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Chris chats with Ethan Hawke about hitting his 30th anniversary of being an actor, filming Boyhood over 12 years and enjoying minutiae of life. Ethan also talks about his new movie Predestination and he remembers filming Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Work on the notice board customers six twenty five. I am here in Seattle right now staring at the space needle with my good friend, Aber Richardson, who will be opening where you might just. I don't know why you re Blackjack, John and Audio, now of all got ten minutes ago. I'm sorry I take stable for breakfast disease. You wanna get breakfast this morning. If you should a pretty maliciously, woke me up with my alarm brief minute is lieutenant yeah and your publicly shaving me cause I enjoy my rest. I don't know I just likes, leaving our championships laboratory my favorite activity is: how long would you slept? Otherwise, there is no answer to that question. So you could still be argued relate only to pm like tomorrow. Yes, yes, absolutely suffered twenty four hours before we're performing April's opening
for me and I'm gonna be in Seattle. Tonight is a couple to gives up its answers. Your baby, I'm sure, sold out at the Neptune Theater and then tomorrow night in Vancouver, saying the following important endeavours about a fun comfortable to adopt com for tickets in info. On that also at midnight going back to midnight, the nightly show where its paused again, because I don't be confused by the name- has been willing to say. Ebonite Elam here enjoy butter. Learn rumours mainly show premiers. Next week's, let exciting new, a new, a new flag shall be planted in late and somebody Russia will more and then and then at midnight what are you? Are you wanna plug your promoter? I'm really just praxis ice leaving a gang we're gonna go underground gold medal asleep. We know that if you go for a while, you have you go pro, that's good than you concerning
be like an Olympic. I feel it that's discriminatory to not have professionals leaving in some capacity. Some olympic events from using a memorandum that I give a shit yeah. I totally I mean come on curling. Do we need it so last night April and grab some dinner knew not far from the hotel and we watched up job and forty five minutes on channel wars into a parting structure, and he almost every time you almost lights, allow into it yeah myself in or a car. I felt really rude wherever this nice dinner and I call it caused Alec turn in Oslo, fully staring at this car for this truck for like twenty minutes and then you are like yet, and it was its Seattle, it's a city we're not like a more like. It was a tiny city street, this guy short of back into some crazy parking deck, and also the put like on coming traffic, certainly Fort for like twenty minutes, and then I was just like
EL captivated by the EU are like this could be a good good. So the show that so we came up with the show called backing in factually raise agreed is twenty two minutes of a bunch of spring. Others have united precarious saw things he bought. Solution can be found to watch the shit I totally live, like some channel already has like ice road truckers and things where it is just like a do driving on ice. So why can't? We just now have liked dear when their dying driving their ice rout out. I've got a new, a tiny swaying. This load of artichokes afford were in the exact location that it is intended in this, like three part viper
four square whenever they can return to Peggy Sue yet, and there were times because we are sitting at the window of the restaurants alike. There were many times or of a huge risk industry to plough right into the woods with. What's fully wrote about, watching someone trying to get into a parking space that they should not be trying to get into, there really is like a dramatic arctic. Oh there's a beginning and how's it going to give this definitely amid section like the body of the story and then, of course, the the climax yet as you make it in does he hit something. Ghastly has just drive
and give our you right. After later, though, you're like this is where I get a new career and I just get out of it. The keys I was so stressed in such an immense amount of stress for the guy too, and there was trouble because there was trouble. He stopped travel really or even I was like not only the annoyance and stopping traffic, but the people in traffic or watching what is supposed to be this guy's job like it's a huge job. You should be good at it because you do for a living and so in front of an audience of us. The people in cars he was like
and also that you could tell near the end. He was getting more and more radically. I like the pulling Ford and the breaking the tries Endlich, not caring if he was going up at first. I think you are trying to avoid going up incurs seven and then he would just like an order that cloud and building I don't care this has to get in here somehow, but then, ultimately, the he made it in and everything turned out yes, but as we we just did a pitch for backing in a better. You picked up by some network boy, but we have to this. Is the official record of Lake Darcy already every now, we know how to mail it to ourselves. No, we can. We can just email it enough in rank ass, long ass. This absurd is even hawk which was read. He was asked why the look interfaces aware is like the night. He was amazing. How did you learn now April? Got such like a
