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The amazing and hilarious Ellie Kemper--whom you probably have seen being really funny in Bridesmaids & The Office--joins us to talk about women in comedy, our favorite Moby songs and bumper stickers. And then we take a picture in the bathroom! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Use the offer code noticed all right now. This episode of this is Ellie Camper, who was Osmond bridesmaids. She plays Aaron on the office and she's incredibly funny Improv Sketch actress, that's weird, oh so decided to finally get on and just you're going to follow. This girl, when you listen to her auditors, Wildcats, just as awesome and so funny and so quick that we were on or two to have her on end and just sort of basque in her comedy goodness, so and also when they were having a record. This episode in one of the dressing rooms, a g for because our studio got our studio, got hijacked by another show so out of the person we could find we're all basically just crammed in this tiny. I think it's the dressing room. John Rivers usually uses fashioned police throughout crammed into this tiny, finger on the sofa around this little portable microphone and either being amazingly fun. I was a little about
we like you, get the dressing room, fairly, copper and she was ass supercool about it. So I beg you only cover for big super awesome. I think I will pose pictures of the wheel took pictures in the bathroom together. Why wouldn't you, if you have any camper and a bathroom right there, it's fun to take a picture with her in it? that's, what we learned at the end of the day so feared his nerves, broadcast with a lovely and hilarious Ellie Camper, nor entering star com?
because the fact that it's not like- I don't know you signal, I really do think it was an unhoped for five which will weaken the grand Really I with ivy, because you're already knows my voting as you gonna get that there was a lot of work for, like guys, are respected, does nothing but actually banister yeah. That's it he's. A great is gonna, be like Harrison for diverges like it out like. I was gonna, see the blue, your he just oh yeah, yeah I've got any meat Did you see his life's too short?
Oh, it was online universal show it's just like he comes in cuz it to talk to them at the scene is like he comes in, like I want to start doing comedy. Ok. They have done enough drama. I wanna do Colleen That's what it would look like. They made a list you these are. Yes, I make lists all the time. It's actually why I got the wrong ask or similar services may largely resources are going to do it brought comedy. I wanna do above about allowance. I wanna do dirty comedy really find it so bug like like, like oh You really that's. Your bank is a really good as it gets I came over. The shortest are actually do it. You cited is released. Ok. What's this show that he has now with Stephen with guidance,
Oh yeah, right or wrong place right here I always I but its staring break. Losers are little grey like the guy shooting naming problem, so we so again the thing I mean he he is in real life friend, dongle worker, you weren't, in radio within an hour before the office there. It is working on radio producer, yeah, Ramey London Station, So the guys, I guess, he's smart smart, but you said that in this way is that this is done. Do the rest, but then, when you he and when it the situations himself, the fact that he is he's not back down yeah resource use numbers on yes, but you don't, I don't know there's why don't you understand
what I mean signs on a disruption rarely heard any man, major voyages, but why we can report you just take a shower, not merely you're, not really sitting in the bathroom toilets. What are your highness Mycenae region? No, I don't know here for some time. Sound, Matthew, surprisingly, really rooms, tiny. What we're in this weird tiny dressing room, because the writ recording studio was double employees closed the door? I mean
a green rate. Is it a nice word lawyer in South Korea really early. Lastly, I know nothing about sound, but it seems really include ass. It is like we're all in a tiny radio, we're in a tiny dressing room that usually most urgently for the entire building, the wonder yeah, because feedback was recorded in. I don't know. I don't usually record today, but then today they just were like we're. Gonna take the studio, and they did we can't really father work is we can decide on their own yeah? We do I mean it doesn't matter, we figure audience and they do but at times Well, are resorting listen as numbers, don't like pieces. Look you know about that. Not an insulting arousing. The shows that good, I'm just saying you know like, were we to have a man where we too have like an arm wrestling contest. I mean like an over the top kind of thing. When my camp around and I'm what happened?
Cannot when a real arm wrestling context million over I'm, so sorry that this has happened to you. Absolutely no you're, ok inherent morning! Ok, this coffee at some of the less seat. I think rivers uses this, I'm serious review fashioned police. I think the champagne doesn't have a bathroom minute, though we? Where is there a sham payment and is not just of all share, but it's the Genk EAST of dressing rooms like there's no bathroom in it and those who have no you're in there It's not bad here. Thank you for being here, Only thus, of course, your think, no patients, congratulations on everything they kill. Well, no seriously, I now as it as a comedian Mosaic as a comedy for me. I just come in
really instead of words, but here I think it is a you asked me. The community is a common noise. Aren't you stand? I know, but but I know reopening thing: are you gonna go? Having made these do you gets, you lost drivers thing to say to you: can you that's your here that alot answer grandparents you're playing the cat skills. Those down and eighty two and it doesn't even exists that war is, do you ever get there? You can use this from your grandfather. Yes, yes, almost those says it tongue in cheek, like he knows, because my sister rights coming as well and she- and I think he knows I won't actually be used, but he says it anyway but uncle than and ass. I think more so than I do that Mr Bianco use that arrives the threads dances, they want to rank yeah yeah yeah. My dad was convinced that same shit different day would be of huge
cultural phenomenon Reich Hollow, and then I go. What are you doing? Those same shit different day? You should get of your people on that and make that into a bumper sticker? Was this the first time he I dont know Billy Hardwicke invent that's. Ok! Anything I am I gonna say like. Why don't know few leaving his mind is like May I invented, but no one's put it on for six thousand. This was the first time he knew that someone had said that before You know I was so I was so taken aback by that will. First of all, the fact that I haven't he's weird bumpersticker people that I just then are my people.
Then I can just call it be like ok, we got an assignment and they're just waiting there and the little machines with final ninety yeah we're gonna. Take your shit. Ok, hang on to the different day. Why has no worries? I was like the notion of you to somebody else: has a go. They go same day, different shit. What's going on in this way. That's the lovers with your right owes it ways, but you know units of the pit in New York right, yes, the same pits, yeah. Why that I'll call you
show you aren't put people right, we're selling less of the name appeared only only in Chelsea from twenty seventh recently, twenty three people, both regional bumper sticker, really wonder that street that amount of people in poverty in the or yes, between February there is already like there's forty people know, there's a lot more people who got ya. Think it's over them. I'm all the time and I think I've seen their new theory. I haven't either clarified the listeners people's ever it was improvident, that's were weak as one of our Punkahs Comic Book LIVE, copper club live and they do that at pupils and profound yes, I dont show their preferred yes and Did you go to the old theatre of it? Was the old leader was like up a flight of stairs and in those you have to hang up behind? You have to hang out behind this.
