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Garret Dillahunt chats with Chris about the best Zoom etiquette, dealing with negativity, and the importance of believing in yourself. They also go deep into Deadwood talk and OF COURSE cover some Fear the Walking Dead stuff (spoiler warning!). Garret’s new movie Army of the Dead is on Netflix right now!

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some really just phantom the girls in other great things, concluding a little joke, Fear the walking dead where he plays John Dorie, so we got to be friends as a result of that, and I really like air in a lot. He just a good dude. He is promoting army of the dead which is acts nighters army of the dead, which is on Netflix now, soon as you're done with his podcast. You can raise to your comment, device, be it laptop, a television, a phone or some type of internet pad tablet and you can watch army of the dead on Netflix. So here we go. This is the identified castle and there are some boiler hers if you're not caught up in the current season of fear, the walking dead. If you If you are not watching this current epoch of season of fear the walking dead there are
some spoilers in this episode? So I just wanted to give you fair warning about that: ok now, I will start thou. We resume the starting episode number eleven, twenty two of the eighty twenty podcast Garret Della Hunt all the thing initiating I Ii and iii, it's all right to see your face, where are you right now, I'm in only once
looks like it look out, looks like a big deal out of door notice of like these are the emergency exits. I think you re, I was doing I was doing some others, zoom interviews, swine, we're doing press for army of the dead today and that they didn't like myself, they made me turn. This way I mean I was. I was pacing Lisbon about that over the battle was really call that's cool background. Like now. We want to see the door what the weird emergency exit route on it itself. I need it. Two, no end, it'll, it's hilarious to me that you know what we ve traded in for having to Tibet everywhere is like when they get. Good lighting and backgrounds ends. You know what to do. Are we to be that they decided that rather than seeing that sort of cool Ben frame of the one thing they rather see the electrical box in the back
together metaphor us it's just that The way the windows were Oh the lighting, that's a good, dramatic lighting? That's like evolving like death dislike, have your face. alone, bad about my wife and I made when we first started dating. She immediately got the job and had to move to. I want to say North Carolina baby for six months so long. Why can the jury of our dating was really done through space time? So we had a lot of these like late night, just lying in bed where Europe is my room. What are you doing? Has a girl in a dispute. This dispute. Has it I still do it the other up. Then you have pretend, like you, don't ya
we could just pretend they were really all them. Don't know technology, ok, my doing it right! This right am. I was then where's, the recall, I don't know where the button is with her for it. Now. Everyone now everyone's narrowing just never understood. Now there was a time when you really had to be a super near to understand technology, so interesting to sow seamlessly its woven into the fabric of our culture. Now add enough, I nephews are the ones I call you like fixed by far. stuff you, I don't, I used to be real on top of, like all of you know, knowing how to exactly they had been a certain point I was just like. I don't have the brain space, the it's like changes, a fast and so much, and so often the
dictation that things have to be shiny, every six to twelve months and new or people, likewise in this new, it's like Innovation is never progressed at this rate before in the history of mankind, and now this this consumer expectation of like Are you didn't do anything or the camera didn't slightly change? You didn't get a couple megapixel some of you. It's not gonna, be worldly. The phone from five generations ago was beyond what we needed here, the camera, the camera love yup. I have like six cameras are things like some really nice camps. I got this whole Nikon said to take two movies with me back when you could take pictures on movie sets What do you do that you get, there came up said: did you get it?
things or whatever- and I did I'm gonna like in I've- got this like a monochrome. I've gotta knocked lux lansford and I never use them. I feel terrible tonight I use them. Most of the time to take pictures. Well, that's understandable. It's just it's just easier than having to travel. with another thing that by the way you have to be very mindful of especially when you're talking about big nice, delicate lenses, I would like to put a case in it. You know you drop it, you take it back in Listen, you know it's like it's, not it's not the same as drop it. Whence it a button, and it does everything in the background Those away like in shit like this wasn't even at what it looked like one. Everyone takes pictures, but there are very few photographers yeah I mean like there's a guy like the we all do it I mean it.
pictures, but I would not consider myself a photographer to those are two very different things I gotta get back, I feel guilty. I had a bad that I set it. People are gonna, be like I don't think so at all, because I think everyone sort of business there were you want. Do you really want to know especially that easy to get dazzled by. Oh, my god, I'm going to get this gorgeous Cameron, this gorgeous equipment and all this stuff, and then you get psyched up about it and then the day off in terms of just sit in a closet because you're in a rush in it is easier to take your phone for travelling. It's like that already have ruined. Now it's really heavy. it's easy to sort of understand the difference between pictures in photography, especially like with our mutual friend Tyler Shields. Where you look it sheets of fast to any just if these brilliant, like the composition and the lightning and everything you like all of them.
