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Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen) talks with Chris about having trouble digesting French food, her choice to be an optimistic person, and being able to be proud of your true self. She also talks about what the real message behind My Drunk Kitchen is, and they discuss where she should go on vacation! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Local in Ozma S, number, seven hundred and sixteen already performing in Sacramento and Samuel date Jose this weekend, sport, the functional tour with my dear friend April Richardson will be up their findings Morrissey to argue that she does. She said it was amazing, I'm in April on to talk about it. The best idea, I've ever her apples. When I favour people in the world, she so fucking funny and and yet she toured she did, I think, maybe ten shows alongside the leniency labour and as you call them other bombing, which is is with great said. The tour was really great and then she fuckin set it up on our own and when I'm drove across the country to I did this tour and was it was great she's about ass. He is indeed what do you got on the nerves, community Court Board, others. First things from Zack he's thirty, four, three and three months ago he found out that he needs a kid need to live longer. Ok, so he's waiting on a kidney, but he decided to turn a kidney and delicious kitty flavoured lemonade.
By making a web comic about his kidney deciding it doesn't want to work anymore. Oh, my god, it's really a blocking a minute selling. You have come on. I gotta Zack Zack, see a c h as acts, kidney dot com and its digital unease. If someone can put together a compilation piecemeal, my god, it's incredible lay like he is real a guy in anything you guys can do to sport, but but you know, go to this website and check out the comic work is done there. It's he's a real. I was very, very much that's amazing yeah. I was super inspiring wheel view. Zack keep me The funny tables up game they make a lot of? We know car games and stuff like that, they have Kickstarter right now to help find a new game they have goblin aid and basically you are goblet. Entrepreneur has opened your very own, drink stand but you're, not the only game in town they if the failure soccer with ingredients and customers, really find it ages? Nine it up and you can find it by going to Kickstarter in,
urging goblin aid or going to paper nights, dot com and that's nights with a k, I want to go Ninety seven, the other Melian killed, others goblins broadsword, active ajar rather dark. Aura goblins puts the has sheets legs a bullet eyes, so very, very simple They were Crosbie, I'm a huge ran like that you're a musician. I think that's a little hudson bond, Sir David. I'm feel really tempted all of this absurd is Hannah Heart, who is also one of my favorite definition of delightful she's, a definition of brilliant. She is one of the most brilliant and I mean I,
just on a friend level. I adore her for a million reasons and also on a professional level. I think she's so Brill funny in and what she's built is really amazing in my drunk kitchen and then Russia doing a thing with her: a BBC America doctors finest, which is a series of Catholic wrapped around for some of the cooling fan, favorite doktor episodes like penal blink and so on I came. She had people from the show on in and other services. Already fans, and Basically we and we had nervous produced in order to work. One is that common that comes on August, fifteenth very soon considering today is the twelve, but this is going up so check it out if you seem like a duck. You have also had a hard at Hartfield on Twitter and please for everything she does. I adore her right now. This episode. Number seven. Sixteen with had heart guard. I mean Stockholm
studio this studio means and with a glorified room at the beach full round look at these foam fangs. This is your sound proven. Makes it a studio. What is there such a quality of stated that makes it is doing as we broadcasting's, There were many fridge. There's no many fridge. Now it fell studio, thou, ok, good! Thank you Now I ve got worse. Are many fridge. No one can hear your thank you, I know are right
many fridge, and here we should give him any friend. You're just talk about those outside we're saying, like arts of AIR Conditioning Disney Airconditioning Playstation. So I have to ask our by Oh wait a minute for edge and then they, let me and twenty for bringing up the benefits I gotcha guises Thirdly, although I know that a pair went off the whole chain of conspiracy, many fridge in here they take us by many fridge investment, a man who was sitting in many fields? Amazing hotel, fridge, yeah, it's got this actually call the mighty fridge, but it small that's perfect, pass. I know you do give us they stuff, like that. You like The idea of a joke ideas- yeah have actually become idea. I just really want an actual refrigerator that put seltzer water out like a sawdust inside of a refrigerator. One really do that's. Why doesn't that exist? There
to be- I mean I've- a fancy fridge. It makes crushed eyes. That is how often do you crushed eyes all the time, but do you need seltzer water more way more appealing, there's gotta be a way to have a fridge with some sort. The compression unit or something that takes from your water line, and I do not have how lacks the cancer? but when you open the door as a little thing that comes out and you just hit it from inside the door gets there because it's like you can fill up the water industry and the gas ok. But let me ask you this if you. Find yourselves somewhere in your house. Doing in nineteen thirty comedy sketched. You have to drag the person up to refrigerator TAT opened the door and yeah I'm sorry. This is just how it has to be. Would you mind standing in front of his family? This way it opened up? Are you hungry and at least now? Ok, excuse me, elderly widow. Would you please take it up with? Is what am I refrigerator that I did grab
get to the factory kids. These MC most wouldn't have like a spring loaded pie that shoots out you just get both in one in one ones idea, nor, are you kidding someone and getting the orphan ending? The widow anywhere opens the door again. Ok! Well I mean I think Hannah's asking just for like because you'd have to you'd have to by lower for the child had its also like a subtle like a litmus test for your evil. Ness idea or Shoney's ought orphan. I want you to know so that, and I will use our than overweight widows and orphans got a lot to live through. Orphans got awaits the girl might expiring widow, but the widows already like been way kicked way down right, she's, a widow with nineteen, thirty, that my and switching team would take the orphanage down Gazette automated looked through. My telescopes, who is a black circle around his eye and then you force and to make that cake with the shoe in it,
the only whenever they don't think they're like a little rascal saying or look at three studious thing like they would make something, but that they were such terrible bakers. There was like there was a shoe and there and then your boy. Mercosur vining, like lady, coming out of a cake with fishing in getting a boot. I was thinking so get escaping from prison by getting a cake with I file, Dr Weir, misshapen keg file. I know if you send someone a cake that was that may take was shaped like a they would never think to look inside recollection to now and I'll bet you do know the balls- the spouse I've ever seen, yet certain risk it please go to meet your cake. Where'd you go because it contains are used as a file would get your right out of Christmas present, especially while now they ve invented like prisons with doors. So people scared- I can't get out. I mean it's only a better time, for they distort chipping people so that they can just fuckin load up there
my friends on their I wanna go. Oh yeah, those those guys in New York there. Rather, this circle k, I think they already have. I mean you know if we have so much right, there's so much. Zero, bail circumcision, how do we allow that people are just getting micro, general circumcision very does azalea. Now that justifies. Why didn't just do it? I didn't. Do you neither had not performed on further action? Will it wasn't me? Look how many times I have to tell you- and I were here to discuss why you circumcised before you were born there, but I still want to know how you back in time and sort of areas I had one or two day for time travel. That is what I to do, but but because the butterfly affected actually prevented a new form,
None of these is the cock Nazi. The car taxes. Nicaragua Cox is welcome in there All in that one days, heroism it'll never go document, you can travel a you travel. I didn't you travel as much as I do. It feels like you do, according to your instagram faint yeah, I do and I think it's from much less reward. I've just like the fact that the bug doesn't like oh Hannah's in town- that's crazy! Here I was there, I was actually can in France last week, war was brought, it was grey except can let me very, like I mean I'll just be very blunt about it. Can love me very cans debated. Because of the french cuisine sure I have a little California dire- need some rice. I need some green tea. I was over. There was nothing but dairy and me and bread- and it was
Ass, just snails and butter, just nails and butter, and just back get somebody for. I was like in areas that are you hungry, I'm like now Mr President, I feel processing to night ago, I'm never going to be hungry again, but I guess I am some Arabic, Francis Great being evacuated through just said. We just sidetracked for little beer. You never know my dad says they and why they get older you anything like I need. You could take a shit a good day, and I think that is aging was like don't take for granted the fact that you can just go to the bathroom whenever feel like it until you know like you, travel Are you gonna we're french diet and it goes away for a couple days, and it's like that friend that you took for granted for song? Oh my god, there's a reason:
Do this and its really important yeah, it's very important area and files? I think it's like never take it for granted. That of your organs, are functioning and do their job union. Now it's like any day you can take a shit is a good day. Really is a good day. I learned that the second I get on the plane back and that's my body decided like go you're on an airplane. Would you like to poop everywhere, this year it a monologue, resistant really high and airline was appropriate. Ever on whose you look, moving with everyone everywhere, you like to go on another pressure, unlike somethin with as guardian poop ten times a day is not also the great, though there's a highlighted yeah, there's a single moderation, whipping included. Everyone proves become our guys. Neuron is now much everybody boobs