It is in fact another again my grandpa coming full circle. He went to shows at the pits and the up rights citizens pretty near the upright citizens. I keep saying that, because of what you say is in a basement rules on noted, interesting Ellie that the pit upstairs and operate. I use may be granted yet no wrong, anyway, a bumper that is to say, but anyway, yes to downright That is indeed a lot more sense to grant us You ve done Christine ease the knave Chris Davies, that's the grocer! then to the use of the east. Yet I haven't either an end, as parents must be very nice. Paradise like, like a nice theatre logic is rather like a guy like that they put a poem
the Middle Jasper does structure, but don't you feel like there's this weird thing that happens in and I'm not saying I am sure that you should be used is going to be fine, but but there's always usually did this. It was someone who goes. You know I would open a really nice theater and we're going to serve really good food, have comfortable seats exactly like and then no one goes right, there's something weird about the psychology of having kind of difficult dingy space to deal with. You mean any good work in a word almost because you see be like the these happy, the first one or another person, but the one before the. U C b is theirs. Two giant posts in the middle of the room and its under a grocery store and its MEL's like dumpster, but as was also about other one before there was a phrase I never went to that one, but it still an amazing place to perform. There's there's gunk dripping I mean that's.
We waited protest, gone yet promoted, serves its thick and an chunky, and it's got yes, but there is something but the use of meat or here in a way, I think it's like nice. I mean I've, I think it is hang on. You know an adult authorities Vader. Yes, like already knows the top was at the time of the camera and hammered those he's every night No, it's! I am always really nice to our logo, went from being just kind of like a pub like a nice DARPA ass, a small opening, the OECD and the first thing to do is get chairs weird. Think of ass, a birthday we raise the murmur of the normal rate No, you don't I'll. I never thought of furniture until I like until you move into a place in there's no furniture, and then you realize O furniture summit. You ought to get there s. No other personal, moved here before observatory right. If we are to go to some place they just had.
Thing a bed, that's my everyone. Just stand around like every now requires Andy. Did you just broke? My boss might like that. Just like us, very utilitarian, dislike couch tv on the floor, easy movies have worse, MTV, credulous Nobody has really. Why was that? Actually on cribs yeah, that's really is a very nice place very nice, but it they're right over, like Hollywood, which place it was observed, will be as multiple places might go with his Grammy awards. I think it's sort of are not furnishing place. If it gives you like this element, it like you, might take off at any moment ass friends, they ll be all right. You yeah Superbissima under all the movies, all born identity- maybe that's it
He has his flight pack ready the agreement which has passports and different currency after eight zero speech in heat, literally about immediately, thirty seconds to get out of here Moby by the way, a very dainty traveller I flew next, they want me. He does Whitney over had been. You don't have to check him. I mean on smaller planes. You'd have to get out of my stories. You, like fifty bucks, a traveller, your movie yeah, but not if your flight business select when you you're allowed wonder, led one movie. I what do you guys talk about? I didn't ardour. He played scrabble on his I've, had the hope that the work can answer. He replied relative Europe and he took the pillow from the little airborne pillow put on the floor. Took his shoes off interesting till he put his feet on the pillow the whole time. Every was tat. It was a door,
nor I thought it was gonna start living. If you'd sort of meeting a cats went around him in language. Does that weird that used to be like a street is vague and hard for Guy New York illustrated Regan electronic Media nothing much. I don't know anything about. This is more than I know a lot about manoeuvres of the Muslim get moving off you about me. I give elegant virtue movies, the possible form of that aware and slowly we haven't we. The act of the person I ever heard him up now. This is a such as you requested, literally not to ask you what does that sound of course, the body of the one you're, probably that you're probably down- and I am thinking of theirs- there's a bunch of em.
There's more than one now. I was sent for some reason that if there was ever a boxer I would come out we are made of stars. I don't know why you let that happen is that the one now I think, what either way I'm amassing it's. So why would read this? What movies are very special, you didn't mean in the You don't mean in the closet like knowing that I was going to I can see is that there is. There is a tiny wardrobe clause in here that I dont be crazy. Now nearing me, my biggest guys, sir, just to check the closet, someone's wardrobe. Couldn't I met again put it on
may we go now coming from american ninja. I didn't really really out of his shirt to put just audio. Well Those aren't I am currently incessantly describing plugin. Thank you for a court was Ellie Camera claims that Bobby is in the closet. There's a soldier gonna build this whole backstory pepper It has become a proposal you are already like. No, I I literally met there's a closet than he was hiding in the only way. Lead you to think The areas cook up. I give my river, this one, that's our new benchmarks.
This increase or decrease my moby like crag about. I guess the more of an I'm saying he's got now. I have over you and you lose word without ever movie of it. If they are suitable, repudiate everyone will know. Where's, your overrated. Are you how How long did you because you're you're Super Smarty, Pask essay? I read that you went to print them and you studied at Oxford and in you also right for the onion and mix sweeneys and half toppings imposed yet. But when I went to yes, but I am, I am a contributing writer for the union and on I yeah, so I moved to New York after England. And then well in order to start running well and United Depression of Joe Gordon Colonel. Well, I write him letter after letter after I just ass. He was first
Finally, on the editors so I'd, I know him on. I was, but as this before emu, no there was enough, but I think I was so sold, sent him actual letter black snail mail letters asking. Can I please summit headlines casino? They don't. I dont know if you know, but they re don't like. Let you just said: no? No it's it's a very it's a very I mean I guess it's quality control, but it such an intense process for how things make it to the front page of the oh my gosh. Yes, I mean that's an evil. I'd, never back like a fool front. It is always just than you know. There was a clear sky bar like no other places on top gun, some like that there, but it is a very intricate and complex process. So after a year, Finally, I guess geologists, sick of fine. You can send them I think another you're sending headlines guys, but anyway, which would work. I used the first one was on. I don't even know you think this is funny. It was John Dog in
stairs, longingly dogging yard laughing, and you know it was and then there's I got. I think, although I said in my work I go on when it was, you know it's on those new stands in the other work, and I said Michael S, my boyfriend, I said, look they use mine and then he thought I was you, the picture. The dog was funny Zuyder up a headline: did you some of them. I don't know. I wrote I mean the picture really makes it come to life, though the really do you should tell me what you ve got. Nothing I mean that their longingly any early ages, I don't wanna go. I mean you're, ok, ok, it's good are the words themselves. Ernest use just turn them into our Baldwin from Working girl, tat boys, all the time you what you just did it and, I think, you always do just that? Having this guy?
