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Musician, writer, spoken word artist, activist and all around AMAZING guy, Henry Rollins is on the show! He sits down with Chris, Jonah and Nerdtern Kyle Clark to talk about being a workaholic, the music industry and how Kyle and his family are such big Henry Rollins fans, they affectionately called him "Uncle Henry"! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Mozart was again right now, there's a special offer when you use the promo code nervous, there's no risk trial. A hundred ten dollar bananas offer includes a digital scale of the fifty five dollars. A free postage. Don't wait before we do anything else. Go stamps are calm. Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage typing noticed that stuff. Does come into the promo code noticed this episode is Henry Rawlins. Who was a delight you fight? I thought I was kind of a music heard before, but I realized after sitting in this episode with
and John Array, and one of our new turns from the upcoming notice. Gentle show no turns Cow Clark. I met my red work that I am not happy is ignored it off a cliff. It turns out, I like music, but I am not a music nerd. The detail of information that these guys have was incredible. Also, Henry huge work, a holocaust. We let's talk about their rose, really fun to be on the progress and watch people who care so passionately about music, just go back and forth. So sorry. I know the guy said that much this episode it was it was. I was fascinated audience. Member also sighed out Cow Clark, huge huge, huge, everyone's ban, which is one of the reasons why I had him on so much for him around fan that he and his family would listen to Rawlins albums that they ended up, calling him uncle Henry and there so really durable. To watch him meet his idle, his ultimate idle,
funny here themselves pretty well. Actually it was a really cool. The watch, so Hugo nurse podcast absurd number. Two. Fifty five with Henry Rawlins nor I mean star com is worded or this one this one
joking, this guy, these guys and initiative is very low. Simon did a whole radio show based on that book is easy because, like you, you look killing joke in this building. I wrote it may Kyle sit sit over here, cause it or instead of her hair. I wrote him you, he has a website and I don't love. You know these are yet again radiation. In doing this whole thing based on rebuilt and start again a rat and he won't be back amused. He's such a fence, so cool because of the players is unimpeachable. It's like perfect. He makes connections on stuff, but I never What have you ever to get like when he does wire and mission of Burma in that same chapter, and once you see those outliers run, Catherine, oh, no, he can ecstasy he's british.
Move to New York. Now he lived here really listen Valley, I think yak as I want. I roar of acid how'd. You like you a cover for me. Clement were all the time come in and do my radio show the asking you bring in the music and will this hybrid and ill, because my state case of you that they not approach That in my listeners would just be like you know: I'd prevented Rembrandt, Romania, his nose book, they Jesse Thornton a fuckin phenomenal interview with them when it came after he's a fascinating guy Simon and we had any positive in everything like He'S- got that whole rave history book he's got a whole hip, hop history book that postmark one like he's. He does his homework when he writes about that. That's why I enjoy the others to different versions of rip it up to start again. Does the? U S version with public image on the cover than this UK version is kind of a yellow red collection of letters. Ok, they're, very different edits. You really want the UK version. Read it again. The
version is sure the writing is different and I wrote to us it did you done this down for a maximum publisher told me to simplify, and it seems that that is what it is all by myself: thirty percent less book and the UK version you'll what you'll love it, but it's way more fast balls. You just assumes you ve heard that catalogue it doesnt laid out for you discuss. Ok, you know killing job. You know gang of work during the two chapters that really bloomer or that he spent links thirty seven pages just and spreading polity footing together, they first single use. Are you really going to town on this area that may be reexamined their music? I know given the much greater equality, because so many pretty poet, you wrote about. Gritty politically did like us all chapters that greater alot of music writers are just jack off artists in they love they love record. Some in you get me on the topic of music riding wise all right for a year and a half would not sub it's easier. Fun here does is just because you put a lot of words on
green doesn't mean us any good, and so there's a lot of music magazine music books, areas like custom, publish some writers really good. We are eating you like wow. I just learned something. I have all these records and I'm going to go, listen to them right now and I'm never going to hear in the same again he's that guy. He really is that good. What, because his report up and start again look I'm Simon Reynolds, but definitely read the british version you'll, see it on Amazon is yellow and read the? U S version is the photo of our public image, but this one is like his art cover and ass the one I read in the UK, and I saw the american version I gotta get had different chapter headings as well. I'll get him to be the completest then I a beat the moment, wait a minute. That's when I wrote Silas ways this better for the american audiences, either you're very cynical or you Lord De Guest, sooner advance. So we're decision did he did you write stuff? Has he
stuff about you that you're like oh, I guess I did do that. I didn't realize that is written about me. I think a mid black flag is meant yet in that book, not for very long, and I don't think anything that would get my hackles. But I'm sure he could write about me and made me see if you That's a little right up, comparing post punk too hard core and how you watch started. The artistic evolution of one John or in a two very different, John RS across countries and I'd actually red ribbon, starting right after american hard core. So assorted interesting going back to back, and seeing the variations on it here for a guy to such a failure of music. As I am, I don't read much me, I don't read many me that you have of what every use too, and I miss it in that I I should a friend of mine Emma I you know That's because you know that family there all readers but generates a lot of music books
shows that you'll get into some topic like the history of Detroit Music from the envoy dues to the stooges eat. It is like Poland. Our bears you'll get this regular cause this band and he's Ediths gets into something I just violent records and listen. He does the real homework faceted like the backtracking, yet easy on Hendricks now we both group, that's how we became friends over stingray bicycles, What will you say, neighbourhood or, like I had one record here, the other we trade and hang out he's a good man, but he he's so conversant on different sessions and I've. I have those books, I kind of order read, but he is like read, underlined them read the second edition he drills down on that stuff, and I just I don't have The recommendation on one is sonic alchemy, it's about the evolution of the rock producer on bombs and they go from
Glenn, Johns and Martin hand at all with you. They had toggle George Martens relationship with the Beatles across their career. Just phenomenally well researched, but very accessible, it's probably the most lent out book I own, oh ok, I'll get it because I know I enjoy that understanding the producer artist relationship. I've hung out with George Martin, like enough. Our years ago and those at dinner with him. Can I news press, lady and everyone, tables, afraid, to ask what beetles question, because where it is even guess how many times a day you do the Beatles attire jet lagging any easier, as though I broke the ice examples like some, gotta say something I said you know what here we go. I said I've got my motto: mix bootleg of the White Album. What's up was you'd how he had ever and the look on his face like
really was so good and he was very polite buddy. He you can tell I didn't want to talk of acres of those are the mixes I made for the boys for them to take home at night, because if you tat, if you look at interviews with the guys who worker Jimi Hendrix the very informer they say we were more in the motto mix: that's what we put all of our energy, because you gotta make some real decisions Mona, like ok. What that those drums under that track your done with the drums? he's a stereo really did for America, and so on? of timber on my little radio show em. I might all be on tour, but others, five saturdays and September, two, three four and five
asked for I'm doing all Hendricks in the first hour. Basically, chronological order so weak one is: are you experienced mono second, on second week? Is access both of love? Mono third week is electric lady land, but reconstructed in sequence from boot. Legs all mixes all takes, and then the fourth week is like Henry save it picks from his boot legs, and you know this from that. On and that from that one just kind of like might might my favorites and on the morrow. The motto version of our you experienced. Is this one of the best things and you know the arm inside out, but when you hear Mono, when you hear that vocal common right down the centre- and here the guitars really thickened punching securing the velvet Undergrown Haldeman Mono, it's just a whole other, but the whole of the thing like beetles and monitor all of the thing, and apparently that's where these guys. The word that were the brilliance came because they have to make real decisions because you gotta put ever dump everything under one track. First, errors that was when pet sounds got real.
Least they release the cities that it was the stereo there is now the motto makes AMOS. Just that was for some sort of Jesus leg is there's a whole different game. I wrote after the stereo conversion came out. I wrote David Thomas Parable, whose beach boys fan. I wrote my since we think of the stereo He certainly very poetic. I have the email somewhere. He said, I'm I'm dancing result That is the most effectual fan of pet sounds and he's at he actually with Peru. At one point covered surfer girl is within accordion, beautiful, so um, what we were we going to talk about. We ve been talking about it. Nor are we know we're right. We're ok, Kyle is, is an intern at our comedy theater and he's been helping us out on the show, and you know it black flag you ve been very influential. They have as I go. You should come in. You know just because you know Kyle granular knowledge about you. Jonah probably has a lot of knowledge about
and we have for some reason. You know I I, when I grew up in the eighties I just I was such a square kid I just missed punk altogether it just didn't. I wasn't. I didn't. I never felt like like. I really got to expressly like I like the shittiest they produce its gritty put, it is, like a perfect it without without you didn't? I wouldn't have to find the layers in a book and, like I had fun, you know so just a super swear kid. So I've always kind of to understand. You know what the driving force behind it, and you know so. We all have a different points of view and you're you're at the centre of that right now. So what I've? When I try to think about what I think you and kind of what you do. I dont you're one of those guys like we can really care Tourism is kind of a journeyman. You know I give you sort of you sort of float around and everything's kinder related, but but you you, but you kind of push yourself for the four different experiences is very easy to two feet.
