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Happy Father's Day! In celebration, here is a bonus ep for geeky dads and lovers of geeky dads alike! WIRED's Geekdad, Ken Denmead, drops by to chat about being geeky with your kids in celebration of his new book "The Geekdad's Guide to Weekend Fun," which is available here!Now go geek it up with your kids! (this includes you too, nerds) *Minor note for tiny ears: I believe there are one or two swears in here, as well as a conversation about steampunk vibrators that I, of course, instigated... See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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We'll go to the nervous biogas number. Ninety nine, a special fathers day. Addition without. Why not come! There stands out there who are geeks, which is why we brought geek dad kinda need from wired to come out and talk. What is new book of the dead guy to weaken fun, just get involved with their kids and trying to instill in with some geeky values and spending some time with them and nurturing them. So they don't turn into jocks and punch you in the face so hope you enjoy this episode, you get can't forget, geek, dad book dot, com and happy fathers, or rather GIG Father's dead, now entering merely stock
mom and Steve, don't like we goin out we're taller shorter about medium. Alright, we're recording recording that. I know that phones, people actually deal with that. We can hear you, but you sound fun. You'll just have to listen to us talk out loud in the I never was raised. A question asked: can restart somebody from dimension that this really need to be asked. Are you will urge its?
it will ask you to do that. I allow I know: well, I we were he's actually an official diktat. Daddy's doesn't stop the blackened seven so like well. Well, I could help you until there is a guy comes out, but I think we explain that store on the progress we do well. But before I do it's a very special father, They would give that can then be given great. This is this is like magical. This I'll tell you why this is magical you're, the first guessed it actually came. You flew to allay just do the podcast will also, I wasn't sausages, people off the street and as we know it so the are you will stories when when well and I when will we in our roommates in nineteen ninety something the apart managers that we lived in had us and he was he. I don't know how to says he was a mentally challenged. Fellow varies
we'd guy, but he they all our. He would ask where he would shut up. Knocking on our door. He would knock on our door all the time or are we just see his eye peeking through the outside of the of the eye hall? We know that currently be there and he would say this to well everytime you just go. Are you will and so on? Women were yet that that just became well enough. However, it will just what I always go. I, like that, I still in an email, imago are, will or our freedom and our hashtag it are. You will accept its become our own personal mean for the last several several several, they work that I just had to explain what the backstory was began. Geek dead. Now I remember geek dad What I was doing, the wired science program right, we didn't do a geek dead segment and am so I know Dylan twenty. Who is one of the editors over there. He got to be like Mister Geek, dad on the
the video segments they did two and yet Dylan's awesome added Dylan and the number twenty one on the twitter us. What do we do? We need to treat twitter handles the eyes there Fitzwilliam outfits Willie with an I e the end now, what's the story of it, so that this is a sweet story, but it also like I'd. I misspelled something. So this was a dog we had when I was growing up. We got him from the pound sweet little. Ignoring terrier little little, let like giant sausage with white hair nor at foxy, originality and em will be back in the medium and I just said I wanted to name him after there was a Dick Vandyke movie. Remember the called Fitzwilly sort of like late 60s, early 70s, all right, great sort of caper movie, Anne and so we named and fits Willie with an I e turns out. You know with a why the move,
It was like Germany ruined, and I know that my entire web earnestly misspelling it like hip hop people or death leper. If people are adamant, black people, five hours. If I was really smart, I would like dropped all the bowels out of it to make it like where three that's turn our journey, you're, not sure. What are you sure you are again: oh battles, lol Zone, certain battlezone, vector based game, video game, graphics and I'm just wearing a weird guy with a mustache like a weird cartoon, mustache shirt that I got at a craft fair in Dc Yona. What are you wearing Yona? Well, let's just first state that I worked at a wrecker
storm or early early, two thousand, and I got a lot of free shirts, vanderdyke level. The EU has to wait. You know you can wear that strove sort of exactly have Adele tacos. I, like all this shit, the sharing for free. I don't give a shit hating Cubans like an I got a free freedom of religion. We must be very clear, not now all about us it for a full list of stuff is a sort of Criss Cross Focused, but the eyes make atomic now were used to sell its for example, anything weird, weird synergy. Whatever over the last number of episodes you guys have so been talking up the trailers for the fright night movie, yeah, ok, the weird universe that we live in two producers, the producers of the fright night remake are people that are also working with me on
developing geek. That into a feature film allow right, which is a crazy, can't say that before I knew I'd, I'd get you will it go. I will call you a real, so we have. That is freaking awesome there you go, oh my god can't thank you and that's actually that's that's uh. It's not actually official swag. Those were special shirts made up by some of the crew in the filming. This is not just a better. This is going to. This is an extra large. So this will. This will hang like address on main true, if I put a little belt around it in some dress and some hip size boots. Can I give this to Matt my absolutely not mine that my report, where this goal, sir? I love that that saw some you better where that Myra can. Let's talk about
why you came down your first and then when it will get another geek battery, you of a book out now have a book I now we can actually is the second buckets without the blue. We ve got the balloon, the red, let the other new one is. Why didn't I take the blue, the geek that guide to weekend fun. You know all this stuff so to granting I'm not leaving the family at home and going out and picking up from below are naughty boy. Not now you know it's all people, parents have a hard time come up. You know if you got free time and we can you want to do something with your kid and that's not good evolve in going to the movies. Are birds sitting playing video games with them, which is not bad, not even steam. Punk president do well say: don't you hung prostitutes when its products, it's it's weird stuff like hack apart, but together it's to give parents ideas about what to do with their kids on the weekends and it's you know from Asia.