or go to you. I do not want all the time and it could be imitating anyone obligate. I thought you Chris today was: I haven't even getting you doing that arose and in a way that is a short to Stephen front, He was almost over England like a retired was like starts. Revenue is George, I don't know I don't know that is either I'll. Do that I guess I do sometimes if someone does actually talking about them in imitating them than, but that's only up your time I'll do my mother, my grandpa good people, Why did the pigeon but yeah? So I do that voice too How long were you performing before? What was what was your kind of what was your big sort of like break through who, like oh great, I officially I paid performer. I dont have the during the first well nigh that, but the first page job acting was a commercial for DS. W debate summary affair. She she's
she's. Yes, yes, yes, if she's an eagle heart rate now she's anyway, she's right here. Because they also fell Rehnhjelm really like anyway. She and I were in the state that I met her. This ds, W commercial. Yes, don't you design when there's somebody desires, Where I loved you, I don't warehouses and barns are not places there, really should bar your house dsl view that another one day say designer these ideas. That today is a good deal of you. She warehouses redundant, is legit machine, pin number! That's why the commercial camp
to stop the audio, stop the redundancy of yeah save time. We don't need to say these words just say yeah, I know, but that was the first pay commercial. So on training of something like exciting or funny to her, it was just a job. I guess it was just a job and I saw everything was perfect argue it was. I mean I gotta show called trash Remsen. Yeah that's is greater democratic everything right away that were still. That was your first. I mean that sounds like me anyway. No noise, my first. I was actually with colored reverse beating over. Oh, yes, I do Not before that we we rode on this path. Overshooting called the offensive, show Besser. Yet Fiji porters, God knows just. Let me know that I know we talked about this before but be J. Novak has never not been imposed.
Now? I know that's true. He right came out from war zones. I think as it before idea. Grotius, Joe, the average rate of vat cables Ella with assured on his back and the directions to staff writings in Jericho. Really. That is absolutely correct, because what happened when we came out like form Is that really? What I do is on resolving those right and important to show that Bob Zagat was I'm in at Harvard College and then perhaps I, like you, a lot and then asked right on his website could get hooked up inadvertently. Like early usage, you had better Lampoon lampooned would put on shows, like images returned the other, the Bijou and says you know like they had no budget to help communities. Gonna do show, he had passed, ain't gonna, do it and about like everything that's right. Yes, ok out immediately and we started working on raising then raising
That's why I become the vision of a story of the FAO. I'm I'm a little dusty on my be Jane over a running off by Emily, we're doing like all the same copies of over my back in the early two, thousands of children are solid and, unlike its after isn't dad was a few months ago the Panther them I didn't know he wrote I reasoned get. That's pretty incredible to go straight. You guys are pretty yeah yeah pretty set was there with where you will be closer companies that prince, I don't think, there's an equivalent there's like eight there's news torrent, I'm an insult any anyone who writes for the stick with all the prince in title. No there. Thank you millions.
All the prince entitled know their thinking, humiliate, there's, sorry, there's a humiliation and burning that there's a publication call us that you are mad world hunger leaders in virtue of gender issues agreed by the end of the room where the goal that is like spending so many turning out so many farmers too early school and during the bidding uncle, but Uncle the tiger. But it's more its political, it's very political, something like the women. I don't think and then there's something of a NASA weekly. But again, I know these are actually humor magazines like again Blenkiron, so I wrote on something called the trying all cut, which is like the hasty pudding. Somebody tat, the same kind of humor
eyes dressing up his girls and doing we could not do as it is able to begin and go with them, and I heard the sketch versus Bestridden. They did a rocky horror tribute and bury boss, which showed up anyway at one stage in full. Drag you didn't tell me what it was gonna do that the maize that's fucking, amaze Ezra. Sometimes it is great harmony by giving a right. I guess it just depends, does an irritating as it is as if it's a female com archers wondered they could have given their part to a funny woman visit. This is working there, some round the event we were just having a discussion yesterday. You know that words. Why do we keep naming names? But you know that once he's from you see me any place gave on office and he should all funny guy. He was an invalid anyway and we were just met yesterday.
And I'm gonna pull my foot, but I do not know. I M not offended that. Oh maybe we should just gotten a funny woman's. Do they think or in the case of like anything like that? What because that is funny? It's not funny. I mean, as our am not doing the job of describing the Slovak and everytime you mouth. The age old question. Are women volume verses of vulnerable? I live in it by any of that stuff because, like when you make an issue than its initiative, this conversation before with people were someone said they will how come they made. It was an interview with a navy, cleverly civil. Why do you think there are more guys waving their more male driven podcast? And I said why just think it's just. I think it's just a number thing. I think more guys want to be comedians because it's a very died. I think it's a defect. I think the comedy gene is a defect to get up in front of strangers or allegro.
Being seriously like be your chest to be like look at me. I need your attention and their wifi like that kind of broken. This is more classically, Male deeper have like a gene, and that also gives you excuse us. My eyes, so I think I think I think way of looking at. I think of you, consider yeah, because because I know so many I know so many women who were way funnier than me and a lot of comics I know so I, like, I think it's and even so I think it's a silly debate to even have remembered by a fucking. Of course they are yes, of course, I just think you seem like if you go to an open, Michael you go to show like you'll, tend to see more guys doing it, because if you like, there are just more
he's doing. I think it's just that. I think it s just the numbers over. Like I read about them, we will occasionally get four or five women of thirty people go up. Yes, yes, such as would be the odds, though, and it's like twenty women, which is why, which is why, why think bridesmaids with such an important movie? Yes to show like look male female, doesn't matter there just fucking funny like absolutely end when making Of course it Ivy League, it didn't even come up like guys. Do you think we're gonna beat the order you to your version. Ladies,
It was purely like this is the story or telling so it happens to be about women's or core unfortunate. We're, ok, guys, dress up his girls to do it so we're just gonna have girls play the women play these parts and never ever ever did come up like at least in no compensation which I was present for you know. Will people go to see this, even though women, but then people like really people, went out to see it on a lot so that night rule well, I think now. When I say I think it's great it's because I feel like. Oh, I do think it's written. I didn't write or produce milk. I can say that you're ready, but it's really its aggressive recover its supervision, and then I feel after came out when people sorting oh now, now it, but it's all women, my counters lake power, Are they getting at dawn, but nowhere that's an issue. I don't give a yeah he's funny right. Plot works with men.
