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Jennette McCurdy comes on the show to talk about her time as an accidental country music artist, what she wants to do after Sam & Cat, and what movie inspired her to get into acting! Also, Matt talks about Frasier and Chris isn’t good at parties. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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were introduced by a mutual friend who works at desert is alive. She supercool she's on a show called salmon cat and always really interested to talk to who start out really young in the business and having navigated and what happens when they start to get older and then had a transition, so we came email, piles and then you know and Jeanette said by the way, I'm a huge PETE homespun so. I said I'll tell you what I want to do to repeat homes, and then you can do both of our progress. And she said squeak, really: cool girl, really smart and and funny. So here is the nervous podcast number or eighty with Jeanette Mccurdy, entering nearest star com,
grandfather. Three eggs have already started the poor girl, a meeting that banana people you re eating, telling about Frazier Don't listen to him. Wasn't one good ratio, but man is this: you'd like to be a girl. I guess what I will say the same of rage,
danger with translation is latin, my baby, so I was still go for laughing. Why are you so charming fear loud familiar with the fear? If I didn't keep going after the fear laugh, I would never have had a girlfriend that my restore worsening the fear laugh at my restore based on the knowledge which, by satellite monitoring Mccurdy welcome to the nurse because it can you hurry I'll bet you behold this until I know we're going to the gym. Gotta go. Eight o clock is my session. I gotta jammed three four times a week between free so. If you lost you on Frazier lose. You are so many things that can lose your sword STAR Trek
Chris no imminent next generation STAR Trek the next generation tourism. It was with great over half the lighted artery. I could show you started. This was very does recall. You come on because we don't really know each other but a meter, friend of ours connected as we email and said he looking, I should be passed. Tat was very excited. We caught up with launch a couple weeks ago and he is like he mentioned you and I sat on a huge fan and they should walk enact you guys and I didn't think it would be. Did that's all it's a front. Andy who works for search is awesome. Have you seen own circles? I've seen like fifteen of them oh my god, why were they? Fifty parasite going ones and the like resident, shows and have seen their aid in LAS Vegas I've seen all the residents shows and then there are travelling once it has seemed so it's more than just the Beatles love Man, that's a more recent one by the way,
Why would a vague it's free? Oh my god. Could you just bear with me for one second, aren't I feel like I do most of the Fraser three in circles. No through the sky of think about, the same people swinging from space needle there's a man, it's done like any the dog I wanted just gonna die when you do. I don't worry about it. Sort of lady do weird. Have you ever seen them sort of Frazier I've seen it got me? Ok, so we should get the references there. I know communist steady Moose was the real name. Chris. Why don't you actually started? I saw a couple weeks ago and I never seen it amazing now, the retelling about fellow, not the result of your last. It's as in. I believe. No, it's the letter, oh, but I believe it yeah, you meaning water and French. The water show way
the lion, the water, yes Yeah, it's like a water, diving, acrobatic show it's incredible, like Francois dies from really high local, yes ever see the guy do it on a horse. Seen someone dive awful horse. We must send out into the within a movie. You get them in a movie that maybe scarlet area. I might be confusing my horse movies that she was. It you had a psychotic break the bounds of reality, and what is your inventing with your brain? Are clashes been such alone life it is our data. How do they order? How long are you are you these pretty pretty long, Shorty five rehearsing redone back to, but if for shooting and slow genocide on a show called salmon CAT, which is produced by my friend engineer. I do not know each other. Until he told me- and I told him and how and so you you run, I call him- you went to live with that First, that mean its he's really good
this kind of inside. In conglomeration of shall after show after shall after shall after sale. Yet he really just shut his first pilot in December. That was not like a spin off of the previous show that he done or had some character. That came from a different programme, so his use kind of nervous about that. But, when I visited set when you went on to my colleague was the did. You can't have understanding like this might spin off into something No, I mean I clearly once along too that I thought for sure by the time it was done. They choose like we done with all this. So now, when they came They came to me as anyone like develop something for you. My first thought was doing this thing. Just to old, because I've been doing Carly forever, they said no, we think instead, it pretty and eventually user jewel, but we can make you look andor. We can. May I look younger they literally starting with the right clothes, a lotta, hello, Kitty how, when did you start? When did you start acting ass? I was eight.
Actually saw. I started because you'd reshape ok I almost I want to say this because you being a true nerd, I must always stand but like not to the point where I can and I these doors, but I'm just like appreciate what matters about Frazier right now, I'm not gonna. Knowing what might happen. The third others are anything, but I want to see you can't Venice and for some reason I just loved Jake, Lloyd, the movie- and I wonder how old you were. Our six lobby was made for you right, exact. Ex post girls ever talked of a six year old who seem this movie? Ok, so I went to see the movie and I thought Jake Lloyd was it and I wanted to marry him. I told my mom, but I want to act and she was you're crazy, but I had parameter for couple years and then eventually got to act and have not yet
Jane Light, but if I do that is so so far, you're saying that the prime directive has failed, you have a nice, you have a great career, but its secondary became their career with just a bone, Jake Loi, that's what you're, six years old! That's my starting point baseball I, but I would end up with a view to David cheaply baseball. She was in their own. Let's, when I was a round that age was, she wasn't saying that she wanted to go upon raising with Jake Lloyd, she didn't thrice. Do it separate at sixty six years old met? She knew that there was a big story that was being told some people you want to read: smart, you actually get their own. I don't ok, but I'm sorry just hang on so so
world than you live and where you want to become a Jew David you're following storyline, achieves a basement play. Would you not also follows storyline than it was during the war and that she would have been more would have been incredibly all over the world with a hundred million with the Gulf WAR? The first one, but we have to, we didn't, have to start the regularity, J, Sprawly yeah. No, I wouldn't like that, like Tom S character and have to coach, Why would they let you coach, a baseball team? It was the skill and develop I feel like you, can't really do anything about your dream of flat. We can pride fine Jake what we can find Jake lie, but I think silk is now you like hates that it be said that stars ruined his life and everything's. Ok. But if I meant, if, like hey your Creighton STAR wars, I love you. That's gonna, be just don't say that, but you weren't great and start a minute is also the chance. I would say to photograph of him in a while, but he could he has a good eye on weird.
