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Duncan Jones (director, Moon, Warcraft) chats with Chris about how the physical world of Warcraft came alive, what he learned by going to film school and the time he did a commercial for the UK Singled Out. They also talk about working on Moon, the recent passing of his father and the responsibilities of being a director. They also come up with ideas for horror films made with babies! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Logan Leonards punk number eight await, the Hawaii episode could cause? I was gonna rummaging you and why both quality eight awaits Natalie if not literally alive, in a way which their theory a code, I like it. I, like the eight away and the fora for sitting. I found number Palladour Duncan Joneses unopposed yesterday, he's gonna be promoting Warcraft, which some theatres June tenth and also you can watch the Warcraft three sixty video we made a three six video over the nervous headquarters, which would be up soon unnoticed outcome, but God dammit, I like that Duncan Joan he's a real cool guy he's fucking, coolies really funny, and he was very open and very in Sweden and head on If you are going to make him hang out with me more restart friend stocking him. I like it a little bit, keep bringing a treaty camera around this decision,
we'll just walk round in circles around the camera. Don't you like virtually friends that both of you and then it just becomes this weird a Cronan burgee, an onion, any legitimately, works on stuff that he likes again that he's the real deal? I did not know to expect that I was genuinely impressed by the man, so please go see Warcraft, which is June and we have a nurse community court bored. I believe I do Cow Clark. Would you like to help us to your vibe man? Yeah I've got one. It scares the care we can Chris you and I are both whore. Movie fans. I believe we are this. This is a a retired cap is obsessed with horror movie set up a whole whore convention. Were all the proceeds go to help sick children mandates no. No, yes, I am a big fan of helping sick children and doing it with terrifying monsters. Williamsburg Virginia shy. Twenty four to twenty six gotta scares the care weakened, dot com. And every year, one of their main stays who shows up every year cause he oscillates helping sick children. None other than my friend of yours sit head
said. He sent a busybody ass. He spoke my drama class, a bunch times back in high school. You called me. I love this man. I got blood all over good clouds. Captains balding for president comes running for greater regos to go to school. Here we have Williamsburg other eleven ways. Virginia regional, like fucking, know, though the engine aware is the other Williamsburg worthy Original Williamsburg, the founding Ass Williams, but that's right, kick him or hipster the manner. Now we were Williamsburg before Fuckin Williamsburg, mother fucker. God gave a lamp like some of the other issues. We have on the network. The bachelor at is back a bachelor bachelor bachelor pike, as we have hosted by art of marine and errand fully called WWW accept. This rose is back on it so funny it's like one of my favorite part has to work on. I love it. We ve had pageant Brewster on. We had fortune themes there. It's it's a good time so make sure to. That out also chew, and it has had some really great guess lately and then at the end
he and lorries Kyle is producing and we have so many wars that went unnoticed, dot, com and click on podcast group, and then I will be on the east coast of a bunch of smaller towns since doing the brand new identity to her nice, which her jokes that were not enough. Uncomfortable special, very VON, am at the laughing so company festival in two weeks, because in the Atlantic last John out and you near the vortex and you'll see a comedy club nearby around the corner walk in the busy Growl Clark. Here's knows Pike S number, eight, oh eight when Mr Duncan Jones entering Minister COM,
I guess it doesn't. Like I've, been very sixty Duncan Jones area. Three. Sixty environments is the first one is the first three sixty zero first, three sixty that we ve done don't like realising that euro circles before we walked around people can actually found. But then I feel like what's going to happen, is for the most part watching this and three sixty. You know if people start looking at your shoes. Then you really learn that we're not doing they already are looking at
all over the place. But what are you? How did this incorporate with with Warcraft in what? What? What elements of this did you guys, Poland? Why me not Warcraft is is obviously massive and there is a huge universe and world that we are trying to create than we built an awful lot of sat. So we actually have a lot of environments. I think that are going to use. You can be able to look at and experience in this three sixty in this sphere, we built something called Elwin Forest, which has an environment that a lot of people who play the game will be familiar with and just to get the scale of that and to create something that actually fell. Like the game. We decided to to build it rather than try to try and find a real forest that would that would match,
yeah. So hopefully you can see some of that and the just the scale of it is mass it. What do you do with a forest once you build it? He picnics analytical work as it now in all its having. So much of that stuff is crazy. They didn't you, you spend so much time building these into an incredible places and then everything just gets scrapped at the end of shooting up whenever they keep her for a little while, just in case you need to go back into shirts, but then it's gone and it ended. It drives you crazy, because you know I've. I've been fortunate that I've done a few films where we ve done some pretty incredible, builds and all of them are gone now. There's like none of these things exist anymore. No, these places exist, which I think is kind of cool. When you get some slight harry, when they they gotta universal and they build like a section of its. You can go visit it guy. I visited a lot of hard work sharing as one ingress yeah. I would echo the eyelash I left with way more
on the other side of that. But isn't that was what you were excited I was excited, I think, no one, as well as an elder one hour. I look like they needed a balance each other and I needed the holder that they could both sitting. But it also enables feels, like you spend so much time, creating this environment. The your job as a director is basically just a scrap book. It like you need to. You need to save, if it is, you can tragic very fortunate. My my wife comes with me wherever I workin she's a photographer, so she takes all these great pictures of what
hang on. Otherwise there really would be nothing other than the film. Of course, I seem to remember the experience because you know half the fun is is making it and being in these places that you should have have worked with people to come up with. You know, that's that's just an amazing experience to be honoured on a set of a place that you just had is as a written description on in a script. What do you think was the most incredible achievement in terms of what you are able to build when you, when you do when you saw it you're like holy shit, I never thought we'd be able to construct that the throne, was pretty impressive. It just its such an iconic environment in the game and then to actually be able to work, would govern bouquet in the guys who who, who designed it to set, are transferred into a real world environment rather than the more stylized environment from the game and then have this fantastic throne,
I'm not that whole room built in three sixty, so you go in there and you really do feel like you're you're in the game. At that point, I really feel if, if I were able to take something, I don't even think the thing that I would want isn't even the biggest thing I just want medea layer like if I could just as bad as my house. I would be very happy that I mean that's that's one of those ones where we, We we over built. We all respect on that one. We built this incredible environment. I think in the film you probably get like thirty percent of it, rather than actually how much of that place we built, but that was that was. That was a phenomenal environment too, and I was that was going, I mean Exe as you know, just shoot extra like India is run around and shoot someone go. I notice is gonna, be the moment, but I just after this it's gotta be while the use of her something that's it wasn't such a security issue. I wish to like all the crew just had cameras and they could all just like getting extra footage of all of the stuff we were doing, because there was never
time to sort of capture all the behind the scenes, things that were going on, which would just, as you know, the fund from for people like me who love filmmaking and what goes on to do it to be able to see all that stuff? You know. That's, that's! That's a lot of fun. We need to do is get legendary to build a basically a Warcraft land Warcraft when a theme park like a light years away, world of Warcraft. If you will, whereas you as you, go in through the front gates, they basically challenge you to a dual: that's right, you that's! What do you do? You know you pick aside, there's like to Refugees Box like two parts there one portal to go through here, go though port of you in front of your life you this way. If you go hard, you go this way. I think this film would have to do over a million dollars before that to happen,
I note in passing that nobody daganu I mean It'S- does the did the scale of this movie terrify you at all when you, because I know you're, I know you ve been a gamer, your entire life. I know you're the real deal guy, I know the for you know I. We discuss the forms that used to hang out in the subway, so you obviously understood the gravity Super Son S, sympathy. We say, but you you understood the gravity of yanking to this undertaking, and so how did you approach that. Ah, I surrounded myself with the best of of nerves and geeks that I could find no. I mean I had amazing people around me and a lot of them were very, very,
familiar with with what Warcraft is and what it means to people whether it's a bill, western offer whose might ve Effects supervisor was a long time player of Warcraft Rob Kosinski, who I'm sure you you ve met his ear. He has his stories that he tells you about how it say this life, because it really it it. It really was something that he was so into, and then he played for such a long time and at that point and is in his life, where he needed to reintegrate into life in our means between them in and can Jeff White at island. This disease players of the game that we all long term players of the game that we wanted. We all to it was that we wanted the film to be even before the sort of studio did the other. We would just kind of pushing away saying this is it this is what is. This is what it needs to be an did it when you start it was there a moment when you started working on the film or you started to feel like. I think it's kind
falling into place like maybe maybe before that day, you know, I don't know, I don't know, and then you show up and you go every stage every stage I mean. I think we worked with this incredible guy Cook Guy called way Wang and he has a fantastic name, also has a fantastic history. He was a fan of Warcraft based in China. Didn't speak any English started, sending in fan artwork, full of of characters and elements of the game. They were so blown about away by his work. They actually brought him across the. U S to work for blizzard allow, so he became our lead creature designer and did all of the artwork that became to retain and black hand or grim and all of us and drop on all of our main characters and just sort of having that again. It's it's all about it, coming from fans through through through this amazing opportunity to make a big film like this year. I mean I I it is the ultimate fanfare optimism, but you know I saw it.
