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Gale Anne Hurd (producer, The Terminator, The Walking Dead) talks to Chris about getting her start as a producer in the 70s, working for Roger Corman and what exactly a producer does. They then talk about working on The Walking Dead, where the idea for The Terminator came from and her new show about dreams Falling Water on USA!   See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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you can email them at S. W S unicycle club at GMO, not com or you can find them on Instagram and Facebook by searching S W S, Unicycle club, I'm so excited that that was You chose to share. I ride. I learn had already unicycle and I was in a tired. I it is hard, but in someone's Domo Unicycle. Still. You have other fucking clowns like what is that I don't know it was drunk personage I know I can work as I lived in a part. Was it you see allay here and there was. The parking lot was like a car port and units of the story units that are over the will they got in and eighty five I had this unicycle Marin they fuck that's bullshit, I know it's bullshit cause I'd almost learn how to write it and I was to broker by another one so that yeah, that's it. I want to buy all girls you can you can is like a hockey augmented reality, and I think that that would be so hard. You like locking will because it's hard enough just to get the best,
just stay in one place. I wonder I until I come up and see if they video online watch. That is an incredible amount, of course, strength to be able to swing hockey. Stick I'm gonna knock a park. While Europe Miriam benefit was on ice. It's not on ice now assume with land hockey helps with this episode is gaily unheard. Who promoting falling water, which is her new, show that she's exerted producing, which is Thursday October thirteenth. At ten p m on USA Gale, a serious bad, ass, gale I know from walking dead and we ve really had a conversation at length and I've always wanted to because gale responsible for so many of the things that I loved, particularly when I was growing up she's quite recently, she is an incredible razumihin, she is an impressive human being I gotta say as a woman tat. I love he Ella these interviews with these really powerful one in producers, their great yeah and very aspiring deals.
Gale so inspiring, and when you in but the story is that she tells in here and also information to think she'd. Do you when you're here in a minute, but the thing she says about: the terminator almost ended, fucking, mind blowing and I dont know if I had known that before I've cranes. But yes, I, while respecting the role for gale and was really guy this. She came to my house to do this because it was a day off about midnight. We were doing how stuff, so she was kind enough to come out. To the house so. Please watch falling water in an walking dead when it comes back in October, twenty third and if you're gonna be a near comecon this weekend we'll be there doing the walking dead panel assets will be there for that and Galen heard Eight. Thirty of the nervous podcast Katy, if you will be so kind nor entering stock,
thanks for coming to the house I mean it's funny, because we never their people that you work, finally ever see it like our are only just fits in bursts of like talking before. Fucking dead or like talking to COMECON like a dead dinner afterwards, but we never actually get to hang out. I know is I have an essential that you have no eye and I really don't have a social life either I mean because its work life there comes your social life
and an eye honest claiming Lindsey can tell you. I mean I do absolutely nothing of what I mean by life was so pathetic. Will you do megawatt record stuff? That's ok, you know what I grew up. And you know in the seventies and eighties I mean if you were gonna go party, though given the time like is kind of lame, now part of how we did it with our God, where the words we would do if we were to a guy, playing a large or the other night, and by like eleven o clock or huts eleven a girl join ready Asia, because I thing when I worked for Roger Carmen, there is like this. This punk, like underground club on North L, Centro that was walking distance from the editing wrong. I mean like serious punk yeah,
and and we'd go there until I three in the morning go home. You know wash up in Vienna bag and work at eight in the morning o money like had every day. We are worried, Roger Corpsman, Seventys we in so thinking. You know what I'm paying. The price for four that did you want to go into food was, was film, a thing that you always set out to do, or did you just sort of I'm gonna take this job Workin for Carmen Fer a summer and see what happens, and then that was it. Noack is actually when I was a junior in college. I was an economics major and I happened. To attend Stanford in Britain, and there is an intensive programme in british foam and broadcasting, and I thought you can get a degree in this a while you can pursue. This is a profession. It was completely eye opening and I was really lucky because the
Sesar? Who then became my mentor and my adviser in communications was the only person Stamford at the time who'd worked and business on Julian blasting who'd per the original day the earth's stood still allow and broken arrow and storm centre, and so he became an advocate and my another professor mine, Stephen Kovacs, went to work for Roger Corpsman. As his head of production and recruited me, Come work, that's incredible, so we literally was. I had no idea. I would never have known on my own how to start pursuing career in film. On television I was literally, I was recruitment I feel like you know, I've been I'm an athlete you know I didn't get assigning bonus. I think I paid assigning sure of course, and probably paid in a lot of human hours of your life. Yes, did you know
two common was now. I know you didn't remember. This is before internet is well. I guess you'd, Google, I'm right, but you know I gradually and vaguely remembered that I'd gone to see films. He directed at DR ends double bills, especially the the PO films. He knew the pitting the pendulum in order to avoid g and things like that. So I we knew a more as a director than than a producer, but I had seen problem I mean I can't think of anyone else. I don't know who the analogous progress that are so different now, but a guy that's so he's so interesting, because, on the one hand, he's revered, but on the other hand it's also like the Karmann movie, it's kind of silly. You know it's like their tea, but he still so speculative down, I mean you know. I have to send me with Curtis Hansen, having passed away, someone I loved and.
Lord, as not only a person but a director. His first film was for Roger COM, and I totally forgotten that I mean it's Jim Cameroon, it's wrong: Howard, Frances, Ford, Cobler, Martin, Scorsese Z, Jonathan Demi they all made. Their first films for Roger who has a track record like But nobody can imagine american film without the people that Roger discovered here some of the different legal lifetime. Did he did he God he got an Oscar great at the governors awards. That's nice and we all showed up for him and- and I think actually quintet container is the one who you know who gave most of the remarks, and I think that term I think run Howard actually gave him the award, that's incredible, and what what are you? What was it specifically about him that made him work like what what was his?