You could have a powerful, like you made a commitment in its important, thereby form for you to see things through. So we are going to Murphy Jake's here right now. Take him out of the drug stresses that you're. So you started so at age sex. You said your mom, I want. I want to start acting in that and you must have grown up in this region of the country and organic. Ok, let your bar! No, it's not my Mohammed, actually, never given on a freeway and she'd, never current gas and are also like when I first saw you start acting. She got gas for the first. I wish to turn a driving freeways, so she gave a bullet That's really school. You know Orange County. I guess for Greece and I'm really bad, but you couldn't date, someone who lived in Orange County, like that's that far and that its it's a drippy I've arm of Climate Silverlake. Lily for yeah but
counties which book which parliament's gonna garden growth, ok, epic, Garcia casually, and we got a guy. He has not the greatest soon I'm gonna go back and are buying up plots of now go back and change. Think so on a change to the authority of let it be you like this as a kid you said I want, I think, but then you don't really know what that entailed. So how soon did you go? This is amazing or all this is not at all what I wanted it to be all right off the bat I sort of I went to charging for some like fatal music videos online, and I got that and then I did like its skit on Mattie be, and then I didn't get anything for like a year. So at first I had my I was sort of. I was excited and thought of this is great everything's get panting out for me and I'm gonna be a star and then after ear us like this is hard, but I still, it, and so let's get going than you do like S bought and things like that, and then I did a sound economy, not working you because you off in your country, music. You must have that
You did. You must have met a hill again, it's until I did I did, and at that point her kids washed. I clearly says gonna caucus. We had something to talk about. New. Like now, I own you now you be in my face the public has become the master and TIM address controls it does other, isn't relationship not doing well. I'd heard owe their breaking up. Then I was in LAS Vegas America Cover magazine like children. Together doing like showed again and it just just having an understanding that maybe things are going well made the picture that much satirists together and going manner prisoners of this thing is career choices they make it will ruin both of em if they just break up Ryan described the White Stripes Jack was bombed. Jack was ok, where they will reject it. Ok, everyday! I feel it. People liked him in faith is a unit yeah. Was like what do you think about the recent
that's. What I'd like to royalty of celebrity where these people's lives are kind of not their own anymore? If that's true, I have really I've awful. I mean, I think it's worth. I don't know what's worse for the celebrity or the or the people sort of like succumbing to the to society everybody's obsessed with celebrities wouldn't put something somebody eight, What who somebody's with interesting? It's a here out that everybody will remember anyone explain the holding of celebrity and I will now read it out, but I'm ok, here's what it is people love celebrity gas, because people love gossip, like I, like God, would say, there's a person we usually now, let's say, for instance, you like with some here's. What compiled it over the weekend. Ok, it was burning fright he got rested right.
Driving in lamborghini- oh my god, you're interested in this story- you just described ass, the beaver they're the same ok, but what I'm saying is weak because we all know because we ve all seen that guy or that girl, then it becomes interesting thing, though I think it just makes no. My has come of age people, they like to see people. you know, cause they look and I can say with some reason they go all their lives are so greatly here that they're just as messed up as everyone else, maybe there's some type of lawyers stick. You know now now Look here in some fucked up your neighbour did now that weird neighbour, I see from time to time that something weird that's interesting to me if they published magazine of what my weird neighbour did every day I probably subscribe. I guess that's true begin on a name. You know that guy s liberties same common frame of reference that we all have do like engaged in public house. I do not know it only we're here. Ok,
I really don't care. By. Like I get Wyatt, I gather you get again why it's interesting when someone is going, Voltaire dreaming, it's just an interesting disposable entertainment, its shitty disposable, entertainment to lookin. I mean it's basically think what celebrity culture has become. Basically a soap opera that none of those people would have been in, but they can go. Oh Angelina did this in bread it so there's been created this year. periodical literature, soap, opera of all these people who would never be in reality. You ve been a soap opera that they can then talk about than she did this in the car magazine and you go there's no way those people said or did all those things you know like you pray.
Storms out and you left in tears and kicked a baby like whatever all that, which one that has the merit of this house's lousy. Would babies you can kick it ain't direction in particular, maybe later so. I think it really is just about putting people into the soap opera that makes people, maybe just me they can feel they can control them a little bit and are now have you ever. Are you a victim of it? At all, I mean yeah but when I might well have start dating somebody something people get like if somebody of some notable? I guess you know in the public eye people notice and take pictures and be all obsessive about it, but had a It's weird I mean you ve been given. You been doing, since you were a kid, so does it use. Does its your kind of weird you out on us It's a struggle not to not to engage myself, because I you know even like with twitter whatever. If I, if I check it like I'm gonna see
I'm gonna see things that I don't wanna see. Scientists have to decide to either not check it or to be ok with seeing the negative things, but I have to like come to visit the either one because you can have it both ways. You know, I think it's hard it's hard for me that the struggle do I Do I checked the phone, or do I not in a change daily? I mean being a part of being a part of the generation that group. With the I mean you ve, never now and not be an internet d feeling you understand it better than those of us who are older than No, I don't, I hated my love it by the sort of it seems like everybody's general idea of it in a player. I mean you're good at it. You know, I think, you're good. I think you're good with Europe with it without internet in you, you, you, you ve a great Youtube channel on you. You know you post stuff on Youtube and you interact with people are mine regularly and I think most people in your position- don't really do that. Well,
when I got my first are getting into like so I mean when it first come around. I use like thousand eight or so, and everything started getting big and Youtube, and then your twitter and two thousand nine. I my brother tells me but my friends, computer engineers, we like tells me about. Oh look at this new opera. Look at this. This is gonna, be the next big thing sort of sign a pretty early for things in kind of get a sense of. If I feel like I can serve any serve a purpose or if it can help, but if I have anything to offer in that platform, but at first I didn't have any at any sense of like differentiating what kind of content posts for each one. So I would just like a big blog to me, so I didn't do anything different for Facebook than I did you two were twitter finer instead, but now I feel, like I've figured, oh, I can do this here and I can focus on this here and I can focus on this part here and kind of diversion. Them helped me at least to have more sanity
I think that our continent do you feel, like is how do you feel about this? How do you feel about your generation of people? Do you feel in general? You feel good about everything, or do you feel like our kind of Scrooge? Yes, I've watched, I saw your video generation love why, Why were they are travelling? I want to see someone. It's you're, not you don't like the country music. Now it was horrible phase of my body that both we will know their faces, but no one ever knows about it, but if you go with internet for citizens with it, just your handlers being like this is what you should be doing. It was honest to God. It was the writer strike. We're on our second reason for my Carly nettle, my manager, I was bored, she said you should try music. So I did. A sort of posting covers capital records in Nashville Solemn covers they flew out national, had meeting I gave you a record deal and then I just think started torturing and I hated every minute of it really is awful. I absolutely aided it why I just
I was so bored and they would like. Tell me what to say between songs and unhappy later. Patter YO is just very. The whole thing was really contrived and they kept telling me like in every interview. We want you to save this and we will You talk about how you grew up. Listening to country, music, announcing I I didn't need like will say it, and while I was just like very Your patter just got really creevy ages of the big smile. You be like hey how the God Asheville North Carolina, I'm in a prison that I can do nothing, so it doesn't mean you're. Ok, ok, you were. You were in the formulas that you were part of the formulas system of like music. Young, charming girl and she can sing and so gonna put her into this machine and generate what, like my another, my leave, something when I swear to God. I was like why I asked my manageress and why is it Capital national, like wine as assail? Is this country, music and driven think I should pursue a music rear and
like what you have want hair. So they said that, like the seams countries soon you anyway, I don't know. I just It just was not good for me and it was I've, I'm glad did in retrospect, because I feel like I learn- I don't have any sort of each did you music anymore and fun. When you find something you hate, it will be it's great to do I'll. Never never. Why you're, I toward I did like. I did a re or tour for two months and then I did like a U S, Malta or the homeward, but I was sort of glass with a bunch of guys that they are just like. I mean they just didn't. It was weird and they mean they all The music was all there. It was their life, they were super excited to be on the road in everything and I just I didn't like you're just a kid being for such bits, but it sets because I feel, like I made me sort of it may be cynical, but it just made me not link.
