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Janet Montgomery (Salem, Black Mirror) talks with Chris and Matt about leaving England to work in Hollywood, what they think the Salem universe is really like and how they like being workaholics. They also talk about different accents and Janet tries out her American accent for a bit! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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no, she was a cage on Alden was on a couple weeks ago and he was awesome agenda. Montgomery is awesome and ass. She was also an upsurge black near there was real good, so Salem is on Sundays at ten p m on W G in so here's an inspired gas number six. Ninety three with the british JANET Montgomery. Katy role, the thing entering Nerdist STAR com do some dirty money
You make him satellite about IDEA Kylam what you're should slowly ass. If I were in agreement and say cream beyond any cream, I'm christmases man, that's Katy. I How are you I'm good hives outside that you're on, because the same at the same, We are, as I recorded by the way, and you can swears they would everyone I'll fucking But at the same time, at the end of last year that my girlfriend I started watching Salem, a friend of mine, a baby, He also sent me be Christmas episode of black mirror, which was amazing, and also utterly heartbreaking he saw at the same time so that you saw it because a lot of people in America haven't seen it funds of the show because they ve seen on Netflix. I feel like it was no one scene, the Chris,
special here we ve been. Did they put the christian social influx? You know they have I've been illegally downloading its ways. Not Our third? If they're, gonna GEO blocks, I don't make visages on that. That's fine about dollar, virtually every bit extolling we begin by echoing the virtues of work, may refer for quite a while now Charlie Book also Miser yeah he's absolutely amazing flow. Is you ve episode of it that where the Christmas upset I loved, because was so sad. Any Rafe Rafe spoke. Isn't it is fantastic? Yes, oh yes, my favorite episode, they're all sort of I mean first, The first one is a shocking me to just like a Wakefield, your leg. Not sure what you're gonna watch, because you're watching refers to lighten the feeling so uncomfortable like the whole, like that, the Prime Minister fucking a peg onto it, was like he was in,
sure conundrum music, I dont know I would do I thy like he's. Gonna save this girls, like everything. If you haven't, got a lot of and how specific the instructions were more. How I me without feeling too much for the pig and then and in some other stuff happens, but it, but I think that just the idea that there there's this kind of like this Toby and Technocracy, that's why I don't know how describe it? It's just a part of one world and but I also loved the I think, the most heartbreak episode was the one where he's replaying, like wit, with his as its taxicab. Oh yeah yeah, like about one, was that one was one of those ones were afterwards. You just need a minute number, the episode to just feel ok, yeah again and whips out with cigarettes, one sector, the hoary smuggled. Cigarettes goes: where does it my dream per in my dreams? Yeah I've been smoking for like two and a half,
decades likely my and in my dreams I smoke my dreams. Nobody smoke cigarettes, just cigarettes. Why am I ve been doing this for twenty some years and when did you quit like twelve years ago. Maybe your subconscious hasn't got up to here, conscious. Be it's because I think its symbolic of something that's more about the destructive choices, it's more like. Why am I continuing to do thing? You know like why do I make destructive choices that I know are bad for me. I think it's really about smoking at all this to be needed. In your dreams. Oil lives you like not destructive at all. Well, I think your dream of being more destructive, overgrown destructive tendencies, but in general I know I know I was destructive when I was young. I think I am anymore. Are you
hey man for whom I feel like someone is destructive, often can't see themselves and probably the wrong person to ask for Wales, like my mother, my best friend, they would probably described me as destructive. I just feel like I'm free spirited reverted, that's that's it! That's all persons way of describing discharge because I like to have fun. You know who to studies role with it are an old german Swinger yeah. The love another sire. You know it's just a free spirit to how will you ensure report most of the time yeah, because shame was last week and he was it's his birthday today and I have sadly birthday shame. However, they change when this goes up. This will not be as birthday, so we hope of an extra one of you super nice? I get the sense that the people at the your cast seems super.
Paradise, thought I mean they're, amazing everyone, everyone in the cost gets along so well and I feel like a bull in Shreveport together. Everyone's away from home, so you do things gather more than if I live in New York or allay or London, could you have your own lives to go home to but rule dislike during the night. We, like the thanks, go to the one restaurant that we all go to again and you, my friend group donors, in the air with becomes. Like a weird Shreveport family as I see I think I saw I think I saw the guy who plays cotton. Mather at sat Alia at drastic world premier last night, but I was his wife was in so he was their own yams. Is why Stylus Howard? That's why you ve no idea. I know how did he get her hearing about the guy? Getting he's gotta he's got that boyish charm delays that Israel is equally a huge, very happy there's just trying to get closer running around
and I wanted to go up, throw me like I'm really. I really love Salem, but I didn't because I don't like governance, ammonia eyes. Yet we hate you hear the lovers. Love on shows like our go away like this happens, all the time just self conscious about overseas. There's his wife's big night. Of course, he's gonna wanna hear someone like somebody here I don't know I really should have gone up to as a real phobia. You'd I'll tell you why? Because I played out of my head and I go, whereas others would go down him. Animal really regret your show thanks good night, like I just feel like it, it's just sort of an awkward you have at that though, a fine extra does see, I think I would be more like that. Is I never know what to say, but sat would be so grave. You end up in you said: hey I really like you, your show and love you wanna. He would like into a great, conversely, with the about you so good at that he's here. Beyond the show and not may to beyond the desire that his he's married abroad
Dallas Howard and he seems to be obsessed with redheads on film. Comes and goes back there. And even a real redhead by the way, are really yes she's blonde, but how she really suits. I d rather ginger. I know it totally works. Well, not only her, but then the other, the girl he was seeing the first season. Guarana gets banished the voyage other energy area. She is literally a whore, it's ok to say, ok, shit, that's what she plays! She's a whole she's, absolutely horror! That thing you do. How did you come to the project to do just audition border. They seen you in something or what was the I was in London at the time living in London and Brown Amber, I was in also in London and he's the show creator working Cosmos and he organized like a meeting with me to talk to me about the project and then from now I didn't flout to allay like test or anything. I just did tradition and then about four months later
they ve like hey, you got the job. What job we're gonna get has to go through so many people that it takes forever, and you forget about things, and I was like working on something else in Canada and it came back around and suddenly I was sixteen hundred Salem, but in Shreveport you know I always feel especially its hard not to watch the show and go on my guard she'd be in that crazy, dress traipsing through the mud all day, and I'm so glad you, I'm so glad you watch the showing you think about things that you're you're costumers are so very simply. Customs are so intricate your words so intricate, and but mostly your basically stepping over plague bodies and mud and it just seems like I wonder if that would have that was fun to shoot that day like it looks. It looks like it's a little bit of I mean at this point,
fine, if I'm like traipsing through the cracks and a massive dress, but there was a fight that was a funny moment. Last year we were doing episode. Thirteen, which was like an intense episode, has really tighter two in the morning and I was doing a scene with em Isaac. It'll go back and I had these long necklaces on and they got caught on the arm of the chair as I stood up and saw it is like, I mean it's not like I like the screaming you a bit and whose, over I mean the whole crew, just laughed at me back so frustrated because I have so many pieces. I have to be like very careful with time I am also like in a fight with some one way to dispel my eyes like. I can't even move right. Much. I have on me real, which is probably were in completely incorrect trip, Z like jury right right, I mean you, you need your. Maybe they would take it off, you know, maybe it would take it all off ass. I was feeling when Mary does imagine how is likely to be with all of it off. Like I feel like them Very simply that,
