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Hilary Swank and Chris have a great conversation despite their voices being shot from busy days! She talks about going from The Karate Kid to Boys Don’t Cry, how she molded her career since then and her new film The Homesman. She also talk about what she has learned from the many roles she has played, especially Boys Don’t Cry! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Walk Linares by gas number five. Ninety eight, I we do extent of comedy jokes at Cobb's in San Francisco December eleven twelve and thirteen. That runs like a whole week, and that is what we can do this weekend in San Francisco, which I'm excite ever been. Never, I think it was. Years ago, when I do this met wailing so far away from the microphone There is an. I ruin everything You have only waiting for you to say those words, honey we gotTa Cobb's comedy Blues Cubs comedy club calves, comedy club, DAK, Kova Promo code Are you too there's no promo code and audio? I didn't get that no there's no promo code. You should try. I would increase, I might get a move on tickets. Was this cancer no met
there's an grace I want you to move, is waiting to take it harbours, stir up or a ticket or also wonderful ticketing agencies, heads tickets, heads tickets that only after a guy berries, The matter is that I would say you, don't you ever those kinds of drugs, and I know what you're talking eyes. I am certainly nothing can wake me up Hilary swag, who was tough fan tasks, I was just so nervous multinational. I didn't say anything you weren't here: they don't know that ok, yeah met areas, ragged running the helmsman witches in theatres now, which was I've written by Timely Jones and is a human family jewels. Also in the movie any directed it, I don't know, did he directed it incredible, retina homelike heavily jaws, That means there must be a pickup truck, involve, yes, I'm sure it was there. Also.
The horse in a pickup truck also initiated hurry. Swank is, is it is pro pets pro animal good? She is hosting a dog adoption, a fun on thanks, on Fox low rate, which is a fantastic idea. So you can have Hilary pets replace Jerry's, kids that threatens yeah yeah. I think that the thing that's where Labour day, wasn't it was a very labour data, visible I'm getting them. Its wild marathons confused. Yet now it's yes, it's Thanksgiving Day, trouser marathon, but then go he Hilary on Fox and then and then adopt of hats nigger. You need a little body in your life, but only by a may adopt a pair of you can actually take care of it. You don't just but on a whim known and unknown, don't don't whimsically adapter pet dogs have it, but if you have the time an energy don't adopt a as a last. Ditch effort to savour relationship, you know is tanking anyway. That's my advice, there's no biogas. Five, many aid with Hitler is rank
there's that councillors deputy minister com, I mean how water think they're coming in hot water, that our voice problem right now I want to her so much talking talking, Tugela blah blah blah lying. Edinburgh shows that our work is a lot for some reason: ok, they're loud so little. Like this. Yes, we were you, talk like this and how we can also exemplary our life than we do NPR, just everything. That's
that when someone out are you whispering because she's whispering is never I don't want you to feel it. You have to talk about it. Decisive dont go through the front door, Matrona Warner with me. You feel ok now, as I said, but I'm gonna go. This is. Is this and of all the press stuff for you like, and I mean let's sit close to the end. Close I sell talks as by I'm close to the image could- someone- that's consider it to be once you get past that year, Europe closer to the end. Yes, oh my god, I swear I as much as I see people do junkets. I always feel great empathy for this process. Yes, although I have to say I was starting by ok good,
though, that to keep it in perspective, and I genuinely meanness I wake up in the morning and I think I could be exhausted living my dream ring be exhausted, so hitting the pavement trained to achieve by dream and who really it everything just gonna get like put right. In that perspective, I walk out with an attitude literally gratitude. MIKE. Ok, I get to sit here and talk about a movie that I love you but John. Yeah. That's that's not find that this was not fun about it. It's not that it's not funny talk. What your movie, but you have to do, So many one day I just which could be spaced out a little bit and you and part of Yugoslavia just take it all in one day and get it done or but no when, after you do, others interviews you just don't wanna. Why not allow somebody have as good of an interview the first people when you are all aware,
in a way: oh yeah and then someone comes at an area last when your idea, you Know- and I feel bad for them, because he wanted to give everyone therein of you, of course, but to anyone who thinks that produce yoga Tupid, forgive you hey, listen, try to be interrogated for twelve hours. The saint like Imagine what say that you are being investigated for something and who knew cops, came in every eight minutes and asked you basically the same questions, the same crime. They were asking you about four about twelve hours. And by the enemy like idle No, my name, maybe I did do it. I just need to cause that's really really a good boy and gray analogy: that's hilarious! Behind a kind of life and also sometimes you know you you dont know if someone does have an agenda or something and Alice said in their last question is
get her in your I've, always thought we were going. What this I didn't see it right away. What was I to over this? was ignored in did you shoot that gives? Did I watched a second ago, we were yet everything's. Fine with me. I was in the british press that won't they just right off the bat so did you see that child? What would the movie? They are exactly? It's I mean it is You know what they are luxury problems, but it still, but these things still require energy. They still require focus. You still must feel like am, I consents my representing this film, properly all my questions and I'm because you're so tired, you dont have a sense of direction anymore, road it so you ve been blah blah blah lying. That use think that I say everything just what you said did I say everything I wanted that it makes sense was a coherent and the worst honestly is when you get to the last part of the day, and you, like, you, said you're on your twelve hour, you.