I guess I may be cynical because a certain hating everything you because you know I'm sure, I'm sure on one hand some of the bedroom gives you a detour via music star, but how did you hit? But if it's something that you genuinely don't like doing when it comes down to your redeem life here. Then I think it really is like you didn't have to restart, haven't used this existential crisis of what am I doing? What do I do? Who live in the same way you mentioned? Will people probably think? Oh god, you always me, You know pouring in working for a big record label. That's true! you know. I wasn't happy. It wasn't for me, and I tonight that also kind of tor my complex in another way, because I thought what should be happy. I should be enjoying this. This should be like. Failing to me and is a great opportunity than army people get? So I shouldn't take this for granted and I should be loving every second It was just this weird like I wasn't sure how disposed to feel her
I think I think, like I think, like what I think what you said is really important, and I think it was a good thing a good lesson, Good lesson because you may have learned in that moment that how to say no to things that dont sack family, something that you want to do ass. I tell you learn you know. The other thing is, I think, when you're young, You look back and gone. I got things that people are forgiven, pretty much anything you do when you young psychology was young and try and stop. So it's not like it put a pervert. Mark on your record that you'll never be able to get past. I see, I hope not put them like you. Mention lie just watched generation level. People can see that they can, but that's why it's important for you as an artist or a performer, to just putting more stuff. I mean you know I've been making before come. We have been making that tv show, since before you were born almost actually my heart but
before, like two thousand seven, I made a lot of shows that I was not proud of, but I just made em cause I was trying to you know whatever, and so I was afraid, I'd better another, because three- and so I think it was really was a really interesting time because everyone had this. One perception of me is doing a specific kind of shows, and so it was actually. I think I will a little more challenging? But if I M just started off because I had to dig out of this whole that I was in yeah, but the point is, if I can do it pretty much, anyone can do, and I think people do have short issue memory and so, if you just putting out more content that you're, proud of and more stuff that you like and more seven the world than they will forget about whatever from before, but that's just your responsibility to do this, or else I think you know, I think it's I'm over. I'm over thing I people dont care damage Derriman. Yet nobody cares.
They don't care as long as that may lead to the care of you know as much as your kind of your last crop of stuff. I mean, if you never did anything again, then you'll private generation, but ass you like, but you are doing to cool stuff. You know and bring up, and I don't know what do you want and ultimately what? What do you want to do? Nominee yeah sort of like after a finnish salmon cat my goal just be: I used to like acting in an ethic, of some sort, but ass I love writing side like two right. Do you have any kind of in the in the can that you ve written that you're ready to go with I've written a couple sketches per funnier for the people, funnier die and they ve been really support it and I were shooting some of those soon. And then I mean I'm always writing so I just figure it's a matter of timing in everything, lucky that you're lucky you right, because that's that really take control of the direction is accurate use.
If you get looking up at the right things or come along when its there's so much waiting in the north. Yet do you feel that I feel like I've seen. I hope this isn't a cripple questions that need to be its hordes rebate. When you see a lot of we see a lot of people who were actor actors is children just then they sort of getting certain point when their an adult and like I have to do this, like really adult role in setting out a show that I'm not a kid anymore, feel that pressure or that designed anything that you ve noticed. Now I don't think so. The question comes up time, a time in interviews and things people are like. What do you think you know you should do something that shows. I go look how grown up I am, but I don't think so. I think doing more. You don't have to do something. Vulgar or shocking and alienate your fan base in order. Just show that you ve grown up right, There are ways to show like. Oh I'm, not
fourteen anymore and I have a working mind, and I have opinions about things without like pulling I was appointed while existing in issues she's cool out, but I wouldn't be my path like I wouldn't do that. And I think also used for the benefit of social media so that you can, I mean. I guess if it were like ten or fifteen years ago, would be harder, for you is kind of get your voice in the world, so people would know what you're about it now. You know, you have opportunities every single day, you can put something the Youtube in order or you can post you know to twitter whenever it and then you can see steer where that goes yeah exactly. I thank your social networking. Definitely help me in in that area. One of the film it all now. The pace of movies that you slow, I think so turned so boring. I can't do it. I was why watch whenever I watch a movie now I just I watch and oil. Well, you picked up that phone
that table they to shoot that, like ten times that guy waited for eight hours, trailer, really like Think I could handle began activity now many there. I definitely I don't have that kind of patients. What what Do you like right now, I've been watching like them, India Project? I like I dont like? Oh, I like Brooklyn, my nine. I don't do it modern family, so just foxes waves, especially those that you must really I personally like Firefox I know what else is on failure. There say: there's your old stay adviser two and a half men's not ought to have your virus in your body is big Bang little Brodie Stephen.