within reach, come on guys, be reasonable about your food levels, Popery please, but he was so bad that it like with everybody now, because it was just something that was like unavoidable because we're there for so long. We therefore, like eight days, I think, toad also by day four or five, my mooted and I had- and I was earth friends of go. Grace was there, and I was there with, like my team and I said, together I gotta be honest. Everything I'm a little lower energy? He was good. His bonding. Can you put on planes physically I don't know I usually don't run into this problem in France was the first time that, like I hit it like a brick wall that was, side, my lower and ass. I was, I think, there's just all like the butter and the cream and that everything in like you now. Realize all on the last day actually went to korean food. That day I got Kim G and I got to eyes and ass. I come just any. Let us do this: it was real there always worthy pooping on a plane will be the time that
gets too had any right. No note that they'll be something of weird air pocket, and then you know I'll be discovered, unconscious answer my angles and just a just a Jackson Pollock like pattern of shit up against the back of the toilet seat in the laboratory. I have to say that that fear did not occur to me. Oh now, let me just in fact you have my word. One leg work I'll, never heard you were you're dead or that you wake of them live with. That is being that guy. I wake up and live look up, and would be way worse, I think would meant an oak is at least then you can explain yourself verse. If you die there does a cage is just start poop and yeah back. I didn't get another. We know that if I was, you have been given an ablaze glory everybody outside to just em. It's weird this weird I live waiting room that defies reconstructing. There must be other people from the plane by the re dying at the plant. Why miracle
this, a magazines you there's an old highlights, magazine authority then I loved highlights rates. It was great, only recited the dentist off soon, whether other places where you can it highlights magazine, or was it just away to trick kids into being at the dentist yeah really just written by one? dentists and was a Hidell eyes. I remember anything about it, except for the matching I trying to find takes. Six indifferent bubble does not make sense. It ultimately would fuel the difference. Pictures it will ultimately fuel. Our desire to play those weird bar, console games where they did that with like naked images of people spot the debt, since you know what I'm talking about a girl like. I don't know you guys it argue about whether these little likely they look like old computer terminals in their touch scream and they put them at bar.
Then it's sort of like which of these two picture, like what's everybody's two pictures, but it's like some really Nineteen. Eighty four, like Playboy, lady, my guided differences. Oh dear a boy reached out to me to do what to do digital stars photo spread fur playboy back how you gonna get mooted NIT Nit going to do they're going to do it near their entire support. I am very pro empowerment if everybody wants to do a great great, great, great great, go Playboy everything's great, it's not for me personally, as a personal meal argued reward play girl to the mealtime guns yeah. What are we sure was down in a play. Girl we show is dog, always dog, which causes darkness of the Tao. It our weight highly heart to check all of them naked, but high five. I wouldn't do it if it was funny tat and I think Josh would do it just an ip he's. A chef guy yeah photos prepared the eyes,
Oh, why is today the day about today is my day every over causes. Yours, commissioner, You said: well you grace of ice poor people if they want to pose new for empowering everything which do you feel like sometimes at the years of empowerment or subjective and that its it gets very sort of blaring Pixley, where it's like. Well, this is but that's, not empowerment, but if this person makes the choice of the payment, but if you feel if they feel like they were pressured and then into making a choice, that's not apparent like how do we is there is. The figure now became I mean like there might be in a very but here's. My like personal opinion we have is that empowerment is having the ability to choose whatever it is. You want to do so. If you want to be naked, it's about the fact you wanta mediated. There is no like this direction that still disempowering to thank like oh, they feeling pressured into feeling empowered this way that motion right there. This is the disempowering motion, because then it implies that this external pressure is still making
decision yup you now just like it just a blank slate. It's like people choose what they want to do with themselves their bodies their times. Then that's as simple as it is Europe that would be true, empowerment, How do you still stay so be when the internet can be such a dark in horrible place? And as many of us we our lives and careers? Or so interwoven into the fabric of this darkness, darkness of the dark web of the dark. Deep dark. Well, you know it's funny, because I get asked about how do I stay positive so often or how do I say, Optimist and I just posted a video on Tuesday, where I just talked about like how I'm like a super insecure person like, and that was actually kind of surprising to myself, like I think, because I'm always asked about positivity. Unlike up Madame and stuff. I know that I'm kind of by nature, like a negative person or like a pragmatic, like a realist too like oh, I just I
yeah, I'm always looking out for the other shoe to drop, but I am consciously aware of that. So I can consciously choose to be optimistic like it not natural, it's an it's a choice. I make every day Love hearing. You say that because I honestly feel, like I'm the exact same way, we're like how come you're so I'm, like you know, I feel I could be too ass. All tat sort of thing of Y know I get very hard and myself and I get depressed about things and I have. I have struggles with my ego and I get sad for dumb reasons or I get extra. You know I wake up in the middle of the night and I get anxiety and- and I guess just like you said I'm so glad to hear you say that it's like I feel like. I have to make such an active choice in the opposite direction, and I also want to try to set an example for people of, like hey- it's not all great, but even if you feel shitty, you can choose to see the positive things in some AMS. You have to
that's what I call it. I call it reckless optimism such agreed term Anthea idea that, like you, can be totally aware of what circumstances reality is and choose to be optimistic, because I think people are a little they like to brush off optimism with naivety, because I don't want to make it seem like something I could do. It Oh, if we judge, if we make oh, you just choose any positive cause: you're an idiot or you're being naive or like don't you understand, let's less real or authentic and somewhere like no? No, I I hear everything you're saying and yes my innate fear as well anyway. What you gonna do you I mean, I think it's cases it actually requires some more effort to be positive in situations than to be negative and gagging dislike default. It I get some goes it as it is easy to sort things out and people say let go you you know. I can trust your opinion. Could you just
everything, and I'm like I'd start that I like everything, I just try to see the upside to as many things as possible. I try to nineteen may be enthusiastic about yes, because because the turning to his fucking, and I don't wanna given do it because I would never get. By how we ever just be like TAT, he won't ball of sadness and insecurity, and nothing means anything, and I dont I've been that person, and I don't like that yeah on Tuesday, so this itself I bring this out because on Tuesday I posted I'm insecure and you can't do which was it. What gonna post, I was gonna poses like video about like this, like sex, positive video about like what is good sex, unlike what makes good tax and what is a good partnership into this very, like you know, closing out kind of video for pride, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it because I was in such a like kind of like insecurity place, and I was like
what I have to write about this revelation. I've had my life recently, which is that I would make this joke that confidence is a lie and I didn't think I realized how really deeply true. That was for me personally. As somebody's like super self aware and everything that I realise that, like I'm, just kind of like an intake bout like I'm, not really some who feels? I feel very strongly that my beliefs and I feel very strongly about my values and they can defend my impressions of the world and my friends like so readily, but if I'm sitting across from year to dinner table- and I that you ve gotten that all upset I'm just like a sponge and it then I realized that that's just me being really insecure. So my promised myself this year and the promise that, like I was saying on the channel and is trying to share, is like I'm gonna, try and feel more self secure in the smaller rooms than the bigger rooms, because in the big rooms I feel like great and small rooms, I need to practice feeling a little braver. I think I think confidence
Do you have confidence? My theory about is that it's not. Someone saying like all I'm I'm, I know all the answers and I feel like confidence, is the bite products of feeling like you have options, because when you have a lot of options, you don't stresses much, because you get your very your much more comfortable cozy, you wall, I can announce our doesn't work out like this, and I think that's what confidence is. So when you see you like, when you meet people who radio competence feel like oh there's, sick there secure because they know they have options not too many. After setting too many options become stressful. There are diminishing returns, but I do think that feeling comfortable in a situation because you know you will survive without it, again. Security comes from that place of and I die again. That's gonna kill, and on this I have a bad. You know- and I know I'm alone there is by because I was asking some paperwork with like my first,