Hunton sexy praise what I said the name even not sure I know, because I was like you know how he smells number one he smells great arrived at. His dress is great and charming is everything that you would want. Anything ought to be so that you could be his lady He was there, I mean by day iron railing idea was over, but I wonder I took an occasion: yeah he's brooding predestination, which is indeed a than on demand. Now you should go see it caused. You noticed some super cool movies and though he was an excellent progress here seem to be husband of a written even allowed gas number six. Twenty five star com
He said this, happening now: Amerika close enough to Microsoft. Shabby me like here to wrap up to the mark when it knocks something good, about. You produces packer so well. Some Caesar don't come any of that out has good pretty again areas. This is crazy. Presty now I mean it
Is he pressed moment in my life? You know to have the kind of shameless parade of over praise alley that on board, It is on I am obviously having another movie come out. Yogi, you know it. You cannot take several years of your life. No, it did not. You know it was still. Though I did have boyhood and predestination were both premier at south by southwest This year, a Sherman, it was fun. I watched them is one, You know one night was one one that was the other when it was over. My dad said to me why you're into time travel movies usually radio and tv like this, you did. Your debt should live in Texas, nerves and those of its nose tat the southwest his great fun. When no one issue, I hope so I like go into,
it's gotten, so damn huge, I don't know if it's the whole internet aspect out of the game is some part of it. I don't understand that it's turn the city into absolute chaos. Yet the interactive lick it used to be drunk music fan and now it's drunk nerds and then draw me layer on top of it yet movie bust. You said there now all colliding in their alcoholism and chaos. I was that I was that details mavericks issue. Oh yeah. I was in that and we were at a dinner at the Soho House. I stopped by the thing I for one have secondary yeah and but I'm notoriously bad it just walking up to people in going hey, I'm in this, that you're in, because I would expect that person ago I dont fuck and then and then I slipped away sideways, I was just at the FBI
year end thing where they can have a hostess luncheon, where the their favorite ten tv shows and their favorite movies that you can host the luncheon you their enemy, it's so surreal to be in there nice to what is there and Kirk Douglas's there and Steven Spielberg? Is there and male strippers there and Brad and Angie or sneaking in the back? And I almost couldn't talk to anybody cuz. I felt like they would you know I'm going to look down from the mountains. When you say that you ve been working just as long as I guess, oh, but you still there's something about them. That is different. I feel, but I kept with equal. Maybe I'm not them. section of bread Angelina. I would imagine that everyone private feels that way. Words like our now, everyone enabling our pretty fabulous. They re remembered them in the day, and I mean fabulous with all cats
You know, I mean they're, just libel sudden immediately feel diminished, someway that's who godlike best and then and then, when they leave the room you all have like sunburns liking or shows. How do you like, I feel like Richard drivers and closing down exactly right, irrational gadgets like circles around your, but it's worth it because you're lucky to gaze upon in real life that film protects the mortal people from the full effect of what it would be like to be round. Yes, not exaggerate, the Arctic is evidently it is unlikely that universal, just male keep your eyes shots, but, but I guess it you can do. I mean explores, was like eighty five thirty years,
This is my thirty year anniversary of acting in movies. So weird thing for me to realize: I would turn fourteen on the set of explorers- and I turned forty four this year on the set of this. You know, Chip Baker Movie that our work on and that's it. the music, we haven't even birthdays onsets for thirty years. I should be a lot better. This first thought was like while men, it is amazing when you start dogs are almost the same may exactly this image, but it's strange to when you start getting into numbers like twenty and thirty I've been doing it. for thirty years, I've street has no sound strange. It does seem reminds me there's a line in them in boyhood the petition markets, as I just thought, there'd be more and I know what she means. You know it took its. I don't wanna be doing anything else. I love acting, it's what I want, but imagine if you had been doing your paper out for thirty years,
I was also doing my paper round of financing and, thank God I drop their yeah. Well, the adjacent robots. very similar line and parenthood. If you remember that, Where he's talking to stay. Martin is through the sun and the move any was like. You never crossed the finish line. You never spike the ball at an instance. This moment of, like that's a bummer because you keep committee is true too. You know, I guess, but you think when you things, because we have these romanticized ideals of like well some day I'll, do this and then that'll make my life this quality and then those things you know because you're so kind, as you're doing them that you don't stop to notice them. You are really think so. You know it's a desert, Dylan Line from Mum More to Ramona, you ve been tricked into thinking, the finishing and is at hand you know, and this idea that keeps him even with in them the industry is the they always.
