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Walking the nurse podcast number eight hundred and sixty nine. This episode is James Corden, which is actually a talking with Chris Hardwick episode on AMC that shows on Sunday nights at one thousand one hundred and ten central. Charlie Hunnam will be the next guest on Sunday, the following Sunday after that will be Jordan, Peele and then the cast of Orange is the new black and much more just got Jane Lynch coming up got Bryan Cranston coming up got Neil Degrasse and coming up so, and then we put out an extended version of the show as podcasts just for you Podcast listener. So if you can, if you, if you have the, if you have desire. Just click subscribe subscribe to this podcast it. I never ask people to do that, but you know what it actually is helpful. So click subscribe, so you don't miss these, and here we go the nerds podcast number. Sixty nine, with James Corden watched the late late show weeknights on CBS J
is a lovely, delightful human being, and it was incredibly sweet of him to come, do this. So we're in. We do it in the studio literally next door to his and but he had a day off, and I'm in Indiana, he came in and did this for us anyway. So we really appreciate it alright. Here we go like I say, sixty nine James Corden cater Levine, who ruled the thing now entering Nerdist DOT, com
the questions are with your women's even shows a video messages just in time for Mister James Corden, plus our studio audience is going to have a chance to come up and ask questions. I will give out prizes, because that is what we do on this program, but James Corden walking Thank you so much for doing this. By the way I don't know where we are neighbors car lot, we're neighbors, so you you said you shoot a lot of sketches in this week in this studio when you're, not here, we will come in here and we will shoot lots of extra bits for our show in this room
so all of this is still here, but will be over there like forming a boy band with Jordan Peele, you know doing something very, very silly over there, so I feel, like I feel, very much at home well, I'm not jealous at all that you're inside my studio when I'm not in it. I think that's totally fine, I don't mind sharing it with you. This was the original lately studio once it really yeah, I didn't know that yeah cragg my dressing was Craig's dressing room. This was the stage and then he moved next door next to him, then then you and then you got the palace next door, yeah. I love going to the student going to ship. This is what a studio is like were relatively intimate here. It's lovely is a wonderful environment. It's nice place yeah, so I want to you know: we've become pals over the past, like your chauffeur, so yeah, and but I realized I actually. I don't really know- that much about you. So I know I I I I obviously I was familiar with Gavin Stacey yeah, but Craig go and get your,
a doctor who? Yes, of course, I yeah, and I think it was the first thing I said to you when I met you, yeah who's, your doctor, who yeah do people still, because that you know that's going back a few years now. The they do for sure yeah I mean I really loved. I really really loved doing those doctor who episodes mostly because well, I was only ever meant to do one and I think with doctor who they have to spread their sort of budget right 'cause. They always want to end with a very, very big episode so the episode that I was in was actually I I am in many ways closer to what doctor who was when he stops it right. You don't I mean it was. It was in many ways it was Manson only in a sort of all its unconventional sit com. You know to me right. I just loved working with him, so much amount Smith in I've. Had numerous people say. Oh what will you come
I can play that character and I sort of feel like I'm very touched. They would ever want that to be the case, but I feel like my involvement in that show is is really because of mats and my friendship with him and my and my love of him- and I don't know if I would. I don't know if I'd go and do it, but I want we'll see who the next doctor we don't know how that's gonna, be we don't know, what's going to happen, it's going to be a lady, I think that would be great. I think it would be great I mean there were a handful of names that I thought you know before. Capaldi got hired yet was saying uh. Campaigning for Richard Iowa, I thought would be a great doctor and then then there was rumors circulating that melted. My brain was Tilda Swinton, but apparently that just like fan chatter sure, but still there would be an incredible doctor, but I tell you who I think it I think it might be, and I'm basing this on no insurance is. There is no fax in this design,
giving you a scoop system. Ericas, we don't care about real facts about all you have to do is just saying. I think there is a brilliant, brilliant actress called Maxine Peake in the UK, who many people have always said would be an incredible doctor who- and I think I think, she'd be a great doctor. I will then would be a brilliant doctor and I hope so much they do pick. A lady or woman or because you know, I think I think after I I think after fifty three odd years for out to fit fit the over fifty years. It's probably time for sure I mean I just think it would. I think it would give that shows a real boost of something new in a wall. So it's just that the doctor is a character that can really be anyone. I mean it's, not it's not! alien. He has no human, gender technically well exactly he's not bound by color or race
so gender face, and so he he she couldn't be, whoever it is, and so I hope that their brave enough to make about decision next time, so the pizza is amazing. I was a completely brilliant. I know any inspired choice and I'm really intrigued to see what I do. Not that would be fantastic, but so you did doctor who, for a while, a for a couple episodes- and you came over the point, but your, but your is your business background in theater. Was your background specifically in in comedy. I'm not really are you I I started acting when I was so so around about sixteen or seventeen I go up. I would decision for a musical in the West end. I'm a guy was a musical group
Okay, that was written by the people who wrote Les Miserables Miss Saigon and it was absolute disaster. This is a disaster because it was just terrible drugs, like you know the fourth guy from the left on the back in the course of that show. My intention was to do that. Go in that finish, my a levels which is sort of a the part of what you would call the end of high school. Basically, but you at school, you have school, and then I love and then University in Britain and then right at the end of that show I gotta film. I wish for a film with the British Tactical Shane Meadows This is a truly brilliant director, so I shot a film with him and then I just got
engine, and then I'm I should just start working, and I I never really thought about writing comedy or anything until I was in a play called the history boys which we did in at the National Theatre in London, and then we took a well tool. I went to Broadway I'm on a my want to write. Something came out of restauration. If anything, when that play became, He became like the play to see in London and in New York, and it had eight boys in it who were all a similar age. An all the boys were coming in with like endless film scripts and movie scripts like It could have been a Cooper. Yet in the play right now, my old flat mate, my best friend he introduced me to my wife and he was coming without going to meetings Spielberg and I was told by God not only would get sent like the two pages of the scripts
of a guy who drops off a tv to Hugh Grant when I would be like a sort of probably bombing or something with. Two scenes with salon's, like oh, oh, These are only this is well just being chosen uh. This is only the way I look, which is making people go. Well, you look like that and we don't believe that interesting things happen to people who look like you So you are very much the person who gives a drink to a good looking person and when they fall in love it interesting, but it's very, very boring, but you know what you know. What I would say to that is that I find the lead. Characters are usually the boring. I think a lot of times, especially in comedy the lead characters can be the characters and the funny characters are all of the enslaved characters that have none of the pressures of having to carry the project one. Oddly, not that I would have it. I would hope that would that would never be