guiding principle or what did you? What did you learn from him? Well, with with Roger first of all this environment, when I went to work from his nineteen? Seventy eight? Ok, there were no real role models for women as producers back I mean women weren't running studios. They weren't show running tv series, and so I thought I would be a career executive sacred honest, I mean that that's kind of what you thought, I'm in the industry. Isn't this amazing and It was the one who my very first interview with him said. So what kind of career path do you want to follow? that is going to ask me which really dates me. You know half how quickly took shorthand right arm and how fast I can type and instead he says you know when you want to do, and I thought you know
I've got a green economic eggs and Rogers a producer. I said I I wanna produces great okay. This is the place for you, so he actually had a career in mind. But for me before I did, what is it you think he saw like what do you think it was that he saw and you are women work for less they work harder and any He he knew. I was smart because I had graduated tough, my class in in communications at Stanford, and So you know so I figured I had the smart thing going on right. And I clearly was capable of carrying enough of a conversation that he thought tat. Perhaps I could Kate, some ideas to people and then I think beyond that he felt he could train me and he did. What did you train? What is I mean? The idea of producing
weird word because it can mean so many different things. I tend to think of it as a person who can solve the problem. Any problem on a set, the has that you just the problem solver. Yes, yes, I mean you Are there cheerleader you, your A fairy godmother, ah you're, also on me now oftentimes that the very stern right. You know proctor ruse walking around noticing if anyone's out of line- and you have to lay down the rules. I think one of the reasons that the walking dead has continued to this. It is from the very beginning, Frank Airborne, and I made a pact that we would not higher any assholes. We had eight with no ass if all policy and so agents and manages, would pitches actors
or directors, and you know we'd. We check them out and we honestly, and we still do to this day. We check people out and and if you're, an asshole. You are not going to be on walking dead or if you are you, you won't last. That's what people show that you know that I mean it is the job security on walking dead is, is fairly, not eggs, that's cause any at any time, and just when you think well, I'm a character that everyone loves like that's when you should start getting nervous, yeah yeah, if you all of a sudden, Reed wow TAT, is found, ass. They were really were really digging down deep into who this person is yeah. You know you, you may be having a dead dinner after a while yoke is it I mean I talked about this when criminal is odd, but you know people. Obviously there were some
there there were people who were unhappy with not knowing who needed killed at the end of last season, and there are very go and they were frustrated and you know, is they they wanted. Completion on that, but I have to tell you All summer long it's been so fund have people go, who was it in and out Why? I think it was maybe this person, but I haven't seen a yet you must know. No, I really don't know why thing it's this point, and why would it be that person cause? He wouldn't do that an end is fostered, so conversation within the community of fans that come up to me, that I actually it's been really fun? It's been really fun to talk about it, because I feel that television is losing with the A few shows people binge watch stuff so much that there's just no conversation around because binge and you're gonna water coover any no real at all. But yes, you're right any eye. There has never been such interest,
and you know, passion both negative. How could you do this to us and I can't wait to find out, as you know, from this this cliffhanger and and by the way you know he lets also think about what a fantastic introduction to nagging it was the mean Jeffrey Timor, interest killed it it's Saturday has to kill someone along with it. He absolutely clear that is crazy. Where were you know, people keep saying like I return outside of her walking? come back on the twenty there like, I am but I also know that something terrible is. I mean I also know it's gonna be like some is going to die. It's kind of weird say: I'm excited to see who's dead. You know like which character that I have grown up two is no longer gonna, be there I'd guide pitch this idea. Like our guests, make it some random alexandrian that we ve never heard me more like grand
Gary or someone like Alice Gary. You know, but I know it's gonna be someone I know it. Can we someone that we that we and you will be our grief- counselor I well, is repression whose my agreed counselor, no one's migratory, the counselor. I just don't know what the day early yes, and now I just by the time the score now we can talk about this, but the Hollywood forever thing is gonna. Be incredible because we do not. We did the finale for breaking bad, thereby think this? What we are we did, we ve done a premiere. You did a premiere in a we did a a walking dead premier, their YAP way back in the day real. It was ass, though MR predated today. I must have predate motivated me. It's kind of funny when my show started, I feel like the caste and everyone the little lira because, like what is this, could there wasn't a thing yet now? What is this? do they want why today, instead
if it had been knew it could have been so cheesy regime were so lucky because I'm sure you ve watch some of the ones that people have launching for others and their cheesy Oh you know I do. Stammer until I trail off, but I've been excited too, because I really do feel like this. You know this weird cousin. And so I route for the show and I'm protective of the show and the people on it, because I care I care about them, and so it is weird to feel. Like you know, one of those people She was going to go away and then, after that, I'm sure it'll be someone else and that, but I get really protective of people. You know if they, if they get agro about something it happens on the show I get protective like like I'm, who think like I work on it, but you do. I do it away, but but it's just been such an income experiences I mean, and I think everyone understands that this just doesn't
been very often, particularly today in today's television landscape, in that going back to the walking dead family? It really. You're part of this family. We do not let you in on you know it's just the other day, while two nights ago, Lindsey I actually had a edifying: water event and Scott Wilson in his wife heavenly. Were there there, so I and ii no end. I am now on Twitter, promoting Chad, Commons new show. I mean you know we just you never get beyond. You know the r r care are love our support and- and I think you can tell that I mean the first person,
actually to promote falling water. Was John Bertha. All that's nice areas like you, gotta see they show it's going to be fantastic. You actually Emmy people may think differently, but you cannot pay people to do that. No, nor is it is because of their love, and there passion and the fact that that we really do have something special beyond just a job. Well, and also it was sort of a forced community in the sense of you're shooting in rural Georgia everyone's just there there's. No. Else to do there, but hang out with each other b with each other and to support each other, and at such an emotional I mean when I look at a show like that and likewise people to spend most of the time either fighting or crying or screaming running you know like it that there are very few like a beat, feel good. So that the show where everything's, ok, you know, and that the conditions, the heat, the human
de the conditions, the fact that you know people are working twelve to fourteen hours a day from we start during the beginning of may we end right before Thanksgiving and and really it's it's a community. It's a community effort and there is no difference between and you know a day player who comes in as a production assistant or an extra playing a zombie and Andy Lincoln. I mean we are all equal and everyone cares as much about each other. As you know, as you could possibly imagine, and I really do attributed in in good measure, to two Andy and and his attitude you, could not have a better number one on the call sheet enabling you know. That's that's what some important things in a production. If your number one in the call sheet is cool that sets a cool if your number one is kind of a dick that sets a bad bad vibes that ripples throughout the rest of it
It's very funny man, you see someone come in as a guest star and are used to Having been a guest on a lot of tv shows any now and they like their later season of rapid about right, an hour later seasons, and they want another lines and honestly Andy is such an actor. He such thespian in a whirl academy of dramatic art, I mean it's best to the best in the UK. And- and he literally will assume the person has some sort of affliction it'll go to them and say you know, I'm really sorry about you need it are you having trouble with your lines? Are all run them with you over lunch? You now
You have to work, and let me tell you, no one comes in after lunch or the next day, without being completely off book and prepared, awe and unknown. He invites everyone to join him for lunch at his table. You know, which is, by the way, not like a small table its in the it's in the catering tent with the rest of us, But but you know you don't get that you really get the people who are surrounded by their policy and you now and don't make eye contact with anyone else. That is not Andy or anyone else on the show how I mean. Obviously this is not an official question, but how long do you think walking dead could go from India? it could go indefinitely or do you think, like certain height, I can't even think that, from from what I've heard, you know somebody
