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The musically talented Fitz from Fitz and the Tantrums hangs out with Chris and Matt! They talk about how Fitz and the Tantrums got their unique style of music, what it was like growing up in Los Angeles and what it's really like living as a musician! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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an attorney, but they are not allow from legal zoom thumb. Subsidies fits of fits of tantrums, which is a band that I like and they're nice, so fits came on and have really interesting guy and I join and then even after we stop recording. I just grilled about his background. After I found out what his dad did, which are not gonna spoil now cause, then you don't wanna spoiler, the pod guess just listen, you'll get to it, but the new fits into tantrums. Album is out. Now it's called more than just a dream and picking up business Punkahs Zone a thrifty six with fits and the tantrums variant adequately. Maybe an attachment. Despairing, better gold, because it's just fits debts in the tent rims lighted them tat. Drums no daydreams just fits em now entering minister com.
All the way to many opinions for your mother internet, it's weird yap it and your family and your for some reason: they'll challenge, so you don't have to be clean, rightly he's already words. Yes, yes, I gotta truckers mouth, that's good! The bad guys could almost be called truckers mouth still egg and no one aspect This is one of those very specific, and I know no one. At the moment. Our stories are too is very, is very much to lose. Conversation fits and now there don't seem to be any tantrums here,
and now we left the tantrums at home. That is that they, like you wanna come near. Like your tantrums, you stay here and I think they were like what we don't have to work today. You do go for putting that. You have to go talk for an hour exactly so your album, but by the time this goes up your admiral of just come out. Yeah! That's right! So congratulations! Thank you! Brother acquitted Europe. Durham, ten million copies, Oh man, there remember those days only very what everyone I tell us with numbers or Adele. In our view, if you solve any less than like five million, it was like. I know it now, you you sound like a hundred fifty thousand in their like applauding you, it's crazy, it's so crazy to look at the charts and see like what makes number one some weeks in its literally, you could sell like forty five thousand records happy in the number one position on the chart, even think about eight. Seventy more! Does it like? What's your what's your game,
first success or do you have wonder? Is it a personal wonder? Is it a numbers one I mean That is enough for me. That's like multi layered because for me, like you know, I busted my ass, an amusing business for almost twenty years, and I could not get I get arrested to save my life and I picked up and put down the dream so many times and it was really only one. I was like thirty six thirty seven that I even got my first break after I've. Finally, just finally come to peace with okay, this is never gonna happen. Just with it. What else are you gonna do with your life and then Magical moment happen where it fell different than anything else. I've ever done in those sort of like, I would say, was like before. I was like trying to smash a square through around round hole and then with this ban was fits in the tantrums I'll send it was like it just flowed in there. Is these serendipitous moments it kind of like kept feeding off, if each other. So for me every moment that this bad exists and I actually get the pay my bills from doing music, it's like you, know,
I've already like achieved every dream, I could have ever wonder what was what do you think the shift was was just the specific collection of people that was just like? I want this, isn't you couldn't engineer? There's just kind of happened were. Obviously I think you know you gotta have good music, you gotta have talented people. There is definitely like some exceptional musicians in my band and what we do is we on a real live show. You know it's like: there's no smoke and mirrors everybody's, so talented when you put the six of us together, there is this palpable entered That's translated, but I think it's also my drummer John. He always talks about this no theory of like you're in line, and if you get out of line you gotta get back to the end of the line, But if you stay in line for your dream, you just keep power and unaware, and eventually your time is gonna come around, so his dearest don't get out of the fuckin lying down
don't get off hold when it's like your calls very important to us exact. Although the business never really says, your call is very important to us know, and you know that was the thing is, I think you know I had done a lot of music for advertising and for movies and stuff like that and made a little bit of money from that, and I Basically, what I saw a couple glimmers of, like maybe something's happening, I put my my whole entire life savings into this band, and we know we were able to go to the country and open up for bigger bans and stuff, but it was only kind of with that original investment that we could even afford to go across the country and do all this stuff, and we started just bill stop this following to the point when we were ignored by the industry the whole entire time, and then it just got to this point: where. Finally, we had built up enough of our fan base that the industry finally had to start taking a little notice, when we are selling out shows across the country and been like. What's going on these guys we even have a record deal and there being talked about like social me
all over the place and selling out shows for me. It was like and the rest the guys The ban is really a point of private. We built it all on our own and sort of IRAN ignored well, ok, you got it ignores warm a few weeks. Don't do it on our own anyway said. I think, that's really so the aim of of being in any kind of art the condemned today is is not I mean it you know, I'm sure there was some degree of that before you know before the nineties and in the areas in the seventies and where Oh no! You gotta keep plowin ahead, but I think a lot of or back then, because everything was so concerned, but so controlled by these very small systems. That said, ok, you can do this and will put you on radio, and now it's none of my oh yeah. Why me now? You can literally be that guy in, like Minneapolis in your basement, like making us, in some house, you put it out to the world, and sometimes it can truly have that organic viral moment where you are in your basement and of sunlight. Fifty
and a hundred thousand people have heard your song. I mean that's that access. You know we were talking about like you, don't sell records anymore, it's a blessing and a curse all at the same time. You know you know they say now. Between five and ten records are stolen for everyone, that's purchased so, and that way you don't sell as many records, but at the same time, there's the in which we literally have fans in Bangladesh. Saying we love you music, you know we can afford to get over to Bangladesh, but somehow somehow the the inter webs. You know they know. Is there another time period that you think I know it great to have been a musician in this time period, began what you wanted to be absorbed by the labels. In the seventies. How now the Indeed, when they were writing, like seven figure checks and using all these people. Whether are I mean, that's partially a joke, but I mean I was pretty incredible. Back in the day when you could actually like