It is as boring, you not sure, but when we wrote Gavin Stacey myself from Ruth Jones who we were in a tv should we show a tv show together, five cd, a drama and we were buddies. I think feeling so a sense of frustration in our careers that it was just reliant on agent, so casting directors choosing whether you the right person and we were like well, let's write something so we wrote this tv show about two. People fall in love and their two best friends have a one night stand We want to see each other again, but these two people fall in love and get right and it's sort of the show is about how when people fall in love. The ripple effect that affects all of their family and friends is sort of never ending right because of one choice that they made. You know I'm we wrote the show and and then to absolute surprise. It got made I'm in too our even bigger surprise it became it became not the biggest stick common in Britain at
time, and that was really what sorts of changed my career really and and and gave me a sense of growing up. Will you you can be in charge of your career and take ownership of it is just going to knuckle down and and do it, you don't have to just wait for a phone to ring yeah and all that show ran for was it seven to to the ten yeah we did like it will cause a home. We do not show to see that that that's like twenty seasons here in America yeah it will be like a we would we do that yeah. We didn't touch within about twenty three episodes over three seasons. Yeah, I got you know it's so the way the B b C, works, it was maybe the seer I was beating so yeah. The way maybe see works is so fascinating because it's not it's it's. It's not commercialized, quite in the same way as american television, so american television, really twenty three, the first season for sure and then you're doing this show when you sign a seven year, contract and you're in it. So the amazing thing about the BBC and the National Theatre, which are the two place,
essentially, which were responsible for Maine being inactive being a performer in doing anything I'm sitting here with you now, both publicly funded arts programs- I guess the national dance. This starts every year with a government grant of ten million pounds wow, which means that the the national pizza don't have to think about profits. They'd go over. It's not the first to write. It first doesn't have to be what will be commercially viable. I'm from that comes in incredible freedom in which you create war horse or the history, boys, or a woman to go is or curious incident of the dog in the night time, and so many incredible plays that have gone on and are still playing right now and the BB
the two is a publicly funded. You pay a license fee every year. I think it works out at about ten pounds a month, twelve pounds a month, maybe um, which is about fifteen dollars. I guess, and there are no commercial, it's an it's a show where and they will make and they are responsible for the office and doctor who, and so many incredible other shows and other careers. So, since moving here to America, I find I find many things confusing in this past six months, but the thing I find quite sad is sort of reading about this current administration, sort of
lack of that. Even understanding of what support in the office would give right to the very people you'll at seeming to put to protect the f, nothing when you, when you start from a place of not wanting to make money. I can't believe that when women went around the sat down to write how Watson right he said, I'm gonna write the biggest show in the world. No, it's gonna be a hit. Musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton and people were dollar sign. Lease sign up, kids, love, Alexander Hamilton Johnson. I mean whether or not you're and Aaron Burr, Sapara, Hamilton Support or the kids always talk about how much they love you gonna have a number about Laffayette in there. This is going to be huge, like it just doesn't happen, but what happens when someone's going have a story, and I have something that I want to tell and say they are the things that will go and become I'm becoming.
What you're talking about is is is is being driven by passion so many times in the you know, almost thousand episodes of podcasts what I've done. I've talked people I always find in person and for myself to the moment where everything changes when you stop going hey, I'm gonna stop trying to make everyone else happy and I'm just going to focus on something that I am very much into in passionate about. It sounds like that's what happened with Gavin and Stacey too. Sure I'm not so. What's of I sense you are I've tried to do since then. Really the thing that really the thing all I get excited about. The thing that turns me me already is just wanting to be creative. Everyday right. That sold out really ever wants is just to be creative every day and be surrounded by creative people to have then the feeling of going over. What can we do? That's fun today, yeah and that's where am
that's what I find this show incredibly fun. It's. Where do you play that one man, two governors as much as you are doing the same thing every day, wherever you can change it up a mix things up or do those things is an incredibly sunset Broadway's get by the way. I I don't know why my brain always wants to change one man to go, to governor is one cup. Do you have that property, yes, which is a much different, video, so very different, governor, thank you yeah, it really yeah it's. It feels like more of an off off Broadway, it's more off putting Broadway yeah, but when you yeah, I I loved it because I don't I don't have the theater bug like from I mean I love doing stand up, but I don't but actually being in a play sure, and I think because I feel like I would be so claustrophobic in the same thing day in day out.
May perform yeah as performances, where you know, maybe not a lot of people show up for the audience, just as a Pedro like it seems like a brutal. How do you keep it fresh? It's really hard. It's really! It's really hard. In fact, since I've done this job now in the last two years, I have people that got cotton. How you doing, how do you do it every day, and I think with this is compared to doing I well, I think we did four hundred and ninety six performances of the history boys in two years and four months, and we did four hundred and forty one man governors in two years, and that's that's a lot. You know it's a lot on your body. It's a lot to keep that grind going, but then I don't know I just come from a place of going. Of course you can sit and go
oh my god. This is just so tight, like you can do that with anything, whereas actually, if you just try and go the way, I in fact the way I think about the show I'm doing now comes from when I was doing one man, two guvnors, where there were points right, you know you're walking down the stairs on a hot. York Wednesday afternoon thinking. I don't know how I do this twice today like and it's tough is actually what I try and do is go. Imagine if someone said at the end of today's show. Oh by the way, that's it you're never going to do this again, uh just going yeah. There's a bit of technical problem, that's it it's over because I can't remember I could remember my last show doing the history boys, where I was crying my eyes out with the rest of the costs going. I can't believe we're never going to do this again and then one man, two guvnors when it got to the last show here like oh my
so this is a huge part of my life and I'm never going to do it again and I started to feel bad for the ones where perhaps taking it for granted so doing this show now. I already can feel that at the moment that I stopped doing the lately So whenever that maybe I will be in bits because of the people and the thing that is brought to my life if you can, if I just remind myself of that every day and go at some point, this won't be your life and you're really miss it. Don't be looking back going. Oh, I wish I wish I did
moaned as much right right right, too yeah? You never want to think back and go God. I got really you never want. You never want to look back and go well. Then there was that one time I got really Pist off 'cause there wasn't beef jerky in my dressing room, so I mean just one of those things. You just gotta think it's just it's just a privilege, it all of it to privilege to sit here. It's a privilege to do this. It's a privilege to live in America, it's a privilege to be healthy. I consider it a privilege just to have clean water in there and that's why I sort of think in this myths of just doom and gloom which I've gotta find on my. Feed every day from people who seem from what I can work out to be a. I don't understand the worry and I understand the fear and I get it and I feel it too but, like you know, I think twenty five percent of the planet don't have clean drinking water right and you have to go. So there's two ways you can look at it and you will always be, but life will always be better.