You don't I don't like this and I am sure is that thing that happened, but the golden gloves when bridesmaids one and then like John Avatar, was saying that you know that very lucid women aren't finally fuck you. There was no women onstage accepting that worry, critical loads, lower order. Your these women are body wrote those Norma. I was always movies are gonna. Moment is very confusing. I bet they announced the winner and I didn't know we're gonna win. An I got so excited is, of course, always a very exciting me and then so I leaped up and like Matt Lucas, up, but then nobody else did so than we were sort standing there and then only the producers will not to accept it. So I thought that was we're. Other women,
nowadays. It is very good. Let me say something other have applied oh well, I'd like to introduce you to foot off an usher wasn't like me just like gave it wasn't like a pre set up. You know So have I just examples rather than saying that and then see? I'm? U have surely is being sincere, but it just is that there is a certain amount of there's. A certain amount of situational condescension, not bad debts, but rather that are relatively out of order when you're exactly you. No words is like it's like five guys, almost like mad men like these A great y know about these people are falling, people are funny? I know people we were very. I mean we know we were
and we're booking that you would do these state of specials every year for that for the pod cats in its it's mostly dudes, because there are just more do and the women that I know that are amazing standards if they're not available dislike I don't know, I don't know what the term Olenin was his book. Well, I want you to put everything. There is never a guy's night, every night like its condescending to be like as a guide to go. I'm gonna do. Women only combat levels feeling it's it's like its weirdly, the reverse like it should I sincere and- and it should be like I in my mind, I'm sure
we like not another. Now it's a good thing, a door for society and reorganise again, I know there's something else, which is a good thing. I'm no adverse society represents bad. Were you that's the devil of Eu Garden? At me, I like doing ones as that of shows when his hearing we were here we're gonna lady cover of this business comes rule. Forty lady, say: hey this next covered is funny. That's why, like one time I like I just like the whole treasures, guys we're gonna will cover all three. It is always out of a woman who is able to allay the heat she's cool she's. Like a guy, I mean it, I'm guessing again african country dreaming, but to have it all women. You have to be a stand up and in general, you gonna have to be a little bit of a loud mouth like you know, and it's just like. I just know more allowed mouth. Do you really look at me totally total, yes or no,
seeing it ok. Well, this is what need about. Is that the character I've heard? Let people go on like really greeting the main character. By was there on and upon watching it. I realize it's, it's just the females another day, Mcbride our trial yards like it's like you're, nothing, she does is wrong. She's, a fuckin ass. All that you have to fear for her there's no one else to tell right, and I think that's what a lot of people way, which is they were used to go on female after studying being inanimate, Oh, how injured? Let me say that it was more grating because it was like yeah. I guess you liked it. I know it after a watch it ass. I thought that and every time I start elzevir develop. As I know, it sounds like sends a guy like that, is that what you are trying to resist it or something you realize all learn how you can feel like you hate a movie, but for some reason, like someone, we just stick in your gun.
Because the feeling that we, let me which was meaning the movie, did its jacket rob only realisation, absolutely yeah give him a real. I don't know I'm feeling that way. Right now about the gray. What but I've been upset about it. All that word It is a it's a dark, upsetting movie, but it is of using it You think it would be an uplifting. I dont know because Why all this binding, I think. That is how do we abuse that? I, like fifty wolves, that farewells ex language we all have to survive against. These laws are loves around dies I looked up see this party have Bibbs Sundays frame of them with one of these is the Wolf parade. Doesn't it
like a giant relations. Hofer island rebound listen to the areas like the other events gadget. Certainly circus loop is the circus evolves. There's the suit says about how we look read, write and wove eyes see worth an honourable man. It was really big fears thereof. A lot of walls will write IDA. I just knew my wolf experience. Grant was about how does that it went into order segment. Loafers king, William members will be very brief and arcade by tat an colony
Of course, all right. This way single man, my dad was telling me he happened to see we're we're we're not. I don't live with my dad, but we happened to see the gray at the same time. Him is he signs it was. I sell us or goes sometimes over time out my damaging. There has been a wolf attacking with America in how many years. Forty years ailing are over tat. You were geysers has been very well the tests in the past, our affairs August more better ways. I thought giving women a bad name is what was his dear jury? Lucid wolves are funny It should have its votes as this mobile, my dream, we can finally started. We can say this wolf is fighting for many years. This war is money in the movie brides wolves,
gold or silver doing yet know this but alive. I don't remember the ending actually, but I dont remember feeling is depressed apt or it's weird people but they get all give away down the great spoiler. Weiler, I do love girl with a dragon. Had you did you see? I've got serious errors exactly like the swedish version. Didn't see a swedish version don't meet. You don't need to do now. Yeah it's the same, but blue Blue wanted of war movable over American directed at the site. You ve been a now remembering that former Julia Wolf projects in four gravely. How do I had a my visits, were like the public school system. I wrong the project with like make a diagram of what the wolves A or what Julie eight you guys know. This actually evolves, no she's. What happened she's, like with the walls
she s like living with the walls. For six months ago I was in the Miss but replaced girls jewels. Yet free lashly yeah was missed. It was in the massacre, and so I need a dynamic like what you really aids, but all I just took some ham and, like I also took some, I don't know where she's getting up and is putting some construction, big, yellow forward an idea- and that was my verdict and without where'd you get. What do you think you would have said? What about you? Of course? Allow you still have time to rights. Certainly the most now I'm not at that was just having had to do was not writing anymore. I mean for right now I'm right Xerxes, renewing alone, the we are discussing today. Is that
We would ask that you want me about exactly like a moment. The kid I refer, the onion everyone there's a daily Simon every morning, silent for I write jokes for that. This person that you great yeah, but where we all we all do you but you're, literally working on the best stuff in our culture. Right now between the union and you know and been on his pockets and his party ass everything. You wrote this entire get out of making its name. That is ok. I lie awake. They seek to any other tyrant. My bow you're gonna have to respond to this event, is milburgh type. I was in the buggy, hello, fiscal. How is it you know that you are doing and how did you like is if I M trying to tell you something I don't like that. I really want to talk about that. As you have just doing, you can work.
