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Hey person welcome to the Nerdist Podcast number two hundred and eighty four out of be performing live in some upcoming cities, the first two weeks of December, I will be in Nashville and Chicago respectively. Both at same So if you go to Nerdist COM calendar, you should be able to get tickets. To that. Please come it'd, be nice I'll, see you! I work out some new material and It's not going to be shooting new material. It don't worry, don't be like. Why would I pay to see a work in progress? Chris Hardwick, I wouldn't move into a house. Walls, walls, that's a weird comparison. Comparison I would but but it'll be fun, show and then we'll we'll get to say hi afterwards. So come come to those this episode. There is progress, breccia carbonate,
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sponsor of winners. Podcast, and now this episode me, and the sister wives, getting together to catch up on our own little verbal quilting bee. We call the houseful podcast. This was I miss hanging out with these guys, really we're all been also been busy respectively busy that this is when we get to hang out. We go So real really really is just a gabfest so enjoy Postal goodness episode number two. Eighty four in the Nerdist podcast you're nice now entering Nerdist com
away from their work. Told there get the you get that someone DVD get no Steve, Martin DVD collection, yet good, that'll scarlet. Yet stuff yeah, I kind of wanted more of his daytime stuff. Like you know you he was just on all those daytime talk shows down doing bits and love you loved, so it Well, no! I just want whenever he pops up on anything because he talked about
and was in a book, but yes like it's just that it's a basically this is almost a kind of greatest assets is on personal choices, and I thought I was gonna be more of a compendium. It would have been great if he had come on the promoted, but we're gonna get someone else, that's going to be so awesome. I'm gonna be very exciting. I'm here I'm here most of the time, on't worry about. That's why I'm going to cry well, the where's, your shiny suit Chris I like that suit we talked about it in length. I had that too made through made, but to keep it, and I still have it. I like a wedding dress like we're, not gonna, do with that's exactly my question. We nice to the Taylor. Did he give you the double stitch, I I had site the shiny suit made because the so what I hope you enjoyed, and so I wanted that suit to sort of be real through a themed and Chris, I listen to County Bang, Bang, but a lot of well people were, like you know, most people
like to see it and then a portion of the people said lose it and did you reply to them, you're right. Let's reshoot! I just send that to someone they're like they like it, d lose suit, and I was like ok we'll go back and real at the special That's funny, yes, some guy sent in like an email to Jonah radio say like lose. The fuckin sound drops in the sound board its ears. It's fun and then I was like I I respond on the package. I responded with them. I'm not sure if anyone figure this out, but this is not for any of you
This is for immediately sorry, I said: that's the beauty of feeb to just sort of like we have is another feed. Now, there's there's plenty of p2, not one thousand and ten. I mean we're on track now, we're on track for awhile, 'cause, Scott's, doing a big animated computer movie. It's feed ten, where the two of you can take the form of a bunch of different types of monsters. I don't know yeah I'm trying to get that ref Bent bent in been the cartoon, the actor Ronald Reagan yeah so specials done and I'm meta jokes all right, but then this is with this special but also all those jokes are pretty much from the last six years right,
this older than like nothing's more than that right. Here's a fun thing if you're in Chicago in December GO to Zane's and see Chris struggle on stage yeah you're a weird public system. I don't, well that hard on stage, because I, when I don't have material, I just go into the audience, and I actually do that pretty well, sir. That worried about it. It's just gonna be more you'll, see as the hour build you'll, see. You'll see a lot of audience play in the beginning and then of legislation. Second, our audience play audience full on audience play. It was fun I I really have to say I was. I have no complaints about the special I'm I it was fun to do it. It was a I loved doing it, but I thought the response was Surprisingly positive. It was a guest, but I was I was expecting a bunch of really only got a handful of dickhead hate and other than that it was sad that were in that day and age. We were surprised when people like that. Well, I have, but
also emotionally gun shy, like I just assume that everyone's going to hate everything, of course, like we just my love life, start at the bottom and work your way to the Sela Fuhrman. I just made the the girls berms love song, which hurden firm the firm which in which, of course, were you know I've. I've seen a handful like most people, very cool about that. Half of your like, where do alone, really original to jump on to this meme. You know this is so like several months ago. It's like I. I know the meme is like several months old, but do you have any idea how long it takes to coordinate the schedules of those people and get a muppet like everything from Sweden. In from Sweden, we had to fly all the way from Sweden it. The new restaurant opening up. We took basically work. I thought of the idea the summer, like really funny, how about for a wide variety of swedish chef and girl in Burma. Girl were in a video together and- and it just took months to get it made.