member that I hired and I was saying I really want adults to watch this video and I'm worried that if I call it I'm in secure- and you can to you know because or such like, you know influx of all these, like really popular bloggers and stuff, like that, my adult followers are gonna, think that I'm making just some self serving blog. You as well might just be a little brave, unjust post. What you It should be titled and don't worry about it like effectively told me not to feel insecure about colleague, I've and secure growth as a grave. I got it, I posted it in that video got so I got so many responses from people in their thirties talking about how they, like being like. It was really nice to see this from someone who I see
like look they got it? Look? They their living their dream, they got it all figured out and to hear that you and I have the exact same fear, and it's like that's true like at the end of the day we all sit at a dinner table. We have conversation with a friend world, just still people, regardless of if one of us is living this you know fabulous career, etc, etc. I got there from this guy in Texas, who is like the Saudi summoned guy works as a forester, something like that, and it was so long, and I was so heartfelt- and I don't really mine- disclose any of his personal information, but basically talking about how he's built up dislike Waller himself and have always friends every like he's class. They thought it was like the dick, like that Dick Guy, like that sarcastic kind of, she guy, like that's his em now and He knows it's not true, but he spent his life being that guy he doesn't know how to break away from it, and these items walk up to my friends and tell them like that's, not my real self, I'm just being that asshole cause. I'm in secure he's afraid that just now
gonna, believe them and, as like, and I've been thinking this letter since Tuesday, this email and I've been like humming, I want to reply via. I have no idea what I would say. What do you say? I mean I guess Similarly, if your friends and believe you they're dead there, the decks well, I know and of course its in of course, because he's very emotion, invested in that friend circle I mean, I think part of it is maybe sitting down with one person at a time and saying hey, you know I was really scared. This is who I am and if they reject you, is it not. I mean I say this is very simple you're not emotionally invested in it, because it's not you know what I mean like an easy to give advice because you're not in your have anything really at stake, but my feeling is: isn't it better to beyond with your friends about who you are so that your relationship is immense and decide. I mean a dishonest strong word: if not that he's lying to them is now they're, perceiving him as being something else, and wouldn't it be better for him, I mean
course I imagine you know that there are strong parallels to being able to come out to do your friends, your family, don't tell me what they stopping me as the same person totally, but we talk so much about like coming out and suchlike. Think about our fascinating that this it is that this guy wants to come out as being vulnerable come out ass being like you know what this negativity, this asshole attitude that like I, you guys all see me with like it's really toxic for me on the inside, and it's like myself that I manifest that I don't want to be any more like. I would rather just have a little encouragement and not be my negative ass, all that's a god. It's always being sarcastic self answers, like God, like that's, that's hard, you're kind of like do he's trapped in a false identity, have kind of a strange idea and it, and let's call em you're on about.
A landlord gas very like the people here, we're alive undergoes sober restraint, I've a strange idea and it might- but maybe it's an offensive idea. I don't know but just hearing you say, in and hearing about the idea of someone coming out as vulnerable. Oh, do envision a world where, when we have like, when there when there is a pride day that it's not solely about the gay community, but in terms of like it's about coming out as you're authentic, so So that you have pride and who you are- and maybe that's your gay and you wanted, you want people to know that this is for you, our or your vulnerable or You, like you Know- or this is like basically that pride is really the coming out of authenticity rather than just being about one about you know, but about about one section of our humanity. I have one hundred percent brought about that and I guess you think about like, while, wouldn't it be so often have coming out like if there is a coming out day as there is a natural
coming out day of international coming out day could be a day wherever they understood that somebody might come up to you and say, like some deeper truth, that they have about themselves that they don't feel like. They could have always shared like love. Somebody comes out like hey guys. I believe in God, like you know, I mean I think about that later, like you were. Ok guys, I don't, like you know like grows the ability to just have a day where it's ok, for you to take that extra step and allowing people to know you, because you don't get your chance to live you unless you are out there right now, yeah baby Grey area just be self pride there. I mean that would be a really wonderful. What a fine day a safe day have rainbows, we could still have rainbows tax rate was grey just as long as just as long as large swathes of the gay community didn't feel like they were. Having corrupted by, I know, I definitely we feel that we are never. However, I share some where somehow, maybe I could be like a pride to day or like I'm proud to be,
who day or night authenticity like just and authenticity day, are an honesty day or something now, oh, no, you don't should we call the honesty day because, because a lot of fuckin dick heads used the term honest the way to just be shady two people go. Would you fuckin can't handle honesty? You know I'm a guy. That's just sort of like right. That's part of that part of what I'm sayin. I think you will mean tax listen, I beg you read by big. So rude you're, not body, and you saw. Can I hate everything about you and your piece of shit. Your parents are awful people, I'm just on it. All I said was hello like investments here and I M just a piece of shit yeah. I really Oh, I really am trying to be more aware of how I am in terms of how I presented myself and ideas, because I see a lot of shortcomings
where people present ideas in an aggressive way and then, when it comes back at them, knowing what what what one doctors Were you know I like what you're getting arrested, handout. There was worried you should get arrested. You say whatever you want, but you know that if you come up people aggressively there's there, but these are the consequences. People might come back EU aggressively and but people, but you know, we all speak the same words, but we don't speak the same language because everyone has a different emotional language. I don't get me started on the five love languages. God only five verified there's just like all thing, but these like five love languages, which is about how you gave in receive love in the best way. You should really take the squares. Recently, it's very going all out effort, it's really good and it basically helps you understand. Like you in your partner, might be able to communicate and like so many different ways, but in terms of like that deep,
filling a feeling loved their specific things. This specific language is people speak and the five languages are I'm quality time like some people really need to just spend one a one time: acts of service. That's me which is like help which is like, Can you do the dishes of I'm stressed out if I came home and unlike the laundress down or if you like, picked up the male, when I had thought I had to pick up the male like acts of service? just like moving along and life gifts. People feel really loved ones like here thought about you what you weren't around and I got you this gift touch, which is just like some people, are like sit with me in total silence and just gimme a hug and that's all I need. I don't need feedback and only questions I just need. Touch and then the fifth mine is of a bad of affirmation and that's being told like you are good, I approve you. I am proud of you. I love you like hearing it with their words. Should you have to sit down with Europe,
Erin GO, which one are you while you basically sit down and take the tests, and once because I didn't know I was access service. If I had to say I would think I was words, it was my lowest advice to think. Oh, there are five, I'm this one so, but then by the term resenting the test. Those like oh active service, well, wait a minute. You actually read the words don't really land me in our so you take it, then your partner, whoever takes it's just a good thing to taken life because then, after you know it, you can be like hey. I know we communicate process all the time, but what would really help me out is if, when I came home like you'd tirade right turns out, you know what I mean like you help me out in this project. I keep talking about like. Maybe if you gave me feedback that would help like you know, I mean like being able to understand how to express your needs in the right way. I have a friend who was who was doing someone for awhile he. He felt that he felt
that, on that there was a disconnect with how their affection was being expressed between one another and one day. He would. He just said to this woman that he was dating. Like you know you never really Ex seemed yachts doesn't seem like you want me here you know. If you like, I let you stay at my place, don't I unlike in her so heard her version of love with it. And, of course, he would know that, because Doesn't know what her internal language is that her even allowing him to be in her private space was an expression of love, and but he would, he was looking for was like hail of you I really you know, and and and neither one of them right or wrong? That's just how they express it. You know they're not together anymore yeah, but it's kind of sounded like I would maybe they knew they need to find people that are more complex
entering yeah. I think it's really valuable, like it's just really valuable, to know like what I'll make you like, veal love, because you can talk and certain target circles like I started in this girl and like we had been taken, I asked her eyes: exe Moreover, like you know, because, like I'm gonna love to process, I'm just actually only reject that and say I love to process, I'm a huge communicator and I like need to talk about things all the time, especially the beginning and like a new relationship. So I said like when you are sad or get stressed out about something, she is like a super busy career to. How do you want like you're talking about some stressing you out like? Do you want me to questions. You may give ideas like. What's the best way to listen to, you is inevitably you're. Gonna get saddened, stressed out over the course of our time together, shook Lombard, U S shoes and should only just listen
