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Gavin Rossdale (Bush) joins Chris to talk about life in quarantine, how life is when he’s on tour and he talks about balancing work and family. Gavin also talks about getting into music, the early days of Bush, they talk about Bush’s new album The Kingdom and Gavin sings an acoustic version of a classic Bush song!

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Welcome to the idea tat deep, I guess number ten, eighty one! Oh, let's just jump right into the idea to Anti Community Court board events that idea ten Tita come like J who writes so my wife wrote a book. Well, three, the first two of the hidden pearl saga, our available on Amazon and Google, and the third will be available on August. First, twenty twenty, these books follow young protagonist Zoe. In a space station above a post, apocalyptic earth who finds a journal. Back to some one in the past she discovered at the origin of magic, wasn't what she expected the journal, upon a quest for magical items that can change the future of earth. She meets. Eyes and enemies along the way and must figure out who she can trust. Just search Mps stark, whether she's been super hard on these. I would love for other people to enjoy these as much as she enjoyed writing them. Thank you so much for sharing J. I hope people check out your wife's, but while three
books because they sound fantastic. So congratulations to her on Ready writing one book. It's hard writing three books is amazing. I wrote like ten years ago in a black Donald again to write another book? It's a lot. It's a process. It is a real long process, so can grow, relations and be start weather set aside is Gavin Ross Dale of Bush. Ok, so the ban Bush is very it. It. Ankara's me into a very incredible period of my life. I had just kind of sort of working for MTV, I'd, just kind of started, working for K Rock unless does it would sixteen stone dropped that that album had so many had songs on it, and I just so associate that album and the guitar wrestler album. Being in the station a K rock as a powerful. There was twenty something and it just
which is anchored mean really incredible time in my life, and so they was very special to me and and the band and it was written and with such a lovely chapter, talk to chap his lovely chap to talk to. But just a very nice man, so that we have this opportunity to because Bush has a new album which is out now it is out. As of the posting of this pact has just came out July, seventeen, twenty twenty- it's called the kingdom, so go pick it up and at the very end, the podcast Gavin plays. Is a bush. Song plays one of the persons from sixteen stone, so it was super Super Superfund chat and we, even if you wet weather. It are you listened letter that you, matched up you're sixteen stone city from the sea, case the income,
city case booklet. There was in the front seat your car that hopefully Legate now people fit what their foes. But in the nineties, in the nineteen hundreds were used all books get into car accidents. By grabbing the city case, there would fly off the seed onto the floor. That was a thing you are exposed to do in the nineteen hundreds to prevent Dasso. You wouldn't the car accident Bay very enjoyable back number ten. Eighty word with Mr Galvin Ross Dale role. The thing I can't
oh you're, to great day they breed away with a mom. We start the quarantine things together and then they went away with their mom and dumb. And so I began the assignment, school, which is this. This is the hidden the silent beginning, which was The chaos of like three
ways to order boys. Like he's your assignment scene, I leave the room good like doing as assignment of adverse wheat was not tonight, I think you were like you know, his school, have alike you haven't got any hoarding. Yet you because I know why was that I go there and I was left with a toilet paper. So I just like I gotta go going shopping it in stocking my stuff up all the time with them like the freezer up with staff so that a kiss Soon we sit round every night like this could be done. Electricity happened. The candles in town and These are our southern. We did that then. Then they I did one week of the organised a meeting vessels the online school patrolling the whole way like a self ex musician teacher,
the border in other ways I saw you. I just checking and things I'm getting ready getting us who suffered emotional abuse at the hands of my eleven year. Who saw me that my this way of doing Long division is not even though I was right his wasn t, yet you you should show you did your kid discovers another brick in the wall by pink Floyd you're done, but the the idea that there is a new math in a new way to solve the problems I have. Through our educators, who have written books to teach parents, understand like the screw renew math and how work? Because it is entirely the different from how we were taught growing out there, The answer is a good yeah, there is good, but everything I always wondered like. How would I,
I can imagine what would have been like if literally the answer to everything was in my pocket at all times. I just can't I never have any. About books in all. They were available, so I had to wait. So a report was late. I couldn't get the book. I should try to check it out sooner I mean. Can you, unfathomable. What it would be, like to be a kid with the sum total of human knowledge in your pocket. It all time low further to that. Let me peoples, a friend of mine, is giving birth in two weeks time agenda Can you imagine all these kids growing up single wherein mask is just a normal, solve accoutrements. You know these things like being a cool belts. Thing. Now, it's like I'm cool mask. You know yes although they'll be fat. Yes, the fashion they'll get noted fashion. They'll be here. You know, they'll be Richie masks. There'll, be you know Michael Course, masked some shares. Our bore me. Someone gave me very kindly arm d on Virgil a blow of white of why they were