I took a saw to that. There is the possibility of winning. You know that did this What movies Gandhi better than another, or that somehow in your life, you're gonna win? The trouble is there's always the sun comes up the next day in even you the always every year the can a year and movies ends is one person winning the academy already something right in, and everybody else lost always gonna like the incidentally, for that, eventually everybody, but one person lose read in that. Person loses the nasty you know it is the same. With life, I mean inevitably all gonna lose me we're all going underground. Rogan backs up from wherever it was we came in. There is no in this. I think what billboards means and in that that movies you people act like all my son gradually eyes, gleamed on parenting. You're, not you think I found love, I'm happy now. You know it's a daily thing. You know. Oh I'm in here
movie? I made it, you know. No sooner, have you made it than your passe again and then It is even worse cause. You got your chance new blow it. You know. Look at that moment. I love that moment in them. I would say great movies alone and Deniro at cop land, and I love this moment. It's an amazing thing. Deniro looks it alone the eyes he says you had your chance and you will be aware, and it was credible, wonderful moment in cinema, because there was a subconscious too. That moment you know, of course, still nobody I mean the rocky
These were unbelievable moments and at the same time there was a things. Stallone was reinventing himself at that. For a moment the life isn't ever blown Stallone was grading cop land than he was having a little come back right, but you know I mean yeah, it's kinda like this weird and infinity circle. You know I've been thinking about the infinity services, that's cut. What predestination is it's a strange dramatization of the infinity symbol of life but known ripping so lonely, Caskey, quick, ripping icons, Nokia, because I you know, I don't know it so strangely that we're talking about this, because I also just had the same experience with I was somewhere in the Song Glory days by Springsteen came and other one of those songs of well. We had our task, but now we're just getting drunk in a bar talking about our, but it's over now, and even at that point he was, I think he was only in is thirty.
It is already a thing as either at that point it was still like. Well, we had our chance, and you know change in the net turned out to be the biggest item of all time and now everything's in reference to that, in a rise, I think it. I think the important thing to remember is that it's that it's all about you when the mavericks listen up, that is those of Ngos to import. I think I may add slightly better than most. Does it s a little bit? At least you know, and if not now we then it for. That will lay adornment normally will find their they're fine, like normal people like Akkadian, get around us, nor people define behind They didn't identity, a little magazine distinction and I feel like that is an indelible mark that makes it makes us a little bit better. Yet that means us when we get to the pearly gates of Heaven. You know Saint Peter will say you maverick
take over here, he's gonna, say things I love sometimes need your period movie. You get this thing, we're like they'll inundate set with period magazines and newspapers, and you read like the hot list from ninety seventy six and nine out of ten people. People you never heard of any one of them is somebody it's a total goofball. You know you're, like you know, and so it it it does. Maverick savvy seminars. Will last hours will not be that way? I guarantee you, people remember us, and they will that. We are important to us than Like Lee Majors, hey, eighteen, seventy six exactly like who has never never gone away. His stars never did, and we should it but it, but I think that an important things to try to remember- and hopefully the wisdom you get when you start to get older- is that it's not like, I think, specific goals and goal achievement or really just guides for the process. Right, it's really more about like why what type of a person you become in as you proceed, aren't as once you get it
it's the way. You do some mouth and I think this is common. Oh really wax the corny here really wax corny, but I've been spent an almost a year now talking with people about the film boyhood. You know in people, often in the architecture, the movies original in and there's this something just really unique about the attempt of telling a story. For twelve years, but what is the movie about? You know? That's one of these I keep it was. It was what the hell is so moving about this. You know, and I keep thinking about that, play our town member as we did in my high school at the end of it. You know it's his person, dies. Negative Qana revisit slow, but like it's a wonderful life, it's something with it gets look at the level of a Sunday Miss eating breakfast you they miss, seeing their sister walked to school. You start to realize just the minutiae of life that is wonderfully. We think that being a maverick
being a big shot, a winning this prize or having these him significant relationships or whatever gonna be the means by which I mean these moments, a wedding in achievement, a prom, a party whatever it is the Oscars. Whatever these things, we think that they're gonna, be the good stuff in the good stuff is Waking up in the morning, you know the good stuff is the stuff. That's for free. It always is, and I mean that's why I say: wax the corny, but there's that line yet he city a secret to life, is enjoying the passing of time rather than him to me. That's like essentially you know. If I had to do boyhood pithy little statement. You know I mean that really is it it's getting up and having the perfect eggs for breakfast, but also being a magic. I want to make it clear that being a member is the most important lesson, definite and most important yeah so having an effect do if it's alright to say I envious envious and I do feel a bit sorry for I envy the fact they are still able to feel human emotion that I, as a member,