which is not like? I would totally accusing idea, here's an idea whose idea which, since she knows or self well enough to be like, I just need you listen, because I've got a thousand ideas about it to have a great, a hundred percent and she's like boy. What do you need that? My own suggestions talk up like imagined cause. She would have been speaking her language to me of silence and I would even speaking my language to her and we wouldn't have connected. Because we let you know it was theirs just. I think this kind of fallacious idea that our that we have in our own heads of that that the way that we do things are universal, and so when other people, when there's a when there's a disk there, there's a bit of it thence from someone else who, like How come you did that means there's like will know. That means that you exact, but that doesn't mean that them, which all relates back to the asshole or light back to the person who can sail these things about you, because of maybe, if they behave that way, they would feel like they were being very like. Oh that's not that wouldn't be honest for me
we'll just causes. Not honestly, you doesn't mean it's not honest to me. You have to trust that I'm doing me now begin is really good to know because, like I am such a talker that have I'm talking to someone and they wish. I wasn't talking, I wouldn't know, and I think we also have to think about the thing you said the other day and I think this now about it's just me and a half year I mean I know, I've did I've emigrant Thy dated someone once who were. I tried to do the whole like ok, let's about how we try to do this very well. This is a very pragmatic approach so that we can and competitive. Eyes. Relations we returned off. She was like, I just want to live like in them, I don't wanna, that's not sex. You know like having to or link is grass is that that sexy? For you I mean that's actually for me. The fact that we have such a good structured conversation about it made me feel like mandate could really work like. If you is, I never thought about it. I don't know I mean I see I feel like for me was just
I see it is more of a way to avoid it's almost like you know each were. Each relationship is sort of like Groundhog Day where it's like you make a no go. Don't try to restructure things. The next time you know when you replay the situation again, but with someone else like ok, but you shouldn't do that because each situation I mean you should learn from your past mistakes. You should try. Remorse of actually Groundhog day Obiang I and a different city, yes, because its each everyone's different so trying to apply the same filter to someone It doesn't make sense. Another simple. No, of course, is that that simple everyone z world like I do us that you are but you, but I because I told you last time you did at midnight and by the way you fucking crushed so hard line. While I like that, I am, and I tell you I was a croupier said I have such a friend crush on you cause you, you know we the first I met you like I
Bentley was like. Oh, my god. I really like this person she supercool and funny and an end I am by the way and that liquid listeners supercool added value, and then so you know, because you so introspective, and you know and and therapies. I went there really rough time last year, a new were there. You were there for me with really great advice and so selfless, and even though we didn't know, other that well you you provided comfort and an eye, and I broke down cry in front of you once and I didn't know you that well and I still think like I don't know, was a weird that I did that because I just I just felt safe I needed some one and you were there for me and it was so selfless and wonderful, it's a good moment. Now. I don't think it's you know. I think it's like my thing that I've learned to myself in a light lad. Letter years are these:
these recent years? My life is that to be more selective of the kind of people that you open up, like your heart too, and I like I'll, be there for you because you're a good dude like I'll, be there for you in this matter, cool, because I've been there for the wrong people and my life before and then it just leaves you feel like so drained. You know what I mean, but during job as a doll is to be like. Ok, like what're, you know if my superpowers putting the timeline, organizing Zombies birthday party, like as silly is, that sounds as a superpower like their people that are really good at throwing parties right. Now one of em, but like throwing birthday parties for the right people who are gonna, be like appreciative or benefit from it. Like that's that's the thing you have to learn to hone anyway, so yeah, I'm just gonna, go no, I appreciate it and- and I also I was kind of feel bad because I feel like you know I don't I never wanted you to think
Our friendship was contingent upon. Like I'm having a problem now, and I need did you know, I just need, because you know now it's contingent on decaf coughing believer, like both of our schedules are equally shitty and Emmy, like it's good cause, we're doing things that we loved. You are very great all the road reminded us cried aloud. I don't wanna make Bela the studio. Peoples are agreed that we needed a needed, but it's you know disclaimer disclaimer peoples so busy, and then we just easily. Might I feel, like my sadly, a lot of my friend relations I have been a little bit of a casualty of just working. A lot of. In days a week. You know, and so are you working on seven days a week right now and in our like that? cool man like this. Is just its life but just what you do. I just hope you understand that I always think so. Finally, a view and that I really, if you
need any thing I would be there. So I hope I do hope. You know that, while I put in their quest for many free earlier today, goddamn it I'm not made of money- ok a little bit, but that's what I believe made of many fridges. You're not know. How did you guys get me into this room, but I do. I do have a self service with sir, now the groves and it was not meant to sound growth without the mask. As I am late, though I do love bubbly, I do love sparkling wine I drink. So I mean you can see this empty rattle of sparkling water. What I'd go away, I mean that's. It reminded me of it. It's so good! I now I actually googled one day. Can it harm you drink to Gaza, like how I might drinking carbon dioxide. Is that what I am doing? The initial reports that I said on me the two article d dive that I totally like there is that such a copper,
russian bias, because just see like the one or two articles. Like ok, good. You know the added it you know. If these articles had good enough the Oda beyond the homepage, they're? Probably true yet right, but then you see like. I don't really message me up when I see like carbonized it'll kill, you know. Ah, yes, I will not. While I'm links are therefore articles that each on opposite sides, everything's alai, ignore we're all gonna die the stranger voting. We live in a way we breathed the air. It's just think about it. You think me a giant earthquake at any moment, everything's fine gonna like at all or of quick notification. They, I gotta, have a little quick feed from. U S: GS on the watch. Yes, yes, and so it I'll tell you can set parameters. You can sit its geological says that exactly what was I've never heard? Anyone to ask that like so enthuse I suppose you have you years should be. I know their website socially. I can answer them up, they haven't up and what school about it is that you can set the parameters you can
that regional parameters and you can set magnitude parameters. So you will only like I gotta notification today that there was a there was an earthquake somewhere in the southern California region. That was, I have it set at three point. One above ok apprise should go. I've tried, but after four, because three is like a well. Values they that you have it set for just like only like sixes and up a globally. Your watch is just like how they feel grass specific grim. Getting closer we're getting closer. Have you seen said Andrea is no I'm not I'm gonna, either by no Grey Sangree suggested, as they were saying that it was just like such a terrifying joy. Ride like it was just like the most ridiculous over the top thing, but it's like veto its earthquakes laws and what's point about what's funny about that, mobility, is that I am. I read. I read an article that debunked literally every turn of that
the geological activity in that, and so you know so it's funny to me- and I would like that- is that they just wrote it never like that movies. Gonna go. We need to get Neil Thyssen, and here we need to make sure that all the stars are accurate over this portion of the scientists are like fuckin earthquakes. We have the stars- and this comes out, but whenever this is was now Jupiter and Venus, and, like super alignment, crazy. So why would drive me of an eye and I was looking at the sky and I saw and the road a little the fear and real motion as they get this guy and I was driving with this girl. I'm seeing and I saw a Venus like super bright and the right behind it was another superbly, tar and she says, like a thousand stereos, goes I've. Never seen stars like that before and we have all seen they like I've, never seen start, and it was kind of weird cause. You know you how rare that you see a pair of stars. You ve never seen before in the sky and waste
Looked at that for the first time in two thousand years, Jupiter and Venus are like behind each other road and show it makes us like super massively bright star in the sky, but they are planets The Bavarian, I'm sorry, but the planet Mars yeah yeah. I love that we deserve a there and if that is the path that no does it is it does it anything just not knowing anything about astrology. Does that mean something Astro logically, venuses like love and like Jupiter, is like Sagittarius I'm not a doktor reared amazing thing to say in any situation, no matter what was being ass doktor, my car. Won't stop, I'm not a doktor and just run away exactly do I must say that I am not a doktor. Does the yes, I would like mustard now, actually, member the monthly mustard, I've way too many of us will weigh what national mustard a member, ok
They went national, then yeah, it's vague. It's a pity. I get three mustards a month from the National Monster Museum. No, it's too many monster, I have too many was too many most in my dream of my door by bridge is bastard that is excessive. Its tonight. Was it worth it. I've had a lotta, get master, you listen, there's! No! I guess I just wanted to get together, and I tell you that I knew I lock the door this coming, you have a yellow problem. I've got spicy, I've got sweet, yeah, there's too many mustard idleness, weeds, basing I was in spite of the idea of a mustard with seeds in its oh, you mean stone ground as our own ground drawer. These mustards to beg
