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Dick and Angel Strawbridge are a charming British couple who are on one of Chris & Lydia's favorite shows, "Escape to the Chateau", which follows them on their amazing journey to restore a centuries-old French chateau and turn it into a stunning home/B&B/events location. The show is the perfect cross of DIY art and engineering! Even if you haven't seen it (and you should) it's a great conversation about embracing who you are, finding your purpose, and manifesting your creative vision. They also chat about Irish hats, using multiple disciplines in the creation process, and how to problem-solve when a task seems insurmountable. The newly-released season 7 (and all seasons) of "Escape to the Chateau" is on Peacock now!

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our experiences actors trying to make it often feel there's something wrong with us when we are looking the jobs this pod cast is to help those starting out. You like something isn't working to. Let them know they aren't allowed on the journey actors making it is available, wherever anyone listen supply gas and a visual version on Youtube. Thank you. So much Danny will check that. Events and eighty twenty dot com for anyone else. Who has a thing that they want to share on the cork board, this epoch is Dick and angels Drawbridge, a dicks drawbridge and Angela Gory, who, on one of our food, we shows Lydia's and mine called escaped to the chateau. We discovered this shovel fairly early on during quarantine immediately fell in love with it and watched all of it as quickly as we could, but basically there, this british couple, who buys really a falling down Chateau in France and then
sickly spends the series like, storing it and building up in these incredibly ingenious and creative ways, turning it not only their home and home their families, but also as like an event in about space and like a b and b, so it is just an utterly charming and wonderful show, and I have some friends who also watch the show and we bond over our love of escape to the chateau. I highly recommended the most reach, season there. Now, seven in total. The most recent season is on p, All the seasons are available on peacock, so get that and watch this. You will actually love the show if it, because it's Just like a renovation. restoration show it's really just about them in there Family and kind of weaving. This whole experience together in honouring the history of the chateau and oh it's just it's just a gorgeous
show and they are both lovely and with such a fun or ire such fans of dick and angels, and so so wonderful and delightful to find out that they're, just lovely to talk to So here we go. This is the ideal anti number eleven thirty nine, with Dick an angel of escaped to the chateau, and now we escape to the public, asked as we were all the thing I can't even com.
Chris Aerial Dual, I didn't do really good wage that ended on We say: people in real life and I've forgotten how to zoom wife. It's been aware that by the way,
that like royal wave, is, is really harsh on the risk like we don't normally rotate our risk that yet this is much more a guy. Looser much was said. I think you have the queen came at a procession, and here comes the queen Everybody like I do like just waving around, like all of you, that would go, find right bill. We, like really smile. you know what I like about. I'm kind of wearing a strawberry chat at the moon I feel we are leaving it give it a tweet museum, Anna Multi Panel Donegal Man, you see Donna got, we examined, Osterman my wife's of family, her dad families from Donegal, well, Donegal, tweet Is that what you didn't? Chris? Actually I think this actually is a look. I don't want, you can see it one hundred percent down again,
mood mine lately that either insatiate you were we to get your future accurately. Drafts are gonna like now I gotta go. You agree that hoarsely, That's like going down that the first thirty steps to go to the cloakroom. To get me, a Donegal tweet had almost got the oldest cloakroom midst, underneath the main their case. No, no, no! No! This is the one that we did with the aim that ceilings were so high when we first it it looked like you're actually sitting down in a true, so we have got the ceilings off a nor because the ceiling for five metres high nearly an hour when you're in a toilet. five metres high, you do will accelerate. The EU should send your web about was the moment after having built the first pass out under the said, nothing to work, but it didn't. We changed it yeah. I mean that
It really is the sort of trial and error, and I will try to remember her because my wife and I like Amateur House, restart like we love restoration. and I watched the show and I go can't. Imagine all the process that wouldn't that we're not sink you really. Every episode has to have a certain amount of information in it. You can't show everything and the trial and error must be daunting- is interesting because it's not so much the trial and error. It's the length of time look at this but button, but about the election, a selection, unbelievable! what we also scottish hours three other that's good I feel, like the quiet man John Way. you see this isn't about it. Just you just have to like shit.
the eyes a little bit so that had fear there is more in horror. I got my own redhead here we were just we just started talking so personal before we get into that work. You're gonna die by trial and error, and I said it seems like there's so much that we do see and how daunting task must be to go through all of the trying. so they don't work, they don't I'll, make the show, and you were about to say It's done with your right to say: well, it's matters, much as you think real Stephanie, not the trial America's. What what it is is the process and the length of the process. I think quite interesting because you can't see all the steps the new series it's coming up with a genuine Stevens was parents bedroom. It went from being a barn worthy stored agricultural bits in to a very large sweet. With a walking wardrobes steam room marble inside sunlight, some pipes, setting the sunshine in to the second floor down and all of those things
you can't covered all now? It's a year and a half on it was authorities have a minute Joe. We need other things as well. Do you have to use more support? It know this that this is why I think it so because we also just discovered the escape the Chateau D. I why Series, which would like, another. I must feel like discovering. That show is like finding something that you find in erratic. Like where's there's been. Does I think what you did scribe like a year and a half down to a forty seven minute show people watchers when they go out, I could do that. That's not that hard and my wife and I always go boy they about to find out, and so it feels the show sort of makes it seem like. Oh and then everything just comes together, but in actual applet practical application Cinema. Lifelike will not everyone's a former british army engineer and not everyone has all of the crafting skills and
vision. That angel has, and I think there are about to find out if we want to find out. This is not an easy thing to do. I think stamina, he's gonna say that word because you know Anything really they ever so long as a stumbling under the means of anything. I got big procedure saying where it all comes together near the music changes in Gaza is one the whole and you know everyone gets all accessible we get back to when we get to that at that stage equally crucial moment right up until the moment, everything or the day before is kind of dusty and grubby and then in a text on all the utilities, Are we not swear all of the dock workers? I mean you ve had some flowers out of cushions and together they should never gave away really clever what is really important. I didn't want to get away with that. Angela has
got away rightly very beginning. We had to explain the implication of making a decision. Where do you want your sink? The only place habit is over here is set for a reason, because gravity is involved with waste living in accessing about an hour? You understand that no doesn't change what you want. I understand that you make money by which we mean the Eba. If I can understand that anyone can understand, we you all very intelligent frantic. Is you know he D has got there A brain of an engineer. I doubt if he explained something's may- and I understand I believe most people could well just Europe we constantly first of all, are delighted that you both found each other because you, you really have these very complimentary skill set, and I think it's one of the things that that really powers the show, but might, but we first started. We discovered your show during quarantine, and it was one of those
magical things where we live watching renovation shows and its interests. We saw the aesthetic o the show so and we level buildings we levelled houses. We love almost everything we always Antique and so we six seasons to like it paid it guided us through so much of the quarantine and this wonderfully peace all we have to get angel. The watch tonight so obviously, but feel like gonna, be ok, but every time like did you do something new where the fuck is this. Guy, like now, is a master shut. Who learned to do that is putting an elevator. How does someone so like I'm? Only I wanna talk a little bit about girls, backgrounds, which you know is alluded to on the show, but I'm just is as a fan of four. You dig where where did you learn to do all these things? And how do you get those things from your brain into your hands to manifest them em all?