Salem, see a nose like the pure to marry simply is very grand, but I think, The witch Mary is like very Faye and she wants to do scanner nightgown or get naked and stick a toad in someone's mouth area, but you ve done a good job because of done a good job of making. You with the witches and making you want to light up all the Puritans. Basically We ve been lucky to have some very unlikely puritans. So she Jeremy this year, like you, love to hate him. You know little Europe actually he's like it. He pays hawthorn and these just such an asshole that you, like, I just kill a merry laugh lesson was increase matter yeah. Who was just a dick? You know it's funny. I thought cotton was gonna end up being dick of the series, and then there was a mega dick b his father and then you will start to like you start to light cotton. We start to feel so. Forgotten. I think that's what's so great about the writing. Is you
one way about character and it can turn on a dime. Once you see if I kind of fun like it when I watch the jinx with Bob Dusk, as I felt like, they lead to lead, up to it, with like his mom like watching his mom like kill, herself and soften, you feel sorry for him and then you'll like you to remember the thinks he's done, but it's like people more complicated than Aren't you do shoved a frog in a man's mild and I did it for a reason. You had a very choir Yoda, very good reason will there's that there is also the whole. I mean you know that sort of like rampant, socially accepted sex, of like well, you can't own property. If you're a woman in new you have your ears, your place is tied to the husband. So, of course you would have to course he would have to do that and as a woman in this age, even just hearing a man say that, knowing its acting like my blood boiled of courses, it's kind of easy actually to pay Mary, could she sort of like how I would feel yeah? Oh, thank you very much go. Thank you
I would love to find out what the something that I'm. Never a hundred per cent clear on is what the rules of the of the magic is what the rules are within the world, because sometimes it seems like a wonder you just like we just like that guy up with fire, like your which when did you just like that, you know sometimes I find I have powers that I didn't even know now I had, and am I I guess I did I could do this one. I just do the last episode evaluate things easier. I feel like the magic. You know they keep it very founded, but then there are things like with the with the fire that was coming out, which came from like the marries progressing magically. So I think we have to accept. The powers are gonna get stronger with like the grand right being nearly complete rotate. Now yeah, it's completely arms to episodes into the next season which, because I'm behind on everything, but I'm to emphasise just not good enough for us,
flog guinea, but I have seen the introduction of Lucy Lawless yeah as as another, without giving. Much away as another force of nature to contend with? It seems I mean there, be it's obvious that there's all this there seems to be the chess game of witchcraft. That's happening right now in and around Salem and there's a lot of different pieces sort of moving. Yeah. This is the decision of the witch wars, what they called it, and I think that as these throughout the season. A merry definitely doesn't seal the threats that around her and who do you think the witch or might be with like mercy or it might be. With an you, don't know where the threats coming from and I think that's pretty exciting do. Are we the like Mary. Do you think honestly I mean I like, but I sort of half Duke Roma. Her I feel like I felt something you like, and sometimes you think what the hell are you doing rivalry is one of those cat, she's she's,
really well written character because you, you don't know how you feel about her, but you can't help but sympathise with her. It's like she's she's, a survivor, Ryan she's, scrambled her way to where she is and she just keeps him. I think you can't help Mylodon someone. So when you you weren't. They found you in London. What work? Where did you come from what are you? What did you do like? What was your? What was your path, starting from the big day zero a. I was born to my mother and she she had three and I had an older sister, a group and Bournemouth though, Sixteen o little crazy using a moving out respite, I'm leaving school days things, but I always dance. I got a scholarship to abolish school in London, my parents, we're gonna wanna go and then I paid for I paid My living I lived in London. Paypal
living in suffer what pizza for three is voted on: each dancing pizzas to people's homes. I was now, but I just did a lot of children's parties. That is a little different in England, Israel, but more of a restaurant. In England, oh go you to children's part, is he like, like three is hires dancers in England? Now I was away but I would just be like the UK just highlight unpeopled and actually like actors in Georgia and dance and people, it just don't work a lot like I look at you. You didn't notice that of opiates. When I was in London Catholic. That looks nothing like pizza, Hedberg yeah, it's a fancy earning right Pisa here is just goes. I kind of like just grab a pizza in London. It's like come to the solid barn sit down. I also is like thrilled with the subway having three pound foot love. MR five dollars a conversion Ok, I'm too easily organ pizza.
A couple years as I was gay- and I were I graduated dont school and then when I left us like I'd Rina, if I'm gonna be a dance. So that's what I want to do and then I started working in theatre doing like music kind of staff and then I pretty to play- and I was in with a guy called death and Anthony using the first few season. The Van game of Thrones he's Acta. I got an agent and when I was a little bit in England and then came out to America just like us, I'm just gonna gathers you it's like and then I didn't really seem to leave like I moved back to England, but I work more over here. Just sort of suits me. It does. It does seem, like England has us if you can start working in them in the machine in England. It just feels like it's. It's like that. You see the same people here in year and over and over no yes, a tight knit network, whereas is one of them
I do like about America is that they see everyone. They give everyone a chance, whereas in England daylight we see like three people and we don't want to give up on a chance. It is more of a is a different culture and I love that like ever at you know, anyone can government a move to allay and they can kind of get a chance to to an audition and stuff right, England, you just calm in the same way to save a mayor in England. Not no really, but it doesn't like Germany and when I was in Paris last year, like those a guy that was like I'm such a big fan of the channels and it's so we're them in Paris in the sky, watches Salem, because in England note like it's not on and do you think it's would like where? Where do you think you'd or do you just work wherever you find jobs that you like, or do you think I got me really cool the work, a ton in America, the kind of cool to go back home in Vienna, but stop there like right, It's just me and my dog so definite like I. I I like to watch I mean I have like my friends and everything, but in London. It's always nice to acts of God. Like some good friends, then I'm close to my family and I
It's nice have got here, friends here, since I moved like twenty three. York I love but like I kind of, should choose it from the scraps. Again yeah no in the positive go anywhere like I'll try out once you know, like also Shreveport, never Ben, I guess I'll guy. Why not? And what do you do? I assume you're waiting to find out Do you know if there's gonna be a season three? I know I've not been tired. I dont know do no more than not make a call don't know, I don't know so, are you basically do you have to wait and see? find out, or can you audition for other stuff still further, We are working on it. I do I do this for other stuff like in, because we we worked like six months I get six months off. To do that, like a deep black Nera wrote last year and I did a movie with em Jason bags, which hopefully will go Toronto things like a could movie, but this year, like I'm, just reading scraps up into a few additions. I
I got an them. It takes no want to get back into the hall of your good because I still Mary, simply right now you want you want a light Bobby girl from from New York. Don't I've got that in me right now? I think of a city with just the merry simply take me like a month to publish our tear. You assign you know this girl's upon she's posted before that I like cry suddenly, thereby raising. I understand I get it yeah. I had to sacrifice my baby in a forest nor, I think you're, bringing some other things too. This value I mean it. Do you ever think about overall the type of like the direct? in that you want to go under the sort of work job. The job I mean, do you have a do? You have a grandpa And what do you see you know
This is an interesting question. I think I flit between. I don't really know because I think I've learned on the job allow you know like I've kind of progressed in my career and as you go on, I'm learning the things that I dont want to do and the things that I am trying to do like I'm. I'm definitely attracted to like good writing, but it's hard to find, and it is it's a challenge as an actor, to put your stand like new writers like new directors, I do like working. A vision because I like watching a carrot to grow and I the community like feeling like I have a strong, stable job. I I bought more, a vision that I do movies now as while like this, few movies that I want to go see that often like old ones. I watched old movies, you're so gap, a teller. If I'm loving so much television that film also moves glacier. Really I mean it yellow each film it like two years ago in July on promoting I who can remember what they were doing two years ago may. What was your motive?