because basically said if it can go forever. I think eat those of us. On the creative side, we have to focus on we're gonna make season seven. The best season ever of the walking and we gotta just keep our eye on the ball, which is right in front of us and not start thinking. You know how do we get there? We just have to get through one great season after another and as long as do that will continue to go in the castle, continue to want to show up and bring these rules to life. I'm very pleased There is a Shiva, I didn't not something I ever thought I mean two seasons: glancing round like health arguing Tiger on the music, I just feel like I just write about you shit. They could never do on the television show. I know even over whose yeah yeah, I don't think we're going to have any. I don't think we're going to have any real tigers in the treaties. We don't have a real dialogue. We have real tiger
they're gonna be a separate just because the trust of again is that the word foxes every second word out of his mouth zircon. Bs they're gonna be like a home video hole version. Oh yeah, we record both good, oh yeah. Yes, we do. We do those tags for the for the for the tv, you couldn't even where highly Pimm, because it would just be let it would just sound like an emergency broadcast test led a word, and you now and edges means that torture. De Morgan, whose literally got get out each each episode he loved Well, the pages, a monolith are you all them twice? Media makes it argues talker, but it going. I want to go back coming out of Carmen just because I mean I know. People know that you have produced a lot of amazing stuff, but I want to. I want to just read through the list so that people We understand the impasse tat,
old. I heard about a detail. Long I've been doing this now. I feel I feel just very roses. Thinking about the other day about How about you know? Someone asked me how long I've been understand economic. Why started? I mean my for when I watch Martin on personnel and I started buying my first Martin records. You know, since the mid seventies like by that really sounds like a long time ago it its long term, but the Good NEWS is we're still here and we're still making stuff yeah. I'm in here when you at at COMECON in San Diego this year we had the thirtyth anniversary of the release of aliens. Oh my god. Oh, my god, that's nuts, yes yeah, it was fantastic. I mean wait. You know here we are in Hall age, you know, that's the them all. The principal cash showed up, and you know Jim Sorority myself, Bill Paxton and henrichson. You know Jhene Aiko was there yet you name it and Paul riser
or as larger Burke and and Mary had news all grown up, who played, who play dumb, who played Newt on and it was amazing. So here we have haulage and then we would screening is they threw their reserve the gym? Actually re. Color timed it and you know I got a great digital version. And they they played in San Diego, and we we asked how many people here had seen the film before and theatre. Almost all the hands went up and said, will how many of you are actually born when the movie came out and there are only about a tenth of the people, they still they'd scene it at a revival. That's great of the film and they blew away. I mean it was it was. It really was such a different time. I mean
This is going to sound like an old presentation, but it was such a different time for film because going to a movie really wasn't event and now it just sort of feels like to see that, as you know, it think everything entertainments just become so accessible and kind of disposable went away, but those those movies, the scope of them. I mean ice, all of them. The fear and I saw a terminator in the theater, even though I am pretty sure I was too young Missy Terminator in the theater, but that movie captured just that it just at the perfect the timing of it was flawlessly just coming out of the seventies just when, technology is starting to become a real consume like by by the way, Hilarious is it that only last year did Stephen Hawking and that whole group sake we better be careful. We could have got a machine that my wipe us out. It's like, where were you in nineteen eighty four, you couldn't gone missing a terminator and you probably could have come to that conclusion. Allow
sooner than two thousand fifteen, where we always joke about it. You know of the the impending robot uprising. I mean it's, it's funny. You work a lot of things where something wipes everyone out whether its work. Or alien there's that help to keep its now. You know what the stakes, her life and death of data. I can't get better than the apocalypse for life and to have stakes so with terminator. Would I mean? When did you were you there the very beginning. At the very beginning of the process, the Libyans I settled in road it right, but with wasn't your was it, hey GM side, we Jim's idea and did you just say day hey. I have this idea about a robot revolution and a guy goes back in time and he what does the present terminator to you for the first for the first time we mad. He was. He was building models on Roger Corpsman Space, epic battle. We, stars, which was how hilarious his remake of of a character.
Saw where seven Sammy right now we have magnificent seven remain recently and and in oh? He ended up partially due to my help on as the art director, someone from buildings, patient models to the art director and that in and I was helping. Even though is this system production under, I was hoping to paint sets and do everything that needed to be. And so we should the next day and we have time to talk so he it. That was when he first pitch me the initial idea for the abyss: My god was wise, and this is like in you know, like nineteen, seventeen nineteen, eighty and and he then his his? The first found that he director was prompted to the spawning salt water prawn that fly we got up. Yeah and he was in ITALY, editing the film or, should I say, breaking into the editing room, because thee
italian producer had taken it over. But he was using a credit card to break into the editing room we edited on film back then he would re splice the film back the way he wanted it. It was very funny, but he he was sick and he called me said. I. This fever dream in the fever dream. I saw this metal and a skeleton anodyne metal emerging from the flames and I think that's a seminal image, I'm not quite sure what the story as yet, but clearly it it's. A cyber
And in the story started there, and I mean it will aim and everything went into its like. Ok, it's gonna be our first film. Ah, we have to be able to afford to make it, so it has to be present day. We can't have the whole thing in the future road. So that's what that's where we got the idea of it being time travel I mean all of these. Things came from that central image and then reality who we should. The the funniest agreeable that was seeing the difference between shorts and Agar Hercules in New York, which is wholly areas because they ve dubbed his voice, the entire movie, and you even kind of solve the problem of his at that point, his was not being great because it just doesn't talk with watching him by the way we didn't change the script for him. It was always that way although initially he was suggested to play,
all that Michael being played, which would have been a little more difficult because he has all of the exposition right right, so so by. But Arnold is the one who said I want to play the title Raul. It's not you know it's. It's not called Kyle so the whole, but the butter would always great about those. I feel like it. If you were Cath well, even in the terminator reboot, the heap he was born. It's like. I like the Kyle was not like today's stand, like all you got it. You know like everyone's gotta you gotta see their own beliefs and they have to have liked. What had I mean like Reese was in great she's in good shape. He was I fighter, but it wasn't like, I've been working out, didn't have p ninety acts and the fact in you know in the in the not too distant future. Now so I thought he
I can't imagine. I can't imagine if shorts and eager had been recent just worked out. Well I mean- and this is not an apocryphal story- we were really told that Oj Simpson should play the terminator. I am honestly not joking. So what I ve been Arnold Schwarzenegger as recent odium remsen terminator. So I think that we would not have become? Let's make we maybe wouldn't have had this we buy I'd, probably during the Oj Simpson trial, would have gotten. The latter would have got a lotta he back then we're gonna lie is playing the terminator, he was burnt and then ultimately he did. Ultimately, he just was- or maybe you could you know maybe would have gone out of it- stem. Who knows who knows what would have happened? I think it's best that it worked out the way that it will
doubt well, you know what even back then we knew how to say no to write. Well knows very powerful word. Yes, when it's a very hard word when you're doing something new cause, you wanna yeah, but you know what eat you can't go back and fix it later, because at that point, if you really scrap your first chance, it's your only chance and you don't get a second one right, but you can't think about that too much when you're doing something. If you like, I don't fuck this up. I don't have what does up like that, a bad way out, but you there there are some there's some bridges that you just can't cross and one of those would have been casting OJ. Simpson, isn't it? I think we can safely say the correct vision was made at the time dessert. Does your work dynamic shift based on? We are working with like that. You work differently with Jim than you would with someone else. I mean how do you absolute limits. If that's what it good producer, does you,
learn how to be the strategic partner of whoever yours, whoever your working with to bring their vision to life right and you know so so, each time it's it's a little bit different and you know that there are some people who you know need me to be the bad guy and oftentimes their people, who could very well be the bad guy themselves, but you know they. They need to be kept away. From from that from
you know from drawing a line line in the sand. Also part of the time. That's me another part of the time its there's some people who are writers show runners or directors who actually don't have great rapport with a cast road which sounds funny, but you know that they may be great at lining up a shot or writing a script on. We also, then I become very close with cast in stone and I have too often said parameters for them as well but term in each time it's all of a different, but you I will back away from something if I dont share the same vision with the Sharon her. If I, if I can't make something better I'd, rather not make it at all right well and it's dangerous.