I saw a year ago. I think I've heard of it a year ago and they didn't feel like and obviously listen. You know, legendary owns us and you work for them. So I'm sure people, go to wait a SEC. I know it is undeniable that that that's it that's implements maintained a people. Can that's good? That's that's the crest, but did you get the tattoo yeah, of course, the Ipad that is required is required, but its that's, how they scan me when I come into, but but I really honestly did I- I was able to enjoy the film from two different perspectives of veto understandings up about the game in seeing the Easter eggs that are in there that if your fan you understand, but it didn't feel so exclusive. If I Didn'T- and if I didn't know what Warcraft was, I mean it's just a really great fantasy tail between these two says that are both fighting for what they believe in, and I know that's a pretty basic story. You know absolutely- and you know I I I went in there with two hats on I went in There- is a fan and wanted to get it right for the fence.
But I also went in there is, is hopefully a filmmaker that that sort of knows what I want to do is start telling stories and- and I think it was absolutely essential to me that it had to work in its own right as a film yeah, so at the dawn on a very kind of a practical level. I wanted this to be a film that, with the move, beyond just fans of the game, to really too to a broader audience, and- and and you know that was my priority- that was my agenda. It's gotta be weird. You been sitting with it for so long and we're just on we're just on the precipice of everyone's gonna, see it yeah. You know it's just gonna be out there in the world and it's not gonna. It's not really yours any more. At that point that, like once you release into the fans, you know is a fan of stuff. It's like a kind of becomes there's its that's true and and and it's interesting because it I think every stage of I would imagine any franchise or any kind of pre existing universe where you're kind of building a film from it
whether its star wars or comic books or video games. Every additional iteration of the story becomes the new law now and you kind of you are now establishing what is gonna be cannon for future things which get made and right now, I'm not cannon right now. Right now, I'm anti. Can you don't out now I'm the thing that that people who are friends of it are maybe a little bit bishop of, but hopefully they'll see the film and they'll feel yeah. This was this was made with love and respect for what it is that we are our fans of Anne and they'll bring that into their hearts? I just hope people are. I hope people open we're going open mind because I feel it it's like. I netflix us and ass. They they're gonna, do debt note yeah, and so I tweeted like hey. This is really awesome. Netflix is going to take a crack at debt note and a lot of people breaks.
There are a couple of like well. This is going to do anything about it. You don't even have to simply saying death notices, death, so look at historically, like Netflix is then a pretty good job. If you look at the evidence of what they ve done, it's like, but there are some people that no matter what come in because also contradictory when it has it, because you know, is as fans and and would because things get very personally, things become very personal to us and we want to get hurt.
Yeah. So I'm just think that, like this did that, like the defensive pastors- and this has to suck it's gotta suck as I can control that you know you can't you did they didn't get under my skin? You know, I didn't feel anything so so. I'm kind of protected from from from opening up to two it I'm always excited as a fan. When someone takes a crack, it's only because you know it could sucker could be great, but even if it sucks, it doesn't even say dear that something's ruined, because you didn't like a version of it, they will that's Europe, you, you can still love the thing that you love your have to like the new thing, if you dont that prerogative in nets you're right, but it doesn't, but I think it's I think it's ridiculous to say: like wants all ruined now. Happily, people have such a let's, not everything off the table. The kind of thing I just want people to be more open minded about their phantoms and not so
closed it at its heart, and I agree with you, but I mean, as is there anything that you would feel so precious about that you would just like. I know, don't do that. Don't touch that! That's too important to me! Yeah someone was like we're. Gonna make an american version, a doctor who I'd be like you can't do that. You can't do that. Everybody favours, and I know I have they didn't. You didn't like the idea of that with Bruce Campbell, well, I think that would be like a fun. I think you would have move doktor to. Is she You would have to justify. It is like a Christmas special or like a comic relief, special or is like. Maybe even if they said like there was a tear in the universe, and this thing split off like as long as it had some
Heather. Did you read cunning the? I know I'm trying lovers camel, although I think we also have to have all of your favorite desserts in one bowl. I think Bruce would make a better master, though I honestly think broom make a pretty great master there than than than a doctor, but that's my you know so I do I do. I do give the big dead speech about command. You kids it, but I also know that you're right I do, I do have things were going. I don't know if I would I'm sure he's got other things that you'd rather do, but I'd love to see it resolved as doktor interests elbow would be. You could do anything to be honest, spectacular. I think you would have been an amazing bond. I really like you would have been such a spectacular bond, but that eyes do you know him? no. I met him once very briefly at one of EDGAR Rights things but he's very told his end. He very short thou, so stocky we're we're we're medium and delivered eating mocha. You know what there's a name for us: we're medium whites. Yes
so actually worth beard with medium weight to fear the obedient, meaning like as three years little more years is more involved. It is now I am hoping for the day when I consider the Viking brow did it, but that's what you're not area eyes you didn't like only grow it out, One would only to read on thing. My wife was ready for that. Now that we have a baby on the way, I'm sure it will be useful for the baby can like put things in it. You could blame and keep it there and go back to it later. It's pretty for its really. Have you on considering we just had SAM Rockwell on all we did. Sam was SAM's episode. Just went up! you kidding. We know now and an eye watch the whole time of this decision? Is that you Do I want to watch with your ears. You would watch I'm diss Digg myself in deeper him. You know you just did probably smell of vision. Rights is television. The area Gretchen Sky didn't surrounded sniff broadcast scratches it because if you are you sure, it's probably just in you,