Was actually the idea was way fresher before the video got made, but it's just it's just funny like no one will give you credit for, like oh yeah, of of course it's easy to Muppet and Hayley Williams and RL died on one video that slippery slope. Let's slippery Ferman he's an eel that would prefer every tax and that, just as they do in the light of our give, remember never give him but over the opera all. Ultimately, though, it's it's actually sexually. The response has been better than I thought. Let me dislikes or on Youtube. Not is I mean Youtube as a whole. Friend of the show up No was the director of the video. Yes, he was he's a friend of ours. Personally, when the show I love Z in front of the chef. Actually there first episode of artificial, haven't, has haven't friends any friends to show to show itself think your friend of the show might per Bigley. I we could
yeah, ok make your big friend issue, I'm glad I went down to Irvine, Install Microbial's new show my girlfriend's boyfriend. I bet it's amazing. It was great. It was great. He was very nice to give dna some passes and then treated us to in and out afterwards, oh yeah, I mean it was kind of nice and the second that's. What per bigly is all about yeah, but I should have got was nothing but I ended up getting one of the double devil. Sorry of my life, so I guess I never actually heard them, but I guess an ad for the Mandroid special ran on Marin show oh yeah because com essential has they do yeah, but they told me they were going to run around like. Is he aware of this yeah and I go, and you told him it's me and they're like yeah. I just I could imagine was
yeah hardware's got a special on. I mean you know. If you're into that kind of thing, I don't care, do whatever the fuck you want to do, live read it. I don't know he live reads all that's fantastic! I have to hear that I mean if that's what you're into that's fine! You know, I hear it's got an air on comedy central in November ten, but I don't know do whatever the fuck. You want damn dance on guys. Have you seen the greatest review ever written for any restaurant? It is really good. It's the guy fear New York Times New York Times. We have a favorite list if Arafat over here for Furfur. If you haven't read it just please, please yeah! I do have one of the choices. That is the the the staff, are well meaning and seem to understand that this is not a real restaurant. Well it just when I heard the name like you know like they reviewed the quote: unquote donkey sauce. It's like this. Everything have to sent. Does the man you have to sound like date, rape what's funny is, on top of that, like his doctor says that
like well regarded supposed to be say it's supposed to theory. As far as all of our stuff, we just talk about the donkey sauce for the donkey sauce is supposed to be really good, well regarded. Well, there's nothing in a guy Feory restaurant that an that would deserve the train on regarded. You could say people like it, but well it is such an handed down there, academic sauce, saucer, sauce circles, saucers? My guess is that about right, all righty. I mean in a way I feel a little bad for I do you think he deserves to skate. It's so scary. I mean we were making fun of it when we saw we when in New York, because it was like almost right across don't you feel feel like particularly York times that loaded up with some donkey saw hanging out with my friend Can chicken Alfredo table for thirty? Oh my god, the review is a it's so good like when I saw that
today. It just brought the most joy I've ever had in my life, nineteen Buffalo wings. It all came from the same check and genetically modified. I is instagrammed mad again. Yeah same thing as I wrote it wrote on the Instagram comment. I wrote still question Mark exclamation point exclamation point question mark. I can't stop. I can't stop. Well, that's you know it's funny, because we're taping the comedy central pilot tomorrow night, my comedy central pilot, which were just calling hardwired until now I took it, and, and so one of things we wanted to do, was died or create a sub. Read it or go to a sub, read it that never gets any traffic and try to have people, fill it with staff and to see what they fellow, if was at hand, Pistres ham slide hams and we got some really we get. So there are some really great ones like
people pushing pigs out a slide, another guy, getting a pig to go up and down the sides. Someone John HAM, coming down a fly. There goes at all, is it it looks its red it. It's bear was exactly what we wanted, but I'd always wanted to have a separate called. Mild and there is a gone mild subreddit, it's just it's. It's a for serious one where it's like girls in bathing suits who aren't naked So what about the summit? I really want. It arises, w I've exactly it's totally! There were you. I always why I wanted the gun mile to just be like pictures of grandma's playing bridge like something really and when I thought about your diptych picture of Myra. I just thought that is a guy. Mild picture right there, just like texting hanging out the guy Fieri's restaurant go mild. Oh, my god, where, if you had the option of going out with the sauce on the docking plus Christopher View, the level of rohypnol in the dog is it like. Is it like
in the ovaries cat on a hot tin roof. Have you a hot tin roof, Mr Ray? check out his album on ST records. Oh man, you have been hosting a lot lately is: is it herbivore or Vilasa raped her? Probably the Vilasa raped her lots of raper. Didn't you think you neither the fuckin leads broad. The thing that that they I'm curious is is, is the review? Do you feel like I love it? Is it? Is it more than a writer just wants to show how clever Is by it is so unnecessary, but also the the ever been wasted was evidently that makes midway through the twice three article. He says, because it's it's done in questions? You just read a little bit. Okay. Here we go given what he wanted. Have you
that? Your your New York rest, your new restaurant in Times square? Have you pulled up one of the five hundred seats at guys american Kitchen and barn ordered a meal? Did you eat the food they live up to your expectations. Did panic grip your soul when you stared into its whirling hip, no we'll have a menu, were adjectives, announce spawn in a crazy vortex when you saw the Berger that was described as guys, Pat Le Frida custom blend, all natural creek, stone, farm, black Angus Beef, Patty, Elsie, O p. Let us summit on young people, S M, C, supernova cheese and they slaughtering of doggie sauce on garlic. Bree Osh, did your mind, touch the void for a minute. That is a very philosophical question to be asking frosty tips. Guy fierri did you notice that the menu was an unreliable predictor of what actually came to the table where the bourbon butter crunch chips missing from your almond joy cocktail to to my deep, fried boulder of ice cream, actually the size of a standard, scoop,
here's the thing with that, one, what exactly will hold on here's the thing it's like. I know this. Boulder of ice cream, but like if the ice cream was like a bunch of ice cream, he would probably be upset about. This is more cream, that anyone could eat. How dare you now is, I think, what kind of older like consistency in boulder- I don't understand words. Okay with me, says the FED he responded. You know I have not read the response and I very much look forward to it. I'm drawn into a New York Times at right now. What yeah a day is it for guys american donkey punch kitchen, be the the worst idea year where I've decided. I want to calling my fans Jonah rapist, please, okay, yeah! You should I will buy that t shirt. Please don't! What's that generate this, how you doing tonight, legitimate. No, no! No, that that's going to take away from my rape at my rape.
And take away my right, no, not mine. It's my right, there's a lot of raves like it, but this rape as mine. It's not funny it's already been cut, I'm just not doing anything about it, letting the rest of it is out. You know who needs trumple. You know who uses words like who's out pussy talking Jonah yeah. He does all the time pussy doing Jonah in there. Could we speak with him whatever Jonah fight you've got to fight it. There's still a piece of you left in there guys I can't get in because you've got a fuzzy talking, Jonah Jonah shit, oh my god. By the way I went to the dean word thing last night it met nerd, melt, yeah, yeah, fucking, awesome
it was do duty songs. Did it didn't do anything? I say they basically now. Look I I was familiar with them. Chloe is a huge. She really likes them a lot and I've seen a video seen a couple of videos online before I was like okay, okay, but when it's them telling it was basically like an sort of storytellers with video, so they would tell the story of the video where they were at sort of what they went through and they pretty much did everything themselves and to see the video projected full with Insane sounds that like they brought, you know like there was a beefed up sound system school and I'm not a clamp on it was not and it was. It was really fantastic and they were re, and they were really nice yeah, I mean they're like I, I research some of their stuff. They did before the d afterward yeah project yeah, which is the thing they're doing now, but they've done different types of performance art before that, like that were, were nothing like. What do you like for MAX?