You're out. Why I do what I do and I could contrive of stretch it out and make it sound, really cool, but it comes from a very blunt press. Unflattering place, I come from the world of minimum wage work, which is no bad place to be, but yes, tough. I come from scooping ice cream parking, car tearing tickets movie theatres and left high school. I graduated nineteen- seventy nine, I kind of set my jaw grimly waded into the full time minimum wage working world like fifty sixty hours a week as you do, those jobs you knock yourself out cross I've had a use veto visa back in a small apartment which I lived in the living room and rented the back half to my friend. I grew up with my friend John, and now is my life. I obviously minimum wage my feet are: gonna hurt all built by two or three Singles a week you're an hour's paid by an import, punk rock single be my life is this is gonna, be tough and then I got a chest for the ban, black flag- and I came out here to California
summer of nineteen. Eighty one also send the singer in this band and so on. I've never really lost my minimum wage desperation and eagerness to stay employed work and keep eating, and that kind of ferocity of we indian types had kept us on the road in very dire conditions. You wanna do it so much you just kind of brave. You know what Was coming out in which some days where it was pretty monumental resistance when the cops in the local government people show up this is it gets to be very serious cuz. I can just arrest you anyway. I stayed with everything and, as I watched a lot of people in this town literally die overdose. Suicide is very sad, but I kind of state not insane and driving ahead. And so when in the eighties, when Hollywood came, hey you
as you want to be in a movie or MIKE yeah. Can you act yeah? Can you pay examined Silverlake starving I'll, try any damn thing, and so to this day I go at everything with Ya'Ll. Try that Gaza, if there's free lunch, in a pen, and that kind of work ethic has served me very well ultimately, but what on the outside looks like very eclectic always radio tv rights for this he's does documentaries and that GEO phenomenon, and which is all true, is me just going I'll. Try that because I like get up every day with like eight things to do. I don't I don't do vacations or timeline the same exact way and I think part of one of the reasons was really excited. Talk to you is because I see I see myself and a lot of stuff that you do, and I guess I'm trying to learn for myself to what people say. What do you do? I dont know I host them, shows that I'm stand up and I do if I guess I'm Runnin company- and I don't know what I do. I guess I'm a comic. You know it so it's just trying to,
like? What is that thing that drives us to take on? things at once every morning. For me, you simple, no curiosity, anger in that you do something. So I guess you down the road you you're angry at something like it wastes you up in the more like, like want to figure out what, where that guy gets off, saying that he has not I'm looking for a rock through a window. That's not what I'm about but it's gonna make me go to that country and on my own, The iranian hate, your freedom, that cells are such a load of crap to me, I'd better, go find out! That's why I went to Tehran aggressive truth seeker well here you what you're, trying to scare me that a country that you, the president, won't even go to. I got this out for you, and so I went to Tehran, I'm not tough guy and on no expert on IRAN, but I went on my own steam not an easy visa to get. I d go away to Dubai, to get it, but I got a nice better. We can IRAN, I'm still here, don't don't ever go to Pakistan, so I went.
Access to, and I was there when Bhutto's assassinated. It was one intense week like I am not trying to impress you like up like us. Amounts have gone, not brave, I'm not looking for a fight with anybody, but my anger enforce my curiosity, so I shouldn't go there really like now I got to go cuz you're you're, making it like I'm supposed to be afraid, I'm not going to. I don't fear humans on the planet like mice, too short, and so I do this kind of stuff out of your desire You stand to find myself on the ground in these places, as I can go on ultimately, I'm gonna take all this information to a stage and inform an audience. Here's what I saw in Afghanistan, a market, a bore you with the books. I've read about Afghanistan as you can goaded, Barnes, noble and buy them to all. But I'll tell you what the two times I was there again, I'm not an expert, but I've been to Kabul It was given in the book. I read about capital, and so I wrote my brother the boots on the ground in tell about a place, and so that's my motivation to
Hey you want to write for rolling stone, Australia, yeah. I got fingers right. I guess why not life really short. You minds sign up for a bunch of stuff and when you sought to let you know the fire yeah or you will make the audition. I go into auditions all the time I get out of our off any here with a lump in your throat. You go into some massive parking roars like the warmer sitting above now, and you you go home again yeah. You said something once that I heard that kind fundamentally changed how I look at their tempers I was very young. You know when I kind of had this lake An artist has got a year, cuz, I'm a comic, and so for me it was like stand. Ups doing small coffee house rooms like an artist has got a fucking, be in the just in starve and not not take money from become, and you did a series of commercials. Or commercial and and and people Ben Henry was still is sold because it is closely linked.
Sell out. This is a business decision. As long as I didn't compromise my fundamental belief system. This is just a Burma. I have I need it. I have to work and because they go fuck you you don't just the concept of just making money and a company is paying. You does not mean you have sold out compromising. Your ideals means you ve sold out, but that, but not just getting paid for something, and I do pick and choose as opportunities in I don't drink alcohol. I just think it's bill. The man's sit sells it out there to keep people mediocre, I'm not trying to keep you from your next skin. Oh, I don't drink using a little death even than the poor, I'm trying to make something? I would never tell you hey, don't drink, I don't I don't. I don't drink for political reasons. I am not interested in alcohol or or its effects. I got drunk intent granted in like it, but for me is what they hand out to people on the on the street level to keep em stupefied, not voting, not reading and not drilling down.
Right and that justice is that Sohmer Universal away more looking at their government looking at their media. So when the all companies- and they have come to be hey- do a veto for this. I might well will offer you this much money. Well, that's nice! I can use that money, but I can't get behind that because I'm not that guy that would be selling out. That's my definitions, going out. So if you watch television for longer than five minutes, you might see and add further car infinity on that voice on the voice the infinity as four years or U S c. The pre fight stuff on the warriors beyond spike on spike now, son effects. That's me for years and years scraped work. I love it like the people who work with I like the copy, unlike what we're doing and I I don't really have pride that I, like my work. I listen back our guy. I like my job. I did.
More at noon, albeit margarita, mixed studios, will be doing voice over on a documentary at Washington D C. Lot of veal for everything from Batman cartoons with Andrea Romano. I know Andrea, Romano, very for twenty years, great right lover, I've been doing stuff and you have fun. She is for those Youtube, no she's, just one more amazing people, you'll meet more energy than we had a great enemy for voice and a great voice director and as the best so much fun, and she was his thanks. Replaying she's, like less play, you have never worked with her always play and I've been doing every version of bad men that and beyond that year. Whatever without Re Anne was a great character. Let's just get yelling and now here whenever she is a young and angry guy. She calls me she had me for I play green era for her on the ban and she was and it was. She was amazing and I dream lantern all kinds of stuff in your lucky fury her rolodex cause. She will use you again now that which has great yeah. We need this work and so that's work. I say yes to a show up.
Mediately, if I'm home anything, she wants me out more long. I really like her and she's been so oil to me and next door in this building over here or the next building over a mere data on the number of those adventure time, all kinds of things is really fun work near So many times greater yeah, I think so out of the box. He sees peace, fantastic, its work and you take it in what I have the honour to interview Christopher Walken and I read somewhere the he said I to wake up every day with a script, in my hand, which I loved. I love that ethic and so I said I had him on my showing to Show- and I have seen- and I said so- it MR walk with all due respect, fan and I buy some of your Dvds on Amazon for ninety nine cents each does. I can't give em away. You show up in these films that are not exactly godfather two or three car named desire, and is it because you let your
but a script in your hand every day and he said yeah. He said you should see the films it can't. Even get distribution because I work in films that you know he there's no budget, because I'm a working class guy. I work for living. So if there's a film and I got time- and I got no work- I go and I work- and I said I- really admire legacy. Any this went off easy said: there's films that you'll never see, they're just think we'll get distribution feel like attack at the bugs eight out I'll show up for that, and some people might say: oh you're, just a hack actor, another personal say no, he comes from that's his neighborhood, he uses. I come from working class. It's working class, everything I'm a working actor. I really admire that was really inspirational to me and this I shall to a lot of stuff his I wake up every day and I want to do stuff. And that's a big part of my engine is like being
pulling my weight in the world and being gainfully employed. Can you man, I can't and would sometimes people this way, when they go at a really everything you do Diego. How do you do that? I cant do go crazy. I know a lot of people, the people I associate whither kind tightly wired like that, like a tough time off under no no, not yet no time off. Do is look so my question to you is: do you think we're do think beset besides that that. Much better idea of you know. We are like to stay busy. We like to say we would like to contribute to the world. Do you think we're running from anything constantly have to be distracted with stuff. Oh, I am my assistant calls me around time she's your way, tour so much. I said because I have great work. I think she is that you're running one day when you have the guts you'll, actually moving your house and slow down his you're, the guts, yet it so hard to be still housing you're. You really kind of bombing me
both members, assistants, gee, I Joe fifteen years- it's been yelling at me. I thought I was like it out, just a guy's going out there. She said Henry and that's all good you're good added people like you and you like them, and that's fantastic in you. You ve earned all that. You ve heard that audience, but you gotta learn to deal with yourself and every time you go on tour s away to color, just cutting put down on layaway and in a way she's right cause when you your Bruce, I read fascinated with Bruce Springsteen, I don't know the guy seems real, relocate in my up real forthright said to port Rolling stone interview. They they, so. He went lonely pretty every word. He said when I finished the board, the USA, to like your eight hundred shows or something he said. I drove a tour bus or was it a tour of us? for a home in America and I couldn't find a household the move into then I figured out is not a proper can't find a house. I can't get off the road while we went into therapy geared to sit down with Senegal. Ok help me figure out how to kill get into
gear and discard cool it and he had the kind of learn how to land and I've been touring ever jewelry it shows a year for thirty one years. Jesus twenties in books, fifty radio broadcasts a year, you know whatever else I get up to and say yes to and is a metabolism that there's no way, I'm not partially medicating something else. By doing that, sure I mean everyone's doing something. To balance it ever, I think people trying to get normal you're, just you won't get through your day. Without losing your mind. Some people hit the treadmill for two hours at that. Even some out some people, alcohol, sex, crossword puzzle of use. Some you find a way to or some people they invent Warner brothers I mean, like people, find a way to cut it.