Photography. Bats photography I was just taking pictures in like fucking with the filter, is a little bit in the act that I was not doing photography, cheap and that there are still photographers it because it must be entrusted to emphasis, because when I was a kid I had a look, there's probably let's be generous and say: there's a hundred pictures of me as a basic right, there's, probably up a hundred It's ok, it's in a way for kids, just like so many photos of themselves and videos. I wonder if it's gonna spawn like this toll generation of tours and inventive makers in item Evans, he'll be so company in front of a camera. I don't know I think I think, it'll also spawned a generation of lake. RO you know, people using like pinhole came
You know just like Ripley Classic all just just because its, you know, I mean it again. religious. It still looks different, still looks a bit different to do it. The fashioned way, you know it's like it just it has a certain look. The same way. That final has a certain sound Do you know? I think people will see it. You know like these take pictures away out of necessity, because that was the equipment evolve and now I think we can do it as an artistic choice die, or rather than just a necessity right right, you're right. I guess I mean I hope so I think that would be cool yeah. I mean it's a bit slow down yeah? I really. I foresee that, because I think that you know I mean
with kids grown up now. It's like all what they used to do in the old days. You now and then some papers be like this. Just too much repeatedly asked care the shit around a grandma picture, Why are you shooting right now, let's say I'm here shooting a movie called with the crowded sings, the captive from a novel decision, name a very popular normal. I've learned six, always making all these records of fantastic story of this sort. Girl in the fifties in the next twenty or twenty five years her life. Maybe you know it's a murder mystery in her play her father back in there in flash back but the best dead? That's why you're gonna white trash stubble? I always keep on all the time because I wouldn't know where you were
I tabled an actual razor blade, maybe twice a year. Is that an eye neither I nor the gates everything. That's too much too much do this. I don't die on the old days, illustrate razor You go to a barber shop. I made scraper her face for the blade, and then you get a bloodletting. Waging a picture of you Camera, to sit there for nine hours. Still you couldn't breathe, I play the obedient because it's like you know even have to go back that far to sound like an old person, you really have to go back a few years and everything's progressed. ass? You are now don't feel all you do. The math. I guess it in the past. The best thing is to not do the math were eager. Another reason math is dead.
Oh sure, you must give due dignity the performer thing of comparative. Ok, winder, aren't you by the time. Still marked was my age. He tat, you know all thought you know like the women, as debt is death, its death Obama. Like thirty four, when did you go? You know like that. That should really punches noon. The chests, listen met. You and your committee. You stood still stand up to dollar. Why haven't because the pandemic? But yes it sincerely. I mean I was up until like a couple days before quarantine last year and then and then I'm looking its fur or google. Possibly all definitely twenty twenty two I've already book did so I'll, be back on the road. When that's, why that's the most terrifying prospect to me- and I ll- do it really noticed this green you and then you know I. I guess you know you get really good at it. I guess, but I just I can't I can't imagine
and were to ask any comedian. They would say, doesn't really feel like a choice, it's more of a compulsion to do it and do something about mine said you would start out a lot of your shoulders? Not great is just the way it works, but some in your mind is like, but I gotta get up and do it again. Feel the same alot of people. feel the same way about about acting, you know, like our know, how do you do that? How do you call of these Are you all demand your emotions? You know what I mean like. That's me feels like Africa. Do that you know.
Several times for Kazakhstan, the shots, and I guess I was felt. The difference was no somebody's written something for me right. Here's what you get a thicker and I suppose, commitments that they use the phrase I've written a new show. So at least there's a loose outline. I guess you know what you're gonna talk about, but it always seems so analytic needs. Dump me just completely reacting to the audience or off the cuff animal and to be given a time limit black. Ok, you got it. You gotta. Ten minutes is a long time or what to just wing it. I mean it's not my that didn't I'd find me when it, but since we're picking over the fence at each others, Hariri eyes. I think for me acting or even spectrometer whenever it would feel limiting, because it feels like you know,
control of almost any. You don't have any responsibility for any other than what you can do at the moment. Just open all hope that good takes me used in the landscape and use its good. Everything and potential that you're, can finds. You know that you're doing the crisper death movie. You really can find too whenever the words on the page or with some minor, like you know, you might be able to change a word here and there with some directors, but to me feels like oh you're. Your car This is very confining confining and for me, things are working, I can pin it on a dime and- and I feel that makes me feel safe, you're right, you're right, because I know there's been a lot of times some of the more recent and others I would have liked to have pivoted stuff with working like this is the
this is not the little peasant yeah and you always have the freedom to do that. So what do you do in those moments where you're like? Ok, this this doesn't Some quite working the way that I, in the way that I would prefer to so. How do I just as a performer, just perform my way through it, but you right now that you, an even more and more as a as I didn't you get older. get more experience than you have a great thing about that passage of time as you just don't you don't care you just like? I don't need to, I don't I don't have to be you know what I don't have to stay here? If I don't have to do that, you know why I just I just I just call it a day or but that's not what you're asking? What are you talking about like on the day?