You weren't a long time, I was an army officer. Will animals being thought of context? I'm sorry to sort of experience, I believe Yes, in going through, like doing things always have turned up, I've had three careers, my first career in the army. I was so What's an eye, I led and commander some really intelligent, bright soldiers and some really interesting. Stop at a ball is the first sort of bad debt it, was only in a german border waiting for the thirties german shock army to come across and then working in Berlin on the wall came down and after that it was going to terrorism, and I had twenty years of learning so much so quickly, then, after that along came the M sort of my little cruises troubleshooting for a big multinational. I did that and then lemme talk from as it or I will tell you I just play and do things always crypto isn t always work
cars, who is on those things? Yes, he was called scrappy. Childishness junkyard wars are obeyed, you didn't junkyard. Wars are sorry that from the very first one and ninety eight I can accept that one of the teams and I did a couple years of my brothers who are also in your mix. I was a colonel David was a major bombings, a captain but you're much bigger than me, and we did that. Then a sort of kids television a little bit later and after that was just saying yes and doing things yeah, but saying yes, of course, that certainly part of it, but you gotta know how to do this stuff. You know like I can say. Yes all I want I'm not gonna, be able to install an elevator in my house. You know that you could you could? You know, takes bigger sign where I think you could creation.
I just weekly. Most people can dummy beset media because one of the reasons why I fell madly in love with day he says he has this parliament, noise, good, looks and- Like sucks the marrow bones of life, he just every little bit of life. He wants to experience the to try to do and when I met you, I fell in love with with that, because you don't really say no to say no to everything you by also expect us inhabited experience in life and try new things and slaves in Israel's ain't. You want to start get life and go like that, and I'm just mesmerized talking, sir. It's a date with US time and until we first they remain we'll just to get her off.
It was just lobbies, passion for life is what's what I'm looking for extraordinary, and I am one of the luckiest people ever meet crispy barriers. Where this the first summit, Angela, we knew we were going to be the same party because are we were introduced by mutual friend and literally what? Mr? I spent all my time, looking a right between the eyes because she had a huge someone read lipstick an amount over. Fifty should not drivel add another, so I just have to do I, for all of our first conversation was. It was fifty and I was in my earlier days and it was quite easy. Wasn't it too? I mean this goes back to. Greece is regional point here. Is that those twenty years defence? It is quite easy to sort of say you know, find yourself someone younger what she did day and then you just don't know. I'm just gonna go for it to bigger.
What was your background angel? What because you're you you know your ability to kind of envision a sort of a magical over over something and see it kind of like you, see like like a dog in reality, vision of what it should be and then it becomes that thing. What what was your background? Who I've got so I had to take root Is that one parallel one made I've made me money and pay my mortgage and one I just did for the fun of it. So I was an accountant for quite cool company. That's laid off the record company model ages, the icy accounts it let em. If you didn't really not the council's, you would get me get me in crisis. I guess necessity. I looked different and I did that for good fifteen years now, absolutely loved it and what gave makers I actually secretly not spreadsheet quite organised is he gave me the ability to one projects, organizations the wedding business has been quite
important to paying for the chateau it'd, as is misconception that the channel about pays for what they do. We pay for way out about money that we urge. So if the business side is great but my whole life, swift it you know, I I didn't, spend my pocket money on on sways. I went down the boots, how's the charity shops and just for second hand, things like the jacket T say like any everything, and I I just I just collected and by the time I was in my early twenty those doings of market stalls and just like a little tea policies, and one day I had a bit of a shot within a collective, been bricklayer. You need a slum then, and I was doing this party
and he said quite cool journeys come up to me, which is like, and I really love you little business. She said which was a prince in teacher, sound cakes and ever changing and images. Aren t shirts, often about right, cakes and then send them out and it was gonna cable. Should I love your business Patsy way, you waiting my way you shine. She said you should just do what you do. It's like one event will live in and she said if you saw a business I'll, give you your first press one. So within a within a month, I had website and I always up the venture to say- and she loves me and are always thankful to enter her aunt em and then it just loud No, that is gorgeous team, like tattooed, vintage girls, like information and an I just thought. You know I've always been
it's mine did the world is my empire, and I just want why I'm gonna go on a show is pre, Mister Shaw, Bridge cool jack, and then he got something similar. Then shall show a greater degree than in the UK. So I went on and I got an investment which, if it didn't happen in the end, a lady saw me on television who happens to be a mutual friend to sort out our awaited that that the message and after that momentum of just I was just in abeyance doing what with what we were doing under this, led to a very, very poor thing here Chris, and that is her work ethic, and that is the bit that you know. Doesnt has to be acknowledged right from the very beginning. When I first met undulate, she thought nothing of sort of working through them.