They just pack it right. I agree it makes me feel national Mustard Museum also has to minimise first of all, three forking mustards a month or even thirty, six mustards a year. How could anyone ever get through that? I don't think I don't think I meant to get through. I think it is best to appreciate them or something I don't know mustard seller like online. So before, your master and organised, keep mustard but yeah against us. In that Do you get a separate mustard fridge? Echo? Can many french or just start lets us that ours, a mustard many but the committee must it, because I remember our number one when I was in grade school and going through like basic first aid training, and if someone in just poisoned make them drink a tall glass of mustard water to throw it up real so that you would like doing this is basically the nineteen thirty stated we get third world. Then we threw a pie into an old ladys base because I was choking on the book she put in the pie. So the
yeah- I don't know it just it just said like if you, if you'd it's an excess of, must in the water and you shall get than you will end up. I dont know not thing. Do that anyone online I dont know I sail film and send it to you not hear that guy I'll start, I'm not doing it. I'm gonna! Other! I know. Do you know what you're doing by setting our doubts started at thirty five? Can it has now started at all? This is not the mustard Parker lips. I don't give a shit. What you say is that the said Andrea of mustard, the prophecies area. What is sadly a prophecy. That's my privacy will be the start of the mustard, Barack Obama David's me. You and I was grown up. This they're gonna, be somebody better prophecies and I get this guy got mustard, no fun, though the seven mustard of the apocalypse. I have so many more than seven
go home and count right now. Is it something that when you're dating someone new that you have to go, listen, I'm a poor mustard, if a view a minute, you're gonna come over First, on the way you gotta go, you gonna go get some green t, look in the fridge as we allow mustard there. How are you know that there are very different I know I can get rid of some ice. A great diversity in a lot of ways, first and foremost mustard plaster, then people but definitely mustard migration memory got it for me, for my birthday, I so in November it over ass. They really continue. I have got out of actually calling cancelled, no breaks up with the mustard museum, there's still the slow, larger gullets mustard. For you I know cheese. Maybe maybe the ketchup foundation should be trying to start your failed, having answered catch it, sir.
Is that a gadget really there's a banana catch up and where's banana catch up? It's like like form of catch up Turkey, Jackie, you know, get back to the mustard rubbing drop off, this is alive, I'm starting out every laptop at the mill has ever when going a house has has, M decay. Go I'm drunk kitchen, it's going gray. The channel itself is Grey Youtube darkened such hard to you don't know, look senior goes as joint faces on joint, so weird sewing. Tansy adds really weird to see your face great yeah, by big, on, like billboards and on the man. We had a commercial mad men like we each separately at commercials. I'm admin am. I came. I like this moment the
was so not prepared for so doing, like the series reality of madmen? There was a very touching moment of love confession between two characters knows why those here after that they go to commercial. So I was just like all in a to from that, having happened, and then the next image I saw with my own face, it was PETE Marygreen Road get there. Leave my family came to be verified that's crazy. I know it's, it's crazy, it's wonderful but like at the same time. It's like you know, your knowledge of yourself is different from an like. It's like. That's me on a billboard, but like that, billboard isn't me in I mean So it's like people while as a feel- and it's like- I don't know it's crazy. It's like a big billboard of your face. It feels exactly like that few sites, like that is my face, but you can't really connect to it. Now know it's weird. You know, I think I feel different areas like four summaries. Acting like a guy like
Now. I will make a ruling and I wrote Harry Potter or like abide like created something and then, like others, characters come to life. Like you know what I mean, I think that as like, oh my god, it's look. It's right there, like Ivy League. If there is like tat of some some idea, you had that got bigger, it's different for thought I as you, so it's like the characters like you're the author and the care of dry exactly, but I'm like a person, not a concept, so it's like it doesn't. But if I, if I had, if I saw one of my concepts come to like fruition, I feel like that would be like law, but it did a lot of them have actually yeah. I know it it's hard to explain its like. You know, as I go created, that I guess as tough as it stood where did created, because you started making videos by accidents around started and then you started figuring out. I mean, like you, figure out what works you have occurred.
Faced with your audience government. One of the reasons why I think you know four for lack of a better term new media is it, so you know it's because you, because that there's a direct action to your audience and your forming this character. Characterisation in this show is forming with your audience that not just like here's, a bunch of stuff I made shut up and eat it. It's the exactly it's interesting, because everything- and I recently and like how creative like in the new media has created. Like you know, we are like these beings that are processing so much information in so many different ways and we're getting live feedback and it so it's like we take the likely back and we think about it we think about, and then we d change our results. You now, and I think that that's like with the goal of aid is right to like have like bring in a budget in factories and come with like now. It's inventing new creative solutions are inventing new creative ideas or whatever it's got that like element of like creativity that we're trying to teach robots or whatever you do
actually not support any. I had all animal terrified about the airwaves I've just EVA, that's what makes it different from traditional media in a lot of ways of terrorism, really light gray, inventive, traditional programming out there, I mean I m talking dad Do. You have asked us jacket and midnight at midnight, Batman, night ban everyone it. Oh my god, please you a hat midnight episode of Admin we're just whereas different ass, to where I had it could be a decree like the old books. Bunny cartoon were when the different hats land on their heads they take on the personnel I can't ever be so funny and each act reaches have different, profoundly different hats near you just benighted, thirty's widow, the whole diver whole time, yeah law, my husband S, diary on the dawn of this great depression everywhere, not evolve adverb yeah. I guess I have all of his money that all pie in the face. Oh, I should have seen the Celtic coming button an old widow of well deserved invoking,
Your dad or me does would totally that bit but, as you know, the council trying to their stand. I mean it such an interesting time to be any kind of it. Creator just in the way that you know it just to use our Craig metaphors. Just these texts, plates of all the new media smashing together and how it's going to shake and how you know and end. The truth is I you know I do I still believe strongly in television television does ever reach. The internet has theoretically more reach an inside ways it stronger and some were some ways, its weaker and and and I don't know like. What's gonna happen with networks, I honestly I don't know I mean it. I guess it's like Erika into its reach versus dyke, niece, or something like that
because for me personally, I really don't want to get super beg. I really don't I, like my community being a community of people that, if I bumped into them in real life, I be like all cool like great to me. You, like you, seem nice, like I like having a small, smaller den. Community and its grown, bigger and bigger and bigger, but I never wanted to get like diluted in out it's interesting of talking to my. John John Green, who did a visa is a leader like the nerd fighter, communities, MDF, Tpa, one John Gruner, I'm explain for people or on a package. I forgot about results. I really thought they argue about Johnny's amazing order, thereby whether there is only one microphone on your face. I give you so anyway You were saying that you know they add an influx of a lot of new like subscribers like members at the nerd fighter, community after the fallen, our stars went in a massive Oliver, the nation, and it goes, but then now is the time to like
a separate like, though even the job which is like, if you want to watch eight videos about Ebola. Well, this is what we do here, like I'm, going to Africa with Bill gates, and now these this is the content, and so it's like that's how I feel like after this whole, like massive campaign. Here we have a lot of people coming to the channel tunnel my drunk kitchen Amalfi, this bitch get drunk and it's like. Actually, today we can talk about insecurity. In fact, that's what it is. That's the real heart of it say, but I feel like the point is that you have to keep doing a step that you want to do, and you know I just hope that you know I mean I guess not hope anything. Just just hope that you can still be open to what you really want to talk about and not trying to chase cut to hand. Five years and she's no levitating mansion of gold by Roma peasants are to keep these laser quantum engines running. Right, I don't know where go. I don't ask questions. I just put people in the fire. Why does
power, lasers with you, we don't know God. If that happens. Just show me a picture of myself from college and the issue is a picture of me from school. Like with air potter, Lord of the rings posters in its me at my door, room where, like my cows, sweatshirt I've got like my job. Posters binary and I'm literally holding nasal x number. I never will forget that that is not as being a leg. I would do we ask sometimes I get to it through the air, and are you forgotten who you are, or maybe you need a good hashtag tbd? That's true, but you know I think, It is a sort of I mean it's gonna for advice going to fluctuate. You know it's like you're gonna, you might get an influx of people.