Just like you know how many people are launching cameras into the troposphere. Oh yeah areas. I ever been that ambitious, but I don't have the time to design it does areas are my idea was gonna, get a couple of those those little party, tanks of helium and balloons entire year near your flip video camera to the balloons use. Whole hold it with Asia with a guideline and then just the Athena five hundred feet. That is ass. Well, I mean, and in its cheap it's easy. If you dont lose the camera, it pretty girl and get them more than I got through their guardians items with good the black market on an flip video games now better. But so it is all right. If you can still raises It differently color of the american market, enabling an asian markets on a black market asian, our car, others look errors, but but what it what's exciting is that you know, and as as nerds who have come of age
there's a whole swarm of nerd gig children of nerds. Now, who I am so fascinated defy, would buy so what does the data points on this confessing to find out if they will get the nerve gene or they will become out, speak etons, unlike rebelled against their parents by being job? and business man, I think you're gonna see about United alcoves down to a lot of it is nurture. You know and I I write about in the book. It's I was having a horrible time with my kids. They were about nine and eleven? And I was like: aren't you guys the perfect agents? Pleading d? I don't it's gotta, be asked,
you can you know you can be a wizard, you can do Hackenslash, you can kill things. Favorite alignment, chaotic good, yeah me too, because you know you're not a bad guy but you're edgy, you're, dangerous, but you're still at the core, but you're still good. I, like I like archers, rangers, uh stuff like that, so they weren't buying. It was like no dad it's breaking my heart that they won't do it, and so I had to go stealth mode and I had like just picked up the players handbook for fourth addition rules. Anne is cool and I just left it out. That's what you gotta do what you gotta do. Two days later, My older son comes walking up and he's got the book open in his hand, he's gone dad. This looks kind of cool. Could we play this sometime and what you gotta do KEN is you need to put it in. This would be a geek that project for you. Ok, ok, to geek that project free gift to you. The project is to make an old trunk. That looks like it's like
the years just sitting in the attic right by create the dust and put cobwebs on it, put all the dna, books in there and tell your kids, like whatever you do, don't go back and then and then they got drunk every file, these books and you like. What did you do there? Like? I'm sorry, I'm! Ok, it's like you have to create the danger. And the mystery I'd hoped the hide this from you. But let s you learn how to play the. Indeed I had from watching you so every sort of play they deal with the kids. We have done some DND Anthea. They will. They will like with like dead, can, can replace immortality. I'm I'm right now, but I can go a pocket
No. No! I'm feeling like that dad when you come- and I don't know where you know I'll- be arranged and sire we here. We need the right that version that country with potential European deprive doesn't have as many on motivated tits and it s game of thrones, probably not by their problem. No, no, it's just almost silly at somewhere, like ok here, come that it's only. You know now that you know now that we've all grown up and we're all playing dnd. You can have anything in DND that you want right. That's true! It's you know the the quest for the MAGIC Golden Palace or something well. When I went out when it when I was like a thirteen, I played a character Hu, I cause I, I think I just didn't really understand how sex work. I took a a I figured it out a couple months ago, but it's where your name,
except for sex and there's a lot of apologizing right right. So I took a cobalt which is a sort of like a lizard dog creature. I think, if I remember- and I put her in my armor, so I could just have sex with her all the time, but that's not how sex work you're, not just inside someone off the time and if you understand anything about your mechanics effects that actually is painful, especially with lizard dog willpower taxes that but to this day in my mind, character, is still flying around with a colourless armor they ve been having thanks for decades decades. So anyway. I that that price should go back and rob get there our job separate them. He summoned separate. Then we're gonna go that Congress. I've. Let me have you ever played munchkin. No you're not of our efforts so that killed the next step. Is this? Why what is as much as it is a is a card based game that basically satirizes munchkin is a term for like a deity.
Player who mid MAX's their character, guys to totally overdo it right. So these guys created a card based combat game that everything about the game is about trying to screw the other players that's right now might know my we're can do a triple black back flip and stabbed you, oh, but leaving I'm playing this It says if you fly in the air, I get fifteen thousand strength points and I can beat you know it's just totally over top crazy stuff and the guy who does all the art for his name is John Kovalic. He also does an actually you guys were talking apples to apples out front. You know the but his apple. He drew that apple on the apples, apples and health. It does a webcam called dork Tower, but he's afraid of our black and so got him your very own, Munchkin guard! You are, after all, my guess. That's all awesome and I always what I always do usually played sorcerers. This is so
I did. I did level fifteen monster five treasure bad stuff, you're nerd figure, nerd. First swished, I'm I'm the nerd First Square, I'm the nervous, so that says nor nerd is school, she's east eagerly squeeze teased squeeze them. Thank you. This will find a good home at nerd MELT with all of my other nerd treasure lack of our others, treasure, ruminating God willing to take me there and mine, cart and discounted errand brothers and discussed browser I've got a frame much of their aims. So when did you decide did. You say you know what I'm a diamond dad it's time to start thrown out the geek advice for other geek dad's out there. Well this so the history of it, and if you know Chris Anderson, yes, Mister, wired, guess who is an awesome person, unlike entrepreneur extraordinary, he actually started the blog back in early o, seven
no later than earlier seven, and it was just him and a few other guy, some of the guys from wired and a few people from around the Bay area and they were like post in one or two things a week, but I had found it 'cause. It was like alright, totally self identifying with that and he puts out a call for new writers and I'm like alright. If I don't try for this, I will kick myself for the rest of my life, so I have to try for it. But it's I mean specifically said anything well. First of all, I'm not really looking for people in the Bay area, but I went hurry. I gotta still gotta try. I still gonna try and my ass, alas, that I've stones during the night my claim to fame at that point four for life, doing a lot of writing online, and so on will appreciate this was I was running a play by email, STAR, Trek, fair fact: RPF online called come up with part of the thing called Borderline
Federation and empire this whole. It's there's like five or six different duty stations and their either like Romeo and ships or poor federation, star bases stuff, like that. It's all set like a hundred years past Voyager, so that they don't mess with any continuity, and it's just open free play. Where did the gig part come in for that Are you running I put that I've I've dropped out from running this? Does the spatial knows when he's got Starbucks Phoenix, which was awesome, and hopefully some of them are listening and China on Google? I find it if here, if you start regnard what enterprise number regos none of this is that the whole of the whole idea of this was done. Quadrant through different? Warm also is like stay out of the devil uttered, a stable back on stable we're, gonna, build water and then setting up of this sort of joint task force,
the Rhine and when they are very nervous, Romulus Federation Alliance to explore and develop in the delta quadrant. And so there are large you get a deal at the border absolutely and a whole bunch of other stuff and an end. So there are a couple of starvation couple of ships and you could there were some rhyme internships. People were right in all this romulus stuff. That was just fantastic and some are some of the best. The best imagined STAR Trek, storylines that you could ever gonna? U with dream that they would do on a tv show or something they never will, and they never left now, but that so was on my resume. When I applied for this writing gig was well. You know, I'm running a star trek
PG and I live in the place where you don't really want anyone from some of those two things an through either. Just you know, stroke of luck and not I got picked, so I got to start writing for this blog, which was like to the core of who I am as a parent and, as you know, total nerd, geek guy, and so I just went to man. I was like out get because it is this the sort of thing I was used to put not content everyday Hunter book. A couple hundred word today, like so much like posting everyday Emily. It's like I was waiting for me to tell you to shut up, stop doing it but don't get going, and then this is the time when like if, if you or any kind of blog invaded half a pike asked the plan, I had actually already been doing up. I guessed for the star
track thing. I had you know a three thousand and forty subscribers. It was. You know it was big time, but they were really into it. Would really I mean they all loved it. They thought it was the coolest thing in the world to have people talking about what they were doing. So that was awesome, and so I pitched a podcast to Chris and he was like ok go ahead, do a pilot and we did a pilot and stuff and showing the pilot, and he said: ok, here's a couple ideas, oh by the way- This is getting too busy for me. You want to run the block like yes, please. Thank you very much, sir, and yet I took it over and just sort of like it has been most amazing change of my life. I've. We argue dad, I'm not really taken it. Oh I have. I have a plan. I try to be good about this and is hard because you know what there's thirty plus people writing for the blog core contributors and other people at the content shows that they are not just me. I'm running the show by
I've got editors. I've got writers there, we ve got geek mom blog now, yeah workers out of rights for their rank, yet exactly exactly end, and yet they all, of course they all heart. And and it's like now now we have good as it gets popular and as the books do well and other things is like a look. It's the geek dad like ok, but really call for my branding and my labour, but there's a lot of people that that went into doing in a kind of a dread pirate Roberts now exactly after yet tyre and pass the name down well out, while the names the important thing yes well after the Pulitzer and the Oscars and Antonia than they will afford to return, never give moms will keep moms make a have. They figured out a way to make a brass steam powered vibrator, because I feel able leave their those already in existence either a steam engine with oil is a giant and then but the thieves.