normal. I think was one of media anyway they were, it was it was. It was great and I think you just have to see that you have to see it on. A bigger screen I really appreciate you know it's like you're, looking at a Youtube video you're like ok, when you see it on the big screen and you see it with a bunch of people and you hear the music go. Oh, my god. This is actually yeah. Technically cool and then and then the videos that they essentially made themselves, and he would tell the stories about we have gig and this one shot. You know I would I went in and basically painted the entire room myself. Painted all the graffiti on the wall, and then we shot all night, and then I had to go to another thing, and then the video didn't get finished because the editor just got busy. So it sat there for six months and then we had to you know
got a way to get it back and then they signed with Interscope within that didn't go well, and I need you to go well with Interscope now, but it was really interesting. It was an interesting account because I'm because I'm looking the show, I'm the show you five dollars. Are you looking up for the show? If I want the review, I want the rest of that review. So you in there that are the greatest written things are ever seen, see that see their models working. You have to pay to get it. The after pepper shirt ended up on red it when the the picture of any well, it isn't. Wallner does the picture of us on it and, like there's, a bunch of people go to you're lying- I learned this one. They won't. Let me use Holocaust like a Let me I got a lot of them. A lot of dissection villages have been case. You will all remember the doktor pepper shirt promotion where you could go on and enter your own shirt. Note your own thing, my ma, I'm might that that your friend Jason Walter,
I had one. That said, I am a holocaust denier and they got printed and sent to him. I had what is that, I'm a mister Pitt, drinker yeah, which is cute, it's cute, but it's not all about the matter and then he didn't which was I'm two diabetic thing too, but I was on on, read and then someone's like. Don't you see? This is exactly what they do you don't. I think they knew. This was gonna happen yeah. I bet you're all buying Dr Pepper right now, just like a guy and then someone, of course other after that. Finally, someone really had to break it down. I was like the guy that has as much to say, if not more, but I was just waiting for someone else to well. It was at the Danta, show last night ninja
I don't know his real name. We just need to. He brought the printed out this guy commented on one of their videos and it was like you know, because you two comments only in a hold on a four hundred characters or something, and so he printed it with like in seven part of it. Basically, the guy was so sure about all the imagery that he was breaking down, that you know, and he was like not really awesome is there any? I e I e, I I am your butterfly. I found it. I got it back. Okay, good, here's, my here's, a good one! Hey, did you try the blue drink, the one that glows like nuclear waste, the watermelon margarita, any idea? Why a tasty a combination of radiator, fluid and formaldehyde at at your five Johnny Garlic, restaurants in California. If the server with of main courses and that the appetizers haven't yet been cleared, do they try to find space for the new ones next to the dirty plates? Or does this just happen at your time, square restaurant
people are used to crowding if a customer shows up with a reservation at one of your two text. Savvy outlets and the rest of the party has already been seated. Does the host say Why don't you have a look around there and see if you can find them and point in the general direction of about two hundred seats? What's going on in this new rest, did any Rooney right this from beyond the grave. It's the I mean. First of all, what's the fucking New York Times, guy thinking is going to happen when he goes to guy fee areas. Restaurant also it's a restaurant in Times square. So though he thinks the he thinks the host is gonna go. Oh all guide you to your table to find your friends. First of all, does the guy fury audience read the New York Times? Does the guy very,
audience read is that the New York Times is what I want to know and is this New York Times guy? His points may be very valid, but it almost feels like was he mad about something else, and then he's like okay, because this is clearly over multiple visits? Oh okay! How, for example, did Rhode Island supremely unhealthy and ossibly good, fried calamari, dressed with garlic, butter and pickled hot peppers end up in your restaurant as a plate of pale unsalted squid rings next to a dish of sweet manage with a distant rumor of spice. How did Louisiana's black and cage and spice treatment? turn, into ghostly numbers of under black in the UN spiced white meat in your Cajun chicken. I love the squid rings as my favorite band in their album a distant hint of spice. How did not chosen one The hardest dishes in the American Canon to mess up turn out so deeply unlovable. Why augment tortilla chips with fried lasagna noodles that tastes like nothing except oil?
I think it's time to send John Deere, a dear John. I want you to hold on. I want to look up. Something so. What is it? What do you think? The? I guess wasn't there I've read about ten of these reviews. His restaurant, all of them universally escaping the restaurant, but his audience doesn't give a shit right. Well, I don't think the audience that goes to eat in Times Square gives a shit right cause you can go in a block either direction and I mean you know the the bird is that there are a million. Well, I guess guy Fieri High profile enough, I mean he's pretty high profile. I guess in terms of Hey Babe Restaurant, to work. There was a little bit of there's a little bit of this that the
It is very difficult to think they're shooting it does anyone get on with the tire there's a couple of rational wrestles other I'm. Can you continue for some reason? I just want to hear this music, while, while you're reading Genscher Mumia fair it I wish I was more ready before the in here. This is that has a network but let me out very at a level that agreement it was. It was unhealthy. You just have to serve the problem Okay, by the way you fucking took too long, I gotta do blossom. Yes, it was obviously the blossom theme song. I didn't get it. I said, I was going to play something while you were reading that I'm actually happier the bid failed just just to watch the up.
By the way, would you let our server know that when we ask for try all he brought us was a hot cup of water. That signed by your entrance. It says: welcome to flavor town, where you just messing with our heads. You wouldn't what you'd have you think this is an insult to you, because the workers is left. Poor man, I don't get the job done. Everyone's attacking you met, you are most. No, I am nuts, don't fucking, listen to the the UN's not everyone's, didn't you you fucking know of his egg. You I was, at the blossom theme just like just such it's scathing, review of these happy sounding plates of food of food, like I just like it seems like you- should have this happy song about like no reason to get all
then, what's a happier theme, then the theme, the blossom. I think that Mr Belvedere themes happier right yeah I didn't like it. I like that It makes sense but know I do with you, you can just you can talk by yourself and read food reviews for the rest of the podcast. I have my own podcast for that up I have my own jerk us go into in those like. I, I in the feed to listen to hear Matt talk about shares I listen to radio radio to listen about Lance bangs like going Heroin run with some guy coming to change. Bus drivers was between every the changes. I read that stuff. What are they Louis wrestlers were out there because their Debbie they're WWE type folks iron MIKE the biz is that a thing is
then it's a wrestler who just hit beats people with an old Schwinn bicycle triple preparation. He's serious preparation that people there's a lot of screaming wrestling sport and if it is to do with you, man he's playing. Wasn't it. Someone during a blood episode the Vienna, in Mason, that is fast Jenna VON Oy.