great brand a little. Surprised. You know about yes, a little pricing summer. Buxom teach us whatcha level price per family making the world a fashion and doing all that, so I don't mind that, but I did notice the gift gives the little process a hundred bucks, the mass muslim. None that cynical, that international Corona now given way give away. Let everybody were off my master feeder. It must have at least three dollars to make probably lay before made without going crazy got someone. That's a marker come on. Let me know I know people who are selling them for almost nothing who were at home, cutting up fabric and making them by hand. Right, making them with their hands in their selling them for like fifteen dollars. So I mean
you know you're here you pay you paying for brand a little bit. You don't I read is just click just goods is. Capitalism. Is paying for capital is now absolutely upstart. That could be one response to want deep breath through the krona of Nano still shouted getting further down, Why was there jobs people lose their jobs, but you know what a seven hundred percent mark up is again. To rise fashion to her again. If they're gonna be like at the March table, like Ms Mckenna be mastered the deserts and although limited give you like tourists puzzle I haven't I hazmat since young adventuring idea Will you use a pope missiles maturing as we speak? I'm was before yeah I've. Always both beforehand. It was built ironic because I'm I'm am, I couldn't obsolete one about them, but it would be helpful. The effect on my body that, back to my shoulders, like
over my shoulder, blades begun, begins of decompress two degree. You now is also used to travel so moving. So there size, but as it is, yeah, maybe tool, but it will be. My points, not travel. Hundreds of Yad and I wonder how it will be to exert its opposite asked. I a think a switch is gonna flipping the sudden we're just gonna, be in in high energy mode again. I think it will be gradual, but Do you wonder? Like all the p but who are so used to the momentum of, go, go, go, go, go, go and then slamming on the brakes if it'll be, if it'll take a little while to work back up to that momentum, or maybe you think you might decide by the end of all this, like I don't know, fighting the to her all the time, maybe just some of the time I don't It's all a bit like for five months of the year. A bad
feels like what's a law in a lot, but I never wave morning, three weeks or so true reaches the limit, and I go away for But then the summer's attempts are couple months, some as tourists, but if its scope, Why do you do do you have a sense of like how this is something we have to do is are putting up music and it's good to do. Or do you genuinely do it because you like it, could you imagine if my answer was like yeah? I got it anywhere. Every man I gotta tell you tragic their marriage mining added, for the money. The same thing. The lukewarm catering the devil: Limited limited selection of alcohol never changes through my rising changed since twenty years. No, I I mean I, I I've seen people do not like that. I simply go on stage reflectively Kenneth,
funny. I know something about this, maybe so horrible. I may not upset about a love it so much good, Imagine I mean that's why my first, collation of my band colors. Disintegrated, withered away to solve. Nothing really happened. Nobody left just sort of will Then, all of a sudden there wasn't a bank she was the cell. Nobody wanted to go away, one guy, it's our planet, he just missed first kitty- growing up in a reversal of here's, the life, and so then it poor delay on the turing and to get it the time a home that is like is not enough time, so I did it Cyprus. Take note that often. Do you want to do off at this bad institute. You want to do it now, no, no, no, so just sort of becoming an best things about solar echoes records. Please, please don't,
dont know has no. What's it wave your bed saw the shit out. No one will want to reckon you got. One is halfway house now either the seller. I know which is exactly As I lived through this experience, I speak from it from the point of our action. Spirits are doing the wrong. I wasn't among things like I was like choice because I didn't want to join with other. Should it manages got my got a new version of bursting. Hey you wanna, do it yet. They want to give one cycle one one tool, the guitar. I didn't ask why this is chaos so to Hungary is a key I want a load of flies and I'm still hungry that the tone can't and caused the wealth of the hunger, and I love it, So this is how we do it, the meaning of somebody with a training on their sloppy got there. If you don't remember me, I didn't
the average are being as you last saw last released last. Show it, True data. Finally last stand up is like that's worth, does a good job, well, the big you fear of God was amazing about, but I you know for me having both it, but it's different standards because, like I need to fear if one wants to act is in a very presentation alone right, but but I liked being, because they're very intimate you're, almost standing in the crowd? I can refer people I can work on new material. I can prove it when you're doing a theatre. You you carefully the people, the audits, because people up there don't can't see the person in the front end they care so I don't know. I mean that it is the economy, it's for you different in terms of the delay the energy of an intimate room versus whoop verses, a theatre versus like an arena like as there is there to it,