No, no. No! No! You have the only after the little guy, attics, yeah and romantic thing, and then it and then it powers, the brass which, which vibrates, probably it at all, lightly terror when writing about but risking burns with that ye. It's you hot trial and error. I mean listen that you know what masturbating with with about vibrating apparatus. I end steam. Punk days was not a perfect sites, lotta toasty vagina, their allotted toasty cooked pennies, never get to where we were today without people going their lives for us today about their lives than their sexual or to have the rabbits then that we have do you have a do. Do kids read? The blogger is mostly dad's trying to get their kids into geeky things. You know it is actually crazy. The breadth of people that we, the blog, is huge at some kids, usually teenagers and stuff
the younger. We do a lot of science, Ferrotypes stuff and a lot of water, robots, mind, storms and and First Robotics league and all of those people love it. Have you ever thought about. I point we're doing wired science. I pitch an idea to PBS and they didn't they want to do it, but basically was called Effie chef as in there can be some of her iron. Eventually, you would go around and you would get schools to put their science teachers up and then you would just give them a bunch of components and they would have to make stuff in a competition like and then on. One side of the bleachers in the gym. You'd have one on the other side, the other school ruding on their science like, but like Bobby Flay, they throw down yeah like one famous you like Emma horror to come in Ryan and are a billiard you to build a robot new ever built the better robot now be so awesome, then the robots fight to the death threat absolutely and then they turn.
Their masters and then we have to block out the sun. I wish I had taken the red pill blue pill. Correct grammar spelling, makes you forget the last two movies 'cause, that's the one. He said it up, but up, but up up but up, but at that socket for Maine. So can. Where did you grow up Bay area of Europe? Your bury? It would be a fertile soil for, like you, I was born back east, but I ended up in the debate here, but at born in born in Jersey, lived a little bit and elsewhere about Clarence Climates I'd. I was an old enough to, even though but yet grew up from like aids for on out in the Bay area and the whole. I live in the time when we looked down on southern California for their traffic. Oh yeah, well, California looks down in southern California for Baboon
Abreva, Rieti of reason. Well, they are north of exactly yeah, that's true yeah and the freeway thing. That's what always gets me. Is you call your freeways the it's like you have to add: it's not what I wanted. The five it's like, they're, the only five, the only freeway there. They were pretty we're pretty good, lower it anyway that when we were on the other end of the same freeway may well, what do you guys got its five? It's one not via take one or one to five there. Doesn't it right it actually different weight to? What are you an idea of the articles in there with you now go to one or one and take that to a five there when you, if you like l a voice at on four year after year? A gps is so that adds the article well and it also adds up speak or the one, a line and ethnic out of the five airlines operating sound. Like. When I beg you to her. I don't know what I'm doing away with all the frequency of the eight one, the age to these yoga freeway
The really have an array of no really they haven't. They do. Where goes around Oahu yeah. There is an interesting highway in in the way the commission may have highway I think that a real word. It is it's a name of a king. Don't you ever did you ever watch Tom Selleck and you know I did yeah King Command Math Club. I did, but I just wanted to see him. I just wanted to figure out who Higgins was my dad was in pursued of ninety. I was you dead Robin Masters? No, he was the Magnum Pia, but yeah now no event between the moment. He was nothing experience there. There was I fucking cover both the legally. This is not a good idea must, as is not lazy, their negative. That's more work is only worth the right little weird that region enabling lays an indicative with men in another. But but you see their staggered,
moustaches older there that moustaches older and then the bearded is less. He it's it's that there are several stages do this every day, now nine that neither Jim Jones as more work to look like he doesn't give a shit. You look like you know how that has Has this event will hear you? I remember that I don't give a shit but the arbiter of being a mattress actual working really hard, not to look like. I just think that you think I don't work very hard at all rise, a mantra. Sexual just means like gave for vaginas like you, you like clothes, but you also like to touch boobs at the same time I would put myself I'm not afraid of letting other people dear nails, wow, about thought about during the manicure. Just don't wanna. Have anyone jamming a stick under my cubicles feels good I'll get manufactories guys come on you guys data, then
then that, oh, my god, can your tying the Miranda so good That is all about getting manicures, exactly know Mona. Why don't you didn't bunk manicure? When did you discover like what was your sort of nerd evolution? What to do? the salience or the probability of the experience that really turned me over to the light side is when I was in elementary school, like you know. Second third grade my uncle who was at that time that he's always been sort of a real nerd, that science sky work that like Harvard instituted astrophysics and all that dossier over time, but at time he was. He was a little by little more granola and had been like with her with a call for a little while and stuff,
You have got me. I can't remember the timing between like two different birthdays or something, but he got me the deity Box at the original basic box that and then, but when he would come visit once in a while, he would read me the habit invoices. My god, so I didn't, I think, that's any any good geek apparent that that I introduce York, stardom, really young to three years old, start reading on the habit and voices and obviously challenge herself to come up with thirteen different or forces but um. Oh, my those two experiences I mean I I remember being in elementary school, like third fourth grade having having brought the box set with me to school sitting on the wooden benches out at recess and just going through the materials and reading the stuff and loving and then starting to play with friends, and you know having that experience like everybody does like just one buddy, and I because you have to have a dm, do everything for you yeah we traded off like
our characters do something really simple and then giving them all the treasure and experience in the world for it. Well, I I do you just twelve million expertise, you're level, forty level, forty seven use of the the plus ten sort of smoking? It was those run aesthetics, mining. So, right now yeah. You better watch your step here. I gotta get it right, you start playing and tensors floating disk and yeah, that's it, and how do you define you know? I had this conversation with Chris Anderson to where do you fall in the nerd geek debate? I always felt like it was regional. We did not where I grew up in Tennessee we didn't use the word geek. We used the word nerd and so some, but some people say that there is a distinction, an feel like its regional and energy, and that is just a it's a vernacular. It probably a little bit of all of it. I mean what what I've come to see, especially as the starting to do the blog