And the grandfather from there are violence is closing down from. Maybe he wasn't on the first season or something like that, then the brother had like a crazy drug problem or something Joey Lawrence. No, no, no, he was just on black. Do you remember when it was like he started becoming like a huge superstar, and then he did the album and then it would be like the thing I was like stay tuned after this episode of blossom for the new Joey Lawrence video. You go to see him from being this dumb guy on the show to just being all sexed up and fucking, taking the show well, some people remember Joey Lawrence from give me a break. The Nell Carter show the fuck. Is that one knows that Chris, but listen to this anyway? Well, you Dude were alienating our Nell Carter. Demo ha eternity
really. If I played this song you would have just stopped talking. It's just to understand. You had to explain it. Bob car don'tdon't do like deduction of a happy theme song over skating, the roof. You feel I was taken away from here. No I'm friends with price Beckham who was on Mr Belvedere the fuckin shows theme. You love, you know what that that shows. No longer a shell was gone Chris. You can't be on it, MR always on purveyors, always somewhere. That's a limo driver river on the visual medium of podcasting to you
Matthew about Bryce Myra. They don't know that save I like that. I, like that save the prices braces super funny. Guy he's a is. Why is it here? Then? He he's here. Yep. No prices prices accompany price. It has a company called drama, three four with my friend David, and they do a lot of really funny. Is not your friend she's have a lot of friends Matt, a lot of friends. You're going to play it again, this is not. Thought? No, no! I won't love the and what have you tried? Your ice cream, bolder?
things that were clearly not a bomb. It doesn't do that says boulders. These are not boulders. The very prospect of an ice cream ball being as large as a boulder is preposterous, Matt. So funny. I just read this piece of vanity fair too about like the the antiquated news of the Michelin STAR rating in the Michelin Guide and just talking about, however, both the writers in that guide can be I'd, love to see like the in those really fancy. Restaurants like uh three. In rating and it's the Michelin guy three times. That's all. I can think of that yeah. I love the was that Adam Sandler Chris Farley Sketch where those like a husband and wife and the wife was just reading. Chris Farley was the wife Zagat Reviews, Yeah yeah makes it so the food this is him reading as a group and then Adam Sandler, turn to the going all day. This is
my life is slipping away. I don't remember that. Was like they're both of their last card again and gray, hair wig yeah, Red haired- Yes, I did leave excitedly owl owl. That sounds good. I do have to make a a Bay podcast correction. Now we don't do them. Never mind then, but I feel like it's an important one. So people don't get wrong information, but I guess on the MAX Landis podcast. If something came up where it was said simply by me that Herpes cannot be translated orally to genitally and vice versa, and, of course the internet was there to say that there are. There are types of hope and if the internet knows anything that can translate from mouse mouth the person vice versa or Mouth Dongen,
I was on what's trending on Tuesday speaking of the internet, and Bill Nye was on. He announced that he signed some sort of deal with Nerdist, so we did yes, so you can talk about that now. Bill Nye is going to be doing a show on the Nerdist Channel. There you go hey Neil Patrick Harris shows premiering soon it's fucking funny, I'm not the puppets. Nealon puppets. I fucking love him. Do you know it was so exciting? To get I mean, like the swedish chef Paul, we came to the shoot and when she Then the chef was we was between shots and he'd noticed her nearly all over your name and she said quote like it was she instantly just became like the clothes? glory and she's going not like a crier and she just like tiered up cause. It's such a insane experience, unlike certain bitch, Why not I'm just saying you, you probably see a proper that certain
that's fog, man, that's some folks! Do you like puppets pussy talking, Jonah, yeah, latex ones? What I've got it is that does, but I don't think there were five bids are now. You said that you guys don't know, said, stop being dumb hello, a puppet that takes the form of a porn stars. Assen wait. What does the rest of it have to be Now Dick! That's too much! You can't hide that need to tell your mama a danger of these to live at home? She lives in May. Has there he and is the of the value of their. You know: Blossom Hill blossom blossom. Yes, you you groan of good you're, gonna
smart girl? Let's have a seven way. You mean six. Eight is talking on. I wasn't kind of my balls, you mess shut up. I don't know you don't shut up, do not know math. Did you go to school? Yeah, yes, cool pussy wish. I were, though, you're, really great well attended school. I wish there was a school for that. I know know like mine as you go, but I know I know learning annex, but I know that there are. I know that there are there people who go around and give like blow job classes to groups of women yeah. She has a podcast in your network, I'll be in our kids.
Is mad that he didn't think of it. If you still have your sometimes you gotta, let Myra have this bike, that was the sell, sorry button. How are you make a point but they're going on start killing, if he's into two eyes an idiot. That's great, that's great We have. Why can't there this class? Okay, you, It was the day before G forgot, right. We even talked about yeah yeah, four got the the guillotine, yeah lots the heads rolled such a slow.