and because it is hard on independence is really but beyond that. But but I think it's important fur and anything that's why people can get so depressed, so easily, because they think are the single fix me this thing or fix me, and then it doesn't get more depressed because they didn't victim. So it's almost like no. No. Your time is now fix your shit now, but I don't think I don't think you know the idea of glory days of being like every. It's all You know it's all behind you like you can still like you extort a thing with Stallone. You know, unless you're in the ground, you can still pretty much in most cases contain to do things and create can stimulate its never over the stories never over until it is, I mean it, but it meanwhile there's life. This hope, there's all it. That's a Stephen hawking line. You know I mean that. you know and that's true for our relationships in our life that have gone back to you know. I always I mean any vessel
live any times at all you always jealous. I don't really believe these people who say they have no. You know if I could go back in time. I wouldn't change anything. I have no way to know what they mean, maybe because its it's the suffering in the things you did wrong. That taught you things that leave you, where I get all that, if I could go back in time, I would fix things, but I do think that Wall time is happening. The possibility for healing always exist. I'm always amazing. My relationship with my own childhood is still changing or, as I become a pair, I see my memories with different eyes. You know in in some like I just I don't see it as one dimensional. I did you know and I know my daughter's sixteen have been working with our call train, whose twenty year work with serious note from predestination is when you know in mid twenties I'm always in them now, and I can see the eyes with which there looking at the world in thick,
it takes you. Others is a certain orientation and you see the world through what you're getting and not getting you see the world you know through which you want it to rather than what it is and there's a frustration and disappointment and pain over that. It's not what you want it to be This assumes you of our romantic relationships. We have this, have this version of Lovers are supposed to look and sound like you know, and then you get inside a relationship and it's different than that, and is this right? This is not right. Is it's okay? What is it you want to say relationships? The work is this Is this what they mean, or this is too much work you know what's were and we'd all willing. None of us have
This is because there's an idealized version, especially you know, living in a cinematic culture. There's an idealized, black or white. It's gotta, be it's either this perfect thing or it's not it's not that it's like know everything there is. There is a lot of elements to innovate in there's. A lot of work is that's exactly what I thank you for making my point now. For us, is it your neither good parent nor bad parent? You somebody who is living in a lot of good parents, make bad decisions, and you know it in the there's always an opportunity to return to centre. You know who, so as long as you don't spend too much time The thing on the past for the glory days or whatever. What you did wrong ends and realize like, oh well, I can make active choices now, like you, don't wanna use, don't you don't leave too much
in the future. If you dont know lasserate yourself and you don't wanna aggrandize yourself too much, I mean if you it's ok, so you said because I, what are these people a boy? You know there are things that I think I would go back and change. I think I wouldn't be. I think him when I was younger. I probably wouldn't have been so hard on myself. Sense of like I. Second, I'm never going to be good. Anything like I think it would have been nicer to myself the. What what would you would you go back and do differently? Will I think of the thing I entered Kris Kristofferson once I was doing this profile for him, and I asked him that question you know I feel like it cuz. He was talking about the first time he He was in the military and he stopped by the grand ole. Opry was just watching you so nervous, and all I wanted to be was a songwriter needs, couldn't see how he could ever be in that world. You know I am innocent. What would what advice would you say to that young man now like? If you could it in, and he had that same thought you didn't. I just tell myself to relax
You know that you know if you, if you hold a ball underwater its eventually going to float up, I thought I had to do all this swimming in, but it eventually just things generally go up all by themselves us and we spend a lot of time hating ourselves and that turn makes you like be arrogant, secure. Whenever, however, that manifest you know, but I would do the same thing I'll just tell myself to relax. Did you ever go through? I think I withdrew dickhead period I was young because I was a immersed in mind right now in it
we may have. We may be maverick yeah in its. You know what what things do you take time to do throughout the day or throughout the week? Do you stop it take moments for yourself to appreciate something like how do you keep yourself? You know. How do you keep herself balanced in I mean. Is the question? Isn't it I mean like if I had the meaning of it all groups of people the talk about meditation, this whole groups of people, the talk about doing things for others, you usually getting. If you stare out the people. You see your octogenarian that are happy and excited in really feel good about their lives. Every time I look at it in some way, their outwardly looking, meaning that their working towards helping other people,
in there is its, I think, that's the big transit, because when you are young, you feel you have to fight for yourself, and you do you mean your mom and dad I'm gonna take care. You forever nobody's gonna, give you your dreams, you know nobody's gonna, do that for you- and so it creates this, this energy of you working for yourself, but eventually some part in them over the road, I think you have to start using a different map does if you keep. Using the same tools that got you through your childhood and three, your young. You can't, think maybe end up in the same place, I'm not really sure with the answer, but I feel like life is asking all of us to mean a thing. It's part of why we age and don't stay young and beautiful forever as well. Both to be asked to go into another stage of our life in, I think, for every person it's different. But I know from my mother, for example, my mother is in early six Yes and is