so a lot of records you could go, make a music video from more than like ten cents being rubber. Other? You know there was like was a whole sort of thing. You know we were on an indie for a long time. It would just switch to a major- and I gotta say that you know we made our record finished it even before we swim. But being on a big corporation. You can also feel you know, there's there's more power behind you. There's more support? You know we were on a level with five people in there and then we switch to label. That's got a couple hundred and you know: there's always hundred and one nightmare stories about major labels, but if you are actually in their good graces, it's it's not a bad thing. What is it? What is it that they provide, Is it just like promotion and emotion, support staff? You know just passion in others. There's a couple hundred people. There are passionate about. You know helping your banned in Europe, Is it get out to the world? You know, and you know it's palpable. You can feel it when now, when you
promoting the record? You know we just came off of light for weeks of going around to every radio station around the country introducing ourselves trying to get her? Are songs played on the air and do do the promotion dance that you got. Do any of you know? That's part of that being even in that pathway to have those opportunities as direct result of being on a label I remember my were to correct in the nineties and then, when you know, characters pretty but very powerful in the nineties, because they were be no, they had Grunge and they had you know like They had a lot of the music that was at the top of the charts for sure and and bans would come in and just play lie like just play too. I don't like. I have this in oh yeah. We just did that hey about this for characterised a couple weeks ago. Oh yeah, oh yeah, I mean it's like, but now you play on the rebel stage
response, which is the bad guys, our ban. You know when you're on the road you need that any that extra Torreon or whatever they put an oh that's cork has. When I worked in Iraq, it literally was just in a conference room like they would come into play. Conference room now, David announced it up. I would like some speakers in some some pain now, let's ice yoga, they painted it yet ass good that's really good. Do you d? Does that do that where on you at all, do you still have the excitement of like now? We're still, you know we're still growing and we're still building at her dearly, like oh, my God, I have to go to one more weird, Reno radio station, the middlemen out somewhere in play again for music people, Oda Ella. I think either Finally like the road is in a people. Think that being on the road at the musician is all glamour, but I would say it's twenty three hours of shit for one hour of glory. You know it's like you bust,
your ass, just getting from point a to point b, you're in a different city, every eighteen hours, you're just going going going as every day you're out there are costs a lot of money to be out there, so you can't Lala gag in you, gotta like just be doing going going and going. And you're exhausted. That's the part. You can do anything until you, sleep, deprived and like three four days in a row of like three, a m lobby calls in your asses just worked in your dragon, but I'll say this is the incredible thing about if you start playing it as a ban, even had it. Yesterday we don't show- and I was tired, but somebody I just went off on a solo and then everybody's energy just went through the roof.
There was that real creative moment of creation and that thing that you can't even sort of quantify or explain really, but it's just I'll send. I went from exhausted to completely like euphoric. What do you think happened further than the use of twenty years before this specific? The specific thing happened with the tantrums like what was it? What are you trying to what did you feel like when you look back now? You go. Oh, of course, that would know worked because I was trying too hard to pursue. Trend, or I wasn't doing Mercer, I was, I think you know I mean a thing. Is like I've been a singer, my whole entire life and then the sort of vibe that comes from that as you like. Well, if you can, any style. What innately? Is you what what? What defines you at, is your two authentic voice, because you can sing any style and it took me a Long time do, I think, find what that that thing was where I went from. Being imitation too
like just personal real my voice and I think As one of the elements you know in a mean. I grew up in allay it's such a weird city to to grow up and you see like. Basically, everybody comes from every other city to this town to try and success. To make it and, like you grow up here, so you like, where, where do I go with everyone's coming under this, is a place you come. Where do you go anywhere? people rise and fall in just the whole nature of the entertainment business whatever, time that is, but it's also it's one of the few places were like hard work. Doesn't mountain a guaranteed success, usually somewhere else like you work at an office, he bustier ass. Your halfway, smart, you succeed at, doesn't apply here this town, and I don't really think of- and I'm allergies, I'm about to offend a bunch of Ella bans, but I don't really think of elitism music town per se. In this sense, We go
Russia has always music clubs. Oh you re used, carver! There's this kind of thing I got in your. I gotta think about ways like. Oh you, gotta go to allay, has all the music. You know right under all think about ways being like a more any more than it was in the eightys. It actually is. It just is always being eclipsed by the fact that its the industry to, of course now you know It was one of the benefits of my band. We know a lot. Can we really hard to put a band together and find the right people right, vibrate talent, level, taste and with fits in the James. You know we literally made five phone calls, and often it was the pairing we went in rehearsed and was on, but all those guys came from that authentic succeed here and away. You know, you know, there's a whole sort of underground saw and funk and hypocrisy. Happening continuously outside of the industry and all those guys had played with each other and different combinations. So they really broad that sort of just
o dog skill and veteran sort of ability that existed in that. Outside in that real music community and brought it to the ban, and I was one of the reasons why we went from one rehearsal to playing at our first show a week later at hotel. Cafe I mean it is almost kind of when you think about that it is almost like like in astronomy event, where, like all these different things their own paths, and then it just? It took all those paths to bring on his one point in time to make them ready to create this very specific the chemistry for this thing I totally agree. You know. I mean it's like some of it was like finding you re voice. Some of it was finding the people good music, but also just that. Like stars aligning like whatever you know. It's like. We had all these magical things that happened at the beginning. That said, like okay, you ve played to chosen oh flogging, Molly wants it to girl road and Marine five wants to take on the road like two totally different bans, but.