I don't know it stop asking me Is that really remember that I did, I wonder few. You are, if you're a free spirit, can you have a grand plan, or do you feel like? Do you feel like that? having this structure of television schedule has sort of major made you more of a regimented individual. No, I don't think so. I mean TAT. Well, maybe it is good for me in some ways I think I just I've started to see that. Unabashedly. I like making money, and I like working when I'm not working, I sort of feel like an empty vessel wrote. I may be there because I, like I'm not like married with kids or anything, but I sort of feel a bit kind of empty, like I'm. Not doing anything in the world, but whereas, when I'm crazy, seeing something a working on something, even if I'm like kind of wish it was
some movie or whatever. I can still feel like I'm doing something and it makes me feel like I have a purpose by the way. I still think. Even if you had you really they're married with kids, you could still feel empty. You know it's not like I'm sure I think, particularly in this business, it's it's! So there's so much having to deal with. Idle like what you know. When you're, when your mind is active, but you don't have an outlet for particularly acting as I like, you can go. Can a swing by the acting Jim and do some acting squat like you can't just go. Do the thing that you do until and says? Ok now you can do the thing that you do yeah, I'm I I thought you were. With his grey acting coach, MOSS and lead with like to you, you go and he's with me out and treat poor and what's meaningless, who works for the cup couple of the other costs members, but mainly with me, and he change like my whole process of acting in such a way that I really
enjoy, the work like the work is so gratify, like going through the scraps like doing my kind of like breakdown of the characters and each script night. I'm like I'm a nightmare It is because I noticed like so I any mistake I'm on it, but as a part of it for me, and I think that makes me feel like I'm not just blocking out like when it might work might not, like I alike, to prep, unlike have some technique ram and do things the dome is the worse because I feel like that's when that's when people do the worst thing that they do, which is to take stock of the rest of their lives. No, if you're already, if you're already in a depleted state, don't start taking on all the big ticket items at the same time, and I feel like that's the that's the dangerous spiral that can happen yeah, so in no do you experience yet while I mean I've just got to allay and I'm like a k, shall I buy it.
A sinner, lay like I've just got here, not looking. It pays to buy more so looking rentals, but it's like I have to figure out, while a instantly think I've to figure out real life, Now like, where am I gonna live it becomes very overwhelming when you ve, been in a bubble playing a character just like every decision this kind of decided for you liked. What am I going to what tomorrow, five thirty, ok road, you know and you like Stop here until the end of May, before it can figure out real life stuff but, I can just get another job and have then I would have to deal with my own life up, as am I really like. Just please like. Let me do something else and I don't have to do with plan. That is it. Gender, Montgomery, autobiography putting off my life. Yes as definite in last year's. Yes, but others only regret it is by the way. I think it's a good time to buy a decent time to buy a house. I hit it, but it's so expensive is an X
Hence if time to plan its an out here. It's expensive time to buy house here. It's also a little tricky because my mom's a real stated, and so was I hereby for some of them But- and I bought a house couple years ago, but it but you have a lot because the markets were covered in snow lot of foreign investors coming in literally just paying cash for shit, and you can't you can't compete. We can compete with that so it is it is. It is a little trick you, but if you can find a place, it's it's it's good, because the rates are continuing to go up and you can always rented. If you go away somewhere. What that was. My issue is like I think I've been living like a gypsy, because I've known I gotTa Shreveport Catholic Five suitcase. It is not like a couple of boxes of stuff with me, but I don't really have like home. At the moment. Like I just like a guy, I know I gotta Shreveport six months of the year and the rest time on a away for a few moments and maybe I'll get in your guts, London. But I kind of need a place for my even if one
go away and like waste money. When I go back to Shreveport, I think it's time, like I'm twenty nine years old, I should probably like think about maybe having a real home have you a choir, the bunch of shit? Yet? Are you still? Is it because you haven't been able to plenty routine? I haven't. I just don't really care about shit for longer than like a month. So like a love, something and then I'll be like, I can easily throw things away like if someone stole my three suitcases right now, I believe God doesn't like. I don't have to empty the divine use it. I just what the price I move into a ass. I spent a couple years, remodeling a house and I moved into it made last year and I had nothing. I had a mattress and, like I bought two in back sleep on in the night, and here we also had an xbox. I had and I spent seven or eight months and I've just kind of now and I spent seventeen looking at different, spoons and bed bother beyond like how to white shoes which one
amassing all of the stuff that makes up the house in its freely for the getting this. Is really form. Is it fun, or is it like annoying looking at different, spoons and bed bothered beyond like how to white shoes which want because that's me, I'm like a country's Rog takes MIKE for years? Some like and I want to commit to a case is not the right. Ok, this is very into this is very interesting. I feel like I'm starting to see a little bit of the matrix code businesslike there. At present. A kind of this I feel like I'm, sat with my therapist Hindoo. Listen, I'm not at any time. You can turn you can tell me, go fuck myself and I could buy will completely. I will comply, maybe not literally now. I should love to see that you were so one of us, but so far so far it's interesting to hear you know you used the word gipsy, so you cannot leave this nomadic style and you like why don't wanna do kids and man, but no one be tied down, and I just got kind of like other people saying
sharp and then you say like I don't about the commitment of buying spoons yeah What do you think? Would you that is like what are you? What do you think that mechanism is? I guess I'm a date to analysis. I didn't hear you know like and believe me if this gets too, if I'm prying too much, I hope I'm not, but I'm just so injured. The here, because I'm you know I am a dude. I don't feel like. I think that way, Know what it is, then. I think it is interesting. You asked what I want my career in the future. I am still full of design, I think, and and how you know where I come from, that it mean. There's so much, and now I have so many options almost that it's like. I can't commit to anything because I'm figuring out exactly what will make me happy, because I feel it the next. Step will be like the one eyed like Settlin, hopefully yeah. I think that's what I think
in a way that their there's almost a myth and mythology to that where people go like because you know I I I have a house and I've owned a couple places, but then, when I meet people haven't bought a house at like. I just don't know if I can commit to the next thirty and I go yet, but you could sell it, you know like it's, not it's not the. I dont think its nest. Thoroughly the the permanent, and so I guess the four and a half five year commit it, but it's quite stressful, like the whole process of like buying a house and then like having a mortgage. Like I I've a mortgage in England on a flat, my boy in London I stood, I understand the mortgage I never well, and I'm just like. Oh, it's so strategy ignores as we enter the queen owns it. You gotta rented from her, and the same is so stressful. Is it was easier, yeah yeah, you know, I don't know I am I am I correct This do you? Can you let you don't necessarily literally own property and in part and in London, like you, the queen, like that the queen owns the property and you like, rent it from
while that does certain, but I think there are certain puzzle and the like that, and I'm not sure who minds owned by like the council, but I ll sit firm like the London Council right, so I have like a hundred yearly some relays. Congratulations! Thank you. Thank you very much, sir. If I lost a hundred years then, or otherwise it gets, you just pass it down all right, but then, after a hundred years there were taken aback yeah, it's weird where you don't know, there's something because I had a friend whose family He had a go He bought a place in Europe. Flat in London, I mean you know of and then made the joke, like I mean he's, losing it for a hundred years, and what are you talking about? Oh you have to so about who caused you plan on living more than a hundred years, and then you think are spoiled kids that just like inheriting stuff from you is that you know what this is for a hundred years. In case I lived a really long time. You ain't gettin, none of India, fibre of kids some day and then like right as I've diamond village. I sold every what're, you gonna do about it, but the there is
is it? It doesn't look like If you like people say they want options, but if he likes them, really dont want options, because the the that their stress, you know, there's a there's their diminishing returns when sword like what you said like. Spoon is better. I don't know this. One has and this one has merits, and I don't I don't immanency almost YO must become an active because because of choice- and I think that's why- maybe I love to work so much because it limits my choice cycle. I can't because I have to go to work and I have to move here today. They saw in it for me, I think, just the way my life is set up right now is: when I'm not ok? I can really do whenever I won't like it is, go, go away, travelling I'm not! I don't know. I just sit on Facebook. A man can do whatever I want and I choose our thing I'll. Tell you why picking satisfying I thought I was gonna be stressful too, and then I discovered that I have a varies with each piece that I would buy discovered that I
a very specific thing that I, like didn't know that about. I didn't really know that about myself before so. There is like a weird piece of self discovery, because you're, seeing you're seeing your way. Europe desires and pieces of your psyche. And invested in the real world by the objects that use around yourself with ok, sir, do you like a camp that guy or you like and systems, are like danish modern thing you like? What does your thing? Are you later covered my thing and it has, and I came up with a name for it. When isn't my? you have been cheerful. No, not at all the opposite it literally. The article is my design. Aesthetic is victorian. Gentlemen. Serial killer, My house is full of of of antique like really old. Stuff and taxidermy, an old science equipment and all sorts of weird shit like that.