People are not enough, people like or is it all different right. I think that is enough. The balance that I was trying to find is no matter how, wherever the sword levers the room and the weak play from. You have really big bigger places too slow by something, like one offs lacks. Surprise, shows the southern sizes trickiest me, personally is an entertainer performer is to adjust. Stop intimacy. Established connection however, whatever the size you, what is as old as my own ease of em out is to not be discussed. From the crowd and to find a way to just right to connect with the crowd alone and ready. You know you understand, as for me, this is, the sort of them hidden Let us you know that you can accept
into someone's life psyche in that in the space. You can't get it pleased him. Is it and you got any connection with them and the does this Let it shocked by France, is I dont, like is really high stages, stage the worse view like down the Pittsburgh like really down? you try my best and I'm Dorothy movies that both I don't need a second. I know I can, I wholly unrolled. Firstly inside my life, you know it's like I'm so connected you, but I can't see you you're like below my ankles. My uncle's, but my goodness we collected slightly, I told the greatest we're to look down I'll. Tell you so much just at the end, and another thing that I love to do is you don't put an uninhabited performer? It I'd like to be uninhabited and deeply free is to be ass. The guy's and committed king for connection is
play two hundred people, as it replaces fifty thousand people, and he did it so much fun. When you the smaller than you do. You gotta make people feel a bit the architect. We deal with you like an almost This is a law of performance in a small space. I better, like you know about loosen up my days, go like leave that you know. Maybe you use of force people to be involved, know, that's why I expect you are going to crown go in the crowd, because I like breaking now the war, swimming the stage in the audience, and I like going to back the Roma people come, yeah. Maybe after each other, this off you know texting something other than it is, because you ve got their seats and you know the slime, even though he has some. Somebody will find it hard to get other Seas cookie a triple. Over pup, corn dreams bears and them. Buddy
the real, the real, is lighter. The energy wavelength is like me, guy on the crowd is just so, everyone's energy into the war socket ever Like I said it is threefold. You said something that I would love to try to explore a little bit, because I did I'm endlessly fascinated by it, but you know you're only as good as your last thing. You know whether its music or send up whatever- and I am I I I feel like there's this constant struggle between because, in the end, in a creative pursued it can be very difficult to quantify. The ultimate question which a lot of people want. Which is how my doing am I doing well, it wouldn't work in a very linear job. Ok, you get this and then you get a raise and promotion, and then you get this and then you get a parking space, and then you get a watch me very linear, but what we do is not linear at all, and I feel like we can get into a lot of trouble as performers by
picking the wrong things to define whether or not we're doing a good job. You know we look at a lot of external cues, but I feel like the internal cues are. Just as important, however, perceiving what we're doing, and so, how to navigate that, because to what you said. I you know it's true with the music does this year as good as your last thing, but is another way to look at that like yeah, but that means that you could still be a second away from another big thing. You know it's like it's never really over. If you continue the journey, utter notice, any that make sense, you have caught him in nice pessimism is a tightrope Romania, Yo Yo continually enough for me always a semi turn away from disaster. So I think, we're always on the precipice I'm, driving cars like that. You know you're you're fired four from grandma direction, getting killed by another, absolutely absolutely,
but just in terms of how we define success for ourselves, you know It so easy to just look at the external stuff like cash We need people showed up how much money, how much notoriety, how much blah blah blah, but you know the internal stuff like the fact that you are just as passionate playing for fifty people versus fifty thousand people, is a great that's good, because If you only had a very narrow way to define how you, probably all your switched on after five thousand people anywhere below five thousand of total failure, you guys I you're ok, but you know for no, no, nine, no bags, thousands of magic number, five thousand it up, but you know that, but there are people that and I also think it is interesting that your band got it certain point where they like yeah yeah, yeah yeah with we get it? We have success we play stadiums, we ve done everything, but now there is life stuff and you everything
but the life stuff. When you're in your twenties, you just think about playing for state aid. I would a man right here. Yeah. They, I suppose there more space me they had kids earlier unlocked do you not bring my kids out on the road I'm done. I don't know, there's a sort of way me that even it is hot Charles insinuation were I'm with me all the time because of the out my source, but. It's what I do and I think that when you have kids you know one of them to join my life, though my life's join them. For us and especially now, it's not you know d, you. Streaming anyway- we both remember the times when these issues cutting. This by selling records. Now this is all about suffer. I know this is a story but as a hit the glass now baby sit down? ass, gotta run, isn't he owed reckless doors?