on the day, you're you're, just some doesn't feel rider. It's not or your or whatever, and correctly not really seeing eye or something communicated or you just or you just have that feeling like when things just you're like they're, not aligned, and you like, I just- doesn't feel you know how. Why I mean sometimes I'm wrong I'll say that, like, like, I remember winters bone. I one point thinking. Sure what's going on here- is a scam is gonna work and its this brilliant movies are clearly didn't know what the hell I was talking about right. It wasn't enough aware of the big picture
no, but I guess I'm a day. I guess that the insurance for that situation, as you, you ve, been really careful about the job you took up. That's the only way like work with people. You trust, you know, really fed them out, but, but maybe that does the miracle of you know that it's a real, it's a real alchemy that needs to happen for that's got them rapturous thing. I love about this business about my my side of its second a feat of its a magical act. If it works, if it then becomes great product in the time to make a really good, Thelma tv shove it out you having to totally absent, because you're trying to articulate the project has to articulate so many different craftsman, people. Just aiming at the same
basically cited are they are is it all, someone aimed in the right way in even if everyone feels like the run same pages. Saliva necessarily mean that it's gonna come together in the right way? I mean you know, I think The easiest way to translate is like ok. Well, I'm gonna. I want an ambulance a person riding a horse and in my mind I see a very clear picture of a person riding a horse, and then I drive and it looks like you know it looks like any cagey flat lining you know and in its wake but that's not what was in my head. How do I get that into my hands? I dont know experience, I think so, but it's also, you know it's also a kind of trusting- or maybe it's not care like you can't you can't be controlled in every take- is not going to be good
You know, there's really been times has been so many times have also been wrong, so it's like- maybe maybe just not just you take the job he enjoyed as much as you can and then go home and the dead sea can start there's nothing you can get back. So you know trust anybody in and maybe maybe that don't be such a jackass. On said that you got all the answers, and also probably anything that it's a process and like your career as a processing things are gonna turn out better than others, but nothing. The things right, we hinge on one job. I mean, like you, get here Those jobs are also needs an generally the jobs words like. Oh, my god this. In totally broke out and they got nominated for thing in their multiple things like
When you really look at it. That was not an overnight story. It's very rare that that happens. That was the culmination of many projects. Did you I suppose that persons in working for a decade or two I didn't know about those other that you're thinking ever see them all the work that goes into the craft yeah. You know that there are many of us at the industry side assign about. I was. I was doing this play with Franklin job as pretty much fresh out of grass go call booth. It was about, I plead Edwin Booth and he played headwinds Father Junius predispose. John works was also an excited, but you smoke are obviously before in assessing present. There was always others theatre stuff, and I got I got savaged and the New York Times by the press just destroy and up until that time you know I was naive and I thought
gonna get a ban with you. As I am determined you know, I'm gonna be so good work so hard and I just got sapling. There was a whole pair, grass devoted to how awful I was so. It was new to me in informing content. just like a lion or to say what is good too you know or whatever, but this was just like it would be so much better of guerrilla. Wasn't in this it has just bad bad, bad, really personal, and I would say you know, and the plague continues deserved a chicken
That is why they say you know, don't reveals the bad ones or the good ones can really fuck you up. You know if you, if you like a guy's good Review of Europe, but ever your movie and then he the same guy reviews your next one poorly. You can't say that he does. Nobody is talking about because you ve already said like. I believed it when he said great eyes right. So you shouldn't you should just ignore minutes and I was laughing when I read it, and I was really a too to my friends, but I was tricky and the time my customers seems whose thing out and to avoid the kind of crush of people in his dress. You at the end of the path of the show every night over wishing him well, mine was nice quiet.
when she came in hung in mind with me one day. She said you know how you do it. You know whatever could face and I stood up. Ok, known she's like it, I'm sorry about the review and an immense. She told me a story about her shoes
working on a movie with Robert to bar and a previous movie. She had done, she just got destroyed in the present it was reckoned like she said. I wasn't, do not dare to call the shooting one day because she just couldn't function could she'd been so destroy and Duval came to set the next day. With the note book and in it was a bad review for everything, he'd ever done the grandfather, tender mercies that thinks he's one asked for in the end, he just as a clip you work again like the whole point. Was it doesnt, fuck man right? What do you think you know an end its true? You know most of the time when I suck
I'm really. My heart is credit. You probably are too, so you don't even really need it right and a job, and what are you quit mainly because our own hearts critic? That's why some of these times with united we get about review, something it just is pokes at that confirming this thing that I think about myself or you know like and in a way, some of them We do really more comedians for comedians than actors, but there is, you know, like the approve for a comedian is vital to our survival, because we need people to sharpen our shows. We could then be back so its part com and in part III go like largely go back, but still hard to separate was chief things in ok, because so much of our business is based on the approval process. Yes, you can work on this movie. Yes, you can direct this thing. Yes, you get out but a lot of time has virtually giving its no no, no no do now. So we with a veto
our way through a swamp and rejection just to start to get to the? U no to the treaty. in part, so it's tricky because it is right It's our survival like can threaten. Our survival is somewhat to disguise. Certain is definitely so having rubber debugger you're gonna work again, look see is no. It is accepted fact that this isn't. This is now what you do for better. guys they make in a horrible movie after horrible me one after another. The kingmaker, like not know once said, stop unites its women. Will you? No big deal supper was allowed the internet, we look back at you, know: a revered movie. I mean I can't think of an example but movies on the level of like you know. Grandma jail, Ghostbusters, her back the future enjoy and fight like a better view. Something like this is the work ethic. Well, who is
I guess that was the guy who felt that he was right. That was his opinion, but also the box office was right, cuz, all those all these people liked it. So you know like You know like the focus and that famous boy like in others do not want the opportunity in the godfather dislike the crew laughing at him ass, he stood in the sea. I mean, can you imagine prisoner last year and then comes the same. Reese ready, you know, goes to the bathroom guessed. The gun comes out. Its everybody in Russia and understood is ok. I see and this is just the way to do this works all those people that were like this is the worst I d ever I knew this was gonna, be great yeah, oh, you were always our guy. I mean you know.
Is the way it works. We got. It just goes to show right, you just gotta. Yes, let us be honest with yourself, but you got also bet on it. Such great advice- it's just, I think, the things that the things that make, you great notice, you bet you in there in the performer sense the things that make you great the sense Hungary's that you have in the outer fees and being able to embody characters in dramatic situations, this sensitive in a way almost like an emotional medium in away. You know, but that's Its activity also means that you can be sensitive, but yet more it's true. You know you. Does it there's a certain sort of skinless in an artist. You know that that leaves you were to sometimes even the slightest breeds can become a painful yeah but made us maybe there. downside maybe but exists. It is it's just doing.