If you're just trying to be as positive as you can be about it agree with that, especially because I think there's something there's such an overwhelming amount of anxiety right now and I think a lot of it. I do really blame a lot of it on social media because I think you know you're you're, seeing everyone's. I think the gap between with the way people's brain works and the unfiltered nature for which they communicate until It's just like fear. So here's a tweet about fear, I'm feeling like and so we're all this negativity and not that there's not bad shit in the world, but there's also a lot of good stuff in the world too, but so much of the bad stuff is what we gravitate toward 'cause we're. You know we're terrified, of course, so I think it's so important. Have voices who are positive and go yeah, yeah yeah there's there is bed sheet out there, but let's also remember that there are things out there only that I was having a chat with an uber driver the other day who was in
phone here and it was a race here, and he was talking, understandably about some fears that he felt right now being in a The two young children have lived here for forty years, he said, and for the first time he felt like. Maybe you didn't belong here, and I said I said you know what you need to remember. This is the only thing you can keep coming back to is when it came to voting. There were more american people who made a decision to go. I don't want that to represent Maine then did so if you feel like, if you feel like. Oh man it just it's all this. No, no! No, The majority of people when they voted didn't want that for x and if you think about that- and you just go yeah of course, it's just some crazy electoral college thing.
This brought us to this, and I also understand the people who would vote for change like in the same as that breaks. It's happened at home. I get it, but you know you would yeah. I just think it will. Of course there things to moan about? So what are the worst? I mean this stuff that I've said in my life, where I started check myself ago. What are you talking about? Is the thing with actors and actors first day on his set, someone will go. Can I get you a drink? I know who Maine no don't worry. I can get it later. We talk about helping you were talking, you said: ok, you didn't understand, then, like day, four yeah they're like well
Where is my route? Do this bug is the anti? No I'm not! I don't care what time are supposed to be on set. If you want me unset that smug needs to be full yeah yeah, but I think that's you know it's uh. We have to learn to not make ego decisions and it's very it's very seductive to be controlled by our ego. Of course, it's crazy. It's ridiculous! As soon as you so I've realized that your I find lots of people seem to think that their brain is them right. But in the way that, if you go my arm, hurts you don't go. Well, my whole body hurts right. Now is my arm. I've hit my arm. My arm hurts, but when it's something in your mind, when it's your brain in each, I think you will let that define how you completely feel right and if you can go
oh, my brain is telling me to feel a bit depressed or feel a bit rubbish right now or or perhaps stay in bed today. If you could cause my brain doing, isn't it? cheapest right, I'm going to try and override that that, like you know soon, as you can disassociate, the your mind is going to do some really stupid ridiculous things. I was going to tell you to make some terrible choice. It is, are there some of them will be great fun. The more you can just override that, like someone, let me she can't do this thing with you sure this answer was it you don't? Do these things to me and I've never gotten. This is never not works, but then I've never done it on television in front of people. So my
and say no, no, no! So the Middle EAST, as that is right, you know what I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna try and pull hey I'm break okay. This I'm pull my finger through this all right. I'm gonna really put it all the way to think about great things, one of the things you'll wedding. When you met your wife holidays going to Japan. I love my knuckles were white right now. Right now, do it again: okay, I'm gonna, try and break it again. Okay, I know what you think all of take a minute to just think of bad times. Ok, no life, things that come on man, I'm not see it never doesn't work, you will always be stronger if you're just looking for good in something. I agree. I agree I know what's funny about it. Is that I feel like uh. I don't know if I don't know if you get this, but I feel like because it it's not like I haven't struggled with,
anxiety in my life. You know very anxious person yeah, but but what I choose to put in the world is very positive and I find that I actually get a lot of shit from people were like. Oh everything is great. Go yeah because you added happiness is a choice and your have to make it that way because I get out. Sometimes I people grow. You use. Yours was to be so happy about and I always think right. You'll deal tweeting this to me, which means you call a phone the internets yeah, which already puts you in the top fifteen percent. People on the planet is kind of funny to see it is kind of put see funny to see someone go. Hey man check your privilege, tweet it from my phone. You're already you're, not I mean you're, not I mean and again you know, and I've completely admit. Yes, we lead very privileged lives, but it wasn't
it wasn't always that way, and you know it was alot did you have any did you, any struggles with any brain stuff. Oh yeah yeah. I love are still all the time like. Oh man like I get, I get terrible like anxiety about stop by fear yeah all the time in there you know: I've always I've always struggled with kind of hey look like how I am and those things- and I I know I already feel is probably about been saying for a long time is starting to creep up on me with thanks for people for a long time, I'm gonna peak of forcing time I'm gonna be at my physical peak of forty, I'm not a full two and I have most people get less attractive.
It is to get more attractive from the age of forty to sixty people got what happened. Yeah going to have to you know. I went to the gym today, I'd so it's so depressing. I mean so I mean like what is this thing of like just like This is the gym today and I'm like right. This is what I want to do. I want to look better here and I want to lose this. I want to lose all of this and he goes great. This is what we're going to do Yes, I'm like. Yes, no don't do it. That won't do it. He wants some sort of american Ninja Warrior car. He says no, but if you commit to this and you do this every day, I'm like no, I want this to happen. I want to go to the gym
once and then that's it. You want, I said, well, I'm taking it, but let's not see results. Yeah 'cause! Let me tell you, I see results if I eat a sandwich right, I want is the same ratio reverse from the gym that if I go out, A3 course meal, pastor and dessert. I feel it and I think that I want to feel the same in that time frame from the gym right. That's a very fair thing to say very bad thing to say uh I, but I know exactly where things I think I quit drinking. I was like thirty one and then I was Joey and I had horrible back and was going out of shape and right around thirty, three or four I said. Oh, I feel I want to start exercising now, because I don't want to hit fifty and then go back yeah, I'm in turn this around yeah, exactly yeah, and so I did an I just don't think about.