Get their ya YA's out. For me, it's been the road, constant movement, the obligation of a show every night at eight p, dot, M, Damocle and dagger over the head of like go out there and make it right. I love that obligation and when I'm away from it it's hard I was there. I was at a party won two years ago there was a teenage girl ere. She is a young actress and that the party had set up this painting studio was one of those go, people can come in and painted they want to choose painting something in someone said something up, So he said something about art or something and cheap she's kind of Kazi threw up like you We we engage in art alive, because art is a distraction that keeps from killing ourselves and at the time I was like what would a ridiculous teenage piece of shit, in the older. I get a sort of like yeah we're just trying to distract our
selves from dying constantly. Some people think a lot and, if your nature, who you don't really have to take much pass eleventh grade, but he said the unhappy person in the village he's the smaller one cause she's a lot and in this not always good news, because all the beat with a big grins on their faces is there the idiots their bless they're having a great time? Is that they're not seeing it all? That's a little cynical. Voltaire said the same thing to basically, I'm sure. A lot of those big fingers Sartre has has version of that yeah. But it's true. If you really look look at things in a white screen. Well, you could be bought doubt about it or very energized and angered and motivated to turn things around or whatever. I think a balance can be struck when you don't have to, but when you see a guy like Bacon the painter
here. Heed the guy would wake up every day would like for paint brushes in his hands. He painted tilling fairly killed over Garlic Picasso. You know just painted and painted people like TWAIN Henry Miller. These people wrote until their hands came off. There's people would never stop and there's like Don Rickles he's probably on station I'd. Somebody could mean we can wait. It's not about money for him is about. This is what I do. This is who I am, and this is how he gets through the day never talk to him by the way. I know I've been I've been in the same room with him at a dinner. He was kind of speaks out of here you go out with a girl who is a friend of a guy who brings him to this dinner every year. Anyway, I was, I was ten feet from him which was in fact I had one conversation with them wants and someone introduce me to him as a comic, and he was in a chair, and he just started talking about comedy from a place of like youth and energy and like Giving me advice that I did that I wanted, but was afraid to ask for- and I just I ended up
like getting on my knees- and he was just in this chair and he was a thing: here's! What audiences You gotta do this and you gotta find this and it was just like it was so it made me love him so well, because I could tell like this is not a job. This is hey this. Is he lives it? This is what is truly passionate about the real guys. You'll see these like Gallagher, anyone performing at last veiling eel. Eddie Gore may ride. Were these people like older than paper show tonight we know now. I dont know the guy, but I bet she's onstage tonight, money I think he's fry has enough. Yet not a money thing. It's it's like Mick Jagger is gonna, go sing, satisfaction for the eighty or John Rivers is here with did was on the shore. Can we get out documentary know which one end of the year Oh yeah, I heard were amazing. We talk that we talked about it and she's like if you she's, like seventeen there's old, close two eighty she's like if you can be,
stage. Why are you not onstage like that? What they mean my assist? went to go, see it in the theater and they said is anything scare you and she opens up that calendar and there's all blank. That scares me. And my assistant put a convinced that documentary she comes it like you, no one in the morning from some like you two sets in an in store. She looks at the guy across the carrier, the check and says make sure to give me a wake up call it for I am you like or don't. Let me sleep pass for thirty years, like cause she's gonna get up get on a flight in store for book. Two sets some place in it is certain that the next day we're like later that take us after midnight you, you know what I got a salute, that, Neild. I don't know her amid her daughter once but wow. That's that's ferocious view. Ago knows it MTV. Ninety! Ninety,
because talking to map Penfield wonderful, the aggregate yeah I've known met forever anyway. He called me, pier B interviews living in New York at the time. So I take the train up there and we do the thing and I'm leaving to go back down as living in the village and the courtesy from the greens as Hey George Carlton's in the green room. He wants to talk to you and I was in such disbelief. I should ve George Carlin, like bus, been George Linda. They used car sales Yahoo. As you said, yeah like what one. Would they be I what will yeah, but I just I walk in theory is then he was there to promote his next HBO. Special here is doing today of prejudice and I in others, George Carl, I walk, buys shake his regular. How do you do Mr Carlin pickers? Call me George, like that that will be a little difficult. I'll try, and he said I am a big fan eyes it come on did you I? I love your writing and I was waiting in line a while ago, a tower records to get one of your books, I know
to us it you waited getting away on afghan women hold. Why didn't you just walk in and get your book size. I can't do that. Man, that's not cool. I said okay, and so we get to talkin about things that I said. Yeah, I'm not trying to interview you anything man, but I that book, the great book I'm Lenny, Bruce gentlemen, Lenny Bruce it's a hell of a red, and I said: is it true that you were handcuffed neck with mere one pair? ass you one arm in your arm, you'll, you hang up till any brisk azure, apparently Lenny Bruce you, some language that was protected by First Amendment, but they didn't like him, so they rested for saying something: Carlin was busted for being under age and apparently they were come together in the back of a cop car I said, is that true great urban letter? Legend is ongoing. I'm gonna get to asked Lenny Bruce and said. Yes, that's true, but that's not how I met him because he said Lenny Bruce would gather all ass young
mix, and I think he said, let me and Rodney Dangerfield. All these people is that he was a ok gimme, your best off any, would critique us and give us advice as it would he caught mature. He does not know he would really he is he didn't her material yet zone thing. But he would listen to us and go you never want to do that to a crowded to like you, the third joke, then you with that one on them and he gave us advice that is really huge and he was so generous with his time to young com I've never seen that written about Lenny Bruce and I am quite a fan and on it it was and then your I just wanna showed the Beacon theatre I'm doing a showed the Beacon theater. I said. I know the billboards or, if you know it's, George Carla's, the billboards are everywhere yeah, I know and he's he said you were just there. I said yeah did they get the jokes? what I mean. Is it a good rooms dig, could you see them? Could they see you am I gonna be ok. I said I
We have discovered your flash back to here's Henry and fourth grade with a copy of a marathon class clown and occupation, fool memorizing them. As you do. Asking me I walked out of their fairly numb. I took the train back downtown wow. It was a huge afternoon for me well huge and then also use just seeing that, like that's, an artist like that doesn't matter how much money doesn't matter how much success he doesn't see himself. The way that people see him no region for still trying to find an answer, and I kind of wonder because I know you try Youtube you ve got stand up before as well. Where I get up there, I talk coming. I do this shows a lot. I don't make jokes all the time. I had a talent, but sometimes it's funny what I say in that. If its humorous, I can report about a humorous situation. Clearly
So I'm not funny the informations funny big big difference between being funny and be able to say something about a funny situation and make people laugh is like the difference between being brave and not having any here right. One is like I'm gonna. Do that the other guys I'm care man? Let's do it yeah, that's me and I don't have any fear which is fairness. I could probably use, but I make out, his laugh all over the world, but I'm not really trying that hard. In that I'm trying to tell you what happened and the humor kind of follow. Me home, like a dog because there's truth uncommonly like that's, yes, but then within you, watch patent, Oswald, I have to watch sitting down so I'm standing or collapse ass, a mother, a corpus collapse in a pool of sweat and laughter needs that funny to me, but he's a cop. Gideon, like you're a comedian, were you geyser here, you're smart bombs, yet you you are saying with daily Roth calls a result: Org
It perform a man out of those types of work that way of wrong. I'm crazy grip on English, but I can't when I was in North Korea recently. I got stories from matter. I can make funny, because it was funny when I saw the dead body of criminal soon in a glass box, and I want to turn to my torso and say he winked at me you're so getting arrested. But I wanted to say that, but I hear you you will have problem getting out of the current European Yang, all you're. Thinking of I gotta get back to Beijing at some point, so you got a cool it. I say yeah like
any cause. I live. The most sheltered live well bit. Bodies is one of those places where, when you get your visa, you after you travel agent, you sign off. Basically, you sign off a form the says: if you get arrested you're on your own, we can't help you and so getting back to Beijing is dead Believe as something you really want to do. Is you really don't want to live your life in Pyongyang unless it changes radically, which I don't think it well, and so I port to my audiences, about that and it's funny. But then I tell them about the people I saw in the countryside, it of or that of that country or the time I've been I've been all over the african continent. I see stuff there like in southern Sudan. There's them untilled minefield that still active there's the farm where their corn is growing through the bodies of dead, northern sudanese soldiers easily the dead bodies for fertilizer and they ask you? Would you like a boner a tooth to take away as a souvenir- and I said I got enough of those from going depend on ten- went through the killing