You are saying and navigating and a healthy way and go indicators doesn't mean everything in this. Is you know? No one thing: it's just like keep going really like the idea, and not just for acting bracing for any any kind of pursuers. Once really trying to break into something where we are talking about like you. Do you the process in everyone involved the involved in doing it away. You go from auditioning and hoping that you get any job. Anyone will hire you to know. I dish in them I want to make sure there right for me, harder to do in the beginning as much sooner despite a survive, but it's also a very powerful shipped when you well it's love or money? They say right
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and I know, but I'm not gonna name them because of the storm about job. I know. Sometimes they said to them I need to wait. Another asker like. no, they didn't when the first one, because they had that mindset right they had the minds they want them because they just make something that they loved. You know they just for like they had no expectations about a maybe no ones see that they write those things always turn out better than. If your aim is, I'm gonna, be famous, I'm gonna be rich and I'm gonna win awards ago. I've been forced him to be a part of a laudable award, winning movies and the number of organs and because of meanness, asylum sandwich
seeing the guy's, making the movie seen the guy stone in the movie. I never there was never in other driving force was never awards right. There was just it's almost the opposite is purity of storytelling is purity of spirit, others, that's where the best stores at all well yeah, because you can't get in and even if, Google their tricky right because they give us direction like gold gives you direction. I think, to be flexible enough to recognise. One goal is serving you, you know it. To do that If your goal is to win an award, and then you win that award. Ok, now you know what I mean like it's like you, need to win another one back. Are you won T have it now? I do not always have to keep
and my wife is really good at going. I think you do in that thing where you like. I just want this thing, and then you get a cab. It's not. You know that sort of like constant dissatisfaction is like it's. Ok to be. satisfied with things are just the process of things, but that that chasing that result is, is a tricky and dangerous it. It's gonna goes hand in hand with a comparison again you're talkin about earlier, yeah, because there's no like I mean if, if you look back at your life, you know, I think, those result? Moments, I wonder, is right. I do this thing. they're, not necessarily is fulfilling its like. Oh I had this experience where I did this thing with all these people I don't know what you would you say that somebody about. Do you have experiences it are like this is this experience was more valuable to me, even though no one saw this thing
then the other thing that a lot of people of lauded inside you know that's fine, but this other experience was really just more intimate personal. I think so absolutely at Athens. You know you have it. It's almost two different things, but isn't it, but this there's some some movies. I've done that were just the greatest experience, but more great movies. At the end of the day, you know it's a bright and you don't have a great time in us. Haven't found on looking movie turns out, maybe the sensitivity, maybe the team wasn't on display in the making of the thing, but doin the pudding it together it really in other division held.
I think this definitely when I'm bad at is is realizing that bad. Like I, I have a great experience whatever, like you said, the result of this project is whatever good bad, but in the dividend is going to pay down the road are huge, and did you start pilot nose up is the third time in a hundred years now it's gotta be talking about their diligence. Film in tv shows, probably you known throbbing, none of us in our work with what are we doing here? You know we might as well do things it. We love do things that fulfil lessened. Maybe something decent to the world. You know, I don't remember who won oscars to or three years ago, and I have to look it up, and maybe I would, if I was ever nominated for my story, might change and I'll. Let you know what Chris you know,
the words indicative ethic. Actually, I'm the best- and I know what I said before, but that was before I was nominated metallurgy. While I mean it's, it's like every other part of the comparison game were. I think it is very comforting where you think about what was people now Who don't know who comic argues that there are people who die? Who Elvis is- and you know you Did you just look back it? film stars of the nineteen thirty is, and you know like, Knickerbocker, was the number one box office, one thousand nine hundred and thirty two two hundred and forty and your life. But then you really I didn't go. Person was the most famous person. The world of business, for, like twelve, leads a long time. You know I'm making up a person, but I mean that idea I heard of them so yeah, so you know like. So why am I so concerned about me
the size of jobs or the size, and but again it suddenly because there is a certain degree of that the kind of helps Two more work. Give you more options. You know, try to creates insecurity in what is really I wildly and secure business- that's not, would be stable. I went in and really, if you're going to get rich become active and become a comedian, I think we both would tell him there's easier ways to get rich. That's wrong! The gulf. they have most Mozart is, I know, live below the poverty line in out it's really. It's really dicey it and maybe the purest form there is community theatre. You know, or you know just people telling each other stories and, like others, the dentist up their plan, Stanley Kowalski your imagined does the rest. You know it's, it's a really really, weird prevention! Isn't it
There is an urgent and I'm sure, people as they get success and sort of think like, oh, and if that's the only thing that thereafter in they go, this really was the one I thought it was cash. those days when I was living in the studio apartment and just like you and real stuff in hang it out in didn't, have a lot of responsibilities and really just got it in but I do think that parcel, sometimes with bureaucratic processes and degree of dissatisfaction or like a degree. Discovered that kind of life, fire to then you, you know I feel that in the end, what comes out of the art stuff? You know so maybe that's just the constant, wherever you're at the kind of art The creative minds is just a little bit dissatisfied and that's what helps to kind of fuel
the process I don't know. Maybe I did a pleasant time at Olympia. Dukakis just just recently passed away called the milk train doesn't stop here anymore. It's a little learn a little done. Tennessee Williams play. We did it, Williamstown, and I was at her little boy to like you know she was an aging star, but your whatever Jane. members was just talking about how things changed for her. I got older. She started up. Being backstage waiting for her entrance, and she said I was looking at the door knob that I was going to go through and I thought I can open it or I couldn't, and it's just like I point was your reasons change for doing tax. You know she went through the door, you nobody, it wasn't necessarily all driven by the same things as you as you go through the different seasons of your life,
yeah. I'm in his answer to discover things that are more important to you or I was find it interesting that when performers. Are actors are comedians musicians or whatever they just come in disappear, something that you go outside their careers theirs, general like or how sad it's like. What do you mean like that? Person could, discovered happiness or just didn't feel like they needed to chase thing anymore and just because they are not as payments or you know or relevant. They used to be the happiest they ve ever been. You know, why are we don't ever we don't? We do not reward. You know like health emotional, much as I favour that this person did. This will not be dollar eighty five and still a hosting in her shirt yourself. It's I'm fucking.