Just go and I don't really think about it and it looked. It helped me a lot with not that I'm a very patient person, but it help me with patients because it just got me to focus on hey just get through this today, don't think about tomorrow for yesterday and just focus on the show is well that's yeah! That's what I'm that's, what I'm trying to do and I'm working with this working with this trainer, who's been training, Reggie Reggie Watts cost like a ton of weight and looks amazing, and I'm like right. I really gotta get outta get it together. Now is Regis stones are coming to work. Looking so buff right The office is like Jesus. He seen Rachel like yeah, so ready we're going to do it. We have registered over the keyboard without a shirt on we're yeah. We just want to see that for sure now he's looking bath in them in the most. So I'm curious, if, when you were getting these offers come in for like bartender who talks to the main guy and your feeling
already feeling insecure about how I feel like. I look a certain way and I don't look like Dominic Cooper and have it so what? What is it that? Driving you were, what is it that that's inspiring you to go? Okay, I I made, I maybe I feel bad about myself and I'm not happy with these options, but this is what's going to drive me forward. I am, I think I just I just never. I just never really had to. I never had a plan b. I never had a. I never had a thing that you would go into a whole I think I'm not you have the same. The end of our careers advises, yeah yeah counts down at school, and I remember saying to my career is a vice, so I'm going to be an accent. She was right. We'll know you'd you'd like to be an act
so it sounds like they're pretty similar over there to here yeah. When I said- and I said well, no I'm going to be an actor and I'm and then she was like well, you will need something to fall back on and I was like well that's just sort of contemplating failure. I thought an so I just wanted to do it. I don't remember a time that I did want to perform and I think the thing that drives me honest. I just love. Performing. I love all of acting. I love the.
Miss fear in our studio? I love. I love everything that I'm that I'm doing and I don't I don't want to ever well. I came from the place. I think I'd much rather regret doing something than not doing something right. That's how I sort of came to the conclusion of doing this show, which I felt very very reticent to do in in truth, but I was like who am I to not do it and I don't. I don't want to sit and go I really could have gone and made a tv show in America and and done that rather than saying going well, I tried it and it didn't work. I am, but I gave it my best shot. You know, I don't feel. The thing that drives me on really, I think, is the are mostly, I feel very, very lucky to have the opportunity to do.
I feel very lucky to have a show like this, and I want to try a try as best we can to to make it. The the best shows that it can be, but in terms of like a driving force from my childhood, I don't know, but I didn't grow up in a bit. I think, dropping the worst area, but it wasn't a good area. It was, you know paying for the ordinary, I'm I'm not yeah. I just wanted to. I didn't want to be stuck there really and- and it's interesting too, because I think everyone has things about themselves when they look in the mirror. They go Oh this thing are: my ears: are my: how can anyone not just stare at that the whole, but we have to remember, is that most people don't see any of that and so even hearing you go. Oh this or this, but people don't see that they look at you and they think.
James Corden. This is the guy who makes me happy every day. This is the guy who thinks something right: people but they're, not the right people. So I'm just it's just you know. I think it's important to remember that whatever it is that you obsessed over focus on ninety nine percent of the population does not focus on that. All for sure, and I have to say it since since coming to him got to do this show or the both times that I've worked in America without in a creative concepts like doing
governors and then doing the shot and the greatest thing about at America, as an outsider. Being here is a tremendous sort of. If I had to choose so Ward said people that the them that the bond market might proceed to be talented, I find out it found it at. I find it overwhelming, sometimes quite how quickly people have gone off. That's great, you discredit great. You should keep doing that and it's pretty will love it. I'm not. It makes me sometimes are filled out my heart's going to explode with the the the the volume of people there at when I came to do the show.
So, like. I'm very aware that when it got announced that I did, this show that I was doing the show. The first thing people did was Google, who the fuck is Jay, I'm very aware of where we started from the percentage of those were like it's cracked from doctor who, the very you know from where we started from, but the volume of people that have just gone. We love your show, I'm we don't and that's it. We love your show and thank you for a is overwhelming to me, sometimes yeah, because when you, when you first, when that when you first got the job actually my for and because I'm I've done. My first thought was like: why would you want to do a tv show you're doing all these films and I and then used doing the shadows like oh ok, 'cause now, you've carved out, I'm in carpool karaoke is intensive
saying that what that has become known. I mean it's crazy, it's and you know- and we did this start with the George Michael one kind of that- wasn't really a carpool karaoke in the sense that it exists now, but we were doing a sketch for a huge charity in the UK. Comic relief, who have a big day called Red Nose Day, big telephones, Brill I'm hosting the american version, o matic best- yes just the absolute best, if only there was some way to cut through the ridiculous network politics, so I could come and do something but it's uh like at home. Anyone from any network comes and does stuff for comic relief, just just what
and he's a wonderful charity in an amazing day, and it's incredible and them we've done this. We made this sketch of my cards from Gavin Stacey would done a couple of before and in the sketch was them Paul Mccartney at the Ex Prime Minister of Great Britain, the current England Soccer Captain care a nightly and endless other huge names in Britain and the whole thing started with me and George Michael in a call sing in while I'm songs on them. People just really responded to. They were like all night like this get shot. Another probably seven or eight minutes to play, and the thing that We will talk about. Is this this thing with George Michael and so when we came here and when you sort of trying to put together a show like this, that every day and late night show you apps,
definitely needs your tempos that you can hang your show like. Think of the tonight show with Jay Leno you think of jaywalking. If it's let him out endless top ten list and Petrik if it's Fallon. It's thank you notes and lip sync battles and Jimmy Kimmel, it's mean tweets and if you don't have the you are only relying on news and your we will pivot like this, in on whatever the new cycle might be. That's right, so we were like. We have to find the things that define our show and we were like well we're in la everyone seems to be obsessed with the traffic Carpool Lane 'cause. What? If we pick up the
guessing is in the world is I that helping me get to work, I'm we call it couple karaoke. I don't remember. I see I forgot about this. We did a Paley fest took the other week and our exit produce a band reminded me that we will stop this for the items in the room and that I know I weigh in Coppell carry okay and then I went. That's a and I left, I left the room and I went home 'cause. I was like that's it, that's it. That's I was so sure that it could be something now look. I never thought it could be what it is now but like I was sure it felt like a bit that you'd watch on a late night show. What I didn't anticipate was that no singer on the planet would say yes right, like if you think of a recording artist, just everyone in the room and at home. Think of a recording artist. Have you got one? They said no
and uh, and God bless Mariah Carey for just taking a pun on it. Also. It also helps that you have some golden pipes. I mean thank you both very common Adele, where you start harmonizing with her and she's like She does that she likes quite ridiculous. Don't 'cause, I just yeah. I don't know, I don't know. If everyone knows that you have a boy band background uh, I do yeah, I used to form boy bands in school. It was my obsession and my dream to just be in a boy band. Well, I have a one is what are some of the names? Well, the first boy band that we code was called full from, so we we never actually played Any gig self course we never did. We just walked around school. Going underwear, new boy band were called full cry.