heels and your picked up a lot of bones and tea. They have little jars. You can put them in my god. Well, these Le Human remains or popping out of the ground there anyway. That's not always, though the fun it for years are funny. So I go on stage for about two hours or so night and say, here's what I've been years when I saw and this last along the way, but sometimes like I did an interview this, The guy said what was the most efta thing. I've ever seen, no sunlight cursing on your part. Can you handle? I know I've, and I appreciate that, but he's there was this. It was good of thing you ve ever seen and I say well I'd think in this life we I see a lot of stuff. I sit here, something that really was memorable as those visiting Walter Reed and I'm walking down area of appointments. You make this guy signed the key check them. You're gonna go shake his hand into a photo. I'm walking down the hallway and a woman comes out of a room and she says: excuse me: can you come in my my son's room, four minutes of mom visiting her son. I oh yeah, I walk in and on the walls
Colors xerox photo. She was as you like. It me is me standing next to this big tall, strapping handsome young, soldier as it yeah we're was that taken x? I feel arena doing the photo. You do a lot of photos. I guess it's a you are so too. I did. She is ass Baghdad, as it ok and there's a young man in the fetal position in bed: hands balled up drooling eyes on focus. That's it is that the guy in the photo she said, yeah ass. It was the nature the injury she said, traumatic, brain injury lost about forty percent of his brain and he somehow recognizes me so he makes noises. As you said, would you do a photo of my son? I said I'd absolutely so I cannot. I always have to get in bed with him to do. The forty can't sit up so, as I said, move over hit, my uncharted laugh. So we do the photos- and I shook this bald fist and I said, ok
you know you're going to get out of here one day where I'm going to kick you out of here one day, so you hang in there and she said thanks doing that. I said: hey thing is an honour to meet your son. She said. Well, I set out as it I'll never forget it. Well, he won't remember it because he goes into convulsed all the time and he's due for one any minute now and after the convulsions he rarely remembers anything- and you realize this woman's gonna be putting diapers on her son until the first one of them dies when she died. She stopped for in the diapers on when he dies. She stopped running the diapers on, and so when I am told that story a few times on stage, you hear the crickets I mean. Did this nothing funny about it and so the that and travel to places like Uganda, Sudan, Haiti, Cuba. These places I go in forms
lot of what I talk about on stage when I write about what what my photos are, in my view, my photo book, that's what is in the photos everywhere from Burma to use that, whatever, wherever else here on the all these places I go, and so it's always funny all the time. If, if someone said go on the stage and do stand up and be funny all the time, I'd be terrified. Or some doesn't you do the tv show hey, do five minutes a stand up on like oh? No, I don't have the and the said. I know this isn't about putting down no, not at all. If I look at it, it is just a funny to hear like if you don't like I'll go, go
you got your going to minefields and you're, seeing you know, you're, seeing the most difficult things at a human being would never have to see an experience, but stand up is really scary discovery, but just to make everyone laugh every eight seconds, and I was so many talented people do it had been a few comedy sure. Am I now with a ten foot pole because some of those peoples a Henry like next week we're doing a thing at the upright citizens were gave me a bit come on, I do ten minutes. Do ten minutes the poor who wish like entertainment? Is this not? But I know people like my belgian and growth of cholera comes into town as she goes, hey I'm gonna go, do a thing at a shovel o r, the flyers, if you're, not gonna, call a ten minutes ago, many go to being at long ago, were you ever among really use get a call. I go. That's how you people say about looking to agent. We do wish of the five interviews. The poster goes up
Windsor rolled out there, we bring out the goat we slaughter at an offer to the son you're. All this stuff happens before I do a show, because its booked for weeks in advance. As you see, I got a calm and go into twenty minutes. I went with her and it was her Sarah Silverman who is ridiculously funnier and all these cut of young funny young people whose names I'm forgetting newer, did their seven minutes in their quite nice. Sarah was like you just hilarious and Jenny was great cause. She makes us her thing with that she's sharply barbed politically It's it's a good me! It's fun! It's fun thing to do because it doesn't really require much like you can just go. Do it like I wrote to step down I'll just go, try it. She would go on stage with a no no book but she's. Ok, I wrote this my hotel room today. We see no wrong page in the idea of free to do that in front of my audience and an ever more patient and including me that she did the thing it was. It was Harris
oh, but she actually read it off paper and it was this the loser environment. Then I I guess I allow myself to have hurry. Oh god Have you done ASCAP monologues that you see? We theatre, no, I walked in the building. Ok, No, I e ended unreasonably. Yes, he did loved it. Some of you of it. He was with all these people any he had a great time, that's great, and I in fact he he wrote me yesterday sent me as new elements really good as new even raise all good It comes out in a few months, but he gave me a here. I got the hook up because our rapporteur, there is hope that her speaking up in Fresco next week, I'm goin up with my girlfriend socio seeking to intellectual about the for Gaza. Bootleg releases. Yes This risk that website those years in making that thing in itself its entire grandma. Yeah I saw before the unveiled it near their working on it as it discord one day goes. He kill check this out. This is I go eat you cross referencing,
songs and photos, and I go into this case. We can roll it out and about six got that same feels that Neil Young run a couple years you ve got a full time. Guy he's got Neil has like he has his first lyric sheets from eighth grade. He kept everything and Neil has a ranch like north of Here- Apparently I know a guy from Warner brothers who, when used to be his product manager, to go there to the ranch and Ok you! What are we doing this here? Ok, how do we know what was the cover going to be as it was that place like he said, he's got this amazing bit of property with a guy who logs every single show. Like you say, I want to hear you pick a song? Ok, we have eighty versions of this war than New Harris's, crazy, whores version. There's the solar version from the ultimate never came out, there's a version did with you- know the guy from Molly there's the version that yes, he kept everything, because what they wanted to do was the box set of Neil
like volume. One any could never decide on the configuration come up with one and then scrap at the last minute, because there's so much of it cause he literally has played with everyone, and he kept it all. He has that the Massey Hall, seventy one words just him really early on right. It's that phenomenal its children. I walk into Massey Hall to put my hand on stage justice, because Charlie Parker one stood there. I ve never played the Massey hauled Toronto. But I ve driven by it, and I said it is now doing radio and someone. So that's mass ass. We walked the poor. Is Canada so friendly walk up? There's no one except the cleaning, hi I'm from out of town. I promise I won't hurt anything. Can I just walk up to the stage touch it look at it. I won't take it away and now that I'll leave any his whip. Yeah you're not going to leave on everything, and I looked at this stage, and this is one of his career.
Henry Rawlins look alike came in here that as the age I couldn't been Henry wrongs, he would have been taller everyone tall like yeah, that's your take over and you thought I would be so it's almost every airport how can you not aid for one? Yes like well, yet my press usually larger everywhere. I let him down left and right. How do you just because my and they when selling an ignorant more on- and I apologise, but my perception of what punk is is a pretty unfiltered expression of emotion right from the gecko age. I would agree- as part of its? So how do you keep that? When you know you do your hundred shows a year and every time you get on stage, you have to
from a real often take place, or I feel like your audience is gonna know they'll call me. So how do you get there every single time? Is it just sort of just a pattern that you ve learned or have to be madly in obsessive Lee in love with your material and your audience so you're as actors say you're in the moment, which I thought was such a load until I start trying to act and that's how you the third taken, make it believable here in that moment and every night I walk on stage and I, by the three weeks into a tour six hours of working material. You know of anecdotes. This story leads into that one. Something happened to the new, paper today, made me remind myself at the time I was there that gets pulled into the set like a big stew by the end of the taurus, like I got a semester's worth of material cuz. I've been, you know,
a hundred and fifteen shows into this year. I got another. Seventy someday go, cheese is right and- and- and so you know- but at this point I got material like you know like you got worry, I got all day and and so you just gotta, go out there and just believe what you're saying to its stock. Slowly, because of you fast. Then you put the cart before the horse and you'll just start saying words is that of connecting with an audience, and so I just it's for me as well straight in really remembering. Why I'm there and believing, in my point of view enough to I really want to get this across the EU and constantly coming up with new material or looking at the material and king within a different way in assessing it and accessing it from different points of view, and that's how I do it do you feel. Do you kind of carrier the sort of Bruce banner thing all the time we like there's rage and its bubbling, and it's just you know like I can
press it in these moments and it's just figuring out how to channel all that stuff. Now is an angry person like a lot of people in this world, I'm pretty angry all the time. It doesn't take much for me and, like a lot of you guys getting up there in aid your anger, like you, you find a sixty year old. Are you I'm matters? How like what you are calling your twenty about that, when I was lightweight now, I'm really pissed, I'm kind of like that where the more I see the more I want to change things and the more might you know what you're that that those people are given the short into the deal. That's that makes me mad and so As I grew older, it becomes less me me me and more wee wee wee yet, and so
