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Jim Gaffigan has a three peat on the Nerdist! He talks about his new special Obsessed, how Chris would become president if there was a zombie apocalypse, who their first crushes were and where they think the world of comedy is heading! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Walking winners part just under five fourteen. I'm in New York City today show, if you're very fancy and adults it was fun. Never was really nice to me. I gotta get Kevin Spaces dressing room because he was on earlier. We did meet we camp ass, each other in the hallway. We're gonna go China is a yes busy, you know what's up, but then I think he was looking at someone behind me. Oh I just want Kevin's facing an overall. I am. Is that so much too, as it is all right, I'm a douche! Please come out, and while there is actually a couple, more tickets left for the midnight show it Carolines, although the shows are sold out
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this would be Jim's. Well, we sort of explaining beginning, secondly as fourth appearance, but actually the third that we were able to put up because of a technical problem alive show. But here we go is nurse. Bud cares about Jim gave again now entering nearest com. Comedian geographically returned to the new displayed gas for a triumphant third appearance. Whether was there was a threat to the third one time it away takes it at the time we were comics. No
Thomas, a first, yes, and a second time we were meltdown right. You know, there's a time was alive, show what we require is in always in New York my god that was so heartbreaking that was in New York at the outs. See theatre. No twenty three, three, twenty thirty, its banks and it's the grammar, see Something happened with their equipment. There was a throughout the entire cause you were and Tom was on and it was a foot great show we got it afterwards and we were hard and there was no way there was no way. The polish out. I don't know if it was a bad, evil or something it was self, but that's now as before, we started bringing Katy places and that's now why we bring Katy everywhere because called decades we carried out,
boarding right network are now because you can't you can't always. You can't always trust that Whatever person happens to be it, the thing is getting like: it's a noose, for them to record about gas, so they oh yeah, you're gonna fly men that fucking. I was so upset by that yeah anyway. So this is the fourth, but released apparently ass. This is a special one of Genesis rivets as our paper one. This is the paper and of those third sort of for the fourth sort of third one and the same someone have Congratulations. I heard of obsessive, did huge numbers dinner. I think you did well here. I which is great. You wanted to write yes, you're. Looking at me like. Are you gonna play you no false,
stay here. Jim now I know I think gosh I don't even care, I don't. Even it doesn't mean I didn't check to see that millions of people watch my special, I mean the exact number. I could give you, but I'm not. You know it's not about that. Here I mean it's depending which demographic you want me to x. I don't understand it, but I do understand that it did well. Yes, I heard it incredibly well. So congratulations on my failure. You experimented with a couple of different models of releasing comedy specials. Do you have a favorite at this point I I don't know I mean. I think it's changing all the time right. So I know that you're I did that self released last time and then was approached by Netflix. So like six months after went to Netflix, but I think that You know how many central you can't you. Can you not be
eyeballs right. So, in the end you don't you people to see the stuff right and I definitely made less money going to comedy central, but you I do I do want to have some longevity. You know it's kind of feel like specials were albums they're not there not a huge income source. I know some people make a lot of money doing it, but it's so if it is, you know, there's a sense of pride of like completion but some of it is also ye. You know maybe gaining more people, understanding you or the I've, also its just sort of this total of this Well, I've been working on for the last two years. Here it is, and rightly this will.
So keep the ball in the air. So I can start the process over again, but then get people come out to watch. That process arise over again, and you know you know as a comedian. There is, I mean either we would do this anyway. You know it's You know like there's. You know I've been so excited about. You know my, album and on a on Itunes, but in reality Europe you make. Maybe ten cents authority. This answer, you don't make any really any money now, it's all I mean I think it's. I think it's very similar pro even worse model, then the work, the record like the music industry right company albums historically did I mean you know our are our shared manager, Alex Marina, used to go through and laugh but be sat? At the same time when you look at the billboard charts of comedy islands, we dislike. Oh you there. Couple is like you know, Mitch Hedberg Dame Cook and then, and there.
All the blue collar. Comics right sell a fuck ton of comedy it's still and comparison of music was not a big dry and then it would drop from like thousand to like thirteen like there was a step, drop between the Acta and the medium here that the book world is like that to like you, just you like I am you're on the New York Times, bestseller less new, like wild. It's amazing how many Thysel Emily you sold thirty five year, like thirty it hard to sell thirty year. I mean I'm exaggerated, but it's not that much like you'd think there three hundred million people in this country. It's the you know, you think you like what am I maybe I'll- sell a million nerli now you're gonna sell, maybe ten thousand yeah you're lucky yeah and that's good, and you can do that an accomplished rigour, but I guess it's. You know where people
tensions are just pulled in so many different directions. Now, there's so much I mean it's. The good thing is that a lot of people are being creative, but the detrimental thing is there so much of it that how do you? I guess it's just It just falls on us as performers still like. What's our responsibility to rise above the noise, it's that Sally survival right. It's also, I think it's about consistency and a and b Euro keep keeping on creating right. So it's you know. You you heard there was a time where you would do one special and it would change your life. Like Dennis. Leary did no cure for cancer right a chain. His careering. The pain Chris ROC had bring my pain. I mean it, but you know Chris rocks a great example of he. He kept coming back with new hours and it's amazing so you just have to keep bang on the door. With every new album year, there's people that have no idea who you are that listen to that
and then that opens them up to your other stuff? And then It really comes at least for me. I make my money theatre chose. Will you Also, do you also, even though it wasn't really really that long ago, but you still caught that last wave of us beyond the pale really. I mean you doing well as a comic before, but I remember like after that, special it like shit, changed total so you're caught that and I feel like that. I think that might have just been too end of being able to catch that window. Absolutely a lot of luck and was it I describe it is I got the crumbs Dane unless the cables Euro there was the liberty make our observers from good crumbs, and then there was also euro people. They loved pattern and David Cross. Would you know their second? They might our third out and they would buy mind so's like I was.
But like third choice, but it ended up being a day. Size poor, but you still manage to do I'm sure it's like others this before, but I'm so one of your ability to write clean material. That's funny you're such a useless tells me does that's what I do, and that is what the Lord, but it's not you know and I think sometimes you like- I have some new stuff that my wife, just despises, you know, and so she, you others. Definitely this writing partner. Right. Everything with my wife there's this. Partner, who is kind of like get rid of that, that's lazy, you know when it comes to say filthy, oh purer there or together cursing thing. I I for me, it's like you know if I'm using a curse word, which now it's like a, I rarely
but it's just it usually an indication that I haven't finished. Writing the joke ass a fucking great way to look at it, but you know I guess it off. I mean we're creative people right, can't we think of and I'm not even that smart, so it's like, but can't we think of like an adjective besides fuck you, in writing, the ivy league- I and I think I'm I'm I'm coming out of it. But there is a time where I would say were the word: fuck was sort of like like and thence feller instead of me, like I, couldn't fuckin FARC involve bright rang it. It was just ass. It was just ass. It was just fat. It was just all of the time Spats message of my speech is an effective way to communicate. You know a passionate opinion right, but then again I'm about mundane stuff. So it's like. If I am cursing about doughnuts downward, almost appeared, not afraid not
always that angry about don't nazis? You take it down on us that allow I forget, blocked. All donors are fuckin all low a load all over doughnuts. It's like that doesn't make sense. Keep going developed. There were no more more workable, doughnuts hashtag, valuable doughnuts, but I, but I think that is really important to like. You said think about the can. Like you have these stories about my dad that I've been telling in one of them is about how we were all at dinner when he started telling everyone at the table how to go down on a lady. Nowhere at the absolutely true So it's hard to that's inherently a dirty premise. Because it's an older man talking about Colonel Lingus, to a table of well at a restaurant, see, but I think I think that's a great opportunity to
right around that because then, if the subjects of the conversation is that your father is in a very diplomat armies, guy from Tennessee right whose describing graphic thing, but with the southern charm? Here I mean it's. Ok I mean. Did he cursed And it was the idea of the my dad's filthy, and so he was when he was very graphic in the description of what science is a year like at a dinner table guy I was after dinner you I gotTa Ruth Curriculum that you came to see me and you know what you're Eden Oppose. Yes, I'm serious, really that's pretty much what it was. I love your mother when I'm going down like honestly that doesn't see our use, your so different from sea like when you curse. I know that that's you playing but like you're, theirs, things. Scumbag e about, like theirs You never have to worry about. Chris Hardwicke, like you know, let them some drugs. Girls now you're fine without your, I may ever gonna happen, but he
Dan there was outside Europe, provides an I'm not implying that your dad's scam, no, no, no, no! No! No! He likes to dry. He likes to drug people, but you know he's dead now, so there's nothing. Anyone can do to present charges over the greatest comics use a drug of odd asthma. It's part of our culture, but he is, its AIM Nashville India. He came. He drove from emphasis to see me with my with the rest of my family thereunder, and we, when your restaurant afterwards- and it was you know he would get a buzz. He'd have a few drains like every day, I'll eat pussy like oh, no. Was your mom there. My stepmom was there and my girlfriend and stepped siblings right as I did. They figure is hysterical It was just him I mean I would throw it was not. I mean everyone's reaction was like belly What are you doing, but not out of not so I don't feel like this is highly a wreck. Looks like it was highly regular right, so it wasn't was. Was it like before?
