened early on. So I'm really remember this moment and in one of the dude behind the counters, do it'll have to wait, and that was a moment for me of like Nano, I'm good right here, because I just felt. If I, how would I feel if I would that guy likely. What's the deal, the get this guy walks up in all mean I didn't like it was totally wrong kind, be ok with at will, I'd be too ok. Realizing. Look, I'm not saying I ve I've not accepted you know of as a sort of treatment? Sometimes? And yet, when I'm really Dinah get into a restaurant, and you know they know that helps sure. But but do you know this is a balanced as training ten abounds
I'll, remember like driving up till the lot one day and and a woman will and her daughter were kind of just kind of barely round the area where my parking spot is at this stage and the guard news just doing his job that he was new and he was like over saw me start to Poland and he was like you know screaming at this woman and her daughter, just please get out of the way move over there. Good for it. Oh no right! Oh I'm! Sorry right! That was bad. That was, you know. I was just dude to adjust chill it's all good. We gave our support group for each other at the same time for you, because who, how else do who experiencing that at the same time like you, how are you talking about Anyone will you know one of the measures you express your own celebrity
own fame. Do you men on the front I mean, like friends? Is dressed like that was just one of those there were. There are a few things in our culture that kind of defined and we're representative of the culture of the time no, it's like you know you on the family or or happy days or I failed. Our friends are like those are just the things that are mash like those were just the things that, in that period of time, were help help define pop culture, define our culture and we're just like in the upper the highest canopy level of everything and so yeah me when I'm out publicly go hey? I want you shoulda thanks, but it's not like. I mean it's, not the kind of rabbit worry, I'm sure there appeared. A timer
like. I don't think we can go anywhere in public tonight. That's why that's what I mean by terrify like I'll, be in the first couple years, just walk into the airport and a group of young girls, yellow fifty seizure screen like blood, curdling screens and then running towards me and I didn't know how to handle that. I was just like this is not funny I guess I can't wait at the gate. I go wait in some stupid room. No, really I mean that's, I didn't unlike it. Well, that's all that also sense. The new Yorker and you like, hey, I'm just a guy that can we just everything, is all. Can we just be cool here, how it's worse, with all the social media you're always on camera? Now, do you like in our use of media? Much now I tried. I thought I would I mean
amazing? I really do, and I really appreciate, like different peoples Instagram, but I'm not because I find it first for civil life. I find it really time consuming needs to do it correctly or do it like in a way that I would want to do is just too much time frankly, between work and having a five year old, daughter and right, but also I tried once to actually in my head. I thought it was a cool way to like the fans and brand of bee hey, let's break down. This thing is just chat and was, and I got into it with a guy once all over over Trump actually about years ago over some? This was when I guess for his. Your window. Babo was already are sitting President right and this guy,
and you want to trumpet office of media and trot and trumpet made another comment about hiring the best people his views, his goons to go, find right. The proof that he was A legal remedy for us again Raven though he was our sitting president for over four years, so I just I said something to the effect in which I maybe now a realization and about this is obviously a big it I made. This is bigotry this isn't plain and simple, and this guy he's a nice guy in the Midwest, took issue with what I said and we started to heavy a back and forth a dialogue and through through Twitter. I think it was here at some point. I just realized. You know it, I'm never going to change this person's mind, and this is unlike an exercise that I am I
I will never do again. Basically, I just I didn't see the point of it. So I I said sometimes I ended my tweet might change with him saying this is what I love about this country. You and I could respectfully disagree, and I wish you well yeah. I mean I mean it's over media. Unfortunately, you know we, particularly when you, when you're, hitting topics that politics or religion or any the penny, too big ticket items, they need to be conversations and social media does not foster conversations. It fuss over media fosters emotional outbursts because it they're so short that you can't really. And you are also protected by anonymity, orderly, particular anonymity. Now the worse amended so true and everyone knows, is like you would never say, half the things you say if you were sitting across from the person now and I M, so it's just not from Shit you shot when you're in your car when you're allowed in Europe and opens gonna, hear you you can see the worst things about it