And then the next boy band I formed was called insatiable whi 'cause you just can't. Of course you can never. We we we played, like I think, four times in like off to school, stuff. Whatever that we yeah, we really thought this is. It will be huge and then that they're not buying disbanded for musical differences, I feel very satiable right now. I don't know if I can be in session and then I formed a band which was name three of my friends and they played instruments and we did a lot of queen covers and we called ourselves wait for it twice shy, Becaus the great either way we were twice shy. Only for the reason that then our first album could be called.
Once bitten, come on the great white song, it's not too late for you to form a boy band by the way I feel like it is, I feel like it is. I think all I can do now is on our show. Look like I'm sort of doing a pastiche of a boy band, but if we ever do that on our show- and you see that, like like, we did this thing with me and Jordan, Peele and Nick Kroll formed We said that we were in a boy band together are called three way, and- and we were, we realized that what we wanted to do was take existing boy band songs, but make them really because we wanted to cut through all the love and romance and I'm just be really dead. So we did like come. Why why? Why can't? We have a three way. Yeah tell me watch Bob. What, if it's my birthday
and then and then the other one, the other one I really liked was that we did the new kids on the block. It was called the butt stuff and then we did Hansens on Bob, but it's just when I'm boots boob, boob, boob, boob boob, I'm wanting to know is anytime, see me in a thing like oh he's, making fun of boy bands when I'm doing it, I'm It's all in your already yeah yeah he's a little I wanna sex you up in the butt like all day long now that we're talking, I feel like pitch your movie, and this is for a movie for you and I'd start with two other people go on to do it's a it's, a group of dudes who are around forty yeah They always had this dream and they did finally decide to form their boy bands. I think that script exists
idea genuinely I'm five and joking I've read that script quite Reese, so we'll. Do it then show okay, great yeah, I? What is that it is there? Is it in carpal karaoke just really quickly, How long does it take to shoot? What are the mechanics that are you driving around for hours or is it like you kind of just bang it out? I take about n, between an hour in two hours, really depending on. If we're going to do any other things, I'm just kidding but I'm in the car, with some of the most famous singers in the world. It's amazing and I think I'm most proud of in them is that the songs are ' see the glue that holds it all together. But the thing I really love That means the source of unguarded interview that you get because p, you just seem to relax in that environment and they. These are a lot of people who spend a lot most of their day. Never on
phone right there always with Publicis stylist manager, security, whatever it is, and suddenly they get in a car and we drive around and I always say the same thing to them when we started say look, this is a completely safe environment whenever It will never ever trying to put one over on you or anything right on that, and this will be a it's best if you commit to the songs as if you'll play Madison Square Garden like the more you go for it, the better it is I and and then we just drive around having a chat and it is, I think, it's ridiculous, that it would be a part of my job like when we did. The one with Bruno Mars are genuinely got quite depressed afterwards, 'cause I had been looking forward to it so long. I just been I've like literally, counting down the days when it was over, so get in a car and sing with him and like he just went for it.
The way that I always dreamt the words. And then, and then, when you finish that was like, oh, that was it done now now what I want to do that again what happened with the chili peppers? Oh man, it was very well, firstly, their amazing, but yes, we we we were shooting with a carbon. We actually come up with those stupid idea. A lot of things that happen if stop on the way things are that they are genuinely just happening organically. Let me answer the key is how to fight on the on the front lawn nine people set up, but you knew that you booked a permit for that long. We like? We have a permit and we yeah we and so then, we've had. This thing is doing where I said that I thought was a better dancer than Anthony Kiedis newsletter. You challenge me to a dance off
since yes, we pulled over just on this suburban road like three minutes from here out on the corner of the road, was you know, there's fruit stands, the carts are people saying through and Anthony said, whoever loses has to buy the other persons, and fruit said great. So we start doing this stupid sort of dance and then suddenly over the road, this woman, an older woman with this baby flopped over her arm. I she was shouting. Can someone call an ambulance with someone called an ambulance and then what I now know is the mother of that child was like screaming and crying, and his baby was like this and Anthony Kiedis.