and be more aware of it as a national phenomena is that there has been an evolution to it. I like to look at it that the nerd side of the coin maybe have less social skills, real. I've written or I always feel what s interesting is. When you ask anyone on either side of the fence They will always subtly or not so subtly suggest that the other one is the class. So nerve anything that we live in a case for the weaker class to like NATO, geeks or awkward and geeks they noted words are, I knew it records tricky debate right in our or Thea it. It just comes down to some people being like dumb enough to want to train separate, and we were all were all the people that love math and science and gaming and and all that crap. Why you now? Why do we have the likelihood that by blurred the night I say with all her, I do try to use it interchangeably. Now I mean you know you're nervous,
because they could be. You know no, it's not working! It's alright! So I'm on cancel that, because it's branding now it's not a word. It's a brand that you go to make a fair. This year we had a twenty by sixty boo. At maker. For this is that the other natives thing that Chris Anderson Everyday France's he takes it out of a wired budget and and gives us money to do about that acre, fair and every year, just let every year we ve doubled in size just because the people of it we had we had tabled this year. We serves that set the master space rate tables with robots. We tabled with you a visa labels with with legal free play. We had another area vehicle with gaming going on and stuff, and then we had drunk of Alec was down drawing doodles for people. We had Bob
boil who created, while, while WEBS Z and Union YO couple of those other great kids cartoons he's like a fan of the blog now he's gonna web comic for us called Geek life, which is like perfect and he came came up. It was. It was amazing, because you'd have always geeky parents come about with their kids and the kids go off and start playing the logos and the pair of just sort of milling around they did look down and they would see the guy who created munchkin, which is a huge deal there. Oh, my god, jungle how'd, you get this line of people all these sudden start for
and getting stuff from John or the kids would walk by, and people realise that Bob that that's the guy made while or what he was drawn little while website figures for the whole week and they had a blast and so much fun. They want amazing. If have you ever been. I've been a maker ferrets three times yet, but I haven't been the last couple years because I've had to work in other places, but I I've been I've been to three have been three makers fares and make her fares, and there were great are the most likely to turn these general, its majorities manner. But what what's amazing? What the thing that booming away there? A couple things blew me with a most number one: the guy does. The dude the the giant life size mousetrap. Yet that is what my ten years to build worry. Has people vaudevillian humans in it and they use a bowling ball for the Marbles Anna and he runs it like it. You know that every half hour, whatever it's incredible, they felt the full version
will show around it to yeah exactly there's a bunch of there's a bunch of theirs tons of steam, punk people, which I don't know how they stand the heat and the war coats, because its if it happens at a hot time in ambivalence, Chile enough as universal as if these, though, with a ban and and then the the art you d to club, is drawing to me. Those those are those are two units are stunning that those guys did they each have their own specific thing. Have you ever seen architect? No, these are the guy's, thereby and oh, when they do that that day, that the electorate that ethical doesn't have the second year there was totally may last year, I gotta go in there Faraday Kay, when they did a song like Adams. After this I beat Adam by it, but yeah. Actually, it's cool, but I've been in the biggest one in the world. You guys at the Museum of Science in Boston, whatever you're right when are they play the Tesla Coils to rock and roll?
I mean there enough fair enough. Yeah like like on that site is hooked up to the Tesla Coils actually play in tune to the music. An the lightning strikes, the Cajun. It's that's. That was an ultimate experience. That sounds like a cool sounds like a heavy metal lyrics by means of rights. The key each video you Father Otto, the heroin with it. They did the Doktor Amy Awesome, so great, so wet when you're coming up with when you sort of coming up with geek dead projects, do you just have a whole slates? They like can't wait or is everyday like. What am I gonna do today were hurrying would be for the for the books there's a lot of in our thinking on it myself and I get law wanna help and lobbyists from the guys that, right guys on women and men that works. That rate for the for the blogs, you know first for the blogs, it's just
somebody comes up with something to write it up and end. I dont get to do as many other products Nemours, because so much of this other stuff going on, but it just amazing see where people come up with. Anne, how much fun they're, having with their kids, doing crazy stuff that you know Other people ought to be doing and in a learning, but yeah right before I was here is on the phone with monsieur Kokoo profession. Oh my god, you're talking to me, you're gonna go here that guy you ve gone, he is gone and in so doing, do in a whole segment for his show, and it's like you know it's all about it. We ve lost the impetus behind science, education in schools. It seems like, like all the funding, is going just two basics, math and reading and writing, which is not bad then all the testing and creationism fled in certain places yet hold on quota. I'm gonna end the pseudo site, and- and so it is basically that parents and
guardians and whoever to try and get the kids, the science, the cool stuff that they're not getting to do as much of in school anymore. That's really shocking! That's really do we really infuriating. We want my wife, my wife, Robin Loving, my wife, Robin is, is an elementary school teacher and it's like the amount of time they are allotted to do science, because you know that the districts have to meet all of these special criteria they get like in our fifteen twenty men. Until we too, are they trying to keep kid stupid and, unlike like keep us in the dark, so that they there must be sought in overlord conspiracy, normally
the data that are just now they look like you're, focusing on the wrong things and in all the money troubles, don't help because musing got less money to spend on another think they don't have money to buy all the science curricular, because you're not going to cost a thousand bucks a classroom. Two thousand bucks, a classroom to buy the other kids for kids to do a certain project or whenever it right and those for things that go. If they can spend that money to get more of the classroom, the math or science or math or reading stuff. That's going to get the test scores up, which is you know what the holy GRAIL for all of these districts now? Is there anything that is there anything to do with Geekdad Blog to maybe to donate resources or something to help science education? To put these kinds of things, schools is there anything? Is there a movement that we should be creating? Wino? Absolutely I mean you know one of
that we we ve been getting behind a lot of these kickstarter campaigns. Oh yeah, cool science, gadgets and stuff is two guys they are actually make over this here. That did they have. They have come up with a snap. Rather tricky shake. It said Emily sending that they bring it to you and it's in out. It's like one board that they ve laser cut out all the pieces snap out and everything does fits together slot a peace, be any build. This little baby shade of shoes are ever that's man in the other collecting money to to get them in the schools, and things like that. I mean it's not like it's things are easier to make. Now we don't it's, it's not like. You have to go to like the DOW, according in company to make these expensive.