the arbitrary or after the and I'm such a pig unless it is like you'd have before you enjoy this poor. Let me tell you what you should be doing later on. He would you know we gotta digestive going, then you could totally go down the two little flaps or the sandwich just peel back a little bit in Europe. This cuban reminds us TAT mother, even he would he would say things like he would say things like if you accept commoner, move in the middle the night and her hands or up on the wall she's not hanging a picture, he would say things like that and so in the telling These things, which I think are very and he knew he was being silly like he wasn't right. He wasn't completely disconnected from from it? Wasn't a sociopath wasn't like, like you, didn't, take his pants off? It's! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I know how you sat there, nor nor did he think, like what these humans not understand these hearings. I am experiment. He knew that
was getting arise out of people but its, but these are very difficult stories to tell because I've been, you know, and I like you're, you were very in dark side of the force area like New, has an opportunity to make it charming and unlike Zog about what he now it's interesting as I was I went to Ireland their airlines called Aer Lingus, and I was like that in a little inappropriate arrive, even though that's adding that was an Alex Murray idea, giving full credit. None of that. However, lesson about he's, not gonna. Leave these never pursue comedy, so you could generally, you could totally do so, but then so have a premise like Aer Lingus, which is setting you up right. It's it's we run into this a lot on at midnight when we're coming up with questions for the comedians would go well. Where are they going to go with this right? How many different places can you go with that? So do you go with what are the vote, though? The
what's next or whatever competing airlines or what were the rejected names or Legrand? Whatever is the area is that where you go in the right yeah now like I even I don't even use like you know, some of it I'm such a twitter is my notepad, so I'll, usually, if I can think of a joke on it, I'll throw it on twitter, and then in us if it gets a reaction. I d, maybe there's a joke there, but I don't know you have sometimes if it's too toxic, because it's not just like I mean you know, first out. My have some kind of dirty stuff but its. But how do you follow that? How do you talk about? You know? How do you do but fortune cookies after you that an error Lingus Joe you can't run riot like trying to your tongue into that forging yes it's doesn't it leads you path right. I mean by the way I think Chris Rockin go filthy and clean pretty well, but I can't
yeah and also its smarter for you. I it's the comics like yourself, who don't have to do that. Its from a business perspective is just smarter, because your automatically tv friendly, you can automatically do brigades what you can't you of your filthy. You can automatically you automatically have a larger audience, because families, and watch your show and not feel you know that on a layers like kids can laugh at the edgy approach, but the adults can laugh at the clean premises and it's it's it's right, I'm so gentle, of it, but you know I mean I. I wish that it was. It was more calculating, but I dont think it wants. I think it's one of those things where you you find your sweet spot. Like you comedians. We discover point view, and then we can write from that point of view whether it be or I like food or you know,
some. You look like some social satirists like don't trust the government or it's crazy world and so you know some of it is. I don't think it's like it's not like. Well, you know, if I do this than I can actually get most Utah enjoy my there's. Not there wasn't a calculation, but there is would say that there is a murmur Seinfeld talking to a comedian. After he saw my can remember, the comedian was, and he said you can. You can work dirty, but it's a- I idea so. Like I mean I, that when I had some filthy jokes, when I had to re write them to do letter, our Conan, like we're gonna, say when I was on Letterman in a couple years in people can be like, like it's like being on Carson, right, it's just like it might as well be the you know, if only I could think of
old. You know generally jack Geography and it's like the Jack par show. Yet member the Jack partial World thinks what are we gonna show returning and telling these nine bureau members a little Letterman show our intentions. Vans are so short that you know a year after his affairs like. Who won Letterman was that in black and white? Well, it is, I mean it also, because now, you can say like: oh these communities, it Carson, giving cars and daily now Johnny Carson right like there's someone, we are already under so much shift in late night, now, Romany, probably the biggest influences at midnight I would have to say there are so many options like who's gonna, replace Ferguson now, don't know, don't know and other would be interesting if he replaced hymns Craig verges on Skype, replied. He comes back
Judges is name instead of sea. Are HIV its k, K I'll, tell you what I just. I just hope that it's not and I say this as a white guy, even I'm like the truly fuckin white guys tellers and it needs to be like like to see a front. We'll comic or a comic different ethnicity, just silent even from as a white person, I'm saying there are too many too many white people right populating late. I tell you we think is like in some ways. It's like I mean your show is very Why do we need another talk, show whether it's like I try or a woman talking to another like it's we only. I shall we still torture with now oh my gosh they're, going to interview Katy homes. Can you believe that the euro that used to be really important, and now it's like- I can find out everything I want yet eighty homes now yeah I mean I can't
in my view, far in terms of its surveillance in I know nothing. If we do, we sound like we're drunk, we sound like we're dry thing, Katy Monarchy. I it's weird yoke. You know, Katy HOMES is PETE Homes. My words, I didn't know that I was able to be on a tablet friendly and outgoing. That's right, that's interesting, so she must have had PETE. At the same time that was a baby, which is, I mean like that, is no way that single miracle I mean. You know what she didn't want to deal with. Some of the parliament is like born. They took the egg out and then became actually Utopia was born. His head came first love you for the annual he was smiling hears. Nobody has Pittsburgh Chrome,
when P dies like in his casket. He better be smiling. I mean I seriously he's gotta, be smiling areas and then bigoted play that on a loop over and over again as people walk and he's gonna, where a tie that with the UN but sure of a casual right he's, like he's always looks like he's about you know, be do a scene in John Hume, film he's here the modern day ducky. He is that he is. Are he is twenty four teams John Cry or now. I know that we still have John Crier, my men, but he's eighties. On criteria, but now John Criers a billion by the way I love PETE Homes. I dont want only so that its wonderful Peter everyone likes Peter. You cannot like PETE Homes, Katy work, repeat all the time. You still like PETE, see he's a good kid. She took too much time did and also what s right. There was a little I'm running away like yeah. This answer right if it up, but he if we didn't like he would enjoy it. He would
and he would want to understand why that's why he does that he really PETE. Does the thing that I think most people try to do which is here so many people, judge based on very little information, but I will try to get as much information about something as possible to try to understand that as much as possible, which is a which is a real I mean it's a good thing. It's a good trait to have the earth we just right people off base, no information these Chris in ten years. What is the comedy landscape and look like? We need your input here. Well, While we currently held by sound effect on downtown twenty, twenty one comedians will no longer exist, comedy will be done by automaton said japanese sushi style, restaurant clubs, what what is like who's gonna be the biggest comic in the United States in ten years. I don't know it's boy, that's really tough, to say, because I part of me work