We, we went and we did it, but you know at the same, most coupled with like the hardest amount of work that we ve ever done. We you know like it said nobody was The industry was paying attention, so we just went and grind it out. We did everything we shut with. You know interview that the local newspaper a local Ellie, weekly style paper. In every town I mean we did everything in everything played shows in front of five people in dives, in the middle of nowhere to paying two five hundred people the next night adjust collected those fans. Two three ten at a time you know it was like. I said I think, for everybody in the ban a huge point: It is that we just worked our asses off to get to where we are. Was there one thing that you did that you felt that you felt like this sort of tipped? Every thing its interest because we did, like you know all the later certain last time we did to Llanos. We did everything and we also did this thing called live from there. This house, which is Darrow Hall. Oh yeah, yeah yeah
has his own thing, which I love, because it had the same sort of you know. Do some kind of vibe as they like he was at his home and Upstate New York like I want to be creative, so we started inviting other musicians to his house. They jam some of his songs. They do some of his songs. Their songs gives me, and they start putting it up on the internet and they became this whole phenomenon and doing I from Darrell's house turned out to be may be the single most important thing we ve ever done, because wherever we go, whether we're in Australia or in Brussels or here in the states people come up and go I found out about you because of life from Darrell's house and as an incredible thing, because his people there
really hungry for and experiences, not just like passive, your ship? You know like watching something late night as your passing out, drunk or whatever. It's like people going, therefore, that musical experience like let's go, hang out with Todd, run, grin or let's go hang out when we did our episode with its in the tantrums and Darrow Hall, and watch them make music and blows me away to this and it's like multi generational, like mom and dad their son your daughter all like getting into this and then all come into the show its printing. You cover hollowed out Oates, we did Actually we went a year because everybody a lot of people that went on there like chromium stuff. They do all they like eighties heads, the you know yeah, but actually Hollan oats aspire. Darrell started out as like some of the first true blue, eyed soul, singers yeah, you know he came out like out. His first contract would gamble on half out of Philly. You know who's singing like,
In the same way, the Todd run was like real, like white boys, doing just legit soul, so we went and found the first song he ever perform. That was actually the thing that won him. His first talent show Jack, old girl. I love you and then this other song called perky omen and he was just so so happy that we went in found these like deep, deep cuts from humans as opposed to just doing private eyes like I am very creative on your part that says a lot about your band yeah. You know like his. I kiss, especially our first record, was very sort of influence by sixty saw music. I mean you know four people that no like sharing drones and adapt, they're like traditional ass. They do like sixties all Motown stacks, all that kind of stuff like to a tea in is one of the bad ass best singer, and performers ever, but our music was furthermore, of weird hybrid of like saw music, but but more so like eighties, british bands there were being influenced by some music.
Like ABC Nbc Style Council. All that stuff Erika one hundred all that kind of music there was like it was like once Mute removed in our agenda. That's sort of where we got our influences boat. That's why we, when we went and hung out with their always said, okay. Well, let's find the music that found his roots, which, that. Blue eyed saw sort of fibre less of the eighties new wave and I'd actually say This record now we ve kind of embrace more of the the eighties new wave part on this record is more but progression. Fuckin love that music, so I mean like a ABC. To be a millionaire was its, but I played the shit That was one of the first actual compact discs that you could buy that I bought in them in them in the gaiety six- maybe it isn't was how to be a millionaire. I played yet have as yet wine. If you grew up, where did you grow up? a lot of different cities, but I ended up
allay my senior high school, but I wasn't an amber before I think we're close and age. So, if you were around here is like K, rock was the radio station for the whole country they broke every these new wave and new romantic band, yeah right or even to arrive at a new romantic is raw Rodney brought a lot of storm run Nora. You know, I mean it's like all that stuff, I just I loved it loved it. Violent femmes, Erika one hundred abc in our for us this new record, there's a lot of tracks that I say or sort of like Martin FRY, a b c reductions, twenty thirteen sort of double taking a lot of influence for they all. And they all you know the one thing that that the nineties took away or maybe it didn't take away. It just gave different costumes, but I feel like there was a certain sir, a sort of others certain character element to eighty music. There is a certain the Rick, oh you know, and maybe it came out of lake. You know our job
when did you start early start us or whatever, from the Arouse Cooper, whatever it came from, but in an age when he met a b c, they had very specific, characterised in areas like the bald guy with round glasses on Mars and fry and then the at My hairdo inspired. The flock of signals come about. Is that what you did your ears is not even a year. I know her mind is a tame verdure like a level three seagulls like it's, not because he was a full ten years. We had this side. This side was our eggs to straight up here and then and then all those you know those others theatrical went away, and I mean I think, when you look back, you go K. They just swapped out the costumes are flannel like they were still costume, They were just they shut it all away, and I think you know even the idea of touring a band like a Theoretically, users is more about a fuller, bigger like that late revival, sixties arrival sound is: is it tough now to tour that, because its now
