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Now I mean merely star com cities never blown into its boughs, only driven a supposed nice. If you're, like the virgin terminals, really I you will ever parallels nice ever Andrew, the Virgin terminal in Logan. I loved it the little like you just walk right through a gear. If I'd known that, I would have woken up way later. That's good, that's good, but you, but the only thing that terminal is like a snack stance, you're. So if you get their way early theirs
of the newly enter. Why didn't? May go and then go legal seafood conquered down at the summit. Right things right right away. Our airlines went to. I went to all those places and they got a Starbucks right there in the Boston Skip that your rights Duncan man. I had some that idea genes trainees, Did you unprotected sex the Chinese, but I figured wasn't. I felt really what it tasted better man. It was just ass. It was like we're walking around like It was almost like we're going to do with each other with each other, like with the nine just because, one right because they deserve a little bit of context. We did our show at the wheel. Theatre Friday night in Boston on May forth, which was superfine has, alas, and then I was exhausted, but then you guys broke off to go into the night Just you know. I never really spent much time advice no longer just gonna walk around, but it was too late. We got out too late.
Like any anywhere in that area was just like packed full of none, not and people yeah, because we were stay. I with the IRA. The w? Those I ok so you know that we were the w, and so we would like to three o clock in the morning. People really just screaming at the top of their land, and this evening about like I just wanted to grab drunk bewick. Why and then you'd here like that, like the screaming it sounded like a fuckin. I would like, on their sir walk from like when we, when you went to european islands, like I saw like it out like just like women screen Asia, you! I know you. You thought that peace will go like everything. Was goodwill hunting to make everything really gonna rain and the Chinese. What was a bad idea? I do. I couldn't get any sleep because there are real for an hour is lacking. I couldn't
Why I had earlier, though, when I got to the hotel at least some work to do and work to send in and then I was like this top is actually pretty good size I take a bath, has read ass. Swear that I am able to do. And I get a hidden and inasmuch as they are, you all have like a glass of wine. Then I put on some Musica put em like Elliot Smith and I'm drinking wine, I'm in a bag then there is a mere nearby says, like a picture of it with the cash and moms day out there Marge, goes: Rancho relax. I guess it's uses. You go into the turbine Herr far, did you gonna get any work done yeah yeah? I mean we're like us. It was like a last minute. We need ideas, for this kind of thing, for Jonas dive in sustaining ideas were guys taken away Thou something's wrong with my computer army has wine and Pringles there's no class here as our stricken wine and eating print spent the cat
really really doing it right. He asked it. That's that's! What a teenager set young day, I'm a drink wine, it just eat tonnes, only Pringle they would use area there. Then I have a friend though it like. I was adamant about putting broken up chips like Doritos into sandwiches and stuff. Like that I used to do. I did that to do you, like, I feel, like I ate Pringle sandwiches on soft white bread and on top of other stuff or just pringles, just bring us, but you know, like arbitrary great they did with it is here but the. But I was like nineteen years old there, and this was you know. Whenever these about the things they were just as clearly, and it was the name in the nineties. Our suggestions,
I did a kind of an offensive joke at that show, and I tried it last night out of snow and its suck the air out of the room, yeah I had a feeling that right now and I recently decided relieving an M Unilever. Then I think you should leave it in a word. We hans loud. It working contacts have just like it being like a being in a rowdy big oil thing, but when I met a man, did it's a half attended to stand the differences when you're in front of your crowd, people who came to see you and who already know you? They know that you don't mean it for real, like they know your saying you because you're fucking around why we're leaving it in when you say it to people who don't really are familiar with. You then they're, just likewise a guy, again just like I'd I'd just killed like us. Like I said I started with the the James Brown Joke, don't be ok there I went into a Davy Jones yet I know that on the volume of work and then the other thing. It's like your loving the other two were gone.