And then doing three events on on in the next day. To get your item this girl is driven. You are completely driven, and even now, with all the things we a got, a lot of things going on here has got she's on all and she's, just the work ethic you know, or I tend to do, the slightly later sort of into the night, working under was regularly up at four in the morning. Doing emails catching up with things getting things plan for the next day when we have people coming in keeping the workers. So as I work ethic, it's unbelievable, that's a huge piping successfully. Do you have an extra fifty percent of your day ache about whether people you'd fifty percent more right? But but you also have this sort of perfect balance, but the reason that it seems like it works is because you have this really perfect balance of all these different things- words, like others, there's enough business scale, but there's enough artistic vision. There's enough engineering knowledge! There's enough! There's this like this, like the magical chest of all of these things that are per rebalancing, because a lot of people are more one
then the other. It's like a while. I have the you know. I have all the engineering skill, but maybe not necessarily the artistic to understand how to manifested in the way of its pleasing or aesthetic. You know, but you guys, I'm all of that perfectly balanced, but we haven't balance together, I'm I'm probably after two cycling and we did. We definitely have united, how our skills and weaknesses- but I would say that most entrepreneurs are quite rounded people- I mean that the EU level gonna get everything, that's his life, isn't it but has not play you have to, and if the warehouse you have to understand every element of your business and to understand and do it before you can be successful, because how do you know where things go wrong? If you don't know what's going on, we are a good partnership with all couple a we are. The ultimate old couple have a look at the two of us together and it is all, but it works completely a german or something-
Asking me to gather wars, didn't make sense, it's a logical right. You can't write the story. I was born in for a man in nineteen, fifty nine and one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight in Essex is this little girl was born on the two of us met for the fifty years after I was bored, I'm weak together, we hit it off, fell in love quickly and we made our life together. It's ridiculous lobby can also make this story, but those are all so. I think I think you know when people probably to show they go, I'm gonna be like an angel, and I- and I am, I think, but really look at what makes what I think sort of stick an angel which is number one you both fully embrace. you know who you are and you embrace who you are, and you really leaning too, who you are because the more You embrace your own uniqueness, the more less like the less competition you have with anything else, and so you will come together and create this very specific,
unique molecule, the chemistry that you'd create together, but you both kind to do the same thing and it took you seem to emerge. Everything that you love, that you are an angel. You do that as well, but then, on top of that, you ve managed to find a way to do it together, and I think the the other sort of lesson is kind of the relationship lesson of like when two people come from very different. places. How do you find compromise and how do you? How do you get to know each other? you go K. Will I may not know everything about this swimming to turn this over to my partner and vice versa, and how do you? How do you find the complimentary relationship between the two of you? Neither must come from compromise are we. We argued I kinda. We compromise because actually, through compromise, comes mediocrity and you can't just give up on an idea and the two of us buying it out to get the right answer. A wee wee
The thing in our life, where we gotta beetle, okay, so either we can stop some number, but we have to find a way forward. That is right and that key the integrity of who we are and what we're doing catches. They know it's like that are no, but no, not this, but we have to do their work and you have to u have to move on and go for its interesting, because the fact that we pay for everything we do everything for the for the shuttle. Our selves means that nobody has ever told us what we can do. This I get a television set were simply as a really good idea about doing this doesn't work out. You don't do it our pocket spend our money. We do what we want to do. A people could follow us doing it. Letting that mindset is something that we have been very protective up could is too easy to come. A caricature of yourself ratio, the attitude yourself. Yet doping is given the show integrity. You know, because you know what we do things that we we like
in and if there is a trend in something we're, probably not gonna do it. I mean cartesian the children's names, something that you at an official doing right now for how it was a bit tickers, it nine months away and Dick had to every night come out. We ve lived on safe it within the talking I one million dollars ribeiro regrets. The fact that, while we are you know, what's funny, is that we we are really leading. I have a very complimentary relationship that we too we both as as, like rest, a rate as amateur restores. We have. We both have the same, static, and we worked very well together and I know what my strengths are and I feel like. I know when Oh, this is something Liddy is much better at and that by that most things, but new, almost right way possible. She knew she was pregnant after a week in a half she just was like
different. I dont know something and she went to the doktor and found out so she's. So on top of stuff in sir? Oh well, organised She knew what she wanted the name to be. I mean you know, in the agenda for a while. We have in Sweden where, having a small outdoor gathering tonight, we're gonna tell our friends on green screen the new Halloween movie, and then to tell where before oh here's, the gender and then screen o Incas about the poor, but she what she wanted, the name to be like months ago, and I was like bonnet really cool name, and so we ve already. She just knew that money. may I ask this genuinely got gaze funds when you just said the avenue, your friends, I learned that you're gonna, let the moon I that is this. Are we haven't seen we haven't seen women seem people in so longbow, but it's you know if it's ok, to share a little story with you that I feel like calls in the Dick an angel universe, which is when we were dating
very early on Lydia had gotten a job offer in. She was worth shooting a show in North Carolina. Think, and I had just kind of restored a house and I love to go, I teach shopping, you know, there's a hand we don't have the an event takes you have in France and they ve gotten exponentially more expense. The last ten years, but anyway I found these two, like Griffin, sconces added at a second hand, place in Hollywood, and I put them up outside my house and Lydia. I got to know each other. We face time It's me holding a face, I'm phone, it's great way to get to know each other, so I'm showing her like all. I just put up these these sconces. Founded and anti Place- and she goes- we go back and I don't want. You goes, though, sconces because I of those and I go yeah, do you mean you have ones like them and she goes no? No! No. I have those fucking sconces. I got them at a sale and you in it
and then I remember that the guy that I got them from his like. Oh they came from a castle in England. no shit when she showed me her Scots they're, the same sconces thus aim, and so we mounted them in our living, room so they stare across from each other, How did this happen? It right there we're a castle in India and ends up with two different rooms of people to get to know each other. You can't do the odds, I'm a mathematician. You can do what makes it more important. Like magician, and I myself, you very man, sake, and you know I just think light. I just think it is spent days left right left to build something like that, but you also, I feel, like you. You also have this really great sense that everything is going to work out no matter what and may be part of that is your philosophy of like the goal is to move forward. The goal is