Brandon Braga the house as well, who created the show he and it's a he- is like a red velvet cartons as well, which amount which is very like antique gentlemanly just read, with a guy like with red but cartons you like this guy means business is Dracula. He might be Dracula. Have you seen over the daylight? I'll, be out what they want they want, but the adjustment to adjust went to Austria and bought their great there's, antique there's legitimate antiques there, I feel like all of our indigenous ship them. I did. I bought a I bought. I bought a wardrobe with this seventeen fifty it had this like hand painted panels on it and it's unbelievable, but was expensive to ship. Yes, I mean it was probably like gum? Well, I don't know I mean it's like a thousand dollars to ship it, so I mean expensive yeah, but considering the size of We felt like I disorder in my brain of liquid, let's just part of the purchase less. If that is for sale over here,
the White Europe its way out here. It would be twice what it was another. So when you're on the road or when you're you know, when you're here and allay and your travelling around you said you have a dog. Is he your home it's like you see your little piece of home than tat makes you feel home wherever you are yeah I mean last. I didn't take him to report the first season because I don't really know if it was not to be too hot Louisiana for em and he's like an english bulldog and it was quite sudden and that I was suddenly like moving to Shreveport. So I left him with my ass tat dad in England that's the longest. I was five months away from him and as long as have been away from him since he was three months and I hate it like I love with me: can you just pop and back and forth, draining the narrative to quarantine? I know now I can aid comes back and forth with me because they change the law in twenty thirteen and now, if you're from like Canada, America, maybe straight here as well, then you can take. You can take your dog to vat and get them to four rabies and already in and then just get stamp. And then when you
It is almost like an accredited vat. They know they too have rabies. Is he sat and approve countries? You do travel, free, doubted room if you travel them. Does he just set up in the front Yes, it's between my legs, like on the police, massive he's, like fifty five pound of Jesus, say I guess I don't get to do the whole like carry my dog in a bag thing going on that, but is hard and airports with them. I have to like carrying on a lead through the airport and was a savage stalk. My anxiety that make me anxious with I beg you should. I think you should dress like Mary simply and then just leave the dog? I want it on the show you kidding. I keep asking them, but I don't think there's I mean I've. To be my new familiar the frog as the four familiar I and I just have a big, bold organs. I think you could just other you'd have a bull dog. When are you could turn that day? Europe which you can turn the frog into a bulldog I'm gonna get on it. There's no reason I couldn't happen, that's it
Brandon ever says like well, why go witchcraft moroccan which make it happen? where you know like she's, she's, a free spirited, lady. She wants one day a frog and ecstacy ones in English bulldog to shone out of her mind and why I think that I flew back from. Where was I you see I was just in DC and there was a couple across the ILO for me that had their cat with them and the reason I knew they had a cat was because writers are about to take off. There was this: no one knew they cat under their seat? Another sudden there was a chilling more. You know that when a cattle really upset the cat for the third, a third of the flight in it it was or of pudding than a baby because The animal sounded. Evil and distressed, and there There's nothing! You can there's nothing, you knew about it. You know I'm quite lucky with my dog. Is he doesn't Emily
also on the plane. Smell is bad and the plains and like a hope that present Maxie dozens of lobbies and rules and pants a lot, but once they start the engines you can't hear it will make. Was you saying that a slide justification so that you could blanket ban on my dog? Yes, yes, I got an english bulldogs. I'd like I gotta get some leave above. There are already a number of secret borders on planes lately, where you just do. You call me I feel like I wouldn't know. If someone Mona paying you can is bad I've had a couple that are bad and in flight attendants I don't think so, but another necropolis thing up and down the aisle. I just think it so tat if you go daddy, it's very hard to crack her, so it is, but I but trying to figure out like I was. I was kind of doing this. This personality man
but my head with everyone in the vicinity and trying to figure out who might be the culpable person who was due is doing it to help, but they would have to be increased close proximity, no yeah, but it could be completely informed with here and there in five people it could be, Did you end up choosing what work? What malefico it was? I figure I think it was an older male sitting in front of me again, but also you're a younger female, it's the perfect crime, because everyone's gonna think it's the older do, of course. Yes, the bull dog yeah that off it was obviously Wilson me is flying, makes some very nervous how it what's his name got three gallery: that's good dogma! the good great dog name. Live in New York with him, yeah yeah, the seventy, or can we live there for six months?
owning a dog in New York is trickier because it it just feels like it doesnt, I'm sure people have dogs in Europe would disagree, but it doesn't feel like a dog friendly town when everything is a concrete city block I mean ally, is the most Doc funny place. I've ever been and it's like a puff paste have adults. Report. Wasn't great, as you say, you can't let them off in parks like there's no dump but not one dog park and the whole report. You have to always keep him on a lead at when I take him to satin and then he written wonders around but yeah. New York. There are dog pox, but you did not easy to get around that you don't know already tribes in New York. You getting calves, you gotta, get someone who's, gonna, take you and your slobbering dog oil, but I live near one of like the poor dog parks. And do- is he gonna? Have you gonna get him a buddy? I'm I don't think I could. Away with having to service dogs for anxiety authority. On various I mean I already. I already feel like it's tough with, like my massive bulldog and people, look at me like yeah,
We all know your service. What he is he is he's services may like, with my anxiety Just like the population. My doctors gonna like of unexamined Euro American Airlines, economic. Good luck. I heard you honor podcast. This is this dog yeah yeah and complete call me also stop. Borrowing on planes were what was it that made you I mean. Did you adopt him? More did Was it like. I want to find a bull dog. How did you guys I adopted in yet lives? A friend of mine ended up nothing, you got this puppy and it was like two months old, He ended up going to have rehab, so he asked me to have three home the dog vanozza I can't have a dog like. I would never make that kind of commitment and, like a dog gotta, find a new home for this dog You always. Why
parking only a chill hours worldwide was always issue, but then I off like two weeks I just fell in love with him- and I M so glad I did his is now Having that responsibility like I like wanting to get home to my dog, so it is it's possible that things in life that we might normally be afraid of. We just to just two ass? I think most people are afraid of change in any way or like of sacrificing their freedom, but then times it works you now I love having a dog boyfriend, not so much a doll His great work early relationships are tricky. Rose you, especially if you performer, who travels a lot, because you know that the crazy thing about being performers that other performers, people who are performers that can be checked
because they don't understand, they don't really understand what exactly what you do and that you keep weird ours, that you have to travel happened and people who are performers You know words kooky bunch, yeah everyone's some wacky, but and then, if you go with another performer, it's like when you ever gonna see each other right. I have your always like travelling. It's like unless you're both London ACT and then you just an oversized. You do every ridiculous. Upstairs now you're advantage in every this week that every Jane adaptation and nothing other than I am solving a murder with a priest brush origin when doktor, yet everyone's gonna. Do you talk to you? I'm done it. You, don't you I never done it, but I have what would David tenant? Who is like the doktor?