Take a second. He just ran over the roads and then Chad went then I went, I think, Josh and three. What will? What is over? Coming up the stairs to the house- and I think he's took this baby on a late hour on the floor and he just started rubbing her chest and he was listening said this okay, she's breathing, it's okay, I was he was saying some Korean, I'm with. I started rubbing a chess and talking to this baby on the freaking out and he was going who's going. It's it's gonna be okay! It's okay, which I thought so trying to tap on the back of Letterman's side top on the back and it was live, and then he lifted this. This baby out her eyes is not rolled back into his and he lifted his baby up and she
let out like the biggest burp and came round, and he looked at this baby and he went she's going to be able to save the babies there and we would like and then what was really amazing. As you saw the grandmother in the mother, like oh my god, and at that point you could sort of just here like sort of sirens of an ambulance coming an and they looked and saw like. Firstly, that's all these cameras and people outside the house and then you could just see a flicker as we walked away from the house and the woman going steady to save the baby's life. You you, you are fine for the
we did, because you certainly can't start shooting if it goes the other way yeah. Actually we were all quite you Faye how bad that was amazing. Let's give it away give it away give it away now, but we come back or audience. Members are going to be sitting right up here, we're going to stand up and ask questions plus going from you guys at home. It's very easy to be part of the show, use that talking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you're going to find exclusive updates about upcoming. Guess you can ask questions of your own. You are always involved in the conversation, so James Corden we come back on talking with Chris Target for Cyber James Cordons, my guess to some uh some reactions more round the social the social Sphere Decap receives, he's on Twitter, James Corden, is such a legend. I cannot explain how much I love that guy, the great
they know says I love couple karaoke more, the average human, but I watch them just to stare at James and then this was fun because there's a lot of the I'm gonna read, you would tweet and they're gonna be a lot of question marks. Okay and I can answer them this on Twitter. James Cordon is number two. My list of late night White Guy hosts, I'm horny, for I don't know who number one is, but I just wanted to tell you the username at Bonerz, so that's the best part of that. I don't know who I don't know who the other one is but we're in the top two for Bonerz. I also be invited stuff to talk to me in binary. Stop too until I mean Ma'Am on Instagram once in his anyone ever sang so badly that you really expected to sing well, but when they were in the vehicle may be regretted singing with them. I see the look on your face, Look on your face that I'm sure you don't wanna, say yeah. That was one that was
I'm not going to you can't say who it was, but you had you. I was very intimidated, 'cause you. Let me sing with you for So we did the star wars, website yeah and I'm an ok karaoke song about that. But I'm not I'm not. I do not have your golden theatrical boy band, but I do not have insatiable pipes that you could have cut it. You could have cut it in full frontal for sure, but no shows yeah with zero shows, of course, the audience that anyone in the audience want to stand up and answer question in the hoodie. What's your name, my name is Tony soldier, Tony Tony. What's your question so which one direction member would you want to raise a child with and why great question very, very good question and and also you're you're you're, going to make a one percentage of the population very happy and the rest are going to attack you like it's a brave heart. Now here's the thing I should be so lucky to raise a child with
any of those sweethearts who I am incredibly fond of, but I think if I had to raise a child with one of them- and this is only based on He'S- probably the member who spent the most time with my son, so I've seen him interact with genuinely my child, so I would raise it with Harry He would be yeah. I would. I would choose him to just to take his last name. 'cause, it's just a great last name. Styles is a great way better than Hardwick. I have a. I have a present for you, which is everyone gets a present. This is we borrowed
from your show, we were the commercial break. I was I was talking to you because you're my wife wants to have kids. Yes, I'm gonna be a little bit older of a father, but I'm really sort of terrified by the idea, because I feel 'cause. I know how busy I am- and I know you're equally as busy when I go, but then cordons got two kids. So Is he? How do you juggle the insane schedule of the career and the children? Well, I think it actually makes it easier genuinely 'cause. I don't think uh. Some people get confused. I think when they have kids and they confuse minutes in the day or just being in the under the same roof as spending time with their kids, and I don't think that's what it is. I think what's important and all your kid actually wants is,
but when you're there that you're completely present with them and you go, this is what we're going to do and we present with you and we're going to be a dad now and so what's important is not the amount of time or the number of minutes. It's the quality of the time that you spend so for example, I I didn't see my son this morning. He was still asleep when I left. I saw my daughter very briefly for probably four or five minutes and dumb and then left, and I probably won't see them tonight- 'cause they'll go to bed before I get home, but when Saturday comes all that's all that's important is like uh I have nothing to do my all. My only job for the next seven hours is to be completely present with you now so that when I'm around I'm really around- and actually I think that- the only way you can juggle
being busy at all. Is that actually, if you just go, what's the thing that I have to do now and I won't think about anything else, other than being the best version of myself now, so. If all I'm thinking about now is trying to give you and make this the the best episode then I'm going to leave here and go and now I'm going to try and make the best be the best host or boss tonight When I get home, I'm going to try and be the best husband, and if I call my friend Gavin, I'm going to try to be the best friend and then it will be the best to be the best son, and if that's what you were just always trying to do, you will only be a successor manage that time. It's the moment. God I'll call I could not. On Thursday announced over this is remarked as such as going to think about that. That is all it is all stuff that's in, familiar to Maine, then it all falls apart. If you like, I just gotta get through this, because it's that things is important. But that thing might
come and might never arrive. So actually, if you just go when I get to that I'll think about that right now actually think about this, then then I I that's the only way I can sort of juggle it, and particularly with having a family is just you know, walking in the door, sometimes I'll sit outside my house and finish emails in the car 'cause. Then I know that when I shut the door, I would just put my phone somewhere else and just try and be completely present with my wife, which I've only learned the last couple of years that that's actually the only way we can have a proper relationship and we got a probation with the kids, because, if you're just going not yet no yeah, yeah, yeah and- and and they're dealing with whatever stress you're dealing with and then feeling that you're not checked in yeah. I should try that at home with my wife and also
be the best partner I can to Harry styles, but it's it's just being a present at that time, prison. So if you're only 'cause, the truth is very deep, only thing that exists. Is this everything by This is gone. Everything in front of us is unknown, so we've actually got is now. So that's all you've got everything else is dust. This is the only thing that's ever happening. So if you're just trying to do that now and be in this, then when you get home being that and tomorrow be wherever you need to and when you raise a child with Harry Styles, being there We have a Buick question via video chat. I change. My name is Erica from Greenfield MA and I'm curious. Are your dream? Carpool karaoke guess,
These that you haven't had an yet it would be my dream car well, but the truth is, is getting harder to do 'cause, it's done so many great people, uh we have one coming up where edge. At we have that we show one. Yesterday, with Aasha, we have a a which was much fun with a big one, coming up we're going to do in a couple of weeks, I think and then really it's just all a quite just to get Beyonc. Isn't it course I've actually there's no way you won't get her. There's no way you say: Getter she's got she's got a couple of things she needs to get out of it. There's a couple of things that are system better shaped like human being, then, and then I reckon yeah I hope so I hope so so much will see how was the Ed Sheeran when he is a delightful little Gingerman ferret yeah. It was really fun. Well, I've known edge for quite some time and he was actually the first person we ever asked to do it.