around you and traffic, but you don't mean it and you don't want them to hear it, but that's kind of what social matters become now shouting and traffic. That's all that everyone the critic. Everyone has an opinion in everyone's a whole poker and everyone. You know it's, you know it's fine, it's I think it. I think the good things about it do outweigh the bad things, and when I do you know, I would really love to see what the psychological does the illogical affects our people interfacing with machines in social media in twenty years. Thirty years like what is that, due to a generation of brain, I'm frankly really concern for my daughter, I mean she's five. She can easily navigate any devising out in front of her and I'm thinking, while I'm looking at these fit, as I said fifteen sixteen year olds, sitting on a couch and not speaking to each year, and I'm just wondering what what's will be like in ten years
when she's fifteen will. Hopefully the technology will be more integrated into the way that it would just be a chip in our eye yeah, so it'll look like she's looking little just passively nodding, yeah, really she's, not talking to you. I reckon I would not have been better. I guess I just did a radio show in the Bow Steve Jones took showed me a video. He was in a restaurant, any everyone in the restaurant was sitting at the people sitting across each other. This other device news like- and I was no better. I was film involving like not one person- was looking at one another people. Just don't people are more put off by silence and uncomfortable social interaction. They would rather just distract just put the Vulcan facing their phone. I'm really interested in what the studies are gonna be in twenty years. I also think I really do think over time. Our physiology is going to change all there's gonna be a different way. We walk
and carry ourselves because everyone spending so much time. Looking down at a different angle. It I mean it's a computer, they don't integrate the technology into a leg of if there is not integrated, wearable technology than he, I think will involve like a set of throat eyes. Just like constantly be looking down there and look at it, we do. I think we're gonna change physiological. What are so many things that are, you know like driverless cars, you know are going to continue to allow people to be in their devices, but you know I do think. Will you will you actually. Will you be into driverless car pirate or now and- and I love technology so much, but I just feel I too am attack gig by the end of the day, it still a machine pass that would never let someone drive my car. For me, I mean my most pressing, interactions are with devices, and you know for no reason when your phone just crashes
like. Ok. Well, that was a low stakes thing I was just right. Agreed meant right, not running over rhino, a bunch of people. I regret that. I am amazed about the predictions of how popular people think that nobody words, then it being like those old people who wouldn't get on a train? They will I get the devil's carriage. What twenty miles, and now I wouldn't get me lad. Vast, am all for, like a driverless train workers on there's a track, its predetermined kind of destination and there's no two on coming traffic yeah, but I don't know doing flying cars in the one thing I didn't, I didn't manifest flying Carla are. The worst I d ever since the worst just drive look at it, this hunk of hunks of car dropping out of the sky, because people are taxing outages everything about everything about its or mine. I want to hear about it. Do so, because you have a five. Germany
kids are now just a five year old daughter, because I'm getting married in August and congratulate you and we are planning to have kids next. Here and then I will be forty five next year and I have read a kid. So was its work. Was it something that you thought? I don't think I've ever gonna do this, and then you got your point where you felt like now, I feel like. Maybe I want to do this note. I always wanted to do it. I just I just hand I wasn't ready until I was ready and, coincidentally, I found the right person, but no I've always wanted to be a dad, always you will see it is the greatest well. I think it's that can't be also, I feel like it came at the right time. Am I Life and probably my career, and that I think I'd become a little hardened. I think the longer a bachelor and the longer for me at least a year in this in
three. You can become a little jaded, a little cynical little hardened and having at having a baby irreligious face your actually laughing every day. So you can't you just can't be that cynical, because it's too soon Dickie learns how the things they do. Is your home, that's good fun, I'm always better than I always ask. I was asked because you know, like my mom by the time my mom was my age I was like one I know I know and some sort of assembly libraries were twenty two. You know so yeah, I'm in Ireland. I I became a dad when CM. So when I'm for when I was forty four read so first will stretch you got him You go to carry yourself because they get heavy and there still gonna want be carried in jump on you, and I we that that is its debts are the real deal.