to be right. The goal is not. The goal is just to move forward, but what would you agree that you feel like listen, Things worked out of armor. They work out, may not be exactly what you envisioned, but they can speak and work out better than what you thought so don't be too rigid, but because the big thing about when it comes to understand, having optimism going forward, I think is really interesting. The fact that we can do anything people can do anything and there's an offer. Jeopardy? All you can imagine if you're looking at us doing again at the chateau with this goes wrong. What happens that we can have that? The two of us never happen jeopardy. when you were going to live here and keep doing it forever and consequently the whole idea of you know what's going to happen, it didn't matter because it was going to work out. In the end we had a plan that meant that we failure was actually part. The story, we're gonna, do what we are going to do. I love it when we were gonna found, because we were gonna keep going until we succeeded, and that was just how it was gonna happen. I don't see the first couple years. Are we look for people
Ro we re round about between the money for the leaf was money for weapons will come in and it will let you come now buying and not be like guinea transparent for the list could be lucky. It was kind of tat, the handsome half an hour it up a little joke with guides sign of thanks for the lift giving up the really noise where they may remember, I got really isn't it will pay drugs and the next morning resigning idea he set out Dick. I would pay double the double people waiting You can go on for a long time, but it was. It is not just about the evil. He said to us a bit of work, I'm really happy I've had my waiting with you and been part of storage and thought they got light went into their lifetimes issues sooner. It doesn't. It is an interesting both because
What is really important is to believe you know, that's not spiritual or, as it is half the company, so you can do anything and ordered the castle was built in eighteen. Sixty eight, this dispute this one here from a travel century that and the bits of it were used make the shadow in well paid. You said before we can all the wooden stone is all from the original twelfth century castle built to keep the british out. They really messed up there, the next Wednesday, but it was Gluck limited and they built it at a time when didn't, have any tools we are now in the twenty first century. Anything we do, we can do I've, gotta cherry picking, comes up. Look through this bedroom window. They didn't their letters and bits of wooden
and I think the mindset we have always believe we can do it and by making decisions through thinking, we always believed that the business would put would be successful. We will be dispelled, but that was the way forward and Angela had a successful hospitality business in London. I was a chef I rose up in no just as I just happened to your master chef on it, but whatever third a big deal because of your celebrities data as you to go on and sipped monster when you got to the final
with their I'd like it? I can cook and I'm going to run restaurant done. Those things and TAT said life to me is my hobby. I love it. You're under we were very fluid between us. We ve forgotten what maybe it doesnt cookery books of food books between us, because it something's bigger our life and is something that hospitality looking is all part of what we do and I think that's where it becomes quite interesting because em you haven't, you feel we're gonna get moving cousin, liquid French. Why is so good by the way you break it? Help you sit here is that, unlike in the morning here, but where you are it's like probably spied six in the afternoon second buried. I thirty seven the way and you're drinking. At ten o clock. Why the brains out Where am I got my my my latte drink in the morning, but how do you know when to ask for
like. How do you know you know like you could? Obviously you can have this like I'm going. I can this I can do this. I can do this in a certain point. The guy need to either delegate this or ask someone for help, you know when to make them up we're not going to that. We have asked for help I'd much rather sort of struggle up for a fortnight. The stairs were the caserne. By about my back and asked me to hold the other end of it and get on and do things rather than sort of asking so between the two of us, we watch each other and help where we can help you well. If I need help here, and these days out the last May and always with the ideas like when will we be used imposed? It falls to end without close to it. We had so many. Don't you bastard, as well, and we met state a school build mainstay of any aid came like not join in Alma deal with herself and she didn't really good days? Were the nation you ever living she's a decent. Latvia is aware. We have needed to be got rid of
and who gets out the window. The sturdy guy and the wind it is to get out of the Arctic is about. Is about this big oh yeah, yeah, listen, I'm not a hides person in watching a guy scamper across the top of that roof is like this egg. I just I can feel the panic setting in that was Pascal when you ask people what are already the house did even society at the girl coming out of the corner of his eye. I wasn't even sticking hang it offers. Let me guess, if other roughly, what Watson the whistling Roger, which was
It has managed to catch of the drought. Is incredible. Are you really did everything was going on and then you know things away? We do you know what I think I think in instincts of the? U no way or limits are another few thing is we were funded limited. Our money was limitation until that's what to begin with. We did so much more before we start of building up a team to have weddings and do things and that seal, but we cannot afford to forget your princes new princesses and finding a team of people to work with anybody in business.
she's all business will tell you that's the big thing you ve got to find the right people, and we have. We ve got some people. We met in our first year here who still working with us all the way and Steve's one of the mentioned. Tina is other people who have been and we ve got a camera. Crews have been with us for years because they come and they get sort of them. They become part of the family. Arthur and Dorothy had grown up with our people, you're the chateau helpers and they're all family. They grow up with a camera crews who they know, because we want a big turnover of people here people to respect. What's going on and be nice about what we monies to do is we managed to get really good people we now briefly paused to think responsive This portion of the eighty twenty podcast magic. spoon, cereal aright. So I was a serial kid grown up. I ain't a lot of different cereals. I liked eleven different cereals. I would mix cereals to create a lot of different flavors answer. Is great, but that is
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Like every kind of has to have the same vision. Everyone has to you know like bring there game- and I watched this other show like the dye? Why show was that educational for you just kind of war? Sort of learning like knowing so many things go wrong in this sort of rather reacting of of an old property and try to run it like a business. Was there a general philosophical thing that you saw that recurred in the ones that didn't work like what sort of what what was the biggest stumbling blocks for people who were trying to also pursue this. Now you ve, I think naive. It is something that we don't have any the same way. I want it cumbersome. We will we not vote about the minutes there that serious at all, but with people we have dealt with your store friends. We have tried to talk in terms of business and common sense to their dream. I think that's a sleeping for