And he was so sweet. He was like a chest just want to disappear for a bit sure, and he said I promise when my next record comes out. I wanna one hundred percent, do it and to his word, given credit, you really did he turned up and he was great. We have four jam on, tell the really good fun so at yeah and then this survey- I you know, I'd love to do Springsteen. I really would love to do I just don't imagine it would have a have a lot of city, radio heads, oh my god! Well yeah! You know, I think, I think I mean Radiohead. I've seen them in concert so many times we can cut this out of the show. But I'm to tell you a little story of in nineteen. Ninety, I was working at a rate was working at MTV in America. I was working at a radio station called K, Rock yeah, and they have this big annual Christmas concert called the acoustic Christmas and creeped just come out. An I love that problem that was a great album, yeah and uh. So
you know they had this huge hit song. They were playing the acoustic Christmas. Someone else was interview Radiohead from the station and they bail. They had to go to something else. So someone goes hey Chris. They come interview Radiohead and I'm like fuck yeah. I went interview Radiohead, so I don't know what happened, but Tom was not in a good mood. Thought farm was not in a good mood that night, and so he I walked over to go hey, I'm Chris I'm going to interview an and he immediately stood up and goes this interviews over and then like stormed out and legitimately for twenty years, twenty years whenever I don't know what voice of failure you're here in your head, when something goes wrong. If it's like coaches like you'll, never be anything. Are your parents being like get outta here? You loser, but whenever I fuckedup in life from then on, I always heard city views hand legitimately still one of my favorite bands of all time, but I think Tom has really lightened up ever since becoming a dad yeah. And so I feel like you, I feel like radio
head. I don't know I mean yes, I would be very surprised. We see if the queen will receive He would do it for like Red Nose Day or something yeah again. I can't see that it's something you just fill the cart with corgis. She doesn't know where she's getting into it. Yeah yeah after triggering that we'd have to we'd have to trick. I want to sex you up in the butt. I see it happening, I see it happening uh. We have someone else in the audience once a question. Please stand up
hi. What's your name, one question for James, so my question is: what is your dream? Theater role, if you can disregard your age, race, gender, good question? What I was before I took the show too, I was gonna do and we were just starting to talk about doing a Stephen Sondheim Musical called a funny thing happened on the way to the forum which we're going to do on Broadway, and I still very much like that role, and I was I have a dream which I spoke to about in the studio me in that Jim Parsons with being ridiculous, pastiche, video of dust in the wind and- and I said to him- I went you know we should do in about ten years. We should do the produces anyway, oh my god. Yes, we should do that. So that's not sticks in my mind because I think at the plate out might be. I spoke with someone. I
I am in the producer, would be real dream come true. Really good idea would be an absolute dream, an then if I could just be. If I could not, we may and just choose any role in the world, there's a musical which is not beloved at all. There's a candor and AB musical called kiss of the spider woman, where there's a character called Molina. Who is a a transvestite criminal, imprison an it's just, a role, I've always loved. I watched it when I was at fourteen. I cried my eyes out. An he's, got some beautiful songs, so yeah I'd love to stab at that Well, you know it's interesting. I have a very special thing for you, karaoke machine and also just because you know you probably
be able to these. These are all different books, great yeah. These are all different song books and then your very own karaoke machine here I'll take this microphone for a possibly hold all this. I think she can do it. You can do it. Thank you baby. I could game showing himself. This really is ok great. Let's take a little more video message: hi, I'm Donna.
Bakersfield. California- and my question- is James: you've got fifteen seconds to talk your way out of a speeding ticket ready, go fantastic, no sir, go pretty fast back there. What's the rush officer mime on my way to church, where I am teaching underprivileged children, what do you think Jim I'm teaching them the trucks, a bad and wrong, and what kind of drugs? If I don't get old trucks? Okay, you! Hey, hey, hey, hey Marijuana is a gateway drug and you know that it just became legal here. You're under arrest have gotten out of that we're going to break a little. You know the uncut extended version of this interview is available as a podcast at Nerdist also go to AMC, DOT, com, slash shocking for bonus, clips, exclusive content and links to the podcasts over one over episodes more with Mister James Court.
We come back on the back and forth is talking with meeting for service. I think one of this ties into something that you told me is that one of the last did your show you're like yeah, I'm shooting and then I'm going to go. Do oceans, eight like when the hell do you have time to do that so Harold H, Cha on Twitter says, can you give me some details about oceans? Eight? Are you playing guy or a bad guy and then in all caps does Rihanna looks like vampires, then well, I didn't meet Rihanna when we shot that film. I I play I'm just a very, very
fine, I play a insurance investigator whose come to New York soon, no really investigate the crime. Just try to find the thing that's been stolen. So for me I did it because I got to have scenes with Light Sandra Bullock and a huh and half the way, and I just loved it. The director was a guy, I'm incredibly fond of cool Gary Ross, and I just it was a wonderful week to go to New York and do a bit of acting and I've always wanted to film. I or I I was lucky enough to do a film crew begin again which show in New York and then I think I just have a real romantic. So the suggestion with filming anything in
city, I think it's just it feels like alive so glamorous, so I loved it. It was wonderful but that I can't help him on the re on the question. Okay, any one or any one, more question. Yes, hi. What is your name? My name is Megan. What's your question again, my question is, I know you did a lot of theater, so I wanted to know what stereotypical theater kid were you in school, the worst in a all I can about, was doing, shows being in plays doing things. You know at my parents what we didn't have. We would then have a massive the money when I was prime, so we at my wife can never believe this from like the age of seven onwards, I never had a, but they policy. In fact, I have my first birthday. I had a dinner,
just with a few friends last year- and that was the first time I've had a but they they really. Since I was seven because I add to that, my parents would just get me at face tickets. So I go with my dad and my mom and I've got H musicals in the West end, so that was all I it was all I ever wanted to do. I was the worst face. The kids top down, saying singing sketches at a thing that coulda involved, any sort of sense of performing live was all I ever wanted to do. So I was a horrific thing I would say so it was my choice not time but they've. Always as I got older sure I just
I want to be one of those people that sends out a huge text right to everyone come help I haven't rings just so. You know having drinks for my birthday or buy one pop by eight hundred pm be great to see you, I'm like no group text or who are these people now they've started having a birthday week that these idiots have. You met these people heard birthday month and only birthday month, but someone the other day say it's my birthday and the guy when it was your birthday on Sunday, when it's my butt, I want to stretch this out as long as possible. Think about the actual wording birth. Day day week, yeah, it's my birth year yeah! I just give me the person, hey guys, drinks and nibbles just couldn't. Do it himself?