someone, we don't know yet, but at the same time, knowing how long it takes eyes told yeah yeah, then it could be it probably someone. It's bits very likely, someone that we know someone in this room, no nine o clock. It is Kyle down down down down only a little over two years ago. I dont I've done what you're doing me. This is a fox, The special and work out a breaking knows no like it's a fox tv special, oh yeah, exposing magic or that it will be right battling the future where they they do. Will we like that? Then they they do. A recap, like you forgot everything during the commercials we're doing analysis of what will be ten years right when we get back. And then like ten years. Now. What would the comedy seed? Look like unto nights,
your commercials may kill you right after these messages. I predict here's what I protect. I predict Mickey Glaser huge, no question. I think hurry commute I think they part gauzy q, jump and eventually, a senator from Tennessee. I also predict Hannibal birth I what animals already you, but he's not, I mean like really really really like. You know Louis, like that. Right, like Chris Rock, exactly there's a handful of what is say you know, there's there's only if there is only a handful of spots for like the Mega committee, right the voice in Europe. There are two by the way. Thank you, I'm like the voice of the Christians so who else is going to be huge? advantage is huge by I think might Lawrence is going to be. Yeah yeah boy. I don't know
we're gonna be dead. Let's talk about like a Jim Gaffer gonna be there. I shall give a fake name again. There was myspace work that I did there and walking dead will still be going and still be going. He I feel like it will be and are still be hosting. That after show, which I am happy to do and they're gonna say, Mr President of the United States, things first still do talking bad. I see protection as part of my public policy to help people deal with the trauma of the zombie apocalypse, as if anyone would you wanna, be president, the United States, that sounds horrible, tiny events. There will be present, I do feel that my experience on top dead would make me the ideal candidate in apocalypse, like I feel like I could help people can occupy townspeople through it brought. You would be kind of yeah you'd be good. I think to me the idea of being present. Will you not that might happen to it could happen in Qatar happen. I'm already right there you already there. If it happens,
in episode and down there that that, like in the middle of a table with just just finger standing up yet there It would be like residential seal off the table. We would do time. From the oval off every week. I Norman readers. He would just be a dreamy. Will you be Secretary of state, he be secretary, I'm dumb hired. I gave my baby the character that place Maggie his from England. His name is co hand lower Uncle James M poland- daughter. Why people no bad. I didn't realize that either is and then he saw it it and Katy homes, which is strange, so PETE Homes and Logo hand are actually is notably has an exceptional career cause. Ninety nine percent of all british factors have to play a character from a hundred years ago, or one where it's. You know what those Lord of the rings. Movies yeah you're not allowed to play a contemporary character. No, but I do think that it would be a good model for that Africa, because then it
we like and Vladimir Putin's on the phone, but we're not talking about politics, we're talking about like why. Why did Rick leave. Do they fear? You know, let's cut the Ukraine aside, because there is something here that is, you know, Earl or Merle was really not a bad character. I mean they changed him to pay up. He had to cut off his head. What do you suppose that is very similar to what Soviet Union encountered when we're broke up, as I realise in it destroyed this gun, threaten this retrograde that was made during the voice of a Russian? It was really good ray. I was really good. I wonder how worldwide will comedy b always be worldwide. I think it's growing. I think it's growing well. No, the internet and stuff for me the inner it strange. But what I want
regular earlier point of view heard. A podcast says, or big no ipod words. Gas who would listen to such. I think it has like that that Disney Movie Member room there were ten issues, no that their people, the old people that that found pods and then they became cocoon and some of em like I went back to adultery those guys so sad says that you know a lot of those guys lotta. We also know that cocoon others characters replay by Journey Knox. Not every single one, every single one of em, I dont nobody impressive, either Johnny Knoxville managed to play will for Brimley in fibre, our town yeah. He really is in what was this area they look like erodes the marshal that was, there was Johnny Knoxville like all fly away or something that some sort of family drama the enjoy knots will also put will brilliant idea. Ultimately, Corky yeah life goes on that that was
However, there are three about Stephen: was the dat yeah? He was dead you ve always their dad, and then there was the woman who is don't cry for me: Argentina, Ovida, Peronne, yeah or RADA, or the common where's that we're somebody here. Do you don't have to hang over now? Let's talk about something. Let's talk about. You go back to your earlier guess. I wanna go back to your earlier idea, because I have always thought this. That being, as in the United States, would be. The worst thing to do would be harm. It sounds terrible. No matter what you do! You automatically piss off? Half the country right- and it's also, I feel a government- is an impossible boat to steer in part. I feel it is impossible. You can't steered it's because you know what that's, because you ve lost hope, but you know what if we get the right
cinema, because I'm not I'm not like how naive or we may be this year. We are so naive. I mean I love Obama, but, like I think, of how naive we, like you know, maybe this charismatic guy make the country come together. Twelve. After school, especially like one person, you know what you're right, let's put these words is a sine qua non a pint like that all the whole country is like out spoke. We finally come together again then calving Klein stands up and says gay and it's amazing. I love America. So does that mean indeed Phoebe Cates now, if Kevin Klein admits that he's gay. Oh my gosh, the horrible thoughts that I had my head as a teenager towards Phoebe entering by murderin dismember. Oh yeah, yeah, of course- and I know I mean this- is a big crush. Who is your first crush?
email? I know you ve had a lot of male crashes. It was that it was between. There were, I think, the biggest one was probably I'm embarrassed to say over the ground like it was Wilfred Brimley, not Johnny Knoxville over Bramley, like kids, like Wilfred, Brimley, well, right, Remilly, mustache like all of it- I mean there's always a mustache, the as yet so. What am I will? Let me put on a much faster and I come over one time. I was molested by walrus as a kid, and I think it just it transferred into adult life than I had the developers, Wilfer, Brimley FAT and also Pga Player, Craig. Our was weird is supports reference ever, but but I dont just talking about a second ago only we're talking about heart to heart,
ok, so rubber Wagner and Stephanie powers were every million airs, but they also just like solving Gerda objectives and there's MRS cheese love she's. The one I am about is that people that have downloaded the mat now so that met MAX their housekeeper assistant are also part of the wars fetish. It was alive, John was my very first sale MIKE. I think I think I've discovered my penis right because between well might have been Princess Leia initially, but then, but a living. But I'm surprised you I know, but Greece like at the end when she gets on leather tuscan arrow at the end, gets dirty horrid up. Yeah yeah, it's sober is just it's just wrong. It was the great moments of stairs. I don't even have an image of her and those pants Ire
remember what you look like in this tight spend expand. You know. The second is the second time I had inexperienced like I had with my and I'm sorry to make a dirty, but, like I had with my penis, when I first I'll, even in John, was like When are you guys like you, because you had the named John and that's what I was home we never gets all the way on totally up a gay couples should be married. I actually like the fact that there are gay men? That means that there is less competition for what even though I married and I have a thousand children unless you do a value of literary thousand children, but I think it was We have time I had that experience was when I feel like, just the living in John help me discover that my penis had a function and when I First got an Ipad and I was like I dont Do you like it was that feeling of oh wow? You know that was that those are the two times. Did you ever watched, the I'm sure you did but the bad man series with that Well, of course, their work.