Our talking and you may say the same thing twice and not even realize it because or miss it entirely. They did I already savers and hang it is raising Mine game the suit we're not here to talk about me. So I apologise for Roma to tell you, but that's happened to me when I'm stand upon the road a five day. If I do three shows in a night on the third sh I've had this experience before where I start to tell a story, and I can feel the air get sucked out of the room and I go out. Are you told this dynamic yeah has like Iver guys? No, I'm not You said earlier about you because that's what we're label? That's it! That's! I'm it's so nice to actually conversation, and I have used asked me quite normal. That is exactly what I do, but but you catch it and I just sit there like this and they're looking at me like this is awkward and I don't get it didn't. Give you gonna give you attempt to give your tip at a princess book is the tip out of princes book which the prince no pray
the singer. The finger prints, Rogers NASA, that's what I mean by that operate a mean that our friends one and only here, because we have a monarchy here so he's the one we have actually so prince. If he went on, I most favorites at the best. Was so amazing on set here in this room no is: the shovel her. I don't believe you he's one guy. Just thinking that I sit in that in the same seat. Is him that's where I was dying? No! No! But if you want, if I ever, here's aren't you have preserved in the park gas I'll, send you a cherry was he has put in your house, and they are just call me and honest russian and go oh, my gosh. Isn't this a weird coincidence I just haven't might is right now brought purple lose at the brigands tribute the levelling down. Maybe I was here
invisible transit perverts after some private issue prince, if he's playing a rift any fuck, something up, he does it twice, because then people think it was on purpose genius. Did he actually tell you that? No, then I ve never met him. Oh, I thought you Madame on us now, noise he was honest and now I bet you were there to no, no, no, no. I apologize. I was my fault for speaking, to bear its like a globally not help. It do something less chalk it up with my exhaustion and have no idea what is happening right now, where I M in my dream. No, this is not a dream. You are here, he said that one he was on s, no, no you're. The personnel connections were separate, unrelated vote that I brought up. That really was just ok, because
you're actually exhausted one, I'm completely coherent know. What's going on, I resisted, say yes and I did say us and UK us? Yes, yes, I've had a similar data, or so I apologise, but this is why this is gonna, be fine and interesting, and one in supporting job we're gonna think it's interesting. Everyone else might be like this is a lot of garbage worth listening to us in this context, let it can't download whenever they want on whatever device they want here. So we have to accept it It was one of the situations where there were. Two. There were two mildly Congress thoughts that, came out at the same time, the first being princess. Now recently, and it was amazing, the second being at some point pass on related to this. He expressed this idea that he has about how you he does something twice if you fucked it up to the people, things up
What is the of the first somebody? Does it we're fucked up many desert right? Are those that you times already? Does it fucked up? We ve forgotten, represent on purpose the second time. Ok, I get it I'm with you now. So, if he's we're, just go, blueprint will look again had is broadly, and if you like, oh well, that wasn't it. Thing. I can do that on stage one doing lines it wrong twice, why snow yeah, I don't they gonna work. You're wrong. Why did you have to have the name prince to make that he's? he's a mysterious one that prince, I don't think he. I knew someone you dated him and it did sounded odd. She was like because he said so when you're dating Prince, do you ever just going? the principle of a story you want some minor jerry was or whatever, and she was a good question. She was like. No, you don't when I was dating him. No one was alive,
to address him. First, what so I did on her. So wait like this. It was like those weird sort of royalty. This is a legit. This is I was told by the girl. She was dating him, yeah, she's, and even Sheikh couldn't talked him for stairs, which she said. This was in ninety nine. Nine hundred so does like ninety some so If I don't have that still a policy that exists, but this was a policy at the time. Ok, so it doesn't work. Tina. I ever run into I'm say that you and I want to know look, I'm talking you first, but I really notes they gotta do exactly so you. I read some of your life story. The interesting better. The Boeing bets above What will the subjective? Would you think of the border? Getting I'm allow theirs and fair remember. I don't know you, you moved a future.
I moved a lot. Yes, why your family moved minded to were actually my family stop moving pretty much when I was after I only moved three times in my life. I was my childhood, but my family was in my dad. Was in the military. You're still know my dad was brushwood bowler, What's that serious, you cells, are you kidding that so embarrassed by referred to was like an alcoholic military? Ok, he was a profession. Bull. I'd rather work enable are you good war, I'll go in and like bowl shark. Is that what is called card shark? ball shark, that drugs mislead when it gets tops Danes and of your youth policy Ok now just again, and I need to end better ball sharp oil shower. I heard it and it's amazing and just as a tangential thoughts, that's a big!
well, world hired person we're going. This is this: is the business the server this we're gonna manufacture the bull shark, which is a small blue shark, shaped thing that you just drop in your toilet and then it keeps it fresh I can't hold him his agenda. Is that little thing and have your face on it did note as your boy sharp, and here we have a sharks phase that you now expect, even though it that means a pool shark Norman No, I know you're doing we're going, but a hustler which I completely there. You go into a bowling alley endlessly take em all down. I could do that. You think that's so fastening actually have a friend who we just joke around everyone. Symbolic me up like we know already done, and what do you do this to joke give to come up with? these are all right and I'm gonna use that professional bowler, could totally another good it's fun, so you moved around the last year. We do because I didn't going back about two minutes
MRS yeah. That's a lot from that's done rather laughed moving through cavity born in Nebraska. That counts is one I didn't move their eyewash born into it moved away state yes, and then, when I was ready to Sue my dream: a movie, California, Europe, was allows fifty noticeable unmoving, I think, from most kids moving three times the reference, let alone I didn't move three times those born in Nebraska. I didn't move there, was born there, so that wasn't a moving. You move when I was three: we move from your brass, get a washing and stay, and I was there too. I was fifteen its former. You move from uterine weaken the radical what you got. Actually really do. Member with Washington Oh yeah, I feel like that's where I grew up. I love it. It's my favorite place on earth and I have travelled pretty much. The entire earth
so this old this'll be raining down over there. He takes showed no copious know it's there. Why? How can you come into my next class? My ticket learning something interesting, my notes for me, that is wrong. Profound. Would you learning? Are you taking classes yeah, I'm learning french? What they waited upon Jose for major problem beauty, is your compound. The Yom here did you sweet Americans to peat. That's all. I know obviously this loophole. Did you bad for me? I said I'm sorry for you, but the truth is That's pretty much all! I know how to say what I just said. It sounds really good. The banks. No have you ever thought about. Maybe just doing a film all in french scrape idea had loved be cool. Some great French, a tour filmmakers it you know. I love that skews me my love to love to learn so anyway, taking copious notes like
your fellow colleagues here is very important and look how he's doing it he does called you are doing in a way. That's really like you mean business is enough. Around. I wish I could send a picture of you right now. You can see that the knows it he's a very studious young man and he has field notes in his pocket yeah. I would hope that I open at feel knows just fine really detail drugs of birds, like I don't know what you like your literally an old old girl against I'll feel field notes. We are trying to figure out where the speculation diverges. While you can't always such capillary when you're tired. How do you do in our way I'm very stupid when I'm away I minks areas, areas lathes from oppressive, some galloping you'd do said. Vertical up in one: go up again, cannot a vacancy knoweth
it's been rate, it works for me I can even say it. I can speak a little French, but I can't say that so this is what this is. What I think is interesting and sort of this parallel experience, and I feel like you and I had, which is Europe. You know France its purposes. You grew up in Washington and its it. Can you know it's? It's not. It's. You ve not been in Washington longer than you were in Washington, in your mind, because I had the same experience in Memphis. Tennessee your mind, you don't have an accent it. I know what happened the great acts and get it back around. I could take it back. It'll be an hour an hour, chalk and raw meat if you knew Jeff dunams Basil Motherfucker makes puppets talk. They say the right since then, but in your mind,
That was a considerable like. Oh, you grew up there you're that, but when you think about it, it really wasn't that many years, but because of the years that you were there, it feels like most of your life, but you ve been here most of your life rain, oh yeah. Actually they see it and I think you're formative years. I would call, will you, Growing up, but I would say, if you put a period on the end of things from three to fifteen, I would say those formative years. I consider where I grew up, because I don't know is this feels like you are ya, I you weren't, you didn't, have the responsibilities that you do now and then, but if you put a period End of that, yes, I moved to California from team to while twenty five and then moved to New York or you're in Europe for yeah, I moved to New York, for you're soccer and your back here now and I'm back here, I kind of, but I mean back here, loose we are certainly. My main problem is here, but I would say I really live on a plane. I just with our jobs and
movie sets in different. You know we're all over the place all over the world. Do you enjoy the mechanics of the nomadic lifestyle or of it? You do. I love it and I have to say I'm a little worried because I love it so much one. I'm settled summer for too long a site that I get bored, I never get bored, I made it with myself at eighteen, that I'd never get bored because her so much that I want to do in life and if I'm bored, I feel income than lazy. Quite frankly, sir, I never board, but I just feel Ok, I'm ready to learn something new or experience, something else. So do you find? they get? Nancy thing translates into other parts of your life, or is it just like where, you're hanging. Your hat, probably only where I'm hanging my hat, the I'm pretty being in a moment and hanging now. So that's good. Did you re always like that figure out how to do that.