It is a good naivety where you sort of people who want to start a tea room which is universal, Mama pops, tea room and then keep a massive. Fifty room castle, there doesn't acquaint economic domination selling did Anne, but that's that's the naivety factor run, as you know, the aid, the ability to use what you have we search for four years to find our shadow. The shutter that we found was gave us what we wanted a flow. Yet we ve only been when people come to visit us. We told them. We talk to all about the business things we ve done on the process the miles away. We do talk a lot to people just trying to inform them of what we have done, so they can you and use the advertising the country Ellie as best they can to sort of do what they want to do in life. Is there any kind of I don't know is? Is there a way when you're really up against it? You know
I watch a lot of these. I watch these shows where it just feels like how are you going to survive this? You know like in these a point where you say like one Kay. Maybe this is too much. Maybe this isn't for me, or do you feel like there's always a solve? Is there always away around? I think there is always a way, but you have to put you thinking cap on, and I know it sounds ridiculous and my biggest lower think way. We were doing the empty I. Why should have done if a number of years now was honestly dispatches? I mean we. Might talk about united latest pain fatigue, I was in and wise. You know that the newest us to buy back when it comes down to it. We are talking about how much the charging for their for their way
and how to turn around and and how how you can structure that business to to get. You have to get tat, wasn t not not hundreds and its tens of thousands in an hour, and we always saw when we first started up business. I know we all respect the thing that basically the backbone of what we do it is that we started a refund. I never is. It makes a number of years, but we always say that we can put a little bit and a little bit endlessly fund because actually, at some point we were gonna need. We are right to ten years will be new. We need a new referendum, and that can break it. It can bright, yea and Emily is, is a hundred grand that you need in any problem. similar figure for you. I'm your windows and am and all these things- and it is one of those issues we ve got young children and in an ideal world. We have no idea what maker today, but in an ideal world psychosis
so now analogous? And can you imagine how at the base taken a bay where they take it over with Italy, under like realisation that got up and a bunch of grand they take. That's gonna, go up by that point. It's gonna be even more there's gotta, be more aware of these. Dad. You notice the Shasta reward of payment, That has been asked to get money in these in this really fun. We have worked out because the power to make sure that the kids don't have to inherit the shutter without ways, and that and this year is that you haven't got the season young people. We are told that this is the good, oh good, you season is, is, I think, it's coming at the same time its airing over there as well right like we're getting very very since we turn is quite a lovely How can you can you handle campsites are ever going to reverse the oh. This is our way,
No will allow these some set over those such sums gone down. Oecd scaffolding. Can you see the scaffolding wow that's because this side of the Chateau Bob, where that, today the scaffolding gum we were going to in pieces, but because you got new functions, we ve gone for the add on for it. We ve gone for it and we ve. Actually the place is being completely done over S. Amazing. I feel so good. I don't know, I guess it. As a Finn. That's be fun to see if your beverages about is that, like people don't really get to see all of the war you know it's like, It is highlight real, you know, No, but of the work that gets done and I think it's such a great metaphor for life.
the problem. Solving is that you know our lives are like this check tell when they can be the dilapidated structure and if you thought about everything you to have to do all at once to make the whole thing perfect. You'd never do it, because it's too much but It seems like you focus on every little corner. Every little thing you can figure out what you can prioritize and then just build up from there and that's been such the fun journey. The last succeeds in the show is is just like. Okay, we did this, which laid the foundation for us to now address this. Now it's a lot. This whole new series of challenges, and now we're going to solve this new bunch of stuff creasy. Just now that and we have this thing. We talk about it, you it's an open debate at a time you happen to know where to start, and that's a really important part of it, you having us an idea which way you go through it, weird we're doing Stephanie,
shadow on this interesting because we ve been here seven years yet that fight we find the chateau the seven years ago. This month we sit with that's when we find the shuttle, and in that time we ve done lots of Angela found a room, she didn't know existed in the attic. I wish you'd never There I think about it. The only way to get this through a ladder in a whole and its and should never been up. I didn't do it- makes I've got that printing. The expansion taken for the hot water system
but today we are with. You know what was still exploring this this place, and this is now buildings we haven't been on this policy of it tat. I love the mystery in suspense is why I've always loved fifteen. I bet you can relate to these next. You go some way got so balmy hands because you don't know what you're going to find another will not excitement to be to be over me. Listen particular room. Upstairs I take the animals complete. Looking up, there are generally had an easy, is well the apex his arm in the house, and when did this? That's me there's another way, I'd honest. I just thought it would be in a couple of airspace unless I have a couple of feet high and it wasn't particularly easy to get into uninterested in after you know the desire and then because we do not always I just went up literally just to say
One was doing. I realise that, with the help of another law with stuff on, there was more like thunder rubbish dumps those. Actually there is some tariff quota pots and bits of stuff. I carried her collar hot up six stories to put it in the loft. I have no idea, it was mainly. rubbish to be fair. His removal is much easier to accept that this new was standing. It is you need to see over to the town and we are. We are doing something in the series where we saw embrace that really great. You also never know like you didn't you have. This fancy that somewhere in the walls, as some sort of vast treasure like that, I gave listen, not way that you just said that say we haven't pantries at yet again, but I do actually got that that foreign sake
and we just doing so at the moment we are in the honeymoons way. We are competent, honeybees weight because we had just moved out about always try to the kids. They need a little bit more space. He neither confirm caused her to bed then, and they just they do about five percent, so we said well, we gonna do. I still wish wait to meet our desires and you said to me, I think, there's a cavity in the wool, so I said we need to see if
Where did you get you? Money is becoming should become up becoming cultures of local chisel and we put one of they stick say and it will have to stick to the camera. We had a clear common state fast, free prismatic said: do you understand what was yes, but for eighteen inches, deep yeah, I'm behind some eighteen inches all when they start war have, and it was with that, come in and there was stunning wallpaper behind it. So Festival use New said to me, and I dont know if we should take it ass, a lot of work. The only answer and I said I don't understand why they start walk. There must be treasure in their going to vote on these issues. Live without the warning that I don't just case was treasure in their. Why would they propose that, whilst the justified, why they hide it. Like I dont understand, I'm trying to find a picture will also while this room that we're in now our houses built in nineteen twenty,