You don't really care about who you are but things about something else, but I go away and then but it'll bring with them a percentage of people who would have discovered you before and now it's important to it's important to be open, but it s important to stay focused. Yes now, and I think that, like that, the danger of having an eye for somebody like me, it's like everybody, wants you to just make yourself as open as possible and never been, as I guys here is like.
When I wrote a mission statement in a for the company, but do they desire mission statement in hours me and beyond the sexy of hired like help build heart, go into something like this? Is our mission stay we like we can forget like this, is what we're doing, and it feels really good d like slowly build a team that the line to that you want to say what it is or do you wanna keep it yourself basically effectively. It's like it's about like practicing reckless optimism and about like we are going to be like positive and humble and grounded and like it, try and be inclusive and look at the bright side will not ignoring the dark side. You know like we're. Not gonna, do not talk about it, that are happening in America, but we're going to try and present them as if it's not just insatiable like all these terrible should happen, guys guess for totally fucked me I mean it's not that's the that's the sort of click baby approach. You know, as opposed to
I feel like solution. You know like potential solutions or creating conversations. Earth is the better way to do that, stuff, bringing it up yeah, let's bring it up a faggot. I can tell you like. I will tell you what I think and I'm bring up some facts. I read and everybody you guys talk about it, like you know like just being a place like it's like presenting information presenting my opinion, because it's just my opinion, I'm trying to tell anybody what to think and not ignoring real NEO things that are happening yeah and in the world, and so how is the company expressing itself now in terms of like? Do you have people did Billig? Do you have what about other people that also are working with you and kind of doing their own sort of hearty tight style videos and got one person sapphire yeah, I'm a man, you know we're gonna go from there, so that one person and a plan and so fingers class is ITALY.
You want people to submit to, or do you want to do people maybe have hookers ogre legal, exactly I got out by providers who are you dive logos, hours, organization, the errors and our centre? In his words mean, I don't know because I don't know you know It's ok, I think, there's a m just in terms of old media, trying to trying to put the old his skin on new media. Maybe the concept of television ratings are, are barred somewhat meaningless now because shows that you know that by two, National television measuring standards. Like you know, madmen was not like issue Julie, rated show I mean it, you know it's like three million people. I guess three them from. What am I to understand if I'm wrong, I apologise, but for minors, that's like three to four million people, which is a modest number, but the amount of
Cultural impact that show has far outweighs this very archaic way that a show like that is being measured by a small sampling of televisions that happened to beyond. At that time, like that's, not that does not measure like what the cultures, religions and cultures qualitative influence faces. It's like quantitative influence. Like luck, I think, has got x amount of sad, so her reaches this right must be why that is so, then
I even you to back. It is every time you did say. Why do so? Many people know about you like why so many people talk to us about you, because you don't anywhere near, have the same influence a reach by the numbers, as so many other Youtube errors and like all of us as this number stolen. I like this, I'm folks on that yeah and- and I think it's in some cases you know the correct- I think the you know- sometimes the danger of looking at the surface number is that you think that tells the whole story, but it doesn't because it doesn't tell you, did the three dimensional part of that story, which is who are those people behind the numbers and engaged or these human beings and how many people are engaging with them. I mean like it's it's much more like like right now. It's all yeah we haven't measured. What is it s? Not the tipping point, but what is it that talks about like the different types of people like there are different types of the citizen?
Even if is a measure that may then say, youngster reactors yeah, but I mean it's, you know you can't you can't our entire story with one dot, and I feel like that archaic wave and look just the way the media's done. It costs money to create things someone's gotta pay for that it's either gonna, be people subscribing to services or it's gonna, be sponsors, but the sponsors going because the numbers are confusing, and so they don't know how to justify to their bosses, who are typically older people in who'd for wait, don't understand a new way, don't want to spend any other money exactly like no, you know. I know it looks on paper like this thing is more, but you know like. I would think that the podcast audience is a higher quality audience. Then you know three times the number of someone who watches like a late night show because those people didn't it and I think it becomes with a level the level of investment Nyc Monetary, but
emotional investment. They have to go out of their way to subscribe to a harder channel. They have to get to know you day it's a narrative like, I think, while real quick to talk about podcast like the pockets audience there listeners and like listening, like the people that listening to podcast are different from people that are watching a late night. They put it in their heads. We we put podcast in our heads, Jeff, indirectly into our brain, to listen to and think about in your usually like driving around the subway or taking a walk, and this is my me time and am it's like rethink reading a book. It's like a private it private experience, but I'll shoot was a thing. I can say the videos subscribers of numbers culture to their narrative. Thank you. Do it's interesting these I feel like books school of catches by it the longer narrative than just one video at a time, and that something that we have tried to explain took to brand to ask me to work with us. It's a great and then well, it's just you like it.
Esther, video, shell, this dear audience, lower by now I well, and that will give this matter money, I'm like I'm, not going to do it in the like. Why don't you want to do this and it's like because it's about you money. We want you to make a viral video at that time. The right person- I don't make viral videos, I'm a community builder, I'm not like viral video content producers. I have this conversation all the time with people, because you we were constantly in situations where companies really wanna figured out so like what are we? What do you think we could do it like? its community building its community building you have to, but you can't just building Did you bring AIM Lake build a community? No and its it's a slow on sexy and I mean sexy and a sense of like it doesn't happen overnight. If not a flash of lightning like it's, it's a scam process and it takes time and thought and it takes thought and you have to give a shit about the community. You should be a part of the community and you should give you should.