Because you're really their economy in this business is the reputation that you have like that's the most important economy of your careers. What is your reputation as as someone who can make things happen, and also, as somebody like you said, don't work with assholes, but you How many things can go wrong in the process of of a film being made that debt can keep it from being a good movie? What do you do when your leg dino seven eight of the way into a project. Another sudden you go, oh shit, something's happening. That's not quite we had all hoped it would happen. Well, you know if it's within ones, control tool,
you do and if its not, then, then you just kind of Caroline Hope for the best semi. That's that that that's that this surprising thing I mean, especially in a feature film. Ah, it's not surprising before people to have a month array shoots. I remember we shoot an episode of the walking dead in a day or a crazy, so I mean you know, that's that's like INA, that's, like almost four episodes for us right in her to go back in and get a feature film sort of fixed, but you can do that if you have to be much much more on top of your game in television than in features, and that was my that was my big wake up call is who you are turning out, an episode every eight days and you ve moved on and the choices that you ve made.
In civilised television in an early episode resonates all the way through. You can't then go back and change that thread effects if it'll affect every episode that you ve already shot. So the stakes are much higher and tell him, dick was Terminator exactly the way the EU hidden vision at the intendant turn out exactly how you thought it would iterator it turned out better. I have to say because you never know how the start motion animation is gonna, appear and, interestingly enough, I'm the guy who who start motion animated the terminator at toward the end, and that was the late Peter Kleiner who where's the slide guitarist for the flying burrito brothers- oh really! Yes, that's crazy! Isn't that crazy? So he just he turned. You know his back on music and
loved start motion. Animation was one of the best in the business. God I had no idea. I mean I didn't know that that was the guys that it was a government vibrator brothers when deal with them for their shots in the movie that you had wanted. To, I mean did anything not quite like Wanna have this one big thing, and then you saw your leg, just we're not there yet yeah. Well, I mean we did a few pick up While there is there's one scene and serve the the flash forward into the future. And you know you see the sculls being crushed you know what the human survivors are up against in the future, where the machines have taken, and I remember that the sun was about to come up with a night, shoot and and in literally we had to get everything we had to get. Everything done, and I think I'm like push pushing the dolly and
and Jim is now in Jim's got like the camera and everyone else was just exhausted. Just did the same thing. There's a scene at the very end when Sarah Connor is in the G8 driving. You know and there's a storm coming and all of that- and you know, did the photograph, that does essentially the photograph that that John Conor falls in love with her door. Cow Reese falls in love with her bright from that Gemini shied it with three people out in the desert. The car driving my assistant. The time was doubling. Sarah Conner my mother's dog with was there was a german Shepard and we had been sent
all day for the right heatwaves, is something that really you could have added easily back then and we were out in the middle of nowhere. Unlike Lancaster, we ensign Carl Day in a police car drives up and ask us for our purpose, when the middle of Lancaster, which every literally we win them in no other car, had been anywhere that he was all day and asked for our permanent and well, we didn't have her bed so rapidly. We were like eyes like. Oh my god, this is another thing that producers do. What do you say when you haven't got the shot yet and you have to get like I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't realize their term. You know
Were you see allay film School day ago? Did there are only four of us? It wasn't like it could possibly be a feature. Film was you know, you could be one of the movies that would transform cinema and an animal like Anna, and I said well I mean you know this is this is like public land and and he's like. I know you're cameras in the street. I mean it gave it its public hazard here, like okay well we'll move off the road he said. Okay, you kids have fun out of your film, see what you couldn't write that go to the premier high yeah. I mean you know it still owe him a lot, because we wouldn't have that China, women about Russia, the very end. But you know it's watching what you do with sequels. Is all, is a really big deal, because not all sequels turn out great, but you know with aids I'm a terminator too. I mean Terminator to just changed everything that completely their effect
that movie that still art I haven't been outdone, its unbelief? It really is unbelievable right, that is, the genius of Jim Camera, I mean Jim Cameron, is ingenious. There aren't that many people who change filmmaking and the that we that we look at films and the way we appreciate films and the way that films are. Can heaved and gems, one of them. Obviously George Lucas, Chris Nolan, I mean that needed there. They're, just mine's cassese in a different way, but they do you know I'm really release God by they. They changed the way that we appreciate. On the way that we appreciate entertainment and its in their heads and literally with germ, is waiting for the technology to catch opera. He's always known, because I
I listened to him. Tell me these stories back in nineteen. Seventy nine that we just now have the technology to put funds a ring. He also invents that money and got your Oscars for inventing the technology, but also no it also having the foresight to go Kenya. We can't do this right now, but in a few years when we did when we did a and by the way, that's amazing? They met aliens. Isn t really holds up, even though its it's an analog film road. I mean they're, no see July effects or anything it really hold up, I'm having just seen it months ago. I we can know what there isn't anything really change an arm and then with the abyss that was the first
Ray DC, Jai Effect that Ireland had ever may have had ever created the water snake Road and that the funny thing is that you know no one twentieth century Fox asked how we're gonna pull off that affect our. That was like the one thing in which the film would would sink or swim ha by But you know you have some, unlike Dennis Moran, who took a year off, to learn how to create see July and having an approach to effects with algorithms as opposed to computer algorithms. As opposed to miniature hers and arm in arm. I stop motion or go motion, animation and Vienna, so that that this is the great people and the guy Companies are always pushing the edge of the envelope in and learning it themselves, but there's always I mean you know part but I guess you could say like while it sort of like asking for
so like. Why? How do you do this? You know it's just like, while just what it that's what he does, but I feel like in the process, people who you know, people like yourself for people like James James. Cameron you're, obviously asking different questions than people normally ask if you're gonna can, if you consistently get this result of something that is unlike, I think that is an interesting I think. First of all, even though you know I'm an old old lady now I I In my. In my mind in the way that I approached the world, I'm still fourteen right and I think that's absolutely central.