I think it's something that probably started happening in that that second, after the first period of fifteen as a cause, when I was young I wanted to do. Was sure it's all they wanted a descent. I remember adult saying to me: don't grow up so fast don't grow up. Suddenly what should have been and what you're talking about now I like shadows, yeah, and I grew up really really fast- if even got here when you're fifteen were you in, like I was actually fifteen and have to be exact. They had may learn as per annum. I could drive down with my mom when she was knows here. Did you go to regular schools go to work after school? No, I went irregular school, but I left school. When I finish my sophomore year, my mom made me get my high school equivalency, my g d and all that. But now I started working pretty much right away when I'm sixteen wow. What was your first germ while I did a lot of tv. One of my first job
growing pains with Leonardo Dicaprio, whatever happened to him a yeah, ready and my movie was Buffy the vampire. Oh, that's right, you're! Sixteen! I fuck him of that movie, so my bank, that solar power of users in the past couple of years ago I had the greatest death scene, Bessie the bare five minute break ins above and it wasn't written like that. You just did that. Joey's genius is his genius genius and a kind of those efforts I wrote. Why isn't even doing Don T waste of all these years, like as much as I love beauty like? Why hasn't why? Whereas more of that yeah yeah you visa, maybe Buffy was a buzzing great movie, so that one of them, was wanting. That was your first movie met my first movie, my first movie. I was doing some half hour sitcom during the day and ensuring that in the evening only that abundant entered teenage energy. You have, I somehow do it. So this is
I think it's what's really interesting to me and maybe I'm wrong so pleased by all means something I will appreciate. So you you do moving the credit kid franchise which you probably at the time are you like with it's gonna be huge because that will be was huge and then this is gonna blow up, but in between that and then boys don't cry or it's like I'm oh I'm, basically working for free- and this is something that I really care about and is a cunning, my fingers, how many years was I mean? That's the thing like the thing that you think might blow you up? Maybe What does a little bit, but the thing that you just do, because you are passionate about the thing and do you really think that is a really great way to look at in? Yes, you'd think that a franchise- movie would be that there already the following would be something that we could help people I review it. In reality, we yeah actually remember Jerry Weintraub saying is: can we use you're gonna be a movie star? It's gonna be
over you and let you know you better just appreciate this now is the life's gonna change you know you know, but a gardener, daisies he's great and and then that that didn't happen and that's it. A minnow for me. I never knocked an opportunity to. I took every time I was doing sitcoms like I said I was doing. Many a of my career comedy, I was doing movie of the weeks left, right and centre, and I I just I thought may was a grey experience for me was to be lead in the movie and to be a mammoth eighteen years old awhile Where do you feel like you really cut your teeth? I mean like how do you know how that was definitely cutting my tea for sure it was a big big challenge for me, like I said, because I started in comedy
and I wanted a chance to do some drama, and I remember actually feeling like have to step in these big shoes. Of macho? How do I live up rapid module? You live up to that area, and so I I remember walking round the character was relieved. And always scowling and really teenage text, and I walked around like that thinking. If I somehow let some happiness seeping, I won't be able to get back to this, that I guess what the people coin as method, and now I realize how silly that is, but by the I was just my fear of of terrible failure which I still have, but I just carry differently, you feel, like you, carry more response, women. I think it's Did you have a little fire under your feet at all times? I'm always scared. Every single time I walk onto a movie said that I'm gonna somehow not be able to. Figure it out and I'm gonna let people down, and I was doing this whole round tables
the variety round table and, while the actresses Julian more said, she is so afraid to do theater. But not she didn't have that fear to do film and she sits. Bout, her fair piss, you said you know, she's, an emotion is not going to kill you right, so just how that so gray eyes, but don't I said, I'm afraid that I'm might let everybody down and I'm gonna be the one of these things? It's not like the other and I'm everyone's going ray, I'm gonna ruin the movie and she goes how well get over that in those be another movie and you can make up for I say something like that. I just like your great. So, let's integrating things who do you think that that is? Do you think that's a super state this mechanism, or do you think that that's me, you Emily sing like out, and we do feel like if you don't like that's part of your ritual that it don't stress about it, though I really feel like the role that I take are so challenging that I have to try and figure out how to tackle them, because a lot of them are physical. It's not just
in those not just a tonality in the voice or an accent or the lines it. It's also carrying a physical thing and, quite frankly, I think I made a career remit playing mostly real people who said in theirs that responsible. Right and you don't wanna let those people down there. No, because you are you have, name temporarily, some still alive, and some of them can watch you and say that is not at all what I sound like. What do yeah, that's true! That is a tremendous responsibility, especially with especially with when some one, almost all of the material is very delicate too, because very personal and tragic in a lot of you know, and so You really do. I never thought about it that way of playing a real person went through a really. You know really difficult facing SEC.
When the going why'd you fuck my story. I yeah that you went through that. How could you do that? I'm settlement that doesn't they didn't happen so well nigh? Thankfully, no, but that's, but I also so will say to me you're so prepared in at that's completely my my safety net. That's might in preparation. It just covers up my not covers, but it prepares me fur. My when he call it. I need help. I'm tired, you prepares for any event. Rally prepares. You fought as it prepares me, so it's my it's my writhed, it's it's my security black, It goes its I am overly prepared so that I I can kind of relax right. See? It's with that thing where you learn at arm and forget it like a yak throughout all the Zaire, an end How do you know when you're in when you're working on something
You have a certain feeling or how do you know that you're doing what years wanna be doing all we think, because such a collaboration in near usually being guided by really wonderful directors who can say: oh it's not working or without really worthless, do more of that their helping shape your performance and hopefully you working with really great actors who also appear a game sure. So there's all of those things, but you work of quite a few of its regret. I have cod and I think I think you don't really know until you look at any say. Oh I wish I would have done that definitely or that differently cause it's just a bunch of little pixels. Until Europe look back and see the big. It is too late to go back right when you're do a good gauge, though, like do you go, I didn't do that. Hours and then you sitting, I actually turned out. Ok sometimes, but you can also do something that you think it is really
great an ear you. It doesn't look at all what you thought you had in your head, as is the that's the nature of art you set out to do to try and sheep, something a certain way, but its collaboration to someone else's in appalling on the cliff we hear and then the clay over here and all the said. You have this sculpture that wasn't exactly how you imagined, but it's beautiful in its own way, but that's what I like about our edit. They can be so much more than you expected, but in turn sometimes it doesn't turn out to be. What you expected so is the so is the is the remedy for that and not try to control the experience Summa neatly. Yes, he can't and that's why, at that, that's probably good way of saying wipe pair. I prepared like ghosts that I don't have to be controlling of it I can play. With that I I know it inside and out the character and the lines and and and anything that comes my way, whether its unexpected emotion, it doesn't pay. Wise me, because I know my lines inside and out,
someone else. Has unexpected emotion of always said, may decide to scream their lines at me. I'm not and then I'm out of it and can't do it. So I'd like to be prepared for the unexpected all the time. Did you ever study, improv or anything? You know I did and I I used to go to the improv and you just random shows every once in a while with the with the actors over there That's majestic yeah, I loved it. I loved it. I was when I was doing more. My comedy you know I was. I was doing so much com. That one I was ready to do drama and I was on television the executives there would hire me these networks You know how we will love you, but you're just two half hour, I didn't say that I was honey. They said I was too half hour. There tone you another genre that you're appropriate for money. That's really great! That's a very half our approach to tell someone that their very happy