Asia is like it, then. I said Babo global guys guys what happened here just of assent. It just feels like saran, raptors, suction here, Bessie Area and a year is a crazy thing, mainly in the world. Here is a crazy thing and then like a kind of quiet and then, like I told you about this, I don't like the door for the kitchen opened up a new where you get it was quite a notary could hear the Mexicans the radio like in a blaring out kitchen at all, I know that song thought about the hat right and, if I get it in a week event like a kind of racist choke, bucking proud everybody, that's great monies that's great honour that even they will gradually create it will save it, but that's what I that actually upset me more. The idea that, like yours, well know and then, like I've made a racist joke and we will, I hope, I've back my party, but
from an eighty movie was at the back. I don't you know, though I don't think anyone thinks I don't think anyone thinks you're ready. First of all, your portuguese so last name is rhetoric? Is the value of the euro? A white guy? I don't know it just aren't you women border you please or in Portugal by way of Hawaii Pretty Y yeah, but no one, and why foresees and why there consider Catholic, the poet I, take any prologue joke and it's all the same railings. I guess I was then what's the sum of the jokes arts You tell the putting a guy like that debt burden. He looks I've gone. Where is it imitation of the portuguese going, although this is kind of like a pigeon site vision. Bonehead, that's like I of the portuguese guy do when he said. The other one I become a one eyes were now shit like that. I gotta get together as a joke book. Franklin joke workers
I one page said: how do you keep putting a guy busy and, as has turned page- and they turn the page and audio says how to keep forego putty guy busy from the page? Did it work? Filled, how can three hours man like oh, I get it and I turned to pay and I M gonna scarlet, once it's gonna serve Wednesday. This was the one approved somebody may fifteenth the pillow. Dramatic papers and mainly record, comes out. You should promote the shit out of that I am trying to just today. We release the pre sales for the record you can I gotta ask tee store that come. I think, I'm your back. I dont know I gotta get over there. They have a weird than I have your Yahoo veracity. Regular, improve your to the vital which is ten dollars for attendance, white, vinyl record gorge, which come
with a drop card that has a code on where you can get the Mp3S for free. If you get the record, it's like a piece of flat milk that White vinyl did you see the picture God is rather drift nets, goodbye destiny, I disorder guys I'm looking at it right now and it is fuckin gorgeous disordered. Jenny on young new record is coming out her first fully Vine, older, releasing vinyl amid during a limited run of like five or fifty white vinyl record openly we are doing. If you buy the vinyl, then you get a Download code yeah. That's it that's what I wanted to do with the percentage from various views back, but a norwegian known was on it does what it was like. It was like two dollars extra per record like you would like it was you dig it be charged more for it, and so now it's just a given. I value to do
There is at last record on vinyl and it came with the CD yeah. Very idea is happening here. I just lost her way to get into you know the computer, my free, I just pre, ordered her eye. Pre ordered her album on Itunes, which comes out may and then I bought tickets. There. Her show at the greek and advantageous to the Greek came with it Download code for her seated loan. Ivory ordered the that's cool yummy. These are. These are different ways that musicians do they still does it has vinyl technology now does it does it still have the litter of crackle when you listen to independent monstrously this one, because you know we put more, Then we would. We should like. We really crammed, then the amount of time. So that means the groups are closer together. That means audio horizontal tenure, but I asked about like twenty five minutes and resourceful narrowly put safely like twenty four minutes. It's not safe. What you're doing Jonah I'm gonna put. The limits. Chris you're gonna push the limits,
to do that by proper met. My regret to go to a Boston red I said the game on Saturday, where I M a buying tickets twice. Somehow. Ah, I try ordering online at one o clock in the morning after the every one of the Chinese replaced and did everything in it had enter, and then it look like I was going through and that if they were sorry, this didn't work. But I gotta look on my phone and those like I got charged for this does go down to the will, call and see if the tickets were there when they weren't and then ended a buying them off of a season ticket holder paid mother. So everyone pay twice. Oh that's why the stadium was half full. Thus day was full and I got seats. Ten rose behind the visitor dug up a welder fucking great seats, but the game. The game was greatly last aid to do, but that's the red Sox do nowadays. That seems absolutely commanded him. A letter is a lot of fun with a lot of undergoes ECHO Fenway em, it's three hundred
hundred year anniversary Fenway less so they have a bunch of videos that made me cry play on the scoreboard. In any case as cool. I got back in a ten thirty in the morning on Saturday and allow for time travelling when you do that fly back those yachts grey. His great but d and I ended up going to the Eager rock centre for the arts, and there was a many comecon ask all. I get cool gonna like vendors with tables like one room, and it was this all these independent comic book artists and suffer that sound their, whereas Chuck baby was theirs. Have you wanna talk about it I saw but Supersecret pow had stopped. There there is like a lotta, just really cool artists. Yet those like rural small- and it was a really nice ones like swap and stuff and Israel