appear now than she's ever been in. That transition for her was. Learning to kind of like herself on our own terms in the second. That transition happen kind of forgive herself for the things that was disappointed herself about shame that joining the peace accords with the romanian she's, dedicated to harass like fifteen years of her life towards Gypsy rights in the working people say when I said that a nice person when things do want it to be nice. She could she likes. It is interested in its it's interesting to live in Bucharest, Romania and in work with these women. There really interesting women in its funds a reason to wake up in the morning and feel good about what you're doing and feel like scan several thousand kids in school. You know who weren't in school in
it makes. You feel good about yourself, you know, and whereas the the inverse of that is of course, you know like why people talk about the negative relationships to drug addiction and stuff. Is it kind of turns you in word? You keep looking. Inside in the more you look inside us like the classic mere thing you just can't see anything else besides yourself, and that makes you hate yourself. It makes you look at yourself more in it. It's kind of a it's like fall down the stairs. I never heard that point of view before that. that actually makes a lot of sense. I've been thinking a lot about it this year. You know what has been a lot of lost this year and for me you know what it were nearing the year anniversary of Philip Seymour often instead,
I've lost two of my heroes, I'm his only two guys of my generation who, like really sparked the flames of jealousy and envy. In me, you know it was River Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman. They were just major. They were able to use, acting and being an artist. You know not to be a celeb or not, you know they. They just went beyond that and in they were communicating. That's that's always been my going in and they both fell prayed in nobody trip them. They trip themselves, you know and if I had advice for young people now in a feast women, eight self destruction. Life is hard enough. Just love yourself in an and relax in Hating yourself does not make you interesting in this kind of illusion that debt that they use
you have to be whipping yourself free alternatives, some arrogant, prick or something and in its true you know it's it, but I've been spend a lot of time. Thinking about it will there's a there's, a big gap between hating yourself. and thinking that you know a your perfect, you know what exactly does a lot of room there, but it took me a long time to learn that I didn't mean to you know I you know and then, when you do, that you vacillate alot, you know I myself am a genius. I was wrong date myself, you know in of course you know. I think I got to work. Sidney Lumet, you know is eighty three and I can't walk that middle path of having extreme confidence and belief in himself. In being so humble and curious about, other people was really wonderful to see. Somebody Don't stop the same. I have spent a year and her room with him. You meets its fun. You meet the older generation of people and people who
haven't atrophied into bitterness and anger and what they didn't get the economy and in an You can see the profession at its finest. You know where to- oriented running superficial, like beauty, your right to show all right, it's oriented in turn, because you didn't you can't control those factors nodded. Eighty three and you certainly can't none of us can control retinue. Well, how are you feeling about? You know approaching mid fortys and then getting into like? Are you are you because I think I think about it? A lot bothers me less than it did a couple years ago, you know I think I mean if you're, like makers were about the same age is a couple years ago I felt like a really old young person. I think it was still kind of young out of it as it is really all your a night club or something has come just loud and clear in their cars would- and I was now I feel like a really young old person.
Did. You know I mean I go, hang out with all the people that the youngest in, but I can't you know this certain in any way, there's a kind of freedom to that are not true be in the other room and him right in and I like it, there is a little bit better. I think the important thing at like one of the lessons that something and I try to working on something- and you know that I would like to- but I wish I could convey to people, but everyone has to learn their own thing. Is that you It is rare that you can control outcomes, but you can control your perception of an outcome like you can control how you react, how you perceive it, what you can learn from it, because you just can't control a lot of times how far you can't I'll give. You really frivolous example that that that is still ongoing. The golden globes tomorrow, you can tell yemeni people companies it good luck. You know, I hope you win.
You knew well, it's a real dog grace. You know something like that in its it's. You can't help it. If people keep saying to you start to think my hope I went, I don't want. You know many of your human being right in here. I just to Colonel resisted. In my head and color, I see my since my daughter this morning, she takes me she's a good luck tomorrow. You know she's in New York and in Arabic Authority, one should you d like now, not literally dammit, I mean that doing what I love and people are like. Pat me on the back about it, if I when who the hell did right. Do you know me if I'm gonna, if I'm gonna, let somebody spin this into me, losing I'm not gonna yeah There's no scenario in which I will lose tomorrow, working with my best. Friend in the world on a movie that is actually kind of original that I love about family.
about relations, about exactly what we're talking about the passage of time and how you can mature tell me I lost in a fuck you, I hope that's your accepted speeches. it is money into the disappeared? Bro made this movie predestination, it's US camera now and for the but he's seen the movie and since every job, deaf bomber winedrops again. But it is what we really wanted for the Adeline, the movies for to say, predestination go fuck yourself, but for those who see the movie them, though, at the our target there, the other about just begun. A tangential tat there is a great doubly more would be called crazy people I have no idea was like the basically this as this insane asylum, they started, writing add copy and it started be. It started like sweeping the nation.