even though the concept because they go, that's very have our thing for you to say to me who says that to a person but executives, but it is, I guess that type of flexibility and its tragic trying without trying, which is you know, I feel, like you- can kind of fall into this trap. Where you go I do not think, because I didn't do anything like yeah. That's right, you can't do anything, it's always natural. You know people here, but I didn't feel like I didn't think that's good ass an end, I am constantly reminded of that of the power of a pause, a pat, the power apposite Ross people in and allows them to have a feeling because of Europe. So busy unloading all the time, it's almost heard for people to have a feeling, and you see that with people who give great speeches- Martin Luther King or or decides to saw Hillary Clinton, speed
recently and the power of that pies just exist or draw you just get sucked right into the saying next. Are they overtaken by emotion themselves or, and it's really powerful. And to go back to a script and how that relates to a script. I wonder what's happy, between the lines of what a character saying? Because we- say so much in our lives and most of the time we're not really saying anything. You know it it's, it's it's you here at all. And time again in relationships. If you go into a european, But what I was saying was this, but you didn't say that that's how I felt, but you didn't say that right feeling is and so disconnected what were saying and I love that about people, because it makes us all connected, and you know it can relate to people in that way and so just trying to find those moments in and characters and in those pauses resort of really pursuing most of their day. I'm ok, you're. Ok, I'm ok! I'm ok! I saw gauge Hautala, we ok,
Yes, it's ok! There's a guy guy right took idea, interval We agree with that is true, is just that's human nature. We just have to feel at all times like work connect, and that's probably why it's hard for most people, especially if they're, giving as of each to pause, because you though, that sounds recognised. Everything's, ok, everything's, fine! If you pause yes or feel it. I used to feel my my my speeches with
I lay like saying almost like I promise there's something else coming might seem to find it wrote that have just lowing it's a b and find it in road or with you know, you know yes to just filler yeah, it's just filler, just basically just like fillets grout, its conversational grout fulfils its connecting the significant pieces together. This everyone knows like ok what this is going somewhere. Did it wouldn't do your head, or are you prepared when because you you, when you made poyser cry, was like well, it is a fund move about. Did you expect all the sudden like you're like now you're just like before? I was shot out of a cannon sure I guess, like you what you were saying before about you know, he thought Craddock, it was gonna, be the next to get a beget and unless you never expected it, and if you just never expected it, it was a move that was
for one point: seven million dollars road and made three thousand dollars on the movie. I had it at the end. I had an academy award and no health insurance, as you have to make by that at a time, five thousand dollars have health insurance under my Sag union row now at seventy five hundred a year, but I didn't make enough, and I just I don't think I realize what a catalyst that movie was too for such social commentary end and two I as people have told me to be, a light changer moments, I gotta an award last night at the out fast and was a trailblazer award and the person who got up and spoke said. I was now nine years old. I mean this movie came out now. Fifteen years ago I was nineteen years old and I was really struggling with my sexual identity, and I said this movie and gave context and it gave an standing of exactly what I was feeling and all the sudden I felt like there was a play,
and which I belonged, and it changed my life and to save my life, and I think that you can that I had a part in that in just servicing a story is really incredible. It's really and what I realize now is not something I became an actor for, but it's definitely I became an actor in a different way and explain that which is, I became an actor because it people and I love our stories and I love what makes a similar and what makes a difference. I, when I was a kid and feeling like an outsider myself in my for my own reasons, I would relate to characters in movies and they were peering, something I was feeling so made me feel less alone in the world that I was traversing and so it connected, even though it was maybe not ex exactly that specific thing. That's what movies can do? That's what great buckskin do. That's what art can do
and so now, at the time when I was filming that movie no idea, if I new that I probably be in from animal responsibility that I'd probably crush under. I I just saw it. The movie as a great opportunity for me as an artist, I sought as a beautiful love story. I also I recognise that it was a moment when my own vision and an idea of the world was it. Let bake blasted open my my ideas of what is called my, but the way we all see things you know I just would like oh expanded. My peripheral version. Well yeah that works out. It's kind of it without any kind of what I'm acting out here. If we were doing charades but but you know we disagree- we know we see like this and then as an
we're young and then will actually we see like this one we're young and all the sudden. These come on by people telling us. How are these are blinders, I'm putting up ready when you are getting hurt to getting hurt. To does this yes, you're right, and so we go like and then and then we slowly things happen and we go oh right, oh and though travel, and then we learn about another way of life and a right, oh and then all of a sudden. We have an expansive of seeing the world and were not so rigid in our ideas and new. I'm really No, no! It's a good danger because I think it very important every so often too, maybe like once a year every couple years right down things you figure afraid of and then re assess whether or not you afraid of those things still alive times. You know we sort of you know you sort of snowball, these things that happen you throughout your life, which essentially makes up you are tell you in the world, but then sometimes just through growth or new experiences or whatever those
don't necessarily exists anymore, but you forget because it sort of honour on autopilot. Yes, it's good to sort of glad is a really great. Why that's a great idea, as you might be, goes on early for using anymore, but to find ourselves by all these things that we ve been told or how we see ourselves here right and as we grow and change and expand are way of seeing the world we have your right. We have to check in with ourselves, as they actually know that doesn't actually define how I see things or see myself anymore sure, and it's a constant finding out we start and where we end and other people see a start and end in an it's. It's the daily work. I think. Do you when you, when you go through things in life challenges? Is there some party? That's like new experience, the sort of draw from oh yeah, and I would say, that's been the biggest blessing of being an actor
and now I just turned forty this year. So I have the ability now to be able to look back and tell the choices that I've made the trajectory of, of traces, I've maiden how all those characters walking in there shoes and seen through their eyes has expanded and made maybe a better person. It's been it's just. I again. I never imagined a being that enriching right well, but people I mean you also done some amazing rolls to, but most people in their lives, if it must have had to actually go through in, were forced. Empathize, with another human being for like three months at a time or six months at a time, I would, however, how long you disputes are that indeed there probably change like having to pretend that there's someone then you know right or wrong still have to sort of sea all persons choices as
The necessary, like I, don't know, every everything it wherever one would be a little bit different. I totally agree with that, and I insist it's it's a beautiful side bar too, I being a little of my dream and do it. I've always wondered do since I was eight years old yeah what seems to be working up pretty well face it. Was it a meme? Is there any other? that would have nominated for getting seventy four and ask her and then getting within a going through the thin, and getting it, and that is that a wonder process, or is it I'm gonna buckle, because this is weird and stressful and I don't like the attention kind of a thing LAO way in the case of boys and cry I felt like it was this enormous opportunity to get so many people to be able to see this little movie coming. It was literally the little movie that could there's no other way to explain it and so actually had this I'd. I talked it
I know I just said Julian: more and I've been my drop left and right here, but I talked to tell us. In three days ago, to cause we're doing you, do these actor on In our view, we were interviewing each other and we are by ketamine rewards in and she and it's so well and something to share with. You said that the Academy award is always bigger than a person or a performance, or a film. The academy award is so famous and they will always Bigger than any any any one performance, and yet it's this gold star, like a like it's it's like if you have an academy award for the film or someone in the film, more people go to see it and she used this analogy. When you walk down the cereal I'll, there's somebody choices there, so many great choices of sea. But the cereal Box, with the gold star, maybe the one that you buy because it has the gold star rackets. So I just that. That's really. Oh, really great metaphor she's.