informs my anger and curiosity and allows me to go on stage every night and I'm older than most of my audience is a few old bastards out there like me, but for the most part, the younger, so I feel and more like Uncle Henry and I my idea of engaging in a crowded serve dude I'm slinging hash and I'm making it the most nutritious stuff. I can possibly serve up and its cooked with love and is its coped with a great deal of intent and there is not just Yale throwing a handful of this year. This is like them and not too much, and I take it out of night and I really want to let this audience know this stuff like by seven forty five. I cannot wait to go out on stage by noon of that day. I can't figure out how I'm going to get through the show on my gonna. No, no! No! No! No! Why did I say yes to ten minutes before I wish they. Let me on earlier as I really want to be with those people, I really
of my audience, a great there's really great to me, and I know some performers data like their audiences- that much they don't want to know about them. We have a rich, What my shows Henry comes out to his bond Jovi Moby of my expressly I hang out with all the youth who were there or whoever's there until everyone leaves so get these. I only want to meet you on. How do I do that? You hang out by the mobile carbon footprint. That's choking away from the building. I will come out. You will see that I'm shorter in Paris. Point approval but also uses no mention at all all sign. You know, I'll sign your brother in law and will do the photo. I mean it's not a problem to meet me and I make myself completely accessible. I answered emails. I do the fancy interviews. I stated after school and I meet every single person by the bus because you have to be in some way at some point responsible for all those things. Your hurling all this invective, your hurling you have to, I think, follow up and so does nothing
I disagree. Ok, well, either tell me why you disagree, or will this agree to disagree you wanna. However, you want to play that all I'm here, I'm all ears are, I will listen and I I try and to that end is a long day. He has a long night onstage and its along Eve. You sometimes has up to now. The minutes potion with all these people by the time I get on, while some and trembling from exhaustion, are you how much, how digital of a life start deroulede. How are you Romania is your lives. Only Facebook, but I tweet basically here's the tour. Here's, the radio notes. You know here's the next is dysfunctional stuff, because that would take up all your time like just interacting with people that way, then you will have something. I have three different websites, one for the radio show one for just mail. I need to answer one for my boy Company and there were a lot of people write me at and so is like a weed. I clip it down
an hour later, there's four more that have come here. So I always have that site open and When I get a moment to answer couple, letters go back to work. Answer cup of letters before you go to bed answer six wake up in the morning, open your eyes dragged the lag laptop back into bed with you answer. Some letters ask as a constant kind of keeping the thing below a try and keep it below fifty in coming. There was a guy. I read a quote once and just do your about you, NEO Young, talking about Carlin in many Bruce and Joan and and and patent, who you know just like it's only to see there are consistency with these people that their camp they driven nonstop am always reminded. This quote that I heard where. This guy said, some teacher said to him one time
What are you? What are you? What are you prepared to do after you do all that you were expected to do when I was like, oh my god that totally yeah like some people complain about water. Have this and get this island this new, like yeah? Well, do you just when they you're done. Do you just go? Ok, I'm done, or do you fucking keep at it? You know fills us with a swimmer fancier. Yet his last race in the Olympics tells me last one he won. He almost you won by now, like a friend like two tenths of a second I mean that's like you can't even blink. In their time I mean the first three people all were within like half a second of like here, your finger hitting out wall and did that's your time. That's that, are you gonna. Do you wanna go past was expected of you, that's how you win causes by two tenths of a second: that's how you,
where's the always in the pool, but is it dinner time yet he eats his meal three hours from now. What's he going to be doing swimming, was he be doing at four in the morning? Swimming is how you going to win because it's too tense of us. So I'm so torn on the idea of it, though, because part of me feels like yeah, that's great, that that's what you're supposed to do like that, we're supposed to do in this life that that is the gift of we ve been like. That is what we must do to pursue in life and by the rapporteur. We fix, like I'm just compulsive It's a! Maybe it's because I'm broken you know, but it's all of that is is what we're your moral compass takes. You cause you Earl you're, just a respirator bag of water to you. You have to do anything. Erica, you can be technically illiterate, functionally illiterate and still somehow keep eating. Chile They are waiting for a hearty starve to death in America. Going to keep. No temporary boats got equally well, you just can't you can be a real lummix and get by. I mean these countries,
really amazing, like that. You can hear now be a real failure and get be overweight. Yeah. You can keep eating where countries. May you gotta figure it out or your dead as so. Do it just depends on how much you want to do and what drives some people know what drives Zack. I he met a dad, ok, truly or you he's mad at mom, or he always wanted to do better than his brother. Is that why He started Gaffin records, yeah he's mad, but I mean there's all kinds of motivations, but what drives the garlic, Kofi Annan, what drives a guy? You know like Bill Clinton whose posts his post president life is like crazy he who knows ego desire to be liked. I don't know, but he's always out doing something somewhere Jimmy Carter, whose he knows four days after Abraham Lincoln he's but still he actually shows that it is on Jimmy Carter.
I very all the time he preaches. On Sunday I mean the guy he's really old and he's really busy. Georgia be bushes, dad going on tour with Bill Clinton, Tsunami relief, because in his eighties out there doing stuff I mean there's all all Keyser motivations, I got all kinds of an enviable motivation, sea or some as I come from minimum wage work I like to work other work. I'll, say this because I'm honest, but it's not it's not enviable my my band mates in black, flag, anyone else ever in a band with do I live to bury them absolutely eclipse them grab him, and I would say that if the room- and I know malice me- I don't want them to to be heard in any way, but
One of them is getting up at five, I'm not going to sleep, I'm just get it out or you would have had their breakfast by the time they get up. A lot of that motivates me like we blacks, light broke up. I said: ok, let's, let's see who hit the ground running and, let's see who stays on the track like let's go within sixty days of that I was doing my first solo album within a few months of the band breaking up. I had my new band and alone That was like you unlock it and forgotten not becoming irrelevant. I'm like I'm gone. That's that's the good that the good competitiveness, that's the competitiveness that you know that brought homeless hate you it's happened. Did I like that we have to it's not like I'm putting sugar in their gas tank. Nor am I talking down. These are people I like what I want to bear anybody and I have to open, for I don't like head lining as much as I like, being the middle slot. I think pass my favorite store. You have is about opening brig partner, which is greatest.
Never gonna kick his ass. I said I was wondering if you several days ago in Poland, I saw a plain kadijah. Thirty thousand people, just digging piggy, so great was a story of overfilled he's my hero he's a heavyweight champion. Rock and roll, I'm I'm a fan of a kind of a friend. I see him like every great once in a while. I'll be seeing him in November, when he he berries, Morrissey, sables by yea anyway, and I have no problem with Morrissey, but it's gonna be a slaughter. I can't baby seal brains everywhere anyway. I've had the chance to play with him a few times. So I said: okay, I'm going to outdo Iggy, I'm going to play harder than Iggy and one time I did this in Finland and I trained for that shut up hard for, like weeks and we play your eye open for him obviously and were on their minds outdoor stage. I do I see any before the show. A gay, hey man, our egos life.
Total boyscout he's like very, very polite in it, this himself to your friend. I mean easily hey, maybe Nike air. You are easy, really cool anyway. I go out there and play by the second song, as I'm dying, I'm not gonna set. He went out there and we will both be answer. Is a festival, so the yours headlines that night and the is this stage is set for the cure: potted plants, flowers, there keyboard thing, elevators a beautiful stage, was very careful not to step on anything. It's not my show that there is a mess up the cure. It goes out. Their Demille starts demolishing apology. Them into potted players. Matched on the ground brings the arias upon the stage to see because life half of Fiord of kids comes but he's breaking
what plans ill will if teachers doing it, then I can do it so all of a sudden, there's potted plants and flowers getting decimated cures road crew, laughing basic areas, Gus, who doesn't like they're back line and solve now eagerly, and he has the kids- are all stage he's now singing he's all over the ground rolling through the Peat MOSS he's now covered in bloody. Now managing bleeding charismatic like a stream of Babylon Peck, he he's completely ripped near he's, like Bruce Lee, with blonde hair he's like completely without body fat and he's covered in sweat, mud and blood. He looks like a guy, and so at the end of the show he takes the guitar players, guitar badly stages, howling with feedback and useless. The guitar is swings. The guitar makes makes this amazing feedback and it takes the microphone and he looks set up.
Old of people and discuss. It was most mesmerizing thing I've ever seen. Then he takes the guitar and throws it straight over his head and stares Iraqis either going to hit me or won't, and like right next to it had it hid him, would a ripped his head, open and then walked off stage is, is going nuts. They seem God it's egg pop. He was a stage right, I'm of course standing right there he walked by me, looks at me kind of stops Ngos and water and then the curious governs them just like in Heaven. He see basically said son you'd. Never and the only thing he did give me an edge. He said. Ok, I don't think I could play that hard tomorrow night. Ah good.