Protein show our show. Are you serious? You just missed him Boeing thirty minute he dismissed them by my God. That's us! Fifty minutes, Brodie is I've. No, I mean brooding. I used to do open MIKE's together, he's a lovely guy and he did warm up for Chelsea Chelsea Hammer Show- and I never couple years and then and we started doing our show me- your one guy would have Brodie. Because he's a fucking, so good good with the crowd. It is always a fire. Well, maybe, whenever technically higher it was just like megawatt, their disregarding the energy the Prodi has like he is he's great loud. I talked about two like reading, the wit and everybody tolerating a crowd with the way that he talks about it so interesting and how is like, sometimes have just another, not ready to be ready to be on your side for certain joking happily earners be engaged with them. I thought that was interesting. It is interesting that the role of comic peculiar rules, more person is that you essentially have
be a leader that people would want to hang out with as as one up guy has, if they don't respect your ability to lead them. Then they will repel. Then you can't keep them together, but then you won't. They also have to like the person they can't be. Like can't be, you know, shot out like I can't you can't be like an army sergeant, Brody he really where he really rides this line of being a cheer leader for the audience, but also directing them in a really good way to start do. Semi cap before labour is up for live on how we are to cover this group should like it to be made we really should just once or twice while the whole difference through your assurance, you gotta get together. Ass. You do everything to me, alright, alright idea that we should negotiate issue redneck on sunset. Yes, I've seen the billboards before we discuss them
or does it mean they shook their? That's, why the billboards or up there that's an exterior gas. Yet that's where I drive by paramount. Sometimes there's billboards stubbornly, I know leaded cheaper, but the miners do you see no map in it? I love my best friends. He is happening. I adore that door that guy I first met him like a promo should we did for Nickelodeon couple years back, and I was I was just like. Oh my god he's so smarten know we have a lot of common interests and we all we often go see, shows together, thinks he's grow. He doesn't have honoured Youtube genuine. He does some light. He does a monthly like did. This is your shower nurse I go see, it does also he's. Have you done it now? You show, I know I want to under really that's where you gotta do it. I know I know, but I gotta get accused during one of them. The less pike S last week was Christina Rhegium. She with I would like you re funny. You should do commonages like no I'm not funny. I don't think I'm funny and someone
our common threads, and why do you all? try to make everyone do comedy, but If you like, we have people on who are really funny and you'd like you should do. I think you should you covered. You should do alive. I tell you you'll love it I mean I'm too. Did make it one of my new year, like one of my goals, to try. Doing something live. Doing something up at some point, but God it's sir, I see man shows a perfect. A progressive zonia, because you could go up and do something with Matt and it's such a different experience when you're on what your browser, their sorrier safety net in there you know like you, can screw around yeah. I feel like tat if there was a place that would be, the one have you seen any other shows a job. I have less on which one ass I say more than that
like them, I think if you so, if you were to, if you were to start performing like what kind of stuff to do what you do like stand up, would you do like in your perfect world? If, if you didn't, if you freaked out by it, would be the thing that you see yourself doing, I've read Afridun like a lot of Stanhope psychologist trying. I just wanna do like five minutes at an open MIKE Maximov nobody's gonna see fit, but I can't get it over with justice added what have you been by the stand at Book Montana I have a good friend of mine who is actually one of our second producers, assistance and she's super into comedy as well she's a big Canada's pot guest room, Allison, Ellison she's, who should set keep erosion of arousing allows in you single, thousand. Do not listen what Alison. He will bring your mind, but at least it's a watch Frazier for free integration,
No see we're fine, I ever grandly living. So you guys could brenda my local friend and then my best friend who they met during my country, music girl. She was the best part of that whole experience for hardy shall international. She is under communist well, so I sort of just you know we all bounds ideas and we got a design, is a natural part of every gotta Byzantium, nationalism and clubs Simply do you? Are you worried we come here. You have a word with anything that you do about. You know what you're audiences now we're sign want to offend anyone, or I don't want a bomb anyone out or does that do you ever have that? I dont worry about offending people, but I worry about trying to trying to learn more and be more intelligent when my comedy and and not like rehashing the same jokes and I'm just going to like the the low hanging fruit jokes, because I find it seemed like a bite
something that seems like to me in easy. Tweet it'll get like six thousand retreat and my tweets and I feel like a little like proud of that like four hundred sign up its sometimes. I just think. Oh it's hard to try and cater to this audience I have built in that are used to you know maybe laughing at things that because there, because there is used to them sure and then trying out new things and then not getting the same response. So it's kind of registers policing spoke before her The great too, but she I've got a twitter followers. She is more than twice as many as I do. It's it's it's a big, it's a big playing guys. I have seventy two thousand would work where wiener but much admiral within a wine admirer, and it's not MIRA, not meta. But I think the term. I think, because you're asking those questions- and I think I'm your unofficial council, really, I think,
because, because you're asking these questions because her seeking those paths, I think that is the type of thing that will give you Greer longevity, not so much to having to chase the lowest common denominator overtime. That's why a lot of young people go crazy, and when they get older is because the lowest common denominator thing just happens to work for them automatically because their young, their audiences young, it's like everything's great and then a certain point. It's it's built the blow. If it stops working Gallic understand, indifferent, exactly he's got older, so I think you're you're you're, seeking these kind of more progress. As I think, is a really smart thing did to do. If you So you say you have this five minutes material legislates written worries. You wanted to five minutes, nothing! What do I mean I haven't done it? Is I mean now? No God, I've literally my goal was to do before the January, but that's apple, I can happen- I'm I'm tariff like fucking, I'm so sorry
I guess I'm just sold here by god- are you were People are gonna recorded and put an online or you were the people going to recognize you or not. We want a laugh, well little left, guess what it over in five minutes. That's right! That's the beauty of the best. It's such a good part of the Kimberley process is because One way to look at is like this five minutes material fail, but the other ways to go all right. I didn't work, but how could I make it work because sometimes just the wave the translating summoned the page to you saying it out loud, sometimes, is occurring on what should be this like you can reach will stop or you can start over, but it's it's really. The comedy, is not just about the lapse. Like that's a nice bonus, it really is about the process and the process can be really fun and heartbreak. But in a way where you like a figure this out. So it's not that I think if you do tat.