that is just like. Well, there's just three of us in its cheap to tour I mean like it must be a kind of a pain for you guys detour. Well, when you do like the festival circular manner than there are you looking at at those dj, literally have done wrong. I'm not joking there'd rolling up with a fucking usb stick. Other factors are gonna pay dollar. Two hundred fifty grand and like I bugging you I mean I remember charting your friend of mine, who is and who is an abandoned and end in then and it doesn't even in the nineties and he would go oh yeah, you know we just got offered you know I got a couple hundred grand to go play Australian. I'm like that's, really awesome, because no, it's not a mean weight because they were a big band and it's like travel Hotel Transportation Commission's food crew. You know they whittled all down and they really all just walked away. You know four hundred Iraq's I mean literally just like a like. Maybe it
couple thousand dollars. I never knew you know like for a lot of for a lot of work, which we should definitely not tell me or the rest of my band two to go. Listen, there's Pike S cause! That's that's experience that we have another six of us on the yacht, a couple crew and you gotta get their pointed. It's a definite. More challenging, I mean you have to like work twice as hard to like me. Living had- I don't you ever won- t see- did there behind the music and they were like things. You make a lot of money, but here and they were like the first ones to really break Hyaena, recouping yeah like here's. What you have to understand about how it works. You know, because people just think of you have one They go you're crazy. Millions ignore no there's so much did take the money goes to so many different. Jesus is it's like I would say, if you're in the entertainment business, if you want make a shit out of money. You have to make a buck tunnel money as because eighty eighty cases to eighty to ninety percent of it will just go to everything to other people.
Yeah. Well, you know, there's you know in this world there's a lot of people. They gotta help you, you know, you have managers agents publicist account I mean it's like whatever the boy business side of it, but it's the shit. We're like everybody's got us survive in there's. You know, there's a lot, there's a lot of pieces to the pie that are split but but before me think that, were you know that we're luxury complaining but did, but in the end you know for me, we sort of felt like well as long as I'm, not as long as I can make enough to keep doing. What I want to do then it'll be fine below. You know, and I'd say the interesting thing about music and musicians. Is musicians get fucked, the ass more than anybody else, it's kind of crazy. You know we get taken advantage of all the time. You know people want you to do shit free they wanna under pay. You it's really hard to make it and make a steady living and music like even
I was lucky. I fell into making music for commercials and you can actually make a pretty decent living from do, not, but like I went like had a meeting with a television show some reality show they were like so yeah. We want you to make the music for the season on my cool there like yeah, so it's like eight thousand dollars on my okay, eight thousand dollars in episode. They basically afforded four minutes worth of wild while music, music. Oh no, no, no! That's like eight thousand for sixteen episodes and unlike battle like less than a penny, a minute worth of which, which will take you how many months to make exactly you know those insane musicians just get taken it. A job, it's one of those things like even now, like with the digital era, Lucian is the first people that, like the file sizes, we're Well enough, and now it's happening to tv and movies, but like you could steal,
is very easily. You know those like the first sort of victims of like the internet and zeros and ones, and you know I just say that, you can actually make it and pay your bills and for us, that's like six of us in the band about crew are extended fat family of our two managers that like have been with us since the very beginning we're all like. Actually, all right now and that's that is a blessing in know. It's a truly kind of incredible. I mean it especially as much as you tour DE really even even if you had like a massive house, you never even in it anyway, like the lively musician. How much money do you need? I get really is just as long as you can make enough to keep Goin and then maybe you'll have some later on down the road. So you don't you know, so you don't die, yellow and because people dump a really by records. As much the way you you make a living as being on the road, and it's not like
That's why it's like, when you're like a comedian, a comedian you're going out in doing so, you can only be one city at a time you gotta like go play ones, at a time when shorter time but again, but they but the comedian, a comedians joy is basically I don't even roll up with a usb stick. You it's like, there's no sound check, there's no almost I'm doing a theatre, there's no crew is really has come in and you know people are eating wings and- and I just I just die yelled dick jokes at them and some others because of the principle of real. You know it's very easy. Riviera arrive at an end, so I know that verses what it must be like I mean even just the eye de of having to rely on five other people to show up, be there always be performing same level all be kind of agreeing that we're moving all in the same direction like that
Scottish economic bans that stay together more than an album, I'm blown away by bands to stay together for decades. I don't see how the fuck they do that. I know I mean it's a challenge, but you know it's like when you find the right combination of people, its deadly easier. You know I mean we're all well focused together and I think it's part of the thing is there: I'll, not twenty one. In falling on our feet. Over our own ego and being drunk every night in a ride like we're all like professionals, our work really hard, and we all know what's at stake in our people- have houses of babies, have have lives that they need to be responsible for I would definitely can motivate you a little more than two to be a total fucker. Do what what, when you, when you look back at other it is, is there one? Is there one banned or kind of musical experience that you're involved in real backing to go now, man, our word you or are you pretty much react? happy with all of it, Allow say is, thank God that all of that stuff happened before the internet