It's like. Can you imagine if every science class had a makerbot? Oh my well, I know Bree yeah right ovary to bring his who is in Colbert's. Last week it was. He was yeah. Oh man, it was. It was like a series. I did. An interview, chat, show that Cadillac sponsored and we got to talk to Bri, and so we went
Megan bypass the creator Mary by Maria, had a hacker you show that they did a couple of those they tried to do. A sort of a scientist resigned show that EU did any he's just awesome and what these guys are doing their their base in Brooklyn make make about industries, and they they basically have made these three printing machinery that we know normally. Industrial three printing machines are crazy, expensive and they ve got the price down too. I think like twelve hundred dollars like that, so you you know you get this sum you you get the serb synthetic materials, this type of MS actually disciple placidly, goes into lego bricks. Oh, that's, awesome, F, gas. We are like two years away from replicators. Well, yak has because what what's happened is, of course, all these different people are using their maker Botz, like didn't didn't someone use a maker by to build another, make robots like there's, there's all sorts of crazy. You can't yeah, there's a whole website or that there is a major Boston and there's the cnc machines do and you can have your, which are the devices of
users or or computer, guided cutting tools for cutting anything out of sheet of water metal plastic. So you combine those two and you could build anything. Yes, so so support our friend Bree. By get it get it check out, checks, make about industries and he's gonna be that's in here. He is so excited. He wasn't sure when I saw no no he's a little further along, ok good. It's going to have to make her but deliver the baby, so he said. Actually, I think he told me when he called me. He said you know. First thing: everybody said at Makerbot after I announced his toy toy development must begin now. So I mean you know, you're going to see all these all these because they give away people there's a whole movement behind those guys where people do all their design,
the three designs and cat, or whatever they put the design files up for free online. You can download stuff imprinted yourself, as in others me whole wave of baby toys. It is a good, is a gorgeous crowd, source community of all the three designs that they that they have there and that's where the hope for all the others. We talk about the cited occasion and Anne and getting the kids and try to keep this enrichment there. Is it the secondary schools? It's gonna, be these amazing online communities. I mean it's almost like the hackers of the world. Unfortunately, I have to pick up the slack to get this information to these kids and to get these tools and resources to these kids. You know for the next wave of young geniuses, but fortunately I mean at least we have the web. At least we have the web. At least it's not like the dark ages looks like well, damn kids have no possibility to ever get this until massive planetary M comes and all data is wiped from away and we have to go live in forest again yeah right, but we all know how to build stuff. So we will
the rulers that will that that will be awesome now. That won't be awesome, because I have to figure out how players will fall from the sky I'm actually right in the right in the middle of writing the third book in this series- and it's going to be it's media, Geek dad's book for aspiring mad scientist and one whole section of it- is themed on post apocalypse, genius, so these are all experiments and things that you should learn how to do so that you can survive an take over the remnant. Getting rainwater finding out bear is unique, fire and elsewhere to building stuff to having to take on a harem of women to just two repopulating my international criteria. Oh my god, that's like the young, that's the earliest nerd fantasy of like what, if I had to Hafela, where there is it me nothing, but, ladies now,
I'd still be alone, but that humanitarian, whereby they were Genji me for my spur that five years is our sex, isn't gonna reproduce the way they look affair, digit debate. So what is your favorite turkey dead experiments so far that there must there must be again hall of Fame. If you mean like it all you ever taken the camera and alone Yemen's was like coming up with idea and then actually making it work with awesome simplest project in the world. That's in the second book was nerfed. I know my kids have nerve guns, but my wife and I had nerve guns, my inlaws I've. Never, actually we have nerve battle, I was looking at the nerve guns and you know there's a thousand dart flying around the house. I was like what can I do? What can I hack? Can I do something else like so what would the ultimate nerf stealth ninja when he won't be able to launch silently? What do you need to launch nerf darts and let you need a blowgun
yeah. How do you make a nerve blowgun that could be anywhere near as effective? As you know, the super strike three thousand and we went out next door, neighbors own the hardware store in town, so it's like that's helpful and went over and just looking at all the stuff in the store and just pulled out. Some of this half inch, copper pipe it like water line pipe that is used in the house whatever, and I take one of the dark I brought with me: stick it in the back and do the classic spitball we can dart fly. Sixty feet all the way across the store and hits the back wall. I am like ok that works yes, nerve, satisfying our innate me and actually hurting anyone. It works better than than the actual nerf guns. It's like, I don't think, there's any nerve gun that can launch as far as just this silly little blowgun. It's like that's cool, that's cool! I need it well, I probably still go out and spend five thousand and sixty dollars for the next nerve thing that comes out, and then you do crazy stuff like
so it water pipe. You can put elbows on it and tease like created the stealth around the corner, nerve, Blug, Odette, you go that way as its core EU like branch it. If you d like to branches, you can still get good distant. You get up about four and it starts drop off but death, but it's cool crazy science, one and this one actually came from one of our writers on geek that and Geek mom Kathy's area, but she you can validate the speed of light in your microwave verify the speed of light with your microwave, an chocolate well well, well, yeah, right and right so bear with me. This is like hard science. Ok, ok, this closing! Ok! So you know, you know how a microwave work there's like electromagnetic waves being shot inside this verdict, age where the internet- I don't know it's a prison for nomes with later that to end it
framework them into development aid more and they fire there. Laser rise at your food and that's it you get hot macaroni cheese. They make the pub Brown right, it's the laser I nomes Chris, and where did you go to school in the south? Well, we can't afford to teach that today's, though, what am I a core values, are laser known, as we all know, the laser knows are inside the heating up water, so so so
electromagnetic waves, they criss Cross and they create the hot spots. And then you got this turntable that rotates your food through the hot spots, but yeah oh great, well, take the take the rotating plate, so nothing moves. Take apart. Take it like a paper plate, put a chocolate bar down on there. Ok, like flip it over. So it's that plain maps. I nuke it for like ten seconds. Alright you'll see you'll see little spots on it. That are where it started to melt because it's getting hit. It's hitting the hot spots in the microwave yeah, every every other. The distance between every other spot is the wavelength of the microwaves. You multiply the wavelength times the frequency, which is conveniently left on the sticker in the side of your microwave internet, speed, speed of light, look like You never imagine. You know this is magic for all intents and purposes,