and you never know where you're going fine when you open walls near renovating and it could be something horrible like asbestos or could be. You know we found coffee. Hands in the walls like from the twenties, but these would beams above my head. there was a dry while ceiling and with this was this. Is our media and says a big tv and the other side of the earth's we're gonna put speakers in the ceilings and when they put the hole in the dry wall, they go others looks like there's beams under here. I don't know you can see, but these being your hand painted they had been one at some point had just covered them up, and I guess I'm the twenties during early twentyth early thirties when prohibition, this might have been like a speaking, the room because there's a little bar area over there and- and so we saw like- oh my god, there's like hand painted beams, so we just ripped all that I went out and exposing me, but you never know- until you start poking into holes and looking around you know, but it doesn't always pay off
but we got a part of our attic upstairs, which, as you went to the attic just right accord, let it really full of rubbish its powers and there's a desiccated pigeon carcass there. Secondly- and this is it's been up- there died in the attic twenty years ago and it is Krispijn. It sits there because of this dead, pigeon carcass, which is good try this nothing wrong with it. Nobody been there except for me, and I have had little Pekin that coercive were saving that throughout the last things we explore. But, as I said, I looked down and I saw the barrel of a gun, so I looked down on the floor and I pulled this out and pulled out a seventeenth century musket
Oh man, it's all piled up to the corner. Remember we actually find unequal, told oil printing in one party aloft as well of a saint, the big hole in it, but the report, but in this corner the so many bits and pieces and the tree pull that a complete musket with the fire mechanism gone and another barrel for an almost and that is no. We haven't been any further in their yet, and this corner is waiting to be explored because as arduous as we don't want the dream to English, and I want Arthur and Dorothy to be old enough to have been. While the search that Angela Niver you ve got a book is out there you haven't looked through has actually I may now look foolish spiders I'd like a bit more time on my hand, but I just you know it's not that the idea of having to every part of your house now I, like you, don't wanna, know they're already coal,
There's really that, while we have really spent much time in the attic, but it was really seem like there's anything up there, but we found out that the previous owners who kind of resurrected this house had been abandoned for a couple of years and they found a bunch of there's a couple who lived here for fifty years really the fourth owners and they and in the attic, their love letters, but they don't Did them too. They donated them to some historical society or something that was at least good, but we didn't. We didn't finding but we're renovating another place. I don't you can see this in the zoom chat, but I will send you a link to their work. A low ceiling in one of the bathrooms that we're renovating and with when we pulled it out. We found a ridge wallpaper underneath, but it's so it's like a hundred years old, but it's so old and it's connected to plaster not drywall some trying to figure out like. Can we cut it out in it, frame it because it's not sable and we can't peel it off. Are we able to click on that link our reality?
now just enjoying story. Hoddan Oh oh wow, zoom in really see like the immediate challenges. Has this gorgeous? Who how many decades that was hidden under the thing and were really toward about because we're like do, we make it a border, but we can't because the gets crumbling in a lot of places. So I think I think, like inspired by your show, we're just gonna. Try to cut is much of a piece out as we can and frame it so that it at least preserving some of it is really vibrant intends that then, the collar and wiping I bet you can check out death. Late, but make sure you ve just had like lots of photographs very high resolution rights glass before at United? just how Snuggery made from photographs. Isn't it young and is not the same, but actually you could save you say the history, yet you say these things, because actually you can quite easily get that into a repay actor or you want will listen to you.
Right now and then have like that. One peace that you say just so you can reference x, I think not.
such a great idea. I know you ve done that on the show too, and that that that's a great idea I'll do that all take a really high rise picture in and will see if we can recreate it would also put frames roaring bit. So we had problems. Savings is embraced. What we put a frame around it and is kept it and that, on the whole wall around, except for a small frame of the original assumed that that's happened in the boudoir and we also behind a cupboard, find a sort of her late. A teen nineties, newspaper they'd, be stuck on the wall behind a cupboard whose taxes installation with recipes everything also through just kept on the wall and furnishing just kept as part of the war covering his more interesting, the more paper or paint soon as it goes he forgot about, is a sick evil to decades. It was never there s a problem. You know you need that. You need to sulking that that history such what we are trying to keep these J in this particular place, and I think it is nice to have those moments, sets it to look back and kind of had the association and we still friends they region. Wine is tobacco uneasily.
Dignan. It's never is not part of the television happens of alongside that's when we, when we first book the shape and jumping to buy and sell it. Yet I am categorically only and was here when we, when we locked up and he even dick that they loved each other. I was so he's a good man by reason of like Vampa together. Tat thing is angry ass I read and then he went Now the little girl was called dollar back. He scapes. I remember this moment he escaped to you to tell you that an his breaker Margaret Great, come under threat from great great grandma was Dorothy Long well who actually built the shuttle and he,
this is exactly what these come home and it was so information about it and he loves you so proud of of seeing the house come back and all the little bits, the wolf. You know what they told us about and the fact that, as you know, we have all the ox extract plans and- and we know the costumes for all of that- that's all things to Jack gave us the courage from the original architecture, Dorothy Commission, to build the place or we'll given all the stuff just freely given to us, because we were the costume and then about was it upstairs in the attic about six months ago I found Jack's pajamas from when he was walking, We must have an eye and a minister download things you wanna see retract. He tried about right. Let me in the hands of it. You know, I think I think it's also. You know again, knowing what I think I mean obviously even live on.
for a long time. I still fall into the same trap of like I want to show, and I feel like I know these people, but but what I think like I know about you, is that I feel the vicarious joy that you, feel living in. Basically, this this amazing been store of all this stuff, but The other really great lesson is this sort of the fat this sort of found item philosophy of like things are the like things are imperfect, but their perfect like the way there you find them in and even though there did you engineer, then sorry use engineer, but you could engineer to look any better, it's like they're just perfect the way they are and saw. How much can we preserve that integrity and kind of folded into what we're doing that
they even enjoy it. Nothing is everything's under the uniqueness to the things that we save a Mickey levels have thus been. Your thing is, I always celebrate imperfections I mean I say so much to offer has actually stolen my strap line I wanna go, look at you when you say I know he's yours money. That is that it is like celebrate imperfections you know, even if it is in, and also anything around you report, go buying and I were painted into something of a visa China. Why not? The whole thing is that you can look at things in so many different ways. Why not do it with a smile and that something that dumb?