illegal, I really committed, and it was on free comic book day. So I can't really, I can t go back now share entirely being in Boston. I also tried to your guitar shopping in Boston Lot at a place at least two good or gone sad yeah, so bomber the guitar centre I have just read by being closed. My bare anymore, I ran that old man. You're hot car centre, yeah, maybe even the guitar centre, is what I meant a foul camps are so that's a bummer. Now I've got it. We should even so clearly and I went to ruffle com. Now is the amazing. I met Tron guy, I met Chuck Testa, I saw Hannah heart what Dodson was there is like so many it really was and will end. It was at MIT yeah, that's cool and it was at MIT and it was. There was no central location. It was spread out over just different. You just like us
walk through. Do you know hallways like? Oh, I think I heard laughter and errors, and there it was. It was really gonna go. There was really go awesome or how many people want to walk on, which was at Harvard the same day That is not what you think it is it's actually it's how to its technology behind making a better waffle fry people think is actually waffles, but if we want to arrive at an hour not making a decision. You don't want me to go visit or not. I mean really it's up to you getting ahead. World. Today, too many people make into any decisions that people are out of. Finance are getting a forest erika yeah defies they get nephritis that may, or maybe I consider myself a farthing right. They got my dad every being they just real date. They just research suggests that that part of part of
how in in dinosaur time so yeah, that's part of the climate was that did the sore pods, like you know, like a palace or us, like the big, the big large sore pods actually warmed the planet with farts, mass that releasing methane into the atmosphere actually kept the. I never actually thought about a dinosaur fart. I saw an elephant fart once, but I can smell it no, but the it was it a zoo and the trainer and the cage got out fast. I got poisonous ye, I didn't enough to where it's no good. It was not and is not well, and here it was he almost kind of displayed it for the people watching the elephant color. You just heard this low rumble Aurora and then he kind of God
side and raised one of his legs, and you just I mean this was way before you tube, otherwise ten million views and then just this, this flapping percolating, but lips as the FARC came out and all these little kids just fucking laughing at me too, and then the trainer give up for a minute and then just quickly vacated about impression again a warming of the fort every day, You guys you never see. Elephants those same all grinding data, same person, I think data same person may- or maybe I don't- I just to this waffling, Seminara, Helene. They are merely. I dont think, seminar yeah exactly I I find insane growth, the dragon tattoo duty, see all of it, though I thought the F b I might
I have like one more minute or two more minutes left as his thought on the plane, gas pointers pirated. Ok, ourselves get a tweet, a virgin Mary in hey, maybe next time a monoplane, you get me a free movie. I've had back from them. I have to remind myself to those very nice, to get back to your browser illegal, yet I was them fast. Moving on their thanks to Twitter, Myra left as Ipad Verge America. I entreated them and they got it. They're gonna get it back to him. Yeah, there's cool. I should if it can at last night, but I gotta do late to get it with secular flying gather reminder every every night, before gadget. Prime, the alarm goes off on my phone at one thousand, one hundred and forty five to know that I have a segment tomorrow and it went off twice cuz it went up while I was on the plane and then, when I turn my phone back on, it was one thousand one hundred and forty five again as like fuck. I can do that twice.
Lived through the day we are on the show. We had the Knocker vodka that has the hundred thousand Scoville Chile. It's like the word out of it is like eating a ghost chile. Oh so cabin and Canada, and I did it at the end of a show and Amy Black- why it was oh yeah vapor vomited. I did not the volume and not on the show that, on the show we got canvas their rolling in Syria. The answer we have Candice vomiting on tape. What's here where, where did she vomit into a bucket you're sitting on the stage after the show so Was it like a pepper while I got so like immediately or just
It is a slow burn because, like you, throw down your throat so fast that the it doesn't hurt your mouth that much, but once it s in your stomach, is thy likened to every spicy meal you ve ever had in your life at once. At the same time, in your stomach, so you got so ones like, so we have to be updated. When you shall be light, we met them. A peace, loving tweet. It leaves live. Doing I'm going to about you. Ve gotta live three gonna dear crazy, pepper, vodka, shits, crazy, crazy Beverly. All currently prevalent vodka should ever some for Egypt for vodka should go down? We knew I knew, was a bad idea. I just said to Germany, while Germany Chaise the producer of all the story I set up during the brake and said I want to try to vodka and then the next thing I knew I went out of his duty I can imagine we will MIKE I'm mad. Ago, more than eleven zero I remember when years ago we adopted through
years ago, when Man and Kevin rank hot sauce like just don't like fucking, pounded hot saucer, which listen it's I'm it's fun for like the minute that you're doing it and the segment, but then the rest of the night. I they were. Basically, I think she went over to his place and they were in separate bathrooms, just shitting all knights like screaming at each other. Crossed the room. Like are you yourself, yeah, like I am a new year's Laker Whereat, my friends house and like a Kemal like took a little piece of gooseberries here. Global doable. Do it. I don't know you're from Pakistan. You might be. What a handle this better than me is ignored all come out here like I did it to another round. I did it like a tyranny. I'd like a red face count It also has a poor. Don't do you yeah you wanted? It was the end of the show that I'm sure it'll be online