that's not quite as mad at some Exploratorium shaving your head. I love the Exploratorium Underway awesome place in the California Science Center Ann Lawrence, La Lawrence, Wallace Science. Up in Berkeley too, is I remember going there as a kid was fantastic. I haven't been to the new facility in terms of guy, went when it was in its temporary location over by. One o one freeway here doesn't sound right. Then they had they had this insane ants display would like all these aunt habitats in all these different species advancement that's when they were building the new science in her, and so I haven't seen the new science into yet, but I've seen picture than it looks incredible: I haven't made, I I I miss the old days when it was out at the end of voting Parker, in over by the all the old dead nineteen twenty world fair stuff. Let me ask you a question because you're you're you're a successful geek flesh flesh nerd now, so I still have a day job. So I know what it is. It is part of the problem than that, I'm running into as that in pursuit of all the things that I want to pursue and
of running this like weird little tiny, Nerd Empire, either with its its we are losing time to do all this sort of fun things that we used to nerd out about because we spent so much time and it kind of managerial position. You know just like you said, like I don't really have time, 'cause, I'm right in the next book and I'm going to so how do you? How do you sort of uh? How do you balance those two things or how do you? You know? How do you? How do you justify that to your dear heart, but more? What I do is I just Fatima geek our end, my geek family by saying, ok, give dad this week and next week in the finnish writing this book, so that next month we get to go for a week. The Disneyland got little that you now. It is those bribery involve by that. I mean it in a way that you know that sort of the point of the book to is you know: you're gonna find little at a time the an hour here, our there some time in the weekend, so
you got a whole lot of those you gotta get. Those would be the one you gotta plan for it. You got to jump on it when you can, especially when you got kids at the right age, don't forget them and don't push him away at least most of the stuff that I'm doing on the side. Here. That's not my day, job, all the blog and everything I'm in the garage, and I got the computer set up there and my younger son,
We ve got another like old, I'm accidently without he's coming in every day now and sit over there playing flash games on the MAC. Well, I'm sitting right in the book and we're chat and back and forth, and it works out is, I think it's a baseline figure book is is more than just pay. It's a thought. It's it's! It's kind of a fun things like your book is very important, and I think that the deadline is very important because, like we said because science education is not that valued in our school systems number one, it's it's getting really fun: science that that very practical signs that everyone can can experience and enjoy, but it's also getting parents to pay attention to their kids and nurture their kids, which I think is even more important here I mean the like in the universe
like the first book- and I wanted to make this point- is that these books are about their parenting books for people that want to do stuff with their kids, not to their kid bright or now send them off like Norway, don't don't go out just if you loved over it, and this also goes back to they try to get your kids into the geeky stuff that that you like is, is that right? If there's geeky stuff you like to do or whatever it is that you like to do and you'd like to get your kids into it? First of all, don't push do what you love to do be obvious about the fact that you're enjoying it and that you'll love it and your kids are going to get interested in. At some point and wait for that moment and then embrace it and bring them in an and that really like him, radio and I never got Elvis Emily
but what did it the OECD down there and I met with the obvious? Let me United Isaac Space Station once there is rather than an yeah I'd Erin. Well, then you're, just a ruined human being. My dad was really in a weed and I'm still in their early gun into a part and also those whose work has ethnical out of that very fascinating learn Morse code, so I mean well so there you go. You don't even need to know that anymore to get the license yeah. So you probably get the license now. Neither want to know how I turned out the way I turned out. Neither one of my parents are remotely nerdy. They both love sports. My dad was a professional bowler like I don't. I dont know what it was that that that made me just immediately gravitate towards you know: you know, computers and technology and in no actually, I guess
who is my grand father, my grand father, my mother's father was a technophile anonde like he had one of the first Lasers players and he had a knife. He had like three. He by later this layer, man criterion, collect we'll get. Seven samurai criterion is at risk. He was, he was kind of my Gabriel Dead and he was kind of like granddad. He had all the gaming platforms like he added genetically avow Marianna six hundred he had every. He had a betamax disease. That equality is better. He had video cameras when you could get him like he was he loved gadgets and but but he wasn't a classically nerdy guy. He just loved technology, and I guess maybe that's that's probably were. I said that I do maybe your near your dad was gonna. Your dad was a bowling geek. He was, but he just what a bit there was not. There were nothing. There was nothing geeky about my parents anyway, but they they nurtured. You know my parents bought me a Trs eighty computer in eighteen. Eighty one
Do you really do anything? I'm, including Claire one thousand? My dad was a weird mix like of like he was in the army, so it was an army guy and he was also a technician for Hewlett Packard, oh wow, so he you know and ham, radio, guy and tropical fish guy tropical fish in ham, radio, that's the funky nerdiest thing on the earth, but now like we would camp on the weekends and then he take me into the office. There may be taking part these ultrasound machine there's a frequency where the fish can hear me. I'm gonna find out. I have this awesome, but actually to manual, but all tat was all typewritten stuff that might grandfather and my mom said he would. He was really like physicist and all this stuff in it. It's it. Have his pictures of this giant like classic fifties, era, rack Mount machine and in the work he was doing, was using sound waves to determine how well run
There had been vulcanized. He worked for Europe as a whole manual with all of the infernal typewritten manual. So you know all that. Special characters for all of the equations and stuff how the hell did they do that and what did it open he's like you know, you expect to have seen that in like forbidden planet or something these machinery, and it was like. Oh, it's such a cool, stuff yeah, and he would take me into like these, the soundproof rooms that they have. You know with. You know the conical shaped foam and everything like that, and then he would take me up 'cause all the time he was taking his office like take your shirt off and I'm like alright and he scored the coupon soundproof room test. The ultrasound we should get you to a doctor. Probably didn't do that with all your friends too. Now just now coming to soundproof room, we're going to do for Father's day
not sure. Yet I had another that the family has plans by TAT. They that we, like the dew, surprises in my family. You thought you have fun family, we do. I mean we love. We love surprising, the kids with stuff. Whenever we can't we did, we re able to pull off one trip to Disney Land where the brazier adapted basically, and then they left they ran away with that make it home in their horn. No, no. We got we got to the morning and they were all packed up and we told them that we were just going down the grandparents for the weekend and then we headed for the headed for the actually we were at the grandparents were all packed. In like we're gonna go home and then we just don't knock, but we're heading the Disneyland. Oh my gosh I want you to know, I might add we about, we remembered sure. Will it out? Ok further, my parents are cool, but you only need a type of LEO Eighty percent of your salary eyeshadow about I've, been a bummer that when your kids to say tat, we got plans. I know a very bad