Of course, there was a woman Julie, Numa or, and then there was like she had like a little daughter or something like that. There was cat girl or something like that. And that was yours, he wasn't really or was it burnt ward beyond I was I was ten I mean robins are applied. No no, there was Catwoman headed daughter or like a niece That was a little bit younger than actually got kitty letter. What she called cadmium. I think so, but she was amazing and I went so that was. I dont understand these feelings, but yeah that was TAT was eight Omonia light a big crush on tape, ammonia, oh sure. Now I'm not a little girl and she was on the Jack partial little known as their little darlings, with Chris Civic Niccolo Chrissy Magneto with such acuity. She was on family, it's you also on while one day at no yes one day that now that was Valerie Valerie Brown early. While she was valuable
and Mackenzie, Philips, Mackenzie Philips is so sad, Trent well draw. And also her father was having sex with, though that entire time, yarn of that everything be with ok, that is just so that its horrible. I hate myself or even saying that. No, but it's so horrible that you can't not like, because if you think about the reality of it, it's one of its one of the worst thing when you're in the grocery store and you're buying condoms, shirt and oysters, then- and I can what I do want to reduce the oyster. I gotta poor economies on it when I'm with an oyster- and you see all those magazine covers sure, I'm turn, but the ones we can be grateful threw up, but when you see all those covers what percentage of the people on that covers? Do you have any idea who they are
it's, it's it's a shrinking number of penal. It's a Sri number people because there are so many. You know that the widespread tentacles reality, television mean that there are thousands of peace, Well now that I have had no so outside my sphere of anything what we and we ve been watching me. So the holy we can watching my big fat american gypsy wedding. Which was a fascinating show which led us into breaking Amish, which was the story of brake, I would just like: oh, we pulled a bunch of amish kids off of their farms and a mennonite girl put them in New York and like let's see what happens when that same socially responded very socially responsible to completely drab someone in a cultural called back, but then you know where they are run sprang urgently. They were not run spring it, but what you find out when you kind of dick round on the internet is it's like, or at least according to the internet, allegedly it's all bullshit like they were like a cup of one of them wasn't even really
guessing anymore and this on their in reality. Television and energetic protein is not in the newspaper. According the internet, one of the couples that forms on the show had actually already been a couple with a kid, but on the show, it's like, I think, should part door, but I dont know if I should, like everyone sounds like an answer. I will need people like Jerry springing to come out of the facts. Is everyone on the show sounds like a Bruce Mccullough character from kids now on, then, I am not. I have put my covering on with Alright, let's talk about Re Ana. Ok, let's do it, you obviously, in this would max on rent. Now, I'm talking about it's getting too point where are you know, someone to send me a tweet of casino, I'm a source for topical, of course, and sent me a photo of her on a magazine cover where she's just she's got no top yeah Instagram pull so offended. I looked at it for like
Eight outright exactly had just linking process you're over one point. What is what like at what point I mean, obviously I'm not. What are we go in for here? What what is the end game here away? where are you know I'll? Tell you exactly Emily? I think we're having a serious conversation about its exact what we are about to start out with comedy its debts, its shock humor shock pop culture shock culture, as opposed to just I let my art speak for itself, you don't I mean it's like Madonna, dad, Lady Gaga. It is just that kind of. Like I'm sorry, I didn't even know she was part of that. I am part of life. They, like the old man she's such a pretty girl. Why? Why would she have to? Why would she have to take? those delicious kids. Why would she have to do that? I just you know I
I'm kind of what you re on his last name is Africa. It is it reacts Africa. They don't know that you guys are totally were related. First wife. She thought she kept the last name, yet she kept it out of respect. I broke up with This is not going to work, sir, your outfits and that into gear eads- I don't know, what's going on with the beads prolong others tat to say you know. Actually a lot of those bids are might bacon jokes trance right. That's a pretty amazing and ran just right below her able it says hot pockets with an area as our pockets, and then it says I'm leavin a lot of them. There's a lot from no one's she's, getting more taxes all across Europe. Can rise of, as you can tell me that Kevin Bacon success Didn't it? Doesn't our part to the fact that his last name is exactly exactly and then
the picture of a piece of bacon in a gene jacket from the Footloose come. It is You know I have these bacon jokes and, like people will come up to me when I'm eating at a restaurant and they'll be surprised that I'm not eating bake in a study up everything wide think that would be the only thing you did. They give me what adagio of you when I like across buyer, show in the end in the Cairo, the Bunny said, Jim gaff, again Bacon Andrew. Like now. I just the way you know that what happened is you know, kids, Mr Universe, There was a dollar, because I'm a great guy, donated from every purchase to the Bob Woodward found patience I on CNN, during veterans Day or something and they were interviewing me and I didn't know this, but it said Jim Quote: hot pocket, unquote, gasoline that's how I was less it did not even is committing up Jim Jim Hyde Park. Again I mean euro theirs,
you know, I mean, I know that I'm kind of associated with one joke, but it's like that's where it's like well and any kind of start to feel like a feeling you there would be good cause for you to call the hot pocket. We will look, we do not come too formal arrangement, but I feel it gets benefited from this. A lot know what I've been invented to, and so is America, so is doktor arrived. It's nearly the whole like infrastructure of the medical community pharmaceuticals, drug store. Being drugstores open up. You know it's weird up. I mean the entertainment industry like are used, for I mean your dad was a pole yard, so that's kind of the entertainment industry, but the entertainment it isn't. Your party, that's, like I'm embarrassed that I work in the entertainment industry. I well, if I work in a part of it that I wasn't proud of than yes, but I feel, like you know,
I feel like we get to work in a little corner about that weaken its glass. It's less silly, I mean listen. There are so many shitty shows that I hosted throughout the years just to survive that if any one of them had accidentally caught fire and then I, have been known. For that thing, I still no matter how money I would have made. I still would have been like, a while, you know shipmates is just like guides for a specific audience is not really for you and me. I still have disclaimers about it in talking about. No, I kind of you know I just don't ever. To be one of those people. That's like you know what I do. Caresses really important yoke has broken the entertainment industry is kind of you know when about like when human beings were initially for men communities there were like I. Obviously if we work together. This will be better, you know, like you, could build roads, you could build houses, and the person in the entertainment industry ruse like and I can put
shows that you could put a vibrant and I can put on a show I dont. What does that mean? You ve got what you're over there could be like people like after you build the row now tat. I could we could do a show like a dance we have to like we have to. We have to fortify Arabs are arc, our community, like we have two community. That would be a great show. What it would be like have like community fear. What's a theatre theatre, that's like that. You see this commercials. Whether like I think it was narrated by Robin Williams. It was like you know, artists about poet. Adding another thing in life is about a poem and other stuff and I'm like there's a little bit more practical practical existed, that's going on right anyway. What I'm saying is I'm in every man a year. Life is art. No thank you. Weirdo life is denied,
I've job with a steel. Can a beer got a kid of number. My point is, is that I just don't think we should get that sir, so seriously yeah! No, I agree, but there is something to the idea that you know in the absence of a monarchy and royalty that liberty, culture is sort of american royalty. No way like the way that its treated any one thing. It's right, I'm just saying in the way that is treated as like they re attain this rarefied. It's unbelievable George Clooney is getting married and Asia there, it's down, and the funny thing is: is that it's not that hard to? If you just want it's, not your fault, it is its southern hard to get figures like it's easy to get especially now fame is not really in and of itself is now. This is not a real thing. It's grant me a famous instagram filter like it's, not it's just a fake layer of something and by the way I don't want to sound. Like somebody I mean I also love so much what I do
It is a miracle that I get to do what I enjoy and so do you and and and maybe less her You know it's this amazing thing, so I'm not complaining about what I do. I just think that you know there's just this. You know it's just there's something about our society, where we care a little bit more the academy awards than we do about the presidential election and that's a little weird to me so I think what I think I hear you saying is that we should shift our politics of the entertainment. This that's right. That's your money should be President George, you streaming advice for. I didn't get to data Naturally, cloning now is engaged to over. Yet not yet. He has eyes with me. I have. I have sort of a fun but see bits its borderline seriously and- and I feel like you would be to get it talks about because we share Alex marries manager. Yes, but what did John Barnett
which was awful. I do. I really love John was very young guy, but it reminded me of it they're having a service for him tonight, but it's the same time there were taking the shell, so I can't we can't go, but you could cancel the shown. Go. Can cancel the show and some important impetus, Jim and entertainment. Those borders must go on yeah. They just taped in our lay by LU, Castelo now Show the day his son drowned in the pool. That's a true story: they did you and they live tv. Show it ok, campsite. You get them to give me, but so noble banana connect, one of the sweetest guys in the world- and the saddest thing to me is that he had the same demons that a lot of us have, and I just it's unfortunate that he just didn't find a way.