Getting this kind of it. Just like it just constantly. Just like Al Al Al Al Al is it goes through your name. Was it was yeah, it was. It was a guillotine. It was a guillotine with a dull blade that took years because every year there would be the question of like ok. This is even before I started for G four yeah. I remember right when G for kind of re branded as G four after they've been on for maybe a year or so, and I looked up green savers anymore. We're gonna call technician and so I remember telling an agent I had like. I really want to work at you. Forty was like yeah like it's not going to be there next year. That's not going! to be there, and that was like seven year six six years, and so it it like
year there was a light. Was it seemed like? Ok, ok, we're back good, we lost Directv, let them go, how can know what you were going to do it and it's you back as everyone really. Everyone really deserved to succeed their cause. There's such great people, and so I hope that the good the upside is that everyone will go on to do bigger. There are a lot of shit that are a lot like attack of the show that are going into production. Xbox got one hard wired. I make no bones about it. I what what I pitch to comedy central for my show was hey: let's do this for my correctly, what it well! No just! Well, let's just do this format where, let's just let's just do the format, but it's you know it's going to be. If it goes it'll be like, I want it to be live yeah. That sounds that's more expensive right because of the just the broadcasting tech-
yeah, I think it's a little more expensive and you also have to justify why you're doing a live show because my show is, if it gets picked up, will be a weekly show and not a daily show great. I look forward to working on it with you I'll be out of you need any seven producers cause Mass, wants you to get what I need to show to get picked up first and then. Yes, I need an elderly segment producer. That's me, the agreement, let me tell you about video games, kids play in as of right now you need anyone to coat to guest host the show when you have to go in for triple bypass surgery, okay, yeah, I know I might be
We pitched I was like a what, if you know I was, I was the saw tech in the show is an information show first and then a comedy show second, and so I said what, if it were a comedy show first, and this was the information that was dry, that was driving that yeah, so we we had a lot of times about that, but like that was the. That was the thing as much as I love Taylor, so that was a for me. The the thing I don't like about when I freelanced their was that I was trying to do Kommeni first and they said it had the, but it wasn't it ever made. It was basically a news show in protein meant it was. It was a new show, but I loved I absolutely. I would never trade the four years that I have there was a was fucking great and I, and it was such a fun show- and I got to I've television, which was great and it helps you know it was this tat the man who really fun hosting you should come in one of the days days into Gazprom. I know that you're coming in after I finish hosting. I know I am going to do some, but I feel like maybe a Monday or Wednesday
not busy. If I'm around, I will for sure really have to get to rehearsal. If I, if I am around, I I absolutely will but it, but we know your system but you're right. I I will, I will I I there are. There is a lot of that show being made and- and I just felt like if G four had a better platform, the show would have done better. It just had so many things going against it. It was in a tiered channel package, so you had to pay extra for it already the audience the G force for is not going to want to pay extra and then, on top of that, do you lose direct tv? Read my cable budget on downloadable content. Who was The that's a guy! It's a! I thought it was a lady. Both you know. Amanda. My name is Amanda. You know it's interesting. I think we're all sort of We got senioritis right right now they told us
a long time before we got two more sort of like and I'm there and like my A calling out do you sort of feel like. Why are we in doing this anymore. Why don't they like pull the plug? Now am I on every day now, all of a sudden? Now I have to fucking anyway, if you got Barrowman hosting this week, Johns Great Jones Funny Fanny was asking last week hosting this week hosting next week. He's great you sound jobs, I about what about John Merriment Transcript you the way said, though, This week has the last week next week. I think you added a little sauce to that last one. A little donkey, sauce, yeah, so sweet man runs with them. I'm just trying to keep it, I'm just trying to keep it real for all the generator, something well stop it. No, no no hashtag generates a legitimate started. Let's start it! No! No! No!
it. It's like the kid at the end of one floor was a cookers nest. It's getting dragged on, no, no right. No, no. What else has happened since the guy fall came out, so good. So good I haven't seen it long was wrong with you. It's not long enough should be a half hour longer, guy falls in what else. Every day this this the last in a crack on film, no, no, two more two sweet yeah, that's a weird way to start the movie, though I guess we shouldn't really talk about spoilers spoilers, it's in the trailer. The way they start the movie, isn't yeah hi get to get shot. Train very dim trailer. So you can talk about it about you, don't know when that is in the movie. I think you get the idea once you see the first twelve seconds Oil is the first four minutes here.
Releasing the first nine minutes of the New STAR Trek movie attached to the Shit movie called the hobbit you've seen it. I hate the fucking Lord of the ring. What we've been over this before you can't say say that movie, though, because they're really well made movies fine. I am excited, I'm excited when people make movies failings things, I'm excited for the. Very excited. I wasn't. I wasn't looking forward to when I saw that original teaser trailer will sing yeah and then the one I saw before was a before sky might might've been what else does come out that I've seen? But flight. Now you I do want see flight. I heard just admission admission alone. It pays for that plane, craft Oh no yeah same deal that train crash in Super eight, that's yeah made it actually thought that
the move, the kit, the movie, the kids, are making out during the credit sequence at the n, o sure that made for the price of admission. But yeah I saw the trailer for the hot and, if I can looks great, was great, I don't like an item to reading that stuff. Of course, of course, I'm not saying I don't know what I'm saying is that I just I just was so bored by it and I did the I did see all three of them and I thought the mall in a two day time frame can do that and enjoy them. That was probably my enjoyed. I'm looking forward to it the grand theft auto five trailers, crazy, oh world war. Z, trailer also came out was that it did lot of them is extraordinarily fast, not just like. Oh, they run like what is happening at the both kill all of these people there like ours there like they're like
they're all likes they're almost like she does zombies, hello because they they mimic as a they mimic water like the old like if there's couples the shots in jail where they all pour out of like a like an alley in the alley, pile up against the wall, illegal shouldn't like splash and start running down. I suddenly like going up the side of that back in the wall and there was like rhythm, like falling down and climb on top of each other. I don't I'm going to see it and I'll probably enjoy it, but I'm not gonna say that it's a World WAR Z, it's not a movie version of World war. I know a MAX books, didn't really he didn't meaning to do with the moon. No, I I saw him speak a couple years ago coming cons on us about the movie he's like in my head, the the there's the book and the realization of the book is the audio book which the US, in a lot of time, working on as he is a huge fan of audio books, and so they think they were two of the
There was cast basically like wasn't Alan Alda, the Audio Audiobook Alda Henry Rollins. We got from from yeah, he was an assumption. Watanabe was the actor blossom. Now? Was it blossom? No, it wasn't, but there's a bunch of great actor, in an audio over how many boss, so what I'm gonna blossoms arm, just how many of us in the we gonna how many what I give give it three hats, in rating on this, how many flowers on that? But there was a thing where he talked about how his his things that he wanted to work really hard in the audio book and he did so great audio book and he told a story why he was so obsessed with doing the audio book right and when he was a kid he was dyslexic Ann.
You know he had a hard time reading, so they were put in special classes and his mom said no. Like said not, he just can't read right. So what his mom did is find out all the books that he had assigned to him that year. I would love to get the and Bancroft reading these books Well, no! No! She did herself, she dropped it off at a Braille Institute and then they they did him. So he would come home and she would be like what do they assign you. An he'd be like this. These chapters she's like ok here, are the tapes for these chapters and that's how he is and he's just started, doing: fucking great in school 'cause, that's all it was it was just Dyslexia was messing up his like his ability.