Doing over here. As our show unto you like, as you your you seem pretty well say you have a television job, I simply doing more movies, I hope so and have listeners in hit yeah. It is their show right now, that's on that you were like fuck. I would really like to be on a child yeah down just listen! I was you guys what I've got. I've. Actually, they say have as binding big for those. Not exactly Finally, you do. I I'm I'm twitter down? We would like their Navy for woods people my live upstairs years, zero people follow me and had the middle so confused by this you're planning, Bigwood he's before me. There was a way to watch. You shows that around them, I was so. What are you
that seems a season of, but I have visited. I should clarify aven't either. I only just finish the first season. Actually big, big big mouth, watching a grace. I doubt navvy, but I'm so. I am probably no further alone You are you're, no Europe, but I believe in a couple of foreign up alongside they haven't found Bigfoot. Yet you know, I don't know you guys are fine big people held out and now, as I goes as it does it have you been aired on spiky, so the visitor promo uses it's like us all these rich people that live in a castle, church or then and in the basement. There's the tuxedo people. As I said to you in downtown Abbe, having doubts in any you screw up his vanity to finance the entourage. Who'd you be, I guess I wanna be Mary. I dont
there's, no everything you could. If you could be your own character, I wouldn't be out, I'm actually would want to. I would want to be a daughter go away home at nine need to think about this and what I believe of Europe and to be made that has to be his lordship taking up. I think I would rather be made always better to be made. I think, would you rather be a maid, or would you rather be a daughter who is having an affair with one of the help, and you shouldn't be having that kind of a relation Could we find here right, stressful secrets and highly gonna? Know someone who is talking about another and there's only the two floors of citizenship rights. Where do you sneak waited Viagra touch dont get drunk? I heard such re reviews and definitely Bob. I thought that was going to be more subtle than it was when I saw it, I mean it's, it's sort of a soap opera via realize. I thought I was gonna be more on this thing about American,
sounds like you. It's a silver rape of british axons on airlines like ice class. Tell much battery you just don't get it. Do you think well, Webby, but like most shows or soap operas, game of thrones is just mediaeval sober Ass was a silver there. All the barber most of the time when an orange wars, like you sent me, doesn't want anything scripted. He hates entertainment I only what is the promise of finding they put their just finding a passage way for research name, because I love you, yeah press bars on the review. The townspeople there without meeting wherever they are, and you and me her hand, experience or see Mary? That might have been a big foot, then the hand slowly got a point of order yourself to fix the water main. Was it I'm gonna find with great I've got a good purposes. So if we want anybody, you're gonna get Bigfoot, we could probably
Can we get pay for than you come back to me about Bobo? Who stand in for data? a man like those from now on, this shows that I don't care about that. I know about your job. Do you feel like a big you feel like you, kind of like where you want it when you were young sorting out acting, they feel like, though this is exactly what I pictured. This is beyond. This is great to have a job to be paid to do a job that we like mass. Eyes. That sounds you know cliched, but of course that's really is and then also like. I do like these. I love the office, so that was great that it happened that then I got to work on it and bridesmaids has been so look again. I just use words like really lucky, because rightly right time- I guess I don't know, but on the Ladys on that movie thoroughly, actually just good people, so that was really on four
but I also think growing out of you guys did you always think I wanna be you there's a twenty people in your? Did. You wanna be comedians, because I wasn't sure what I wanted to. I did ok, guys versus tried to murder Judaism, because I felt to be reading had with your dad he's. So who are you to vote? We are you. Cabin of immigration will be both canadian comments were from camp. Or Chicago. We gotta do this Chicago's, translating again it was either becoming familiar or be Lars Org and the other one was gonna have always gonna be waiting. You could be the funny Laura's all Rick. See I find the money on purpose lies our environment we want do you actually have Did you get yourselves rising? Aren't my mom till we get me a book, yeah embedded!
really no further than her saying so. I left, but I wasn't. Why did you? What were you watching until you Arthur said Caesar different show. No Bruce are, we all know bricks the sector's noble problem. I wrote this up again. I asked my mom ones, I said: is we on jewish? I didn't know that other business so clearly noting girl, like think I'm gonna be, but I didn't know that I forget why the first we only by saw was match. Point do well resolve s two thousand like six or something two thousand by road, and it said earlier touristic we say of his name, no signature burdened with a still represent anyhow, you really not, as in almost every other Would hours that's what you're gonna Fuckin converted Jude.