is it because it was really on, as it was like a Jaguar for many wanna get hand jobs from strange river, they hardly either, but I think that what exactly was the by Jaguar than a hand, job we're gonna buy, did dumb duplicity. It was the same guy. Daybreak urges that was a fucking great movie, of David, these guys are cool. There too twins two twin brothers, not to twins their twins and it's not two pairs of shoes. It's a pair of Arabs. Yes, anyway, there, wins Peter Michael Spirit, and you know they look, and you know they just talk in work and about movies are the same kind of passion of all the people who worked through the best meaning. You know it's it's hard to make a really good, John or movie. You know it's hard. I give you go see. as you know, the original salt on pricing, thirteen or John Carpenters, the thing or even the really, even all those old
thanks to movies. You know when some of them are really good and they they survive. It's because we put a lot of thought into them in. I cannot think it's. The highest form is when you can tell a really really entertaining story and have it be about something. Someone level is quite easy to make. An art film is about something solid started, doing about something right, but if you can make a move in and then movies it just shamelessly entertain there, you know they get borders does really quickly to you know they just you have just flippin cars and showing tat. Sir right, you know minutes boring, but if you can make a gene or movie that also has ideas at work. It's kind of them can be the most exciting thing to do in that's what these guys are trying to do
they breakers and predestination they're, making really entertaining movies. That also make you think right. Do you think that's why? Because you ve done a handful of films that are sort of like dust opium. Future films were like the not too distant future sort of this day. S topic that in the not too distant future, yet because I guess sort of by the nature of their construction are kind of like up there about an idea to commentary on
This is a way that culture could go if the art therapy for me, for example, if somebody will you give me a script about the story, Travel Martin, it be interesting, but men be hard to make that not tv movie. Where is the way that Cinema works best is to take something like the purge say. Aren't you gonna, take we'll talk my class warfare and we'll talk by the discrepancy of wealth. Let's imagine futuristic society where rich people sitting there treadmill and flip channels watching, while poor people kill themselves right. Let's imagined wild in these queasy, which people don't even care, that being so, and then you watch it in a certain is futurists society. Were you not dictating to an audience all this is bad. This is good, this is this. Is he just present the idea and you make it sound? in funding. Go see it all by this outcome to get broken into or not right, but underneath the thing
We have seen the purchase a perfect film or I'm not seen it. Isn't I just that's what I love about good genre movies. Is they have this subversive idea? You look there there is a lot our country is dealing with a lot of issues of class the world is. You know, though, that there is a large discrepancy of well. and a lot of the environment is being destroyed by a lotta, rich people who want to consume things, and they don't want to stop in a lot of poor people are suffering but they're, not educated What I mean is the same war. That's been goin on throughout the history of time and in
If you make some college professor speech about it, everybody falls asleep, but if you can put it in art, you know I mean even takes up the like I'll. Take him the movie sinister, which is a horror movie, but I loved that's got Ericsson is he was standing me like look? This is a huge metaphor for how men oftentimes put our ambition in front of their family. He wants to write a hit book more than he wants. You mean he hit. The ambition in him opens the door to Incubus. You know adds its is demons right. One. This move is literally a demon. Now, if you dont make that movies,
carry then it's stupid were hidden happening, it's actually really scary and then at the heart of it. It's a film about a guy betraying zone. Marriage with his own need for his own ego worth gets interesting that it is about it's kind of the same way that you know like cartoon satire. It's almost cartoonish away that because its it there's a like a layer of separation. You know that makes exactly what you're saying where it's not just like right here right now, like the not too distant future everything's a little see, I think you know many think, like a with. What's going on in France right now, everything to the power of the cartoonist is the power of humor. You know in which is it. Humor is the guru great level or of hypocrisy. If you can make the right choke, you make somebody feel really foolish, because you show them
policy here and it's a really powerful meaning. That's the the cartoons are amazing that way because they, just the great cartoon, just makes your brain go. Oh right that doesn't make any sense at all. You know some. This might be a corner question and I apologise. Corny do ok, good, ok, good was the process of making dead poets society did you feel is inspired during that process. As I felt when I watch the movie was like This is open up like that movie completely, and I am sure everyone tells you this completely opened up and I was the right age for hours later. I was like that. I was your age. I we were right there did it feel like you're, making a movie or did when you are making the jury like oh fuck, yeahs deceit sees that I mean this is all yes, yes, I can even realize it. I mean the funny thing is
The answer is that movie changed my life. When people say what was a familiar, I have different answers indifferent days, but there's only one movie that changed my life and it was dead, poets society, but it wasn't even aware you in your kid You just do things like. I just thought. That's it. Making a movie was like me, Norman Lloyd was on the report, the principle you know still Anderson shut down. You know that guy, where he had been in the silk and Mercury Theatre Company, with Orson Welles and in we're all goofing around a lunch when Danes, the soldier comes out to me, since you have no idea what's happening like what he meetings since when the grace experiences of you,
and you don't even know it. You know, I guess we just kind of union people just think they're, they're old, this, it's not everything they get their own rail in. I didn't realize into later the couple years later I call my agent as I can I have. This is really good idea is acquitted. Six I wanna get my friends together like we're just gonna start every other night we're just gonna red plays justice, which is, can we plays and you'll be dead, Please in the club is going to read it, they get to select the play and they get the cast it and just so, then you have to be in whatever they. Your friends cast, and I said he burst out laughing at like what like the dead poets. oh yeah, I get a threat to their lies in, and I don't even remember what I mean is this stuff went inside me gather he wills buds, while you
carpet dm all that stuff. You know o captain my captain. What will your verse be? Almost of was like being funneled into my brain, but Adam even realize it. It's been the ethos of my life and I dont think I even knew it. actually haven't watched. The I haven't watch the film in a few years, and I certainly am- I watched it since Robin passed away, and I would imagine that it's probably that much more like wow, you know like it. It probing. I don't know. Maybe maybe one of those ones will be hard for you to get through that be like.