I wouldn't worry of people. I mean everyone. Every meeting that you love has been announced. And had people just you here in the audience, not last you ever go to sea stand up at all. Where do you go get it? you be good to laugh factory in comedy store our usual ask her yeah John S got no degree goal. Let us give him a guy, you gotta, geologists, you have to be funny acknowledges just all you have to do is no pressure to be funny. You just someone says something and then you to start talking, as long as long you give the improvised information the now I find I did it. I swear I'm even doing it doing it now, where I turn into this, like shy, I can't look at people I can't I just,
hell up, and yet we ve noticed you. You scared the shit out of that Frazier talk. It's really good. Show I don't know why, but I do this do it when I'm nervous, I do it around authority to edit around and producer and Warren are the producer I just retreat into, like my I guess Call it my little girl mode where I just I become this, version of his helper. I just I don't know, I'm no have you don't have to fear, but I am a little grumbled. Two percent of it Nope, but I do I have- I have met with people lad. If I might get a party, like I was a kid I was at a a party over the weekend. Our name drop it we are now so K. I can pull party is too cold, so I didn't swaying, but you know what was their genes? I think you were does it faces. So so nobody with his party and and- and I had this thing happen which, went to the party alone
and I ll show up his will, and I realise that term, no anyone there, your friends, you could call- and I don't. I don't have any friends that I can call not one I can bearded friend I could be there. No minutes. I will be ready to reassured to mobile, and so- and so I didn't know anyone and I've and make my first thought, because I get weird in these types of personal situations talk to a million people with a microphone. But one on one I get a little like. Yeah. I suppose there is both the Annan Wendy stop only start exactly when it is very interesting and then you can bring up something that happened. A little better go is an admirable got and it totally, and so I thought I was gonna leave. I was like Y know: I'm not gonna miss if I leave You know what I want to stay. I'm went to stay and I'm going to talk to people did and actually worked out. Ok until I started do what Matt does with Frazier to this actress,
name, Lucy Davis, who was on the original office? Where are you ok? What did you do? What do I do with fresh? Ok, you know it. You do, but she's a british actors and she's really funny, and so my first question was: have you ever been on an episode of doktor who, because I thought she had been there was something of motorcycles use given doctor. I would never asked what if they have been Frazier, because I know but that's why he's confuse I ask because those like so first of all you do. They then, I would do afraid So then I think it was a David. You can answer so many different questions about the office about studio, sixty and said that street understand met. But this is why I am awkward it parties, I'm not operated parties, you. Why didn't you bring me I could have been like loosely over time. It you're fucking, Yahoo, email from Yahoo, Dakota UK was fucking up and I spent six hours
format you sort of the genus jammed with yeah. I totally remember there and then we'd high five and pray probably have made me well. I think I think you have five and someone insolent. I made them pretty sure that I'm like represent body like that's how it happens, Nobby is, are you having an avatar baby? Sometimes I just put my tale You were high fighting. I built on what happens in the majority of members need avatar. I know, there's a fuck. What I see you're, giving her shit about Frazier and starts. You haven't seen avatar ways with. Why? Wouldn't you What time you want stars all day and not all day the birth of all stop it can we stop doing the thing I do with rage
Did you hear my air quotes world? They were there you're the molecules being displaced by his one man. Aircraft have to like take me to the next morning, it'll go pyrotechnic Ano go back. My point regret is that I totally understand what you're talking about that can be a performer there's a little bit of a protection. Your time if people but you're, not like The face so tell me about your said staring in their minds: weirdly uncomfortable at parties of the greater part of gas poverty taken. I'll break the ice of everybody you are who you want I thought- maybe not in the way That is why what even Libya is broken and network on Mexico, a guy who would go up to some one to be like I hated that movie, you did like you would totally me like. I hated it. Do I gotta fives baby start making high five babies with a candle light
so that further hook with it comes out of my head, so eggs, are in their hands. Like I do understand, I don't have to explain the rest of it. Does no my end. The whole thing we free not with our rapporteur, so what is it? What is it that you think? What is it that you think kind of makes you go into GMO in particular, I think it's not wanting. I don't know it just, I think a fear of being judged or I think, if times. If I'm more mice myself could quote, I can be a little more Brazen are little. I can come off a little rude, or sometimes, if I say something that I'm actually feeling people take offence to it, and then I then I feel bad and I realize I like all got effort summaries feelings about, does not meaning to in the the people after that? I'm happy about that. But then it just like this weird I'd just is. Their retreat internal, put on the shelf you're fighting comedies what you're fighting? That's what all
most comics comic, how many people are your tribe, and was comics understand that for the first part of their lives there, like, I should just never talk out loud because I piss off some people in public order. Being in a group of people in everyone's gonna have a good time, and then you say something like yeah like that abortion and then everyone to stop you feel they are get sucked out. Like not everyone says, offensive shit all the time. I'm sorry exactly growing up, think I had it. I have easy because owed by have thrilled brothers and I'd be like I'd, be fighting with them. Whenever. Ninety something and I would make my mom laughed my brother get pissed, because I would never get it but my languages like well man on laughing, so I always saw that is like oak and it can be helpful. But but I was home school today. Other schools had enough to do with my my peers in that way. So then I started like dance classes and I was when I was nine and was a whole new territory because I would say the things I was used to saying around my mom and it did not
my mother means or their parents. So I think I offended alot of people and the nine just that kind of so. It must have been an I understand, but I think you should just express yourself with dance. I think I think, You started hanging out with comedians more. You would start to feel like. Even if you don't you even if you don't ever do stand, I think if you hang out comedians morally still feel normal, like, oh ok, there's a type of person that does this. These are these people, feel comfortable around yeah? That's doubly like some of my you know my better friends, the mat Bennet, Sir, the in my friend hardier, my four thousand that I mentioned. They are all I feel like work. Spirits in that way and like they are people who understand that that element and other people I find it's just if I find it very difficult to connect with people generally, because I feel like the it's I just don't like
either gonna pick them off. They want understand. I want understand them and we're just different, but I make sense said so yet. Well one of the things that you, because you mentioned a couple things that you like and there like really intense, petty things like you said you use a new adore p homes is past God. I love it. You what you should do like you should definitely do peat bog cast out. You feel about the three hour when I bet I did not realise the long. If one right are you serious, didn't longer men gains baby. I ran out of our farming and what did you do is one that I do at last year he was interested in my previous break up. So explaining the towns or three hours out o Higgins unless there is an urgent wants, whatever Frazier, isn't even mention once our reliance on joy, that people, tolerate that kind of talk. You wouldn't mind. I guess he wouldn't buy. Some have brought it back to him
who do you think I could have web pages? We just autopilot I just I just did bowling show on Youtube, celebrity biology. We shot a pilot for I M C and it was the case- a madman, verses me and Tom Lenin, and make a billion and PETE Homes and PETE Hamlet, all the guys, we're harassing Nathan about being on castle at Athens? beat arms goes all this time. I thought you were the mental S real runway, genuine this thing what are you should totally? I think you know what peace gonna beat beat gonna dig deep.
I guess so. Are you comfortable? There are many. Are that while I say and then I would like the latter was enjoy Wasn't my you'll get at it. You get wives of outcome. Do you so I assume you probably with the exception of like maybe met, been in one of the very probably don't hang out with people who are around your own age right now. I dont- and I do so- I dont like date around my own age and that something that I find a lot of black for, and I don't let's get out of thirty pardon. What's the cut off for you, I thought you'd like him. This is in the end there ain't ethics- I am ashamed- I find dating in the great depression- is not in the third age. Third, I get What I mean you know, but
that aside, as I do, that allowed was an internal, I thought I trap them with my tongue. You words, I mean I'm thirty dating me is its own great depression. I said I submitted my girl another night. At midnight show I just we had to figure out to. Let people know that they earn points in something, so I deserved shouting pointed them yet. So just sort of became the weird thing on the show of yelling points and so at home at night. I said something and then for years Do that and I look forward to never having sex with you again. I go points.