Learn to retain information, and it's just so incredible when you realize that it's and Bancroft doing this like it out. That's his mom Am Bancroft. The selection is the check. It's like you, said correct in saying it was like misdiagnosed for so long for a lot of kids that they just you know happen it's pretty insane when you think about just in our lifetimes yeah and when you would, when you sort of limited aids in well. No, I mean not just not just not just new new disorders but disorders, not new viruses and disease, but disorders that we just didn't know before, like how many how many nerdy kids from our youth actually turned out to have Asperger's yeah. I, like kids, that ware because I had there were a couple. You know in the in the sort of tiny little nerd cluster, that was my friends. There were a couple of kids. We always like it yeah. That is, though you could die they're. Just you know. There's
nerdy super good? They don't really. That's the yeah. That's how you referred over there, yeah they're, really really head in the Clouds Party, nerd yeah like and and then, but now I feel like those actually, those kids actually had a mild form of had asked burgers yeah and we just were they just weren't there just wasn't and unknown. There are at least it wasn't diagnosed, yeah and and and that's the same thing like half the people, yeah. This is a shame at least a dozen right, but that's why the audio book he focus so much on the audio book and not the movie which I've I think he had very little did. I know he did have anything to do with they want him to like, like a like. You just say he's like I read the script, I don't know I then this was like a year or so ago, yep and he's like I just I don't know.
It's it's gonna, be a neat zombie. It's a big budget. Zombie movie. I can't run last time there was a zombie with this size of a Kastan scope. I just feel like I just don't know. I feel like the walking dead this such a great job of a obviously people think I'm biased, but I really do think walking dead. Does an amazing job of a great serialized. It looks great Now, you know declared, as that very rarely job to enlighten the Sopranos did a great job to them. You can still movies like good, fellows and die brass. You know that what I did not, I really feel like it. I feel like I feel like that. The zombie sub genera is more specific than than a crime genre because it relies very heavily on like this special effects are a character and if the zombies aren't portrayed well, then it just unravels the entire. Then you don't buy it and then you're not into it, and you don't give a fuck yeah, because you have to just be scared. You can't go
what looks like I'd like see that his hands aren't even covered. Like I got, you know I am I mean it was really a zombie. I guess there are like technically like we're technically like Newtons Eden, vampire things. But you know the g on that was weird and it just sort of took me out of the movie had been so when I see like you said like when you, when you see some cascading like water. You just go. I don't know yeah that stuff, but at the same time you know it's going to be. Hollywood movie, and so they need to do something to amp up the idea of zombies and like running zombies was like the last time it got and the- and I don't get like when the obvious have like it, looks like they have special powers, and I do believe that there can be running zombies. I do button called run. Exam is not for very long thick like the like real, because if you get, if you get bit, you die, you come back rigor, mortis hasn't had a chance to settle in. Is that correct, correct? How long does it take?
twelve hours while thou. So if you like you get been throat, you die, you come back. You still have all of your muscle mass to get to where you want to go and your. If you see something you want to eat, you're going to go to that fast, as you can. I know, but I think I still think that the fluid is not moving in your. Body anymore, because your heart is not pumping it and so you're not getting you're, not getting the oxygen that your musculature would would require to engage to move at that clip. So I don't I don't know, maybe, but what? If? What? If like for the first twelve hours for the first twelve listen when you worked in the funeral home, you must not be racist times on bees in the funeral home, but we just sort of dealt with it. We put in a casket yeah- probably just two minutes worry, but I'm sure sure I'm sure nothing will ever happen. Yeah, it is buried in the river. He moved headset
yeah. But you know the middle of the house. They're gonna, be fine. Der DE did ever say my impression of the the the guy talking to a city property owner. Now you move the bodies, but you kept the headstones. I can't build anything here. Yes, dissect, the dumb jerk. Now I was being gave a bit with our clear made, but he was being the guy- Oh, my god. It's the multi level that everyone's input ipod, just as a whole gases, character. Some them are in the bit and some of them are watching the bit from outside, but they're all part of we're well part of it, but I think I think there zombie fresh on and I run we're a marshal set in and the muscles will deteriorate because
not the cells are in a life of for over the to work. In your mind, all those bodies, although zombies at the fresh yeah like there after, but it seems like they are in the trailer that I saw there all right. It happens like that yeah it looks like it happens, instantly, which is neat this all the sudden. Billions of people, or just you, don't get the chance to think about whether or not you're gonna shoot your wife too bad yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Oh I I mean. I really think I should I really I in my head, when I first read what was I I was like aw. He would be amazing if play tone got a hold of this and then made it into a twelve part. Miniseries for HBO for right yeah. They did such like band of brothers, are from earth to the moon or for that has like the Pacific if they just treated it like that, It would have been fucking. I would love to just sit play toned down, be like just deuce a horror thing just enter, and in that way
you are realistic, horror thing like a war, the horror, epic war wherever war are, are many serious now I like they do with all the other. Yes, we also exactly, but I just I think, zombies on television are done. Offer anyway. I don't think anyone else can do zombies on television. It is now walking dead. You just can't. No one else is going to do that way they got the got. The terror which is the guy, for you know by the way, is turning into an in an insane director. Yeah is episodes, are terrific, maybe is not the same, maybe vespers not months, all right, good call back, but I just I just hope that all of our horror genres aren't being depleted too much
I mean, like I already if I see vampire anything like no shutter yeah. There's a zombie movie coming out, or it's like a guy zombie, and it's like all like the first part of the movie, is just him and his head, like you, could just hear him talking to his head, but then he sees a girl and then his heart starts to beat again and he starts to form that this. It says the movie I was building up. Is that right, the warming up, yeah yeah and then you free and then I feel and then I feel like it's kind of not fair for me to judge you know it's like the same reason that I was trying to explain to people. We came up with this good berms discouraged rooms video months ago before the meme had said to her, and you know, World WAR Z are there any this. This kind of movie is a movie that you would have started making years ago yeah, and so it's not really their fault, that
It's been a million other zombie thing since then yeah. It just takes that long to make a start, making that before walking to yeah they've been more, that's been, it was like air like production for so long. Now is it possible that Brad It is too big a star to be in movies anymore, because every time you still that trailer, the trailer for the for the new movie, where he plays the hit man. What I am saying that we known a man in the I mean I I say it's the mid eighties or late eighties or it'll. It looks amazing such for the for New Tom Tom Cruise, It really good. What's the girl, I just like it's a name, his like it's like the carriages name and yeah I am currently less dangerous like make fun of it out Tom Cruise and urgently that causes us such a psycho. But but then you early, but, unlike you, see habitable you like, Oh yeah, you're, incredible actor. I've heard he's a really. Cool guy. I heard he's really engaged, but
like I mean, but he's like a weird dude, but he's a great actor. I don't know. If he's you know, look I think you know. Maybe it's a little chicken and egg thing, but when you become such a huge celebrity now watch like born before the door? I watch. I wonder if people, in other words no war of the worlds like he's like really good and give this later in his career payment of having an early like it was good, yeah, outsiders, war, the world's man, has a great I like them will be. A lot will die scene where he has to win him and TIM Robbins in there underneath the house. That seems so. Man yeah, that was in tents, so good have to watch that again. Yeah. I can't go to that one, a podcast which one five o'clock on Monday.