one of the things about what we are doing is we know how to Cuba or every turkey to join the scope, and do I make a point of order was driving to school and we try to make them a long time to get him. A collective listened to the forum is going out when we were taken to school twenty mile and a half we score and where we have their only come into the driveway. We still smile and we still smile about where we are, and we smiled actual work, is going on at the front and all the rest of it, and we smile that you do. The pact was there, the dogs were broken away. The key sir. We smile about those things, because surely you work hard and you deserve rewards and that's part of the mentality that I think we thirty enjoy. Yet will you earn that too, but also is there ever done it on my way this is me like I'm done with rest with renovated. Go no like I don't know. If it's sort of feels like I'm gonna run a summit
kind of exhilarating, even as much as it can be frustrating? And you know that, like forty percent of the things are going to go wrong and you know, but you still just it still fun to do as he gets. You live in this art peace. Basically, it's yours is our trains. It and remember that when we want to shatter into the price of a little bed, Sidney's London to buy our cause, with all the things that you couldn't live that life another Angelos alone, the girl you I've got all that. I'm a country boy and the idea of having all we have for that cause crawler overtime to get all fixed up. You! Don't you It is that it is where you put your focus of your life, your resources, everything else, but what it does do is it sort of its decision that may that you have to enjoy and who wants to stop? I'm not quite like outcry, lighted Potter, my war guard, the mobile gardens. My is my joy. It's gonna say MIKE animals now actually becoming ever learned girl. You bet it don't go, get the kids get,
Are we going? There is a family thou into the garden? I suggest you to the dark side is always about that balance in life. Isn't there, In a way I paid up a guys, really tight deadlines that events different bits and pieces and at those moments- and you know you can fill a different way. But we always know we're gonna get an unnecessary fine and if it was down which I think is a will being in a happy began. Fifteen may derive we'd, be big, Lydia love. What do we do so is mix that all its already and then Dick just goes running starts breakin shit like I got a fixed sorry often it actually falls apart to try, like I did. I would like to try to get you for one summer. We shall one summer have done it, be tough, it be really tough, because it's just always fields.
There is always someone to fix or something to upgrade or something to save or something to restore, and it just yet we ve- watch the lot of the other thing that I love the wheel of about your shows. Also, we watch a lot of british restaurant racial shows and what seems to happen and in particular in the UK. Is that- and I guess it's just cause people so used to looking at old buildings. Like my wife and I like. Why would you ever rip out all the original text? and put in like white marble, but see on the lot of british restoration shows where they'll take like a historic building, and bringing it into the twenty first century- never anger those where they go. Goddammit. No, because you're gonna put dislike glass box thing in this old structure and I am sure from an architects and point, that's a real feet, but it always got me because it just feeling oh my god, you just you didn't want an old house. You wanted a new house. Why don't you just build a new? Why did you rip out all the visit? All the cool stuff
Of course you show so like the difficulties we have to bring this into twenty cents per century. We had no toilets water, heating, sewage, anything and now the fact universally you're proposing the monk, not a good thing. at that point of bringing the twenty first century is good. It system this nine aesthetic. What we had to do, we have today. We have to do is referring to have hiding it. What's religion for the design, algebra had to find a way where we could hide the proof pipes. Nobody had ever see them because we didn't want a square. The shepherd, but I didn't I agree, but we didn't. Sulphur, known extend back. That was neither a shiny, tiny little box. No, it would have to be sympathetic. We have enough time which were oddly I'm contemporary, but I'm quite colleagues Asal stood alone. they fought for. The nights are quite my days. That's where we can play, we completely agree with you. I mean you still go on about some. Some of the baby was taken up so floors and unilaterally just smells like
oh man. Doing something you don't you just you feel it does not always all tile noto take out the auto enslavement. and you're like we'll save ever retired. That was on our doorstep and agrees that script every single one of the great or to make it back to normal. So we could we use everything is spent days and days you just for a little ahead. That number My dad daily life is made things long over just to save some little bunch of tiles when it is much easier ways and that's because it has been over a hundred fifty years, why we keep. It hasn't been weird at all, like the success of the show, because you know your bid for you guys, obviously you but you ve worked and television before, but then you know you take on this path. It is an actual life project and then it gets documented nor the sudden, a famous people, though you are, is it? Is it weird? It's like what we're just us like we're. Not
the best shifted. All that you feel the pressure of that you try not to think about that. A whole lot powers that affected everything. Well, we will- we not famous in France, Say- is that we have. very normal life auxiliary those with a stupid english people actually wanted to buy it. He coveted ones at that table. Those can have big heating bills those falling apart. The risk we are holding today is a we say. We only ever really feel that when we go back to visit the UK, where women were going back next week, we will be back as a family of the quite some time now in Spain a couple of years. We did it all and to use a chainsaw and No doubt we did eighteen days was left and I think that was the first time that we was. We was pulled over really like humbled, and I think we can
you're, going to have to pay your figure keeping might come what chestnut answer? What was actually because our life is normal, often Dorothy. You know that there were no, we get people Popeye's off the roads, Also, if things happen to remind you that when the public eye, but for us you know, my mom is still copyright, thereby misbehave Angela around TAT. We might we just we try and have as normal life is possible. I think we're manager, I don't think we could be. I dont know how we could change. If I may and you know we were driven by the same things that we were driven by when you know more than you always and that's the big thing values and our work ethics will never ever change is. Who we are? I'm gonna! Think people, you know they mainly love it sometime.
was very interesting report. The chateau before we made the decision to let the television companies follow us, we had actually we had some interest. We would already found our plan to do the wedding, stool events. Abundance doing bought the shattered the followed us the date. They happen to be worth by chance, the day find this shadow? I could be looked at some more and we only made our decision after we committed ourselves. What doing to allow the cameras to follow us is going to be something that was going to be interesting and achievable, aspiration achievable those two things are not always the same summer. We felt we're gonna do something that will work just following, because a small town We want this. We're happy show and they have been debated compress out. We do not like the car crash shows. I know what that's like. It's pretty popular things like a dog there is like and then the drama, but I you know specially to watch the showed during
quarantine and we'd, like we burn through every episode in a short amount of time, but it with, but it was so joyful and watching things go wrong and you will laugh about it and have fun and watch the kid to be happy and then you're making food in the kitchen like it just it felt so good like it just it. It just had this like, like my god, Of course, there are good things in the world than there are nice people in the world and there and you can be happy and you can make its it's really inspirational. You know from from that standpoint, I agree that, thank you that we're ready, lovelady, that's a year. We know we love you and your values and in I was exhausted, Your new families wealth. We we have to say we were when you went to over to America. We we was all we were excited and we'll be really of humbled by the lovely emails that that way.