She was holding we're gonna. This hippy restaurant and saw her fork with dislike, also would fork and she just stopped and she's squeezer hadn't been crack. The fork and she looked at, say that this house again, if you bring that work, should home, I will It's you in the face with intent to earth so I'm now to shout pointed out, points in our duty. Now she was now as weird sees not advance, so oddly argued PETE up, and then you get it. Then you can go in there and you can go on the you made a weird pact. Evydince tv show. Yet now man have you today the dark chose it does create various and count credible, greek air sound I was really I never had an expected it, or did you feel developments of outbreaks Craig right. I felt really controlled Craig and then found. We actually like an eye. Curly crossover episode where we got to shoot half of them like today's that idea and half back to them.
Went to the show but you shall about six months ago and he remembered Mean was so nice and his great. What's the story this pressure and we like what are the pressures from being on a show, like you know, like a basically like a kitchen thirteen it when they think they're good teenagers the biggest pressure from it is I there's a lot of contradicting like messaging, going out there, because kids, like you, look at what kids are posting on Instagram like they're, not the kids, that their parents want them to be they want you to post things that are not edge. But like a little be another there ready. If I want to say shit or damn or something in a minute post, I can do that. But then, if I put something we even the slightest hint it. You know not some like an angel is something that I find parents get really upset and as they like how can you you know? My children like this in and not be
good role model and I think you know trainers like everybody, cylinders and you're also, Those are twenty one years old like its reexamining that fourteen years old yeah and you don't even some my fans that, or were fans like in the in the earlier stages of we don't I started Carly whenever they ve they ve turn. Jumped ship at some point or another, because all do something? That's not that they don't agree. Or they'll say like oh, we thought you were sunlike wholesome person and now you're not gonna happen. For this or that of the other thing, but he said to lead Europe. Your fault that you didn't turn out to be. What exactly eminent I mean. Do anything about that as well there's a fund, there's a fun response and people like, however, you're not like your character, you get you can use go. You know this, isn't a document rewrite like this is scripted ending, show
I dont even know him cats on that, but I do think that That's leaving you really do have. The right does not mean a rule, that is to say one thing about how many guys increasing significance, given the opportunity we have to do so these down at Saint Catherine Documentary. It's not a document man, I thought we understood this, no comeback. Kay body it'll, be a documentary for you, can we let my guy he's trying to make a lumbering axiom, thank you lastly, document-
well. This pact has just took a shit. His name was met. By did it ok, I want you to show me on this doll where the bad men talk to you about free, ok, good, good, good, good, What is interesting that yeah I think, that's what Why do people get so messed up because they in others expectations and they want to know they want to do well, they want the grizzly well, but but I really believe that the more you are yourself total better. It is because then this is like. Well now the swam, if you don't wanna, follows don't exactly I I I I try. Live up to. I think that more wholesome image fur until I was like- maybe teen, and then thing, I just you know
Maybe my friends, you know my family just being like you're gonna, go crazy. Betraying now make all these people happy the time I started more, a little bit more laid back. I guess mindset when it came to it all like. If I wanted posted thing, I'm just gonna posted, not look at any comments read me Latin just do like it, If I'm, if I'm being true sense, if I'm being true to myself, then I can't like. It's like a tightrope or something and you, if you're being true yourself and your like walking it it's you don't have that shit. I can't talk. It's like if you're introduce I've got to worry about living up anybody else's standard because you can't like MR, at the end of the day, you have to be happy with your choice and yet so, if you're, if you're, making choices and I've been there that choices where you're trying to make other people
BR you want them to like you. It's just dangerous because not everyone is going to like you and and then on top of that you're going to hate yourself more cuz you're like I don't even hunting and, like the country music like what are you doing is doing it and then I'm still getting shipboard wouldn't want to do to begin with and so on It really is important, I know a guy and he had the sum idea in every so often he would just He would make a really kind of strong statement about something knowing that here kind of shake off the french people who were following him because he was like look yellow followers, but but he just sort of felt that you know if either if you're not really into me, I mean if you really into me, I shouldn't be able to lose you, because I make one ridiculous statement tat you know, and so he just public access away to fight of justice, scraping on the like shaking the tree. Basically to get all the loose neighbour
I love that that's greatly, so it was almost like strategic on his pardon me. But do you know? the true fans of my work will stick around tunnel and the people who were gonna find some reason about like me anyway, we'll go away so I don't know, I don't think it's. I don't think it's that. I don't think it's that crazier terrible of a situation, because you know eventually salmon? How do you know how do not along the shows gonna write? I doubt it seem items are granting at forty, because you know me I'm trying What am I to your forty years old Viana do exactly like stars, twenty, so like we're we're when she has music rear both have other things we serve Wanna pursue psyche like they're gonna, ready to close it. So do you
so are. You represent other sending you scripts like yours and other things to start. Looking at her, you actively looking and other things actually looking at other things, and you know there have been a few a few things that just haven't cannot because of timing and in I can't do anything about that working on it a show, but I was the biggest I face is that people that have been in a somewhat provisionally in the past on being coming. Kids show they have not been able to like open a movie. Well, a lot of things that that seem to drive to be of interest to the public. Are our movies and then at some point some functioning will pull up like the spreadsheet of opened a movie and I'll be this person bowl of didn't open. This movie in this person didn't open this moving. So you this they, automatically assume this is gonna, have the same outcome. So why should How do you get result and not being able to open will be just like other people with capture come from somewhere place. Sure
my response to that my be, and maybe this is and how it works, but I think, as long as you make good, even We established that movies can be dragged out, but if even if you make, if you make good after choices, as opposed to good. You know like starring role. I don't I mean the whole idea of like being this. I think being the star of a movie sands shape do. I would weigh rather be like the funny crazy friend you comes in there's no responsibility, not your answer is committed in the region. I leave and then ended. Everyone's like old guy was really funny. He exactly, and so I think
in twenty votes have been prepared to go there, and so I think that I think that's what you want. You know you want it. You will be able to make better active, creative choices, and I think if you, if you can find knows than people see- oh you really funny. You know like in this, but the shell friends, like I mean suggest France and got super famous like wayward paint like super super famous yet, but I willingly secluded was the one. Oh god Jean always made like good actor choices and didn't have to start about a chip baseball- and was it yet but you know they get so enticed while ago I could open a movie of Boo Boo STAR, but if you try to make a movie star choices, I think that's where you get fucked when you got to make a good actor Two choices to show people that you are a talented, then point does see you because of your talent, not because you were on a show, and yet you know- and I think that's where I think that's the back door in