for a long time and his lovely, and also we won't do that. Shea yeah, I'm just half day earnest chirp gets minutes. Is it from like winds up? Is that like us, like a seventy show someone just matched up the NASA logo with tar? Doesn't it looks like you got like a vintage Tunisia on ya know? If it's deceptive others have been watched, a shit turn you ve I've you're, a liar. You, dear I'm, watching innocently, washer, swelled with, etc person comes in was I have very long day the man I get it back most weekend. Someone does my laundry and I have a shortest laundering- the lovely lady who cleans. Why does she come once a week? So that means you need you laundry once awake. I've done before is to go thirty, days or so without doing on. How do you do that? I have that many clothes Yeah you gotta keep buying nuclear. I owe you
for new underwear, utterly exalt, there's been plenty of time. You don't think we're! U turn your underwear inside out announced I've gotta, do it when I was a yard or of course I have I mean you ve had sometimes you like you'd unpack enough knickers or whatever, and your life is gonna, be done. What that what I younger. I would do that now. I just go by. I just go by new underwear, Well, maybe we don't make as much money as underwear is expensive. People that I pay to place me into my underwear if it relates to pull lady, never never never have the new creases in them because you just bought it at the stored put it directly on Monday evening. I was gonna one right well, I hope this is not on another before I put design, let's roll the dice and see see how we do but yeah. You know when I wasn't so busy actually kind of it's doing laundry, because there's something very fair that the folding is very therapeutic is
only like chore. I should like to do is laundry I caught. Like washing up I'm vacuuming. I'm rubbish, shot, amongst other things, but light laundry. I kind of like doing I like putting it and I'm getting out so clean hanging out like a different, sorting, we're going dishes you're doing this is but like sticking them in a dishwasher, going there doing them down such as a ton of them gold. Like glad now my fiance does, but I dont care for my handler much the other day. I was dealing with issues and I went to grab back in May jar that was on the side of the thing that was falling in, and I grabbed a split second, too late and sliced. My finger open,
body things. Might I wash our viewpoint? Shrubs you're gonna get critically the ages confiscating, but my hands are very important for the China get it talking of that. Look. Look at this here, and so I got stung by this crazy caterpillar when this is over a month ago, but it still healing- and I we had to like a semi to the the total, but I've got my hand on a tray when seen were so like, and then I was like. I try carry on with the sea, but my hand was on fire. I get stuck on like a hot skillet, and it was this. This crazy cattle They haven't Louisiana that has these like poisonous venom, like spikes all over it, to break to itself and I had like an allergic reaction, twin stopless still healing, and no one would warn you why ok, you're gonna shoot and Shreveport don't touch the spiny Caterpillar Evelyn's too worried about the snakes I went and none of us are worried about. We didn't realize how bad these caterpillars were sounds like a toy
of embarrassing like and flew of embarrassed, I'm going because I got stung by caterpillar, but that apparently want to grips Annette like the toughest guys on or that cried when he got stung by one like two days before and went to hospitals like I'm alright than eating cry Wolf. This little wiener over here a time worker. I rang, don't do it. I don't want to No I've watching your uncle cry. Weird. Your dad. Oh, my dad was with my dad was a cry. Ireland, my dad my dad any any thing in a movie or television show that was even of moderates emotional gravity. I'm not even that I mean you know he would you would just all the sudden here you spoke about this very vocal about endeavours arise,
I mean I guess it depends yeah Mina, it's real. When was the last time he cried. I dont room hasn't been this year. But even though it is probably better, I guess it was. I guess, a prey after my last break up That is not to me that you haven't cried this year. I dont think I have been. I mean I quite least a couple times a week is something Just when the sun comes on the radio that I like you know, I think that would be great because that's very cathartic, good to have a good cry. I cried the other day as slicing onions for a long period of time account doesn't does it cannot get? It does count now accounts because, like just like, I had a knife in my hand, the water is coming down my face and then the door Bell rang and it was the delivery guy tramp in his liquors. I'm sorry, we need a signature and I'm just like what
shit. I prefer licence. My mother's was, I think, is right, maybe maybe there I'm sure enough. There must have been something this year at some point, that I watched that unlocked set. You know there was an episode of There was an episode of game of thrones that almost undid me from laugh from this pass season, which I just watched about a month ago that not the currencies and but the previously there s an it wasn't that it was Saturday was just it was somewhat Jaffrey dad our desire to see the girl. Now would you that. You are now I time. Ok, I don't even more than that, rigour that people are obsessed with that would be without talking about it. I don't watch it, but I'm like I'm very respectful. It's like me, I of religion and, like I get a uranium that shape who like they take.
I seriously I've game, Thrones Knights and it's like when you watch I like oranges, the new black, her ally, come house of cards, I love breaking bad What are you gonna Netflix, essentially, is what you are. Basically I'm. The come back was like my favorite shouting about also like TAT was so good. I watched both seasons, backed about how you, like it's crazy, that they were shot like poem was there between them is like TAT. Over ten years. Yet there is no comeback was in two thousand and four. I think I love Silicon Valley PJ's on dj. We did it together. What did you do with Egypt? We did already at brother with a poor, your island. T J is one of my fair means. He's crazy is one award is why you wanna clearly shows how funny I try and see his stand up as well as I just I kind of love stand up, but I'm I could never do it, but I like get really scared for them. If you like it,
For these reasons, because of you, you gotta make people laugh and if you don't you, I can't think of any worse than instead that, like I, can't deliver a joke, neither like I'm terrible. So even if some moment to give me good material, it might delivery would be crap, but he's so. Did you like feeds off that I just watching at his ease, routers button, pusher yeah totally, he loves the he loves to fuck with people. I am and also such as a guy. I mean we all were all part of the same. She cheated was the Chicago Comic Bit came over, but were all in the same, and now you know it's fund a watch, your friend start However? One starting realised that you're funny you know exactly in use, you see it because I've known him now when I lived out here, I was just twenty four. Twenty five sudden, like five years, and is nice guys, we ve or even those living beckoning than we ve stayed in contact and when he got Silicon Valley and just like kind of seeing it all happened, they soldiers showed weight That is why, like these bodies,
he's just one of those people that, unlike he, believes in himself so much and he make stuff happens. Unlike he's he's gonna flying and is also with tv? Can I can never tell even as well as I know, I'm like. I can never tell when he's with me or when he's being I got a text from once like two years ago is like. Dating this republican girl who loves guns like. Why would you to tell me that for no reason a picture of this girl holding this huge gonna like this. It is it's a meme or a joker. Are you too? I dont know I had only Ireland say he's always joking always, and then, if you, because I feel like that's like it. He lives his life like that. Like he's just wants to meet, you loves. Maybe we will love. You should come to our meltdowns, but we have a comedy theatre oh yeah, I'd love to and it's all that's all. That's did come
ITALY's it from the queen. By way of an arbitrary. I never asked for a hundred years. She's real tough line ran clean gas, but yeah we did there there's a ton of great in if you're. If you live in the in the centre of town. It's right. It's on sunset, better, in the brain. Fairfax like right at Milton Comic yeah come on I'm just saying like south of that like near, would merit near third both, on third, that doesn't see me walking around that. Anyone who wants a drug unit number for love upon luck, bring missed. You I'd love to come yet there's a lot of good like every night. Do what body like we announce it we could shows the Wednesday night stand up, shows is really fun. Now, who's on silicone value, because it with the other guy who's, usually on cats with his Jonah,
really good, and you say it's a good room in its it feels you know it like your in someone's basement. So it feels a little dirty and fine and Ghana scales gets good. You know it's a comic book shop with a comedy stage in it. So it's it's gonna win Well, when I went height when I did this movie with T J, we were we were. Sundance is Utah's at West losses and he was like when do show tonight we commonly was maybe like three people there me and my friend, and it was the first time I met you ever seen- a stand up as well, and he was so amazing, but the fact that he kind of hustles and still goes even when you go to different places. Even if his leg is performing for two or three people, he still does it like bail out here. You gotta, you have true gonna love that yeah, well loved the life of a comedian. Well, a lot! You know a lot of out of a started in rooms where you know for the first couple years you might.