but, like immediately my face turned red. I was sweating for a good forty five minutes, but you're able to keep a damp knock down both of them nice everything my proves, we're gonna be worse. Mapuche, Scooby were low, but a judge. Little bit will boost, I don't hate or man, I'm hanging in their hands in ok in I was gonna review, the h, Tc Ex One, the new cell phone, but someone stole it Oh no from my eyes as you producer, Maggie's desk, that happens. Sometimes I am puts up and ask you know I saw you know it. Sucks do is the old gadget producer here, Bruce stuff was getting stolen, and so he tried to set up surveillance cameras and human resources threatened to fire him if he didn't remove, carries like. But someone is stealing myself and I guess you can set up us them, which leads me to think that it was human resources, as very, very vital. Very good point
I like you asked about, was gonna, be the thing today we reviewed men was gas sound! I didn't get to play with her. You should just read out. Listen if you stole this far, would you please just twitter review? Here's the city we're out of eyebrows report. Is that it it doesnt it's not out yet she sent it to us. Hey fairy security is not that I'd just ass. He crossed oh yeah, that's a bummer that is a friggin bomber bombers, re down, till pretty bombed out about emptier am CIA from her from Bessie boys. I think I think it's a shame well besides. Besides the fact that the story itself is is horrible, And, like I said on Twitter, I interviewed him for g for a couple years ago was a quick interview, but he just could not have been sweeter and cooler
and so, besides the fact that it just seems like an a really nice guy, just passed away its EU, you really feel, like I'm sure you guys and sherbet younger than I am it's sort of its almost a bit of your youth yeah it. I am much a bit of my life, you know where you were you really, the the these are. The key moments that that are basically just a mirror to mortality in a weird sort of way. We're like that I could die what, but he was he's he's superhuman, why? This is the guy yeah. You know what gets its it's fuckin it sucks and really does and when you go back and you look it- I didn't realize. Play been around. I didn't realize that they formed in seventy nine. He has a bump and it's fucking shit. It is really, I guess I haven't really thought about it and in awhile like how much amazing stuff they actually did and how much they sort of they really did. Influence
yeah, and this is the way that they, unlike a lot of other you know, you listen to some other bans that I've been around since early eighties and if they're still play music, it sounds the same for the most part. You know it's a especially when it till I grow as much as they did as a as a musical entity like how you know the first Beastie boys stuff, of course, doesn't sound like even like the first Beastie boys rap, album cuz. It goes from hardcore punk straight until I can on this awesome like metal, changed, hip, hop stuff at like, and then it just in Paul's beauty everything they progressed, also just people as human beings as cautious beings. You know in how they became ill, politically minded and spiritual and sisters and mega humanitarian yeah. But the other thing it's really interesting is when you, when you look at the very first song that made them popular, which was a total novelty song will, from from their point of view, was a joke. Yeah that boy
cause. The rest of their music was different than that. If they haven't been amazing bake they totally how many a bans like that just come and go down the lumber. I mean serious shut, why, though, if you think about a lumber like that song, like tub thumper, was almost the end of a long story career. That ban had because the ban before Cha Cha Cha the lumber was crass. There was and the same members as the socio political punk ban from England, crass yeah, as at the end after tub thumping, we were able to keep down don't be silly, whether rivers, the twentieth anniversary personnel, show over there
I was just go out of the way again and they fuck and no one else is not there. Yet they are plain sailing. I've been burned out, german, like the plane, sabotage again already played, and they just fucking a crash radio radio ACT as that's what I was myself did. He started to play railroads and I'm sorry, there's no reason to do this argument and want to do another song, so a data restart planks, avatar. And that has now arisen for asylum actively by ready radio, which is fucking rails good, and I never knew that. Played a heart attack, man, which was like that one crazy hard personae put on. I was ill communication or sugar had occasion right and just the Alec, it's like its packing great and as such, but also he started directing like documentaries and movies. He was progressing as a dude just yet such a phone number,
and you see like did you watch any of the upper whole fame induction ceremony travelling all I carbon travelling since that I caught a bit of it on Sunday night no last night, and I like it just like them, reading all the let them when they accepted the induction. They just read something that Adam out had written for them to talk about. I'm just fucking incredible, I remember we were in, I think we and I was sitting maybe when they when they went, when the inductions hat, when they only their rights and are our representative from E G said she was like oh yeah, you know we see boys are getting in darkness. Raymond he's not gonna, be there it. She said it's, that's that's a really bad. Now. I do not like I thought he was. You know I thought he found out and they caught it and he was okay and she was like yeah, but he's he's not going. In that's. You know: that's not the faggot, but it's insane
Jerry and I you know just gone back and just like any other doesn't go back settlers into lots of stuff and just like how much I how much I love hello nasty. The record is so varied, and so great is such a good fuckin record. Well, I you know, I mean Julia Fuckin, Marina here just enjoy to enjoy your present the atom twice. I am thankful for the great I can show you never got to see them. It's a great. It was a great show to see, but I think I feel we should. It was nice to be able to talk about it on the package. It was nice and I mean because I think I think a lot of people are way more bummed out than they expected to be buying, like I think people who maybe even hadn't been listening to these two boys for a while, but just you know we're fans the ban there. I think it. I think it was a little bit of a shock wave from her like well wait what these forty seven forty seven cheese cries so, nuts