I was at a reaction off of like you. Try and if I am president, oh yeah. Well, it was just last year it was they D. They did the big tribute to the departed guitar player on Ashton, Stooges Qatar player in his RON sister, Cathy called me. She said so um We want you to to speak. We want you to do the memorial speech about run Ashton on my while don't feel too much pressure. Gill is only one of my favorite guitar players in the world, so I said oh yeah and she said and HIV wants you to sing a stooges song on stage with him and as it ok So I guess I better call his management. I talked to his manager, Henry and sources Henry. What are we doing said? Well, egging wants to play up that rivalry thing. That's funny story you talk about, so we want to do it as a press release is like Henry Verses envy and I said he said
the ok with you I said yeah. You can really says as good as we did it. Yes, great Adam, so he said he eagerly wants you to pick long and go go on station and sing with stooges as it that's wow, because you pick the songs I picked his uncle. I got a right which is really fun and fast, and I sang it on stage with the stooges and then literally ran offstage because they serve the song raw power, which means it's time for the real guy to come on stage and do as I made the speech, which was tear I guess I just didn't want to use papers. I memorized this whole thing and did it and I asked the cap as it. How do I do and she replied by hugging me and bursting into tears in his eyes? I thought I did ok, but it is one of those great knights of my life to be part of it to be able to speak on behalf of the ash and family and you'll be on stage
James Williamson on guitar was. I can now wondering to traffic and get run over because that happened. Well, it's nice! It's nice to hear also that you know that you you know it's as long as you are doing this. You still have once in your life, where you go can't fucking believe this is life. Why? If I ever lose that use you you should is bury me and we want to stop being a fan. Forget it I'm done I got a great letter today from a guy. You know no name Daniel Map. He managed he'd road manages dinosaur Junior one of my extra super favorite pans in the world. One of my favorite is places in the world is to sit behind J Mass. This is six eggs and just get stew Five by that amazing guitar they're playing Sunday, as it had met with us. So I wrote Daniel and I said, can
come to the show with you guys and get my normal spot. I saw them fifteen times last year. So, yes, I'm a fan and indeed a week from the Saturday I'm preparing their new album on my show, and I am very honoured to do it's a great album and he wrote back. He said yes, sir, you have access and saw be going to the festival site with them, and he and I are gonna- do you work out the details that's my other favorite places a stage left stooges where I I sing along with every song and, more than once I saw crime there, I'm so moved by watching that band. I just get all, though, when I you know gigging out on bands and buying record I literally minimal one. Today, this my rules by at least one recorded day, I'm usually is more like three but we want. The choice has to be records. Coming into our mailbox conceal my assistant, hey,
carrying the vinyl, embrace it I've, a radio showing you ve got problems, but will I stopped being a fan like what fun is it? If you can't go to a showed all the thrust age I mean come on, that's that really makes it worth living. That makes sense to me. Cause. I you know, I often think about I mean I think about it from the comedy angle of like now. Why do so many great standards that I love that work just like tornadoes of comedy when they were younger and they start to get older. And they just gonna lose it and they lose it their edge and it is not the same and I'm sure there's I'm oversimplifying, but I think one factor might be that maybe they lose their phantom and it's just sort of like that's. That's that's such a dry, having force for why you want to explore and why you want to try to take them. Take me been expanded in debt experiment and do your own up, because you love the just the concept of what you what you get to do
once in a while, the interviewer, I guess way of trying to meals, come robbery. So music sucks now right, I dont worry me miracles, idle their music sites like love than just don't want american idol of him. I have nothing against these performers, but as if meat does music suck are you kidding? I can't keep up with all the new discussing how to give our verdict that I buy and ensure. What do you like right now that maybe people don't know about that? They, its music that I like, but I can't recommend. Ok, it was an honour I'll. Do it turned to sing? I dont know if you'd like it shut. It you'll have to look at is a curious to know what you like. My taste is cut out there. I've been listened to a lot of weird finnish psychedelic and psych folk music They usually comes out and see the hours of the hand, folded, color, Xerox, leave inside a sandwich bag, I buy a lot of like super homemade, music. There's a label in the MID West called american tapes, the famous ban on that labels cool
eyes, Janos and runs the label has over one thousand releases. I have over eight hundred of them some of them are limitation, one limitation five years it has paintings crazy, collage art. I have. Thirty forty plus paintings of his I bought two of them from him last week and they're all over my office. This. So many good bye There's a banner got into earlier this year called Wooten, it's a guy from Finland. He makes crazy. Music of Bhutan has over sixty releases. I have more of them. I love them. My cat is an alien to the two brothers from my from ITALY, Maurizio and the Roberto. They a record a week, crazy site. Doubt trippy cosmic, since from Noise sometimes results during the same as a jack words that sort of a super home. Yes aim. If at all levels
still. I have a hard time keeping up with american music common, our British, its. I always when you your radio show you seem to find scenes within these different countries. What kind of because Try like. I always think about what's like at once, and I came across the table two thousand to the cambodian rocks the compilation of all the garage like vat is born of blessings. One that's basically, a city are, is very hard to find cosmic twenty bucks on Ebay, but I got there's before they can find it amoeba right now the and there's another one that has some of them on the other four, but some that art and that's it, that's a great one as yet I because, as working at a ban, we records invent a speech when, like that, that came in and we put it on and we're all obsessed with it, and I was like in that meet there was one. The first times is most men like until one, whereas, like like your rug,
well, it's been around for a long time, and so the progression must happen throughout the world of just like the bans, progressing and gone passes, and so much musical history that, like you, can research are, you can spend a lifetime in each of the province of a country or each genres. Music is like Egypt, you can pick a dynasty and that'll, be your life's work. My brothers one guy he's document. The life of Linda Beans, Johnson, like the guy he's got die. Writing alluded based Johnson History book. I mean he's just he's that guy with music, the only problem is we have enough time to get to you all save it's an ocean. You're, not even gonna get a toe wet. You might wanna get near it. You might get some foam on you, but is that much good music?
and when you start micro dividing. I was in Sri Lanka a couple years ago and I was in the center of the country in the mountains in a place called candy candy with a k, a family. I got hooked up by this guy in Saudi Arabia. Hook me up with a guy to stay with the family and the life I meet, the sun speaks of English. She knows my music, we hang it now talking music, I said so. How do you get your music any record story telling goes well, no, as said sorry, you music, so well, we borrow. I got you steal. Music is lay well dude, I'm in the mouths of Sri Lanka Gimme a break. I said no so as to give her a scene as our music scene in the mountainous region of Sri Lanka. To me, like I'm stupid, like yeah, I said well, ok, sorry, sorry, youth moreover, that music beagles death metal. What looking me like, you're not dealt with give the universal language the mountains. It has to be done and I said: do you have any Sri lankan
death metal I listen to and he I downloaded from his hard drive about two or three gigabytes: sugary laws: diseases, not just money right now, like death, knell Galileo cello has that great fear of death metal. You could go anywhere in the world and there is a death metal band going somewhere in the Galaxy jealous record collection. It's terrifying got loner everything in life, both punk punk rock, because he's jalopy offer every thing was to give him one any kept it all away. I've I've been to erect a sore with him in his praise. A stack of forty, the counter and just has the guy Vienna Counter DJ use it. I can play Miller that one people put that on that stack knowing without one Eric as I'm gonna buy that stack and not by that stack of actually done at a stores. Did then we'll sinking Finland this year went to the weird been go. These wreckers look interesting! Funk I go. Can you play these look? I was to sell some records to me
yeah, we play the competitive each bottom all and unless we got me into this crazy, finnish stuff, I've been obsessed with all this here. I shall just realized. Miss Bycatch that, like most human beings, I own, the people go, you are you are you? Are you fond of music? Of course I am I I know music like music and then just listen. Finally, I don't know anything about music. Music erodes affair with, like minded people say, or do you like company sure of a frantic poverty than they say the most broad new like I know, but there are so many other things you could be enjoy. It just depends on how deep you wanna drill down on it. I mean, like my assistant, most the records I play. She discuss Would you please turn this off? It is offensive ass. If what you like rolling stones, humble pirates issues like she likes like five bands, throw really good hates the Beatles while the rolling stones low
here is a major and as do why, but she says I dont like them enough. My weird about noise wreckers she's like like what you are you kidding, I crawled How much are you kidding? This is also. What are you here like? What are you hearing? Like a few here, like a like I'll give you isn't it like a week, finish: noise collage wit. How does your brains, like what are you zeroing it in on it less my brain? Go I mean you freeze you up like when you hear son raw. We have here Albert Isler. It lets you at unlocks your brain and confounds you sometimes equal. What's that sound and all of a sudden, you break through a barrier, because music is supposed to be this as like, how some people are wealth, not really not. In India, I mean it's a different scale and so try snap in your fingers too.
Some guy doing some Roger with his instrument where's the one up. There isn't loading one I'd like then how Zack I able to play with him. They got a thing going around the third hours when this and you realize that you're gonna be nothing but a music student and if you can keep your ears open than almost any music festival is just solid gold and you just wanna, hear music night and day I'm gonna music cook I've. For many years to get an annoying. I was really into a banker Manasseh Bastard and I then there was bastard noise and- and I was on tour in two thousand and our ban was gonna- get open up fur basher noisome as recovery project am, I would just like this- is gonna, be the fucking best we're gonna get to see. Bastard noise, like Mr Kerr we'll be amazing and I'm watching bastard noise and it's a guy behind a computer.
A guy like just like turning now to the side, and I was like gig and I'm waiting for it and I'm way like I like it and they went on they headlined after men's recovery project, which is such a fund? Heard interesting, showed a watch SAM feeders, just this guy, just this net job, just like showing doing speeches and having weird awesome songs that engine watch this guy with a glow of a computer donors of their hair in their phasing out acknowledging the audience twiddling knobs in dicking around with a laptop that with somebody gigs love, my girlfriend. I bonded over the ban, lightning bolt array of Diana animals that bit, though, when the highlights me has been working at the theatre on Sundays that that Chris Zones, I mongers, runs the open. My and I will clear people out lightning bolt because it gets me excited and the show before they clear outputs greatest will have young kids. You are coming into try comedy and about once a week I'll have a lot of people real pissed, as this noise is playing and in some
what is that any psychotic Steen and you ve been with the point that is noise, managing a lightning bolt someone's like it's, I to b spans really like crazy and noisy, and then drummer sings Bay tapes, the microphone to his face, as as again I'm buying that record. Now it even listen to us like I'm gonna, go by that render me that's all we needed. It is a disgrace. Why one record also, ok, wolden. Tell me one record to walk out of the story. That then all you want this one I'll go get it. I am now curious and if it sucks for then ok yeah, I'm infer fourteen bucks, I won't be all right taken as a whole day, I got a new began to dig. I will write to me that sir, I feel lucky yeah, that's always nice! When you bad and it's like, I don't feel like bombed when, like I hereby like that, it's so good. How can I ever heard for they have all these other records, I just all fuckin ay. Let's do this industry is going down that tunnel. Yes, that's the thing that I think
There is something I ve always appreciated when I got into it. Is it like if it hits in this way, were you get into an inspiring historical like you can't stay away? People like baseball with I've always liked based, This is the time limits team in this club, because all back Punkahs, very similar thing. For me words. I owe this- and this is influencing this in and you can keep on going all the way open mouth breathing mode where you're trying to explain something a band you like, but you have to explain them a timeline could give you actually learn how you got an air sea and- and I was like it- was the mid west- talk long enough, all a sudden you're talking about Stockhausen Is it eventually you gonna get back to bill? Punk rock the low album, bogey Ino, Berlin, Kraut Rock, and you as you go back as Simon did in his book. We like, oh well, then I guess it goes back to noise.