Even if there are people in the room there all comedian, their other comedians and if they're not other companions, and it's like three or four people- and their lunatics in some cases they are, you know there was There was a show and allay for a long time in a laundromat so you know what you mean perform people holding their laundry and Anne, but it but with great about it, is that if you can figure out how to thrive and environments, then it kind of makes the rest of it. Like that's a bed. I'm adheres your favorite comedian. Time, while I cutie, let's just like. Currently I worked Buber, there's gonna, build yeah. I think I've heard of him goobers Great David, tells great chapels. Great there's gonna handle birth is really funny. Natasha Lodge Arrow Revamp car can issue. I went to today's thirtieth birthday it like the boast of
J D, J Miller and she performed his hat Natasha didn't she was great she's about money, yeah, she's, she's, really funny. She's gonna, like tiny like firing, you don't expect to kind of come out with the things that she comes out with data, so there's theirs. A really great, it's really good and four comedy right now, there's a lot of really great people who were who are just starting to pop, and neither is it there is not the Borg about history comedy, but there was kind of a dead space for a long time because there was a big comedy boom in the eightys and the early ninetys, and then after that, people get sick of it. So there were like stay specials on television anymore and who doesn't like to laugh is weird. That comedy would have a guy like out of fashion. Well, I'll tell you, you know it's interesting. These say that, because I think people most people think the comedies is all one thing, but comedies
diverse in the way the music is diverse, and so I think what happens is people go? I'm gonna go out to sea comedy, but you wouldn't say: I'm just going to go, see music and then get mad. If you're seeing a country band what you want hip hop. Yes, so I think because you Norman sure has been so carefully divided into knee in. Niece junks people, like their people, expect their very specific tastes to be met. If you like part of the problem of the sort of the splintering of Arkell through you know. The internet, in a million cable channels, are that most people don't feel like they have to come together. More to really watch one another on a lot of things that everyone watches anymore amino people at work. Dead. They watch gay with roads and there's a couple comedians. Everyone knows that we see K and of it. You know, but underneath that there's a thousand thousands of other things that Georgia's
Do you find also? It is sort of like music comedy in one way where things go in and out of fashion, very quickly, like Austin Powers was like huge, and now it's like now Jesse. Watch your like how has this ever like as funny as I thought it was. You know they mean it goes gonna fashion, so quickly heartily there's like five years like comedy like actor, movies, and then it kind of day goes on to something else. I think it's because comedy is a jokes are like magic tricks, because your basically, you know your support. Having someone your Europe trying to you know, you're trying to feel some sort of a shared truth that everyone had. None of us can sound fuckin asshole, but you're trying to reveal some sort of shared proof that everyone has or maybe didn't, knew but didn't know that they knew, but your Some kind of surprising them were shocking them in its like a magistrate. Once you see the magic trick, you can't watch the same magic ring for five years. Once you see it, you're like oh yeah, people can live
two songs over and over again, but the can't listen to the same jokes over the wrinkles. They know where it's going, but that's what so crazy for a comedian as well is it you have to keep coming up with new material. Yes said you might have like a great sat, but once it's down its light, we gotta come up with another you can't just keep doing the same thing job! That's what keeps it fresh you wouldn't want to do. The same thing I mean who can keep thinking of funny things like that you just have to your or you don't or you have to stop you know or you or you just stop. You always impressed may I just find it like. I find it hard sort of art form there to me, I think, acting as is the hard because I math either by taking someone else's words and then, but then then you're stuck to it, and you can't you can't be
stick with it, and no brain surgery is hard brain surgery tonight, as that, that's not very, very hard Agnew. My child and I move acting and stand up for the hardest thing is that the world period? Nobody but Burma, we Patrick surgeries prior pretty hard. Once you get the hang you honestly manual labour will be hard for me. I felt, like anything kind of a building a and there he is all relative right, yeah, of course, and the My another easy they barely one day at the truth, the matter as human beings varied after the new and end. If someone told you like you, you have to figure out how to build this house, or you will die, you would figure it out sure I mean it would be very good living of no one said it had to be good or livable at all, but is this the dog you know like before the dog you are like. I couldn't have a dog, and now you have a dog and its zeroed attitude. It totally work here. What type of these? Do you like? Do you like horror?
I fired you like drama. I, like I mean I'm a big current brothers fan like comedies, but likes would have based in a drama what I mean like the kind of brothers. Do it so well cuz. I find myself a long thing that stuff and it's sort of bizarre, but you feel it's not like. I put them, right. I also love. Those is why to tend to watch. I love comedies when my favorite movies is death becomes, of course. Yes, I love you. Great movie and mousetrap and I love her and serious movies, but like in comedy, I think she's, like one of the fund, swimming but see that's one of those movies that I feel like it. Didn't you that movie that will be holds up like theirs. It there's a handful comedies, the elderly hold up, and it's kind of amazing that the way they did when they connect goes through the hole, I'll make it doesn't look ridiculous like how do they do that? Then it was kind of ahead of its time while they were really there. They did really was that mostly practical effects or debate They did some some green screamers anywhere, but their lot of practical effects is that
Is that what you wanted? It means you wanna do. Do you dishes for comedy stuff. Ever your agents like no, you yeah, I do. I do so much like american comedy staff cause I'm not I'm english and I feel like with like sitcoms or things like that. There's no way I could do it because I just I'm not a I can. I can do an american action, but the rhythm of like the comedy timing. I think I would find difficult. I felt like with comedy I'm I be able to do it like an english accident like what I find funny, but I can't do the american set. Calm things. Yes, you know somebody like so many british come in here and taken jobs away from America? Yet we ve been told by the Queen Economic America back and was signed with the understanding in business like getting us back for british jobs is tearing. How did she get that job? There was Kay Winslow, she's, really anglers. No idea was greatly night. I also use recovery goes. I do I do
like a lot of american act. Axel actors can do great british accidents, but there's no opportunity for the for them to do it, because it's like well we want to make any movies amid a collection of high level heritage, yeah game with roads. That's pretty much, that's pretty much that comes out one day, that the re fines is from Kentucky up the debate, a secret and shouting. I was rather mine, rave workers on what you know. Of course, I'm ever much everyone's british on wagging their like Andrew Lincoln and who else is on the shape, or even more so yea and immigration, or go ahead and british and she's on the show, and but I figured, I think, the leap from, british to southern accent is a little bit is easy a little bit different yeah. Well, I got told it was easier because this the southern accent,
the only one that sing song in the same way that a british oxen is like it has more variation and as a sing song, a fat like an apparently an english accent, the road? So it's easy, the intimation of that. What are you saying things is similar re southern one, the rhythm you are you, girls, war, kill these walkers we're gonna have to get together. I mean like it's very it. Very, but then I feel like these standard american accent, which has just sort of doesn't really have a regional level patient. I feel like that one's hard for people to do It is definitely Sutton words that, like will throw off I'd like Sazen like process right its Mars, do if you watch the person of house within Hugh lorries fucking amazing actor, but the first season a lot of his eyes go up at the end and then it chain
it like season two. He worked on it, but it's the hardest. Well, you know not working on it. We amazing version he's always higher injustices that always irish million, when I'm a CIA has errands ratify. My daughter method would be I'm just a simple man from deploying no you're, not at all. Pierce browser in the last movie here he just fucking. No attempt at an end The accent is just full Irish, oh yeah, yeah! That's why it's into its! If you watch, and on Doktor who but- and here is actual action- is very scottish yeah and it's it's almost it's almost off putting to hear that parity between that yeah know what you mean actually- and I feel like this when you do an american action on a tv show, you working you do like pages a day, you don't get to work on it like, if you doing a movie alike. Will this is everything I'm saying in the movie, and I can go for it with a dog at coach and make sure it's like I'm on it, but with He is just not like that. I feel like an how any
would stay. Another acts are not mess up. At always, gotta rely like the eighty ass. You can like correct things. What is it standard and I wanna hear sand american accent now, so Having like a regular conversation, did you have you been to the Grove yet YAP into the graph, and what's your fate, What would you like to do with the Grove Airline Jake Rail than in England and it's so expensive compared to hear I gets cheaper here like the only I think it's cheaper here, gaps broadly cheaper here to erode not oh yeah and the gap always have like seventy percent off every time you go in there, you're like how is there another Clarence? So what are you gonna? Get an apple watch everything to the apple story I know now. Is that what does it do? It does a lot of really fun things, there's apps on it and its guttural animated me. You know like this and animated Mickey face. How much do you use it now, because I would think that I would just use my phone, because this is more finance, way than just going ass? You think that, but it actually does tat. May I use use my dear.