And yet you out of your hands. You really tolerated by me to write an answer in writing. You probably you re doing it was by Congress. It is the one lovely I we're going to. You don't own, it is pretty. I'm glad you make you watch it all. I guess we can't begin to us another. Louise. I haven't seen what is alive and we should all walks. Set out of a movie moving. We would give a bobby I'm busy. It's so picking up feeling ever ok, but did you guys growth thanks? yeah I always wanted to be a coming. I mean I was always someone who would jump up in front of the class, but it but usually too, to complete failure. Like I was in my life I mean like I was. I wanted to be there. I guessed whatever they class cloud equivalent would be, but I
yeah, but I but I had way more, MRS than hits I hated the classroom we wanted a class gave her like was in a classic Lastly, I do love is good. Just now scores what they're all thinking again? What do you have? Sorry? You have to name them, but you remember things that they have. You, like you like, went up like with unfair and like it just worth, but I just you know you trying to shit just trying to shudder at the problem of class clown ism. Is that if you do it and it hits your price get in trouble can only go. We had a nice last night when people don't laugh and you're just disruptive right. Then you get in trouble right, that's what I was hidden from. Ok, yeah! I give you your Joker cluster bombs and then afterwards the order, the politics you and gives you the text of the Bible
clean all these razors from our weird job about your dad really love, it was disrupted the club, seventy ninety five of the chicken waits. So what did you realise that Europe that you were funnier that you had this thing, that you know that other kids didn't have? Why don't know if it's that other case I had it, but I didn't really enjoy. I was always in high school, I was in high school, the predominantly in other words. Two years ago we did have. We did have people who weren't like some teachers would play a part in our eyes and ears. I was so widely unfair, because why not have as that, even if it was like a forty year old labour do innocent and at every level while I know, but I'm bringing the dramatization sage
major I'm gonna play- is that what you mean? I guess I should buy them if you work part the really a lotta mailed hours and many other either I'll play all the parts. This is now one measure, and I do mean someone on prompts we'd cabaret which, if you like is pre, is for risque I do crazy camp. Yes, both the crazy and care for spoke, ok next might not within that new set was doing yeah. Oh doing improbable college that was, I was like I've never done improv before which is different from stand up grandpa out with that was easy. That was, while the great no know I directed. I really know where it's reported in my mind is later. But if your grandpa rather like we did understand- and the gave still call
I gotta get suggests yes, propaganda, replace location, He does not like love is innocent. I grew up with any make no bones about. I do I do want to handle it again. It you don't have to like at your your ear, its you're different generation. But he said several times that he doesn't like always rights on it and so too, granddaughters. It's amazing hunt you. How did you get it? Carry work, carries renamed carry wrote. I was on it for a few months carry wrote a play on combined with a pool which is about a doctor who commit suicide and This play is a dark coming back and no Georgia's after he looked longingly the dog in the yard. Bring in green you ravine night? Yes, it was after you like again to giving
or even so anyway. So we showed that too. She showed that to the two partly receive no innovation and she's working there anyway. So that's great, because we also get along so wisely works out where everybody rivers like any right thing. Where I do this, I know I've really do feel I'm first, I'm so scared like what, if they think, carries, tell me something that went on in the writers and do not wish to know so like a. We do make an appointment, don't treatment, aiming as I'm so worried about that, but also, I don't think she has any like sway in order to be like a really think I've legs around Ellie. This lie like I've been told what to do. I'm not that she is in her own person, but that she is right. Vienna writers. I, before the public as yours, passivity thing how she's not a real person wash one is that now that is only that you and to that end it is nice. That is not something. Can U S attack on next,
and inside real examples. Roles are eager stuff, everybody loves you guys it's easy either, always carries like I'm so sorry- you guys Allegiance- has is weird thing: it just help, sir. We don't talk about it at home rather than we did want any. My little brothers act, but even Billy my guide but yeah. Well, we care about words, can say where's anyone improve and you're, just like just the idea when you first improve for the first time, was it that, like, oh, my god, this I now not to get our sea forty about it technical term, as you very familiar with that dramatic for jointly to explain
so it's so it is. It is something that is related to the arts and the first exactly it somewhere between, but I really think. First of all I was like ok, I understand the basic gist of improper, so that was a one time. Besides calculus don't carry life, oh, I do know actually why, because our time that class clowns
I'm gonna get back to that later before, basically on it seemed very natural and also seems like such this is our support seaport. It's like a very clear way on how to act in the world. So if someone says something, then you just you never deny it you just you make a good conversation. You say yes and then you for good and more information. You keep furthering it, but it's it's a specific skilled or because a lot of them or people either have difficulty doing it or the second guess or the big kick it out of their village, kick at the brain out of the way, but about and then yes and then those people aren't good improvise a because I've been because I do that and also- and now I will say this now- I will get trouble, but I've noticed sometimes in some improved classes that guy's more than girls
again numbers because they are probably a lot of guys are more geyser. We'd have harder time listening to what I just said and solidarity, and this idea what they were going to do that because God, because I feel it is a, is yes because guys, I feel I don't just like you, so they don't listen as much, and it's me of a guy thinks electronics sees control of the scene and make it I'm gonna dig at a global level rather than private, I cite the example of the powers it and then, if you got your big you guys because you didn't get all the time, because you have to be comfortable. This kind of being in that, I'm like now we're gonna cut. I haven't flow together rather than the citizen. Let us say my thing over a fucking alluded, its rang out so do see. That's not the right way to do it, and also I just made a huge general education. It's got. Women do not always Anjou nuns.
I did just got it's just guys. Do it fuck up without that, wasn't I profiteers a man eater between that we're horrible, but a twin that, in light of the above I own gender. Here then the stand a gene like that that also to cause you're so used to countries. So you being entirely control girl, comedy universe? I think stand up and how could I have never seen at once and it was not do not go well and I think that they couldn't be more difference totally different. Yes, I think stand up his terror unless you're taught you been around a lot, though, if you, if you're talking to the cradle at than you, do, have to listen, and you do have to figure out ways to you just. You can't rely on an audience member really to drive the the interaction, but you you know a good Improv team knows like
Whatever I lay out the other person's gonna Iraq is, is so fine because, if you're with a group of people making yourselves latin moving forward because bad at least she has worked out stage within commiserate as far as I could stand, if you walk. Obviously, I can't imagine how it feel the only cause they don't do. Stand outside above yeah like its again, probably would like a bad like a bad day were bad right. You got what you get and as I thought about this, but I was gonna give yours yes. Yes, you are Logan I gonna go, get a bottle of whisky have to feel awful. It's what would you say experience like it was a u c b and actually it was thought you know I was fine. I I think I said it was terrible, but that is not being Joanna because it was fine I'll tell you why, because I just had a paper and if the joke wasn't money, I believe homo arrogant.
It wasn't like an old every one was in it. Everyone was, you know their work, hecklers lake. It was because I was copying out about it. It was logo and at what it was a school night or send somebody words like people trying out things so so yeah. So what was it like? It was I hadn't Patty Weber's, isn't I felt like alone other, but if I had to memorize a set or whatever and go out there? I just think that sounds with exactly the stuff of nightmare, and I don't know now. I don't know what what what it is. I don't know what motivates so what'd you? I just think it so I dont think out and built for that. Its diverge divert us the diva to get up and for the sharing and try to make the monkey with a deeper did the weird thing to do. I make them happy any some people have does, but, but you know like, but the need to have to be
area. I want to control this group like it's a weird thing to want to be compelled to do it's not weird, it's just it's not common now, otherwise everyone will be able to give up. That's like I have one minute wait. What does your daddy is? He has his and company. No, no, no well sort of my dad was preferable. Were he wisely Larry's yeah? Oh my gosh answer, so I gradual a pretty girl. Yes, also, last time we vote, we beat me by a hundred and ten, Is that your art should evolve? Ok, yes, yeah driven a boy's metabolic set are given a voice and yeah.