Ralph and Florian now and then watch the three hour documentary on non craft work. That's I want to see a sober is so good. An annual it'll make you wanna get all those records gazelle those territories. All their stories were amazing because in the universe, saying they're like we're coming from world war, two like we're trying to like we're, making sound tracks of bombs, dropping of like, holdings falling as were reliving this horror of our parents like ok. I never that's. That's idea, The tell tale sign is that as Kraut rock engine Real, is doing that that you watch all the cool american Rock stars just be line. Berlin, as that's that floating down, but there's like all. That's where things are. It is now time to go here. Berlin was really fun on the wall was up when the I came down with I'm glad. I did, of course, if this became another beautiful Germans. Used to go there a lot as a ban can do ok, they're blacks, likely there a couple of times and either always spend the afternoon walk.
Along the wall was nor defy you never more than a few blocks from it in a where's. The wall go that way and there it is, and now you go there and you get his just walk through checkpoint Charlie Sister Street now is very different when that when the wall came down, as is like the pressure of that city kind was unleashed I just became more. I don't know, then you see eastern Germans were still making a transition. I think all these years later, but it's it was fascinating. Either when the war was up. There is something very cool intense about it, but this has been a mean were where at the end of our hour, but this I've been a fuckin amazing. I just I feel I don't know I mean I certainly wouldn't come in pretend like. Oh, I know everything about, but I really I always love handing out like. I really don't know that much about anything and- and it's been really fastenings is to get this perspective on I mean even watching you Jonah over twelve years ago, you Kyle just like it, so I love watching people talk virtue
you may not like it. For me, I was as much as I've ever been in anything. There's always another guy. That knows way more, like a that's how I like it's like, sometimes Carlos, I must, however, be like that's where I know I don't know. No general, though, is that I get into better music fights with you just about while a case will be standing and try to get the ball rolling when you don't want to talk like require? The only guy is like the Zeppelin adore spectrum. I back and forth relationship there really That's not one of my favorite things to say it's just that there's. If there's one there's two bans, you kid Name saying you don't like that, will really go like ill hit. The route of somebody like you just did me yeah Zepplin as like, like it's like you say as I find identical, but not yet
How about take? You will have the same rights as I don't like the Beatles and Jonah will get great condescending like every likes to be well out of their race boy. Might the engineer my radio show? Who is a damn? Encyclopedia music, you say bill? Is there not something? Tat were not bad, but yeah, there's also cool music. Do you like like, while, because for Roma, actually standpoint there grey areas as you I still like to list now. Another band like that. Radiohead. If you say don't like Radiohead, it will really be able to get you dont know, then you don't know yet. I admire Tom York. I admire those records. I like those guys as they take chances that not all of the records are accessible, even if some Radiohead fans, which means that, during going overboard everything you know whether going for their what they want to do. Rather than trying to make you happy and I've, I would much rather have a ban take a turn: a corner Roma? Ok, I gotta hang on, but you
nails to stay with you, rather than you giving me that covered in Japan lap and licking my fate wanders, that sort of Prague EU territory, where you appreciate what they're doing, but yours are like come on. Let's, why? That's? Ok, that's all! I can think no better way to end this progress When do you really believe that we all know the Gruber Americans we gave a bit more is coming up. No, not yet
it's, not a big man, I'm sometimes too hard I'm humanly really Ruby Guide mergers, road, marriage, the valleys of the wonderful people go up there and ages the order every have a perfect way. So, where is that is over the rushing back again?
how much good stuff going on. That's. Why anybody the eighties doors like no? That's when much things, how many of us people? Yes, he will say the same thing like like the nineties me they like in the late nineteenth sectors like you, will never look regional records at them and hit the every decade has asked stuffy eightys. For me, that's the pixies! That's how you ass, you dinosaur Junior Sonic, you your van! Yet another year was rich. You know, there's all Keyser good bans, the nineties. What tools ox come on, there's all cause there there's all kinds Agus. I think it's will that, like nineties, third, that weird host eighties guitar fuzzy warm pop thing is kind of come back into vote. I think a tightening rediscovered is like. Oh, it is an instrument that you can. I forget. I think you sing like I know it's coming back man of her and tables or look they're, making a ton of em. Now people appreciate analogue sounds means
I walk, and by that pedal on Ebay or sound school, had Robin Trout get that sound two years ago he was at Robin Charter, they got you. What is it? Who had so? That's cool heads that I know a guy in a Robin Trout tribute Bear Little Robin Trier. Either of bridges eyes. They wanted to allay music award for best Tribute ACT more or less up again. So can I ask you my wine, but like fanatic, Rawlins questions, five, the way I got into you was like I'm a big fan of the spoken word like that, actually influence me getting into comedy more than any comic like all through high school. That was just a lot of what I listen to it, but the first thing I ever saw you spoken word on. Is this weird black hole thing that I've been chasing since I was fourteen and I've never found reference of it. Existing anywhere
I'm the one time I saw it and it was on it. One. A m on comedy central in this would have been about two thousand and it was clearly from like the early ninetys it was shot out. Was you in a black box? Theater was clearly shot on videotape and the two stories are caught from it. Where you're at a live sex No somewhere in Asia, with your band on a girl shoots of banana out of her vagina catches. Can you tell the first historic, yes almost hidden in the face yes and I ve never been able to find that a dvd, I think all rose Goose London that will ITALY C4. Ok, it's not on the version. I
have a wrong declared the wounded. That's wrong goes London and a second show the split it's not that cause. I bought it thinking. It was gonna. Be that our that little club, the BBC, said here. We want to shoot you for BBC. For us a great will show them all what you can now it nice it. Ok, my manager worked it out and I think that an I told a story about that. Guy, the snake show. Yes, we he's got the boom box playing the the internet, yeah theme, but it at that and then and then you clothes on doing storm at the kitchen. The girl, the stairway to Heaven, is yet to be sought. Ass, yeah Diane was her less. She was hot Jason, that goddamn video down yeah, I think, there's either does either still on the tapers. Why I've done a lot of talking to you,
These are never watched and pass the editing face. Now, adding in mastering was it's done. I'm eight excess. Don't look I'll, listen! Let people are gonna, hear this borrowing so important, yeah, oh fuck, I didn't real linen another line. It's only find so what's your ear, your twitter is, is your tour. Kyle is audience at Kyle. Clark is rather caught. Clara Clark is read, so if anyone knows if anyone has this that the workhouse talking about this, this role fr. Mrs andreasen drop dead, just tweet I gotta have it out would be ninety seven or ninety eight in that that incident happened in ninety seven gotcha. We were on our way to Australia or Japan and had a few days off, and so we went to Bangkok,
I had already been there with their own my own for a few days on my way to Australia once and the bans inhaled gotta Bangkok, in when you go to Bangkok. In that mode, hey, let's go see the sexual, which is super, boring and kind of depressing, like wildlife, sex on state. You see, keyboard people said minutes tonight sets three sets a night like these. Two people are coming, so I can get an erection on command and I can sit here and I'm smoking it with it here comes the ping pong ball. One thousand to the glass two thousand and four police have generously is like say you like. Really Is this what westerners want to save time, but have my say, come on? Let's go and buy twenty minutes. It is like an hour whatever by twenty minutes it. Everyone in the audience is like. Oh ok, this is its. We got it, but there there's more real the end is not one of those things you really want to be seen at so, of course, we're sitting.
Like these bleachers around the the stage. Area- so I look across and there's people one after another people, on each other on their shoulders, whether finger up and like many like the woman adjusting the local amid a pirate. They start real yonder. Learn how to do that anyway, I'm gonna go to a growing, I gotta go there. I have and so I've never seen that on union on someone's facebook page. But I was there and that happened, but will thank you guys. He forbade thank you for being here. Henriette was a pleasure man. I apologise. If I talk to No, no! Please that's why you're here, ok, yeah! This is this: is it
about you, and I I actually learned a shit ton today and I'm actually to go back and listen to this progress or make Kyle. Do it and right now all of the bans that you mentioned well. He would be a good reference in that year. It's obviously both these guys got their antennas up and, in the truth, is no matter what kind of music you're into this private fibrous expanding. Really like that. You had never even heard yet. I now I'm short term in every genre. We must do a lot of metal music alone, stone or metal? the length of it it because it is so extremely becomes almost avaunt basic sleep. Do that really ass? We holy shit life right now. I've seen him live life feelings, hurt at the end of their think that there are still at an ice on outside this. What you saw site yeah, I said they. They play getting back together like every Sunday they play? I have left us two years ago, holy one I'm ass, might be one of the greatest performing serves the inquiry ass entirety. Just oh, my God is sixty seven minutes solved.