Regular. While you are what you got that regular. We hate it s, just as it was like. I have these expensive watches that just sit because of this damn thing that lot, I don't megawatts does is tell time just cause. James bond had one now. This is the master qualified as the first watch on the moon, but it all pull out as a further eight march on the moon, not literally about the same while you really dressed up aware of this, but I believe I have also heard just the moon, but I was not aware of that. I'm, I'm still delighted that yours you're still in the site, slight cycle. Looking I love it. I love it. I love it. I ve been Santa Monica yea, and the Santa Monica yeah. Do you like the reach? No, no I I don't really go to the beach. I love it. I grew up near the beach. Surely one of the nicest beaches in england- and so I don't I just kind of like I live like ten minutes from editing.
And I like the sun and not to have a good basis. Beach in England is like the most delicious thing on the pizza. How many hey man, you might want to take up your fancy. Why didn't you describe your perfect Sunday, my perfect? What you're perfect Sunday? Ok I probably sweep end like MID day, then I gotta the grill and get some pancakes be my pajamas all day now would be my perfect Sunday with under my feet, Maybe some friends like me smoke all sell out, relax be my pajamas all day now would be my perfect Sunday. Splits under my favorite thing about your accident, which is great, The way is that there is an automatic character associated icon.
Help that? Because when I wanted, I worked as a nanny, and I used to do this thing right click is I'm gonna get bored, I think sometimes, and she was a lot of fun. The girl looked after. She was like five and I would have this fake I'd, have this this jasmine character and I'd like so I'm picking up target jasmine. My friend from America is coming, but jasmine was like evil. She like wouldn't, wouldn't help with home. She would like to make curry all the broccoli she was like really straight, but I would like to do it for like the whole day I'm Jasmine JANET's, Frank you from school, except for the other moms owed when we're done for them so embarrassed, but we re because cocoa. Otherwise, it's amazing river worried like what's your point, What have you get stuck in jasmine in your personality, splits? We should always Blake. I won't John it, but now I like why our collar I bet you now, you said you wanted Jasmine a day so like when I come back in the room at hand back and timid and work out. Just illustrating I'm completely, not sorry. Now the prisoner, you know,
We spend less how I lied to go higher those, but I want to say nor medication for a free spirit. Ryan completely notes would be if you were talking in that voice- and I was like others really great accident and newer legitimately, like what accent and then you were just frozen like Daniel Day Louis sounds like a coming onset. Everyone has to acknowledge you, as which, as having made a sacred pact. I mean quite alone set. They do compel me to download a Louis, unlike trying I'm pretty Anna Guy, get it getting together. Similarities me we're both for actors. What is what Jasmine is real and JANET is the made up character. While I could, I could never have grown up and then I can just been. He now up and you don't need O America. This is like just to make me seem smarter, as I can say, really stupid things that view of think I'm much smarter. Yet you the access, yeah flawed and for the acts that I've always got. My yeah, I mean honestly, if you said, look if you if you started describing
Asian ISM in a british accent people we like it, sounds authoritative, chill what's creationism Well, that's seasonal, southwards! So you like us! She she must. No she's guards. Who knows exactly JANET? What is creationism like philosophically? What is I feel like women we We ve kept you for over an hour. I don't want to. I don't wanna ransacked your whole day, but its garrison get What you said that a pint brought it up? Gangs boss of me, get you guys ever. Are you want above any sort of, tour right now, not I mean, like I finish eggs. Now, I'm like available like four things and are doing what we pay extra yeah doing: extra extra dewar dogs jasmine
I had a university. Why is it that city workers in the grove which ones at the Grove groves gone then do it there anymore? They moved so they did. Oh, that's good. I'm glad to hear that I'd stop going to grow for awhile, because there they have these guys around role. Where did you get tat gap? and in its end I'm a man uncomfortable I dont know how to it is all right. If you, Are you going somewhere to get potluck if you're doing something like to promote your shower? Some you, if you're, just like shopping at the grow? What if I just if I'm just going to get if I'm gonna get like a usb cable or energy, much enabled the utmost, or I don't worry about me. I want to be like No, I don't. I don't want to get a wardrobe style is just like and go by a fuckin discharging candidates that an hour ago Chris. What I think about Caitlin, Jenner
Security- is please don't hurled opened this position, but other everybody wanted you. This is how they get you. That's why yards? Where do they do do? Do they do that, to you No, no I mean only when, like I have something for you and I mean in Sri pull this like a lot of people who like oversee, they know that, with a show that shooting ass, I get like people come up to me and told me now, but not really. I don't think I'm easily recognisable people. Think that they know me all they ve all I've gone into the shop before wherever then I have you been in before you ve been in Eu India Summit. No, they don't where they know me to know what that's a pretty that's a precursor to everyone, knowing who you are, but I love this part I want to get to the next Papa. I could then any I do sometimes felt people are looking at me along, but somehow- Despite my egg, my good today also, you know you're on billboards all over the city to yeah. No, I I heard about a very moody's I saw like maybe I came for some press.