and now the coming towards George. You have a beneficiary of the colony words. No the nominated, but it don't you one of course. Of course Sl Giovanni. I exaggerate their and that was great, Rob Delaney one from Funniest twitter. I think I may have voted for a variety of. I think I care of I voted for. I am not going to pretend I get in vote for us a couple days in a row the way you, oh sorry, now stay in the area for those able for us, but but of course, like I expected by women is really cool, being nominee with others like impact it really widely ramming its eye. It sounded out I gotta do- is just an ordinary known in authority. It really was an honour to be nominated with similar logos on the screen with Bang, Bang and Scarborough Country, and an awesome Scarborough country, actually Klaus, nerve and and mark in us yeah, I'm so go. This is on tv yeah that's an award, they give their known others like, because that was
my words and no no look is that, like the voting when all this week, they shot him last week, loading continued and they just Canada was the worst what the tourism, but I got, the colored still had moments where Is there really found they'll do recap coming in and out of, like other things that one, however one for best road commonality, but like a lot of our friends were nominated european milk Andreotti Moshe capture. Congratulations are running. Congratulations earmarked for window for many of us by get animals at all. Really nice, I'm gonna, say matter also. I did as well cry when done. Rickles was accepting the Johnny Carson or that's I I I appreciate that they would have to. Probably, but you also cried while watching, who I five Ellen the airplane yeah, because Dessoff I don't what it is. I think it's only about the attitude that makes you get a little more children,
when you are out of place to manage crises like like. The fact is that credit swing vote, that's fucking, crazy swing, I really do. I need time any time. There's I've got three kids. I thought you were saying. I don't know, there's some weird chemical emotional thing that happens at a high altitude. That makes you emotionally susceptible it, because I I I dont get choked up itself, but I, but the times that it has happened. I've been on a plane wanting something you just sit there, not the son you're. Just like figured isolation. I've been honest to God. It was a bit isolation, but I also think it might be the pressure in your sinuses. We are more susceptible to like tier up. Maybe you know, I don't know if I could see that on a plane, particularly, is getting but why five all I mean that in mind the show so much of a renewed Erin. I think he's doing really. Well, I heard the interval on CBS headed
I don't know who this is anything which bring out, because I think it still like hearsay, but the NBC Like started revealing parts of their comedy like what's coming back? What's not, unlike a word on when he is not going back four seconds a while she has to broach girl fuller. After an her new Asia with Joy, Mccullough, which is, Perhaps this is a very funny stand, drew them Julian Mccullough face that Julius. No, not now are you easily become a Noah Silly Mccullough within the EU sailor Comedy club the class before me. Really it was. It was soon Mccullough and shame black, oh again assume coasting Black Chris Spencer, They they were all in the Youth Comedy Club, like the class perform and my friend you Callaghan, whose now call you pay a family guy. Was he sort of bridged because he was a couple. Older sepia history? Was my orientation counselor our so he was present at the? U say that coming up, so he was there when it was
shame and oh and at Solomon in Crete, and increase the guys who, because Matheson who wrote a blunt heads, oh yeah, they run the comedy club. One of em are both of em yeah. So and then I came a couple years after them and you know Steve as, like our shame black and these guys. So I know so. I know Suliman color from Julie. Mccullough is the playmate who from who was the playboy playmate that I had to play with limit. What I didn't have her. I'm sorry that came out wrong when I was a teenager Maggie, Father had a subscription to play way magazine and there was no internet. So was the only time that I could look at boobs, and so I took this issue with drew them a color on the cover and had it well into college, just kept her with yeah, don't just it was just one
things that survived a lotta moves. The storage of masturbation is very underwritten that you mean this observation. Nostalgia basin yet. I agree I downloaded taboo to because it was just like it was saying that you're my brother had has grown growing up like a watch that again you mean with your family, Oh no doubt do we are there we badly need bigger, the burden of work related it and I have a thick bushes. What I'm talking about a bigger than Boyd bike over we're on the verge of things, to say that the thieves over? Wikipedia page Global, weird trivia promise the civic a very specific time. Well, I just sounds like a theme song from a witness
That is why I am I was in the Jimmy Pardo needs. Jokes pilot become central ass, we gotta go, I'm going to be part of it was great. Do parted great, don't go missing that quickly. Jonah pronouncing heeded rage. I am very proud of traditional spelling gaiters I'd like your face, not love him, starting in origin, Nixon run our guns on that. Never enough Carson, Album. I have no real air, so we're that's amazing, arrogant over to ever to Elsie said Johnny Carson. Oh, I thought you might Carson daily met the host of the voice good for him. He found an ado these two of the show year. History show so you you have Johnny Carson, albums yeah. I lie both Johnny Carson. I do to ease that are available.