Stuck here. Oh, my god, you have to you have to tell everyone. It's MEL Brooks. If funny, because this is we were talking about MAX, Brooks the for the last fifteen twenty minutes and his dad got to get out of a. I mean the car's gonna coughing wills. Actually Kerr runners up seven over comes in at the that's really funny. I know it because it is a I like that, show a lot it is. They want Brian Regan cool yeah breeding and he has a small it Jerry's like drive a small sports guides, as Brian Regan stuffed into the passenger seat. The Johansen episodes really good. The Michael Richards episode is in same insane yeah yeah. I haven't seen it at all. I mean I've seen I've seen it, but you can. Why do you want to manage boxer? There's a crack lap Can you crack a lap yeah, you know I am and now there's like you fucking
internet explorer on Xbox now table yeah. There is great, let's do need a television anymore like a cable box and salute, and I got the Xbox glass up. Yep, and so you can just type away in in just use it as amount. I review the Microsoft surface when I was using them. It's so that that that the service is really well integrated with the Xbox stuff. Thank If you have not bought a tablet before in your big xbox or I would say, can go by a service like the Ipad Xbox is becoming the future. I mean. I know it has been for a lot of people up to this point, but the more of that programming they can pull in, like it It's going to be it's a big! It's a formidable platform. Air amount has a has an app now. A Sony pictures has an app on there and you can just you can just pull up their movies. Just pays. You go well between that flip between the Netflix seven H b, o go app yeah, I a
and the or Hulu plus two will apply on and watch like full episodes of tv shows that a report on the EU to like old type in whatever the fuck season, three episode, I love whatever the fuck is. It was just like go where they gave whatever negatively the blossom. Then about his gale. Well, yeah! It's it's good shit man! You know what talks about. If, if you watch TV tv show Netflix now, the next episode just starts to play the thing we all dreaded happening, because no one will get anything yeah yeah, you last night. You know really falsely watching freaks and geeks, but I was a good as that such a good show them. Like a. I don't give up the Amazon what they do is they immediately make it small, with the credits still playing and then bring up the episode before the credits are even done, yeah, so there's no chance of you. I ran into your mom yesterday what the fuck, bro yeah name, nothing
pussy talking Jonah stay away from my mom. She found me. I hooked up with my mom young slumber. Party yeah. I ran into her in LOS Feliz. She was busy doing stuff over at your new house. Yes, the house, by the way, like the Jaguar House here too. I know more about car they'll be able to do. I will say this about the house: buying process right now, it's an amazing time to buy a house because interest rates are as low as they've ever been like three and a half percent, it's fucking nuts, but not with Obamacare. Like a puppet Johns, is more expensive than what it is that, even though, but you know into before the before the housing crisis haven't, you can basically firehouse if you had a driver's license and that's it and now I now went so far in the other direction that its economic,
planning please. I know this is a luxury problem and I'm I really now, but I'm just saying, if you're about to buy a house what you need to buy what you need to be mentally prepared for. Is you better have good records? You better have proof of income. I mean, like I had to prove income for the next few years. I had to give them like every job, everything and then, and then you get these crazy request where they need to they need to source all of the money that you give them so like the deposits put down for the house like a week later. They said we need a record of this money as like you need to record the money. I already gave you and they said. Yes, we have to source that so you have to you have to source all of your money. Eight, do you it's? It is not. It is not an easy process uses. I just I I have no. I mean we're talking about the money you're. Spending on a house, it's probably a little more difficult just I, but I think any like that would be the case for any this houses. Seventy, million dollar. Seventy three million- I dont-
We need to ensure a Jew, China or full bailing out you're, the guy that PATH Burbank. Now, because I it's it's there It is for anyone. Now. Anyone buying a house they're just they're super super in the diametrically opposed position from where you used to be able to buy a house, and so now it's just there their extra extra extra extra careful. That's why I'm rent is prepared just be prepared. If you're going to buy a house. That is a good time to buy a house, but it will be very it will be. It will be a process. I want to get a loan Miami there. My credits, is to give me a localised again, not complaining, very excited, very happy you have a house yeah me too. Man got some crash lose mine meltdown, went to the New York common and performed we did the show at the grammar theater. I know I tweet it out because the guy wasn't able
go to the show, so he left his ticket under a bunch bunch. It left under a bunch of benches, yet ass cool ass. If I was a fun show, I'm sure it was yeah. In the end and at the very at the at the end of it Hannibal Buress came up because he is I I want to go up and drunk tusk. Well, I got so we brought him up and started talking to someone in the crowd. Then like Eugene, Merman came up and Chelsea Pray came up, one yeah. It was a good time, that's fun! Yeah! It was a good time, that's really fun the best. I hope I hope this pilot goes well me too. I need that more than you do. I am so these hotels as fast as I can double I just I don't know like I don't I'm excited about it. I don't I don't know. I don't feel pretty
nervous or freaked out about it, but I still don't know how you just used to the process now wide work. Well, with some of your writers, some of them you and who's directing the pilot directing the pilot Bobcat, J Kim Alive Bobcat Golf lay directing the pilot. That's yeah he's got a guy. That knows how to direct live television he's great yeah. Fucking he's only got a guy the new how to write and be on live television program is that you that doesn't have a job and but you still have a job right now. I do and still for goodbye, but for like five more weeks to some but a twenty one can I just say fuck the holidays, and it's just, but not in a argument. It's because I was not ready. Forbes Christmas cups at Starbucks and Thanksgiving to be Fuckin next week already so heavy I've already for Christmas lights up. Have you really yeah Jesus Christ. I want to extend that season. As long as I can 'cause, it's the only happiness, I'm going to get a little buddy wow one