Few of all that it is now in its after all my home repair waters, the new story broke because he casually we're time. A Galaxy questionnaire has rightly mentioned. They were supposed to be in the middle of shooting out request to write, but then our written passed away down to mail and was unavailable Jaso it just all it all sort of fellow art and so now there's this kind of many outcry like do those that you haven't you crazy. We're going to fall to the passenger residue will hopefully I'll get a chance to work a little bit with SAM on I'm doing, hopefully, I'm doing mute next, which is decipher thing up in trying to make for over fourteen years they had, I not when you were, but a babe in arms. No, I was still I was very much a croupier so but SAM's
Doolittle Cameo in that so they'll be fun. So for so fourteen years since this is this, is why film it's my Don Quixote, a factor that no right now, but it fourteen years to sit with an idea. This is what is fascinating about filmmakers, the patients that you will. You will harbour something for that longer and not at some point. Go out. Just fuckin like how do you, how do you keep the passion going for something it has changed in fourteen? Well, what you do is you is buried deep inside and enable just push it down and you push it down some more and you just keep pushing down on this at this angry little boy, full of of rage that you have about not making this thing. Until now I mean you have to be patient. I love yeah that it's kind of it. Do you find you know. The good thing is: is that it's much better now than it was back when I had just gotten out of foam school, and I haven't made me movies yet and I wanted to make it with SAM Rockwell right. It was just kind of it was a very different
project back then, and after fourteen years and a lot more experience is obviously evolved, quite considerably yeah. It's a better film, much better from now than it would have been back then. What's the basic idea of it? Can you say it's about? humans and orchids and nice warm value wrong. What's our craft, though its it it's a science fiction for its basically cipher Casablanca, oh wow, bigger in Berlin. So it's it takes place in the future in Berlin, which is weirdly because it was actually written a while ago, but
but is it is becoming very much a cross? I sort of a melting pot of of cultures is EAST meets Western Europe and it actually it's his an awful lot about people trying to get into Berlin and get out of Berlin and a guy who's, whose significant other goes missing at the start of the feminist finer waving. It's good that you know for any young filmmakers to hear that it's not always a bad thing. If someone disowning takes a while the makers maiden, maybe whenever technology wasn't ready for this movie yet now it can be that much better of it. You know, fourteen years, even in just a short amount of time that did that what you see in film in the past fourteen years has so dramatically shifted yeah. Absolutely. How did you you what you can pull this out and if you want to sit back out, you don't have to then I'll do the minute. Maybe I will say that it is only a moment you to be his company. You gotta, pull the MIKE out until that you can say, robbery intimate and then it yet
drove them. I got up and walked out and we know saw again. That's why I think it so interesting to see you know it it. I feel like it used to be that filmmakers, maybe were expected to make the same. End of movie or the same scale of movie over and over again, but the moon is a very intimate movie and Warcraft is very large movie yeah. So do you do you, he'll that you like to be challenged in terms of scale and type of story like That's right, I mean there's a bee, there's no instruction manual as to how to be a director, and there are people who come out of all different walks of life who are interested in being directors or find a way to become a director. I took a very long route. I went
a low budget, music videos and commercials and things back in the UK and and worked my way through that to the point where I got the chance to make moon, which was my own project, but it was very small and an intimate like you said, and was very personal and and know that, however, approach that and the challenge of that, obviously we wanted to give audience something engaging even though we didn't have a lot of money, so we got Samara quota play multiple roles, so that was the technical challenge. Anyone to pay once there right, I only have claimed
the pain by adoration videos like wait. A minute all agree to secure uses, variable exotic side of Rockwell's here to pay sixty ironic well know we bought. We bought the sands in bulk. Let's keep it highlighted the Glasgow you guys go, get your SAM Rockwell and then, and in source code was obviously again I'll. I liked the challenge. I like the puzzle, solving aspect of gay. How do we tell this this nugget of a story in multiple times? You know in a round home day kind of way, but make sure the each time it feels new in that it actually adds to the to the storytelling. So that was that was I enjoyed. The challenge of that an warcraft, obviously is is challenging because it's the biggest thing there is to make as a movie, but you still have to figure out how to make it intimate and intimate, get the audience to care about the characters and get get gets. Characters like to return the audience are: absolutely gonna fall.
With what is that? What was the weirdest british commercial you made when you were the very very first thing I did, which was my first job. I think I got paid couple hundred pounds, for it was that's like ten thousand american dollar? That's! No! They pay me in bales of straw, ok? I was the answer. I guess it was that it was an MTV Dating show. Dear dear that's! How come I honestly and and and and I did the I did- I did the commercial for that for single lousy UK for singled out in the UK back to the Uk Virginia because I did the american version. Really. You did no they didn't know about that. That's what you know honestly within the EU? I would I hosted the United States very uneasy and it was very big and little they made and in Germany, made their own version in the. U K made its own version, but that was yet. I was much destiny that some of us finally come together. I'm so glad that single that was good for something's across the other.