To slay them in in time, but I I had one percent story that I didn't its wits out. It's one about his favorite stories because it was it's the most awkward situation that I have ever been in, and it has my fault right, but The this was ten years ago. I just sign with Alex and he represented you and TAT glass, and and so on I went out and saw Pinnated Irvine Improv any. Let me show you a couple minutes perform and we hung up. Backstage internet was great loved. You know just slipped guises sweet Yes, my very but backstage, but like really dirty like really saying let a real not on stage but backstage us like a lot of filth. Lot of film, you know, is I totally connect with this guy so like a week later, is having a birthday party at a restaurant. Now Then you should come by so was Alex. Probably Larry Shapiro unnatural banana, maybe like for the people
No anyone here, rights, of course, as the comic who's trying to be funny, I get him a gag gift and the gag give that a gag if they get him a but plug, which is more of a it's more a gift to gag your butt. Card when it was. He was here It was a used to use one. Maybe that's why I went right yeah, I washed it in a day or so, and then I got him this card, it was. I want to stick this in your back. I'm not kidding all Josiah, but it was that it was a birthday car that folded out like three times and it was an African. Can man and the dog was like a threefold. Her just have folding out dong right, so to me, having you know, connect
with him on this level. Also, being a mature and filthy way worse back, then I thought this would be hilarious. These are obviously joke gifts, rack who give someone they don't know about plan for an earthquake press hardware, he don't you did you did what was the last time. I did this world their own seven by our jobs, greater. What's up with a good I've, gotta get your problem. You didn't have to do that. Come was so flew starts overnight, virtually opens up a card and it goes he sees the card and I sense ok, we're maybe he'll get so, Are you really? This is gonna be right. I had. I am thinking they're going to carry me out of this restaurant like I am I'm gonna, be the champion of comedy gas because Don Card and and so then it and then he starts to open the little hesitation and disappears
and then and then but plug and end he just stares at it and he's says like oh again manga swedish nice today I say thank you and then leaning over two Alex. You know I. Finally, we need you mean. I don't understand why so he's very visibly right, not cool with any of this, because he doesn't the entire it wrecked the entire dinner analogous favorite story because he was so awkward moment here. I thought, of course, is what we and in his mind he thought making a statement about a more. He just didn't really understand what it was and he was Ike, what does he know I like by plug- and so it was, it was that it was the biggest a swinging
is that I think I've ever had in my life and I felt so bad about it and I feel, like I dont know, if our, if the friendship that we have been developing ever fully recovered. No John was always very sweet. Every time I saw a man, but there was deafening an air of like he thought I was up to something and I just can't describe because in a birthday If the situation, the tone of the present is set by the recipient of the gifts, if I love it and laugh at it that everyone's like the king is boost treasure, but when the king is like were well it was. It was John was John, was you know you know he? He worked with Sinatra severe was of an era where there was like kind of a king of a table, and so he knew that he was the gang yet and so, but he was the most generous nice guy. But you,
what I think is so amazing about John Niver funny story. But what would you understand which give people know is that comedians r, r, everyone's flawed, but comedians are typically flawed people right. So we all have our demons and sometimes it's pretty obvious what the demon, as you know, in addition to narcissist, modern and so John people were like. Oh he's he's no brainer, that's his, but you know he had other demons and a lotta comedians. How a strange self destructive. Think, like you know, John Pennington would kill, only kill like only kill and But Alex explained to me that you know I started doing theatres before John and he was he's been, but John didn't want to risk going to theaters I'm. He eventually did theatres in Canada
very popular, and I did some theatres in the U S, but he didn't want to not sell out of place so he became dependent on and it's like comedians have all these. These things that were kind of we clutched like a security, blankets, Ho Jon Finance, who could have gone the theatres ten years ago, went to theatres five years ago, because you know there's a sir: you wanta only kill you want and he was he was. He was a comedian that was of this, the elk that it wasn't like John was on television a lot right, but here just a solid to reconvening I've. Just like you know you go back to a town every eighteen months and over years and years and years in twenty years of touring, you know you ve, built up there massive, but just from do Why performances and that's pretty much like performances and enhanced special and he was. He was also somebody that could break into song like of a different era where he
sing and dance. He did he did spray on Broadway. Now he was like amazing, but I you know: there's a couple. Funny story is one funny stories. I was used to open for him, middle for him at the Dc Improv, which is such an amazing club and. He would you know him? was so well connected. Have wanted loved him right, so I would do I was middling for him, and this before I ever saw doing. Radio like you'd, have to get up from morning. Radio, at the time as like who's gonna get up Aren't we comedian, so we don't have to get up, I'm never and now I fully appreciate it, but so John told me he goes to the gym. I have this opportunity to get this tour of the White House, a special tour of the White House. Do you want to come?
and asked what time is it was like? What do you mean what time it is? We is it's. It's the White House, you have to go into my will. Be able to map out set up it. You're gonna be in the war room, and all a few months. I guess you know, but it was I mean How much I love Solygia through the White House and I toward the White House with him, and he you know he was like that. Amazingly generous uncle that you know was just always so generous sort of like the may look like character feels like it could have been in a Scorsese movie like he was the mayor of this the honorary mayor of a community that you know, was untouched or because not everyone he toward so much as others comedians that do this, where they just live on the road. Yes, I like data own, they don't own an apartment. He, for like a year. I remember one time. I met him for a movie Alex and I and he thing in a hotel and allay for, like a Tuesday animal.