a particular very reminder of your failure. Nobody can like really just they post that shit and humiliate me over and over and over again, it's like in the past and it stays in the past, and that's really grateful for that. Actually, you know, I know, I know you that there was a half. Smirk you're saying that, like it's almost a little like you're almost kidding, but maybe not, but I dont think. Ok, I don't think you would think that is a very real human genetics. Like two to try to develop when you could all the sudden completely ridiculed and then maybe go. Why Brenda do this anymore, because that was a horrible experience like you were allowed to sort of fail and try and experiments without feeling, like everyone was going to judge you, but now I'm sure somebody's going to go dig some find some shit to put on your. But here, ok, whatever you, you know, you survive you're, ok now, but you know, and even with my friends you know it's like I don't, even
how my friends about shows that, like what are you tell me, you did a concert in town, unlike dude, I spent so many years. Gill tripping you people show up at my financial flows, and you know like the worst feeling like just guild tripping fifty of your friends Please I don't really can perform so that, like or you know, you don't have to pay to play at the whisky or whatever you know like I just that feeling is the word. Feeling, so I don't even bother without the fact that we actually have bans that want to come and hang out and sing and they know the music and their there. I'm like. I don't know, Bother telling my friends anymore. I don't allow times I don't just because I always feel I go feel a little obnoxious, if I haven't seen him for a while and I got an eye com and I go haywire to come. See me on today I never like it feels weird to say that's a very weird Courvoisier and even like with me now like
lived in this town, my whole life, so I know a shit. Ton of people are not friends with them, but I know a lot allowed a lot of people. I can never go out my my He hates going out, because I gotta say the hey man, how you doing you know like that conversation that you have to you can't walk by them, nor them, but you know I had to do it just drives her crazy, but I shoot I just told the net brain did your brain is take a vacation. After that I just died. You are going down a pathway, and then you went down a stairwell avenue alike. I didn't leave breadcrumb trail, I don't know what else can we go now? I remember gonna play I generally I'll just talk until someone remembers. It's like you know that sort of thing now that we ve had some success, is like now people that just one bill excel congratulates like the whole personal dynamic shifts from my from just regular com. Station to now. It's all about talking about, what's happening with you or the success of the banned, and that, I think, is a similar thing. I'm not used to like. I don't like that kind of it. And even though I like the lead singer verbally,
I don't like to kind of have to talk about myself and my personal life or be like come see my band come this. Happening. For me in it's interesting. You said it was about your childhood where'd you go to high school High school letters, county high school for the arts and is delay was the first public arts high school in a way? Oh well, that's cool. There as I went to I did it. I moved out here my senior year. I went to a little earlier, which is I went to Oakwood before that, which is in the valley, which was sort of, like the add, the rich kid industry, kids school, where, like I, was the only kids whose parents weren't in the television This was your parents. My dad was president of a university Cal, California, o mighty I'd holy shit. Fuck. You huge Kehl artist, Kehl is like some of the greatest. Artists, animators pay like that's fucking on it's, not tv,
Well out of it becomes clear words: crazy, that's gonna! The way people side are good, but Kehl arts is via and I actually both myself and my brother, we went there but after my dad left there so because I couldn't handle like going there while he was still president. Oh, my god, like just I was in arms, a huge animation and growing up in so many of the like the way Above all, I M, like the of the wave of nineties amazing cartoons animation like a lot of those guys. What came out of colors? Well, you know, and the sort of like untold story history of calories is the color was founded by the Disney family, but they did it in the early seventies, where they basically somehow and got the most radical artists, to be the staff in the sort of the building of the place. Like John, sorry and ass. She the guy's name, who literally fish as performance art, was where he shot himself MIKE something anyway, so they say
the school that they envision would just be like a nice little factory to like build like talented people for Disney and what it turned out to be was like this radical art school. They turn out to be the most cutting edge school and all of America where people like doing play. Totally nude and I think it just scared the crew. About them, and I think they wanted to how to pull back from it a little. But at that point it would have been probably appear nightmare, so they sort of still to continue with it and they moved up to Valencia right near measured out now and then became this sort of division. Where there was like two schools, there was the animation school and then there was the rest of the school. And I was sort of like the rest yellows, all the other things like whether you are dancer. Experimental fell, more fine arts or whatever, but there was this real division. There was sort of. I was fat, it weird, but there was a sort of like snobbery from the rest of the school was like.
You guys are animated. You guys are working towards actually getting paid when you get out of here right with weird sort of tension and they had their on department and the thing that they all one because they actually got jobs right when they left the school, you know they actually had like they like work, conventions were like you. There are learning a scale. They were learning a trade well. You know I mean there's a lot of an amazing new animation that come out of that school. Incredible idea in Valencia such an interesting place, because you have magic, mountain cal, arts and then the porn into like there's this weird, it's weird all these three completely separate things. I'm proud, Valencia and Post Riot D, the matter the quickest expanding way.