We could have a very special thing for you. This is really a big. This is a good one. Do we have it backstage, whereas it here it is. This is your very own, but wait. Wait. Wait, wait, wait! You might be thinking but wait. What am I going to do alone with this? Well you'll, never be alone alone. When you got James Clark in your car, so you can hang on to that. I hope you're not flying back not let's. Let's do one more video question hi, I'm from Port Charlotte. So James and wondering you've done so many animated characters, which is awesome, but I'm wondering how do you keep them fresh and unique every single time you do 'em thanks so much uhm. Well, I mean it's difficult.
Essentially, they are almost always my voice, but I've just been doing this some doing the voice of their making a movie of Peter Rabbit and I'm being the voice of Peter Rabbit, and it's part live action Paul animation on. I'm really really enjoying finding is a great director will Gluck and we're just trying to find we've done. A few just trying to find where he's voices and These are so sit up. There come on God and I'd like for me. It's uh a time where I can act and do stuff. Whilst I do this show so I'll go and whether it's trolls or like the which movie that I just I'm doing right now or or this Peter Rabbit Film, it's two hours or three hours where I can just. Sort of feel like you're writing a thing, but I always leave quite a key. Come on guys and he couldn't call you like what is wrong.
I don't do this most of the time. Is it? How is the Emoji movie 'cause? I we sort of poke fun when we heard they were doing an movie, it's like all these lanny all they want to write words anymore yeah. Is it fun, but then I saw the Catholic okay. Well, if they're doing it, we must be okay. Well I mean who can never know who, if something look all I know is no one ever stops out anything to ever. Try to make anything this back. Do you just don't and am I right Shyamalan still going is going to be bad. Did you see split large? What was good? It's awesome. I disabled actor. I love James that
What is a hero and it's being credible, bought the Emoji movie is very very funny, because the notion of the film is that all of the there's a glitch in the phone and there's one emoji, which is call every expression and that so they find out that this guy is gonna, take his phone to get this glitch fixed and when it does, he will die at least this one emoji that can have any expression he wants. He'll die so he's going to get to the mainframe of fixed the glitch before he dies and my character is high. Five. All of these syndrome, page all of the all of the favorites. You know your favorite emotion. They all sit in this amazing palace behind a rope curtain and they have an incredible life and, if you're, not on the favourites board, you're just way back and high five used to be a favorite.
And he feels like the guys just forgotten about how great our high five is. 'cause now he's like he's sending fist bumps and explosions he's forgotten the beauty of being a high five, and he said he says if he could just see me up there. He'll remember how amazing i5 is this? The high five one? Now just that's just this one, five boy, I'm very I'm very computer savvy. I've worked in tech for a long time. I covered tech for a long time. It was only about five months ago that I realized that this is not the high five emoji and I've been sending it to tons of people, and my wife goes: that's the prayer of OJ. I'm like how it's a high five that's a fun compare emoji. So I think that I flashback to she goes into the same hand, and I go oh my god in a moment. I flashback to every time or someone's like hey great job, on this thanks buddy. Let us pray
you know like I am so not my stay, but I met someone. I met someone the other day who was called law right. There name was low and they were in their 30s. Oh no and I was like that's a nightmare. Imagine you have Send a text going. Oh my god, I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you at this time. Lol They were saying something on Reddit once where a woman's mom thought that lol meant lots of love, and so, when she posted on Facebook, my cat passed away. Mom wrote lol? Oh my god. There's a woman! The other day are we read a story about the woman the other day whose name is Alexa SIRI? No, my name is Alexa older softball. The devices light up all the devices that, when she called it, a waking nightmare well before
We release you back it literally to just walk next door to your own show. First of all, thank you. So for spending time so well produced in, and I love that you've sort of brought back the whole conversation that, like both guests, are out, you know the audience involved, Regis involved and it's always a pleasure to well thank every time. You been
but I also I would love to. I don't know why, but the show's kind of involving this thing or at the end, I kind of say, hey, what's up and you've, given us a lot of was in today, but what's a piece of what's a piece of life advice that you enjoy your what's something that you know that you want to impart to your kids are in part to people like what what's something that really is kind of where your heart lives? What I think yeah, I think my dad would always say to me, which I will try to say to my children- is that the difference, the difference string to doing something and not doing something is doing something. So do something doesn't matter what it is to some.
Yeah anime, you know like life's hard and it's difficult and uh, please God Touchwood it's long but like if you're trying to do something, do it and go for it and commit to it. 'cause. There's a lot of young people here in this ruin, your you life plays tricks with you and time starts to speed up the rate where you can't even fathom where the last ten years is gone. Ohmygod. I know how my whole life. I would just think when I, when I get my own place, my life will be like this. When I become an actor, my life will be like this when the salmon- and you realize that- that's not that's not what it's about your life is this right now, so uh do something:
And lighten up yeah, excellent, hey you got that's a perfect, so we end up podcast normally say enjoy your burrito enjoy the present as it is happening. Thank you. So much James Corden for being here in the late night shows weakness on CBS, always checkout at talking on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out who's going to be on this show and how you can be a part of it. Couldn't do the show without you and then also do you want to promote drop the mic or a carpool karaoke on apple? I will do it. Right, ok, fine, well drop! The mic is a show that you should watch that a cordon is producing and then also a carpool karaoke on apple as well, that we had some pointed out at some point. I'm Chris Hardwick. Thank you so much for watching at heart, in between the ground. Don't text and drive be nice to each other I'll, see you, sweet goodnight, now leaving Nerdist com enjoy your burrito.
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