Why is he in a hotel? If he's not going the show you an challenges like he doesn't have an apartment he's just literally on the road making money, as a touring comedian right where you just don't have routes, but the problem is, is touring constantly and you know Getting this strange dose of attention. Peeking late at night, you're gonna get in trouble, yeah you're! Just you know you end up. You know you're like wide awake to your people that you know are excited that want to please you so like. If you have a weakness, you know that's what happened you know Hedberg! That's what happened! we're all down? That's
you now because many people feel like. Oh, I want to bring this person this thing because it makes them happy in the moment and it makes run it makes me special cause, I'm bringing them a thing and linking noble do you know, I call it being a victim of the culture and I definitely was. I definitely was like you now you sit there you're like you, get off state you do this amazing theatre showing you like, or what. Do now and reality is. You should go back to your room and I now used to go back to my room for the first ten years, but then there was a couple years, whereas I gotta go out I got it, you know, and so now I'm now I'm more of an adult bear. Well I can't I can't imagine touring if I well. I don't think I would have gone in a place like a tour if I was still drinking, but I can imagine having that just being the road, the fucking deadly combination of no
I have no boundaries in terms of I'll drink, till eight, a m. I dont care right and, if you're in a comedy club, it's free I'll, go right to the I'll go right to the morning tv show from a bar alot of people that a lot of people, the man I mean we think about it. It's you know me men's kind of all funny and silly with their drinking in their smoking. But generations soon if strength it like you know, I worked on this plan. Headway, serious drinking, like some people, build up a tolerance where they can drink. Like eight scotches and then get up at seven in the morning and you're like what you mean but like generations before, like the wreckage our grandparents, all these blue laws, it's not like there were, like Jesus, said alcohol on Sunday? They You do know out. Also some of these men would go home appear powers would close in England, because people- you know at two p m, because to get guys to go back to work
yeah, what I'm saying is men are horror, pepper, but were bad were bad bad. We were all what's one it so so if Johnston Was you know he didn't? He was afraid to not so at a room. Do what's one that you have or maybe one that you got over, I don't know I mean you know I mean I love stand up, because I think you have to develop a self awareness ride. You you find out who you aren't, listen, candelabra below you much self aware right now, but you you definitely. You know I mean actings the same, why you can't audition for a character, that's the ugly best friend about matrona. He a New York or maybe I'm not a supermarket You know, I think I I I have I would it when I Vegas. It's like gambling is like the one addiction I dont have like. I deathlike had gone a tear of self destruction, if not to say that Yeah you're, not gonna, find out, you know I'm doing heroin,
anything like that, but I mean it's Addictions got a strong, vain and my family so like the way I talk about food is that is people with addictions? That's you know the more or less said to me that, like oh yeah, you have that point of view on things witches, obsessive in all income per se, which brings us back to obsessive. Yes obsessed us, I mean it. I guess that is part. The comic personality, because in a particularly your aiming obsession adds a premise ultimate and getting super granular on it and try to trying to rip it back in Horatius way that most people don't you, which is why I think if you, if you are that way, and if you are there for that one stage, people guys reformer, but if you're that way, conversationally that's when people- and I know a lot of comics- get this a lot worse.
Non. Comics will go ok, whatever right this sort of like because most people, just but most people, don't think that way right we're in so I mean you know we talk about. You know the addiction I mean coming up with a new joke is that's it pretty amazing feeling right so I mean how's. That different. I mean it's a lot I've then chasing you know a token it's the same driving force where you're looking for that buzz of when you're on stage new improvised a liner two. Yet at that changed Euro five minutes of your act, so you know you know, I think, stand up is definitely an addiction. We do it. Every night you're were addicted to laughs
yeah and limited to delete. My new decade tell we make that your twitter profile, Bio, I'm Jim, gave again addicted to justify the delay can't get enough of a given member state government will take all the laughs at the world. You go on the left and you know what they're we'll be right back up a gym Carson But- but the idea of having made up in front a stranger will not happen getting up and run a and then get and then get tension from them is also sort of we're yet know, there's nothing normal about which there is nothing normal. Like people, people will say to me, How do you have five kids are much like. That's did you know It's been done by a lot more people then stand up come at that is, you know far less weird than going on stage and trying to entertain stranger yeah. It's pretty weird
them to accept you and sort of put you up on this matter. We literally on a pedestal, I was at midnight changed you're, because, obviously you know people had fans and people you're nervous refuge in How is that changed? Your audience experience when you do show? I don't know because I haven't show so new, only you know really what we did was we did. We did a month in October, but really the show just in January with only a few months old, so I haven't You have done. One lives show on the road. We did a couple of at midnight. In Miami for suffrage, cometh us what I'm actually going to Carolines I'm leaving tonight after our shouts weight and I'm doing Carolines all weekend, I think this observed all sold out, which is new. For me and we added a show and so that new and then but I don't know people yet points at me now,
but other than that, it's tough to say because it is still the show still right there is like lag time thing yeah yeah and it really does take you know. I think it takes a couple. Years of a show being on the air before people really feel like this? is rooted in our pop culture. Its part of you know, so I think it still it still pretty new. Still too you to tell, but it also damaging to see like you never be some nervous podcast fans there, the some walking but you're walking dead Van, like what the influx of yeah midnight now do. You need people afterwards I, u should hire someone to do a stunning. Why are you here with me? You know it's actually it's I was mean. It's easier to do it after a theatre show rats very hard to do it. If you, if its, if you're We shows in a night course at the club, because there's a small window of time, especially the way Carolines is set up yet now come the same way they go in here
and so the last time I was there, I didn't Meetin greet in between, shows and created such traffic's now for them. It also, if you do it after the last show the entire staff has to stay there, and here you are done so I was keeping the staff. Therefore, like an hour and a half maybe two hours after they could go home it. You know one o clock one thirty in the morning, and so it just I don't know so it's to do what you're saying that you're, a good guy, that's part of the day but then you go well, who my ups, you know whom I gonna bum out, but you know like yours, it's sort of like. What's the right thing to do is the right thing to sort of fuck up the way the club is able to get. Wanna shows and keep her longer that shitty to the people who came out to not go out afterwards and and if I could do it for one show that I feel bad not doing it for all of this shows that you do after the last show the night. Is that really fair, because people who had earlier, didn't get it so I dont know what the right thing to do as they are. I know when we
The at the grammar see you we went out yet have there was an area, do it they had that downstairs area and it doesn't enter. It doesn't interfere with the traffic coming in and you know it's I mean so appreciate people going so well, because I remember you know Alex does make does this thing with you too, but Alex keeps up a record in a book of every show you ve ever done and so when like when these Caroline Show started, selling ETA goes out. This let's play this game, and I thumbing through the pages like the athlete liberty goes this week. In two thousand nine. You five hundred dollars to play an entire weekend, crackers and Indianapolis, and you sold a hundred tickets for the holy like the one I, and so so you can see like the grove yeah, and so because it feels it was not that long ago. I do. I very much want to thank agent person for coming, but at a certain point when it starts to get in the way of the van
being able to do that now that shit, I don't know, I don't know what to do. I draw my variety and I feel like you shouldn't them to your hotel. I should invite everyone to my hotel room to the W Times square I think that at times So I don't know I did feel like the more You tried to make people happy that a lot of times you can actually fuck everything up that way. Yeah yeah I mean you know. I also think that you know you and I hopefully have an approachability thing like there's not This, you know, are our careers are not constructed on a mystique know anyway. I know I don't think there's any air about me that fear you either. That feels like. I can't be bothered, the rabble, Ryanair there, I'm your via scarf. I'm sure you, comics who pay their audiences. Like give you met it. Would you know comics it like do not really if, if the? If, if given the