We all do records how he added Did you really think anymore? I'm busting, my kids, I mean I mean referred to the fact that the did you know all the powers that be which is, in my case apple he's, gonna put a city, you have invaded the car, and even that is old. Like you know, it's like is the vintage boxing Gruber No there's no does not replace it. I do miss the days of going to I tower records and then just looking at album covers like just looking at the covers as part of the experience for whether or not you gonna buy something? Obviously, you'd have bans that you liked, but then you would see a particularly Will a provocative called cover? Something really I just I don't know what this is but a viable discover is so good. I'm going to try it What actually like it, some persons with pixies myself Rosa, does a lot of work. So it's gotta be pixies does not cover.
Whereas I remember the king of Naples Flamenco dance ago, side, sharper iconic, so I used to our eyes. Do I miss allow it get a record of bans. I, like all my favorite battles in to note that the ceremony of getting back it bring on the final you the artwork, you open it up, and I always go straight to their thanks. Doesn't work. Well, it's a fact. Lagoons hanging out in my bag I was led me to see any more. I let you know I've never made it onto those, You never knew anyone who is in bad that by the time that you take the battle, they want anyone, know they didn't Now, when you sort of releasing albums and do not do what was there no space to do? Thank you anymore. We did all my guys torch. I'd like to have ever met my life. You know and then is like
and I was run my first girlfriend my first love Lindsey and those with five years and I put Miss follow on that, because of those it was really mad at me about it like this, like you, the sixteenth up outside about but she was married she's always battery, especially cats? You, like you took the care to like. I put some extra thought into this. Disguise extra swedes wait what, but why did you do the boy That can change, don't worry about selling anyway, he's had a minute outlay. Oh my God until I work dick? I worked came back from ninety five to ninety eight, which was as my time yet. There was the peak era for K Rock, like do acting pop music. I remember Walking by having winter funding was light with MTV the jug handle of that was just.
Defined defined evident. Yeah for both of I did a show, an empty because singled out it was a dating show and I wrote to corrupt simultaneously in the the influence, both of them had in the nineties on pop culture, was mine alone, because it it just. Things changed, but I remember hearing you here, a song and Kevin whether these office, and then a week later it was in heavy rotation. And A ban would be here like it was. It was such a magical thing to witness, because it was very like in the movies. Like you hear song on the radio and the next thing it's climbing up, the charts like I got to see that happen. When he's always gotta run Spotify somewhere Israel not. If I know he's gonna turn some huge huge job with Spotify North America, but then I really want it, you know, there are not that many people in your life, you know few people in my life.