Whatever the Instagram deserve a media today, as you know it you know, listen, I didn't just as having now you have to budget for elections to be fine, some guys pull up an old headshot and all they know, eight by Jan Glassy, yeah, just like that before panel, where you got differently about at all then you stand there. The baseball with a glove and the end of it, we would have to go you're coming on to fear the locking and I was so excited because one of those guys that you know they're gonna, fucking I think he does cool stuff, I mean I, I am not mistaken, it's been a while, since I saw it, but it's obviously one of the greatest chosen television did you play to different. characters on Deadwood, deadening, technically three
As I snuck into the movie. The movie was David. I'll try? There was David Milch We were there any kind of like where many people won't notice right. You know it doesn't matter, because it's like a play and any play show really was like a plan that was acted like this brilliant theatrical peace was Just like you know what it doesn't matter. It's like you, two different characters. That's just the way! I don't know that's what he thought. I guess I should have a glass of water. I remember I remember my last day is Jack. O call, who was the only an actual historical figure in a boycott, was not- and I was so sad because I really enjoyed my time no, I'm not a real famous guy anyone matter of famous got now you know, but should we not then knows fresh out of ten years out of school. You know I've done it much tv than most, mostly theatre,
I wrote my bike down the west side. High wage Chelsea appears to audition for this house an audition for bullock, but before even got there there by guy, we cast it we were one of the other part in our civic. Ok, Admittedly, we read for the dark dark ever get the doc. You know I sat in the waiting room and it was all these older general but you know walrus, mustache, isn't Brad Dorothy played ended up to the right.
I went in the room and there's Walter who, in David you Know- and I was like I'll- never get. The dark and David was that land on the floor is yours back issues music? Well! Well! Well, that, Sir Self defeating, will you read this other partner as a deference opening sentence, the Gimme Jack? I went out in the hall and let a few other people come in and I came back in and read for Jack and ended up getting it and I was supposed to have this cross eyed contact lenses. Apparently his eye was all fucked up. It didn't arrive in time to change the shooting dates, and so I was like well, I can do this. I can do this droopy I'd thing you know, and I d done a whole play this way once forgave just been in a fight and for that became the thing for him and I think because of that and which has had this really
Early chewed up beard was gonna harder to recognise, then maybe I would have been and no legal. I was an. As there is, no God had such a good time. You know David's, I think, dream to work for I really like work in the way he works, which is often in a planned by the city of pants. You know his to throw out new stuff between hot pages, like right out of the printer enough, but the day in its chunks of dialogue I dislike workin out were like the dynamic. so that the immediacy of it- but I was sad and, as I said, Mr David, as I saw a man ass day, they have sent me a gap. Well, can you come here? and we went to the gems alone, which wasn't being used. That death was empty with satellites Jim table it on my heart out makers, I don't I'm not comfortable out in the world.
What are my earliest jobs and he said I got an idea. I want you to play George Hearst this whole for me to play Hearst. Oh my god, you know if my wife's great great grandfather, yes, in german, crazy playing of bright, and so we have this thing. You know it. I went to the make up guy because it was not. I finished in mid first season, I was going to show up till second season, so I had to finish filming the first season that be the brake and it would air, and then it was. I had a long time that we were going to this whole thing with my hairline was gonna shoot back like that is prosthetic knows, could use closer my age at the time than Gerald. I guess I was doing a play back EAST and David called is like listen, listen, he's gonna, be more of an offscreen presence in season two sorts. It's not gonna happen, and I was
devastated, but I played a cool you know, because I was busy doing some sharply. You know in summers thought, but I think him sensing that I'd be afraid or have a hip made him being afraid that I'd be afraid are sad. He said, but there's his other guy, why things right near we'll have the sort of advance man for herself this geologists, Walcott. That's that's how I woke up. That's my from a classic thy was just by the way I did. I did. My wife had never seen than when we started dating as we see it. Keziah. Your great great rabbits argue feels about that. What's she is, she was. She was delay. By regimes. Like I mean this is, and that's that not a gangster, you know it's basically basically George hers was inject what he was basically like, a gangster which he had his The territories in you know
the young, the fight between his guide, Swearingin Sky is one of the most brutal real estate, fight, like like, when I pilot and also its portrayal of you don't like it. You don't think people are very cavalier about fighting and stepped out its biggest shouldn't have each other like let's go for a drink, but to see These two big eyes just destroy each other and then be really really for emotionally factor by with such an interesting in enacting poetic choice for that the western because we're just so accustomed to seeing Western for people fight than they do to stop, and indeed there the saloon politically it really fucks Dan a lot. You know emotionally when he did- and I was really this again doubtful. What that show was with was really meaningful alone
it's really has shaped my entire career just the way I think about products more. I think about scenes- and you know I hate speaking for David Universe. I don't mean to imply that were great Hauser. He has never confided in mere that out much, but I just love being in his You know I sign for the movie ever, you know, he's battling awesome now, but still Manasseh right describes as one final sort of fuck you whatever to the visa regime in only stood up when he saw me in, and I heard him What am I loved him? And now I think I don't know you noticed it was just quite. He was quite the experience and there- and it is really really is shaped my time level, especially as really special and also you know again, it's