Good, you don't wanna, be like Tony Randal dad like. Where is it in January. We have ended up. He was like that, but I don't mean that you know what you're gonna be like old guy dad like no one. Do you still want to be active, but but I do know that there will be a point where you know when my if I show up at it like a parent teacher I rather like. Oh, are you the grand, but no? No that's like, and I hope that now I feel, like our generation looks younger than our parents did at our age, but that could also be perspective. Don't you think, I feel like people who run our I got I you know, I see some some ip, nay they look their age. That's just not taking very good, Jean Louis getting because you great to Europe, fantasy, yet that full had a hare using you easily could pass for thirty six.
I think there is a push in it, but I appreciate I'll take it, but I you know like that. That idea, when we were younger of what a guy is mid forties, like rise latin different feelings, look people people grew up quicker when, when we were I mean yeah, I think you're, probably right. I think there are, I think, we're first world in general world marrying later rain would partnering up much later and you re. I think people try take a little better care of themselves. Maybe then cobbler generations back! So are you raw stake in some whiskey and pack cigarettes that's really do I still I grew up with you know you finish everything on you play in order me just food and the portions here in this country are so.
Dickie listed by grad, could not take my grandfather, Cheesecake Factory, really, why you kind of vintage, I'm gonna die right, the portions or incredible insane, so I still have to start my catch myself. Sometimes when I'm out to eat, like you know, why am I doing, is actually a full and the net there's something about like that parental guilt in the back of the voice in the bag. Finnish, you finish your play will yet was very because my parents want so much. That's what my grandparents, you know grubbin during the great depression and bio. You know my, and so there was very much you need to. This is gonna, go to waste rhino or viewed on. There are starving Can I mail this to them? You know like there was no way there is no way around there's no way around it. With my my dad's grandfather but yeah, I think my parents generation rebelled a little bit and then Argent. I don't know why you need like three
for chicken breasts in a meal at Genk, Cheesecake Factory, that's creative, like two: it's like a couple on a pile of mash, but it's insane I mean the recommended protein amounted to some a piece of meat or fish assize. Your fears that that's all you should be recommended pizza amount. I think that's three bar it's three by
Oh yes, I love you. I love you. I love these of course Chicago. You must have Chicago, and you like the pie, or do you like the thing I like Bob, I, like others, I like a stuffed spinach pizza, interesting, real, good where's. Those well used to be at a place called Commons in Evanston, Acacia, worse near closer northwestern other places, do it, but that was the best. The commons stuff spinach words good pizza delay. I dont know O John in Venice where's, that John of any on Fairfax never been there. That's fantastic place. Fantastic restaurant great attained for breakfast lunch in dinner had no idea really yeah. It's the best place in town. Did you know this guy
That means you have been out of its phenomenal. I still want to explore this idea that you knew each other and second grade and somehow you have complimentary careers are you talking about you know. My publicist Billina represents an improvement on the pod candidacies, awesome, so Inga and I were yet we were in the second great together and she was always at that time. Was taller than I was because I was a child and early homer up runaway yeah and then I went away to school in Chicago and we kind of she went her to her college and a career and I went to mine and I remember
when I was on a photo shoot the cast a friends and cast a vcr we're doing some kind of photos. I think for vanity, fair or something or the both casts we're doing some big photos. You and I look across the room. I think you're working Began with Anthony Edwards is right and I look classroom and I was like now have their email like David. What and I said well, we have two: can we do? Can we work together to amend this is awesome, so we ve been now than working together since that's crazy. It's amazing. I honestly. I feel I would like. I would like to think that maybe I would recognize someone that I went to second grade with his. She hasn't changed much you really. She hasn't changed much since the second or third grade. So what were you guys at? like a second grade. I don't remember what I was like a second
I remember I was. I had problems in like fourth, fifth and sixth grade I was I was like hyperactive and kind of a troublemaker lakes class clown. Slash. Asshole, you don't know. I really was. I got into a lot of the fights. I was almost expelled several times lights, yeah yeah, bathroom fights. I never would have there is a good day was shrubbery seems like a guy was always in the library enjoying what I did enjoy the library? Nine? Not doubt not, then, but in college I, like the library, but no I was. I was not a good. I was not a sweet, did Theatre channel all that energy. I mean I was doing a lot of sports at the time so that help I just had a lot a lot of like manic, energy, so was doing every sport. I could there
junior high went to power, veer junior high? and and continue dad, and then I don't really get into feeder acting until high school when they had when they made me choose between baseball practice and cause. I love based by played a lot they made me choose. I couldn't do rehearsal and practice right casually could do so much after school. Right and I went were the girls. Were after the arrest that we're all my energy went, took a two exaggerating to be with girls. Successfully? Aren't I didn't work at it now not well. I had a girlfriend and high school, and I tell I was on my junior and then in college. You viewed study theatre in college and girls and you study girls in college I tried and which our boys cool way.