Should replenished the community with things that don't serve you you should be. You should just be a voice in the community and an that's how that's how it works. It's not that's. Not a sexy is like take a pale and then things great door jam who just make this video about do about dragons and everyone will cause people love dragoned like they don't they cannot put that shit on spreadsheet now and they can't they can on the pitch meaning now they're like well, let's talk about caring about what you're doing with your life, which is why I do on my channel Langley like while we don't want round off against our products were concerned about the video. Were you talked about being in secure? We don't want people to associate the mother. You are the right yeah, I'm to preserve love, going into a room with people that are like trying to either by you or sell you, and they say something like my god. I love the drunk the drunk cooking kitchen. I love a Vegas fan,
man that episode you made. That was why I love to get drunk, and I love to get in my kitchen and I d love to get drunk every day and I get drunk a lot and getting drunk is awesome minute. He bade me alive and- and I really really you know like that- that's the best somebody said to me once I got him but he's an alcoholic, and I was like now: that's not true was just so awkward. You could hear like a bedroom. I gave me like it out. You know like now. I'm very I've been very vocal that our goal is like on the show. It's it's a real thing like You know something about something nice, it is recovering. Alcoholic alot of people can drink It's not alcoholism. You can even drink regularly, and it's not alcoholism. You know like it's not I don't know when. Why raise an alcoholic not only are diminishing the journey of people who have like over commoner recovery. You are also diminishing your boss, dependence. On now I mean everyone falls
jerking off with an empty bottle of booze extreme right. Everyone does obliged. I have you without rip up its everyone gets lunch drunk, come on Rwanda, quick and easy large drugged, and then there's that our when you come back, we go to sleep it off a little band regret after work, as you got a little to launch drunk giving everyone has this because our moms, aid. Us my mom hates me. Wait a minute. So reliable relate above that anyway? Could you sell this beer, but don't talk about drinking in it yeah and you know that the increasing on alcohol brands- they don't want anyone to think you get drunk of alcohol like I never, never work without Albans, because alcohol doesn't make you drunk the nodes its. Of course People make you draw gal, you get a better job, you're hall you know what's wrong: it's a million times turn down alcohol brands and nobody. Led by guy, won't work because that to me I mean
yeah. I know how it works and we need sponsors to keep things going and in general I you know, I'm. I try to make sure that the sponsors- and we but there are things that I like or things that I would engage in or things that I would see and that to me would feel like. So I don't feel like engaging sponsors is selling out. I would feel like using calls, a sponsor would for me personally be selling out, because it's not drinking is such a part of I am aware that it's like I have a problem of people drink, but I just feel weird promoting it like that to me feels like, and I would feel like I'd be letting down the people who may be chose to be sober when you're taking money from a boost company ass man would not have another man. That's the right choice,
And now, but but then I also sometimes feel, like I mean it's or like how do you know anything about sports but a kind of thing? Maybe we should probably get someone to start writing about sports unnoticed, because a lot of people do like it, and it's not just that my thing you know, but I know that that's not the same as making a lifestyle choice like a conscious lifestyle deserve that, certainly different, that's recognizing seeing like a need neck like in your community, and maybe you don't feel need for, but if you see a need that they're like on a lotta people seemed like sports and other real personal injuries. Yet why we get an expert, and like talked about I'm old, dislike figure out that approach you now. I think that still that still fair, what do they say if you're an expert, higher staff, a view me if you need an extra hiring expert, so it's like it's not like you would be more false- is for you to suddenly develop a fall of fake enthusiasm for
sports right. That's our sports yeah exports. What else do I like tell me please I'll do whatever you want on stout sports. Do you feel? Do you consider yourself successful? I feel very successful. Yeah I feel, will again I may Emma, I mean I'm happy and so like that it seems like the greatest success right. That's the goal during scout. A dog just side. Adorable does not as much as that dog will move next, like our it'll just sit. There had dug their successful, she so sweet. I just got damages. I can't leave this room without just like just Google just like motion the dogs face in trying to give it some love. Is you just those social security, so sweet? The dog is to basically just like up a bean bag of love, love bucket bucket
pocket of love which sounds like it could be groves yeah like them. I wait. Let's not forget, I don't feel its analogue telling you stop yourself wrestling and right that did. It was true. I don't know either our we. If we talk about this, we talk about the doktor who still here that would that be out with this commission so they long after summer who belong to discover? The lawyer proves the Dodgers visual that you're doing and we are producing with it's gonna, be that's exactly like it's
What am I will react by then, and we congratulate you. Did it amazing job with his vessel was really great. I thought I did regrettable. Do have you been to Cardiff yet now I have not wanted just go and have you know what I know we'll get? Well, you know another promise I made myself this year was my travel. More travel pleasure for experience sake, Bob Leisure pleasure. What types of pleasure travel you goin to kid disclose? That's! No! I wanted to. I sent that's all that about time, Rikiu, big yeah! I want to go near the there's. Some different things about ice and I can say by the invisible people in Iceland I've ever heard of this all the people that live in Iceland are just aware that their these invisible people that also live in Iceland. What is that just the ancient souls Jesse, while people that is all
I live in caves and subpoena. Whatever you talk to him, I'd be an outward you avoiding. I want. I want to find out. Where do people The blame them as we would, like God, dammit seriously invisible Paypal. Someone else got drunken through. Visible people through our down Ashuelot sober did that, but I really wonder I slammed. I also really wanna go at some point to Cornwall, which is like just like your craggy, like beautiful land. Yes, I want to go there and are you? Gonna have already made time for these cause if you like, the only way to make that should happen, as you have to set aside time, ivy I've. I've decided that at some point in September I will take a vacation. Actually, this was a really good thing. Is that the person that I recently hired she looked at me and cheap, because I haven't really taken like a vacation, a week. You know I mean like a week or two weeks or whatever that since I got started because this music two blessing: my life is so awesome and get to do and make what I want to have spent these like four years, not taking vacation I've gone away.
Two days but usually like and service of another person, like all take them away for two days, and that would be my vacation anyway. So in September I have to go on a real vacation for a week and I'm trying to figure out where they partially want to go to my son, but then I've also its ultimate suggested me. I should go somewhere like like relax yet hard, because when you go to a place like Iceland, you're gonna adventure, nation is going to be to go around as much as planned sentiment. I want to share everything. If I'm going, I swear, I'm gonna wanna, be like guys. I, when I went yeah and then you're gonna come back exhausted. My mother, my mad vast, I'm asking you believe you take to examine and then you could a portion that was adventure and then, like eight days to not do anything? Is it really it takes it takes when you, when you run its part as we do with work it takes, four to six days to just completely shake it off and decompress and then and there You can actually start relaxing it's like there's. Still a few days,
we're waken that, unlike other, seems to be somewhere. I just don't know if I'm a beach person now I don't know, I don't have to be a beach person very fond of you. Like a phrase. I can you go to a beach and, like I don't know, if I'm a beach their version of what a vacation is, you can just go to a small town somewhere where there's we not a lot to do which just forth. You to do the same thing, but you don't have to sit on a b. I just want to go somewhere and, like kind of like leave a different life for like it, we can I, unlike milk, cow or something yes like. I think that that would be candidates are just like, like being like a countryside and like have it be like kind of cold, and I could read books and just kind of car. Like not worry. You're like live in allay where it's hot on the planet on going alone, embryo or somebody provable again how the shares alike I mean, like I don't know by the lessons went somewhere on my own. Why go a lot of ways I go? Please, I'm ok, ok, pleasant
occasional. My own was two thousand one. I just went to London. You I did that. I had I kind of like a little bit of like a quarter life crisis or middle, like I had like a real eye, color meltdown about the other. That was ending and I went to London for a week I dislike laughed and I went to London Berwick Facebook to ticket, and I told everybody on the flight like I am leaving town for weak and I was really vacation because in the midst of like a little bit of a crisis. That was also on a deadline for something and I needed to go to finish my second book proposal as I just went out, but that was really lovely. I had a great week. Why do you think you worked so hard? I just feel like theirs is tiny fire within me? Why do you think our time? Because it makes me happy yeah yeah? I feel like like I, because I'm lucky enough to work so hard on things that I care about. I guess
yeah, because I care, I guess would be the answer because it's like, I think about it, like I was a colleague and machine that aid and support when I worked very hard, probably not. I would never defy myself as a hard worker, but I think I am very enthusiastic about what I do can you Can you shed some of that? That's the positivity, be reckless positivity, reckless apt and arrests, reckless optimism on so the day the Supreme Court made the ruling on gay marriage. I posted post Instagram that you know, as of people, did nurse logo with Rainbow Rainbow colours and illegal sign in the middle, and I wasn't doing it too so but would congratulate mere like look how evolved. I was like as genuinely happy, and I just wanted to strike up this built small little digit away. I can choose to boy and literally within, like three common
on, follow and then people got so far and it was like a thousand comments of people just arguing with each and every eye was so upset. I mean I started block. Sorted fuckin blower, they arguing about one one. Kid said he was just on Jesus aside which at which the ignorance about comment was so upsetting because, like you don't even understand what you're saying you don't even fucking understand and I still like I had to walk away from it. I do
had to walk away, because you know Jesus would not at all want our people even love each other, each other with nine blindly. Would why would he want to their energy and is never I mean he was saying it is message labourers I've loved you. I literally died for the message that he would not. You didn't mean like forever, like all people, in quotation right, our people, people to find the word peep right. People are these into it just them. I don't know it sounds like that. Were aye aye, honest I get deflated in general, for just society and, like God, damn it and I know of, entitled to their own opinion, but it was. It was so vitriolic adjust phallic, but this doesn't Do you feel any? I guess like do any sense of Lake Anno pride in the people of delay? in your community that are responding to those like those people that are like on a side that you feel more aligned with
and you know how to say- and I have to say I don't want to do- is make it sound. Like I was like a religious attack, there were a lot of religious people who are like hey. Christian, and I support what that asshole said like we're supposed to you know, and so it wasn't just one. It was just ass. It was just there were just Europeans. Have you just wanted to be trolls and some people? You know it's like what I feel for me personally when you look at that. You think about the type of person who would feel such negativity such hate for so many people experiencing such joy and that's it at its at these. People have been allowed to marry someone that they love and that at its heart, at the root of it is a joyous, wonderful thing and so the type of person that's like. I hate those that joy is just a very sad small person, and so it's
were responding to right: you're, not gonna. If it's just not you're, just gonna have to go. Why would you want to engage with them? It's like it's like aunt man, heights shredding down to their level of you. Now, that's like all! Yet let me see the world through the any pinhole. I pick out of road. You know, do you think you have a series of getting married at each area. Again. We are definitely I'm a big. You know, I guess our partnership person. I think that the word marriage was such a like. You know complex word my whole life, because I remember I grew up in a very conservative christian background and I remember having conversations with my dad when I was on the closet. Ill will be like TAT way. They go. Gay people and you know, is basically
its statements were that me, a marriage to a man and woman bubble, bicycle unions that and just the idea that there had to be any separate but equal, like separation at all. Like that's, not equality. I think we ve learned that from segregation thing, we ve learned that throughout history I think more more people are on the right side of history and we have to not just within the window of that one comment and like within the window, like you know this response, but just kind of over the Ark they like the period of time that we're living in like from the time I was born to twenty eight layer ear. Later now America allows gay marriage, and when I was here, oh it didn't anywhere. That's great. My life feels like it's been moving pretty fast enough, so I think maybe we're heading in the right direction. I think one of the reasons you know. One of the many reasons why it's it's upsetting to me is that you know it I am also connecting with IRAN.