I have them all ass. I wish they would release more. They have one they have these cut. These cut together, monologues that start each dvd off so other. There is the play, the my love them. They'll have, you know best of guests, but they weave together, like as one programme and his category my legs they're, all, not that topical, so they all fucking still work. Now I really it holds I'll find you know did you take one? They don't know any of the jokes. I've Hamburg like talking about hearted, Burbank right now and things like that cut off your last another slots from cut off so funny. It's so good. I gave you, if you're out there. You know in what I wanna see. Some of that I would does best of Carson Dvds, or, I think, there's a Carson you to channel is their yeah. It's like an official Carson. You too, general and I think, there's a ton of stuff there, look. If I could subscribe, you know like the midnight specially you can subscribe to him in a special most anyone dvd a month or something like value of the midnight special they deliver Carson I'll, be fourteen
demands rose their video of that I have the Carson De Martin rescue. That's very sweetly, levelled comedy. I just feel like I We have enough time to watch everything I wanna watch like it's been hard enough. Although I am a dam and years he had been, it's been hard enough to keep up to keep up with current stuff. Like I'm, I'm I'm, I'm too upset it's behind madman. I stay not had time to start watching game thrones, because with with the channel, I'm just cut like all the stuff, I'm watching earth cuts that I have to approve ticked fettes that I watching the nervous general all the time which is Superfund, but you know I'm I'm just not getting to watch. You know all like stuff like that. I'm is a thing that you just sort of It just goes, there's an out and out of it some will say like it's like I eat, I don't you just won a couple more hours a day as acknowledge. Just like you know. Tomorrow is a week if you could just spreading over a week the Abbe,
nice they just like a little bit more time on the weekend I for the grape. Then you just fill that men you'd want ten more hours. Rare lets me again. My the area to the whereby we have those guys on boy Brad who just be the funniest. We actually wish we should have when Brad on their amazing. Dear god dammit. I can't I e to spend a half hour with Germany's. I cannot stop Latvia now what if we set it up so much and we have a more than making up and then there not funny this universe is worried. Five ass for last week, I dont reap I needed, because I love hating myself, but the they were viewed. The the TIM Meadows show which they liked, but they like the Chicago show. It was just a glorified
It hopes for this. They sometimes we dont work out by getting somewhere in the middle of a country that I must say that I am a tomales happens to be, in fact, being there there was one where there was one week where, where POD mass picked, all three episodes of the power of our show that week really do hope that we can set the end, and they say you're like they treated. I saw the leg and I read I was like I'm going out. On top, I mean there, you know always Evie Club guys are super sweet. I dont, you know they just do it did thirty doing their job, but if I'd better people are like as they get assigned, I think they get assigned every week they get assigned the different time Candia ever so I feel bad if they hate me, but I can't big, but because, but because I like the av club and because I like the people there, it always hurts my feelings a little bit more if they trash something I'm like. So I just I just I do in trash. I try not to read it because I
like the only things that are gonna happen. Are I'm going to get? My ego strove to me like that, was a good episode or I'm going to feel bad, but one of those two things are anything I could do anything with their so I don t doubt scroll down. I would never read the common threads. And we ve been over this- a million die out and the more we talk of the more happy they haven't got older Phoebe. I don't want you know it's a you know what, though it's it's it's fine you I was, I was service by before the channel launch, because, unlike what here is another thing, I'm putting into the world and I'm just putting opening myself up for more like a fucking piece of shit, what you think you are- you anything over there. You goddamn ship ace and our text about my
say that meant to delete it. But I have found no goddamn. She faces my thing to add another identifies, but I'm I'm I'm having so much fun, making stuff that I am not caring as much so anxious, which means again just make it and walk away. You can't focused on its kind vain! Doesn't it try to tell myself ass, like ass, we get closer to the release of my record like I've, just the thing the guy at the end of a sort of how I feel about things to lorries or, as I have grown as a person, if you will also be a train away where you ve lost way. Adrenalin have shrunk as a person every once in a while. Those someone you know like just Y know catchy in that way.
Mean to see something and it just kind of catches me off guard in in the club. Comet none and I was the common threads on the nervous site out. There was, which episode wasn't a chemist. If one were that, girl was like I can't think of us versus the many revenge you listen to it like it after you cholera, while I just don't listen, don't be like the internet and judge summit before you listen to it and so and end to her credit she didn't. And she came back and said: hey thanks, I'm glad I listen about, but someone I can report the show was. But but someone was like I will no longer listen to this show because you said you, You praise Ryan secrecy for employing more for making money, often idiot like Kim Kardashian, and how end, and as long as you work for IE,
I will never listen if it and, though- and I wanted to let it go, but everything he was saying was false and it just fuckin like I just feel like sometimes like you cannot. I cannot let this person go to the world, thinking the thing that they think it's not right, so I had to say number one. I never said that number two. I have not worked for g for or east since last year, so both of your arguments are false fairness. Your bed still gets you in the building, but at all work is vulgar. There's like returned, there are other, very politically is parking nobody's Estonia. Hungary shows these studios its, but it's not it's bits. Bbc, though the Easter as is providing the studio. You know there, company goddammit, don't you more about that. That's. Why would you argue in his defence out? I was thinking of the facts. Not so much of what he was saying, I'm sorry I was thinking of origin.