Her, my I like it. I, like it a well, you gotta know their victory and I could not, for fact, emanated movie deals a suicide that movie deals with some. You know the whole. What that whole movies is about is enough. Finding your voice in letting your voice be heard, despite the great pull of the universe towards everybody being the same, and in a great you, no applause for media awkward. If that happens, all the time d, you know enough. So for me I couldn't watch the film now I don't know if I ever be able to watch it again, but I see clips from it sometimes in May
look at her talk shows and things like that in its very strange amidst a very, very powerful movie, but at the core is a really real argument. Any meaning depression is real. Gather ye rosebuds. Well, you may you know, life is passing, you know it. food for worms, lads food for words, Maroon, Romania. Of course you know I'm a member theirs. I can remember this sum scene when he makes us look at the photographs of the other. The other values stood the others, the other students or Vienna gonna be be strange to you? Do you think about it? You know in on one we're not one whit, robins life all be owned by the by the passing of it. So much brilliant work, so much happiness,
he brought people yeah so much. I think that's what people are so devastates we are. He made us also happy. It was so hard to imagine that he didn't do that for himself right rain that that that was about was Emily tat. We talked about that. To say that is. It is that it was such a crime that he was unable to connect with the sole frustrate I mean, even if you just even if you just made one, if you are able to make one person happy in your life, that's a good thing to make millions and millions. People happy for fourteen of forty years and still not be able to feel no ideal. It not and do not feel it yeah. But you know I saw that on this. You know anybody. You worked with him.
for every high theirs alone is a law that x, bending half of all the energy, all that going out. Yes as a cost it well in its also, I mean you know, I'd enough, I don't love. You feel this way, but I feel like a lot of performing can be in a way sort of you know, distracting yourself a running away from shit that you really don't want to face or deal with you know like putting yourselves and other bought in other absent was lives that other about how we forget. You know when there's resisted and Robin is it if there is any criticisms, his work when he was alive you, the criticism always revolved around his tendency towards being incredibly sentimental. There was,
real hurt there. You know a lot of times in his working. We was quick to cry, but people didn't really want him to do that. You know they criticise. There was so much heart in him who is and who, I think, a lot of our community into that way. Buster Keaton in these guys it is just a man's empathy and mash with intelligence. You can't be that funny without being really smart right and so, but with that incredible intelligence in that kind of sensitivity doesn't mean you have the necessary toughness right to keep looking at all those truths right, while the chatter that, like the internal chatter, can be overwhelming, I stand in, for him must do you have that at all? Do you have like you know, you're able to shut your brain off with vast amounts of drugs and alcohol with self medication? Yes, you know, I don't know, that's a good question because
I'm a pretty restless person. You know, and you just mentioned the thing about people running away from things. You know that I worked pretty nonstop and one does. I sometimes have to wonder what what is making me so restless, but hopefully it's love, yeah yeah. You know I mean I love what I do he knew in it's. Nothing feels better than certain inside a movie theater people laffer watching people respond, The boy had the way they do or why I guy making people feel. You know me that's really office. We just hate apathy, we hate sleep, walking, through our lives, is great line at the end of predestination is, movies is huge riddle. You know it's a nature. Its infinity sick said symbols. An Enigma sudden Enigma doesn't make any sense in the very end
victor, I don't want to ruin it, don't want runic as movies told it it's a movie, need if you like it, you want to see it three times anyway, so it doesn't matter. There's no splitting he looks, the cameras. I know who I am dinner, who are you but I don't know who all use Arby's are in its right at a high line. Storing it, sir, it's it's real. It's a reaching out on the page lines. Doing a thing: hey are you sleep? Are you listening? You know this? Is your life and its happening right now in don't be a zombie, you know ask yourself some questions. Think of other inmates line was saying in here. It's here was a story written in the fifties and question still resonates still magazine, cone pings out. None of the same there's kind of a demon, gotta too sure is save any for the swim back. You know I mean this, you know
Member that moment yeah. You know how I did it in its it's all. This stuff is happening in other great liner. Forget he said if you know the creation didn't happen, it's happening so so you feel like ultimately at when something just hit men, which is using your Mama's an early sixties. So she was a young mom she's, a team I often say she was seventies, always gets mad at me. I was eighteen o my mommy still sound white trash. Have I guess issues are still pregnancy darlin. You are seventeen when you got Bragton zone, but me- and I know where I am I know where I come from, but did you grow- is to ensure that we have reason to ask them to excess nice nice. When and where did you move, you got in your first or I'll avers I win our many. You mean I went to New York when a graduate high school, but