I mean it's one of the reasons that I was so attracted to my new project falling water, because I've always been fascinated by what our minds are capable of and the one thing that we have an examined. Very much is dreams and the fact that that image in the terminator came to Jim in a fever dream. So this is, it's a show that examines lucid dreaming dreaming and how great an impact that can have not only on individual lives but also on the world and that something that we haven't done. Reforming the the script, the initial script was written by the sheer runner Blake Masters. Lady, Henry Brunel, who is on homeland, ah back during the rider strike before inception before since eight, so when a lot of people sort of hit on the same thing at the same time, its in the zoo-
guys to end the really remarkable thing that we ve since found out after we filmed. The series is part of a deals with. Can you actually hack into someone else's dreams turns out? We can neuro. Scientists are hacking into people's dreams. So once again I mean, if you so, if you look at being aware and open to things that other people aren't thing have that's that's. You know Chris Nolan and inception, that's Blake and Henry in falling water on, but I think a lot of people fail in something else which is yeah really out their ideas and image rear fantastic. But in television and features we care about people. So we need to make sure that, at the end of the day, the people are as compelling as the visuals and all of the cool stuff right and that's where Jim succeeds
to a robber Turkmen. Succeeds you know, that's why that's where they, the great people, really six, let's all the storytelling I've you know from probably the last year have been saying to people. I wish someone would remain dream scape, because- and we just watch it again couple nights ago, because if I just I love it, I mean the beef the movie are very eighties. Gotta mean is very eighties. There's the you know, there's a lot of stout motion. It's not it's not it's not amazing, but just that idea you know, so it I'm glad that that's actually coming back that hasn't no one's really. That hasn't really been a part of the pop culture conversations according to think about it. I mean How many hours night we dream. You know I guess really, but it's
short, though right you're, just getting little bursts of dream site how powerful I they, the research, that's been done as to how dreams affect us. It's it's really remarkable. It's got a funny to when you, when you start looking into like. Why do people dream and the like You don't really know like some theories, suggested it's your brains way of just, boarding information and saw you know, because it. You really only are aware of such a small percentage of what your brain is. Actually absorbing. That is just kind of a way to sort all that in all the imagery, but you know the idea. The fact that your body has to itself down, so that you, you don't act out your dreams that I mean there's there's definitely something I don't know if it's I don't know it was an evolutionary accident if dreams revolutionary accident or it's interesting, because you know animals, dream is well right and there's a really interesting
ah neuroscientist Whose- got a fantastic TED talk more and surf, and he he really deals with a lot of what dreaming is and how dreams can be mapped out. It's become his area of expertise and, and I have a feeling that it's going to be. I it's going to be not an unusual field, a study right now it is people kind of think of dreams. Like oh yeah dreams I mean, but it turns out They are incredibly important and I think that term, even you know people say they don't dream, but they do they just don't remember them right, and there are ways that you can train yourself to remember your dreams, I'm certain people on a lot of you, whether you know Einstein, other people, actually a lot of a lot of the solutions.
Problems they were faced with, awe. They discovered their dreams and some people have arranged for. Like you know, a lot of times you serve jerk when you're in REM, sleep on that date, they set of devices where they wait themselves up afterward, and if you awake after you ve had a vivid dream like that. You can remember everything they write it down and turns out. There are a lot of problems that people are facing in their everyday lives. They can be solved if their able to tap into what they ve experienced in their dreams. So how do you juggle all of the every figure? Fifty These are not all small projects. Luckily, my daughter's all grown up. And in but yeah minutes, it's tough, it's tough! I don't sleep much so I got it. So I must be a very active dreamer notion
our smiling sleep road, but you know it's just important for me to to stay on top of of everything I might be with each show whether its walking dead or fear the walking. It falling water. I am as much as possible through prep through the first few episodes awe, and then I thought back and forth, I mean do you visits, change to was strange to be in relationship with someone that your leg We see him at work. It's like I got seem at home to like it was. The operation of home life and work life, and how is that important? Why wasn't all that effective had to ex husband that I worked with family and Brian, the palm, but I've I've worked with my current husband, Jonathan handling we worked together really well on. The funny thing is, is that Brian still wants me to produce with him?
German are still really really good friends. So us yes, I I managed to walk that tightrope, but it's in it's tough. It's it's really tough, because you know you have no off time right. And because you know you got to dinner and invariably Are you a union toying with the food of the great the great Environment union be taking that you know that that set up we have to get to Morrow or that asshole note that we just got to the studio but bringing it home emotionally bring it home like that? Just feels because there's no I mean this is business, where you know it's that you know, punch o clock and you put your clock and then it's done it just you're. Just do it. The thing you're working on is done and then you do something else. There didn't you're with its twenty were seventh nice to be with someone who really doesn't know what's going on in. You know that stressful part of your life right, you can deal with the things that
There be know focusing on so you know what my has been alarming. We love, we loves gang, we'll have to go skiing, you know, are the best years. You'll ever say: I'm a permanent intermediate and we love arsenal soccer. Oh so so yeah. So that's why I'm gonna go on letter. I know I know I I really when I first met you and we taught you talk to me about saccharine like what do you like about it. You explain to me and you and I Are you trying to watch soccer and I just can't find an emotional way and you haven't time will have tied. It takes a commitment actually what what hooker was going to see a match in person I mean watching. It on tv is not the same as being there in person got it. Ah and any note. There is gone to be a screening of aliens in London and the symphony orchestra?
at Royal Albert Hall is going to be playing the score while they projecting, when is that happening in November in early November regime and scorning ire going, and it just so happens. That weaken is also the most important arson much of the season which is their home, tie against their arch rivals, Tottenham hot spur, which is called the lunch a London Darby and in this case the North London darling. So I am going to be there. You're gonna go to begin an try and get a people. I hear you can the veracity, but Emily try to get to german security to go all the be amazing they did, but you haven't been, you weren't into soccer in the eighties right. The now right now
this was sir now I sorry followings arsenal only after their like best years ever wrote, but that's a true fat. A true fan follows the team when their struggling and doesn't give up on them. So what do you think these partnership that you had. What what are you? What are you teach ain't like when you're working with jammer or or with what are you teach and what are you learning and because I feel that the positive side to a partnership like that is that you can talk to someone that you're in a relationship with way deeper with someone that you are just working with correct. You know I mean what I I myself on is really getting into their heads to the point where I know I know western they're gonna ask me before they ask it. I've got the answer before they asked Anne and that's just what you have to do is a producer.