Community and how they will really just went out. The Valencia, oh yeah, I mean that's actually true in areas like after the right. I think people just like there was this crazy white flight that happened white flight, that's a fuckin name for a banned or an album. No actually white fight sounds that actually sounds a little supremacy. That's not got, don't call don't a band white flight. Unless it's, unless it's about a polar bear and you get and his wings, but otherwise it's gonna sound to racial. Where did do for the rights to remember where you were. I was actually going to, arts I was studying experimental film, which was like the most awesome educate and you could ever have, does it so has so many applications in the real world, of course, and that's actually, where I put my first band together We went in and recorded at the studio at the school came out lay down my vocals announced the first time. I understood that process of being in the studio recordings
my voice with the recording and I fell back in love with music, I have studied in high school and call me I said yeah, you know those four years of film school education is paid for ya. Just gonna go back to music, but do you understand that it's the perfect as the president of calories? He can't be like no I know he's a goddamn. I have to be supported. What was your first, both Vanguard wherever that cash was that Africa has got remedy remedy remedy. It was the nineties, yes, it was totally like opening virtual. It was a bunch of the jazz musicians playing like Prague, rock like heavy metal kind of like and we are time signatures. Oh yeah yeah, it's almost like nerdy music that nobody else could love but other musicians,
your experimenting, yeah yeah. I remember in I remember I went to. I had a class I kind of walking around the there's a lot. You feel a campus roads colleges a little like arboretum, there's like a little garden and got back to my apartment, and my roommate's is glued to the tv and he's like there's some serious shit going down. There's like a riding with that footage of like like Reginald Denny, getting pulled out of the truck and be like oh fuck, and then oh and I will spiral if I lived in Hollywood. I lived writer, Wilton Franklin, oh yeah, and you could just see six plumes of smoke. Going all the way down, son said Boulevard and it was like well, this is getting real yeah and then we were like. Let's go drive around, Like short, ended, shod pen drove to the riots in his porch. That's the story that I heard Did he really out what I truly believe daily that
and then I just I mean god dammit, you know. Well, we were college kids. What the fuck we basically just hold up in a friend's apartment. Building weed yeah we're just got drunk basically just got drunk, I mean we were just that's what I did I mean you know he was in a security building. We're like Mobile, probably be ok, but it was so crazy has met with a very special duty hazard that was during the riots no idea what was the very better duty, Hauser I'll do you is taken care, this guy who had eluded store and he had a moral dilemma about it, and I was there in the riots and allay I am no dog has requested a landline episode and that was very special knows very well I've. Just this guy's building was one of the taller buildings in Westwood. In the in the little community of apartments, were other students of, and it was, I was being really weird is being on the roof and looking out and just seeing like fucking military,
vehicles in the streets and no people cause westward at that time, while still, I guess, but westward at that time was just like always. It was a little shaky went in there in the MID Eightys was what is very popular. Then the new Jack City rights happened and then westward. Unpopular for awhile Jura Ex ante right horse yeah, so that ruin westward for a few years. People write it. The movie New Jack City in westward and people got shot Well, because I have, in my view, is that bad their cities are good movie. What are you talking about? I'm pulling your outlook, you were all pokey, don't you remember? How can judge and jury is out her Nelson Landers more to me what happened? There was a dry by sheer. There was some sort of shooting at the movie Theatre for New Jack City, got it off the field. I get them level like those of the west, something it wasn't. The premier was the screening of new Jack City and So there were shootings and there was a thing and in a mini incident that happen and so Westwood went dark like it just went with dead for a couple years cause you know all the people
like. Oh, we can get shot, ok, we're not gonna, go walk the streets, and so Westwood died a little bit and then came back and then the riots happen, and then it got weird again for for a little less westwards back now, westwards way back now, yeah have not been as like. Fifteen years, I went there maybe yeah, maybe like a year ago, I kind of walk through and it fits in. Some of the shops are different, but it fucking feels exactly the same. So weird like growing up here. Like I live now, I live even further EAST eleven Silverlake in it's like I just wasn't How yesterday for this benefit- and I was like this- is my yearly journey to the west. Side ever go to easier to get the LAS Vegas than from Silverlake to Malibu chaos. Guys you little Idle LAS Vegas it. I don't want to get us out of work. My manager lives there he's I'm just hating on his. What is wrong with you? How could you live on the west side,
You really. This is like one of like the guy who know more nine. These rock than this dude, like he was We would in the nineties, rock and roll scene. And now and now he's totally brood of doubt and F drifted. West drifted, four gourmet markets in here. It's so telling of the Santa Monica farmers market. That happened during the week, in the morning. Oh yeah likes to forget something that this prize, Reese's he's coming a awhile, then cause you don't ever reelect if your Easter, whereas you just don't cross at For me, the last is like libretto, yeah right, You said brain has these furniture stores, so we start to feel it very local references for people from us into local wrath, local rifts, and so now you Zira and town today when you're album, actually when recordings Rum- that tomorrow, but you you must be about to leave for a while. Yet
I mean we took us all at last, here to make the album robins got more than just a dream and now just put back the because we know like last time we didn't know what was happening and we just sort of were blindly going day by day, with the growing of the ban in the success of at this time. We know, what's ahead of us, which is basically we're gonna, be on the road for a couple years, and times are definitely like you're like wow. Ok, how many I like wrap my head around that and you just you can't even you'd literally just have to take it kind of week by week you know it as you know this week with the larger the record. We're doing came all tomorrow and stuff like that, so it's like a nice break to be at home and hang out a little bed and get those last few moments of like normalcy. Before we go in between billing wheelbarrows again yes handled with care the travelling, we'll berries, super band aim come on. There's question. I'm gonna of wheelbarrows ill will