Above all it on singled out and if we manage to get past it's about its money, if you ask just about anyone, singled out is somehow involved in their in their careers. Anyone who works the film you know I'd, never. Actually I've never actually seen the british version, and I went to the idea. Of course I went to the UK bad hair. I arrived. I had that nineties. Be here, but I but I would simply like to apologize. Anyone british, I dont, actually think we have bad teeth. We don't have bad teeth are actually very nice. Thank you. I wanna know them myself. I guess there. There stood straight in certain individual, eventually jealous of unity. If introduced or do you in the UK, I think in the early nineties or something around thereabouts- and I got the production house number for the prince who ever is producing single uk- and I left a message, unlike I do the american version of this show can come see than they never called me back. They never call they weren't. They were probably just though
some creepy american dude. Looking for a date, I really want to be on your side. I gotta show Europe America so funny. What was the commercial that you should know? It was kind of cool, actually had a nice little technical got going on where, where we were kind of in a bar- and there was a couple at one table- there is basically a series of tables one after the other and the camera was a single camera move. So you'd move from one table to the next and each time I'm there'd be a different couple and then you'd start realising that they were the same people in different combinations and it was all in camera, so that was basically just actors running behind the camera. Sitting down at the next day money. That's so strange that so weird! it's very rare that my mind can get blown in that kind of way. But I have some strange. I just thought you brought it up cause. You knew
You don't wanna, be that's that's what we do to nice guy together may surprise. You nice to have worked on singled out with your eyes to work done at its heart to throw the airlines. Where did you go to film school place? Called London films go in in London, just off Covent garden? It's it's a great place. It is the building. The building is ancient, they dont have an elevator. So basically, if you want, you notes the studios alike. On the third and fourth floor, if you wanted to build a set up, their you'd have to carry everything up the stairs, but it was it was it was. It was tough back then home school it in today's age of online tutorials and not everyone can just pick up a camera and makes up and put it online. Do it do believe from schools
necessary still necessary part of the process. I dont Know- and I know that different film schools approach things in different ways. What I did love about my film school was that it made you do all the jobs. You would never have chosen to do yourself, and I think that's great about that. Is the best experience you can have, I think Tipp to make movies is to just work on things being shot and if you never think that you're gonna be interested in, I don't send, which our views about example, because as one of the more of the book of the glamour jobs up there with the rector, but if there is a particular job that you never thought you would be interested in at films go at least my thumbs go they'd make you do it. I have work on lots of other people's short films and get experience in every department doing every job, and that to me was the most worthwhile part of it so sort of that the guided structure of it is worth it for someone whose concern
I think so, because I think you know if, if you are fortunate enough that you, you gotta you gotta couple, a hundred bucks saved in you, gotta Iphone and you get got some bodies who think they can act and you shooting stuff on your own you're going to do it as the director I mean if, if, if that's, if that's what you want to do, you're gonna set of strive to be the position that you think you want to end up in an area like I said, I think what great about my film school was that it absolutely made you understand what everyone else's job is. And do it. You may not do a great, but at least you'd know what it is that they are trying to do and what their responsibilities I mean. I think, as a director as the guy who sort of piloting that ship yeah, you probably should know whatever one's job absolutely even know how to direct, not just actors but different people on the crew, for what you're trying to achieve. But you know there's absolutely other ways you can do it then than go to phone school. You can just be
really keeping your eyes open when you working on stuff of your own in youth and learn how to do it yourself- and you know that's that's this- there's nothing wrong with that. I'm in I dont know fully. May I can't I don't know if SAM Raymie ever went to film school, but I've heard stories about him back in the day, making his own equipment, and so he entering shooting things with his buddies. That's a fantastic way to learn what you need to know. Did to direct, yet when they were making evil there, they were basically just like in that shack, just camping out guarding all vehicles matters are losing out really kind of making, it must have been. Thou must have so much fun. I bet he had more fun, making those films then than he does making films, I mean, probably so, just in the sense that you know there are certain the lack of resources I think, does force a lot of it every year and that process is very rewarding, even if I think, if you don't realize it in the moment. In retrospect, the gradual holy shit nihilism,
Is it so hard amid such hard work, making a movie at any level. Honestly, I think I I think anyone who is she making a movie good or bad. Has there there's that I think, there's a there's, a there's, a sibling. Of all of us who made a movie in that you ve achieved something which a lot of people have an experience before in their certain challenges and experiences that you go through, that no one else will have of had yet, and I think that's you feel like that's made you more, pathetic. When you see something and you go, why wasn't really is great, but you know they. Probably You know. Maybe there was this hardship or that happens absolutely no middle, like Neil me or like Gareth, Edwards or or Ryan's if we're like looking at each other across the with a thousand yards stare across a priority,
that little knowledge to each other. I we know we know what we ve been through. The road won T the capacity and looks, looks real good looks very juicy. We are, we are in we're in STAR wars, renaissance. You guys this is this is where, in its look it's fantastic, I'm I'm a fan of those films. I hope they do well. I enjoy them. I just hope that an equal amount of enthusiasm and support wore out there for things that were not based on pre existing franchise. Of course, have you seen midnight special? that's a great film, I dont think it just no one saw no one went to see it as such a great foam and this so many great independent films that are worth looking out for. I wish there was a little bit more of a support for those films, because the other ones don't need it. You know it's part of it. I think a lot of it just has to do with the glut of content. That's out Now I mean it used to be in the old days. You basically got whatever was put in front of you, and that was it.
Now, there's so much. Clanton itself is more than that. Dog is not just that. There's a lot of content. We live in a I'm like really talk him against myself here, but we live in an era of the franchise industrial, complex, there's just there are so many universes that with giant films that you're supposed to go and see right and their great most of them are good, but I just I just really think that when, as we cannot, go ten fifteen twenty years down the line, and we look back at the films that we loved when we were in this period, we're gonna a b Miss miss some new blood, it's new, some new ideas and some new characters. We're not going get a new Indiana Jones. Now, if we're gonna,
see all the Marvel films, older Deasey no lies. I thought that I totally agree- and I think my point with it there's so much. Everything now is that people's attentions are stretched so thin that a recognizable thing just is it. It rises above everything else, and I think people are stressed with how much content there is What are they supposed? A lot of defending the status quo is not defending it. I've got it because, because I think some very interesting things have happened in the last year or two, which is guardians of the galaxy and dead pool. You know being things that people widely didn't know really kind of defied the standard I learned tries. I like your model. That makes two yes, but I didn't but I mean no one, but they defied what people new in terms of ip and still manage what about very wide marriage, Superman men and what about star wars more about that there are.
Ranch eyes. We know these things. It's great, you know, there's lots of stuff. There you're my third more attention for the midnight specials I want. I just want some new stuff I wanted I want to this. I want lots of things I want to be able to talk to someone is. I have you seen this movie, you probably know nothing about it and it's fantastic. You go see it and they should, and then they will go see that movie instead of you should go see this movie ice already out of the others. You have to wait and watch it on Netflix right right. So what would be your perfect? What would be a perfect world? What is your perfect world for the cinema guard? It? You know, I don't even know how you get there, but I think I think more arms want more part, of studios. They see it as a responsibility to try and bring new things to the audience that they may not know that they want. But you know this is this is it this is a business, so they're gonna go for the things that
the most sense financially where they know that there is an audience its pre existing. You know. Maybe make there- I don't know, they'll make the call a movie or things that you recognise the shell Shell, oil. I know shell oil I'll go see the shell oil movie. I don't know anymore, go see the shell out, even if they knew it. I think I think some of that I have a mustang, I'm gonna go see the Mustang movie I'll. Tell you what, though, as I do I do agree that we are in this French has just for complex, but I do believe that that there is responsibility that lands on us as consumers too. You know, rather than make the easy choices like. Maybe once a week sit down with your family, your kids or whatever, go we're just gonna we're just gonna. Do a random I'm working to watch a movie that we wouldn't normally watch in some John or that we would normally watch just to see asked me asked me if I would make Warcraft too. Would you make workers to your problem?
but in between there be a betrayal of area, TAT, Bartleby Absolute about an oil ever heard. All about it I was struggling. Is that like? What do you think of you know what? What do you think in this age of of art being so tied to commerce and like what is what is art to you? Could you think there's any way that it can have any kind of commercial value? Would you feel like it can't? I think you gotta be savvy, and I think Chris Nolan a very good example of someone who has managed to use the leverage of their success in that franchise world to start creating contadino things of their own, that that audiences don't know anything about and are still turn up. That is amazing and that that is that as a career goal worth having, I love the Kohen brothers and the fact that they'll do that olive parenting
in the fact that he will do that, people who make their own stuff- and hopefully, if I ever get to the point where people like my movies enough that they'll go see them because I made them and not because they knew not because it's the shell oil or the Coca COLA movie right. I would to get to that place. Hopefully wonder well, and then I'm gonna give you some stuff that you really one expecting, you already know what these things aren't. You feel like a few them out a few of them. It's gotta be frustrating that, because in so many other forms of media using musician you can write twenty songs yeah, but if you're a filmmaker, you really can focus on one movie over the span of a few years I'm sure you have these other things that are nibbling at you and you have to figure out how to push them aside and stay focus. I mean I I you got that those are some of the things I did get to talk about with my dad, just as far as the death. His between working, the music industry and working in the film industry.