She's, pretty I've. Never met her she's she's, amazing, she's, brilliant and she is lovely and she's a girl's girl, she's of other women and so on? rate really great talked her, but hearing her say that it really put into context what I would I felt and And so so many more people. Why watched the film? Because of that right, and be in an EU give birth to these movies. You know you put so much love and effort and grit in sweat and tears and heart into them that you people to see, then you know and they're, not all that always come out. Well, you know it's when they do. You especially want people to see them and goes this time really really and I'm really it's, I probably on
never make a movie. This is important as boys don't cry, and, and so for that I was. I was extraordinarily grateful that it got the recognition that it dead and and and it was a great honour to be be in that to be in that history forever and then the history of the academy awards it that's it's it's it's an honor do Do you remember what it was like to be on stage or do you just like? Does your brain sort, a half shut down your guy it's over now I I soul, excruciating the overwhelming that I remember thinking my heart beatings, so hard, and so fast I felt like might neck was actually doing look. Harder to wear your skin was going Bob Bob album out. That's how my heart was beating and
you feel. Also again, I just keep going back to the word responsibility, because this movie with such so socially important that I didn't want to forget the people who help make it right it was. I just didn't want to forget anybody and in the end I forgot my ex husband by people gave you should have a good guys come on. Can we do the focus on every little thing. Tat happens, so you know he. He already thanked him and our own little private ceremony, Villona say, but I I just you know I: u dont you there's someone. When a saying you have so little time to say it and the huge an end, and so am I I don't see it. Nothing but a but a real positive and in an extraordinary kind of something to bottle up its magic. It is, but it is almost like you're on
that thing that you were thinking about your entire life? What the shit like when the clock mug an eye and then again as you, you brought up the word empathy earlier tat. You know, walk into the people, choose an event to be dealt with sudden every one who ever got up there. I was like, oh I get it. It is really hard to be appear area. Is you I understand the stuttering in me. I get it. I get the tears. The unexpected just explosion of tears or the uncontrollable laughter is just It's a bigger than all of us is till the said and and anything I wouldn't I'll, let you say I wouldn't be surprised by any type of reaction, If someone fainted up there I'd go, we make sense, We're gonna be nominated for an Oscar and I'm fine with that. But, but what I do and vision is me just throwing up under my government doing well that happened,
like thanks here and then like walk off like a like. I don't know, but then I also think- and I wouldn't be surprise. No, and I you know I look- you got CN oranges. Imagine that the music starts playing I'm just I have to sing the razor like thanks, Martin Lee or whatever, but but what are your own music? I remain when you're done you to start singing of the start. Saying. That's me. That's my time up. I'm giants policing myself on the fate, but So I wonder if I, because I've together. Their personality that would almost in a weird way feel bad that, with the other people that I was a black. Oh, I don't think I'm now you should have yeah I'd old yeah. This is, and I didn't decide this- say you know, because the EU, an you, do, feel that because you didn't get up, there are by yourself it's a collaboration and you're only as good as your weakest link right. So it means that everyone
Was there a gay men, they pretty much propels you up there. They push. You know they with all those sweat that we were just talking about the big big big group effort not only that, but its essentially apologize for this analogy, but the sort of my brains out right now is essentially the passing of a three month, emotional as it is so. No, so that's why I'm things like all this emotions, like you just don't know, what's gonna come out because you know it slowly. The morning that all gets announced and then and then everyone puts more pressure on you, like I got, you oughta be fired with everyone's like you should be really freaked out about this. What I should like all the magazine, would you gotta wear shoes better, not be dumb economic circles factor. We were just talking about earlier all that that that this effort that people can put on a new like must be feeling that. But let me check in with myself in my feeling that aren't you tired, I don't even know revealing anymore. All that stuff wondered pretend to be someone
the thing is all this shit as were the g. Are you good it? I am always interested to hear the different actors. Perspectives on this is obviously a lot of stuff that you protracted is has been really emotional, intense, and if so, how do you shake that off at the end of a day or d? Or is it production wise? You have just put it up to the end of the production, or can you shake it off each day? No I I I like to think that I'm shaking off the end of each day, but the new Yorker eighteen hour Day, fourteen never of less than twelve. Right and you go home and you learn your lines and you go to sleep so you're in the character, you're sleeping on you, wake up in your gear five a m back in their makeup, chair and you're. Looking at your lines and then you go in your in the character all day and illegal or new lines again, and you never and over the
can you learning your lines and you just don't have a day off out of that characterise brain road for until you finish the movie and now I'm now. I know some time find me again and pieces of the character will stay with me for the better I rode out about, but in the beginning, like with boys, then to somebody. If you play a fictional character, you can kind of say all this in really happen. This is just make believe and but you're saying all of that. Meanwhile, your It was really, but it was also so emotional. Knowing that happened. Somebody if you play a fictional character, you can kind of say artisan really happen. This is make believe in, but you're saying all of that meanwhile you're having all the emotions that your character was going through, see you can logically so that your brain, but still when you cry you're viz the physical release that happens when you're crying or screaming those those can,
because our least in your body, so they they there's a hangover from that will sure your emotional brain doesn't know through large. What you're logical brain is doing right, so you feel those things you feel this year and as much as you try and separate the earlier it in you it's in you, and so it takes a little while to recover from that every every movie. I apologise because I'm sure you got this question a million and a half times when you do them movie, but which one was a cry, but what does it do like? How did it change or China? when's, your idea of gender identity to basically prepare for that and then live it and then like what did that would going into that? Did you have what we're preconceived notions and what did you come out on the other side with? Well? One I didn't know know how much I use my femininity to get what I wanted, meaning from anything from in its hearted. Spress this with words but literally like walking in and billing high. You do have a table for, for I know its last minute. You know it's just the thing we
Oh, I don't know how men expressed that physically little they marry in her hands were very archaic, lovely. I know what you know. It's just it's the way we we use our charms and an analysis. Stripped away and I'm tryin em out and I'm passing is a boy trying to see what works and what didn't work. What was interesting to me as some people would still say: oh, you know she wants a coffee can get our coffee and then other touch it was they all. You know he humans, coffee, get him a coffee, and what did I do to make him think that I was a boy, but then there were those instances when people to know at what gender I was a boy or girl, and they were actually there mean they weren't. Just they weren't is passive, they were there mean and it was aiming for. Most part, not blanket, but I would say, for the most part at least ninety seven percent of people were were mean because they couldn't find me and so is somehow threaten their own own idea of themselves,
I don't even it was definitely issues they were having so. What was really really heard about that and to this day it still really troubles me is in that's me as an actor. I was scratch the surface of what it felt like to walk in the issues. There's people every day day in day out that have that are struggling with sexual identity or going through a sex change and people can, find them and they are being treated like that. Yet there are no different than anyone else. Who is clearly able to be defined and acknowledges it made me feel hopeless for humanity and to think fifteen years later we still have so much.