That was my incubation chamber be reiterated they haven't around. I was really good adds a video games because I made my dad get arcade and I was really the basketball little many basketball game as Non sports. A person as I am for some reason I can just now I can nail those- oh, my god, Ladys lover, Look at my ok, basketball he's real those systems I want to continue on various legal, yet women are attracted to that. Might not be no because done now shrank away like an evolutionary reason for their Bulgaria. We could put the ball in that who, exactly about that, then why do they haven't been thirty? I dont know what its failure to Madame make some shoes at our feet. Job related issues,
or it wasn't good other instead of seriously but you're a girl, you, Prime, that got no now I am not currently listening. You ask that very politely you're. I bet your currently listen. You I'm not right now, telling or transfer listening to what my I'm going away, his gray, the new top up, almost flawless Anthony just told me the name of his neck them Caligula. That happening. I think soon recover. That's great! You really this first Shakespeare. So will we in Germany he's thing. Tell me why order has this lobby to virtue is now I've never been to doktor before my
feminine friendly leaves a of my mom loves him. Do I don't know when she's see my mom is not like super into company raining, but she loves juggling great yeah seems to you. Don't the hoodie Legged Levy, looks more comfortable. Nobody here more him and he's always Larry's either way, but I'd have to the house on this really good internet. So many local canadian surrounding the love of peat hogs MAC Wronger member on Russia, was general kimono, Gian Valley, rebate, Third refer whereby right right Christ alone. Now there's a problem as it yeah. Ok, while all look into that, no, I should I was recycling improbable here. Do you mean the people why it was so? Let's see I moved there. I knew from their like three years ago. So if you would,
not like Eric upheld you, air, Capellan, Shin and only on terrorism, Christopher yeah, yeah, see whose episode we also directly just thirty. Just never did you happen to opening on the spot. I just watch just came out really well, you is a very very often for o Eric's great and I have known Infer yeah, like yeah alike, as I was like two different problems and Anon Trinity either. We believe you wouldn't even have Ptolemy slogan, He's on the wire he's always playing a crazy person, was gonna watch the wire. Have you not know ok. I know I have heard of it. Well, you have to pay attention. Debts is that everyone's like it's? It's uh, it's like, I called you know people don't just going. You should really wants to show it. This wealth blocking change our likes. Like you, a lot of pressure denounced the grazing represent I've seen by anybody and it so and to feel so attentive, there's like five seasons of a right
yeah jobs. I don't care if you do have to put all of your focus into. I have seen the first again with seven episodes and well maybe I'm Navy. I am not, I would you really have eventually, maybe when you say people having to They gave me why they want to know what they want. They wasn't so bad mills velvet I'll, buy you offer my favorite character. Is it lance rhetoric? Is that his name that who place sergeant? I can't let alone is also lost, there's also. Yes, there is a tall skinny blogger, o gusher gadgets diseases obsessed with him. Oh really, any policies as economic opportunities was never deserves its let's rock US tat is really that's right. That's funny to me because this character, he places is crazy. Anyway, I'm always Ethan I took out in practice together
I was personally met. Diseases like forty, I mean he's not, but he is really going to give you a twenty seven or eight. While he was yours, you we want our unemployment of these in a year or two older than you all over Europe? you you did so the real bad years generating surgery. Do you always young. You know who money for some give. There's a guy you. I didn't write with him again, you don't you cells, arrogant, exact attack. There is no Christine it this new throwing up. You know but yeah It's funny how you think you know everyone in all the comedy scenes in them, and they, like you, just mention, like five p dot m like
to them in the middle of August of Yemen, have any about you, that's that's. How can I met handyman like his right missing right now, not overlook its mill innocuous yeah? That was what was that show those opposing three thousand five yeah yeah cause, I'm aware, was well he's very excited, but I do think do you ever feel like? Oh, it is, and that was an older generation now cuz. Now it's at one hundred and thirty one, and so I'm like okay. Well, this all the people who, like I improvise with at Ucb, I don't know- Passengers are like people. I know the whole like the next, the next wave, Comedians come yeah. There goes we and I m sure I d is now everyone they all have to go through it. Carbon do something purposely bands like a book with the audience gap. Why a man like you, people, there are clearly gives their starting. I'm surprised all as a result either is it. You do have to rise visa
You want me go. I want you like. I'm surprised that someone hasn't like bunch of offers right. There's gonna be fine there. You can play a role in great you here is how take it or leave it regime to me all the doctors of wolves with my dream and other Economic S out said like how setting I'm just from seeing that it is all the more surgeries relate the wolf just to the cancer phrase. Cities leaving these dumb, stupid, stuff, Wolf hands come into framed in its growth, but they just to add that they would be like. But again we went, they would regained their good name. They weren't, I gotta, be, has gavel, peanut butter, scalpel doing but yeah. That's why I don't really know-
yeah, it's just as little movie business works. It is puzzling business because when you work in tv, it's it's weird like film people, dont know who's on tv like film executives like it's, where they don't always on tv exact you I was just thinking. I just how we Harrison. Who is amendment the other? day- and I was thinking about him on cheers Now- is like now there's someone who made a very great transition from good for him by then it was like he can. You know, act very well, I'm seeing the almost vendors lady at a great fun career, but using an immense years give them he had. They want you to see what it has had the weird thing on red it. There were the wheel I really am seventy years old, tell me what I read it ready to serve the sort of like fun cultural kind of nerd aggregation site. Just like you just loopholes in other and a lot of means come
now happen and read it and so many health into the single. The damage, which is a maze, ask me anything. So sometimes you know people will go. Unlike someone else, a like. Oh you know I was, I was a camera operator of the ones I saw today was. I was a camera operator on celebrity rehab for six years. Ask me anything, but people ask questions and then they just deep dive and you know, but what is him figure it out? Is it because it's such a huge community started having their Having celebrities go on and do these amazing, but really will ask you anything about how to expect you dance. I guess I didn't say what it was, but it seems fairly clear in this case that it was just a publicists being like. Are we gonna get you here All these people are not worthy of it. The boys again therein
for when you hear what he Harrelson so was very clear that all he wanted to do was promote rampart and not really come on a new and aim at so some girl said something like a friend of mine in the night in the eighties. I guess you stuck into my problem our problem and took my friends virginity and it never called her again. You know what's up with that It is never like it never got answered, but everyone about everyone averted it. So uploading means that, like people can say, oh I want to put at the top, and so it was like the number one question ass and it never got answered and it was just kept getting stood back to know just what a talk about rampart and then so read it went. Fucker Zurich then, like just made fun of him, relentless that's terrible weather. Ninety actually did. That is almost relatively grace. It was a sort of my mind with a danger to put yourself, because you were