show that story ministers at a special place in the pantheon of television. You know like Heath. The ability is just because a readily he was coming down here. With an idea about wrong. There arose a roman store, and he didn't know that they already had that show Roman the pipeline. So he is, he pitched it and they like. We like we like these themes. Can you locate them anywhere else? Just like yes, the West it ass their like do that, you know how I make it. Imagine you this! I mean that, is you that's really! You make your own luck, you know what I mean where it's like. I waited with his fully realise prepared thing: they go. It's gotta be someone else how about our western? Ok, you don't like that. That kind of that happening,
at that explain. You know if you can see why people are successful and I think that's Cosette it really. Well, said I didn't know anyone is harnesses demons for good more than they would not have we did it. We did a talking. Did the other day with thank you can redeem who again also. I am also happy that I often make that stupid joke to myself about what deadwood words like so many grey actors. Gangway came over to you know you and security Kim Dickens and keep coming on. As that, January Senior, I think of it- you ll, see because Garret kills. You in tat word he oh really goes only for our concerns about fucking. That guy kills me. You know but he said he just. He says that a love for you, because you together on that, and then you were opposite. His daughter marked the Clinton on raising hope and so do you, his January senior, and so you behind had,
kind of dance and he's just such a lovely, wonderful, even our that I spent taught him to such a wonderful man since, let's go let's get to hear, I remember coming to his trailer with, and I have had a book I wanted to give a shit. I came up with the book was but I was Jervis because I was a fair and you, like I said I was pretty new to the game and I think that's also another reason people them So he knows me plan the second part. They will begin to look for this guy right. Some people knew but most people, most people, immediately not now like if they go back and watch the show, but anyway to his trailer last episode and I was knocked on the trailer toys, hey man, you known analysis, sir. You know him members sing and face almost almost follow a little bit like that music.
I can't you just want to be a good one, the guys it right. I just work, I will end- and I was doing these things the same you just a SEC. I don't know if I want to be that to this person not that I am saying I'm gonna keep carrier anything now, but you know when people now done similar things to me. I know what you feel it denies the fuck am, I might add that stage. I'm still trying to figure should help you out dont lionize me! aim higher or will this be friends? Can we just No, I don't have any advice for you. You know assist it's funny. It's really funny I think it's also just because you know, especially like you said you stole the process. Bearing should help, but also you know. I think type of a dynamic of theirs citation right, you have an expectation of he Prob.
We feels in a moment, like always presented expectation of who I am or do. I need to be clear who I need to be for them, as opposed to just sort of being in the moment together, is too its hanging out. You know, and as to where the steward the dynamic samina I've, I've, often Kurds on They must to walk up how you know why Peoples bank, they want, they take a picture, but it'd be great if they were just like him and how's your day going. You know what I mean just like being part of a cuz. I do I think most people who were reasonably emotionally healthy. Do not feel super comfortable being elevate like you know like they want to just right. You got it all wrong. I'm not bad
was better were just all. Just hang out was to be his, be human beings have an experience, and it can just be that yet another tell I fear on it, and I know that some matches and much healthier about dealing with the fans in and letting them have that that moment that they read the special experience and who might deny them to an absolutely does matter. If I feel like you know some schmuck, you know like we ve got, don't get Michael Jordan Setter, gabardine I'd like to get in whom I decided, I didn't give them all of it. It's an interesting thing. It's kind of cool that is on the show. He's on the show. Now I mean I wonder if I wonder now, because it's suffer meaning the internet. Subsequent Edward was always just like just slightly before there were certainly forums, and ever certainly there, Sir
then culture online, but you must have a media really just corralled and danced into like real, tangible communities that could communicate in quickly in real time. And so am I Think I'm in view. I may have said you when you came onto the warning that, like all this is this will feel deep, in a way to other stuff, because it's a very well before indistinct community around it that it's just it's just a different. You know do. Do you feel the difference in that community personal stuff that worker? I think seven, it's it's a rabbit community, that's for sure, but also those people, you think of as your friends yeah, that I've met conventions or yeah. I only know from their twitter handles
something I oughta do: yeah, nay, buddy. You know that was respectful. It feels you know there are the quaint discerning know they can really terrified and an episode, get real detailed about it, and I know that sometimes a star amateur theories. Damn we were given a strictly be thought they figured it out right away. I mean it again, I know- and you know it certainly don't- have to go too far into this, but I know you know and I'd feel corporeal things, because you address that you chose Leave the shell, then you had your reason, choosing to leave the shell, but it still very it's still a very young age, after we like, but you're gonna show. How could you leave a shower like well so tense takes you in different directions and it sort of you know about it But it isn't it is both in the sense that you really comfortable
with yourself to say no to chew on choosing myself over a job choosing my own path over this thing that is more. Certain, but I want to feel and in Asia I don't think you'll only position when you're not gonna work. So am I hope. You know and understand that, but by choosing for choosing yourself over again. This is a really big. It's kind of a big deal in this business, where we're condition to think like once you got something man, don't ever let go of that thing cause you don't know you know, and I'm an absolutely never done anything like that before. and you know it's not like you did. They could have easily said no fact it they did at first. You know that I think it was a lot up to them as well of struggle with the waiter to tell the story that I really wanted to be. I said, let me take the heat I didn't like things, people are saying today.