Territory to gain for people's equality and for people to have a safe place, and you know this is in LOS Angeles, we're talking in New York City, where I was passing, is a boy right where you would assume, go everyone's bed. They very used to everything may be more about more accepting, and then you realize oh yeah, Tina, Brandon or Brain Edina. How we want to say it was murder living in Nebraska Matthew, Shepherd, Wyoming or Idaho, left, beaten and tied to a pole to die in these are smaller towns but yeah in these big cities. I became the spokesperson for hatred. Lesbian transgendered and questioning you for ten years after that, movie hang out with these youth
and they would say I every single day we are every single day. A hundred per cent of them said there, either abuse physically or emotionally heckled in New York City and how and in what? What can people do to help that talk about it? Talk about it, it's it it takes. It takes films. Boys, don't cry it takes tv shows like oranges. The new black and it takes Films and then conversation, it sort said to think that the films. I think I, the catalyst for conversation right or our tv shows well definitely anything that gets people talking and. Our community forming around something on a larger scale
this all right. Ok, like the more normal, it feels the more just a part of what that's. Why prior to talk about this, but when, when TIM Cook came out Is this like? The big story was like how not a big story. It was right, and that was the really cool thing about exactly who is always taken such great strides. You know, em, you, you look back in ten years ago to now we ve taken great strides in that's one of them, it's great when one people celebrate that and say, ok, a great and but is also it's on my almost all you're even celebrating years going. Ok, ok and then there's you know what
and to talk about in your right. That's that's. The way it should be should be a big deal either way. So then, is it strange for you to make this move is very. This is very important to people's lives and their well being and their sense of identity. And then how do you decide what to do? Next, I mean obviously worked out very well, but then when all of a sudden, you have all these choices. Are you going? Oh, my god, when I am India, another relieve the heavy, serious, important story or dry sledges do a romantic comedy, or should I like? How do you know what a big wow? it's really good question at that I thought. Well, what do I do? I I mean I my hair was down below my breast when I got that film and cut my hair, often That was how everyone saw me was: is this kind of androgynous boy? And so I thought
How do I need to do a movie where I show that I'm a girl make? No, I am a girl. I just need to be me and throw it was all of these kind of questions of how do you? What do you doing? I think I jumped into a couple films to quickly because I just wanted to I got this opportunity. While I got an offer, wow Snowfield, new yeah and I'm gonna do it and I didn't really just sit down for a second in and, like you said, to checking with myself and soak it. What is it What do I want to do next? What am I looking to do and I just kind of really jumped into Nathan became a way because I was, I guess, maybe surprise. Things were coming my way, because I was always fighting so hard for me roles and, and then I just tried to then eventually I to a place where I stop trying to shape it, because I dont think you can. You can always try and say: ok, here's my game plan. Let's say my one: your game plan, my three or gameplay my five, your game plan, but found it every time I try,
shape it. I was missing other opportunities that were right in front of her face, and so I just stop doing that and I just thought well, yes, This is another real life character that I'm playing. But what am I am not going to do it because they have already done that, of course, not road, and especially in a world where there is not as many great female leads that was it's not an option for me. So if I find a story, I obviously it's not just going to be a character. This compelling. If it's a compelling story, I mean a compelling character within a story that really both my mind. The narrative has to be there. Then of course I'm gonna jump at it, and I don't just wait for things come my way. I look for I search out material and look for the next thing. That's good girl sitting. I think there's there's a better goal. Setting language as opposed to no saying like I'm only
to do this specific kind movie? Like you said, a sort of makes you myopic and you're not seeing, but about a goal, like. Why would we want to do things that I think tell important stories? It's just the result is really could be relatively the same, but it's just a better. It just keeps you open. That's the word. I was he's guinea, as he D have to stay open minded with everything, and so, if there is a story that comes across my table- and there is a good idea within it- is maybe not really publicly executed yet also listen to the director pitch their vision, foreign hear them say they might even say when you sit down. I don't think we have a right yet, but this is where I want to go with it and then songs. You have that foundation, so you have to be open minded. If you read it, you said Elvis's, you know it's it's it's a process was none of you and often I had fun. I had fun
always have fun, but I was honoured to know in the eighth season window and washed it anymore. I was worried. Wary was long gone where you the pregnant doom girder. No, I was clearly Rennell ogre. I played ends, Xerox, love entrant, ochre and send it to your contract, and it was fired after the thirteenth episode, ochre of eighteen of the eight season and watch moved on you have a wall, they definitely did get two months later. I boys don't cry, This is exactly why it is important to be flexible. To do that? The perceives the tired, like wives, I'll I'll fuck, I suppose totally
devastating. That's why I'm not good enough ordinary went on the eighth Caesar and young talk about just wait for the silver lining, the removes the guerrillas and you can be is above things and take the high road and altruistic, but but we're still beings are some party was like here as little as a prize. Listen if you were to exhibit the azure like you think, airline is really Garber through national to fire you line or to what our and then I ask like the asker and run up stage. No one would have blamed you like. That would mean if I could only vote can only go time. How was I was Clint is how the Jew
as as during me as everyone can imagine you corner him and make until you stories we yeah, actually yeah, and he had that that that magnetic way of delivering them to you know how you know you did say I'll. Tell you something about that And it was like- oh my god, I'm sitting here with colonies, but I would never go to my trailer, because if it wasn't him, it was Morgan. Freeman sitting there singing or you know telling some great story is well. I just was like a sponge. That's incredible! Yeah grant tell the story about The time that, like the data just like imagine, those two guys talking together, must be the most amazing gravel gravel. You just sounded like an american president. More than Morgan Freeman, which president I'll say. Maybe next in doing so, you guys agree. No, I don't know, there's a Truman manner.