Level in and you know obviously day. I am not saying that it was this bad for me, although I did some it felt like it was pretty harsh when I was growing up but sort you know getting bullied when I was a kid or because I like because of things that I later, because I like the idea like computers or I liked whatever in and sort of feeling like You know and be in being called names and stuff like I have a very I have such a strong. Violent aversion to that shit. Just because I feel I feel in triggering I did it triggering it showed triggering and then I'm gonna go like, but then it's a million times if the library assume it's a million times worse. When it's about you know your sexual identity and being told that you can't congratulations. Grass you're, not! a sociopath up up up up up down the line is offering the triggers and empathy Eddic response of suffering within you. You were are cracked, that's the way to feel
another serial killers, I serial killer that doesn't work out how to fight they are somehow ok there by now. It's that says that if it's ok, it's good to care and just because you care, Well, I think it is very important for you to continue being is human and sort of transport human as you are because it's you know it in a world where people are our stuff on there so much you know you don't who did believe or heard a treasure like. It's really important. Have those voices that make people feel ok feel ok with themselves so that they can? You know I mean it away. I remind people They are ok yeah, but in a way that that's gonna be a huge part of your legacy, because I am sure you do. We really think about. This would mean that, like you eat like the fact that you ve helped people connect with someone that maybe they didn't have it in their own lives and maybe that's going to change the course of
life because of a because of one simple video. You made Willingham scared, we're all scared, you know someone, oh my god, yes and then that completely altered you know and made them feel like they were gonna, be ok, you know, like that's a really that's a wonderful thing in that part of your legacy is like that, part of your these little emotion, babies that are being birth into the world God. I can't think about that. Guy I mean it's wonderful, it's good tap at its allow I mean, I hope, so that's all right floating lose. Imagine inherit floating laser magic. Now, no, that's that's like the most reaffirming thing about doing this because it so easy to just like focus on energy sector. Went back and forth between like building a building and expanding within the wheels of entertainment, staying authentic, staying true to yourself and that's exactly what Tuesday for me was all about is like I was trying to this video and I was editing it now. I gotta just really just I gotta, just forgive myself for needing to
totally forget the other video and shoot straight camera blog and talk about my feelings by ten minutes. I just have to do. I have to do today. I do day on a carries. Looking out of care is watching like and then you now in just kind of going with your guy, you well maybe at some point we'll construct a authenticity coming out day, you ever where everyone, I think it's you know it's like I feel like. I wish there was a it's. How lovely there is a coming out day, and I wish you have said this before actually thy wish that there was a coming out. There will be a good like me. I come out like coming out even in disorder. Coming out, like I'm a little passiveaggressive, and I think it's rooted in this in I mean like that sort of like coming out thing to be like hey here's, some try and change myself that you never knew its. I am certainly with you now I wonder, will hopefully it would seem to be any. I mean we when people are making themselves vulnerable, you think there's any danger that they might even be vulnerable. A thousand attention like angel,
there is an old saying that the definition of vulnerability, Renee Braun, to that great TED talk on being vulnerable. We should really listen to unwanted everybody will goddammit. I just have to strive to so many goddamn density or myself for the sideboard like going to watch that when we get to watch that when they are also have to watch that when near the vulnerability, though it leaves you feeling rather brave, and I realise that and, as I said it on Tuesdays, I think I haven't confusing strength with bravery, and I think that I am just like. I think I am a strong person. I think a lot of people are strong people by think it's different to be brave person road. You know, and that's that's the thing I can definitely be strong as long as I keep myself limited to the things like it. Strong about gives supporting those idea. I got this, don't don't ask me to do that? Albania, ok. Can I really compromising most drinks right now by asking you to be brave in a word that builds more areas of strength.
Makes a lot of strength to lift a giant floating palace up up up up up up up up the orphans worry about this you're, not worry about already well I adore you and I am so glad that you're happy and things are going well and and and I hope we can guide you're happy to gas. Yes, yes, it's it's kind of funny that you really seems like a paranoid and like all my my creating strong So my creating fires to put out- because I just need to you know it seems like to be in the act of resolving well also just a few I'm doing something. You know what I mean like when things are going well, but it doesn't. You'll. Like anything, it's I go to need to twenty two emotionally caught something so it
feels like I'm doing something, I would say different patterns that, because that things are going well, does it feel like anything? Why did I mean this? Is that the doesn't I'm not saying? No, that that it doesn't feel like anything. It's just that. I think we you know we views: the states of action and being a lot you know, and so you can. You can feel like something isn't real because you're not doing anything. You know it's sort of like I may get this his ways like when people talk about acting like oh yeah, I'm not, I was just there was just in the moment. I was just being something I didn't. It wasn't a part of my brow. Whereas, like I am now going to act as this person I do when they go back there. I am doing its active. I am listening acting yes, so maybe maybe that maybe the ideas like live, don't do life right that's really good. The hardest thing for my puppy dog to do is to sit
yes, she's doing so much ass, a certainty cells that looks like you're not doing anything but that's her doing the most acute holding every little muscle yeah adds its all impulse control through your door. Brother were thank you she's, gotta egg. Ali did you decide to get a dog or did you happened upon a door which was at one of those things? Well, you know I was in the midst of men. Things about my life and needed restructuring. So of course, I decided to avoid all those things by getting a dog, not perfect, but now I have a wonderful dog in my life and I've restructured. Ok, good good! Well what what many things you want to tell people well, if you guys want to hear more from me, you can always find Youtube darkened such Otto or, if you ever of the reading variety, you can buy my book, my drunk kitchen, a guide to eating drinking going with your gut, viable and bookstores were right, get dragged about all I could see
I can't see back on at midnight soon and then across from a dig, a coffee table with the handicapped off you stick out. Cavvies back and driver Udo Pagans lived a life ass, good, ass, smart ass hers, I just was over the bag with our river back shit. There should be reduced for leading noticed. Com.
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