Into rule people, and he is right, central to my life and his son. You know a supporter of the was reading special, yet when Kevin got behind something he was the guy. He put me on the air. I guy came on to do an interview in the news I gave you want to do. Don't be a digital, and so here but I was on midnight to five but those decisions. Sixteen stone to me. You'll, be there to do with it. We therefore needs midnight five. I was literally the only person in the entire studio. Because it was so it was. It was such a weird didn't even track ratings from midnight to five so that there is no call screener there. It was just me in there you know, and whatever that night floor and Burbank, you know like that building in Burbank ends. That was
How may disagree with that? three or four days of three or four nights a week, but it was like a twenty two. So, like I had, you know like it was weird staying up all night, but it was. It was incredible time to be there to just witnessed how music and changing. When I left the ninety eight music pivoted, away and sort of wait more like lit biscuit, you know, like rap Rock or whatever but I love the period of time that I was there and it all songs are so they're so special to me, because it was just such a magical time We played cds, Yoda, pull cds in it like card. Stick right there. So. How did you had it didn't had Kevin did with having discover just one more signs of a label. That's true:
records in a valley and a cave in London? people didn't know whether this was on the jet lag, most ledges situation by us hovering around labels in England, not ready. We were sign, and people are prepared to take that leap of faith and them I think about time. Anyway, we saw the love all the hope, pop see what's going on? swayed with a really big band time block, oasis, so We rely on anomaly anyway. We like one pixies so then do record company direct deal in a foreign country like they did in which the another. I saw a soul. The chance to run to be insane Those things happen to them to us what happened to them, and so we
we actually had the record. I went to a Hollywood records. Was distributed. Is this guy Frank Wells was killed in a car crash? They wanted the dismal and very sad and so We had. No one cannot abandon, was a great quote: the Somerset about Sixty Sir Shingles Unslackened outcome tracks. Suddenly, hope this helps doctors and then I went back to work and asked what the three months back to London. I'm being I've been tomorrow once, but I know how we just signed made record and then I So for me I d so used to failure and so used struggling are you make a recording, you can ever could recklessly warning aging budget as he has really go home, You may record as a great new at work as well
life. Musician knows it's like. I saw my ticket nowhere slowly and them. Then he called us up. What happened was my labour colleagues were played picked up by had feel over into school records party on, came up and then Jimmy Ivy in and so is TAT feels project. Basing and that was the ended up in the cable compliance blew out than we had the power to scope than we had. An tv is helping us with here. I am that was the juggernaut was the amazing us are often think about MTV institution they play music goods mandatory manage their use, is now watch all the time. I don't get it so there I can. I can do I have to answer for you for that if you will, but I think it's amazing once more before we tell me, is never met the genius concept about anti the animals years later, that we all pay programming,
that wasn't even guarantee to get on some we'd, like the I'm trying out cylinder fifty so much money I was alone video noticed the sailor. Spend three hundred grand or video, which was house. I could take it easy in those terrible numbers now it with. We do any good. You pay me that and then he said, urges please players Are you still programming now those are given to grandmother programme on an ethical show, it was, it needs better, Former declare that wouldn't get play terrible, genius to them How was your theory of well it's just that so I believe that there were, if I, stand away the world's number one. Fourthly, I can tell you that, having done a television show them to be for a long time, music video shows where the lowest rate it shows, as they see it
people had watched them, then they would have programme the more, but when it started in the eightys. It was such a revolutionary thing and even then people said. While attention span like the kids, genetics, they're fucking it he had seen. Other attention span they're watching these three men eclipses. But attention span. Shorter, shorter and shorter, so did they rate low, but at a certain point, MTV started realized. They couldn't actually monetize just music video shows they need. Your own ip? So they start creating shows that they could create and licence internationally. I imagine and so if it was a combination of those two things, but even in the nineties, people would say like I can show like empty, be used to play music videos. Remember that in the nineties people say that, and now you know I won t, probably forty five forty, years old, so empty beat me feels like a forty year old guy like hey. What are you kids like? Let me see what I can get you kids now. You know, sir,
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twenty four seven award, winning customer support, nothing to patch or upgrade ever free and secure hosting, and then also You can buy domains and choose over two hundred extension. So, whatever you need to create your own, my presence square space has covered. So please, head over to square space, dot com, Slash idee, ten t for a free trial when you're ready to launch using Africa, Idee ten t to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain thanks so much worse. Based response during this episode of the eighty twenty podcast, which now we turn to this instant, I think was everything in the first track that correctly I remember it so vividly at first guitar reform that song, you just made me feel like. I love the summit, work and dumb, but the fact that you basically had a fucking gold mine. You had a brick of south with gold that it first people are like