High school. So when I went to college I, what would our boy? What were what school it's cool anyway? It was by moved out here. My senior vice was co viola. Alright, I want you another avoid school back east and in your lives. Like being girls. With overwhelming that I couldn't focus. It was almost not good because I was so overwhelmed by it and I didn't know how to socialize with them, for that was because I was weird not all girls like playing the indian computers, at least not at that time now is very accepted right about now. It's sheikh. Now, it's very short yeah now you're dumber go, don't do those things that idea DE parties, but that little didn t make out sash, No, if you roll any get such a boob whenever, but it was just a different yeah was
so different, and now I just feel like it so much a part of the culture that it's you know. It's kind nice is your treasure daughter into she. Would she into while she she's she's in priests. You know she's increase ghosts Actually, her last day was today, you Chauncey fighting in the bathroom cigars. You gotta stop providing further. Now now she's a good kid. She she's she's into a lot of art. She likes making things she and building things, so she loves that Chiasso loves performing, so I might be in trouble she really likes. Putting on shows you there. There was a good four month period. Were she and all the girls in her claws
where you nonstop. Let it go, I'm just not stop doing. Every day was, and I got I've got her little cheap karaoke machine where that takes dvd realities and stuff, so she was performing. Let it go nonstop and also liked, but putting on shows not just that like she would be really interested in the hall setting up the whole stage, so she would be doing the light. So, while putting these exactly where I should say produce, but she's producing directing its triple threat yet so she was doing that for a while and the Lion King she's really big. On, as a first show, actually we took her to see was the lion king when she was for a little worried cause it's like three hours, long right. She sat there on like riveted Maria armor. They produce a performer and also I'm teaching or chess so that
a little geek in there you play. I love chess. I plug playing for games right now. Are you serious yeah? You kidding? I played competitive just in school. I do too, When I was, I don't want to break but I will, I know when I was eleven or twelve by one Ellie. Whatever's l, a county for my age. You might be sitting across Sidney across from the junior city, junior High, we might have to get on this. What's your favorite app? What's the app you use, you know I just I downloaded some sick, low, end chess programme for the phone, and I actually found parliament I was having playing now was that it was. It was so much mental energy. When I was playing in school competitive later that I found that it's not as if it hasn't been it's fun from. Play now, because I'm sorry every time I stared at chessboard, I'm I'm trying to think so.
And moves ahead right and it it just like the leisurely activity of engaging with some. You know so I ve been trying to slowly gonna get back into its. I was just a very basic. You know, like whatever had the highest rating chess programme on on the app store, any kind of playing against the plank of the computer youngster, you know, I got I am played in like a decade or something, and then one of the cash members on OJ was handed on his phone. Somebody dual use plain Chechnya, what latitude as somebody downtime in the court rooms, yet I'm so that we started play, then I've still got like yeah two games with to cast members: o J and I've got Michael glad you know is. Is I've gotta game he's kick him right Right now, in another guy, with the rest of that fund by the way, yeah yeah, whose work
oh, what a strange it was great. There was a great experience, really just a tacit yeah I was, and the fact that it became like like a water colours. It was a thing. It became a things that was, although in another week or two, everyone's, can go what what was the same. What, apparently that's? How do people just because we're all distracted Alla time users of debt in the there's there's a lot of good entertainment right now, but so. Much of it here wherein they cheesecake Factory Entertainment, vs almost impossible to keep up and everything will work. Why do I do? I am sure you will share my lad. I was getting just came, but we should we should know. I would love to what's what after you, what a chest time chest time I'll show you just himself. I know it's like a video Syria your mom would have seen on tv native sweetie. I got your chest time because no, you love chance. You can invite some of your lady friends.