Beverly when you want to make something which is a bit more shown or in a bit more unusual in that you can make a demo of a music track on your own Weena on your on your macbook yeah, it's more difficult to do that with a widow with a film I mean you know, there are things you can do obviously, but there isn't the same satisfaction of being able to deliver to an audience something the way you saw it in your head unless you have a lot of money and intend to make it in full. Whereas with music, you can deliver something that the audience can appreciate and understand, all that was the intention that writing artist was trying to make in film is more difficult to do that. Unless you know you have to be invested, all you have to make something. That's gonna make money, because it's it's an expensive business yeah how
doing by the way, since let me know someone who losses that a couple years ago, how low volume and whether I can afford a little feller to live somewhere. You know I'm oak, how are you doing do need no, not financially imo. We have you know my wife and I wonder how it is. You want two hundred hours. Could I put it in a film You know how much I have good. I'm good is in a way we. I was very fortunate. We got a chance to say goodbye, so I'm good, go, and I mean you know how much I'm good I'm good is in no way we. I was very fortunate. We got a chance to say Goodbye Sancho. Because, obviously you know, I I notice that you went darken social media for for a little bit. Would you act was very, very wise, very wise thing to do, and I think, just to the rest of the world. You know it was it was in mind. I think that many people knew what was going on so it was. I haven't really seen the attitude that the shock of something like that
yeah me look, I brought I brought it up today. I'm I'm it's it's a weird one for me. I don't really know how to talk about it or what to say about it other than the fact that you, like, I said we got. We got a chance to say our goodbyes and numb, and Anne and weird things make me miss him but it still early days. I'm sure I always well, but it's it's tricky you now I hear he was. He was a big gravitational pull in my life? As far as who who I saw myself as well? How I, how I for eight it myself from the world and how it how I saw myself at them. If I could just give you a piece of Dat dashed by us and yes arena as this was given to me when my dad passed away, it was, it was fresh for awhile and it felt very raw for a while. You know particularly the first six months to a year, but then after after that, this kind of thing happens where the things that feel painful to think about things that people feel painful to remember,
your kind of strangely comforting- and I still like even literally even just last night- I had a dream where he was just back and we were hanging out and like it, never It never leaves, and you really the things that I never appreciated when I was when I was growing up, my oh, my god. That's like my dad now colleague. That's really awesome that, like I see, I see him so we'd still there could we get some couch here yeah you until I doubt listen. We don't even know if not it's it's bittersweet, because right now my wife is. Mary, pregnant and she's do in June, so actually sometimes at war crimes coming to a cinema near you are so the baby and the movie will be out at the same time, hopefully on the up on the red color you gonna have an alliance theme, birth or a theme. That is a question. I don't know you don't put aside. I I've been told not to decide, but this is the issue. You're, just merely you're, just think what I know
marketing will tell us which is more popular in the movie comes out, and then that will be the same, for the lot definitely asks you to that demographic. If it is out of a stray. It is kind of strange. The way of life works that ways you experience a loss, but then you also have like the greatest gift that you're about to get we as Europe, which is your child. Yes, oh, what did you you know you know tusks, no title task that would be added. We don't know about what did you take away from your relationship with your debit? You feel like you're, bringing into this new relation. With Europe on, I think you know, I think I think the death, the fun bit is just being brave and an eye, and I think it's more about taking taking the choices that you don't think of yours to take united,
give you if you want to try something you want to do something. If you want to do something in a way that hasn't been done before that's, ok in and just to just go for Gary, almost no Pakistan I'll, while, where good friends with your daddy, he started talking about it actually got. He cried, then just said it, you know, he's a release To my dad, I'm in ITALY it doesnt we might not seem that way, but personality wise accent wise there very, very similar guy, oh really yeah. I didn't actually to be honest and all these years watching their home, and I never knew what his actual action that we are starting to like hell, that's it, but he just said even in even in you know even sort of in the in the last days. They would Skype, and you know he said your daddy's wooden complaint, but will not tell me about you. How are you- and it just seemed like such it? Knowing that the experience that I've had with you over the past couple of years, we ve hung out a futile times and I've always thought TAT Duncan is like such a nice warm sweet care.
The guy I am and that there must be a testament to the risk assessment to your parents like that, like nice people come from, you know typically come from nice people. I think I think that's me am I dead. My dad was a very good guy. Well, I M very excited that your wife is what like a week or two months away, two months. What what is it now May April April last year? We do know what it? Yes, it is the correct Joyce, not there, we got to choose, but you already all set liked. You have names, you have everything, is everything we got. We got names, you got name all we got way at all than fifteen names love. Pickles. Warcraft Coca COLA, oils work. We got so many gifts,
it was all the Coca cola we can drag. This is a pebble people's babies are gonna, be like boxers now er, it just says. Like Caesar's palace any, I remember you know, raft kings, undesired or whenever this baby was, thereby in Tibet is we're going to that is literally where we borrow your video camera for the birth I've than ever. When can I brought any angle? I know this isn't about the wedding told this is about I've. Actually, I would be surprised if they are being. I would actually be surprised if that's not being done yet someone. There is definitely going to be our birth. Judge sobbing, where there is a delay. It happened. All that's that This would at least it just one person watching it not not like everyone. No, he put it up. Was it periscope? It was on Paris
it was on periscope streamed, unfair periscope nice, but live Snapchat last like for like a day even called cast about it, not just about it, but you know that the other thing the thing that everything you have said is that you, noise distress, a lot about really stupid things, and I think I still do not think I still do it's a human thing to do but when I lost my dad it it, it made me realize that you know Nothing really that that you know what I mean like everything else after that is just you. Just sort of taken strikes are like well, it's not that so we ve got a crazy. We ve had a crazy for years. My my my again, my lovely wife, went through crazy cancer, but it didn't we, we recently finishing cancer treatment at the start of Warcraft and then dad passed away from cancer at the end of Warcraft. It's just been, and it's just bene in her dad passed away a couple weeks ago. It's too spinner an assault and assault of stuff
So how do you? How do you kind of state? How do you keep from going crazy, told sponsorship for from the various funds coming enemies? They just want to help us out. I put in serious this. You must have people, you must have some advice like there must be something that you ve been able to extrapolate from all this and net like how? How have you not? I mean, I think you know what you said a couple of minutes ago was was absolutely correct. I think I think you go through as is much garbage. Is we ve been through recently a new kind of realize it? doesn't matter, you know it's you're, gonna, be ok, there's, there's gonna, be a life ahead of you and it's gonna be fantastic, just make it that way. You know and see it see it that way, and I think I think that's that's the best you can do is any part of it odd, or maybe you just used to this because you because you you grew up with it, but you know the rest of the world seeing your dad as this as this character, yet the new knowing the real person, is there any type of.