and ass. I did you re mayor. What did anyone asked you anything, but you didn't want to answer. I dont zero. I didn't hear anything that I didn't. I mean the road there were. A lot of questions are certainly I'd say you know I didn't get to every single one right, but for the most part you know him ones that were sort of like you know. Why does this person site that you worked with like I owe you know right at least I think at least I think address it or sites yeah. I didn't do that they would probably be instead. Look, I did it. It was twenty years ago I was a dick, I'm sorry right what it felt like: ok right, but just to come a people with promoting your thing. Yet exactly right do you feel weird kind of being in the public and that I I am always scared and making a mistake or doing or sing something, How did you know this is what, in this day and age, even though I know checked out in terms of the internet you're like explaining? That is why it is that you are very politely explaining something to me as I am not technologically. So
but explicitly things are, has picked up on and then repeated. I get very scare about that, but I guess you haven't so much that it is interesting workers. I guess it's just that idea that in the course of a day, everyone will say full of stupid thing right. Everyone was absolutely right, so my mostly So yes and then and then so you don't you. If you're the sort of weird cut where one of those things gets focused on right. It's just you let go, I don't, but we also don't think they do so that is a little scared. That's really scary. I heard I martinis knocked up yet so I was watching that is relevant either, but I was watching the seat of the union and then afterwards, when Obama was shaking everybody's hands precisely she. Finally,
thanks so much work and low, but we think that by word I work with Obama, but he went. He was shaking currency and in someone said, congratulations, Mr President, Michael Jordan could have done it better and it was like this. I was so we know Michael Jordan, couldn't have given a state of the union address. My concerns about only very obvious, and then I got a good speakers. Holidays. Beach was off, I didn't. I understand from those limit. I spoke to her holidays. Peace. Was him angry if someone six gray, because they wouldn't pick him for that? my gosh he saw this personally, but does it thus avoid this person was right, Michael Jordan could not have done it better. Your word very whether weird and daily races only because I think it is just because it's like ok now you're comparing them today, Montana. Could now the relevant now there by lightning. I have to compare black people only too
people and otherwise you will not understand that's a lie blocking about, and so he said, Larry Burger, better would have been more easily Ultimately, writing so that I thought about out like a true, I wouldn't just not the years when I'm wondering if he did and I Why bring down my copy to show you what he did that I am now You went like like slammed dog, like you, made a slammed on gesture and was like Michael Jordan. Ok, ok, ok! I like I see him. I could only hear his racism I've always lies all. I'm sorry, Tat is, if you like? whose names like this He's really Williams is one Venus. Couldn't surrey, my point is now that guy and then goes monsieur. I did hear a correct. I do know how to use Google and I was like. Oh, I did your currently people tweeted about it so
but now that guy said this thing in not, there was the lash. What we are currently there is no problem about where she was going to ask the rapporteur. Are you and now you might know you remind me of the dragon. I'm not on Twitter. I'm so scared of you guys are Ireland when resuming know I'd hate to get. I pointed it out. You lot because you're like socially relevant people who would be on Twitter and I and I'm so scared of twitter- does a kind word for you to do me a favor, although we were very wrong Well, I mean, like you know, I mean we're with it mattered we are in dialogue, the loop I get very worried about Twitter. I may know even take something downright if you just
you get a lot of shit when you do that, as we would like to say that, as we know, what the big groups that you get shit, no matter what you do, what you put that up, would you take that guy right, there's, always a typo? What happens if a yeah I dont yeah, because I also don't really- I don't fuck with Follow Twitter, how much it, but that's probably about I, don't know why I gotta get boldly makes me nervous business visits over some people in this. Not for other people of Europe really dont. Do I wouldn't do it just to be like well, that's what I'm supposed to do. You do it if it makes you happy, you're right right, right, do have time to do anything else. What is there? Anything else really is worth kind of at the end of our hour, but I want to make sure that I want to make sure that is there anything you want to promoting arriving knots, promote this I'm out of sovereignty. Part in Georgia is our voting on twenty and twenty one adders were jump. When I got twenty
coming out in the march, and I I play a teacher in twenty one jump street. So that's what I'll promote coming out. You Channing's because I'm with what are you could hardly have already been really. I was this just as I believe that I didn't see it pretty good measure, a gardener are, we do have the vow comes out soon. I think I mean, now, I was thus ensuring that I've ever transitory one, two, three or four years one guy would always like is twelve, probably twenty four. It is only the mustache door, you know decks flame taxpaying yeah, he's the animals easier, you yeah, yes, not. What no are you don't like the guy?
does a YO, Yo Yo yo that the guidelines on the morning badly into the out no he's on office, I'm suddenly oh you're doing the word. You wanna leave this burden we live in March this I can look at it. Would go up the office. That's ok! The mass murder of us. Ok, this is this shows called the office is a direct when all depositors, are you there I love nor harden lover. I don't have a work programme.
Actually. I would point out that anyone reasoning refer just this guy s claim. Isn't it doesn't really good? That's good! yeah, we'll make it one argument either anyway, but that it deserves there should be. My dazzling told me about it like Ellie, did you hear Johnny Depp will be making an area, so he's at minimum will really cool if it wasn't for groundwater convention. From the price of a guaranteed right from Hollywood. Boulevard didn't even bother change he Jack Sparrow. Now all right. You load Erin gave these drugs related. But what would you do some work
Can you say the little that is already doors you sorry, but using more now, wouldn't he's not copy. This is really for the day. I just don't I feel about it. I want to take up too much more. This was thinking so much for having me, and you are tired, interesting mistress aunt has it. I wish that I gotta say this actually kind of I didn't know how this was gonna go. This is such a weird space, and here I think, it's perfect, and it was also in internet, but also the sound to me. It seems like it's good right the other. Thank you so much for having you. I really appreciate it because it's what you are doing, a large watch, the others and a facility, for industry, that's a movie but well by way of a special skills. Wolf throwing out of that area
I say, both mother and so forth, are growing need this back You going act, you out. Oh it's here in your rosemary that you'd, you know, Wolf speak with you found. We found the warp animation in that movie is better information about them, as is really good and evaluation, or you have to go, that's gonna quit preacher rate and the one. I owe you yeah. We haven't, we got it, you didn't you, you got a real, it was I think that our in this.
realize it, yeah, yeah this happens. Now, me
now leading noticed dot com retail.
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