They would not hang out with the people that would come on. You know. That's that's pretty interesting, thank as your report. You sell right so like if you're If you're, you know, if your stand up, is you're all year, I'm sure you like your stuff, I like my stuff, but if you, if your stuff is kind of like drumming up kind of like drunk people, that is and a beautiful young people you better remedy. I think that the decline example is always there. You know Belushi got Super it's from animal house right, but he was actually this very complex actor in a very sensitive. Guy and so bridegroom was like blue any fucking hate. I behavior I right, but that was sort of like well. Well, you know that's what I mean Chapelle, it's like he's kind of trapped by some of his sketches
oh yeah, and then you know steed martinets, legendary, that he euro he couldn't do stand up anymore. Oh yeah, I'm never The book is great, I mean any outlet he sort of lays out. All of that of there being super anxious not really being able to buy, but attracting this audience. That's why I think it's really important to not try to speak to everyone right, just speak to the people. That no just speak to people that you talk about what you like and then, if, though, if other people like those things do they'll find you end Then your audience would be comprised of like friends and fans as opposed to just ticket buyers right and that's why it's it's always strange when someone gains popularity for being on a sit come because then people will go thinking hey, it's a grammar, that's patent! You know about that. That was King queens are real. It took patent years too for up four people too
We'll? Never you not the guy from one of a smart funniest people in the world? Oh, you know like not just that Guy Spence from King of queens, not just like Adobe guy but like a very in sight, right, that's interesting. I ever knew Ojeda ass, though he was getting late, king or queen spans coming out and then in a very disappointing than he was doing these things, like I dont like Bush, and there like we like, but I'd out, I'm here yet the glad you know like, you in the audience boom in any way, like guys guys, guys, I didn't say, George Bush was Hitler, I mean Hitler was elected and then they would get fuckin like. It was literally suppose that this is, as you know, up while, yet like a mainstream room with King Queens vans and they just didn't there was there was the disconnect. So that's why it's very important for I mean what you are honest come for a long time I was on. Yeah I was on a show, but you know it was. It was on
able and they did like eight episodes. Eminent was not nothing compared to King acquaints, yeah values huge, but I also played kind of a guy closer to me, like I played a dad who is kind of sardonic and sarcastic and and good looking You know it work for me. So are you going to have any more kids or do you think you think I don't know? I don't know you know how it's it's strange. Five seems and saint like, if I talk to you, know myself like from ten years, and I told me that I was gonna have five kids, I would have like a heart attack, oh my god, then I won't be able to stand up the or your. How can I do that? But You know I mean I always you know, there's always these moments, where I'm talking my wife, where we finally get the kids, not like this is amazing, and then you fall asleep
and then an hour later, one kid wakes up and eat theirs, it's amazing, but so I wouldn't turn it down. But at a certain point, though, you can kind of there's a little bit of a long tail of kids were the oldest ones, get old than upwards like how they could take care of themselves that arise on the younger ones. Do me- and here I mean what you know I also I mean I was joke round when people ask me, I'm like evaluate what about when your kids are teenagers and air say while be dead anyway, I mean I'm so tired and exhausted. I feel like they're killing me anyway. No I mean there's something very strange about and enjoyment. It sounds like some. Lying when they say that they enjoy being apparent. It's because all you here is people complain about being apparent, but it's amazing I mean
enormous amounts of guilt. I feel guilty that I'm away from my kids right now, but I don't know it's like each of the kids kind of make you feel like the second to last kid. We have was born on Father stay in this kid really like. He loves me to the point right. I question his judgment. Or his motives he's ever ever so he can. Then, the last our youngest Patrick is like he looked exactly like me, poor guy right It's also really fun and he's you know. So. Is the all my other kids. I love that It's amazing. So it's like with each kid there's. Just this amazing opportunity, like you wouldn't want to say. No to some of that european like what, if the next kid was like you know, I came along and he invented you now, for me, the tan. I mean that's, I think that
you gotta have a kid that finally one I don't have to worry you know about you know at the expense I mean children are very expensive and it's not You know, I mean anything more than like a good burger. It's not like. I need my boat younger. I mean I don't need that just that in a good way to Ten- and I just need you know like a burger, that's what I mean anything to add a couple of things like when you talk about me: that'll, be the fuckin clip that they run on all the Jimmy, again putting my language, I didn't you died, you would be described as the talking dead guy privately often dad. I don't they would happen. J Mccarthy would speak at your fume. Yes, I would condemn, as you would cry. That's the thing is that of all the things that are of all that I'm working on now, I think, are all bigger than singled out was still
there will be like singled out. Those presided died like still here. I would say with certainty that no matter what run out or what Our failure would have. Are you doing the view when you gotta me are now you should know I'm doing the today show lobby, but I agree with the view before I did the view once and it that lower interviewing, I dont know in our view, the view wasn't fun because I brought it was when I was doing web soup brought a clip. Again. This was another, unlike without any on their enough. She wasn't fangs Whoopi enjoy in and It's funny that they have all such upbeat names for how dour they actually. So I did it. I did it on Monday, Dino, all Barbie, dear old Berber authors. Is she she's one thousand years she's a As you know, since eighty four I mean she's, eighty four and now it was amazing she's, eighty four and she has sharpened it as attack she's a great closer to a well.
Yeah well, amazing, I blame all tongue swirling think it has to be. I brought about a clip on from web soup and it was a famous web. A girl who singing and she gets on a coffee table and followed her ass and web whip and here's a pair of with a guy at the half of them are comedian, so I figured right other gonna get so we run the clip and the girl falls then in the auditors like and enjoy Bay cargoes goes. I don't think that's funny at all like well. Thank you Will they know. I would say that there's been a different kind of times that I'm a view regular, I guess now, but did it for you, a biologist, it was no it's So many of these shows aggravated than on their ability is budget, Ladys, complaining and then you'll meet them in your gather, pretty nice, but it was pretty fun. It was pretty lacks. I mean you know what these cool
what was really that it will really what we mean to me when I was really that nice and an eye- and I didn't take it personally because I just assume like they have to do- is show every day, the running around in a million different directions, there's five of them and they all have, I guess five, and so they all have. Our own things at their working. I don't expect anyone caught me. I'd die work. Television. I know who we're right wing, but it wasn't a fun experience. And I am I met this point in my life. I only want to do one thing. I think it was pretty. It was pretty fun. It was pretty loose last summer. I did a talks, in Ireland now is interesting. Have. You is showing us. Lingots now I did. I did a talk, show now it's kind of wild because you saw them out there and they have no idea who you are and to them you just, speaking a weird accent, right, Annie, american right, which is the equivalent of being a douche bag right
They think that I mean. I don't know, that's just what my insecurity was saying, and so it was pretty fascinating to do that like to go away. You're an environment where you like things, are kind of stacked against me. But if you like, that's why You know you're kind of an alien and that world, and so I would like that, makes you kind. Charming as long as you don't go in and you like, we should have invaded this. Please now you know who I am. I sound too. I sound like John Oliver too that no way example, loyalty and charming in any way. It's too harsh is it to her. I think it's too. There are foreigners. Yes, sir, get off your land. Well, in closing, I brought you this but plug. Thank you John. I want it so why? Why is there a blot on this? Well there? If we had some issues, we had some issues.