Because every one, I'm sure it's Tipp trying to take ownership over it is that you did all or is it comforting? He I am, I don't know I'm still, I'm still in the thick of it. Like I said I I brought it up. Kind of what we were talking about it more than I would have in in wanting to Urban felt comfortable doing, but I am obviously affected by some one. I knew passing away every one else is affected by someone else, the other day new there just as important to them and how they see them. But we're we're talking about two different people. Absolutely so can you then going into the sort of warcraft? Can you sort of predict
once the woman who becomes out like that is really kind of the end of this air, like this last couple year ever really feels like it. Isn't it I mean it. It's it's been such a crazy year and it's been so perfectly book ended that it really feels like. Ok, that's a phase of life. That happened and is now you know I believe we are moving on to something else now and and look at all of the emotions and crazy things we went through to make the film because it was a challenge. It was a huge movie. We spent three and a half years on it, it's all of that all of that energy and what was going on got channeled into the movie, so it its there's does a lot of weird stuff in the movie, which is more emotional than you might expect for a movie of this type. I'd say I mean I'm not you know, I'm not. I am not a wheel. Everything happens for a reason
but it is insane to me the the kind of the astronomical calculation that when Warcraft comes out, End of this error weather is that this kind of, like this whole experience in the death in the last four years that this next spring, of your life is literally a physical embodiment of a of a person who is being born. Well, I really have the strategists at cheaper lay to thank, for that plan to make. Now I just I just know, is what those you for an extra
or we can make your baby wet, and we can put, we can add the cohesion cheese on top for an extra dollar, well, that that is one of his middle name. Clock work to make job Glock Jones, like Indiana Jones, some shit, I've got Christ at least that's where you have to pick goop pick pitch black Jonas covering, but I just I think it is. I think it is pretty incredible that this in this particular in this instance that life is worked out this way and that you, you have this hopeful new new chapter, two to look forward to well, thank you for making it happen. I didn't do I didn't do anything after Ruth. I did not want to happen a doctor roof. I now, although I think, she's going around it she passed away, she still lie, and you should
I want to show she'd be amazing. I'm sure she still knows exactly, I'm sure she knows exactly. What's do you are you in? prisoner your London person, I'm an elderly person. Now the icy I've been here for a couple of quite a few years actually, but we keep disappearing over, seek as we go make the movie. So you know we're we're in Montreal first Source Code in Vancouver fur for Warcraft and then we'll be in Berlin for the next one. Hopefully, if that happens with mewed happens, yeah yeah, that's it Do you ever just think? Maybe I should just shoot a movie in my back yard, all hundred percent, no it some its especially now that we have the bay becoming if we get to new happens will come back and- and I would love to work at it- that I can stay stay at home and in my life for a little while I mean it? Is it the thing that I hear about you know? Well, when you have kids everything changes in it and I think
on some on an intellectual level. I, unless you're Ridley Scott, and you basically just turn all of your kids into your such as that of JANUS. I think in writing or how old does he have to be to be a might stand very that would only known apparel holder, Michael that's what for giving? I think actually a baby could, probably, if I'm yes, I am back, We need sandbags, immediately, lag stands or, if you could, you know you could once once a baby starts crawling, I get would crawl towards people. You could just put a go pro and the baby seek abruptly decent cool shots with a with a baby can I'm not surprised someone had you have done that right. You just get like a roomful of babies and strapped cameras to their heads and just like see what you get I mean I wouldn't do that. I'm someone could do that. Not me, of course you could so the ends of the baby to the next baby. Like no Arbela guys,
today is a baby centipede come my little cynical babies. Maybe like Mama babies are equal. Those metaphysical search seek up. They ve made they ve kindergarten. Scientists, we need to go through a big baby versions of army durable, although all movies have great every year, stall house on the left, like the legislator, has its own already, Freddy Junior Fret, yeah yeah yeah there I'll just just baby, because people people love babies, they love horror, hang
in a tree or wait then, who did who did not able Freddy Krueger murder like a bunch of tiny rabies like I dont know how that would it worked? Yeah, listen just even as a fun, even as it is a fun thing. We should just make that just for fun, which just do a series of trailers, Patty versions of all of us, the movie I like it that we want to see. So what are you gonna take gonna take? You must have to take some time off once the movie comes out once a baby. Born. I I guess we're taking like a month off a whole. We don't we look at the crazy thing is just the way we ve. We ve scheduled things that it wasn't intentional. But if mute goes, we we and the month here and then we go to Berlin, stop reproduction and shoot weather
That is what are you? What is its visibility, or waiting for for this will be to starve is financing it just just some fine, all kind of sign off some things, yeah contractual kind of things, but here's what I'm getting at you? How to film school. You understand all the stuff of actually making a movie. I assume fiscal doesn't necessarily how about the finance process right. So that is correct. What is this sort of? What is the typical lifespan like once a thing is done and you ok. Now I'm ready to go out and try to make. It would have been different. Bullshit things your window through when, when a director loves the producer, very much and they and they loved each other very much and they start working together. Then a movie is born. That's that's gonna how it works, and it said that might be
where's. The publication of this invitation around I have a other. I have a producing partner, a body that I've been working with since moon and and we ve been working together. He as he is incredibly good at his job. So right now my job is kind of tweaking ascribed talking to actors kind of having the fun stuff he is. He is neck deep in the in this in the dark arts of putting it together I mean it using your analogy. If you, if, if baby making was the same as filmmaking, the gestation process would be out nine years. It would constantly be listen. I really want to try to put my sperm and that egg listen we're waiting for that, the german this is going to come in. There are going to bring this they're going to give you the money
sperm to put in the egg, but it's gonna take a little bit of time, so I'm goin back and forth of their people and their business affairs gets involved. At the same time, we want to give you some notes on the position is well. I just I just think there's so much about the creative process is not technically creative that I think I'm pretty danger. It's it's it's different. I think studio films or are one thing, and there are their realities that you have to be willing to to roll with, and I think, if you can, if you, if you can, accept and understand those up front, you can make things work
your favor and you can creatively use those is as a puzzle to solve. I think when you doing independent films, this kind of no safety net in that in the sense that you would have with a studio film, but there is a will. There is a liberating and scary freedom that you have an independent films. So I think that they are too different disciplines and they're both challenging and they can both end up making great movies, but their very different. Yet did you find that cause? I did you find that you did not have is that you have not had much time to play games as you, I always have time to play, but that's what you're playing besides super hot woke ex com to obviously, obviously obvious. I'm such a fine of ex combat those games or fantastic back in the day there were fantastic
and now that they ve been re imagined by by fire access there even more fantastic. What was your first gaming platform? I guess it was the day the old a target one six hundred began, but then we gotta go to Commodore sixty four sure. So I was using that for a while, but I really got into my into my gaming groove with the meagre five hundred right that was kind of there was there was comes in the UK. They were kind of the war was between the spectrum, people and the and the meagre guys right. I was in a meagre guy so that that kind of really got me into gaming it's hard to imagine a time when there was gaming and like no forums I know a yard or even just multiplayer right right, because our multiplayer, for me, when I was a kid backing Mary Jane when a body Breyer would sit next to your buddy wisdom, green paper drawbacks when the Queen mom was only eighty. We both got the same old man voice. We do have this known as it always