I don't, I don't think it's trying to star and stuff. I think that's a drag, not only in my and might teams event. This is more just a project that I liked in the pool happen to be the storm, but I really liked it we're on the same page. In that way, What, if I said similar things to wait? What you just said- and I feel like I I'm with team who they kind of get where I'm coming from and they get the things I want to do and they're not pushing me to you them. Like all you have to make music because everybody makes music girl. You have to try star some teen comedy, because that's what you're expected do so there really they're trying to I too, I guess, care to what I want and where I feel like, I can do something worthwhile and their their cool. What did you aren't you and with a good, driven funny or die there
the other love as different as it will therefore be one of the producers of at midnight. So I work and work with them every day in their son. It's such a great team. Yet it's a perfect example of people were even go: luck just doing a weird mobile comedy. Just let me be in it and let me be funny and then you know, work for no money had been, but Pinta show people that you're funny exactly and then and then you'll be fine there it there. It was a great. I was really nervous to actually go and talk to those guys to, because, just go, I wouldn't why wouldn't I be, but I got to get to work on them for couples back in December and as soon as I got to set they were just so hiding, and so there is Oh, I realise there is no reason to be like afraid, and they there is cool and easy going and not intimidating and very, in other words, where the real is kind about played, but very
real yet like they were just all these good people. There is really good funny people and their an amazing team of like they get shit. Don't like you. They ve been so great work with over. Here, that's totally a place where you can explore and its also contractually a safe zone, because, if you're doing four funnier die nothing to prevent, be like what are you gonna run here: honey or die? That's what people do those kinds of things sometimes ideas just sometimes that stop just needs a little bit. A context that you know you look at stuff that they get away with funny or die, are like South Park or shows like that. But if you did his jokes- you did that stuff outside of those people would would burn you alive within the context of those entities. The sort of way we know people just accept. But that's those things in it, that's what they do there. So I really you know, I think it really is just sort of
aligning you're you're interests with the people. You know like those areas where you wanna work, told that's exciting. I think that's really excite. I'm excited for you max that you get to you know it's like you You're, essentially, citizens shows done your central. Gonna, get to start over in a way. Yeah, I mean it. Like you said it- I find it a lot more fulfilling to work with people that you, that you enjoy being around. Just like you know I mentioned is the friends that I'm around us. We had that same metallic. It is so much easier because I buy did this country music, and I did this. And I did so many things that were just like ours. Then what somebody told me to do and didn't really have. I was, happy, because I wasn't because creative person. I wasn't creatively doing anything that was willing to me. Will you interesting nurse. There is an interesting county story to tell him there too, because you were very early point of view. The very few people have a small percentage of the population. Have that point of view, and so you know,
it wasn't efficiently. Like stand standard thing, if you just did some sort of a monologue about it about These are think I saw you will want to match shows. Actually, I think the very first one I think, did you get onstage readjust there? He had me like now carry a cake should yes, yes, so I think you know. I think there is a lot of company to be had for. Like you know, I love this life, and so much of my life was people telling me that I had to do this kind of drawing the middle. So you know like what that light. Is something really funny in there. Maybe a little more perspective on a Tuesday can actually right, sometimes more to close the things like this. That funding has just kind of weird it's my life, but kind of funny that you, I think it's in rhetoric. It's funny. That is like a force to be a country star what the fuck like that really funny to me and the net. Take ownership over to totally and then you're like you know, maybe countries
and so bad, and then you have to do it That's what you need, God could imagine placed him, you wanna, do it anymore, mutiny musical stuff anymore? No, I just like covers due from time to time, but that's basically just because I don't know if I can, I get a message board disposed one but an otherwise. No, I don't wanna pursuit. I thought it was. I can I just got a little window into your personality, because I saw I looked up earlier psycho. What other? What mother, music selfishly person I saw. You do to cover wrecking barnyard. You too, general and the funniest part to me was in the description you are just like I'm making a lot of weird faces in here, so just ignore that that was really. It was funny that you felt over your where that that you thought something was weird, but you had to let people now at the same time, banks I feel again. Something that now everybody or every young person feels the need to do like we can't we can't post some
Unless what it's like a disclaimer attached, I mean like all God, I'm hideously here picture and some minnow fine, just fine picture, but that's the worst. I have a theory about that. But what do you think it is? I think, is: I think it's mixed. I should just either I'm gonna. Why can't like rephrase it, but I just want an essay for they turn on and like last week. Jesus it was eggs, they don't. I how do out your column in the Wall Street Journal that the biggest intentional idea for innovative small surgeon, I think it's especially, I think girls do more than dies. I think girls will be like us, I'm self, and so ugly and oppose the picture in their lights, eight pounds and gorgeous- and it's like colleague, general something in common, but I think it's just
It's like we have two or we think we do, because Heaven forbid. We actually think we look good in something. You know we're gonna get shit for that, and then if but benefits. If the nobody has yet started giving. Shit for saying they look bad for like everybody's, like self prohibiting. I just We are an. I can't be partially to take away the power from the audience show the audience that you're aware of yourself, so that your less Europe, taking some of their attack initiative away and then on That is a party That sort of hopes like I don't people say that Look down I mean, like I know times right like ours is stupid. You can is the whole people like it's that stupid we. Otherwise, why would you even opposing the first letter exactly exactly as my dad, my daddy's view that were he would say. Well,
I don't think I'm going to you know I don't know I want to come and visit, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to come out and visit, maybe like all right and it'll be weird, possibly go, What made you trusted. Begged me to me. They want me to come out here like come on. I'm on the world's greatest fishermen you're not like he was always a sort of fishing for from and then it might be like no, of course, please come out. You know it's. You just have to satisfy your part of the equation. There are really no please. I want you to come around. I feel like when people people posting content is like, like you say, like apparent jilting, that's literally the equivalent better. I mean like you're, trying to either like guilt people into saying. No, like you look great you a greater than if you think somehow it doesn't affect you. If the insult you- because I why said it for like right. She shutting let anything Donati now adena, it's over! complex time to be especially a young person. I don't know, do you think that people giving the young people now are? Did you get
since the people aren't empathetic, just because interact alone. You really do yes, absolutely tell if it's a real loss of empathy or if it's just a fake digital one like people would say stuff shitty on mine. But if you met them they would never say anything. So maybe maybe it's real. I just can't tell how real it is. I mean I feel like people were on. There on more than their interacting in real life. So there's something real to the fact there doing it so much Do you like the idea of thinking about I remember a time when there weren't any of those things I can't remember what I did all day, like a really can't remember. Why haven't I filled, if I wasn't distracted by everything I've started. I thought goes on my phone too much for a couple years. There's I've started like I've tried to where's my phone every other days, but can not beyond it. And it's I find that also bitch I'll just grab for my phone or or sometimes not.