There are some crushingly loud life is such an amazing piece of music is like one of my favorite It's incredible single works you put on you like. That is amazing, and I've played it in its entirety. Many times Southern the largest reissued it on picture display and green vinyl. I know this because I have the picturesque and the green, the reader. The covers really called him. The cutting the whole of the hologram versions also very Ivan Zuma. Then I on fire record, not one bad record of record big. Never there are good they're, my closet and they just three Saddam or just re, issued the first album with extra tracks on CD only right for now, and I just ordered my copy. I got it yesterday in my pocket on that first track Baghdad, which is one of my favorite tracks in his three mastering good that
guys a southern border, very damn careful when they re Macedonia like dope smoker. I have the teepee final version. I bought a long time ago. I borrow and came out, but I bought three issue because they set in I went to the site and it said painfully re mastered from the analogue tape and I just re something for vinyl least myself in its touchy going over. All you gotta, be real discords great with their re masters, lay that the other by threats and the nation Ulysses, Ozzy donation, stuff, is the banana detonation reduce our are wholly crises, so fucking day is real, will first off in gets it right, but the FU gauzy guys a key lesson ass, the master, but he is so intent that will because they ve got almost the same level of fan
like the grateful dead people like the observers, who the grateful that really where they, when they re mixed it, a guy who did it, was just a fan who about brought it bought all of the AMS they toward with and remind them each individual track playing through the acting more authenticated version of it is ridiculous, but it takes a great deal of care with the mass and other master for Digital up in New York. They use a guy in Chicago they're using a guy locally. For some of this is similarly Gus over Sonya and then get a pal Chad Clark. Apparently that relationship it no longer They don't do it anymore, a lot they're using a guy in Chicago. That's been all the new for Gaza Vinyl. And then they're using another guy. I was at the mastering session last year for the void record Yugoslavia, mastery as our common aim. I heard the men the void record, get mastered, and so it is very, very carefully
I was going to redo Israel carefully. I write stuff in walks up here you like well Gimme the brochure and I'll get back. You know there was real real quiet post. You not, you for a few years there there wasn't a whole lot activity and then all of a sudden we re issue started coming out. It gather what my was loaded easy for. Their last show. The lash. Although global opening and is not misused, the black hat, and I flew all the way to the er until I come from there. So I'll go anyway just to visit, and so I that's a good reason to go east, and now, when I saw the last show and yawned so much the better for it. So great nothin. I, unlike discord West type in that, if you are a discord banned in your turning away, You can stay at my house why room the FED Ex guy will come and take your package is home.
Feed. You! I've put up many discord. Bans at my place. There's a I'm really big on me. Behold, folk punk movement is going mostly through like the south and stuff like that, unless we years and there was a seen in Pomona, where they literary were the way station for all these east coast and South bands, so it became this weird place because there was a house and a venue next to the house, so everybody just came through as this was the place where they could shower. Do laundry implants show those does a bit when, as evidence and Pedro and all the recess records any time there was a like a ban affiliated with like EF, I p toys. I call any the recess records bands like they would end up. Staying at one of our houses in San Pedro early assist, he records you'll see someone thank called Iris Ass, my mother men men, whose skirt meet puppets same fight is allowed Andrea. My mom, as a great tour with us. They knew they call iris.
Like all great cub over you, obviously Stevens very polite young men and then come over and you do not break anything in your Debo sleeper My mom got thanked on a bunch of those records. Because they all awhile underwear in her little washing machine in her kitchen. Yeah I Buckeyes mom used to put a black flag. She was was popular bombing. These even my book flags in your place where this is like a walking around there's Gregg Mama's basement. Do parents were caught a really mellow. That's so if there is bands in Hawaii that we're like need a place to stay like an array kappa from shelter and use it today, like he slept no, my garage Edna tonight, it's like my dad like when quicksand was in town like he's like,
you like down as a gaze on whose money go take him out to like a good Hawaiian placed the. So I got to take out quick Santa. There was just like it's like guess. I think parents being go about them in my view, because my house is slowly behind my brothers, you know start producing bands and he's got his band. They just started running the turing circular called shady characters butter and they we ve started wakened with bands from Texas on her couch. Be that my brother, or go out somewhere Sunday night to see abandoned, will have half the bans on the bill asleep and our living room is leaving for there's a lot of that. I mean in Minneapolis leads to sleep. It was someone from whose produce place. I grant Harvey sleep on one who alone away to make their record was spot, whoever they sleep. It s, tea, the parents couch it is man. Allies money for hotels whose could do they're, like you know, playing for their next meal, and so no has money in those days were lost in Austin, Texas were sleeping on the big boys floor,
what a terrifying place us they buy, but you're nice people, one time were playing in it barber. So we sleep it MIKE Davis, this house based Player empty five, I'd like a re really here and he put us up because he's cooling down and when I had my little apartment in DC before a judge black flag one night. I've got at least to deal away. All of this few Angelo be offer, has taken my little Sears robot bed work in three hours at the ice cream story, work, debt and you're, sleeping in my Maybe this is my crap apartment. I wrote holiday in Cambodia
your own that night and let the floor next to the bed, I'll think you to sleep journalists and sounds like nineteen amendment. Nineteen eighty great show Sir Circle jerks open, then flip than the dead Kennedy? Jim only sure, exciting. Eighty eight, the Maputo guards be it in. I was out rotating free and first band attain idols. Yet me, I'm gonna calibre the Comet Greyhound Bus was at the moment the where the circle jerks went up to ensure kind of the car. Well, that's one of my favorite notaries and gave an their fans who all ended up in that movie. Climb decline. Oh yeah acts head you Jeanne Branson, all those guys are terrifying, clockwork orange time. No, the members of the band other like swing that it made another like a magicians, they're nice now, those other guys beach, crazy, like I like either
Let me now, thankfully Calais, I don't want to die because those guys we're normally they look at thousands, glaucoma embezzling, no man, you're too crazy, Maybe a year later, I'm performing in front of us now is the irony so eighty, I now being youth man on Tour de in summer. Eighty one, I must say to the cook, whose nest August twenty first, my first show with black flag with guys looking up from the audience, not I use often, but to be to be historically intact. One guy looked of immediate you better, be good, wow? I hope I pull this off, because this audience gonna kill me. We I cut the mustard ye. I was ok, zoos are later on their or I was all right with them, but for what a ferocious audiences honeybees We're here- and I know said the count like that. Do I met last year when our voting for even but that's where met Jello be offer, was
I say to them a boom. We all kind of use, holding corduroy church I'll, be out front, shook hands. You have a general impression damn what was it? You have a general impression. I just did it. There is now a minor in order tat. My morphs into french night or by the third word arrived, and I still see Joe to this day. He he's a good man. He faced the good fight. He smart and loves music and can still sing his asshole never lost his voice that regularly with the yeah yeah he's around with them. I think he's done record deal tat, I think, is based player. Now, as is the old days play my ban, Andrew ICE and his brother Jonathan on drums, isnt ferocious rhythm section. I saw the wash it on Youtube, closing bill ass last summer doing is shown they said you know jello if you're a week ago, and I looked it up on Youtube in so many phone camp at night I watched a few songs good. Two guitars on stem cells, rule rostrum every minute do anything you want
promote. Why you're here before we? Let you go now that these states thing well yea a year as tore call capitalism doing the capital city of every state in America ends on election eve at nine thirty Club in Washington. We played there, the thirty close now agree. I got I when the first thing we did when we got there. I was. I just wait and I like who worked here like back in the day, and it was like a guys they all it's me and then I just sat in his office staff. There he's just like the first time ever when I snuck in I was fifteen stuck into an agent orange show more here what the others do too. There are two different versions of the idea. Was that the EU they, who somebody resembling everyone's a pillar in your face, the new one. It was not you any more, but it's a great, very nice, but am yet the tourism. It's called capitalism due in the capital city of every tour. Shepherd fairy just did the poor sure looks really cool and that tore ends on election Eve and then two days later, the next leg of the tour starts, which is a multiple mice in cities. I'm new and five New York's three drawn us three Chicago's three
San Francisco, some five elitism finishing the toward five nice largo. It finishes December first and I'll be about a hundred eighty one shows this year. I will go home and collapse for a day, and then back out will be by January six. I will be you know in December. I will be working on two different books: lobby working, but I be jumping up and grabbing the we gotta have you back on early next year. If you want to come back on the nose except I mean I, we honestly, I don't. I don't want to stop the pike ass now. This is this. Is it but, but we I biting. I ain't gonna work by giant, but I just fucking love me there's this great stories, even though I mean I you know a lot of the names you're saying I dont have the emotional action that that Kyle and Jonah have, but it still so fucking fascinating to me because I
stand. What's going on, you know even is kind of an outsider, and I just I could honestly could hear stories forever. So, if you please come back on early next year, I will be happy to ok cool things. Every individual's you, those radiation, absolutely kiss it of you get ten Saturday's is always worth checking out I'll, say stream. It there we go and there's some die on the internet's. If you just type in Rawlins Archive into the Google there's a guy is like like nine years of my radio, show just on line. You can download it at the right price. Dude apparently says the fan. He does it I've. Never, I don't know him was always as hey: I've missed you shall might see if this website still up and running, and some rightly that all right early. He still has the site Rawlins Archive, but you're the one with the union was grey zones. That list
great love rate, but also just here. It was need just you and you guys. This kind hang out an area, but boy those that is, it was a pitch perfect selection songs. You're. Whenever remedy is house, USDA Jays, you're you're all sit down play with a kid and he'll just put some requiem like. What's that record zoom, I found it four dollars relatives and then you go on Ebay and try to find. It copies were made pressed by a leopard, got one delivered with their hands to add Roy, neither licked ability to work. You do a garage gorazde going I'll get this one. You put your that's great Get an amazing record collection at grass, enjoy brood over, but now leading notice dot com enjoy your router
this episode of the Nerdist Podcast is brought to you by stamps dot com go to stamps, dot, com click on the radio microphone at the top of the homepage and type in nervous for one hundred and ten dollars bonus offer, including a digital scale and fifty five dollars of free postage, that's stamps dot com and for the promo code, Nerdist.
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