used to be a potter phone well said the rabbit is also about. Let's just keep going yeah no day then you're. Just basically is we're not an energy drink. I had to have one at three o'clock and it is working its magic right now I got I got an hour for three hundred and fifty four crash Boel. What John now? What do you think of something once it's going up? Probably Thursday, Friday Friday? Well, you want to promote something I think I got anything I don't either performing in Nashville and Chicago the first weeks of December shag? Oh, I got my episode of MASH up coming up. Oh good
yes on the episode is me and Tom Sagura, who is one of my favorite comics and it's it's it's Friday after I believe it's the Friday after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, then that Friday, I think so so November. Thirty th everybody. No, that would be me so much that would be my birthday November. Twenty th. Maybe here we go. Where are we bowling this year? I have to decide if I'm going to stay in town or not okay, I mean we could use one of the four bowling alleys in your new house. Well or we could go to the tennis arena. Arena. It was to be between that or a hell. A pad now is like you know. Well I mean: what's nice? Is you can have your servant taken and and land the helicopter? Now my servants Dolphin dolphin doesn't have prehensile finger. Oh, my sorry toy seventh November twice in my match. Up airs, that's actually not a Friday. A Thursday
Thursday is that it was all day Thursday, Tuesday thanksgivings the twenty second. He said twenty seven west seventh Mo Dr Abc. Yes, I think that's that's right, Tuesday June tenth. Thank I know that, because I'm hosting attack of the show the twenty six twenty seven, twenty, eight, twenty nine canceled- I go. It's weird I thought. Well, I rent are you upset the down on a Friday? No, I just thought that's on the show are have really been paid time, trying to find stuff on the schedule to leave this Friday open for something Chris Hardwick, then that'd be great yeah you're welcome. Thank you. So that show goes. Your show the park, no, not necessarily but like That would be your full time. Gig know you and you wouldn't be in the office every day. Working on that show. I don't. I don't know if you're familiar with Chris
but a long time ago he stopped drinking and started working. No, no, no I wonder if like because this is your show- and this is something that you help develop yes and like wouldn't be in your best interest to just be in the office, but I guess the reason the I the reason that I answered the question that don't think it's going to be like a forty five a week, a forty five weeks a year, so not getting forty five dollars a week like if I get a if it gets picked up. You know a probe, like ten episodes you know like within those, but within that a high angle, we did you, would you be in the production offices? Yes, or would you just kind of just kind of come in and well it we back and forth that we're probably I would probably writing and because my office now is it is it legendary, higher and so with it was so nice to be inside the office it is but but there, but I also like to write separately to and then kind of way yeah, I like bringing an idea I like to like hey: let's you know, hear some
isn't that now it's all bounce a bunch of ideas around and you know so imagine you probably doing daily meetings where nothing probably well, I'm guessing it would be leading up to the show like the three leading up to the show yeah you want to be in. You basically be sifting. You probably sifting through information. In a five day week, you probably sifting through information. The first two days: and in the three days leading up to the show like real hammering out, because a show like this, the way that to be the way that it works is that you, you just have to have a solid structure in place, and you know that, like this is this segment this is I mean this is the same kind of modular. That way, and then this be if it's a live, show the news of the week, all the sudden becomes the pie filling that you then fill the structuring with. So you you really
It's really just finding what those things are and filling your structure in that really has to happen to be relevant, that as a live show that has to happen like a few days prior, so that everything is current. Are you going to do packages that you'll be in not for the pilot yeah not for the pilot should do a sky on catch, then I'm in that was a great sketch saying yeah I was going to forget. I love that okay yeah good the jammer lamps, the gentleman's great a lot of fun I tried to do I try to get them. Let me put that on the news channel yeah. Then they put it on Youtube. Well, this they put it up. That was the important thing anyway,. I I just I wanted it, because I knew that I mean I don't know how long that J o t. Yes, he did the g for Youtube channels, gonna be Bop. I wonder why? Here's what here's what I wonder like when are they going to purge the system and
all of those attack when it's canned cat one is NBC. Gonna Gemma's finger down its throat the role of all g ramming like purges, like I wonder, if like it is just taking a case on her back and daisy and get old talks to pepper,
Those I don't know. I think no, you can't. Actually you mean in the system yeah here that they must have them somewhere. The guts. I've looked at seven days, the on e from a long time ago. Yeah I've look at old stuff too, but I feel like that that not everything I feel like this is the archive. Just gonna pay our actually they're gonna purge the system at some point and then again they would have to because there's no reason to keep all that stuff yeah. They would put it a somewhere on a you know on disks and they put in the underground vault, hopefully yep, not that we never need it, but sometimes they want to see what happened when Kevin a Livia put on fat suits. I got mad, that's what happens. That's right. We have coming on to talk about it of his take on the whole thing. I would love to hear all right so give a person. That's it at the end of that was already right. Yeah. I felt like no time flat, sixty seven for
five growth. We gave him too much yeah, not six thousand seven hundred and forty five anymore. You don't deserve this much. It's always six thousand seven hundred and forty five somewhere Chris I'd like you to go ahead and cut out at least two minutes of podcasts starting now now start before. Before now yeah. I want to give him sixty five all right. Enjoy burrito, unless it's a guy for her his restaurant cock unto her again up anything enjoy your Benito. Listen. If you need me to come to your house and review I'm available December. Twenty two ND just pay his day rate, which is nice. I'm sure you just saved a bunch of money, so you'll be okay. I gave a bunch to my parents. Oh that's so sweet it was sweet. When I had a job anyway, you have a job right now enjoy your burrito. I am enjoying it.
Thanks? Let's get no tortilla, though till Saturday enjoy your naked burrito Saturday, I'm going to eat so many fucking cake, boss, cakes, cake boss now sells cakes at Ralph's, I'm just so. I was just thinking about ending it like right there. It says cakes at Ralph's, I think they did they now leaving Nerdist dot com enjoy burrito
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