Is there any got orbit soon? You got JANET Land, some curly hair in advance. How do you were only, but they should have a large Evelyn, still rocks it The slogan rocks the down here. How was that? Never like a lorry I'll commercial Jeff, the name handle me with care and then all there gorgeous hair. We haven't beauty channel we can make that we can make it up. But how do you balance between you know going out up to support the outcome that you ve just released? Maintaining that but then also, hey, you told me that two years you're going to have to be looking ahead, you going to be riding your stuff you're going to have to be looking at it like a. How do you process all that at the same time you know it's like I know how actually honestly you just sort of have to do everything you know in your power to survive. You know it's like you know this band made it through
hard work, and it's not like where a household name by any stretch amene would definitely had success, but am it still like us to a you know. It's about a we're on the battlefield shows trying to like you know, crack open those flares and do the lake the big waving likes. You know, bananas in age and the rock I was myself my we're very alarming that movie now you know we're like I gradually fucking love that, like I love a great action, when it's a good actual movie. I was in your in we Oh hell, don't me like on the road like there's so much others. So many like ground. The hours that like now, I'm just like binge watch television shows and like, and we re going through, like every movie on my ipod, just I don't have to deal with the like to our lay over the for our plane ride the for our bus ride. Like I have good news for you Frazier, is on networks,
Four hundred and sixty four episode, whether your honour and I learned at least two hundred and sixty eight hundred and thirty hours right there, so you could be in green. Like now. I just tryin watch like all these new shows just weekly like I'm trying to just be patient with game of thrones and his drive me crazy. It's hard especially cause we're spoil. Now it is very difficult to go back to waiting to just until I saw you did on your tv episode. I saw you when you had the creator of walking dead and then were literally hid myself and my room for. Like four days of my lady, we watched every single episode over the course of five. Now that is coming it's fun to do that. Its funding binge watch stuff. If our show can do I'm thing: it's made people locked themselves in a room. What are you doing it, but to our during the two of us we are depend sometimes were like flying city, the city which is brutal, and then
love being on the bus, because, even though your like aid of you sleeping I'm bunk beds in this light more, long hallway, at least you have like a home base that every cities changing every day, but at least you have a little bit of consistency and you go to bed at night and wake up in the next city gap I wanted to do that. I've always wanted to do you're both its plan for about twenty four hours, and then you like now rise like I'm sleeping on like a mobile like it's, not. It's not has been an can. You did you know, and I we think ok. So they're they're just give this bus driver. What do I really know about this? Guy trust me? We like we want to thank you for a couple: devil alike: We had one last summer with a guy, does their spoils the drive all night and then go to their hotel room and sleep all day, while you're doing the work and then you go to bed and they drive all night and that's the sort of trade off and we have this
one guy he had like you, know: snakeskin cowboy hat and he'd net slept so we'd get to the city, and then he just pull out a long chair and sit in front of the bus and drink rockstar drink. All day long know and then get back on the bus, and I swear to God. We just you just don't sleep daddy's, D. You know at night you just like, please, please, God, just get us to the next cities, save those vision of vehicle that size. It does really taken like her. I know I mean and you can feel their barreling down the hallway. You know, like you feel, when they going over. Like sixty five, you can start to feel like the car, everything start yet will lay outing, wrought iron rule, and then you and you, Sir, it drifted about new feel like those little things. I the metal stain the middle yard you're in literally laying in a bunk bed in the hallway, with no windows like another too hard?
you ve ever Lapland and your library, like no sense of what's happening on the outside world. What am I gonna, Evanna Highspeed coffin right now, if you're becoming a high speed government does not feel that I disagree fighters want to do it and just like four can take the Xbox just set up a little girl just little. Mobile little mobile wifi, editorials, violent up there on the bus. Now we can have an xbox damage, but the sea like I, my relationship with gaming, began and ended with Sonic the hedgehog. Oh really because my friend gave me this system system was as an urgent, and I mean this so daily myself. But who cares its past the point anyways? so they gave me the game in the sonic, and I got so fuckin good at that game. That one game would last me for hours, and I get to the last board the last thing to complete the whole thing and I would die every time.
Be like solar, shaking my first to the gods that I've ok, one more game. I know I'm gonna do to gain nine hours later I was like. I have no life and I finally had to just give it a very addictive personalities. Like I can't do anything in moderation. I learned had to give it back after four months, because all I did was dry and perfect Sonic the hedge, and unfortunately you're, to refocus those efforts on music. Yes, other wily fits in attentions of baby. It is said, the Genesis team still keeping it real I'm just. Make an album of just eight bids, you good chipped. I know the others a bunch of them right. You could do that. The theme that his pod gas as a group called Onawandah Gucci, its Yassir them yet further. Before going awesome, I I would like to think that, even after twenty years, you what you'll be the greatest Sega Genesis stimulate, so you finally beat Sonic like no. No, still after all these years. I guess it. Alas, I feel like that last bore they just make it imported biofuels group could be there. The guy.