Taking a well like this guy screen over this thought. United technically true, I'm sorry. I forgot about that. That's technically true, I guess check in Berlin everyone out, because the yeah, because yeah easy because studios, does not produce the nervous tv show fact. We know what. But you have now I don't get them anymore. Well, I don't know order them anyway. They are the inner. They come three male ya. Don't I'm not on the that that chain? I can get it to you. That's not nine! I just say I just that you Chris will come guns loaded. I can. I can load of some criminals here. This is from brain Bouchard
Bush. The Bush Le Bush not to be confused with these seven days, disco group- or am I just meant for him in areas where there is a serious potential for our Pga, your life app? Don't you think something that allows you to choose an avatar and then put your particular goals to achieving it? The operative word point: for doing a very steps. Cared. Research section would allow the use of input his arrangements, various gloves. Naturally, you should get into that cause. You know you're, not a busy hashtag sarcastic smell that where there is an app called epic win, which I mentioned in the book, which is like an hour p d to do list up. I would love to create after created in her pretty Jean goal. App seems like the one sort of peace of the empire missing, but at the same time it is the cornerstone
shit guys, I'm not sleeping for a month. It's hard up. Development is a real pain in the ass happy that hard Oji, another Angie pop people. What they did you told me there they are making such of games that we're doing too well than the kind of put out dry. Something on a lark, but they had already had to fire like eighty percent of their staff, then, when drastically became a huge hit and they're gonna get bought out for a ton of money, the owners hired everybody back that they had laid off because of bad business and hard back. So they could all benefit from the huge sale draw something that is awesome yep.
Good bad job, then good job yeah mean they just it didn't work out like you know, just where gas, no, not their fault, they just do work out, and then they make this game that fuck and kills it, and they know they did updated right by everybody. Iceland stuck up day and everybody not very pretty and about Twenty five minutes, ok, good, so where we have about nine minutes if the new threats now are you gonna do is, is is DEFCON Matt Gonna happen here or is it going to happen in homes? Gonna happen at home on us was to go to Santa Monica This house attacked like Craigslist what you're going to be interpreted and do their work and refer fact why You now buying pedal, I'm buying I had rush ie to peddle and what kind of a loop pedal. Ok, those are fun now gotcha are going to be some red, you lots of stuff. Now I actually I like
Katy tonsil hers, scottish check, that does that she does not sign that is sold to everyone. I know only I see, but she the Van Miert murmuring alone a moment Miss Milner best, ten, eleven great looping been, me. I now my mail me I'll meet. You may remember embryo. Let your duty! I want you back. After five cover, let alone acoustic at our itself. Alright I'll do it so so good they're gonna, like haven't. I waited a week for some reason was saying: I've been singing Missy misdemeanor Elliot songs are weakened.
Dont know where they came from. It's just that weird thing where a tiny little thought moat just sort of rises to the top in our brain and it just out of out of the recesses of the attic of your subconscious, mind and just populate your thoughts like it just opposite reproduces and all of a sudden. I could not that's why I was singing the other day I was, I was putting cat noise. In in is aware that a wire I pointed out that banana viruses, it stand among them now but my mail me out. I could not stop doing that. Always Delong. That's kind of awesome. Let's get my country has assumed. But it's always too. I do it. Did it do to do? Do you no matter where that is always in his head? Mike firmly believes that that singing the by men in Jingle can
clear, any thing I ever heard of you if you're trying to their two way, so the other way to go. Song to your head is to listen to it and then might for the firm and solution of just if you can't get a song Arafat Their number Namibia me out. I just go by men and got my friend Catherine says. If you just hum girl from epidemic never fear. Now any! Maybe I'm goddamn their amendment number. Now. This is from Katy kid. The guys I feel like the I feel like on
I guess you describe this phenomenon lot, where you wrongly attribute something to being your own creation when you're, really remembering it from somewhere else, and you just forget about it, you may be interested to know that the official name for this is crypt amnesia, which is a pretty flipping sweet word hooray, thanks for being awesome, Katy! Well, I I don't attribute many thanks to myself, except things that I've done like the invention of electricity. That was me there was you remember that day. I will irony but the day that I gave you that idea in couple kryptonite- I'm going to do for GI forever attack shit for a week Lang going to the big auction, the less Paul auction there actually are less Paul himself, a ton of less Paul stuff like schematics, ass loads of guitar and I'm cool.
Don't they can't? Let you go to that. You need a fuckin barrel, you'll be wearing apparel after the stock market crash it'll, be you know, blows sister suspenders, a fuckin giant tie and a goddamn barrel, let's play with firemen. You'll be burning. Your schematics to keep you warm around a barrel fired, I'm gonna work. I think we're gonna preview day and we're gonna talk to them about the stuff there. I might put in a couple bids for some things, not guitar, as I can't afford those guitars. There can be tens of thousands of dollars, but ladder you pipeline on August, schematic makeup, bigger problem for photography just causes not turn the belt little Yosemite ruining. I wonder whether you probably readily other ones, retirement Jorge well as Paul, is worth three as jeez.