So like one or two, because you didn't see them doesn't mean they weren't there, the extra bit you don't you don't look. I didn't look at it and think there. I I'm all like they did a good job. Making me look really good. No one's gonna but Salem is a really fund show, and I think I ve been people to watch it. For a while now, and- and I get lots of time too, because I have the batch watch everything, but you know, the important thing is really knowing. Is that, because I'm a trap go by travel autonomy we can to go to stand up and you would think one on planes and who terms I could watch stuff there, but into services so bad, planes and no terms that I can't The way? I'm not I'm not that bad I've been I've been here, I've been having a run of really bad and I had to call his boring. I too call tech support at a hotel. I was saying
I was like other three thousand people staying in your hotel- and I said I don't know but probably not and a bit basically the then it was being sandbagged by the fact that it still the that serve without it so had three thousand open connections, and so it just I've been getting a lot of that lately and so things will start to load and then I'll just go back and try to watch them later. But then it's it's real. That's so then I have to start over and especially from streaming stuffs, sometimes a note how's it s like a free internet service and then there's a bulgarian ladylike who wants to pay for that annoys me that we have to identify. You can't even like check your email should like this freedom. If I may tell you they tell you in that you can get the regular one, which is good for checking emails and looking at debase things in the other ones. Like everything that you wanted to hear you come
video and strike me when five dollars a day. It seems a little state to make new friends. I know I know, and it really does not caught that it does not cause damage to connect to the internet. Are now it's such a book. The other thing: that's a scam is like the valet parking when you stand a hotel when you ve like paper. Tat, really a pang like a fortune and like gets thirty dollars or design, is no worldly hot, your car and you got to tip the fuckers job. They have done I also another fuckers, but I'm so though those workers, those hard working body fuckers those failures. Would I two dollars do when they bring my car, but then I can tell you from experience that shit here: the hotel, the actually the better and cheaper
the internet services because they have to try harder scared right, and you know like a really nice hotel is like dating a really attract a person where they don't really feel like they have to put in as much effort, because their heart and they already win, and so you are gone and every at Sundown yeah yeah, but but in general, like where you'll see more add ons that the nice or hotels, because they their clientele can afford it and also because it's it's it's exclusion, Mary. So so you know if you want good free internet, Hampton in or like our holiday and Express where does free breakfast? That's a nice hotel and I'm a big fan of that you just gonna prefaces the London Hotel and you can call London for free are you serious, didn't feel like thing you can call nor nihilism, the restaurants gone now, and there is no reason to delay the why they get rid of it as a Leah. His the rest, not least came up in the London was like
What are they put in there? I think they are running the restaurant, whatever that, whatever that spaces is going to still be arrested, but it cannot be right have stayed in this one and I have stayed in the Orkney York when a lot. I, like the one you want him, emit emitter, isn't like midtown earlier yeah. I think I stay there for an up front, so something fifth or something like thirty fifth twice six. They feel it gets like between where the guitar czar. Just yet away like the, I add music. Graham, I just realized. I don't know why this is going too much earlier thing. I'm gonna, let you get out of here. I just realized that I think part of the reason why haven't had a good cry? This year's, because I've been specifically avoiding watching the dramatic things that are upsetting maybe should change there. The prize and I and take a survey and buying up work with was twelve years a slave. Just tell me, you didn't cry what are you doing here.
Reciprocally locks put it on Instagram heretofore, Are you working people find you on the on Twitter and are you are you in and scream? Yes? Yes, just like it. Just type in my name. I am not very tech savvy adjust. What would you what's? What's your twenty, I such a set. My twitter handle is at Jane, a Y all ammo and Why J, R Monti ogre How can I just thought it like it is. I know I know, like always fannicot to Graham is so random. It's like because I didn't know that, like what I typed in my user name was gonna, be like my handle its fabric. Seventeen F a and an e eggs. One seven it was the printer like cartridge there was next to me when I came on where they are used, and now people like you, know what it s like this. It is your name it I'm like always frantic seventeen and the like. Why long story
I could almost sounds like Fanny, which is which means something different than it does. He would hear it means bomb, It means vagina may join in England and Israelis vagina. You could say pussy. If you wanted to, let you could say whatever you want, the punt, you could say can't do you can drop the Sabre sound Sarge, better with your accents. Ok, ok, just before you leave drop the sea bottom as JANET and then his jasmine and its. I promise you at anyone listening. It will be infinitely more jarring is jasmine. Janet thinks you're a cunt jazz. Thinks you're a country with an american and some so jealous if people these out, because you think you like, I have like you, don't pronounce your teeth in the same way. So cunt when I say contact, do a hike. A tea whereas when you say can do you like kind of shutting off, you shouted often I
I think what your hearing is, the term you know, English being sent from a dramatic you know, are part of the dramatic language tree and then also the american accent was you know they did. The people that fled England went to two they they there were, like Dutch, basically were more where a lot of Dutch and I think that we have, a heart like our language, sounds a little harder on the edges, and so I think, that's probably why you say can't like it. Just just sounds like you know what you just so it does not like Hitler, then, why do people keep saying that drink now, mostly appeared recently? from the Jews Griselda saying we will give you just making that now I did. I did just go to Austria and I did try to speak. I did try to speak German so that I wasn't just like an another America, expecting every one to bend. My customs and- and I didn't,
speak Austrian, their misery german or do they? The Germany, Austrian Austrian, is a bids, it's better Germans behind a ban, but I didn't know they speak German. Now I've heard it's beautiful I'd love to guide it's up to you. It's the most stunning, my god it was a bit was incredible, but me, you know, even in German, but one for I would say over, and over knows they stood me. Lights kind cannot break, had dug Dutch, which merely I don't speak German, but everything in german sounds like you should be pounding your fists and going. Why did you leave built on the counter like it, and I know it's like Germany's like scolding, you feel I've been man you off what you call up for more Taos in a hotel room like Balin, and you like, like dollar nine point. Ninety nine towers had that's why the dialects talk like this, because they were, they were offshoots, of that german until by everyone like these Stephen Mov at home
put down at Montgomery on an episode I've lined up in any. We should certainly not say whether you should you know you know some day you find out. I love nowadays. That's my one week analysis. I love kid. And puppies and Sundays knots in Nazi Leah grape juice like what does that there? old, kids in the whole sketch. That's like ITALY career ending moments and and somewhat in one of the kids in the hall, was a sketch troops, ketchup and he's accepting an award I'd like to think You know my family and my friends, my agent in Hitler and all the kids who elegant it just like this like skates right over it. But It was wonderful to me you in person andreasen and thank you for I sort of her ass in you on Twitter to get you wanna pod CAS months ago, so vague you phone. I thank you so much. I'm so glad that we worked out months ago is still like entry point. It was like I don't think I get to go, but then, but it all
at tat, and I really- and I was a little nervous meeting you, because I am a big fan of your show, so it sir, I thought I was a little like arose, a little less, Always as soon as I get nervous, I'm just gonna say something stupid light. You know, I love Nazis, hassling! No one would say that's why with that got, my matter would never know when I getting who would say that we could see a clear aren't you gotta, be careful. You know that if you fucked up sense of humour that today this business, the more famous you get because you can just say up, and then people couldn't go nowhere. Content, I'm not, but the other option Is you lose your personality and your humour because you're so frightened to say anything and then you just come across like an idiot right, so it's like you know why I'm discovered accept the part of my like calm and and humor comes from being slightly offensive, sometimes which, by the way again, because you have the british accents, makes it way palatable, so you're gonna be fine.
Get to nine hundred. He pulled this one. Then again, ass men, genomic gum the. How would people have brought up the connection between your last name and the other Elizabeth among them right too many. Why wasn't going to get? If that's it you're worried about she's kind of like the most famous tv, whichever as well yeah, but it was. It was a different time am. I can't do that thing that she did with a knows. How did she claims? no, how could I know tons of coding? I was probably audition price that this is an area that can you move your nose nominating the other parts of your face. The legislature. Imagine that she and the whole they were just do in tonnes a coke tonnes, a lion and maybe when she was trying to get out of my mind, who knows what do they do that? I think we really fun. If you took all the witchcraft ETA, beware, just made. It seem like she was a coke head than this. Living when he's like I'll, just pop overdue
another state and then she wiggles or knows, but then nothing happens in everyone's gonna. Pretend like, ok and show. You could do I'm sure, there's some kind of technology. We could take an episode of b which and make it like that you he'd, have doing cocaine and used like the images and gadgets do other manipulated to do a thing here. That is, the whole series is about this advertising executive rest, a manages why? For the severe personality disorder yes, TAT would be amazing and that they have the whole the whole. It's like the whole story is told from. Her mind what she thinks is happening, but if you are actually see the reality of what was happening, there was no like her, but her mother actually was dead and that's why you are we see or hovering in the back of the room like in her head. She knows you're gonna, make this happen yeah I got. I can now yeah now that I gave you that no I'll do that, but such and such a pleasure to talk to so? Thank you so much shanks. I mean yes, of course, enjoy brood over one now, leaving noticed
are you alright,
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