And- and I know when you know when to bring something to their attention, and if I can't get that intimate, project with someone. I'm really not going to do my job as well. Ah, so you know a lot of times its learning people's body, language like when I worked with Angli on the hawk. I learned. That that if I could read his body language, I knew what was bothering him and I knew how to deal with it on you know an end I thought it was strange that I kind of news glam before he could say nothing, but that's because part of my job is to figure out how to get inside someone else's head. And if it's you now, if its body language, that's one thing, some people will you know you just have to say in shut up. Ok, I gotta arm, but there are other people that
You have to find another way in on so you know it's so when you, when you go home with someone. You know that, though the Good NEWS is that Tom that you can kind of continue discussion. The bad news is, you can never turned off right, with our their consistency with these types of people with these types of directors. Do you see? You know whether Brian or JAM or Anglia or any great director that you ve worked with? Do you see? Consistency is in They see the world or how they processor they make their absolutely. They literally have the whole movie in their head. The frustrating part to them is that no one else has it,
I try to get into their heads too, so that I can help communicate what it is they want from the actors on a shot in postproduction. Ah, you know an Lee cause: shooting shopping and postproduction and editing cooking, oh well, and in that's really where it is. I mean they're getting all of the ingredients that they need. So it's it's not surprising that in a gym, not only rights and directs, but he is centrally shoots and edits his films owing you know, avatars like the world's biggest home movie legitimately the work. The biggest yes, we know so so you know so John Lando. His producer really needs to know where he can where he can help, because Jem doesn't
lotta help. He literally can do everyone's job and he can do better it better than ninety percent of the people. Probably one academy awards doing that job and in that's tough start, because what you then have to essentially be in a continuation of jam and you have to be two to transmit his vision. Sure what I was at different to help brain works at the same time were Brian. I mean these are all people who who have their films in their heads that the problem with a lot of directors these days on end and we used to call her of the MTV effect. There'd, be all these all these quick cuts and people were just line up five or six cameras on every shot. Well, that's shopping right, that's like putting the
our store in your grocery comfort, right arm and and and there's no does not really a vision. There right will have kind of how reality show works. Yet you just shoot everything and then well we'll just cobbled together. So we go and then more workable. That does not that's not the case with with Brian or with jam or you know we're with anger in any of the great directors that they I mean. Looking, you know, look at Clint Eastwood. You know haven't worked with him, but you know he's like two takes and he's on because he knows knows he's got it right. I just don't understand how what how would it would be like working some who had no idea if they had it. You know I mean they're, just gonna, take twenty seven in snow different than take for, but I don't know you can tell when a director when everything Intentional, like you, can't, watch the untouchables and then go, maybe he fudged
like everything is so exactly the way it's supposed to be in that movie that there is I couldn't have been any other way it has to be. It has to be exactly this way, so how did they communicate? You know they must. They must have to have almost a kind of a twin mine meld with their dp right, I mean well that's why Jimmy sort of his own dp anyway and you'll find that these actors work with the same people over and over again, I am now we have visual tools. We have animate acts. We have you know we have previously that you can see how everywhere I can see. You know that so, even though an actor is acting against it screen they can in no piece of the previous. What's really going on. That's why I'm so impressed with you know people like day lean. They had nothing like that and that so many flawless films that were directed before
we had this kind of technology and, yes, you know, maybe we done with the visual effects but to me ah learns for radio is one of the perfect movies, the trends and everything about that and the cameras were huge and they shine in the desert. I mean you know it was a hundred and eight degrees are more on end and yet without any of the technology we have right now, films, word justice, good! Is it not better? Are you happy that you didn't pursued?
ding as a career. I wouldn't defend that good director. I you know when you, when you realise that there are geniuses out there and you'd be a journeyman you'd be as good as good. As you know, is good. Is some arm or maybe even most? That's not good enough. I mean it. You know I'd rather be the person whose helping the geniuses hoping the ones that are one in a million one in a billion. Ah, get their visions you know it used to be on soil. I know it, sir, upon Digital always do you know what you're doing like t do you ever feel like shit, I don't really know the answer to this, but I better pretend lay. I never nigh. Don't pretend you always. I think that's semi, look! That's where we ve gotten into a lot of trouble in the world with people just pretending to know stuff. They re on trade and by the way I do have to say we still shoot the wagon did on film still
don't feel ass. Yet we still shoot on super sixteen as long as they keep making super. Sixteen will keep shooting. Where would imagine it ever seems like they're not going to catch us? All of it is like trial Schulz when they found it were discontinued pens. He just bought gap every last of that pen and you know an end Crawford Film LAB in Atlanta still processes film. Only because of us know wow Yeah yeah there is this really interesting industry that his? It's annoying. Just this whole thing that has that will always be there. Now I mean at some point: they'll be walking dead land. I'm there will be a walking dead theme park. It's at some point. There is no way not going to happen. Yes, that's probably true I'll have animatronic rigs. Are all that just kind of growth, but now you can you can't really. I just want to
As I said, what I would before was just read a bunch of the stuff for people so that they know of it terminator aliens alien nation, which was a great movie. I loved that movie. I love that movie, that's, but one of those like we're gonna, go back and watch that again he was pretty crazy to I mean because Jimmy Con Mandy Potemkin, Terence Stamp. Ah, you got Jimmy kind who, like he is he's like a k two two takes I'm done and man he's like take. Seventeen is like, warm in America, but every seen together, God damn all right, tremors, fantastic tremors yeah. What is it about What do you see, because I feel like a lot of stuff that you take on his stuff that hasn't really been
seen yet or done yet, and so how do you know giant worms, I'm underground sandworms? So how do you know? How do you know what somebody comes across your lap, because I met because I'm permanently fourteen ogre- and I read this governing oh wow- I'd love to see that you know that move because under ten million dollars to make an inn. And I mean Kevin vacant how how amazing Fred Ward River Macintyre Michael grows it is really was an end. I have to thank the late Jim Jack's, who is, fantastic producer. Ah he responsible for Kevin Smith's career awhile. Ah, who passed away a few years ago, who is an executive at Universal, the time who basically bed his career and got the film green? Let me everything worked out for him. Yes, window. So after a movie like Terminator hits two people go Kane. I can do whatever you want. Our do still
like you always have to fight in or are you are you a scrapper, or are you a floater? They feel like some people have to fight fight fight by fire. Other people very just like ok at all. You know it alot wrap your scrapper, oh yeah, I mean, if I haven't, earned it through hard work. I feel like I don't deserve. I don't deserve it and and because you're pushing through something That's when you realize it's worth doing, because if you give up you, you know what then than it wasn't right right so much better. If I have to fight, then I mean I would not be good So do you seek that stuff out? Then? Do you seek out the light step? The hardware does, my god. I mean I remember, you know end when frank, and I first talked about the why Like I don't talk about it. You know we developed a script. NBC was sent on everyone everywhere. Everyone everyone passed its like. Let's, let's not give up,
Oh yeah, maybe there's the ride home for it. So yeah I mean, but I need a partner. I need a partner to go forward and you know it. Fight. I I'm for, I like being a team player because you're chemistry changes with it but you were saying before your chemistry changes with each new team with each new person. Yes, because you have to you, you know it's it's it's. You know you its dynamic and fluid and you you, you know it's not my where the highway really, although, as I said, I won't work ass also with an asshole it's the highway for them, but but otherwise you know you you, you have to find the best way to work with someone as part of a team. Many No, it's like it's. You can use a sports analogy, certain teams gel awe and others. Don't
and sometimes, if you maybe have to get rid of your best player, because that person- maybe the best player but they're, not the best team. Those are the not fun decisions and then have to deliver to have to be the hatchet person to be like sorry, yeah. But you know that's, that's that's part of the job. I mean it's, it's part of it When someone comes in and and can a name names, but there was someone that I thought would be fantastic in the walking dead and arm- and I remember Frank going yet the really good, but I dont think that the chemistry be right, and you know this, but a lot of people may not that we cast John Burns as chain, he was the first person cast on the serious, not Andy, linking and we ve seen Andy Lincoln's audition at that point really getting to the point,
can be starting. You know we were, can start pre production and we didn't have the lead in the show, wrote and so we you know so we flew Andy over and he read with John is like this is great. Ah you know he's he's are he's our Rick arm, but you know, there's something else. I would settle foreigner who had been wrong. So was it hard for you? when Frank wasn't on the show anymore, it's it's it's hard for one when someone who is essentially ah invented something reinvented, let's say because obviously Kirkland invented at Wrote and Nino in that kind of partnerships, because he'd hired the caste and the crew,
Ah you know it's it's. It's really tough and I have to say- and I called Frank when all this went on- and I said you know what do you want me to do any said stay with her, and I think I I don't know that I could have if he hadn't said that, because that would have been a betrayal and he said that to every casper on the show to every one he pro actively said. Ah, you know this is not your fight. Ah, you ve made something wonderful and go do the best job. You care. One guy to state on the ever this. Can I please forgive me. I hope this doesn't sound like an arrogant, male question, but just because what you something you said and when we first started talking when you said you know in eighteen, seventy eight there were no. Our producers, there were no female heads of networks? So as you embark on that,
We are in the late seventies, nearly eighties what're you facing in turn, gender discrimination. And what are you and how are you, we're coming at our you, just ignoring it and just focusing on work that the interesting thing is Roger, had corpsman. There was none, so Roger had a chief operating officer, Barbara Boil so. She was second commanded. The company on his wife, Julie, Carmen was producing for him and very involved, and he treated women with the utmost respect. I'm you know any was an equal opportunity exploiter. I mean he exploded everyone we work for no money. You realize that women were would work harder,
and complain less. That was probably the only difference that that he saw and that often women on you know had if they wanted to succeed, the their drive and ambition was was was was if not illegal to public seated man's, and so for the first few years. Wherever Roger comment, there was no sexism, so I assume wrongly that that was the case throughout the industry, but you know working under working, Ferrajo you're in this old bubble, you in Carmen bubble on well, I've been in the studio lot was because we used MGM labs to process are film on for the we made. So I go into the M Gm lot, which is now Sony light end, but I wasn't interacting
any the executives? Ah so was only after that that that I realise that you know when When I went in to produce aliens fruit that the meeting and you know, and I met at foxen. The first question was: how a little girl like you, produce a big movie like this little book, and big men- and I actually luckily didn't take it personally. I thought okay. Well, that's the men are being fair question they needed. They need a reasonable response, so I said, call Roger garment. He can vouch for me and call the head a film finances in LOS Angeles, Linsey Parsons.