I do, but sometimes I feel like oh god, what do I do it, I'm just dimes onset and I don't have my phone to check and I dont really wanted like talk to somebody so that obviously have to timing. As I see something to do and its away do escape anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and if you're not doing anything that is at the word, escape escape, having this right here, just rubbing it like a worry stone and then when you are in a situation where you don't wanna, have to actually look around and deal with people. I gotta that party today for the first. Fifteen minutes. I was just like this on my phone, so open around. I was even look anything up. I was just like rifling through apps or like just, with their parties the streets. But let's call me to night do this thing, sometimes where I you know fine
I'm kind of casually looking than old alike furrow. My eyebrows zone like like ok, this is really serious in reality. There's nothing happening here, but it just. Up a little bit and also lets people now don't come near me, I'm doing something! That's all yet important right now! Yes, I found that is times I would have my phone and I was likes just shocked by the mountains. People would still like to engage in conversation. I was trying to show them with in others. Ed Brow furrow. I would like to try and that I was not ready to engage in like in person conversation, but they did they just like, wouldn't see that so that I'd be I'd. Try and like keep my locked on the phone and, like oh yeah, sure, and act really uninterested in what they had to say, but they still wouldn't get by its illiteracy among comfortable into pursues. The Georgians are unfounded. His draft myself on my phone and your violating that right, yeah
but eventually I had to look up from the far right and I think I think ok, I think ok, you know it's being being an idiot. Sometimes I think just you know saying like well, I want to say things that are not going to be necessarily that interesting They re lucked out, I meant a party who talked a lot. And it was so great because it just took all the pressure off of it, and then I became more of a really and then what I'd like a minute. Wasn't so much like he was really driving a conversation and that's what I loosen me up a little bit now. I know that there are some Matt Myers in the world who, like Jen, take me to a party and I'll break the ice, but I can't let you do that he's going to insult he's going to insult the wild
It is these adorable, where you put up by matter, already accusatory difficulties, and I think it ok, I'm glad we will we love em, we love, but he speaks a pretty he's. Pretty he's pretty once these peace, peace, pretty blood and a lot of stuff comes out is listen. I don't watch that stupid thing you are and what are you saying stop now we want to work biogas episodes ever was rain Wilson and and matter it beggars I stopped watch in six feet under when you came on. Fifteen would like this guy and it was the Sadly there was still so new and the fine. I just watched a red flag, get erected in the shape of met. My but he's these easy, don't lovable! Well, what is missing is not you made a weird. This is about an hour than had been on the package
but I'm really really really interested in fascinated just by. Story in and also You know you sort of being this kind of anomaly in your generation of people that I think most we're folks, like myself go those mouth breeders. They just want to watch the carnations and get you know, but it's nice to hear that it's! I don't know it's it's nice to hear that even at a young age that you can have that you that you're that you have death, I think a lot of people isn't it is past- are more in line with with that again You know we're at work. The non car dashing spirit is too great So it's a good group do, do you feel do you interact with you interact with people on Twitter. Still I did like get. Sometimes you mean just like right. Back to generating, I think you'd like,
I think I think you would. I think you did the nerves, yet I think they're just a little more in line with the way that you think and then you wouldn't feel so weird sounds gate. I just think. I think that sort of maybe fish out of water thing you're feeling it's not your fault. I think it's everyone else's fault, whose current around you I'll fix and then you'll start to share some of that and then you'll start meeting like I said, you'll start meeting people that are more you're trying to be like Polly shit like I'll win. New. First, when you first started hanging around comedians totally change your life right, yeah light. Before that use Melick for real smart, smart. Like Terry. Tell me tell me this was always my isn't always. My reaction is
you threw out some day. You know like before I discovered the groups of comics you just sort of say something. A conversation in someone just ok, it's like that. That reaction fucking hate their reaction. Start out with him uncle. And I let us all a cabinet I will give you the last piece of unsolicited device before we reduce release you back into the wild analysis and it is in its unbeknown. Germany get more commonly. What did you tell people do globally? I recommend that you taken Improv Class like a u c, B or noticed her or whatever just taken Improv Class, because what you will discover- bunch of other like minded people and it all,
I think it'll be the springboard for like all these. These are the people I should be hang out and also it's getting some basic and professional skills, I think, will make you feel more comfortable at doing should on stage in front a people that is just a good. It's a good environment. I think, just as it is a social experiment, I think starting to you know to lean towards groups that have more like comedy. Might if you'd like that, I think would really open your eyes than you would start to feel normal use? It is not a. I did. I dislike for groundlings, but I found I have a lot of people. A lot of friends like in the main components of no great and Dave invited me to do, shows them, but again the beings gay, I just one terrified. So as a goal I'll do some of the Improv Workshops First Journal audition and see if I didn't see, if there's anything there so,
I addition like the basic level there but, like I said, nobody's causally, but they were I just didn't. They were all like actors like every one of them, one. Be an actor and I felt certain there's a certain unity around comedians, uterine Iraq and you will have your comedians and not after just playing with improved, like one of them are like here's, my headshot to everybody else in the class, right like what. Why didn't we I need to take as long as there are a lot of progress. Also like you should take an improv glass like something like that, but hang out and open, like hang out, that's another way to really start meeting. I mean so friends when I saw you where's, our doings stand up like full time
in like ninety eight, you know that group at that time was pretty amazing group at the time like young comics- and this was like me- you know that guy mattresses and partners, walls of the world and then inches you know like you. Just gotta meet your group, but I think that you know I'm just giving you that advice, because I think you would be a more normal. You can move around more of those types of people and then you would realise that its everyone else and not you. I will certainly look into them. That sounds promising. Oh yeah, yeah, good, there's a good start, but doesn't think so much for being here is an absolute pleasure at any time. You want come, hang out and at midnight, if you want to its it, it's a nice, snazzy, fun, Cougar people the funny or die folks, and good luck with everything. Honestly, you give good good head on your shoulders. You know in through some of that, like
breaking through some of that shit? That gets in your way, which is your own head you're on your own, had a lot yeah, yeah yeah yeah just figured out. Tat it had to get around the internal chatter all the time, but that will be or another or maybe that'll be for PETE's podcast just bring water. Bring snacks and the flare gun lake. At any point, if you feel like you just used by the flare gun and then and then you'll be then you'll be okay. I call thanks to end by thanking enjoy burrito everyone, and However, it out I was mad What kind of its enjoy murmuring Rayner? I got it. Now leaving noticed dot com you're worried
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