not even anything on here, and it turned out but literally everything that album partner one things that's what we're records you know. That's how you records system thousand people, you have it I guess Disney began the label we might not have higher than that yeah, they might all got worthy famous liquid right So when it started, they turned and it sounded like a toy like wants. It started to turn it sounded like it turned a pretty quickly. What did momentum. Change of that feel like to go back to London to just work a regular job for three months and then all of a sudden, like oh shit, we're like Goodbye. I work and job and then and then I came out through the summer and the like, now to allay
I played this sum. Clark on them on substance and Santa Monica sheep me I got there. However, the power another one, seven bands there's a nightclub. I don't know the gaslight, is now out anyway, whenever so someone were corrected, but yes came out and then I had one troop too early and that's what it had become. Regular, like you, and they all came up, and I didn't know he was carried unanimously. Is anyone else in November and then came on tourism in the generals? Every border records December Really insane arm d momentum and it just was like being put into incredible movie of light of what it might be like
You know from the first show CV geniuses proper first up to date, and before a jump about. I still am literary that stinky pissy club and them not every disaster who couldn't get back in, because in was so pact. That's ones I never had this, though some alone is appointed it and heard songs a new sound. He always play Just like a like this one you playing a part in cabin It is not a model you never but you start plague shows your people come in and their instinctly connected already, like that's a whole other, that's a whole other yeah I've made now is one. You know nothing of star. He started. Songs are still there. Dinner was it all, I dont give way, don't stop do you do,
I find that because those the feelings and our life can be. You know, Firstly, when you're you, when you're young in the things happened for the first time, do you feel like I got to chase that first feeling you know, or do you are you? Are you good about, like you know like I'm moving forward, I'm not gonna. Look in the review mere like. What's the balance when you been in a ban for four alone I mean, as in I mean because it can be like a drug right like that feeling met adrenaline that you know that's prob, a significant part of. Why we're all performers is that that sort of rush United Niger is such a frontrunner to em How do we do for the thrill right and as something of a guy, I'm tellin you gonna, do like Letterman someday wherever we shall show. Undone We, the traffic light,
do not I've gotta, so adrenaline side, you know, I don't want, I don't screw up and show legendary asked one of love and look out on the street, you see someone crosswalk competing. MAX Face lunch Filling out some day, I go why why I gotta be Y gotta, be this guy. Why don't we pressure guy Why was the impression we are a little work when they get back he's gonna, Workers rights in his sermons, he's gonna pressure needs good, and then I just realized on adrenaline junkie a junkie, no light for myself consistently situation, as does any perform. Where the yeah.
You can go straight into it. I don t you can t live while what I'm back. You know you're right, you, you cause a line in the eye those are like it. You know I love doing movies a lover thing. Nothing's will founder rolling camera and action. And you didn't know that the whole set is primed. Was you as an actor who have worked with deliver that moment do not mess up the mess you lie, be disconnect this new reactors be good, be interesting at that moment criteria I guess I like oppression. Yeah but I imagine that what comes format is the focus right. It's like when you would when you hackles get up and you feel the adrenaline there's like a tremendous amount of focus that happen, his well right, but then yes, it
keeping all of the other neurotic stuff out of a in your touring, a new album. How do you know because eight because the new album couples bone, obviously because of covered, but its July I threw up his coming around lie to love, and so does it feel does this writing sounds feel the way it's always felt. Did you did you feel it to in some way or do you have same struggle, what they are doing to get better at some stuff. I mean This too is a thrill like when I ran song to me. The debate He is great lyric. Red melody. This sits atop. On top of on some very who seeks, as they like That's me if some wild roses twelve knows what is it in writing. We know a storm of his arm to those notes.
You know I didn't go from Mozart Slipknot there was the signals had any other saying, notes, etc, really magical, unready. Mystical agenda. I just love me now, the back. Some soldiers have been lucky enough to write day day the daily. They got softer than another the value and then software around the wreck of where we also value not just have intrinsic sense, one some stuff having intrinsic belief that the sums good at all damn. Something my instinct has gotten is gone. I hope I hope I sing happen not to say that, where one such sums, it didn't do justice near its itself and the self may yet. Wondering minstrel with a band of an ancient job, just happens beyond zoom river with us
with a view to reducing the time, is right, No, I just don't think they're any you know, because you said I don't know people should do so loud or whatever, but I don't think, there's any mistakes, because I think every choice that you make leads you to point you're right now and set off shore was ever run me that infringes the sun made us so proud of it. I have some sums are made like prefer. If they had been pushed songs, I feel more connected drop them into the sex So I guess it is holding back a little bit shouldn't doesnt matter, just songs button. The to create a body of work- and I have also a tangle shepherds now and then a push, apples and but the rapporteur wishes on the two This is the same writer and same person in Latin Look I try to decide on a soul record is minimize that on the one sort of project when heavy on the Did she record