I think the right kind, because I thought I was being very complimentary and fair, because you know that it's a great counter knows it's the best interests I've ever had. You know, but I'm not played the guy over three years of my life and do I just knew it was. It was no longer where I should be inside. I hoped that they will do see things my way and you know on their own. I didn't write the episodes, I don't I didn't she's how to go out and out it's all them and. he called and he said like what is it what's gonna happen? This is so I was surprised but relieved. You know but happy and grateful to them for allowing me to to go look
I'll ask you things from the other side, I'm executive, because my shop, you know, with my body great Garcia, attached it. It's why you know, and it said, and I can tell you, how excited about And he is to get on and the fact that he is excited again and you know and proud of it. You know it's really good enough. honey, it's some it's so much of us in it. You know we ve been involved with it together. Since its inception, you just you know just goes off, in other words in our drop a few pebbles in the well, and he comes back. all those themes in something a man I didn't you know when it's I just love the castle.
somebody knows, so many people want to be a part of it. You know, and I have to say so flattered that they took the call back. Would you mind you now check on this thing out again? Oh my god, it's great and it's exactly one who knows milk men never get a second season. It doesn't matter you know we're gonna try to do something here that we love and really proud of under. I can't wait to talk you get about. It must start shooting was which wants to get the seasonal in the camp. looks like the eggs, Yes, it will be amazing if you're gonna second season, of course, but the experience what you'll learn. Just you The first season is gonna, be in value like the good queen for a price on just learning how to be an actor and exit producer and tat, really sort of experience in a play. John through the under you know, for three more.
I'd be almost sixty years. I don't know if I could do this job anymore. This particular one. Maybe something else. That's fine! I'm not trying to say like I'm so decrepid, but I'm just like. I feel good and I feel strong. You know- and I could still do this, but I need to do now- read Have a movie I'm gonna produce in I got this great property called moon. Song is just just at my alley. I'm looking for a directive for that now, I'm gonna get it to adapt to resist it. Did it it feels a new new season from me that I haven't. I never thought I could do. I never thought I deserve to do or something that could be boss or that I could. I should get something like this and I've always sort of stuff like
enjoy being of service to others, but I think something happens to you at a certain stage of your life or you're. Just like I, I think I'm better off, and maybe you would be too nobody's ever you all the time you know, but also just like you, you just you know yourself better, the older you get so you know the types of things that makes them steel and ends again. It's it's it's it's another shift between taking any job verses will now. Auditioning the now auditioning the production to make sure it's right for me too. You know why he's gonna go make the production, I'm gonna, make it exactly what I mean at any stage of life. Right know what that is what and so many things that you ve picked up so much
You can't you project up so much more knowledge than you even realize he's from being in the process for so many years. Thinking they? U confined to a trap, some people down, and I am amazed by those people you can kind of one of them. I think that you, just as you do so many different things, but I keep waiting. My whole life for some kind of sign, just as soon as I get here, then I'm sure I'll know X, Y Y know maybe it's gonna get here. Is my driver's license or being honest, drink or just what is this landmark she set for yourself and then you get anything you like. I stood up really know much you known and finally clicks and let no one does in open, but they do it anyway. I find out how you figure it out, and you hear your voice is valid and at some point you gotta admit you're, a professional.
That's good! That's good kind of you, like self awareness is good, but that kind of awareness of all. I am a successful person and I think it can be difficult because you wanted the trappers like what If I see my ass off for acknowledging its like now you're just respecting the you're you're, acknowledging where you are in your respective you're aware of I've, been working this many years I've been able to work on this. Many jobs are probably Canada. I'm doing so Ok, you recognise that another. This would have happened without fear, either the mindset or the experience in annex I will always be grateful for it and I'm so proud to have been a part of it, and I am glad that I mean the universe. You know well yeah, because if you know that's just January's character, really,
the show in to the like. Ok, this is like I saw me western now. This is like a popular, an apocalyptic western. He was that character. really sort of solidified. You know like when you have a sharpshooter, who is just like, has very simple values and is a very like you know, right or wrong kind of guy, that sort of really took it to that to the next level. The uttered in this era here to usher in this area on the show of like the identity of the shop like like me, locked into the great I'm glad to hear that it's one of the strangest experiences I've ever had. It really is
in so many reason, so many ways, it's it's very its day unique. I mean the people incomparable incredible people on its system of various. As a very strange banks but also happy to add. It would be interesting now, on the other side, on the creation in the production of the show running, producing side You just have so much insight into being actor, and so I will make you a good. Come you cater for other actors. no like when you're working out of you, if you are protections for a long time. Are you just up and then an actress? struggling with something you have the lexicon to say. Ok I think I know what you're feeling zone talk about it, you know, as fellow actors
but you also have the exact producer had on. At the same time, hope? So I'm in the deck is pre stacked. In my favour on this one could Gregg is greatest exacted David Motor Comedy as far as I'm concerned. Can I just he said, Sir: that's a great honor, from the top down. You know, and you know everybody wants to work with him again. Everybody I know about whose ordered them, as I wanna, be hung over that guy So I dont anticipate a lot of problems. You know if we set up, we set up a pretty good system, but I do hope you, I'm I'm worried about me more than anybody else, I'm kind of loaner and I'm kind of keep to myself and like if there's a problem, I'll just I'll, just work around it myself I know I'll need to be a better, communicate it to be a better resource for gaslights, known.