The fact is true, he's right. That's almost exactly spot of others, but is worth through its. If that's how it works is that the currency well Amino ACID Estes like a grand by granting it a progressive for him, less public three grant S Father fuckin expensive: they are, they are really did they go up after he died. Now they ve just gonna steadily. That's the instruments have gone up quite a bit. I think it's his woods more expensive than it used to be
it's pretty folk, inexpensive red raid. The feds did and gives him for a little legal would now have a month ago, really yeah or like enough worthy gazillion rosewood. They you, no one should have anymore. While and if you travel with your instrument, you have to have documentation that you purchased it before that the interim has made before nineteen whatever. If you do it, and if you don't have that documentation, the feds can sees your guitar. If it has a brazilian rosewood. Nuts is one more comment from Ulysses. Lou Han Louis is, I think, I'm Ulysses read your report over my promoting awkwardly be listening since the hopeful episode Sound board. My question is: is it possible for you guys a communist? and do a series of episodes theories and evident where Youtube stars are the guest for the pod cast thanks. I dont know if all the Youtube stars live in Nashville around like that. You just want people to come to. Nashville went very well. I think it means that your stars of the channel, when we never fact none of them
the Nashville? No none of them, none of them living in the channel, none of them none of the live in the channel. Let me limit Vandam flippant and witnessed them memorandum, young man, and so they all I live in the channel, but we don't have a national measures, a great town and I hope we get to perform their maritime. It's fuckin awesome. The Vanderbilt campuses gorgeous its Nashville is has learned the underground. Ah well, it looks like everyone's gonna have to do push up today, because Rand about not is jockey drab rubber toward a kind of has that often vibe of like too, young already college Town College Town has about a ban levels and a year Can I go, allow it as one of my favorite names that would come out this year. That is, I've noticed statement of that this year that I've noticed
bans that are one I've ever nature ban its eye with an exclamation point, the end, the bans called you blow it and their album is called grow up. Dude that's funny and its grey has Academy MID nineties, Emily in the kind of jazz June Jimmy Jimmy World stuff to really get the. Let me plug that. I really do want to plug genuine young new record because it so fucking goods are island is called an unwavering band of light and it's her third record and it's really good start to finish- is really really good, so check it out and unwavering band of light and unwavering plant band of light is the name of her album, genuinely genuine young and Greece. The good- You are very good too. I've been listening to pale young gentlemen die like those guys I do here and gentlemen. Good stuff quest, I noticed, recommends those owners. Where do we go?
this week, but you can hear more recommendations on Jonah radio, at that time, that all can you ever ready to meet? I feel the reality. Vivas fevers reality yeah, he doesn't know what are my friends and just shoot the shit yeah there would be can generate you. I told you that what we decided to do a lot of work to do that I'm gonna have to go to find out the new with a lot of work while mouser. You know there are a good way to get you to do there Actually it's a good way to get you to do something, but the downsides. It's also a good way to make. You feel bad if you dont have to happen to take, but but it is in general, a good idea to lead to tell people you're going to do so. I know I should its if you didn't have a full time job. I have enough time trying to focus
Think about going to the gym. You have a job and a half, you have your full time job at the soup, and then you have this and have this, and then I just have stand up three job. I have a second girlfriend and a dog, so that's for jobs. I have less jobs. But you know keep skirting around each nation's Harvey eyes. She hasn't sense anyway, said well now, we're gonna be dancing around the great in the room, a rumour amid the nurses. Rumour mills are gonna, be tyranny. The elephant has just the room and it's time for the trainers to leave the gay.
Throwing this analogy for victory. Do random Magua undying gang on its memorandum of me? I mean and whenever they are mere girl spurs yours, rivers, my from our forever merit victory play, everywhere. If anyone out there knows who made that Mean Northampton Girth Burma, thereby fervour bravery, rare them judgment. Can you please during the first girl I just wanna. I just we just need to thank you, Girt murmured, for giving us a married man. Average, preserving jobs at least three hours of joy. There was a whole weekend there we had the whole urban and reacting, and every time we pull that picture up, we would laugh again pathetically everything.
The rest of you know the girl in the picture has to be doing a carrying like every pile or whatever misapply invisible. Please, please just get one of them. I can't I've. Also do can you do me a favor and replace the books, with the nervous way copies very rarely, maritime environment, marriage where Nerd Birmingham Raymond If she's out of you in your garage I apologize, I saw, I don't think she is it just because of a sweater vest. You noticed that there should be a feature of all of us losing our share in the meme caches gives review gooseberries or my fervent murmur spurts of my private firms.
Pray. Remember bad, their internet. I know you are please do ever endure Berber. Wherever remover endeavour driver belabour o on it. Georgia, german things may be revived, murmured, railroad, very urgent, Kircher purse,
Kirchner: Herndon nurse Turner, nerds. Dear dear sir, they heard her speak to report The third word learning curve current. Really really really want to go further still, but where you term parents or purse jurist, My favorite Berwick Nerve hurry the working conform reserves.
Occurs by Journey Kirsty, Judy, Kurds, theory stir of jobs are the burglar. I urge sure, preferred earlier downwards: barber dear juicy year in terms of a bird name nerd there we're entered paving the three of us the man, the Porter Sternward earns firms. Brooms is over you guys
I think this episodes called girl, sperms, burned scourge, stirs burns yours, but you won't go. Girls burn now leading noticed, calm enjoy your burrito,
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