Who provided the completion bond for the terminator and they'll? Tell you don't take my word for it and the Good NEWS was he made. Those calls to two very responsible were well respected man and they both said God she's great snapper up on by You know I didn't have a chip in my shoulder. I think that's a problem is you know you can either you because you can succeed, you need you need someone to say. Yes, you need someone to open the door and you need to reach out and pull the next, the next duration up your arm and and when I was when I was starting out a lot of women would slam the door in your face? Because there is a token woman that there be a token woman. You know at a company
and they knew that it was going to be a revolving door. There was that one person and if someone else's hard they were gone, so it was actually that was how women in film on was was originally founded, it was to say no, we don't have to be the token woman road. We can be a team of women, and if you mentored people over the years, you know, I think it's it's. It's not sort of a formal mentorship, but absolutely- for if you do, I mean China Rise partner, Betsy beers started company and regular, ran my company so you know there are a lot of people who are in various positions the industry, one sure now had an inner and also a lot of a lot of women direct but I'm sure now, if you're doing panels or if you're, if you're I'm sure you'll women must stay,
stand up and go hey. How do you know how do I get around you know the sexism How do I get around? How well you know? What's the best way to deal with it, good. I mean that, I mean a lot of people actually feel bad? You know well unqualified good opportunities all the time, so I can't unqualified women. It's like no less should raise the bar for less is the bar and everyone should be qualified, and everyone should be good. You know, and- and I really think that that it's important to not just say, will it's not fair? Ah, you know be good, be good at your craft, you know you win win when I was producing, I wouldn't have got into. Bed film after Germany or frightened, been damn good at my job and prepared so that when the opportunity was there, I succeeded
So there's INA there there's. No, there is no short cut to doing our homework being prepared being overpriced. Third and knew no, sir. I think the biggest problem that allowed people make today is well. You know when I get that opportunity, then all learn. You know meantime, all new knowledge is by my time and complain right, but I think that I see that I see that with I mean doesnt have a gender, not as I'm say yet everyone I'm saying Yang, if beg you know just because I'm court qualify and have an opportunity right all its each had. No, no, let's raise the bar for everybody. I see by sea people complaining about stuff all those anyhow. They think you can be like a stand up and do what you do. It's like just put him. Give me a microphone I'll, be you yet why we encourage people like do it Do it absolutely you know, do it
and then see what it feels like and then a few if it, if you want to keep doing it, when you see how much work it is, then you're doing the right thing, and if you stop, then maybe you are doing the right thing. Is you the only thing that will allow you to have any lasting success. Is that you have to give a shit about what you do. It's funny that people like well, I I need so many millions of dollars to make moving ADA and especially not now the camera does the Iphone seven. The camera on this phone is ridiculous. So so that's what I say I mean: did you see the movie tangerine? Yes, it's Testing was shot an Iphone you now so so that there is no excuse anymore. It's it's. I think people are actually sort of creating obstacles for themselves, thinking that everything needs to be perfect for them. Get to the next level right. You know they need to have they need to have. You know and ask winning DP and they need to have a you know,
SK, a winning CAS Psych no get great people who were at your level. I mean that's the way, Roger succeeded. All of us had no credit when we started for him, but we learned and we learned without a huge spotlight on some, make your mistakes, for this, a spotlight on you, that's what the despite everything now there's. No, because you know the good thing about social media in the way that you can get outta this guy right? If it's good it'll rise up but I also feel that there is no risk cause. You know it's a u a thing and you have put on Youtube or I'll, throw it on Facebook or whatever. If it's not very good, you learned a bunch and if, if no one watches it, it doesn't really affect you, you know if it's real good it maybe it'll catch on and if it doesn't catch on. What did you learn and what the next thing you can do, and how can you reapply those things that mean? It really is just not taking no for an answer and not me now,
you have your feelings, hurt once in a while, but don't make excuses gas, so you don't gone. Do it go out? There is absolutely no substitute for doing. Don't just talk about it. Do it. Do you have just as were kind of winning this down other a couple of one or two? stories? You can think about with think with movies that you ve worked on, that that really kind of change your life Where Europe you know I don't have it was on aliens are but two or whatever it was, but standing there in your watching something happened. You go. Oh, my god. This is unlike any. This is a this is an especial unique moment in time. Can you think of anything? it's funny, because this is something that will give a logical. Was the best training for making a tv show, in eight days, because you have to do everything, immediately and ah you know you don't get a do over, but our member
since both german, I train their remember, we were shooting the terminator and there is a point at which the terminator punches his fist through on the front window of a moving car that that arm, Reese and Sarah Connor are in awe and it had to be. I mean it had to be a hydraulic ram. So was a metal fest said that stand Winston came up with and we realized it was really unsafe to do that with a moving car, but we had a simulated moving and I like war, I dont know what to do and its Like you, we did. We couldn't put up a green screen. There was no time we had to do it. That day was the only time we had location and that's when you know the chimps, a genius,
Cosette, I dont we're gonna, do work and I put up a flat of of half inch brick on the grip truck and the grip truck will drive by and will try to different speeds until it looks like the cosmic and that shot is in the and at its genus? And this is no way you can look at it. They know their car was moving and an income just came with it on the fine. That's when you realize you working with someone who's just he's problems halls were his genius and it was. It was the low tech solution right arm and that's why, too, to this day, I prefer low tech solutions. If you can get it in camera, that's the best way to get it that to me. You know that hasn't changed. Will that's Jim, though? What did you? What about you? What are you proudest of that? You ve done that? What are you proud when you think back like you know? What's what's the thing that really makes you feel like all this?