I didn't want him to feel like I'm the boss, you know I wouldn't situation, I'm Jack you're Gloria bar. You know it's gonna sir. I'm so excited about stable, there's. Just one cannot I just love so much. Every time I see myself loud I'll be allowed back. I love this landscape senses. I can do for you in a minute. What's the difference you don't know, what's the shop is called sprung. Amazon bought it gonna error, namely Bt Pv, an insuperable comics who get let out of jail early for four covered a cold. It is, you know: I've been in jail for twenty five years for seven we, which is now legal and You know it's hard for us to get jobs really know where we're gonna live somewhere me in. My prayers girlfriend. You know we move.
With myself in his bar and the time to get hard. We decided. Well, you know we're gonna treader right. The wrongs for some people to behave like assholes during covered. You know we're gonna, go it alone, Robin Hoodie, it's it's! It's real good, I'm proud of it. You know, there's been a lot of people. I I wanted to get on the show that neither unavailable or try to be brief and actors. I really respect him. They are just think it's really bright scripts, I'm I'm I'm proud The great wanted to do with makers is how the do is it is. It happens. It straight up. Comedy you're, like makes it carried out half hour, it's half hours. You know I think we might see them all at one time liquor almost like a five hour movie. I don't know that, but that's a loose plan, better data comedy yeah get other than its accounts.
The latter heart. You know I just felt like that with some ass I wanted to do something. People need a laugh and then people will know that I hope right now times a really hard. You know. So I just do it Somebody made me feel good, that's nice! That's really! I do think. will appreciate that I mean I know like you know it, Did you really? Do you see the? I would. Obviously you know entertainment, isn't you know it Nine, I wouldn't say it's not doing work of doctors and no hair workers it, but you really see at a time of crisis? Where does serve a function? Where does really like even of brake? people can just sort of disengage from the world for a second and just lock into something and feel normal and ok, It really does have that power to make people feel grounded.
Connected yeah. I don't think it's the most important thing in the world do at all, but it's not unimportant. Her frame. it has. It has value and also army of the dead is coming out baby. They First, they ve been a fun. Yet I didn't make a Bay movie called ambulance services, acts that are now like all these, due to their specialised red cameras out an army, the dead I saw it the other day. It's going to be fun man I wish we could see it in the in the movie. Theaters he's gonna, be one near me, went when it opens on the fourteenth of this month, but it's ok. it'll be found a watch until your friend stupid. It's a good one. The fourteenth of the twenty first, the fourteenth legislators on the fourteenth and it's gonna, be on networks, the twenty first off and asked it yeah, I'm really excited about it and he was.
I imagine just because the private really fun. There was no there any kind. We are working on a zombie shows, I do a movie. I guess I probably should cause it's. You no net, I didn't ask for is an off season prodded couple summers ago, but maybe I should have. I don't know that it's no topics and it's nothing like the shows that completely yeah take on things it's so far from January, You know there's some zombie target zombie horse in others, there's zombie animals. For Christ's sake, you know it's a topic. Zack lichens there there's different kinds of zombies.
equality some some more familiar than this is crazy fast once and you know their strong and confide in that they think they do not writing books, but its Zack, like it's like a pack of dogs like those was wild dogs in Africa. That hunt impacts the so intelligent. Now the most dangerous thing in Africa, love people think that so it's it's a real adversary, the dangers the intention is high and about this a lot of fun strapping yet I'm so excited to see it. I mean it's, you know especially because, it's so much more excited when new things come out now, because we ve watched so much stuff, then like him, I got a new thing. You know we really plan are sort of stay at home. They nights around other guy been comes out. Friday, like it was so easy before to sort of like I'm gonna, watch that whenever
kind of going back a little bit to evade watching you know like a new episode. Everything got em they fit in with the czech cannon, yeah we're watching the curtains, others show invincible, which is great and do everything we can have. You got there's a new episode. I just came out with me: we get the watching you up, I mean so knowing that there's a thing coming that we have to to look for. Where do you now? Is it it's? It's delights me. It actually place me. That's like that will have to wait too much longer now it's pretty said yesterday, yeah we're according ass, other FED cell it'll be on, watch it on networks and it comes out of it
when he first so what you will never allow what you gave him I have watched parties have, if I am I gotta, be so much fun. Are you? Are you gonna watch? Are you you're? I think you're able to watch your step in Europe. You find that. Well, you know I can be pretty critical, but I've. I've learned a just. Keep it to myself and to set people enjoy the thing that rising. tat. My first, it was better than that I was once you get your fixated on the air, but it's hard to avoid anymore. These days, people post ship everywhere it's hard to avoid your stuff speaking about no I'm late. For my my last press thing other day for army the dead. would you should know? Do they tell him it's so nice to see your face? I love the most funds, hey man! Now it's ok! I won't you know you could just call me. We could just talk randomly anytime every day about the lady, but I may,
yeah? We will already have been like. Let's be piles texts, if I'd man, we're friends figured it I feel the same about you. Congratulations on all the amazing, exciting things in and make. good choices for yourself in another step forward, and I can't wait to see strong and I want to see him see my friend Yasser keep taking care best, your wife, they can't. You see, Andy. Scaring complete, enjoy your worried
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