We'll need all play. You know he's not school. They didn't readjust Goblin school yeah the whole time. No, I mean I've just like a year or two in high school, I think, or we could have a junior high couldn't because I was I play when I was young. I started when I was a nine or ten. The couple of things I was just talking about this recently were realised. There were few games. I I start to play with my dad as a young man that are realised. Looking
back on it. Now that I'm apparent like I'm so glad he didn't. Let me win, do not lack slimy, he. It was never cruel. It was just he played for real. You know and an I'm really glad that he kept both chasin ping. Pong are the two things and tennis or the three things at my down. I would play, and I just couldn't beat him like four years. I just could not beat him and he was always very encouraging and everything, and finally, the day came when I could beat him at each of those things, not always I would say- and I was really meaningful in a way that I I don't really will you can't learn if someone lets you win, many other learn Lanka's. I'm teaching my daughter now there's a fine line and playing games who the kid- and I guess he was able they did at my parents with us, where you want to keep it from being cut totally discouraged
right? Hopefully we ought to obliterate their yeah, but how many tough? For how many years can you just get punished because I was psychological thing to of way in and breaking through that barrier, because your your parents are these, like I'm nicotine's authority being run it, and there is kind of a weird thing where you think you can like out cause you get in your head about it, but when you actually breakthrough that thing than that that's a huge moment is profound. It really is, and I think there's so much emphasis now, like we had a letter. Think they can win and wagons like girl. That's really gonna help him later in life like you, dont want to embarrassed them, but you know you you earned by following down you by that's how you that's how you get motivated right. I don't know I am I am. I am. I hope you feel, like you know what you're doing at this point with parenting and you will too
Everyone it come so intuitively I've got we're all gonna make mistakes, I'm not saying I don't make mistakes but Emmy for the most part in you know what to do. I hope so. My fiancee is amazing. So I just assume like I'll, just go yeah what she did everything she said. That's right, linear, mother, that he's busy play a violent, his dreams when you, when you get Man August where, where do we're getting married locally and cotton, it just seemed like two to not? We didn't want to create work for people right. Come to our worrying its dolphin themes. Everyone's gonna dress, like that. You know that whatever you know, we just wanted to be really it's easy and simple short, sir, did you get married in earlier years? No, we got married art, Emily got legally married in New York, and then we had our wedding in London. Ah, my widespread,
Oh nice, was it a big big to do? I don't know I mean I wasn't like a giant to do, but it was a hundred and fifty Seventy people, whose nice we knew you know are our criteria for who was. There was just like we I didn't want to have to feel like. Had to invite uncle whatever right now, who I haven't seen in twenty years. You know I wanted you know, although the parents of course are involved in you know, they say you gotta invite the thing What are we gonna? Stop? Calling in the thing do I can't we just have another party in New York for those I don't know. I mean everyone has their own too, but we did our best friend of mine married us, my best one of my best friends married us, which was
so we just kind of made up our own. That's nice are vows and it was fun. It was chill and silly and fun as it is really the wedding invitation with this always like minesweeper relay I invite this person about all these people have got about Israel it out like it. Just it's a never ending ethical where's that cut off where's. That did you do the tables like where people are. Did you do that? feeding, we haven't done this. I don't think we ve done the ceding Atlanta does not find web weddings make people fucking bananas like not not. I mean I don't me my fiance or like
everyone's pretty chill on our side, but I mean, like other people, wrote hiding inviting you get it if you think, why is it that you table like? I don't know it just feels like such a weird thing, but I guess maybe it's just cause. Everyone wants to feel like you know they have apart or they were saying yes, but did you do it for you? Did it just for you guys yeah exactly ass, a way to do it we invite editor was leaving, I'm sure, I'm sure they're all looking or to coming now other colleagues under do I dont have similar people are coming? No, no, I'm just six hundred yards, I don't like five or six like viruses will she has big family, and you know, like I've fit family a lot of