their another ones, and yours is weirdly, not british, which is surprising to me in international areas. I'm real lines: Atlantic Euro triumphantly I'm too at the centric. So that's my mind with these rather brander. Yet is it and a funny they multiplayer is basically just come over and watch each other play games or draw maps precisely alot of roleplaying, arpeggios, you're, C r, P, jeez, yes, and, and one of it we take turns so one of us would be kind of controlling. I stepped forward step forward, step North North north and then the other person would be drawing grid by grid the maps for all of the dungeons. Had you I still replay de endear. Did you play with my play? What inspires those games ass? Well so that would have been that would have been things like wizardry
of all the ultimate series, so sweet calls it. The sorceress stone in years was the philosopher's stone, that's probably with the right. Ok, but the idea that there is a I found. A video of there was very famous clown show in the United States called Bozo Bozo, the clown oh yeah, and someone posted on the art, the obscure media, separate it from nineteen? Seventy nine, the both of the kind show saw the video game, they just saw happening so they had a segment on their show called POW, and it was basically someone would call in here. They had a tv screen, a shitty tv screen with essentially pong and it would fire it would fire this and this other line the person on the
go pow, and they would say that that would shoot a square out to try to hit the line like thirty seconds they had to hit the line as much as possible, but there I have this video and put it on posted on Facebook, or something of that was. It was actually like older woman who called then in the guys like why you're not normally our demographic, but our right, and it was thirty seconds woman going pal and trying to hit and it was easily oddly mesmerizing detail, have you guys have any like videogame? Let's get on with it, and I was that there were some early. I've got some someone on lines can have to help me, but there was a British there was a british game show for kids? That was basically, there was like a sort of a dungeon master tight character, and you would basically all the kids would put on this helmet that that they couldn't see and then say, what's: icon, ass, master of the maize and then someone off you know on the side. Would basically tell them which direction to walk out of my mind, As an American, I really cannot wasn't, leave it to Coca leaves a cow. Clar don't be jealous
I'm not just how shall I have that, then we got two hopes that I didn't show Duncan Jones yeah hosted the american version of singled out artists first, so your british and have singled out should take care of any kind of reparations, and when we had branched off from you guys yeah I mean those. I think the thing that I can of course love, modern gaming, but the thing that I also, MRS, that that sense of Europe, of of your imagination, being a character of the game. You know- and I feel like a lot the greater the fidelity of the game. The kind of less you have to invest we admire Hazlitt is going well. That's amazing, look, that's amazing, but you know I still you should have daddy. I have you played critical role, yet no critical, the show, and you can sundry which is in this building. My friend met. Mercer basically has DM campaign to set this campaign and he's the dm, and it's really
really fun- and it makes you remember just what it was like when you are using nothing more than some Dyson your imagination, it because it's such a it's? So indeed you did you ever play shadow run. We were told about this on line the other day now shudder, and you know what you're shudder when Israel it's kind of this, it's a cyber punk fantasy crossover thing, so it's kind of a William Gibson S, cyber punk setting, but then there's like works and ogres and and magic users and all the other stuff on top of it, something back she cartoon it's, it's it's such a mean. I never got to play the game properly with other people
right these. This is gonna sound, really sad place. Like kind of do we have the like the incredible hulk, walking away music, tat, obesity, I'd make these incredible campaigns, but I had no one to play with, and so I have. All of these prepared campaigns are used up now agreed answer, I'm gettin emotional. I know I didn't mean to so. I have all these campaigns and things that I done, but I never got to play it and it just the manuals all of the the detail of what you could do in the It looked so cool, but I have to find some people do not apply. Shouted makes you surprised that you and you you must have at some point at least try to pensions, write your own game, I'm surprised you actually haven't. I haven't. I worked briefly at it in a video games. Combination, one briefly about a year and a half in London, I just got out of foam school, and I should have this kind of weird ya. Think You know I'll forego, which was the new aid programme which just beat the work
yeah yeah yeah. That's yes, so the guy who is in charge of the company that made alpha goes like Google Dam is hazardous and he used to run a computer games company before he got into a high and that games company. Was elixir studios based in Camden in London. And they are heated, basically been one of the co designers for theme park and then he split from theme park. He made his own game and it was called like the revolution? I wasn't so good, but I worked at that company while we're making that game and the idea that Tell me this sounds really like. I wanna play this game. It's an eastern european Political simulator, ok in love it and the basically the ideas that you are kind of some street tough. You mean a kind of pre pre gta and the idea was your kind of some street tough and you ve gotta work your way up the political system using all these various machinations to become leader of this eastern european country. So I what for
a year and a half as an assistant designer on for the vote on that game. If it didn't, we know, I think, we're a little ahead of the in the technology. Yes, I would never quite worked out, but I worked in the games industry. I felt like I learn an awful lot from the experience actually met. Some fantastic guys like given rather who ended up working or moon with, is a sort of concept. Tajikistan all round sort of visual genius, that is the most british name I have almost ever heard, haven't or other Gavin rather ran a one day. I hope you have the chance to meet him. He is the most british person that you will have it, but but not that you, but northern british showcase. His is he's fantastic, like a character out of our Lord of the rings. What is it about the north that gets because that that was that there was a there was a kind of those a doctor who joke that. I never really gonna like yourself from an awful lot. The places have a north, like, what happened to the northward is: what is it about the north? I'm I'm not gonna get into that quandary. Ok, yeah there's does there still are
going off the hook they understand my winter is coming up. Basically,. Things going on in games of thrones is based on. Then all wars between the north and the south in the UK. What does it did? Is there anything about gaming? That you think is? Are you able to to be in that world and not take any the shit talking personally or do you engage in any of the sheets eggs like. I don't play that many multi games anymore. I went through a phase where I was kind of into call of duty back when it was a world war. Two game right. I used to play a lot of that. I had like a group that I used to play with. And unreal tournament, nor those kind of resignation, shooters and then, and then I think I kind of the just I just weirdly by happenstance. I I kind of became less involved in that stuff. As the trash talking really kind of took off, So I you know I wasn't it wasn't something I have really had to deal with that much it's. I think of you really fun to I like the idea of getting together
people are doing that sort of staffing, Land Land Party lay Island party type of situation, I'll bring my desktop. Oh you told her. You ever have a good gave a good gaming pc laptop, which and bring a we only because I do think I do think is connected. We all are. It is incredibly it still very isolating the way that you interact with the stuff, and I just like that. I think that's what I think. That's why something like D, India, so great, because it does force you to two like be together ocean like either as a group in socialize, our absolutely nigh. I think it's this didn't, I will weaken and they think plays a lot from Lord. What will that well well well plays a shit ton of every kind of game. Right he's a big boardgame guy, and he said not as much a video game guy anymore, but he is very much a federalist. I can't we gonna just got back into real world interlocutors with people recently with the guys from Rocket John
yeah so so we meet with them and we sit and talk in person I'm playing games with our with our hands. What you gonna do when your kid is like four five six starts playing games. Are you gonna be the parent? That's like. Ok, you go outside and for a minute or you gonna be like Jack. You gonna tell him, I'm I'm at manmade, moon and you can find me on Twitter and if you want to talk, you have any questions. Just just tweet them I'm sure we'll give outlets out I'll dm. You you're, What are you going to do? A little it'll it'll be on the deal. We will live Facebook, you re with your kid. Ok, if you have any questions, anything else. Anyone anyone else, you again yeah boy, you will live or die for again Just changed you I'm sorry anyone else. Anyone else I gotta go change that guy over there I mean this is.