defining moment for me, or this really was a I'm really proud that I did this thing or pull this off. You know it's funny, because I tend not to think of what it is that I've done. That's all any day's work. I do recall, though, that we are making the abyss that which, by play costs about forty million dollars, so think about that I mean that's like you can't get shoot. Six people sitting render room talking these days upon a feature film for that tat. We were doing the sequence when on when the submersible is filling with water and and Lindsey an end, but are are drowning so Mary, Elizabeth and AIR at Harris, and we had to shoot it over a number of days and we have
add the submersible, ah, hang from a crane and and we're lowering it in water and a genius executive from Twentieth Century Fox came out and deciding who's gonna get us on budget. On three came in and the entire time he was there who kept looking at his watch because, ah he had come out in it. Limo, all of us had like the cheapest renter rental car. Passengers command circular budget and an he's, and he would only stand of five star hotel two hours away. We were all staying in the days in four ten. Dollars more? You got the view which was of the giant peach water tank on the freeway that looked like a giant ass. This is painted pink and had a crack, so
for ten dollars more. If you got a view of the world as big as a source of anyway, so that person walks in and and tells us that he's going to save us money he's decided that one of the ways to save us money is you get cheaper cranes, who are the middle of shooting the sequence right it is a huge building boom in the south of the time, was shooting in in South Carolina, and so he told the crane operators to go home in not nice language and their southern Baptists were awe, and he said that they that you know he that Dave he that they must have thought that you know he was a stupid Hollywood executive who would pay too much for arm for their equipment, but you know he was going to teach them a lesson on an dumb and am literally since sitting this meeting and then he goes ok,
gotta go to Helen hadn't gotten. Can I got a tennis match this afternoon? You sing a private jet and like we're back on budget, if we just send your private jet cause and your limo in the five STAR Hotel and the price of gas. New here we're back on budget an inner member having to go talk to these people and bade them not to take their cranes after they just been insulted by a jerk from Hollywood. Ah, who used every you know, took the Lord's name in vain and used every foul expletive in the book and get them not to take their crane words which, by the, they could have gotten three times as much money as they recharging us in the construction business oh my gosh Emmy. That seems like a small thing, but that's what you have to do, and and also on you know.
And the funny thing is this executive, then went back to allay and and gave us three extra days. Show me so I don't know, I mean he paused, We thought that he one very, very one, the crane battle and I have a feeling that the fantastic physical protection executive Without their only lied to him and say I you save the day, you know we ve got some cheaper crank. That's really smart, because that's really on your guises part because I feel like I would if someone like that, we, like hey havoc effect self, which is not gonna. Yet you what you want, so you must you must also know, I guess you must also have a thing where you go. Okay, I was going to let this person go cuz. Ultimately, it's not going to get us what we want. If I'm defensive, because well, I'd also realized. Once when I was in a meeting I was so angry that I still have
the meeting slammed the door. I realize I left my heart and I like oh, I care worked on. I just slammed the door and let my hot fitness do go back. Gonna go here. You guys leave the door on your way out or use that await. So so anyway. So now you, you know you kind of learn from those those early errors that that doesn't that dismay she look stupid yeah, but you, but you must have to know when to like when we put on the fangs in winter? You have to you know you you'd You always need to know when, when literally you have to say no and ah a wee wee, Then filmmakers the end and making tvs art of compromise? You always have to know when the compromises too great and you have to be able to walk away at that point
so on. The terminator that would have been having Arnold Schwarzenegger play. Cavalry an ordinary citizen terminator and you have to be willing to say no, I I can't do that and I'm going to do. You know possibly not make this film, because if I do that it can't be a good movie. So sorry that you nobody, but you you don't get many of those and you better be right, each time you you know every every every time you you throw down that got. Let you better be right, but I guess that's just a gut feeling, but you just have to know then, where you have to think about it and an end you you have to. Willing. Because oftentimes remember. It's not just me That's gonna suffer its everyone on the show at the time. So whoever your partner is there,
in a writer director the show runner any cast your affecting the crew reflecting everybody's lives. When you do that, so you can't, you see, catches, do it willy nilly, but it, but it has to be meaningful enough, and you know when you land in there times when, when you really do have to let people know that you're not going to be bullied. And in others lot of testing their like people poking you to see you note to see how much will take and doing in all be poked and prodded to a certain degree, and I especially be potent prodded by people who are smarter and better at their jobs than I am, but not someone who's, not it's about the game shows up. Link is back on his private had yet so falling water is on USA, which is doing something
you were great shows. Mr rabbi, I mean they really, you think we turn it around and really turned around from us. The so stockings network yeah, an end as we call it blue sky, shows exactly the door theirs. I thought your outdoors theirs yet every way that everyone's good looking in there in pastel and they're, all white yeah yeah. Yes, exactly it's really we changed and in turn it around yeah, and you know our show. We ve got three leads if it Angela, is a fantastic black actor from the Uk William Lee Fantastic Free America, actor in Lizzie Brochure RE, whose French. A multinational multi ethnic cast
so when does it. It's is: is falling water and tougher thirteen with their ten o clock, USA Network, fantastic, I'm so glad that you came to it. We did this in my house where my house today, I wasn't it the studio today, and it's just it somewhat warmer. It's like it's a nicer environment here, the studio studios, fine, but it's just I see no one did someone can come to your house and sit on the couch and not feel like I only like challenges chatting. We didn't happen to be holding microphones, but are we today, as one does as one does Europe I mean. Is this the wife and I all the time they stood around microphones, you think what you do have genuine, or nobody knew. I don't know- and I know that my mother, you know so often my mom says like. If you see gale teller, you know I'll take her to live. Jenny to ok. Well, when I am back when I am back from New York excellent, she has got a date good
Ellen heard, thank you for being here. Congratulations on everything and it's really and honour to sit and chat with you about this stuff. I mean this is all you know, just being a child, a pop culture in exactly the right age for all of those things. You know it's a really big deal. I mean you ve been made such an impact for so many people just the writer tenement value and then also inspired people to want a you know, be the next you or the next Jim Cameron or the next. You know so. Hope you. I know you say like it's all part of a day's work, but I hope sometimes you do kind of mostly reward you some guy have. Actually, I think it's a pretty good job at this point, I think we have done some good stuff you now I ate what what's what keeps me going is when I get to do next and that's the fourteen year old in me is
I love when I'm doing I wouldn't be doing it otherwise and I'm always excited to see. What's gonna come next excellent enjoy burrito everyone now leaving noticed com,
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