ends, and right of you know be bring your own beer, in your own, chair, you're, your own, your own music. Are you better work? work in a long time? You know it's gravy, it's crazy, I'm gonna be fine. I think it should be the last We have a few minutes. That's all. I want to make sure that we get to talk about a feed. The beast because I haven't I feel like I know I m c- has some sort of a bank of shows that I can go in watch, but I dont know where it is so I have not seen feed the biggest yet totally via these. Please it, but it looks booty. It's a look at. It's a one hour drama. Ten up a soda Clyde Phillips who created you know. Who is the show runner on Dexter? Yes hinders Jackie it s. Is
Those are very good shows his great who so talented and it's a thing to unique, showing in the tone of it is really unique. It some two drama but there's dark, comedy violent crime and, as you say, cooking and a little magic realism. So Think it's really unusual and that's why I was drawn to it. I thought. Well, I don't know if we're going to be able to pull this off. If we we do and then it's going to be cool, I still don't know if we pulled it off, reef. I play an alcoholic someway who is a widower ray
a ten year old, mixed re son, because my wife was killed in a hit and run a year prior to and the show starts and down my best friend play, but Jim Sturgis deserve. This is a very talented chef who just gets release from prison, and you know he. Basically fences me to rekindle the dream. We we had a long time ago of of building the restaurant of our dreams in the Bronx. So it's a you know it's these two childhood friends who have no other family, really to speak of it besides themselves and, of course, my son trying to put that put back the pieces of their lives through this act Creation of of this restaurant and survey, and so it is the kind of thing where you you're. Thank you by the way. Thank you for not falling asleep
I do not always appreciate know, of course, that would be terrible massacres, dude. Why I'm finished feeding animals, BBC Bbc Lizzie nobody, but I honestly I saw the poster for in the art for super cool because when the subway and and I had I just got a funny thing and if you like those in New York thing, but I didn't exactly what the show that basically the set up for it. I think it's kind of a nice place to be too. Are you where you go? You know this looks interesting. I think do this thing. I mean that's a pretty amazing. That's a pretty amazing place when you finish friends did you think why no one of our public did you. You worried that you'd we worried about worker at all. Look them in the greatest gift of that show was also the financial freedom of coral. At an actual was I was worried about work, which is a button. You know
huge blessing as an actor and really I I just wanted to do other things. I wanted a direct us, but a big chunk of time to doing cedar and directing you directed movies and some tv, pilots and other things and directing and acting in theatre the I just wanted a kind of mixed up change it up and get back to doing more theater and directing so I took big chunk of time focused on that it'll have to play the same guy for ten years. The last thing I want you to do is jump into. Another series can, of course, so only now after twelve years and because it shoots in New York and because I thought this show in his character was so unique in and frankly challenging my thought. Yes, I'm willing to jump. Are you directly anything at the moment? No,
No, I'm attack should direct to play off Broadway Playwrights horizons, but it depends on if they showed its picked up and reschedule right. That's got a funny. Gonna goes back to the same vein. Like I love you too, do I really would love to do a guy's by you, gotta be five really great me you and I would love to play chess. Let's do I absolutely will apple, I'm gonna get just time. If I give you my name, my username. You have created, of course, at a great account awesome thanks, man good. I feel that we have an injury, Riverwood feed the beast. What is it? What is the information? I don't know it's over. I haven't you and fifth premiers on M C and then after June fifth it'll be every Tuesday night unable or I was actually pointed out, Brazil Jude Fifth and then
reduce AMC, I've, gotta premier after the second episode of preacher, excellent, which is granted and have you seen I just I just want to prepare a super superfine David Schwimmer. Thank you for being here like you enjoy leaving. Noticed dot com,
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