and I traveled around I mean I went to a think, ten different schools and my twelve years of education. It also You know I was at Lana, Brooklyn, Vermont, Connecticut Bunch different places, a gradual high school in New Jersey. Ok, and who I'm just curious, who were who you're all time favorite offers, and who are you because I know you're you're at your huge literary gaff? What I, stands will not as much as one thing that my kids have done as they just annihilated that my bad site as annihilated my reading recently, but I hope to get it back. I mean a gym Thomson, no more at now. How much I love you know, and I love stuff back and Tolstoy what my real favorites are, not necessarily the brilliant,
on the pensions of the world or the I love the people like James Baldwin, who can who can give you really found stories. It's really easy to read. You know me the good genius fundamental stories it in a young. You don't need a high school education to read antics I mean he's got his russian names and it make it a little hard, but he was. He worked very hard to find the right word tat, just told the story and he was very human. I mean you know, visit Rick, never talk. Sabbaticals Rick is not news, pretentious as I am, but you know that the beating heart of of of boyhood is is Tolstoy childhood boyhood in youth, known about his book on on childhood in there is something Tolstoy in about boyhood in its absolute simplicity in others, is nothing fabulous happens in a movie, absolutely ordinary and that's the way an accredited feels to me. You know
It's the way grapes of wrath, simple this. Not these huge paragraphs of mine, blowing genius. Writing is just Willie, honest and insightful into the way people think you know, and so that's my favorite color writing that and I do love science fiction to many Tik Tok. for example, token worm, you know, what's his name, the brilliant, you wrote game, thrones German itself, so fabulous writers in a sea of Louis. Very clearly, you know it's pretty easy to read. You know you. Can can get it at thirteen or fourteen, and then it means even more to you at sixty five. You know my dad. Just re read the talking again from his maiden that guy was smart me. It's great writing that is very approachable, asthma
stuff there are their eridu tie, my boyhood you're, like guy, you know like there are these giant. There were so many moments in that movie rose like it was like to be a long shot of driving in the car. We like there's gonna, be a car act like Would you like something really horrible was gonna? Have windows live donors dislike, but that's it. That's where the genius of the movie lists, because we feel about our own lives, which saw people Why do you enjoy vacation so much more? When you look back at the pictures and when you're on it, you know in its because in our forward. Some bad is gonna happen. You know, with almost did they were always cannot. You know minutes are human preservation.
Strength we don't want to fall down. We're word were going in a car wreck or word or o weeded linking called. You know, that's like we're, always worried to she like me. Maybe she doesn't let me anymore. You know, like the all that stuff is in and when we can look at the passing on that did work out. She did like me prominent grade. Are you better with relationship if you feel more in controller better of yours? You know interpersonal relationships now, if you feel a cab guy, conic category, yet now it better than I was. I guess, but I mean I can hear my daughter lud snickering. If I were saying you're good at it, jeez dad terrible. You know you. Whenever youth. the trick, I think, to having a decent relationship. If there was one is, is, is a listening and being open systems?
think think ve got it all on your already losing you know cause us, as you think you know, what's happening, probably not listening well here and here's a trick to an end. Weirdly doing podcast has helped me in major personal relationships is dangerously. Greece had to listen to some one in the way that you know that you're doing that is if you're thinking of what do you want to say, so you can say it as soon as they are done. Talking you're not listening to the US everything that's it'll be met with a smile get tee. My favorite acting advice ever got which, as you know this seconds you seamlessly to seek the student comes after? I guess you know. I know I know the secret to acting as is really really listening, but just how can I be a better listener? And the second teacher said to this kid or tell me with them, tell me what you have for breakfast. So you tell me what you have either I couldn't give a shit
that's it! That's what that, so that facilities are really thinking about, assuming you, if you really think about what you're going to say next year grubbing up. Well, we're we're we're almost like this is that we arrive at a time with you, but I do want to pity one idea, which is that we go in. We take the movie explorers and sink a hundred million dollars for the last ten minutes of the film and put in like CORE aisy fucked up alien effects. So when you guys go and go into space, just like the most insane like normal they'll Toro, like yeah router, generated amazing craft. An insane also practical hospital Nolan do the last ten minutes. That would be. That would be cool. Ok good was long as you're on board with it. I can
if we can actually have always ever so many voices like this, but we spent ship was good to see you man. Thank you so much for being here predestination what does destination yesterday. It cannot. Yesterday. Ok, you didn't now in its out in theatres and of your d, I'm right now excellent! Well, I We are doing well in general and I hope you get the chat again soon in the face of the german thanks for having in Julia Burrito everyone, you Mavriky, you maverick need our man now leaving noticed tat com enjoy your burrito.
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