Harry S, Truman no visa and on all president. I think why not, I think, Nixon nothing so Nixon ok Could Nixon Harry let's go back three filled notes and see if there's president's unerring now my head. I'm just trying not to do Morgan, Freeman Speech about how TIM Robins escaped Shawshank as Nixon in my holidays with that's. What are you gonna, be smart in my book That's playing like that. I just keep thinking you're tired, really know, I'm just fighting every urge not to break into that's get so ok with better. If we just don't subject you to that, now. I would mainly put you to where it is so I am through three football. Veto is worth of shit and filth. Contrary one imagine it wasn't. I should have done it now is gay. Now I was, there was comedies TAT self indulgent. I was very wrong
No, it wasn't Knocker bruise, you know it was not everybody, but D types of things now do you will? Obviously your husband is a movie tomorrow. Gas and sorrow Did you shoot, then, in Nebraska, no New Mexico should rather tinder box it a lot of stuff with you is Nebraska. I know crazy. Are you gonna? Do some we're gonna move things two things, but were born there around out so case a three year as born there. In that, but Brandon Tina going back to that because that's really dominated our conversation was born in that same hospital. I was born in two years before me my gosh crazy right. So there's there's something about Nebraska, that's important for you, You'Ll- have to you. Maybe I'll go back there someday now. Ok, you got it, competent my families and I like Iowa, but is very different- the Nebraska bill in the top. Anyway,
so that's it becomes out tomorrow and ultimately Jones wrote it he covering around it and he directed at an he stars beautifully yeah, the three hats. I don't know how it's possible. Would you ever want to do them? Well, I would like to direct some there. When a direct myself, but I think directing, would be something I am open to him that actively looking for something. But if something were to cross my desk, I would actually new production company. So you could, if you wanted to yeah, you can make that happen here, but I love acting it's my passion My my my love, I feel like you know, for some reason, people throw around directing, like it's a fallback thing, and then maybe someday directly, really because it's really hard, you know it's not. You know it's the hardest
you're wearing so many hats as a director, you have so many decisions to make, and ultimately it's interesting, although when a film doesn't work, is usually blamed on the actor right. So it's it's that's an interesting thing that I just thought of, as you said that it, but it said directors amazed, that's their film, but you could put the, but the actor the actors when it works now learn for radio and the directive, but then also does work. They get blamed a lot to its. It really is kind of shitty befitting asked I'll take it by, but I knew I cover which directorate was but someone that. It was more important that these the Hague in the region that they knew what they were doing instead of saying, I don't know the exactly I'll bet that everyone would that them with a moral. The base, the Hague, the illusion that they knew what they were doing and set aside.
I don't know exactly all with everyone. Would that the more the morale we kind of go now or being directed by someone who doesn't what they owe the crew consents it there's a guy. Electricity is overstepping traffic that slowly turns his head ears like I do. I do it all the eggs and then record scratch for somebody but it's so directing is something that you you for ever I mean if you are afforded the opportunity, would you want to direct comedy? Would you wanna directs? I love you ask that is people ask me fell into direct. I would if I were afforded the opportunity I would like to direct children. I get like a lot, but
children child at the coming of age story, even a teen, something I don't know. If I'm like that yeah I saw you dramatic with some levity. Do have you ve kids, you know you have kids. Do you have a boyfriend of his kid? So you do ya know my ex boyfriend headed etiquette. So I've had kids rounds. Others kid there's three kids around here and you love, can you do? Do you like being a sort of the pirates? Also, nice too, because the because or other people's kids, certain excentrically, like ok I'll just a week. You can simply be cool one week, we're just gonna hands you and me, and then next week in good, I can have focused back on the things that you ignored, while you're hanging out with them giving them all your attention, which is what you want to do, but it had there not full time Ok! So this might be an annoying question and could could reach James lived in levels of pretentiousness, but if you would you feel if we get that they get? I beg you if you can go back and
You mean young Hilary whose just do just landing on the shores of Hollywood. What advice would you give your young sub, doesn't have to be entertained? Business related, I was at Elam you yesterday doing I q and a barrier and one of the kids ask me that and my answer was too not worry so much bright and I know it so cliche did not answer, but it's just like. If I could just go back and not worry so much- and I am so I give that's myself now, as it turned forty, because I know what I'm sixty Alec back and say what inutility or forty year old self. So right, that's good advice. But how do you do it?
I really actively do it. I really do I just say: that's not worth my worry right now and is taking me out of this moment that I'm supposed to be in, and I won't let it rob me. Let's converse, that's how m I gonna leave here and you're gonna make some jokes about me. Some Stanhope, knowing Hilary brought in her cliche book of self help from waking up attitude of gratitude, bergs, Oprah a moment or by but worry it's all remember spirit, no! No, not at all? No, I wouldn't I'd never make for. I wouldn't make fun of someone. Budgets are not really that way like if I'm, if I make fun of someone it's usually because a very complete douche, nozzle or- and it's like what they ve done, is so ridiculous, unlike our right or I'm, making fun of communal waits like oh. We all do that
and I am ridiculous, and this is all something, but I'm not you know you have this morning, radio lily you could have had said to me what they re. Don't worry about that. I should have seen we know it happened. I was worried that you would worry that. I would think that and then and then I worry that you yeah yeah yeah yeah, so I tried to fill or not in the moment when I was not at all to him and I have so much to learn of some to learn am older than you too. I should know this no really mean you're, forty one, forty two, almost forty forty three in a week or how happy birthday, when's your birthday, number, twenty. Third, how it's going to be really save european Sagittarius just on the binder clasp who Europe that tale I know I don't I don't really understand my mom was like. I don't know why she told me that she was like I held my legs to.
There until you are a sagittarius, allowing lots of people way too much information way too much. You could just said Europe Sagittarius didn't need the back story. She then they're doing yoga it saddens. I took a cork and I Please, I moms funny wages, she's she's, very funny I actually to work on labour, which is fine? I mean it's it's good to work, so it doesn't baviaan forty three, it's not like. It's him, chicle number known on her birthday yeah I mean you know you are a member mad. You like birthdays, yeah bill embryo, so I'm like all about ourselves, my mom, so my dad LEO are they left handed? No, no, writers and left handed at an I'm just trying to find a lot of Harrison yeah known and while you're not a professional or no but not remain a movie, you pull up, you are, I met you could be a pleasurable or now review right that script. Ok I'll, be right back.