that my elders than is getting to that Vienna, thereby here's a massive bowler, really a bowling family. We all have our own stuff and we I haven't. I would do like the Friday night laid the boisterous every morning and my son's do, unlike the PBS experienced league this summer, where they do all the different oil patterns. I mean this is the Tugela Boeing. Geeks is like you get that we want to get past the whole plastic balls. You know weekend in I'll. Go in I once in a while, you get your own. Your own bowling, ball drill dear hand, you get the shoes insert learning oil pattern, it so great. Argot, so much more to the support that I find very figure in a girl. You know remember to throw down the lane and you can strike I I wrote the I wrote an article for wired. Four years ago about about the bowling bowling technology. My dad complain that bowling is like bowling's too easy. Now it when I was doing it in the sixtys, it was a spare game, was about precision I now technology. He has made it so easy. It's all about strikes because basically bowling ball
and we're gonna lose about a lot over fifty percent of the audience right now it may probably ninety, but about but but bait volleyball tomatoes, composite materials has glass particles in the glass particle grab onto the lane, and so that's why you see. Now, if you watch someone, if you watch like professional bowlers now they can throw the ball out till like the First board right and in the glass particles grab the blame for the oil in Fuckin' whip. The ball like right into the pocket. So, that's why the twenty miles an hour down the lane an suddenly it makes a ninety degree left turn, and it's just made them it's just reactive resonance, so they north and in the end in the lane, isn't would anymore it's it's. The latest synthetic material with with an image would grain across the top so that they also there are still some would would later still somewhat lays, but would lanes are very expensive to keep up and you have to resurface them and you have to even them out every so often, and so emphatically that has yet he does now, but did there's. There is easier to maintain their user maintained, but but what they did find is that the technology
it was making the game too easy. They built this robot that just through ball after ball after ball. So now they have these guidelines. Where, like you know, glass particles have to be a certain distance apart from one another, and you know there are certain guidelines, but with all the other the course Africa's, because the real fancy balls they're, not ones material in them, they have actually got differential density court Gary rubber. Yet these we wrote, and now they got all these shapes build inside of em. That will behave differently depending on how their throne and the science behind bowling is kind of crazy. It really is it's such a great. It's such a great game, sport. I love it. I love it. You know there's so few, where you can actually gettin blotted, while you're playing the sport guide, you enter a new, better debate, baseball that baseboard pry lose something if he d chug a beer after every does become Sappho.
I thought I was a cricket. They take the play down either real where they won the American. Can, I think, you're doing phenomenal work, and you know I hope you realize that you know. I know it's fun for you, but I just hope you realize how important it is for for dads and families and for keeping families engage and for keeping people interested in science. So I really If you were thinking about not doing it anymore, I really hope I am right in the forest in our until they Tilly shoot me. This second book had an eagle have had it for your writing process. How did your ahead of the writing presses change for the prospect of a second, because there are learning curve, the mainstream with o crap? I have less than half the time to finish it because they are the first book first book I had about eight months, to put it together. It came out did well within about two
months and the publishers when we want a second one, we want, on the same due date, sheath and himself was like half the time, and so there is a lot of these are in a way that crowd source too, because I get project ideas from the other writers on the blogs, an friends and family and go hey. Try this little thing that I look at it. Try it write it up and make it work, so it is not as I don't have to be quite that inspirational, which is helps me a lot, because I could just sit down and write stuff all day long. I love writing, but but now I totally appreciate it. You know I feel I feel like in chevolet having having listened to your podcast for so long in the ways that are little. Geek universes our exploding and becoming in a much more than we ever thought they would be in I'd like everytime, you say something like only crap, I just a permanent with another website, and I think
I need someone to partner with me and manage my empire, so I can just sit back and count the money and stuff. But, oh my god, I you know, I don't you know. Part of me thinks, like oh, be fun to just make a ton of money and sit back and count it then, I think, like I love the game of it too much like like there's so much building all these little things on different platforms to me is seem city or dvd or through almost there is in our peachy element. Here too it become that that I see it. You know some like what you wanted you make a bunch of money has been making having like. No, I don't give a shit about that. It's about the game of it like it's about the strategy like I was a total chestnut. So for me it's cause and effect, and you know what can I do that you know can affect this other thing in different ways and bring these two other things together. And without simply that we are running the blog and it's like in a plane, I became like obsessive compulsive with how to schedule posts on the blog to maximize page, you
and in a refreshing, Google analytics every five minutes the hour I just put up a new post. What can have That's our inherent thy catch the EAST coast, the right time or less goes there is at lunchtime exactly ass. I got is exactly what the what one of the main focuses of my my book. Enamel arenas about my book is about your book, but I'm ok, but what I'm saying but but the idea is that that nerds, nerds or geeks and I think both have an almost unnatural ability to focus on my new show, and that is our mutant power, and so that is how you are able to accomplish anything and turn your life around. Is that you have this built in ability to be able to focus on things like a laser. Now, that's an in fact went near whenever somebody asked me what what's your definition of give, and it's always it's alright, somebody who is so passionate and obsessive about something that it will probably caused them
social detriment at some point. I'm alive it, yes, because I like complete detriment its it in it. If, following that obsession at almost at the expense of everything else, spending spending money steam pointing out you're Nissan to Fort, you know, I feel like we're, basically on the we're basically sort of on the precipice of OCD without necessarily being full blown like. We have we're sort of this. Well, we allowed its all shades. You know, maybe that's where it other than the nerd realm over over in our. If you're gonna separate the nerds have a little more oecd, we ve got a little bit last, but if I feel like we're all from the same cloth, those absolutely it we are definitely are cut from the same guy
about where we are at the end of our our can, but thank you for coming down in a year and a half dozen like pleasure and honour and and keep fighting a nerd fight. My friend your doings, credible things, and I appreciate it- and I know your followers appreciated and I'm excited to see this book is. Is it what what's the name? That is just a second, the second volume second book is the Geek dad's guide to weekend fun. Lou work, Amazon, Barnes, noble borders that book down identity order, Kelly's blue book, your I'll be boring? Abbe come on kids, we're gonna go price eyes. Now he was already clear. Annex k is no eleven hundred dollar. Yeah, alright. Well, you could have a fun weekend with their kids, Buick Riata, see how they're doing I just remember. The Oldsmobile Bravada existed. Remember that it was like a blazer anyway go ahead