We just improvise with so it says it is Mabel is an oncoming central obsessed is going to says. Sorry upsets the reactors while its on Itunes and some kind of sexual rights, its on Amazon COM, take a portion of all the proceeds that I make an I put them together and I buy a pack a gun. So John you're special, obsessive. No, it's a possess obsess agenda There is like that. Were someone just kept fucking up? No, no one eye. The view on Monday. There were very nice, but they kept describing it as book they were describing how its nationals a book like well enough. I think maybe twice there like your noble obsess allows and you dont want to correct some. Good talking book, your other like that, but I was like when they may seem more. Like an author
I also, unlike I, have such anxiety. So I I empathize with someone if they mess up, because I'm a great guy no, but like that when messes up like our money, I don't care, you know so people by the booking billions in book. You can just made it not a fact. I back a book. Excuse me: God dammit Jesus Christ Barbara. There's a thing called tv. You been doing it for the last eight years. She is like. I mean she looks good church Rogan. Well, I have other respect in the world. Four, but she was not on the day that I was there. She was not there now to bow show. Please. I gave thanks labs, whose on Hardwicke Spot day, I think I'll take this day off and they, if now. Who is Jenny? Mccarthy? Would she I mean what I would say to my funeral that, twenty years ago now, your funeral best died twenty years ago now the the single, Almost
and so I mean that's a long time ago. I know she gonna if you're in the art she's in New York, sing about ago. You guys get outdated shout for our union. Is she going to come to the show? You think I don't think so. I haven't talked to renew years- maybe reach out. You know what maybe negative social she should do in earnest packages shield interesting to have her on yeah yeah, never never done before. It's also interesting different stages, I may? Twenty years ago, that I'm not a fan of the past and general drive, you really I may I assure you, I met you. Years ago, when I was a grown up, there are no borders. Are you like? You were very nice and, like you, I'm sorry about that? Do not like, yeah, don't I I just- I don't know if I have a contact information for her anymore, just look her audio phonebook, you're gonna take
to my house everyone's every six months ago, and it's getting smaller and smaller. Why do they drop off a pamphlet? I mean at this point when their printing the phone book, they must be laughing as are doing they generally wasn't with average people still put NED's in here ads for local attorneys and accident claims, body shops, for it is said they can't get online. I know black out the post apocalypse biogas, the funds would be I to go to. I would under this weird, yellow message board that everything was but dies than a weird sort away. So should I read ahead in walking, then I should probably we, the comics yeah yeah, it's different Is there an audio version now? Is there yeah. I read it
is it Rick said then Rick's not anymore anymore, shave a little bit. Now. I should read how many there's enough. But right now, there's a hundred and twenty think do they live. That land area the south ever now? Not not at this point, so it's I think be it issue. Maybe one twenty seven just came out this I'm right want twenty or so, and I'm I'm up to I'm two issues behind. So I have to read one twenty six and twenty seven but at the different experiences and there's only some touch points in the show because they transmute things that happened, like some characters don't exist in the comic surveys, show some things that have The countess comics happened to other characters in the show round. Things never happen, I get it, there's no characters that are I've or dead and the reverse, and so it's theirs and it's not to say who is your favorite cast on talking that besides me in pet beyond Jim?
Did you make out with machine the character I made out with the character of machine? I mean that the woman who plays denied denying deny that's my mental man. That's Jim did I get forget him deny gaff, that's amazing! I I I did not may everywhere anyone from the showing it out with lorry where I made out with Nicotine Armenia with great material. That's pretty much it. You know, I think, there's anyone you hate from this. I did not, despite what people think it did not hate, Maryland Manson on the show that one episode is the most talked about episode we ve ever had. I just think you had a different vibe going and he was trying to control it He was little both stop. I dont know if he wasn't not I've around the rumour that I heard is that he drank all the scotch in LOS Angeles, but I dont know if that's true, I didn't see it happen, so I can't prove that I just feel like
It always used to commanding a room and he had his own ideas and eleven must have been hard for him. The grub, the son of transplants. It was very this Marilyn Monroe and Charles Man, I mean what are they are I know, and then he goes in the music yeah the book, wanted to rise. To look as painless me: that's impressive wishes he wishes. He aspires to be his palace MAC and though you know he had his own thing going on, and I think he was just a means. Ultimately a performance artists and I think he was just doing performance are on the show to a degree of to the surprise of no one damn you know at a certain point. I just cannot just to keep the show moving. I just had to kind of shutting down. I d, be you, know its interest, I mean just like a heckler and away, but you know one dead. It's a serious thing. It's like I mean I was throw that I was informed and I was the best guest yet on the. But it's it's very
areas like when you hear people on their that which never happens. That's what people are kind of amazed by is like don't mess with my walking dead zone because they give you know if people are very emotional invested in them in walking dead and so in exchange their time, that they're giving you the minimum you can do, is have the show I'll, be informative and talk about things and try to be entertaining and not fuck off too much. You know because if you're getting in the way of the business of the show, then I'll get cranky and he was getting in the way of the business right. The show have an announcement. I've been hired to do talking that arm wrestling shown Oh man, a man, men at arms, talking address landfill, Cora man of arms, men at arms, yeah arm wrestling. So I'm gonna be scanty talking arm starting up. Great, and then everyone actually just talks would like makes a face of Europe
we have different people come on. It's gonna like a lot of people around they gonna do any arm wrestling on your national ombudsman that a lot of people who could ominously, I'm probably one of the best. I'm probably the best arm wrestler Comedian lock and so is celebrity game of arms yeah. It's a lot of we're doing a tie in with cigar aficionados people letter on the cover that, beyond hayfield about leg, driven sports on the facts. Of a lot of them Europe. Like the bike. Writing now cause. I was pretty good as a kid learning a bike. I go right back to school. You write your bike and no part car. I did that. Yes, I've written my bike into part covered. My bike into things that were easily avoidable, did you know you know, I read, I wrote a bike into apart car and you know it is in that part: Carbon Merlin man. What's he Marilyn Monroe had just given birth to him. He had just been born
had Charles mentioned on Skype, because you obviously kind you know who also is in their care homes and pay if she's getting pay or and there she was giving. I just want to say. Your luck also heard her her granddad Sherlock Holmes yet, and so there was a lot of you mean Bennydeck wretched. You mean, like actual Sherlock Holmes, you know that's not his real name right, let's beyond I mean, it's like there's british names and then there's just like. I feel like offended by that they like his main bennydeck Cumber batch. It feels like trend of that's like code. Fuck you, America, I've always read I've. Always I bet a little bit anti american. Why I'd always fell tonight? I said this: when we did. Our BBC show that I think the name bending to come back sounds like a porn star in the Harry Potter Universe, yeah, like a porn, wizard lakes.
Unlike when they're like you'd, think that, like over just generation, someone would be like, obviously we're not gonna go by Cumber back right, I mean look I'd like to get a career and acting starring, bedded, Cumber, batch and felicity. First snatch, you know it's like cumbersome, what does that mean? That's like you're, like someone there, That's the thing on the tuxedo that wraps or no and I ve been a cover by cable than I do, I'm out of ideas that maybe a bunch of comparable is calmer mash. I withdrew from a batch of Cumberland everyone with restaurant com, No, I don't remember what happened. He was that cover bash. She was in a lot of movie right so best movie, best, movie, I keep forgetting I'm talking to you and your like mountain can be american universe, mystery. Mr America, that's gonna be Mr Universe, the gymnasium years ago, but I think it was twelve years Late right, I mean, let's you know like
Let us get it on the table. I it's gotta, be that right, that's like the best movie and like the past twelve years, right yeah. Yeah and then also a lot of the crap that I've been watching a netflix yeah but Albania, because it's always on the back room. Doing computer work comic killing or did you watch the killing? I watched the first season. First half season of the killing, but there was so much crying on the show. It made me very sad link that once the one actress that poor one actress who just like who played them uh yeah, it's like every seen like I'd, think they projects that putting in page direction is like I'm just going to assume I'm crying and running like it was a very soon get our time back for some about better to cover batch bennydeck, Cumber Batch, yes,
the director of the monopoly of time. I will be doctor and be the doktor doctor who you doctor, who event now arrived. I ever wants doktor damaging. Would you please watch doctor? Who is it that guy in your kids would love it aren't even looking at a loose lumpy, but I you know is Sherlock. I think it's ok Why? highly irregular irregular. I am printed Duke of a badge. Enjoy your burrito. I think that's the end. How does the and God bless him nervous universe? Absurd observe its great blockades coming out. So how long did it take you to perform this book? No, it's just a special year, Nerd book, the other audio version of it. It was fun. I'm gonna take you five years to five years to do it. I did one word today
Now leading noticed dot com, are you alright?
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