Grain kills bring. Everyone gets going up if you watch ever done in public king Kong is afoot amazing move. If you haven't seen a general, how now you're gonna be set out of us, you might as well of course, camera on its a documentary about the two best donkey player. Dog docked, argue comes, we re and Billy Mitchell Alaska, good YO. I'm glad there were all of the same sort of errors, unlike I like I've. Just I'm happy for you to get to experience that movie from our side like that's how good they will be. If it is and you don't really have to. I mean, obviously, if you like it's really fun, but you don't really know you're necessarily how do now and it's. I think you will be very it's just too dangerous for me, like I will have a personal life if I if I let myself ever get onto games, then at that that's funny, audible and the music of this this general It will be like and then he discovered call duty area like it used to be heroin, and now it's fucking like a boom. The Warcraft or
you know or are Xbox are bitter. I mean I did. My little second revisiting whether when, although like up games, came out and just got a little too deep especially you know if you sitting around for a while, you gotta distract yourself because he wants to be a bit with their thoughts. Yeah, not me, nobody wants it to be sitting. Port for two hours, just thinking about stuff. It's great for relationships, I'll tell you that we're both the strike and nobody got going. I What no have dinner together will watch them together and then I fight like all of a sudden. We ve been sitting in bed next to each other for an hour and haven't talked cause are both on our laptops. You know just like it completely legs zone down, isolated. I know I'd sometimes like literally one way and my lady are like texting each other like weird means from Does the house and was in the same It's a little weird enough. I put down the pdf PDA varying ass. Well,
really. I could only really ties are often more if I said versus I said mimeograph yesterday and color was like what the fuck mimeograph like it was a joy an analog draw more people would make copies of things with carbon goodnight, and I just what we're so did your devices you start making out the new text? Your girlfriend takes your pants off and then she Terry Irene, frowny face when so the oven comes out was hacked by the terms that the item is out. That's right available on all of the typical places the people would find their music. That's right! I tunes Amazon. You can go to a website and get it there. Now. You know you have I orally Thea. We did. We do a lot of work with India Record stores and we actually for record store day. We did a cool like limited edition of the single, with clear, see through vinyl, which tat for me. I was just like Google, however, being able to actually see our record with like specialty
eighty one, eighty grand final and stuff yeah, but we always. Go and hang out. I mean Andy Record stories have been so much a part of like our story and supporting us as a band. So we always gone. Do like we're level in stores at any record stars. Play there between the like the old cities, so look at it. What is it that you? You knows we we can wrap this up. What is it that you want ultimately like when you when you're young artist? I think you are young performer, you go yeah, just want this big thing to happen and humane and even know exactly what it is. But it's just as big thing and success. Is this really to undefined concept. Words like I just want that thing, so you know. Has that idea changed since you started? What is it what it? What would make you happy
Well, I think you know. The thing is it's weird: when you ve spent your whole life working towards something- and I mean the music business broke my heart so many times over that like when the success of this ban started that happen, I really had to address the fact that, while I had some deep wounds even from that world, like I had been beaten down by the business, I still can't even rat my head around at this moment was happening fur for myself and for the band, and I think it's like the weird thing: is you actually get when you, when you're one of those very few people this fortunate enough to have their dream? Come true? You don't really get to be cynical anymore and such a trippy sort of thing, like I'm used to being like a jaded, cynical mother fucker. I can't that guy anymore, because I was like so lucky that I finally got to have everything. I've wanted come true and for me now it's just a question of how
Much and I have done on a daily basis, sort of just remind myself too, to see how fortunate we are- and you know I mean look, I'm ambitious. I wondered I want to play the world. I want everybody to know our music. I wanted to play arenas you know in and have you known, worldwide success, but at the same time, as I have already were already, there is just a matter of how much and if you just stay, in the moment with it. Then it's like you can enjoy the right, because if I'm always looking for it, I'm actually not enjoying what's already here and happening, and you know with everything it's going to go away at some point. You know they're going to stop loving you at some point. It's I've lived in this town like we're talking about I've seen that moment not come and go for many people and many different parts of the business. So it's like, I'm literally the holding onto the rocket ship and just try, joy the right as much as possible, and that is almost the most perfect way to stick
adding for the end of the podcast, because we constantly remind people to not live in the past or the future, but enjoy the present. So we endeavour episode by saying enjoy your burrito, which is basically you just described. It is and think I love a burrito artless gaga breeders thanks, but it's good to see him in the bank is the leisure awesome. Good luck on the tour beg your brother and good luck with the album. And now I wonder now will turn this off eminent. I would ask questions about cowards questions, leaving noticed, com This episode unnoticed by gas, has brought you by legal zoom dot com. Whatever your legal document needs Elysees wills, as trademarks and more they ve, got it over twelve years and two million Americans of use legal zoom. So your business, a protector family today illegally the calm using the offer code noticed.
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