neither name. No, no, no! You go into a whole like our euro, that crappy car, that was cool and forty years ago now, Canada. I still think the paper is an awesome. Looking car now the AMC pacer that little public I was the everyday. Will that this the curve glass technology going into the new apple headquarters, so yeah deforestation, the new space station, whose business? What are you are you excited? Are you? Are you an apple guy? I am an apple guy that New knew about. It is putting their my life and my new maxed out macbook pro will be showing up tomorrow as SD. I seven quite Gore relay I M really. I do and holy shit. I spent book money on it because he is a business expanse, so yeah I want our as I've got. My old, like like three and a half year old, macbook pro and I want upset next either in its wanna, go push disturbance,
and I was ready this right now render that video of area this will still spooning I've done, rendering that I regret that less winning disk inside is almost just like excuse, I'm tired of listening to your excuse to adapt the eyebrows reading. I read some article on a camera what the website was, but they listed apples, ten biggest failures and I agreed with most of them Huber the cube, although it isn't, I am grateful for the four designed to cure, and then they did a video game. They did actually a gaming system with with a company I can report, it was called, but they actually ninety ninety six. They did a gaming system that had online capabilities. Why and it was did just bombs, it just bomb, they sold a few thousand of them, but they didn't they linen. They do not put the Newton in there, which is
sucking it most people in high point to it as a failure, but it was the coolest I had one that looks great. I just think we still have him running. People have hacked it to read and write to twitter, but what was shocking to me is that they listed Itunes is one of apple's greatest failures, and that to me was like my being ahead there, because I, like every pod, castor, would agree like the Itunes is. The greatest thing ever happened. The only way to get you can deliver, I mean to last seventy six to eighty percent of our downloads, for the pack has come to write to death, but attitudes is falling behind as a music source it was. It was. I think it was an amazing thing when it came out and unhelpful ideas can the marketplace before I tunes people are just stealing music and ended. I gotta get out of it actually got people to spend more music again, it's got competition, Anne and it's a good thing that Amazon and the other guys are ponying up and making some stuff happened. But, on the other hand, you know, I think, the this new service with that little pop everything to the cloud for you without having to upload it,
then this whole thing with the scanning, your drive figuring out all the stuff that you ripped or got elsewhere, then giving it to you in about three hundred and twenty or two hundred and fifty six kilobit abc. You know I don't know anything about this, but there are programs out there that lady, like Bob Internet radio and put all the eighty four tags on it, and I wonder if that's gonna work for the hundreds of songs and a slimy, listen without without it putting myself too much. You know in the early days of Knappster I mean you know it was acceptable, it was it was acceptable, but then there were some things like listen. If I want the, if I want the young ones theme and I can't buy it anywhere, what choice do I have? I have? I have like, like playlist with, like one hundred different tv, show, themes from the 60s seventies and 80s yeah that there there was no way to find them online or in record stores easily. I went in a found,
but I don't know I don't think a little something: a failure that changed the marketplace. Yeah I've been literally to change the market, put any hook up everything so much that the old music companies don't have the level of power anymore, and it is basically changed and industry the enforced. It pulled it kicking and screaming into a new era, but I would say that that that that, like eight of the other things that they list- and I was like all you- every euro- that like remember member member those round- The mice, the early I make my for hospitals big round hard, you suck the well yes, that's I find that the area that that when they were, they did that when they did, I turned my eyes looking off, I don't have a great deal, but it's not like it's all, remember not member. When they offered Itunes on me, Motorola Rocker, are they not the ipod? I do remember the evasion of listed like me, you too, I.
There should be a tool of every area. Every month, erroneous predicting there can be a yellow submarine. I've never had ever happen damage, but our I don't. You ve heard his whole iris five thing with video mirroring of the Ipad, too yeah, that's apples, he wouldn't hurt. I was really rather totally wanna play. Angry birds intend ATP, surround sound on my fifty one. Instead of that's gonna, be maize, and you earlier flip. As I come out, love rounded. Oh, my them, like the other, could ever gave us talking about earlier ever video streaming app for my phone and for my the earthy Ipad. Now it's video player, airplane airplane him and what it does it live stream from my computer, three g or on wifi can pull anything out of whatever folder I tell it is I tell them
my downloads folder and I can stream it alive, convert everything. It really encodes the video in real time so Abis Flash video mkv is everything can play on my phone and stream it to think and what's great about airplane or whatever the hell they're calling it on on the Apple tv, when you can mirror the image of the Ipad, I can watch heavy eyes and shit. I my apple tv without having a hack, it sweet it. So all of my bargain hunts, finally, finally, not for MAC Break weekly, this thing go back our host. No, I know once again I'm going to get called out for Publishing Steve jobs. Now I'm crazy, yeah yeah, they don't, but we ve got this android earlier. I beg of you knew how to do command line. I just I just want to. I just want to say that we do not get anything from the apple core.
I should not there when they have an eye, they have flatly they have flatly denied to ever. Give the other actually there to protect about that they're. So tight about that it'll give anyone we got like Ipod Touch, no like an Iphone. For said, months after they came out as a review sample, and I had to sign, like thirty pages worth of, I commend the prominent. We have. Apparently, those of an executive show we have to buy it. We have to send and in turn down a weight in line like everyone else, and we lay down himself I don't wait in line for anything. I'm too impatient, while on the other, the mobs of adoring vans, with Yeah go ahead, it's impossible to go anywhere around the in Thrall, isn't argovie deal. You said: Jason Abatement waited alone. Now it didn't, he did he was waiting and they pull them out dog lever way in line idiot and re. What does he do.
Wait, but there's something to do with where you work, though, in computer started, was ass. Walking by just trying to get fired. Knowing tat, you would never have happened, it's a good cart or find a horse s store where you know that the Disneyland again in star wars with zero. Well can thank you so much. People do you have declared that calm, he got icon, geek, mom, dot, com and thousand other things and get back. That's really with an I e on Twitter, absolute and I thank you so much for beatin wired eager for the blog. You have what horny geek minds that you don't have one a geek moms dot net registered. It's a good idea that really good idea. It also you gotta, say plug vibrator again, you are
of honour. Would you like to tell everyone to enjoy their rude? Everybody enjoy the burrito. Well, if TAT fucked it up, I did what I did. I enjoy your burrito now. None of that Bulgaria's Gazeta, see. I will why confused it was. I listen to wealth by gas knees feed the burrito right, so I ll air. What's that was that was that less? When, if you don't, I know you gotta get tipped are, if you don't do that, he went. He says I I thank everybody for feeding the burrito this week read every rid of rating for granted as before we ve been saying: well he's irate every burrito for quite a long time at it, Yanina predates every day I mean our reality cut up until we can't, we can't see my friend will we, that is there, The hours evolved independently of wills, radio, free radio, free burrito, one more time take to everybody.
You're worried that kinda need regular rigour, leading noticed, enjoy your burrito
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