Each year, heavy sulphur heavy metals are produced by page Hamilton. And then on my solar records I Calabria those people and them. And try to use less guitars for emphasis that was likewise guitars. Give out a dragon knew what the fuck am. I guess I'm united. So I'm ready problems that beset him. I'm done with them. As you say, I leave. The very poorest sense was nothing, but is that this is all it's all right. On this. This mad journey. We met beyond the rough time. Let's be the absolute illuminated times, also inform the tiresome. That's all there to be to get the good ones and then does it. It goes on and watch me. I will talk about this whole thing of making. Sure amazing gets that Can't guarantee that happens is good. You can't be the same position in saying no one night, we funnier I find it anywhere on Sunday, absolute,
I should by which they want to gaze on Sundays, he's ever slightly wrong mindset ever like you know it son, no, I didn't do my homework. Yes, I intended let's not get on Sunday. You have to go to work the next day. It's not like yesterday shows people does not as free dismally no more mellow universal gave was doubtless also down. It's maybe they're, just tired from Friday and Saturday, so Sundays like wrap it up for them. In some other ban, gotta holds its ban on Friday and Saturday with screw. We ve got a lotta dredges thanks for that, If my socks already terrible t So out as workers, I think I have you for ten more minutes, and I think you are you. Are you gonna do songbird? Even are you gonna be recorded separately? No, I stay there. Provided some peace as earlier it was bearing up to they said. Oh, you know
governor play a bear you already Bush song, you wanna go. I dont there's like, so many of them were so meaningful to me, we think, is so meaningful because it like it help to define that error that I worked correct within you know, machine had just seemed like out like it. It's such a fund song appear critically but come down is also a sign that I fucking adore. So I don't know, is there did their one? That is more particularly meaningful to you that you light. Does anyone ever ask you what you wanna play? No. Not really. I so the opportunity, because I thought I'd never have done machine it, but so I tried I D. I saw a version eleven I did it it is not. That does not mean I call another we'll do the eye Where'd you acoustic. There lie, yesterday and I like I don't know, do you sound a bit like yeah?
not mindful of the fact that no one else playing with me, I'm playing acoustic it. As I know the self styled- idea? I want a little arrangement, arrange your happy with your happy with that. I am more than happy that I never got one hundred or so I did when I did. The machine at once before it had a certain style, replied. Yes, there's like I wonder if something else, but an indifferent, they range from the sun was seized.
It was a batch of Bush to walk about.
We gotta love love
Fifty thousand people. Screaming no error observed concert fifty pounds. I noticed that sounds fucking, it's so great too, because the song I love the sword, but its funding here. The cord changes like so clearly right did such a I mean I know it's a harder soul, but it's like it's like hard worker, but it's pretty song when you join my way. This is. I wish us one better. A planet really clearly implicitly resistance movements. This off you know it's good especially the little breakdown going up in their arms is perfect. What solution you questions number one. What are you happy about right now? What are you joyful about in this time when it so easy to be? You know next when we're all trapped, seeing bad news all the time. I'm really joyful about having this right,
for people to to fall in love with. That's that's really said yeah I mean is such a luxurious feeling to be on tv crazy person with a hum something that you do not very long ago saw you know, that's not provides use. Your reckless means like two years of two years of work. You know two years of stuff is gonna happen to me, so that is, really exciting. Ironically other. What's enhances altogether concern about it, but ultimately, has had twelve new sounds. Are people who love the ban to fall in love with that's a desert desert? There's a lot to be joyful about That's fantastic and lastly, after people you know we're trying to find their own thing or who creatively struggling with how they define
Success just really quickly how how do you define success, or how would you tell people to healthily define success. Well, successes is, it is a meme. The successful achievement. Success, of course, but ultimately Success is the same thing has happened, you know I the biggest some the most challenging for all of us to consider is that is. Is it when we take us out of the moment. So much is so easy to guess whistle. Depressed about the past. Our concern about the future how'd. You know how these things you have no controller answer depression caused the future, so difficult, saying the present some being
productive. On a minimal level as possible, be productive, feeling that gives a sense of self it can be, is stupors making your bad. It is a city building a house wherever it just A sense of self self worth It also says, except in the the right time and so much she sat comes from. Projecting the future, a bad image and about which is a success. She's like really is absolutely living the moment you can absolute even among moment, that's us versus That's to live beautifully said this was therefore conversation I was such a great idea was excited to talk to you, you yeah, you know. I'm sure people dvd stores all the time, but your band was there. Such an integral part of my work
in my you know, like my career development at that time, and so it's I. I have fair Soft, warm and fuzzy feelings about it. So I really appreciate you and I thank you so much for it in the time when I was doing well- and I hope you stay safe and healthy life cycles are. I take care only ten days incomplete, enjoy your worried
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