Air that we're getting out of people like the generals, who grew up with the gaming industry with You know, like I know when I have kids, I'm gonna sit down and try to force him to play from area three or or Ever else I don't know if I don't know many old games. I actually try and get them. I dont think I do that to them, because I think I have very for you know, phoned memories of those games, but I'm through He sure there are not needed if you watch them now, they're, probably not as much fun as I remember them being sure. So I don't know if I'd inflict that on them- and I probably would want them to go outside my kids or you know why, because you better put a gaming regarding the patio gonna put the opulent rift going to hang it from, three put them on a swing and then put the oculist rift on them and it will be like they're, really it on his way, really feel or it'll just
the pool have a are water in it, but not real water and they can do so. Absolutely that's what did that's I'm so excited for that. I'm not as I think the hour is fine, but I'm so excited for arms, so excited for interacting with the world. Theirs, I think be. Our has is cool, but I think its limited, the amount of experiences You can really have how it distracts already get with your phone. Just when you like talking to people or walking around yeah, but you're actually had augmented demented reality stuff around you as you're, trying to function in the world, but at least like with a phone you know. I think that the parlor problem now is that machines forces
faced with them like machines, so your faces cuddly down your phone, but at least, if you're looking out at the world, I feel like that still a step up, even if you're looking at an augmented war and if you're, having a conversation with someone there's like latest sport, scores and stuff appearing by your head rise that really great or accuracy picture. Today I should like it. It has Dick picks that leaked out better go or you putting on your frogs or me putting up. Ok, then we need some guy need to give the audience context for that. We should hang out midnight last night of a guy in a it's a sex suit that was simulating and it was, and it looks like an old like an old wartime frog suit, or actually you can look like the thing that might tv What's on and Willie Walker, and it is, they looked like a clean suit and it has straps and then there's a chest, peace that he can kind of grab onto a funnel and then an undulating basically of suck bought and India has a virtual reality and what he was one.
China was anime, so he was fucking this anime girl, but still had the your time and it is of nickels and, I'm sure sure that's coming, but I just said I just said the people. I got no one's gonna fuck a work anymore. Why? Why would you go to your? I t job to get yelled at by people when you could stay home and fuck everything? Well, the timing is probably pretty good then, because, as the sort of as as our robot overlord start to reach a point where they can take all our jobs and there are no jobs left for us, we need that kind of attainment to keep us going without our lack of of careers, we're it. We were theorizing on the show how many, how many skeletons would be discovered and fuck suits of just like people that is hideous after a bad man
I love you, you can't. We you cover our babysitters unborn. Babies is better at the baby wrapped up in it are poorly tortilla. Today we live here and have to sell him to another baby anyway. He's already he's already are the worst said. It's I'm gonna have you have to this is what is being. That is what does. This is what the people want, so they want it's a pre existing franchise. So what happened? you would previously franchise that you can't that's what handed me a letter that that's Gannon means, but it, but it is, but I love it. I do think you have a healthy prospect, even though we make all the jokes about you know the corporation, Sponsor can only really be like you have a very healthy perspective on you know. Not everything has to be all one thing that there you can you gotta sneak. You got a sneak the creativity in wherever you can go, and I then I think, look I love. I love Warcraft, I played it in. I played it from the first real time strategy orson humans, right through
up until we know the beat a further four vanilla work world of Warcraft and then I was unable to keep going with the expansion packs because I had to work and earn a living cried. But you know I love that universal and am glad that I got the chance to do this film. I got to work very closely with blizzard, so I got to understand and we don't really get get to work with guys like way: Wang the amazing concept, artist who who's who designed artworks. I am very very grateful that I got to do this. I hope I get the chance to take this. We further cause we kind of set up some things which I think are worth moving in a further along with, but I also want to make some other things that nobody else has any specificity on what it should be. I think there is some some unique ideas that don't need everyone else's perspective on what it should be yet. Well, you know winter attack at the end gets in the Delorean and they take off and fly away. You know some he's gotta be done about your kids like it
such a great way to end the movie. I think we'll k I see I've run with that one too long it now. I do not believe we believe me, it's fine, but but you know I just the cross over with how reporters could be amiss the amazing to me. I like lots of magic, such tons of magical Otto. On castings, Hippogriff sleek, it's gonna be a it's gonna, be a move and Spiderman and and of course, Spiderman who isn't everything now I've heard Spiderman yet next phase it had put spider man in every movie yeah. Well, it deeply they're doing a cs. I spent comes in and wave comes in and shoots a web and then like meddling gets out, it was, and we're gonna be honest if it was pretty enjoyable. C of the civil war trailer, even just for that, our second. Without what did you see? How did you feel about the animated eyes I I don't know yet I it is you know, because obviously the happened.
Ed to they have two. They had to meet the eyes. I dont know if it may a lot of sense to me, because I don't understand how that would be a thing, but I guess the ice didn't animated. The common they did not intervene in the cloud books workers. It's fuckin mass, like that, it's a comic book. It's also a coward work. I dont know. Actually I don't know, I think you know I'm keeping open mind about it. Like I'm, not someone who likes to immediately don't want to fuck that you know. Of course I just kind of go. You know for me, even if it's not purist approach, I would go well, you know they try to do something to make the character more interactive or enjoyable its away, and so I'm fine with that. You know I'd be ok with it, which is what is the release state of Warcraft June tenth in the united? AIDS of America and the UK, during their own version of Warcraft UK, actually think comes out a week earlier, but then there's a couple of other countries to come out like a week, even
earlier than that earlier than the United States. Think it's out in France first knew why it is that this is an outrage till the internets do. Can you find a place to cut in that other conversation that we were that we had before yeah, just just and crackling noises like this, reception yeah just time. Job right ruins leaves. But honestly, you know all that behind you. Congratulations on the movie and congratulations on the soon to be earth of your of your child. Anxious you're always use such a sweet guy that I always feel it. I wish I could actually hang out with Duncan in out just being like you can have no Tell me you just don't. Whenever you want I'll come over, you should get me in rob. Kosinski Rob doesn't have any friends either. I just come. Hang out behind
what are you doing you to sit? There would stare at each other comments after each other and talk about we need to do like. We need to do like grandpa agenda stuff into surrounded about the old days gaming. When you add those character exactly a year ago, when I saw you wind up your own computer, who doesn't deceive Kosinski, also has hit this a similar old man. Character is could be like a warm northern waters. Gorge, Org is certainly going to be a what's all this, then old or guy. That's perfect. Thank you so much and take you you know thank you for being open about stuff. I think you know people are obviously do no people make sure you're. Ok, I'm thinking! Oh, that's not! So. Thank you very much. Willin letting me talk about things. Absolutely this brought is broadcast has brought you buy Burger King Burger.
All become into a working. Now. Get an apple computer by the good people and shake Jack. You D say that gives you want shakes act. I gather that out to get to the plague in line it's too long. I can't get in there. I need my burgers. I told you, you need a date. Check the Oda, have guides like these payment of eyes? Vibrant they give you a tour. They take you in front of the beginning of the newly that's. A change needs sense said about goddamn, or shake check. Please. Thank you. So much Doctor Jones,
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