Did I left handed. You do all tat. I had to do this, but I am I throw a ball leftenant I play tennis left handed a gulf right handed a battle right hand is released. Have sex with right hand. What what the far I know! You know why ruby murders we had a clearly, but I was taught that because right we had a clue thirdly, the asian day in school. We learned how to these chopsticks. I was seven and they only showed us with our hand. Oh really, that's gonna find us go ahead, and they now be like that. Ok, I re we're all going to come in and we're going to dress in there and then we're gonna use. I mean I know some of the Baltic. That out. They'll, kill that some asian kids, I'm gonna, be ok cool enumerated day. Are you so do you? Are you? Are you internet? If you do look,
any of us over media at all, or is that I'm not I'm? I wasn't for a long time. I don't I don't. I mean I have a laptop this big, but are you to watch movies. I'm really. I am also not even a good at typing on a computer. I I hit that little microphone button. I talking to my phone call her. I saw a four or you do it's time to upgrade. I now know this is a good size is kind of beta. Put your pocket now. Do you feel hidden? eyes at all by Gordon big phone, but it, but that's really big, is at the sick. This is the six plus. Oh, so its placidity you're, not all enough the need that big of writing. No, I know This is what we think are more coming up. I had received, and I appreciate no, I appreciate the actual. I know I appreciate the age you know, but I I don't know I don't I don't died, never did any type of social media either and then I was hold
You really should twitter and I think I said something really dumb once like. No, I dont tweet hootings like that end and then I'm so yeah now I haven't instagram account in a row account and I actually really enjoins ground, because it's a fun way to tell a story with a picture? I know and violation of that I like looking at other people's pictures and somehow again it goes back to I was saying about reading books on watching movies, and you see people who write things that you're feeling in new feel less alone gives a really way to connect to other other other people. But I know please explain twitter to me. I don't get it. I D, I do it, but I dont get it and I think it's a great way to get news information, but I dont get. I don't even know how to read, unlike what fifty people said this about them,
sorry about that, I don't know how to even put where the buttons on Twitter is really really status. Updates, twitter, mocha, murky you you can work. Ok, it's just short. Just bites eyes: status updates, very digestible. Digestible you like it yeah. Well, yeah I mean it's. You know social media is sort of like the functions of culture. Funny you know it's like it's just like on background Gub Gub. Ok, you know like it states digestible, it's maybe not great for you, but it tastes good in them. Went then, after what you like white, I do that and then you do it again later. Ok, that's a good way to explain a death. Well, I just learn this word handle. Now you're gonna handle Hilary Swank. Is that original? That is, how did you get that you re about to get your own name, which is good. Are you hurry swank on Instagram as well? I think you are able to get it if, unless the other person really is also regularly swank? Yet if someone was, if someone
in other words the writer there weren't they get their columns. Do they come squatters squatters the people describe. A lot of this term learning, I'm learning a thing or two I gotta get with it now now that this is like people are doing what the time, either with a come on fractional later yeah, I'm doing it I have I have. I am proud to say that I have twenty five thousand followers on Instagram, but apparently, when you open up other people, they have like millions. I just started: you know what those people like just put a pictures of cats. Well, I put up a lot of pictures of dogs watch it you're in very challenge no I just like it. If you thrown a catholic- and you like me, will return military back up and get up. Every ten pictures is thrown a cat picture and I'm telling you and then what I have to hang that that's, ok and then I'll have a million followers. And how long when I come back to Russia
yeah again the next time you are, you have a million while or like a its ya know. Yet there. I love you, I love Instagram. I love the visual diary aspect of it, but it is one of the where everyone through I go back, and why should I delete some of these older pictures because they just don't? I don't know I don't I opposed that at the time now. Don't do that now now them that's like oh showing your parents going all look at this picture of lorry when she had her Ray says, he heard a voice friend know you're. So mortified you want it up and eat the picture. I know you can't go back and changes things. That's where you're at that point that time and you just go out all well. Maybe that again or why that was actually communist start wearing that shooting, and I liked it with my cholera or whatever that's good advice. You have, you ever been ever been flag for terms of service violation. No, but I
hello, Chelsea Hand learned she was, and I wish I didn't even know anything of the sort and funny enough she said she was going to use in cigarette many more look at how much information I know I said I have no idea of. I know a secondary go like handle. Is that what it's called? Ok? Here's to your s, violations though yeah I have, but I because I followed her and she said I am not no longer and I miss the pictures you posted biogas like three hours and so the warlike. While I gotta see it I gotta see, did you get a fear tat? I took a screenshot. I still have it that kind of things. I guess she showed her breasts and that's it. You said I'm going on Twitter. I'm never do it again, but then today, then enough she posted a picture of Karachi and in herself with throwing her, but two says she goes take add instagram or something like that. I don't know about him and instigate on Austria took it offer one they took it up, but I got I saw that one will do their very nudity is the one thing that there's, but her point was
the point is like why can do take his, but then I can't take in also that was what does the whole thing? I think in New York City was in their whole big to do but that women were like look. If I take my shirt off its valuable do, and they passed it, so you walk or on a New York city without your top. Oh that's good! I won't personally Every time I got I got, I got flagroot terms from service. They tell the story the right now, no one podcast, I just we ve done I've done six hundred episodes of the show. So. Sometimes I forgot how this is like this. The three shows in, but you know, but every time I seriously doubt was someone it's a new conversation raise sometimes things recur because the I don't know how you do it. I would completely say the same thing all the time if you like. I do I feel button, but not because every conversation is rightly frontiers. They people, but this story I may have total for so. I apologise if anyone else deserted, but I got flagged one time for term service violation and I was walking down
walking down main street in Venice, California, and there was a dog like like a people and he was just chained up on. The side of the road is owner was obviously inside the grossest or whatever, and the dog had a huge boner, and it was just like, presented on the sidewalk and the door, have the sort of look on his face like help a brow, and so it was such a good. Expression, and so I posted on an instagram with the caption Renault guys too much lipstick, and then I forgot about it and then, like a month later, email. You violated terms of service on Twitter, like. Why am I assisted at the time who is very sweet, lady, What can you find out what happened and end? It was just getting phone call that was like so apparently you posted
a picture of a dog direction and the like are now. Hopefully, if you ve forgotten, so don't tell her, I'm really only let us not coming from me so so I apologise for that, but anyway Campos, our borders and his grandfather that I think Mister must have his on the table while who knew Did you think you would learn so much in one part? Just now I didn't. Are you done for the day is worth an hour, and that means you can leave. You can go. No way are you feeling, like you're Donald Media, like those wrap this up by swank? I dont want
wrap it up the tree or anything like what those that would be something that you you feel like. You wanted to talk about, that we didn't so really quickly. What's your favorite thing this year, it for the years almost over? What's your favorite thing at twenty four team thing could be a concept. It could be a movie community. We show cheese that are really good questioning. Well, I don't have one either. I was just looking for one to do now and what about it? I think I'm having. I can't see my favorite movie cuz. I didn't see a lot, a lot of movies. Yet was there a moment that stuck out this year, did you learn some?
nude, you feel like a high enough, how moment or a breakthrough. While I will say I guess if I tired in two My new year's resolution was last year and usually it I'll make nears resolutions cuz, I feel like you need to make new year's was lightened resolutions that near solution, but resolutions all the time. It's not just need do once a year after the kind of said earlier. You check out with yourself every month every three months and is something you do more often or even really saying I'm gonna make a choice. Today, too,. Whatever you're goals are in make sure you're in a making each wasted too to follow them, but I would say that I am My very good adds value, seeing my time between work and life, and I had a really really feel like. I just had such a goal
to get out of where I grew up, and so I worked hard, and I I was so driven and that should be came in my marrow, it became my blood and I was never very good at slowing down and I was never good it. Certainly stopping. I really felt like when I could take a break that, Oh there's something. I should something I should be doing, and I was being lazy and I've. I've gotten really good at that now thankfully I'm the pendulum has gone the other way and I just liked, but I think I've gotten good it relaxing and taking a week, and cooking, great meals and I love to cook in an era just take a hike with my dog where we are talking about. When I first came here. And and and really my nears resolution that this year specifically was spent time of my We greens, my friends more often because the year flies by
I'm working and now on the road, and I dont get to see anybody that I really love and those relationships. I think, just as you become older. You realize that they are so important and my my my dad's, isn't really great, nay, I'm my communist more time with my dad and so every time I fly across the country and being in Iowa, I stop off it's nice and I visit with my my pop and spin great man. That's really most user. That's that's! That is something that the mighty more writhing. Actually a good wonderland on again, it's a perfect place to wrap up the Homespuns out tomorrow is he's gonna kill. You live in a perfect nice and
it was lovely chatting with. U turn I owe you had a nice time I did when I was just it was. It didn't feel like all those other things it was an in, want same questions, it wasn't redundant, it was refreshing, I got a laugh. I did the hour flew by news. Just a conversation. Thank you. Thank you. So much for being here and you re brutal. Everyone really enjoy your breeder, that's funny. When my favorite foods realized, I might go, get a reader right now. Now leaving noticed dot com,
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