They were saving on it with it was. We know when to show has been on in America, because the next day we get just a lot of lovely and its people is just as nothing fancy really about the show. its family, these signals, and I think that is what is the reason I say its image we ve been asked before. What's been a success of the show was out there. We are really a clue, except for you know, it's gotta be people. Remembering about family and an old values and simple things are multigenerational living the fact. Angeles parity possible children down the coach House just crossed away from here on. They are happy the children, happy we are happy one day soon will be able to send the children across on a Sunday morning, complaint gamma play have alliance, that's gonna happen. You know it's gonna happen soon, but that's the multigenerational Therefore, that you have you ain't space time, member, that, after the world of everything to that, like you, do
you'll go and do all these two or dates and people show up it. It's like you know you could. Ten thousand people could show up tell you how Bazin you are, but the end of the day you so go home and figure out how to hide the poop pipes. You know what I mean like so its balance. Because you don't think that's our life, our life is actually is about living it and Arthur Dorothy. Keep your real No. What with seventy eight year old Dorothy was zero and Arthur was just too will be turned up in in France, and all the way through this is part of our story. Is their story growing up both them a fluid french speakers, Angela dire abysmal? They flew authorities or french accent. She could. The french girl cheating at all of that site, like our children, are living and smiling and that's without something right. Oh that's, fantastic and I also have to pay, you, because I got up, we got a box and early in the day with the coolest stuff that that was sent to us like from angel from your collect.
and there was one thing in their particular that when I pulled it out, Liddy was like what is that may go. Oh my god. It's like pad holders, but there's the it's like their connected legal. Oh, my god: zero burn your stomach when you're calling a potluck did The ingenuity of that it's like this is this is the perfect manifestation of it an angel world words like this gorgeous thing with this vintage but it's engineered in a simple and clever way, so it makes it entirely. You know you install, I love it. I keep saying that quite so. These bites now go up in the attic that answers ends some think that is really out at sea: agile collection, oh god I mean we would be like my wife, it's she was so bump, couldn't be here to say hi to you and she was so excited tat. I was doing this and also my friend, Christina Hendrick who me dishonor a couple weeks ago and I go oh I'd, take an angel vodka. She was like. Oh my god
can, I say, hi, and so I had invited her to pop on and say hi, but she was like but she had a meeting at the same time, but she we bonded owe so much over our love of you and your show and she's like I'm going to that chateau at some point Lydia I like we're coming to see Jesus. very, very welcome and I am going to take a sacred goodbye, Miss Miller banks that I just think Christina is just she so beautiful and Lydia its wealth, and when we did this and a little happy birthday for her, I did my now I'm gonna get her dear said, a happy birthday who represent a complex as a two way, fingers dusty and renounce, associate unknowns. I stay at the time was vigorously went to sleep, so busy announces like a club Davies Woman. She was so
I knew she was just like so blown away to get that to get that message and she is also has an amazing design, aesthetic and she's been kind of going through a renovation challenges, but I know she really, make it out there. Are we going on an section media that might actually an and amber. I do all the base and I get sent through so ok. I know we noticed, but you and also, but we then I'll go better. She's always send didn't stop soon, especially with disdain us was, is absolutely incredible offering studying absolutely stunning an hour you you have me sums you don't have a weapon in or in any other told them that you're so welcome here. Just gives a little bit of warning and if you could see her and her girls can come over or it will say I look and with them
very title friendly here. We also need a car. I got really must not be seen every size terms and I think, desires just this week. I thought you'd be doing so that our points gathered by making a memory- you didn't show restraint and did a memory. Blankets, Dorothy in a memory paying back some kind of cool devil teachers in space and time and a bit more together and I've been say box in the box is often the ethic of obi or the enclaves. I can't what there is no tears when I open my eyes out ambitious policies in boxes of these most incredible twice a day. Regional stuff is well like all with it because it encourages sell my stuff
the sailor searching, we not gonna be rummaging. We got so much on the next couple of years, and you know as some point when when we don't have as much on and we talking it's two years plus, we will govern clear out how ass our attitude to try and get here within the next couple of years are we weren't? We will for sure I mean there's just just hearing you talk about that and seeing together and also it is still. Surreal for me that you're talking back to me because living I talk to you on television all the time
You know, so that's it. I can't tell you what a joiner pleasure and then also just you know the ideas that, like it's, it's not just the preservation of the structure, but the preservation of the story and the preservation of the history. And how can we we these elements and pass them down because that, ultimately, what binds us all together? You know like it's just this cut student retelling of of the human story, and I really feel like that's that the real the the goal old of of your show is, is the basis of that Mexico is an area. Is enzyme and I've, never but anyone actually say back to his light. You have in such ninety Callaway say I'm sorry,
He could. I think we really believe that we can talk about our, how you influenced what your life is about, how it is another torrid. We talked a lot about the meaning of life and was a bit of a joke session, but it was true and talking like how you impact of all people, how you interface people, what you say, how they pr people react to each other and what? What could you do in the world? And we hope that everything we are trying to do is positive, because Angela answers thousands upon thousands of Emil's of people who have got stories and people who are sort of partners- and we are very privileged to be where we are through hard work. Yes, but we're very privileged, and we don't forget it without getting well. Thank you for sharing, thank you for sharing your story and it also transitive. We all these other stories that make up your story. You know- and this amazing place- and this is just been the best but a pleasure to go it. So it delights me so much when it's like I'll bet. They're really nice people, you talk to me like
deal with their even nicer than cure that I had hoped so it's just as it is. and in an admirer of what you do not just the show but like what you do, I really appreciate it. It's been really great. Our pleasure is isn't yet left where you were pride, sir right we'll see, It could have been more. Thank you and good luck with the and I hope hope everything continues to go out. Cannot wait for the the noose theories which, let's get the premier date on here. As well just got seventy just when available becafigue and at the fact that a start, the man and I know this is- not a thousand things good, but without the so many emails people these free, I'm you have it it's kind of so streaming levels, but I would have thought because you got a few. You deal with Africa, They will have the seas and always goes out in the UK purse, but that it will follow up quite said, because you know much
she s a lovely, have a bone later, we'll meet you over here I also unhappy holidays and so farther out I'll drop you alone, somebody's. I await tipper. There had to be sure to be sure that by a fact, I Ii and III is incomplete.
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